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4 Ways to Increase Well-Being

4 Ways to Increase Well-Being

Published: September 04, 2018

Every day, each one of us works hard to strike that sometimes-elusive balance for good health: exercise, eating right, building strong relationships, and cultivating an environment of security and relaxation. At the Library, we’re always striving to offer the community a wealth of tools to invite these good habits into their lives, and this September, we’re presenting a new slate that you’ll want to enjoy!

On each Monday of the month, Zumba kicks into high gear! This entertaining dance and exercise hybrid ensures that you get your heart rate up and that you sweat enough to feel the benefits! The music is loud and contemporary, and participants have a great time learning the routines and hanging out with each other. People of all skill levels attend, so if you don’t have all the moves down immediately, you’ll get them along the way. Everyone mainly loves the camaraderie, so don’t be shy about showing up or staking out a place on the floor. There’s room for all!

Zumba takes place Mondays, September 10, 17, and 24 at 6 pm at the Main Library in Newton.

If your exercise needs to be a little more low-key, take advantage of our chair dancing sessions. They’re designed expressly for people whose joints aren’t so strong or whose endurance isn’t quite so robust. The goal is for everyone to find something to get their blood pumping in order to get in shape gradually and increase energy levels over time. If you need to stay seated to go through the motions, that’s perfectly acceptable. If you’d rather get up on your feet, you’re also more than welcome to do that too. This class is all about making incremental movements toward better health.

Chair dancing takes place Fridays, September 14, 21, and 28 at 9:30 am at the St. Stephens Branch Library.

Eating appropriately is an ongoing quest for most people, and the Library’s continuing series where we take much-loved dishes and transform them into healthier options has garnered a lot of attention. We call these updates ‘making the Med flip,’ as we apply principles from the Mediterranean diet to add more fiber and vegetables and cut the fat, salt, and sugar. This month, we’re going to see what kind of progress we can make on tacos. We’ll assemble these tempting bites with good ingredients, and it’s likely that you won’t even miss the higher-calorie versions once you taste ours!

To participate in this taco bar workshop, join us Wednesday, September 12 at 10 am at the Main Library in Newton. Registration is strongly suggested; please call 828.465.8665 to sign up.

Finally, we’ll tackle the physical environment as we strive to make our homes and offices more harmonious and productive. We’ll accomplish this by boosting the positive energy around us with simple changes to furniture placement, accessories, geography, and choices made in terms of color and material (stone, metal, water, etc.). This venerable Chinese practice is called feng shui (pronounced fung shway) and has a long history of drawing good things to people who observe its guidelines. If done correctly, it’s said that feng shui can help you get good sleep, attract money, and support relationships. You’ll be the judge of that, but it’s definitely worthwhile to see what’s involved!

If you’d like to see how the principles can potentially make your life more balanced, join us for an introductory class at 6 pm on Thursday, September 13 at the Main Library in Newton.