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All About Potatoes

All About Potatoes

Published: February 20, 2019

We eat them almost daily as French fries, doused with gravy, as a cool picnic salad and in countless other ways and forms, but how much do you really know about potatoes?

These starchy tubers originated in South America and are now one of the world’s most cultivated food staples, with more than 1000 varieties available for consumption.

Children are invited to join us for a fascinating exploration of the potato and to learn all kinds of fun facts about this incredibly popular food.

After we’ve talked about the history and use of potatoes, we’ll work together to make a deliciously creamy potato soup that we’ll cook and share – perfect comfort food on a cool winter’s day.

The class takes place at 1 pm on Saturday, March 2 at the Main Library in Newton. It will be presented in Spanish and in English, so come out for great information and a hearty serving of soup!