Wacaster, Anna Short 12/28/95 HDR
Wacaster, Paul  2/1/03 HDR
Wacaster, Thomas Carl 9/18/93 HDR
Wacaster, Willard Marshall 2/23/99 HDR
Wackenhut, George (detective) 1/6/05 ONE
Wactor, Gregory (Page 3A) 10/12/01 HDR
Wactor, Kirsten (Page 3A) 10/12/01 HDR
Waddell, Aleida Mae Anderson  9/27/01 HDR
Waddell, Alma Pasour  5/28/93 HDR
Waddell, Gary Lynn  1/3/03 HDR
Waddell, Gary Lynn  1/4/03 HDR
Waddell, Sadie Kay (infant) 8/29/03 HDR
Waddell, Sara Lynn McGirt 2/9/96 HDR
Waddell, Sara Lynn McGirt 2/9/96 ONE
Waddell, Sara McGirt 2/8/96 ONE
Waddles, Charleszetta "Mother"  7/16/01 HDR
Wade, Dorothy Magnus Ogle Mull 2/11/96 HDR
Wade, Henry (District Attorney) 3/4/01 HDR
Wade, J. C. Sr. Rev. 9/6/99 HDR
Wade, James Harold 6/14/00 HDR
Wade, James Harold  6/15/00 HDR
Wade, Jerry Kent  12/13/00 HDR
Wade, John Edward 9/1/00 HDR
Waegner, Michael 2/8/96 ONE
Wager, Dwight  7/31/98 HDR
Wagers, Harrison Sr. 1/25/00 HDR
Wagers, Harrison Sr. 1/25/00 ONE
Waggenhoffer, Robert 12/16/99 HDR
Waggoner, Cora Lee 3/24/01 HDR
Waggoner, Eura Morris 9/10/98 HDR
Waggoner, Eura Morris 9/10/98 ONE
Waggoner, Mabel Long 1/10/94 HDR
Wagner, Alice Marie Gray 12/2/01 HDR
Wagner, Bradley Scott 2/1/96 HDR
Wagner, Bradley Scott (Page 3A) 1/31/96 HDR
Wagner, Christopher Mitchell 9/5/97 HDR
Wagner, Christopher Mitchell 8/30/97 HDR
Wagner, Earl Hubert 1/16/97 HDR
Wagner, Evelyn Grace 5/19/97 ONE
Wagner, Evelyn Grace  5/19/97 HDR
Wagner, Fannie Mae 9/7/99 HDR
Wagner, Frank Teague Sr. 8/8/99 HDR
Wagner, Frank Teague Sr.  (Page 5) 8/9/99 ONE
Wagner, Gerhardt A. Rev. 2/20/97 HDR
Wagner, Gerhardt A. Rev. 2/21/97 ONE
Wagner, Gerhardt Rev. 2/21/97 HDR
Wagner, Harding Eugene 5/20/98 HDR
Wagner, James "Jimmy" Esro Jr. 2/7/93 HDR
Wagner, James Lee  4/8/03 HDR
Wagner, Lee (founder - TV Guide) 9/10/93 HDR
Wagner, Lynda Auton  10/6/01 HDR
Wagner, Mark Clinton 11/27/02 ONE
Wagner, Mark Clinton  11/27/02 HDR
Wagner, Maude E.  11/15/93 HDR
Wagner, Maude E.  11/15/93 ONE
Wagner, Nolena Herman 10/22/01 ONE
Wagner, Nolena Herman 10/23/01 ONE
Wagner, Norman H. "Pat" 3/17/94 HDR
Wagner, Norman H. (Pat) 3/17/94 ONE
Wagner, Ollie Teague 3/28/94 HDR
Wagner, Orpha Ellis 12/31/03 ONE
Wagner, Orpha Ellis  12/31/03 HDR
Wagner, Ortha E.  12/30/03 ONE
Wagner, Philip M. 1/3/97 HDR
Wagner, Phyllis Ann 12/22/05 HDR
Wagner, Richard Gardner  6/19/01 ONE
Wagner, Taci Leigh 6/21/99 HDR
Wagner, Traci Leigh 6/21/99 ONE
Wagner, Traci Leigh (Page 3A) 6/21/99 HDR
Wagner, Verna Smoot 7/30/96 HDR
Wagner, Werner Charles 10/17/94 HDR
Wagner, Winfred "Wint" Arthur 5/26/97 HDR
Wagner, Winfred Arthur "Wint" 5/26/97 ONE
Wagnon, Debra Anne Owens 1/4/02 ONE
Wagnon, Debra Anne Owens  1/3/02 HDR
Wagnon, Debra Anne Owens  1/4/02 HDR
Wagnon, Loven M.  5/3/05 HDR
Wagnon, Tom Ben 7/1/93 HDR
Wagoner, Cora Lella Key 3/23/05 HDR
Wagoner, Jerry  1/2/96 HDR
Wagoner, Lewis Oliver 4/3/94 HDR
Wagoner, Lockie Ree 11/4/00 HDR
Wagoner, Luereine Caudill 12/14/03 HDR
Wagoner, Margaret Faith Lowman 5/29/96 HDR
Wagoner, Margaret Faith Lowman 5/29/96 ONE
Wagoner, R. Gilmer The Rev. 6/10/03 HDR
Wagoner, Thelma Chatham  1/25/02 ONE
Wagoner, Vera  5/14/04 ONE
Wagoner, Vera Hunsucker  5/17/04 ONE
Wagoner, Willard Odell 5/19/01 HDR
Wagoner, William 11/23/99 HDR
Wagstaff, Alice Lanier  10/20/00 HDR
Wagstaff, Floyd 2/7/00 HDR
Wahlgren, Sue Ann Fenimore (society columnist) 6/13/94 HDR
Waite, Robert 10/11/99 HDR
Waites, Gerald  2/8/95 HDR
Waites, Gerald  2/8/95 ONE
Waites, Jerry 2/9/95 HDR
Waites, Jerry  2/9/95 ONE
Wakefield, Annie Elizabeth Caldwell  5/20/93 HDR
Wakefield, Billy Joe  7/25/95 HDR
Wakefield, Billy Joe  7/26/95 HDR
Wakefield, Carl Frederick 2/19/93 ONE
Wakefield, Carl Frederick  2/19/93 HDR
Wakefield, Grady  5/6/94 HDR
Wakefield, Grady Marshall 5/12/94 HDR
Wakefield, Greta Triplett  2/27/95 HDR
Wakefield, Greta Triplett  2/27/95 ONE
Wakefield, James  3/21/05 HDR
Wakefield, James Harold  3/22/05 HDR
Wakefield, James Harold  3/23/05 HDR
Wakefield, John Solomon 4/4/93 HDR
Wakefield, Joseph Franklin 2/8/99 ONE
Wakefield, Joseph Franklin Jr. 2/8/99 HDR
Wakefield, Katherine Lucille 5/13/98 HDR
Wakefield, Kenneth Cameron 11/8/02 HDR
Wakefield, Margaret Mary Etta Johnson  8/2/02 HDR
Wakefield, Mildred Kincaid 1/9/97 HDR
Wakefield, Robert C. 3/30/02 HDR
Wakefield, Robert C.  3/31/02 HDR
Wakefield, Robert C.  4/1/02 ONE
Wakefield, Thomas Edgar Jr. 7/6/01 HDR
Wakefield, William Franklin Jr. 11/7/00 HDR
Wakefield, William Phifer  2/18/05 HDR
Wakin, Jeanette 3/17/98 HDR
Walcott, Jersey Joe (former heavyweight boxing champ) 2/27/94 HDR
Walcott, Joseph L. 3/24/98 HDR
Wald, George 4/14/97 HDR
Wald, Harry  5/11/96 HDR
Waldbaum, Julia 10/4/96 HDR
Walden, Mary Barnes 5/15/98 HDR
Walden, Pearline Gragg  6/26/01 HDR
Walden, Tracy Susan Day 9/22/98 HDR
Walden, Tracy Susan Day  9/21/98 HDR
Waldron, Berta Lenora Wood 9/21/00 HDR
Waldron, Jesse C. “J.C.”  12/9/00 HDR
Waldron, Lillian Paris  9/21/03 HDR
Waldron, Lillian Paris  9/22/03 ONE
Waldron, Robert 1/5/00 HDR
Waldroop, Lilly Mae Anderson  11/21/96 HDR
Waldrop, Beulah Bell Daves  11/11/95 HDR
Waldrop, Beulah Daves  11/10/95 ONE
Waldrop, Edwin Harold  "Red" 9/13/01 HDR
Waldrop, George Walter  7/13/94 HDR
Waldrop, George Walter  7/14/94 HDR
Waldrop, Helen Breedlove  10/25/01 HDR
Waldrop, Joseph Hershel 2/8/00 HDR
Waldrop, Lucy May Chapman  10/31/00 HDR
Waldrop, Paul Howard 2/7/97 HDR
Waldrop, Ray Junior 10/24/05 HDR
Waldrop, Ray Junior 10/24/05 ONE
Waldrop, Robert Judson  2/5/93 HDR
Waldrop, Vernon Lee 7/31/00 HDR
Waldrop, Vernon Lee 7/31/00 ONE
Waldroup, Rosalie Jenkins 8/28/01 HDR
Waldrup, Namon M. 1/25/98 HDR
Waldschmidt, Paul Roman Catholic Bishop 10/23/94 HDR
Wales, Brian  12/17/04 ONE
Walker, Ada Beck 6/3/00 HDR
Walker, Alda Colean  7/9/02 HDR
Walker, Alex Dean (infant) 6/21/03 HDR
Walker, Allie Eugene The Rev.  8/22/02 HDR
Walker, Annie Ervin  10/2/97 HDR
Walker, Annie Ruth Hoyle 12/16/05 HDR
Walker, Arnot E.  9/30/98 HDR
Walker, Bertha "Granny"  1/9/95 HDR
Walker, Betty Jean Rinck 1/27/98 HDR
Walker, Betty Jo 2/8/98 HDR
Walker, Betty Lou London  9/12/02 HDR
Walker, Betty Palmer  5/21/95 HDR
Walker, Betty Z. “Bea”  3/18/03 HDR
Walker, Billie  10/4/01 HDR
Walker, Billy "Banjo" 11/2/98 HDR
Walker, Blanche Alexander 1/19/99 HDR
Walker, Blanche Alexander 1/18/99 HDR
Walker, Blanche Alexander 1/19/99 HDR
Walker, Blanche Alexander 1/18/99 HDR
Walker, Bruce Allen 4/12/99 HDR
Walker, Bryte Royster 4/5/97 HDR
Walker, Buren Lee 3/21/99 HDR
Walker, Callie Florence Carpenter 1/11/98 HDR
Walker, Carl Lane Sr.  10/3/94 HDR
Walker, Cevanna Lhianne 1/19/05 HDR
Walker, Charis Ava 6/6/05 HDR
Walker, Charis Ava 6/7/05 HDR
Walker, Charles  3/11/02 HDR
Walker, Charles Lee 9/21/98 HDR
Walker, Charles Sherman  3/12/02 HDR
Walker, Charlie W.  2/15/01 HDR
Walker, Charlie W.  2/15/01 HDR
Walker, Christy Melinda 12/16/96 ONE
Walker, Christy Melinda  12/15/96 HDR
Walker, Cindy Harris  6/22/01 HDR
Walker, Clara Burns Phillips  12/7/93 HDR
Walker, Clara Burns Phillips  12/8/93 HDR
Walker, Clara Burns Phillips Mrs.   12/8/93 ONE
Walker, Clara Sims 6/29/93 HDR
Walker, Clara Sims Mrs.  6/29/93 ONE
Walker, Clarence Willard 3/2/99 HDR
Walker, Clarence Willard 3/1/99 HDR
Walker, Claude 7/20/94 HDR
Walker, Claude C. 5/31/96 HDR
Walker, Clemmie Edward 8/18/00 ONE
Walker, Clemmie Edward  8/18/00 HDR
Walker, Clinton Hern 5/20/98 HDR
Walker, Clyde Edward 4/4/96 HDR
Walker, Coleman L. "Larry" Jr. 8/20/96 HDR
Walker, Collis G.  2/19/03 HDR
Walker, Cora Teague  7/15/93 HDR
Walker, Danny Ray 5/3/94 HDR
Walker, Darrell Sheldon  7/13/03 HDR
Walker, David (astronaut) 4/24/01 HDR
Walker, David Elton  8/8/95 HDR
Walker, David Lee (Page 6A) 11/29/98 HDR
Walker, David Winfred  11/2/02 HDR
Walker, Delene Clark "Deanie"  7/24/94 HDR
Walker, Delene Clark "Deanie"  7/25/94 HDR
Walker, Deloss  4/21/96 HDR
Walker, Dennis Gerald (Page 8A) 10/5/98 HDR
Walker, Dolsie Miller 4/16/93 HDR
Walker, Donnie 6/5/97 HDR
Walker, Dorcas Richards  5/9/96 HDR
Walker, Dorothy Desola  10/9/03 HDR
Walker, Dorothy Neal Dellinger Medlin 2/23/04 ONE
Walker, Dorothy Stonestreet 5/2/00 HDR
Walker, Dorothy Stonestreet 5/1/00 ONE
Walker, Edgar "Edd" Partee 8/16/94 HDR
Walker, Edgar Franklin  1/31/94 HDR
Walker, Edith Qualls  7/30/01 HDR
Walker, Edna Michaels  4/14/93 HDR
Walker, Edward Andrew 1/29/97 HDR
Walker, Elizabeth Idell Davidson Cardwell 7/8/97 HDR
Walker, Elizabeth Jeanne Schneider 6/19/95 ONE
Walker, Elizabeth Jeanne Schneider  6/19/95 HDR
Walker, Elizabeth O.  9/15/05 HDR
Walker, Ellen Reid  2/13/97 HDR
Walker, Elzie E.  12/13/03 HDR
Walker, Ervin M. 4/30/97 HDR
Walker, Ervin Michael  7/22/01 HDR
Walker, Essie Setzer 12/19/94 ONE
Walker, Essie Setzer  12/19/94 HDR
Walker, Essie Setzer  12/20/94 HDR
Walker, Estelle Muriel White 1/11/01 HDR
Walker, Esther Elizabeth Black 2/7/99 HDR
Walker, Ethel Ether Pritchard  7/9/05 HDR
Walker, Ethel Irene Fortenberry  5/28/01 HDR
Walker, Frances "Cindy" Teague 9/19/93 HDR
Walker, Frederick Stewart 3/9/95 HDR
Walker, George Anson 10/23/96 HDR
Walker, George Arthur 8/28/05 HDR
Walker, George Arthur 8/29/05 HDR
Walker, George Arthur 8/30/05 HDR
Walker, George Bond  2/16/96 HDR
Walker, George G. Rev. 5/15/98 HDR
Walker, George Harvey (Page3A) 12/16/97 HDR
Walker, Georgia Faye 9/19/98 HDR
Walker, Georgie Reid 9/21/98 HDR
Walker, Gertie Rozella Cook Mrs. 10/1/05 HDR
Walker, Gilbert Alexander  8/16/93 HDR
Walker, Gladys Beatrice  6/13/99 HDR
Walker, Gladys Mae 2/3/00 HDR
Walker, Grace Chapman  8/7/94 HDR
Walker, Graydon H. 2/26/05 HDR
Walker, Grazzie McNeely  11/19/94 HDR
Walker, Harold Samuel 10/18/00 HDR
Walker, Harold Samuel 10/17/00 ONE
Walker, Harold Samuel  10/17/00 HDR
Walker, Harry Dillard  4/25/96 HDR
Walker, Hazel David 9/26/97 HDR
Walker, Henrietta 7/23/93 HDR
Walker, Henrietta P. 7/24/93 HDR
Walker, Herbert  5/27/95 HDR
Walker, Hershel William 9/25/97 HDR
Walker, Hershel William  9/24/97 HDR
Walker, Hilda "Sissy" Jean Robinson  3/23/96 HDR
Walker, Howard Lee 12/12/03 HDR
Walker, Howard O.  10/14/95 HDR
Walker, Howard O.  10/15/95 HDR
Walker, Hugh Wilson 2/13/98 HDR
Walker, Ira Lee  9/4/95 HDR
Walker, Ira Lee  9/5/95 HDR
Walker, Iva Isabella Dale 5/11/03 HDR
Walker, Ivey Frank  5/22/95 HDR
Walker, Ivey Frank  5/23/95 HDR
Walker, James “Jimmy” Tracey  10/14/02 HDR
Walker, James Benjamin "Ben" 2/12/05 HDR
Walker, James C.  9/22/05 HDR
Walker, James Carleton Jr. 12/11/01 HDR
Walker, James Carleton Jr. 12/10/01 ONE
Walker, James Clinton “Hutch”  7/11/02 HDR
Walker, James Conley  4/12/95 HDR
Walker, James David 6/26/98 HDR
Walker, James Russell 1/23/98 HDR
Walker, James Wesley 12/15/01 HDR
Walker, Jamie Lee 11/13/99 HDR
Walker, Jamie Lee 11/14/99 HDR
Walker, Jane Tallent  10/30/95 HDR
Walker, Janet Hayes 3/3/97 HDR
Walker, Janette Teem 1/14/00 HDR
Walker, Jay Phillip “Phil”  9/6/02 HDR
Walker, Jesse James  1/23/01 HDR
Walker, Jessie Mozelle 12/9/99 HDR
Walker, Joe William  10/14/03 HDR
Walker, John 10/18/95 HDR
Walker, John Harley  8/1/95 HDR
Walker, John Harley  8/2/95 HDR
Walker, Johnnie Roscoe Jr. 7/16/02 HDR
Walker, Johnny Everette Rev. 6/6/98 HDR
Walker, Johnny S. 1/3/94 HDR
Walker, Johnson "Johnny" 2/13/98 HDR
Walker, Joy LaShannon 3/3/99 HDR
Walker, Joy Marr 11/6/02 HDR
Walker, Juanita Jackson 4/5/05 HDR
Walker, Juanita Whitney  3/30/95 HDR
Walker, Judy Eria 9/27/98 HDR
Walker, Kathern B.  4/5/02 HDR
Walker, Larry Dale 4/15/98 HDR
Walker, Larry Thomas Sr.  7/27/99 HDR
Walker, Lee Roy  3/6/03 HDR
Walker, Leo Junior  12/11/96 HDR
Walker, Limmie E. 11/9/97 HDR
Walker, Limmie E. 11/10/97 ONE
Walker, Limmie E.  11/10/97 HDR
Walker, Linda Lou  12/21/97 HDR
Walker, Linda Lou  12/22/97 HDR
Walker, Lona Mae  8/7/95 HDR
Walker, Lona Mae  8/8/95 HDR
Walker, Lona Mae  8/8/95 ONE
Walker, Louise Shuping 5/17/03 HDR
Walker, Lucille Mattie Harrison 4/13/03 HDR
Walker, Luther Leroy  10/16/94 HDR
Walker, Lydia Teague  7/3/03 HDR
Walker, Mabel Garrison 4/11/94 HDR
Walker, Mabel Garrison 4/12/94 HDR
Walker, Mammie Ella 2/17/99 HDR
Walker, Margaret Jane 1/29/98 HDR
Walker, Margaret Jane 1/29/98 ONE
Walker, Margaret Louise Parker 4/22/00 HDR
Walker, Margie Vines  6/7/05 HDR
Walker, Marshall Pinkney  8/1/03 HDR
Walker, Marvin L.  9/5/95 HDR
Walker, Marvin L.  9/6/95 HDR
Walker, Mary Catherine Sigmon 11/28/00 HDR
Walker, Mary Faye Pendergrast   12/14/95 HDR
Walker, Mary Frances Smith 7/15/00 HDR
Walker, Mary Gwendolyn thompson 12/7/05 HDR
Walker, Matthew Alexander 1/10/97 HDR
Walker, Maude Branch 10/20/00 HDR
Walker, Max Wayne  6/10/02 HDR
Walker, Max Wayne  6/10/02 ONE
Walker, Melvin Elmo Sr. 3/13/00 HDR
Walker, Melvin Oscar "Jo Bill" 4/26/94 HDR
Walker, Melvin Oscar "Jo Bill" 4/27/94 HDR
Walker, Milas Hamp  9/7/96 HDR
Walker, Mildred 1/1/03 HDR
Walker, Mildred  2/6/95 HDR
Walker, Mildred Annas  2/7/95 HDR
Walker, Myra Nell Earp 3/15/95 HDR
Walker, Nancy G.  7/16/03 HDR
Walker, Nancy Williams 3/19/94 HDR
Walker, Nellie L. 1/6/93 HDR
Walker, Nellie L.  1/7/93 HDR
Walker, Newland Eugene 7/2/99 HDR
Walker, Novella Hubbard  7/17/94 HDR
Walker, Odessa "Dolly" Massey  7/8/01 HDR
Walker, Parilee Beach 6/11/05 HDR
Walker, Pauline Dixon 12/19/96 HDR
Walker, Pearl Ann 4/2/96 HDR
Walker, Pearl Nina Huss 8/6/93 HDR
Walker, Pearl Nina Huss 8/9/93 HDR
Walker, Prentiss L. 6/9/98 HDR
Walker, Ralph C.  4/6/97 HDR
Walker, Ralph Milton 4/24/96 HDR
Walker, Ray Leonard  4/2/05 HDR
Walker, Raymond Henry "Short" 2/17/96 HDR
Walker, Reath Turner  11/2/96 HDR
Walker, Reuben Lamont Jr. 6/26/98 HDR
Walker, Richard C.  5/16/05 HDR
Walker, Robert 10/23/97 ONE
Walker, Robert  10/24/97 HDR
Walker, Robert A. 10/24/97 ONE
Walker, Robert A.  10/25/97 HDR
Walker, Robert Andrew 1/27/98 HDR
Walker, Robert Earl  2/4/96 HDR
Walker, Robert Earl  2/5/96 HDR
Walker, Robert Ervin 5/31/99 HDR
Walker, Robert James 3/28/98 HDR
Walker, Robert Sloane 4/3/03 ONE
Walker, Robert Sloane  4/3/03 HDR
Walker, Rome Linnie  1/18/93 HDR
Walker, Ruben Lamont Jr. 6/25/98 HDR
Walker, Rufus F. Sr. 1/6/00 HDR
Walker, Rufus Jr. 11/9/98 HDR
Walker, Ruth Laxton  9/26/95 HDR
Walker, Sarah Elizabeth  8/29/96 HDR
Walker, Sirrena West 4/4/00 HDR
Walker, Stella Hinshaw 6/23/95 HDR
Walker, Steve Leonard  8/25/02 HDR
Walker, Steven (Steve) Miller 3/11/05 HDR
Walker, Sudie Cook 1/17/94 HDR
Walker, Sue  12/17/03 HDR
Walker, Sylvia  8/27/94 HDR
Walker, Sylvia Louise Rudisill 8/28/94 HDR
Walker, Sylvia Louise Rudisill 8/29/94 ONE
Walker, Ted Blake 10/23/00 HDR
Walker, Ted Blake 10/23/00 ONE
Walker, Thelma Mina Bailey 1/8/99 HDR
Walker, Theodore Alfred "Ted" 5/20/98 HDR
Walker, Thomas 2/5/96 HDR
Walker, Thomas Bickett 1/8/05 HDR
Walker, Thomas Brian 7/19/96 ONE
Walker, Thomas Brian  7/19/96 HDR
Walker, Thomas Brian (Page 5A) 7/19/96 HDR
Walker, Thomas Glynn (former NJ Assembly speaker) 11/6/93 HDR
Walker, Thomas Ray 11/11/98 HDR
Walker, Thomas Ray 11/10/98 ONE
Walker, Thomas Rex  Sr. 2/6/96 HDR
Walker, Thomas Rex Sr. 2/7/96 HDR
Walker, Thomas Rex Sr. 2/6/96 ONE
Walker, Tucker Jeter 2/16/01 HDR
Walker, Velsie Smith 9/13/05 HDR
Walker, Vergie Rosella Waters 10/30/99 HDR
Walker, Vern (photo editor) 10/1/94 HDR
Walker, Verna Jarvis  4/20/05 HDR
Walker, Verna Jarvis  4/21/05 HDR
Walker, Versie Smith 12/13/03 HDR
Walker, Wakefield James (Pearl Harbor bombing survivor) 4/14/93 HDR
Walker, Wendy Michelle  7/2/94 HDR
Walker, William A.  10/17/94 HDR
Walker, William Cole 3/15/96 HDR
Walker, William Edward Rev.  9/5/95 HDR
Walker, William Harold 7/8/96 ONE
Walker, William Harold  7/6/96 HDR
Walker, William Rex Sr. 8/4/99 HDR
Walker, Zela Mae 3/2/98 HDR
Walker, Zilphia Loper 9/25/03 HDR
Walkerwicz, Ronald C. Capt. (Page 2A) 2/19/96 HDR
Walkus, Daniel Carl  4/28/01 HDR
Wall, Affie Bell Waters  5/31/93 HDR
Wall, Albert Samuel  10/22/03 HDR
Wall, Bennie Usrey  9/22/93 HDR
Wall, Eva Rogers 12/8/01 HDR
Wall, Harry Walker 10/14/05 HDR
Wall, Joseph "Joe" Gilford Sr. 1/26/99 ONE
Wall, Joseph Gilford "Joe" Sr. 1/26/99 HDR
Wall, Joseph Gilford "Joe" Sr. 1/26/99 HDR
Wall, Margaret Cragan  4/19/93 HDR
Wall, Martha H. 8/14/99 HDR
Wall, Maynard Arlington 8/4/96 HDR
Wall, Maynard Arlington  8/5/96 ONE
Wall, Robert Raymond  2/26/02 HDR
Wall, Ronald James  11/8/94 HDR
Wall, Ronald Wayne 11/9/94 HDR
Wall, Violet Mae Cline  3/20/03 HDR
Wall, Violet Mae Cline  3/21/03 HDR
Wall, Vurmell Ingle 6/13/00 HDR
Wall, William Franklin "Bill" Sr. 2/16/97 HDR
Wallace, Aileen Smith 9/5/94 HDR
Wallace, Albert Lee 3/26/01 ONE
Wallace, Albert Lee  3/25/01 HDR
Wallace, Audrey 7/11/00 HDR
Wallace, Bert Henry 9/8/99 HDR
Wallace, Byron "Boe" 3/17/99 HDR
Wallace, Byron "Boe" 3/17/99 ONE
Wallace, Carolyn "Jeanine" Fox  3/23/05 HDR
Wallace, Carolyn Jeanine Fox  3/22/05 HDR
Wallace, Charles Brown "C.B."  10/15/93 HDR
Wallace, David Kyle 2/13/00 HDR
Wallace, David Kyle (Page 1) 2/14/00 ONE
Wallace, Desta Mona  11/27/03 HDR
Wallace, Don Taylor  1/27/02 HDR
Wallace, Don Taylor  1/28/02 ONE
Wallace, Dorothy Bolick Mrs. 7/29/05 HDR
Wallace, Ethel Brookshire  1/22/03 HDR
Wallace, Fred Alvin  2/10/03 HDR
Wallace, George (actor) 7/29/05 HDR
Wallace, George C. (Page 3) 9/14/98 ONE
Wallace, George E.  2/6/96 HDR
Wallace, George* 9/15/98 HDR
Wallace, Georgia Wingler 11/24/01 HDR
Wallace, Georgia Winkler 11/23/01 HDR
Wallace, Gertrude Osborn 11/2/97 HDR
Wallace, Gertrude Osborne 11/3/97 HDR
Wallace, J. C. "Jake" 1/27/01 HDR
Wallace, J. C. "Jake"  1/26/01 HDR
Wallace, J.D.  5/2/02 HDR
Wallace, James Hartwell Sr. 1/25/00 HDR
Wallace, James Hartwell Sr. 1/27/00 HDR
Wallace, James Hartwell Sr. 1/25/00 ONE
Wallace, Janie Lucielle 11/15/02 HDR
Wallace, John Walker Sr. Rev. 1/12/00 HDR
Wallace, Lois Pitts  9/21/05 HDR
Wallace, Marilyn Ann 5/18/05 HDR
Wallace, Marilyn Ann 5/20/05 HDR
Wallace, Michael James  1/29/03 HDR
Wallace, Michael James  1/29/03 ONE
Wallace, Mozelle Frances Hubbard 8/11/00 HDR
Wallace, Nancy F. 5/24/05 HDR
Wallace, Nancy Florene  10/27/97 HDR
Wallace, Nicholas Cole 5/19/97 ONE
Wallace, Nicholas Cole (infant) 5/20/97 HDR
Wallace, Nicole 12/18/00 ONE
Wallace, Nola "Ginger"  1/14/04 ONE
Wallace, Nola Jones 1/13/04 ONE
Wallace, Nora Clemmer  4/4/01 HDR
Wallace, Perry Alvin  9/14/98 HDR
Wallace, Raymond Monroe 10/9/98 HDR
Wallace, Richard H. 1/28/98 HDR
Wallace, Robert G. 6/4/94 HDR
Wallace, Ronald William Jr. 8/3/99 HDR
Wallace, Ronna Kay (accident) 12/22/03 ONE
Wallace, Scottie Sue Lynn 1/29/96 HDR
Wallace, Scottie Sue Lynn 1/29/96 ONE
Wallace, Shirley Ann Martin 11/25/96 ONE
Wallace, Shirley Ann Martin  11/23/96 HDR
Wallace, Stan 12/9/99 HDR
Wallace, Thad "Whitie" 11/24/99 HDR
Wallace, Thelma Mary McKinney 2/25/98 HDR
Wallace, Thelma Mary McKinney 2/25/98 ONE
Wallace, Velva Dula  6/16/01 HDR
Wallace, Wanda Eve Baldyga  10/26/94 HDR
Wallace, Wanda Eve Baldyga  10/26/94 HDR
Wallace, Wesley Astor  5/18/97 HDR
Wallace, William Michael "Mike" 9/28/99 HDR
Wallach, Erica Glaser (espionage) 1/15/94 HDR
Wallach, Hans 2/18/98 HDR
Wallach, Raul (resistance fighter) 10/20/93 HDR
Walle, Albert C. 11/8/98 HDR
Wallen, Nathan  1/29/04 ONE
Wallenda, Helen Kreis (last of the Great Wallendas) 5/14/96 HDR
Wallenda, Mario B. (aerialist) 3/9/93 HDR
Waller, Elizabeth "Lib" Walker Butler 7/9/03 HDR
Waller, Kenneth Ray 1/5/96 HDR
Waller, Kenneth Ray 1/4/96 ONE
Waller, Kenneth Ray 1/5/96 ONE
Waller, Sara Fry 9/16/93 HDR
Waller-Hunter, Joke (senior U.N. environment official) 10/16/05 HDR
Wallerstein, Harvey Dr. (exchange transfusion designer) 7/3/93 HDR
Wallis, W. Allen 10/16/98 HDR
Wallner, Josef 5/4/00 HDR
Wallner, Josef 5/3/00 ONE
Wallner, Josef 5/8/00 ONE
Walls, Carrie Odom  5/10/96 HDR
Walls, Helen Starnes 9/5/00 ONE
Walls, Helen Starnes  9/5/00 HDR
Walls, Herbert G.  8/3/95 HDR
Walls, Jane Stout 3/12/01 ONE
Walls, Jane Stout 3/13/01 ONE
Walls, Jane Stout  3/13/01 HDR
Walls, Maezelle Auton 1/2/94 HDR
Walls, Michael Anthony Sr. 7/2/01 HDR
Walls, Michael Anthony Sr. 7/2/01 ONE
Walls, Pearl Estes Day 4/14/95 HDR
Walls, Ruth Campbell 3/22/00 HDR
Walls, Ruth Campbell 3/21/00 ONE
Walmsley, Graham Derek 1/31/98 HDR
Walmsley, Graham Derek 4/2/98 HDR
Walrath, Bruce Bartley 4/7/03 HDR
Walser, Amos 9/28/93 HDR
Walser, Elsie Crouse 11/27/01 HDR
Walser, Elsie Crouse 11/27/01 ONE
Walser, Lois  10/22/93 HDR
Walser, Lois Eller Greer 10/23/93 HDR
Walser, Marjorie Holder 5/14/98 HDR
Walser, Mary Viola  1/14/93 HDR
Walseth, Russell "Sox" (winningest men's baskeball coach at University of CO) 1/29/04 ONE
Walsh, Benny Martin  8/12/93 HDR
Walsh, Benny Martin  8/14/93 HDR
Walsh, Bill 12/29/96 HDR
Walsh, Billy Ray 6/6/96 HDR
Walsh, Bryan O. Monsignor 12/23/01 HDR
Walsh, D. A.  11/8/96 HDR
Walsh, Dan W. 2/27/96 HDR
Walsh, Donald Charles 1/11/00 HDR
Walsh, E. Hill  10/6/95 HDR
Walsh, Estelle Ethel Minton 3/10/96 HDR
Walsh, Helen Mull  2/2/02 HDR
Walsh, Holly Trivette 1/10/97 HDR
Walsh, Homer Clifton 7/9/99 HDR
Walsh, J. T. 3/2/98 HDR
Walsh, James Alvie Jr. 6/16/01 HDR
Walsh, James H. "Bud" 2/6/05 HDR
Walsh, James V.  9/25/02 HDR
Walsh, James Vance  9/26/02 HDR
Walsh, James Wade 1/13/98 HDR
Walsh, Johnsie Vickers  11/18/03 HDR
Walsh, Kate Smith 6/12/05 HDR
Walsh, Louise Harper 5/21/98 HDR
Walsh, Louise Johnson 11/26/98 HDR
Walsh, Michael H. (executive) 5/7/94 HDR
Walsh, Ola Sue Williams 3/7/01 HDR
Walsh, Ola Sue Williams  3/8/01 HDR
Walsh, Paul G.  3/5/01 HDR
Walsh, Roland Hill "Bill" 8/17/03 HDR
Walsh, Thomas Rainbow 4/19/96 HDR
Walsh, Viola May 3/18/96 HDR
Walsh, Viola May 3/19/96 HDR
Walsh, William "Doc" Genio 12/10/93 HDR
Walsh, William Genio  12/11/93 HDR
Walsh, Winifred Blankenship  2/9/96 HDR
Walston, Ray (actor) 1/3/01 ONE
Walston, Ray (Uncle Martin) 1/3/01 HDR
Walt, Alexander Dr. 3/4/96 ONE
Walter, Bernice Leslie 12/18/94 HDR
Walter, Eugene 4/2/98 HDR
Walter, Samuel Robert 5/8/99 HDR
Walter, Van Clifford 12/1/94 HDR
Walter, Van Clifford 12/2/94 HDR
Walter, Van Clifford  12/1/94 ONE
Walter, Van Clifford  12/2/94 ONE
Walters, Arlie Joe  9/4/95 HDR
Walters, C. Wayne  1/30/05 HDR
Walters, Cecile Wilson  9/23/02 HDR
Walters, Charles Estes 5/2/99 HDR
Walters, Emma Brown  4/25/93 HDR
Walters, Florence Gettys  3/31/95 HDR
Walters, Fred Franklin 12/1/96 HDR
Walters, James Lindsay Rev. (veteran)  11/29/95 HDR
Walters, Joseph Edwards 6/7/05 HDR
Walters, Margaret Seitz 10/9/98 HDR
Walters, Margaret Seitz 10/10/98 HDR
Walters, Willis H. "Bill" 8/26/94 HDR
Walters, Willis H. "Bill" 8/27/94 HDR
Walton, Ann Butler 10/19/00 HDR
Walton, C. L. Jr. 7/27/96 HDR
Walton, Carol Dustin 2/11/99 HDR
Walton, Clarence "Bullet" Berner  1/7/93 HDR
Walton, Dolly Jeannette 12/17/01 HDR
Walton, Donovan Nicholas 2/27/99 HDR
Walton, Donovan Nicholas 2/26/99 ONE
Walton, Geneva Wade Cothran 2/19/01 ONE
Walton, Geneva Wade Cothran  2/19/01 HDR
Walton, Jeanette Carson 9/26/95 HDR
Walton, Jeanette Carson 9/28/95 HDR
Walton, Jeanette Carson 9/28/95 ONE
Walton, Jenison Vernon 4/18/95 HDR
Walton, Jenison Vernon 4/21/95 HDR
Walton, John (Wal-Mart board member) 6/29/05 HDR
Walton, Marian Morrison (101 yoa) 7/30/01 HDR
Walton, Marian Morrison (101 yoa) 7/30/01 ONE
Walton, Mary Ellen  3/17/93 HDR
Walton, Michael Shane 2/9/00 ONE
Walton, Michael Shane 2/8/00 ONE
Walton, Michael Shane  2/9/00 HDR
Walton, Nelson Sr.  10/30/96 HDR
Walton, Norma Branch 4/26/93 HDR
Walton, Sanders  6/8/03 HDR
Walton, William Sr.  8/17/02 HDR
Walton,Carol Dustin 2/11/99 ONE
Waltrip, Leroy 1/13/00 HDR
Waltrip, Leroy  1/12/00 HDR
Wanamaker, Sam (actor/director) 12/19/93 HDR
Wands, Robert A. (news photographer) 12/3/93 HDR
Wang, Hao (logician) 5/17/95 HDR
Wannemacher, Lois Bumgarner 8/21/97 HDR
Wansley, Mildred Inez 9/13/99 HDR
Wanzer, Charles Robert "Bob"  7/13/04 ONE
Wanzer, Charles Robert "Rob"  7/12/04 ONE
Ward, Alfred E. "Ed" 7/10/03 HDR
Ward, Bessie Leona Bowman 5/8/93 HDR
Ward, Betty  5/12/95 HDR
Ward, Betty Louanne Huffman 5/14/95 HDR
Ward, Betty Sue 6/28/05 HDR
Ward, Betty Sue 6/29/05 HDR
Ward, Betty Sue Wilson 8/29/03 HDR
Ward, Bobby Thomas  3/17/03 HDR
Ward, Bynum  Ranzo 12/18/95 HDR
Ward, Cecil Clyde 3/14/99 HDR
Ward, Charles  1/9/05 HDR
Ward, Charles Jevon "Jabo" 6/7/97 HDR
Ward, Charles Wesley (veteran) 4/19/94 HDR
Ward, Christina Cardwell 2/26/96 HDR
Ward, Christina Dawn (Page 1A) 2/24/96 HDR
Ward, Clara Lucille Christopher 7/15/02 ONE
Ward, Clara Lucille Christopher  7/14/02 HDR
Ward, Clara Lucille Christopher  7/15/02 HDR
Ward, Clifford James  3/16/03 HDR
Ward, Clifford Zane Mr. 12/22/97 HDR
Ward, Constance Louise Hayden  11/16/02 HDR
Ward, Courtney 5/16/05 HDR
Ward, Courtney Paige 5/17/05 HDR
Ward, Curley Joe  8/22/02 HDR
Ward, D. P. "Tootie" 12/5/02 ONE
Ward, D.P. “Tootie”  12/6/02 HDR
Ward, Dakota Rikard 8/18/94 HDR
Ward, David Shane (Page 1A) 2/24/96 HDR
Ward, David Shayne 2/26/96 HDR
Ward, Delbert 8/8/98 HDR
Ward, Dewey Oliver  10/8/02 HDR
Ward, Dolan "Buck"  3/9/01 HDR
Ward, Donald  12/18/96 HDR
Ward, Donald Lee 2/8/01 ONE
Ward, Donald Lee  2/8/01 HDR
Ward, Donavee Shelton  9/25/95 HDR
Ward, Doris Russell 3/17/97 HDR
Ward, Effie Houston  12/7/97 HDR
Ward, Eleanor "Granny" 4/26/99 HDR
Ward, Eula  11/16/01 ONE
Ward, Eula Hicks 11/17/01 HDR
Ward, Eula Hicks  11/19/01 ONE
Ward, Evelyn R.  5/13/97 HDR
Ward, Frances Benfield 1/21/99 HDR
Ward, Frances Benfield 1/21/99 HDR
Ward, Gary Lawrence  3/10/95 HDR
Ward, Gary Lawrence  3/11/95 HDR
Ward, George Daniel (Rev.) 3/29/96 HDR
Ward, Georgia Gwyn 3/22/97 HDR
Ward, Georgia Gwyn 3/24/97 ONE
Ward, Glenda Gertrude  4/12/97 HDR
Ward, Glenn Anderson 4/19/96 ONE
Ward, Glenn Anderson  4/19/96 HDR
Ward, Guy D.  11/29/96 HDR
Ward, Hazel Dawn  12/12/93 HDR
Ward, Helen C. 5/27/03 HDR
Ward, Helen Rader 2/10/05 HDR
Ward, Holden Chase 10/9/00 HDR
Ward, Howard Lee 11/28/02 ONE
Ward, Howard Lee  11/28/02 HDR
Ward, Howard Louis Egnor  9/10/02 ONE
Ward, Howard Louis Egnor Sr. 9/10/02 HDR
Ward, Icie Annabelle 3/22/05 HDR
Ward, Imogene "Cricket" Colley 8/23/01 ONE
Ward, Imogene "Cricket" Colley  8/23/01 HDR
Ward, Ira Smith 11/18/95 HDR
Ward, James Allen  10/26/02 HDR
Ward, James Harold  9/6/93 ONE
Ward, Jarvis "Glen" 4/5/93 ONE
Ward, Jarvis Glenn 4/5/93 HDR
Ward, John Allen 4/20/93 HDR
Ward, John Allen 4/21/93 HDR
Ward, John Allen  4/20/93 ONE
Ward, John Allen  4/21/93 ONE
Ward, John Christopher (infant) 9/23/96 HDR
Ward, Kathleen Hope 10/2/98 HDR
Ward, Kathleen Hope 10/1/98 ONE
Ward, Kelly 6/16/99 HDR
Ward, Lois Perhealth 8/17/95 HDR
Ward, Louis L. 2/12/96 ONE
Ward, Louis Samuel "Sam/Shorty" 10/21/05 HDR
Ward, Lula Catherine Watts 1/26/05 HDR
Ward, Luther Alexander "Fuzz" 10/16/98 HDR
Ward, Margaret Harwell 12/30/96 ONE
Ward, Margaret Harwell  12/28/96 HDR
Ward, Margaret Harwell  12/29/96 HDR
Ward, Marguerite McIntosh 9/9/03 HDR
Ward, Marie  9/20/93 HDR
Ward, Marie Baker 9/21/93 HDR
Ward, Marie S. 4/30/98 HDR
Ward, Mary "Connie" 7/18/99 HDR
Ward, Mary Bell  8/7/97 HDR
Ward, Minor Judson "Buddy" 2/18/98 HDR
Ward, Nellie Whisenant  11/6/94 HDR
Ward, Ralph Bernon  9/22/02 HDR
Ward, Randall Gary  11/10/00 HDR
Ward, Raymond Kress 3/6/93 HDR
Ward, Richard Allen 11/8/98 HDR
Ward, Richard Allen 11/9/98 HDR
Ward, Ricky Fred  5/16/03 HDR
Ward, Ricky Fred  5/17/03 HDR
Ward, Ricky Lee 11/19/99 HDR
Ward, Roy Lee 11/21/99 HDR
Ward, Russell Otis 6/24/98 HDR
Ward, Samuel Bruce 7/10/94 HDR
Ward, Shana Briana Dawn (Page 1A) 2/24/96 HDR
Ward, Shane (Page 1A) 2/24/96 HDR
Ward, Shayna Branna Dawn 2/26/96 HDR
Ward, Shayne Christian 2/26/96 HDR
Ward, Sheila Gwyn  11/19/04 ONE
Ward, Sterling  10/6/97 HDR
Ward, Sterling David Sr. 11/4/05 HDR
Ward, Viola G. Tester 11/20/03 HDR
Ward, W. L. Jr.  9/17/99 HDR
Ward, Walter A. Jr.  7/29/05 ONE
Ward, Willard Pinkney 11/4/96 ONE
Ward, Willard Pinkney  11/4/96 HDR
Ward, William Arthur "Bill" 3/31/94 HDR
Ward, Willie Tallant 12/28/93 HDR
Warddell, Katherine L.  12/8/96 HDR
Wardell, John Joseph "Jack" Jr. 5/21/97 HDR
Warden, Bennie Ramon 2/17/05 HDR
Warden, Doris M. 5/7/98 HDR
Warden, Rubye Florence Farthing 5/27/01 HDR
Warder, Daniel Edward 5/18/98 HDR
Warder, Daniel Edward 5/18/98 ONE
Warder, Lorraine B. 11/22/96 ONE
Warder, Lorraine B.  11/22/96 HDR
Ware, Betty West  12/2/98 HDR
Ware, Herta (actress) 8/21/05 HDR
Ware, Jane Costner 9/14/98 HDR
Ware, John H. III (former PA senator & congressman) 8/2/97 HDR
Ware, Tyrell 1/13/97 HDR
Warf, Ray Kedric Jr. 7/25/01 HDR
Warf, Ray Kedric Jr. 7/25/01 ONE
Warholic, Peter 11/23/01 HDR
Waring, Lloyd B.  11/7/97 HDR
Warlick, Bessie Irene Cooke Meade  10/13/01 HDR
Warlick, Betty Norman  1/13/02 HDR
Warlick, Billy Lee 6/23/99 HDR
Warlick, Blanch McCoy  7/23/93 HDR
Warlick, Blanche Elizabeth Peeler Mrs. 12/2/05 HDR
Warlick, Bobby Lee 10/7/05 HDR
Warlick, Boyd Nixon 3/25/98 HDR
Warlick, Burl Wilson “Judge” 8/13/00 HDR
Warlick, Chester "Chess" T. 4/1/94 HDR
Warlick, Clarence Lee 11/16/98 HDR
Warlick, Clarence Lee 11/16/98 ONE
Warlick, Cynthia Snypes  3/12/05 HDR
Warlick, Destiny Dawn 6/7/05 HDR
Warlick, Dorothy M. 3/7/02 ONE
Warlick, Dorothy M.  3/7/02 HDR
Warlick, Dortha Edwina Walker 11/2/03 HDR
Warlick, Edwin L. "Hop" 9/5/95 HDR
Warlick, Elizabeth Harriet Rankin  9/23/02 HDR
Warlick, Elizabeth Harriet Rankin  9/23/02 ONE
Warlick, Fannie Chapman 2/10/97 HDR
Warlick, Gene Edward  12/29/97 HDR
Warlick, Gene Edward  12/30/97 HDR
Warlick, Harold Lewis  7/8/93 HDR
Warlick, Hettie B. 6/3/93 HDR
Warlick, Jean Watson 2/2/97 HDR
Warlick, Jean Watson 2/3/97 ONE
Warlick, John Frank "Mutt" 6/7/99 HDR
Warlick, John Morris  11/23/94 HDR
Warlick, John Sidney  1/12/99 ONE
Warlick, Joseph Herman 9/19/94 HDR
Warlick, Joseph Ira 3/11/02 ONE
Warlick, Joseph Ira  3/10/02 HDR
Warlick, Lemuel (Page 1A) 2/1/01 HDR
Warlick, Lemuel D. 1/29/01 HDR
Warlick, Magdlene Hudson 5/26/96 HDR
Warlick, Margaret Rose 3/5/99 HDR
Warlick, Margaret Rose 3/4/99 ONE
Warlick, Mary Grattan Graham 7/23/03 HDR
Warlick, Mary Virginia "Jizza" 10/9/01 HDR
Warlick, Mary Virginia "Jizza" 10/8/01 ONE
Warlick, Mrs. Chester T. 3/30/94 HDR
Warlick, Neva Lawrence Powell 11/19/01 HDR
Warlick, Raeford Jones 12/8/05 HDR
Warlick, Raeford Jones 12/8/05 ONE
Warlick, Ralph F.  10/6/05 HDR
Warlick, Ralph F.  10/6/05 ONE
Warlick, Ray 1/25/98 HDR
Warlick, Rayond Truitt  3/19/01 HDR
Warlick, Roy 4/20/94 HDR
Warlick, Ruby  5/22/03 ONE
Warlick, Ruby Emma Wilson 5/23/03 HDR
Warlick, Ruby Emma Wilson 5/24/03 HDR
Warlick, Ruby Emma Wilson 5/23/03 ONE
Warlick, Russell Boyd "Bud" 1/11/00 HDR
Warlick, Talphy Boyles 12/22/97 ONE
Warlick, Thurston Mack 5/1/05 HDR
Warlick, Thurston Mack 5/4/05 HDR
Warlick, Virginia Wilson 2/9/94 HDR
Warlick, Virginia Wilson 2/10/94 HDR
Warlick, Wallace C. "Dub" 2/23/95 HDR
Warlick, Warren W. 1/17/97 HDR
Warlick, Wesley Scott 9/4/95 ONE
Warlick, Wesley Scott  9/2/95 HDR
Warlick, Weyburn "Wabe" McGee 1/25/96 HDR
Warlick, William Lewis 5/9/94 HDR
Warlick, Zane  2/18/02 HDR
Warman, Arendall Cline  10/4/95 HDR
Warmkessel, Leroy Harrison Sr. 8/25/99 HDR
Warmuth, August "Gus" 2/23/05 HDR
Warner, Aaron W. 9/17/00 HDR
Warner, Elfleda Marie 10/15/93 HDR
Warner, Elsleda Marie  10/14/93 HDR
Warner, Hampton Bryan 12/28/99 HDR
Warner, Hampton Bryan 12/29/99 HDR
Warner, Hampton Bryan 12/28/99 ONE
Warner, Jerome  4/21/97 HDR
Warnes, Kenneth A. Sr. 5/13/05 ONE
Warnes, Kenneth A. Sr.  5/13/05 HDR
Warnke, Paul C. 11/2/01 HDR
Warp, Harold 4/10/94 HDR
Warren, Annie Mae 2/3/00 ONE
Warren, AY Cornelius “Neil”  7/13/02 HDR
Warren, Barry Alan  3/22/02 HDR
Warren, Barry Alan  3/23/02 HDR
Warren, Beatrice Mayberry  8/12/05 HDR
Warren, Betty 5/2/94 HDR
Warren, Betty Ann 5/11/99 HDR
Warren, Billy Joe  11/1/03 HDR
Warren, Billy Joe  10/31/03 ONE
Warren, Billy Joe  11/3/03 ONE
Warren, Bradley Kyle (Page 4A) 7/28/01 HDR
Warren, Brandon (Page 9A) 12/6/01 HDR
Warren, Brandon Keith (Page 4A) 7/28/01 HDR
Warren, C. Herman 7/27/04 ONE
Warren, C. Herman 7/28/04 ONE
Warren, Charles Hubert Sr. 1/2/95 HDR
Warren, Charles Jr. 1/21/93 HDR
Warren, Charles Ray 10/23/03 HDR
Warren, Charles W.  7/7/98 HDR
Warren, Charlie Lee  10/25/94 HDR
Warren, Charlie Lee  10/26/94 HDR
Warren, Charlie Lee (Page 3A) 10/25/94 HDR
Warren, Cletus Hampton 3/21/00 HDR
Warren, Cletus Hampton 3/26/00 HDR
Warren, Colene Setzer  7/31/96 HDR
Warren, Dale Lewis 7/23/03 HDR
Warren, Donald Lynn 6/15/04 ONE
Warren, Dorothy "Dot" Sigmon 12/6/04 ONE
Warren, Dorothy "Dot" Sigmon 12/7/04 ONE
Warren, Dorothy Mae Smith 7/5/96 HDR
Warren, Dorothy Smith 7/3/96 HDR
Warren, Douglas Richard 9/26/94 HDR
Warren, Ed (former NC Senator) 4/26/03 HDR
Warren, Edna Forbes  1/13/02 HDR
Warren, Edna Forbes  1/14/02 HDR
Warren, Edna Sigmon 12/19/00 HDR
Warren, Edna Sigmon  12/18/00 ONE
Warren, Ernest Flake "Bubba" Jr. 6/5/03 HDR
Warren, Estelle Day 11/30/00 HDR
Warren, Everett M. 10/19/01 HDR
Warren, Faith Elizabeth  3/7/99 HDR
Warren, Floyd  10/5/95 HDR
Warren, Floyd Lee 10/6/95 HDR
Warren, Gertrude "Gertie" Pitts  5/14/02 HDR
Warren, Gertrude "Gertie" Pitts  5/15/02 HDR
Warren, Grace C. 3/23/05 HDR
Warren, Grace C.  3/23/05 ONE
Warren, Hal J. 1/7/00 HDR
Warren, Harriet Fonda 7/22/98 HDR
Warren, Helen Eaker  3/23/95 HDR
Warren, Hobart Gene Jr. 11/18/95 HDR
Warren, Howard Harlan  5/4/02 HDR
Warren, Huell Earl 10/29/99 HDR
Warren, Jessie Tadlock 8/22/00 HDR
Warren, Kenneth Clay 2/29/00 HDR
Warren, Kenneth Odell 9/12/05 ONE
Warren, Kenneth Odell  9/11/05 HDR
Warren, Kyle (Page 9A) 12/6/01 HDR
Warren, Leo Franklin  4/21/05 HDR
Warren, Leo Leonard  6/12/01 HDR
Warren, Lily Thelma Isenhour 2/28/97 HDR
Warren, Loy Monroe "Bub" Jr. 1/29/05 HDR
Warren, Lydia B.  4/22/03 HDR
Warren, Mack D. 9/30/03 HDR
Warren, Mack D. 10/1/03 HDR
Warren, Mack D.  9/30/03 ONE
Warren, Mae Earp  7/28/02 HDR
Warren, Margaret Drum  11/15/05 ONE
Warren, Margaret Loretta Drum 11/16/05 HDR
Warren, Margaret Loretta Drum  11/16/05 ONE
Warren, Margaret Reese 4/4/19 HDR
Warren, Marnie (Page 9A) 12-06-0120 HDR
Warren, Marnie Rose (Page 4A) 7/28/01 HDR
Warren, Martha Sue Millsaps 4/30/97 HDR
Warren, Mary Belle 4/3/05 HDR
Warren, Maud Queen  11/8/02 HDR
Warren, Max Ray 9/19/03 HDR
Warren, Melba Jolly 12/5/00 HDR
Warren, Mildred Fox  11/27/02 HDR
Warren, Mildred P. 10/3/01 ONE
Warren, Mildrede P. 10/3/01 HDR
Warren, Myrtle Rudisill 1/12/94 HDR
Warren, Nancy Woodard 6/23/98 HDR
Warren, Nancy Woodard 06-23-998 ONE
Warren, Nelle Payne 12/31/95 HDR
Warren, Nora Thomas 10/19/99 HDR
Warren, Patricia Louise  12/21/05 HDR
Warren, Paul 2/14/95 HDR
Warren, Phyllis Gardner 2/4/98 HDR
Warren, Raeford Willet 4/15/01 HDR
Warren, Rilla Hill 4/24/99 HDR
Warren, Robert "Bobby" Franklin 6/27/01 HDR
Warren, Robert Doughton 9/13/93 HDR
Warren, Rose Elizabeth Chastain 6/20/00 HDR
Warren, Rose Elizabeth Chastain 6/21/00 HDR
Warren, Rose Elizabeth Chastain 6/20/00 ONE
Warren, Rowe 5/19/99 HDR
Warren, Roy 9/23/03 ONE
Warren, Roy "Gene"  9/25/03 HDR
Warren, Roy Brace 6/29/96 HDR
Warren, Roy G.  9/24/03 ONE
Warren, Sarah Frances May 1/28/99 HDR
Warren, Sarah Frances May 1/28/99 HDR
Warren, Seba Sharpe  6/2/97 HDR
Warren, Selma Craig  3/18/03 HDR
Warren, Suma Melissa  11/22/94 HDR
Warren, Thomas Lloyd 6/6/97 HDR
Warren, Trilby Drum 1/11/01 HDR
Warren, Trilby Drum 1/11/01 ONE
Warren, Von Ray 12/30/98 HDR
Warren, Von Ray 12/30/98 ONE
Warren, Wade 2/27/95 HDR
Warren, Wade Winston 2/28/95 HDR
Warren, Wade Winston 2/28/95 ONE
Warren, Wayne Lamar 6/11/99 HDR
Warren, Wayne Lamar 6/11/99 ONE
Warren, Wilbur S.  2/7/02 HDR
Warren, Wilburn Harry 5/21/01 ONE
Warren, Wilburn Harry  5/19/01 HDR
Warren, Wilburn Lee 6/5/03 HDR
Warren, William 11/22/95 HDR
Warren, William Brown "Willie" 10/30/99 HDR
Warren, Winnie Faye  11/8/95 HDR
Warrick, Ruth (actress) 1/19/05 HDR
Wartenburg, Carl (college administrator) 8/15/95 HDR
Warwick, William Eldon 3/17/99 HDR
Washam, Conrad 7/19/97 HDR
Washam, Eric Lee 8/4/98 HDR
Washam, Martha Gardner 2/24/99 HDR
Washam, Martha Gardner  (Page 3A) 2/25/99 HDR
Washam, Troy (Page A1) 11/13/03 HDR
Washam, Troy Lee 11/12/03 HDR
Washam, Troy Lee  11/12/03 ONE
Washburn, Dwight William 5/9/00 HDR
Washburn, Dwight William 5/9/00 ONE
Washburn, Franklin Henry 1/13/96 HDR
Washburn, Franklin Henry 1/15/96 ONE
Washburn, Joy Anna Hamilton 8/14/99 HDR
Washburn, Joy Anna Hamilton 8/13/99 ONE
Washburn, Katharine 3/25/00 HDR
Washer, Agnes Bennington 6/26/96 HDR
Washington, Hosea Lee Jr. 8/24/00 HDR
Washington, Jerry (R & B disc jockey) 10/5/94 HDR
Washington, Joyce 3/19/96 ONE
Washington, Joyce  3/22/96 HDR
Washington, Viola Dozier Hewitt  1/18/95 HDR
Wasserman, Louis Robert Dr. 6/25/99 HDR
Wasson, Bennie Ray  12/2/94 HDR
Watanabe, Michio (Japanese politician)  9/16/95 HDR
Water, Ida Bowman  4/7/03 HDR
Waterman, Paul S.  6/19/95 HDR
Waterman, Stanley F.  12/9/03 HDR
Waterman, William/Willard 2/5/95 HDR
Waters, Betty Gentry  11/19/03 HDR
Waters, Billy "Bill" Payton  6/22/01 HDR
Waters, Billy Janes 7/28/96 HDR
Waters, Buford Allen 10/22/01 ONE
Waters, Buford Allen  10/23/01 HDR
Waters, Calvin Hayes  4/25/03 HDR
Waters, Carl Franklin  12/14/93 HDR
Waters, Carl Franklin  12/15/93 HDR
Waters, Carl Franklin  12/18/93 HDR
Waters, Carl Franklin  12/14/93 ONE
Waters, Carl Franklin  12/22/93 ONE
Waters, Charlotte Ferguson 5/29/98 HDR
Waters, Conard Delmas 2/5/00 HDR
Waters, Emma Jean  11/25/05 HDR
Waters, Eva Cline 1/27/97 HDR
Waters, Everett Hughes  2/22/95 HDR
Waters, Frances Carol 5/1/01 HDR
Waters, Fred Long 11/7/00 HDR
Waters, Grady Lee  7/15/02 HDR
Waters, James "Jim" Theodore  1/27/05 HDR
Waters, Jared  8/25/94 HDR
Waters, Jared  8/25/94 ONE
Waters, Jared Christopher 8/26/94 HDR
Waters, Jared Christopher  8/26/94 ONE
Waters, Jeffrey Lake  1/7/03 HDR
Waters, Jeffrey Lake  1/9/03 HDR
Waters, Jerre Williamson 7/26/05 HDR
Waters, John Burke  2/7/01 HDR
Waters, John Riley  12/6/00 HDR
Waters, Johnnie  7/2/01 HDR
Waters, Joyce Withers 4/7/96 HDR
Waters, Kody R. 7/14/05 ONE
Waters, Kody Ray 7/15/05 HDR
Waters, Kody Ray 7/15/05 ONE
Waters, Kolby Ray (infant) 4/21/04 ONE
Waters, Lawrence William 6/21/05 HDR
Waters, Loy Gene 5/1/94 HDR
Waters, Mackenzie Leigh 8/23/00 HDR
Waters, Margaret Deal 6/25/03 ONE
Waters, Margaret Deal  6/26/03 HDR
Waters, Mary Elizabeth Madagan 11/18/00 HDR
Waters, Mary Helen  3/9/03 HDR
Waters, Mary L.  3/18/97 HDR
Waters, Norma Jean Hoyle 8/20/98 HDR
Waters, Ollie "O.J." James Rev. 4/8/01 HDR
Waters, Patsy "Pat" Younce  4/20/02 HDR
Waters, Patsy Louise 6/8/00 HDR
Waters, Patsy Younce  4/19/02 HDR
Waters, Ray Stoner  9/22/99 HDR
Waters, Sarah Louellen  4/15/96 HDR
Waters, Thelma Carpenter 12/6/00 ONE
Waters, Thelma Carpenter  12/6/00 HDR
Waters, Wilma Wilson 7/7/04 ONE
Waters, Wilma Wilson 7/8/04 ONE
Waterson, Hilda Rose Whisnant  10/31/96 HDR
Watford, Loretta 4/22/00 HDR
Watford, Loretta  4/24/00 ONE
Watford, Nolan Ernest Sr. 1/17/03 HDR
Watford, Nolan Ernest Sr. 1/18/03 HDR
Watin, Georges (attempted assassination of de Gaulle) 2/22/94 HDR
Watkins, Beatrice Cordia Walker 3/10/99 HDR
Watkins, Benjamin Alfred Jr. 6/7/97 HDR
Watkins, Benjamin Alfred Sr. 6/6/97 HDR
Watkins, Mamie Cannon 1/3/98 HDR
Watkins, Rachel Earp 12/18/01 HDR
Watkins, Raymond Jasper "R.J."  8/22/01 HDR
Watkins, Walter Eugene "Gene" The Rev. 1/16/05 HDR
Watlington, "Evelyn" May Arrington  10/21/96 HDR
Watlington, Evelyn Mary Arrington 10/22/96 HDR
Watlington, Evelyn Mary Arrington 10/21/96 ONE
Watlington, John Decator 2/6/96 HDR
Watlington, John Decator 2/6/96 ONE
Watrous, James  5/28/99 HDR
Watry, Robert Boyer “Bo”  12/7/00 HDR
Watson, Alfred C. Jr.  3/27/96 HDR
Watson, Allen Walter  (Page 12A) 11/9/01 HDR
Watson, Amos Thomas  3/26/03 HDR
Watson, Annie Johnson 9/11/03 HDR
Watson, Arlon Clifton  8/10/95 HDR
Watson, Arthur Franklin  8/1/96 HDR
Watson, Arthur R. 12/9/99 HDR
Watson, Barbara Elizabeth  9/2/03 HDR
Watson, Betty Sue Houser 1/10/05 HDR
Watson, Blake Vernon 5/31/00 HDR
Watson, Blanche D.  11/16/02 HDR
Watson, Bobby Dean 4/19/03 HDR
Watson, Bobby Dean 4/21/03 ONE
Watson, Bobby Dean  4/22/03 HDR
Watson, Boyd Jariel 3/8/98 HDR
Watson, Burl  1/7/95 HDR
Watson, Burley H.  9/7/93 HDR
Watson, Carson 6/28/05 HDR
Watson, Charlene Reid 10/5/00 HDR
Watson, Charles James 3/15/98 HDR
Watson, Charlie Lunis  2/26/93 HDR
Watson, Clarence A.  5/29/95 HDR
Watson, Claude  E. "Jigger" 1/24/94 HDR
Watson, Clenard Arwood 11/28/93 HDR
Watson, Clifton Arlon  8/9/95 HDR
Watson, Clyde 3/22/98 HDR
Watson, Clyde A. "Alex" 2/16/99 HDR
Watson, Clyde Allen 6/10/99 HDR
Watson, Clyde Edward  1/22/02 HDR
Watson, Clyde Edward  1/25/02 HDR
Watson, Commodore "Tim"  5/16/95 HDR
Watson, Commodore Timothy   5/17/95 HDR
Watson, Cynthia Renee  11/27/02 HDR
Watson, Dale Franklin 3/15/96 HDR
Watson, Daniel Boone 8/3/96 HDR
Watson, David Emanuel  3/30/05 HDR
Watson, David Ray 1/15/00 HDR
Watson, Denver L.  10/28/96 HDR
Watson, Dessie Summey 6/26/96 HDR
Watson, Dillard 11/15/94 HDR
Watson, Dillard 11/16/94 HDR
Watson, Dollie Pansy 1/26/00 HDR
Watson, Donna Franklin  5/21/02 HDR
Watson, Doris J. 7/30/97 HDR
Watson, Doris Junnie Whisenant 7/31/97 HDR
Watson, Dorothy Hollar 3/26/97 HDR
Watson, Edison "Ed"  6/27/96 HDR
Watson, Edith Helton 11/3/96 HDR
Watson, Effie Hayes 6/25/93 HDR
Watson, Eligha A.  6/1/01 HDR
Watson, Eloise Wycoff 6/26/00 HDR
Watson, Emmett (newspaper columnist) 5/13/01 HDR
Watson, Epsie Johnson 1/22/96 HDR
Watson, Eugene A.  5/22/95 HDR
Watson, Eva Bowman 1/21/94 HDR
Watson, Eva Bowman Angley 1/22/94 HDR
Watson, Eveleen Taylor 3/14/98 HDR
Watson, Evelyn 2/20/05 HDR
Watson, Fannie Dare 4/12/94 HDR
Watson, Floyd  12/29/05 HDR
Watson, Frances Royer Crowell 5/7/05 HDR
Watson, G. Stephen  4/22/03 HDR
Watson, Gary B.  12/27/97 HDR
Watson, Gary B.  12/26/97 HDR
Watson, Gary Dorn 4/11/98 HDR
Watson, Geneva Craig 4/1/98 HDR
Watson, George Scott Jr. (WWII Black Sheep Squadron pilot) 4/11/99 HDR
Watson, Gina Lynn 9/25/95 HDR
Watson, Gina Lynn 9/26/95 HDR
Watson, Goldie E. (activist) 6/4/94 HDR
Watson, Gurney Junior 5/11/05 HDR
Watson, Hallie Perry 8/16/99 HDR
Watson, Harold Louis  10/8/03 HDR
Watson, Hazel Kaylor 11/22/98 HDR
Watson, Helen McCall  8/19/94 HDR
Watson, Helen McCall  8/20/94 HDR
Watson, Helen Vogler 5/14/99 HDR
Watson, Helen Vogler 5/13/99 ONE
Watson, Herman 12/19/96 HDR
Watson, Hilda Harrison  9/25/95 HDR
Watson, Hortense Victoria  8/29/96 HDR
Watson, Hugh E.  9/21/00 HDR
Watson, Hunter Taylor (infant) 1/10/94 HDR
Watson, Irene 1/21/02 ONE
Watson, Irene Minton 5/31/98 HDR
Watson, Irene Schronce  1/22/02 HDR
Watson, Irene Schronce  1/22/02 ONE
Watson, Isabelle Lindstrom  12/27/93 HDR
Watson, J. Ted 2/28/97 HDR
Watson, Jack Wesley Sr. 2/22/96 HDR
Watson, Jacob "Jake" Hubert 10/4/03 HDR
Watson, James "Boonie" 4/26/05 HDR
Watson, James Arvil "Jim" 1/4/97 HDR
Watson, James Isaac 3/19/99 HDR
Watson, James Isaac 3/19/99 ONE
Watson, James William "Bill" Sr. 6/24/01 HDR
Watson, Jean Tinney Harris 01-28-0200 HDR
Watson, Jerry Dean 10/12/01 HDR
Watson, Jesse C. 6/10/98 HDR
Watson, John Edward 11/29/93 HDR
Watson, John Jr. 6/1/02 HDR
Watson, John Percy 5/25/94 HDR
Watson, John Percy 5/26/94 HDR
Watson, Johnsie Bean 2/11/98 HDR
Watson, Joseph Tyree  2/15/02 HDR
Watson, Joseph Tyree  2/16/02 HDR
Watson, Josephine Shuford 8/26/96 ONE
Watson, Josephine Shuford  8/26/96 HDR
Watson, Katherine Jonas  1/7/93 HDR
Watson, Lamar 1/31/01 HDR
Watson, Larry Allen 9/11/03 HDR
Watson, Lee Clamen 3/13/05 HDR
Watson, Lena Day 6/5/98 HDR
Watson, Lena Mabella  8/17/03 HDR
Watson, Letty Kay Wheeler 4/25/94 HDR
Watson, Lloyd W. 12/13/98 HDR
Watson, Lois Mae Patton 3/3/03 ONE
Watson, Lois Mae Patton  3/3/03 HDR
Watson, Lola Mae 11/8/98 HDR
Watson, Louise Potts 11/9/97 HDR
Watson, Madeline Isaacs  6/26/01 HDR
Watson, Maggie Baldwin  6/25/05 HDR
Watson, Margarie  8/1/03 ONE
Watson, Marjorie B. 8/2/03 HDR
Watson, Marjorie B. 8/4/03 ONE
Watson, Mary M. "Peggy" 1/3/96 HDR
Watson, Mary Puett 2/22/96 HDR
Watson, Maude Childers  9/6/02 HDR
Watson, Michael Dale  11/12/96 HDR
Watson, Michael Dale  11/13/96 HDR
Watson, Milard F.  6/28/04 ONE
Watson, Millard Coy Sr. 5/5/96 HDR
Watson, Millard Coy Sr. 5/4/96 HDR
Watson, Mina Marie Cline  2/8/05 HDR
Watson, Minnie Mozelle  7/15/01 HDR
Watson, Nancy Rose “Rosie” Allie Watson  12/10/02 HDR
Watson, Nellie Gray Hall 3/5/02 ONE
Watson, Nellie Gray Hall  3/5/02 HDR
Watson, Odell  2/24/95 HDR
Watson, Odell Rev. 2/25/95 HDR
Watson, Ollie Greene  10/22/97 HDR
Watson, Ollie Mae  6/13/95 HDR
Watson, Otis J. 6/30/98 HDR
Watson, Pansy Bolick 1/5/98 HDR
Watson, Pat 9/27/99 HDR
Watson, Paul J.  4/9/03 HDR
Watson, Pauline Burke "Polly" 3/13/98 HDR
Watson, Pollie Bolick 1/7/05 HDR
Watson, Ray Pitts 2/18/05 HDR
Watson, Raymond J. 8/26/99 HDR
Watson, Raymond Lee Sr. 1/28/03 HDR
Watson, Rex Allen  7/5/05 HDR
Watson, Richard L. Jr. 9/26/00 HDR
Watson, Robert "Bob" Hubert Sr. 4/25/97 HDR
Watson, Robert G. 2/9/99 HDR
Watson, Robert Sidney  12/22/93 HDR
Watson, Roger Dale 1/11/00 HDR
Watson, Roger Dale 3/27/00 ONE
Watson, Roger Dale  3/26/00 HDR
Watson, Rondell  9/20/02 HDR
Watson, Ronnie Ray 2/8/01 HDR
Watson, Roy C.  9/1/96 HDR
Watson, Sarah Bolick 2/23/99 HDR
Watson, Ted 2/27/97 HDR
Watson, Terry  5/9/01 ONE
Watson, Terry Marshall 5/10/01 ONE
Watson, Terry Marshall  5/10/01 HDR
Watson, Thelma G. 4/9/96 HDR
Watson, Thomas Paul  5/1/03 HDR
Watson, Thomas Reed 6/3/93 HDR
Watson, Uzell Jewell  7/1/03 HDR
Watson, W. Wayne 7/10/05 HDR
Watson, Wade C. 6/23/03 HDR
Watson, Wade Douglas 11/10/99 HDR
Watson, Walter D.  10/26/00 HDR
Watson, Willard (craftsman) 9/29/94 HDR
Watson, Willard (storyteller) 9/29/94 ONE
Watson, William "Zack" 3/29/98 HDR
Watson, William Marshall  6/27/03 HDR
Watson, Willie Lee 3/31/05 HDR
Watson, Willis Samuel "Bill" 2/22/98 HDR
Watson, Willis Samuel "Bill" 2/23/98 ONE
Watt, Chad McKinley 10/4/99 HDR
Watt, Hilda Heath Saunders 11/20/00 HDR
Watt, Ian Pierre 12/18/99 HDR
Watt, John Norman III 10/2/97 HDR
Watt, William Neri "Red" 4/1/98 HDR
Watters, Dean Levaughn (veteran) 4/8/94 HDR
Watters, James Marshall "Pap" 11/6/94 HDR
Watters, James Marshall "Pap"  11/7/94 ONE
Watters, Knox Ernest 4/4/98 HDR
Watters, Lloyd Thomas 2/4/99 HDR
Watters, Lloyd Thomas 2/4/99 HDR
Watters, Lloyd Thomas  (Page 5A) 2/14/99 HDR
Watters, Lou Ellen Sherrill  12/12/93 HDR
Watters, Mortimer C. "Mort" 6/9/97 HDR
Watts, Agnes L. Williams  8/17/01 HDR
Watts, Annie Mae  6/20/94 HDR
Watts, Annie Mae  6/21/94 HDR
Watts, Annie Mae Ramseur 1/5/95 ONE
Watts, Annie Mae Ramseur 1/6/95 ONE
Watts, Annie Mae Ramseur  1/5/95 HDR
Watts, Annie Mae Ramseur  1/6/95 HDR
Watts, Annie Zelda Maye Powell 6/3/00 HDR
Watts, Annie Zelda Maye Powell 6/5/00 ONE
Watts, Barbara Cline 10/16/99 HDR
Watts, Ben F.  12/5/94 HDR
Watts, Bill (Page 3A) 9/5/94 HDR
Watts, Catherine Eckard 9/20/05 ONE
Watts, Catherine Eckard Mrs. 9/20/05 HDR
Watts, Charles Alan "Charlie" 12/20/99 HDR
Watts, Charles Alan "Charlie" 12/20/99 ONE
Watts, Clarcia Propst  7/17/03 HDR
Watts, Darlene J. Mrs. 9/16/03 HDR
Watts, Dewey Doris "Buddy" 6/19/98 HDR
Watts, Docia  10/4/93 HDR
Watts, Docia  10/5/93 HDR
Watts, Don David  1/5/01 HDR
Watts, Doris Ann Walker  1/15/01 HDR
Watts, Dwight Stevenson Sr. 8/26/05 HDR
Watts, Earl Ervin 11/10/98 HDR
Watts, Eleanor Marie Ortleb 1/23/00 HDR
Watts, Ellis  9/15/94 HDR
Watts, Eunice Blanche Johnson 4/22/97 HDR
Watts, Eva Mae Miller (105 yoa)  1/13/95 HDR
Watts, Eva Mae Miller (105 yoa)  1/14/95 HDR
Watts, Gene  9/9/03 HDR
Watts, Genevieve "Gen" Mary McCaslin 3/24/97 HDR
Watts, George Hamilton Sr.  10/20/93 HDR
Watts, George Hamilton Sr.  10/21/93 HDR
Watts, George Samuel "Sam"  4/4/02 HDR
Watts, Grace Harris  7/6/01 HDR
Watts, Harold "Fate" Jr. 9/10/93 HDR
Watts, Harold Lafayette "Fate" Jr. 9/11/93 HDR
Watts, Harold Lafayette Jr. 9/12/93 HDR
Watts, Haroldine Price  9/5/99 HDR
Watts, Hattie Miller Hubbard 6/1/01 HDR
Watts, Henry E. "Bud" 8/29/99 HDR
Watts, Hessie Beatrice Chapman 3/1/05 ONE
Watts, Hessie Beatrice Chapman  3/2/05 HDR
Watts, Hessie C.  3/1/05 HDR
Watts, Hettie Sue Cook 7/2/03 HDR
Watts, Ilece Bernice 11/6/03 HDR
Watts, Ilece Bernice 11/6/03 ONE
Watts, J. Harold Rev.  6/9/94 HDR
Watts, J. Harold Sr. Rev.  6/10/94 HDR
Watts, J. V.  1/25/94 ONE
Watts, J.V. 1/24/94 HDR
Watts, Jacob Leonard  9/20/94 HDR
Watts, Jacob Leonard  9/20/94 ONE
Watts, Jacob Leonard "Lenny" 9/21/94 HDR
Watts, Jacob Leonard "Lenny" 9/22/94 HDR
Watts, Jacob Leonard (Lenny) 9/21/94 ONE
Watts, James Winston Dr. (neurosurgeon) 11/9/94 HDR
Watts, Jasper Edward  6/13/93 HDR
Watts, Jean Hope Hampton 3/18/99 HDR
Watts, Jeffery Dean "Jeff" 12/23/95 HDR
Watts, Jewell Bishop  11/24/05 HDR
Watts, Jimmy Lee 10/17/93 HDR
Watts, Joel Gabriel 9/28/99 HDR
Watts, Joel Gabriel 9/28/99 ONE
Watts, Joel Gabriel  9/27/99 ONE
Watts, John Roy 6/19/95 ONE
Watts, John Roy  6/19/95 HDR
Watts, John Warren  2/26/02 HDR
Watts, John Warren  2/25/02 ONE
Watts, John Warren  2/26/02 ONE
Watts, Johnny Carroll Sr. 4/23/93 HDR
Watts, Jude Howard  12/15/02 HDR
Watts, Julia Marie Franklin  6/21/02 HDR
Watts, Katharine Cowan 7/11/98 HDR
Watts, Kelly Gettys  9/28/97 HDR
Watts, LaVerne Henry 3/17/97 HDR
Watts, Lillian S.  6/29/02 HDR
Watts, Linda Hallis Pope 12/7/05 HDR
Watts, Lola Blanche Moose 10/4/05 HDR
Watts, Louie Beroth  1/11/93 HDR
Watts, Lucy Baker  7/30/02 HDR
Watts, Luther Leroy 8/11/93 HDR
Watts, Luther Leroy 8/12/93 HDR
Watts, Lydia Buff 12/31/98 HDR
Watts, Madge Bernice Daves 1/18/02 ONE
Watts, Madge Bernice Daves  1/18/02 HDR
Watts, Mae McLeod 12/2/05 HDR
Watts, Maggie Thomas (101 yoa) 11/8/93 HDR
Watts, Mamie Addie  7/31/95 HDR
Watts, Martha Sue Shuford 11/17/03 ONE
Watts, Martha Sue Shuford  11/17/03 HDR
Watts, Marvin Walter 2/23/99 HDR
Watts, Marvin Walter 2/23/99 ONE
Watts, Marvin Woodrow 2/24/99 ONE
Watts, Marvin Woodrow  2/24/99 HDR
Watts, Mary Noel Kanode 9/21/00 ONE
Watts, Mary Noel Kanode  9/21/00 HDR
Watts, Mary Noel Kanode  9/23/00 HDR
Watts, Mildred T. 5/14/01 HDR
Watts, Mildred T. 5/14/01 ONE
Watts, Morene Johnson 5/9/99 HDR
Watts, Morene Johnson 5/10/99 ONE
Watts, Mozelle Frankie Propst 12/12/97 HDR
Watts, Naomi Rowe 1/11/94 HDR
Watts, Naomi Rowe 1/13/94 HDR
Watts, Norma Burke  3/26/01 HDR
Watts, Pearl Louise Shook 4/30/05 HDR
Watts, Pearlie M. 9/14/98 HDR
Watts, Pearlie Moore  9/15/98 HDR
Watts, Rachel Watkins 11/14/03 ONE
Watts, Rachel Watkins  11/14/03 HDR
Watts, Ralph E.  5/27/02 HDR
Watts, Ralph Edward  5/28/02 HDR
Watts, Ray Macon 9/13/05 HDR
Watts, Ronald A. "Monk" Sr. 8/25/99 HDR
Watts, Roscoe Charles "R.C."  8/2/95 HDR
Watts, Roscoe Charles "R.C."  8/3/95 HDR
Watts, Roy P.  4/1/95 HDR
Watts, Roy Payne  4/2/95 HDR
Watts, Roy Rex Sr. 4/1/99 HDR
Watts, Roy Rex Sr. 4/3/99 HDR
Watts, Ruby Michaels  1/12/93 HDR
Watts, Ruby Pearl Michaels  1/13/93 HDR
Watts, Sadie Irene Taylor 8/7/05 HDR
Watts, Sanford "Sam" Junior  10/21/96 HDR
Watts, Sanford Junior "Sam" 10/21/96 ONE
Watts, Sherman Daniel  6/22/03 HDR
Watts, Suma Mildred 2/28/97 HDR
Watts, Suma Mildred  3/1/97 HDR
Watts, Ted 9/20/99 HDR
Watts, Thomas Richard Sr. 11/10/02 HDR
Watts, Thomas Richard Sr. 11/11/02 ONE
Watts, Thomas Richard Sr.  11/9/02 HDR
Watts, Thurmond  10/17/95 HDR
Watts, Thurmond  10/17/95 ONE
Watts, Thurmond Andrew  10/18/95 HDR
Watts, Thurmond Andrew  10/18/95 ONE
Watts, Tony Eugene 9/27/03 HDR
Watts, Tony Eugene  9/26/03 ONE
Watts, Tony Eugene  9/29/03 ONE
Watts, Troy Clyde Sr. 1/2/97 HDR
Watts, Vallie  4/9/03 ONE
Watts, Vallie Bowman Trouille 4/10/03 ONE
Watts, Vallie Bowman Trouille  4/10/03 HDR
Watts, Violet Ellen Triplett 6/15/00 HDR
Watts, Violet Ellen Triplett 6/17/00 HDR
Watts, Violet Ellen Triplett 6/15/00 ONE
Watts, William Garland 10/30/99 HDR
Watts, Winford Wayne "Bubba" 11/4/97 HDR
Watts, Winford Wayne "Bubba" 11/3/97 HDR
Watts, Zela Chapman  10/2/97 HDR
Watts, Zula Chapman 11/1/94 HDR
Waugh, Carlene Miss 7/6/05 HDR
Waugh, Hazel Jean Johnson 4/9/97 ONE
Waugh, Hazel Lean Johnson 4/9/97 HDR
Waugh, Jay C. 1/24/97 HDR
Waugh, Jerry Leonard 10/16/00 ONE
Waugh, Jerry Leonard  10/16/00 HDR
Waugh, Mary Helen  1/13/01 HDR
Waugh, Michael Ray Sr. 9/18/00 HDR
Waugh, Myrtle Nerine Drum 6/7/03 HDR
Waugh, Peggy Reese  4/6/03 HDR
Wavering, Elmer H. 11/23/98 HDR
Way, Betty J.  10/14/04 ONE
Waycaster, Annie M.  9/1/96 HDR
Waycaster, Jean  1/3/02 ONE
Waycaster, Jean Bean 1/4/02 ONE
Waycaster, Jean Bean  1/4/02 HDR
Waycaster, Jean Bean  1/5/02 HDR
Waycaster, Roy Herman  2/13/03 HDR
Waycaster, Wendle Wilkie 3/29/94 HDR
Wayman, Ken 3/4/98 HDR
Wayman, Tami Badger 4/7/00 HDR
Waymire, Kellie (actress) 11/24/03 HDR
Waymire, Kellie (actress) 11/24/03 ONE
Waynagi, William 2/3/99 HDR
Waynagi, William 2/3/99 HDR
Waynagi, William  2/3/99 ONE
Wayne, Bernie (composer) 4/22/93 HDR
Wayne, Buren V.  10/4/93 HDR
Wayne, Buren V.  10/4/93 ONE
Wayne, Charles M. "Chuck" (jazz musician) 8/2/97 HDR
Wayne, David (actor) 2/12/95 HDR
Wayne, Don (news anchor) 6/5/97 HDR
Wayne, Michael  4/4/03 HDR
Wayne, Milton Scott 4/24/95 ONE
Wayne, Milton Scott  4/24/95 HDR
Waynick, Michael Joseph  12/28/00 HDR
Wear, Frankie Harper Mrs. 4/19/02 HDR
Weatherford, Mellie Mae Clark 3/9/00 HDR
Weatherman, Fred 2/23/99 HDR
Weatherman, Roger Allen 1/31/96 ONE
Weatherman, Roger Allen 2/1/96 ONE
Weatherman, Roger Allen 2/2/96 ONE
Weatherman, Roger Allen  2/1/96 HDR
Weatherman, Roger Dale 9/23/01 HDR
Weathers, Kenneth Dwight "Bud" 11/24/97 ONE
Weathers, Kenneth Dwight "Bud"  11/24/97 HDR
Weathers, Margaret Louise Chapman 2/10/03 ONE
Weathers, Margaret Louise Chapman  2/10/03 HDR
Weathers, Vilona D. 8/30/97 HDR
Weathers, Vilona Drum  8/31/97 HDR
Weaver, Alexander A. Jr. 4/5/02 HDR
Weaver, Annie Shuford 5/22/05 HDR
Weaver, Annie Shuford 5/23/05 ONE
Weaver, Charles "Buck"  9/9/05 ONE
Weaver, Charles D. "Charlie" Jr.  2/16/04 ONE
Weaver, Charles Howard "Buck" 9/10/05 HDR
Weaver, Charles Howard "Buck"  9/12/05 ONE
Weaver, Christine K. 3/17/97 HDR
Weaver, Christine K.  3/18/97 HDR
Weaver, Clyde  9/25/97 HDR
Weaver, Daniel Murphy 9/17/98 HDR
Weaver, Daniel Murphy 9/17/98 ONE
Weaver, David Lee 1/31/97 HDR
Weaver, Dorothy Virginia Moore  2/28/00 HDR
Weaver, Eddie Lee 4/29/94 HDR
Weaver, Eddie Lee 5/2/94 HDR
Weaver, Eddie Lee 5/2/94 ONE
Weaver, Edna Phillips  6/5/95 HDR
Weaver, Edna Phillips  6/6/95 HDR
Weaver, Eloise Denton  11/27/03 HDR
Weaver, Elzie  2/15/95 HDR
Weaver, Eugene  3/2/95 HDR
Weaver, Everett Dermot 1/5/97 HDR
Weaver, Frances Williams 1/29/01 HDR
Weaver, Garnell Annas 5/20/05 HDR
Weaver, George Jr. 1/28/93 HDR
Weaver, George Jr.  1/29/93 ONE
Weaver, George Junior  1/29/93 HDR
Weaver, Geraldine "Deanie" Norman 9/27/93 HDR
Weaver, Geraldine "Deanie" Norman 9/28/93 HDR
Weaver, Glenn M. Sr. 8/11/96 HDR
Weaver, Glenn McCoy Sr. 8/12/96 ONE
Weaver, Helen Pitts 2/4/98 HDR
Weaver, Howard D.  7/3/95 HDR
Weaver, Howard Dean 7/4/95 HDR
Weaver, Howard Dean 7/4/95 ONE
Weaver, Jack David  2/18/02 HDR
Weaver, Jack David  2/19/02 HDR
Weaver, Jack David  2/18/02 ONE
Weaver, James "Jim" Wilson  1/29/02 HDR
Weaver, Jeffrey Ray 1/26/05 HDR
Weaver, Jeffrey Ray 1/26/05 ONE
Weaver, John Hugh 11/21/96 HDR
Weaver, Josh 5/15/96 ONE
Weaver, Kate Sites 11/11/00 HDR
Weaver, Kate Sites 11/13/00 ONE
Weaver, Larry Donald  11/10/97 HDR
Weaver, Leah Briann 7/5/00 HDR
Weaver, Lisa 12/28/95 HDR
Weaver, Lisa Renee 12/31/95 HDR
Weaver, Lola Lee Reese  3/16/05 HDR
Weaver, Lucius Newton  4/18/94 ONE
Weaver, Lucius Newton (retired Army, founder of "Cheese House") 4/18/94 HDR
Weaver, Macon Ret. US Attorney 2/12/95 HDR
Weaver, Marilyn  8/4/97 ONE
Weaver, Marilyn E. 8/5/97 HDR
Weaver, Martha Frances  9/3/03 HDR
Weaver, Mary Josephine  10/5/94 HDR
Weaver, Mary Josephine  10/6/94 HDR
Weaver, Mary Josephine  10/5/94 ONE
Weaver, Nell Rimmer 5/29/03 HDR
Weaver, Norris 3/1/94 HDR
Weaver, Ola Mae Speagle  4/4/05 HDR
Weaver, Patrick 7/1/97 ONE
Weaver, Ray 9/10/02 HDR
Weaver, Raymond Charles  11/19/03 HDR
Weaver, Sallie Miller  10/5/99 HDR
Weaver, Thomas Edwin "Tom"  6/4/02 HDR
Weaver, Tlarance Lamare  4/16/01 HDR
Weaver, Tlarance Lamare  4/16/01 ONE
Weaver, Toye Jane Bridges 4/13/00 HDR
Weaver, Toye Jane Bridges  4/12/00 ONE
Weaver, Velma Chambers  7/4/93 HDR
Weaver, Velma Chambers  7/5/93 ONE
Weaver, Walter Vernon 8/8/01 HDR
Weaver, Willard Holmes 9/28/99 HDR
Weaver, William Caldwell "Bill" 10/16/99 HDR
Weaver, William Wayne 12/2/03 HDR
Web, John Thomas  7/1/04 ONE
Webb, Aldonna Clark 2/25/05 HDR
Webb, Angela "Missy"  1/3/96 HDR
Webb, Betty Jean Thompson 6/14/97 HDR
Webb, Betty Jo McCracken 10/19/96 HDR
Webb, Beulah Day 6/6/00 HDR
Webb, Bobby Joe  3/8/93 HDR
Webb, Bobby Joe  3/9/93 HDR
Webb, Carl Elijah 8/29/03 HDR
Webb, Catherine A.  12/8/93 HDR
Webb, Cecil Thomas 8/4/98 HDR
Webb, Charlotte Kathryn Starnes 9/19/05 ONE
Webb, Charlotte Kathryn Starnes  9/17/05 HDR
Webb, Christine Elizabeth 1/22/00 HDR
Webb, Doris Abernethy 11/19/98 HDR
Webb, Doris Abernethy 11/18/98 ONE
Webb, Doris Abernethy 11/17/98 ONE
Webb, Doris Abernethy  11/18/98 HDR
Webb, Dorothy Beam 4/10/96 HDR
Webb, Dorothy Beam 4/15/96 HDR
Webb, E. Lee Jr.  8/24/95 HDR
Webb, Earl Walter Sr. 1/8/02 HDR
Webb, Frances Leona Swallow Mench 1/16/05 HDR
Webb, Francis Joseph "Frank" 9/3/99 HDR
Webb, Frank Joseph 9/2/99 HDR
Webb, Gail Swink Mrs. Patricia 7/2/05 HDR
Webb, Gary (Pulitzer Prize-reporter) 12/13/04 ONE
Webb, George Ernest 5/17/98 HDR
Webb, Ginger Williams  6/26/95 HDR
Webb, Hardie Glenn Sr. 6/11/99 HDR
Webb, Hardie Glenn Sr. 6/12/99 HDR
Webb, Hayworth Dyle "H.D."  5/3/95 HDR
Webb, Helen Bollinger  2/11/00 HDR
Webb, Jack Alvin 3/30/96 HDR
Webb, Jack Dempsey 12/15/03 ONE
Webb, Jack Dempsey  12/15/03 HDR
Webb, James Burton Sr. 4/29/94 HDR
Webb, James Burton Sr. 4/30/94 HDR
Webb, James Burton Sr. 4/29/94 ONE
Webb, James Edward "Pete"  11/21/96 HDR
Webb, John Lewis "Jack"  8/17/94 HDR
Webb, John W.  4/4/02 HDR
Webb, John Wilson  4/5/02 HDR
Webb, Katie Mae Ramsey 2/22/95 HDR
Webb, Kay 3/19/96 ONE
Webb, Kelsey Ray 12/22/93 HDR
Webb, Kenneth Eugene 1/18/97 HDR
Webb, Laura Leigh 11/29/95 HDR
Webb, Laura Leigh 11/29/95 ONE
Webb, Lena Sutton  2/25/01 HDR
Webb, Louise Elizabeth Phillips 12/4/99 HDR
Webb, Lula V.  2/26/01 HDR
Webb, Mary L.  4/14/95 HDR
Webb, Mary Louise Wilson 4/15/95 HDR
Webb, Mary Sue Benfield 11/19/99 HDR
Webb, Michael Alvin  1/21/03 HDR
Webb, Mildred Hurt 6/1/05 HDR
Webb, Nina Jean Hall 5/14/01 HDR
Webb, Noele Marie 2/6/99 HDR
Webb, Noele Marie 2/5/99 HDR
Webb, Noele Marie 2/6/99 HDR
Webb, Noele Marie 2/4/99 ONE
Webb, Noele Marie 2/5/99 ONE
Webb, Norma Jean  7/16/98 HDR
Webb, Oliver Thomas "Tommy" Jr. 1/22/02 HDR
Webb, Pauline Dusenbury  5/8/94 HDR
Webb, Pauline Dusenbury  5/9/94 ONE
Webb, Peggy Campbell  8/1/97 HDR
Webb, Sadie Watson 4/13/94 HDR
Webb, Stella Mae Norman 10/14/00 HDR
Webb, Vester 9/26/97 HDR
Webb, Willard L. Sr. 12/7/05 HDR
Webber, Adam "Pap" 2/17/98 HDR
Webdale, Kendra (Page 3A) 1/5/99 HDR
Weber, Byron H. 7/31/01 HDR
Weber, Dennis Gary Sr. 7/31/03 ONE
Weber, Dennis Gary Sr.  7/31/03 HDR
Weber, Gregorio (biochemist) 7/31/97 HDR
Weber, John G. Jr. 5/23/96 HDR
Weber, Mary Sue Drum 1/12/98 ONE
Weber, Patricia "Pat" Ann Wood 6/21/04 ONE
Weber, Thomas Carroll 5/6/02 ONE
Webster, Betty Chapman 4/20/95 HDR
Webster, Elizabeth Corpening 10/13/96 HDR
Webster, Elizabeth Corpening 10/14/96 ONE
Webster, Elizabeth Corpening  10/14/96 HDR
Webster, Frances Carol Baldwin 4/17/97 HDR
Webster, Georgia Carson 3/10/98 HDR
Webster, Helen Rosetta  8/1/00 HDR
Webster, Katie 9/9/99 HDR
Webster, Pansy Artie  2/2/05 HDR
Webster, William Terrell III 5/13/93 HDR
Webster, William Terrell III 5/12/93 ONE
Wechsler, Herbert (Columbia Law School professor) 4/29/00 HDR
Weddington, Naomi Hettie Steinmetz 9/22/00 HDR
Wedgwood, Dame Cicely Veronica (historian) 3/11/97 HDR
Weed, Gerald 11/28/05 HDR
Weed, Gerald  11/28/05 ONE
Weedman, Ernest Joe 11/14/00 ONE
Weedman, Ernest Joe  11/14/00 HDR
Weekley, Rebecca Ellen 2/10/98 HDR
Weeks, Belle Rhoda  12/27/04 ONE
Weeks, Carroll Allen  5/11/94 HDR
Weeks, Carroll Allen  5/11/94 ONE
Weeks, Dallas Ballard 11/2/04 ONE
Weeks, David 7/9/03 ONE
Weeks, David Lee 7/10/03 ONE
Weeks, David Lee  7/10/03 HDR
Weeks, Faye Belle Elder 2/2/98 HDR
Weeks, Faye Belle Elder 2/2/98 ONE
Weeks, Howard Ross  4/8/93 HDR
Weeks, Maxine Mattie  1/19/02 HDR
Weeks, Rhoda Belle Corn 1/5/05 HDR
Weeks, Rhonda Belle Corn 1/4/05 ONE
Wegars, Don 3/25/96 HDR
Wegars, Don 3/25/96 ONE
Wegner, Betty 11/29/01 HDR
Wegner, Betty 11/30/01 HDR
Wegner, Dorothy "Hope" Fox 10/29/98 HDR
Wegner, Raymond 7/28/95 HDR
Wegner, Raymond August  7/29/95 HDR
Wegner, Richard Fiske  8/9/02 HDR
Wehle, John Jr. 3/16/00 HDR
Wehran, Fred L. 8/7/96 HDR
Wehunt, Clarence D. "Sam" (veteran) 1/24/94 HDR
Wehunt, George William  2/12/96 HDR
Wehunt, Mary Etta  7/25/99 HDR
Weick, Paul C.  5/29/97 HDR
Weida, Jean Williams  3/14/01 HDR
Weida, Jean Williams  3/13/01 ONE
Weidemuller, Arthur K. 10/6/05 ONE
Weidemuller, Arthur K.  10/7/05 HDR
Weides, Jeffrey (Page 2A) (died 04-13-01) 11/22/01 HDR
Weidner, John Henry (leader of the "Dutch Paris" underground) 5/24/94 HDR
Weig, Arnold Paul 4/9/96 HDR
Weig, Arnold Paul 4/8/96 ONE
Weig, Arnold Paul 4/9/96 ONE
Weig, Julia Faye Kale 1/15/98 HDR
Weig, Julia Faye Kale 1/14/98 ONE
Weig, Julia Faye Kale 1/15/98 ONE
Weigand, Lawrence "Larry" Edward  6/27/03 HDR
Weigel, Stanley 9/9/99 HDR
Weigel, Stanley 9/13/99 HDR
Weigel, Stanley Ret. US Dist. Judge 9/4/99 HDR
Weil, Alice Ehrenfeld 3/4/96 ONE
Weil, Walter Milton 11/17/00 HDR
Weil, Walter Milton 11/18/00 HDR
Weiller, James Douglas 7/14/00 HDR
Weimer, Frank R. "Dutch" (boxer) 9/24/94 HDR
Weimorts, Albert L. Jr. 12/26/05 HDR
Weinberg, Jeshajahu 1/5/00 HDR
Weiner, Nella Fermi  3/4/95 HDR
Weintraub, Harold M. (molecular biologist) 3/31/95 HDR
Weintz, Walter H.  12/28/96 HDR
Weir, Georgia Hollaway 2/7/94 HDR
Weir, Georgia Hollaway 2/9/94 HDR
Weir, Irene Tron 3/14/99 HDR
Weir, James O. 3/27/05 HDR
Weir, Sarah Cooper  2/28/05 HDR
Weis, Sigfried (philanthropist) 6/13/95 HDR
Weisen, Ron 1/16/98 HDR
Weiser, Otto 12/11/01 HDR
Weiser, Otto  12/10/01 ONE
Weishaar, Leland A.  8/22/95 HDR
Weishaupl, Mary Elizabeth  4/21/01 HDR
Weisman, Frederick (philanthropist/entrepreneur) 9/15/94 HDR
Weiss, Ernest (playwright) 9/21/95 HDR
Weissman, Martin "Trader Jon" 2/20/00 HDR
Weitzel, Miriam T. 10/10/97 HDR
Weitzel, Penny Louise  3/26/02 HDR
Weitzel, Penny Louise  3/27/02 HDR
Welaj, John (baseball professional) 9/15/03 HDR
Welborn, Evelyn  9/18/97 HDR
Welborn, Evelyn  9/17/97 HDR
Welborn, Evelyn  9/17/97 ONE
Welborn, Frances  3/19/99 HDR
Welborn, Fred Theodore "Ted" Jr. 4/28/02 HDR
Welborn, John Harris 3/28/94 HDR
Welborn, Mary Neva Sigmon 3/6/98 ONE
Welborn, Thomas Edward 3/13/01 HDR
Welborne, Daisy Mae Lambert 5/13/98 HDR
Welborne, Robert "Bob" Levi 1/13/05 HDR
Welch, Betty  4/24/95 HDR
Welch, Betty Geneva Legan  4/24/95 ONE
Welch, Britt Wood Hager 10/14/02 ONE
Welch, Britt Wood Hager  10/14/02 HDR
Welch, Claude E. Dr. 3/11/96 ONE
Welch, David Charles 3/30/99 HDR
Welch, Dewey Herron 4/13/99 ONE
Welch, Dewey Herron  4/14/99 HDR
Welch, Elisabeth (singer) 7/19/03 HDR
Welch, James (author) 8/7/03 HDR
Welch, John Gray 11/27/95 HDR
Welch, Johnny K. "Bush hog" 7/19/99 HDR
Welch, Johnny K. "Bush Hog" 7/20/99 ONE
Welch, Karen Sue Townsend 1/18/98 HDR
Welch, Margaret Stevenson  6/28/02 ONE
Welch, Mildred "Billie" 1/27/04 ONE
Welch, Peggy LaCount 9/13/97 HDR
Welch, Raymond E. 2/13/99 HDR
Welch, Robert “Bob” Henry  2/19/03 HDR
Welch, William Taggart Jr. 6/6/02 HDR
Weldy, Ethel B. 10/31/03 ONE
Weldy, Ethel B.  10/31/03 HDR
Welfare, Eugenia Bishop  8/1/95 HDR
Welitsch, Ljuba  9/8/96 HDR
Welker, Martha Johnson 6/2/96 HDR
Welker, Martha Johnson 6/3/96 ONE
Wellborn, Earl Russell Sr. 6/24/94 HDR
Wellborn, Fred Theodore "Ted" 4/29/02 ONE
Wellborn, Fred Theodore "Ted"  Jr. 4/29/02 HDR
Wellborn, Fred Theodore Sr. 7/2/97 HDR
Wellborn, Fred Theodore Sr. 7/2/97 ONE
Wellborn, Fred Theodore Sr. 7/1/97 ONE
Wellborn, Joseph 11/28/97 HDR
Wellborn, Joseph Henry  11/29/97 HDR
Wellborn, Mary Neva Sigmon 3/7/98 HDR
Wellborn, Ruby Lee  1/26/04 ONE
Wellborn, Ruby Lee Horne 1/27/04 ONE
Wellborn, Thomas Lindsay Sr.  1/28/05 HDR
Wellborn, William Revere Jr. Dr. 2/21/99 HDR
Weller, Delbert H. "Del" 12/23/99 HDR
Weller, Geraldine "Gerry" Coburn 3/25/94 HDR
Weller, Gerry Coburn 3/24/94 HDR
Weller, Martyne  2/7/02 HDR
Weller, Martyne  2/7/02 ONE
Welles, George H. III (editor) 10/27/93 HDR
Wellford, Michael 4/7/97 ONE
Wellman, Carles Michael “Mike”  10/7/02 HDR
Wellman, Carles Sidney 1/19/97 HDR
Wellman, Clarence Junior Sr. 3/24/00 HDR
Wellman, Etta Sarah Jane 7/4/94 HDR
Wellman, Henry Marvn Jr. 1/22/01 HDR
Wellman, Lillie Mae Fleming 9/3/98 HDR
Wellman, Louise Abee 9/21/99 HDR
Wellman, Myrtle Rhoney  12/8/94 HDR
Wellman, Ruth Stokes 7/19/99 HDR
Wellman, Tessie Huffman 3/20/97 HDR
Wellmon, B. S.  5/13/93 HDR
Wellmon, B. S.  5/14/93 HDR
Wellmon, Juanita Greene  6/7/03 HDR
Wells, Charles Van Dr. 4/4/94 HDR
Wells, Derek Elliot "Ricky" 5/6/96 HDR
Wells, Eric Robert  (Page 1) 1/13/99 ONE
Wells, Erick Robert 1/15/99 HDR
Wells, Erik Robert 1/15/99 HDR
Wells, Erik Robert 1/14/99 ONE
Wells, Frank 12/18/98 HDR
Wells, Franklin Harrison 12/19/98 HDR
Wells, Freda Irene Yount 4/1/97 HDR
Wells, Freda Irene Yount 4/1/97 ONE
Wells, Glenn Wayne 3/18/05 HDR
Wells, Hattie Taylor 8/11/99 HDR
Wells, Hugh 12/7/00 HDR
Wells, Iris Sue 4/27/00 HDR
Wells, Johnsie Elizabeth 6/21/05 HDR
Wells, Larry  2/2/01 HDR
Wells, Lillie Marie Clark 12/6/05 HDR
Wells, Richard A. 4/27/99 HDR
Wells, Richard A.  4/26/99 ONE
Wells, Robert Lee  10/4/96 HDR
Wells, Robert W. (author) 1/4/95 HDR
Wells, Walter Eric 7/8/00 HDR
Wells, Walter O. 9/2/99 HDR
Wells, Willard Canipe  5/7/02 HDR
Wells, Willard Canipe Mrs.  5/7/02 ONE
Wells, William W. Sr. Former Circuit Court Judge 3/23/00 HDR
Welsh, Francis X. (Times Herald veteran) 10/17/94 HDR
Welsh, Matthew (former IN governor)  5/30/95 HDR
Welter, Charles R.  7/21/03 HDR
Welting, Ruth 12/24/99 HDR
Welty, Eudora 7/24/01 ONE
Welty, Eudora (author) 7/24/01 HDR
Wences, Senor 4/21/99 ONE
Wendel, George 5/26/00 HDR
Wendt, George R. (actor) 6/19/93 HDR
Wenger, John Christian (Mennonite Church bishop)  3/28/95 HDR
Wenkam, Robert 6/25/00 HDR
Wensil, John Michael Sr. 11/9/97 HDR
Wentz, Gilmer V.  10/18/93 HDR
Wentz, James "Squire" 5/16/96 ONE
Wentz, James "Squire"  5/17/96 HDR
Wentz, James William 5/16/96 HDR
Wentz, Ocie Farmer 12/1/97 ONE
Wentz, Orcie Farmer  12/1/97 HDR
Wentz, Pervie James 10/13/01 HDR
Wentz, Pervie James  10/12/01 ONE
Weprin, Saul (NY State Assembly Speaker) 2/12/94 HDR
Werner, Charles George (editorial cartoonist) 7/19/97 HDR
Werner, Chuck 7/19/97 HDR
Werner, Hazel "Hazie" (Colorado sports family matriarch) 2/18/93 HDR
Werner, Helen A.  5/18/05 HDR
Werner, Helen A.  5/21/05 HDR
Wertz, Harold Eugene Jr. 12/8/99 HDR
Weslager, Clinton Albert (publisher) 8/8/94 HDR
Wesson,  William "Bill" Thomas  3/8/94 HDR
Wesson, Cheryl Gabriel 9/5/01 HDR
Wesson, Cheryl Gabriel 9/5/01 ONE
Wesson, Cheryl Gabriel 9/4/01 ONE
Wesson, Fred Eugene 9/7/97 HDR
Wesson, Fred Eugene 9/8/97 ONE
Wesson, Fred Eugene  9/6/97 HDR
Wesson, Hershal Dean 12/25/05 HDR
Wesson, Hershal Dean 12/26/05 HDR
Wesson, Hershal Dean 12/27/05 ONE
Wesson, Mary Madaleen Price 1/13/95 ONE
Wesson, Mary Madaleen Price  1/13/95 HDR
Wesson, Melanie Lea 4/7/00 ONE
Wesson, Melanie Lea  4/7/00 HDR
Wesson, Thomas "Max" 5/3/05 HDR
Wesson, Thomas "Max" 5/3/05 ONE
Wesson, Thomas Max 5/2/05 ONE
Wesson, William "Bill" Thomas  3/8/94 ONE
West, Alice  5/3/93 HDR
West, Annie Louise Tedder  1/12/96 HDR
West, Arnold Jack 2/14/05 HDR
West, Beverly Diane Hancock  4/2/02 HDR
West, Beverly Hancock  4/1/02 HDR
West, Bud  5/25/97 HDR
West, Carlee Almond  12/9/96 HDR
West, Charles J. 6/7/03 HDR
West, Cordie Novella  4/30/01 HDR
West, Cordie Novella (99 yoa) 4/30/01 ONE
West, Donald 10/25/98 HDR
West, Donald M. 10/26/98 HDR
West, Edward T.  10/10/03 HDR
West, Ernest Earl  12/2/04 ONE
West, Faye Tolbert 10/1/00 HDR
West, Gregory Lynn  3/3/02 HDR
West, Helen Crouse 7/10/97 HDR
West, Helen Crouse 7/9/97 ONE
West, Ira Elmo  8/30/93 HDR
West, Ira Elmo  8/31/93 HDR
West, Jackie  10/28/03 HDR
West, James Calvin Sr. 1/25/97 HDR
West, James Harold "Hal"  5/25/93 HDR
West, Jerry Lee 1/19/98 HDR
West, Jerry Lee 1/20/98 HDR
West, Joey Edwin  9/25/95 HDR
West, Joey Edwin  9/26/95 HDR
West, Laura Clark  12/11/95 HDR
West, Lonnie  6/6/94 HDR
West, Mabel  2/18/03 HDR
West, Mary Susan Smith 6/15/99 HDR
West, Melba Elizabeth Clark 2/6/03 HDR
West, Mildred  1/30/95 HDR
West, Mildred Cloer  1/31/95 HDR
West, Morris (author) 10/19/99 HDR
West, Myrtle Sherrill  4/28/95 HDR
West, Ned 12/7/01 HDR
West, Patricia Oxford 4/4/00 HDR
West, Paul Mitchell Sr. 5/9/94 HDR
West, Peggy Jane 4/27/96 HDR
West, Ralph L. 9/3/05 HDR
West, Rudy 5/18/98 HDR
West, Sophia Rachel 2/27/99 HDR
West, Tommy 8/24/98 HDR
West, William Earl 6/8/03 HDR
West, William Earl 6/9/03 HDR
West, William Earl 6/10/03 HDR
West, William Earl 6/11/03 HDR
Westbrook, Andrea  2/8/05 HDR
Westbrook, Andrea  2/8/05 ONE
Westbrook, Andrea Warf 2/9/05 HDR
Westbrook, Andrea Warf 2/9/05 ONE
Westbrook, David L.  2/18/02 HDR
Westbrook, David Lane  2/16/02 HDR
Westbrook, David Lane  2/18/02 ONE
Westbrook, Gladys McIntyre  5/2/93 HDR
Westbrook, Gladys McIntyre  5/3/93 HDR
Westbrook, Ralph Moses 1/7/00 HDR
Westbrook, Ralph Moses 1/11/00 HDR
Westbrook, Robert Lee 4/16/01 HDR
Westcott, Charles E. (former chairman of the National Kidney Foundation) 10/21/93 HDR
Westcott, Helen 3/28/98 HDR
Westendorf, Omer  10/28/97 HDR
Westerbeck, Ricky 6/4/98 ONE
Westergaard, John 2/11/03 HDR
Westergard, Paula Teresa "Terry"  2/22/02 HDR
Westerheide, Thomas J.  9/25/03 HDR
Westerhoff, John H. III 4/2/98 HDR
Westfall, Richard S. (science-historian) 9/4/96 HDR
Westfield, Michael  1/11/03 HDR
Westfield, Michael  1/12/03 HDR
Westfield, William Allen "Mick" Rev. 2/23/98 HDR
Westfield, William Allen "Mick" Rev. 2/23/98 ONE
Westheimer, Manfred 4/8/97 HDR
Westheimer, Manfred 4/4/97 ONE
Westlake, Curtis Warren  3/23/05 HDR
Westmoreland, Barbara Carol 1/17/00 HDR
Westmoreland, Bertha Mae Morrow 5/7/93 HDR
Westmoreland, Margaret Elizabeth 2/12/00 HDR
Westmoreland, Michelle R.  2/8/02 HDR
Westmoreland, William (retired General--Vietnam) 7/20/05 HDR
Weston, Betty G.  11/4/05 ONE
Weston, Betty Mae Gilleland 11/5/05 HDR
Weston, Betty Mae Gilleland  11/7/05 ONE
Weston, George Jr.  5/10/03 HDR
Weston, Joanie ("Roller Derby Queen"/"Blonde Bomber") 5/12/97 HDR
Weston, Katherine Keever 3/6/94 HDR
Weston, Katherine Keever 3/7/94 HDR
Weston, S. Burns 10/6/94 HDR
Weston, Wanda Kay  12/17/03 HDR
Westover, Ruth P.  3/14/95 HDR
Westover, Ruth Phyllis  3/15/95 HDR
Westphal, Ryan Richard  12/27/05 HDR
Westray, Diane  3/25/05 ONE
Westray, Edward  11/8/04 ONE
Westray, Edward Alen 11/9/04 ONE
Westray, Iris Diane 3/26/05 HDR
Westray, Iris Diane 3/28/05 ONE
Wethered, Joyce (golfer) 11/27/97 HDR
Wexler, Norman (writer) 8/28/99 HDR
Whalen, Fred J. Jr. (Page 5A) 3/21/96 HDR
Whalen, Frederick Joseph Jr. 3/21/96 HDR
Whaley, Artilee Webb 12/20/05 HDR
Whaley, Isabel Patterson Frampton 5/20/97 HDR
Whaley, Lucy Carpenter  3/25/02 HDR
Whallon, Evan 6/16/98 HDR
Wharff, John A. Jr.  10/28/96 HDR
Wharton, Gerald S.  7/16/03 HDR
Wharton, Ruth Charles  4/29/96 HDR
Whatley, Howard Gregg II 11/6/03 HDR
Wheat, Joe Ben (archaeologist) 6/17/97 HDR
Wheatley, Irene S.   11/21/96 HDR
Wheeler, Alan Dexter Prof. (Page 2A) 8/17/99 HDR
Wheeler, Ann Danielian  9/7/05 HDR
Wheeler, Council C. Jr. 1/25/94 HDR
Wheeler, Council C. Jr. 1/26/94 HDR
Wheeler, Don 5/4/95 HDR
Wheeler, Don Eugene  5/5/95 HDR
Wheeler, Edward C. 8/4/98 HDR
Wheeler, Edwin K.  3/25/95 HDR
Wheeler, Jimmy Ransom 3/15/98 HDR
Wheeler, Lola Nadine  2/19/00 HDR
Wheeler, Marcheta Maria Kelly 4/30/00 HDR
Wheeler, Mary Colleen  12/22/00 HDR
Wheeler, Russell Leo  7/23/00 HDR
Wheeler, Samuel "Shannon"  11/12/03 HDR
Wheeler, Stephanie Gail 8/25/04 ONE
Wheeler, Thomas Edward  3/22/93 HDR
Wheeler, Vera Arlee Fields  2/25/05 HDR
Wheeling, Bryce  4/6/00 HDR
Wheeling, Clinton Farrell “Coot”  6/27/02 HDR
Wheeling, James Horace 9/29/98 HDR
Wheeling, Jerrol Dean 11/10/00 HDR
Wheeling, Rufus Wayne 5/27/05 HDR
Wheeling, Stanley Almond Rev. (retired minister) 3/22/94 HDR
Whelchel, Mitchell Wade 4/17/03 HDR
Whelchel, Mitchell Wade 4/18/03 HDR
Whelchel, Mitchell Wade 4/17/03 ONE
Whetstine, Ray Oliver  5/23/02 HDR
Whetstine, William McDowell 12/27/97 HDR
Whetstone, Frank  8/16/95 HDR
Whilding-White, Raymond 8/28/01 HDR
Whiney, William  10/8/01 HDR
Whiney, William  10/8/01 ONE
Whirley, Willie Lee 4/19/96 HDR
Whisenant, Annie Lee Crump 5/1/99 HDR
Whisenant, Barbara Alice  9/19/96 HDR
Whisenant, C. J. 2/5/00 HDR
Whisenant, Dewey Bennett  1/9/01 HDR
Whisenant, Dorothy Jonas 9/23/97 ONE
Whisenant, Dorothy Jonas  9/23/97 HDR
Whisenant, Dorothy Jonas  9/25/97 HDR
Whisenant, Dorothy Jonas  9/24/97 ONE
Whisenant, Dorothy Lee 5/3/99 HDR
Whisenant, Elisha Edward  3/31/03 HDR
Whisenant, Era Ellen Gosnell "Bill" 10/28/98 HDR
Whisenant, George Luther Jr. 2/2/93 HDR
Whisenant, George Luther Jr. 2/3/93 HDR
Whisenant, George Luther Jr.  2/2/93 ONE
Whisenant, George Luther Jr.  2/3/93 ONE
Whisenant, Gladys Metcalf 12/30/97 HDR
Whisenant, Harry Lee  12/12/93 HDR
Whisenant, Harry Lee  12/13/93 ONE
Whisenant, Howard Wilson 4/12/96 HDR
Whisenant, Ione Davis  12/8/02 HDR
Whisenant, JoAnne Hoyle  3/23/04 ONE
Whisenant, John Adams  1/26/96 HDR
Whisenant, Lena Pons  7/3/96 HDR
Whisenant, Lois Starnes 5/22/01 HDR
Whisenant, Lorraine Hogge  9/18/02 HDR
Whisenant, Lorraine Hogge  9/18/02 ONE
Whisenant, Lottie McRee 9/25/97 HDR
Whisenant, Lottie McRee 9/24/97 ONE
Whisenant, Lottie McRee (Page 1) 9/25/97 ONE
Whisenant, Macie Singleton 1/7/00 HDR
Whisenant, Marcus S. 10/6/98 HDR
Whisenant, Mary Ernestine "Ernie" Miller  9/7/02 HDR
Whisenant, Mary Owens 8/30/05 HDR
Whisenant, Minnie Marie  7/22/98 HDR
Whisenant, Pauline Cleo 11/19/99 HDR
Whisenant, Pearl  3/31/95 HDR
Whisenant, Pearl Ellington 4/1/95 HDR
Whisenant, Pete  3/24/96 HDR
Whisenant, Polly Morrison 9/27/97 HDR
Whisenant, Ralph 9/28/95 HDR
Whisenant, Ralph Anderson 9/29/95 HDR
Whisenant, Ralph O. "Pete" 3/22/93 HDR
Whisenant, Ralph O. "Pete"  3/22/93 ONE
Whisenant, Robert David  9/29/02 HDR
Whisenant, Robert Junior 8/20/03 HDR
Whisenant, Russell Roscoe 2/9/98 HDR
Whisenant, Ruth Elrod 3/23/94 HDR
Whisenant, Sue Elizabeth  1/26/95 HDR
Whisenant, Susan Estelle 9/11/98 HDR
Whisenant, Ted Daniel  5/11/97 HDR
Whisenant, Virginia Marley McMillan 10/10/99 HDR
Whisenant, Walter Daniel (veteran) 2/4/94 HDR
Whisenant, William E. 4/28/00 HDR
Whisenant, William Gray "Bill" 9/28/93 HDR
Whisenant, Willie Mae  9/30/05 HDR
Whisenant, Winfred R.  10/9/93 HDR
Whisenant, Winfred R.  10/10/93 HDR
Whisenant, Zella W. 2/10/95 HDR
Whisenant, Zella W.  2/8/95 HDR
Whisenhunt, Louise Moody 4/7/96 HDR
Whisnant, Adam Matthew 3/26/98 HDR
Whisnant, Annie Lee  10/18/97 HDR
Whisnant, Arthur H.  9/14/02 HDR
Whisnant, Billy Jack  12/11/94 HDR
Whisnant, Billy Ray Sr. 1/4/01 ONE
Whisnant, Billy Ray Sr.  1/4/01 HDR
Whisnant, Blake Wilson 11/27/03 HDR
Whisnant, Blake Wilson 11/28/03 HDR
Whisnant, Blannie Catherine Story  8/15/05 HDR
Whisnant, Bobby "Bob" Darius 2/21/95 ONE
Whisnant, Bobby "Bob" Darius  2/21/95 HDR
Whisnant, Bonson Joseph  12/14/95 HDR
Whisnant, Boyd Samuel 4/21/98 HDR
Whisnant, Carl Monroe Sr. 1/12/96 HDR
Whisnant, Carl Monroe Sr. 1/12/96 ONE
Whisnant, Carrie Edith Rudisill 6/3/01 HDR
Whisnant, Carrie Edith Rudisill 6/4/01 ONE
Whisnant, Cathy (Page 5A) 9/6/94 HDR
Whisnant, Cathy Elaine 9/7/94 HDR
Whisnant, Cathy Elaine 9/7/94 ONE
Whisnant, Cecil L.  12/16/93 HDR
Whisnant, Cecil L.  12/17/93 HDR
Whisnant, Charles “Slim” Dennis  8/20/02 HDR
Whisnant, Charles Franklin Jr. 2/24/01 HDR
Whisnant, Charles J. "Sonny" 8/29/05 HDR
Whisnant, Charles J. "Sonny" 8/29/05 ONE
Whisnant, Clayton B. 8/4/00 HDR
Whisnant, Cleo Morrison 4/4/00 HDR
Whisnant, Clyde Ree "C.R."  3/28/95 HDR
Whisnant, Daniel "Bo"  10/8/03 HDR
Whisnant, Daniel Dylan 5/2/96 HDR
Whisnant, Dennis E.  5/7/96 HDR
Whisnant, Donald  1/6/05 ONE
Whisnant, Donald Kermit 1/7/05 HDR
Whisnant, Donald Kermit 1/7/05 ONE
Whisnant, Dorcas Crow  5/14/02 HDR
Whisnant, Doris Jean  7/8/00 HDR
Whisnant, Dorothy L. 5/7/97 HDR
Whisnant, E. Bona 4/21/05 HDR
Whisnant, Edith Sneed 1/19/98 HDR
Whisnant, Edith Sneed 1/20/98 HDR
Whisnant, Elizabeth "Beth" Morrison 6/15/00 HDR
Whisnant, Emma Thomas 4/30/05 HDR
Whisnant, Ernest Wayne 8/10/98 HDR
Whisnant, Ernest Wayne 8/11/98 HDR
Whisnant, Eugene Edmond 11/15/99 HDR
Whisnant, Faye Mae Church Mrs.  7/11/03 HDR
Whisnant, Frances Abee Mrs. 12/7/03 HDR
Whisnant, Frank Edward  5/5/02 HDR
Whisnant, Frankie Estelle Rockett (102 yoa) 2/10/00 HDR
Whisnant, Fred Bandy "Pete" 3/5/05 HDR
Whisnant, Fred D. 10/10/05 HDR
Whisnant, George Brown 12/29/99 HDR
Whisnant, George Brown  12/28/99 ONE
Whisnant, Gladys Messer 1/18/00 HDR
Whisnant, Gordon Eugene  10/8/00 HDR
Whisnant, Grace Elizabeth Laney  11/23/02 HDR
Whisnant, Harold Douglas "Doug" Sr. 5/8/93 HDR
Whisnant, Harold Walton  6/16/93 HDR
Whisnant, Harry L. 6/4/01 HDR
Whisnant, Harry L. 6/4/01 ONE
Whisnant, Howard W. 12/11/97 HDR
Whisnant, Howard W.  12/9/97 ONE
Whisnant, Ina Celesta Starr 9/5/01 HDR
Whisnant, Ina Celesta Starr 9/4/01 ONE
Whisnant, Jackson Cameron "Jack" Sr.  1/12/05 HDR
Whisnant, James Claywell 4/2/98 HDR
Whisnant, James Daniel "Dan" Sr. 2/15/94 HDR
Whisnant, James Daniel Sr. (veteran) 2/16/94 HDR
Whisnant, James Edgar  11/23/03 HDR
Whisnant, Jimmy Glenn  5/5/96 HDR
Whisnant, JoAnn Herman 4/27/98 HDR
Whisnant, Joann Herman 4/28/98 HDR
Whisnant, Job G.  7/18/03 HDR
Whisnant, Joe Ben "Tiny"  11/29/96 HDR
Whisnant, John F. 6/14/05 HDR
Whisnant, John Ray 4/30/93 HDR
Whisnant, John Ray 5/1/93 HDR
Whisnant, Joshua David 3/11/97 HDR
Whisnant, Julie Carole  4/18/96 HDR
Whisnant, Kenneth Rodney 8/31/03 HDR
Whisnant, Latta J. 4/2/96 ONE
Whisnant, Laura Mae  9/29/93 HDR
Whisnant, Laura Mae  9/29/93 ONE
Whisnant, Lawrence "Jib" 1/30/99 HDR
Whisnant, Lawrence "Jib" 1/30/99 HDR
Whisnant, Lillian Edith Harris 2/9/99 HDR
Whisnant, Loretta Ann Wiseman 4/6/98 HDR
Whisnant, Lucille Bumgarner 6/21/97 HDR
Whisnant, Lucille Bumgarner 6/23/97 ONE
Whisnant, Luther Junior  6/26/01 HDR
Whisnant, Mabel Irene 10/23/95 HDR
Whisnant, Mallie Strange 6/18/97 HDR
Whisnant, Margaret Alice "Marge"  1/22/01 HDR
Whisnant, Margaret Elizabeth  5/14/04 ONE
Whisnant, Margaret Kaylor 1/5/98 HDR
Whisnant, Marian McDaniel 8/23/94 HDR
Whisnant, Martha Irene Hoover 12/26/00 HDR
Whisnant, Mary Clara Wagner 9/27/93 HDR
Whisnant, Mary Clara Wagner 9/27/93 HDR
Whisnant, Mary Clara Wagner 9/28/93 HDR
Whisnant, Mary Luann 7/5/99 HDR
Whisnant, Mary Luella Presler  10/23/95 HDR
Whisnant, Maynard Ray 7/17/05 HDR
Whisnant, Michael Rhyne 11/5/05 HDR
Whisnant, Michael Wayne 3/20/02 ONE
Whisnant, Michael Wayne  3/21/02 HDR
Whisnant, Minnie M.  3/23/03 HDR
Whisnant, Minnie Mae Freeman 9/25/93 HDR
Whisnant, Miriam McDaniel  8/22/94 HDR
Whisnant, Mozelle McNeely 8/12/01 HDR
Whisnant, Mozelle McNeely  8/13/01 HDR
Whisnant, Myrtice B. 12/28/99 HDR
Whisnant, Nannie Mae Lambert 7/17/99 HDR
Whisnant, Ned Wyclith  10/25/93 HDR
Whisnant, Nora Fox  11/4/98 HDR
Whisnant, Nora Lee McCall 10/18/94 HDR
Whisnant, Nora Lee McCall 10/19/94 HDR
Whisnant, Novella Deal 9/16/94 ONE
Whisnant, Novella Deal  9/16/94 HDR
Whisnant, Odessa Retta Gantt  12/8/02 HDR
Whisnant, Odessa Retta Gantt  12/9/02 ONE
Whisnant, Owen Cornelius  5/26/02 HDR
Whisnant, Pauline "Polly" Bumgarner  6/20/01 HDR
Whisnant, Pearl Ola  8/23/93 HDR
Whisnant, Pearl Ola  8/24/93 HDR
Whisnant, Peggy Bost 5/5/94 HDR
Whisnant, Peggy Bost  5/5/94 ONE
Whisnant, Peggy Bost  5/6/94 ONE
Whisnant, Peggy Carol Bost 5/6/94 HDR
Whisnant, Phyllis Ward 12/18/00 ONE
Whisnant, Phyllis Ward  12/18/00 HDR
Whisnant, Polly Helen   1/30/03 HDR
Whisnant, Quentin Norman 12/4/99 HDR
Whisnant, Ralph Coye  8/20/04 ONE
Whisnant, Raymond D.  8/30/93 HDR
Whisnant, Raymond D. Sr. 8/31/93 HDR
Whisnant, Raymond Duckworth 5/5/01 HDR
Whisnant, Raymond Lee 8/28/95 HDR
Whisnant, Rex (veteran) 12/31/95 HDR
Whisnant, Richard  10/16/95 HDR
Whisnant, Richard D.  10/17/95 HDR
Whisnant, Rickey Allen "Pete" 5/25/99 HDR
Whisnant, Rickey Allen "Pete" 5/25/99 ONE
Whisnant, Robert Bryant 4/10/02 ONE
Whisnant, Robert Bryant  4/11/02 HDR
Whisnant, Robert Guy 8/1/94 HDR
Whisnant, Robert Guy 8/2/94 HDR
Whisnant, Robert Jay Sr.  10/30/95 HDR
Whisnant, Robert Lee  5/27/96 HDR
Whisnant, Rose Honeycutt 6/5/99 HDR
Whisnant, Rose Honeycutt 6/6/99 HDR
Whisnant, Rose Honeycutt 6/7/99 ONE
Whisnant, Ruby Marie Barringer 12/8/03 ONE
Whisnant, Ruby Marie Barringer 12/9/03 ONE
Whisnant, Ruby Marie Barringer  12/9/03 HDR
Whisnant, Ruth Georgia Vines 3/27/95 HDR
Whisnant, Sandra Dill 8/6/96 HDR
Whisnant, Sandra Dill 8/6/96 ONE
Whisnant, Thelma Agatha McGalliard 11/13/02 HDR
Whisnant, Thurman C.  6/16/01 HDR
Whisnant, Velma Shafter 4/6/94 HDR
Whisnant, Virginia Jenkins  1/14/03 HDR
Whisnant, Virginia Louise Keller 1/25/93 HDR
Whisnant, Virginia Louise Keller 1/25/93 ONE
Whisnant, Wade Durant 6/28/96 ONE
Whisnant, Wade Durant  6/29/96 HDR
Whisnant, Walter Lee Sr. 12/27/01 HDR
Whisnant, Wilbur Avant 5/30/00 HDR
Whisnant, William "Bill"  9/27/93 HDR
Whisnant, William Murray 11/21/98 HDR
Whisnant, William Murray 11/20/98 ONE
Whisnant, Wilma Brooks  10/27/02 HDR
Whisnant, Worth John "Slim" 12/24/98 HDR
Whisnant, Worth Sherrill Sr.  11/7/93 HDR
Whistant, Frankie Estelle Rockett 2/9/00 HDR
Whitaker, Joel Raper  4/23/93 HDR
Whitaker, Jowel 4/21/93 HDR
Whitaker, Libby Parker 12/28/96 HDR
Whitaker, Rodney (novelist) 12/25/05 HDR
Whitaker, Roger Dale 4/12/96 HDR
Whitaker, Roger Dale 4/12/96 ONE
Whitaker, Roy Lee "The Coffee Man" 5/31/96 HDR
Whitaker, Sue Hyatt 12/5/05 HDR
Whitcomb, Del 6/28/99 HDR
White, Aiden Matthew  2/12/05 HDR
White, Aiden Matthew  2/11/05 ONE
White, Alice Burch  10/27/04 ONE
White, Aline Penland 2/15/99 HDR
White, Annie Lee Reinhardt 9/29/03 HDR
White, Annie Lee Reinhardt 9/30/03 HDR
White, Annie Lee Reinhardt  9/29/03 ONE
White, Annie McCall 12/21/00 HDR
White, Arie S.  1/2/95 HDR
White, Barry (R & B crooner) 7/5/03 HDR
White, Beatrice Horne 2/13/98 HDR
White, Bessie Ruth Morrow Mrs. 7/25/03 HDR
White, Bethel Mae MaCrary  5/10/93 ONE
White, Bethel Mae McCrary 5/10/93 HDR
White, Bethel Mae McCrary 5/12/93 HDR
White, Betty Jo Elrod 11/26/01 HDR
White, Beulah Clayton Hunt  6/26/02 HDR
White, Bill The Rev. 8/10/03 HDR
White, Bobby  2/14/95 HDR
White, Bobby  2/15/95 HDR
White, Bobby Joe  2/17/95 HDR
White, Bobby Joe  2/15/95 ONE
White, Bobby Junior  6/12/96 HDR
White, Bobby Ray  2/12/03 HDR
White, Bradie Leona Deal 4/20/01 HDR
White, Bradie Leona Deal 4/20/01 ONE
White, Brandon Marc 7/7/99 ONE
White, Brandon Marc  7/7/99 HDR
White, Brinnie Elizabeth Lail  10/8/93 HDR
White, Brinnie Lail  10/7/93 HDR
White, Byron R. (Retired Supreme Court Justice)          4/16/02 ONE
White, C. Powell 8/6/01 ONE
White, C. Powell  8/5/01 HDR
White, Carl 6/26/95 HDR
White, Carl (Page 3A) 9/2/96 HDR
White, Carl Eugene 6/27/95 HDR
White, Catherine Coulter 3/15/05 HDR
White, Catherine Coulter 3/16/05 HDR
White, Catherine Coulter  3/15/05 ONE
White, Charles 1/21/00 ONE
White, Charles Pinkney Sr. 7/23/98 HDR
White, Charles Ralph 1/14/97 HDR
White, Charles Stacy 10/4/99 HDR
White, Charles V. 1/21/00 HDR
White, Charley Ward  6/30/02 HDR
White, Charlie  11/4/95 HDR
White, Charlie E.  11/5/95 HDR
White, Clara Irene Bowman 11/11/03 HDR
White, Clara Irene Bowman 11/11/03 ONE
White, Clarence Columbus  3/10/02 HDR
White, Claude Mason  1/27/03 HDR
White, Clyde Brittain  9/27/95 HDR
White, Clyde Brittain  9/27/95 ONE
White, Clyde Buford 6/23/94 HDR
White, Clyde Buford 6/23/94 ONE
White, Clyde L. Rev. 4/14/01 HDR
White, Coleman 7/10/97 HDR
White, Columbus  3/30/99 HDR
White, Coyte (writer) 1/4/95 HDR
White, David Roscoe  10/18/02 ONE
White, Dick Sir (British secret services chief) 2/23/93 HDR
White, Donna Kay  5/6/94 HDR
White, Dorothy D.  4/13/05 HDR
White, Dorothy Givens 4/20/93 HDR
White, Dorothy Givens 4/21/93 HDR
White, Dorothy Louneta Woodell  10/17/94 HDR
White, Douglas Odell (infant) 3/24/95 HDR
White, Earline Roper  5/17/96 HDR
White, Ed  8/13/96 HDR
White, Ed R.  1/8/93 HDR
White, Edith Mae Hill 11/3/03 ONE
White, Edith Mae Hill  11/3/03 HDR
White, Edith Sadler 8/6/97 HDR
White, Edward Lee (veteran) 4/17/94 HDR
White, Edward Rayvon  1/9/93 HDR
White, Edward Warlick "Ed" Sr. 5/1/99 HDR
White, Elbert Manley  8/23/94 HDR
White, Elbert Manley  8/23/94 ONE
White, Elizabeth "Lib" Dobbin 10/17/97 HDR
White, Elizabeth Beatty 7/16/99 HDR
White, Elizabeth Beatty 7/16/99 ONE
White, Elizabeth Beatty 7/15/99 ONE
White, Elnor Louise 11/23/98 HDR
White, Essie Goodnight  10/16/01 HDR
White, Etha Clontz 11/27/01 HDR
White, Etha Clontz 11/28/97 HDR
White, Etha Clontz 11/28/97 ONE
White, Eunice McCraw  5/19/95 HDR
White, Evelyn Louise 7/25/96 ONE
White, Evelyn Louise  7/25/96 HDR
White, F. Clifton (Republican political consultant) 1/11/93 HDR
White, Fannie Lucille  8/1/03 HDR
White, Floyd William 3/30/98 HDR
White, Francis Selma 11/29/02 HDR
White, Frank Eugene 3/30/98 HDR
White, G. Ervin Rev. 6/5/00 ONE
White, G. Ervin Rev.  6/4/00 HDR
White, George Wendell Jr. 11/23/98 HDR
White, Golda Martin 4/18/00 ONE
White, Golda Martin  4/19/00 HDR
White, Heindl M.  6/20/03 HDR
White, Helen Sigmon 12/14/99 ONE
White, Helen Sigmon 12/15/99 ONE
White, Helen Sigmon  12/14/99 HDR
White, Hortense "Horti" Robertson  4/7/02 HDR
White, Howard Reece 1/12/93 HDR
White, Howard Reece 1/13/93 HDR
White, Jack  3/1/01 HDR
White, Jack (reporter) 10/13/05 HDR
White, James Frank 5/26/00 HDR
White, James Wade 6/10/03 HDR
White, Jeanette McFarland 1/25/00 ONE
White, Jeanette McFarland  1/25/00 HDR
White, Jeanette McFarland  1/26/00 HDR
White, Jerry Allen Sr.  5/30/05 HDR
White, Jesse Nathaniel 6/2/98 HDR
White, Jessie Marie Heavner 11/28/97 HDR
White, Joel Glenn  8/28/99 HDR
White, John 10/13/99 HDR
White, John 10/14/99 HDR
White, John (food distributor--Hawaii Foodbank--charity) 12/28/03 HDR
White, John F. Sr. 9/20/99 HDR
White, John Wesley Edward  1/2/99 HDR
White, Johnny Mac 3/2/95 HDR
White, June Ozro 9/11/95 HDR
White, June Ozro 9/12/95 HDR
White, Katherine C.  3/13/05 HDR
White, Kathleen  McMurry 11/1/04 ONE
White, Kenneth Mitchell  9/5/01 HDR
White, Kenneth Wayne "Speedy" 2/3/94 HDR
White, Kenneth Wayne "Speedy" 2/4/94 HDR
White, Kenneth Wayne (Speedy) 2/3/94 ONE
White, Kenneth Wayne (Speedy) 2/4/94 ONE
White, Kent 1/24/97 HDR
White, Kent 1/23/97 HDR
White, Keven  1/20/01 HDR
White, Kisha Lenay  3/6/96 HDR
White, L. Willard  10/10/02 HDR
White, Lena Delora Sharpe Mrs. 7/9/05 HDR
White, Lena Mrs.  7/8/05 HDR
White, Leota Jolly 2/18/98 HDR
White, Lillie  7/14/02 HDR
White, Lillie M.  8/28/95 HDR
White, Lillie Mae 2/18/96 HDR
White, Lillie Rinehart  7/16/02 HDR
White, Lillie Rinehart  7/16/02 ONE
White, Linda Ann Shade  5/12/94 HDR
White, Linda Mann  10/22/02 HDR
White, Linney  3/11/00 HDR
White, Linney  3/10/00 HDR
White, Loradene Bolick  7/19/93 HDR
White, Loradene Bolick Mrs.   7/19/93 ONE
White, Lord (Gordon) 8/26/95 HDR
White, Louise Councill  9/25/96 HDR
White, Loyal William 10/3/96 HDR
White, Loyal William 9/30/96 ONE
White, Loyal William  9/29/96 HDR
White, Loyd John  3/3/02 HDR
White, Lucille Weaver 2/20/96 HDR
White, Lucille Weaver 2/20/96 ONE
White, Lula Helen Herman 5/31/01 HDR
White, Lydia Helen King 7/27/97 HDR
White, Macie J. 11/15/01 HDR
White, Mallie Prue 12/25/05 HDR
White, Margaret Eller W.  8/24/94 HDR
White, Margaret Feimster  1/30/95 HDR
White, Margaret Ingle  4/23/96 HDR
White, Maria Lourdes Prats 10/1/05 HDR
White, Martha Clare Yoder 11/15/01 HDR
White, Martha Phillips Dyson 6/11/99 HDR
White, Mary Frances 2/7/01 HDR
White, Mary Jo Harris  3/9/04 ONE
White, Melvin "Slappy" (entertainer) 11/10/95 HDR
White, Michael Shawn  3/27/97 HDR
White, Mildred M. Ribet 9/24/98 HDR
White, Mildred M. Riblet 9/23/98 HDR
White, Mildred Myers  11/20/03 HDR
White, Mildred True Davis Mrs.  1/29/05 HDR
White, Miles  2/20/00 HDR
White, Millie Cherry  1/16/96 HDR
White, Mona Elaine (Page 3A) 9/28/97 HDR
White, Myrtle Elizabeth Decker 4/11/01 HDR
White, Myrtle May Drum 2/22/01 HDR
White, Nannie Roberts 4/5/96 HDR
White, Nelson Earl 3/15/99 HDR
White, Nina Yount 8/13/03 HDR
White, Nina Yount 8/13/03 ONE
White, Officer Christopher Lee  4/1/03 HDR
White, Opal Potter 8/29/96 ONE
White, Opal Potter  8/29/96 HDR
White, Opal Potter  8/28/96 HDR
White, Opal Towery  9/23/96 HDR
White, Patsie Ashurst  4/20/01 HDR
White, Pauline "Polly" Buchanan 3/20/03 ONE
White, Pauline (Polly) Buchanan 3/20/03 HDR
White, Philip Joseph 5/26/00 HDR
White, Phillip Hall  2/1/03 HDR
White, Pinkie G.  6/21/01 HDR
White, Raymond Linwood "Ray" 11/16/97 HDR
White, Raymond Miles Rev. 4/10/01 HDR
White, Reba Moses 8/31/98 HDR
White, Reba Moses  8/31/98 ONE
White, Richard Darrell  5/21/02 HDR
White, Robert Lee  6/17/94 HDR
White, Robert Lee  6/18/94 HDR
White, Ronald "Ronnie" Lee  5/20/03 HDR
White, Roosevelt  1/24/95 HDR
White, Roosevelt  1/24/95 ONE
White, Rosa Juanita Linney  6/13/02 HDR
White, Ruby "Nadine" Rinck  9/8/99 HDR
White, Ruby E.  11/25/00 HDR
White, Ruby Nadine Rinck 9/5/99 HDR
White, Ruby Nadine Rinck 9/6/99 ONE
White, Ruth Elizabeth Miller 9/5/99 HDR
White, Ruth Hallman 3/6/00 HDR
White, Ruth Matthews  11/9/03 HDR
White, Ruth Matthews  11/12/03 HDR
White, Sadie Hendricks  10/11/93 HDR
White, Samuel Patterson 7/5/93 HDR
White, Sarah Connelly  1/6/96 HDR
White, Sarah Gertrude Lovelace  1/5/93 HDR
White, Sera Danyelle 5/5/98 HDR
White, Sera Danyelle 5/5/98 ONE
White, Seth Renford 11/18/94 HDR
White, Seth Renford 11/17/94 ONE
White, Shirley Key 4/17/00 HDR
White, Shirley King Mrs.  12/12/03 HDR
White, Terence de Vere (novelist) 6/19/94 HDR
White, Terence de Vere (novelist) 6/20/94 HDR
White, Thelma Cook 6/18/00 HDR
White, Thelma Peggy Brown  3/2/02 HDR
White, Thelma Wilson 1/29/97 HDR
White, Thomas Burton 10/10/96 HDR
White, Thomas Burton Sr. 10/11/96 HDR
White, Tom Wallace 11/24/93 HDR
White, Tressie Pennell 7/20/99 HDR
White, Turner H. Sgt. 1st Class  12/1/95 HDR
White, Vernie Proctor  12/14/02 HDR
White, Viola Kate 5/8/05 HDR
White, Viola Kate 5/9/05 HDR
White, Viola Kate 5/11/05 HDR
White, Viola Kate 5/9/05 ONE
White, Violet Y. 4/22/96 ONE
White, Violet Y.  4/21/96 HDR
White, Vosco Haas "V.H." 3/19/98 HDR
White, Vosco Haas "V.H." 3/20/98 HDR
White, Wade Franklin "Tom" 4/20/94 HDR
White, Walter W. "Walt"  6/25/01 HDR
White, Wayne Gilbert 9/5/02 ONE
White, Wayne Gilbert 9/6/02 ONE
White, Wayne Gilbert  9/6/02 HDR
White, Webster 6/15/97 HDR
White, Webster Warren Sr. 6/18/97 HDR
White, Weldon Buford  7/7/94 HDR
White, William "Bill"  4/20/93 HDR
White, William "Bill" Sr. 4/21/93 HDR
White, William Allen 3/13/97 ONE
White, William Allen 3/14/97 ONE
White, William Allen  3/14/97 HDR
White, William Eugene 3/9/95 HDR
White, William Jacob "Bill" Jr.  12/27/02 ONE
White, William Jacob “Bill” Jr. 12/27/02 HDR
White, William Kent 1/22/97 ONE
White, William Richard "Bill" 7/25/97 HDR
White, William Richard "Bill" 7/24/97 ONE
White, William S. (political writer) 5/1/94 HDR
White, Willie Gene 5/24/93 HDR
White, Willie Gene Sr. 5/26/93 HDR
White, Wilmer A. 8/2/95 HDR
White, Winnie McGlamery  2/21/01 HDR
Whitehead, Burgess (athlete) 11/27/93 HDR
Whitehead, Gertrude Fox 10/20/98 HDR
Whitehouse, Elsie Sprouse Huffman 1/24/94 HDR
Whitehouse, Mary 11/25/01 HDR
Whitelaw, Lord  7/5/99 HDR
Whiteley, Sally Jean Henson  7/2/02 HDR
Whitely, Robert Bruce 7/23/98 HDR
Whiteman, Herbert W. Jr. 10/28/97 HDR
Whitener, Andrew Macon "Andy" 12/28/95 HDR
Whitener, Anita "Janet" Hannah 3/10/05 HDR
Whitener, Annie Laurie Choate  11/4/95 HDR
Whitener, Bertha Abernathy  9/23/93 HDR
Whitener, Bertha Abernethy  9/24/93 HDR
Whitener, Bertha Abernethy  9/25/93 HDR
Whitener, Bertha Abernethy Mrs. 9/24/93 ONE
Whitener, Blake Charles 1/29/99 HDR
Whitener, Blake Charles 1/29/99 HDR
Whitener, Blake Charles 1/29/99 ONE
Whitener, Callie Ruth 8/21/98 HDR
Whitener, Cecil George 5/18/94 HDR
Whitener, Cecil George 5/19/94 HDR
Whitener, Charles "Charlie" Edwin 7/16/01 ONE
Whitener, Charles "Charlie" Edwin  7/16/01 HDR
Whitener, Connie Inez  8/7/95 HDR
Whitener, Connie Inez  8/8/95 HDR
Whitener, Daisy Milligan (102 yoa) 9/1/02 HDR
Whitener, Daisy Milligan (102 yoa) 9/2/02 ONE
Whitener, Denise Lynn Bivins 7/10/01 HDR
Whitener, Denise Lynn Bivins 7/9/01 ONE
Whitener, Dorothy A.  10/13/98 HDR
Whitener, Earl Andrew 2/8/94 HDR
Whitener, Earl N. 10/14/01 HDR
Whitener, Earl Radis Jr. 5/2/97 HDR
Whitener, Earl William  9/19/03 HDR
Whitener, Eddie Andrew  10/19/93 HDR
Whitener, Flora Whisnant  12/14/97 HDR
Whitener, Frank Edward 9/29/02 HDR
Whitener, Frank Edward  9/30/02 ONE
Whitener, Gail Stroupe 7/31/98 HDR
Whitener, Gail Stroupe 7/31/98 ONE
Whitener, Gladys Irene Suddreth 12/30/99 HDR
Whitener, Harold Edison  5/30/01 HDR
Whitener, Harry Eugene Jr. 5/24/00 HDR
Whitener, Harry Eugene Jr. 5/26/00 ONE
Whitener, Harry Eugene Jr. 5/24/00 ONE
Whitener, Helen Cochran  12/21/02 HDR
Whitener, Helen Gaither  9/8/94 HDR
Whitener, Helen Gaither  9/9/94 HDR
Whitener, Helen Gaither  9/9/94 ONE
Whitener, Hoke Leon  8/9/93 HDR
Whitener, Horace Lee  5/17/05 HDR
Whitener, Hugh A. 1/13/97 HDR
Whitener, Hugh A. 1/15/97 HDR
Whitener, James Douglas  7/7/02 HDR
Whitener, James Douglas  7/8/02 HDR
Whitener, James Douglas  7/8/02 ONE
Whitener, James Penney 4/5/94 HDR
Whitener, Joey Pfc. (page A1) (101st Airborne)  11/18/03 HDR
Whitener, John Lewis  6/6/01 HDR
Whitener, John Lewis  6/8/01 HDR
Whitener, John W. 11/17/04 ONE
Whitener, John W. Sr. 11/18/04 ONE
Whitener, John W. Sr.  11/19/04 ONE
Whitener, Julian G.  12/1/03 HDR
Whitener, Julian Gaston 12/2/03 HDR
Whitener, Kathryn Campbell 10/13/01 HDR
Whitener, Kathryn Campbell  10/12/01 ONE
Whitener, Lester "Bud" 3/10/97 HDR
Whitener, Lester "Bud" 3/10/97 ONE
Whitener, Letha  Adeline Brown  3/12/93 HDR
Whitener, Louise  5/3/95 HDR
Whitener, Loyd Alan Jr. 8/30/00 HDR
Whitener, Lucile Rae  3/13/03 HDR
Whitener, Lucile Rae  3/14/03 HDR
Whitener, Lucile Rae  3/13/03 ONE
Whitener, Mandy Hudson 1/21/99 HDR
Whitener, Mandy Hudson 1/21/99 HDR
Whitener, Margaret Roberts 6/15/05 HDR
Whitener, Margaret Roberts 6/15/05 ONE
Whitener, Margie Bryte  1/29/02 HDR
Whitener, Marguerite Sigmon 7/26/99 HDR
Whitener, Marshall Reide  8/18/98 HDR
Whitener, Mary Jo Messick 1/3/94 HDR
Whitener, Mary Lou 2/8/93 HDR
Whitener, Mary Lou 2/9/93 HDR
Whitener, Mary Lou Cooper  4/27/02 HDR
Whitener, Mary Lou Cooper Mrs. 4/29/02 ONE
Whitener, Mary Moore "Peck"  12/30/94 HDR
Whitener, Mattie L.  2/27/01 HDR
Whitener, Maudie Martin 3/10/93 HDR
Whitener, Mildred Cansler 12/10/94 HDR
Whitener, Mildred Cansler  12/12/94 ONE
Whitener, Mildred Christine Canipe 2/23/05 HDR
Whitener, Miles Sinclair  7/29/01 HDR
Whitener, Myrtle Marie  11/25/00 HDR
Whitener, Nan Godley  12/15/96 HDR
Whitener, Ned Olen  5/9/02 HDR
Whitener, Ned Olen  5/9/02 ONE
Whitener, Nell Sigmon 1/3/93 HDR
Whitener, Nell Sigmon 1/4/93 HDR
Whitener, Nell Sigmon 1/5/93 HDR
Whitener, Nellie Watts  6/20/95 HDR
Whitener, Ollie Ross 9/4/94 HDR
Whitener, Orin Sigmon  1/28/93 HDR
Whitener, Paul Eugene  6/15/97 HDR
Whitener, Paul H. 1/4/96 HDR
Whitener, Pauline "Fairlene" Smith 5/10/02 ONE
Whitener, Pauline "Fairlene" Smith  5/11/02 HDR
Whitener, Pauline A.  5/10/02 HDR
Whitener, Ralph Ernest 8/21/96 ONE
Whitener, Ralph Ernest  8/21/96 HDR
Whitener, Ralph Murray "Curley" 5/5/94 HDR
Whitener, Ralph Murray "Curly" (veteran) 5/6/94 HDR
Whitener, Ray Ausborne  5/3/02 HDR
Whitener, Ray Ausborne  5/4/02 HDR
Whitener, Ray Ausborne  5/6/02 ONE
Whitener, Richard Lewis 2/26/05 HDR
Whitener, Robert "Bob" Monroe 9/26/96 HDR
Whitener, Robert Hampton  11/3/96 HDR
Whitener, Robert Monroe "Bob" 9/26/96 ONE
Whitener, Roger Dale 3/27/97 HDR
Whitener, Roger Dale 3/27/97 ONE
Whitener, Roy James 5/5/99 HDR
Whitener, Roy James 5/4/99 HDR
Whitener, Ruth Moretz 3/27/05 HDR
Whitener, Shirley Teague 12/15/97 ONE
Whitener, Shirley Teague Mrs. 12/15/97 HDR
Whitener, Susie McGill (100 yoa)  6/19/95 HDR
Whitener, Susie McGill (100 yoa)  6/20/95 HDR
Whitener, Susie McGill (100) 6/19/95 ONE
Whitener, Thirman  9/2/02 HDR
Whitener, Thomas Manly  III 2/12/02 HDR
Whitener, Thomas Manly  III 2/13/02 HDR
Whitener, Thomas Manly III 2/13/02 ONE
Whitener, Vance Wilson "Bill" 11/1/03 HDR
Whitener, Vance Wilson "Bill" 11/3/03 ONE
Whitener, Verna Mae Sigmon 9/24/05 HDR
Whitener, William Engleston  9/8/95 HDR
Whitener, William Robert Sr. 8/10/05 HDR
Whitener, William Robert Sr. 8/10/05 ONE
Whitener, Worth 2/4/94 HDR
Whitener, Worth 2/5/94 HDR
Whitener, Worth 2/7/94 HDR
Whitener, Worth E.  4/5/02 HDR
Whitener, Worth E.  4/6/02 HDR
Whitesell, Mary Phelps Gravitte  9/21/05 HDR
Whiteside, James Coleman 4/27/93 HDR
Whiteside, Lock Thomas Jr. 1/12/98 HDR
Whiteside, Lock Thomas Jr. 1/27/98 HDR
Whiteside, Margaret Beam 3/31/98 HDR
Whitesides, Aileen Goodson 5/6/93 HDR
Whitesides, Aileen Goodson 5/7/93 HDR
Whitesides, Aileen Goodson 5/7/93 ONE
Whitesides, Aileen Goodson  5/6/93 ONE
Whitesides, Alexander "Junior" 3/24/04 ONE
Whitesides, Alexander Brevard Jr. 3/25/04 ONE
Whitesides, Ava Sigmon 6/2/00 HDR
Whitesides, Ava Sigmon 6/4/00 HDR
Whitesides, Ava Sigmon 6/2/00 ONE
Whitesides, Ava Sigmon 6/5/00 ONE
Whitesides, Ava Sigmon 6/1/00 ONE
Whitesides, Calvin "Doodie" Luther 4/4/97 HDR
Whitesides, Clarence (Junior)  8/22/93 HDR
Whitesides, Horace Calvin 9/14/95 HDR
Whitesides, Horace Calvin 9/14/95 ONE
Whitesides, John Rhodes 12/7/01 HDR
Whitesides, Ralph David "Joe"  7/19/05 HDR
Whitesides, Ray 8/1/97 ONE
Whitesides, Ray Franklin 8/2/97 HDR
Whitesides, William Darrell 2/9/97 HDR
Whitfield, Beverly  8/23/96 HDR
Whitfield, Marcus 8/16/99 HDR
Whiting, Ella Keats (grand niece of John Keats-poet) 12/2/94 HDR
Whiting, John W. M. 5/19/99 HDR
Whitlatch, Elsie L.  4/5/02 HDR
Whitlatch, Kathleen Hollar "Sis" 9/13/97 HDR
Whitley, Archer Benjaman 3/18/01 HDR
Whitley, Archer Benjaman  3/19/01 ONE
Whitley, Chris (blues-rock singer-songwriter) 11/27/05 HDR
Whitley, Donald Phillip Dr. 1/19/93 ONE
Whitley, Donald Phillip Dr.  1/18/93 HDR
Whitley, Ervin  9/12/94 HDR
Whitley, Erving 9/13/94 HDR
Whitley, Hilliard V.  5/9/97 HDR
Whitley, Nellie Faire Huneycutt 4/19/04 ONE
Whitley, Rodney Harry 8/30/01 ONE
Whitley, Rodney Harry  8/30/01 HDR
Whitley, Sadie Shuping  2/16/96 HDR
Whitlock, Cynthia Roberts 10/14/96 ONE
Whitlock, Cynthia Roberts  10/13/96 HDR
Whitlock, Edith Poteat 11/7/97 HDR
Whitlock, Edith Poteat 11/7/97 ONE
Whitlock, Edith Poteat  11/8/97 HDR
Whitman, Doris Ennis 11/30/93 HDR
Whitman, Doris Ennis  12/1/93 HDR
Whitman, Heather Alicia 2/11/98 ONE
Whitmer, Margaret Dierdorf 7/19/98 HDR
Whitmire, Allen Neil 12/26/03 ONE
Whitmire, Allen Neil  12/25/03 HDR
Whitmire, Allen Neil  12/26/03 HDR
Whitmire, Allen Neil  12/27/03 HDR
Whitmire, Charles Robert 11/23/97 HDR
Whitmire, Charles Robert 11/24/97 ONE
Whitmire, Kimberly Dawn Troutman 7/13/98 HDR
Whitmire, Kimberly Dawn Troutman 7/14/98 HDR
Whitmire, Kimberly Dawn Troutman 7/14/98 ONE
Whitmire, Kimberly Dawn Troutman 7/13/98 ONE
Whitmire, Minnie Alice Setzer 8/28/00 HDR
Whitmire, Minnie Alice Setzer 8/28/00 ONE
Whitmire, Velma  4/20/01 ONE
Whitmire, Velma Caldwell 4/20/01 HDR
Whitmire, Velma Caldwell 4/23/01 ONE
Whitmire, William E. 10/20/01 HDR
Whitmore, Arthur Rev. Father 5/27/96 ONE
Whitner, Bonnie Lou Braswell 9/7/94 HDR
Whitner, Mary Lou Jonas 6/4/01 ONE
Whitner, Mary Lou Jonas  6/3/01 HDR
Whitner, Maudie Martin 3/8/93 HDR
Whitson, Geneva Presnell 4/13/96 HDR
Whitt, Eileen  7/3/93 HDR
Whitt, Geneva Davis  3/8/97 HDR
Whittenberg, Claud William Sr. 4/21/01 HDR
Whitter, Clara Williams 12/22/94 HDR
Whitter, Clara Williams 12/23/94 HDR
Whitter, Clara Williams 12/23/94 ONE
Whittier, Glenn G.  12/27/98 HDR
Whittier, Norma Elizabeth 5/30/98 HDR
Whittington, Bertie Ollie Hicks  1/25/02 HDR
Whittington, Darrell Edward  10/23/01 HDR
Whittington, Earl "Coot Jr."  8/7/95 HDR
Whittington, Earl Jr.  8/6/95 HDR
Whittington, Gary Wayne  7/17/00 HDR
Whittington, Grace Naomi  12/16/02 HDR
Whittington, Grace Naomi  12/16/02 ONE
Whittington, Henry Harold  5/26/02 HDR
Whittington, Homer “Roscoe” Jr. 12/30/00 HDR
Whittington, Ira C. "Paul" 3/29/98 HDR
Whittington, Jordan Ray (infant) 9/21/97 HDR
Whittington, Kenneth Roger 3/24/05 HDR
Whittington, Ollie Farmer 3/18/00 HDR
Whittington, Plaz Sr.  5/11/93 HDR
Whittington, Ralph Linden  12/23/03 HDR
Whittington, Ruby Clyde 8/8/99 HDR
Whittington, Ruth Shepherd 5/21/99 HDR
Whittington, Virgil Keith 1/15/05 HDR
Whittington, Wilson 1/5/93 HDR
Whittington, Winnie W.  12/24/02 HDR
Whitworth, Ardell Jr. 8/17/98 HDR
Whitworth, Ardell Jr. 8/20/98 HDR
Whitworth, Ardell Jr. 8/17/98 ONE
Whitworth, Chloe Pope 7/10/96 HDR
Whitworth, Chloe Pope 7/10/96 ONE
Whitworth, Chloe Pope  7/11/96 HDR
Whitworth, Debbie 1/4/99 HDR
Whitworth, Debbie 1/4/99 ONE
Whitworth, Debbie Louise 1/7/99 HDR
Whitworth, Debbie Louise 1/6/99 ONE
Whitworth, Edna Huffman 4/27/04 ONE
Whitworth, Edward "Ed"  6/1/95 HDR
Whitworth, Etha Mae Gordon 1/24/00 HDR
Whitworth, Ethel Ussery 12/12/99 HDR
Whitworth, Ethel Ussery 12/14/99 HDR
Whitworth, Gavin Patrick 3/3/05 HDR
Whitworth, Inez Mason 6/10/05 HDR
Whitworth, Inez Mason 6/10/05 ONE
Whitworth, John "Jack" Jasper  1/1/01 HDR
Whorley, McKenze Leeann (infant) 10/21/97 HDR
Whtesides, Ray Franklin 8/4/97 ONE
Whyatt, Claude "Gene"  5/3/01 HDR
Whyte, William F. 7/21/00 HDR
Wiatrak, Edward  10/16/95 HDR
Wiatrak, Edward  10/16/95 ONE
Wiche, Fred 6/17/98 HDR
Wickham, Emily Doris Marie Dellinger  4/6/01 HDR
Wickham, James D.  10/10/01 HDR
Wicklin, Robert "Bob" Sr. 7/24/97 HDR
Wicks, Randy (cartoonist) 8/7/96 HDR
Wickstrom, Martha Lucille Nichols 8/11/05 HDR
Widener, Emma Avery 6/4/00 HDR
Widener, Festus "Buddy" Lee 12/17/04 ONE
Widener, Lawrence "Larry" Odell 9/6/05 HDR
Widener, Tiny Mae  2/18/93 HDR
Widener, Tiny Mae  2/19/93 HDR
Widenhouse, William Patterson "Bill" 1/19/00 HDR
Widner, Frank "Wid" N. (newspaper editor) 5/9/95 HDR
Widner, Hubert Randolph "Randy" 6/10/03 ONE
Widner, Hubert Randoph "Randy" 6/11/03 HDR
Widoe, Russ 10/30/99 HDR
Wiener, Leigh A. (photographer) 5/13/93 HDR
Wierzbianski, Boleslaw (newspaper publisher)  3/30/03 HDR
Wiesemann, Harry Charles Jr. 11/22/00 HDR
Wiesenthal, Simon ((the conscience of the Holocaust) 9/21/05 HDR
Wieser, Lore 5/4/05 ONE
Wieser, Otto H. 12/13/01 HDR
Wiesman, Walt 7/14/00 HDR
Wigger, Margaret McMann "Daisey" 10/14/97 HDR
Wiggin, Robert Edward "Bob" 4/17/95 HDR
Wiggins, Dorothy Mae "Dottie" Turner 2/16/00 HDR
Wiggins, Eunice Houston  11/16/05 HDR
Wiggins, George Junior 9/6/98 HDR
Wiggins, J.C. 2/27/98 HDR
Wiggins, Margia Gobble  4/11/01 HDR
Wiggins, Margia Gobble  4/10/01 ONE
Wiggins, Martha Louellen Shook 9/21/99 HDR
Wiggins, Martha Louellen Shook 9/21/99 ONE
Wiggins, Oliver Woodrow 3/16/98 HDR
Wiggins, Reginald P. Rev. 10/1/94 HDR
Wiggins, Rex Allen 11/1/98 HDR
Wiggins, William T. "Sonny" Jr. (baseball player) 10/15/94 HDR
Wiggs, Kenneth 6/18/93 HDR
Wiggs, Kenneth  6/18/93 ONE
Wiggs, Kenneth Ballard 6/21/93 ONE
Wiggs, Kenneth Ballard  6/19/93 HDR
Wight, Joan 7/20/99 HDR
Wigle, Edwin Charles "Charlie" 2/28/98 HDR
Wigner, Eugene P. (Nobel Prize physicist)  1/4/95 HDR
Wike, Ada Estelle Millsaps 5/24/00 HDR
Wike, Alberta F.  9/19/93 HDR
Wike, Alberta F.  9/19/93 HDR
Wike, Alberta F.  11/19/93 HDR
Wike, Atwell 10/18/02 HDR
Wike, Betty Marie 1/1/97 HDR
Wike, Brita Miller  10/2/95 HDR
Wike, Brita Miller  10/2/95 ONE
Wike, Cathy Ann 5/25/01 HDR
Wike, Cloyce Irene  12/12/02 HDR
Wike, Curlee Daniel  11/9/02 HDR
Wike, D. Grady 8/21/96 ONE
Wike, D. Grady  8/21/96 HDR
Wike, D. Grady  8/22/96 ONE
Wike, Daniel A.  9/3/03 HDR
Wike, Daniel A.  9/4/03 HDR
Wike, Daniel A.  9/3/03 ONE
Wike, Daniel Shuford  8/25/94 HDR
Wike, Daniel Shuford  8/25/94 ONE
Wike, David A.  12/19/97 HDR
Wike, Doris Jane Setzer  12/7/02 HDR
Wike, Doris Jane Setzer  12/6/02 ONE
Wike, Doris Setzer  12/6/02 HDR
Wike, Doris Setzer  12/5/02 ONE
Wike, Edna Pauline Childers 4/23/00 HDR
Wike, Everette Franklin  9/21/03 HDR
Wike, Gaither Lonas 6/12/94 HDR
Wike, Grady  8/22/96 HDR
Wike, Helen E.  9/19/03 ONE
Wike, Helen Enola Huffman 9/20/03 HDR
Wike, Helen Enola Huffman 9/22/03 ONE
Wike, Henry C. 5/9/98 HDR
Wike, Irene R.  9/2/05 HDR
Wike, J. Neil  8/7/94 HDR
Wike, Jacob Ashley 3/5/00 HDR
Wike, James David 6/13/00 HDR
Wike, James Edwin  6/7/96 HDR
Wike, James Junior  2/18/03 HDR
Wike, Jeffery Ray  7/1/93 HDR
Wike, Jennie 12/13/01 HDR
Wike, Jennie Elizabeth Deal 12/14/01 HDR
Wike, Junior Thurston  12/3/93 HDR
Wike, Kenneth Eugene  2/19/99 HDR
Wike, Marcus Efton  7/24/97 HDR
Wike, Marcus O. 11/15/99 HDR
Wike, Mary D. 11/10/01 HDR
Wike, Nellie Davidson 12/25/98 HDR
Wike, Suma Blankenship  5/24/96 HDR
Wike, Vera Fox  1/20/03 HDR
Wike, Wilmoth Sue Bumgarner 2/24/93 HDR
Wike, Zula Craig  5/21/95 HDR
Wilburn, Ardell G. 8/25/98 HDR
Wilburn, Ardell Gregory 8/26/98 HDR
Wilburn, Ardell Gregory Mrs. 8/25/98 ONE
Wilburn, Belva Fleming 10/23/03 ONE
Wilburn, Belva Fleming  10/23/03 HDR
Wilburn, Emmett 7/26/97 HDR
Wilburn, Emmett 7/24/97 HDR
Wilburn, Emmett 7/25/97 HDR
Wilburn, Emmett  7/24/97 ONE
Wilburn, Marshall Clayton 1/15/97 HDR
Wilcox, Agnes B.  9/7/95 HDR
Wilcox, Agnes Loree Bradshaw 9/8/95 HDR
Wilcox, Betty Ellen Lambert 2/14/97 HDR
Wilcox, Clyde Allen Jr.  9/21/03 HDR
Wilcox, Clyde Wade 2/7/98 HDR
Wilcox, Daniel Paul 5/8/99 HDR
Wilcox, Edward Fred  3/7/03 HDR
Wilcox, Garry Grant Jr. 8/23/02 HDR
Wilcox, Garry Grant Jr. 8/24/02 HDR
Wilcox, Helen Barlow 5/25/99 HDR
Wilcox, Hetty Hubbard 7/24/99 HDR
Wilcox, Holly Marie  2/13/02 ONE
Wilcox, Holly Marie   2/14/02 HDR
Wilcox, Holly Marie Jensen 2/11/02 ONE
Wilcox, Holly Marie Jensen  2/12/02 HDR
Wilcox, James Willis 8/22/94 HDR
Wilcox, James Willis 8/23/94 HDR
Wilcox, James Willis  8/23/94 ONE
Wilcox, Jerry Alan  7/3/03 HDR
Wilcox, John Eric 12/13/98 HDR
Wilcox, John Eric (Page 7A) 12/11/98 HDR
Wilcox, Lester W. 9/7/94 HDR
Wilcox, Liney Franklin 9/11/96 HDR
Wilcox, Lorraine "Tessie" Franklin  11/18/94 HDR
Wilcox, Lutie Alice  12/6/97 HDR
Wilcox, Mary Elizabeth Welborn  8/8/02 HDR
Wilcox, Noah Lee  11/23/94 HDR
Wilcox, Nora Walker 1/30/94 HDR
Wilcox, Odis James  10/25/01 HDR
Wilcox, Ricky Louis 12/1/05 HDR
Wilcox, Roscoe 9/8/94 HDR
Wilcox, Roscoe Lee 9/9/94 HDR
Wilcox, Ruth  12/21/94 HDR
Wilcox, Ruth Shook 12/22/94 HDR
Wilcox, Terry Lee 4/11/00 HDR
Wilcox, Virginia Winona 12/7/01 HDR
Wilcoxon, Bertha Faye  12/14/02 HDR
Wilcoxon, George Fredrick  5/28/97 HDR
Wilde, Meta (script supervisor) 10/26/94 HDR
Wildeblood, Peter 11/25/99 HDR
Wilder, Amos Niven (writer/professor) 5/9/93 HDR
Wilder, Billy (filmmaker) (Page 2)  3/29/02 ONE
Wilder, Janet (stuntwoman) 12/21/95 HDR
Wilderdyke, Judy Ellen Huffman 1/23/95 HDR
Wildman, Brent 10/29/98 HDR
Wilds, John 10/2/99 HDR
Wilds, Sallie Carswell 7/25/99 HDR
Wilen, Barney 5/28/96 ONE
Wiles, Doris Anderson  7/10/05 HDR
Wiles, Doris Anderson  7/11/05 HDR
Wiles, Julius Bland 6/6/05 HDR
Wiles, Mable Bradshaw Ballard Mrs.  3/18/03 HDR
Wiles, Marvin T. Jr. 6/3/01 HDR
Wiles, Naomi Sigmon 4/6/99 HDR
Wiles, Pearl Munday 9/29/99 HDR
Wiles, Virginia Campbell  2/10/02 HDR
Wiley, Patricia Ann  10/25/02 HDR
Wiley, Triston James 1/16/00 HDR
Wiley, Warren W.  8/29/00 HDR
Wilfong, Aaron 9/1/94 HDR
Wilfong, Aaron Ave 9/3/94 HDR
Wilfong, Bill 11/21/97 HDR
Wilfong, Bill 11/15/97 HDR
Wilfong, Clara Yount  9/10/96 HDR
Wilfong, Curley Ave 1/14/93 HDR
Wilfong, Curley Ave 1/14/93 ONE
Wilfong, Curley Eve 1/13/93 HDR
Wilfong, Elsie Whitener Gertrude 4/18/97 HDR
Wilfong, Elsie Whitener Gertrude  4/19/97 HDR
Wilfong, Emma Mae Simpson 2/19/95 HDR
Wilfong, Etta Carpenter 3/26/99 HDR
Wilfong, Etta Carpenter 3/25/99 ONE
Wilfong, Harvey Linn 3/14/05 HDR
Wilfong, Harvey Lynn  3/14/05 ONE
Wilfong, Hazel Coulter 6/20/00 HDR
Wilfong, Hazel Coulter 6/20/00 ONE
Wilfong, James Walter  12/31/01 ONE
Wilfong, James Walter "JWT"  1/1/02 HDR
Wilfong, James Yoder 6/22/01 ONE
Wilfong, James Yoder 6/25/01 ONE
Wilfong, James Yoder 6/28/01 ONE
Wilfong, James Yoder  6/22/01 HDR
Wilfong, James Yoder  6/28/01 HDR
Wilfong, Jennie Prue 11/15/00 HDR
Wilfong, Mary "Pat" Patterson 7/29/05 HDR
Wilfong, Mary "Pat" Patterson 8/4/05 HDR
Wilfong, Mary "Pat" Patterson 7/29/05 ONE
Wilfong, Mary "Pat" Patterson 8/4/05 ONE
Wilfong, Mary McCain 10/7/02 ONE
Wilfong, Mary McCain 10/8/02 ONE
Wilfong, Mary McCain 10/9/02 ONE
Wilfong, Mary McCain  10/8/02 HDR
Wilfong, Mary McCain  10/9/02 HDR
Wilfong, Paul Lester "P.W." 3/8/96 HDR
Wilfong, Paul Lester "P.W." 3/8/96 ONE
Wilfong, Phoebe Blackburn 7/19/00 HDR
Wilfong, Phoebe Blackburn 7/18/00 ONE
Wilfong, Richard DeCarlos 12/23/94 HDR
Wilfong, Richard DeCarlos "Los" 12/28/94 HDR
Wilfong, Richard DeCarlos (Los)  12/28/94 ONE
Wilfong, Robert (Bob) Lee 4/6/05 HDR
Wilfong, Sidney Theodore "Ted" 10/30/95 HDR
Wilfong, Thelma Irene Gregg 1/5/99 HDR
Wilfong, Thelma Irene Gregg 1/5/99 ONE
Wilfong, Vernon  7/1/02 HDR
Wilfong, Vernon  7/4/02 HDR
Wilfong, William Wilson Sr. 12/26/94 HDR
Wilfong, William Wilson Sr. 12/26/94 ONE
Wilfong, Willie Craig Sr. 7/24/98 HDR
Wilfong, Willie Craig Sr. 7/24/98 ONE
Wilhelm, Effie Brown  8/22/93 HDR
Wilhelm, Emmerson Grace  1/11/05 HDR
Wilhelm, Emmerson Grace  1/11/05 ONE
Wilhelm, Frank George (veteran) 5/27/94 HDR
Wilhelm, James "Jimmy" Mitchell Sr. 2/7/94 HDR
Wilhelm, Pearle Cline  5/25/96 HDR
Wilhelm, Ruth Murdock  4/27/95 HDR
Wilk, Theodore  9/7/96 HDR
Wilke, Klaus Erich  11/11/02 HDR
Wilke, Klaus Erich  11/14/02 HDR
Wilkerson, Anderson "Happy" Weber 4/17/96 HDR
Wilkerson, Anderson "Happy" Weber 4/16/96 HDR
Wilkerson, Anderson Weber "Happy" 4/16/96 ONE
Wilkerson, Blanche Frady  9/9/93 HDR
Wilkerson, C.J. 5/11/00 HDR
Wilkerson, Edward Bernard Rev. 12/8/00 HDR
Wilkerson, Edward Bernard Rev. 12/8/00 ONE
Wilkerson, Joe Nelson 7/28/05 HDR
Wilkerson, Joe Nelson 7/29/05 HDR
Wilkerson, Joseph N. Jr. 3/11/99 HDR
Wilkerson, Katherine Lucille Rutherford 7/20/00 HDR
Wilkerson, Kendra Cheyanne (infant) 9/27/94 HDR
Wilkerson, William Edward (veteran) 1/7/94 HDR
Wilkerson, William Gerard  7/24/02 HDR
Wilkes, David Lee Sr.  12/7/03 HDR
Wilkes, James "Ned" 2/9/96 ONE
Wilkes, James W. "Ned" 2/10/96 HDR
Wilkeson, Leon (guitarist) 7/29/01 HDR
Wilkie, Betty Martin 12/7/01 HDR
Wilkie, Clyde Washington 8/22/05 HDR
Wilkie, Delphia Ada Butler  6/17/94 HDR
Wilkie, Donald R. 9/30/99 HDR
Wilkie, Earl Malachi 2/12/93 ONE
Wilkie, Earl Malachi  2/12/93 HDR
Wilkie, Edison Roosevelt  7/9/96 HDR
Wilkie, Fannie Anderson 2/21/96 HDR
Wilkie, Fannie Anderson 2/20/96 HDR
Wilkie, Fannie Anderson 2/19/96 ONE
Wilkie, Fannie Anderson 2/20/96 ONE
Wilkie, Fern McRary 4/29/97 HDR
Wilkie, Hilda Crump 2/22/05 HDR
Wilkie, Howard “Mike”  10/26/02 HDR
Wilkie, Joseph Claude  10/22/01 HDR
Wilkie, Lillian Proctor  8/19/94 HDR
Wilkie, Lillian Proctor  8/20/94 HDR
Wilkie, Nancy Powell Craig 1/22/95 HDR
Wilkie, Nancy Powell Craig  1/23/95 ONE
Wilkie, Pearl McLurd 2/1/98 HDR
Wilkie, Ted R. 5/17/97 HDR
Wilkie, Tommy  12/17/05 HDR
Wilkie, Tommy  12/18/05 HDR
Wilkins, C.B. 6/30/99 HDR
Wilkins, Delia Irene Kincaid 10/12/01 HDR
Wilkins, Destiny (infant) 5/12/01 HDR
Wilkins, James A.  9/21/00 HDR
Wilkins, Jimmy Charles Sr. 5/20/00 HDR
Wilkins, William (officer) (Page 2A) 1/13/01 HDR
Wilkins, William J. (Nuremberg judge)  9/13/95 HDR
Wilkinson, Agnes Elizabeth McRee 1/2/01 ONE
Wilkinson, Agnes Elizabeth McRee  1/2/01 HDR
Wilkinson, Amie Brittain 1/29/00 HDR
Wilkinson, Amie Brittain  1/30/00 HDR
Wilkinson, Bonnie Lee Parker  5/29/94 HDR
Wilkinson, Bonnie Parker  5/28/94 ONE
Wilkinson, Cordie Bandy Huitt 10/11/96 HDR
Wilkinson, Cordie Bandy Huitt 10/9/96 ONE
Wilkinson, Cordie Bandy Huitt 10/11/96 ONE
Wilkinson, Curtiss Dale  10/6/04 ONE
Wilkinson, Daisy Raffield  5/4/03 HDR
Wilkinson, Daisy Raffield  5/6/03 HDR
Wilkinson, Daisy Raffield  5/5/03 ONE
Wilkinson, Dan (TV farm reporter)  11/1/03 HDR
Wilkinson, Denise Grier 2/12/97 HDR
Wilkinson, Doris Hildebran  6/28/93 HDR
Wilkinson, Doris Hildebran Mrs.  6/28/93 ONE
Wilkinson, Edith "Jean"  12/17/03 HDR
Wilkinson, Edith "Jean"  12/16/03 ONE
Wilkinson, Edith "Jean"  12/17/03 ONE
Wilkinson, Edward Dayton 11/11/01 HDR
Wilkinson, Elizabeth Bumgardner 4/17/00 ONE
Wilkinson, Elsie Mae Withers 4/27/99 HDR
Wilkinson, Elsie Mae Withers 4/26/99 HDR
Wilkinson, Elsie Mae Withers 4/26/99 ONE
Wilkinson, Elsie Mae Withers 4/27/99 ONE
Wilkinson, Ethel V. Page 2/25/96 HDR
Wilkinson, Floyd Vance  8/8/94 HDR
Wilkinson, George Everett  8/10/02 HDR
Wilkinson, Guy Hemphill 6/20/95 HDR
Wilkinson, Helen  5/12/04 ONE
Wilkinson, Helen Elizabeth 5/13/04 ONE
Wilkinson, Ivey Louise 9/15/96 HDR
Wilkinson, Jerrell Darrell 3/7/95 HDR
Wilkinson, Kenneth Carson 4/20/97 HDR
Wilkinson, Kenneth Carson 4/21/97 ONE
Wilkinson, Lucy Belle 3/15/02 ONE
Wilkinson, Lucy Belle  3/15/02 HDR
Wilkinson, Mary Alice Sigmon 9/8/99 HDR
Wilkinson, Mary Alice Sigmon 9/8/99 ONE
Wilkinson, Mary Ann England 7/15/05 HDR
Wilkinson, Mary Ann England 7/15/05 ONE
Wilkinson, Mary Anna Miller Mrs.   3/18/03 HDR
Wilkinson, Mollie Ritch  3/11/93 HDR
Wilkinson, Mollie Ritch  3/12/93 HDR
Wilkinson, Odis Edgar  9/20/97 HDR
Wilkinson, Ollie Belle Lowrance 1/15/02 ONE
Wilkinson, Ollie Belle Lowrance  1/15/02 HDR
Wilkinson, Ollie Belle Lowrance  1/16/02 HDR
Wilkinson, Parron Eugene  5/19/95 HDR
Wilkinson, Paul Augustus  7/25/94 ONE
Wilkinson, Paul Augustus (Former Maiden mayor) 7/24/94 HDR
Wilkinson, Ralph W. 1/16/00 HDR
Wilkinson, Ralph W. 1/15/00 HDR
Wilkinson, Robert David Jr. 4/12/03 HDR
Wilkinson, Robert David Jr.  4/14/03 ONE
Wilkinson, Roger Karl  2/20/02 HDR
Wilkinson, Ronald Boyd 9/4/98 HDR
Wilkinson, Ruby Newton 2/21/00 HDR
Wilkinson, Ruby Newton 2/21/00 ONE
Wilkinson, Sophia Cathey 12/10/99 HDR
Wilkinson, Sophia Cathey 1/19/00 ONE
Wilkinson, Walter Norman 4/5/94 HDR
Wilkinson, Webb A.  6/1/94 HDR
Wilkinson, Webb A.  6/1/94 ONE
Wilkinson, Webb Alexander 5/31/94 HDR
Wilkinson, Webb Alexander  5/31/94 ONE
Wilkinson, William Alfred "Bill" 2/26/05 HDR
Wilkinson, William Sinclair 1/24/94 HDR
Wilkinson, William Sinclair 1/24/94 ONE
Wilkinson, Wilma Floreide Angle 1/27/97 HDR
Wilkinson, Wilma Floreide Angle 1/27/97 ONE
Wilkinson, Winston Franklin 8/5/97 HDR
Wilkinson, Winston Franklin 8/4/97 ONE
Wilkinson, Woodrow "Woodie" Curtis  3/16/94 ONE
Wilkinson, Woodrow C. "Woody" 3/16/94 HDR
Willard, Samuel L. II 8/17/00 HDR
Willard, Samuel L. II 8/18/00 HDR
Willard, William 1/17/02 HDR
Willcox, Hugh L. Sr. (attorney) 2/6/94 HDR
Willcoxon, Marcia 8/11/97 HDR
Willet, William Earl "Tubby" 4/12/96 HDR
Willhardt, Henry William 4/18/96 ONE
Willhardt, Henry William  4/19/96 HDR
Williams,  Glanville 4/23/97 HDR
Williams, Agnes Beond  6/18/93 ONE
Williams, Agnes Bond  6/18/93 HDR
Williams, Albert Baxter  3/22/02 HDR
Williams, Alberta Davis 4/30/97 HDR
Williams, Alberta Davis  4/29/97 HDR
Williams, Alene Harris 6/28/97 HDR
Williams, Alex  9/27/02 HDR
Williams, Alexander "Alex" Jr. (School Board Attorney) 9/28/02 HDR
Williams, Alma  9/7/04 ONE
Williams, Almeda Hembree 11/8/97 HDR
Williams, Almeda Hembree 11/10/97 ONE
Williams, Amalean Davis  9/15/02 HDR
Williams, Amy Lackey 6/18/97 HDR
Williams, Annie L.  7/6/95 HDR
Williams, Annie L. Moore 7/7/95 HDR
Williams, Annie W.  2/15/01 HDR
Williams, Annie W.  2/15/01 HDR
Williams, Archie (athlete) 6/26/93 HDR
Williams, Arthur D. 1/8/97 HDR
Williams, Asline  4/14/97 HDR
Williams, Asline Whitfield 4/18/97 HDR
Williams, Asline Whitfield 4/18/97 ONE
Williams, Aubrey Chappell Jr. 7/22/01 HDR
Williams, Aubrey Chappell Jr. 7/23/01 ONE
Williams, Austin John-O II (infant) 7/11/94 HDR
Williams, Austin John-o II (infant) 7/12/94 HDR
Williams, Azalee Fox 7/16/00 HDR
Williams, Bennie Lovette 8/15/98 HDR
Williams, Bertha Lou Powers 12/14/03 HDR
Williams, Bertha Mae Hogue 5/3/01 ONE
Williams, Bertha Mae Hogue  5/3/01 HDR
Williams, Betty J. 4/20/04 ONE
Williams, Betty Jo Sigmon 4/21/04 ONE
Williams, Beulah Webster 11/22/99 ONE
Williams, Beulah Webster  11/22/99 HDR
Williams, Bill W.  7/11/01 HDR
Williams, Billie Powell  8/29/03 HDR
Williams, Bobby Gene  5/31/02 HDR
Williams, Bonnie Sue 5/17/94 HDR
Williams, Bruce Anderson 1/31/97 HDR
Williams, Bruce Dixon 11/16/94 HDR
Williams, Bruce Dixon "Dickie" 11/17/94 HDR
Williams, Burgin  1/25/95 HDR
Williams, Burgin  1/25/95 ONE
Williams, Carl James "Dimp" 2/6/95 HDR
Williams, Carol Herbert "Herbie" 5/7/05 HDR
Williams, Carol Jean Powell 5/3/96 HDR
Williams, Carol Jean Powell 5/1/96 HDR
Williams, Carol Jean Powell 5/1/96 ONE
Williams, Carol Jean Powell 5/3/96 ONE
Williams, Carrie M.  7/24/02 HDR
Williams, Catherine Lucille Reitzel 1/20/97 HDR
Williams, Catherine Rink  11/21/97 HDR
Williams, Cecil G.  12/10/03 ONE
Williams, Cecil Garvin  12/10/03 HDR
Williams, Cedric 3/28/97 HDR
Williams, Charles Clifford "Cotton"  3/4/01 HDR
Williams, Charles Glover 1/29/98 HDR
Williams, Charles Heary  1/19/03 HDR
Williams, Charles Henry  1/21/03 HDR
Williams, Chloe Wright  3/24/95 HDR
Williams, Cicero 10/29/98 HDR
Williams, Cicerol 10/25/98 HDR
Williams, Clara Mae Caldwell  7/1/01 HDR
Williams, Clarence E.  11/28/94 HDR
Williams, Clarence Eugene  11/29/94 HDR
Williams, Clarence Halbert Jr. 1/15/99 HDR
Williams, Clarence Halbert Jr. 1/15/99 HDR
Williams, Clifford 2/25/97 ONE
Williams, Clifford  1/29/05 HDR
Williams, Clifford Calvin Rev. 2/26/97 HDR
Williams, Clifford Calvin Rev. 2/26/97 ONE
Williams, Clinton  8/25/03 HDR
Williams, Clyde Boyd 11/13/96 HDR
Williams, Clyde L.  6/8/95 HDR
Williams, Clyde Lenoir  6/9/95 HDR
Williams, Colean Sharpe  4/13/95 HDR
Williams, Colean Sharpe  4/14/95 HDR
Williams, Cora L.  4/10/03 HDR
Williams, Cora L. Lawing 4/11/03 HDR
Williams, Cora L. Lawing 4/10/03 ONE
Williams, Cora Louise Michaels 11/18/93 HDR
Williams, Dan Edward 7/23/96 HDR
Williams, Danny Gale Sr. 1/7/02 HDR
Williams, Danny Odell  8/6/00 HDR
Williams, Darrell Eugene  7/27/01 HDR
Williams, David Bruce 9/28/94 HDR
Williams, David Bruce 9/30/94 HDR
Williams, David P. Jr. 2/22/94 HDR
Williams, David Rogerson Jr. (Page 7A) 1/24/00 HDR
Williams, Della Mae  8/29/97 HDR
Williams, Dennis 9/19/98 HDR
Williams, Dennis 3/23/03 HDR
Williams, Dennis Wayne Rev. 2/20/02 HDR
Williams, Donald Nash 5/21/03 HDR
Williams, Donald Ray 7/28/94 HDR
Williams, Donald Ray 7/29/94 HDR
Williams, Donald Ray 7/28/94 ONE
Williams, Donald Ray 7/29/94 ONE
Williams, Donna Mathis 4/7/98 HDR
Williams, Donnie F. 1/27/98 HDR
Williams, Donnie Faulkner 1/28/98 HDR
Williams, Dora Thompson 6/12/96 HDR
Williams, Doris Wray 8/13/97 HDR
Williams, Dorothy Lee  2/24/93 HDR
Williams, Dorothy Mae  12/29/05 HDR
Williams, Dorothy Shell 1/28/96 HDR
Williams, Dorothy Shell 1/29/96 ONE
Williams, Dourlyn Elizabeth Ransford "Ms. Kecia" 6/10/99 HDR
Williams, Earl Jr. 8/7/99 HDR
Williams, Eddie Dean  11/16/94 HDR
Williams, Edgar B.  3/17/02 HDR
Williams, Edgar Benjamin  3/18/02 HDR
Williams, Edith Frances Ross 12/29/98 HDR
Williams, Edith Lingerfelt  1/25/02 HDR
Williams, Edna Davis 6/14/98 HDR
Williams, Edwina Moncrief  7/16/02 HDR
Williams, Effie Hollar  2/13/02 HDR
Williams, Elizabeth Hern 1/10/05 HDR
Williams, Elizabeth Juanita 8/21/99 HDR
Williams, Ella Inez Ross 12/19/94 HDR
Williams, Elnora Starnes  8/22/94 HDR
Williams, Elsie Pritchard 6/17/00 HDR
Williams, Emanuel Rhyne  11/8/93 HDR
Williams, Emma Bean 10/1/99 HDR
Williams, Ernest Harold Sr. 9/25/02 HDR
Williams, Ernest Jack 5/9/99 HDR
Williams, Ervin A. Jr. 4/11/97 HDR
Williams, Ervin A. Jr. 4/11/97 ONE
Williams, Erwin M. 11/22/93 HDR
Williams, Erwin Massey 11/23/93 HDR
Williams, Essie S. 2/7/98 HDR
Williams, Ethel Powell  11/15/93 HDR
Williams, Eula Lee Thomas 3/27/98 HDR
Williams, Eva Etta Marlowe  2/2/01 HDR
Williams, Eva Louise Burgess 4/25/00 HDR
Williams, Eva Louise Burgess 4/25/00 ONE
Williams, Eva Mae  2/8/95 HDR
Williams, Evelyn Marie Morris  8/10/01 HDR
Williams, Evert  10/29/96 HDR
Williams, Ezle Dale  5/5/03 HDR
Williams, Fannie Mildred 3/21/97 HDR
Williams, Flora Elizabeth 3/11/02 ONE
Williams, Flora Elizabeth  3/11/02 HDR
Williams, Florence Margaret 2/14/01 HDR
Williams, Frances E. (actress) 1/10/95 HDR
Williams, Frances McLain 10/24/94 HDR
Williams, Frances McLain 10/26/94 HDR
Williams, Frank Brandon  8/15/02 HDR
Williams, Frank Brandon  8/15/02 ONE
Williams, Fred "Mutt"  12/12/96 HDR
Williams, Fred (former MO State Rep.) 8/24/94 HDR
Williams, Fred Dwight 10/17/03 ONE
Williams, Fred Dwight 10/20/03 ONE
Williams, Fred Dwight  10/18/03 HDR
Williams, Fred O. Sr. 9/4/01 HDR
Williams, Fritz Newland  1/22/97 HDR
Williams, Gary Steven 11/22/05 HDR
Williams, Geneva Irene Fleming  12/27/93 HDR
Williams, George  5/15/97 HDR
Williams, George "Brian"  3/5/02 HDR
Williams, George P. 8/21/98 HDR
Williams, George Wesley “G.W.” Jr. 1/31/03 HDR
Williams, Gerald Bernard "Buster" Jr.  9/22/95 HDR
Williams, Ginger Gay Herndon 3/16/04 ONE
Williams, Ginger Hernedon 3/15/04 ONE
Williams, Gladys Chapman 3/23/00 HDR
Williams, Glenda Faye Rudisill 8/8/00 HDR
Williams, Glenn "Mutt" (veteran) 5/30/94 HDR
Williams, Glenn Edward  10/6/01 HDR
Williams, Glenn Richard Sr.  12/17/03 HDR
Williams, Grace Beard 10/29/97 HDR
Williams, Grace Beard 10/28/97 ONE
Williams, Hall Edward Sr.  4/5/93 HDR
Williams, Hallie L.  3/4/96 HDR
Williams, Hallie Lee 3/7/96 HDR
Williams, Harriette Garrou  3/27/02 HDR
Williams, Harrison James Sr.  11/7/95 HDR
Williams, Harry Carter Sr. 12/14/98 HDR
Williams, Helen Harrington  2/13/02 HDR
Williams, Helen Shell  4/3/03 HDR
Williams, Helen Shell  4/3/03 ONE
Williams, Helen Thornton 1/16/97 HDR
Williams, Helen Thornton 1/15/97 ONE
Williams, Henry C. "Bob"  12/6/04 ONE
Williams, Henry Edison 1/23/98 ONE
Williams, Hosea Lorenzo II 9/22/98 HDR
Williams, Howard  4/16/02 HDR
Williams, Howard  4/15/02 ONE
Williams, Howard  4/16/02 ONE
Williams, Howard Gaither "Bill" 2/20/01 HDR
Williams, Howard Gaither "Bill" 2/20/01 ONE
Williams, Hoy 1/21/93 ONE
Williams, Hoy  1/21/93 HDR
Williams, Hugh Frazier Sr. 12/26/03 HDR
Williams, Ida Jo Vinson 12/16/98 HDR
Williams, Ike (boxer) 9/10/94 HDR
Williams, Inez White 7/28/00 HDR
Williams, Ira 5/14/97 HDR
Williams, Ira 5/16/97 HDR
Williams, J. Harold  9/12/01 HDR
Williams, Jack 5/10/99 HDR
Williams, Jack  5/10/99 ONE
Williams, Jack Coleman 5/8/05 HDR
Williams, Jack Coleman 5/9/05 ONE
Williams, Jack Franklin  8/8/93 HDR
Williams, Jack Norman 6/23/99 HDR
Williams, Jackson Carlo "J.C." 8/27/98 HDR
Williams, Jakel Markes (infant) 6/20/95 HDR
Williams, Jakel Markese (infant)  6/22/95 HDR
Williams, James "Bradley"  3/27/95 HDR
Williams, James "Fleetwood" Sr. 1/27/96 HDR
Williams, James "J.D." Devon 7/14/96 HDR
Williams, James Allen  4/7/95 HDR
Williams, James Clyde  5/19/93 HDR
Williams, James Devon "J.D." 7/9/96 HDR
Williams, James Devon Jr.  8/30/03 HDR
Williams, James Dewey 1/4/94 HDR
Williams, James Dewey 1/5/94 HDR
Williams, James Elliott 10/15/99 HDR
Williams, James Ervin 5/9/96 HDR
Williams, James Franklin 12/22/97 HDR
Williams, James J. 3/30/95 ONE
Williams, James J.  3/28/95 HDR
Williams, James J.  3/30/95 HDR
Williams, James L.  10/30/03 HDR
Williams, James Monroe "Jim" 12/14/98 HDR
Williams, James Robert 12/28/01 HDR
Williams, James Thomas 11/27/00 HDR
Williams, Jannie Walker  5/26/97 HDR
Williams, Jean Arndt 10/4/01 HDR
Williams, Jean Arndt 10/4/01 ONE
Williams, Jean Chester  12/9/02 HDR
Williams, Jeffery 4/13/94 HDR
Williams, Jerry (Page 6A) 12/22/99 HDR
Williams, Jerry Alexander 9/21/97 HDR
Williams, Jerry Lee  8/15/94 HDR
Williams, Jerry Lee  8/15/94 ONE
Williams, Jerry Thomas  6/26/95 HDR
Williams, Jerry Thomas  6/26/95 ONE
Williams, Jesse Dean  4/3/95 HDR
Williams, Joann Ross  10/19/00 HDR
Williams, Joe 7/7/93 HDR
Williams, Joe Billy 3/18/00 HDR
Williams, Joe David 4/9/00 HDR
Williams, Joe David 4/10/00 ONE
Williams, Joe Frederick 7/8/93 HDR
Williams, John B. 5/19/01 HDR
Williams, John H. Col. 7/19/95 HDR
Williams, Johnston L. 6/14/00 HDR
Williams, Jones Albert 11/5/01 HDR
Williams, Joseph Alexander "Joe" 7/19/05 HDR
Williams, Joseph Alfonzo Jr. 6/25/03 HDR
Williams, Joseph B.  11/17/93 HDR
Williams, Joseph B. "Boots" 11/18/93 HDR
Williams, Joseph F. 1/27/94 HDR
Williams, Juanita 8/27/00 HDR
Williams, Julian Thomas 3/30/94 HDR
Williams, Katharine Wagner  10/3/96 HDR
Williams, Katherine 1/11/94 HDR
Williams, Katherine  1/11/94 ONE
Williams, Katherine Denie Hicks 7/4/97 HDR
Williams, Katherine Fall McHugh 1/2/96 HDR
Williams, Kathleen Kitty Bennett 12/10/99 HDR
Williams, Kathryn Daniel 9/1/05 HDR
Williams, Kathy Lynn Arndt  12/28/00 HDR
Williams, Kenneth "Mike" 9/19/98 HDR
Williams, Kenneth Theodore Sr. 9/6/96 HDR
Williams, Kenneth Theodore Sr. 9/7/96 HDR
Williams, Kermit Paul  4/8/93 HDR
Williams, Kermit Paul  4/8/93 ONE
Williams, Kincell Harris 10/20/98 ONE
Williams, Kincell Harris 10/19/98 ONE
Williams, Kinzell Edith Harris 10/20/98 HDR
Williams, Kodi 9/25/97 HDR
Williams, Kodi 9/25/97 ONE
Williams, L. Randy 5/23/97 HDR
Williams, Lala Daniel Tysinger  3/13/03 HDR
Williams, Larry Garrett 8/8/93 HDR
Williams, Larry Jarrett 8/10/93 HDR
Williams, Laura Cunningham 11/19/99 HDR
Williams, Lawrence Cobert  4/26/05 HDR
Williams, Lee Roy "L.R." 10/3/99 HDR
Williams, Lee Roy "L.R." 10/4/99 ONE
Williams, Lee Roy "Lard" 1/22/98 HDR
Williams, Leslie Marie Abernathy  4/9/95 HDR
Williams, Lillian Bumgarner 4/20/05 HDR
Williams, Lillian Bumgarner 4/20/05 ONE
Williams, Lillian Ida Bumgarner 4/21/05 HDR
Williams, Lillian Ida Bumgarner 4/21/05 ONE
Williams, Lillie Mae Green 5/24/97 HDR
Williams, Lois Helen Austin  12/31/05 HDR
Williams, Lonnie McKinnley  12/11/03 HDR
Williams, Louella Robinson Mrs.  10/3/03 HDR
Williams, Louise Starr 2/21/96 HDR
Williams, Loy 7/3/02 ONE
Williams, Loy 7/4/02 ONE
Williams, Loy  7/3/02 HDR
Williams, Loy  7/4/02 HDR
Williams, Loy Efard 7/25/97 HDR
Williams, Loy Efard 7/26/97 HDR
Williams, Loy Efard 7/25/97 ONE
Williams, Loy Paul "Bud" 5/10/97 HDR
Williams, Lucy Ethel Hines  11/23/96 HDR
Williams, Mack H. (journalist) 3/17/95 HDR
Williams, Mamie Canipe 6/26/99 HDR
Williams, Margaret Cornealus Wilson 3/23/94 HDR
Williams, Margaret Cornealus Wilson 3/23/94 ONE
Williams, Margaret Elizabeth  7/12/00 HDR
Williams, Margaret Ellen Coffey 5/8/99 HDR
Williams, Margaret Louise 4/4/94 HDR
Williams, Margaret Rigdon  7/28/02 HDR
Williams, Mark Allan 2/4/01 HDR
Williams, Marshall  11/16/94 ONE
Williams, Marshall   11/16/94 HDR
Williams, Marshall (Page 7A) 11/16/94 HDR
Williams, Marshall Foch  1/6/02 HDR
Williams, Marshall Foch  1/8/02 HDR
Williams, Martha Ellen Saunders 2/20/96 HDR
Williams, Martha Ellen Saunders 2/19/96 ONE
Williams, Martha McGalliard Mrs.  6/2/05 HDR
Williams, Marvin Roscoe Jr. 8/23/95 ONE
Williams, Marvin Roscoe Jr. 8/24/95 ONE
Williams, Marvin Roscoe Jr.  8/23/95 HDR
Williams, Marvin Roscoe Jr.  8/24/95 HDR
Williams, Mary Bell 11/10/94 HDR
Williams, Mary Bell 11/11/94 HDR
Williams, Mary Cannon 5/25/03 HDR
Williams, Mary Edna Presnell 9/7/96 HDR
Williams, Mary Elizabeth Cline 6/11/97 HDR
Williams, Mary Elizabeth Cline 6/10/97 ONE
Williams, Mary Elizabeth Cook 12/31/01 HDR
Williams, Mary Elizabeth Cook 12/31/01 ONE
Williams, Mary Lou Greene Yoder  2/27/02 HDR
Williams, Mary Withers  5/15/94 HDR
Williams, Mary Withers  5/16/94 ONE
Williams, Mattie Lee Holder 1/11/95 HDR
Williams, Mauzac Starr 7/27/04 ONE
Williams, Mauzac Starr 7/28/04 ONE
Williams, Max Edward 3/16/94 HDR
Williams, Max Edward 3/17/94 HDR
Williams, Maxine Goble 12/31/01 HDR
Williams, Medie Lail 4/20/01 HDR
Williams, Medie Lail 4/23/01 ONE
Williams, Michael D. 1/17/97 HDR
Williams, Michael Eugene 5/5/05 HDR
Williams, Mildred "Millie" Schemm 7/8/05 HDR
Williams, Mildred Ball 12/17/93 HDR
Williams, Mildred Ball  12/17/93 ONE
Williams, Mildred Darnell 8/16/03 HDR
Williams, Minnie Cooke 7/30/95 HDR
Williams, Minnie Louise Wallace  4/4/02 HDR
Williams, Mozelle Gertrude "Sis" 11/19/94 HDR
Williams, Myre Prince "Marie" 1/13/98 HDR
Williams, Nancy Amanda Holdsclaw 8/12/96 ONE
Williams, Nancy H. 8/11/96 HDR
Williams, Naomi Bridges 10/26/96 ONE
Williams, Naomi Bridges  10/26/96 HDR
Williams, Nellie Sue 9/7/99 HDR
Williams, Nina Louise Crouch 11/16/05 HDR
Williams, Nola Iowa Reese 9/6/97 HDR
Williams, Nora Jean Keener 12/1/03 HDR
Williams, Norman  2/7/02 HDR
Williams, Novella Mae Younce Sipes  4/9/02 HDR
Williams, Ollie Lowdermilk 7/21/95 ONE
Williams, Ollie Lowdermilk  7/21/95 HDR
Williams, Ollie Lowdermilk  7/23/95 HDR
Williams, Oma Gibbs 11/9/96 HDR
Williams, Oma Gibbs 11/11/96 ONE
Williams, Ora Mae Mashburn 6/13/97 HDR
Williams, Ora Mae Mashburn 6/12/97 ONE
Williams, Oris Edgar 5/24/93 HDR
Williams, Palmer 1/2/96 HDR
Williams, Paralee Price  1/18/03 HDR
Williams, Patricia Ann 7/3/98 HDR
Williams, Patrick J. 2/7/00 ONE
Williams, Patrick James "Pat" 2/8/00 HDR
Williams, Patrick James "Pat" 2/8/00 ONE
Williams, Paul B. 6/22/99 HDR
Williams, Paul James  8/11/95 HDR
Williams, Paul Sidney 1/24/05 HDR
Williams, Paul Sidney 1/24/05 ONE
Williams, Pauline I. 12/6/99 HDR
Williams, Pauline I. 12/7/99 HDR
Williams, Pauline I. 12/6/99 ONE
Williams, Pauline Setzer 4/25/02 ONE
Williams, Pauline Setzer  4/25/02 HDR
Williams, Pearl DeLancey 3/12/00 HDR
Williams, Pearl DeLancey 3/13/00 ONE
Williams, Pink Jr. 4/9/02 HDR
Williams, Pink Junior  4/10/02 HDR
Williams, Pink Junior  4/11/02 HDR
Williams, Ralph Edward 7/21/00 HDR
Williams, Ralph Erskin 9/2/99 HDR
Williams, Ralph T. 3/29/00 HDR
Williams, Ralph W. 4/25/98 HDR
Williams, Randall Dr. (Page 12A) 8/6/01 HDR
Williams, Randy Adam  5/1/02 HDR
Williams, Randy Allen  12/10/05 HDR
Williams, Raymond T. "Bluebird man of Burke" 5/29/03 HDR
Williams, Reba Moore 11/5/05 HDR
Williams, Reba Moore 11/7/05 ONE
Williams, Reginald "Reggie" Ervin 6/15/05 HDR
Williams, Richard Alexander 9/25/97 HDR
Williams, Richard Alexander 4/18/01 HDR
Williams, Richard Alexander  9/24/97 ONE
Williams, Richard Alexander "Alex" Jr.  9/30/02 ONE
Williams, Richard Alexander (Page 1) 9/25/97 ONE
Williams, Richard Alexander (Ricky Dale) 4/17/01 ONE
Williams, Robert "Bob" C. 11/8/01 HDR
Williams, Robert "Bob" Cline 1/31/05 HDR
Williams, Robert "Bob" Cline 1/31/05 ONE
Williams, Robert Eugene 12/31/95 HDR
Williams, Robert G. "Chop" 8/26/99 HDR
Williams, Robert M. Sr. 7/10/98 HDR
Williams, Robert Russell Ret. Navy Capt. 8/23/93 HDR
Williams, Robert W. 9/12/97 HDR
Williams, Robert Walter 5/27/99 HDR
Williams, Robey Howard 3/5/00 HDR
Williams, Robey Howard 3/6/00 HDR
Williams, Ronald Keith  11/16/93 HDR
Williams, Ronald Lee 3/16/94 HDR
Williams, Rosa Shepherd 1/25/00 HDR
Williams, Rosa Shepherd 1/25/00 ONE
Williams, Rose  9/8/96 HDR
Williams, Rose Chandler  6/16/94 HDR
Williams, Rose Geneva Mull 1/21/97 HDR
Williams, Rose Miss 12/27/04 ONE
Williams, Rosheen Marquize 11/26/01 HDR
Williams, Rosheen Marquize 11/28/01 HDR
Williams, Rosheen Marquize 11/28/01 ONE
Williams, Rosheen Marquize (Page 1A) 11/26/01 HDR
Williams, Ross Bandy 9/14/95 HDR
Williams, Ross Bandy 9/14/95 ONE
Williams, Rubin 6/21/00 HDR
Williams, Rubin  6/21/00 ONE
Williams, Ruby Evelyn Burnett 5/20/02 ONE
Williams, Ruby Evelyn Burnett  5/19/02 HDR
Williams, Ruby Shrum  10/31/02 HDR
Williams, Ruby Shrum  10/30/02 ONE
Williams, Ruby Shrum  10/31/02 ONE
Williams, Rufus Edgar  10/22/93 HDR
Williams, Rufus Y. "Newt" 1/14/19 HDR
Williams, Ruth Neal 2/16/00 HDR
Williams, Ruth Nelson 11/15/02 HDR
Williams, Ruth Nelson 11/15/02 ONE
Williams, Samuel 2/10/98 HDR
Williams, Samuel Isaac  11/25/94 HDR
Williams, Samuel Isaac  11/27/94 HDR
Williams, Samuel L. 2/12/98 HDR
Williams, Sarah Bennett  5/22/02 HDR
Williams, Sarah Byers 5/20/03 HDR
Williams, Sheila Ann Rupard  12/5/94 HDR
Williams, Sherley Ann 7/16/99 HDR
Williams, Streta Timothy 10/8/99 HDR
Williams, Streta Timothy  10/8/99 ONE
Williams, Tabitha Candace  6/22/01 HDR
Williams, Timothy Randall  10/22/05 HDR
Williams, Tomika (Page 7A) 11/7/94 HDR
Williams, Tony (Jazz Drummer) 2/27/97 HDR
Williams, Trivie Mae Lowman 9/30/98 HDR
Williams, Vanda Ray "Dan" 5/6/05 HDR
Williams, Vassie Lee Houser  10/26/00 HDR
Williams, Velma Baird 2/4/02 ONE
Williams, Velma Baird  2/3/02 HDR
Williams, Verne Richard 2/8/97 HDR
Williams, Vivian Sanders 2/14/01 HDR
Williams, Vivian Sanders 2/14/01 ONE
Williams, W. Louis  5/3/00 ONE
Williams, Walter "Coot" 2/26/93 HDR
Williams, Walter Glenn "Coot" 2/28/93 HDR
Williams, Walter John  6/30/94 HDR
Williams, Wayne Henry (veteran) 4/8/94 HDR
Williams, Wayne M.  9/27/05 HDR
Williams, Wendy O. 4/9/98 HDR
Williams, Wilburn Louis 5/3/00 HDR
Williams, Wilburn Marshal  6/26/05 HDR
Williams, Wilburn Marshall 6/25/05 HDR
Williams, William "Bill" Pinkney 8/13/05 HDR
Williams, William Clyde "Bill" 1/25/93 HDR
Williams, William James "Jim"  3/23/02 HDR
Williams, William R. "W.R." 10/12/99 HDR
Williams, Willie "Shug" Kirby Mrs. 7/18/03 HDR
Williams, Willie C. "W.C."  3/21/02 HDR
Williams, Willie Cecil 10/5/96 HDR
Williams, Willie Elbert 2/22/98 HDR
Williams, Willie Richard 3/12/05 HDR
Williams, Willie Rufus 12/21/98 HDR
Williams, Willie Rufus "Roof" 12/22/98 HDR
Williams, Wilma Mae Warlick  7/2/02 HDR
Williams, Woodrow Manley  3/7/03 HDR
Williams, Woodrow Manley  3/8/03 HDR
Williams, Yvonne Glasco (Page 7A) 11/7/94 HDR
Williams, Zula Hager 9/23/02 ONE
Williams, Zula Hager  9/23/02 HDR
Williamson, Bobby Eugene 7/26/97 HDR
Williamson, Ethel Virginia Chester 10/7/00 HDR
Williamson, Graden 6/17/98 HDR
Williamson, Mamie Elizabeth Lutz  5/17/94 HDR
Williamson, Marion Hall 4/26/03 HDR
Williamson, Marion Hall  4/25/03 ONE
Williamson, Maxine 7/7/98 HDR
Williamson, Robert Milton 11/6/03 HDR
Williamson, Thomas Calvin "T-Model" 6/8/01 HDR
Williamson, Thomas Calvin "T-Model" 6/9/01 HDR
Williamson, Thomas Calvin (Model-T) 6/8/01 ONE
Willie, Box Car (Martin, Lecil) 4/13/99 ONE
Williford, Carolyn Bivens  10/16/00 HDR
Williford, Harley Danielle (infant) 3/10/95 HDR
Willing, D.S. “Will”  1/30/03 HDR
Willis, Anna Gaynell W.  6/29/95 HDR
Willis, Anna Gaynell W.  6/30/95 HDR
Willis, Annie Ruth Buff 7/7/05 HDR
Willis, Betty Willandean Wilson 5/2/93 HDR
Willis, Bobby 10/25/99 HDR
Willis, Bobby Dale  5/11/01 HDR
Willis, Catherine Winkler 5/22/93 HDR
Willis, Delpha Brown  11/26/93 HDR
Willis, Dewey Dale 1/25/93 ONE
Willis, Dewey Dale  1/24/93 HDR
Willis, Dora Ivey 3/8/94 HDR
Willis, Dorothy Mae London  12/20/02 HDR
Willis, Dwight Harden 4/9/01 HDR
Willis, Ed Jr.  12/23/95 HDR
Willis, Edna Wright  5/20/02 HDR
Willis, Elizabeth W. 7/30/98 HDR
Willis, Elizabeth W. 7/30/98 ONE
Willis, Emmett Clive III 6/13/01 HDR
Willis, Farrell Eugene  10/29/01 HDR
Willis, Fern Whisnant 4/18/00 HDR
Willis, Flay Alexander  11/8/95 HDR
Willis, Frances Marie Smart 1/29/95 HDR
Willis, Francis Ealey 2/21/98 HDR
Willis, Gaynell  6/28/95 HDR
Willis, Georgie Mae 12/21/97 HDR
Willis, Georgie Mae  12/22/97 ONE
Willis, Grady Coleman 11/4/01 HDR
Willis, Grady Coleman 11/5/01 ONE
Willis, Hattie Costner 12/28/95 HDR
Willis, Irvin Bryan "Punk" 1/13/98 HDR
Willis, J.C.  11/7/03 HDR
Willis, Jack Wayne 11/8/05 HDR
Willis, Jack Wayne 11/7/05 ONE
Willis, Jack Wayne 11/8/05 ONE
Willis, James T.  9/7/94 HDR
Willis, James T.  9/7/94 ONE
Willis, James Thomas "J.T." Jr. 9/8/94 HDR
Willis, James Thomas "JT" 9/8/94 ONE
Willis, Jimmie 5/28/98 HDR
Willis, Jimmie Dale 3/8/96 HDR
Willis, John Ambrose  9/9/96 HDR
Willis, Johnnie Ray 4/22/02 ONE
Willis, Johnnie Ray  4/20/02 HDR
Willis, Joseph Ervin 12/10/96 HDR
Willis, Joseph Lester 10/21/94 HDR
Willis, Joseph Lester  10/21/94 ONE
Willis, Joyce  3/16/00 ONE
Willis, Joyce Biles 3/17/00 HDR
Willis, Joyce Biles 3/17/00 ONE
Willis, Kristina Leigh 12/7/00 HDR
Willis, L.E. “Bud”  12/24/00 HDR
Willis, Lela Bryte Beal 4/26/93 HDR
Willis, Lela Bryte Beal Mrs.  4/26/93 ONE
Willis, Linda Rae 7/4/98 HDR
Willis, Lucille Edge "Lou" 6/11/94 HDR
Willis, Lucy Catherine Huss Mrs. 11/23/05 HDR
Willis, Lula Mae Sweezy  6/22/01 HDR
Willis, Lula Vell Simmons 6/10/01 HDR
Willis, Mae Fredell  4/2/02 HDR
Willis, Marjorie E.  6/25/04 ONE
Willis, Marvin Edward  7/28/98 HDR
Willis, Mildred Moore 10/28/05 HDR
Willis, Mildred Randolph 12/20/03 HDR
Willis, Nancy Lowman 7/14/05 HDR
Willis, Nancy Lowman  7/14/05 ONE
Willis, Nettie 3/7/96 ONE
Willis, Nettie Sue Hoyle 03-08-19.96 ONE
Willis, Nettie Sue Hoyle  3/8/96 HDR
Willis, Nora Bell  12/19/97 HDR
Willis, Ona/Ann Richards' mother 2/20/97 HDR
Willis, Paul  11/11/03 HDR
Willis, Ralph Jr. 11/20/00 HDR
Willis, Ralph Jr. 11/21/00 HDR
Willis, Rex 5/17/97 HDR
Willis, Robert Cecil (father-Gov. Ann Richards, TX) 1/9/94 HDR
Willis, Roy Jack  6/6/95 HDR
Willis, Roy Stanley 6/16/94 HDR
Willis, Ruby Tula Richard  12/24/97 HDR
Willis, Ruth Bolick 10/21/05 HDR
Willis, Ruth Bolick 10/20/05 ONE
Willis, Ruth Bolick 10/21/05 ONE
Willis, Tim Lonzo "T.L." Jr. 12/8/01 HDR
Willis, Tim Lonzo (T.L.) Jr. 12/7/01 ONE
Willis, Vance Lenore  11/12/03 HDR
Willis, Walter "Junior" Jr.  7/21/04 ONE
Willis, Walter "Junior" Jr.  7/22/04 ONE
Willis, Walter Jr.  7/20/04 ONE
Willis, William Boyd  9/11/02 HDR
Willis, Wilma Burleson 5/15/98 HDR
Willis, Wilma Burleson 5/15/98 ONE
Willix, Modene Buff  3/15/02 HDR
Wills, Bernard "Bernie" 1/17/01 HDR
Wills, Clyde Landon 5/17/98 HDR
Wills, Robert Joseph "Chicago" Staff Sgt.  11/10/02 HDR
Wilmering, Margaret Smyre  11/1/93 ONE
Wilmouth, Ollie Mae Cline 8/19/93 HDR
Wilmouth, Ollie Mae Cline 8/19/93 ONE
Wilmouth, Ollie Mae Cline 8/20/93 ONE
Wilmouth, Ollie Mae Cline  8/20/93 HDR
Wilson, Aileen L.  11/15/02 HDR
Wilson, Aileen L.  11/15/02 ONE
Wilson, Albert Kennedy 12/17/05 HDR
Wilson, Albert Kennedy 12/16/05 ONE
Wilson, Albert Kennedy 12/19/05 ONE
Wilson, Alene Killian 6/29/00 HDR
Wilson, Alene Killian 6/29/00 ONE
Wilson, Allen 6/21/02 HDR
Wilson, Alton Eugene  5/28/02 HDR
Wilson, Amburst  9/22/05 HDR
Wilson, Amburst Jacob 9/23/05 HDR
Wilson, Amos Alexander 1/31/94 HDR
Wilson, Andy  11/23/99 HDR
Wilson, Anita Loftin 11/9/00 HDR
Wilson, Anna Lee Cain 1/8/05 HDR
Wilson, Anna Lee Cain  1/7/05 ONE
Wilson, Annie Johnson  2/8/02 HDR
Wilson, Annie Pearl Harbison 10/3/97 HDR
Wilson, Annie Surratt 8/24/93 HDR
Wilson, Apsie Haigler  10/31/95 HDR
Wilson, Audree Neva  12/5/97 HDR
Wilson, August (playwright) 10/4/05 HDR
Wilson, Augusta Mae "Aunt Gussie" Brackett 5/22/95 HDR
Wilson, Augusta Mae "Aunt Gussie" Brackett 5/22/95 ONE
Wilson, Bertha Donaldson 11/8/98 HDR
Wilson, Bertha Ritchie 9/26/00 HDR
Wilson, Betty Ann Robinson 8/3/05 HDR
Wilson, Billy F.  11/1/04 ONE
Wilson, Billy Fred Sr.  11/2/04 ONE
Wilson, Billy James  1/11/94 ONE
Wilson, Billy James (veteran) 1/11/94 HDR
Wilson, Blanche Lail 1/23/00 HDR
Wilson, Blanche Lail 1/24/00 ONE
Wilson, Blanche McRee 1/15/96 ONE
Wilson, Blanche McRee  1/15/96 HDR
Wilson, Bobby Charles 12/27/99 HDR
Wilson, Bobby Charles 12/27/99 ONE
Wilson, Bobby Dean 2/8/98 HDR
Wilson, Bobby Dean 2/9/98 ONE
Wilson, Bobby Gene  2/10/99 HDR
Wilson, Bobby Gene  2/11/99 HDR
Wilson, Bobby Gene (Page 1A) 2/9/99 HDR
Wilson, Bonnie  4/27/05 ONE
Wilson, Bonnie Melvin  4/28/05 HDR
Wilson, Bonnie Melvin Sr. 4/29/05 ONE
Wilson, Brandon J. (Page 1A) 5/16/01 HDR
Wilson, Brandon Jaymar 5/18/01 HDR
Wilson, Brandon Jaymar  5/19/01 HDR
Wilson, Brandon Jaymar  5/18/01 ONE
Wilson, Carl 9/8/98 HDR
Wilson, Carl Dean 5/27/96 HDR
Wilson, Carl Dean  5/28/96 HDR
Wilson, Carl Dewey 9/9/98 HDR
Wilson, Carl Walter "Dub"  6/21/02 ONE
Wilson, Carl Walter “Dub”  6/21/02 HDR
Wilson, Caroline Hunt 1/22/96 ONE
Wilson, Caroline Hunt  1/23/96 HDR
Wilson, Carolyn Antoinette 1/24/96 ONE
Wilson, Carolyn Antoinette Hunt 1/24/96 HDR
Wilson, Carroll Eugene "Gene"  3/31/02 HDR
Wilson, Carroll Thomas 5/28/99 HDR
Wilson, Carroll Thomas 5/27/99 ONE
Wilson, Charles Patrick 1/15/05 HDR
Wilson, Charles Philip Dr. 9/11/00 HDR
Wilson, Chloe Key  1/20/03 HDR
Wilson, Claire Aneva 1/6/98 HDR
Wilson, Claire Aneva 1/5/98 ONE
Wilson, Claire Aneva  1/7/98 HDR
Wilson, Claire Aneva  1/6/98 ONE
Wilson, Clara Barlowe  3/3/96 HDR
Wilson, Clarence E. 1/19/98 HDR
Wilson, Clarence William 6/25/96 HDR
Wilson, Clarence William 11/7/99 HDR
Wilson, Clarence William  6/26/96 HDR
Wilson, Claud W.  4/16/02 HDR
Wilson, Claud W.  4/15/02 ONE
Wilson, Claud W.  4/16/02 ONE
Wilson, Claude A.  4/14/02 HDR
Wilson, Cleveland  11/18/05 HDR
Wilson, Cora Lawter  9/27/94 HDR
Wilson, Cora Lawter  9/28/94 HDR
Wilson, D.C.  11/9/05 HDR
Wilson, D.C.  11/10/05 HDR
Wilson, Danny Ray 2/18/99 HDR
Wilson, David Franklin 6/8/05 HDR
Wilson, David Grant "Bud" 6/15/96 HDR
Wilson, David Lynn "John"  4/15/97 HDR
Wilson, Dayton Jack 6/4/02 ONE
Wilson, Dayton Jack  6/4/02 HDR
Wilson, Dayton Jack  6/5/02 HDR
Wilson, Deborah Ann  1/9/95 HDR
Wilson, Deborah Ann  1/10/95 HDR
Wilson, DeWayne 1/29/02 HDR
Wilson, DeWayne  1/28/02 ONE
Wilson, Dewey Woodrow  7/13/95 HDR
Wilson, Donald Edward Sr. 5/24/99 HDR
Wilson, Doris Jean Moretz 2/18/02 ONE
Wilson, Doris Jean Moretz  2/17/02 HDR
Wilson, Doris Marie  7/19/02 HDR
Wilson, Dorothy King 7/30/05 HDR
Wilson, Dwayne  1/28/02 HDR
Wilson, Edith Jones 1/9/95 HDR
Wilson, Edith Proctor 6/16/03 HDR
Wilson, Edith Proctor 6/16/03 ONE
Wilson, Edna S. 10/14/99 HDR
Wilson, Elizabeth Toliver  2/13/03 HDR
Wilson, Emily Victoria (infant) 10/1/97 HDR
Wilson, Emma Barbara Finger 5/17/03 HDR
Wilson, Emma Barbara Finger 5/15/03 ONE
Wilson, Emma Barbara Finger   5/16/03 ONE
Wilson, Ennis M. "Dizz"  9/30/95 HDR
Wilson, Eric Jonathan  11/26/93 HDR
Wilson, Ethel Mitchell  5/21/95 HDR
Wilson, Eunice Beach 1/8/94 HDR
Wilson, Eva Lowman  8/2/02 HDR
Wilson, Evelyn Annas  11/3/02 HDR
Wilson, Evelyn Annas  11/4/02 HDR
Wilson, Everett McDaniel 11/23/93 HDR
Wilson, Everett Mills 1/14/02 ONE
Wilson, Everett Mills  1/14/02 HDR
Wilson, Everette McDaniel 11/22/93 HDR
Wilson, Flavil Johnson 5/3/03 HDR
Wilson, Flip (Clerow) 11/27/98 HDR
Wilson, Floyd William Sr. 3/28/95 ONE
Wilson, Floyd William Sr.  3/28/95 HDR
Wilson, Frances Herman Hackney 8/15/05 ONE
Wilson, Frances Herman Hackney  8/15/05 HDR
Wilson, Frances Herman Hackney  8/16/05 HDR
Wilson, Frances Lucinda Chapman  2/26/95 HDR
Wilson, Frances Viola Reynolds  6/28/96 HDR
Wilson, Frank Anders 9/9/99 HDR
Wilson, Frank Anders 9/9/99 ONE
Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt "Dump" 5/28/99 HDR
Wilson, Fred 5/24/05 ONE
Wilson, Fred  12/5/95 HDR
Wilson, Fred Albert 5/25/05 HDR
Wilson, Fred Albert 5/25/05 ONE
Wilson, Fred Ray Sr. 4/7/99 HDR
Wilson, Garnet Leneil "Buck" 8/27/04 ONE
Wilson, George Forney 6/25/99 HDR
Wilson, George Forney 6/24/99 ONE
Wilson, George H. Jr. 5/23/94 HDR
Wilson, George Henry 1/27/94 HDR
Wilson, George Henry 1/27/94 ONE
Wilson, George M. 8/29/99 HDR
Wilson, Georgia Waugh 1/2/05 HDR
Wilson, Gerald Franklin  10/11/02 HDR
Wilson, Gladys Frye 5/5/98 ONE
Wilson, Gladys Marie Frye 5/5/98 HDR
Wilson, Grace McGuinn 6/20/98 HDR
Wilson, Grace McGuinn 6/19/98 ONE
Wilson, Grace McGuinn 6/22/98 ONE
Wilson, Gregory Clinton "Greg" 10/15/98 HDR
Wilson, Gregory Clinton "Greg" 10/16/98 HDR
Wilson, Gussie Rose Rhinehardt 4/21/93 HDR
Wilson, Gwendolyn Eloise Howard  12/29/03 HDR
Wilson, Gwendolyn Eloise Howard  12/29/03 ONE
Wilson, Gwyn William "GW" Jr. 11/21/03 HDR
Wilson, Hal Cline  9/22/94 HDR
Wilson, Hal Cline  9/23/94 HDR
Wilson, Hal Gilmer  2/15/01 HDR
Wilson, Hal Gilmer  2/15/01 ONE
Wilson, Haldon D. "Rube" 1/25/97 HDR
Wilson, Haldon D. "Rube" 1/27/97 ONE
Wilson, Harold  2/25/05 HDR
Wilson, Harry Lee Jr. 9/20/01 HDR
Wilson, Harvey Lee  (Page 7B) 3/6/99 HDR
Wilson, Helen Beatrice  7/26/93 HDR
Wilson, Helen Bracey 7/12/02 HDR
Wilson, Helen Bracey  7/11/02 HDR
Wilson, Helen G.  7/1/04 ONE
Wilson, Helen G.  7/5/04 ONE
Wilson, Helen Jewel Powers 12/15/04 ONE
Wilson, Henry Jackson "Jack" 12/10/93 HDR
Wilson, Henry Jackson "Jack" 12/11/93 HDR
Wilson, Herbert Cunningham 7/22/98 HDR
Wilson, Hester Stilwell 1/12/01 HDR
Wilson, Hildegard  9/21/05 HDR
Wilson, Howard "Gus" Augustus 3/25/00 HDR
Wilson, Howard Maurice "Moe"  11/10/95 HDR
Wilson, Hugh 5/11/98 HDR
Wilson, Hugh  6/30/04 ONE
Wilson, Hugh Brent  7/1/04 ONE
Wilson, Ines Lorena 4/22/94 HDR
Wilson, Inez 4/21/94 HDR
Wilson, Inez Haynes  7/21/01 HDR
Wilson, Inez Haynes  7/20/01 ONE
Wilson, Ivey S.  3/6/93 HDR
Wilson, J. D.  8/1/94 ONE
Wilson, J.D.   7/31/94 HDR
Wilson, Jack Daniel  10/22/03 HDR
Wilson, Jack Franklin 7/19/01 ONE
Wilson, Jack Franklin  7/20/01 HDR
Wilson, Jack Smyre  9/22/93 ONE
Wilson, Jack Smyre (former Catawba County official) 9/22/93 HDR
Wilson, Jack Vern  11/29/97 HDR
Wilson, Jacob Blume II 6/16/05 HDR
Wilson, Jacob Blume II 6/17/05 HDR
Wilson, Jacob Blume II 6/18/05 HDR
Wilson, Jacob Blume II  6/17/05 ONE
Wilson, Jacqueline F.  3/22/02 ONE
Wilson, Jacquelyn Fallin  3/23/02 HDR
Wilson, Jacquelyn Fallin  3/25/02 ONE
Wilson, James "Jim" Douglas 6/6/00 ONE
Wilson, James "Jim" Woodrow (veteran) 3/8/94 HDR
Wilson, James Alexander 9/29/00 HDR
Wilson, James Alexander 9/29/00 ONE
Wilson, James Austin-Gray 11/9/98 HDR
Wilson, James B.  1/2/00 HDR
Wilson, James Connor "Jim" 8/20/97 HDR
Wilson, James Connor "Jim" 8/19/97 ONE
Wilson, James David "Dave" 2/12/99 HDR
Wilson, James Douglas "Jim" 6/6/00 HDR
Wilson, James Howard 1/6/00 HDR
Wilson, James Howard “Buck”  1/11/03 HDR
Wilson, Jean Sandy 4/14/05 HDR
Wilson, Jessie Mrs. 3/31/95 ONE
Wilson, Jessie Reinhardt  3/31/95 HDR
Wilson, Jewel  12/14/04 ONE
Wilson, Jo Ann 1/8/03 ONE
Wilson, Jo Ann 1/9/03 ONE
Wilson, Jo Ann  1/9/03 HDR
Wilson, John Alex  5/2/95 HDR
Wilson, John Alex  5/3/95 HDR
Wilson, John Edward “City John”  7/3/02 HDR
Wilson, John Howard  5/14/03 HDR
Wilson, John Howard  5/14/03 ONE
Wilson, John Sir 12/2/99 HDR
Wilson, Johnny Burl Jr. 3/31/03 HDR
Wilson, Johnson Lee  1/15/93 HDR
Wilson, Joseph Daniel 4/4/99 HDR
Wilson, Joseph Daniel 4/5/99 ONE
Wilson, Josephine McDermott  9/18/96 HDR
Wilson, Joyce Church  1/14/01 HDR
Wilson, Joyce Minton 1/11/98 HDR
Wilson, Judy Diane Canipe  1/16/03 HDR
Wilson, Julia Cloe English 2/8/96 HDR
Wilson, Julia Mae Ramsey 2/23/01 HDR
Wilson, Junius  3/21/01 HDR
Wilson, Justin (Cajun Chef) 9/7/01 HDR
Wilson, Justin (Cajun humorist & chef) 9/6/01 ONE
Wilson, Karen Lee  12/8/00 HDR
Wilson, Katherine Craig 2/18/05 HDR
Wilson, Katherine D.  6/5/03 HDR
Wilson, Katherine Mae 1/13/03 ONE
Wilson, Katherine Mae  1/13/03 HDR
Wilson, Katherine Wilfong 10/11/95 HDR
Wilson, Katherine Wilfong  10/11/95 ONE
Wilson, Kay 2/4/05 ONE
Wilson, Kay  2/5/05 HDR
Wilson, Kay Goforth 2/7/05 ONE
Wilson, Kay Goforth Mrs. 2/6/05 HDR
Wilson, Kenneth 5/13/00 HDR
Wilson, Kenneth  12/30/05 ONE
Wilson, Kenneth Bernard  12/8/95 HDR
Wilson, Kenneth Bernard  12/8/95 ONE
Wilson, Kenneth E. "Ken" 5/6/98 HDR
Wilson, Kenneth Gray  12/31/05 HDR
Wilson, Kenneth Leroy 5/2/03 HDR
Wilson, Laird Eugene 11/23/93 HDR
Wilson, Laird Eugene 11/23/93 ONE
Wilson, Larry Randle 8/17/04 ONE
Wilson, Larry Randle 8/18/04 ONE
Wilson, Laura Mae 2/15/94 HDR
Wilson, Laura Young 5/27/00 HDR
Wilson, Laura Young 5/26/00 ONE
Wilson, Lawrence A.  7/11/93 HDR
Wilson, Lawrence A.  7/12/93 HDR
Wilson, Lela Mae  10/4/93 HDR
Wilson, Lela Mae  10/5/93 HDR
Wilson, Lela Mae  10/4/93 ONE
Wilson, Lela Mae  10/5/93 ONE
Wilson, Leroy Rev. 1/13/00 HDR
Wilson, Leroy Rev. 1/14/00 HDR
Wilson, Lillie Mae Kirby  7/25/97 HDR
Wilson, Lionel 1/30/98 HDR
Wilson, Lola 2/2/96 HDR
Wilson, Lola McLean 6/16/01 HDR
Wilson, Lola McLean  6/15/01 ONE
Wilson, Lorene C.  1/13/04 ONE
Wilson, Lorene Crisson  1/14/04 ONE
Wilson, Lottie Suddreth 5/27/98 HDR
Wilson, Louis H. Retired Gen. (Medal of Honor) 6/26/05 HDR
Wilson, Louise Ballard 6/12/97 HDR
Wilson, Louise Pharr 9/7/99 HDR
Wilson, Louise S. 9/22/99 HDR
Wilson, Louise Sells  5/7/01 HDR
Wilson, Lum Alexander 1/27/00 HDR
Wilson, Maggie Brittain 2/9/97 HDR
Wilson, Maggie Brittain 2/10/97 ONE
Wilson, Maggie M. 2/16/98 HDR
Wilson, Maggie Viola  3/31/93 HDR
Wilson, Mamie Yandle  12/20/94 HDR
Wilson, Margie Marie 9/20/98 HDR
Wilson, Marie Garrou Mrs. 9/5/03 HDR
Wilson, Marlene Harris 10/25/99 HDR
Wilson, Marlene Harris 10/25/99 ONE
Wilson, Marshall Montgomery "Bob" 2/14/97 HDR
Wilson, Martha Irene "Inie" 2/19/97 HDR
Wilson, Mary  8/4/94 HDR
Wilson, Mary "Lou" Lowrena McDaniel  6/22/01 HDR
Wilson, Mary Anna Duncan 8/5/94 HDR
Wilson, Mary Claudette 8/4/93 HDR
Wilson, Mary Claudette  8/4/93 ONE
Wilson, Mary Ingolas Penley  12/11/95 HDR
Wilson, Mary Margaret Starr 7/10/99 HDR
Wilson, Mary Sessoms 10/23/98 HDR
Wilson, Mary Sue Miller 6/15/94 HDR
Wilson, Mary Thelma Sessoms 10/23/98 ONE
Wilson, Matthew "Mack" Thomas 11/29/02 HDR
Wilson, Matthew "Mack" Thomas  11/28/02 HDR
Wilson, Matthew "Mack" Thomas  11/29/02 ONE
Wilson, Matthew Mark "Pud" Jr. 6/26/01 HDR
Wilson, Mattie  9/21/94 HDR
Wilson, Mattie  9/21/94 ONE
Wilson, Mattie Belle Abernathy 1/27/99 ONE
Wilson, Mattie Belle Abernathy  1/27/99 HDR
Wilson, Mattie Lee Shirlen 9/22/94 ONE
Wilson, Mattie Lee Shirlen  9/22/94 HDR
Wilson, Maude Adams 8/23/05 HDR
Wilson, Maude Adams  8/23/05 ONE
Wilson, Maude Adams  8/24/05 ONE
Wilson, Maybell Denton 4/18/94 HDR
Wilson, Melvin Jack Jr. 3/12/03 HDR
Wilson, Melvin Jack Jr. 3/11/03 ONE
Wilson, Melvin Jack Sr. 7/6/00 HDR
Wilson, Melvin Jack Sr. 7/5/00 ONE
Wilson, Melvin Woodrow 2/6/94 HDR
Wilson, Melvin Woodrow 2/7/94 HDR
Wilson, Melvin Woodrow 2/7/94 ONE
Wilson, Mickey Combs 7/28/96 HDR
Wilson, Mickey Mrs.  12/14/03 HDR
Wilson, Mildred Burns  10/19/95 HDR
Wilson, Mildred Olivia Runyan 9/23/96 ONE
Wilson, Mildred Olivia Runyan  9/22/96 HDR
Wilson, Millie Pearl Greene Mrs.  7/10/03 HDR
Wilson, Mullie R.  5/15/01 HDR
Wilson, Naomi Jean 2/27/02 ONE
Wilson, Naomi Jean  2/27/02 HDR
Wilson, Naomi Wilfong  2/25/02 HDR
Wilson, Nola I. 12/18/97 HDR
Wilson, Norman Jr.  (Page 7A) 7/31/97 HDR
Wilson, Ollie Burgess 5/6/96 HDR
Wilson, Opalee A. 11/8/00 HDR
Wilson, Opalee A.  11/8/00 ONE
Wilson, Orlandus 1/14/99 HDR
Wilson, Orlandus 1/14/99 HDR
Wilson, Pamela Baker  12/18/99 HDR
Wilson, Patricia Gail Bennett 9/9/99 HDR
Wilson, Paul Andrew 10/4/98 HDR
Wilson, Paul Andrew 10/5/98 ONE
Wilson, Paul Graham  2/7/02 HDR
Wilson, Paul Nathaniel Rev. 5/14/97 HDR
Wilson, Pauline K.  4/15/04 ONE
Wilson, Pauline Keeter  4/16/04 ONE
Wilson, Pauline Sherrill 4/29/02 ONE
Wilson, Pauline Sherrill  4/27/02 HDR
Wilson, Pauline Sherrill  4/29/02 HDR
Wilson, Pearl Dorrina 5/27/99 ONE
Wilson, Pearl Dorrina  5/26/99 HDR
Wilson, Prue Lane  11/6/95 HDR
Wilson, Prue Lane  11/7/95 HDR
Wilson, Prue Lane  11/6/95 ONE
Wilson, R.A. 9/25/00 HDR
Wilson, Ralph "Jug"  8/7/99 HDR
Wilson, Ralph E. 12/3/94 HDR
Wilson, Ralph E. 12/5/94 ONE
Wilson, Ralph Hampton Sr. 9/4/99 HDR
Wilson, Ray C.  4/23/03 ONE
Wilson, Ray Clayton  4/23/03 HDR
Wilson, Ray Lee Sr.  12/31/02 HDR
Wilson, Reuben Paul 7/27/93 HDR
Wilson, Reuben Paul 7/28/93 HDR
Wilson, Richard Hugh 3/2/99 HDR
Wilson, Richard Hugh 3/2/99 ONE
Wilson, Richard M.  6/25/93 HDR
Wilson, Robert "Polka" Andrew  1/17/94 ONE
Wilson, Robert Andrew "Polka" 1/17/94 HDR
Wilson, Robert Lee  1/15/02 HDR
Wilson, Robert Lee "Jew Baby"  Jr. 1/17/02 HDR
Wilson, Roberta Wood  10/11/02 HDR
Wilson, Rosa Lee Fox 8/23/98 HDR
Wilson, Rosa Lee Fox 8/24/98 ONE
Wilson, Rosa Lee Woodruff 11/19/99 HDR
Wilson, Rosetta Johnson 11/18/05 HDR
Wilson, Rowe Bub  3/31/95 HDR
Wilson, Rubye Hudson 7/30/97 HDR
Wilson, Ruth Boyles 2/28/93 HDR
Wilson, Ruth Elizabeth Trexler Mrs. 1/13/05 HDR
Wilson, Ruth Johnson 2/1/97 HDR
Wilson, Sallie Williams 5/28/98 HDR
Wilson, Sarah Crow  7/5/95 HDR
Wilson, Sarah Crow  7/5/95 ONE
Wilson, Sarah Lucille  12/25/03 HDR
Wilson, Sherry Foster 1/12/00 HDR
Wilson, Sophie Lomax 11/18/98 HDR
Wilson, Stanley Augustus  4/20/97 HDR
Wilson, Stephen M. "Mickey" (veteran) 3/17/94 HDR
Wilson, Stephen M. (Mickey)  3/10/94 ONE
Wilson, Steven Eugene 9/6/00 ONE
Wilson, Steven Eugene  9/6/00 HDR
Wilson, Susie Miller  7/1/03 HDR
Wilson, T. W.  Jr. 5/26/01 HDR
Wilson, Thedia Ette 7/9/99 HDR
Wilson, Thelma  8/16/04 ONE
Wilson, Thomas E. 1/22/93 HDR
Wilson, Thomas Henry Jr. 3/19/03 HDR
Wilson, Thomas William 1/10/00 HDR
Wilson, Tillman Wesley 2/15/94 HDR
Wilson, Tillman Wesley  (veteran) 2/16/94 HDR
Wilson, Troy "Eugene" 10/21/05 HDR
Wilson, Viana Alice Cooke 1/18/98 HDR
Wilson, Viana Alice Cooke 1/19/98 ONE
Wilson, Violet Wanakaha Yount Parker Mrs. 10/31/05 HDR
Wilson, Virginia Schronce  12/5/94 HDR
Wilson, Wade  4/21/97 HDR
Wilson, Wade Jefferson  4/22/97 HDR
Wilson, Wallace Eugene 1/12/05 ONE
Wilson, Wallace Eugene 1/13/05 ONE
Wilson, Walter Ivey "Red" 9/15/05 HDR
Wilson, Wanda Bell Storey 5/21/05 HDR
Wilson, Wanda Lou 3/4/94 HDR
Wilson, Wanda Lou  3/4/94 ONE
Wilson, Wanda Lou Lineberger 3/5/94 HDR
Wilson, Wanda Lou Lineberger 3/7/94 ONE
Wilson, Warlick Cook 1/30/95 HDR
Wilson, Willa Dean Triplett 8/3/95 HDR
Wilson, Willa Dean Triplett 8/4/95 HDR
Wilson, Willard Clarence “Buster” Jr. 2/4/03 HDR
Wilson, William "Bill" Orie  3/18/93 HDR
Wilson, William Andrew 6/4/99 HDR
Wilson, William Orie "Bill" 3/19/93 HDR
Wilson, Winston St. John 5/2/03 HDR
Wilson, Winston St. John  5/2/03 ONE
Wilson, Woodrow "Chuck"  9/8/94 HDR
Wilson, Woodrow "Woody"  11/29/96 HDR
Wilstein, Cynthia Reader  9/16/98 HDR
Wimberly, Arlee Abernathy 8/14/98 ONE
Wimberly, Arlee Abernethy 8/14/98 HDR
Wimberly, Jerry Hardie 9/18/98 HDR
Wimberly, Jerry Hardie 9/18/98 ONE
Wimmer, Kathleen Mullis 4/14/93 HDR
Wimmer, Kathleen Mullis 4/15/93 HDR
Winans, Ronald  6/19/05 HDR
Winant, John G. Jr.  11/2/93 HDR
Winburn, Carmen Hodges  11/8/95 HDR
Winchell, Joseph L. (Page 1) 7/20/95 ONE
Winchell, Paul (ventriloquist)  6/29/05 HDR
Winchester, DeLanie Barham  3/27/01 HDR
Winchester, Jack C.  1/26/95 HDR
Windham, Albert Carlton "Smokey" III 8/23/00 ONE
Windham, Albert Carlton “Smokey” III 8/23/00 HDR
Windham, J. Charles  8/10/01 HDR
Windham, J. Charles  8/9/01 ONE
Windham, Shirley Earlene Wingate 2/4/05 ONE
Windham, Shirley Earlene Wingate 2/10/05 ONE
Windham, Shirley Earlene Wingate  2/10/05 HDR
Windham, Thomas  1/17/00 HDR
Windsor, Ethel Messick Sinclair 12/6/96 HDR
Windsor, Ethel Messick Sinclair 12/6/96 ONE
Windsor, Fannie Campbell 7/1/01 HDR
Windsor, Lucille Matthews 10/27/95 HDR
Windsor, Lucille Matthews  10/27/95 ONE
Windsor, Timothy Dale  2/3/05 HDR
Winebarger, Betty Triplett 9/11/98 HDR
Winebarger, Charles R. 6/15/00 HDR
Winebarger, Charles R. 6/15/00 ONE
Winebarger, Chester Reeves 10/23/99 HDR
Winebarger, Cletus Orestus 6/14/94 HDR
Winebarger, Cletus Orestus 6/14/94 ONE
Winebarger, Harriet Dezzola Hollar 5/27/96 HDR
Winebarger, Harriet Dezzola Hollar 5/27/96 ONE
Winebarger, Howard Roscoe 4/11/94 HDR
Winebarger, Ida Belle  9/5/94 HDR
Winebarger, Ida I. 9/6/94 HDR
Winebarger, Jimmy Richard 12/12/99 HDR
Winebarger, John Wesley 8/14/99 HDR
Winebarger, Leatha Mae Bowman 8/31/00 ONE
Winebarger, Leatha Mae Bowman  9/1/00 HDR
Winebarger, Lilly Prue Clay  7/1/96 HDR
Winebarger, Lloyd Earl 5/29/98 HDR
Winebarger, Mark Douglas 8/22/93 HDR
Winebarger, Mavis R. 5/15/98 HDR
Winebarger, Pearl Cardwell  8/30/95 HDR
Winebarger, Velma Jane Hancock 11/14/05 HDR
Winebarger, William Ken 1/1/97 HDR
Winebarger, Willie (Bill) Cline Smith 1/23/97 ONE
Winebarger, Willie Cline Smith "Bill" 1/23/97 HDR
Wineberger, Lucy 12/9/94 HDR
Wineberger, Lucy Mae Devinney 12/10/94 HDR
Wineberger, Pearl C.  8/29/95 HDR
Wineberger, Riley Roscoe  11/2/05 HDR
Winegardner, Gwen 2/9/00 HDR
Winfree, Britt Collins 4/23/01 HDR
Wing, Jessica Grace (composer/filmmaker) 8/4/03 HDR
Wingate, Bonnie Patton 9/13/99 HDR
Wingate, Clara Jarrett 3/28/05 HDR
Wingate, Clara Jarrett 3/28/05 ONE
Wingate, Danny Ray 10/14/05 HDR
Wingate, Danny Ray 10/14/05 ONE
Wingate, Emory  12/2/99 HDR
Wingate, Ethel Elizabeth  8/6/03 HDR
Wingate, Helen Virginia  7/26/03 HDR
Wingate, Leonard McDowell 12/30/94 HDR
Wingate, Makayla Rose (infant)  5/30/02 HDR
Wingate, Patrick  8/13/93 HDR
Wingate, Patrick Alan 8/14/93 HDR
Wingate, Thomas  9/20/03 HDR
Wingate, Willie Corine  9/27/94 HDR
Wingate, Willie Corine  9/30/94 HDR
Wingate, Willie Corine  9/27/94 ONE
Wingate, Willie Corine  9/30/94 ONE
Wing-cheung, Tang 4/23/97 HDR
Wingerter, Shannon Elizabeth 7/8/96 ONE
Wingfield, Martha Perry  10/1/02 HDR
Wingler, Lula Rhoades 1/12/00 HDR
Winick, Arnold (horse trainer) 4/1/95 HDR
Winkelman, Stanley J. 8/23/99 HDR
Winkler, A.H. (veteran) 5/21/94 HDR
Winkler, Albert Columbus  12/12/96 HDR
Winkler, Alexis Nicole (infant) 3/7/94 HDR
Winkler, Alexis Nicole (infant) 3/10/94 HDR
Winkler, Allie Josephine Kanipe  8/1/93 HDR
Winkler, Beaurise Temple 1/30/94 HDR
Winkler, Blake Sidney  7/23/99 HDR
Winkler, Blanche Blevins 10/30/00 HDR
Winkler, Bobby Gordon  9/17/03 HDR
Winkler, Charles Lee 11/11/01 HDR
Winkler, Charles Thomas  2/8/95 HDR
Winkler, Clyde 8/13/97 HDR
Winkler, Edward E. "Babe"  5/11/95 HDR
Winkler, Edward E. "Babe"  5/12/95 HDR
Winkler, Ella Mae 11/7/01 HDR
Winkler, Ella Mae 11/6/01 ONE
Winkler, Elma "Louise"  3/25/01 HDR
Winkler, Elmer P. 11/21/93 HDR
Winkler, Fannie McGee 1/3/98 HDR
Winkler, Fred Anderson Sr.  8/31/95 HDR
Winkler, Fred Anderson Sr.  9/1/95 HDR
Winkler, Glenn Richard 9/7/99 HDR
Winkler, Glenn Richard 9/3/99 HDR
Winkler, Grady  12/22/94 HDR
Winkler, Harold William Sr.  12/27/04 ONE
Winkler, Hazel Faye Kirby 5/2/00 HDR
Winkler, J. C. 1/7/99 HDR
Winkler, J. C. 1/7/99 ONE
Winkler, James W. Sr. 9/30/00 HDR
Winkler, Jessie Ila Greenhill 5/4/95 HDR
Winkler, John Lester Jr.  2/20/95 HDR
Winkler, John Lester Jr.  2/21/95 HDR
Winkler, John Quincy  9/7/96 HDR
Winkler, John Quincy  9/9/96 HDR
Winkler, Joseph Douglas  10/12/02 HDR
Winkler, Joseph Garland Dr.  3/8/93 HDR
Winkler, Joseph Garland Rev.  2/22/93 HDR
Winkler, Joseph Garland Rev. Dr. 2/23/93 HDR
Winkler, Lillian Sherrill  2/1/02 HDR
Winkler, Lillian Sherrill  2/1/02 ONE
Winkler, Linda Bryant 5/21/98 HDR
Winkler, Lucille Swanson 2/18/97 HDR
Winkler, Mamie Estelle Jenkins  7/20/93 HDR
Winkler, Margeurite King 7/15/97 HDR
Winkler, Mary Bumgarner 8/14/99 HDR
Winkler, Mary Inez Hallman 12/9/93 HDR
Winkler, Mary Inez Hallman 12/10/93 HDR
Winkler, Mary Wilcox  6/7/94 HDR
Winkler, Nellie Jane Stone  8/14/02 HDR
Winkler, Nellie M.  7/8/01 HDR
Winkler, Niles Dean  1/13/96 HDR
Winkler, Othmar 8/27/99 HDR
Winkler, Rachel Etta Bentley 12/6/98 HDR
Winkler, Ralph Allen 2/1/00 ONE
Winkler, Ralph Allen "Biggin" 2/1/00 HDR
Winkler, Ralph Allen "Biggin" 2/2/00 HDR
Winkler, Ray 3/17/99 ONE
Winkler, Ray  3/17/99 HDR
Winkler, Ray  3/18/99 HDR
Winkler, Robert C. 6/23/97 HDR
Winkler, Robert G.  2/11/03 HDR
Winkler, Robert Harrison Jr. 12/24/02 HDR
Winkler, Robert Harrison Jr. 12/26/02 HDR
Winkler, Roy Jasper 10/29/98 HDR
Winkler, Ruby Kirby  10/10/02 HDR
Winkler, Ruby Laws 10/21/98 HDR
Winkler, Sarah Elizabeth  9/22/00 HDR
Winkler, Sessie S.  7/12/05 HDR
Winkler, Sheena Maria Powell 3/22/00 HDR
Winkler, Sue Ellen Reid 1/2/99 HDR
Winkler, Sue Ellen Reid 1/3/99 HDR
Winkler, Terry  9/27/94 HDR
Winkler, Terry Sandberg  9/28/94 HDR
Winkler, Texie Triplett  4/7/00 HDR
Winkler, Theodore "Ted" Arthur  4/2/03 HDR
Winkler, Thomas "Hall" 3/11/99 HDR
Winkler, Tom Stewart (veteran) 6/20/94 HDR
Winkler, Vella Lee Cline  11/2/97 HDR
Winkler, Walter Wayne "Bud" Sr. 8/4/04 ONE
Winkler, Walter Wayne "Buddy" Jr. 11/25/99 HDR
Winkler, Wayburn Hamby  1/9/03 HDR
Winkler, Zelda "Pat" 4/28/00 HDR
Winn, Emma 4/9/94 HDR
Winn, Harry Basil Jr. 2/23/05 HDR
Winn, Thomas Edward 3/10/93 HDR
Winn, Thomas Edward  3/10/93 ONE
Winnett, Janet B. 11/21/01 HDR
Winningham, Sidney Kannon 2/23/95 HDR
Winningham, Sidney Kannon 2/23/95 ONE
Winslow, Terrence (Page 2A) 12/16/99 HDR
Winstead, Earl Johnny  1/18/93 HDR
Winstead, Earl Johnny  1/19/93 HDR
Winstead, Earl Johnny  1/18/93 ONE
Winstead, Earl Johnny  1/19/93 ONE
Winstead, James L. 8/20/04 ONE
Winstead, Mildred Stephens  10/2/97 HDR
Winstead, Thomas William  9/16/05 HDR
Winstead, Thomas William  9/17/05 HDR
Winstead, Thomas William  9/16/05 ONE
Winstead, Thomas William  9/19/05 ONE
Winston, Sam 9/28/95 HDR
Winston-Ost, Patricia  11/23/97 HDR
Winston-Ost, Patricia Clarizio  11/25/97 HDR
Winter, Joanne 9/27/96 HDR
Winter, Leonard Cecil  1/13/03 ONE
Winter, Leonard Cecil Dr. 1/13/03 HDR
Winter, Max 7/29/96 HDR
Winter, Monica Vilma Chiosso  5/19/94 HDR
Wintermute, Eleanor "Ellie" Bourke 7/15/96 HDR
Wintermute, Frederick Hazen  11/7/02 HDR
Winters, Brownlow McDonald "Don" 9/22/98 HDR
Winters, Brownlow McDonald "Don" 9/23/98 HDR
Winters, Brownlow McDonald "Don" 9/22/98 ONE
Winters, Brownlow McDonald "Don" 9/23/98 ONE
Winters, Charlotte Forbes  2/23/95 HDR
Winters, Cora  6/15/05 ONE
Winters, Cora Banks 6/16/05 HDR
Winters, Cora Banks 6/16/05 ONE
Winters, David 9/26/94 HDR
Winters, David  9/26/94 ONE
Winters, David  9/27/94 ONE
Winters, David E. 9/27/94 HDR
Winters, Dora P. 12/2/93 HDR
Winters, Douglas A.  9/13/02 HDR
Winters, Douglas A.  9/13/02 ONE
Winters, Harley Worth 7/14/00 HDR
Winters, Harley Worth 7/14/00 ONE
Winters, Helen Boggs 6/21/95 ONE
Winters, Helen Boggs  6/21/95 HDR
Winters, Helen L. 6/20/95 ONE
Winters, Helen L.  6/20/95 HDR
Winters, J. Olin  2/2/03 HDR
Winters, J. Olin  2/3/03 HDR
Winters, J. Olin (Fmr. Conover City Councilman) 2/3/03 ONE
Winters, Kathy 4/7/97 ONE
Winters, Leonard Calvin 5/1/95 ONE
Winters, Leonard Calvin  4/30/95 HDR
Winters, Paul W. 12/27/94 HDR
Winters, Paul W. 12/28/94 HDR
Winters, Richard Eugene 6/1/03 HDR
Winters, Richard Eugene  6/2/03 ONE
Winters, Robert William Sr. Rev. 11/28/00 HDR
Winters, Robert William Sr. Rev. 11/28/00 ONE
Winters, Ruby Little 3/19/98 HDR
Winters, Shirley Jean Rupard  4/25/01 HDR
Winters, Trail 11/9/01 HDR
Winters, Wilma Wilson 7/5/04 ONE
Wintzer, Louis A. 12/26/98 HDR
Wintzer, Louis A.  12/28/98 ONE
Wintzer, Louis Albert 12/27/98 HDR
Wireman, Billy Overton 7/20/05 HDR
Wireman, Lisa Hovis  1/19/03 HDR
Wirsig, Arthur Eugene Paul  9/27/02 HDR
Wise, Agnes Rogers 12/28/98 HDR
Wise, Agnes Rogers 12/28/98 ONE
Wise, Bessie Beam Jones  8/10/03 HDR
Wise, Cecil 9/9/02 ONE
Wise, Cecil  9/8/02 HDR
Wise, Chubby (co-wrote "Orange Blossom Special") 1/14/96 HDR
Wise, Ella M.  2/7/95 HDR
Wise, Ernest Alvin  2/5/93 HDR
Wise, Eugene 10/1/00 HDR
Wise, Fred C.  Jr. 2/13/02 HDR
Wise, Fred C. Jr.  2/13/02 ONE
Wise, Fred L. 12/27/99 HDR
Wise, Freda Theresa Bossie  8/24/01 HDR
Wise, Freda Theresa Bossie  8/23/01 ONE
Wise, Grace V. Lynn 4/20/97 HDR
Wise, Grace V. Lynn 4/21/97 ONE
Wise, Jack  6/29/00 HDR
Wise, Jerry Colon 10/6/97 HDR
Wise, John L. Jr. 1/12/96 ONE
Wise, Margaret Adaline Ballard 10/15/98 HDR
Wise, Paul 4/15/99 HDR
Wise, Pauline Lohr  11/4/97 HDR
Wise, Ruth Elizabeth Rudecil 12/23/99 HDR
Wise, Sidney (political science  professor) 2/17/94 HDR
Wise, Tommy Chester 5/11/98 HDR
Wise, Worth David Rev. 1/30/94 HDR
Wise, Worth David Rev. 1/31/94 ONE
Wise, Worth David, Rev. 1/29/94 HDR
Wiseman, A. A. (veteran) 2/9/94 HDR
Wiseman, A. A. (veteran) 2/10/94 HDR
Wiseman, Anna Grace Smith 12/9/97 HDR
Wiseman, Betty Jean  12/6/93 HDR
Wiseman, Dorothy 12/13/93 HDR
Wiseman, Dorothy Weatherman 12/14/93 HDR
Wiseman, Edith Bentley 3/18/94 HDR
Wiseman, Eula Hughes 3/4/98 HDR
Wiseman, Jean Miller  8/12/01 HDR
Wiseman, Johnny David  4/12/02 HDR
Wiseman, Macie Louise Powell 7/16/05 HDR
Wiseman, Macie Louise Powell 7/17/05 HDR
Wiseman, Macie Louise Powell 7/18/05 ONE
Wiseman, Ruth Daniels  1/5/95 HDR
Wiseman, Theodore  "Ted" 4/10/94 HDR
Wiseman, Theodore  "Ted" 4/11/94 HDR
Wishon, Howard Earl 10/28/99 HDR
Wishon, James Weston Sr. 9/5/96 HDR
Wishon, James Weston Sr. 9/5/96 ONE
Wishon, Juanita Sipe 12/19/97 ONE
Wishon, Juanita Sipe  12/20/97 HDR
Wishon, Mamie Frances Leatherman 7/6/94 ONE
Wishon, Mamie Francis Leatherman 7/6/94 HDR
Wishon, Mary Jane  5/1/95 HDR
Wishon, Mary Jane Miss 5/1/95 ONE
Wishon, Mildred Genevieve Salley  8/29/01 HDR
Wishy, Joseph (producer) 7/6/93 HDR
Wison, Carroll E.  3/30/02 HDR
Wissman, Robert (Page 3A) 12/10/01 HDR
Wiszowatey, Marie Gurecki 5/27/05 HDR
Wiszowaty, Marie Gurecki 5/28/05 HDR
Witcher, Fronia Cline 8/25/03 HDR
Witcher, Lonnie "Jack" Jr. 1/24/95 HDR
Withers, Bleca Starr 5/28/99 HDR
Withers, Charles M.  10/24/05 HDR
Withers, Charles M.  10/24/05 ONE
Withers, Clara Bolick 11/22/00 HDR
Withers, Clara Bolick 11/21/00 ONE
Withers, Cleveland  Osborne 12/12/98 HDR
Withers, Cleveland Osborne 12/11/98 HDR
Withers, Cleveland Osborne 12/11/98 ONE
Withers, Crystal Adele  12/27/05 HDR
Withers, Garvin  11/28/94 HDR
Withers, Herman L. 5/3/97 HDR
Withers, Herman Lenoir 5/5/97 HDR
Withers, Jack Milton Jr. 5/14/98 HDR
Withers, James Hugh 5/31/98 HDR
Withers, Kathleen Schronce 12/20/03 HDR
Withers, Lawrence "Skinny" Edward  8/14/96 HDR
Withers, Lawrence Edward "Skinny" 8/14/96 ONE
Withers, Leslie Cook 3/27/95 HDR
Withers, Leslie Cooke Mrs. 3/27/95 ONE
Withers, Lucille Hewitt  5/16/02 HDR
Withers, Lucille Hewitt  5/16/02 ONE
Withers, Marion Floyd 9/25/00 ONE
Withers, Marion Floyd  9/25/00 HDR
Withers, Maude Williams 7/28/98 HDR
Withers, Maude Williams 7/27/98 ONE
Withers, Milton Garvin Levoid 11/28/94 ONE
Withers, Patricia Elizabeth Newton 4/23/05 HDR
Withers, Vernie Eunice Smith 4/16/97 ONE
Withers, Vernie Eunice Smith  4/17/97 HDR
Withers, Wilma A. 11/24/95 HDR
Withers, Wilma Daisey 11/25/95 HDR
Withers, Wilma Daisey  11/24/95 ONE
Witherspoon, Ann Beaver 8/2/00 HDR
Witherspoon, Bland William 5/4/93 HDR
Witherspoon, D.J. 1/14/00 HDR
Witherspoon, Edgar Hoyle Jr. 7/16/00 HDR
Witherspoon, Edgar Hoyle Jr. 7/17/00 ONE
Witherspoon, Ernest Loyd "Dick"  12/11/94 HDR
Witherspoon, Ernest Loyd (Dick) 12/12/94 ONE
Witherspoon, Goldie Isaac 7/9/98 HDR
Witherspoon, Goldie Isaac 7/11/98 HDR
Witherspoon, Goldie Isaac 7/9/98 ONE
Witherspoon, Grace Geneva Hartley  2/11/03 HDR
Witherspoon, Harold Eugene 9/16/97 HDR
Witherspoon, Hazel Michaux 4/7/97 HDR
Witherspoon, Hazelene P. Howard 7/7/96 HDR
Witherspoon, Helen Evelyn Hawn 10/9/00 ONE
Witherspoon, Helen Evelyn Hawn  10/7/00 HDR
Witherspoon, J. B. Jr. 8/14/96 HDR
Witherspoon, J. Roy Sr.  10/4/94 HDR
Witherspoon, James Edward  6/6/95 HDR
Witherspoon, James Walter Sr. 4/19/00 HDR
Witherspoon, Jimmy (Blues singer) 9/24/97 HDR
Witherspoon, Joe  12/3/97 HDR
Witherspoon, Joe Louis 12/4/97 ONE
Witherspoon, Joe Louis  12/5/97 HDR
Witherspoon, John Gordon Capt. (Coast Guard) 1/7/94 HDR
Witherspoon, Junius Roy Jr. 9/9/96 HDR
Witherspoon, Katherine 3/20/98 HDR
Witherspoon, Katherine Dula 3/24/98 HDR
Witherspoon, Mary Glenola Price 1/6/05 HDR
Witherspoon, Maynard 12/1/03 HDR
Witherspoon, Maynard  12/1/03 ONE
Witherspoon, Nona L.  2/1/05 HDR
Witherspoon, Robert 3/8/02 HDR
Witherspoon, Robert  3/7/02 HDR
Witherspoon, Ronald Lee  6/24/05 HDR
Witherspoon, Rose Ileasa "Lisa" Newell  3/29/04 ONE
Witherspoon, Samuel "Sam" Joe 2/6/95 HDR
Witherspoon, Sarah Virginia  3/5/03 HDR
Witherspoon, Sarah Virginia  3/5/03 ONE
Witherspoon, Stewart Warfield  7/18/94 HDR
Witherspoon, William Samuel Sr. 10/8/99 HDR
Witherspoon, Willie 5/12/00 ONE
Witherspoon, Willie Blanche Hoke 5/13/00 HDR
Witherspoon, Willie Blanche Hoke 5/15/00 ONE
Withrow, Elizabeth Akerman  1/9/02 HDR
Witkowski, Peggy Orders  2/4/01 HDR
Witmore, Sue  8/3/04 ONE
Witt, Barbara Ann Rumley 4/5/96 HDR
Witt, Barbara Ann Rumley 4/5/96 ONE
Witt, Marjorie Mae Brash 5/16/98 HDR
Witt, Marjorie Mae Brash 5/18/98 ONE
Witt, Peter N. Dr. 9/21/98 HDR
Witt, Raymond Henry Rev. 4/30/93 HDR
Witt, Raymond Henry Rev. 4/30/93 ONE
Witt, Vernon Carroll 9/28/03 HDR
Wittenberg, Doris Louise  12/23/95 HDR
Wittenberg, Elizabeth Bingham  8/31/03 HDR
Wittenberg, Hayward Thompson 2/20/98 HDR
Wittenberg, Hayward Thompson 2/20/98 ONE
Wittenberg, Michael (husband of Bernadette Peters) 9/29/05 HDR
Wittenburg, James "J.B." 4/5/04 ONE
Witzelhofer, Frank N. Jr. 3/28/05 HDR
Woerner, Edna Wynne  1/23/01 HDR
Woerner, Manfred  (NATO Secretary-General) 8/15/94 HDR
Wofford, Ella Ramah (mother of Toni Morrison) 2/19/94 HDR
Wohlstetter, Charles (vice chairman of GTE corp.) 5/25/95 HDR
Wolbert, Gregory Seith (infant) 3/3/94 HDR
Wolbert, Gregory Seith (infant) 3/3/94 ONE
Woldemariam, Philip (Page 8C) 2/21/96 HDR
Wolf, Alfred 12/20/98 HDR
Wolf, Eric 3/12/99 HDR
Wolf, Ron Rev.  8/5/95 HDR
Wolfberg, Dennis (comedian) 10/5/94 HDR
Wolfe, Catherine O'Toole  1/14/03 HDR
Wolfe, Catherine O'Toole  1/14/03 ONE
Wolfe, Glynn "Scotty" (most-married man) 7/21/97 HDR
Wolfe, Glynn "Scotty" (world's most married man) 6/23/97 HDR
Wolfe, John N. Dr. (pioneer in mammography) 9/3/93 HDR
Wolfe, John W. (The Dispatch Printing Co.) 6/12/94 HDR
Wolfe, Kathryn B.  9/1/05 HDR
Wolfe, Linda Ann Warren 1/24/97 HDR
Wolfe, Linda Ann Warren 1/23/97 ONE
Wolfe, Malinda Kay 10/5/99 HDR
Wolfe, Mildred Joyce 8/29/97 HDR
Wolfe, Mildred Joyce  8/30/97 HDR
Wolfe, Miriam 10/6/00 HDR
Wolfe, Ralph Lee Sr. 12/24/05 HDR
Wolfe, Tommy Joe 4/21/98 HDR
Wolfert, Ira (war reporter) 12/3/97 HDR
Wolff, Albert H. ("The Untouchables") 3/24/98 HDR
Wolff, Helen (publisher) 4/2/94 HDR
Wolff, Jean Elizabeth  7/24/01 HDR
Wolff, Jean Elizabeth  7/24/01 ONE
Wolff, Sheldon M. Dr. (expert on AIDS) 2/12/94 HDR
Wolken, Jerome Jay 5/21/99 HDR
Wollan, Eldon Dale 10/29/97 HDR
Wollan, Eldon Dale 10/29/97 ONE
Wollheim, Richard (philosophy professor) 11/9/03 HDR
Wolters, John Robert Sr. 9/20/00 HDR
Wolters, John Robert Sr. 9/19/00 ONE
Womack, David L. 10/18/99 HDR
Womack, James Ralph 11/14/00 HDR
Womack, James Ralph 11/14/00 ONE
Womack, James Thomas Jr. 10/9/97 HDR
Womble, Audrey S.  1/23/04 ONE
Wong, Esther (club owner) 8/23/05 HDR
Wood, Agnes Matilda  5/3/02 HDR
Wood, Annie Bell Forrester 1/21/99 HDR
Wood, Annie Bell Forrester  1/21/99 HDR
Wood, Ariail Boggs  10/17/96 HDR
Wood, Betty Setzer  7/13/02 HDR
Wood, Betty Setzer  7/14/02 HDR
Wood, Bill 1/26/99 ONE
Wood, Carla (mezzo-soprano-Metropolitan Opera) 7/18/05 HDR
Wood, Clyde Gunnells 1/18/94 HDR
Wood, Eldridge Ford 7/22/93 HDR
Wood, Eldridge Ford 7/23/93 HDR
Wood, Eldridge Ford  7/23/93 ONE
Wood, Elizabeth Cobb 9/11/03 HDR
Wood, Elizabeth Cobb 9/10/03 ONE
Wood, Ellen Coffey Dula  10/22/95 HDR
Wood, Emily Wood Cocke 7/16/96 HDR
Wood, Glenda Carol 5/22/97 HDR
Wood, Glenda Carol 5/22/97 ONE
Wood, Hazel Wright 3/16/99 HDR
Wood, Hazel Wright  (Page 5A) 3/17/99 HDR
Wood, Herman Lee 7/10/96 HDR
Wood, Horace Guy 8/6/95 HDR
Wood, James Jake 7/3/05 HDR
Wood, Jeanette Smith Brannock 9/13/98 HDR
Wood, Jeanette Smith Brannock 9/14/98 ONE
Wood, Karen D. 11/16/99 HDR
Wood, Lee Ander 5/12/00 HDR
Wood, Lee Ander 5/11/00 ONE
Wood, Lois Howell  10/24/95 ONE
Wood, Lucy Coffey 7/23/93 HDR
Wood, Lucy Coffey  7/24/93 HDR
Wood, Lugenia L. 8/4/01 HDR
Wood, Lula Partin (100 yoa) 3/10/00 ONE
Wood, Margaret Lois  10/23/95 HDR
Wood, Margaret Lois Howell 10/23/95 ONE
Wood, Mary Chapman 3/16/97 HDR
Wood, Mary Chapman A.Z.F. 3/17/97 ONE
Wood, Mary Louise "Polly" Madison 10/28/98 HDR
Wood, Nellie Octavia  9/28/94 HDR
Wood, Opie Goad 1/14/96 HDR
Wood, Rickie Franklin 9/9/94 HDR
Wood, Robert Burks Jr. 2/5/97 HDR
Wood, Stella Mae Sebastian  2/20/03 HDR
Wood, Ted Franklin 3/27/96 HDR
Wood, Thomas 4/28/99 HDR
Wood, Thomas 4/28/99 ONE
Wood, Thurman Sr. 6/27/98 HDR
Wood, Virgie Gilbert 2/10/96 HDR
Wood, Walter Abbott (explorer) 5/20/93 HDR
Wood, Wanda Sebastian 12/15/01 HDR
Wood, William Collins 9/18/03 ONE
Wood, William Collins Rev. 9/19/03 ONE
Wood, William Collins Rev.  9/17/03 ONE
Wood, William Collins The Rev.  9/18/03 HDR
Wood, William Collins The Rev.  9/19/03 HDR
Wood, William Howard (veteran) 3/9/94 HDR
Wood, William Lawsn 1/25/99 HDR
Wood, William Lawson 1/25/99 HDR
Wood, William Lawson 1/25/99 ONE
Wood, William Lee 3/3/94 HDR
Wood, William Lee 3/4/94 HDR
Woodall, Vassie 1/9/95 HDR
Woodall, Vassie Carswell Piercy  1/10/95 HDR
Woodard, Ada Louise Helton 2/27/95 HDR
Woodard, Ada Louise Helton 2/27/95 ONE
Woodard, Ada Louise Helton 3/1/95 ONE
Woodard, Ada Louise Helton  3/1/95 HDR
Woodard, Alvin Eugene 2/18/00 HDR
Woodard, Alvin Eugene 2/18/00 ONE
Woodard, Beatrice Louvenia Sigmon 4/17/01 HDR
Woodard, Beatrice Louvenia Sigmon 4/17/01 ONE
Woodard, Bertha 9/27/99 HDR
Woodard, Etta Mae Michaux 2/8/94 HDR
Woodard, Gary Ronald  7/7/93 HDR
Woodard, Gary Ronald  7/8/93 HDR
Woodard, Gary Ronald  7/7/93 ONE
Woodard, Gary Ronald  7/8/93 ONE
Woodard, Junior Allen  1/14/02 HDR
Woodard, Luther Howard 8/19/00 HDR
Woodard, Luther Howard 8/21/00 ONE
Woodard, Luther Ward 1/10/05 HDR
Woodard, Margaret Pope 2/11/00 HDR
Woodard, Matilda Jane  5/21/03 HDR
Woodard, Mina Hawley 9/3/96 ONE
Woodard, Thomas Lee Sr. 8/21/05 HDR
Woodard, Wiley Alfred 9/7/98 ONE
Woodard, Wiley Alfred Jr. 9/7/98 HDR
Woodby, Cindy 9/23/98 HDR
Woodby, Cindy 9/24/98 HDR
Woodby, Cindy 9/23/98 ONE
Woodell, Edmund Junior  1/19/03 HDR
Wooderson, Romilda Wanda Coffey 11/15/93 HDR
Wooderson, Romilda Wanda Coffey 11/16/93 HDR
Woodfield, William Read 11/27/01 HDR
Woodfin, Billy Bob 8/23/99 ONE
Woodfin, Cleo St. Clair 6/3/96 HDR
Woodfin, Cleo St. Clair 6/3/96 ONE
Woodfin, Janie Bea Kerley 12/15/02 HDR
Woodfin, John Landon 10/17/98 HDR
Woodham, Jesse Alex  7/7/93 HDR
Woodham, Jesse Alex  7/7/93 ONE
Woodham, Mary Miller 4/24/94 HDR
Woodham, Mary Miller 4/25/94 ONE
Woodhull, Nancy Jane 4/3/97 HDR
Woodie, Catherine Ovada Frye  6/25/94 HDR
Woodie, Charlotte 8/31/96 HDR
Woodie, Conrad Fairbanks  11/27/96 HDR
Woodie, Eldon Leo Sgt. First Class 4/29/97 HDR
Woodie, Elizabeth Johnson 1/19/94 HDR
Woodie, Elizabeth Johnson 1/20/94 HDR
Woodie, Glenn  3/5/93 HDR
Woodie, Glenn A. 3/6/93 HDR
Woodie, Hazel Pauline Kirby 7/3/01 HDR
Woodie, Hazel Pauline Kirby 7/5/01 HDR
Woodie, James Butler  6/16/97 HDR
Woodie, John Sylvester 11/25/94 HDR
Woodie, Leonard Larkin 11/28/94 HDR
Woodie, Lucy Hughes  1/14/01 HDR
Woodie, Mary Sue Kirby 3/11/95 HDR
Woodie, Norma Coffey 4/16/93 HDR
Woodie, Ovada Frye  6/24/94 HDR
Woodie, Ralph 8/31/96 HDR
Woodie, Rufus Paul  12/12/93 HDR
Woodie, S.F.C. Eldon Leon 4/29/97 ONE
Woodrich, Colleen 4/30/05 HDR
Woodrich, Colleen  4/29/05 ONE
Woodring, Billy Ray 4/2/97 HDR
Woodring, Cling J.  4/18/93 HDR
Woodring, Fred  6/3/94 HDR
Woodring, Fred  6/3/94 ONE
Woodring, Fred L. 6/6/94 ONE
Woodring, Fred L. (veteran) 6/4/94 HDR
Woodring, James Avery  6/2/96 HDR
Woodring, Jayden Marshall  4/7/03 HDR
Woodring, Lorene Baker 7/7/05 HDR
Woodring, Maria  8/31/95 HDR
Woodring, Marshina Maria  8/30/95 HDR
Woodring, Mozelle S. 7/27/99 ONE
Woodring, Mozelle Scronce 7/28/99 HDR
Woodring, Mozelle Scronce  7/28/99 ONE
Woodring, Ronda L. "Ronnie" Jr. 3/28/98 HDR
Woodring, Wilma Conley  7/25/93 HDR
Woodruff,  Katherine M.  9/12/00 HDR
Woodruff, Billy Dee  12/2/93 HDR
Woodruff, Charles 2/9/96 ONE
Woodruff, Claude Albert 6/8/96 HDR
Woodruff, Cora Carolyn 12/24/97 HDR
Woodruff, Dare 7/11/02 HDR
Woodruff, Dorthia Marie Shives  5/15/01 HDR
Woodruff, Edfard Monroe  2/5/01 HDR
Woodruff, Edford Monroe  2/5/01 ONE
Woodruff, Elizabeth Hargett Mrs.  10/21/03 HDR
Woodruff, Fred (US diplomat) 8/10/93 HDR
Woodruff, Freda  8/10/93 HDR
Woodruff, Freda McLean  8/11/93 HDR
Woodruff, Haywood S. "Woody" 4/22/96 HDR
Woodruff, Helen Mae Hall 12/17/99 HDR
Woodruff, Henry "Lee" Leander 5/30/96 HDR
Woodruff, James Edward  5/2/03 HDR
Woodruff, Jimmy "Jim" W. 11/7/94 ONE
Woodruff, Jimmy "Jim" W.  11/6/94 HDR
Woodruff, Katherine M.  9/13/00 HDR
Woodruff, Lloyd Wilson  12/6/93 HDR
Woodruff, Mary Etta Hartley 12/28/05 HDR
Woodruff, Thomas  8/29/03 HDR
Woodruff, Thomas Brabson 8/30/03 HDR
Woodruff, Virginia Beatrice Edmisten 2/16/01 HDR
Woodruff, Virginia Beatrice Edmisten 2/16/01 ONE
Woods, Alma Marie  1/22/01 HDR
Woods, Arnie R.  11/10/97 HDR
Woods, Cecil Lawrence 5/5/94 HDR
Woods, Chaddie Bell Wilkes  7/7/96 HDR
Woods, Clara Cannon  3/12/03 HDR
Woods, Connie McLain 12/25/01 HDR
Woods, Cynthia Faye 3/7/98 HDR
Woods, David Brian  10/16/03 HDR
Woods, Ellen Dula  10/20/95 HDR
Woods, Eric Dinorris 7/10/95 HDR
Woods, Gaither Weddie  7/14/04 ONE
Woods, George Rufus 1/4/00 HDR
Woods, Gertrude Gibbs 8/9/98 HDR
Woods, Gertrude Gibbs 8/11/98 HDR
Woods, Gertrude Gibbs 8/10/98 ONE
Woods, Gertrude Gibbs 8/11/98 ONE
Woods, Helen B. 5/3/01 ONE
Woods, Helen B.  5/4/01 HDR
Woods, Herbert  6/16/01 HDR
Woods, Homer G.  10/12/01 HDR
Woods, Ida Icenhour 1/3/99 HDR
Woods, James Edward 11/23/94 ONE
Woods, James Edward  11/23/94 HDR
Woods, James Edward  11/25/94 HDR
Woods, Jimmy Lee 1/10/96 HDR
Woods, Jimmy Lee 1/5/96 HDR
Woods, John Archie  7/26/01 HDR
Woods, John Raleigh  5/4/96 HDR
Woods, JoRuth (basketball player) 5/2/05 HDR
Woods, Josh Shawn  1/28/98 HDR
Woods, Joshua Shawn 1/29/98 HDR
Woods, Joshua Shawn 1/29/98 ONE
Woods, Judith Elaine Grady 5/22/03 HDR
Woods, Kathryn "Kat" Mae Kaylor 8/23/01 HDR
Woods, Kathryn (Kat) Mae Kaylor 8/23/01 ONE
Woods, Larry Elvin  8/19/01 HDR
Woods, Lavitha “Nell” Funderburke  1/24/03 HDR
Woods, Linnie Colon 7/18/00 HDR
Woods, Margaret S.  12/14/97 HDR
Woods, Marie C.  8/31/95 HDR
Woods, Mary Ellen Caudle 7/4/98 HDR
Woods, Mary Rose  7/15/98 HDR
Woods, Mary Rose  7/15/98 ONE
Woods, Mary Rose Cornelius 8/1/98 HDR
Woods, Otie Mae 4/26/98 HDR
Woods, R. C. Jr.  2/18/95 HDR
Woods, Ralph Sydney  9/8/94 HDR
Woods, Raymond Vaughn 11/27/95 HDR
Woods, Robert Frank 1/10/96 HDR
Woods, Robert Frank  2/5/96 HDR
Woods, Rose Mary (President Nixon's secretary) 1/25/05 HDR
Woods, Rosecda Sanders 1/10/03 ONE
Woods, Rosecda Sanders  1/10/03 HDR
Woods, Roseeda Sanders 1/9/03 ONE
Woods, Samuel Willie  9/13/94 HDR
Woods, Star Eve Baker 9/28/05 HDR
Woods, Vernon Stokes 10/14/96 HDR
Woods, Wayne Robert  9/23/01 HDR
Woods, William "Bill" Orville Jr.  8/31/03 HDR
Woods, William S.  2/20/95 HDR
Woodside, Annie Mae Robinson 1/23/00 HDR
Woodside, Annie Mae Robinson 1/24/00 ONE
Woodside, Annie Mae Robinson 1/21/00 ONE
Woodside, William 11/19/00 HDR
Woodward, Alpha Walker 11/23/04 ONE
Woodward, Billy Glenn Sr.  8/11/93 HDR
Woodward, Capitola Lyda 1/22/00 HDR
Woodward, Capitola Lyda 1/28/00 HDR
Woodward, Capitola Lyda 1/26/00 ONE
Woodward, Capitola Lyda 1/24/00 ONE
Woodward, Carolyn Barlow 5/7/03 HDR
Woodward, Carolyn Barlow 5/8/03 HDR
Woodward, Carolyn Barlow  5/7/03 ONE
Woodward, Elizabeth Steely "Freddy" 1/7/00 HDR
Woodward, Elizabeth Steely "Freddy" 1/7/00 ONE
Woodward, James Oliver Jr. 7/26/00 HDR
Woodward, William III 5/8/99 HDR
Woody, A.C.  7/16/05 HDR
Woody, A.C.  7/17/05 HDR
Woody, A.C.  7/18/05 ONE
Woody, Allen 5/30/01 HDR
Woody, Charlotte (Page 5A) 8/30/96 HDR
Woody, Clyde T.  6/29/93 HDR
Woody, Clyde T.  6/30/93 HDR
Woody, Coy F.  2/12/93 HDR
Woody, David C.  10/24/01 HDR
Woody, Dewey E. 12/15/98 HDR
Woody, Douglas F.  5/23/94 HDR
Woody, Edna Duncan  3/23/96 HDR
Woody, Estelle Patton 3/18/96 HDR
Woody, Grover Landers  1/12/95 HDR
Woody, Harmon Troy 7/13/98 HDR
Woody, Harmon Troy 7/14/98 HDR
Woody, Harmon Troy 7/13/98 ONE
Woody, Howard David Elford (Page 7A) 11/16/94 HDR
Woody, Howard George  12/25/02 HDR
Woody, Howard George  12/26/02 ONE
Woody, Jack Lee  7/26/02 HDR
Woody, Jack Lee  7/26/02 ONE
Woody, James Leonard 11/16/05 HDR
Woody, Julia Mae 7/25/01 HDR
Woody, Lee “Junior” Jr. 6/14/02 HDR
Woody, Madge Mozelle 6/17/04 ONE
Woody, Mary Yvonne 2/20/99 HDR
Woody, Mary Yvonne 2/22/99 ONE
Woody, Mattie Lee Morrison 10/23/98 HDR
Woody, Mattie Lee Morrison 10/22/98 ONE
Woody, Norma Crump  5/18/93 HDR
Woody, Norma Elizabeth   5/19/93 HDR
Woody, Ocie Randolph "Mamaw" 03-23-19999 HDR
Woody, Ralph (Page 5A) 8/30/96 HDR
Woody, Richard Gary  4/22/02 HDR
Woody, Richard Gary  4/23/02 HDR
Woody, Richard Gary  4/23/02 ONE
Woody, Rosa Thomas  3/18/01 HDR
Woody, Sue Queen Mrs.  10/5/03 HDR
Woody, Walter Lewis Jr. 12/4/96 ONE
Woody, Walton L. 12/3/96 ONE
Woody, Walton Lewis Jr.  12/5/96 HDR
Woody, William Early Sr. 8/21/94 HDR
Woolard, Shawna (Page 3A) 7/21/97 HDR
Woolf, John Sir 7/2/99 HDR
Woolfenden, William E. (director of Smithsonian Institution's Archives of American Art) 7/24/95 HDR
Woolfolk, William (writer) 8/10/03 HDR
Woolley, Robert C. 10/4/96 HDR
Woolums, Harold Ray 1/6/02 HDR
Woosley, Rebecca T.  12/31/00 HDR
Woosley, Samantha Mae (infant) 1/14/94 HDR
Woosley, Samantha Mae (infant) 1/15/94 HDR
Woosley, Samantha Mae (infant) 1/14/94 ONE
Woosley, Tommy Lee 5/4/03 HDR
Wooten, Bill 10/30/01 HDR
Wooten, Bill 10/29/01 ONE
Wooten, Calvin R.  4/2/93 HDR
Wooten, Calvin Reid  4/4/93 HDR
Wooten, Cecil Jackson 5/2/00 HDR
Wooten, Cecil Jackson "C.J." Jr.  1/31/05 HDR
Wooten, Gerald F. Dr. 12/25/00 HDR
Wooten, Harold Ray 12/18/99 HDR
Wooten, Harold Ray 12/20/99 ONE
Wooten, Herman  10/20/95 HDR
Wooten, Herman  10/21/95 HDR
Wooten, Herman  10/22/95 HDR
Wooten, Herman  10/20/95 ONE
Wooten, Herman  10/23/95 ONE
Wooten, Jessie Lewis 7/2/99 HDR
Wooten, Lewis M. "Pat" 7/18/96 HDR
Wooten, Melvin 5/3/94 HDR
Wooten, Melvin Oscar Jr. 5/4/94 HDR
Wooten, Norma Jean Bledsoe  12/22/00 HDR
Wooten, Pauline  3/19/99 HDR
Wooten, Philip Ray 12/2/96 HDR
Wooten, Phillip  11/28/96 HDR
Wooten, Phillip Ray 12/2/96 ONE
Wooten, Richard Carl (disability advocate)  8/24/95 HDR
Wooten, Robert H. “Bobby”  9/2/02 HDR
Wooten, Walter Stephen 5/13/02 ONE
Wooten, Walter Stephen  5/12/02 HDR
Wootten, Mary Wilson 6/6/94 HDR
Wootten, Mary Wilson 6/6/94 ONE
Wootten, Walter E. 12/21/94 HDR
Wootten, Walter Ramon 2/4/98 HDR
Wootton, Sandra Bolick  7/2/02 HDR
Worcester, Roland Charles “Brother Chuck”  2/24/03 HDR
Word, Joe Billy 7/29/99 HDR
Word, Vina Stewart 4/13/98 HDR
Work, Martin Haverty 8/26/00 HDR
Workman, Carolyn Carswell 4/7/98 HDR
Workman, Deborah Sue  2/6/95 HDR
Workman, Debra Sue Northington 2/7/95 HDR
Workman, Donald Ray 5/4/00 HDR
Workman, Dorothy Brown  3/21/93 HDR
Workman, Dorothy Brown  3/22/93 HDR
Workman, Earl 8/6/93 HDR
Workman, Earl Kenneth (Dink) 8/7/93 HDR
Workman, Earl Tillman 11/22/99 HDR
Workman, Essie C. 4/6/94 HDR
Workman, Essie C. 4/7/94 HDR
Workman, Ethel Pauline Peeler Mrs.  6/15/03 HDR
Workman, Howard Gene  5/22/01 HDR
Workman, J.E. "Boge"  1/27/02 HDR
Workman, Mary Lou Short 6/20/93 HDR
Workman, Mary Mozine Goins 3/23/97 HDR
Workman, Mary Mozine Goins 3/24/97 HDR
Workman, Mary Mozine Goins 3/24/97 ONE
Workman, Nevert Propst 6/5/01 HDR
Workman, Perlie "Perle" 6/27/98 HDR
Workman, Ray 2/11/94 HDR
Workman, Ray B. Sr. 2/14/94 ONE
Workman, Ray B. Sr. (retired-Navy) 2/12/94 HDR
Workman, Ronald Lee 5/3/93 HDR
Workman, Shirley Ann Parker 12/31/95 HDR
Workman, Thomas Vance 5/26/03 HDR
Workman, Thomas Vance  5/26/03 ONE
Workman, Virgie Jane Shull  2/2/05 HDR
Workman, Walter Scott  8/9/97 HDR
Workman, William 3/6/98 ONE
Worley, Dossie Baity  2/21/02 HDR
Worley, Frank Jude  6/18/02 HDR
Worley, Franklin Henry  8/20/02 HDR
Worley, Herbert Barney 5/10/01 HDR
Worley, Jolene Kay (first poster child for muscular dystrophy) 4/25/93 HDR
Worley, Joshua Addison 5/17/98 HDR
Worley, Mabel Elizabeth Price 9/22/96 HDR
Worley, Marie Allison  10/21/00 HDR
Worley, Walter Henry Jr. 11/18/98 HDR
Worley, Walter Henry Jr. 11/21/98 HDR
Worley, Walter Henry Jr. 11/18/98 ONE
Worley, William “Bill” Henry  3/27/03 HDR
Worman, Barbara G.  1/9/01 HDR
Worman, Charlotte S.  1/28/03 HDR
Worrell, Edith B. 2/18/99 HDR
Worsham, Alex Zandra Grace 2/7/99 HDR
Worsham, Martha Ella Isenhour 4/26/97 HDR
Worsham, Martha Ella Isenhour 4/28/97 ONE
Worsham, William "Bill" Woodson 11/11/03 HDR
Worsley, James Thomas 12/30/05 HDR
Worth, Eugene "Gene" Justin 5/11/93 ONE
Worth, Eugene Justin 5/10/93 ONE
Worth, Eugene Justin  5/10/93 HDR
Worth, Eugene Justin  5/11/93 HDR
Worth, Marion (singer) 12/22/99 HDR
Worth, Marvin 4/26/98 HDR
Worthington, Richard (inmate) 11/12/93 HDR
Worthington, Richard (inmate) 11/13/93 HDR
Wortis, Joseph Dr. (insulin shock treatment) 2/28/95 HDR
Wortman, Austin 1/4/00 HDR
Wortman, Austin 1/2/00 HDR
Wortman, Elbert David  11/2/05 HDR
Wortman, Ferry Parks  2/13/02 HDR
Wortman, Jean G.  5/28/05 HDR
Wortman, John D. 4/12/03 HDR
Wortman, Mae Elizabeth Bailey 4/7/05 HDR
Wortman, Paul James  8/7/95 HDR
Wortman, Paul James  8/8/95 HDR
Wotring, Phyllis Maxine  3/16/01 HDR
Wouk, Victor (electrical engineer and entrepreneur) 6/21/05 HDR
Woytovich, Paul 2/22/94 HDR
Woytovich, Paul  (veteran) 2/23/94 HDR
Wray, Betty Clevenger Craig  11/19/96 HDR
Wray, Betty Clevenger Craig  11/18/96 HDR
Wray, Elmer Dean 3/6/03 HDR
Wray, Elmer Dean 3/6/03 ONE
Wray, John Marshall Kean 12/23/93 HDR
Wray, John Marshall Kean 12/24/93 HDR
Wray, Johnsie Pauline Bass 9/28/01 HDR
Wray, Johnsie Pauline Bass 9/26/01 ONE
Wray, Johnsie Pauline Bass  9/27/01 HDR
Wray, Link (guitar master) 11/26/05 HDR
Wray, Louise Jones 10/22/01 HDR
Wray, Ona Williams Powell 4/8/98 HDR
Wray, Rae MacGregor "Mac"  7/22/96 HDR
Wren, Gordon 11/28/99 HDR
Wright, Alfred  Rev. 8/6/00 HDR
Wright, Alfred Rev. 8/5/00 HDR
Wright, Anthony M.  5/19/05 HDR
Wright, Anthony M.  5/20/05 HDR
Wright, Beatrice Singleton  2/9/96 HDR
Wright, Berlie W. Mrs. 2/9/05 HDR
Wright, Betty Sue Easter 10/15/99 HDR
Wright, Bobby Eugene 8/5/98 HDR
Wright, Bonnie R.  3/1/95 HDR
Wright, C. B.  3/30/93 HDR
Wright, C. B.  4/1/93 HDR
Wright, Carl Junior  4/29/02 HDR
Wright, Carl Junior  4/29/02 ONE
Wright, Carolyn Willis 6/5/97 HDR
Wright, Carolyn Willis  6/4/97 HDR
Wright, Connie Setzer  10/16/93 HDR
Wright, Cynthia Paulette Young 12/16/00 HDR
Wright, David (poet) 9/6/94 HDR
Wright, David Roscoe  10/18/02 HDR
Wright, Don Richard 9/28/03 HDR
Wright, Don Richard  9/29/03 ONE
Wright, Dorothy Elizabeth 8/27/99 HDR
Wright, Dorothy Elizabeth 8/27/99 ONE
Wright, Douglas Richmond 4/10/00 HDR
Wright, Early  (radio personality) 12/17/99 HDR
Wright, Edna Howell 3/4/99 HDR
Wright, Edna Woodson  11/29/93 HDR
Wright, Edwin Eugene "Gene"  12/26/03 HDR
Wright, Effie Sarah Jane Wall  12/12/02 HDR
Wright, Elizabeth "Lib" Nelson 8/22/03 HDR
Wright, Ellen Garris 12/17/00 HDR
Wright, Ellen Garris 12/18/00 ONE
Wright, Ellen Garris  12/23/00 HDR
Wright, Elva Houser 7/18/05 HDR
Wright, Ernest Cecil  1/12/00 HDR
Wright, Ethel C.  3/6/99 HDR
Wright, Everette "Wayne" 5/22/03 HDR
Wright, Everette "Wayne"  5/21/03 ONE
Wright, Florence Henline  4/5/97 HDR
Wright, Floy  12/13/02 HDR
Wright, Floy Tonetta  12/14/02 HDR
Wright, Floyd Jr. 5/19/02 HDR
Wright, Fred Leonard  11/21/02 HDR
Wright, Fred Leonard  11/20/02 ONE
Wright, Fred Leonard  11/21/02 ONE
Wright, Geneva Lucille Melton 11/3/00 HDR
Wright, Geneva Lucille Melton 11/3/00 ONE
Wright, George Alexander  10/16/95 HDR
Wright, George Monroe  1/9/99 HDR
Wright, Georgia "Kate" McFarland 9/13/01 HDR
Wright, Gladys Nellie Lindsay  12/18/02 HDR
Wright, Gordon Justin 1/15/00 HDR
Wright, Grover C. Jr. 5/17/95 ONE
Wright, Grover C. Jr.  5/17/95 HDR
Wright, Hazel  4/17/00 HDR
Wright, Helen Campbell  8/24/93 HDR
Wright, Helen Campbell  8/25/93 HDR
Wright, Hilda Ann Williams 2/21/99 HDR
Wright, Hilda Ann Williams 2/22/99 ONE
Wright, Ira Ray  5/15/95 HDR
Wright, Irene Ross 2/14/01 HDR
Wright, J.S.  1/16/03 HDR
Wright, James Michael 2/10/03 ONE
Wright, James Michael  2/9/03 HDR
Wright, James William  12/21/93 HDR
Wright, James William  12/21/93 ONE
Wright, Janice Cline  6/7/01 HDR
Wright, Janice Elizabeth Cline 6/7/01 ONE
Wright, Jerry Edward 10/9/04 ONE
Wright, Jimmy Edward  8/19/94 HDR
Wright, John Allen  2/5/02 HDR
Wright, John Phillip 3/24/97 HDR
Wright, Junior Robert  12/24/96 HDR
Wright, Junior Robert  12/23/96 ONE
Wright, Katheryn (reporter) 12/17/99