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Fashion an Egg-Drop Parachute

Fashion an Egg-Drop Parachute

Published: November 19, 2018

4-H has always been a leader in teaching kids about learning and life skills, and the organization has an ongoing interest in promoting science-based concepts to young people. At this workshop taking place after Thanksgiving, we’ll examine 4-H’s project book to see what the programs are like, and then we’ll conduct experiments to put them into practice!

Our first activity will challenge participants to design and produce an egg-drop parachute. The goal here is to engineer something that will protect an egg from breaking when it’s dropped from a certain height. Kids can take a variety of materials and figure out how best to consider scientific forces like gravity and air resistance to accomplish the task of delivering an egg safely to the ground. Then, the participants will put their creations to the test to see whose design and implementation meets the goal!

If you’d like for your child to use their problem-solving skills in this make-or-break (!) project, the workshop will meet at 6 pm Tuesday, November 27 at the Conover Branch Library. A second session will take place at 4 pm on Thursday, November 29 at the St. Stephens Branch Library.