Raabe, Marie (vaudville performer) 10-25-1997 HDR
Rabb, Alice Menefee 08-23-1998 HDR
Rabb, Eva Teeters 03-01-1997 HDR
Rabb, George Everette 12-23-1993 HDR
Rabb, James E.  09-19-1994 HDR
Rabb, James E.  09-20-1994 HDR
Rabb, Locie Lavonne Keever 8/8/2005 ONE
Rabb, Locie Lavonne Keever Mrs. 8/7/2005 HDR
Rabb, Melvin Dean  2/17/2004 ONE
Rabb, Michael J.  9/29/2005 ONE
Rabb, Michael James 9/30/2005 ONE
Rabb, Michael James  9/30/2005 HDR
Rabbitt, Eddie 05-10-1998 HDR
Rabin, Leah 11-13-2000 HDR
Rabold, Bernard Louis  1/5/2004 ONE
Rabon, Charles Odum 11-20-1999 HDR
Rabon, Charles Odum 11-22-1999 ONE
Raby, Bennie William  07-10-1994 HDR
Raby, Beulah Fredona 10-03-1999 HDR
Raby, Beulah Rudisill 02-08-2000 HDR
Raby, Beulah Rudisill 02-06-2000 HDR
Raby, Clyde Stephenson  12-06-2003 HDR
Raby, Dennie William 07-09-1994 HDR
Raby, Dorthey Hall 12-01-1996 HDR
Raby, Elizabeth Smith  11-10-1995 HDR
Raby, Helen Hahn 06-02-2003 HDR
Raby, Helen Hahn 06-02-2003 ONE
Raby, Inez Greene 06-07-2003 HDR
Raby, John Owen 02-03-1998 HDR
Raby, L. Evelyn 11-06-1996 HDR
Raby, Randy Clyde  01-17-2001 HDR
Raby, Russell Sylvester 12-04-1994 HDR
Raby, Wilma Elizebeth Decker  11/23/2005 HDR
Radatz, Dick (baseball player) 3/17/2005 ONE
Radcliff, Ivan D.  12-17-2002 HDR
Radcliff, Ivan D.  12-17-2002 ONE
Radcliffe, Bennie Gray 01-13-1999 HDR
Radcliffe, Bennie Gray  01-12-1999 ONE
Rademacher, Herbert (father of Pete Rademacher--boxer) 11-06-1993 HDR
Rader, Ann Withers 01-15-1995 HDR
Rader, Ann Withers 01-16-1995 ONE
Rader, Earline  12-21-2000 ONE
Rader, Earline Sherrill 12-22-2000 ONE
Rader, Earline Sherrill  12-23-2000 HDR
Rader, Ethel Berry  07-03-1994 HDR
Rader, Eugene "Gene" Blackwell 09-13-2003 HDR
Rader, Helen Virginia "Johnnie" 11-23-1996 HDR
Rader, Joseph "Joe" Edward  4/12/2005 HDR
Rader, Laura Alwran 06-04-2003 HDR
Rader, Louise Elizabeth Starr 08-24-1993 HDR
Rader, Louise Elizabeth Starr 08-24-1993 ONE
Rader, Martha Copeland 05-21-2000 HDR
Rader, Muriel Curtis 11/11/2005 HDR
Rader, Perry Ralph 08-16-2000 HDR
Rader, Perry Ralph 08-15-2000 HDR
Rader, Perry Ralph 08-15-2000 ONE
Rader, Ronald McKinley 12-13-1997 HDR
Rader, Steven "Steve" L. 12-26-1997 HDR
Rader, Vivian Smyre  05-08-1994 HDR
Rader, Vivian Smyre  05-09-1994 ONE
Radford, Armol Ray  05-21-2002 HDR
Radford, Darrell Allen  10-02-2003 HDR
Radford, Deloris Ann Buchanan 12-23-1995 HDR
Radford, Edward Dr.  10-23-2001 HDR
Radford, Harvie Gene 08-26-1996 ONE
Radford, Harvie Gene  08-26-1996 HDR
Radford, Lola Rose  09-16-1995 HDR
Radford, Mary Anne Sanders 03-01-2000 HDR
Radford, Mary Anne Sanders 02-29-2000 HDR
Radford, Troy (Page 1A) 04-19-2000 HDR
Radford, Troy Edward Sr. 04-19-2000 HDR
Radford, Troy Edward Sr. 04-19-2000 ONE
Radhakishun, Pretaap 01-09-2001 HDR
Rado, Ladislov (architect) 10-28-1993 HDR
Radzinowicz, Leon 01-12-2000 HDR
Radziwill, Anthony 08-14-1999 HDR
Raese, Richard A. "Dyke" 08-19-2000 HDR
Rafael, Yitzhak  08-06-1999 HDR
Raff, Edson Ret. Army Col. (Green Berets)  03-17-2003 HDR
Rafferty, James L. 11-08-1997 HDR
Rafferty, Martha Pierce 11-21-1999 HDR
Rafferty, Robert "Tarz" E. Sr.  08-06-2003 HDR
Rafferty, Robert "Tarz" E. Sr.  08-05-2003 ONE
Ragan, Dennis Alvin "Pop" 03-28-1994 HDR
Ragan, Jake D. (V.I.P. photographer) 06-05-1994 HDR
Ragan, John David Sr. 02-03-1994 HDR
Ragan, John David Sr. 02-04-1994 HDR
Ragan, Marion Garland 05-08-2000 HDR
Ragan, Samuel Talmadge 05-13-1996 ONE
Ragan, Samuel Talmadge (NC poet laureate) (Page 6A) 05-12-1996 HDR
Ragland, Lisa 12-20-2002 HDR
Ragland, Lisa Marie  12-22-2002 HDR
Raglin, Jim (newspaperman) 10-11-1993 HDR
Ragsdale, Randolph Harvey 02-23-1999 HDR
Rahl, James (dean of NW University-Law) 01-02-1995 HDR
Raia, Margaret "Margie" (a Munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz") 08-21-2003 ONE
Raia, Margaret "Margie" (Munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz") 08-22-2003 HDR
Raidy, William A. (entertainment critic) 09-07-1993 HDR
Raiford, Claude Excell III 11-27-1995 HDR
Rainbolt, Ruth Kilby 03-25-2000 HDR
Raine, Earleen 04-12-1996 ONE
Raine, Sally Earleen Killian 04-13-1996 HDR
Raine, Sally Earleen Killian 04-15-1996 ONE
Raines, Arthur 03-30-2001 ONE
Raines, Arthur  03-31-2001 HDR
Raines, Arthur  04-06-2001 HDR
Raines, Doris Frances  01-04-2003 HDR
Raines, Doris Frances  01-05-2003 HDR
Raines, Jimmy Eugene 04-04-1998 HDR
Raines, Robert “Bob” Arthur  06-19-2002 HDR
Raines, Robert Arthur  06-19-2002 ONE
Raines, Suzi Jane 02-10-1994 HDR
Raines, Suzi Jane 02-10-1994 ONE
Raines, Viola Drake  05-03-1996 HDR
Raines, Walter (artistic director) 08-31-1994 HDR
Rainey, Bonnie Lee Sanders  02-18-2003 HDR
Rainey, Bonnie Lee Saunders  02-17-2003 ONE
Rainey, Charles Marshall Sr.  10-19-2003 HDR
Rainey, Charles Marshall Sr.  10-22-2003 HDR
Rainey, Frances Victoria Scott  9/18/2005 HDR
Rainey, Frances Victoria Scott Ms. 9/17/2005 HDR
Rainey, Juel Barlow Pipes  03-03-2003 HDR
Rainey, Lawrence Andrew Sr. ("Mississippi Burning") 11-10-2002 HDR
Rainey, Melanie Elaine (1st Miss Black USA)  04-29-1995 HDR
Rainey, Michael Derrick  9/12/2005 HDR
Rainey, Michael Derrick  9/12/2005 ONE
Rainey, Vada Dingler  07-23-9198 HDR
Rainier, Prince III (Monaco) 4/7/2005 HDR
Rainwater, Geneva Marie McClure 11-26-2001 HDR
Rainwater, Geneva Marie McClure 11-27-2001 HDR
Raitt, John (baritone-actor) 2/22/2005 HDR
Rakestraw, Christine A. 07-18-1998 HDR
Raleanu, Eufrosina 11-27-1999 HDR
Raley, Gordie  01-18-2002 HDR
Raley, Gordie  01-19-2002 HDR
Raley, James C.  11-02-2003 HDR
Raley, James C.  11-03-2003 ONE
Raley, Zelma Sigmon  08-08-2001 HDR
Raley, Zelma Sigmon  08-08-2001 ONE
Ralph, Herman Andrew 8/17/2004 ONE
Ralph, Mary Gloria Sousa  08-15-2002 HDR
Ralph, Mary Gloria Sousa  08-15-2002 ONE
Ralph, Robert Eugene 07-26-2000 HDR
Ralston, Floyd Rudisill 07-07-1996 HDR
Ralston, L. "Big Ed" 10-13-2003 HDR
Ralston, L. "Big Ed"  10-13-2003 ONE
Ralston, L. "Big Ed" Jr.  10-23-2003 HDR
Ralston, L. "Big Ed" Jr.  10-23-2003 ONE
Ramanujan, A. K. (poet/author/scholar) 07-18-1993 HDR
Rambling Willie (harness racing champion--gelding) 08-27-1995 HDR
Rambo, Dack (actor) 03-23-1994 HDR
Rambusch, Nancy McCormick (American Montessori Society founder) 11-05-1994 HDR
Ramey, Brian Joe Officer (Page 5A) 05-14-2001 HDR
Ramfjord, Sigurd P. (periodontist) 07-10-1997 HDR
Ramirez, Carlos D. 07-14-1999 HDR
Ramirez, Edward Saul (infant) 10-15-2003 HDR
Ramirez, Edward Saul (infant)  10-15-2003 ONE
Ramirez, Janet (infant) 2/4/2004 ONE
Ramirez, Roger "Ram" (pianist/composer) 01-18-1994 HDR
Ramishvili, Nino 09-11-2000 HDR
Ramone, Joey (singer) 04-17-2001 HDR
Ramone, Johnny (guitarist) 9/16/2004 ONE
Ramos, Yadira Ambrosio  01-09-2002 HDR
Rampal, Jean-Pierre (flutist) 05-21-2000 HDR
Ramsdell, Alvin  11-15-1996 HDR
Ramseur, Alice D.  01-14-2003 HDR
Ramseur, Alice D.  01-15-2003 HDR
Ramseur, Alice Deloris  09-28-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Alice Deloris  09-30-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Allen Sr. 06-28-1997 HDR
Ramseur, Allen Sr. 06-30-1997 ONE
Ramseur, Annie Virginia  4/19/2004 ONE
Ramseur, Augusta Renae  01-27-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Augusta Renae  01-28-2002 ONE
Ramseur, Beulah Propst 01-20-1993 ONE
Ramseur, Beulah Propst 01-21-1993 ONE
Ramseur, Beulah Propst  01-20-1993 HDR
Ramseur, Beulah Propst  01-21-1993 HDR
Ramseur, Carolyn  03-23-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Carolyn  Jenkins 03-25-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Catherine Kennedy 04-07-1999 ONE
Ramseur, Catherine Kennedy  04-07-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Clarence William 07-12-2000 HDR
Ramseur, Danny J. 04-09-2001 HDR
Ramseur, Danny June 04-09-2001 ONE
Ramseur, David Preston 07-18-2003 HDR
Ramseur, David Preston  07-18-2003 ONE
Ramseur, Eunice Lila Torrence 12-15-2001 HDR
Ramseur, Eunice Lila Torrence  12-14-2001 ONE
Ramseur, George Clayton Jr. 10-06-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Herman Jay 05-14-2001 ONE
Ramseur, Herman Jay  05-14-2001 HDR
Ramseur, Howard Haywood  12-31-1993 ONE
Ramseur, Howard Hayword  12-30-1993 HDR
Ramseur, Hubert  02-22-2003 HDR
Ramseur, Hubert Jr. 02-23-2003 HDR
Ramseur, Hubert Jr.  02-24-2003 ONE
Ramseur, Jess Willard 04-29-1993 ONE
Ramseur, Jess Willard  04-29-1993 HDR
Ramseur, Johnson  10-20-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Johnson  10-20-1999 ONE
Ramseur, Joseph Nathaniel  11-24-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Joseph Nathaniel Sr. 11-26-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Katie (104 yoa) 05-23-2003 ONE
Ramseur, Katie Reinhardt (104 yoa)  05-24-2003 HDR
Ramseur, Loretta Fay  08-21-1994 HDR
Ramseur, Loretta Faye 08-22-1994 HDR
Ramseur, Loretta Faye  08-22-1994 ONE
Ramseur, Lottie 02-03-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Lottie  02-02-1999 ONE
Ramseur, Lottie Mae Wilfong 02-09-1999 ONE
Ramseur, Lottie May Wilfong 02-10-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Loyd Thomas 04-03-1997 HDR
Ramseur, Loyd Thomas 04-02-1997 ONE
Ramseur, Loyd Thomas 04-01-1997 ONE
Ramseur, Lucille Corpening  10-12-1994 HDR
Ramseur, Margaret Lucy Shrum 01-21-2001 HDR
Ramseur, Marion Stella Brintley 04-04-1996 HDR
Ramseur, Mary Lee 9/30/2004 ONE
Ramseur, Maty Addie 09-27-1999 HDR
Ramseur, Maty Addie  09-27-1999 ONE
Ramseur, Michael 02-19-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Michael  02-18-2002 ONE
Ramseur, Minnie Ussery 01-30-1997 HDR
Ramseur, Minnie Ussery 01-29-1997 HDR
Ramseur, Oreta  03-15-1997 HDR
Ramseur, Paul Sr. Rev.  03-24-1995 HDR
Ramseur, Paulette Rhinehardt 12-12-1996 ONE
Ramseur, Quince Clemon 01-20-1994 HDR
Ramseur, R. D. Thomas 05-07-1996 ONE
Ramseur, R.D. Thomas 05-07-1996 HDR
Ramseur, R.D. Thomas 05-06-1996 ONE
Ramseur, Ralph Thomas 02-23-2001 HDR
Ramseur, Ralph Thomas 02-23-2001 ONE
Ramseur, Richard 02-04-1997 HDR
Ramseur, Richard  02-04-1997 ONE
Ramseur, Robert Rollins 08-16-1997 HDR
Ramseur, Roy Gordon 02-22-1996 HDR
Ramseur, Samuel David 06-10-2000 HDR
Ramseur, Sarah Elizabeth  03-22-2003 HDR
Ramseur, Sidney "Tiger"  5/5/2005 HDR
Ramseur, Sidney Tyrone "Tiger" 5/6/2005 HDR
Ramseur, Thelma "Pam" Williams 03-17-2003 ONE
Ramseur, Thelma Williams “Pam”  03-15-2003 HDR
Ramseur, Tommy Lee Sr. 03-15-1996 HDR
Ramseur, Tommy Lee Sr. 03-15-1996 ONE
Ramseur, Vanessa W. 04-13-1998 HDR
Ramseur, Vanessa W.  04-13-1998 ONE
Ramseur, Virginia Wood 1/28/2005 ONE
Ramseur, William 01-08-1998 HDR
Ramseur, William 01-11-1998 HDR
Ramseur, William "Bill" 11-02-2001 HDR
Ramseur, William (Bill) 11-02-2001 ONE
Ramseur, William (Bill)  10-31-2001 ONE
Ramseur, Willie 04-23-2001 ONE
Ramseur, Willie A. Sr. 03-14-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Willie A. Sr.  03-14-2002 ONE
Ramseur, Willie L. 04-25-2001 HDR
Ramseur, Willie L. 04-25-2001 ONE
Ramseur, Willie R.  10-16-1994 HDR
Ramseur, Willie R. Mrs.  10-17-1994 ONE
Ramseur, Willie Sr. 03-12-2002 HDR
Ramseur, Willie Sr.  03-11-2002 ONE
Ramsey, Barbara Childers 05-14-1997 HDR
Ramsey, Beatrice  09-25-1994 HDR
Ramsey, Billy Dewitt 01-19-1900 HDR
Ramsey, Billy Dewitt 09-06-1997 HDR
Ramsey, Billy Dewitt 09-09-1997 ONE
Ramsey, Clarence Freeman  6/10/2004 ONE
Ramsey, Elizabeth M. (scientist) 07-04-1993 HDR
Ramsey, Elizabeth M. (scientist) 07-06-1993 HDR
Ramsey, Geneva C. Dorsey  04-01-2003 HDR
Ramsey, Geneva C. Dorsey  04-01-2003 ONE
Ramsey, George Melton 08-02-1996 HDR
Ramsey, Glendora Campbell  03-17-1994 ONE
Ramsey, Jack 04-02-1999 HDR
Ramsey, Jerry Michael 11-07-1997 HDR
Ramsey, Jerry Michael 11-07-1997 ONE
Ramsey, Joan Thomasson  06-04-2001 HDR
Ramsey, John Calvin Jr. 11-09-2001 HDR
Ramsey, Johnnie D. 01-02-1997 HDR
Ramsey, JonBenet (Page 1A) 12-26-2001 HDR
Ramsey, JonBenet (Page 2A) 12-26-2001 HDR
Ramsey, Julia M.  11-23-1993 HDR
Ramsey, Julia Marie Reid  11-24-1993 HDR
Ramsey, June  11-28-1994 HDR
Ramsey, Katie Mae  02-23-1995 HDR
Ramsey, Kenneth Willie 12-14-1998 HDR
Ramsey, Laura Ruby  02-16-2003 HDR
Ramsey, Laura Ruby  02-17-2003 HDR
Ramsey, Lester Bennie 10/18/2004 ONE
Ramsey, Liston B. 09-05-2001 HDR
Ramsey, Liston B.  09-07-2001 HDR
Ramsey, Mamie Mae Ledford 05-07-1999 HDR
Ramsey, Max R. "Jake" 08-08-1998 HDR
Ramsey, Randy Dean 03-04-1999 HDR
Ramsey, Robert Hubert  10/3/2005 HDR
Ramsey, Robert W. Jr. 01-22-2001 HDR
Ramsey, Robert W. Jr. 01-23-2001 HDR
Ramsey, Roscoe William Sr. Rev. 04-04-2001 HDR
Ramsey, Sage Jesse 01-01-1995 HDR
Ramsey, Sage Jesse 12-31-1994 HDR
Ramsey, Sir Alf 05-02-1999 HDR
Ramsey, Thomas Grady  09-11-1998 HDR
Ramsey, Wayne R.  06-27-2001 HDR
Ramsuer, Oliver 03-10-1997 HDR
Ramsuer, Oliver Ordain 03-11-1997 HDR
Ramsuer, Virginia Wood Mrs. 1/28/2005 HDR
Rance, Patrick 09-05-1999 HDR
Randall, Alma Bingham 02-20-2001 HDR
Randall, Alma Bingham 02-21-2001 HDR
Randall, Carl Ernest  05-17-2003 HDR
Randall, Charles "Billy" 05-27-1994 ONE
Randall, Charles Billy (veteran) 05-28-1994 HDR
Randall, Dorothy Hollar 06-13-1995 ONE
Randall, Dorothy Hollar  06-13-1995 HDR
Randall, Fannie Lou Jones  08-02-2001 HDR
Randall, Joyce Pearce 04-27-1998 HDR
Randall, Margaret Snider  06-10-1995 HDR
Randall, Norris Henry 04-09-1999 HDR
Randall, Norris Henry 04-08-1999 ONE
Randall, Sue Felmet 03-24-1999 HDR
Randell, Ron (actor) 6/18/2005 HDR
Randelovic, Jasmina  09-06-1995 HDR
Randler, Camille (Page 3A) 02-15-2001 HDR
Randles, Karen Victoria Craven 06-06-1999 HDR
Randles, Tony Lee 04-14-2000 HDR
Randolph, Bob 01-21-1999 HDR
Randolph, Herbert Eugene 11-17-1998 HDR
Randolph, Jennings 05-11-1998 HDR
Randolph, Kenneth V. "Ted" Dr.  04-02-2003 HDR
Randolph, Linda Peak 06-04-1993 HDR
Randolph, Linda Peake 06-05-1993 HDR
Randolph, Nathaniel Dean "Nate" 12-01-1996 HDR
Randolph, Richard Lewis (veteran) 06-09-1994 HDR
Randolph, Willie Wilson "Junior" Jr. 07-10-1997 HDR
Raney, Fred C. (veteran) 06-07-1994 HDR
Raney, Gladys Lee 03-25-1999 HDR
Raney, Rufus P.  07-22-1994 HDR
Rangel, Laura Estela  07-26-1996 HDR
Rango, Nicholas (policy coordinator) 11-14-1993 HDR
Rankin, Agnes Janette McKesson 03-02-2001 HDR
Rankin, Betty White 01-31-1998 HDR
Rankin, Betty White 01-30-1998 ONE
Rankin, Christopher Columbus  05-04-2002 HDR
Rankin, Homer Meade (publisher)  06-29-1995 HDR
Rankin, Howard Wilson  10-18-2003 HDR
Rankin, J. Lee 07-01-1996 HDR
Rankin, Robert M. 12-05-1997 HDR
Rankin, Robert Neil 8/31/2005 HDR
Rankin, Robert Neil "Bobby" 9/2/2005 HDR
Rannbury, Andris Williams 11-29-1995 HDR
Rannbury, Andris Williams  11-28-1995 ONE
Ranney, Arthur W.  12-06-1996 HDR
Ranney, Bertha Stafford 05-22-1995 ONE
Ranney, Bertha Stafford  05-22-1995 HDR
Ranta, Lois Leppart 03-06-1999 HDR
Ranzal, Edward 04-08-1997 HDR
Rao, Srikanth "Kant" (professor) 09-16-1995 HDR
Raper, Carolyn Renee 10/3/2005 ONE
Raper, Carolyn Renee Ms. 10/1/2005 HDR
Raper, Clifton 12-21-1998 HDR
Raper, Donald P. 02-19-1999 HDR
Raper, Margaret Hope "Peggy" 03-14-2000 HDR
Rappaport, Samuel 09-07-1994 HDR
Rasbach, H.K. Rev.  11-14-1994 HDR
Rascoe, Ann Marlowe  12-13-1994 HDR
Rash, Alma Mae 07-03-1993 HDR
Rash, Claude Wiley 12-12-1998 HDR
Rash, Emaline Adams 01-09-1995 HDR
Rash, Etta Bernice Campbell 06-19-1999 HDR
Rash, Etta Bernice Campbell 06-21-1999 ONE
Rash, Eva Kate Simmons 03-07-2000 HDR
Rash, Frances Mae Townsend  11/15/2005 HDR
Rash, Frank Gambie "Lefty" 01-24-2001 HDR
Rash, Fred Lafayette 08-12-1998 HDR
Rash, Irma Dean Lowtharpe 11-23-1995 HDR
Rash, Julia Ann Hollis 03-15-1998 HDR
Rash, Lloyd Monroe 09-16-1999 HDR
Rash, Margaret Rabb  08-16-1995 HDR
Rash, Margie Annas 11-28-1999 HDR
Rash, Notsie Maybelle  03-09-1999 HDR
Rash, Robert Blair  2/6/2004 ONE
Rash, Robert Blair  2/9/2004 ONE
Rash, Thomas Crittendon Jr. 03-01-2003 HDR
Rash, Wayne Claude 11-22-1998 HDR
Rash, William Arthur Jr.  07-30-1995 HDR
Rash, Willie Moore Mrs. 11-14-1993 HDR
Raskin, A.H. (reporter/editor) 12-24-1993 HDR
Raskin, Barbara  07-25-1999 HDR
Rasmussen, Raymond A. 10-20-1994 HDR
Rasnick, Carl Lingbergh 03-10-2000 HDR
Rasnick, Phillip Henry  03-15-1995 HDR
Rasor, Doris J. (Page 3A) 10-06-1997 HDR
Rastovsky, David Louis 11-20-1996 HDR
Rastovsky, David Louis  11-19-1996 HDR
Ratchford, Margaret Goode 02-16-2000 HDR
Ratchford, Roy W. Jr. 11-04-1993 ONE
Ratchford, Roy W. Jr.  11-04-1993 HDR
Ratchford, Roy Winfield Jr. 11-05-1993 ONE
Ratchford, Roy Winfield Jr.  11-05-1993 HDR
Ratchford, Roy Winfield Jr.  11-06-1993 HDR
Ratcliff, Roy  03-31-1997 HDR
Ratcliffe, Robert E. 05-19-1996 HDR
Rathbone, Angela "Angie" Darlene 03-31-1996 HDR
Rathbone, Angela "Angie" Darlene 03-30-1996 HDR
Rathbone, Angela Darlene "Angie" 04-01-1996 ONE
Rathbone, Annie Geneva  07-03-1995 HDR
Rathbone, Frances B. "Fran" 08-22-1994 HDR
Rathbone, Wilburn W.  05-17-9197 HDR
Ratliff, Stanford (Stanley) Irlan Master  03-07-2003 HDR
Ratner, Max  06-04-1995 HDR
Rau, Violet (a founder of Heritage College) 02-25-1994 HDR
Raucci, Louis  04-05-1995 HDR
Raudsepp, Harald (Estonian expatriate editor)  04-05-1995 HDR
Rauenhorst, George  08-13-9197 HDR
Raulston, Dr. James Chester "J.C." 12-24-9196 HDR
Rausch, Elizabeth Feges 08-18-2003 ONE
Rausch, Elizabeth Feges  08-18-2003 HDR
Rausch, Joseph 01-15-1995 HDR
Rausch, Joseph 01-16-1995 HDR
Raushenbach, Boris  04-02-2001 HDR
Ravidat, Marcel (helped discover Lascaux cave paintings)  03-30-1995 HDR
Raviv, Josef 10-31-1999 HDR
Rawland, William Munn 05-22-1999 HDR
Rawley, Al 04-21-1999 HDR
Rawley, Donald 05-05-1998 HDR
Rawlings, Martha Louise  08-28-2003 HDR
Rawls, Demarris Traxler 12-26-1999 HDR
Rawls, Odessa Linebarger 12-19-2003 HDR
Rawls, Odessa Linebarger 12-19-2003 ONE
Rawls, Odessa Linebarger Mrs. 12-20-2003 HDR
Raxter, Hayward "Rex" Dillard 02-04-2001 HDR
Raxter, Lester Dillard 01-24-1997 HDR
Raxter, Millie Turbyvill  02-28-1993 HDR
Ray, Annie Lee G.  05-29-2001 HDR
Ray, Bessie Evans 01-04-1998 HDR
Ray, Donald Junior  11-17-1996 HDR
Ray, Edna Lee 02-23-1994 HDR
Ray, Edna Lee  02-23-1994 ONE
Ray, Emma Katherine Townsend 02-05-1999 HDR
Ray, Eugene "Sammy" Dexter 09-06-2002 ONE
Ray, Eugene “Sammy’ Dexter  09-07-2002 HDR
Ray, Eugene “Sammy” Dexter  09-06-2002 HDR
Ray, Everett Ralph  06-17-2002 HDR
Ray, Everett Ralph  06-17-2002 ONE
Ray, James Hall 06-01-1998 HDR
Ray, James Roy Rev. 12-18-1994 HDR
Ray, James Roy Rev. 12-19-1994 HDR
Ray, Joanie Mae 06-06-1996 ONE
Ray, Joanie Mae  06-06-1996 HDR
Ray, Junior Clyde “Tiny”  07-09-2002 HDR
Ray, Junior Clyde “Tiny”  07-10-2002 HDR
Ray, Lillie Carolina Logan 05-04-2000 HDR
Ray, Lloyd  12/3/2005 HDR
Ray, Lois Sigman  12-19-2001 ONE
Ray, Lois Sigmon 12-20-2001 HDR
Ray, Loys 12-01-2001 HDR
Ray, Mary Beatrice "Toots" Wall  05-14-2002 HDR
Ray, Mary Margarett 05-01-1994 HDR
Ray, Myrtle Mason  02-26-2000 HDR
Ray, Nancy “Vertie” Alvertie 12-22-2000 HDR
Ray, Ralph Lamar 05-02-2001 HDR
Ray, Ralph Lamar  05-03-2001 HDR
Ray, Ralph Lamar (D-Day Survivor) (Page 1) 05-02-2001 ONE
Ray, William "Bill" Thomas Sr.  01-25-1993 ONE
Ray, William B. (news director) 04-24-1994 HDR
Ray, William Franklin 1/1/2005 HDR
Ray, William Gus  07-29-1994 HDR
Ray, William P. 12-27-2001 HDR
Ray, William Thomas "Bill" Sr. 01-24-1993 HDR
Raybon, Ronald Dean Sr. 1/9/2005 HDR
Rayburn, Ella Arrowood  04-05-1995 HDR
Raye, Martha (comedian-actress) 10-20-1994 HDR
Raye, Martha (comedian-actress) 10-21-1994 HDR
Rayfield, Annie Mae Lail 05-20-1999 HDR
Rayfield, Annie Mae Lail 05-20-1999 ONE
Rayfield, Arie Andrew 09-12-1997 ONE
Rayfield, Arie Andrew  09-12-1997 HDR
Rayfield, B. A.  03-09-1995 HDR
Rayfield, Howard Preston 04-20-1994 HDR
Rayfield, Lori Morrison 09-11-2001 HDR
Rayfield, Mae 01-24-1994 HDR
Rayfield, Martha  12-06-1994 HDR
Rayfield, Rosalia Farmer 11-26-1995 HDR
Rayfield, Ruby Lee Green 04-14-2003 HDR
Rayfield, Ruby Lee Green  04-14-2003 ONE
Rayle, Joe Peeples  09-15-2002 HDR
Rayle, Viola C. 12-21-2001 HDR
Raymer, Annie Lorene Lanier 05-16-2001 HDR
Raymer, Pauline  07-08-1994 HDR
Raymond, Arthur E. 03-28-1999 HDR
Raymond, Ellsworth Lester  08-24-1996 HDR
Raymond, Guy--(Character actor--bartender for Star Trek's Trouble with Tribles) 02-05-1997 HDR
Raymond, Ray (Page 5C) 12-27-2001 HDR
Raymond, Roy (Victoria's Secret founder) 09-02-1993 HDR
Raymundo, Eduardo Agustin  08-03-2002 HDR
Rayner, Chesbrough "Chessy" 03-02-1998 HDR
Rayven, Robert Andrew  02-28-1995 HDR
Raznatovic, Zeljko 01-19-2020 HDR
Read, Benjamin Huger (organizer - Earth Summit Conference) 03-19-1993 HDR
Read, Neil Thomas  01-12-2002 HDR
Readling, Charles Warren 11-15-2002 ONE
Readling, Charles Warren  11-15-2002 HDR
Readling, Edgar Andrew  11-07-1994 HDR
Ready, Mike 01-27-1997 HDR
Reagan, Hewlett Sullivan Jr.  9/3/2005 HDR
Reagan, Hewlett Sullivan Jr.  9/5/2005 ONE
Reagan, John Neil  12-14-1996 HDR
Reagan, Maureen  08-09-2001 HDR
Reagan, Maureen (page 2) 08-09-2001 ONE
Reagan, Molsie Lena 12-10-1993 ONE
Reagan, Molsie Lena  12-09-1993 HDR
Ream, Elsie Violet McFadden  02-21-2002 HDR
Reamer, Charles W. (editor) 09-15-1994 HDR
Reardon, Michael 03-25-1998 HDR
Reardon, Timothy J. Jr. (JFK aide) 03-08-1993 HDR
Reardon, Virginia Knox "Ginny" 04-22-2003 HDR
Reary, Bradie H. Sr. 03-12-1999 HDR
Reary, Minnie Shell Bowman 11-23-1996 HDR
Reary, Minnie Shell Bowman  11-22-1996 HDR
Reaves, Howard M. (pastor) 04-27-2000 HDR
Reaves, Mary Ellen  04-11-2003 HDR
Reaves, Mary Ellen  04-10-2003 ONE
Reaves, Mary Ellen  04-11-2003 ONE
Reavis, Gail Caldwell 11/18/2005 HDR
Reavis, Glade 08-26-1999 HDR
Reavis, Glade  08-26-1999 ONE
Reavis, H. P. "Shorty" 02-14-2002 ONE
Reavis, H. P. "Shorty" 02-15-2002 ONE
Reavis, H.P. "Shorty" 02-16-2002 HDR
Reavis, H.P. "Shorty"  02-15-2002 HDR
Reavis, Margie Caroline 03-26-2001 ONE
Reavis, Margie Caroline Miller 03-24-2001 HDR
Reavis, Ricky 05-31-2002 ONE
Reavis, Ricky  06-01-2002 HDR
Reavis, Ricky Dale  06-02-2002 HDR
Reavis, Ricky Dale  06-03-2002 ONE
Reber, Karl William Dr. 01-03-1999 HDR
Rebh, Caleb (Page 2A) 10-23-2001 HDR
Rebozo, Charles "Bebe" 05-11-1998 HDR
Reckard, Russ 04-18-1996 ONE
Reckard, Russell Allen 04-19-1996 ONE
Reckard, Russell Allen  04-19-1996 HDR
Rector, Alfred Palmer 06-09-1997 ONE
Rector, Alfred Palmer  06-10-1997 HDR
Rector, Arthur Alexander  11-08-1993 HDR
Rector, Bart M.  04-11-2001 HDR
Rector, Carolyn Austin Philyaw Mrs.  03-25-2003 HDR
Rector, Charles Council  05-06-1995 HDR
Rector, Charles Greer 12-15-1995 ONE
Rector, Charles Greer (veteran) 12-16-1995 HDR
Rector, Charlie Ernest  10-14-1994 HDR
Rector, Clarence Roger 09-29-2003 HDR
Rector, Clifton Lee 11-14-1995 HDR
Rector, Clifton Lee 11-14-1995 ONE
Rector, Darren Alvin  08-01-1993 HDR
Rector, Donald E.  08-03-1994 HDR
Rector, Donald Lee "Monkey" Sr. 09-22-2003 HDR
Rector, Donald Lee Jr.  08-04-1994 HDR
Rector, Dorothy "Dot" May Deal 05-24-2003 HDR
Rector, Dorothy "Dot" May Deal 05-26-2003 ONE
Rector, Edna Jane Wilcox 10-08-2003 HDR
Rector, Edward 05-03-2001 HDR
Rector, Everette 12-24-2000 HDR
Rector, Frances McCracken Mrs. 12/17/2005 HDR
Rector, George Ivey 11-21-1995 HDR
Rector, George William 03-28-1996 ONE
Rector, George William 03-29-1996 ONE
Rector, George William  03-29-1996 HDR
Rector, Grady Herman  02-14-2003 HDR
Rector, Graydon  09-16-1998 HDR
Rector, Graydon Hall  09-17-1998 HDR
Rector, Herbert 05-05-1998 HDR
Rector, Herbert 05-06-1998 HDR
Rector, James  06-17-1994 HDR
Rector, Joseph Donnie 05-04-1993 HDR
Rector, Joseph R. "Joe" 05-14-1998 HDR
Rector, Larry Joel Lt. Col.  08-20-2002 HDR
Rector, Lillie Benfield  09-04-1995 HDR
Rector, Lucile Hester  11-19-1993 HDR
Rector, Lucy Irene  10-13-2000 HDR
Rector, Mattie  08-12-1999 ONE
Rector, Mattie Howell 08-13-1999 HDR
Rector, Mattie Howell 08-13-1999 ONE
Rector, Maybelle Huffman  04-02-1993 HDR
Rector, Nevert Moody  08-13-1997 HDR
Rector, Oliver Louis 12-13-1993 HDR
Rector, Orenie Wright 02-07-2000 HDR
Rector, Owens  01-22-2001 HDR
Rector, Pauline Blazer 03-14-1996 HDR
Rector, Pearl Bowman  04-02-2002 HDR
Rector, Perline M. 09-05-2020 HDR
Rector, Perline M.  09-04-2001 HDR
Rector, Ray McGimpsey 02-03-1993 HDR
Rector, Rayferd Lee 08-08-9196 HDR
Rector, Raymond "Doc"  05-04-1995 HDR
Rector, Robert Jackson 04-15-2000 HDR
Rector, Roy Howard 10-09-1998 HDR
Rector, Ruth Williams  01-30-1995 HDR
Rector, Tessie Sigmon 09-01-2001 HDR
Rector, Tessie Sigmon  08-31-2001 ONE
Rector, William Alexander "Bill"  Jr. 05-14-2002 HDR
Red, Carolyn Miller 10-03-2000 HDR
Red, Carolyn Miller 10-02-2000 ONE
Redding, Louis L. 10-01-1998 HDR
Reddy, Neelam Sanjiva 06-04-1996 HDR
Redenbacher, Orville  09-20-1995 ONE
Redinger, Kurt Michael  08-21-1994 HDR
Redman, Annie Gryder  09-03-2001 HDR
Redman, Pauline W.  07-07-2000 HDR
Redman, Shirley Lou 10-22-1998 HDR
Redman, William Spencer  03-08-1996 HDR
Redmon, Beulah Mary Jane  Alexander  1/12/2005 HDR
Redmon, Marion Everette 01-02-1997 HDR
Redmon, Marion Everette "Pop" 01-03-1997 HDR
Redmon, Noah 03-13-1999 HDR
Redmon, Rosie E. 01-28-1996 HDR
Redmon, Sallie Poovey  12-03-1994 HDR
Redmon, Sallie Poovey  12-05-1994 ONE
Redslob, Jean "Jack" Jacques 7/6/2005 ONE
Redslob, Jean-Jacques 7/18/2005 HDR
Redslob, Jean-Jacques 7/22/2005 ONE
Redthunder, Joe (oldest direct descendant of Chief Joseph) 05-25-1995 HDR
Redwolf, Maximillian Lucas 10-30-1999 HDR
Redwolf, Maximillian Lucas 11-02-1999 HDR
Reece,  William Dana  03-01-2001 HDR
Reece, Alonzo Max  05-14-2001 HDR
Reece, Calvin  01-28-2001 HDR
Reece, Collis E.  10-15-1993 HDR
Reece, Collis Eugene 10-16-1993 HDR
Reece, Coy Lee 04-03-2000 HDR
Reece, Coy Lee 04-03-2000 ONE
Reece, Don  06-23-2002 HDR
Reece, Don  06-24-2002 HDR
Reece, Douglas Hill Jr. 04-19-2001 HDR
Reece, Douglas Hill Jr. 04-20-2001 HDR
Reece, Exie Mae Richey 11-05-2000 HDR
Reece, Febbie "Nettie" Taylor 12-20-1994 HDR
Reece, Feebie (Nettie) Taylor 12-20-1994 ONE
Reece, Irene McRary  07-12-1999 HDR
Reece, James "Hudgie" 02-21-2000 HDR
Reece, James "Jim" Randall  05-21-2002 HDR
Reece, Janie Sue 02-04-1998 ONE
Reece, Julia Ann  09-20-2001 HDR
Reece, Leroy Eugene  02-24-2003 HDR
Reece, Maynard Memory 12-08-2001 HDR
Reece, Maynard Memory (Page 1A) 12-07-2001 HDR
Reece, Maynard Memory (Page 4A) 12-08-2001 HDR
Reece, Murielene Norwood  05-04-1996 HDR
Reece, Myrtle Martin  04-06-1995 HDR
Reece, Myrtle Martin  04-07-1995 HDR
Reece, Samuel Lee 04-03-2001 HDR
Reece, Sarah Deloach "Doodle" 10-10-1999 HDR
Reece, Violet Mae Wood Mrs.  05-04-2003 HDR
Reece, Zada Bennett  07-28-2001 HDR
Reed, Barbara Kester  11-20-2002 HDR
Reed, Beulah Greene Estes  11/5/2004 ONE
Reed, Beulah Greene Estes  11/8/2004 ONE
Reed, Brittany Shiann 02-22-1998 HDR
Reed, Daisy Swink Smith 01-07-2000 HDR
Reed, Edith Hope Rudisill 03-09-1996 HDR
Reed, Edith Hope Rudisill 03-11-1996 ONE
Reed, Edith Rudisill 03-10-1996 HDR
Reed, Elaine Powell Mrs. 7/9/2005 HDR
Reed, Elva Ann Ellison 04-30-1997 ONE
Reed, Ernie Mack  06-03-2002 HDR
Reed, Geneva Mae  06-08-2001 HDR
Reed, Gladys Bolick  09-25-1994 HDR
Reed, Grace Blevins  07-18-1996 HDR
Reed, H. Ray 11-16-2001 HDR
Reed, H. Ray  11-15-2001 ONE
Reed, Howard Ray 11-15-2001 HDR
Reed, Howard Ray 11-14-2001 ONE
Reed, Inez Canipe  07-19-1994 HDR
Reed, Inez Canipe  07-19-1994 ONE
Reed, James Dale "Jimmy" 12-06-1997 HDR
Reed, Jemmy "Sue" Eaton 4/14/2005 HDR
Reed, Jemmy "Sue" Eaton  4/14/2005 ONE
Reed, Jenny "Sue" Eaton  4/13/2005 ONE
Reed, Jimmie "Jim" Allison 05-18-2000 ONE
Reed, Judy Safley  10-12-2002 HDR
Reed, Judy Safley  10-14-2002 ONE
Reed, Lydia Mae  12-24-2002 HDR
Reed, Mark Anthony 06-15-1994 HDR
Reed, Mark Anthony 06-16-1994 HDR
Reed, Nezzie Eller 01-08-1998 ONE
Reed, Oliver 05-03-1999 HDR
Reed, Richard Lee 12-12-2001 HDR
Reed, Robert Dale (aeronautics researcher NASA) 3/23/2005 ONE
Reed, Robert Walter 04-12-1994 HDR
Reed, Robert Walter 04-13-1994 HDR
Reed, Rufus Roscoe  10-28-1993 HDR
Reed, Sam 08-05-1999 HDR
Reed, Scott (former KY Supreme Court justice) 02-19-1994 HDR
Reed, Susan Pauline McRee 10-20-2001 HDR
Reed, Susan Pauline McRee  10-21-2001 HDR
Reed, Timothy "Little Rock" 01-21-2000 HDR
Reed, Vernice Fry  02-15-1999 ONE
Reed, Vernice Fry  (Page 2A) 02-14-1999 HDR
Reeder, Russell "Reed" Jr. 03-01-1998 HDR
Reedy, George 03-23-1999 HDR
Reel, Clarence Richard 03-07-1999 HDR
Reel, Clarence Richard 03-08-1999 ONE
Reel, Mary Jane 01-08-1994 HDR
Reel, Ocie Long 06-20-1996 HDR
Reele, Everette Eugene 10-19-1999 HDR
Reele, Everette Eugene  10-18-1999 ONE
Reems, Louise Meade Blanton 02-18-1994 HDR
Reep,  Ray  06-16-2000 HDR
Reep, Alfred Lester 11-29-1999 HDR
Reep, Ava "Eloise" Ross 03-23-2001 HDR
Reep, Ava "Eloise" Ross  03-23-2001 ONE
Reep, Billie Joe 08-02-1995 HDR
Reep, Billie Joe 08-03-1995 HDR
Reep, Billy Joe  08-01-1995 HDR
Reep, Carolyn Maxine Webster  06-26-2002 HDR
Reep, Charlie 05-25-2003 HDR
Reep, Clyde 05-11-1993 HDR
Reep, Clyde  05-11-1993 ONE
Reep, Clyde James 05-12-1993 ONE
Reep, Clyde James Sr.  05-12-1993 HDR
Reep, Delia Tutherow  04-24-1995 HDR
Reep, Diane Watson 02-10-2001 HDR
Reep, Diane Watson 02-09-2001 ONE
Reep, Eula Belle Smith 02-01-1998 HDR
Reep, Eula Belle Smith 02-02-1998 ONE
Reep, Grace Annie  02-01-1993 HDR
Reep, Hilda Johnson 02-25-1999 HDR
Reep, James Andrew Sr. 05-17-2001 HDR
Reep, James Andrew Sr. 05-17-2001 ONE
Reep, Jennie Gurley  08-20-1997 HDR
Reep, Jesse Elmore 09-26-1998 HDR
Reep, Jettie Schronce 12-16-1998 HDR
Reep, Josephine Stilwell 08-04-1999 ONE
Reep, Josephine Stilwell  08-04-1999 HDR
Reep, Kathleen Bush  03-04-2002 HDR
Reep, Lucy Hoffman 10-08-2001 HDR
Reep, Lucy Huffman 10-08-2001 ONE
Reep, Lula Frances 07-19-1999 HDR
Reep, Lyda Virginia Eckard 05-31-1994 HDR
Reep, Lyda Virginia Eckard 05-31-1994 ONE
Reep, Margaret Laura Houser  2/13/2005 HDR
Reep, Marie Essie Huffman 02-21-2001 HDR
Reep, Marie Essie Huffman 02-24-2001 HDR
Reep, Pauline Peeler  07-03-1994 HDR
Reep, Rachel Shook 11/26/2005 HDR
Reep, Ralph Harold 01-09-1994 HDR
Reep, Rhunell "Nell" Hurd 1/14/2005 HDR
Reep, Robert C. "Bob" 02-17-1993 HDR
Reep, Robert Davis  08-16-1993 HDR
Reep, Robert Roy 10-14-1998 HDR
Reep, Terry Lee "Tub" 01-03-1997 HDR
Reep, Virginia  05-30-1994 HDR
Reep, William "Bill" Columbus 01-06-1996 HDR
Reep, William Lee 09-07-1996 HDR
Reepe, Nancy Jean Keener 04-20-2000 HDR
Rees, Eberhard 04-05-1998 HDR
Rees, Mina S. (mathematician) 10-30-1997 HDR
Reese, Andy 02-05-1998 HDR
Reese, Bertha Flynn  08-08-1995 HDR
Reese, Blanche Edgars 03-29-1998 HDR
Reese, Blanche Eggers 03-30-1998 HDR
Reese, Blanche Eggers 03-31-1998 HDR
Reese, Blanche Elizabeth White  08-30-2001 HDR
Reese, Bobby Dean  08-29-2002 HDR
Reese, Bobby Roscoe 2/17/2005 HDR
Reese, Brady Cordelia Bowman 03-14-1999 HDR
Reese, Brady Cordelia Bowman 03-13-1999 HDR
Reese, Brady Cordelia Bowman 03-15-1999 ONE
Reese, Carroll Vernon 03-08-1994 HDR
Reese, Carroll Vernon 03-09-1994 HDR
Reese, Carroll Vernon 03-10-1994 HDR
Reese, Cecelia Kindel 08-23-1998 HDR
Reese, Cecil M. 12-18-2003 ONE
Reese, Cecil M.  12-17-2003 HDR
Reese, Cecil M.  12-18-2003 HDR
Reese, Clara Hayes 12-20-1993 HDR
Reese, Clara Hayes 12-22-1993 HDR
Reese, Clarence Monroe  11-19-2000 HDR
Reese, Doris Gray  11-28-2002 HDR
Reese, Doris Gray  11-29-2002 HDR
Reese, Dorothy Wilson  10-13-2001 HDR
Reese, Ella Guy 11-13-2002 HDR
Reese, Ethel Frances 08-04-1997 ONE
Reese, Ethel Frances  08-03-1997 HDR
Reese, Frank Beno (author) 12-16-1995 HDR
Reese, Gertrude Deal  12-07-2002 HDR
Reese, Glenwood 03-14-1999 HDR
Reese, Hazel Chloe Bumgarner 10-07-1998 HDR
Reese, Henry Leon 04-03-1999 HDR
Reese, Howard "Don" Hollar 01-14-1993 HDR
Reese, Howard "Don" Hollar 01-14-1993 ONE
Reese, Janie Sue 02-04-1998 HDR
Reese, Joseph Ted  11-11-2003 HDR
Reese, Juanita E. "Neat" 02-18-2000 HDR
Reese, Juanita E. "Neat" 02-18-2000 ONE
Reese, Lewis L.  05-27-1995 HDR
Reese, Louella Greer  9/25/2005 HDR
Reese, Louise Cadell 11-05-1999 HDR
Reese, Mamie Irene  01-24-2003 HDR
Reese, Mamie Irene  01-25-2003 HDR
Reese, Mary Etta Cline 01-04-1999 HDR
Reese, Maxine 05-27-2000 HDR
Reese, Minnie Mae 08-20-1997 HDR
Reese, Moses Garyet 10-17-2001 HDR
Reese, Ned C.  11-06-1993 HDR
Reese, Ned Crowson 11-08-1993 ONE
Reese, Ned Crowson  11-07-1993 HDR
Reese, Ned Ervin 09-10-1993 HDR
Reese, Ned Ervin 09-11-1993 HDR
Reese, Ned Ervin 09-12-1993 HDR
Reese, Ned Ervin  09-13-1993 ONE
Reese, Pearl Dockery  04-08-2002 HDR
Reese, R. K. (Page 9A)  01-10-1995 HDR
Reese, Ricky Ronald 08-23-2001 ONE
Reese, Ricky Ronald  08-23-2001 HDR
Reese, Robert William “Bill”  09-20-2000 HDR
Reese, Ronald Edward "Ed" 01-12-2001 HDR
Reese, Ruby Moody  09-02-2002 HDR
Reese, Sarah 12-03-1993 HDR
Reese, Sarah Emma  12-06-1993 ONE
Reese, Sarah Emma Miss 12-04-1993 HDR
Reese, Shelby Nicole  11-01-1994 HDR
Reese, Shelby Nicole (infant) 11-01-1994 ONE
Reese, Shirley “Sherrill” Thomas  10-09-2000 HDR
Reese, Terry Dean  08-13-1993 HDR
Reese, Terry Dean  08-14-1993 HDR
Reese, Thelma Irene Hefner 11-21-2002 HDR
Reese, Thelma Irene Hefner 11-21-2002 ONE
Reese, Virginia "Jeep" 04-23-2000 HDR
Reese, Wade Victor 06-07-2002 ONE
Reese, Wade Victor  06-06-2002 HDR
Reese, Wade Victor  06-07-2002 HDR
Reese, Walter Clarence  2/23/2004 ONE
Reese, Wanda Brown  07-31-2002 HDR
Reese, William David 04-25-2000 HDR
Reese, William David 04-25-2000 ONE
Reeves, Bryan (Page 9A) 06-01-2001 HDR
Reeves, Buddy Clinton Sr. 12-27-2001 HDR
Reeves, Connie Douglas (101 yoa) (legendary cowgirl performer) 08-25-2003 HDR
Reeves, Erica Janeene  (Page 1D) 06-06-1999 HDR
Reeves, Erica Janeene (Page 3A) 06-07-1999 HDR
Reeves, Jack James  08-20-1993 HDR
Reeves, Jack James  08-21-1993 HDR
Reeves, Jack William Sr. (veteran) 02-17-1994 HDR
Reeves, James Reb  07-29-2001 HDR
Reeves, James Reb  07-30-2001 ONE
Reeves, Jesse  1/18/2005 ONE
Reeves, Jesse Clarence 1/19/2005 HDR
Reeves, Jesse Clarence 1/19/2005 ONE
Reeves, Marcella Teague 09-26-1994 ONE
Reeves, Marcella Teague 09-27-1994 ONE
Reeves, Marcella Teague  09-26-1994 HDR
Reeves, Marcella Teague  09-27-1994 HDR
Reeves, Margaret Collins 05-17-1998 HDR
Reeves, Pauline Hefner 12-05-1998 HDR
Reeves, Pauline Hefner 12-07-1998 HDR
Reeves, Randy Allen 1/12/2005 HDR
Reeves, Randy Allen  1/12/2005 ONE
Reeves, Raymond Randolph  07-18-2002 HDR
Reeves, Sherry Lynn  06-18-2003 HDR
Reeves, Thomas Jack 07-21-1997 HDR
Reeves, William Donald 05-08-1996 HDR
Reeves, William Donald 05-08-1996 ONE
Refour, Bettie Hastings  10-09-2002 HDR
Regan, Donald T. (fmr. Treasury Sec. and Pres. Reagan's chief of staff)  06-11-2003 HDR
Regan, Elizabeth A.  5/7/2005 HDR
Regan, John Tilden  10-22-1996 HDR
Regan, Myrl Burleson 05-08-1999 HDR
Rego, Vitor Cunha 01-14-2000 HDR
Reichard, Beulah Underdown  04-30-1993 HDR
Reichard, Beulah Underdown  05-01-1993 HDR
Reichard, Dillo R. 08-08-1998 HDR
Reichard, Dorth  03-13-1995 HDR
Reichard, Dorth S.  03-14-1995 HDR
Reichard, Lauavghn C. "L.C." 03-15-1994 HDR
Reichard, Troy Lee  06-29-1996 HDR
Reichard, Verline Braswell  02-27-1995 HDR
Reichard, Verline Braswell  02-28-1995 HDR
Reichenbach, Francois (documentary filmmaker) 02-03-1993 HDR
Reichert, Harold John  06-20-1997 HDR
Reichert, Mary Jacqueline Mull  04-10-2002 HDR
Reichert, Rita Johana  09-10-1995 HDR
Reid,  Aaron O'shea 12-01-2000 HDR
Reid, Aaron O'Shea Elder 12-01-2000 ONE
Reid, Albert Vertis 09-06-1993 HDR
Reid, Albert Vertis  09-08-1993 HDR
Reid, Albert Vertis  09-08-1993 ONE
Reid, Alverta Dorothy Greene 09-16-1999 HDR
Reid, Alvin Dixon  07-27-1996 HDR
Reid, Arthur Williams 03-15-1999 HDR
Reid, Betty Drye  05-26-1994 HDR
Reid, Blanche W.  03-15-2002 HDR
Reid, Blanche West  03-16-2002 HDR
Reid, Calvin Jerry II 11/8/2005 HDR
Reid, Carrie Bell Hood 04-26-1998 HDR
Reid, Cecil Pennell  01-17-2003 HDR
Reid, Celeste Jean Johnson 08-30-1997 HDR
Reid, Charles Franklin 07-27-1994 ONE
Reid, Charles Franklin  07-25-1994 HDR
Reid, Charles Franklin  07-27-1994 HDR
Reid, David Lynn 10-08-1993 HDR
Reid, David Lynn 10-09-1993 HDR
Reid, David W. 01-14-2001 HDR
Reid, Donald William  01-23-2003 HDR
Reid, Dorothy Ada Brown  06-04-2001 HDR
Reid, Dwight Darron 11-03-1993 HDR
Reid, Edith 01-10-1996 HDR
Reid, Edith Pennell 01-08-1996 HDR
Reid, Edith Pennell  01-06-1996 HDR
Reid, Elizabeth 06-03-2002 ONE
Reid, Elizabeth Bowman 12-19-1995 HDR
Reid, Elizabeth Bowman 12-20-1995 HDR
Reid, Elvey Mae Haas  06-12-1995 HDR
Reid, Emma Lavina Teague 06-09-2001 HDR
Reid, Emma Lavina Teague 06-11-2001 ONE
Reid, Emma Lavina Teague 06-08-2001 ONE
Reid, Ethel Scruggs 03-24-1999 HDR
Reid, Everett Lee 01-03-1996 HDR
Reid, Florence Auton 01-31-1998 HDR
Reid, Florence Storey 09-29-2000 HDR
Reid, Floyd  02-26-1993 HDR
Reid, Floyd James Sr. 02-27-1993 HDR
Reid, Frances Evalee Long  02-11-1997 HDR
Reid, Fred W. 02-16-1994 HDR
Reid, Fred W. "Mose" Sr. 02-18-1994 HDR
Reid, George Jr.  07-08-2003 HDR
Reid, George Jr.  07-08-2003 ONE
Reid, George Kingman 12-06-1993 HDR
Reid, Georgia Moore  01-03-2001 HDR
Reid, Guy Franklin  04-20-2002 HDR
Reid, H.W. "Jimmy" 04-17-1999 HDR
Reid, Harold R. 03-04-1994 HDR
Reid, Harold Raymond  03-21-1996 HDR
Reid, Harrison Fuller 09-27-1994 HDR
Reid, Harrison Fuller 09-28-1994 HDR
Reid, Harrison Fuller 09-29-1994 HDR
Reid, Harrison Sr.  09-01-1995 HDR
Reid, Harrison Sr.  09-02-1995 HDR
Reid, Harrison Sr.  09-01-1995 ONE
Reid, Helen Augusta Pippin 06-09-1996 HDR
Reid, Henry B.  07-12-1993 HDR
Reid, Henry Burton 07-13-1993 HDR
Reid, Inez Winkler 06-14-1998 HDR
Reid, Jack Dixon 04-28-1998 HDR
Reid, James “Mutt”  07-14-2002 HDR
Reid, James Allen  03-08-1993 HDR
Reid, James Earl "Jimmy" Sr.  02-23-1995 HDR
Reid, Jefferson Davis "Jeff" 11-18-1999 HDR
Reid, Joan 01-14-2001 HDR
Reid, Joe (Page 1A) 04-12-1996 HDR
Reid, John Clyde "Joe"  01-10-2001 HDR
Reid, John Simpson  04-10-1995 HDR
Reid, Lewis Thomas 02-20-1994 HDR
Reid, Liddie Lorie "Lib" Terry 07-28-1999 HDR
Reid, Liddie Lorie Terry "Lib" 07-28-1999 ONE
Reid, Lucille Starnes 5/5/2005 HDR
Reid, Lyndon Mitchell  01-23-2003 HDR
Reid, Mack Donald 11-06-2001 HDR
Reid, Mamie Clark 09-23-1994 HDR
Reid, Mamie Rachel Clark 09-24-1994 HDR
Reid, Margaret Crews  06-13-1996 HDR
Reid, Margaret Yoder 11-17-1999 HDR
Reid, Marie Mays 05-30-1998 HDR
Reid, Marie Mays 05-31-1998 HDR
Reid, Martha Hazel Benfield 04-28-1998 HDR
Reid, Mary A. 12-23-1997 HDR
Reid, Mary Amanda Stewart 12-26-1997 HDR
Reid, Mary Amanda Stewart 12-26-9197 ONE
Reid, Mary Elizabeth Stirewalt 08-15-2003 HDR
Reid, Mary Jo Neal 08-03-2000 HDR
Reid, Mary Jo Neal 08-04-2000 ONE
Reid, Mary Louise  09-01-1994 HDR
Reid, Mary Louise  09-02-1994 HDR
Reid, Minerva Marie Davis 01-13-1998 HDR
Reid, Minerva Marie Davis 01-16-1998 HDR
Reid, Nell Walker  06-13-1995 HDR
Reid, Nellie Walker  06-12-1995 HDR
Reid, Nina Estelle Auton 06-20-2001 HDR
Reid, Ocie Watson 12-19-1995 HDR
Reid, Pansy Russell 12/22/2005 HDR
Reid, Paul David 03-17-1996 HDR
Reid, Pearl Edna 10-28-2003 HDR
Reid, Philip W.  04-06-0202 HDR
Reid, Rachel Denton 04-30-1996 HDR
Reid, Ralph Henry "Big" 06-06-2000 HDR
Reid, Ralph Pinkney  03-21-1993 HDR
Reid, Rex Russell 03-22-1999 HDR
Reid, Richard Wayne "Zeno" 01-06-1999 HDR
Reid, Robbie Justin  12-25-2003 HDR
Reid, Robert Harold 03-05-1994 HDR
Reid, Robert Lee 08-07-1993 HDR
Reid, Ronald  12-14-1996 HDR
Reid, Ruth Holland  02-07-2003 HDR
Reid, Ruth Holland  02-08-2003 HDR
Reid, Shirley Munday  07-03-2002 HDR
Reid, Ted Lee 07-18-1994 HDR
Reid, Ted Lee 07-19-1994 HDR
Reid, Verna Pennell  08-09-2002 HDR
Reid, W. Haskell 07-11-2000 HDR
Reid, Wendy Catherine  02-25-2003 HDR
Reid, Wendy Catherine  02-25-2003 ONE
Reid, William E. "Buttons"  08-11-2001 HDR
Reid, Zona Dula 01-10-1997 HDR
Reidenbach, Kenneth H. Rev. 9/20/2004 ONE
Reidenbach, Kenneth H. Rev. 9/24/2004 ONE
Reighard, William J. Sr. 06-05-1998 HDR
Reihan, Muhammed (militant) (Page 2A) 11-13-2001 HDR
Reikowsky, Ralph F. 02-24-1999 HDR
Reiley, Betty H. 10-12-1999 HDR
Reilly, Eugene J. 11-06-1997 HDR
Reilly, Henry Gardner 06-25-1999 HDR
Reilly, Henry Gardner 06-24-1999 ONE
Reilly, Henry Gardner 06-25-1999 ONE
Reilly, Velma 07-29-2003 ONE
Reilly, Velma J. 07-30-2003 ONE
Reilly, Velma J.  07-30-2003 HDR
Reilly,Jim (offensive lineman) 08-07-1994 HDR
Reinach, Jacquelyn 10-24-2000 HDR
Reines, Frederick 08-29-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, Anessa Dare Passmore 10-30-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Anessa Dare Passmore 10-30-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Barbara Alice Flynn 6/29/2005 HDR
Reinhardt, Barbara Alice Flynn 6/28/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, Barbara Alice Flynn 6/29/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, Barbara Jean Peters 07-16-1999 HDR
Reinhardt, Barbara Jean Peters 07-16-1999 ONE
Reinhardt, Beatrice Mrs. 07-19-1993 ONE
Reinhardt, Blanche Marie Ramseur  01-02-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, Clara Nell Beam 03-10-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, Clara Nell Beam 03-10-1994 ONE
Reinhardt, Clarence P. "Perk"  04-13-1993 HDR
Reinhardt, Clarence P. "Perk"  04-14-1993 HDR
Reinhardt, Clarence T. "Perk"  04-14-1993 ONE
Reinhardt, Claudia Beatrice 12-20-1999 ONE
Reinhardt, Claudia Beatrice Ramseur 12-21-1999 ONE
Reinhardt, Claudia Beatrice Ramseur 12-22-1999 ONE
Reinhardt, Claudia Beatrice Ramseur  12-22-1999 HDR
Reinhardt, Dorothy Mae 09-14-1997 HDR
Reinhardt, Dorothy Mae Evangelist 09-15-1997 ONE
Reinhardt, Eloise Bonnie Morgan 12-26-2003 ONE
Reinhardt, Eloise Bonnie Morgan  12-25-2003 HDR
Reinhardt, Elsie G. 03-25-2001 HDR
Reinhardt, Elsie G. 03-26-2001 ONE
Reinhardt, Evelyn Royall 03-09-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Evelyn Royall 03-09-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Everette "Cat Bird" 06-23-1996 HDR
Reinhardt, Everette T. "Cat Bird" 06-24-1996 HDR
Reinhardt, Everette T. "Catbird" 06-24-1996 ONE
Reinhardt, Florence Caldwell 10-05-1997 HDR
Reinhardt, Frances Victoria  04-01-1993 HDR
Reinhardt, Frances Wilkie 8/24/2004 ONE
Reinhardt, Frances Wilkie 8/25/2004 ONE
Reinhardt, Frances Wilkie 8/26/2004 ONE
Reinhardt, Frank  04-05-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Frank  04-04-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Franklin Odell Sr. 09-09-1996 HDR
Reinhardt, Fred 02-29-1996 ONE
Reinhardt, Fred 03-01-1996 ONE
Reinhardt, Fred  02-27-1996 ONE
Reinhardt, Fred Avery 03-01-9196 HDR
Reinhardt, Fred James 6/28/2005 HDR
Reinhardt, Fred James 6/27/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, Geneva Knox 12-01-9199 HDR
Reinhardt, George Milton  Jr. 12-07-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, George Milton Jr. 12-03-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, George Milton Jr. 12-04-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, George T. 04-16-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Glenn Virgel 09-04-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Harrilee Sigmon 04-23-1997 HDR
Reinhardt, Harry Elvin 10-03-1997 HDR
Reinhardt, Henry Cornelius 07-13-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, Henry Cornelius 07-14-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, Henry Cornelius 07-14-1998 ONE
Reinhardt, Henry Ransom 08-08-2001 HDR
Reinhardt, Henry Ransom 08-07-2001 ONE
Reinhardt, James Edward III 08-31-1995 HDR
Reinhardt, James Edward III 08-31-1995 ONE
Reinhardt, James Edward III 09-01-1995 ONE
Reinhardt, Jimmie Andrew 01-14-1993 HDR
Reinhardt, Jimmie Andrew  01-14-1993 ONE
Reinhardt, Jimmie Ray  08-05-1993 HDR
Reinhardt, Jimmie Ray  08-06-1993 HDR
Reinhardt, Joe E.  02-22-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, Joe E.  02-21-1994 ONE
Reinhardt, Joe E. (former Brookford, NC Alderman) (veteran) 02-21-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, John 8/4/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, John Henry 8/5/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, John Henry  8/5/2005 HDR
Reinhardt, John Pinkney 05-03-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, John Pinkney 05-02-1994 ONE
Reinhardt, John Sr. "Slappy" 10-24-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, John Sr. "Slappy" 10-26-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, John Sr. "Slappy" 10-26-1998 ONE
Reinhardt, John Sr. "Slappy" 10-23-1998 ONE
Reinhardt, Johnny Ray 02-14-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Johnny Ray  02-14-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Joseph  06-16-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Joseph “Joe” Edward  06-21-0200 HDR
Reinhardt, Joseph Edward 06-20-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Josephine "Jo" Wilson 10/31/2005 HDR
Reinhardt, Josephine "Jo" Wilson 10/31/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, Juanita Lockee Mrs. 12-15-2003 HDR
Reinhardt, Kathy Mashburn 05-20-2003 ONE
Reinhardt, Kathy Mashburn  05-20-2003 HDR
Reinhardt, Leonard "Pete" 05-01-1995 ONE
Reinhardt, Leonard "Pete"  05-01-1995 HDR
Reinhardt, Leonard "Pete"  05-02-1995 HDR
Reinhardt, Lestina Oates  04-06-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, Lestina Oates  04-07-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, Little Mackey (Page 1)  08-26-2002 ONE
Reinhardt, Loretta Gardner 12-18-1995 HDR
Reinhardt, Louise Kathryn Hefner 10-22-1999 HDR
Reinhardt, Lucy Williams 09-23-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Lula Bell 10-27-1997 HDR
Reinhardt, Mackie 08-27-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, Mackie  08-27-2002 ONE
Reinhardt, Opal Champion 01-31-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Opal Champion  01-30-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, P. Windford Jr. 07-11-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Paul Murphy 04-04-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, Paul Murphy 04-06-1998 ONE
Reinhardt, Paul Quincey 07-08-1996 HDR
Reinhardt, Paul W.  7/26/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, Paul William 08-16-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Paul William  08-17-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Paul Windford Jr. 07-13-2000 HDR
Reinhardt, Paul Windford Jr. 07-13-2000 ONE
Reinhardt, Paul Windford Sr. 7/27/2005 ONE
Reinhardt, Paul Windford Sr.  7/27/2005 HDR
Reinhardt, Polly Echard 10-04-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, Polly Echerd 10-03-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, Ralph J.  11-21-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, Ralph J.  11-21-2002 ONE
Reinhardt, Rebekah Phillips  6/11/2004 ONE
Reinhardt, Regina  02-23-1995 HDR
Reinhardt, Regina  02-23-1995 ONE
Reinhardt, Regina Reinhardt 02-24-1995 HDR
Reinhardt, Regina Reinhardt 02-24-1995 ONE
Reinhardt, Rhoda Caldwell 08-18-2003 HDR
Reinhardt, Rhoda Caldwell  08-18-2003 ONE
Reinhardt, Robert  06-21-1996 ONE
Reinhardt, Robert Paul 06-20-1996 HDR
Reinhardt, Robert Paul 06-20-1996 ONE
Reinhardt, Rosa  03-20-1998 ONE
Reinhardt, Rosa Lee Hayes 03-24-1998 HDR
Reinhardt, Rosa Lee Hayes 03-23-1998 ONE
Reinhardt, Ruby Kate Raley 07-03-1999 HDR
Reinhardt, Ruby Kate Raley 07-05-1999 ONE
Reinhardt, Sarah E.  04-12-2002 HDR
Reinhardt, Shuford J. Sr.  12-02-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, Shuford Joseph Sr.  12-02-1994 ONE
Reinhardt, Terrissa Lucille 01-13-1993 ONE
Reinhardt, Terrissa Lucille  01-13-1993 HDR
Reinhardt, Terry Morris "T.J." Jr. 10-07-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, Thomas Hubert 11-30-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, Thomas Hubert 12-01-1994 HDR
Reinhardt, Thurston James 2/4/2005 HDR
Reinhardt, Todd Randel (Page 1) 02-16-1995 ONE
Reinhardt, William  04-08-2003 ONE
Reinhardt, William Phillips "Bill" 04-09-2003 ONE
Reinhardt, William Phillips "Bill"  04-09-2003 HDR
Reinhardt, William Phillips “Bill”  04-10-2003 HDR
Reinhart, Nicole 09-19-2000 HDR
Reinheardt, Todd Randall  02-17-1995 HDR
Reinheart, Hugh F. (Buck) Jr. 05-05-1996 HDR
Reissner, Eric  11-16-1996 HDR
Reisz, Karel 11-29-2002 HDR
Reitzel, Blanche Hilton 04-09-1999 HDR
Reitzel, Blanche Hilton 04-09-1999 ONE
Reitzel, Blanche Hilton 04-08-1999 ONE
Reitzel, Blanche Steele 10-13-2000 HDR
Reitzel, Blanche Steele 10-13-2000 ONE
Reitzel, Charles John Sr. 10-21-1997 HDR
Reitzel, Charles John Sr. 10-22-1997 HDR
Reitzel, Clarence  3/26/2004 ONE
Reitzel, Clarence LaFayette Jr.  3/29/2004 ONE
Reitzel, Elizabeth Fugerson 05-28-2000 HDR
Reitzel, Elizabeth Furgerson  05-29-2000 ONE
Reitzel, Ethel  05-29-2003 ONE
Reitzel, Ethel F. 05-30-2003 ONE
Reitzel, Ethel F.  05-30-2003 HDR
Reitzel, Harold Lerue 03-14-1994 HDR
Reitzel, Joe Davis  9/2/2005 HDR
Reitzel, Kenneth Lee Sr. 06-13-1997 HDR
Reitzel, Kenneth Lee Sr. 06-13-1997 ONE
Reitzel, Matthew Ryan "Matt" 03-05-2001 HDR
Reitzel, Matthew Ryan "Matt" 03-05-2001 ONE
Reitzel, Perry Glenn 07-08-2002 ONE
Reitzel, Perry Glenn 07-09-2002 ONE
Reitzel, Perry Glenn  07-09-2002 HDR
Reitzel, Raymond W. "Dub" 09-11-1997 ONE
Reitzel, Velma Louise Karch 03-10-1999 ONE
Rekunkov, Alexander  05-25-1996 HDR
Rembar, Charles 10-27-2000 HDR
Remicci, Janet 11-01-2001 ONE
Remicci, Janet E. Hefner 11-02-2001 HDR
Remicci, Janet E. Hefner 11-02-2001 ONE
Remington, Connie Loraine 10/24/2005 ONE
Remington, Connie Loraine  10/24/2005 HDR
Rendell, Emma Sloat 03-23-1995 HDR
Rendleman, James “Bill” Edward 07-26-2000 HDR
Rendleman, Laura Ann 10-06-1995 HDR
Rendleman, Laura Ann 10-07-1995 HDR
Rendleman, Morris Sr. 08-15-1998 HDR
Renfro, Barbara Mcaulay 08-27-1996 ONE
Renfro, John Jonas 12-27-1994 ONE
Renfro, John Jonas  12-26-1994 HDR
Renfro, Leonard G.  09-29-2002 HDR
Renfro, Leonard Granville  09-30-2002 HDR
Renfro, Leonard Granville  09-30-2002 ONE
Rengers, Cornelius H. 03-11-2002 ONE
Rengers, Cornelius H.  03-11-2002 HDR
Renick, "Eddie" Inez 09-30-1997 HDR
Renick, Frank Peter Sr. 09-26-1996 HDR
Renick, Sam (jockey) 10-20-1999 HDR
Renner, Margaret Wilson 02-16-2000 HDR
Reshetnyov, Mikhail 01-31-1996 HDR
Resnick, Leon  (Page 3A) 11-21-2001 HDR
Resnick, Lillian Elizabeth Thompson 10-22-2003 HDR
Resnick, Lillian Elizabeth Thompson 10-21-2003 ONE
Resnick, Lillian Elizabeth Thompson 10-22-2003 ONE
Reston, James (columnist) 12-07-1995 ONE
Rettew, Marjorie Packard  11-12-1995 HDR
Rettew, Marjorie Packard  11-14-1995 HDR
Rettew, Marjorie Packard  11-24-1995 HDR
Rettew, Marjorie Packard  11-24-1995 ONE
Rettig, Tommy 02-19-1996 HDR
Reuben, Marvin (MS broadcast pioneer) 06-12-1994 HDR
Reuther, Sophia G. 02-22-1996 ONE
Revell, Nathaniel 06-25-1999 HDR
ReVelle, Charles (professor) 8/26/2005 HDR
Revels, Dennis Elbert  07-07-2003 HDR
Revels, Metta  12-03-2002 ONE
Revels, Metta Belle Sigmon 12-04-2002 ONE
Revels, Metta Belle Sigmon 12-05-2002 ONE
Revels, Metta Belle Sigmon  12-04-2002 HDR
Revels, Metta Belle Sigmon  12-05-2002 HDR
Revels, Veatrice Miller Johnston  11-06-1993 HDR
Revels, Veatrice Miller Johnston Mrs. 11-08-1993 ONE
Revels, Vernice M. Mrs. 11-05-1993 ONE
Revici, Emanuel 01-19-1998 HDR
Revis, Eunie Franklin  8/16/2005 HDR
Revis, Gussie Hunter  08-23-1994 HDR
Revis, Hubert 02-14-2002 HDR
Rex, George Sanderson 12-19-1994 HDR
Rex, George Sanderson 12-20-1994 HDR
Rey, Luise King 08-09-1997 HDR
Rey, Margaret E. 12-23-1996 ONE
Rey, Margret E. (author of Curious George books) 12-23-1996 HDR
Reyna, Cornelio-composer/singer 01-24-1997 HDR
Reyna, Raffaello (Italian royalty) 04-28-1994 HDR
Reynolds,  Thelma Ruth 12-30-1996 ONE
Reynolds, Anna Lawing (101 yoa) 12-05-2002 HDR
Reynolds, Anna Lawing (101 yoa)  12-04-2002 ONE
Reynolds, Anthony Marion 06-30-1997 HDR
Reynolds, Anthony Marion  06-30-1997 ONE
Reynolds, Arvil Edward "Joe" 04-14-1998 HDR
Reynolds, Bereswinda Abt 08-09-2003 HDR
Reynolds, Bereswinda Abt 08-11-2003 ONE
Reynolds, Bernice Frances 02-03-1997 HDR
Reynolds, Bertha Hoyle  08-09-1995 HDR
Reynolds, Bertha Hoyle  08-09-1995 ONE
Reynolds, Betty Doris 01-18-2001 HDR
Reynolds, Betty Doris 01-18-2001 ONE
Reynolds, Beulah Hoyle  02-06-1999 HDR
Reynolds, Beulah Willis  8/13/2005 HDR
Reynolds, Bryte Turner 02-28-2001 HDR
Reynolds, Buelah Hoyle 02-07-1999 HDR
Reynolds, Claude William 11-07-1999 HDR
Reynolds, Claude William 11-08-1999 ONE
Reynolds, Coleen Moss 01-18-1995 HDR
Reynolds, Connie Sue 11/5/2005 HDR
Reynolds, Eva Mae Rhoney Mrs. 3/14/2005 HDR
Reynolds, Faye Ola Marion Freeman 08-12-2001 HDR
Reynolds, Forest Lee 10-28-2002 HDR
Reynolds, Forest Lee 10-28-2002 ONE
Reynolds, Helen Dahike 03-13-1999 HDR
Reynolds, Helen Dahlke 03-15-1999 ONE
Reynolds, J. Keith 05-04-1999 HDR
Reynolds, J. Keith 05-05-1999 HDR
Reynolds, John J. (developer of the Mastercharge charge card) 10-18-1993 HDR
Reynolds, Kathleen "Kat"  10-18-1997 HDR
Reynolds, Lila 04-04-1997 HDR
Reynolds, Lillian Hughes  12-07-1993 ONE
Reynolds, Mabel Cuthbertson 04-26-1993 HDR
Reynolds, Madge McNeilly  01-30-1995 HDR
Reynolds, Madge O.  03-17-2002 HDR
Reynolds, Marcus Richard 06-26-1997 ONE
Reynolds, Paul Huffman  10-30-1995 HDR
Reynolds, Paul Huffman  10-30-1995 ONE
Reynolds, Paulie William "Dick"  10-20-2001 HDR
Reynolds, Porter G. 11-14-2001 HDR
Reynolds, Ronald William 07-04-2000 HDR
Reynolds, Russell 12-15-1999 HDR
Reynolds, Scharlene Boyd 05-04-2001 HDR
Reynolds, Thelma Ruth Nail  12-31-1996 HDR
Reynolds, Walker Jr. 05-20-2001 HDR
Reynolds, Warren C.  10-30-2002 ONE
Reynolds, Whiskey Blue 2/4/2005 ONE
Reynolds, Whiskey Blue  2/4/2005 HDR
Reynolds, Whiskey Blue  2/5/2005 HDR
Reynolds, Willadean E.  06-26-2003 HDR
Reynolds, Willadean E.  06-25-2003 ONE
Reynolds, William E. 02-16-2000 ONE
Reynolds, William Edmund 02-18-2000 HDR
Reynolds, William Edmund 02-17-2000 ONE
Reynolds, William Lee  06-01-1993 HDR
Reynoso, Felipe 04-18-1996 ONE
Reynoso, Felipe Indaleceo 04-20-1996 HDR
Rhea, Albert Guy  12-30-2000 HDR
Rhea, Evelyn "Tommie" Haas 06-28-1994 HDR
Rhea, Evelyn "Tommie" Haas 06-29-1994 HDR
Rhea, John B. Jr. 10-04-2001 HDR
Rhea, Virginia Bates 03-24-1999 HDR
Rhea, Virginia Bates 03-25-1999 HDR
Rheingold, Harriet L. (Professor at UNCCH) 04-30-2000 HDR
Rhinehardt, Benjamin "Bennie" F.  10-06-2003 HDR
Rhinehardt, John F.  12-16-2003 HDR
Rhinehardt, John F.  12-15-2003 ONE
Rhinehardt, Olivia Elizabeth 06-09-2000 HDR
Rhinehardt, Shuford  12-01-1994 HDR
Rhoades, Clint Edward  05-12-1994 HDR
Rhoads, Fred  02-26-2000 HDR
Rhoden, John W. 01-20-2001 HDR
Rhoden, Marie Bolt 04-22-1993 HDR
Rhoden, Ocia Mae Prince 05-21-2001 HDR
Rhodes, Ann Elane  07-17-2003 HDR
Rhodes, Ann Elane  07-17-2003 ONE
Rhodes, Bernice Grigg 10/11/2005 HDR
Rhodes, Charles Franklin  11-12-2002 HDR
Rhodes, Charles Franklin  11-12-2002 ONE
Rhodes, Cora Mae "Coke" 04-14-2000 HDR
Rhodes, Coran F.  08-29-1994 HDR
Rhodes, Daniel Edward "Dan" 09-13-1994 HDR
Rhodes, Daniel Edward "Dan" 09-14-1994 HDR
Rhodes, Darvin V. "Dusty" Jr. 04-01-1998 HDR
Rhodes, Emmett L. Sr. 04-13-2002 HDR
Rhodes, Grady Lamar 11/13/2005 HDR
Rhodes, Grady Lamar  11/14/2005 ONE
Rhodes, Hazel Propst  03-22-1996 HDR
Rhodes, Jack Thomas 11/8/2005 HDR
Rhodes, Joseph "Joe" Gerald 06-26-1996 HDR
Rhodes, Joseph Theodore 09-03-2003 HDR
Rhodes, Karrie Lee Lewis 01-10-1995 HDR
Rhodes, Lisclotte Kreidt 09-29-1998 HDR
Rhodes, Lloyd Glenwood "Buck" 05-13-1998 HDR
Rhodes, Loretha Grant 12-07-1999 HDR
Rhodes, Loretha Grant 12-07-1999 ONE
Rhodes, Lucille  12-16-2000 HDR
Rhodes, Mary (former mayor of Corpus Christi, TX) 06-07-1997 HDR
Rhodes, Mary Ethel Hull 03-02-1998 HDR
Rhodes, Pauline Bryant  09-14-2001 HDR
Rhodes, Rachel Marie  09-07-1994 HDR
Rhodes, Reba Hincher  07-27-1995 HDR
Rhodes, Reba Hincher  07-27-1995 ONE
Rhodes, Robert E. 01-01-1997 HDR
Rhodes, Robert Mark  02-09-2001 HDR
Rhodes, Vivian Pruitt  11-08-2000 HDR
Rhodes, Walter Leo 07-26-1997 HDR
Rhodes, William David 06-17-1996 ONE
Rhodes, William David  06-16-1996 HDR
Rhodes, William Edward II 09-18-1993 HDR
Rhoney, A. R. "Tut" 01-14-1996 HDR
Rhoney, Annie Marie Hubbard 12-05-1995 HDR
Rhoney, Arnold Edward 02-25-1998 HDR
Rhoney, Artrina "Trina" Watson 9/24/2005 HDR
Rhoney, Bessie Mae Rhoney 01-25-2000 HDR
Rhoney, C. W. 05-13-1994 HDR
Rhoney, C. W. 05-14-1994 HDR
Rhoney, C. W.  05-13-1994 ONE
Rhoney, C. W.  05-16-1994 ONE
Rhoney, Catherine Rudisill 02-01-1996 HDR
Rhoney, Charles W.  4/4/2005 HDR
Rhoney, Christopher Jordan (infant) 02-16-1995 HDR
Rhoney, Clara Smith 06-25-1999 HDR
Rhoney, Clarsie Rhoney Mrs.  12-16-2003 HDR
Rhoney, Danny Carroll 06-12-1994 HDR
Rhoney, David Lee  11-08-1995 HDR
Rhoney, Della Vanhorn 03-15-1994 HDR
Rhoney, Edith Brittain  12-27-2003 HDR
Rhoney, Edith Brittain  12-29-2003 ONE
Rhoney, Elizabeth A. "Beth" 06-04-1994 HDR
Rhoney, Ethel Thornburg 03-27-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Ethel Thornburg 03-26-2001 ONE
Rhoney, Ethel Thornburg  03-26-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Evan Arthur  12-03-1994 HDR
Rhoney, Evan Arthur  12-04-1994 HDR
Rhoney, Evan Arthur  12-05-1994 ONE
Rhoney, George Pinkney Sr. 12-09-2000 HDR
Rhoney, Gerald William 02-03-1997 HDR
Rhoney, Harriette Pons 09-18-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Hattie Bivens  12-07-1996 HDR
Rhoney, J. C.  07-29-2001 HDR
Rhoney, J. W.  07-31-1993 HDR
Rhoney, J. W.  08-01-1993 HDR
Rhoney, J. W.  08-02-1993 HDR
Rhoney, Jeanette  11-20-1995 HDR
Rhoney, Jesse Everett 02-23-1996 HDR
Rhoney, Jessie Lee 01-03-1993 HDR
Rhoney, Katie Lize Workman 10-29-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Lue Ella Beard 01-02-1999 HDR
Rhoney, Mary F. 08-21-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Mary Sue Branch 01-03-2000 HDR
Rhoney, Myrah Louise (102 yoa) 12-17-2000 HDR
Rhoney, Nancy A.  06-13-1996 HDR
Rhoney, Perry Vernon  02-05-2002 HDR
Rhoney, Perry Vernon  02-06-2002 HDR
Rhoney, Perry Vernon  02-07-2002 HDR
Rhoney, Phyllis Evans 12-23-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Phyllis Whitener 1/2/2005 HDR
Rhoney, Phyllis Whitener 1/3/2005 HDR
Rhoney, Phyllis Whitener 1/3/2005 ONE
Rhoney, Ruby Abee  07-12-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Ruby Lee "The Fur Lady" 11-18-2002 HDR
Rhoney, Ruby Lee "The Fur Lady"  11-16-2002 HDR
Rhoney, Ruby Lee "The Fur Lady"  11-18-2002 ONE
Rhoney, Ruffin Stowe "R.S." 07-05-2003 HDR
Rhoney, Ruffin Stowe "R.S." 07-07-2003 ONE
Rhoney, Sibbie Jane Matthews 11-12-2003 HDR
Rhoney, Sibbie Jane Matthews 11-12-2003 ONE
Rhoney, Taltha Hartman 12-29-1999 HDR
Rhoney, Taltha Hartman 12-28-1999 ONE
Rhoney, Vincent Wade 12-04-1996 HDR
Rhoney, Virginia Nan 4/2/2005 HDR
Rhoney, Virginia Nan  4/4/2005 ONE
Rhoney, William Houston  09-03-2001 HDR
Rhoney, Wilmur Vernon 11-19-1996 HDR
Rhoney, Wilmur Vernon 11-19-1996 ONE
Rhoney-Teague, Patricia "Pat"  05-30-2002 ONE
Rhoney-Teague, Patricia "Patti"  05-30-2002 HDR
Rhoodie, Eschel (Information Department of South Africa) 07-24-1993 HDR
Rhoten, Denver Allen 03-30-1996 HDR
Rhoton, Walter Lee 01-16-2001 ONE
Rhoton, Walter Lee  01-16-2001 HDR
Rhyder, Ruby Fowler 05-09-1997 HDR
Rhymer, Jessie B. 05-26-2000 HDR
Rhymer, William S. "Bill" 08-21-1999 HDR
Rhymer, William S. "Bill" 08-20-1999 ONE
Rhyne, Alvin 05-30-2003 HDR
Rhyne, Alvin 05-31-2003 HDR
Rhyne, Alvin "Pap" 05-30-2003 ONE
Rhyne, Annie Mabel Wilson 02-23-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Bonnie Carswell 03-06-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Cass  01-18-2002 HDR
Rhyne, Cathie Jean Willis 01-06-1998 HDR
Rhyne, Detroit  06-18-1993 HDR
Rhyne, Detroit McKinley Jr.  06-19-1993 HDR
Rhyne, Donald Tildon 12/30/2005 HDR
Rhyne, Doris Pardue  09-10-2002 HDR
Rhyne, Dorothy F.  05-28-1993 HDR
Rhyne, Edith Rozella Hudson 03-26-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Edith Rozella Hudson 03-25-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Elsie Bivins 01-28-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Ernest Preston Jr. 12-30-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Florence Whisnant  06-17-2003 HDR
Rhyne, Forest Caleb "Shady" 04-04-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Georgia Lee 10-04-2001 HDR
Rhyne, Georgia Lee 10-04-2001 ONE
Rhyne, Gretchen Renee 07-04-2003 HDR
Rhyne, Harold Delanor 02-10-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Herbert Augustus "Hub" 05-23-2003 HDR
Rhyne, Hunter 12-12-2001 HDR
Rhyne, Hunter 02-11-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Hunter  (Page 1A) 02-07-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Hunter (Page 10A) 02-09-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Hunter (Page 4A) 12-13-2001 HDR
Rhyne, Irene Dyson 01-16-2002 HDR
Rhyne, J. D.   11-11-1995 HDR
Rhyne, Joe Benjamin  01-23-2003 HDR
Rhyne, Johnny Franklin 04-22-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Johnny Franklin  04-24-2000 ONE
Rhyne, Johnsie Berniece 12-13-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Julia Anne Clark  01-04-2003 HDR
Rhyne, Kenneth Earl Jr. 09-13-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Kenneth Earl Jr. 09-13-1999 ONE
Rhyne, Kenneth Earl Sr. 06-04-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Kenneth Earl Sr. 06-05-2000 ONE
Rhyne, Kenneth Wayne 10-12-1995 HDR
Rhyne, Kimberly 12-12-2001 HDR
Rhyne, Kimberly 02-07-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Kimberly 02-11-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Kimberly (Page 10A) 02-09-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Kimberly (Page 4A) 12-13-2001 HDR
Rhyne, Marie Kendall 05-26-1997 HDR
Rhyne, Mary Margaret 11-07-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Mary Margaret 11-07-2000 ONE
Rhyne, Millard Loranze 03-01-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Millard Loranze 03-01-1999 ONE
Rhyne, Nannie Lee Gilbert 05-07-1994 HDR
Rhyne, Nell Kibler Cuthbertson 02-06-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Novella  Parker 07-18-1997 ONE
Rhyne, Robert Ray 08-08-2000 HDR
Rhyne, Robert Rudisill  04-05-1995 HDR
Rhyne, Robin 12-12-2001 HDR
Rhyne, Robin 02-11-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Robin (Page 10A) 02-09-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Robin (Page 1A) 02-07-1999 HDR
Rhyne, Robin (Page 4A) 12-13-2001 HDR
Rhyne, Rosa Lee  05-12-2002 HDR
Rhyne, Rosa Lee  05-13-2002 ONE
Rhyne, William Bennett 09-30-1994 HDR
Rhyne, William Bennett 10-01-1994 HDR
Rhyne, William Boyce 07-07-2000 HDR
Rhyne, William David 04-29-2001 HDR
Ribbler, Sol 01-26-1999 HDR
Ribbler, Sol 01-261999 ONE
Ribelin, Beth Crump 11-11-1998 HDR
Ribelin, Beth Crump  11-10-1998 ONE
Ribet, Bernice Mrs. (100 yoa) 11-23-2003 HDR
Ribet, Emily Catherine  10-31-2001 HDR
Ribet, Mary Agnes Brinkley  07-12-1995 HDR
Ribicoff, Abraham 02-24-1998 HDR
Ricard, Paul  11-10-1997 HDR
Ricardo, Don Ricardo 08-28-2001 HDR
Ricart, Gladys (died 1999) (Page 2A) 11-16-2001 HDR
Rice, Antonio (Page 8D) 02-21-1997 HDR
Rice, Betty Jo Lee Sylvester 8/23/2004 ONE
Rice, Bridgette Yvette 10/30/2005 HDR
Rice, Charles Albert  07-23-1995 HDR
Rice, Christian Elijah  07-07-2002 HDR
Rice, Doyle Cecil  04-05-2001 HDR
Rice, Edith Platzer  5/4/2005 HDR
Rice, Frank J. 10-27-1999 HDR
Rice, Gillian (news reporter) 06-15-1993 HDR
Rice, Gladys Lucille Trollinger 08-12-1999 HDR
Rice, H. C. Jr. 10-13-1996 HDR
Rice, Harry Thomas Jr. 03-09-1997 HDR
Rice, Henry Ford Sr. 11-21-2001 HDR
Rice, Henry Ford Sr. 11-23-2001 HDR
Rice, Henry Ford Sr. 11-23-2001 ONE
Rice, James Prentiss  06-04-1995 HDR
Rice, Jerry Dean 08-10-1999 HDR
Rice, Jerry Dean 08-10-1999 ONE
Rice, John Lowell II 01-18-1994 HDR
Rice, John Lowell III 05-29-2000 HDR
Rice, Kathryn Patrick  2/25/2004 ONE
Rice, Leo Hutchins  06-20-2001 HDR
Rice, Leon 04-22-2002 HDR
Rice, Linda Darlene McDaniels  11-05-2002 HDR
Rice, Linda McDaniels  11-05-2002 ONE
Rice, Mary Alice Rowell 01-13-2001 HDR
Rice, Mary Neil Henderson 10-05-1998 HDR
Rice, Mary Ross 01-29-2001 ONE
Rice, Mary Ross  01-27-2001 HDR
Rice, Milas Eugene  09-01-1995 HDR
Rice, Milas Eugene  09-01-1995 ONE
Rice, Patrice (Page 8D) 02-21-1997 HDR
Rice, Perry R. 02-22-2000 HDR
Rice, Reba Banner  09-27-1997 HDR
Rice, Robert Carter 08-14-1997 HDR
Rice, Robert Kenneth 09-11-1996 HDR
Rice, Ronald Lee  10-03-2000 HDR
Rice, Sara  03-14-1995 HDR
Rice, Sara Hatcher 03-15-1995 HDR
Rice, Sara Hatcher 03-16-1995 HDR
Rice, Sybil  09-30-1994 HDR
Rice, Sybil Taylor  10-01-1994 HDR
Rice, Vera Silver 01-18-2001 HDR
Rice, William Charles Jr. 04-07-1997 ONE
Rice, William Edward  03-24-1993 ONE
Rice, William Edward "Ed"  03-24-1993 HDR
Rice, Willie Seitz 03-30-1996 HDR
Rich, Ben R. (Lockheed designer) 01-07-1995 HDR
Rich, Cadriene “Cadie” Michelle  01-15-2003 HDR
Rich, Charlie 07-26-1995 HDR
Rich, Charlie 07-26-1995 ONE
Rich, Charlie Cordell 04-10-2001 HDR
Rich, Coleman "Stretch" Henry 06-15-2003 HDR
Rich, Della Naoma  09-03-2003 HDR
Rich, Frances 01-22-1997 HDR
Rich, Isaac William 08-01-1994 HDR
Rich, Iva Lee Corn 11-08-9198 HDR
Rich, James "Spider" (songwriter) 11-13-2003 HDR
Rich, James Anderson 08-29-1994 HDR
Rich, James Anderson 08-30-1994 HDR
Rich, James David 03-27-1999 HDR
Rich, Janice Hoyle 2/28/2005 HDR
Rich, Jean DeBusk 02-12-1997 HDR
Rich, Johnny Columbus 10-08-1999 HDR
Rich, Lloyd Troy Rev. 10-24-2000 HDR
Rich, Martin 10-27-2000 HDR
Rich, Maude Hollar  10-30-2002 HDR
Rich, Robert  10-12-1993 HDR
Rich, Robert  10-13-1993 HDR
Rich, Rufus 04-12-1996 HDR
Rich, William Gay Calvin 02-20-1999 HDR
Richard, Ambrose Junior 9/9/2005 HDR
Richard, Anita Henriette 02-19-1998 HDR
Richard, Annie Wilson 08-23-1998 HDR
Richard, Bob Franklin  10-21-2003 HDR
Richard, Byran Dale 07-25-2003 ONE
Richard, Byran Dale  07-25-2003 HDR
Richard, Charles "CJ" 11-26-1999 HDR
Richard, Charles "CJ" 11-26-1999 ONE
Richard, Charles (Page 1A) 11-25-1999 HDR
Richard, Doris (Page 1A) 11-25-1999 HDR
Richard, Doris Collins 11-26-1999 HDR
Richard, Doris Collins 11-26-1999 ONE
Richard, Dorothy "Pat"  12-06-1993 HDR
Richard, Effie Lingerfelt  04-30-2001 HDR
Richard, Emanuel Anthony 11-22-2000 HDR
Richard, Forace Smith  03-11-1993 HDR
Richard, Garland 11-28-2001 ONE
Richard, Garland Lee 11-29-2001 HDR
Richard, Gary Joe "Pickle" 07-11-1994 HDR
Richard, Gary Joe "Pickle" 07-12-1994 HDR
Richard, Hattie Lee  08-11-1993 HDR
Richard, Hattie Lee Mrs. 08-10-1993 ONE
Richard, Helen Margie Fulbright 02-21-1997 HDR
Richard, Helen Margie Fulbright 02-21-1997 ONE
Richard, John Thomas Sr. 04-18-2000 HDR
Richard, Larry Thomas  07-18-1994 HDR
Richard, Louie Lee 12-20-1997 HDR
Richard, Margaret  (Page 2A)(died 02-05-40) 11-18-2001 HDR
Richard, Opal Pauline Hoffman 08-21-1998 HDR
Richard, Opal Pauline Hoffman 08-22-1998 HDR
Richard, Opal Pauline Hoffman 08-24-1998 ONE
Richard, Ray (Page 3A) 12-28-2001 HDR
Richard, Roy Plato  01-30-1993 HDR
Richard, Roy Plato  01-31-1993 HDR
Richard, Russell Walker Sr. 03-19-1994 HDR
Richard, Thomas "Tom" F.  3/24/2005 HDR
Richard, Thomas "Tom" F.  3/24/2005 ONE
Richard, Thomas Ford 3/23/2005 HDR
Richard, Thomas Ford 3/23/2005 ONE
Richard, Wesley Alexander Sr. 04-06-1999 HDR
Richard, William Ray  03-06-1993 HDR
Richard, William Ray  03-07-1993 HDR
Richards, Abel S. 02-22-1999 HDR
Richards, Ann  (Page 2A) (died 02-05-40) 11-18-2001 HDR
Richards, Anna B.  06-10-2002 HDR
Richards, Anna Jane Boone  06-11-2002 HDR
Richards, Audrey Murielene  10-23-2003 HDR
Richards, Barbara Ann South 06-11-1998 HDR
Richards, Belle Laws  10-25-2001 HDR
Richards, Betty Chapman 03-18-1996 HDR
Richards, Betty Chapman 03-20-1996 HDR
Richards, Betty Chapman 03-18-1996 ONE
Richards, Betty Melton  05-03-2003 HDR
Richards, Bob Rev. (63,000 Los Vegas weddings) 06-10-1995 HDR
Richards, Celia Irene Pritchard 03-29-1993 HDR
Richards, Charlie Edward Jr. 01-11-2003 HDR
Richards, Charlie Edward Sr. 06-06-1998 HDR
Richards, Christine Mull  12-22-1994 HDR
Richards, Dorothy Allen  10-14-1993 HDR
Richards, Dorothy Allen  10-15-1993 HDR
Richards, Elvin  09-23-1996 ONE
Richards, Elvin Vernon Jr. 09-24-1996 HDR
Richards, Elvin Vernon Jr. 09-24-1996 ONE
Richards, Florence Bradshaw  11/4/2005 HDR
Richards, George C. “Mutt”  Sr. 11-29-2000 HDR
Richards, Glen Colan  04-27-2003 HDR
Richards, Helen D.  4/13/2004 ONE
Richards, J. G. "Scoop" 08-05-1998 HDR
Richards, Jack 01-04-1997 HDR
Richards, James Arthur II 7/13/2004 ONE
Richards, James Lee  06-26-2001 HDR
Richards, Jean Clinton "J.C." 04-30-1997 HDR
Richards, Jean Stamey  07-10-2002 HDR
Richards, Jerry E. 08-07-1998 HDR
Richards, Jettie Vetra 12/13/2005 HDR
Richards, Joe Rev. 10-06-1997 HDR
Richards, Katherine Annas 02-09-1995 HDR
Richards, Kathy Heafner  12-16-1996 HDR
Richards, Latty Gene 08-04-1994 HDR
Richards, Latty Gene 08-05-1994 HDR
Richards, Lois Leola Watson 11-03-2001 HDR
Richards, Lois Leola Watson 11-02-2001 ONE
Richards, Lois Leola Watson  11-05-2001 ONE
Richards, Mattie Beal  12-01-1993 HDR
Richards, Mattie Bell  12-02-1993 HDR
Richards, Mattie Lena Campbell 03-31-1998 HDR
Richards, Melvin James 11-18-2000 HDR
Richards, Melvin James 11-17-2000 ONE
Richards, Myrtle P. Stallings 01-10-2001 HDR
Richards, Opal Austin  07-11-2002 HDR
Richards, Richard James "Pete"  04-11-2002 HDR
Richards, Robert Boone  01-23-1995 HDR
Richards, Robert Boone  01-24-1995 HDR
Richards, Rufus Harding  09-10-1995 HDR
Richards, Samuel Iobie  01-10-2003 HDR
Richards, Samuel Iobie  01-11-2003 HDR
Richards, Samuel Iobie  01-13-2003 ONE
Richards, Sharon Lail  03-12-2003 HDR
Richards, Terry  08-18-2003 HDR
Richards, Terry  08-19-2003 ONE
Richards, Walter Lee Sr. 05-01-1995 ONE
Richards, Walter Lee Sr.  05-01-1995 HDR
Richards, William O. “Bud” 12-25-2000 HDR
Richards, Willie Philmore "Bill" 05-09-1996 HDR
Richards, Winburn Dru "W.D." Jr. 08-12-1996 HDR
Richards-Akers, Nancy (Page 2A) 06-08-1999 HDR
Richardson, Althea Abernathy 01-29-2000 HDR
Richardson, Baby (infant) 10-06-1995 HDR
Richardson, Barbara Ann Shoemake 03-30-1998 ONE
Richardson, Barbara Ann Shoemaker 03-30-1998 HDR
Richardson, Billy Faron  09-07-2002 HDR
Richardson, Bob (Page 1A) 11-21-1994 HDR
Richardson, C. C.  05-09-1993 HDR
Richardson, Carl Harold  05-20-1997 HDR
Richardson, David Gilmer 01-06-1996 HDR
Richardson, Elliot Lee 01-04-2000 HDR
Richardson, Essie Mae  04-20-1998 HDR
Richardson, Frank Supreme Court Justice Ret. 10-08-1999 HDR
Richardson, George W. 07-04-2000 HDR
Richardson, Georgia Pearson  03-19-2002 HDR
Richardson, H. Smith Jr. 07-30-1999 HDR
Richardson, Harrison Holt Dr. 07-29-1999 HDR
Richardson, Irene M. Dameron 06-22-1997 HDR
Richardson, Jacob (infant) 08-13-2002 HDR
Richardson, Jamie Lee (infant)  10-09-1995 HDR
Richardson, Jim (Charlotte, NC politician) 09-30-2003 HDR
Richardson, John "Jack" Curtis 1/5/2005 HDR
Richardson, John "Jack" Curtis 1/6/2005 HDR
Richardson, John "Jack" Curtis 1/5/2005 ONE
Richardson, John "Jack" Curtis 1/6/2005 ONE
Richardson, Jones Nathan 01-27-1994 HDR
Richardson, Jones Nathan 01-28-1994 HDR
Richardson, Jones Nathan  01-28-1994 ONE
Richardson, Keith Alvin 11-07-2001 HDR
Richardson, Lartha L. "Tiny Minister" 03-10-2001 HDR
Richardson, Laurence E. 05-24-1999 HDR
Richardson, Lee 10-11-1999 HDR
Richardson, Mae Taylor 01-12-1998 HDR
Richardson, Margaret F.  05-12-1997 HDR
Richardson, Margaret Melissa McAlpin 4/28/2005 HDR
Richardson, Mary Glenn Boatright 03-20-1998 HDR
Richardson, Melisa Seehorn  08-23-1995 HDR
Richardson, Nancy Price  07-26-1993 HDR
Richardson, Nancy Price  07-27-1993 HDR
Richardson, Nannie Chloe Justice 05-16-1998 HDR
Richardson, Noah (infant) 08-13-2002 HDR
Richardson, Norman 06-16-1999 HDR
Richardson, Norman 06-15-1999 HDR
Richardson, O. Dennis  11-01-1993 HDR
Richardson, Pearl Evelyn Burris 11-10-1998 HDR
Richardson, Robert J.  11-22-1994 HDR
Richardson, Robert John 11-25-1994 HDR
Richardson, Thelma Hudson 09-04-1997 HDR
Richardson, Vangie Gladys 04-14-1999 HDR
Richardson, W. L. (singer) 08-20-1993 HDR
Richardson, Walter Wallace 07-11-2003 HDR
Richardson, Warren Ralph "Dub"  11-16-2003 HDR
Richardson, William L.  3/10/2004 ONE
Richardson, William Leonard  3/11/2004 ONE
Richardson, Willie Kaylor 6/1/2005 HDR
Richey, Annie Lee Willis 04-09-1997 HDR
Richey, Annie Lee Willis  04-07-1997 HDR
Richey, Charles R. (US district judge) 03-23-1997 HDR
Richey, Clyde Eugene  04-10-1995 HDR
Richey, Fannie Elizabeth Spencer 04-06-1996 HDR
Richey, Floy Bell Benfield  06-27-1993 HDR
Richey, James Boyd 01-03-2000 HDR
Richey, Lula Dula 04-25-1996 ONE
Richey, Lula Dula  04-25-1996 HDR
Richey, Mary Ella Fulbright 02-17-1999 HDR
Richey, Mary Ella Fulbright 02-17-1999 ONE
Richie, Alfred Baker 04-02-1996 HDR
Richie, Blanche Benefield 01-12-1997 HDR
Richie, David 12-31-2002 HDR
Richie, Lucy Jefferson Duffey  06-06-1993 HDR
Richmond, Fritz (folk musician) 11/28/2005 HDR
Richmond, James Arthur "Jim" 09-19-1999 HDR
Richmond, Jordan (Page 1A) 08-05-1999 HDR
Richmond, Jordan Marie 08-07-1999 HDR
Richter, Bernie (Former CA State Assemblyman) 10-29-1999 HDR
Richter, John William 05-26-1997 HDR
Richter, John William  05-26-1997 ONE
Richter, Wanda M. 07-21-1995 HDR
Richters, Maybelle C. (104 yoa) 05-26-1994 HDR
Richters, Maybelle C. (104 yoa) 05-26-1994 ONE
Richters, Maybelle Craig (104 yoa) 05-27-1994 HDR
Richters, Maybelle Craig (104 yoa)  05-27-1994 ONE
Rick, Elmer  07-07-1995 HDR
Rick, Robert Dan Sr. 02-25-1999 HDR
Rickard, Joseph (dance instructor) 08-28-1994 HDR
Rickenbacker, William F.  03-20-1995 HDR
Rickenbaker, L.H. "Rick" 10-09-2001 HDR
Rickenbaker, Mary Lou "Loodie"  04-12-2002 HDR
Ricketson, Lynette 08-07-1999 HDR
Rickman, Cecil Caswell 05-05-2003 HDR
Rickman, Cecil Caswell 05-05-2003 ONE
Riddell, Victoria Speaks 05-10-9198 HDR
Riddick, George Rev. (Operation PUSH) 07-14-1994 HDR
Riddick, Pauline 11-20-1997 HDR
Riddick, Pauline 11-15-1997 HDR
Riddle, Bertie Rice 02-03-2000 HDR
Riddle, Danny Ray  04-23-2002 HDR
Riddle, Danny Ray  04-24-2002 HDR
Riddle, Eugene Frank 04-06-1996 HDR
Riddle, J. C. Rev.  04-25-2002 HDR
Riddle, Jonathan Wayne 08-03-1995 HDR
Riddle, Jonathan Wayne 08-04-1995 HDR
Riddle, Lamont "Monk"  12-08-1994 HDR
Riddle, Lowell Olive  10-30-2003 HDR
Riddle, Mable Ledbetter  11-14-1996 HDR
Riddle, Porfiria H.  12-27-1999 ONE
Riddle, Porfiria Robledo 12-29-1999 HDR
Riddle, Porfiria Robledo 12-28-1999 ONE
Riddle, Porfiria Robledo 12-29-1999 ONE
Riddle, Rex Allen 05-07-2000 HDR
Riddle, Ruth B. 04-04-2000 HDR
Riddle, Ruth Wyatt 09-29-2000 HDR
Ridenhour, Bernard Lefler "Blondie"  11-25-1994 HDR
Ridenhour, Henry Baxter 02-15-1999 ONE
Ridenhour, Henry Baxter  02-13-1999 HDR
Ridenhour, Ron 05-13-1998 HDR
Ridenhour, William L. "Bill" 11-13-2002 ONE
Ridenhour, William L. "Bill"  11-14-2002 HDR
Ridenour, Margaret 04-16-1994 HDR
Ridenour, Margaret Wright 04-17-1994 HDR
Rider, Elton Welford  07-20-2002 HDR
Rider, Elton Welford  07-23-2002 HDR
Rider, Patricia Lawing 03-09-1994 HDR
Ridge, Roxann "Roxie" Calicutt 07-30-2003 HDR
Ridgely, Robert 02-20-1997 HDR
Rie, Lucie Dame (potter-modern)  04-02-1995 HDR
Riefenstahl, Leni (101 yoa) (filmmaker) 09-10-2003 HDR
Riegel, Terrence F.  04-01-2003 ONE
Riegel, Terrence Frances  04-01-2003 HDR
Riehl, Stella (Page 10A) 03-19-2001 HDR
Riella-Bergna, Rinette  (Page 3A) 11-21-2001 HDR
Ries, Michael A. ( Parma, OH mayor) 03-12-1994 HDR
Riese, Murray (restaurant owner) 07-20-1995 HDR
Riesel, Victor  01-05-1995 HDR
Rieser, Leonard M. 12-21-1998 HDR
Riess, Bernard F. (psychologist) 07-13-1995 HDR
Riess, Curt Martin (author) 05-20-1993 HDR
Rieti, Vittorio (composer) 02-22-1994 HDR
Rifenburg, Dana 07-11-1999 HDR
Rifenburg, Richard (broadcaster) 12-06-1994 HDR
Riggan, Roland Lyon  03-21-2002 HDR
Riggan, Roland Lyon  03-23-2002 HDR
Riggan, Roland Lyon  03-20-2002 ONE
Riggan, Vivian Reece  08-25-1994 HDR
Riggins, Samuel "Sam" Lewis  10-12-1995 HDR
Riggins, Samuel Lewis  10-11-1995 HDR
Riggs, Clinton  E. (creator of the Yield sign) 05-28-1997 HDR
Riggs, Elsie Jones  08-19-2003 HDR
Riggs, Micah David  12-23-2000 HDR
Riggs, Z.O.  05-24-1994 HDR
Riggs, Z.O. (veteran) 05-25-1994 HDR
Rightmire, Sabra Dalby 06-15-1999 HDR
Rigney, David (Page 3A) 06-07-1999 HDR
Rigsby, Everett Ray Sr.  04-06-2003 HDR
Rigsby, Juanita Flowers  06-06-1996 HDR
Rikard, Allie Lee Maxwell 06-15-1994 ONE
Rikard, Allie Lee Maxwell 06-16-1994 ONE
Rikard, Allie Lee Maxwell  06-15-1994 HDR
Rikard, Allie Lee Maxwell  06-16-1994 HDR
Rikard, Charles E.  05-23-1993 HDR
Rikard, Charles Edgar 05-24-1993 HDR
Rikard, Charles Edgar 05-27-1993 HDR
Rikard, Charles Edgar 05-24-1993 ONE
Rikard, Dremonda "Pee Wee" Douglas  03-28-1995 HDR
Rikard, Dremonda "Pee Wee" Douglas  03-28-1995 ONE
Rikard, Loretta Lou Nash 03-19-1999 HDR
Rikard, Loretta Lou Nash 03-18-1999 ONE
Riles, Wilson 04-06-1999 HDR
Riley, Bessie Auton 03-24-2000 HDR
Riley, Brian James 11/6/2005 HDR
Riley, Brian James  11/7/2005 ONE
Riley, Carolyn Sue Crowder 11-03-2001 HDR
Riley, Carolyn Sue Crowder 11-05-2001 ONE
Riley, Celeste Moses 05-16-1996 HDR
Riley, Debbie Williams 8/29/2005 ONE
Riley, Debbie Williams  8/27/2005 HDR
Riley, James Robert Jr. 08-17-2000 HDR
Riley, John Cecil "JC" 09-22-1997 HDR
Riley, John Ceecle "J.C." 09-23-1997 HDR
Riley, Johnny Allen 04-03-2000 ONE
Riley, Johnny Allen  04-01-2000 HDR
Riley, Larry Paul 11/3/2005 HDR
Riley, Lawrence J. 12-04-2001 HDR
Riley, Paul 1/27/2005 ONE
Riley, Paul  1/27/2005 HDR
Riley, Paul  1/28/2005 HDR
Riley, Paul E. (judge) 10-15-2001 HDR
Riley, Ray Franklin 12-09-1996 ONE
Riley, Ray Franklin  12-07-1996 HDR
Riley, Ruth 04-10-2002 HDR
Riley, Ruth 04-10-2002 ONE
Riley, William J. "Jake" Jr. 04-08-1997 HDR
Riley, William J. "Jake" Jr. 04-08-1997 ONE
Riley, William Joseph 01-13-2003 ONE
Riley, William Joseph Dr. 01-12-2003 HDR
Rimel, Linnie Alaway 02-13-1995 HDR
Rimer, Martin Luther Jr. 04-10-1999 HDR
Rimmer, James Knox  03-15-2003 HDR
Rimmer, John Thomas  02-12-2001 HDR
Rimmer, Robert Henry 08-11-2001 HDR
Rinck, Alvin Junior 03-22-1993 HDR
Rinck, Glenn Alvin 10-06-2003 HDR
Rinck, Glenn Alvin 10-06-2003 ONE
Rinck, J. C.  02-10-1993 HDR
Rinck, J. C.  02-10-1993 ONE
Rinck, Juanita Gantt 10-10-1999 HDR
Rinck, Lena Rose Stine 04-03-2000 HDR
Rinck, Robert Lee 09-19-1995 ONE
Rinck, Robert Lee  09-18-1995 HDR
Rinck, Robert Lee  09-19-1995 HDR
Rinck, Steven Wayne  01-21-1999 HDR
Rinck, Steven Wayne (Page 9A) 01-20-1999 HDR
Rine, Sharon Wertman 04-12-2003 HDR
Rinehardt, Alice Susan Smyre 3/2/2005 HDR
Rinehardt, Alice Susan Smyre 3/2/2005 ONE
Rinehardt, Annie Mae  05-20-1996 HDR
Rinehardt, Annie Mae Heller 05-22-1996 HDR
Rinehardt, Annie Mae Heller 05-22-1996 ONE
Rinehardt, Boyd Austin  02-11-1993 HDR
Rinehardt, Boyd Austin  02-12-1993 HDR
Rinehardt, Boyd Austin  02-12-1993 ONE
Rinehardt, Edward "Shorty" Eugene 12-13-1996 ONE
Rinehardt, Effie Estell Little 12-21-1995 HDR
Rinehardt, Effie Estell Little Mrs. 12-19-1995 ONE
Rinehardt, Effie Estell Little Mrs. 12-21-1995 ONE
Rinehardt, Evan McKinley  05-30-2001 HDR
Rinehardt, Florence 09-12-1995 HDR
Rinehardt, Florence  09-12-1995 ONE
Rinehardt, Florence Isabelle 09-15-1995 HDR
Rinehardt, Florence Isabelle  09-15-1995 ONE
Rinehardt, Frances Victoria Burgin 04-02-1993 HDR
Rinehardt, Jackie Lynn 01-13-2003 ONE
Rinehardt, Jackie Lynn  01-13-2003 HDR
Rinehardt, Jay H.  12-26-1994 ONE
Rinehardt, Josephine Keaton Rev. 04-08-1994 HDR
Rinehardt, Josephine Keaton Rev.  04-08-1994 ONE
Rinehardt, Martha Bumgarner 12-09-1999 HDR
Rinehardt, Martha Bumgarner 12-09-1999 ONE
Rinehardt, Martha Louise Bumgarner 12-08-1999 ONE
Rinehardt, Noah Albert 10/1/2004 ONE
Rinehardt, Robert "Gene" Eugene  09-20-2003 HDR
Rinehardt, Robert Eugene "Gene" 09-19-2003 ONE
Rinehardt, William 01-28-1994 HDR
Rinehardt, William "Hezekiah" Jr. 01-31-1994 HDR
Rinehardt, William "Hezekiah" Jr. 01-31-1994 ONE
Rinehardt, Willie  05-11-1994 HDR
Rinehardt, Willie Coulter 05-12-1994 HDR
Rinehardt, Willie Coulter 05-12-1994 ONE
Rinehart, Hannah Lee  05-25-1996 HDR
Rinehart, Otis William (veteran) 02-04-1994 HDR
Rinehart, Zackery Lee 3/2/2005 ONE
Rinehart, Zackery Lee  3/1/2005 HDR
Rinehart, Zackery Lee  3/2/2005 HDR
Rines, James P. Jr. 10/9/2005 HDR
Ring, Leo J. (labor negotiator) 12-19-1994 HDR
Ring, Leslie Darryl  02-28-1995 HDR
Ringel, William 06-02-1999 HDR
Ringley, Patricia Joyce  09-21-2003 HDR
Rink, C. Malcolm 06-10-2001 HDR
Rink, C. Malcolm 06-11-2001 HDR
Rink, C. Malcolm 06-11-2001 ONE
Rink, Charles Cephas 08-23-1994 HDR
Rink, Charles Cophas 08-22-1994 HDR
Rink, Dewey Lee Jr. 1/15/2005 HDR
Rink, Doreen W. 01-14-1999 HDR
Rink, Harry Lee 02-20-1999 HDR
Rink, Harry Lee Elder 02-22-1999 HDR
Rink, Helen Pope 08-25-1999 HDR
Rink, Helen Pope 08-25-1999 ONE
Rink, Jerry Raeford  10-14-2002 HDR
Rink, Jerry Raeford  10-14-2002 ONE
Rink, Joy 05-02-2003 HDR
Rink, Joy 05-03-2003 HDR
Rink, Martha Maudella Cook Mrs. 9/17/2005 HDR
Rink, Ned A.  06-27-2003 ONE
Rink, Ned Andrew 06-30-2003 ONE
Rink, Ned Andrew  06-29-2003 HDR
Rink, Trilby Williams  07-25-1993 HDR
Rink, Trilby Williams Mrs. 07-26-1993 ONE
Rinker, Marshall E. "Doc" Sr. 04-15-1996 HDR
Ripley, Thomas Mitchell Jr. 04-29-1994 ONE
Ripley, Thomas Mitchell Jr. (veteran) 04-29-1994 HDR
Rippey, Helen Boyd 12-26-2002 ONE
Rippey, Helen Boyd  12-23-2002 HDR
Rippey, Helen Boyd  12-26-2002 HDR
Rippey, Marie Goodson  08-28-2000 HDR
Rippey, Oliver Albertis 11-07-2001 HDR
Rippey, Oliver Albertis  11-07-2001 ONE
Rippy, Bessie Louise Dutton 12-03-2001 HDR
Rippy, Carl William  04-09-2002 HDR
Rippy, Carl William  04-10-2002 HDR
Rippy, Robert Louis Byrd 12-26-1997 ONE
Rippy, Robert Louis Byrd  12-26-1997 HDR
Rippy, Robert Louis Byrd Sr. 12-30-1997 HDR
Rippy, Robert Louis Byrd Sr. 12-30-1997 ONE
Rippy, Stella Marie Robinson 03-01-1994 HDR
Rippy, Stella Marie Robinson 03-01-1994 ONE
Rippy, Stella Robinson 02-28-1994 HDR
Rish, Morris C. 04-29-2000 HDR
Rish, Rosa Ada 03-21-2000 HDR
Rita, Luola Houck 01-11-2000 HDR
Ritch, Annie Maude 11-05-1999 HDR
Ritch, Brian Lewis Jr. 07-28-2001 HDR
Ritch, Clara Helton  04-12-2001 HDR
Ritch, Gertie Phillips 02-21-1993 HDR
Ritch, Glenn H.  06-15-1994 HDR
Ritch, Glenn H.  06-16-1994 HDR
Ritch, Harold "Frog" Douglas  09-21-2001 HDR
Ritch, Howard William  05-13-1996 HDR
Ritch, Louisa Greene 04-20-1999 HDR
Ritch, Minnie Jackie 11-28-1994 HDR
Ritch, Opal Hendrix  02-08-1993 HDR
Ritchie, Almalee Boyd  08-31-2003 HDR
Ritchie, Banks Sigmon (veteran) 01-06-1994 HDR
Ritchie, Brentie Lilly 03-12-1997 HDR
Ritchie, Charles (Canadian ambassador to Britain) 06-10-1995 HDR
Ritchie, Dorothy Webb  12-15-1996 HDR
Ritchie, Faye Young 05-01-2001 HDR
Ritchie, Faye Young  04-30-2001 HDR
Ritchie, Harry Dean 2/23/2005 HDR
Ritchie, Julettie Duckworth  08-03-1994 HDR
Ritchie, Lucy Long 03-12-1994 HDR
Ritchie, Luther Gaston  11-05-1996 HDR
Ritchie, Mae Boyd  02-02-1993 HDR
Ritchie, Mae Boyd  02-02-1993 ONE
Ritchie, Nancy Whitener 01-08-1998 HDR
Ritchie, Ornie 12-11-2001 HDR
Ritchie, Ornie 12-11-2001 ONE
Ritchie, Sarah Pauline Carswell  09-07-1995 HDR
Ritchie, Sarah Pauline Carswell  09-08-1995 HDR
Ritchie, Tracy (Page D1) 11-13-1997 HDR
Ritchie, Ward  01-29-1996 ONE
Ritchie, Willard D.  11-27-2001 HDR
Ritchie, Willard Dale  11-28-1997 HDR
Ritchie, Willard G.  06-11-1996 HDR
Ritchie, Willard Grant 06-12-1996 HDR
Rittenband, Laurence J. (retired CA Superior Court Judge) 01-02-1994 HDR
Ritter, Bruce Rev. 10-13-1999 HDR
Ritter, John (actor) 09-13-2003 HDR
Ritter, Sylvester ("Junk Yard Dog") 06-04-1998 HDR
Rivens, Corey 06-20-1998 HDR
Rivens, Marion Louise "Jean" 12-16-1995 HDR
Rivens, Marion Louise "Jean" 12-15-1995 ONE
Rivera, Carlos (Page 3A) 01-07-2001 HDR
Rivera, Carrie Lynn Spc. (Page 5A) 10-27-1997 HDR
Rivera, Felipe Montoya  01-04-2003 HDR
Rivera, Felipe Montoya  01-06-2003 ONE
Rivers, James  12-30-1994 HDR
Rivers, James Roy 12-31-1994 HDR
Rivers, Rudy  10-22-2001 HDR
Rivers, Sheila May Dunlop 11/4/2005 HDR
Rivers, Zelma Louise Jolly 11-14-2001 HDR
Rivers, Zelma Louise Jolly  11-14-2001 ONE
Rivers-Coffey, Rachel 08-26-1999 ONE
Rivers-Coffey, Rachel  08-27-1999 HDR
Rivers-Coffey, Rachel  08-26-1999 HDR
Rives, Glennie Rudisill 04-22-2003 HDR
Rivette, Karan Pamela Hardin  07-05-1996 HDR
Rivette, Norma Jeanne 01-23-1997 HDR
Rivkin, Dorothy Price Vanderpool Carnegie  08-09-1998 HDR
Rizk, Amina (actress) 08-25-2003 HDR
Rizkallah, Sami (Associated Press newsman) 06-20-1994 HDR
Roach, Harold L. (former OTCCA Pres.) 01-12-1994 HDR
Roach, Mildred Faulkenberry "Mickey" 09-30-1998 HDR
Roach, Paul Joseph  07-19-1994 HDR
Roach, Willie McGinnis 02-23-1998 HDR
Roach, Willie McGinnis 02-23-1998 ONE
Roache, Daniel Jefferson  04-22-2002 HDR
Roane, Aulion Gertrude Harbinson 05-17-1995 HDR
Roane, Aulion H.  05-16-1995 HDR
Roane, Elinor Dunlap "Boots" 03-05-1996 HDR
Roane, John Richard Jr. 12/6/2005 HDR
Roark,  James “Bob” Earl 07-06-2000 HDR
Roark, James "Bob" Earl 07-05-2000 ONE
Roark, Jeanette Johnson 04-23-2000 HDR
Roark, Jimmy Dean  10-28-1996 HDR
Roark, Luther Garfield  12-17-2003 HDR
Roark, Mearal  09-22-1994 HDR
Roark, Mearl E.  09-23-1994 HDR
Roark, Vernie  02-12-1993 HDR
Robards, Jason 12-27-2000 HDR
Robb, James L. Jr.  03-08-2002 HDR
Robb, Linda Provost 03-30-1997 HDR
Robbins, Addie Mae Keaton Mrs.  11-11-2003 HDR
Robbins, Allen Monroe  02-14-1995 HDR
Robbins, Alma Pennell  12-19-1994 HDR
Robbins, B. Dermont  12-11-1996 HDR
Robbins, Bernice Dellinger 10-08-2003 HDR
Robbins, Betty Jo Burns  07-11-1994 HDR
Robbins, Bobby Frank 6/6/2005 HDR
Robbins, Carl Hughes 03-07-1996 HDR
Robbins, Celia Ann  12-16-1996 HDR
Robbins, Clifford James  09-19-2003 HDR
Robbins, Cloyd Jonathan 1/24/2005 HDR
Robbins, Cloyd Jonathan 1/26/2005 HDR
Robbins, Cloyd Jonathan 1/27/2005 HDR
Robbins, Cloyd Jonathan  1/24/2005 ONE
Robbins, Cloyd Jonathan  1/26/2005 ONE
Robbins, Colleen Propst  5/20/2004 ONE
Robbins, Dallas L. 08-22-1997 HDR
Robbins, Donald Travis  10-30-1996 HDR
Robbins, Edith  02-09-2002 HDR
Robbins, Edith Evelyn Coffey 2/6/2005 HDR
Robbins, Edith Lee  02-10-2002 HDR
Robbins, Emma Mae Story Greene 03-30-1998 HDR
Robbins, Emogene Locke 8/15/2005 HDR
Robbins, Eva S.  02-07-2002 HDR
Robbins, Evelyn Rachel Beane 01-12-2000 HDR
Robbins, Frederick C. Dr. (Nobel Prize winner--polio research) 08-09-2003 HDR
Robbins, George Colbert 12-21-2000 HDR
Robbins, Granville  06-13-2001 HDR
Robbins, Ivadean C. "Dean"  09-28-1996 HDR
Robbins, James  09-20-2003 HDR
Robbins, James Everette 09-02-1997 HDR
Robbins, Jerome  08-04-1998 HDR
Robbins, Joann S. 01-06-1998 ONE
Robbins, Joann Sharpe  01-07-1998 HDR
Robbins, John Russell "Rusty" 05-06-2003 HDR
Robbins, John S. 11-04-2001 HDR
Robbins, John S. 11-05-2001 ONE
Robbins, Katharine McKinnis 09-30-1993 HDR
Robbins, Katharine McKinnis 10-01-1993 HDR
Robbins, Katharine McKinnis 10-01-1993 ONE
Robbins, Katherine McKinnis 09-30-1993 ONE
Robbins, Kristopher D.  09-22-1993 HDR
Robbins, Kristopher Daniel 09-23-1993 HDR
Robbins, Larry Milton  12-24-1996 HDR
Robbins, Laura Cook  06-16-2002 HDR
Robbins, Lucy Hudson 06-28-2000 HDR
Robbins, Mae 02-14-1994 HDR
Robbins, Marsha Darlene Hollar 06-17-2003 HDR
Robbins, Mary Bridgeman 04-11-1993 HDR
Robbins, Max 06-17-1994 HDR
Robbins, Max C.  06-20-1994 ONE
Robbins, Max C. (veteran) 06-18-1994 HDR
Robbins, Mollie Alice  07-14-2001 HDR
Robbins, Oscar "Carroll" 10/13/2005 HDR
Robbins, Roger Dale  04-24-2002 HDR
Robbins, Ronda 05-15-1998 HDR
Robbins, Ronda 05-16-1998 HDR
Robbins, Rufus Charlie 12-04-1999 HDR
Robbins, Ruth Beard 01-09-1994 HDR
Robbins, Vilas R. 01-10-1999 HDR
Robbins, Viola Hollar 09-29-1900 HDR
Robbins, Violet McRee 06-19-1999 HDR
Robbins, Walter C. 06-23-1995 ONE
Robbins, Walter C.  06-23-1995 HDR
Robbins, Walter C.  06-24-1995 HDR
Robbins, Walter C.  06-26-1995 ONE
Robbins, Wanda Rose Scales  09-27-2003 HDR
Robbins, Wayne The Rev. 3/28/2005 HDR
Robbins, Willard Ransom 04-25-1996 HDR
Robbins, William Giordano  05-20-1995 HDR
Roberson, Albert Lee "Bobby" Jr. 05-11-1994 HDR
Roberson, Hattie Chapman 12-11-1999 HDR
Roberson, Helen Frances Mellon Mathis 9/7/2005 HDR
Roberson, Helen Frances Mellon Mathis 9/7/2005 ONE
Roberson, Lavada Geneva  02-21-2002 HDR
Roberson, Stanley Dana  02-24-1993 HDR
Roberson, Stanley Dana  02-25-1993 HDR
Roberts, Alfred Rev. 03-02-2002 HDR
Roberts, Alfred Rev. 03-04-2002 HDR
Roberts, Alfred Rev.  03-05-2002 ONE
Roberts, Avis Caraway  03-09-2003 HDR
Roberts, Boone H.  11-08-1993 HDR
Roberts, Boyce Mark  12-03-2002 HDR
Roberts, C.T. 10/5/2004 ONE
Roberts, Carlton S. "Pud" 10-30-1997 HDR
Roberts, Charles Albert  10-24-2002 HDR
Roberts, Charles Henderson  09-20-2002 HDR
Roberts, Charlie (sportswriter) 03-20-1994 HDR
Roberts, Charlotte Lucille 09-04-1998 HDR
Roberts, Clarence E. 4/3/2005 HDR
Roberts, Clarence Eugene "Butch" III 7/27/2005 HDR
Roberts, Clarence Eugene Jr. 4/4/2005 HDR
Roberts, Clyde Sherman 02-20-1997 HDR
Roberts, Clyde Walker  04-23-2003 HDR
Roberts, Colman Thomas  01-01-2002 HDR
Roberts, Cora Ellen Wilson 07-07-1995 ONE
Roberts, Cora Ellen Wilson  07-07-1995 HDR
Roberts, Crystal Lorraine  11-19-2002 HDR
Roberts, Dorothy Anne Bishop  2/10/2004 ONE
Roberts, Dorothy Triplett 10-15-2003 HDR
Roberts, Drayton Lovett 06-07-1999 HDR
Roberts, Dylan Lee (infant) 06-04-1997 HDR
Roberts, Earn W. 02-25-1998 HDR
Roberts, Eddis Lee Jones 03-06-2002 ONE
Roberts, Eddis Lee Jones  03-06-2002 HDR
Roberts, Edward  03-16-1995 HDR
Roberts, Ellen Shuford 09-06-1997 HDR
Roberts, Ellen Shuford  09-05-1997 HDR
Roberts, Ernest Cloyd 09-24-1998 HDR
Roberts, Eva L. 06-25-1997 HDR
Roberts, Evelyn Sarah  07-17-1996 HDR
Roberts, Evelyn Sarah Gross 07-18-1996 HDR
Roberts, Frank 01-11-1994 HDR
Roberts, Frank 01-12-1994 HDR
Roberts, Frank  01-12-1994 ONE
Roberts, Genevieve Smith 10/1/2005 HDR
Roberts, Georgie Smith  09-29-2002 HDR
Roberts, Guy Henderson 11-23-1994 ONE
Roberts, Guy Henderson  11-23-1994 HDR
Roberts, Hardie H. "Lefty" 01-22-1993 HDR
Roberts, Henry Phace (professional tap dancer) 11-23-2003 HDR
Roberts, Inez Franklin  02-22-2001 HDR
Roberts, Jake 03-10-1998 HDR
Roberts, James Erby  3/18/2005 HDR
Roberts, James William  03-11-2002 HDR
Roberts, Jefferson Pomeroy Jr.  12-23-2003 HDR
Roberts, Joe T. 01-23-1994 HDR
Roberts, John Henry 10-10-1997 HDR
Roberts, John Owen  01-26-2003 HDR
Roberts, Johnsie Lucille 03-14-1996 HDR
Roberts, Katherine L. 06-07-1994 HDR
Roberts, Katherine Link 06-08-1994 HDR
Roberts, Kenneth Clay Sr.  05-10-2003 HDR
Roberts, Kline L. (fmr. OH state senator)  05-28-1995 HDR
Roberts, Leila Caroline Newton (100 yoa) 03-04-2003 HDR
Roberts, Leroy 12-15-2002 HDR
Roberts, Leroy  12-14-2002 HDR
Roberts, Leroy  12-16-2002 ONE
Roberts, Linda Hoyle 04-28-1995 ONE
Roberts, Linda Hoyle  04-27-1995 HDR
Roberts, Linda Hoyle  04-28-1995 HDR
Roberts, Luther John Rev. 02-23-1993 HDR
Roberts, Mae Smith 10-29-1998 HDR
Roberts, Margaret "Pam" 08-08-2000 ONE
Roberts, Margaret “Pam” 08-08-2000 HDR
Roberts, Margaret Combs  02-10-2002 HDR
Roberts, Margie Louise 2/5/2005 HDR
Roberts, Marie Gosnell  9/24/2005 HDR
Roberts, Mary Elizabeth  09-13-1998 HDR
Roberts, Mary Elizabeth Puett 09-14-1998 HDR
Roberts, Matthew Reid (infant) 04-13-1994 HDR
Roberts, Matthew Reid (infant) 04-13-1994 ONE
Roberts, Mellisa Arney 12-22-2000 HDR
Roberts, Mittie Cordelia  02-21-2003 HDR
Roberts, Mittie Cordelia  02-21-2003 ONE
Roberts, Ola Jane Elliott 04-02-1996 HDR
Roberts, Ola Jane Elliott 04-01-1996 ONE
Roberts, Opal  11-16-1993 HDR
Roberts, Opal G. Laws 11-17-1993 HDR
Roberts, Pansy H.  02-27-1995 HDR
Roberts, Pansy H.  02-28-1995 HDR
Roberts, Ralph Lee  01-02-1994 HDR
Roberts, Ralph P.  03-25-2002 HDR
Roberts, Ruby Rosa Lee  01-06-2002 HDR
Roberts, Ruby Williams  07-23-2001 HDR
Roberts, Ryan Christopher (infant) 06-04-1997 HDR
Roberts, Shirley Jean Price 05-26-2000 HDR
Roberts, Thad W.  11-14-2002 HDR
Roberts, Thelma Evelyn 03-02-1995 HDR
Roberts, Thelma Evelyn 03-03-1995 HDR
Roberts, Verdie "Vickie" Pritchard Clarke  06-03-2001 HDR
Roberts, Vernon J. 04-22-1998 HDR
Roberts, Vernon J. 04-23-1998 HDR
Roberts, William Henry Jr. 02-25-1993 HDR
Roberts, William Henry Sr.  02-25-1993 ONE
Roberts, Winifred Babb  02-08-1999 HDR
Roberts, Worth David 06-27-1996 HDR
Roberts, Worth David 06-27-1996 ONE
Robertson, Ada Downs  08-28-2002 HDR
Robertson, Albert Lee "Bobby" Jr. 05-09-1994 HDR
Robertson, Dereck Kent 02-26-1996 HDR
Robertson, Dewey David 04-11-1996 HDR
Robertson, Dixie Mae Johnson 10-17-1999 HDR
Robertson, Don (Page 3A) 02-15-2001 HDR
Robertson, Emma Elizabeth Bryant 01-21-1995 HDR
Robertson, Emma Elizabeth Bryant 01-22-1995 HDR
Robertson, Emma Elizabeth Bryant 01-23-1995 HDR
Robertson, Grace Hull 07-27-1993 HDR
Robertson, Harlan Russell  12-16-2003 HDR
Robertson, Helen 9/6/2005 ONE
Robertson, Helen Parker  01-22-1993 HDR
Robertson, Julius "A.B." 02-02-1998 HDR
Robertson, Julius "A.B." 02-03-1998 HDR
Robertson, Kate Carroll Jones 05-22-1999 HDR
Robertson, Paul Glenn 10-26-1997 HDR
Robertson, Roger Dean 07-30-1996 HDR
Robertson, Stella Byrd  05-03-1993 HDR
Robertson, Steven Eugene 10-24-1998 HDR
Robertson, Steven Eugene 10-25-1998 HDR
Robertson, William Ellis Sr.  05-11-1993 HDR
Robertson, William Herbert  12-12-1995 HDR
Robeson, Lydia Heiler 04-15-1998 HDR
Robeson, Robert Isley  08-16-1994 HDR
Robinette, Artie C. 04-06-1997 HDR
Robinette, Artie Catherie "Pernie" Bumgarner 04-08-1997 ONE
Robinette, Casey Jones 11-11-2000 HDR
Robinette, Cecil Mae 01-06-1997 HDR
Robinette, Clerge   05-08-1994 HDR
Robinette, Clerge R.  05-09-1994 HDR
Robinette, Ed (former Conover City Manager) (Page 1) 12-09-1999 ONE
Robinette, Elaine Kimmer 09-18-1994 HDR
Robinette, Elaine Kimmer 09-19-1994 HDR
Robinette, Elloh Jolly  09-23-1996 HDR
Robinette, Florene Burns 10/4/2005 ONE
Robinette, Florene Burns  10/4/2005 HDR
Robinette, Graydon Milas "Pete"  03-11-2002 HDR
Robinette, Herman Matthew 08-21-2003 HDR
Robinette, Irene Jeanette 09-28-1997 HDR
Robinette, James Edwin 12-09-1999 HDR
Robinette, Margaret Matthews 02-16-1997 HDR
Robinette, Margaret Matthews 02-17-1997 ONE
Robinette, Marie Ellen Watts 08-08-1993 HDR
Robinette, Martha 01-20-1994 HDR
Robinette, Martha Fox 01-21-1994 HDR
Robinette, Ruth K.  10/8/2005 HDR
Robinette, Virginia Lee Nash 08-24-1998 HDR
Robinette, Virginia Lee Nash 08-24-1998 ONE
Robinette, Wiliam V. "Sonny" 09-15-1995 ONE
Robinette, William V. "Sonny" 09-15-1995 HDR
Robinette, Z.V.  11-28-2003 HDR
Robins, E. Claiborne (philanthropist) 07-07-1995 HDR
Robins, Marsha Darlene Hollar 06-17-2003 ONE
Robins, Solly 07-08-1999 HDR
Robinson,  Nathan McKendree  06-28-2000 HDR
Robinson, Albert  4/30/2004 ONE
Robinson, Alice Laughter 12-27-1993 HDR
Robinson, Alma Ann 10-25-1995 ONE
Robinson, Alma Ann  10-25-1995 HDR
Robinson, Alton "Zeke" 03-17-1996 HDR
Robinson, Alton Jr. Rev. 08-29-2001 HDR
Robinson, Annie L. Bass Dula 2/5/2005 HDR
Robinson, Annie L. Bass Dula 2/10/2005 HDR
Robinson, Annie L. Bass Dula 2/11/2005 HDR
Robinson, Annie L. Bass Dula 2/9/2005 ONE
Robinson, Audrey Presslar 10-26-1996 ONE
Robinson, Audrey Presslar  10-27-1996 HDR
Robinson, Bartley McDowell 04-04-1997 HDR
Robinson, Bartley McDowell 04-03-1997 ONE
Robinson, Benjamin Harrison "Ben" 05-05-2000 HDR
Robinson, Benny Lee 01-20-2000 HDR
Robinson, Bessie Emma  07-14-1993 HDR
Robinson, Bill R.  12-22-1993 HDR
Robinson, Bobby Eugene 07-21-1994 HDR
Robinson, Bobby Eugene  07-21-1994 ONE
Robinson, Bobby Eugene Sr. 07-22-1994 HDR
Robinson, Bobby Eugene Sr. 07-22-1994 ONE
Robinson, Bobby T. 12-05-2000 ONE
Robinson, Bobby Theodore 12-07-2000 ONE
Robinson, Bobby Theodore  12-07-2000 HDR
Robinson, Brooks  03-07-1993 HDR
Robinson, Callie Lou 08-28-1997 HDR
Robinson, Calvin O'Brien 11-12-1998 HDR
Robinson, Caroll F. 03-02-1995 ONE
Robinson, Carolyn Marcille Moose 04-13-2003 HDR
Robinson, Carolyn Marcille Moose 04-14-2003 ONE
Robinson, Charles Dudley "Chic"  3/30/2004 ONE
Robinson, Charles Hamilton 05-21-1999 HDR
Robinson, Charles Hamilton 05-21-1999 ONE
Robinson, Chouves Leonard 07-19-1998 HDR
Robinson, Chouves Leonard 07-21-1998 HDR
Robinson, Chouves Leonard 07-20-1998 ONE
Robinson, Cleve Roosevelt  01-12-2003 HDR
Robinson, Clifton "Clif" Lewis 05-02-2001 HDR
Robinson, Cora McIntosh Mrs.  12-06-2003 HDR
Robinson, Creed Herman 02-27-1997 HDR
Robinson, Creed Herman 02-26-1997 HDR
Robinson, Daniel 4/6/2005 HDR
Robinson, Daniel A. 4/4/2005 HDR
Robinson, Daniel Roley  11-27-2002 HDR
Robinson, Dewey Ellis 03-28-1997 HDR
Robinson, Dixie Yvonne 08-17-1994 ONE
Robinson, Dixie Yvonne  08-16-1994 HDR
Robinson, Dixie Yvonne  08-17-1994 HDR
Robinson, Donna Wraye Stillwell  07-28-2000 HDR
Robinson, Dorothy (Dot) Watson 3/21/2005 ONE
Robinson, Dorothy (Dot) Watson  3/19/2005 HDR
Robinson, Dovie Mae (104 yoa) 02-18-2002 ONE
Robinson, Earl T. 12-13-1993 HDR
Robinson, Earl T.  12-13-1993 ONE
Robinson, Edgar Lee  08-15-1993 HDR
Robinson, Edgar Rogers "Robbie" Dr. 09-21-1996 HDR
Robinson, Edward 02-20-1996 ONE
Robinson, Edward (Page 1A) 02-20-1996 HDR
Robinson, Edward Thomas “Red”  08-18-2000 HDR
Robinson, Elbert Bernard 10-07-1996 HDR
Robinson, Elsie Beard 09-10-1997 ONE
Robinson, Elsie Beard  09-10-1997 HDR
Robinson, Ernest Lee 03-31-1997 HDR
Robinson, Ethel Townsend 02-19-1999 HDR
Robinson, Fannie Burtee  02-01-2003 HDR
Robinson, Flossie Coffey  02-21-1995 HDR
Robinson, Flossie Coffey  02-22-1995 HDR
Robinson, Frank Avery 05-21-2000 HDR
Robinson, Garland Dewey  10-28-1997 HDR
Robinson, Garland Lester "Hot Dog" 02-23-1996 HDR
Robinson, George Brooks  03-08-1993 ONE
Robinson, Gertie Hovis  11-08-1993 HDR
Robinson, Gertrude Murray (101 yoa) 11/3/2004 ONE
Robinson, Gladys Sigmon 01-18-1994 HDR
Robinson, Gladys Sigmon 01-19-1994 HDR
Robinson, Glenn Arlen 07-02-1998 ONE
Robinson, Glenn Arlen  07-03-1998 HDR
Robinson, Harold Dale  10-24-2000 HDR
Robinson, Hazel H.  07-27-2003 HDR
Robinson, Hazel Huffman 07-31-2003 HDR
Robinson, Hazel Huffman 07-28-2003 ONE
Robinson, Hazel Huffman 07-30-2003 ONE
Robinson, Hazel Huffman  07-28-2003 HDR
Robinson, Helen Ulee Howard 09-18-1996 HDR
Robinson, Helen Ulee Howard 09-19-1996 HDR
Robinson, Helen Ulee Howard  09-17-1996 ONE
Robinson, Henrietta Linebarger 11-25-1996 HDR
Robinson, Henrietta Linebarger 11-25-1996 ONE
Robinson, Henrietta Lineberger 11-26-1996 HDR
Robinson, Henrietta Lineberger 11-26-1996 ONE
Robinson, Henry Berthold "Spike" 11-06-2001 HDR
Robinson, Henry C. 11-18-1996 HDR
Robinson, Henry C. 11-18-1996 ONE
Robinson, Henry C. Sr. 11-17-1996 HDR
Robinson, Henry Lee Sr. 03-07-1997 HDR
Robinson, Herbert David 01-09-2001 HDR
Robinson, Herbert David 01-09-2001 ONE
Robinson, Horace W. 02-18-1996 HDR
Robinson, Horace W. 02-19-1996 HDR
Robinson, Horace W. 02-19-1996 ONE
Robinson, Hubert (Page 3A) 10-06-1997 HDR
Robinson, I.L. "Ludy" Jr. 08-23-1999 HDR
Robinson, Ida Rogenia  08-31-2002 HDR
Robinson, Ida Rogenia “Sis”  09-03-2002 HDR
Robinson, Irene Cagle  09-21-2002 HDR
Robinson, J. E.  04-10-1993 HDR
Robinson, J.E.  04-12-1993 ONE
Robinson, Jackie Raymond 03-27-2001 HDR
Robinson, James 08-31-1999 HDR
Robinson, James "Blow"  10-19-1996 HDR
Robinson, James Paul (editor) 07-28-1994 HDR
Robinson, James Ray  03-21-2003 HDR
Robinson, Janette Carpenter 08-16-1998 HDR
Robinson, Janette Carpenter 08-17-1998 ONE
Robinson, Janice Rea Poovey 09-10-1998 HDR
Robinson, Janice Rea Poovey 09-09-1998 ONE
Robinson, Jay (Charlotte educator) 04-26-2000 HDR
Robinson, Jay (former school board member) 04-25-2000 ONE
Robinson, Jeffery Scott  07-29-1993 HDR
Robinson, Jeffery Scott  07-29-1993 ONE
Robinson, Jerry Lee 03-25-1997 HDR
Robinson, Jerry Wayne 11-02-2001 HDR
Robinson, Jerry Wayne 11-02-2001 ONE
Robinson, Jessie Mae 05-15-1993 HDR
Robinson, Jessie Mae Mrs. 05-17-1993 ONE
Robinson, Jody Michael  09-28-2002 HDR
Robinson, John A.  07-17-1995 HDR
Robinson, John Franklin 10-24-1995 ONE
Robinson, John Franklin  10-25-1995 ONE
Robinson, John Franklin   10-25-1995 HDR
Robinson, John P. 08-15-1997 ONE
Robinson, John Parks Jr. 08-16-1997 HDR
Robinson, John Parks Jr. 08-18-1997 ONE
Robinson, Johnny Mathis "Johnny Mack" 06-19-2003 HDR
Robinson, Joseph S. 02-27-1996 ONE
Robinson, Juanita  01-18-2001 ONE
Robinson, Kathleen Matthews  12-10-1993 HDR
Robinson, Kathleen Matthews  12-11-1993 HDR
Robinson, Kathleen Matthews  12-10-1993 ONE
Robinson, Kathleen Matthews  12-13-1993 ONE
Robinson, Keaton Layne (infant) 05-19-1997 HDR
Robinson, Keylee Dare (infant) 05-19-1997 HDR
Robinson, Leonard Brooks Jr. 01-25-1995 HDR
Robinson, Leonard Brooks Jr.  01-24-1995 HDR
Robinson, Lillian Beatrice 12-23-2001 HDR
Robinson, Lillian Mullen 4/29/2005 HDR
Robinson, Lloyd G. 03-28-1996 HDR
Robinson, Lois 09-08-1996 HDR
Robinson, Lois Butler 09-09-1996 HDR
Robinson, Lois Edith 7/5/2005 HDR
Robinson, Lorene  07-02-1995 HDR
Robinson, Lorene  07-03-1995 HDR
Robinson, Lorene  07-03-1995 ONE
Robinson, Lou Annie  08-23-2002 HDR
Robinson, Louella R. 07-25-1997 ONE
Robinson, Louis Jasper  10-21-1994 HDR
Robinson, Louis Jasper  10-21-1994 ONE
Robinson, Luella Reinhardt 07-26-1997 HDR
Robinson, Luella Reinhardt 07-28-1997 ONE
Robinson, Luella Rhinehardt 07-24-1997 ONE
Robinson, M. Gene 06-07-2001 HDR
Robinson, Mack 03-25-2000 HDR
Robinson, Mack 03-14-2000 HDR
Robinson, Mae Ola Bonds 08-18-1994 HDR
Robinson, Mae Ola Bonds 08-19-1994 ONE
Robinson, Mamie F.  06-04-2001 HDR
Robinson, Martha "Pauline" Bolick 10-12-2001 HDR
Robinson, Martha Bowman 09-14-1997 HDR
Robinson, Mary Edith  05-07-2002 HDR
Robinson, Mary Jane Anthony 02-23-2001 ONE
Robinson, Mary Jane Anthony 02-22-2001 ONE
Robinson, Mary Jane Anthony 02-26-2001 ONE
Robinson, Mary Jane Anthony  02-24-2001 HDR
Robinson, Mary Roseboro  09-30-2000 HDR
Robinson, Mattie Estelle Huitt  09-26-2002 HDR
Robinson, Mattie Estelle Huitt  09-25-2002 ONE
Robinson, Mattie H.  09-23-2002 HDR
Robinson, Mattie H.  09-23-2002 ONE
Robinson, Mildred "Millie"  12-05-1995 HDR
Robinson, Mildred Ann Davis 10-23-1999 HDR
Robinson, Mildred Ann Davis 10-22-1999 ONE
Robinson, Mildred Nancy 12-09-2000 HDR
Robinson, Nakeya Nicole  02-26-1993 HDR
Robinson, Nakeya Nicole  03-01-1993 HDR
Robinson, Ophelia Mary Harshaw 02-21-1994 HDR
Robinson, Ottie Lineberger 12-27-1995 HDR
Robinson, Pauline Pritchard 01-16-1996 HDR
Robinson, Pearl Crouse 08-24-1995 ONE
Robinson, Pearl Crouse  08-24-1995 HDR
Robinson, Peter Paul Jr. 07-19-1998 HDR
Robinson, Peter Paul Jr. 07-20-1998 HDR
Robinson, Peter Paul Jr. 07-20-1998 ONE
Robinson, Polly Watts  01-08-2002 HDR
Robinson, Ray Junior 03-26-1996 ONE
Robinson, Ray Junior  03-26-1996 HDR
Robinson, Ray Rollin  12-02-1995 HDR
Robinson, Ray Rollin  12-04-1995 ONE
Robinson, Rena Ikerd  04-19-2002 HDR
Robinson, Rena Ikerd  04-20-2002 HDR
Robinson, Rena Ikerd  04-19-2002 ONE
Robinson, Richard 01-17-1998 HDR
Robinson, Richard Lewis Sr. 01-18-1998 HDR
Robinson, Richard Lewis Sr. 01-19-1998 ONE
Robinson, Robert Elton 12-10-1999 HDR
Robinson, Robert Mayo 4/30/2005 HDR
Robinson, Roderick Leverne 12-07-1996 HDR
Robinson, Roderick Leverne  12-08-1996 HDR
Robinson, Roscoe Jr. Gen. (first black four-star Army general) 07-23-1993 HDR
Robinson, Rossie Lee 04-06-1996 HDR
Robinson, Rossie Lee 04-05-1996 ONE
Robinson, Ruby Cannon 12-21-2001 HDR
Robinson, Ruby Elrod 12/27/2005 ONE
Robinson, Ruby Elrod  12/25/2005 HDR
Robinson, Ruby Elrod  12/27/2005 HDR
Robinson, Ruby Lee Deal 03-15-1998 HDR
Robinson, Ruby Lee Deal 03-16-1998 ONE
Robinson, Samuel Dan 06-25-1997 HDR
Robinson, Shelby Jean Miller  2/16/2004 ONE
Robinson, Shirley W. Mr. 7/20/2005 HDR
Robinson, Solon Edward 06-10-1999 HDR
Robinson, Solon Edward 06-09-1999 ONE
Robinson, Sophia 11-22-2001 HDR
Robinson, Sophia Smith 11-23-2001 HDR
Robinson, Sophia Smith  11-23-2001 ONE
Robinson, Sue Reinhardt  02-22-2003 HDR
Robinson, Sytrice Michelle 05-13-1999 HDR
Robinson, Sytrice Michelle 05-13-1999 ONE
Robinson, Terry Lee 06-22-1996 HDR
Robinson, Terry Lee 06-24-1996 ONE
Robinson, Terry Lee  06-24-1996 HDR
Robinson, Theresa P.  07-29-2002 ONE
Robinson, Theresa Pharr 07-30-2002 ONE
Robinson, Theresa Pharr  07-30-2002 HDR
Robinson, Thomas Jr. 05-16-2001 HDR
Robinson, Virginia Eva 01-02-2000 HDR
Robinson, Virginia Kincaid  01-27-2003 HDR
Robinson, Wade Thomas 12-13-2000 ONE
Robinson, Wanda Faye Robinson 04-26-1997 HDR
Robinson, Wilie James 04-01-2001 HDR
Robinson, Willard  09-21-1994 HDR
Robinson, Willard Lee 09-22-1994 HDR
Robinson, William "Bee" 10-13-1997 HDR
Robinson, William "Bill" Warren  06-29-2001 HDR
Robinson, William Alexander Jr.  11-25-2003 HDR
Robinson, William David 10-30-1999 HDR
Robinson, William David 10-29-1999 ONE
Robinson, William Roland 01-08-1998 ONE
Robinson, Williams Lee "Bee" 10-10-1997 HDR
Robinson, Winfred Howard 06-07-2001 HDR
Robinson, Winfred Howard 06-07-2001 ONE
Robles, Alexes Elaine (Page 3D) 10-24-1997 HDR
Rocap, William Allen Jr. 02-02-2001 HDR
Rocap, William Allen Jr. 02-03-2001 HDR
Rocap, William Allen Jr. 02-02-2001 ONE
Rocca, Agostino  04-30-2001 HDR
Roche, John P. (presidential advisor/speechwriter) 05-07-1994 HDR
Rochester, Laytonya Bullabough 8/24/2004 ONE
Rochester, Laytonya Bullabough 8/26/2004 ONE
Rochon, Gayle (Page 6A) 12-27-1994 HDR
Rock, Irvin (experimental psychologist) 07-19-1995 HDR
Rockafellar, Grace (community activist) 04-08-1993 HDR
Rockefeller, Margaret McGrath 03-30-1996 HDR
Rocker, Angel  02-28-2003 HDR
Rocket, G. Franklin Sr. 2/11/2005 ONE
Rockett, Bertie  12-16-1994 HDR
Rockett, Bertie Drum  12-16-1994 ONE
Rockett, Bertie Drum  12-19-1994 ONE
Rockett, Bertie Ella Drum 12-17-1994 HDR
Rockett, Cecil Henry Jr. 10-20-2003 ONE
Rockett, Cecil Henry Jr.  10-18-2003 HDR
Rockett, Cecil Henry Jr.  10-17-2003 ONE
Rockett, Cornelia E. 10-12-1994 ONE
Rockett, Cornelia E.  10-12-1994 HDR
Rockett, Dennis Ray 11-15-2001 HDR
Rockett, Eula Virgie Hunsucker 12-02-1995 HDR
Rockett, Eula Virgie Hunsucker 12-01-1995 ONE
Rockett, Fred W. Rev. 03-04-1999 HDR
Rockett, Fred W. Rev. 03-04-1999 ONE
Rockett, George Franklin Sr. 2/12/2005 HDR
Rockett, George Franklin Sr.  2/14/2005 ONE
Rockett, Harold Louis  12/28/2004 ONE
Rockett, Linda Ruth  10-04-2001 ONE
Rockett, Linda Ruth Abee  10-04-2001 HDR
Rockett, Lloyd Edwin "Ed" 05-25-2001 HDR
Rockett, Lloyd Edwin "Ed"  05-24-2001 ONE
Rockett, Naomi  07-05-1994 HDR
Rockett, Naomi  07-05-1994 ONE
Rockett, Naomi "B" Horne  07-06-1994 ONE
Rockett, Naomi "B." Horne  07-06-1994 HDR
Rockett, Ollie Smith  02-17-2002 HDR
Rockett, Oweda Belle Travis 02-23-2001 ONE
Rockett, Oweda Belle Travis  02-23-2001 HDR
Rockett, Oweda Travis 02-22-2001 ONE
Rockett, Robert 04-14-1994 HDR
Rockett, Robert Lee (veteran) 04-15-1994 HDR
Rockett, Steven Gilbert 03-04-1999 HDR
Rockett, Steven Gilbert 03-04-1999 ONE
Rockett, Thelma Cannon 01-18-2000 HDR
Rockett, Thomas M. 11-13-2001 HDR
Rockett, Thomas M.  11-13-2001 ONE
Rockett, Thomas M.  11-12-2001 ONE
Rockett, Timothy Luke "Tim" 4/9/2005 HDR
Rockett, Zula Mae Spencer 08-08-1994 HDR
Rockett, Zula Mae Spencer 08-11-1994 HDR
Rockett, Zula Mae Spencer  08-11-1994 ONE
Rockette, Everette  11-25-1994 HDR
Rockette, Everette Obie Sr. 11-28-1994 ONE
Rockette, Everette Obie Sr.  11-26-1994 HDR
Rockliffe, Frances H.  06-04-2002 HDR
Rockliffe, Frances Virginia Hamby  06-05-2002 HDR
Rockola, David C. (manufacturer) 01-28-1993 HDR
Rockwell, Alvin John 05-26-1999 HDR
Rockwell, Dean L. (Navy veteran & Olympic coach) 8/14/2005 HDR
Rocque, Charles Allen "Potsy" 08-17-1999 HDR
Rocque, Charles Allen "Potsy" 08-17-1999 ONE
Rod, James P.  07-12-1998 HDR
Rodatz, Richard Louis Sr. 04-20-1996 HDR
Rodatz, Richard Louis Sr. 04-22-1996 ONE
Roddy, Rod (announcer) 10-29-2003 HDR
Rodefer, Atha Mae Eades 02-19-1994 HDR
Roders, Martha D. Rogers 11-29-2002 HDR
Rodger, George (photographer) 07-26-1995 HDR
Rodgers, Courtney Blake (infant) 01-04-1996 HDR
Rodgers, Dan (former president - Revlon, Inc.) 03-23-1993 HDR
Rodgers, Jimmie Preston 10-01-1997 HDR
Rodgers, Laura Mae Queen  09-02-2003 HDR
Rodgers, Louise Jenkins 07-09-2002 ONE
Rodgers, Louise Jenkins  07-09-2002 HDR
Rodgers, Major Frank 02-08-1993 HDR
Rodgers, Major Frank 02-08-1993 ONE
Rodgers, Major Frank  02-07-1993 HDR
Rodgers, Reginald "Reggie" Paul 9/14/2004 ONE
Rodgers, William Ezra Sr.  10-01-1993 HDR
Rodman, Joanne 09-05-1999 HDR
Rodney, Ado 09-12-1996 HDR
Rodolph, John (Olympian wheelchair racer) 10-13-1995 HDR
Rodrigo, Joaquin 07-08-1999 HDR
Rodrigues, Amalia (Portuguese Singer) 10-09-1999 HDR
Rodriguez, Andres (Former President Gen.) 04-22-1997 HDR
Rodriguez, Bessie Hardy  03-29-1995 HDR
Rodriguez, Daniela Arreola Salasar 01-08-2000 HDR
Rodriguez, Daniela Arreola Salasar 01-07-2000 ONE
Rodriguez, Luis (Boxer-Cuban) 07-11-1996 HDR
Rodriguez, Maria Victoria Machado 7/18/2005 HDR
Rodriguez, Rudy Alexander Mateo (Armando Lujano)  06-14-2003 HDR
Rodriguez, Sue (fought to legalize assisted suicide) 02-14-1994 HDR
Rodriguez, Venessa Hartso  03-22-2003 HDR
Rodriguez, Virginia Stewart 11-10-2001 HDR
Rodriquez, Acinto 04-28-1997 ONE
Rodriquez, Arnulfo  (Page 10A) 11-18-2001 HDR
Rodriquez, Enedina  (Page 10A) 11-18-2001 HDR
Rodriquez, Jimmy  (Page 2A) 11-05-2001 HDR
Rodriquez, Jose Concepion (Page 1) 06-19-1995 ONE
Rodriquez, Jose Ramon  (Page 2A) 11-05-2001 HDR
Rodriquez, Selina  (Page 10A) 11-18-2001 HDR
Rodwin, Lloyd  12-10-1999 HDR
Rodzianko, Basil Bishop 09-25-1999 HDR
Roe, Frank Louis Jr.  03-01-1995 HDR
Roe, Thomas A. Jr. 01-12-2000 HDR
Roeder, Myron A.  12-08-1996 HDR
Roehrig, Brenda Murphy 12-12-1994 HDR
Roemer, William Jr. 06-16-1996 HDR
Roerich, Devika Rani (film star--India) 03-10-1994 HDR
Roever, Martha Teeter  02-24-2003 HDR
Rogers, Addie Hayes 12-18-2001 HDR
Rogers, Addie Hayes  12-18-2001 ONE
Rogers, Adelene Mourglea  04-10-2001 HDR
Rogers, Adrian (former president of Southern Baptist Convention) 11/16/2005 HDR
Rogers, Albert Benjamin 11-11-1993 HDR
Rogers, Alma Fortner 10-17-1993 HDR
Rogers, Anne McLaughin  3/9/2004 ONE
Rogers, Anthony Edward  04-12-2002 HDR
Rogers, Barbara Jean  12-10-2003 HDR
Rogers, Beatrice  10-07-1993 HDR
Rogers, Beatrice Watts 10-08-1993 HDR
Rogers, Billy Ray 12-14-1993 HDR
Rogers, Billy Ray 12-15-1993 HDR
Rogers, Brenda Ruth 06-11-1997 HDR
Rogers, Carol Burnette 09-12-2003 HDR
Rogers, Carol Burnette  09-11-2003 ONE
Rogers, Carolyn Boggs 08-12-2000 HDR
Rogers, Cecil  10-04-1995 HDR
Rogers, Cecil Chapman 05-16-1996 HDR
Rogers, Cecil Leroy Sr.  10-05-1995 HDR
Rogers, Charles Allen  05-18-1999 HDR
Rogers, Charles Bobby 02-25-1997 HDR
Rogers, Charles Bobby 02-24-1997 HDR
Rogers, Charles H. Jr. 06-25-1998 HDR
Rogers, Claude Moore  09-30-1995 HDR
Rogers, David Dr. (professor-Cornell University Medical College) 12-07-1994 HDR
Rogers, Dennis Gary 12/12/2005 HDR
Rogers, Eddie McCoy "Coy"  10-20-1997 HDR
Rogers, Edward A. "Ted" (media and political adviser) 03-16-2003 HDR
Rogers, Elaine Brock 01-18-1998 HDR
Rogers, Ernest Roosevelt 11-25-1996 ONE
Rogers, Ernest Roosevelt  11-24-1996 HDR
Rogers, Esther Elizabeth  11-02-1993 HDR
Rogers, Esther Elizabeth  11-05-1993 HDR
Rogers, Esther Elizabeth  11-02-1993 ONE
Rogers, Esther Elizabeth  11-05-1993 ONE
Rogers, Estus Allen “Dickie” 07-14-2002 HDR
Rogers, Eva Regina "Jean" Roberts 01-09-1999 HDR
Rogers, Flora  05-16-1995 HDR
Rogers, Flora Watts 05-17-1995 HDR
Rogers, Florence R. (104 yoa)  07-28-1994 HDR
Rogers, Frankie Asherbraner 10-16-1993 HDR
Rogers, Fred ("Mister Rogers")  02-27-2003 ONE
Rogers, Ginger (Page 14) (Virginia Katherine McMath) 04-26-1995 ONE
Rogers, Gordon "Boody" (Cartoonist) 02-11-1996 HDR
Rogers, Hazel Jones 07-24-2001 ONE
Rogers, Hazel Jones  07-24-2001 HDR
Rogers, Henry (publicist) 04-30-1995 HDR
Rogers, Hilary Joy Harwood 03-10-2003 ONE
Rogers, Hilary Joy Harwood  03-08-2003 HDR
Rogers, Howard Nolan 09-21-1995 HDR
Rogers, Hugh Melvin 06-19-1995 ONE
Rogers, Hugh Melvin 06-19-1995 ONE
Rogers, Hugh Melvin  06-17-1995 HDR
Rogers, Hugh Melvin  06-19-1995 HDR
Rogers, J. Howard  07-14-1999 HDR
Rogers, Jack H. (legislator/newspaper publisher) 03-12-1994 HDR
Rogers, James Edward  04-11-2003 HDR
Rogers, James Herman 12-22-1993 HDR
Rogers, Jason Todd Powell 07-18-2000 HDR
Rogers, Jimmy (bluesman) 12-22-1997 HDR
Rogers, Joan Garner  12-29-2002 HDR
Rogers, John 11-26-1999 HDR
Rogers, John 11-29-1999 HDR
Rogers, Kathleen Hefner 03-21-2003 ONE
Rogers, Kathleen Hefner  03-21-2003 HDR
Rogers, Keith Carson 11-06-2001 HDR
Rogers, Lena Herman 09-27-1994 ONE
Rogers, Libby Ricker "Maw" 08-29-1994 HDR
Rogers, Lonnie L.  8/12/2005 HDR
Rogers, Louise O'Neal Beasley 12-24-1997 HDR
Rogers, Louise O'Neal Beasley 12-23-1997 ONE
Rogers, Marty Lynn  03-25-2001 HDR
Rogers, Mattie Lea  06-21-1994 HDR
Rogers, Milton "Shorty" (jazz trumpeter) 11-11-1994 HDR
Rogers, Minnie Bertha Quilliams  08-27-2003 HDR
Rogers, Nellie Lawing 01-24-1994 HDR
Rogers, Nellie Lawing  01-24-1994 ONE
Rogers, Nellie Russell  05-21-1993 HDR
Rogers, Oron Julian Sr. 12-18-1997 HDR
Rogers, Parks Floyd  12-08-1995 HDR
Rogers, Pauline Cline 01-27-2000 HDR
Rogers, Richard Roy "Ricky" Jr. 09-18-1998 ONE
Rogers, Richard Roy Jr. "Ricky" 09-18-1998 HDR
Rogers, Roy 07-06-1998 ONE
Rogers, Roy (Leonard Slye) 07-07-1998 HDR
Rogers, Shirley Margaret  05-11-2001 HDR
Rogers, Ted O. Sr. 02-07-2002 HDR
Rogers, Thomas Clifford "T.C." 09-06-1999 HDR
Rogers, Thomas E. Col. 02-18-1999 HDR
Rogers, Thomas Russell (creator of Charlie the Tuna) 7/9/2005 HDR
Rogers, Todd 12/15/2005 HDR
Rogers, Trenton Elijah Gene 12/21/2005 HDR
Rogers, Vera Leist 01-04-2000 HDR
Rogers, Warren (reporter) 09-02-2003 HDR
Rogers, Will Jr. (son of the famed humorist) 07-11-1993 HDR
Rogers, Willard Kohn  07-18-2001 HDR
Rogerson, Andrew Stallings 11-11-2003 HDR
Rogerson, Andrew Stallings 11-12-2003 HDR
Rogich, Ragnheiour Arnadottir "Ranny" 11-06-1999 HDR
Rogosheske, Walter 05-18-1998 HDR
Rogosky, Timothy Paul 03-26-2001 HDR
Rogosky, Timothy Paul 03-26-2001 ONE
Rogovin, Mitchell 02-08-1996 ONE
Rohr, Thomas Michael 01-07-1997 HDR
Rohr, Thomas Michael 01-07-1997 ONE
Rojas, Maria Guadalupe Chavez  06-22-2003 HDR
Rojas, Maria Guadalupe Chavez (infant)  06-23-2003 ONE
Rojek, Stan (baseball player) 07-14-1997 HDR
Roker, Roxie (actress) 12-06-1995 HDR
Rokhlin, Lev 07-05-1998 HDR
Roland, A. Craig 02-10-1999 HDR
Roland, Clara P. 10-20-1993 HDR
Roland, Clara Phillips  10-21-1993 HDR
Roland, Freda Crawford  04-11-2001 HDR
Roland, George Sr. Rev. 10-19-1996 HDR
Roland, George Sr. Rev. 10-18-1996 HDR
Roland, Gilbert (actor) 05-18-1994 HDR
Roland, Gilbert (actor) 05-17-1994 ONE
Roland, Max Parker 05-10-1998 HDR
Rolfe, Sam (producer - "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.") 07-12-1993 HDR
Rolle, Esther 11-19-1998 HDR
Rolle, Esther 11-19-1998 ONE
Roller, Zoe Morgan  10-02-1996 HDR
Rollins, Agnes Ruth 11-10-2001 HDR
Rollins, Bernice Frances Ridings 11-22-1997 HDR
Rollins, Bernice Frances Ridings  11-21-1997 HDR
Rollins, Carrie Lee Watts 06-16-2000 HDR
Rollins, Cora Lee Williams  08-16-2002 HDR
Rollins, Cornelia Garner 05-22-2001 HDR
Rollins, Dwight D.  11-06-2003 HDR
Rollins, Dwight D.  11-06-2003 ONE
Rollins, Dwight D.  11-06-2003 ONE
Rollins, Frances Virginia Bost 11-11-1998 HDR
Rollins, George Baxter  08-17-1996 HDR
Rollins, George Baxter  08-16-1996 HDR
Rollins, Howard  12-10-1996 HDR
Rollins, Jack Jefferson 05-17-1994 HDR
Rollins, JoAnn Mask 07-22-1998 HDR
Rollins, Mary Powell Brown 10-16-2001 HDR
Rollins, Otis Franklin  09-17-1997 HDR
Rollins, Robin Lee 02-28-2001 HDR
Rollins, Robin Lee 02-28-2001 ONE
Rollins, Robin Lee (Page 1 A) 02-27-2001 HDR
Rolon, Naomi M. 07-11-1997 HDR
Roma, Tony (restauranteur) 06-15-2003 HDR
Roman, Ruth 09-15-1999 HDR
Romance, Mary Goodwin 06-10-1998 HDR
Romano, Margaret Louise 10-14-1999 HDR
Romano, Robin 01-07-2000 HDR
Rome, Howard A.  06-28-2002 HDR
Rome, Howard A.  06-28-2002 ONE
Rome, Joseph Clyde  08-03-2002 HDR
Rome, Joseph Clyde  08-05-2002 ONE
Rome, Luther Taylor  12-10-2002 HDR
Rome, Verdie Inez  11-08-1993 HDR
Rome, Verdie Inez Mrs. 11-08-1993 ONE
Romero, Celedonio  05-18-1996 HDR
Romero, Cesar 01-03-1994 ONE
Romero, Jose Francisco 09-20-1994 HDR
Romero, Joseph E. (music supervisor) 07-02-1993 HDR
Romero, Ramona 01-12-2000 HDR
Romines, Dorothy P. "Dot" 6/26/2005 HDR
Romines, Ellen Queen (101 yoa) 08-24-2003 HDR
Romines, Robert Samuel Sr.  07-27-2003 HDR
Rominger, Patricia Marie 08-25-1993 HDR
Rominger, Patricia Marie 08-26-1993 HDR
Rominger, Patricia Marie 08-27-1993 HDR
Romm, Avrom "Al" 01-03-2000 HDR
Romo, James Joseph  09-11-2001 HDR
Rona, Viktor (ballet master) 01-18-1994 HDR
Roncallo, Janice Wilson 10-16-1996 HDR
Rone, Steven Brent 07-16-1998 HDR
Rone, William O. (103 yoa)  02-21-1993 HDR
Rone, William Osborne (103 yoa) 02-20-1993 HDR
Rone, William Osborne (103 yoa) 02-22-1993 ONE
Ronen, Yoram 05-31-1997 HDR
Roney, Phyllis M.  8/3/2005 HDR
Roney, Phyllis M.  8/3/2005 ONE
Rood, Edward B. (lawyer) 04-26-2000 HDR
Roodvoets, Austin (Page 3A) 09-02-1996 HDR
Roof, Eula Sandel 04-10-1996 HDR
Roof, Eula Sandel 04-09-1996 ONE
Roof, Sara Elizabeth  09-08-2002 HDR
Rookstool, Justin Tyler  07-04-1994 HDR
Roos, Jacqueline Juanita  11-27-1994 HDR
Roos, Jacqueline Juanita  11-28-1994 ONE
Roosa, Stuart A. (astronaut) 12-13-1994 HDR
Ropbinson, Juanita Furr  01-19-2001 HDR
Roper, Alice Angletia  07-09-1993 HDR
Roper, Allie Wilson 05-24-1993 HDR
Roper, Allie Wilson  05-25-1993 HDR
Roper, Brunie Poole  10-04-2003 HDR
Roper, Charlie 01-29-1997 HDR
Roper, Estelle L.  5/3/2005 HDR
Roper, Grace Mae Burns  07-06-1994 HDR
Roper, Grace Mae Burns  07-07-1994 HDR
Roper, Jack Franklin 10-29-2003 ONE
Roper, Jack Franklin  10-29-2003 HDR
Roper, James Arthur "Coon" 05-30-1999 HDR
Roper, James E. 10-12-2001 HDR
Roper, Janie O.  08-28-2001 HDR
Roper, Joe Billy 10-04-1999 HDR
Roper, John W. Sr. 11-20-1997 HDR
Roper, John William 02-24-1997 HDR
Roper, Kenneth Wayne 01-02-1998 HDR
Roper, Kenneth Wayne  12-28-1997 HDR
Roper, Leona Curtis  11-14-1999 HDR
Roper, Lucy Smith  09-13-2001 HDR
Roper, Mattie Lou Causby 02-19-1998 HDR
Roper, Nellie Pritchard  08-22-1997 HDR
Roper, Nola King  02-21-2002 HDR
Roper, Nola King  02-21-2002 ONE
Roper, Pearl M.  04-29-2003 HDR
Roper, Ralph Edward 05-20-1993 HDR
Roper, Ricky Lynn 07-08-1996 ONE
Roper, Roy "Sat" 12/27/2005 HDR
Roper, Rudell Smith  09-08-2002 HDR
Roper, Viola Rhoda  02-11-1993 HDR
Roper, Viola Rhoda  02-12-1993 HDR
Roper, Virgie Correll  04-08-2001 HDR
Roper, Virgie Houck  01-04-2003 HDR
Roper, William  01-22-1993 HDR
Roraback, Dick 08-29-1998 HDR
Rorrer, Wilmer Lee  07-18-1997 HDR
Rosby, Robert  07-24-2003 HDR
Rose, Annie Lou 12-09-2000 HDR
Rose, Bessie Marie Barrier 12-07-2003 HDR
Rose, Charles 12-16-1998 HDR
Rose, Christopher Carroll 03-26-2003 ONE
Rose, Christopher Carroll  03-26-2003 HDR
Rose, Ed (newspaperman)  07-12-1995 HDR
Rose, Elsie Mae Whitener  08-27-2002 HDR
Rose, Eula  3/5/2005 HDR
Rose, Eula Sigmon  3/7/2005 ONE
Rose, Eula Sigmon Mrs.  3/6/2005 HDR
Rose, Faye Ola Watson 01-30-1997 HDR
Rose, Grace Ellen 05-16-1993 HDR
Rose, Gregory Stewart 02-06-2001 ONE
Rose, Gregory Stewart  02-06-2001 HDR
Rose, Henry Lee 06-13-1996 HDR
Rose, Henry Lee 06-12-1996 ONE
Rose, John Earl  10/6/2004 ONE
Rose, Johnny B.  07-23-2002 HDR
Rose, Johnny Burgess  07-24-2002 HDR
Rose, Judd 06-13-2000 HDR
Rose, Larry  02-27-1995 HDR
Rose, Larry William  02-28-1995 HDR
Rose, Larry William  02-28-1995 ONE
Rose, Lula Louise 09-04-1998 HDR
Rose, Margaret Arndt 5/5/2005 HDR
Rose, Margaret Arndt  5/4/2005 ONE
Rose, Margaret Arndt  5/5/2005 ONE
Rose, Mary Elizabeth  09-16-1993 HDR
Rose, Mary Elizabeth Clark 09-17-1993 HDR
Rose, Mildred Catherine Patton Covington 11-09-2003 HDR
Rose, Ora Olive Singleton  05-31-1997 HDR
Rose, Pat 02-01-1994 HDR
Rose, Roby Jr. 08-23-1993 ONE
Rose, Roby Jr.  08-21-1993 HDR
Rose, Roby Jr.  08-22-1993 HDR
Rose, Roy Ernest 11-17-2000 HDR
Rose, Roy Ernest 11-17-2000 ONE
Rose, Roy Ernest  Jr. 05-04-2002 HDR
Rose, Roy Ernest  Jr. 05-05-2002 HDR
Rose, Roy Ernest Jr. 05-03-2002 ONE
Rose, Roy Ernest Jr. 05-06-2002 ONE
Rose, Wally--pianist 01-17-1997 HDR
Rose, William Gray  09-19-1997 HDR
Rose, Wilson  11-18-1994 HDR
Rose, Wilson Alexander 11-19-1994 HDR
Roseberry, Fred Van Sr. 11/1/2004 ONE
Roseberry, Samuel (WWI vet) 12/28/2004 ONE
Roseberry, Verna Ruth Workman 03-04-1999 HDR
Roseboro, Harold Henry Sr.  08-30-2003 HDR
Roseboro, James Jr. Rev. 05-10-1995 HDR
Roseboro, Johnny Lee Sr. 09-29-1995 ONE
Roseboro, Johnny Lee Sr.  09-29-1995 HDR
Roseboro, Lila Marie Nixon 07-26-1993 HDR
Roseboro, Lutishia Avery  03-26-1996 HDR
Roseboro, Thomas Edward 03-11-2003 ONE
Roseboro, Thomas Edward  03-12-2003 HDR
Roseboro, William Edward Sr.  02-09-1993 HDR
Rosefield, David A. (Page 5A) 09-22-1998 HDR
Roseman,  Loretta Delores Miserez 06-28-2000 HDR
Roseman, Arthenia Novella Gibbs 03-10-1995 HDR
Roseman, Arthenia Novella Gibbs 03-10-1995 ONE
Roseman, Charles Hubert 02-05-2001 ONE
Roseman, Charles Hubert  02-05-2001 HDR
Roseman, Charles Nicholas 10/19/2005 HDR
Roseman, Charles Nicholas  10/19/2005 ONE
Roseman, Charles Rodney 10/19/2005 HDR
Roseman, Charles Rodney 10/19/2005 ONE
Roseman, Donald Lee 01-10-1999 HDR
Roseman, Dorothy Overstreet 09-13-1999 ONE
Roseman, Dorothy Overstreet  09-11-1999 HDR
Roseman, Eunice Bryant 3/22/2004 ONE
Roseman, James R. 12-24-2001 HDR
Roseman, James R. 12-24-2001 ONE
Roseman, Jerry Wayne 1/14/2005 ONE
Roseman, Jerry Wayne  1/15/2005 HDR
Roseman, Jessie David 02-21-1994 HDR
Roseman, Jessie David  02-24-1994 ONE
Roseman, Joseph Milton 04-03-2000 HDR
Roseman, Joseph Milton 04-02-2000 HDR
Roseman, Matthew Eric 06-16-2003 HDR
Roseman, Matthew Eric  06-16-2003 ONE
Roseman, Paul Duke 01-01-2002 ONE
Roseman, Paul Duke  01-02-2002 HDR
Roseman, Robert P.  07-14-2003 ONE
Roseman, Robert Pinkney 07-15-2003 HDR
Roseman, Robert Pinkney  07-15-2003 ONE
Roseman, Virginia Lail 02-08-1998 HDR
Roseman, Virginia Lail 02-09-1998 ONE
Rosen, Herb  06-27-2001 HDR
Rosen, Moses (Romanian Jewish Leader--Rabbi) 05-08-1994 HDR
Rosenbalm, Charles Junior 06-11-2002 ONE
Rosenbalm, Charles Junior  06-11-2002 HDR
Rosenbalm, Charles Junior  06-12-2002 HDR
Rosenbalm, Edna Bean 01-16-1994 HDR
Rosenbaum, Clifford James "Jamie"  12/8/2005 HDR
Rosenbaum, Frank Jr.  10-01-1993 HDR
Rosenbaum, Rosalie Ramsey 01-03-1997 HDR
Rosenberg, Meta (talent agent) 1/12/2005 HDR
Rosenberg, Otto  07-13-2001 HDR
Rosenberg, Otto  07-14-2001 HDR
Rosenberger, Jacob Todd (infant) 05-11-1995 HDR
Rosenberger, Jacob Todd (infant) 05-12-1995 HDR
Rosenblatt, Joseph 05-05-1999 HDR
Rosenbloom, Yair  08-29-1996 HDR
Rosenblum, Ralph (film editor) 09-09-1995 HDR
Rosenfeld, Arnold S. (editor)  7/6/2005 HDR
Rosenfield, Paul (newspaperman) 05-29-1993 HDR
Rosensaft, Hadassah (Holocaust survivor) 10-09-1997 HDR
Rosenthal, Richard L. 06-19-1998 HDR
Rosenwach, Wallace 08-30-1999 HDR
Rosenzweig, Evelyn Mowry 07-01-2000 HDR
Rositzke, Harry (American spymaster) 11-09-2002 HDR
Roskoski, Evelyn Helen Norlan 01-17-1999 HDR
Roskoski, Evelyn Helen Norlan 01-18-1999 ONE
Ross, Al (101 yoa) (last surviving WWI veteran in Palm Beach Co., FL) 05-02-2003 HDR
Ross, Allan W.  04-05-2002 HDR
Ross, Allan W.  04-04-2002 ONE
Ross, Allan Warren  04-06-2002 HDR
Ross, Allan Warren  04-05-2002 ONE
Ross, Annie Clemons 08-31-1996 HDR
Ross, Annie Mae Hovis  12-19-1993 HDR
Ross, Annie Model Clemons  09-04-1996 HDR
Ross, Ava Christine 11-02-1998 HDR
Ross, Benjamin "Bud" Hill 08-24-2000 ONE
Ross, Benjamin “Bud” Hill  08-25-2000 HDR
Ross, Beverly "Buddy" (accordion player) 12-17-1996 HDR
Ross, Bill (author & war correspondent) 09-09-1994 HDR
Ross, Bob (PBS art instructor) 07-09-1995 HDR
Ross, Bonnie C. 12-18-2001 HDR
Ross, Calvin Dewey  07-11-1994 HDR
Ross, Calvin Dewey  07-12-1994 HDR
Ross, Cena Belle  07-20-1993 HDR
Ross, Cena Belle  07-21-1993 HDR
Ross, Charles Jerome 04-28-2000 HDR
Ross, Charles Jerome 04-27-2000 HDR
Ross, Clarence Clifton Sr. "Bud" 10-15-1998 HDR
Ross, Conley Marshall   03-16-2003 HDR
Ross, David 09-01-1997 HDR
Ross, Doris Deal 04-25-2001 HDR
Ross, Doris Deal 04-24-2001 ONE
Ross, Dorothy Dean 10-03-2002 ONE
Ross, Dorothy Dean  10-03-2002 HDR
Ross, Dwayne Edward  11-09-2003 HDR
Ross, Elizabeth Downes "Betty" 01-28-1999 HDR
Ross, Elizabeth Turner  10-08-1995 HDR
Ross, Evelyn Cheson  10-28-1993 HDR
Ross, Evelyn Cheson  10-28-1993 ONE
Ross, Evelyn Rockett  01-28-2002 HDR
Ross, Fred Calvin  02-24-1993 HDR
Ross, George W.  12-06-1994 HDR
Ross, Grover Dean 07-30-1997 HDR
Ross, Harrison Browning 05-01-1998 HDR
Ross, Helen Beatrice Olsen  12-10-2002 HDR
Ross, J. Oliver  08-07-1998 HDR
Ross, Jarvis Jarel 5/7/2005 HDR
Ross, Johnny Fred  07-23-1994 HDR
Ross, Lala Mae Jennings 04-30-2001 ONE
Ross, LaLa Mae Jennings  04-29-2001 HDR
Ross, Lillian Adele 01-19-1900 HDR
Ross, Lula Belle 01-26-1994 HDR
Ross, Martha Small  03-12-1993 HDR
Ross, Martha Wiggins 04-10-1997 HDR
Ross, Marvin  06-30-1996 HDR
Ross, Marvin  07-03-1996 HDR
Ross, Mary Katlyn 04-12-1998 HDR
Ross, Mary May 07-29-1997 HDR
Ross, Mary Virginia Williams 08-13-2000 HDR
Ross, Mattie Fowler 01-28-2000 HDR
Ross, Mildred Pearl Whitener 04-23-1999 HDR
Ross, Mildred Pearl Whitener 04-22-1999 HDR
Ross, Mildred Pearl Whitener 04-22-1999 ONE
Ross, Olliebell Marr 03-02-1999 HDR
Ross, Paul Gilbert  01-15-2001 HDR
Ross, Peggy Burgess  03-02-2002 HDR
Ross, Peggy Burgess  03-04-2002 ONE
Ross, Percy (philanthropist) 11-15-2001 HDR
Ross, Richard Moore (former president of Ross Laboratories) 12-07-1993 HDR
Ross, Robert F.  11-05-1993 HDR
Ross, Robert Foch 11-06-1993 HDR
Ross, Rosie "Puff" 09-03-1999 HDR
Ross, Ruth A. 03-21-1999 HDR
Ross, Ruth L. Turner Branch 05-06-1998 HDR
Ross, Stella Gantt  09-09-2002 HDR
Ross, Ted Henry Sr. 04-25-2001 HDR
Ross, Thomas Herbert 05-14-1996 HDR
Ross, Thurman "Top Cat" Sr.  09-27-1994 HDR
Ross, Thurman "Top Cat" Sr.  09-29-1994 HDR
Ross, Truett Garland  9/12/2005 HDR
Ross, Velma Cline Keener 08-22-1997 HDR
Ross, Velma Cline Keener 08-23-1997 HDR
Ross, Velma Cline Keener 08-22-1997 ONE
Ross, Virginia McKay 07-18-1998 HDR
Ross, Wayne Raymond  04-09-2003 HDR
Ross, Wilford "Bill" Ray 04-04-1997 HDR
Ross, Wilford Ray "Bill" 04-04-1997 ONE
Ross, Winnie Louise Walker 11-18-1999 HDR
Rossi, Brandi 9/2/2005 HDR
Rossi, Brandi 9/2/2005 ONE
Rossi, Brandi Faith 9/5/2005 HDR
Rossi, Brandi Faith 9/5/2005 ONE
Rossi, Bruno B. Dr. (played a leading role in the study of cosmic rays) 11-23-1993 HDR
Rossi, Charles J. "Carlo" (Gallo Winery) 04-30-1994 HDR
Rossington, Norman 05-23-1999 HDR
Rossiter, Alexander H. 12-15-1999 HDR
Rossner, Judith (author) 8/12/2005 HDR
Rostan, John Peter Jr. 05-27-1998 HDR
Rostan, Stephen  12-06-1994 HDR
Rostan, Steve  12-04-1994 HDR
Rota, Gian-Carlo 04-26-1999 HDR
Rote, Ruby Hildebrand 03-03-1999 HDR
Roten, Wayne Clyde 06-13-1997 HDR
Roth, Arthur T. 09-23-1997 HDR
Roth, Henry (author) 10-16-1995 HDR
Roth, Stephen  08-05-1995 HDR
Roth, William V. Jr. (Former Sen.--DE) 12-16-2003 HDR
Rothenberg, Faye Lyall  12-02-1993 HDR
Rothermere, Lord (Harmsworth, Vere Harold Esmond) 09-03-1998 HDR
Rothrock, Nevaeh Roseman 06-12-2001 ONE
Rothrock, Nevaeh Roseman (infant) 06-1220-01 HDR
Rothschild, Dame Miriam (self-taught scientist) 1/30/2005 HDR
Roti, Fred (Former Alderman of Chicago) 09-2219-99 HDR
Rottkamp, Alois "Al" John Joseph Jr. 12-08-2001 HDR
Roueche, Berton (writer) 04-30-1994 HDR
Rountree, Martha 08-25-1999 HDR
Roupe, Beulah Reeves 02-15-2000 HDR
Roupe, Beulah Reeves 02-15-2000 ONE
Roupe, Jake R.  3/16/2005 HDR
Rourke, Florence Elizabeth  06-17-1995 HDR
Rouse, Parke Shepherd Jr. 03-07-1997 HDR
Roussimoff, Andre Rene (Andre the Giant - wrestler/actor) 01-31-1993 HDR
Rousso, Al (former mayor pro tem-Charlotte) 10-29-2001 HDR
Rowe, A.M. "Tator"  03-28-2002 HDR
Rowe, A.M. "Tator"  03-29-2002 HDR
Rowe, Beulah Mae Adams  7/11/2005 HDR
Rowe, Beulah Mae Adams  7/11/2005 ONE
Rowe, Charles Calvin 05-26-1997 HDR
Rowe, Charles Calvin 05-26-1997 ONE
Rowe, Clara Cluck  06-09-1993 HDR
Rowe, Clara Mae Cluck  06-11-1993 HDR
Rowe, Claude Elbert 01-23-1997 HDR
Rowe, Edward Caldwell 01-12-1998 HDR
Rowe, Edward Caldwell 01-12-1998 ONE
Rowe, Else Rattenhuber  05-05-2002 HDR
Rowe, Emma Hardin 03-04-1996 HDR
Rowe, George Willis 08-24-1997 HDR
Rowe, George Willis 08-23-1997 HDR
Rowe, Glenn Noah Jr. 04-04-1999 HDR
Rowe, Glenn Noah Jr. 04-03-1999 HDR
Rowe, Glenn Noah Jr. 04-05-1999 ONE
Rowe, Glorine Sudderth 03-19-1998 HDR
Rowe, Glorine Sudderth 03-20-1998 HDR
Rowe, James "Jimmy" Lewis 08-29-2003 HDR
Rowe, James Earl Sr. 11-05-1999 HDR
Rowe, James Neal 05-19-1998 HDR
Rowe, James Winfred  1/24/2005 HDR
Rowe, Jennifer Lassena 11-13-2002 HDR
Rowe, Jennifer Lassena  11-13-2002 ONE
Rowe, Joe Sigmon Jr. 07-15-2001 HDR
Rowe, Joe Sigmon Jr. 07-16-2001 ONE
Rowe, John Horace  03-21-2003 HDR
Rowe, John Horace  03-21-2003 ONE
Rowe, Kent 07-20-1998 HDR
Rowe, Kent Andre' 07-21-1998 HDR
Rowe, Kermit Edward 12-22-2000 HDR
Rowe, Lathia Maida Lou Jones Millsaps 03-05-1998 ONE
Rowe, Lethia Maida Lou Jones Millsaps 03-05-1998 HDR
Rowe, Lloyd Mason 12-06-1996 ONE
Rowe, Lloyd Mason  12-06-1996 HDR
Rowe, M.C. Pete (High Point City Councilman) 07-27-2003 HDR
Rowe, Mable Christeen Spencer  06-28-1995 HDR
Rowe, Mable Christeen Spencer  06-28-1995 ONE
Rowe, Martin Sr. 08-15-1999 HDR
Rowe, Mary Louise Abernethy  4/15/2004 ONE
Rowe, Michael Alan  06-30-1993 HDR
Rowe, Michael Alan  06-30-1993 ONE
Rowe, Mildred Graceola 11-02-1998 HDR
Rowe, Mildred Graceola 11-03-1998 HDR
Rowe, Mildred Graceola  11-03-1998 ONE
Rowe, Minnie Louise  08-25-2001 HDR
Rowe, Miriam Huitt 12-07-1996 HDR
Rowe, Miriam Huitt 12-05-1996 ONE
Rowe, Miriam Huitt  12-06-1996 HDR
Rowe, Miriam Huitt  12-06-1996 ONE
Rowe, Neal 05-18-1998 ONE
Rowe, Ned Burnette 01-19-1998 HDR
Rowe, Ned Burnette 02-03-1998 HDR
Rowe, Ned Burnette 01-19-1998 ONE
Rowe, Neil 07-20-1998 ONE
Rowe, Phillip  04-02-2001 HDR
Rowe, Rachel May Clark 09-10-1999 HDR
Rowe, Rachel May Clark 09-09-1999 ONE
Rowe, Sharon LaVerne 01-30-1999 HDR
Rowe, Tellis David 08-05-1999 HDR
Rowe, Tellis David  08-05-1999 ONE
Rowe, Vertie  09-19-2002 HDR
Rowe, Vertie Carlton  09-21-2002 HDR
Rowe, Virl Frank 01-26-1996 HDR
Rowe, Virl Frank 01-26-1996 ONE
Rowe, Walter Neil 07-21-1998 HDR
Rowe, Walter Neil 07-21-1998 ONE
Rowe, Wanda Faye Gilbert  02-13-1993 HDR
Rowe, William Edward "Bill" 12-02-1994 HDR
Rowe, William Edward "Bill" 12-05-1994 HDR
Rowe, William Edward (Bill) 12-05-1994 ONE
Rowe, William L. 09-26-1997 HDR
Rowell, Frances Bollinger 01-05-1999 HDR
Rowell, Frances Bollinger 01-06-1999 ONE
Rowell, Frances Bollinger  01-07-1999 HDR
Rowell, Frances Bollinger  01-05-1999 ONE
Rowell, Lillian Rose  9/28/2005 HDR
Rowell, Ray 11-18-1993 HDR
Rowell, Ray Marion  11-19-1993 HDR
Rowen, Hobart (columnist) 04-14-1995 HDR
Rowland, Duane  12/17/2004 ONE
Rowland, Frank James Jr. 09-01-1994 HDR
Rowland, Roland "Tiny" 07-28-1998 HDR
Rowland, Toby (stage producer) 08-16-1994 HDR
Rowlands, Patsy (actress) 1/27/2005 HDR
Rowles, James R. Jr. Rev. 08-02-1993 HDR
Rowles, Jimmy  06-04-1996 HDR
Rowles, Jimmy  06-03-1996 HDR
Rowse, A.L. 10-07-1997 HDR
Roy, Kermit "Bob" L.  11-17-2002 HDR
Roy, Mike 03-29-1996 ONE
Royal, Berna Thompson Teague Jolly 12/3/2005 HDR
Royal, James Clifford 5/24/2005 HDR
Royal, Jimmie Rolland 6/14/2005 HDR
Royal, Leah Stanley 04-02-1996 HDR
Royal, Marshal (musician) 05-21-1995 HDR
Royal, Novelle 04-07-1997 ONE
Royal, Robert Boyd  03-26-1996 HDR
Royall, Kenneth Jr. (Former NC Senator)  (Page 1D) 06-06-1999 HDR
Royall, Robert Benjamin "Ben" 11-14-2002 HDR
Royall, Robert Benjamin "Ben"  11-14-2002 ONE
Royko, Mike 04-30-1997 ONE
Royster, Austin Franklin Sr.  10-02-2003 HDR
Royster, Fannie 10-07-1999 HDR
Royster, Minnie Bryte Ledford 02-22-1997 HDR
Rozar, Rick L. 10-04-1998 HDR
Rozhdestvensky, Robert (poet) 08-27-1994 HDR
Rozzell, Bemjamin Franklin 04-13-1995 ONE
Rozzell, Benjamin  04-13-1995 HDR
Rozzell, Benjamin Franklin  04-14-1995 HDR
Rozzell, Benjamin Franklin  04-14-1995 ONE
Rozzell, David 12-29-2001 HDR
Rozzell, Lock E. 06-28-1996 HDR
Rozzell, Lock E. 06-27-1996 ONE
Rozzelle, Bobby Lewis 12-31-2003 HDR
Rozzelle, E.B. "June"  06-25-1997 HDR
Rozzelle, E.B. "June"  06-26-1997 HDR
Rozzelle, Melvin "Choppy" 5/27/2004 ONE
Rozzelle, Verona Mary Eckard 12-20-1995 HDR
Rubial, Ramon 05-26-1999 HDR
Rubin, Jerry (activist) (Page 10B) 11-29-1994 HDR
Rubin, Max J. 05-25-1996 HDR
Rubin, Richard I. (real estate developer) 06-13-1993 HDR
Rubino, Bobby 10-22-2001 HDR
Rubino, Eddie 06-27-1997 HDR
Rubins, Evelyn Mitford  09-17-1997 HDR
Rubio, Humberto Gordon Ret. Gen. (Chile) 06-17-2000 HDR
Rubio, Mariano  10-06-1999 HDR
Rubstein, Ariel (classical pianist) 07-21-1997 HDR
Ruby, Mort 09-04-2000 HDR
Rucker, Charles Everett 04-17-1993 HDR
Rucker, Ila Ijames 06-19-1998 HDR
Rucker, Kenneth Junior  2/24/2004 ONE
Rucker, Robert Daniel 01-27-1998 HDR
Rucker, Robert Daniel 01-27-1998 ONE
Rudd, Gordie V.  06-15-2003 HDR
Rudd, Lila Kane Divine 04-16-1998 HDR
Ruderman, Evan (activist) 11-22-2003 HDR
Rudge, Olga (101 yoa) 03-18-1996 HDR
Rudicil, Dorothy Ruth Shuping 10-02-1998 HDR
Rudicil, Grace W. 12-07-2001 HDR
Rudicil, Lillian Rozalia  01-13-1995 HDR
Rudicil, Mary Juanita 10-11-2003 HDR
Rudicill, Carolyn Mae Nantz 11-18-1995 HDR
Rudicill, Clarence “Peewee”  12-05-2002 HDR
Rudicill, Rickie Clay Sr. 11-07-2000 HDR
Rudin, Georgia S.  05-10-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Albert P. "Rudy" 01-18-1996 HDR
Rudisill, Alma Deaton 03-09-1996 HDR
Rudisill, Annie Johnson Sipe 03-09-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Annie Johnson Sipe 03-09-1998 ONE
Rudisill, Barbara Stevenson 12-06-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Bertha Rhoney  02-14-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Brandon 09-09-1997 HDR
Rudisill, Brandon (Page 1A) 09-09-1997 HDR
Rudisill, Brandon Daniel 09-10-1997 HDR
Rudisill, Carl Hinkle 03-21-2000 ONE
Rudisill, Carl Hinkle  03-21-2000 HDR
Rudisill, Clyde Kistler 09-20-2000 HDR
Rudisill, Clyde Kistler 09-20-2000 ONE
Rudisill, Dorothy Wright  2/11/2004 ONE
Rudisill, Dorothy Wright  2/12/2004 ONE
Rudisill, Edith Adelaide Ward 12-21-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Edith Blanche Smith 03-13-1999 HDR
Rudisill, Elbert Andrew Sr. 01-17-1994 HDR
Rudisill, Elbert Andrew Sr. 01-18-1994 HDR
Rudisill, Elizabeth Norman 07-03-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Elizabeth Norman 07-03-1998 ONE
Rudisill, Ernest Lester Sr. 06-23-1999 HDR
Rudisill, Ernest Lester Sr. 06-23-1999 ONE
Rudisill, Evelyn Thornburg  06-17-2001 HDR
Rudisill, Evelyn Thornburg  06-18-2001 ONE
Rudisill, Fred “Hunter”  07-18-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Gale S. 02-17-1999 HDR
Rudisill, Gale S. 02-17-1999 ONE
Rudisill, Gale S.  02-23-1999 HDR
Rudisill, Garland "Shorty" Miller 8/7/2005 HDR
Rudisill, Garland "Shorty" Miller 8/8/2005 ONE
Rudisill, Geneva J. 03-03-1994 HDR
Rudisill, Geneva J. 03-04-1994 HDR
Rudisill, George Lenton 01-25-2002 ONE
Rudisill, George Lenton  01-26-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Glenn Sigmon 12-01-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Glenn Sigmon 12-02-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Glenn Sigmon  12-02-1998 ONE
Rudisill, Guy Vincent 07-09-1993 HDR
Rudisill, Harold  11-28-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Harold Augustus 11-28-2003 ONE
Rudisill, Harvey  07-06-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Harvey Ray 04-21-2000 HDR
Rudisill, Harvey Ray 04-20-2000 HDR
Rudisill, Harvey Ray 04-20-2000 ONE
Rudisill, Henry Ray 08-26-2002 ONE
Rudisill, Henry Ray  08-26-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Hugh Kenneth "Chunk" (veteran) 01-25-1994 HDR
Rudisill, Ida Boyd  09-02-2002 HDR
Rudisill, J.D.  12/24/2005 HDR
Rudisill, Jacob Albert 10-12-2000 HDR
Rudisill, Jesse Richardson  08-26-1996 HDR
Rudisill, Julia Tuttle Miller  07-28-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Lorine Fuller 12-29-1999 HDR
Rudisill, Louella Cline  03-02-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Louella Cline  03-03-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Loy Annis 11-19-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Lucille Shuffler Daves  02-18-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Mania Ward 11-12-2001 HDR
Rudisill, Marguerite Gaskill 5/1/2005 HDR
Rudisill, Marguerite Gaskill 5/2/2005 HDR
Rudisill, Marguerite Gaskill  5/2/2005 ONE
Rudisill, Maria Rosa Alimandi 03-28-2003 ONE
Rudisill, Maria Rosa Alimandi  03-28-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Martha Jean 02-04-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Martha Jean 02-05-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Martha Jean 02-07-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Mary Buff 07-29-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Mary Buff 07-29-2003 ONE
Rudisill, Marzella Grant 11-04-1996 ONE
Rudisill, Marzella Grant  11-04-1996 HDR
Rudisill, Minnie Kelley 09-18-1995 ONE
Rudisill, Minnie Kelley  09-16-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Minnie Kelly 09-15-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Nell McKinney 12-04-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Nell McKinney 12-03-2003 ONE
Rudisill, Nellie Yancey 10-02-1995 ONE
Rudisill, Nellie Yancey  09-29-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Nellie Yancey  09-30-1995 HDR
Rudisill, Nellie Yancey  10-01-1995 HDR
Rudisill, O. "Rudy"  09-26-2003 ONE
Rudisill, O. Rhyne "Rudy" 09-27-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Oscar R. 09-26-2003 ONE
Rudisill, Oscar Rhyne 09-26-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Pamela Jean Hall 3/26/2005 HDR
Rudisill, Pamela Jean Hall 3/27/2005 HDR
Rudisill, Rosalie Rogers  12-21-1998 HDR
Rudisill, Roy  07-29-1996 HDR
Rudisill, Ruby Warlick Mrs.  7/31/2005 HDR
Rudisill, Ruth Bumgarner 09-23-1993 HDR
Rudisill, Ruth Bumgarner 09-24-1993 HDR
Rudisill, Sandra Kay Rhoney 05-26-1999 HDR
Rudisill, Sandra Kay Rhoney 05-26-1999 ONE
Rudisill, Stephen Jason  05-15-2003 HDR
Rudisill, Thomas Adolphus  07-08-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Thomas Adolphus  07-09-2002 HDR
Rudisill, Thomas Adolphus  07-08-2002 ONE
Rudisill, Thomas Adolphus  07-09-2002 ONE
Rudisill, Timothy Elbert "Scooter" 07-17-1999 HDR
Rudisill, Vernie 03-21-2000 HDR
Rudisill, Vernie  03-21-2000 ONE
Rudolf, Max (conductor) 03-04-1995 HDR
Rudolph, Craig Goodman 05-25-1998 ONE
Rudolph, Wilma (Page 3B) 11-19-1994 HDR
Ruehmann, Heinz (actor) 10-10-1994 HDR
Ruetenik, Dorothy Loomis  04-01-2002 HDR
Ruff, Annie Louise Kincaid  10-24-1995 ONE
Ruff, Betty Ann  07-27-2002 HDR
Ruff, Charles 11-21-2000 HDR
Ruff, George Newton 01-06-1994 HDR
Ruff, James Jr. 10-25-1996 HDR
Ruff, James Jr.  10-23-1996 HDR
Ruff, Lizzie Johnson 03-21-1994 HDR
Ruff, Marie Owenby 02-09-1993 HDR
Ruff, Patsy 10-23-2000 HDR
Ruff, Rufus  02-04-1993 HDR
Ruff, Rufus  02-05-1993 HDR
Ruff, Vida Louise  04-24-2001 HDR
Ruffner,  Edward Franklin 06-24-2000 HDR
Rufty, Addie Eunice Davis 07-31-1996 HDR
Rufty, Coit William  06-24-2001 HDR
Rufty, David Oakley 07-09-1996 HDR
Rufty, David Oakley 07-08-1996 HDR
Rufty, Donald William  08-22-2000 HDR
Rufty, Hessie York 04-26-1993 HDR
Rufty, Keith Andy  11-20-1994 HDR
Rufty, Mary Pauline 10-10-1997 HDR
Rufty, Mary Pauline  10-11-1997 HDR
Rufty, Michael Dunham 02-16-1999 ONE
Rufty, Michael Dunham Sr. 02-17-1999 HDR
Rufty, Paul D. 07-05-2002 HDR
Rufty, Paul D.  07-05-2002 ONE
Rufty, Ruth Milholland 11-30-1993 HDR
Rufty, Walton M. 11-16-1997 HDR
Rufty, Walton M. 11-17-1997 ONE
Rufty, Willa Mae Fox 03-30-2000 HDR
Ruge, Arthur C. 04-10-2000 ONE
Rugel, John Thomas  08-16-2001 HDR
Rugel, John Thomas  08-16-2001 ONE
Ruiz, Policarpo Benjamin Mercado 08-10-2000 ONE
Ruiz, Policarpo Benjamin Mercado  08-10-2000 HDR
Rullman, Cap G. 03-04-2003 ONE
Rullman, Cap G.  03-03-2003 HDR
Rullman, Cap G.  03-04-2003 HDR
Rullman, Carl "Trey" William III 02-19-1997 HDR
Rullman, Carl "Troy" William III 02-18-1997 HDR
Rullman, Irene Elizabeth  05-10-1993 HDR
Rullman, Irene Elizabeth  05-11-1993 HDR
Rumes, Joanne  10-19-2001 HDR
Rumfelt, Joseph D. (Page 10) 05-21-2002 ONE
Rumfelt, Sha'ena Ishka (infant) 03-18-1994 HDR
Rumfelt, William Dowd 01-06-2003 ONE
Rumfelt, William Dowd  01-05-2003 HDR
Rumley, Alfred J. 03-30-1995 HDR
Rumley, Alfred Junior  03-29-1995 ONE
Rumley, Martha Cobb 03-10-1995 ONE
Rumley, Martha Cobb  03-10-1995 HDR
Rummage, Mildred M. 01-10-1996 HDR
Rummell, Ruth E. Hermes 03-21-1999 HDR
Runion, Elizabeth "Chris" Christina 5/6/2005 HDR
Runkle, John Louis 04-01-2000 HDR
Runnion, John Hanable  12-23-1993 HDR
Runnion, John Hanable  12-24-1993 HDR
Runyon, Nola Mullins 01-06-1995 HDR
Ruocheng, Ying (actor)  12-30-2003 HDR
Ruowang, Wang 12-22-2001 HDR
Rupard, George Washington 06-16-2001 HDR
Rupard, Grace Jarvis 8/8/2005 HDR
Rupp, Theodore 12-06-2000 HDR
Ruppard, Doris Jestes  07-12-1993 HDR
Ruppard, Jack D.  11-30-2003 HDR
Ruppe, Loret Miller 08-07-1996 ONE
Rush, Anthony (Page 12) 05-28-2002 ONE
Rush, Anthony Peter II 07-23-1999 HDR
Rush, Byron G. 07-04-1997 HDR
Rush, David (Page 1) 06-05-2000 ONE
Rush, Howard 11-07-1999 HDR
Rush, Martha  03-11-1996 ONE
Rush, Pauline Green 04-03-1998 HDR
Rush, Ruth R.  02-09-1999 HDR
Rushdy, Fatma  01-24-1996 ONE
Rushing, Jesse James The Rev.  6/29/2005 HDR
Rushmer, Robert Dr.  07-17-2001 HDR
Rushton, Willie  12-12-1996 HDR
Rushworth, Robert A. (test pilot - X-15 rocket plane) 03-28-1993 HDR
Rusin, Bruno (retired Army) 05-05-1994 HDR
Rusin, Marianne Gelis 9/22/2005 HDR
Rusk, Dean (former Secretary of State) 12-21-1994 ONE
Rusk, Dean (former Secretary of State) (Page 3A) 12-21-1994 HDR
Rusk, Virginia Foisie 02-27-1996 ONE
Rusmisell, Bill J. 07-18-2001 HDR
Rusmisell, Billy Joe Jr.  07-19-1993 HDR
Russ, Arthur Buren “A.B.”  08-11-2002 HDR
Russ, Doris Julia Honeycutt  11-08-1996 HDR
Russ, Fletcher Grady Jr. 02-16-1999 HDR
Russ, Fletcher Grady Warner Jr. 02-17-1999 HDR
Russ, Fletcher Grady Warner Jr. 02-17-1999 ONE
Russ, Lucy Kathleen McKee 09-30-2002 HDR
Russ, Robert D. Gen. 05-28-1997 HDR
Russ, Thomas Lee 11-17-1993 HDR
Russ, William Luther 02-18-1998 HDR
Russ, William Sidney  09-05-1997 HDR
Russell, Annabel L. 09-09-2000 HDR
Russell, Artie Lue Lowe  05-11-2001 HDR
Russell, Beatrice Walters  05-23-2002 HDR
Russell, Carrie Raby  05-18-2002 HDR
Russell, Carrie Raby  05-20-2002 HDR
Russell, Claude Phillip 01-04-1997 HDR
Russell, Clyde Graden  11-23-1999 HDR
Russell, Dawn Renee 11-11-2002 ONE
Russell, Dawn Renee 11-12-2002 ONE
Russell, Dawn Renee  11-12-2002 HDR
Russell, Derek Wayne (infant) 03-30-1994 HDR
Russell, Derek Wayne (infant) 03-31-1994 HDR
Russell, Donald 02-25-1998 HDR
Russell, Edward Eugene 05-26-1995 ONE
Russell, Edward Eugene  05-26-1995 HDR
Russell, Edward Eugene  05-25-1995 ONE
Russell, Edwin 12-26-2001 HDR
Russell, Eleanor Oakley 04-26-1998 HDR
Russell, Eleanor Oakley 04-27-1998 ONE
Russell, Evelyn Williams  11-26-2002 HDR
Russell, Frances Blansett 07-05-2001 HDR
Russell, George 02-26-1996 HDR
Russell, George 02-26-1996 ONE
Russell, George William 08-01-2003 HDR
Russell, Horace Henderson 2/5/2005 HDR
Russell, Howard Thomas  08-05-1994 HDR
Russell, Howard Thomas "Tommy" 08-06-1994 HDR
Russell, India Winfree 02-19-1997 HDR
Russell, James A. “Jim”  12-22-2000 HDR
Russell, James Lowell 3/25/2005 HDR
Russell, James Wayne 07-17-1998 HDR
Russell, Jo Carpenter 01-07-1993 HDR
Russell, Jo Grace Carpenter 01-06-1993 HDR
Russell, John Allison  07-05-2002 HDR
Russell, John Clinton Jr. 04-19-2002 HDR
Russell, John Thomas 11-23-2001 HDR
Russell, Julia “JV” Poplin  10-02-2000 HDR
Russell, June Gisela 02-04-1996 HDR
Russell, June Gisela  02-03-1996 HDR
Russell, Katie Gilbert 03-19-1999 HDR
Russell, Lillian M. 10-24-1997 HDR
Russell, Lillian M. 10-23-1997 ONE
Russell, Lindsay Garland Jr. 07-21-2000 HDR
Russell, Lindsay Garland Jr. 07-20-2000 ONE
Russell, Lindsay Garland Sr.  03-11-1995 HDR
Russell, Lloyd Corbet  06-15-1993 HDR
Russell, Louisa Justice Benson 12-19-1995 HDR
Russell, Lucille 07-14-2000 HDR
Russell, Mamie Walker 02-20-1999 HDR
Russell, Margaret Mann 5/18/2005 HDR
Russell, Margie Price  08-13-2000 HDR
Russell, Mary Correll  03-26-2002 HDR
Russell, Nipsey (entertainer) 10/5/2005 HDR
Russell, Ollie Mae James 12-09-2003 HDR
Russell, Roy Jack "Pap" 03-16-1993 HDR
Russell, Roy Jack "Pap"  03-15-1993 ONE
Russell, Sallie Lyalls 08-26-2000 HDR
Russell, Vivian Helen 04-19-1996 HDR
Russell, Vivian Helen  04-19-1996 HDR
Russell, William "Bill" Dallas  5/3/2004 ONE
Russell, William L. (biologist--pioneer in radiation danger studies) 07-25-2003 HDR
Russo, Vivian Rose 09-02-1995 HDR
Rust, David Charles  3/29/2004 ONE
Rutan, Arthena Shepherd 06-11-2000 HDR
Rutan, Arthena Shepherd 06-12-2000 ONE
Ruth, James Jay 08-16-2000 ONE
Rutherford, Alice Faye Dula Rev. 05-06-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Amelia Corpening (104 yoa) 05-31-2003 HDR
Rutherford, Billy Joe “Joe”  09-13-2002 HDR
Rutherford, Clara Mae Perkins 03-05-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Earnest "Bub"  01-06-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Edna Mae Rutherford  07-12-2002 HDR
Rutherford, Edward 09-09-2000 HDR
Rutherford, Ervin  11-27-1994 HDR
Rutherford, Franklin Sr. 07-09-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Gartha Sr. 09-24-1998 HDR
Rutherford, Hortence Hatch  05-25-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Jackie Pearl Clemmons  12-09-1993 HDR
Rutherford, James 02-25-1996 HDR
Rutherford, Joe Thomas (Page 9A)  01-10-1995 HDR
Rutherford, John Lee  04-19-2002 HDR
Rutherford, Johnny Lee 04-14-1994 HDR
Rutherford, Johnny Lee Jr. 04-15-1994 HDR
Rutherford, Leroy  02-09-1996 HDR
Rutherford, Leroy Roy 3/23/2005 HDR
Rutherford, Mary Elizabeth Blackburn 11-08-1995 HDR
Rutherford, Mary Elizabeth Blackburn 11-09-1995 HDR
Rutherford, Mary Jo Corpening 04-10-1998 HDR
Rutherford, Patricia H.  06-29-1995 HDR
Rutherford, Ralph Glenn 11-02-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Raymond Alonzo 12-30-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Roland H. 10-10-1994 HDR
Rutherford, Rosetta  07-06-2001 HDR
Rutherford, Rosetta  07-05-2001 ONE
Rutherford, Thomas  07-22-1994 HDR
Rutherford, Thomas Jr. 07-23-1994 HDR
Rutherford, Vera Berry 12-28-2001 HDR
Rutherford, William Brown "Red"  11-04-1994 HDR
Rutledge, Arthur 09-26-1997 HDR
Rutledge, Edith Baysden  3/10/2004 ONE
Rutledge, Edith Baysden  3/11/2004 ONE
Rutledge, Irene Richard 07-31-1997 HDR
Rutledge, Irene Richard 07-30-1997 ONE
Rutledge, Warren 09-25-2000 HDR
Ruttman, Troy 05-26-1997 HDR
Ruud, Tomm (ballet dancer) 03-02-1994 HDR
Ryan, Bill 08-16-1998 HDR
Ryan, Christina 11-07-2002 HDR
Ryan, David-Allen 07-31-1998 HDR
Ryan, Edward 01-05-1999 HDR
Ryan, Edward 01-06-1999 HDR
Ryan, Edward 01-05-1999 ONE
Ryan, Edward  01-06-1999 ONE
Ryan, Fred Herman 3/10/2005 HDR
Ryan, Harold U.S. District Judge 04-11-1995 HDR
Ryan, Irene (99 yoa) 11-07-2002 ONE
Ryan, Irene Reason  11-08-2002 HDR
Ryan, Irene Reason (99 yoa) 11-08-2002 ONE
Ryan, James  12-05-1999 HDR
Ryan, Joseph T. Archbishop 10-13-2000 HDR
Ryan, Kari 01-20-1999 HDR
Ryan, Kari 01-20-1999 ONE
Ryan, Kari Lynn 01-21-1999 HDR
Ryan, Kari Lynn 01-21-1999 ONE
Ryan, Kari Lynn (Page 9A) 01-20-1999 HDR
Ryan, Kathryn Morgan (writer)  02-21-1993 HDR
Ryan, Linda A.  12-23-1999 HDR
Ryan, Matthew (Page 1A) 03-09-2001 HDR
Ryan, Tommie 07-30-1998 HDR
Ryba, Harry  03-08-1996 ONE
Rycroft, Charles Dr. 07-02-1998 HDR
Ryder, Bruce Benjamin 03-26-1999 HDR
Ryder, Christina Michelle 01-07-1997 HDR
Ryder, Frank G. (inventor/pilot) 12-24-1994 HDR
Ryder, James A. 03-26-1997 ONE
Ryder, James A.  03-26-1997 HDR
Rye, Ida Mae Crouse 01-06-1994 HDR
Rye, Ida Mae Crouse  01-06-1994 ONE
Ryffel, Byron Wesley  09-23-2003 HDR
Ryffel, Byron Wesley  09-23-2003 ONE
Ryffel, Marlena Spencer 01-13-1994 HDR
Ryffel, Marlena Spencer 01-14-1994 HDR
Ryffel, Marlena Spencer  01-13-1994 ONE
Ryland, Robert Donald  10-30-2002 HDR
Ryle, Glenn (newscaster) 09-20-1993 HDR
Rymer, Mary Opal Crouch Walker 11-28-1998 HDR
Rywak, Peter 04-10-1995 HDR
Rywak, Peter 04-11-1995 HDR