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Celebrating National Library Week

Celebrating National Library Week

Published: April 03, 2018

Each April, the Catawba County Library celebrates National Library Week, joining a nationwide effort to educate people about the ways that libraries transform their communities through services, programs, and expertise.

This year – which honors the 60th anniversary of National Library Week – the unifying theme is ‘Libraries Lead.’ Not unexpectedly, libraries lead the way in education and community development, ensuring that residents have access to resources and materials, but libraries also lead as advocates and encouragers.

The Catawba County Library partners with many, many organizations who are seeking to promote a variety of interests: early childhood education, workforce development, the arts, history and genealogy, higher education, technology, government, health care, agriculture, and diversity initiatives. As part of our efforts to enhance quality of life and make opportunities available to all residents, we join forces with these groups to help facilitate our collective goals. We are more powerful together.

The library also works on a more intimate scale, reaching out to help individuals with their personal needs, whether that’s printing a document, finding a great book, downloading digital media, or something else entirely. The library staff are proud to help people discover tools and resources they may not be aware of, and with the library’s growing role in community life, that’s a task that’s more encompassing – but ultimately more rewarding – than it’s ever been. Any time we can nudge someone to grow in knowledge or confidence, we have helped create a better day and build a better society.

As a library user, you understand the benefits that libraries bring. During National Library Week, we encourage you to share that news with a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, or an elected official. Your support matters, and your voice matters. Libraries in our community have done great things. With your help, we intend to do even more. Let’s see where our vision takes us together!

If you ever have questions about your county library, please let us know. We look forward to your feedback!