Paap, Darlene Gayle Cranwell 05-09-2001 ONE
Paap, Darlene Gayle Cranwell  05-09-2001 HDR
Paap, Robert Joel  05-30-2001 HDR
Pablo, Augustos 05-22-1999 HDR
Pablo, Michael T. "Mickey" 08-08-1999 HDR
Pabst, Mark D. Dr.  12-09-2003 HDR
Pace, Awtry  05-04-2002 HDR
Pace, Awtry  05-06-2002 ONE
Pace, Esther Parker Pastor 03-31-2000 HDR
Pace, Esther Parker Pastor 03-31-2000 ONE
Pace, Marvine Good  09-27-2001 HDR
Pacea, Ion 08-20-1999 HDR
Pacheco, Katherine Tapia  09-13-2002 HDR
Pachman, Ludek (chess grandmaster) 03-12-2003 HDR
Pack, Franklin Grady 08-26-1999 HDR
Pack, Franklin Grady 08-26-1999 ONE
Pack, Franklin Grady 08-25-1999 ONE
Pack, Harold Gammon 5/31/2005 HDR
Pack, Sharon Nicole 12-03-1996 ONE
Pack, Sharon Nicole  11-29-1996 HDR
Pack, Sharon Nicole Cooper 12-03-1996 HDR
Pack, Sharon Nicole Cooper 11-29-1996 ONE
Packard, David 03-27-1996 ONE
Packard, Vance  12-14-1996 HDR
Packer, June Vaughan 04-10-2003 HDR
Paddock, John Joseph  02-27-1995 HDR
Paddock, John Joseph  02-28-1995 HDR
Paddock, Robert Elmer  08-15-1994 HDR
Paddock, Robert Y. Sr. 10-06-1999 HDR
Paden, Melrose "Mel" Billman 03-22-1994 HDR
Padgett, Alena Nicole (Page 3A) 11-17-1997 HDR
Padgett, Alena Nicole (Page 5A) 11-23-1997 HDR
Padgett, Billy Ray  9/25/2005 HDR
Padgett, Billy Ray  9/29/2005 HDR
Padgett, Billy Ray  9/30/2005 HDR
Padgett, Clarence Ensley "Vic" 03-10-1999 HDR
Padgett, Clarence Ensley "Vic" 03-10-1999 ONE
Padgett, Gertie Fraiser  03-31-2003 HDR
Padgett, Gertie Fraiser  03-31-2003 ONE
Padgett, Jack  08-05-2001 HDR
Padgett, Jack  08-06-2001 ONE
Padgett, James R. 02-28-1994 HDR
Padgett, James Richard "Jim" 03-01-1994 HDR
Padgett, Juanita Lowdermilk Clark 07-02-2000 HDR
Padgett, Lotty Sylvia  06-20-1995 HDR
Pafiolis, Peter 04-04-2000 HDR
Pagan, Brian Elliot  (Page 10A) 11-07-1998 HDR
Pagano, Edward 01-25-2001 HDR
Page, Ada Martin  01-09-1993 HDR
Page, Ada Martin  01-10-1993 HDR
Page, Almedia Flamary 04-22-1998 HDR
Page, Betty Faye 8/21/2005 HDR
Page, Blonnie "Bonnie" Lowman 07-24-1999 HDR
Page, Bobby Abner  11-07-1997 HDR
Page, Bobby Abner  11-08-1997 HDR
Page, Catherine Elizabeth Hoover 09-23-1993 HDR
Page, Charles Gates 12-12-1998 HDR
Page, Clyde Lee 09-07-1996 HDR
Page, Colleene Ella 03-04-1996 HDR
Page, Devon Alexander (infant) 04-10-2003 HDR
Page, Donnie 03-28-1998 HDR
Page, Dovie Louise Crump 12-15-2001 HDR
Page, Floyd Lee "Buddy" 10/4/2005 HDR
Page, Floyd Thomas Sr.  01-15-1993 HDR
Page, Floyd Thomas Sr.  01-16-1993 HDR
Page, Gene 08-30-1998 HDR
Page, Hugh (journalist) 3/5/2005 HDR
Page, Juanita Sherrill   12/25/2005 HDR
Page, Kay Clark 04-04-1994 HDR
Page, Kelly Ray 04-08-1999 HDR
Page, Leonard Arvin 12-03-1995 HDR
Page, Leonard Raymond (veteran) 01-09-1994 HDR
Page, Leopold "Paul" (Schindler's List advocate) 03-16-2001 HDR
Page, Marie Kincaid  12-20-1994 HDR
Page, Marie Kincaid  12-21-1994 HDR
Page, Marshall 03-07-1997 HDR
Page, Mary Bradshaw 03-08-1994 HDR
Page, Maudie Johnson 10-11-1994 HDR
Page, Minnie Flow 06-07-1996 HDR
Page, Ruby Kate Lynn 2/4/2005 HDR
Page, Ruth Mittie Waddell 08-14-2001 HDR
Page, William E. "Bill" Sr. 02-02-1999 HDR
Page, William E. "Bill" Sr. 02-02-1999 ONE
Page, William Edward 12-26-2001 HDR
Page, William Everett  01-23-1994 HDR
Paige, Alfred Lynn Paige  09-04-2001 HDR
Paige, Bobby LeRoy  07-20-2001 HDR
Paige, Claude J. "Doots"  03-20-2003 ONE
Paige, Claude J. (Doots)  03-20-2003 HDR
Paige, Hoyle Baxter 06-01-2000 HDR
Paige, Larry Dale Sr. 8/10/2005 HDR
Paige, Rhoda Mae  01-15-1996 HDR
Painter, Albert Pinkney  10/21/2004 ONE
Painter, Caitlyn Reed  09-22-2002 HDR
Painter, Caitlyn Reed  09-23-2002 HDR
Painter, Caitlyn Reed  09-23-2002 ONE
Painter, George Melvin  11-13-1995 HDR
Painter, Georgie Thelma 12-26-1996 ONE
Painter, Georgie Thelma  12-27-1996 HDR
Painter, Hanley Hayes 11-18-2001 HDR
Painter, Hanley Hayes 11-19-2001 ONE
Painter, Hanley Hayes  (Page 1A) 11-18-2001 HDR
Painter, Hanley Hayes  (Page 2B) 11-19-2001 HDR
Painter, Hardie Hampton Sr.  6/23/2005 HDR
Painter, Hettie Sue Hoke  09-30-2003 HDR
Painter, Katherine Marie Cobb 04-29-1998 HDR
Painter, Katherine Marie Cobb 04-29-1998 ONE
Painter, Paul Donald "Hoss" 01-16-1995 HDR
Painter, Paul Donald "Hoss" 01-16-1995 ONE
Painter, Rachel Emmaline Killian 08-31-1994 HDR
Painter, Rachel Emmaline Killian 08-31-1994 ONE
Painter, Ralph Judgeson 04-11-2000 HDR
Painter, Ralph Judgeson 04-10-2000 ONE
Painter, Teresa Rhodes 11-10-2003 ONE
Painter, Teresa Rhodes  11-11-2003 HDR
Paisley, Melvyn R. 12-28-2001 HDR
Pakowicz, Rainer 04-01-1998 HDR
Pakula, Alan 11-24-1998 HDR
Pakula, Alan  11-20-1998 HDR
Pakula, Alan (Director) 11-20-1998 ONE
Palczynski, Joseph  (Page 2A) 03-23-2000 HDR
Paleologu, Alexandru (Romanian intellectual) 9/5/2005 HDR
Palestino, Anthony Neil "Tony"  05-18-1995 HDR
Palmer, Alice Marie 07-13-1997 HDR
Palmer, Alice Marie 07-14-1997 ONE
Palmer, Clyde Odis Sr. 08-19-1999 HDR
Palmer, Edward L. 08-19-1999 HDR
Palmer, Fred A. (broadcast pioneer)  04-01-1995 HDR
Palmer, Gus Jr. 07-11-2002 HDR
Palmer, Gus Jr. 07-11-2002 ONE
Palmer, Inez Eller  6/23/2005 HDR
Palmer, Louis Edward Sr. 08-01-2002 HDR
Palmer, Louis Edward Sr.  08-01-2002 ONE
Palmer, Mary Lou Richards 05-20-2001 HDR
Palmer, Ola (Page 3A) 12-09-1996 HDR
Palmer, Ola M.  12-09-1996 HDR
Palmer, Paulette Gillespie 11-14-1998 HDR
Palmer, Paulette Gillespie 11-15-1998 HDR
Palmer, Prentice 06-17-1998 HDR
Palmer, Robert (rock star) 09-27-2003 HDR
Palmer, Robert (writer) 11-22-1997 HDR
Palmer, Sara Jane Pumphrey 11-15-1995 HDR
Palmer, Sara Jane Pumphrey  11-15-1995 ONE
Palmer, Velma Marie Sayre  04-29-1999 HDR
Palmer, Walter L. Dr. (pioneer in the field of gastroenterology) 10-30-1993 HDR
Palmer, Winnie 11-23-1999 HDR
Panchanitanoune, Phasouk  03-03-1995 HDR
Pancoast, Katherine "Kay" (artist) 04-15-1993 HDR
Pancoast, Katherine Wick  10-25-1994 HDR
Pancoast, Katherine Wick  10-25-1994 ONE
Pannell, Annie Elizabeth Sigmon 08-26-1996 HDR
Pannell, Annie Elizabeth Sigmon 08-26-1996 ONE
Pannell, Catherine Estelle Lowrance 12-23-1999 HDR
Pannell, Catherine Estelle Lowrance 12-22-1999 ONE
Pannell, Charles Luther 05-07-2000 HDR
Pannell, Charles Luther 05-08-2000 ONE
Pannell, Leiter Thomas 12-09-2001 HDR
Pannell, Leiter Thomas 12-11-2001 HDR
Pannell, Leiter Thomas  12-10-2001 ONE
Pannell, Leitner Thomas 12-10-2001 HDR
Pannell, Sylvia Kaye Costner 06-03-1994 HDR
Pannell, Sylvia Kaye Costner 06-03-1994 ONE
Panther, Estelle Virginia Connor 10-13-2001 HDR
Pantin, Anthony Monsignor 03-14-2000 HDR
Pao, Matias 02-11-1999 HDR
Paoa, George (singer) 04-28-2000 HDR
Paola, Dria (Italian actress) 11-13-1993 HDR
Papadopoulos, George 06-28-1999 HDR
Papageorge, Cynthia "Cindy" 01-20-1998 HDR
Papageorge, Cynthia (Cindy) 01-20-1998 ONE
Papaioannou, Bishop 11-25-1999 HDR
Paparone, Frank 04-02-1997 HDR
Paparone, Frank  04-02-1997 ONE
Papas, Bill 06-29-2000 HDR
Papoutsis, Demetri (osteopath) 08-28-1993 HDR
Pappas, George Steven  10-02-1995 HDR
Pappas, George Steven  10-03-1995 HDR
Parchcorn, Patricia  03-08-1996 HDR
Pardue, Ruby  03-26-1993 HDR
Pardue, Ruby  03-26-1993 ONE
Pardue, Ruby Holbrook 03-27-1993 HDR
Pardue, Ruby Holbrook 03-29-1993 ONE
Paretti, Sandra (German novelist) 03-15-1994 HDR
Parham, Bobby Alan  07-14-2002 HDR
Parham, Bobby Alan  07-15-2002 ONE
Parham, Donna  1/30/2004 ONE
Parham, Grace Hovis  01-13-2002 HDR
Parham, Grace Hovis  01-14-2002 ONE
Parham, Gwendolyn Smith 12-03-1997 HDR
Parham, Jesse Thomas 01-16-1997 HDR
Parham, Jesse Thomas 01-17-1997 HDR
Parham, Jesse Thomas 01-16-1997 ONE
Parham, Robert Lewis "Louie"  10-26-1994 HDR
Parham, Robert Lewis "Louie"  10-27-1994 HDR
Parham, Robert Louis  10-25-1994 ONE
Parham, Robert Louis  10-26-1994 ONE
Parham, Rosa Reid 6/28/2005 HDR
Parham, Rosa Reid  6/28/2005 ONE
Parham, Ruby Wise 08-10-1999 HDR
Parham, T.M. Jim  12-15-1996 HDR
Parham, Virginia Craig 11-24-1999 ONE
Parham, Virginia Craig  11-24-1999 HDR
Parham, Willena Ennie  10-16-2000 HDR
Parham, Willena Ennie  10-16-2000 ONE
Parham, William Blake 04-11-2000 HDR
Parham, William Blake 04-11-2000 ONE
Parikh, Ramlal 11-22-1999 HDR
Pariler, Rachel Sigmon 06-17-2002 ONE
Pariler, Rachel Sigmon  06-16-2002 HDR
Parise, Frank  2/7/2005 HDR
Parish, Donald Richard  10-14-2001 HDR
Parish, Sister (interior designer) 09-11-1994 HDR
Parisi, Vincenzo (former national police chief) 01-02-1995 HDR
Park, Bernice Eugenia 03-10-1996 HDR
Park, Bill 02-11-1998 HDR
Park, Mary Alice Herman 07-10-1997 HDR
Park, Med 07-27-1998 HDR
Parke, Dean Edward 01-13-1994 HDR
Parke, Dean Edward 01-14-1994 HDR
Parke, Marguerite “Marge” Hull 11-28-2000 HDR
Parke, Marguerite Hull "Marge" 11-28-2000 ONE
Parke, Marguerite Hull "Marge" 11-23-2000 ONE
Parke, Marguerite Hull "Marge" 11-27-2000 ONE
Parker, Adam Michael 05-31-1996 ONE
Parker, Adam Michael  05-31-1996 HDR
Parker, Albert 05-22-1995 HDR
Parker, Alice 07-20-1998 ONE
Parker, Alice Josephine Wilkinson 07-22-1998 HDR
Parker, Alice Josephine Wilkinson 07-21-1998 ONE
Parker, Amber Lynn Abernathy  04-16-2002 HDR
Parker, Amber Lynn Abernathy  04-16-2002 ONE
Parker, Arthur  08-22-2002 HDR
Parker, Arthur  08-22-2002 ONE
Parker, Arthur "Dean"  08-23-2002 ONE
Parker, Arthur “Dean”  08-23-2002 HDR
Parker, Arthur Jr.  2/8/2005 HDR
Parker, Berta Rose White 12-13-2001 HDR
Parker, Berta Rose White  12-13-2001 ONE
Parker, Bertha Virginia  01-25-1999 HDR
Parker, Bertha Virginia Speagle 01-26-1999 HDR
Parker, Bertha Virginia Speagle 01-26-1999 ONE
Parker, Bessie Ora Shell 11-30-1993 HDR
Parker, Bessie Ora Shell  12-01-1993 HDR
Parker, Bessie Ora Shell  12-02-1993 HDR
Parker, Bessie Ora Shell  11-30-1993 ONE
Parker, Bessie Ora Shell  12-01-1993 ONE
Parker, Bessie Ora Shell  12-02-1993 ONE
Parker, Betty Goins  4/24/2005 HDR
Parker, Bonnie Louise  09-23-2001 HDR
Parker, Bonnie Louise  09-24-2001 ONE
Parker, Buford  05-02-1995 HDR
Parker, Buford  05-03-1995 ONE
Parker, Byron Ashley (Page 9A) 12-12-2001 HDR
Parker, Calvin Junior  02-21-2002 ONE
Parker, Cecil Lawrence  7/10/2005 HDR
Parker, Cecilia (actress) 07-27-1993 HDR
Parker, Charles E.  9/15/2005 HDR
Parker, Clyde Allen 03-08-1994 HDR
Parker, Clyde Allen  03-08-1994 ONE
Parker, Clyde H.  4/20/2004 ONE
Parker, Coy Lee 08-19-1998 HDR
Parker, Coy Lee 08-19-1998 ONE
Parker, Daniel Herman 03-19-2001 HDR
Parker, Daniel Herman 03-19-2001 ONE
Parker, David  6/23/2005 HDR
Parker, David Bryce Rev. 03-12-1999 HDR
Parker, David Junior 04-08-1999 HDR
Parker, David Junior 04-08-1999 ONE
Parker, David Junior  04-09-1999 HDR
Parker, David Lee 04-17-1995 HDR
Parker, David Lee 04-18-1995 HDR
Parker, Delia Hull  08-24-1997 HDR
Parker, Dennis Colen  10-23-1999 HDR
Parker, Dollie V. Tallent  03-01-2003 HDR
Parker, Don 07-03-2000 HDR
Parker, Donald  6/23/2005 ONE
Parker, Donald Allen 6/24/2005 HDR
Parker, Donald Allen 6/24/2005 ONE
Parker, Dora Mae Allison  06-05-1995 HDR
Parker, Doris Clack 10-05-2000 ONE
Parker, Doris Clack  10-06-2000 HDR
Parker, Doris Clack  10-05-2000 HDR
Parker, Doris Jane 11-04-2002 HDR
Parker, Dorothy Sears  01-29-2003 HDR
Parker, Dwight Hazel 9/4/2005 HDR
Parker, Edna Mae Setzer  7/5/2005 HDR
Parker, Edna Warlick 10-25-2003 HDR
Parker, Elizabeth Moss 04-19-2000 HDR
Parker, Emil Wayne 07-14-2000 HDR
Parker, Ethel Myrtle Powell 09-29-1998 HDR
Parker, Ethel Myrtle Powell 09-29-1998 ONE
Parker, Eula Thompson  12-04-2000 HDR
Parker, Floyd "Bud" Carroll 04-26-1996 HDR
Parker, Floyd "Bud" Carroll 04-26-1996 ONE
Parker, Frances Elizabeth  11-10-1994 HDR
Parker, Frank Edward Sr.  12-28-1996 HDR
Parker, Frank Lee  05-19-1996 HDR
Parker, Fred (Page 3A) 07-29-1994 HDR
Parker, Fred Allen  04-15-2002 HDR
Parker, Fred Allen  04-15-2002 ONE
Parker, Fred W. (Page 8A) 06-30-1999 HDR
Parker, Glenn Allen 08-23-2001 ONE
Parker, Glenn Allen  08-24-2001 HDR
Parker, Gralyn Dennis 01-23-1994 HDR
Parker, Gralyn Dennis 01-24-1994 HDR
Parker, Gralyn Dennis 01-24-1994 ONE
Parker, Guy P. Jr. 01-04-1993 ONE
Parker, Guy P. Jr.  01-04-1993 HDR
Parker, Guy Thomas "Junior" Jr. 01-06-1993 HDR
Parker, Guy Thomas "Junior" Jr. 01-06-1993 ONE
Parker, Harry L. Sr. 03-06-2003 ONE
Parker, Hattie 11-11-1998 HDR
Parker, Hattie Mae Smith 02-12-1997 HDR
Parker, Hattie Mae Smith 02-11-1997 ONE
Parker, Hattie Ruth Gladden 11-12-1998 HDR
Parker, Hattie Ruth Gladden 11-11-1998 ONE
Parker, Henry Sellers 05-27-2000 HDR
Parker, Henry Sellers 05-26-2000 ONE
Parker, Homer Ray  10-14-2003 HDR
Parker, Howard  09-07-2001 HDR
Parker, Howard  09-07-2001 ONE
Parker, Hub Franklin 09-01-2000 HDR
Parker, James Andrew 03-13-1997 HDR
Parker, James Donald  1/29/2005 HDR
Parker, James Donald  1/30/2005 HDR
Parker, James Donald  1/31/2005 ONE
Parker, James Edward  05-28-2001 HDR
Parker, James Gregory 12-26-2001 HDR
Parker, James Larry 05-26-1999 HDR
Parker, James Larry 05-27-1999 HDR
Parker, James Patters 03-23-2001 HDR
Parker, Jane Claudine  01-10-1994 ONE
Parker, Jean (actress) 12/15/2005 HDR
Parker, Jean Poovey 10-23-1998 HDR
Parker, Jean Poovey 10-22-1998 ONE
Parker, Jessie Nations  08-04-1993 HDR
Parker, Jim (football player--Hall of Fame)  7/24/2005 HDR
Parker, John Alexander 04-26-1993 HDR
Parker, John Alexander 04-27-1993 HDR
Parker, Johnathan H. (Page 1A) 06-07-2001 HDR
Parker, Julius 09-05-1999 HDR
Parker, Kathy Carmichael 10-09-2002 ONE
Parker, Kathy Carmichael  10-09-2002 HDR
Parker, Katie Stepp 6/11/2005 HDR
Parker, Kellis 10-17-2000 ONE
Parker, Lillian Kathleen Weaver 03-10-1996 HDR
Parker, Lillian Kathleen Weaver 03-11-1996 ONE
Parker, Linda Faye Presswood 11-19-1997 HDR
Parker, Lois Roe McLelland  07-27-2002 HDR
Parker, Loy  04-28-1995 HDR
Parker, Lucy Beatrice Weaver 06-06-2001 HDR
Parker, Lucy Beatrice Weaver 06-05-2001 ONE
Parker, Lucy Beatrice Weaver 06-06-2001 ONE
Parker, Madge Guinn  06-23-2002 HDR
Parker, Margaret Drum Harris 7/14/2005 HDR
Parker, Mary Jane Moncrief 02-14-1999 HDR
Parker, Mary Jane Moncrief 02-15-1999 ONE
Parker, Mary Mouzon 02-14-1996 HDR
Parker, Mary Mouzon 02-14-1996 ONE
Parker, Maude A.  07-27-1993 HDR
Parker, Maynard 10-18-1998 HDR
Parker, Michael 01-08-1993 HDR
Parker, Minnie Costner  05-24-2001 HDR
Parker, New Haven 09-29-1997 HDR
Parker, Noah 08-14-1998 HDR
Parker, Norman (chancellor - Univ. Of Illinois - Chicago)  12-22-1995 HDR
Parker, Olive M. 03-13-2002 ONE
Parker, Olive M.  03-14-2002 HDR
Parker, Osco 07-18-1994 HDR
Parker, Peggy Oaks 09-07-1997 HDR
Parker, Perrie Inez Mackey 04-18-1999 HDR
Parker, Perrie Inez Mackey 04-19-1999 HDR
Parker, Perrie Inez Mackey 04-19-1999 ONE
Parker, Ralph Houston 1/24/2005 HDR
Parker, Ray Andrew 03-29-1997 HDR
Parker, Ray Andrew 03-28-1997 ONE
Parker, Ray Lindbergh 10/28/2005 HDR
Parker, Richard Joseph 05-17-1999 HDR
Parker, Richard Joseph  05-18-1999 ONE
Parker, Robert "Bob" Edward 01-17-1995 HDR
Parker, Robert "Bob" Edward 01-18-1995 HDR
Parker, Robert "R.P." 03-19-2000 HDR
Parker, Robert "R.P." 03-20-2000 ONE
Parker, Robert Edward "Bob" 01-17-1995 ONE
Parker, Robert Edward "Bob" 01-18-1995 ONE
Parker, Robert Lee Sr. 3/24/2005 HDR
Parker, Rowell "Whetrock" 04-22-1994 HDR
Parker, Rowell Kermit 04-21-1994 HDR
Parker, Roy Adolphus 10-27-1994 ONE
Parker, Roy Adolphus  10-27-1994 HDR
Parker, Ruby Matheson 02-01-1998 HDR
Parker, Selvia Heavner Hildebran  09-22-2003 HDR
Parker, Selvia Heavner Hildebran  09-23-2003 HDR
Parker, Shona Lynn Moore 10/9/2004 ONE
Parker, Sonny 05-31-1993 HDR
Parker, Sonny  06-01-1993 HDR
Parker, Suzy (model/actress) 05-06-2003 HDR
Parker, Thelma McCaslin 03-02-2000 ONE
Parker, Thelma Rai McCaslin 03-03-2000 ONE
Parker, Thelma Rai McCaslin  03-03-2000 HDR
Parker, Theodore A. III (American ornithologist)  08-06-1993 HDR
Parker, Timmy Michael 01-27-1993 HDR
Parker, Vergie  01-21-2002 HDR
Parker, Vergie Young  01-22-2002 HDR
Parker, Verna Houser 04-23-1996 HDR
Parker, Virginia Gaines 04-30-1998 HDR
Parker, Wade Carroll 08-26-1993 HDR
Parker, Wade Carroll 08-27-1993 HDR
Parker, Wade Carroll  08-27-1993 ONE
Parker, Wade P. Jr. 10-30-2002 ONE
Parker, Wade P. Jr.  10-30-2002 HDR
Parker, Walter "Ace"  10-21-1995 HDR
Parker, Walter "Ace"  10-22-1995 HDR
Parker, Walter "Ace"  10-23-1995 ONE
Parker, William 11-16-2000 HDR
Parker, William 11-17-2000 HDR
Parker, William  11-15-2000 ONE
Parker, William Bruce 02-27-1998 HDR
Parker, William Bruce 02-27-1998 ONE
Parker, Winman 09-27-1998 HDR
Parkes, James Dr. 12-15-1999 HDR
Parkhurst, Annie Mae Huffman 04-17-1997 HDR
Parkhurst, Annie Mae Huffman 04-16-1997 ONE
Parkhurst, Jackie Dale Sr. 10-29-1995 HDR
Parkhurst, Jackie Dale Sr. 10-30-1995 ONE
Parkhurst, Lillian Caroline Whisnant 02-20-1999 HDR
Parkhurst, Lillian Caroline Whisnant 02-19-1999 ONE
Parkin, Joe L.  05-19-1993 HDR
Parkins, Bonnie Kate King 07-05-1996 HDR
Parkins, Ervin  01-01-1996 HDR
Parkinson, C. Northcote ("Parkinson's Law") 03-12-1993 HDR
Parkinson, Jack 06-02-1997 HDR
Parks, Ada Wakefield 03-15-1997 HDR
Parks, Daphne Hart 02-22-1999 HDR
Parks, Daphne Hart 02-22-1999 ONE
Parks, Edna Pauline Alexander 07-02-1997 HDR
Parks, Helen Elizabeth 07-18-1999 HDR
Parks, Janie Bowman  2/7/2005 HDR
Parks, Janie Bowman  2/8/2005 HDR
Parks, Jason Leon Sr.  (Page 7A) 12-29-1998 HDR
Parks, Mort H. Jr. "Buddy" 10/10/2005 HDR
Parks, Nina Hicks 06-12-2001 HDR
Parks, Robert G.  11-01-1993 HDR
Parks, Robert Griffin 11-02-1993 HDR
Parks, Ruby B.  01-08-2002 HDR
Parlato, Joseph Michael 04-18-2003 HDR
Parlier, Alice Eller  06-15-2002 HDR
Parlier, Betty Jo 09-09-1999 HDR
Parlier, Betty Jo  09-09-1999 ONE
Parlier, Beulah Cook 07-31-2001 HDR
Parlier, Braelynn Saige 11/13/2005 HDR
Parlier, Brandie LeAndra  10-10-1995 HDR
Parlier, Brandie LeAndra  10-11-1995 HDR
Parlier, Carl Jay  11-01-1995 HDR
Parlier, Cecil Smith 08-01-1997 HDR
Parlier, Cecil Smith 08-01-1997 ONE
Parlier, Cecil Smith 07-31-1997 ONE
Parlier, David 08-28-1994 HDR
Parlier, Dean Charlie 11-15-2003 HDR
Parlier, Elizabeth Dawn (infant) 10-15-1997 HDR
Parlier, Frank G.  03-22-1995 HDR
Parlier, Fred J. 11-12-2000 HDR
Parlier, Glen Y.  06-29-1995 HDR
Parlier, Harley Danielle (infant) 10-09-1996 HDR
Parlier, Hazel Thompson 08-13-1993 HDR
Parlier, Hazel Thompson 08-15-1993 HDR
Parlier, Hessie Barlow  11-15-1995 HDR
Parlier, Jackie Elaine Bradley 8/1/2005 HDR
Parlier, Jackie Elaine Bradley 8/1/2005 ONE
Parlier, James Hise  10-18-1996 HDR
Parlier, Jerry R.  12-05-2002 HDR
Parlier, Lemora "Tee" Hurley 12/27/2005 ONE
Parlier, Lemora "Tee" Hurley  12/25/2005 HDR
Parlier, Luty Camilla German 06-10-1995 HDR
Parlier, Luty German  06-09-1995 HDR
Parlier, Martha Elizabeth Propst  12-10-2002 HDR
Parlier, Martha Elizabeth Propst  12-10-2002 ONE
Parlier, Mary Looper  08-31-1996 HDR
Parlier, Paul David 01-29-2002 ONE
Parlier, Paul David  01-29-2002 HDR
Parlier, Robert Stephen  04-18-1995 HDR
Parlier, Samuel Isaac 01-31-2001 HDR
Parlier, Samuel Isaac 01-31-2001 ONE
Parlier, Walter Lee 01-25-2001 HDR
Parm, Robert Lewis  10-25-1994 HDR
Parmelee, Charles 10-17-1999 HDR
Parmenter, Ross  10-23-1999 HDR
Parnham, Frances Elliott Brittian  05-22-2003 HDR
Parnham, Franklin Edward 11-13-2001 HDR
Parnham, Franklin Edward  11-13-2001 ONE
Parr, Mary (113 yoa) (was oldest person in the US)  11-02-2002 HDR
Parramore, Tom (historian, author and NC 1st flight expert) 1/15/2004 ONE
Parris, Edward Russell  07-17-2002 HDR
Parris, Eula Blackwell  05-08-1997 HDR
Parris, Francis Irene Turner 08-29-2000 HDR
Parris, Gladys R.  07-10-2001 HDR
Parris, John--journalist 05-18-1999 ONE
Parris, Leland Wilkins "Lee" 12-07-1996 HDR
Parris, Mary Hughes  07-30-1996 HDR
Parris, Mary Magnolia Moore 08-15-1998 HDR
Parris, Mary Magnolia Moore 08-14-1998 ONE
Parris, Ruth Roper  05-25-2002 HDR
Parris, Stanley Wilson 03-31-1993 HDR
Parris, Stanley Wilson 04-01-1993 HDR
Parrish, Amber Nicole 09-23-1998 HDR
Parrish, David Hillary  05-30-1995 HDR
Parrish, Eugene Francis  05-11-2002 HDR
Parrish, Eugene Francis  05-13-2002 ONE
Parrish, Lois Boughman 09-14-2001 HDR
Parrish, Robert 12-07-1995 HDR
Parrish, William Earl  10-31-1995 HDR
Parrott, Beulah Cook  03-14-2002 HDR
Parry, John Robert "Jack" (columnist) 02-09-1994 HDR
Parry, Phyllis Setzer 05-06-2003 HDR
Parse, John C. Rev. 08-27-1999 HDR
Parson, Beatrice Coffey  11-20-2003 HDR
Parson, Clyde Hillard Jr. 08-21-2000 HDR
Parson, Eugene Hampton  07-25-2002 HDR
Parson, Franklin Lewis 11-23-1999 HDR
Parson, Gertie Elizabeth Howell 12-06-1996 HDR
Parson, Glenn Devon  06-15-1995 HDR
Parson, Glenn Devon  06-16-1995 HDR
Parson, Helen  08-23-1995 HDR
Parson, Helen Kaylor 08-24-1995 HDR
Parson, John Calvin 10-18-1997 HDR
Parson, Paul 07-08-1994 HDR
Parson, Paul James  07-09-1994 HDR
Parson, Thad Preslar  04-29-2001 HDR
Parson, Wilma Deloris  11-22-2003 HDR
Parsons, Alan James 05-08-1995 HDR
Parsons, Alan James (8 weeks old) 05-08-1995 ONE
Parsons, Albert Jackson "Jack" 12-28-1998 HDR
Parsons, Austin Raymond Rev. 02-11-1998 HDR
Parsons, Barbara Meadows 09-17-1997 HDR
Parsons, Clarence Edward  10-04-2003 HDR
Parsons, Clyde William 05-11-2003 HDR
Parsons, David  08-18-1995 HDR
Parsons, David Wilma  08-19-1995 HDR
Parsons, Deborah  03-06-1995 HDR
Parsons, Deborah Hunt  03-07-1995 HDR
Parsons, Earl “Buck” Edwin  08-26-2002 HDR
Parsons, Ed Timothy 01-18-1998 HDR
Parsons, Effie Mable 01-16-1994 HDR
Parsons, Effie Mable G. Flowers 01-17-1994 HDR
Parsons, Effie Mable G. Flowers 01-18-1994 HDR
Parsons, Estell Crump  07-16-1994 HDR
Parsons, Estell Crump  07-17-1994 HDR
Parsons, Ethel Howell  06-17-2000 HDR
Parsons, Evelyna  09-30-2003 HDR
Parsons, Frances Eller 08-12-1993 HDR
Parsons, Howard V.  06-02-2002 HDR
Parsons, James Henry  05-03-2001 HDR
Parsons, James Henry  05-04-2001 HDR
Parsons, James Ray  08-11-2002 HDR
Parsons, Jennifer Marie  06-07-2003 HDR
Parsons, John Calvin 10-19-1997 HDR
Parsons, Leonard A.  10-25-1997 HDR
Parsons, Lois Teague  06-17-2002 HDR
Parsons, Loutisha Nicole 10-01-2000 HDR
Parsons, Margaret Wilcox The Rev.  08-26-2002 HDR
Parsons, Marshall Jr. 09-06-1994 HDR
Parsons, Mary Alice  12-11-1999 HDR
Parsons, Mary Belle 02-22-1996 HDR
Parsons, Mary Elizabeth 10/27/2005 HDR
Parsons, Mary Jane 11-04-2000 HDR
Parsons, Mary Roberta Baird 10-15-1998 HDR
Parsons, Ned Calvin "Brother" Jr. 10/25/2005 HDR
Parsons, Ned John Lee 02-07-1995 HDR
Parsons, Olive Virginia Haigler 12-12-1994 HDR
Parsons, Paul H.  02-04-2001 HDR
Parsons, Paul William  08-14-1993 HDR
Parsons, Pauline Watson 08-13-2001 HDR
Parsons, Ray "Roy" Harley 09-09-2003 HDR
Parsons, Roy Lee 09-30-2000 HDR
Parsons, Ruth Willen 07-11-1998 HDR
Parsons, Susie “Joyce”  12-05-2002 HDR
Parsons, Timothy Ed 01-17-1998 HDR
Parsons, Vernon Alexander 10-16-1998 HDR
Parsons, Walter Lenden (veteran) 02-06-1994 HDR
Parsons, William Ezekiel Jatorrence  01-22-2003 HDR
Parsons, Zella V.  07-09-1996 HDR
Parsons, Zella V.  07-08-1996 HDR
Partee, William Calhoun "Cal" Sr. 11-20-1999 HDR
Partee, William Calhoun "Cal" Sr. 11-23-1999 HDR
Partin, Curtis Troy 7/13/2005 HDR
Parton, Donald Carl  12-29-1993 HDR
Parton, Donald Carl  12-30-1993 HDR
Parton, Donald Carl  12-29-1993 ONE
Parton, Everett Grady  02-03-2001 HDR
Parton, Kenneth Alan  05-20-2002 HDR
Parton, Kenneth Alan  05-21-2002 HDR
Parton, Kenneth Alan  05-22-2002 HDR
Parton, Perry Grady (veteran) 05-24-1994 HDR
Parton, Vestal Mikeal  09-02-2002 HDR
Partridge, Cora Cheney  03-03-1999 HDR
Partridge, Theodore C. Rev. 08-10-1997 HDR
Pasandideh, Ayatollah Morteza (103 yoa) 11-15-1996 HDR
Pascal, Louise (101 yoa) 01-30-2000 HDR
Pascal, Louise Williams  03-21-2002 HDR
Pascal, Olga Anne Mary  10-08-2002 HDR
Pascal, Oscar  06-16-1996 HDR
Pascal, Silvio Jeffrey  01-11-1993 HDR
Pascal, Silvio Jeffrey  01-12-1993 HDR
Paschal, Robert 03-02-1997 HDR
Paschall, Helen Richards  07-05-1996 HDR
Paschall, Jesse Marvin Sr. 10-29-2003 HDR
Paschall, Oscar Simpson  01-30-2003 HDR
Paschall, Patricia Ann Sparks  02-06-1999 HDR
Pasma, Jim  11-06-1999 HDR
Pasquerilla, Frank J. 04-24-1999 HDR
Pass, Joe (jazz guitar virtuoso) 05-28-1994 HDR
Passmore, Emma Price 03-12-1994 HDR
Passmore, Emma Price 03-13-1994 HDR
Passmore, Thomas Lynn  10/11/2005 HDR
Passow, A. Harry Dr. 03-29-1996 ONE
Pastelak, Scottie Kay Sigmon Mrs. 2/15/2005 HDR
Pastelak, Scottie Kay Sigmon Mrs. 2/16/2005 HDR
Pastrana, Misael (Former Colombian president) 08-23-1997 HDR
Pataki, Louis Sr. 03-25-1996 HDR
Pataki, Louis Sr. 03-25-1996 ONE
Patcevitch, Iva Sergei Voidato (former president - Conde Nast) 09-15-1993 HDR
Patch, Brenda  (Page 6A) 11-08-2001 HDR
Patchell, Helen Marie Parent  02-28-2001 HDR
Pate, Carl  01-08-1995 HDR
Pate, Wendi Michelle 09-02-1993 HDR
Pate, Wendi Michelle  09-02-1993 ONE
Pate, Zachary McIntosh  03-12-2003 HDR
Patel, Ronald 01-11-2000 HDR
Patel, Ronald  01-09-2000 HDR
Paterno, Ronald Anthony  02-06-2003 HDR
Paterson, Jennifer (of "2 Fat Ladies" TV show) 08-12-1999 HDR
Patino, Bob 05-31-1998 HDR
Patpongpanich, Udom 10-04-1996 HDR
Patricio, Agusto Lopez 04-28-1997 ONE
Patricio, Jaciel Lopez 04-28-1997 ONE
Patricio, Jose-Louis Lopez 04-28-1997 ONE
Patrick, Ann Bissett 01-17-2003 ONE
Patrick, Ann Bissett  01-17-2003 HDR
Patrick, Eric Dean (Rev.) 04-04-1996 HDR
Patrick, Eric Dean (Rev.) 04-03-1996 HDR
Patrick, Eric Dean Rev. 04-04-1996 ONE
Patrick, George Carey Sr. 04-10-1998 HDR
Patrick, George Carey, Sr. 04-10-1998 ONE
Patrick, Helen Humphries 2/11/2005 HDR
Patrick, Neale Jr. (sportswriter) 01-10-1993 HDR
Patrick, Norman E.  06-26-2001 HDR
Patrick, Paul Robert  02-05-2002 HDR
Patrick, Stella Suttles  07-11-1996 HDR
Patrone, Edith Ramsey 12-15-1993 HDR
Patrone, Edith Ramsey 12-16-1993 HDR
Patten, Eileen  03-19-1993 HDR
Patten, Eileen Ann 03-20-1993 HDR
Patten, Majel (111 yoa) (last living Apache to have known Geronimo) 12-23-1994 HDR
Patterson, Addie Elizabeth Berry  04-19-2002 HDR
Patterson, Alice (101 yoa)  05-18-2002 HDR
Patterson, Alice Johnson (101 yoa) 05-19-2002 HDR
Patterson, Allene Anita 02-20-1996 HDR
Patterson, Allene Anita 02-18-1996 HDR
Patterson, Annie C. Abernathy 07-19-1997 HDR
Patterson, Annie Jean 11-17-1997 HDR
Patterson, Annie Jean  11-17-1997 ONE
Patterson, Annie Lou Ferguson  03-01-2002 HDR
Patterson, Bailey Renae 07-12-2001 ONE
Patterson, Bailey Renae (infant) 07-12-2001 HDR
Patterson, Charles "Kirby" William 04-06-1994 HDR
Patterson, Charles "Kirby" William 04-07-1994 HDR
Patterson, Charles Edward 09-15-1998 HDR
Patterson, Charles William  03-16-1993 HDR
Patterson, Clair C. (scientist) 12-09-1995 HDR
Patterson, Claudia Corpening 1/27/2005 HDR
Patterson, Darrell Orlando  03-08-2002 HDR
Patterson, Donald  11/6/2005 HDR
Patterson, Donald Ray (Razor Blade) 6/9/2005 HDR
Patterson, Dorothy Jean Steele 07-26-2002 ONE
Patterson, Dorothy Jean Steele  07-25-2002 HDR
Patterson, Dwight W.  10-11-1999 HDR
Patterson, Earl Jay 08-13-2000 HDR
Patterson, Elijah  04-03-2002 HDR
Patterson, Elijah William  04-04-2002 HDR
Patterson, Elizabeth 10-09-2001 ONE
Patterson, Elizabeth  10-09-2001 HDR
Patterson, Ella Bell Norwood  01-25-2003 HDR
Patterson, Essie Victoria Massey 05-19-2000 HDR
Patterson, Ethel Cherry 4/4/2005 ONE
Patterson, Everlene Rudisill  03-15-1995 HDR
Patterson, Fearn Kimbell 12-15-2000 ONE
Patterson, Fearn Kimbell  12-16-2000 HDR
Patterson, Franklin (Hampshire College president) 07-17-1994 HDR
Patterson, Fred L. 11-24-1997 ONE
Patterson, Fred Long 11-25-1997 ONE
Patterson, Fred Long  11-25-1997 HDR
Patterson, Fredrick Sellel 7/23/2005 HDR
Patterson, Freezy Witherspoon 5/26/2005 HDR
Patterson, Gregory Dean 08-28-1998 HDR
Patterson, Haley Lichelle  02-06-2002 HDR
Patterson, Ida Mae Patterson  02-19-2002 HDR
Patterson, Iola Payne 06-14-1999 HDR
Patterson, James Charles 04-07-2000 HDR
Patterson, James Charles 04-07-2000 ONE
Patterson, Jean  11-14-1997 HDR
Patterson, Joey Dean  10-16-2000 HDR
Patterson, John Christian "Doc"  07-21-1993 HDR
Patterson, John William Jr. 08-13-2001 HDR
Patterson, Joseph “Joe” Samuel  11-18-2000 HDR
Patterson, Julian Preston 05-02-1998 HDR
Patterson, Kay Dula 11-23-2001 HDR
Patterson, Leonard Roger Jr. 10-09-2001 HDR
Patterson, Lewis Stevenson II 10-03-2002 HDR
Patterson, Linford Love 01-18-2000 HDR
Patterson, Louise Alone Thompson 09-01-1999 HDR
Patterson, Mabel P. 02-27-1998 HDR
Patterson, Margaret Hickerson  07-18-1999 HDR
Patterson, Marian Priscilla Collett  09-27-2002 HDR
Patterson, Martin Luther 07-30-1998 HDR
Patterson, Mary Anne Greene 10-05-1998 HDR
Patterson, Mary Eliza Vinson 08-22-1999 HDR
Patterson, Mary M. 10-09-1998 HDR
Patterson, Mary McCurdy 10-10-1998 HDR
Patterson, Nancy Mildred  12-30-1994 HDR
Patterson, Nellie Sharpe  09-13-1994 HDR
Patterson, Olivia Dula 11-14-1999 HDR
Patterson, Otto Burris 12-02-1998 HDR
Patterson, Paul Quincey  08-09-1995 HDR
Patterson, R. William  06-21-1995 HDR
Patterson, Rachel Huitt 05-03-1999 HDR
Patterson, Rachel M. Fox 06-15-1999 HDR
Patterson, Richard F. "Frankie" 03-07-1999 HDR
Patterson, Robert James “Jimmy”  11-18-2000 HDR
Patterson, Roy Porter 5/6/2005 HDR
Patterson, Ruth Loran Reese  04-18-2002 HDR
Patterson, Sarah Lee June 04-13-1993 HDR
Patterson, Scottie Tutu Osay  02-29-2000 HDR
Patterson, Steven Eric  10-01-2000 HDR
Patterson, Stevenson Sr. 01-01-1995 HDR
Patterson, Thomas B.  08-16-2002 HDR
Patterson, Thomas B.  08-18-2002 HDR
Patterson, Toney A. 12-05-1997 HDR
Patterson, Tony  12-03-1997 HDR
Patterson, Tyson 09-14-1999 HDR
Patterson, Valdra Warren 12-10-1999 HDR
Patterson, Vanona Crouch 11-17-1995 HDR
Patterson, Walter Eugene "Butch"  08-30-1994 HDR
Patterson, William A "Pat" Jr. 12-13-2001 HDR
Patterson, William Leonard "Pat" 06-01-1997 HDR
Patterson, William Leonard "Pat" 06-04-1997 HDR
Patterson, William Leonard "Pat" 06-05-1997 HDR
Patterson, William Leonard "Pat" 06-04-1997 ONE
Patterson,, Lucille Combs 10-13-2001 HDR
Pattison, Savannah Rae (infant) 07-01-1995 HDR
Pattison, Savannah Rae (infant) 07-03-1995 ONE
Patton,  Luther M. “Pat” 11-10-2000 HDR
Patton, Allen 06-26-1999 HDR
Patton, Alvin Cornelius  05-06-1993 HDR
Patton, Alvin Cornelius  05-07-1993 HDR
Patton, Amanda Joyce  03-17-1996 HDR
Patton, Ann Cornwell 07-31-2000 HDR
Patton, Betty Jo Reep  09-15-1996 HDR
Patton, Carl Troy  10-29-1993 HDR
Patton, Carl Troy  10-30-1993 HDR
Patton, Carl William  06-15-2002 HDR
Patton, Casey Troy 01-12-2000 HDR
Patton, Clifford Lee 12-16-2001 HDR
Patton, Darin Wayne 09-03-1999 HDR
Patton, Donnie “D.C.” Jr. 12-08-2002 HDR
Patton, Doris Councill 04-30-2001 ONE
Patton, Doris Councill  04-29-2001 HDR
Patton, Dorothy Kathleen Stamey 1/7/2005 HDR
Patton, Edgar B.  4/23/2005 HDR
Patton, Edith Bolding  03-05-1995 HDR
Patton, Elizabeth "Betsy" Collett 01-03-1996 HDR
Patton, Eva Leatherman 12-12-1998 HDR
Patton, Evelyn Irene Beck 08-21-2000 HDR
Patton, George Marshall 5/7/2005 HDR
Patton, George Marshall  5/9/2005 ONE
Patton, Grace Duckworth 04-20-1993 HDR
Patton, Grace Emma Elizabeth Duckworth 04-19-1993 HDR
Patton, Inez Mrs. 11-14-1993 HDR
Patton, J. Arthur  12/16/2005 HDR
Patton, James Dean 09-17-2003 HDR
Patton, Jeff  (Page 1) 05-03-1999 ONE
Patton, Jeffrey Alan  05-03-1999 HDR
Patton, John McDowell “Mac”  12-11-2000 HDR
Patton, John Morris 10-16-1998 HDR
Patton, Johnnie Lee 9/15/2005 HDR
Patton, Joseph Robert 02-11-1998 HDR
Patton, Lacey Livingston 01-08-2000 HDR
Patton, Lawrence Ray "Curley" 02-23-1998 HDR
Patton, Marian Elizabeth George 12-01-1998 HDR
Patton, Marian Elizabeth George 11-30-1998 ONE
Patton, Mary Lee  12-28-1997 HDR
Patton, Mary Lucille Sisk 04-11-1999 HDR
Patton, Mary Miller 01-13-1997 HDR
Patton, Mary Miller 01-12-1997 HDR
Patton, Mary Raby  04-30-2002 HDR
Patton, Mary Raby  04-30-2002 ONE
Patton, Mary Sue Howell 02-02-1993 HDR
Patton, Minnie Harbison 09-12-2003 HDR
Patton, Minnie Pearl Orders 04-08-1993 HDR
Patton, Paul Cannon 09-19-1999 HDR
Patton, Ralph Giles  10-18-1996 HDR
Patton, Raymond Lee 11-07-1998 HDR
Patton, Shirley Ann Clark 02-06-1998 HDR
Patton, William Roy 05-09-1995 HDR
Patton, William Roy 05-10-1995 HDR
Patton, William Roy 05-09-1995 ONE
Patton, William Roy 05-10-1995 ONE
Patzer, Roland D. 05-25-1997 HDR
Patzman, Frances (110 Years Old) 12-18-1999 HDR
Pauken, Susann Kay Rollins Mrs. 8/16/2005 HDR
Paul, Howard "Hap" (veterinarian/surgical robot developer)  02-12-1993 HDR
Paul, Robert Maynard "Robbie" 11-21-2001 HDR
Paul, Wolfgang (Nobel Prize winner - physics) 12-09-1993 HDR
Pauley, Helen  08-05-2001 HDR
Pauley, Mary E. 08-25-1997 HDR
Pauley, Richard G. (father of Jane Pauley) 07-04-1993 HDR
Pauley, Richard G. (father of Jane Pauley) 07-06-1993 HDR
Pauling, Ned Bower (mechanical engineer) 06-12-1993 HDR
Paull, Shirley Ann Penley 10-05-2001 HDR
Paulsen, Pat 04-26-1997 HDR
Paulus, Cynthia  (Page 6A) 11-08-2001 HDR
Paulus, John D. Jr. (Manhattan Project) 01-19-1993 HDR
Pauwels, Louis 02-02-1997 HDR
Pawel, Ernst (translator) 08-19-1994 HDR
Pawlicki, Helen Johnson 4/23/2005 HDR
Pawlik, Brandon Matthew  07-05-1993 ONE
Pawlik, Brandon Matthew (infant) 07-05-1993 HDR
Paxton, Sallie Williams  03-14-2003 HDR
Payne,  Jarvis Braxton (infant)  05-26-2002 HDR
Payne, Amy Lynn  02-14-2003 HDR
Payne, Amy Lynn  02-13-2003 ONE
Payne, Anna Mae Chapman  05-08-1995 HDR
Payne, Bernice McLean 10-06-2000 HDR
Payne, Bertha Mae Sigmon 08-01-2001 HDR
Payne, Bertha Mae Sigmon 08-01-2001 ONE
Payne, Bliss Carter  12-14-1994 HDR
Payne, Christopher Brian 5/14/2005 HDR
Payne, Christy Lindy 01-23-1993 HDR
Payne, Clide B. 01-19-1993 HDR
Payne, Clive Brooks  01-20-1993 HDR
Payne, Durant Woodrow  03-23-2001 HDR
Payne, Edna Mable Martin  02-15-2001 HDR
Payne, Edna Mable Martin  02-15-2001 HDR
Payne, Emma Pennell 08-29-1994 HDR
Payne, Erica Kay 2/10/2005 HDR
Payne, Glen 10-18-1999 HDR
Payne, Glenn Thomas 09-27-1997 HDR
Payne, Gordon M. 09-09-2001 HDR
Payne, Grace Parsons 03-24-1998 HDR
Payne, Harriett Leonard  09-07-1996 HDR
Payne, Iva Ruth Wise  03-21-1995 HDR
Payne, Jess Paul Jr.  12-13-2003 HDR
Payne, Justin Killian 08-29-2001 HDR
Payne, Justin Killian  08-27-2001 HDR
Payne, Justin Killian  08-27-2001 ONE
Payne, Justin Killian (Page 8A) 12-14-2001 HDR
Payne, Kathleen Sue Shook 09-08-2003 HDR
Payne, Kimberlee Dyann Laws 10/21/2005 HDR
Payne, Larry W.  10-16-2003 HDR
Payne, Lois Combs  10-09-1995 HDR
Payne, Mary Edith Kerley Prichard  09-20-1995 HDR
Payne, Mary Edith Kerley Prichard  09-21-1995 HDR
Payne, McDonald “Mack”  01-30-2003 HDR
Payne, Meredith Horton 12-24-1998 HDR
Payne, Mildred Leona Bolick 12/18/2005 HDR
Payne, Nancy  06-08-1993 HDR
Payne, Nancy Powell 06-09-1993 HDR
Payne, Ned W.  12-21-1997 HDR
Payne, Paul Lemuel 02-17-1999 HDR
Payne, Prentis George 02-15-1994 HDR
Payne, Prentis George 02-17-1994 HDR
Payne, Quincy Lee "Cuz"  09-23-2001 HDR
Payne, Racheal Hill 09-23-1996 HDR
Payne, Reba Earley 8/22/2005 HDR
Payne, Reba Earley 8/23/2005 HDR
Payne, Reba Earley 8/24/2005 HDR
Payne, Reba Earley 8/23/2005 ONE
Payne, Reid J.  11/29/2005 HDR
Payne, Robert Glenn 04-22-1994 HDR
Payne, Rosa Lee Gunter  10-05-2002 HDR
Payne, T. Wayne 11-01-1998 HDR
Payne, Texie Pharr  02-02-1999 HDR
Payne, Thomas Woodrow  02-15-1999 HDR
Payne, William Gale  01-12-2002 HDR
Payne, William Glenn "Buster" 07-01-1999 HDR
Payne, William Glenn "Buster" 06-30-1999 HDR
Payne, Willis Dwight  06-24-2002 HDR
Payseur, Arnold Barrett  01-13-1995 HDR
Payseur, David Harvey Sr. 07-24-2001 HDR
Payseur, Lester Paul  10/11/2005 HDR
Paysour, Austell Wilkinson 03-31-1999 HDR
Paysour, Austell Wilkinson 03-30-1999 ONE
Paysour, Conrad "Buck"  06-08-2001 HDR
Paysour, Edna Viola Humphries 05-24-1997 HDR
Paysour, Jessie Branson  08-02-2003 HDR
Paysour, Lila Frances Beam 09-29-1998 HDR
Paysour, Lila Frances Beam 10-01-1998 HDR
Paysour, Oscar G.  10-18-2002 HDR
Payton, Carolyn R.  04-18-2001 HDR
Payton, Walter (Page 3B) 11-03-1999 HDR
Payton, Walter (Page C1) (Football rusher) 11-03-1999 HDR
Paz, Favian 11-15-2001 HDR
Paz, Octavio 04-21-1998 HDR
Peace, Franklin Boyd 10-05-1994 HDR
Peace, Franklin Boyd 10-07-1994 HDR
Peace, Skyler Trinity 09-24-2003 HDR
Peacock, Flossie Adams 03-19-1998 HDR
Peacock, Helen Miller  08-25-1994 HDR
Peacock, Julia Hoyle 11-22-1997 HDR
Peale, Norman Vincent The Rev. (author - "The Power of Positive Thinking") 12-26-1993 HDR
Pearce, Arthur James 11-21-1993 HDR
Pearce, Bill (chairman of the National Football Foundation ) 05-21-1994 HDR
Pearce, Charles Ray 06-05-1995 ONE
Pearce, Charles Ray  06-05-1995 HDR
Pearce, Elinor J. 11-18-2001 HDR
Pearce, George Ira  11-06-1996 HDR
Pearce, George Ira  11-05-1996 HDR
Pearce, John Frank Jr.  11/24/2005 HDR
Pearce, John Frank Jr.  12/6/2005 HDR
Pearce, John Frank Jr.  12/7/2005 HDR
Pearce, Katherine Elizabeth Loest "Betty" 05-25-2000 HDR
Pearce, Kearney Coleman (publisher)  (veteran) 05-16-1994 HDR
Pearce, Mary Louise  7/31/2005 HDR
Pearce, Michael David  11-04-1997 HDR
Pearce, Sadie Whitener  01-27-1999 HDR
Pearcy, Loy Edward 07-20-1996 HDR
Peardon, Patricia (actress) 04-25-1993 HDR
Pearl, Daniel (journalist) (Page 2) 02-22-2002 ONE
Pearl, Minnie (birth name Cannon, Sarah Ophelia) 03-05-1996 ONE
Pearl, Minnie (Sarah Ophelia Cannon)(Page 5B) 03-06-1996 HDR
Pearlman, Stephen  10-12-1998 HDR
Pearman, Valerie Shay  (Page 1D) 06-06-1999 HDR
Pearman, Valerie Shay (Page 3A) 06-07-1999 HDR
Pearsall, Phyllis  08-31-1996 HDR
Pearson, Alex Snook 02-13-1997 HDR
Pearson, Allen "Tootie" 1/5/2005 HDR
Pearson, Annie Elizabeth Surratt 03-20-1996 HDR
Pearson, Annie Wilson 12-27-2003 HDR
Pearson, Arletta Dubois Smallwood 10-10-1998 HDR
Pearson, Arletta DuBois Smallwood 10-11-1998 HDR
Pearson, Arletta DuBois Smallwood 10-12-1998 ONE
Pearson, Arthur “Grant” 12-14-2000 HDR
Pearson, Arthur A. Dr.  02-21-2003 HDR
Pearson, Billie Jean  01-06-2001 HDR
Pearson, Bobby Nathaniel (infant) 04-08-1997 HDR
Pearson, Boyd Wesley 11-29-1997 HDR
Pearson, Brunie M.  10-23-1994 HDR
Pearson, Buel Baxter 11-13-1997 HDR
Pearson, Camilla Sadie  08-14-1996 HDR
Pearson, Camilla Sadie  08-15-1996 HDR
Pearson, Clarence Harold  12-26-2000 HDR
Pearson, Clarene Canipe 11-18-1995 HDR
Pearson, Clyde  10-06-2003 HDR
Pearson, Collis "Eugene" Jr. 06-24-2001 HDR
Pearson, Earl W.  07-30-2003 HDR
Pearson, Edith "Benny" Mae 11-17-1993 HDR
Pearson, Edward Phifer  02-17-2000 HDR
Pearson, Edwin 7/12/2004 ONE
Pearson, Ella B. Wakefield 07-08-1998 HDR
Pearson, Etta Faye  03-04-1995 HDR
Pearson, Eva Dixon Powell 8/23/2005 HDR
Pearson, Fannie Mae 04-17-1999 HDR
Pearson, Fannie Mae 04-19-1999 HDR
Pearson, Gaynelle Singleton 11/21/2005 HDR
Pearson, Gene Edward  12-20-2002 HDR
Pearson, Georgia Ophelia Tinsley  01-16-2003 HDR
Pearson, Gregory Maurice  09-05-2000 HDR
Pearson, Harley Everette "Big Bud" 02-17-1993 HDR
Pearson, Jackie Sue Petty 06-19-1999 HDR
Pearson, Jackie Sue Petty 06-21-1999 ONE
Pearson, Jacob "Jake" Delon (106 yoa) 08-31-1995 HDR
Pearson, Jacob G.  12-31-2002 HDR
Pearson, James Earl 12-14-2001 HDR
Pearson, James Glenn 11-18-2000 HDR
Pearson, Jean Carolyn Corpening 03-09-1996 HDR
Pearson, Joe Allen 06-27-2002 ONE
Pearson, Joe Allen  06-27-2002 HDR
Pearson, John Glenn Jr. 09-08-2000 HDR
Pearson, Jonathan  08-12-2003 HDR
Pearson, Lloyd Sr. 02-17-1994 HDR
Pearson, Lonie Mae “Sue” Mooney  06-13-2002 HDR
Pearson, Lula “Sis” Elizabeth  01-30-2003 HDR
Pearson, Madison Rebecca Rhea (infant)  11-10-2002 HDR
Pearson, Marvin "Bus" Jr. 01-09-2002 HDR
Pearson, Mary Lee Dale 12-17-1998 HDR
Pearson, Micah David  12-11-2002 HDR
Pearson, Nell  07-13-1996 HDR
Pearson, Nelle Austin 07-16-1996 HDR
Pearson, Pearl  02-03-1993 HDR
Pearson, Pearl Elizabeth Price 02-04-1993 HDR
Pearson, Phairlever 03-20-1999 HDR
Pearson, Phairlever  03-19-1999 HDR
Pearson, Phairlever  (Page 1) 03-23-1999 ONE
Pearson, Phairlever  (Page 1) 03-19-1999 ONE
Pearson, Robert Lawrence 7/16/2004 ONE
Pearson, Virginia Grant  09-07-1996 HDR
Pearson, Virginia H. 09-02-1998 HDR
Pearson, Virginia Hart  09-03-1998 HDR
Pearson, Vissie Lee 12-08-2001 HDR
Pearson, Will Millard 12/6/2005 HDR
Pearson, William Louis 10/21/2005 HDR
Pearson, William Michael 02-25-1999 HDR
Pearson, William Michael 02-27-1999 HDR
Pearson, Willie Stover  11-28-1994 HDR
Pearson, Willie Stover  11-29-1994 HDR
Pearson, Wilma Marie Reinheardt 09-09-1999 HDR
Pearson, Wilma Marie Reinheardt 09-09-1999 ONE
Pearson, Zelma Thomas 7/29/2005 HDR
Pease, Louise McNeill (WV poet laureate) 06-17-1993 HDR
Pech, Colleen Boothe 03-19-1994 HDR
Pech, Colleen Boothe  03-21-1994 ONE
Pech, Waldemar R. "Val" 10/24/2005 HDR
Pech, Waldemar R. "Val" 10/24/2005 ONE
Peck, Bob 04-10-1999 HDR
Peck, Ed 01-16-2000 HDR
Peck, Ethel Stansfield 08-16-2000 HDR
Peck, Gregory (actor)  06-13-2003 HDR
Peck, M. Scott  9/28/2005 HDR
Peck, Richard (inventor of underground fencing) 11-10-1997 HDR
Peckham, George Flint (voice teacher) 12-26-1994 HDR
Pecunia, Eric Omar  07-12-2003 HDR
Pecunia, Eric Omar  07-14-2003 ONE
Pedersen, Arne W.  11/1/2004 ONE
Pedersen, Arne Wang 11/2/2004 ONE
Pedersen, James L.  10-07-2003 HDR
Pedraza, Jose 06-03-1998 HDR
Pedroza, Alma 02-20-1999 HDR
Peebles, John D.  02-10-1995 HDR
Peecook, James Patrick "Jim" 08-24-1999 HDR
Peek, Barbara  08-04-2003 ONE
Peek, Barbara Katherine Whiteside 08-02-2003 HDR
Peek, Maude Sisk 03-12-2001 HDR
Peek, Maude Sisk 03-12-2001 ONE
Peek, Timothy Brittain  01-24-2003 HDR
Peek, Timothy Brittain  01-24-2003 ONE
Peek, William Lawton  02-21-2000 HDR
Peele, Belton John III 01-30-2003 HDR
Peele, Joyce Perry  08-27-1997 HDR
Peele, Larry A.  03-13-1995 HDR
Peeler, Annie Lee Gantt 10-12-1996 HDR
Peeler, Billy George Sr. 02-14-1996 HDR
Peeler, Billy George Sr. 02-14-1996 ONE
Peeler, Bobby Lee  11-10-1997 HDR
Peeler, Bonnie Kate Stallings 12-24-2003 HDR
Peeler, Celia Jo Connor 1/9/2005 HDR
Peeler, Celia Jo Connor 1/10/2005 ONE
Peeler, Elizabeth Lee 08-23-1993 ONE
Peeler, Ervin Lee "Bud"  12-24-2002 ONE
Peeler, Ervin Lee “Bud”  12-24-2002 HDR
Peeler, Homer Dwight 05-02-1994 HDR
Peeler, Homer Dwight (veteran) 05-03-1994 HDR
Peeler, Iva Lula King 04-03-1996 HDR
Peeler, J. L. Rev. 7/4/2005 ONE
Peeler, J.L. The Rev. 7/3/2005 HDR
Peeler, James Vernon  12-15-2002 HDR
Peeler, Janie Johnson  10-18-1997 HDR
Peeler, John William Sr. 12-30-2001 HDR
Peeler, Lucy Hull 08-02-1995 ONE
Peeler, Lucy Hull 08-03-1995 ONE
Peeler, Lucy Hull  08-02-1995 HDR
Peeler, Lucy Hull  08-03-1995 HDR
Peeler, Maggie Lula Rudisill  12-17-2000 HDR
Peeler, Mary Joann Caldwell 10-10-2000 ONE
Peeler, Mary Joann Caldwell  10-10-2000 HDR
Peeler, Mary Lee Short 07-26-1999 HDR
Peeler, Millard Griffin 01-19-1999 HDR
Peeler, Mozelle Sigmon 2/26/2005 HDR
Peeler, Mozelle Sigmon 2/27/2005 HDR
Peeler, Mozelle Sigmon 2/25/2005 ONE
Peeler, Pauline "Polly" Tallant  10-18-1994 HDR
Peeler, Prue  02-05-1995 HDR
Peeler, Prue Huffman 02-06-1995 ONE
Peeler, Prue Huffman  02-06-1995 HDR
Peeler, Roy Willard  9/1/2004 ONE
Peeler, Roy Willard  9/2/2004 ONE
Peeler, Ruth Gales 07-23-2000 HDR
Peeler, Walter Gold  08-04-2000 HDR
Peeler, Zola B. Carter 11-23-1995 HDR
Peelgrane, Peter (pilot) 07-10-1995 HDR
Peeples, Susie Atkinson 03-06-1995 ONE
Peeples, Susie Atkinson  03-04-1995 HDR
Peery, John Thomas (Page 11) 12-23-2002 ONE
Peery, Leota Cobble 03-04-1994 HDR
Peery, Leota Cobble  03-04-1994 ONE
Pegg, Annelle Barefoot  01-11-2003 HDR
Pegg, Annelle Barefoot  01-12-2003 HDR
Pegram, Bertha 09-12-1995 HDR
Pegram, Bertha  09-12-1995 ONE
Pegram, Bertha Viola Johnson 09-13-1995 HDR
Pegram, Bertha Viola Johnson 09-13-1995 ONE
Pegram, Bryant Jeffrey 5/1/2005 HDR
Pegram, Bryant Jeffrey 5/3/2005 HDR
Pegram, James Bryan 06-20-2000 HDR
Pegram, Ruth "Bunny" Campbell 06-12-2002 ONE
Pegram, Ruth “Bunny” Campbell  06-12-2002 HDR
Peisley, John (artist) 06-07-1997 HDR
Pekman, Alfred Edward  09-05-1996 HDR
Pelikan, Jiri 06-29-1999 HDR
Pell, Joseph Andrew Jr. 08-05-1997 HDR
Pellejero, Ricardo Jr.  (Page 8A) 06-02-1999 HDR
Pellejero, Ricardo Sr.  (Page 8A) 06-02-1999 HDR
Pellone, Tony 04-22-1996 HDR
Peloquin, Viola Jean Greene 01-30-1997 HDR
Pena, Eduardo Villasenor (former Michoacan state governor) 11-22-1994 HDR
Pena, Moises Pellerano Lopez (Listin Diario president) 04-07-1994 HDR
Pence, Martin 06-02-2000 HDR
Pence, Robert F. Jr.  11-05-1993 HDR
Pencer, Gerry 02-06-1998 HDR
Pendarvis, Dorothy  2/25/2004 ONE
Pender, Howard Eugene "Pete" 01-27-1996 HDR
Pendergraft, Curtis Hudson 09-13-1997 HDR
Pendergraft, Eunice Kathleen 03-31-1994 HDR
Pendergraft, Eunice Kathleen 04-01-1994 HDR
Pendergrass, Franklin Lee 06-08-1999 HDR
Pendergrass, Franklin Lee 06-08-1999 ONE
Pendergrass, Nancy Greene 05-26-2003 HDR
Pendergrass, Ralph Maxwell 07-15-2001 HDR
Pendergrass, Tony  09-27-1993 HDR
Pendergrass, Tony Saunders 09-28-1993 HDR
Pendergrass, Victoria Shew  05-30-2002 HDR
Pendergrast, Lawrence Junior 8/5/2005 HDR
Pendergrast, Mae Fleming  07-03-2001 HDR
Pendergrast, Mary Elizabeth Gragg 11-24-1995 HDR
Pendleton, Anthony (Page 3A) 12-01-1997 HDR
Pendleton, Eula Beam  01-27-1996 HDR
Pendleton, Hershel Leroy 04-16-1997 HDR
Pendleton, Hershel Leroy 04-15-1997 HDR
Pendleton, Hershel Leroy 04-15-1997 ONE
Pendleton, Olive "Penny"  07-30-1995 HDR
Pendleton, Olive "Penny"  07-31-1995 HDR
Pendleton, Susan  (Page 3A) 12-01-1997 HDR
Pendley, Christopher Scott 01-17-1999 HDR
Pendley, Eddie Lee 05-18-1999 HDR
Pendley, James Wiley "Jimmy" 03-28-1999 HDR
Pendley, Jean Allen Powell  08-06-1997 HDR
Pendley, Jean Ellen Powell 08-07-1997 HDR
Pendley, Pattie Sue  03-31-1995 HDR
Pendry, Clint 10-25-2001 ONE
Pendry, Clint 10-26-2001 ONE
Pendry, Clint  10-26-2001 HDR
Pendry, Paul  06-29-2002 HDR
Peninger, James Clifford Sr. 02-16-1995 HDR
Penland, Albert Daniel Sr. 06-19-2001 HDR
Penland, Amelia (journalist) 8/9/2005 HDR
Penland, Christine Ann  01-31-2002 HDR
Penland, Christine Denton 11-25-1995 HDR
Penland, Clara Starnes  05-13-2001 HDR
Penland, Clara Starnes  05-14-2001 ONE
Penland, Flora Webb Digh  07-20-1994 HDR
Penland, Flora Webb Digh  07-21-1994 HDR
Penland, Francis Eugene 01-05-1997 HDR
Penland, George Howard 01-09-1998 ONE
Penland, James Thomas  02-22-1995 HDR
Penland, Mabel Cline Hudson Mrs. 10/30/2005 HDR
Penland, Max W. 01-17-1994 HDR
Penland, Nell Smith 12-27-1998 HDR
Penland, Peggy Pope Lail 01-18-2000 HDR
Penland, Peggy Pope Lail 01-18-2000 ONE
Penland, Sybil M.  12-26-1996 HDR
Penland, Una Mae Crane  07-22-2003 HDR
Penley, Aberon Eugene  05-07-1996 HDR
Penley, Aleene Bernard 07-25-1999 HDR
Penley, Aleene Bernard 07-26-1999 HDR
Penley, Alma  10-19-1993 HDR
Penley, Alma Sanders 10-20-1993 HDR
Penley, Archie Steve Sr. 3/6/2005 HDR
Penley, Carl Vester 09-24-1999 HDR
Penley, Earleen Burgin 07-31-1995 HDR
Penley, Earleen Burgin  07-31-1995 ONE
Penley, Floyd F.  05-04-2002 HDR
Penley, Hazel Brackett 02-05-1999 ONE
Penley, Hazel Elizabeth Brackett 02-06-1999 HDR
Penley, Hazel Elizabeth Brackett 02-08-1999 ONE
Penley, Irene Crofts 02-26-2002 ONE
Penley, Irene Crofts  02-26-2002 HDR
Penley, Ivey Roy 11-29-1998 HDR
Penley, Jeanna Michelle 08-22-1994 HDR
Penley, Jerry Lee 6/14/2005 HDR
Penley, Joan Franklin  01-29-2002 HDR
Penley, John Baxter 05-13-1998 HDR
Penley, John Baxter 05-13-1998 ONE
Penley, Joseph Clyde 12-19-2001 HDR
Penley, Joseph Clyde  12-19-2001 ONE
Penley, Lee Ann Piercy 11-15-1997 HDR
Penley, Lee Ann Piercy 11-14-1997 HDR
Penley, Lela Carswell 11-23-1998 HDR
Penley, Lettie Long 12-05-2000 HDR
Penley, Linnie Deal 02-28-2001 ONE
Penley, Linnie Deal  02-28-2001 HDR
Penley, Louise Phillips  12-08-1996 HDR
Penley, Lucindy Herald 12-30-1995 HDR
Penley, Martha  06-12-1995 HDR
Penley, Martha Self 06-13-1995 HDR
Penley, Myrtle Grace Henson 03-20-2001 ONE
Penley, Myrtle Grace Henson  03-21-2001 HDR
Penley, Oscar T.  09-05-2002 HDR
Penley, Pamela "Pam" Rockett 11-30-1993 ONE
Penley, Pamela "Pam" Rockett 12-02-1993 ONE
Penley, Pamela Rockett "Pam" 11-30-1993 HDR
Penley, Pamela Rockett "Pam" 12-02-1993 HDR
Penley, Reba Inez Phillips  10/7/2005 HDR
Penley, Robert Lee  12-14-2003 HDR
Penley, Rodney A.  02-26-1995 HDR
Penley, Shannon Ray 10/8/2004 ONE
Penley, Winnie S.  04-26-1997 HDR
Penley, Winnie Smith 04-28-1997 ONE
Penn, Ruth Watson Clark 03-21-1995 HDR
Pennel, John (pole vault record setter) 09-29-1993 HDR
Pennell, Adam Jefferson  12-12-1996 HDR
Pennell, Aileen Geneva Greer 11-19-2003 HDR
Pennell, Allen Dale  02-16-2001 HDR
Pennell, Arnold Eugene 10-22-1993 HDR
Pennell, Asa Herbert “Boat”  09-15-2000 HDR
Pennell, Barry Lee 07-12-2000 HDR
Pennell, Ben Tillman 2/25/2005 HDR
Pennell, Billy Ray 8/26/2005 HDR
Pennell, Blanche May 03-24-2001 HDR
Pennell, Bruce 09-26-1998 HDR
Pennell, Cecil White  01-10-1993 HDR
Pennell, Charlie A.  09-20-1994 HDR
Pennell, Charlie A.  09-21-1994 HDR
Pennell, Cindy Brackins 11/19/2005 HDR
Pennell, Clyde Fletcher 09-17-1998 HDR
Pennell, Coy Jr. 09-11-2002 HDR
Pennell, Coy Jr. 09-12-2002 HDR
Pennell, Cynthia Marie 11/18/2005 HDR
Pennell, Dennis  04-16-2001 HDR
Pennell, Donald Ned Sr.  09-03-1994 HDR
Pennell, Doris Klutz  05-31-1993 HDR
Pennell, Doris Klutz Mrs. 05-31-1993 ONE
Pennell, Dorothy Barnette  05-03-2001 HDR
Pennell, Edward Cloyd 11-25-2003 HDR
Pennell, Edwin Adam Sr.  6/7/2005 HDR
Pennell, Elese Mae Keller 11-09-2001 HDR
Pennell, Elsie Genelia  02-17-1999 HDR
Pennell, Emma Powell 05-11-2000 HDR
Pennell, Floyd Cecil 3/16/2005 HDR
Pennell, Floyd Dennis 08-22-2003 HDR
Pennell, Floyd William  09-02-1999 HDR
Pennell, George William  06-14-1993 HDR
Pennell, Gladys Hatton 02-19-1997 HDR
Pennell, Grace Haigler 02-21-1994 HDR
Pennell, Grace Pauline 4/14/2005 HDR
Pennell, Grover Cleveland (veteran) 02-09-1994 HDR
Pennell, Grover Gwyn  08-13-2002 HDR
Pennell, Grover Gwyn  08-16-2002 HDR
Pennell, Guss H. Jr. 10/5/2005 HDR
Pennell, H. Odell  04-18-2003 HDR
Pennell, Hattie Lee "Pat" 08-01-1999 HDR
Pennell, Helen Sigmon 08-26-1999 ONE
Pennell, Helen Sigmon Cruse 08-27-1999 HDR
Pennell, Helen Sigmon Cruse 08-27-1999 ONE
Pennell, Hershell (Hersh) George  9/8/2005 HDR
Pennell, Hessie E.  12-27-1997 HDR
Pennell, J. Odell Sr. 08-21-2003 HDR
Pennell, J.C.  11-30-2002 HDR
Pennell, James "J.C."  11-29-2002 HDR
Pennell, Jeffrey Alan  09-02-1996 HDR
Pennell, Jerry Thomas 02-23-1900 HDR
Pennell, Joel Franklin  11-06-1995 HDR
Pennell, John Flake 02-06-1994 HDR
Pennell, John Odell Sr.  08-22-2003 HDR
Pennell, Judy Ann Brookshire 7/26/2005 HDR
Pennell, Julia "Janelle" Putnam 09-09-2003 HDR
Pennell, Leon Morgan  09-03-1996 HDR
Pennell, Louise Stafford 02-19-2002 HDR
Pennell, Luna Payne  06-21-1994 HDR
Pennell, Luna Payne  06-22-1994 HDR
Pennell, Maggie 1/28/2005 HDR
Pennell, Maggie Bolick Hoyle 02-05-1998 HDR
Pennell, Maggie Mae Pope  03-18-2003 HDR
Pennell, Mano 10-26-1997 HDR
Pennell, Mano Irene  10-28-1997 HDR
Pennell, Mano Irene  10-27-1997 HDR
Pennell, Marie Hart  11/30/2005 HDR
Pennell, Marlene Laney 08-24-1999 HDR
Pennell, Marvin 2/5/2004 ONE
Pennell, Marvin H. 2/6/2004 ONE
Pennell, Mary  02-01-1995 HDR
Pennell, Mary “Louise” McCloud Johnson  07-15-2002 HDR
Pennell, Mary Crouch  02-02-1995 HDR
Pennell, Mary Ellen Hester 12-30-2003 HDR
Pennell, Mary Hudson 09-24-1999 HDR
Pennell, Mary Jane Fox  08-17-2002 HDR
Pennell, Maynard L. (jet designer) 11-26-1994 HDR
Pennell, Mildred Starnes Watson 05-11-2001 HDR
Pennell, Miller 04-14-1995 HDR
Pennell, Miller 04-15-1995 HDR
Pennell, Mozey  06-14-2001 HDR
Pennell, Myrla Ruth Russell 10-18-1998 HDR
Pennell, Myrtle Teeters 12-12-1998 HDR
Pennell, Nancy Annette Walker  05-11-1995 HDR
Pennell, Ned  02-06-2001 HDR
Pennell, Nell Roase 11-02-2003 HDR
Pennell, Nell Rose  11-04-2003 HDR
Pennell, Nellie Marie  7/10/2005 HDR
Pennell, Nora Herman 07-29-1994 HDR
Pennell, Odell 10-07-1996 HDR
Pennell, Ola Rosetta  11/15/2005 HDR
Pennell, Perry Conley  08-03-2003 HDR
Pennell, Perry Lee 10-19-1997 HDR
Pennell, Phyllis Irene 07-18-1993 HDR
Pennell, Robert John  01-11-1993 HDR
Pennell, Rose 4/13/2005 HDR
Pennell, Roy E. 04-21-1999 HDR
Pennell, Roy E. 04-21-1999 ONE
Pennell, Roy E. 04-20-1999 ONE
Pennell, Roy Elmer 04-22-1999 HDR
Pennell, Ruby Galloway 09-30-2000 HDR
Pennell, Ruby Jane Pennell 01-06-2000 HDR
Pennell, Ruth Anderson  11-10-2003 HDR
Pennell, Sarah Mae Fox 03-13-1997 HDR
Pennell, Steve W.  08-28-2002 HDR
Pennell, Ted Bryan  03-01-1997 HDR
Pennell, Toy Ward 08-04-2001 HDR
Pennell, Toy Ward 08-03-2001 ONE
Pennell, Velva Dula 10-15-2001 ONE
Pennell, Velva Dula  10-14-2001 HDR
Pennell, Vera Mae  02-08-2001 HDR
Pennell, Vera Mae  02-08-2001 ONE
Pennell, Verna Mae Shoemaker 05-20-2003 HDR
Pennell, Walter Fred  08-05-2001 HDR
Pennell, Wheeler Wade 10-15-1996 HDR
Pennell, William "Bill" Thomas  05-01-1995 HDR
Pennell, William Jefferson 01-13-1999 HDR
Pennell, William Thomas  05-05-1995 HDR
Pennell, Wilma Meadlock 04-29-2000 HDR
Penney, Elouise "Granny" Coffey 04-06-1999 HDR
Penney, Roy Lee "Speck" 6/28/2005 HDR
Pennigar, Charles Franklin Rev 04-08-1997 ONE
Pennigar, Charles Franklin Rev. 04-09-1997 HDR
Pennigar, Charles Franklin Rev. 04-09-1997 ONE
Pennington, Brooks  05-25-1996 HDR
Pennington, Flossie  08-18-1994 HDR
Pennington, Flossie  08-19-1994 HDR
Pennington, George Marvin 01-16-1997 HDR
Pennington, Henry Eli 12-19-1999 HDR
Pennington, Mae Palmer 5/2/2005 HDR
Pennington, Mary Eva  07-20-2001 HDR
Pennington, Robert “R.B.” Benjamin  06-12-2002 HDR
Pennington, Robert Michael (Page 1) 08-22-1997 ONE
Pennington, Robert Michael Sr. 08-23-1997 HDR
Pennington, Robert Michael Sr. 08-22-1997 HDR
Pennington, Robert T. 04-23-1996 HDR
Pennington, Robert Tinnie  04-26-1996 HDR
Pennington, Robert Tinnie  04-24-1996 HDR
Pennington, Wallace Herbert 02-26-2000 HDR
Pennington, Walter J.  06-01-1993 HDR
Penrose, Edith Tilton (economist) 10-25-1996 HDR
Penry, J. Kiffin Dr. 05-01-1996 HDR
Penta, Dorothy Crook 10-15-1998 HDR
Penta, Marie A. 06-25-1998 HDR
Penterics, Joseph Robert  01-05-2002 HDR
Peplowski, Annie Mae 01-16-1997 HDR
Pepper, Versa Lee  07-14-2002 HDR
Pepper, Versa Lee  07-15-2002 ONE
Perazich, George N. 05-28-1999 HDR
Percival, Sir Ian 04-08-1998 HDR
Perdue, Elizabeth “Betty” C.  02-01-2003 HDR
Perdue, Frank (chicken company founder) 4/2/2005 HDR
Perdue, Walter Jackson Jr. 03-03-2001 HDR
Pereira, Jerry The Rev. (pres. of BSC of NC)  11-11-2003 HDR
Perente-Ramos, Eugenio (Eastern Farm Workers Association founder) 03-20-1995 HDR
Perez, Gladys Yohana  02-20-2003 HDR
Perez, Gladys Yohana  02-21-2003 HDR
Perez, Gumencindo 03-14-1996 HDR
Perez, Richard 04-06-2000 HDR
Perez, Richard  04-05-2000 HDR
Pergament, Moshe "Moe" (Page 7B) 11-18-1997 HDR
Perkins, Aimee Elizabeth  07-11-1994 HDR
Perkins, Angela Dawn  08-18-2000 HDR
Perkins, Angela Dawn  08-18-2000 ONE
Perkins, Bill (saxophonist) 08-13-2003 HDR
Perkins, Burl Norman Sr.  06-17-2003 HDR
Perkins, C. Wayne 11-13-2001 HDR
Perkins, Carl 01-20-1998 ONE
Perkins, Carolene Ethel  06-07-1996 HDR
Perkins, Carroll Andrew 6/14/2005 HDR
Perkins, Carvin Lee 10-14-1994 HDR
Perkins, Clara H. 02-01-1997 HDR
Perkins, Clara Hoke 02-03-1997 ONE
Perkins, Clifford Foster  07-18-1994 HDR
Perkins, Daisy Mae Kincaid 9/14/2005 HDR
Perkins, Daphne Curtis 07-09-1900 HDR
Perkins, Edwin McLendon  11-02-1994 HDR
Perkins, Elizabeth Clontz  11-05-1995 HDR
Perkins, Estelle Eunave (Vee) Palmer 11/9/2005 HDR
Perkins, Eunave (Vee) Palmer 11/10/2005 HDR
Perkins, Frances Brown 04-08-1998 HDR
Perkins, Frances Brown 04-08-1998 ONE
Perkins, Frank Riddle  08-22-1993 HDR
Perkins, Gene Arthur  12-01-1996 HDR
Perkins, George Dewey (one of nation's oldest veterans) 2/13/2005 HDR
Perkins, Georgia Ophelia Berry  05-26-1993 HDR
Perkins, Harold Edward  01-06-1996 HDR
Perkins, Hattie Johnson 04-29-1998 HDR
Perkins, James A. 08-23-1998 HDR
Perkins, James M. 09-30-2003 HDR
Perkins, James Stanley 08-14-2000 HDR
Perkins, James Stanley  08-14-2000 ONE
Perkins, John B. 03-08-2000 HDR
Perkins, Julia Lail  12-08-1994 HDR
Perkins, Katy Smart 04-19-2000 HDR
Perkins, Katy Smart 04-19-2000 ONE
Perkins, Kenneth Mack 9/2/2004 ONE
Perkins, Kirby (reporter) 07-27-1997 HDR
Perkins, Lawrence B.  12-06-1997 HDR
Perkins, Loretta Leona Moore  02-28-2003 HDR
Perkins, Margaret Ferguson 06-07-2000 HDR
Perkins, Mary Allene  05-20-1994 HDR
Perkins, Mary Lucille Fleming Fore 01-20-1998 HDR
Perkins, Michael (BYU communications professor) 08-18-2003 HDR
Perkins, Norwood Cook 04-01-1998 HDR
Perkins, Norwood Cook 04-02-1998 HDR
Perkins, Norwood Cook 04-03-1998 HDR
Perkins, Sonja Smith "Tonnie" 09-22-2003 HDR
Perkins, Vada Newton Sr. 07-11-1999 HDR
Perkins, Valerie V.  10-19-1994 HDR
Perl, William R. 12-26-1998 HDR
Perley, Merill 08-10-1997 HDR
Perna, Florence Lillian 01-11-2002 HDR
Perna, Florence Lillian 01-11-2002 ONE
Pernell, Susan Bishop 08-10-1997 HDR
Pernell, Susan Bishop Shuford 08-11-1997 HDR
Pero, Edward F.  02-03-1993 HDR
Pero, Leona Marie 9/5/2005 ONE
Pero, Leona Marie  9/5/2005 HDR
Perpich, Rudy (former Minnesota governor)  09-22-1995 HDR
Perrell, Grace Franklin  06-16-2001 HDR
Perrell, Retha Belle Ford Church  01-24-2002 HDR
Perrigan, Geneva Jean  05-02-1999 HDR
Perrigan, Thomas 05-03-2000 HDR
Perrigan, Thomas 05-03-2000 ONE
Perrot, Kim 08-21-1999 HDR
Perrot, Kim (Page 1B) 08-20-1999 HDR
Perrou, Albert Francis Sr. 04-30-1999 HDR
Perrou, Edward Henry  10-21-1995 HDR
Perrou, John Stephen Jr. Rev. 05-30-1997 HDR
Perrou, Lora English  06-17-2002 HDR
Perrou, Margaret Louise Lail 09-29-1999 HDR
Perrou, Mildred Bradshaw  11-29-2001 HDR
Perrou, Viola Setzer  02-06-1996 HDR
Perrou, William 04-30-1993 HDR
Perrou, William 05-01-1993 HDR
Perry, Aileen Huffman 04-06-2000 HDR
Perry, Annie Margaret Hughes 11-03-2000 HDR
Perry, Benjamin Sr. (Atlanta radio reporter)  03-31-2003 HDR
Perry, Betty 10-16-2003 ONE
Perry, Betty  10-17-2003 HDR
Perry, Betty Harwell 10-17-2003 ONE
Perry, Betty Harwell 10-20-2003 ONE
Perry, Betty Harwell  10-18-2003 HDR
Perry, Carmen 06-16-1999 HDR
Perry, Debra Kimberlin 09-06-1999 HDR
Perry, Dennis Edward  (Page 7A) 12-29-1998 HDR
Perry, Donald Boyd 01-05-1996 HDR
Perry, Dorothy Lackey  03-24-1993 HDR
Perry, Dorothy Lackey  03-25-1993 HDR
Perry, Eddie Wayne  10-23-1999 HDR
Perry, Elizabeth "Deedie" Williams 9/24/2005 HDR
Perry, Elizabeth "Deedie" Williams 9/26/2005 ONE
Perry, Elwood Lake "Buck" 8/17/2005 ONE
Perry, Elwood Lake (Buck) 8/17/2005 HDR
Perry, Forrest Alexander 04-19-2000 HDR
Perry, George Pruitt  6/25/2005 HDR
Perry, Harriet Nanena Beck 06-13-1998 HDR
Perry, Howard Dean  11-19-1993 HDR
Perry, Howard Dean  11-20-1993 HDR
Perry, Johnny Jr. (strongman competitor) 11-24-2002 HDR
Perry, Myrtle Bruton  05-15-1997 HDR
Perry, Pamela Renee 12-06-2001 HDR
Perry, Pamela Renee (Page 5A) 12-21-2001 HDR
Perry, Rodney C. (Page 3A) 10-26-1997 HDR
Perry, Ruby Lee Boughman 12-13-2001 HDR
Perry, Samuel Wesley III (psychoanalyst) 03-19-1994 HDR
Perry, Sarah Frances Weatherford  02-27-2002 HDR
Perry, Shelton W.  5/6/2005 HDR
Perry, Sidney Howard 06-05-2000 ONE
Perry, Sidney Howard  06-06-2000 HDR
Perry, Timothy 01-16-2003 HDR
Perry, Timothy  01-16-2003 ONE
Perry, Wallace Barrett  2/2/2004 ONE
Perry, William Arthur 01-05-1996 HDR
Perry, William Jefferson 01-01-2000 HDR
Perry, William Jefferson 12-29-1999 HDR
Perry, William Jefferson 12-31-1999 ONE
Perry, William Jefferson 12-29-1999 ONE
Perry, William Sanford  03-23-1997 HDR
Perry, William Sanford "W.S." 03-24-1997 HDR
Perryman, Colene Crisp  02-17-2003 HDR
Perryman, Juanita Mrs. 3/6/2005 HDR
Perryman, Thomas R.  03-29-2003 HDR
Perryman, Thomas R.  03-30-2003 HDR
Persky, Lester 12-20-2001 HDR
Person, Nettie E. 11-04-1996 ONE
Person, Nettie E.  11-04-1996 HDR
Person, Nettie Elizabeth Coulter Pearson 11-08-1996 HDR
Person, Nettie Elizabeth Coulter Pearson 11-08-1996 ONE
Person, Richard 04-24-1995 HDR
Person, Richard  04-24-1995 ONE
Persons, Elizabeth Anderson 07-10-1999 HDR
Pertee, Claude Lawrence  03-22-1997 HDR
Pescador, Mauricio Medina  02-05-2003 HDR
Pesek, Linda Powell 01-29-2003 ONE
Pesek, Linda Powell  01-29-2003 HDR
Peter, John 05-14-1998 HDR
Peters, Brock (actor) 8/25/2005 HDR
Peters, Dorsie Delaney “Pete”  01-12-2003 HDR
Peters, Helen C.  03-09-1997 HDR
Peters, Helen Cochran 03-10-1997 HDR
Peters, Jean 10-22-2000 HDR
Peters, Nellie Juanita 04-01-1994 HDR
Peters, Peter D. Dr.  06-17-1994 HDR
Peters, Ruth W.  03-22-2002 HDR
Peters, Ruth W.  03-22-2002 ONE
Peters, Stanley Dr. 07-01-1997 HDR
Peters, Stanley Dr. 06-29-1997 HDR
Peters, Stanley Dr. 06-30-1997 HDR
Peters, Violet Ruth Craig  10/12/2005 HDR
Peterson, Arthur "Pete" Sr. 6/29/2004 ONE
Peterson, Charles Edwin  01-28-1996 HDR
Peterson, Clarence L.  12-16-1994 HDR
Peterson, Daryl Lee 09-03-1996 ONE
Peterson, David Sr. 07-12-1997 HDR
Peterson, David Sr. 07-14-1997 ONE
Peterson, Delorise Marie Rev. 08-04-2000 HDR
Peterson, Delorise Marie Rev. 08-04-2000 ONE
Peterson, Ed  05-30-1999 HDR
Peterson, Ed (wildflower expert) 11/22/2005 HDR
Peterson, Frances Hull "Peggy" 08-31-1999 HDR
Peterson, Fred J. (built first Navy minesweeper) 04-15-1993 HDR
Peterson, Gerald Huntley  08-28-2003 ONE
Peterson, Gerald Huntley Mrs.  08-28-2003 HDR
Peterson, Grace C.  08-06-2002 HDR
Peterson, Harold E. (pioneer jazz musician) 12-21-1993 HDR
Peterson, Hillary Ann  03-29-2002 HDR
Peterson, Kathleen (Page 10A) 12-21-2001 HDR
Peterson, Marie Frances Mills  09-10-2000 HDR
Peterson, Mark 04-14-1999 HDR
Peterson, Nora 01-20-1994 HDR
Peterson, Nora Coulter 01-21-1994 HDR
Peterson, Orville B. "Pete"  04-28-2002 HDR
Peterson, Paul (women's basketball coach) 05-24-1995 HDR
Peterson, Rosie Lee  12/30/2005 HDR
Peterson, Sally Ruby Little 1/20/2005 ONE
Peterson, Sally Swan 03-12-2003 HDR
Peterson, Shirley Ann  03-02-2000 HDR
Peterson, Sidney (filmaker) 05-09-2000 HDR
Petkere, Bernice 01-17-2000 HDR
Petrea, Keith ”Petey” Regan  01-22-2003 HDR
Petree, Gwendolyn A. "Pidge" 05-03-1993 HDR
Petree, Gwendolyn A. (Pidge) 05-03-1993 ONE
Petree, James P.  02-15-1995 HDR
Petree, James Peden 02-16-1995 HDR
Petree, Keats (cartoonist) 12-02-1997 HDR
Petree, Morris Lerned 02-15-1999 HDR
Petree, Morris Lerned 02-15-1999 ONE
Petree, Nell Barnes  01-12-2003 HDR
Petree, Robert Samuels Sr. 05-26-2000 HDR
Petrie, Betty Triplett 04-06-1999 HDR
Petrie, Christopher William 05-20-1997 HDR
Petrie, George O. (character actor) 11-21-1997 HDR
Petrie, Mary Wilkie 08-31-1999 HDR
Petrone, Emilio Joseph “Joe”  10-23-2002 HDR
Petrovich, George Edward 12-05-1995 ONE
Petrovich, George Edward 12-06-1995 ONE
Petrovich, George Edward  12-06-1995 HDR
Petrucciani, Michel  01-08-1999 HDR
Petten, Joline T.  10-23-1996 HDR
Pettigrew, Fred  09-12-1997 HDR
Pettigrew, Lucille Frady 11-05-2001 HDR
Pettit, Jerry "Evan"  02-15-2002 HDR
Pettit, Tom (TV reporter) 12-26-1995 HDR
Petty, Adam 05-13-2000 HDR
Petty, Claxton Julius  11-12-2000 HDR
Petty, Deavaer Mackey  06-29-1996 HDR
Petty, Deavear Mackey 06-27-1996 HDR
Petty, Deavear Mackey 06-27-1996 ONE
Petty, Earl (Tom Petty's father) 12-13-1999 HDR
Petty, Janice Sue Elmore  05-31-2001 HDR
Petty, Joseph Devane (Page 3A) 10-26-1997 HDR
Petty, Lee (racing patriarch) 04-06-2000 HDR
Petty, Myrtle Sweezy 08-17-2001 ONE
Petty, Myrtle Sweezy  08-17-2001 HDR
Petty, Myrtle Sweezy  08-18-2001 HDR
Petty, Roy Claude "R.C."  05-25-2001 HDR
Petty, Stella Owens  06-30-1996 HDR
Petty, Talmage Willie  02-12-1993 HDR
Petty, Talmage Willie  02-13-1993 HDR
Petty, Thomas Andrew 7/26/2005 HDR
Petty, Thomas Andrew 7/30/2005 HDR
Pettyjohn, Golden Sr. 05-18-2000 HDR
Pettyjohn, M. B.  11-02-1995 HDR
Pettyjohn, Rosa Era Coates 03-15-1995 HDR
Pettyjohn, Rose Eva Coates 03-18-1995 HDR
Peverett, Dave "Lonesome" (pop singer) 02-08-2000 ONE
Peyrefitte, Alain 12-06-1999 HDR
Peyronel, John 06-27-2001 HDR
Peyronel, Pansy Lee Huffman 11-05-2000 HDR
Peyser, Arnold (television writer) 07-09-2001 HDR
Pfaff, Frances Rosie 08-13-1999 HDR
Pfaff, Frances Rosie 08-12-1999 ONE
Pfeffer, Leo (constitutional lawyer) 06-07-1993 HDR
Pfeiffer, Frank  12-29-1999 HDR
Phan, My L.  7/12/2004 ONE
Phan, Nguyen Huy Dr.  09-22-1997 HDR
Pharoun, Henry (billionaire sportsman) 08-06-1993 HDR
Pharr, Dana Michelle 04-16-1998 HDR
Pharr, Dana Michelle 04-17-1998 HDR
Pharr, Dana Michelle 04-16-1998 ONE
Pharr, Dennis Moody "Nick" 06-14-1994 HDR
Pharr, Flora Mae Templeton  08-21-2000 HDR
Pharr, Heman Jane 06-24-1999 HDR
Pharr, James Nicholas "Nick" 5/8/2005 HDR
Pharr, Jo Ann  07-02-2002 HDR
Pharr, Margaret Elizabeth Shook 11-16-1999 HDR
Pharr, Mitch Iram  08-03-1995 ONE
Pharr, Mitch Iram Sr.  08-03-1995 HDR
Pharr, Oma Dagenhart  08-02-1996 HDR
Pharr, Robert Rand 04-20-1999 HDR
Pharr, Willie Bruce  12-03-1995 HDR
Phelan, Thomas P. (helped found the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange) 09-21-1993 HDR
Phelps, Aniyah Joshea 10-02-2000 HDR
Phelps, Billy "Bill" Ray 12-20-1995 HDR
Phelps, Carrie Bell Laster (100 yoa) 08-02-1996 HDR
Phelps, Carrie Bell Laster (100 yoa) 08-03-1996 HDR
Phelps, Charlie  02-09-2002 HDR
Phelps, Clara Huff  09-08-1994 HDR
Phelps, Elsie Mae "Sister"  03-05-1996 HDR
Phelps, Henry Moses  09-05-2000 HDR
Phelps, Jimmy Roger 03-30-1999 HDR
Phelps, Jimmy Roger 03-30-1999 ONE
Phelps, Mary Julia Williams Farley 04-06-2001 HDR
Phelps, Mary Julia Williams Farley 04-06-2001 ONE
Phelps, Quajuae Trayvoe  12-04-1996 HDR
Phelps, Ralph  01-06-1995 HDR
Phetsomphou, Douang  12-05-1997 HDR
Phifer, Alma Dean Spencer 04-24-2000 HDR
Phifer, Alma Dean Spencer 04-24-2000 ONE
Phifer, Catherine Roper Mrs.  03-08-2003 HDR
Phifer, Gladys  09-26-2001 ONE
Phifer, Gladys Wallace 09-27-2001 ONE
Phifer, Gladys Wallace  09-27-2001 HDR
Phifer, James Bernard Sr.  12/5/2005 HDR
Phifer, James Bernard Sr.  12/6/2005 HDR
Phifer, Mazeline L.  2/13/2005 HDR
Phifer, Mazeline Linney 2/16/2005 HDR
Phifer, Nina Cloninger  08-11-1994 HDR
Phifer, Nina Cloninger  08-12-1994 HDR
Phifer, Nina Cloninger  08-11-1994 ONE
Phifer, Nina Cloninger  08-12-1994 ONE
Philbeck, A.C. "Clyde" 01-29-1993 HDR
Philbeck, Christopher John  03-26-2003 HDR
Philbeck, J.C.  11/8/2005 HDR
Philbeck, Johnny Ray  03-10-2001 HDR
Philbeck, Johnny Ray (Page 1A) 03-09-2001 HDR
Philbeck, Ruby S.  08-15-2002 HDR
Philbin, Mary (silent film actress) 05-22-1993 HDR
Philbrick, Margaret E. 02-24-1999 HDR
Philbrook, Alice Mae 08-16-1994 HDR
Philippi, Elma 03-02-2001 HDR
Philiso, Libby 02-13-1997 HDR
Phillippi, Delmos Eugene  02-22-1995 HDR
Phillippi, Virginia B.  01-22-2002 HDR
Phillips Lawrence Victor 01-13-1997 ONE
Phillips, Albert Gus 01-09-1999 HDR
Phillips, Altie Maude  10-15-2003 HDR
Phillips, Altie Maude  10-15-2003 ONE
Phillips, Amanda Nicole  02-25-2003 HDR
Phillips, Angelica Marie  04-01-2002 ONE
Phillips, Angelica Marie (infant) 03-30-2002 HDR
Phillips, Angie (Page 3A) 09-02-1996 HDR
Phillips, Ann Maney 12-19-1997 HDR
Phillips, Ann Maney  12-18-1997 HDR
Phillips, Annie Lingle  09-13-2002 HDR
Phillips, Annie Lingle  09-12-2002 ONE
Phillips, Arthelia Lowman 08-02-2002 HDR
Phillips, Artie Parlier 06-10-2003 HDR
Phillips, Ashton Lee  08-07-1999 HDR
Phillips, Banks Wilson 04-22-2003 HDR
Phillips, Bert  07-18-1997 HDR
Phillips, Bessie Ray  10-20-1995 HDR
Phillips, Bobby Clinton 10-28-1997 HDR
Phillips, Brian L. 10-19-1998 HDR
Phillips, Brian Logan 10-20-1998 HDR
Phillips, Brian Logan  10-20-1998 ONE
Phillips, Carolyn Virginia  07-15-1995 HDR
Phillips, Cassielee Chester  07-26-2002 HDR
Phillips, Catherine Knight 10-03-1999 HDR
Phillips, Charles "Charlie" O.W.  11-11-1994 HDR
Phillips, Charles (Charlie) 11-11-1994 ONE
Phillips, Charles Alan  05-24-2001 HDR
Phillips, Charles Alan  05-24-2001 ONE
Phillips, Charles O.W. "Charlie" 11-09-1994 HDR
Phillips, Christylin Danyell  9/11/2004 ONE
Phillips, Clara Callahan "Sis" 02-05-2000 HDR
Phillips, Clarissa Alasyn  09-07-1999 HDR
Phillips, Clenard Arvin  12-15-1993 HDR
Phillips, Cleo Hemric  11/1/2005 HDR
Phillips, Cleveland  10-14-1999 HDR
Phillips, Cleveland  10-14-1999 ONE
Phillips, Clovis Alton  07-09-1995 HDR
Phillips, Cora (Page 11) 10-01-1999 ONE
Phillips, Cora (Page 3A) 10-02-1999 HDR
Phillips, Cora B. 04-19-2000 HDR
Phillips, Courtney (Page 3A) 09-02-1996 HDR
Phillips, D. Turner 03-20-1998 HDR
Phillips, Daniel Wallace 12-16-1997 HDR
Phillips, David  05-01-2002 HDR
Phillips, David  05-03-2002 HDR
Phillips, David Gary 09-01-1999 HDR
Phillips, David Gary 09-02-1999 HDR
Phillips, Dennis Eugene 04-12-1994 HDR
Phillips, Dennis Eugene 04-13-1994 HDR
Phillips, Dennis Wade 06-05-1999 HDR
Phillips, Donald Eugene Retired Army Staff Sgt. 10-01-2003 HDR
Phillips, Donna Kay 03-12-1994 HDR
Phillips, Doris Bessie 01-12-2000 HDR
Phillips, Dorothy Buehring (NY Special Olympics founder) 09-03-1994 HDR
Phillips, Dorothy Ellison 06-06-2000 HDR
Phillips, Dorothy Ellison 06-05-2000 ONE
Phillips, Earl (Page 11) 10-01-1999 ONE
Phillips, Earl (Page 3A) 10-02-1999 HDR
Phillips, Edcil  04-21-1995 HDR
Phillips, Edcil  04-21-1995 ONE
Phillips, Eddie (Page 11) 10-01-1999 ONE
Phillips, Eddie (Page 3A) 10-02-1999 HDR
Phillips, Edith "Lila" Wallace  04-06-1995 HDR
Phillips, Edith Wallace 04-05-1995 HDR
Phillips, Elmo Charles "Pud" 06-26-1995 HDR
Phillips, Estelle Watson  02-12-2002 HDR
Phillips, Esther Louise Walker 6/30/2005 HDR
Phillips, Ethan Elijah 11/12/2005 HDR
Phillips, Eva Estelle Webb  10-25-2000 HDR
Phillips, Flara Main 10-07-1999 HDR
Phillips, Frances Foster 07-16-2001 ONE
Phillips, Frances Foster  07-14-2001 HDR
Phillips, Frank 01-30-1995 HDR
Phillips, Frank 02-02-1995 HDR
Phillips, Frank 02-02-1995 ONE
Phillips, Frankie Lucille Abernethy  07-26-1993 HDR
Phillips, Frankie Lucille Abernethy Mrs. 07-26-1993 ONE
Phillips, Garvey "Dale"  9/13/2005 HDR
Phillips, Gary Dale  06-14-1996 HDR
Phillips, Gary O'Neil Jr.  01-04-1993 HDR
Phillips, Gary W.  (Page 5A) 01-28-1999 HDR
Phillips, Gladys Whisnant 08-04-1998 ONE
Phillips, Gladys Whisnant  08-04-1998 HDR
Phillips, Grace Graham 02-13-2000 HDR
Phillips, Guy McDonald Dr. 06-20-2002 HDR
Phillips, Helen Corpening 03-26-1999 HDR
Phillips, Herbert Leon "Herb" Jr. 03-14-1996 ONE
Phillips, Howard "Flookie" 11-05-1993 HDR
Phillips, Inez Divine  10-17-2002 HDR
Phillips, Isaac David Rev. 08-26-1999 HDR
Phillips, Jacob Davis "J.D."  06-11-1995 HDR
Phillips, James Blaine 06-02-1994 HDR
Phillips, James Carl Sr.  9/9/2005 HDR
Phillips, James Ernest 02-19-1998 HDR
Phillips, James Franklin  06-17-1994 HDR
Phillips, James Franklin (veteran) 06-18-1994 HDR
Phillips, James Phifer  03-22-1993 HDR
Phillips, Jessie 12-04-2001 HDR
Phillips, Jimmy Lee  08-14-2002 HDR
Phillips, Jimmy Lee  08-15-2002 HDR
Phillips, John (singer/songwriter) 03-19-2001 ONE
Phillips, John (songwriter) 03-19-2001 HDR
Phillips, John C. 10-10-1999 HDR
Phillips, John C. 10-12-1999 HDR
Phillips, John H. (newspaperman) 09-20-1994 HDR
Phillips, John L. (editor) 07-13-1994 HDR
Phillips, John Wilson Jr. 07-24-1996 HDR
Phillips, Johnny Wayne Sr. 12-01-2000 HDR
Phillips, Jordan Smith 04-07-1998 HDR
Phillips, Joseph 03-05-1995 HDR
Phillips, Joseph Austin  09-03-1997 HDR
Phillips, Joseph H.  03-07-1995 HDR
Phillips, Joseph William "Bill" 06-12-1999 HDR
Phillips, Julia Owens 01-11-1996 ONE
Phillips, Julia Owens  01-12-1996 HDR
Phillips, June Cannon 04-24-1996 HDR
Phillips, Katherine Alverta Price  08-22-2000 HDR
Phillips, Kathryn Peele 12-18-1998 HDR
Phillips, Katie (Page 11) 10-01-1999 ONE
Phillips, Katie (Page 3A) 10-02-1999 HDR
Phillips, Kinsleigh (Page 3A) 09-02-1996 HDR
Phillips, Larry  02-17-1997 HDR
Phillips, Larry Bonzell  09-07-1995 HDR
Phillips, Larry Bonzell  09-08-1995 HDR
Phillips, Larry Carl "Do-Better" 02-18-1997 HDR
Phillips, Larry Carl (Page 3A) 02-16-1997 HDR
Phillips, Larry Vonzell  09-10-1995 HDR
Phillips, Lawrence Carson 01-29-1997 HDR
Phillips, Lawrence Victor 01-15-1997 HDR
Phillips, Lawrence Victor 01-15-1997 ONE
Phillips, Lester  03-17-2002 HDR
Phillips, Lester Dale  03-18-2002 HDR
Phillips, Lex "Road Runner" Edward 3/21/2005 HDR
Phillips, Lillian Beck "Aunt Bill" 10-11-1998 HDR
Phillips, Lillian Beck "Aunt Bill" 10-12-1998 ONE
Phillips, Lona J. 04-30-1996 HDR
Phillips, Lucille Elizabeth McLean 11-05-1996 HDR
Phillips, Mamie Orders  01-18-1995 HDR
Phillips, Mamie Orders  01-19-1995 HDR
Phillips, Margaret "Peg" (actress) 11-13-2002 HDR
Phillips, Margaret P.  11/26/2005 HDR
Phillips, Margaret Taylor 09-13-1999 HDR
Phillips, Marion Alfred  05-25-1995 HDR
Phillips, Marion Alfred  05-25-1995 HDR
Phillips, Mark Keith (Page 5A) 12-14-1998 HDR
Phillips, Marsha 06-01-2000 HDR
Phillips, Mary Coffey  11-30-1996 HDR
Phillips, Mary Lou  05-25-1994 HDR
Phillips, Mary Louise  04-02-2002 HDR
Phillips, Mary Nell  04-07-2003 HDR
Phillips, Mattie Nelson 8/24/2005 HDR
Phillips, Mattie Ruth 05-11-1999 HDR
Phillips, Mavis Annas Mrs. 3/23/2005 HDR
Phillips, Melena (Page 3A) 09-02-1996 HDR
Phillips, Mitzi (Page 11) 10-01-1999 ONE
Phillips, Mitzi (Page 3A) 10-02-1999 HDR
Phillips, Moran Stamey  07-09-1994 HDR
Phillips, Nancy Elise Kirby 07-08-1999 HDR
Phillips, Nancy Elise Kirby 07-08-1999 ONE
Phillips, Nancy Jo Brown 12-08-2000 HDR
Phillips, Nellie C.  08-03-2000 HDR
Phillips, Omer Denton 03-27-1998 HDR
Phillips, Oswald James "O.J."  10-20-1997 HDR
Phillips, Pearl D. 09-28-2003 HDR
Phillips, Peggy Lee Herman 04-14-1997 HDR
Phillips, Peggy Lee Herman 04-14-1997 ONE
Phillips, Perry Holland  01-16-2001 HDR
Phillips, Perry Holland  01-17-2001 HDR
Phillips, Peter 09-17-1998 HDR
Phillips, Plennie Ray 09-23-1999 HDR
Phillips, Ralph Carter 08-10-1995 ONE
Phillips, Ralph Carter  08-10-1995 HDR
Phillips, Randall Dale  09-09-1993 HDR
Phillips, Randell "Randy" Dale  09-10-1993 HDR
Phillips, Raymond Albert 01-10-1995 HDR
Phillips, Raymond Albert 01-11-1995 HDR
Phillips, Raymond Erwin  10-25-1995 HDR
Phillips, Raymond Erwin  10-27-1995 HDR
Phillips, Raymond Erwin  10-25-1995 ONE
Phillips, Raymond Erwin  10-27-1995 ONE
Phillips, Robert Burton 4/27/2005 HDR
Phillips, Ronald Gaylen 04-21-2003 ONE
Phillips, Roy Joe 08-29-1994 HDR
Phillips, Roy Joe 08-30-1994 HDR
Phillips, Roy Joe  08-29-1994 ONE
Phillips, S. Alwyn 08-18-1998 HDR
Phillips, S. Alwyn 08-19-1998 HDR
Phillips, Sam (Sun Records founder, Memphis, TN) 08-01-2003 HDR
Phillips, Samuel “Bill” Wood  08-27-2000 HDR
Phillips, Terry Lee 12-10-1998 HDR
Phillips, Thomas William (veteran) 01-14-1994 HDR
Phillips, Tim (Page 3A) 09-02-1996 HDR
Phillips, Tommy D.  04-03-2003 ONE
Phillips, Tommy Darren  04-03-2003 HDR
Phillips, Virginia Weaver 04-28-2001 HDR
Phillips, Virginia Weaver  04-26-2001 HDR
Phillips, Vivian Arlean Turner 10-20-1997 ONE
Phillips, Vivian Arleen Turner 10-20-1997 HDR
Phillips, Wanda Canterbury 01-04-2000 HDR
Phillips, Zelma Walker  2/1/2005 HDR
Phillpotts, William Bernard 02-09-1996 HDR
Phillps, R. J. 02-04-1996 HDR
Philyah, Kenneth William Jr.  (Page 1) 07-08-1999 ONE
Philyaw, Amy Hallyburton Arney  07-09-2002 HDR
Philyaw, Barbara Stokes 10-21-2001 HDR
Philyaw, Barbara Stokes 10-22-2001 ONE
Philyaw, Barbara Stokes  10-20-2001 HDR
Philyaw, Barbara Stokes  10-19-2001 ONE
Philyaw, Betty  05-02-1997 HDR
Philyaw, Billy Ray 03-11-1999 HDR
Philyaw, Bobby Junior  05-21-2002 HDR
Philyaw, Dora Faye 3/5/2005 HDR
Philyaw, Everette Eugene 6/23/2005 HDR
Philyaw, Floyd Pinkney 05-07-1993 HDR
Philyaw, Floyd Pinkney 05-08-1993 HDR
Philyaw, Hazel Coleen 01-17-2001 HDR
Philyaw, James Leo  05-28-1997 HDR
Philyaw, Jerry Brian 4/21/2005 HDR
Philyaw, Kenneth William (Page 3A) 07-09-1999 HDR
Philyaw, Kenneth William Jr. 07-09-1999 HDR
Philyaw, Martha Etta Barnett 03-25-2000 HDR
Philyaw, Mary Ellen Coffey 10/15/2005 HDR
Philyaw, Meady Beatrice 03-14-1994 HDR
Philyaw, Richard A. 04-23-1998 HDR
Philyaw, Toye Greene  09-04-1996 HDR
Philyaw, Wesley Ralph  03-24-1997 HDR
Phinx, Barbara Jean Edwards 4/30/2005 HDR
Phinx, Mitchell S. (Page 3A) 10-12-1998 HDR
Phipers, Todd 02-14-1999 HDR
Phipps, E. Thomas "Tommy" Jr. 04-11-2001 HDR
Phipps, E. Thomas "Tommy" Jr. 04-11-2001 ONE
Phipps, Elza Gene  10-13-2001 HDR
Phipps, Elza Gene  10-15-2001 ONE
Phipps, Garland 11-16-1999 ONE
Phipps, Garland 11-15-1999 ONE
Phipps, Garland  11-16-1999 HDR
Phipps, Grace Elizabeth Little 09-24-1999 HDR
Phipps, Lee Gray  07-15-1996 HDR
Phipps, Lee Gray  07-16-1996 HDR
Phoenix, Fred H.  06-03-2002 HDR
Phoenix, Hattie Helen Bailey Mauney 11-01-2003 HDR
Phronebarger, Mary Rendleman 09-18-2001 HDR
Phronebarger, Price Samuel 06-14-1997 HDR
Phronebarger, Price Samuel  06-13-1997 HDR
Piaget, Gerald  04-20-1997 HDR
Piaski, Iris Humphrey 04-01-1997 HDR
Pickard, Aldine McCrary "Mac" 08-29-1999 HDR
Pickel, Carl Eugene  12-08-1993 HDR
Pickel, Carl Eugene  12-09-1993 HDR
Pickel, Carl Eugene  12-08-1993 ONE
Pickel, Carl Eugene  12-09-1993 ONE
Pickel, Lester Roy 10-08-1999 HDR
Pickel, Lester Roy 10-08-1999 ONE
Pickens, Beatrice Rebecca Winters 01-24-1998 HDR
Pickens, Beatrice Rebecca Winters 01-23-1998 ONE
Pickering, Edward Sir (former executive vice chairman of Times Newspapers) 08-09-2003 HDR
Pickett, Walter M. Jr. Former CT Superior Court Judge (Page 2A) 04-22-2000 HDR
Picklesimer, Brenda Joyce 5/24/2005 HDR
Picklesimer, Brenda Joyce 5/24/2005 ONE
Picklesimer, Edward Jackson Jr. 04-06-1996 HDR
Picklesimer, Mildred Arthur 06-13-1996 HDR
Picton, Elna Strandberg 1/8/2005 HDR
Piecuch, John Walter 07-28-1997 ONE
Piecuch, John Walter  07-26-1997 HDR
Piecuch, Nell Inez Hefner 12-28-1996 HDR
Piecuch, Nell Inez Hefner  12-30-1996 ONE
Pierce, Addie Lucille  09-28-1993 HDR
Pierce, Anthony Wayne 09-30-1996 ONE
Pierce, Anthony Wayne  09-30-1996 HDR
Pierce, Anthony Wayne  09-29-1996 HDR
Pierce, Charles  06-07-1999 HDR
Pierce, Charles R. 08-24-2000 HDR
Pierce, Cora Madelynn Browning 06-14-1999 HDR
Pierce, Frances "Penny" 10/25/2005 ONE
Pierce, Frances "Penny" 10/26/2005 ONE
Pierce, Frances "Penny"  10/26/2005 HDR
Pierce, George Candos 09-18-1996 HDR
Pierce, Graydon Luther  09-28-1993 HDR
Pierce, Graydon Luther  09-29-1993 HDR
Pierce, John Robert 04-15-2001 HDR
Pierce, Lillie Mae Boughman 11-07-1996 HDR
Pierce, Madelyn Stokes  11/12/2005 HDR
Pierce, Matthew Tristian Dallas 02-23-1996 HDR
Pierce, Matthew Tristian Dallas 02-21-1996 HDR
Pierce, Nancy Ree Miss 9/12/2005 HDR
Pierce, Nelson Wayne  09-08-1994 HDR
Pierce, Nelson Wayne  09-08-1994 ONE
Pierce, Patricia Ann 03-22-1996 ONE
Pierce, Patricia Ann  03-23-1996 HDR
Pierce, Patricia Ann  03-22-1996 HDR
Pierce, Robert Reed (veteran) 01-25-1994 HDR
Pierce, Ronald Earl 6/13/2005 HDR
Pierce, Ronald Lee 12-02-1994 HDR
Pierce, Ronald Lee 12-02-1994 ONE
Pierce, Rosetta Golden 07-25-1999 HDR
Pierce, Viola I.  07-31-1995 HDR
Pierce, Zula Inez Shook 5/23/2005 ONE
Pierce, Zula Inez Shook  5/22/2005 HDR
Piercy, Billy Ray  11-06-2002 HDR
Piercy, Blanche Elliott 05-17-1998 HDR
Piercy, Blanche Elliott 05-18-1998 ONE
Piercy, Carl Glen 04-13-1998 HDR
Piercy, Charles Junior 07-07-2003 HDR
Piercy, Charles Lynn 07-05-1994 HDR
Piercy, Charles Setzer  1/9/2004 ONE
Piercy, Christine Coffey  04-26-2002 HDR
Piercy, Dakota Austin 12-27-1999 ONE
Piercy, Dakota Austin (infant) 12-25-1999 HDR
Piercy, David “Babs” Edward 09-23-2000 HDR
Piercy, Edith Lindsay 3/2/2005 HDR
Piercy, Frank Raymond 08-16-1998 HDR
Piercy, Frank Raymond 08-21-1998 HDR
Piercy, Frank Raymond 08-20-1998 ONE
Piercy, Howard  09-17-1996 HDR
Piercy, Howard William 06-06-1997 HDR
Piercy, James William "Jim" 02-02-2000 HDR
Piercy, Lillian H.  1/3/2005 HDR
Piercy, Louise S.  12-10-1993 HDR
Piercy, Louise Spaulding 12-27-1993 HDR
Piercy, Louise Spaulding  12-11-1993 HDR
Piercy, Louise Spaulding  12-13-1993 ONE
Piercy, Louise Spaulding  12-27-1993 ONE
Piercy, Mabel  03-21-1993 HDR
Piercy, Mabel Hurley 03-22-1993 HDR
Piercy, Myrtle S. 12-06-1999 HDR
Piercy, Myrtle S. 12-07-1999 HDR
Piercy, Pearlie Price  09-05-2002 HDR
Piercy, Pinkney Jackson  02-22-2002 HDR
Piercy, Robert "Steve"  12-08-1994 HDR
Piercy, Robert Lee (veteran) 04-06-1994 HDR
Piercy, Roger Lynn 07-12-1999 HDR
Piercy, Sanford "Sam" Sr. 04-04-1999 HDR
Piercy, Thomas Jefferson 07-17-2003 HDR
Piercy, Vernon Lee 02-27-1998 HDR
Pierre-Bloch, Jean  03-20-1999 HDR
Pierson, George W. (authority on Alexis de Tocqueville) 10-16-1993 HDR
Pierson, Larry Pastor (Montana) 8/28/2005 HDR
Pierson, Linda Prue Smith  01-17-2003 HDR
Pierson, Olof P. (inventor of the frozen french fry) 11-07-1993 HDR
Pierzchalski, Sylvester  09-26-2002 HDR
Pietrangeli, Carlo (archaeologist) 06-25-1995 HDR
Pigford, Raymond Clifton 12-13-1997 HDR
Pigford, Raymond Clifton 12-12-1997 ONE
Pigford, Raymond Clifton 12-11-1997 ONE
Pigford, Raymond Clifton  12-12-1997 HDR
Pigg, Shirley M. 05-18-1995 ONE
Pigg, Shirley M.  05-18-1995 HDR
Pike, Cleaver 02-04-1994 HDR
Pike, Clever 02-05-1994 HDR
Pike, Freddie Junior  3/15/2004 ONE
Pike, Lewis Arnold 06-26-2000 HDR
Pike, Louise Flowers 03-12-1998 ONE
Pike, Marvin R. 04-24-2001 HDR
Pike, Robert E. (author & historian) 08-17-1997 HDR
Pike, Robert E. (logging historian) 08-14-1997 HDR
Pike, Thomas P. (industrialist)  08-04-1993 HDR
Pilatus, Rob 04-06-1998 HDR
Pilkenton, Atha Livingston 11-09-2001 HDR
Pilkenton, Charles Rell 01-16-2000 HDR
Pilkenton, Della Mae Hartley 07-07-2000 HDR
Pilkenton, James Clifford 07-27-1996 HDR
Pilkenton, Lillie Colene Richards  08-11-2002 HDR
Pilkenton, Oscar Ford  10-09-2001 HDR
Pilkington, Roger (sailing enthusiast/author) 05-26-2003 HDR
Pillai, Rajan (Asian snack food magnate) 07-15-1995 HDR
Pilley, Ronald Lee  4/17/2005 HDR
Pilling, Charles 10-30-2001 HDR
Pilson, John Albert 08-30-1998 HDR
Pilson, John Albert 09-02-1998 HDR
Pilson, John Alberty 08-31-1998 HDR
Pilson, John Alberty 08-31-1998 ONE
Piltz, Klaus (head of Veba AG) 04-15-1993 HDR
Pinay, Antoine (102 yoa) (prime minister France) 12-16-1994 HDR
Pinckney, Paul W. 08-12-1999 HDR
Pinfold, Ivy  03-22-2001 HDR
Pinion, Elenora Wagner 04-29-1997 HDR
Pinion, Thomas Adore  05-27-2001 HDR
Pinkham, Martha Davidson Goldwire Fellows  06-05-2001 HDR
Pinkston, David Michael  07-31-1995 HDR
Pinnix, Jean Beaver  03-06-2001 HDR
Pinnix, William Clay  02-12-1993 HDR
Pinson, Herman Jefferson 11-21-1994 HDR
Pinson, James Cornelius 03-12-2000 HDR
Pinson, Patsy Angley 2/18/2005 HDR
Pinson, Robert Carl  02-21-2002 HDR
Pinson, Vada (baseball player) 10-23-1995 HDR
Pinter, Leon Shuirll  07-27-2002 HDR
Piore, Emanuel R. Dr. (physicist) 05-15-2000 HDR
Pious, Donald A. 09-29-1998 HDR
Pipes, Ben S. (Page 9A) 08-10-1999 HDR
Pipes, Charles Edward Sr. 04-30-1996 HDR
Pipes, Daisy Bumgarner  03-08-2001 HDR
Pipes, Juanita 02-09-1998 HDR
Pipes, Mary Carlisle  10-31-2003 HDR
Pipes, Michael James 5/20/2005 HDR
Pipes, Norman Cecil 02-13-1997 HDR
Pipes, Ola Kirby 11-17-1995 HDR
Pipes, Susan Elizabeth  03-06-1995 HDR
Pipes, William Clyde  11-07-2002 HDR
Pipkin, Lester E. 12-10-2001 HDR
Pippin, Elise Lucette Obrien  08-12-2001 HDR
Pippin, Elise Lucette O'Brien  08-13-2001 ONE
Pippin, Harmon Jackson "Jack" Sr. 06-07-2000 HDR
Pippin, Harmon Jackson "Jack" Sr. 06-08-2000 HDR
Pippin, Harmon Jackson "Jack" Sr. 06-07-2000 ONE
Pippin, Inez Jackson 06-01-1994 HDR
Piscator, Maria Ley (101 yoa) 10-26-1999 HDR
Pisel, Wayne Robert 1/21/2005 HDR
Pistolis, Kathryn Nichole 10-25-1999 ONE
Pitfield, Thomas (composer) 12-06-1999 HDR
Pitman, Charles Pender 03-05-2000 HDR
Pitman, Charles Pender  03-04-2000 HDR
Pitman, Dorothy Burgess  03-26-2002 HDR
Pitman, Dura Virgil 09-05-1996 HDR
Pitman, Dura Virgil  09-04-1996 HDR
Pitman, Dura Virgil  09-06-1996 HDR
Pitman, George Washington 03-12-1996 HDR
Pitman, George Washington 03-12-1996 ONE
Pitman, Grant Alexander 10-23-2003 HDR
Pitman, Grant Alexander  10-24-2003 HDR
Pitman, Jack 02-05-1996 ONE
Pitman, Jack  02-06-1996 HDR
Pitman, Kate B.  08-10-2003 HDR
Pitman, Kevin Lewis  9/20/2005 HDR
Pitman, Kevin Lewis  10/21/2005 HDR
Pitman, Lela Mae Geouge 01-21-1994 HDR
Pitman, Lewis Dexter 09-18-1999 HDR
Pitt, Lord (Grenadan immigrant) 12-19-1994 HDR
Pittenger, Norman (priest) 07-03-1997 HDR
Pittman, Aileane 12-15-2001 HDR
Pittman, Aileane (died 1990) 11-27-2001 HDR
Pittman, Atlas Harrell 02-04-1999 HDR
Pittman, Bertha B. 01-27-1994 HDR
Pittman, Charles William "Bill" 12-31-1998 HDR
Pittman, Charles William "Bill" 01-01-1999 HDR
Pittman, Charles William "Bill" 01-01-1999 ONE
Pittman, David Anderson  01-17-1993 HDR
Pittman, Elizabeth Davis 04-11-1998 HDR
Pittman, Ethel Ollis  02-27-2003 HDR
Pittman, Glen 06-21-1998 HDR
Pittman, J. T. Claude 05-21-1996 ONE
Pittman, J. T. Claude  05-21-1996 HDR
Pittman, Jessie Ray 07-05-2001 HDR
Pittman, Kathleen Buchanan  05-29-2001 HDR
Pittman, Kathryn McKinney 12-08-1998 ONE
Pittman, Larry Wade  12-26-1993 HDR
Pittman, Larry Wade  12-27-1993 ONE
Pittman, Martha Wright 01-01-1993 ONE
Pittman, Martha Wright  01-01-1993 HDR
Pittman, Ted William 06-28-2002 ONE
Pittman, Ted William  06-28-2002 HDR
Pittman, Tee Gosnell 01-02-2001 HDR
Pittman, Tee Gosnell 01-02-2001 ONE
Pittman, Thelma Caskey 10-16-1994 HDR
Pittman, Trent 09-10-1996 HDR
Pittman, Trent Reginald  09-12-1996 HDR
Pittman, Virginia Bartlett 03-14-2001 HDR
Pittman, William Harold “Bill”  06-13-2000 HDR
Pitts, Abel Riggan 11-11-2001 HDR
Pitts, Betty Abernathy 03-25-2000 HDR
Pitts, Betty Abernathy 03-24-2000 ONE
Pitts, Billie  04-27-1993 HDR
Pitts, Billie  04-27-1993 ONE
Pitts, Blanche Leophard 06-08-1994 HDR
Pitts, Carl Roy  11-04-2002 HDR
Pitts, Carl Roy  11-04-2002 ONE
Pitts, Charles Monroe 01-04-1995 HDR
Pitts, Charles Monroe 12-23-1994 HDR
Pitts, Charles Monroe 12-26-1994 HDR
Pitts, Chassidy Chane  06-27-1993 HDR
Pitts, Clarence William Sr. 03-22-1997 HDR
Pitts, Claude "Buck" 12-12-1998 HDR
Pitts, Claude "Buck" 12-14-1998 ONE
Pitts, Donna Whitner 01-29-1997 HDR
Pitts, Donna Whitner 01-29-1997 ONE
Pitts, Earl Andrew 01-19-1995 HDR
Pitts, Earl Andrew 01-20-1995 HDR
Pitts, Earl Andrew 01-22-1995 HDR
Pitts, Earl Andrew  01-23-1995 HDR
Pitts, Edward Lee 10-27-1996 HDR
Pitts, Elijah 07-13-1998 HDR
Pitts, Ernest Glenn 06-30-1997 HDR
Pitts, Frank Monroe Jr.  3/30/2005 HDR
Pitts, George Nolen Jr. 12-13-2003 HDR
Pitts, H. Preston Jr. 05-24-2000 HDR
Pitts, Harrison Conrad Jr.  07-30-1995 HDR
Pitts, Helen Drum 12/11/2005 HDR
Pitts, Horace Edward Rev. 06-20-1999 HDR
Pitts, Horace Edward Rev. 06-19-1999 HDR
Pitts, Jimmy Ray  09-17-2003 HDR
Pitts, Joan I. 09-15-1999 ONE
Pitts, Joan I. 09-14-1999 ONE
Pitts, Lillian R. 11-18-1998 HDR
Pitts, Lois Geneva  Bolick 07-08-1997 HDR
Pitts, Lois Geneva Bolick 07-08-1997 ONE
Pitts, Lois Moores  12-31-2003 HDR
Pitts, Lola Icenhour 04-12-1997 HDR
Pitts, Mary  01-28-2003 HDR
Pitts, Mary Elizabeth Christopher  01-29-2003 HDR
Pitts, Milton (hair stylist to Republican Presidents) 12-29-1994 HDR
Pitts, Nellie Styles 07-19-2002 ONE
Pitts, Nellie Styles  07-20-2002 HDR
Pitts, Noah Odas Jr. 03-03-1998 HDR
Pitts, Norman Everette 04-15-1994 HDR
Pitts, Norman Everette  04-15-1994 ONE
Pitts, Norman Everette  04-18-1994 ONE
Pitts, Norman Everette (veteran) 04-16-1994 HDR
Pitts, Priscilla Elizabeth  01-23-1999 HDR
Pitts, Rebecca Vernona Lingle  10-29-1995 HDR
Pitts, Robert Theodore  04-08-2001 HDR
Pitts, Robert Theodore  03-26-1993 HDR
Pitts, Vada Marcellia Whisnant 05-13-1999 HDR
Pitts, Vada Marcellia Whisnant 05-13-1999 ONE
Pitzer, Kenneth S.  12-28-1997 HDR
Pixley, Robert Anthony "Tony" 08-30-1999 HDR
Pixley, Robert Anthony "Tony" 08-29-1999 HDR
Pixley, Robert Anthony "Tony" 08-30-1999 ONE
Pixley, Sharon D.  2/16/2004 ONE
Plaster, Donald C. Sr. 11-13-1998 HDR
Plaster, Samuel Aubrey 09-06-1996 ONE
Plaster, Samuel Aubrey  09-07-1996 HDR
Plato, Dana 05-10-1999 HDR
Plaut, James Sach  01-16-1996 HDR
Player, Willa (former president of Bennett College) 08-29-2003 HDR
Player, Willis  01-02-1995 HDR
Player, Willis  01-03-1995 HDR
Pledge, Franklin 09-16-2002 HDR
Pledge, Minnie Viola Bennett 08-18-1999 HDR
Pledger, Willie "Bill" Roy 11-30-1996 HDR
Plemmer, Walter 08-28-2000 HDR
Plemmons, Eva Leonhardt 06-18-2001 HDR
Plemmons, Harold Floyd 7/6/2005 HDR
Plemmons, Leona Mae Poovey  10-25-2001 HDR
Plemmons, Pauline Fox  08-29-2000 HDR
Plemmons, William Harry Jr. 04-16-2001 HDR
Plemmons, William Harry Sr.  10-30-1995 HDR
Pless, Amanda Glass 05-30-1994 ONE
Pless, Amanda Glass  05-30-1994 HDR
Pless, Everett Irvin 07-23-1997 HDR
Pless, Everett Irvin 07-23-1997 ONE
Pless, Francis Hugh 09-29-1999 HDR
Pless, Horace Talmadge Jr. 11-26-2001 HDR
Pless, Mary Rucker 06-23-1999 HDR
Pless, Pearl Sigmon 11-20-2003 ONE
Pless, Pearl Sigmon  11-19-2003 HDR
Pless, Pearl Sigmon  11-20-2003 HDR
Plewa, John Sen. (Wisconsin)  09-16-1995 HDR
Plichta, Warren Eugene  05-18-2001 HDR
Plitt, Henry G. (businessman - Plitt Theatres) 01-28-1993 HDR
Ploch, Henry (computer consultant/art and innovations collector) 06-30-2003 HDR
Plonk, Hal (Goldsboro Mayor) 12-30-2001 HDR
Plott, Carl Vernon 03-26-1993 HDR
Plotz, Helen Ratnoff (compiler/editor) 04-11-2000 HDR
Plude, LeRoy E. Sr. 01-16-1999 HDR
Plumb, John Sir 10-23-2001 HDR
Plumley, Adam Jacob  02-06-2001 HDR
Plumley, Adam Jacob  02-07-2001 HDR
Plumley, Donna Gail Bias 07-13-1998 HDR
Plumley, Donna Gail Bias 07-14-1998 ONE
Plumley, Donna Gail Bias  07-14-1998 HDR
Plummer, Charles Robert  04-29-2002 HDR
Plunkett, Roy J. chemist--discoverer of Teflon) 05-14-1994 HDR
Plyer, Mary McManus 12-28-1999 ONE
Plyler, Charles "Pete" 02-28-1994 HDR
Plyler, Dokie Hunsinger 06-17-1999 HDR
Plyler, Dokie Hunsinger Mrs. 06-17-1999 ONE
Poarch Douglas  09-28-2001 HDR
Poarch, Alvis Walser  03-13-1995 HDR
Poarch, Brenda Gail 6/29/2005 HDR
Poarch, Carolyn Whisnant 04-03-1999 HDR
Poarch, Conrad L. 06-23-1993 HDR
Poarch, Conrad Larry 06-25-1993 HDR
Poarch, Donald S. 03-27-1998 HDR
Poarch, Enola Irene  03-22-1996 HDR
Poarch, Eva Mae Icenhower 1/25/2005 HDR
Poarch, Horace Lee "Hawk" 01-21-2000 HDR
Poarch, James Francis  10/9/2005 HDR
Poarch, James Fred  03-30-2001 HDR
Poarch, Jean Childers  5/10/2005 HDR
Poarch, Jesse E. 05-18-2000 HDR
Poarch, Johnny Monroe 11/13/2005 HDR
Poarch, Kevin Lynn 4/10/2005 HDR
Poarch, Kevin Lynn 4/11/2005 HDR
Poarch, Marie Robinson  09-29-2000 HDR
Poarch, Marvin Ertle 11-08-2000 HDR
Poarch, Mary Lou Ellen Hamby 03-08-2000 HDR
Poarch, Mary Lou Ellen Hamby 03-08-2000 ONE
Poarch, McDonald  05-11-1994 HDR
Poarch, McDonald  05-12-1994 HDR
Poarch, Nancy America Estes 11-24-1995 HDR
Poarch, Paul Douglas 09-27-2001 ONE
Poarch, Paul Douglas 09-28-2001 ONE
Poarch, Paul Douglas  09-28-2001 HDR
Poarch, Pauline P. 09-06-1997 HDR
Poarch, Ralph O. 03-17-1998 HDR
Poarch, Ruby Louise Hollar Mrs. 4/4/2005 HDR
Poarch, Shaver 3/9/2005 HDR
Poarch, Walter Emmett 09-18-2003 HDR
Poarch, William Arnold  06-28-2002 HDR
Poarch, Zora Suzanne 04-05-1994 HDR
Podell, Bertram (former U.S. Rep.--NY) 8/20/2005 HDR
Podges, Clare Jean 03-20-2000 HDR
Poe, Annie Flowers 01-03-1994 HDR
Poe, Edgar Allen 08-18-1998 HDR
Poe, Jean H.  5/11/2005 HDR
Poe, Jean Howard 5/11/2005 ONE
Poe, John Alexander Sr. Rev. 05-05-1996 HDR
Poe, John Alexander Sr. Rev. 05-06-1996 ONE
Poe, Quincy  09-19-1995 HDR
Poe, Quincy Albert 09-20-1995 HDR
Poe, Zelda Killian 11-05-1998 HDR
Poe, Zelda Killian 11-06-1998 HDR
Poehler, Mildred Marcella Pierpont 12-22-2001 HDR
Poff, Mag (reporter) 06-14-1997 HDR
Pogson, Frank 10-12-1998 HDR
Pogue, Forrest Carlisle  10-08-1996 HDR
Pogue, Forrest Carlisle  10-07-1996 HDR
Poher, Alain 12-10-1996 HDR
Pohlig, Ann Harrison Whaley  7/9/2004 ONE
Poindexter, Arthur Ret. Col. 01-09-2000 HDR
Poindexter, Arthur Ret. Col. 01-18-2000 HDR
Poindexter, Eulalia Crapps  01-26-2001 HDR
Poindexter, Robert Lee Jr. Rev. (retired Methodist minister) 03-19-1994 HDR
Poindexter, Robert Lee Jr. Rev. (retired Methodist minister) 03-22-1994 HDR
Point, Manuel Joseph Jr. 06-27-2000 HDR
Poire, Alain 01-19-2000 HDR
Pokas, Cal 01-12-2000 HDR
Polacek, Adam G. "Bud" 08-23-1998 HDR
Poland, Cameron 03-24-1994 HDR
Poland, Cameron Pearson 03-25-1994 HDR
Polidor, Gus (baseball player) 04-29-1995 HDR
Polito, Michael Mr. 07-03-2002 HDR
Polito, Michael Mr. 07-04-2002 HDR
Polk, Darlene Shew 03-27-1999 HDR
Polk, Judy Darlene Shew 03-28-1999 HDR
Polk, Lee (director) 02-22-1993 HDR
Polk, Oma Louise Page 07-22-1994 HDR
Polk, Oma Louise Page 07-23-1994 HDR
Polk, Oma Louise Page  07-22-1994 ONE
Polk, Oma Louise Page  07-25-1994 ONE
Pollack, James B. (planetary scientist) 06-15-1994 HDR
Pollack, John Merrill Rev. 09-15-1998 HDR
Pollack, Nicholas Andrew 02-24-1999 HDR
Pollack, Nicholas H. 02-23-1999 HDR
Pollak, Oren David 12-02-1998 HDR
Pollard, Bill A.  03-16-1993 HDR
Pollard, Bill A.  03-17-1993 HDR
Pollard, Felix Richard Sr. Ret. Lt. Cmdr.  05-10-2003 HDR
Pollard, Mary Lee Houck 8/23/2005 HDR
Pollard, Mary Sue McGalliard  12-15-1995 HDR
Pollard, Ralph Columbus Sr. 11-22-1999 HDR
Pollard, Ralph Columbus Sr. 11-22-1999 ONE
Polley, Victor  07-17-1995 HDR
Pollina, Antonio Domenick (100 yoa) (Mafia) 03-05-1993 HDR
Pollock, Herbert C. 12-03-2000 HDR
Pollock, Jerry Rhyne 07-08-2003 ONE
Pollock, Jerry Rhyne  07-09-2003 HDR
Polson, Arvenda  05-21-2003 HDR
Polson, Arvenda  05-23-2003 HDR
Polson, Arvenda  05-23-2003 ONE
Polyakov, Eugene  11-05-1996 HDR
Pompey, Jay Rev.  02-23-1993 HDR
Pompey, Mabel Horton 7/7/2005 HDR
Pompey, Walter Lee 09-06-1997 HDR
Pompey, Walter Lee 09-09-1997 HDR
Pompilio, Daniel 04-14-1998 HDR
Ponce, Juan Garcia (art critic, translator, and novelist) 12-30-2003 HDR
Ponder, Joe  06-02-2002 HDR
Ponder, Zeno 11-28-1994 HDR
Pons, Ada Odette 09-05-1998 HDR
Pons, Ada Odette  09-04-1998 HDR
Pons, Agnes Zora Young 06-10-2001 HDR
Pons, Arnaldo Albert  "A. Trigger" 12-08-1997 HDR
Pons, Charles Henry 02-09-1996 HDR
Pons, Donnie Singleton  03-11-1993 HDR
Pons, Donnie Singleton  03-19-1993 HDR
Pons, Edna Abee Mrs.  05-10-2003 HDR
Pons, Essic Devinney 02-28-1998 HDR
Pons, Frederic H. "Dick" Sr.  11-28-1993 HDR
Pons, Gloria Melissa Grill 09-25-2001 HDR
Pons, Helen Pascal Mrs. 3/2/2005 HDR
Pons, Helen Rhea  09-17-2002 HDR
Pons, Jack J. 12-17-1996 HDR
Pons, Jeannette P.  01-05-2002 HDR
Pons, John C. 01-18-1998 HDR
Pons, John Thomas 04-14-2001 HDR
Pons, June Kathryn Harrison 1/28/2005 HDR
Pons, Margaret Poe  05-11-2002 HDR
Pons, Margaret S.  02-26-2003 HDR
Pons, Mark Alton 04-03-2000 HDR
Pons, Rachel B.  11-22-1993 HDR
Pons, Rachel Belle 11-23-1993 HDR
Pons, Walter 05-02-1998 HDR
Pons, William Francis Jr. 06-21-1998 HDR
Pontikes, Kenneth N. (president of Comdisco, Inc.) 06-25-1994 HDR
Pontrelli, Bernice (costume designer) 07-29-1993 HDR
Ponzo, Marjory 12-26-1994 HDR
Poog, Marlene "Maliyah" Tendoy 03-30-2000 HDR
Poole, Alice R.  03-02-2002 HDR
Poole, Alice Robinette 03-31-2001 HDR
Poole, Angie Watts 03-30-1998 ONE
Poole, Brent (Page 8A) (NC woman accused...) 11-06-1999 HDR
Poole, Clyde Dewey "C. D." Rev. 03-15-2001 HDR
Poole, Daniel Ray 09-02-1994 ONE
Poole, Daniel Ray 09-05-1994 ONE
Poole, Daniel Ray  09-02-1994 HDR
Poole, Daniel Ray  09-03-1994 HDR
Poole, Evelyn Hayden 5/28/2005 HDR
Poole, Evelyn Warren 06-27-2003 HDR
Poole, Harlie 11/2/2004 ONE
Poole, Horace Johnson 7/12/2005 HDR
Poole, Julia Lee Kilgore  04-29-1997 HDR
Poole, Kathryn Arlene Farthing 03-06-1998 HDR
Poole, Lawrence Taylor 02-03-1993 HDR
Poole, Leroy  "Jack" 11-29-1995 HDR
Poole, Marcus 08-30-1993 HDR
Poole, Marcus Antonia  09-01-1993 HDR
Poole, Margaret Lawson Martin 12-13-2002 ONE
Poole, Margaret Lawson Martin  12-14-2002 HDR
Poole, Mettie Lee 10/31/2005 ONE
Poole, Mettie Lee  10/29/2005 HDR
Poole, Mettie Lee  10/30/2005 HDR
Poole, Myrtle Louise Sipe 07-09-1997 HDR
Poole, Myrtle Louise Sipe 07-09-1997 ONE
Poole, Naomi Haney 12-05-1994 ONE
Poole, Naomi Haney  12-05-1994 HDR
Poole, Noah Keith  01-19-2003 HDR
Poole, Richard Dean 05-22-2000 HDR
Poole, Richard Dean 05-22-2000 ONE
Poole, Robert Louis 12-04-1999 HDR
Poole, Roderick  05-07-1993 HDR
Poole, Roderick  05-09-1993 HDR
Poole, Ronald Gene 04-22-2000 HDR
Poole, Ruby 01-04-1994 HDR
Poole, Russell 08-05-1997 HDR
Poole, Russell 07-31-1997 ONE
Poole, Russell 08-01-1997 ONE
Poole, Russell  08-01-1997 HDR
Poole, Ted Richard 06-04-1998 HDR
Poole, Wanda Trivette 2/4/2005 HDR
Poole, William Linto 06-20-1997 HDR
Pooley, Leslie C.  06-08-2002 HDR
Poor, John  10-08-1995 HDR
Poore, Charles Mack  11-23-1993 HDR
Poore, Charles W. 04-12-2000 HDR
Poore, Evelyn Loven  01-10-1996 HDR
Poore, Lillian  06-16-2001 HDR
Poore, Phyllis Diane Spencer 09-22-2003 ONE
Poore, Phyllis Diane Spencer 09-24-2003 ONE
Poore, Phyllis Diane Spencer  09-20-2003 HDR
Poore, Ruth Branch Reep 02-04-1999 HDR
Poovey Randy Lee 03-27-2001 HDR
Poovey, Ashley Nicole  01-19-2002 HDR
Poovey, Betty  09-29-1996 HDR
Poovey, Betty Jean Killian 10-01-1996 HDR
Poovey, Betty Jean Killian 09-30-1996 HDR
Poovey, Bobby Lee 01-30-1998 HDR
Poovey, Charles "Lynn" 05-09-2003 HDR
Poovey, Charles "Lynn" 05-09-2003 ONE
Poovey, Charles Ervin 11-09-2000 HDR
Poovey, Charles Ervin 11-08-2000 ONE
Poovey, Charles Ervin  11-09-2000 ONE
Poovey, Charlie A. 07-05-1994 ONE
Poovey, Charlie A.  07-05-1994 HDR
Poovey, Clyde E. 05-03-1998 HDR
Poovey, Clyde E. 05-04-1998 HDR
Poovey, Darin Lee 12-29-2003 ONE
Poovey, Darin Lee  12-28-2003 HDR
Poovey, David R.  08-04-1995 HDR
Poovey, Ellen Davidson 12-11-1997 HDR
Poovey, Ellen Davidson 12-10-1997 ONE
Poovey, Estelle Propst 06-05-2000 HDR
Poovey, Estelle Propst 06-05-2000 ONE
Poovey, Flossie 04-09-1996 ONE
Poovey, Flossie Travis McCrary 04-10-1996 HDR
Poovey, Flossie Travis McCrary 04-10-1996 ONE
Poovey, George Lee 09-12-1995 HDR
Poovey, George Lee  09-12-1995 ONE
Poovey, Gomer Lail  11-25-1994 HDR
Poovey, Gus Eugene  01-17-1993 HDR
Poovey, Gus Eugene  01-18-1993 ONE
Poovey, Hubert Rowe 06-05-1995 ONE
Poovey, Hubert Rowe  06-05-1995 HDR
Poovey, James Derek 09-30-1999 HDR
Poovey, James Derek 09-30-1999 ONE
Poovey, James Lee 08-13-1995 HDR
Poovey, James Lee 08-14-1995 HDR
Poovey, James Lee 08-14-1995 ONE
Poovey, Jessie Triplett  07-13-2002 HDR
Poovey, Junius Guy Jr. 03-26-1997 HDR
Poovey, Laura Heavner 9/14/2005 HDR
Poovey, Lillian "Rae" Hollar 11/1/2004 ONE
Poovey, Lucille Glasbrooks Reep  07-16-1993 HDR
Poovey, Margaret Louise Honeycutt 09-24-2001 ONE
Poovey, Margaret Louise Honeycutt  09-22-2001 HDR
Poovey, Myrtle Lee 11-08-1997 HDR
Poovey, Nevette Ural  11-24-1997 HDR
Poovey, Paul  11/30/2004 ONE
Poovey, Paul David 12/1/2004 ONE
Poovey, Paul Pinkney 04-16-2001 HDR
Poovey, Paul Pinkney Sr. 04-16-2001 ONE
Poovey, Paul Vernon 11-21-1995 HDR
Poovey, Paul Vernon  11-20-1995 HDR
Poovey, Pauline Carswell 1/4/2005 HDR
Poovey, Pauline Carswell 1/4/2005 ONE
Poovey, Pauline Elizabeth Carswell 1/5/2005 HDR
Poovey, Pauline Elizabeth Carswell 1/5/2005 ONE
Poovey, R.F. 03-03-1996 HDR
Poovey, Relta "Faye" 07-24-2001 HDR
Poovey, Rose Hilda Korn 11-05-2001 HDR
Poovey, Rose Hilda Korn 11-05-2001 ONE
Poovey, Rose Mae  07-18-1993 HDR
Poovey, Rose Mae  07-19-1993 ONE
Poovey, Ruby Ellen Myers  01-08-2001 HDR
Poovey, Ruth Amanda Baumgarner 10-18-1994 HDR
Poovey, S. Gertrude Graham 04-18-1994 HDR
Poovey, Sadie Gertrude Graham 04-19-1994 HDR
Poovey, Sally Jane Smith 01-15-1999 HDR
Poovey, Sally Jane Smith 01-15-1999 ONE
Poovey, Samuel David 12-28-2001 HDR
Poovey, Samuel David  12-28-2001 ONE
Poovey, Stacey  01-30-2001 HDR
Poovey, Terry Denise Lattimore 07-23-2001 ONE
Poovey, Terry Denise Lattimore  07-23-2001 HDR
Poovey, Thomas C. 6/7/2005 ONE
Poovey, Thomas C.  6/7/2005 HDR
Poovey, Thomas Craig 6/8/2005 HDR
Poovey, William "Bill" Edgar 04-22-2002 ONE
Poovey, William "Bill" Edgar  04-22-2002 HDR
Poovey, William B. Sr. 07-24-2002 HDR
Poovey, William Fred 04-23-2000 HDR
Poovey, William Fred 04-24-2000 ONE
Poovey, William Harold 02-20-1996 HDR
Poovey, William Lewis  01-25-1996 HDR
Pope,  Tate William 01-20-1994 HDR
Pope, Alice Annie Little 06-02-2001 HDR
Pope, Alice Arcelia Mays  01-01-2002 HDR
Pope, Andrew Bradley 01-25-1999 HDR
Pope, Andrew Bradley  01-25-1999 ONE
Pope, Bessie Mae Lane 01-27-2000 HDR
Pope, Bessie Mae Lane 01-26-2000 ONE
Pope, Betty Jean Kivett  06-06-1995 HDR
Pope, Betty Jo Sigmon 07-02-2002 ONE
Pope, Betty Jo Sigmon  07-03-2002 HDR
Pope, Billy Elmore 08-19-1995 HDR
Pope, Bonnie Newton 08-23-1998 HDR
Pope, Bonnie Newton 08-24-1998 HDR
Pope, Brice Eugene 03-12-1999 HDR
Pope, Brice Eugene 03-13-1999 HDR
Pope, Brice Eugene 03-11-1999 ONE
Pope, Brice Eugene 03-12-1999 ONE
Pope, Burley Branton 03-08-1993 HDR
Pope, Carlos E.  12-13-1995 HDR
Pope, Carlos E.  12-14-1995 HDR
Pope, Carlos E.  12-13-1995 ONE
Pope, Carrie Beth 01-04-2001 ONE
Pope, Carrie Beth 01-02-2001 ONE
Pope, Carrie Beth  01-03-2001 HDR
Pope, Carrie Beth  01-03-2001 ONE
Pope, Casey  07-08-1996 HDR
Pope, Charles Thad  11-09-1996 HDR
Pope, Christopher Tyler (infant) 11-02-1993 HDR
Pope, Christopher Tyler (infant) 11-02-1993 ONE
Pope, Clinton Stratford  07-23-2003 HDR
Pope, Clyde Eugene  10-05-1998 HDR
Pope, Clyde Eugene  10-05-1998 ONE
Pope, Dale Tyler  03-25-2001 HDR
Pope, Danny 06-14-2000 ONE
Pope, Danny Fletcher 06-15-2000 HDR
Pope, Danny Fletcher 06-15-2000 ONE
Pope, David E.  10-18-1995 HDR
Pope, David E.  10-18-1995 ONE
Pope, David Scott  04-19-2002 HDR
Pope, Dera Crawford  03-15-1993 ONE
Pope, Earl Willard  08-30-1993 HDR
Pope, Earl Willard  08-31-1993 HDR
Pope, Earl Willard  08-30-1993 ONE
Pope, Edith Hoke  05-01-2002 HDR
Pope, Edith Hoke  04-30-2002 ONE
Pope, Edith Killian  01-28-2003 HDR
Pope, Edith Killian  01-28-2003 ONE
Pope, Edith Whitener 06-03-1993 HDR
Pope, Edna H.  09-28-1994 HDR
Pope, Edna H.  09-28-1994 ONE
Pope, Edward Ransome "Bill" Sr. 09-25-1995 ONE
Pope, Edward Ransome "Bill" Sr.  09-25-1995 HDR
Pope, Edwin Earl  08-25-1994 HDR
Pope, Edwin Earl  08-26-1994 HDR
Pope, Elizabeth Alice Abernathy 07-17-2000 HDR
Pope, Elizabeth Alice Abernethy  07-17-2000 ONE
Pope, Elizabeth Danelle  11-22-2003 HDR
Pope, Elizabeth Danelle  11-23-2003 HDR
Pope, Elizabeth Pitts  12-03-2000 HDR
Pope, Elizabeth Pitts  12-02-2000 HDR
Pope, Elizabeth Pitts  12-04-2000 ONE
Pope, Elsie Best  12/23/2004 ONE
Pope, Ernest Leonard 01-25-1997 HDR
Pope, Forrest Eugene  07-10-2002 HDR
Pope, Forrest Eugene  07-09-2002 ONE
Pope, Forrest Eugene  07-10-2002 ONE
Pope, Fred R.  4/24/2005 HDR
Pope, Fred R.  4/25/2005 HDR
Pope, Frieda Viola Rader 05-15-1996 HDR
Pope, Frieda Viola Rader 05-15-1996 ONE
Pope, Frieda Viola Rader  05-17-1996 HDR
Pope, Gary Charles  03-07-2002 HDR
Pope, Gayle Audrey  04-26-2002 HDR
Pope, George Linden  01-13-2003 HDR
Pope, George Linden  01-13-2003 ONE
Pope, Gertrude Coleman 04-19-1996 ONE
Pope, Gertrude Coleman 04-22-1996 ONE
Pope, Gertrude Coleman  04-20-1996 HDR
Pope, Gertrude Coleman  04-21-1996 HDR
Pope, Gladys Pauline "Polly"  11-04-1996 HDR
Pope, Gordon Rev. 02-22-1995 HDR
Pope, Grace Flowers 6/24/2005 HDR
Pope, Gred "Snake" 05-22-2001 HDR
Pope, Harold Mack 02-13-1993 HDR
Pope, Harrel Henry 09-22-1999 ONE
Pope, Harrel Henry  09-23-1999 HDR
Pope, Harry Allen 07-02-2003 ONE
Pope, Harry Allen 07-04-2003 ONE
Pope, Harry Allen  07-04-2003 HDR
Pope, Helen Marjorie  03-24-2001 HDR
Pope, Hilton Warren "Budd" 08-15-1997 ONE
Pope, Hugh Elvin Sr. 03-08-1998 HDR
Pope, Inez Epps 02-08-1996 ONE
Pope, Inez Epps  02-08-1996 HDR
Pope, Irene Justice  07-16-2002 HDR
Pope, J. Allen (Page 1)  08-02-2002 ONE
Pope, Jack Sr. 07-20-1997 HDR
Pope, James Bradford 05-02-1997 HDR
Pope, Jason Wayne 10/24/2005 HDR
Pope, Jason Wayne 10/25/2005 HDR
Pope, Jay Allen  08-03-2002 HDR
Pope, Jay Allen  08-04-2002 HDR
Pope, Jay Allen  08-05-2002 ONE
Pope, Joe Joseph  08-18-2000 HDR
Pope, Joe Joseph  08-17-2000 ONE
Pope, John 10-06-2002 HDR
Pope, John Henry  09-27-1993 HDR
Pope, John Scott Sr. 10-08-2002 HDR
Pope, John Scott Sr. 10-08-2002 ONE
Pope, Joseph Lee 03-20-1996 ONE
Pope, Kasy Charles 07-08-1996 ONE
Pope, Kasy Charles  07-09-1996 HDR
Pope, Kenneth Lee 04-24-1996 HDR
Pope, Kenneth Lee 04-24-1996 ONE
Pope, Lavada  08-08-2003 HDR
Pope, Lavada   08-08-2003 ONE
Pope, Lavada C.  08-07-2003 ONE
Pope, Lena  06-11-1997 HDR
Pope, Linda Carolyn Huffman Mrs.  08-23-2003 HDR
Pope, Linden Cathey 03-23-1999 HDR
Pope, Lucy Hargus  01-25-1993 HDR
Pope, Lula  10-14-2003 ONE
Pope, Lula Dellinger 10-15-2003 HDR
Pope, Lula Dellinger 10-15-2003 ONE
Pope, Lula McLean  06-08-1995 HDR
Pope, Maleec Jamal  8/13/2005 HDR
Pope, Margaret A. 10-24-2000 ONE
Pope, Margaret Houston  06-22-2001 HDR
Pope, Margaret Houston  06-25-2001 ONE
Pope, Margaret Sherrill 10-25-2000 HDR
Pope, Margaret Sherrill 10-25-2000 ONE
Pope, Marie Barnette  07-12-2003 HDR
Pope, Marie Sherrill  12-10-2000 HDR
Pope, Marvin H. 06-20-1997 HDR
Pope, Marvin Pinkney Sr. 12-10-2000 HDR
Pope, Mazel Setzer 02-14-1998 HDR
Pope, Mazel Setzer 02-16-1998 ONE
Pope, Mazelle L. 02-13-1998 ONE
Pope, Merlin G. Jr. 02-12-1998 HDR
Pope, Mildred Virginia Swan 5/20/2005 HDR
Pope, Nina   2/16/2004 ONE
Pope, Nina Gay Morris 2/17/2004 ONE
Pope, Nina Lucille Eckard 01-12-1994 HDR
Pope, Nora 06-23-1997 ONE
Pope, Norah Jane Starcher 06-23-1997 HDR
Pope, Norah Jane Starcher 06-23-1997 ONE
Pope, Paul  07-06-2001 HDR
Pope, Paul C. 05-29-1997 HDR
Pope, Paul Howard 06-18-2001 ONE
Pope, Paul Howard  06-16-2001 HDR
Pope, Ralph Daniel “R.D.”  11-26-2000 HDR
Pope, Ralph J. "Rusty" 01-22-1998 HDR
Pope, Ralph J. "Rusty" 01-23-1998 HDR
Pope, Ralph J. "Rusty" 01-24-1998 HDR
Pope, Ray Edward 6/17/2005 HDR
Pope, Ray Junior  02-03-1999 HDR
Pope, Richard E. Jr. 11-18-1998 HDR
Pope, Richard E. Jr. 11-22-1998 HDR
Pope, Richard E. Jr. 11-23-1998 ONE
Pope, Roland  05-16-2001 ONE
Pope, Roland Emanuel 05-17-2001 ONE
Pope, Roland Emanuel  05-17-2001 HDR
Pope, Roy Gene 07-31-1997 HDR
Pope, Russell Gorman Jr. 10-30-1998 HDR
Pope, Ruth Bolick 03-07-1998 HDR
Pope, Sarah Johnson Mrs. 12-15-1997 HDR
Pope, Sheryl Herring 10-23-1999 HDR
Pope, Sylvia Turner 02-03-1994 HDR
Pope, Sylvia Turner  02-03-1994 ONE
Pope, Tate William 01-21-1994 HDR
Pope, Tate William 01-20-1994 ONE
Pope, Tate William 01-21-1994 ONE
Pope, Thomas Gerald 03-24-1998 HDR
Pope, Thomas Gerald 03-23-1998 ONE
Pope, Thomas II (Former SC  House Speaker) 08-26-1999 HDR
Pope, Thomas Q. E. 02-08-1996 ONE
Pope, Thomas Q. E.  02-08-1996 HDR
Pope, Toney E. 04-08-1994 HDR
Pope, Tony A.  6/1/2005 HDR
Pope, Tony A.  6/1/2005 ONE
Pope, Tony Allen 6/2/2005 HDR
Pope, Tony Allen 6/2/2005 ONE
Pope, Tony E. 04-09-1994 HDR
Pope, Tressie Louise Sigmon 11-14-2000 HDR
Pope, Tressie Louise Sigmon 11-14-2000 ONE
Pope, Tristan Edward  02-29-2000 HDR
Pope, Vernie Taylor Wilson 07-13-1996 HDR
Pope, Vernie Taylor Wilson 07-12-96 ONE
Pope, Vernie Wilson 07-15-1996 ONE
Pope, Vernie Wilson  07-16-1996 HDR
Pope, Vernon Rowe 10-02-1998 HDR
Pope, Vernon Rowe 10-02-1998 ONE
Pope, Virginia H. 06-30-1998 HDR
Pope, Walter Glen "Bob" Sr. 06-16-1997 ONE
Pope, Walter Glenn "Bob" Sr. 06-15-1997 HDR
Pope, William Fred 09-24-1998 HDR
Pope, William Guy "Bill" 08-23-2003 HDR
Pope, Winnie Charles Shook 7/27/2005 HDR
Pope, Winnie Charles Shook  7/27/2005 ONE
Pope, Winnie S.  7/26/2005 ONE
Poplin, Katherine Moses  09-10-2002 HDR
Poplin, Margaret White Troutman  10-15-2002 HDR
Popovich, Peter (Fmr. MN Supreme Court Chief Justice) 04-01-1996 HDR
Popp, Lucia (soprano with the Vienna State Opera) 11-17-1993 HDR
Popwell, Albert "Poppy" 04-20-1999 HDR
Port, Brenda Carol Smith 12-30-2000 HDR
Port, Carolyn Augusta 06-05-1997 HDR
Port, Carolyn Augusta 06-06-1997 HDR
Port, Clara Dukes (Page 5A) 05-08-1996 HDR
Port, Clara Loucille Dukes 05-09-1996 HDR
Port, John Gabriel  01-08-1993 HDR
Port, Nellie R.  06-21-1993 HDR
Port, Nellie Ricker  06-22-1993 HDR
Porter, Cleveland G. 09-21-1998 ONE
Porter, Cleveland G.  09-20-1998 HDR
Porter, Clifford Henry 05-02-1998 HDR
Porter, Clifford Henry 05-01-1998 ONE
Porter, Eric (actor) 05-17-1995 HDR
Porter, Harry Boone 06-13-1999 HDR
Porter, Hazel Shipman 03-06-1998 HDR
Porter, Hazel Shipman 03-06-1998 ONE
Porter, Hessie Mae 03-04-1994 HDR
Porter, Hessie Mae 03-05-1994 HDR
Porter, James (former priest) 2/12/2005 HDR
Porter, James Melvin 05-24-1993 HDR
Porter, John D. Jr. 10-22-2000 HDR
Porter, Kathleen Octa Mahaffey Chester  11-15-2000 HDR
Porter, Lizzie Mae Watson 06-23-1998 HDR
Porter, Lula Joines  01-15-2002 HDR
Porter, Marvin Hazel 07-18-1998 HDR
Porter, Pansy Elizabeth Ashley Mrs. 7/25/2005 HDR
Porter, Raymond Daniel 07-29-1996 HDR
Porter, Thea 07-28-2000 HDR
Porter, Vonda Burcham  12-25-2003 HDR
Porterfield, Ira Deward Dr. 12-14-1996 HDR
Porterfield, Ira Deward Dr. 12-13-1996 ONE
Portis, Lena Matthews 04-18-1994 HDR
Portwood, Warren Thomas Jr.  06-04-2003 HDR
Posey, Catherine C.  04-17-1995 HDR
Posey, Edith Martin 12/17/2005 HDR
Posey, Frederick "Fred" Wayne 10/12/2005 HDR
Postlethwaite, Harvey  04-16-1999 HDR
Poston, Cleo "Kitt" Bolick 05-27-1999 ONE
Poston, Cleo Bolick "Kitt" 05-27-1999 HDR
Poston, David Hutto 07-08-1999 HDR
Poston, Edith Huffman 8/25/2005 HDR
Poston, Elton "Buck" Leo Sr.  07-22-2002 ONE
Poston, Elton “Buck” Leo Sr. 07-20-2002 HDR
Poston, Eunice Canipe 12-04-1998 HDR
Poston, Fletcher "Sonny" 12-19-1996 HDR
Poston, Fletcher "Sonny" 12-19-1996 ONE
Poston, Marie Geneva (101 yoa) 07-25-2001 HDR
Poston, Matoka Jane Porch 03-22-1999 HDR
Poston, Matoka Jane Porch 03-23-1999 HDR
Poston, Sammy L. 12-27-1994 ONE
Poston, Sammy L.  12-27-1994 HDR
Poston, Sammy Lee 12-29-1994 HDR
Poston, Sammy Lee 12-29-1994 ONE
Poston, Theresa Briggs 02-23-1997 HDR
Poston, Wilburn Carl  11-04-1995 HDR
Posvar, Wesley Wentz  08-02-2001 HDR
Potamkin, Luba 04-09-1994 HDR
Poteat, Beadie Elizabeth  03-19-2000 HDR
Poteat, Calvin W. Sr. 04-09-2001 HDR
Poteat, Charlie E.  06-14-1994 HDR
Poteat, Clifford Wilson Sr. 04-11-1999 HDR
Poteat, Coy Melvin 02-26-1999 HDR
Poteat, Doris Cannon 10-28-1999 HDR
Poteat, Edward J. "Fridy" 03-15-1998 HDR
Poteat, Edward Lee 10-23-1993 HDR
Poteat, Eugene "Gene" 02-21-1997 HDR
Poteat, Floyd  01-12-1995 HDR
Poteat, Floyd Tron  01-13-1995 HDR
Poteat, Gerald Fulton 11-24-1998 HDR
Poteat, Grady Washington 11-24-1996 HDR
Poteat, Helen Hennessee 03-10-2000 HDR
Poteat, James Luther  05-19-1996 HDR
Poteat, Jennie Stroup  10-16-2003 HDR
Poteat, John Jacob "Jake" 10-11-1993 HDR
Poteat, John Jacob "Jake" 10-12-1993 HDR
Poteat, Juanita Epley  09-06-1994 HDR
Poteat, Juanita Epley  09-07-1994 HDR
Poteat, Lena Shuping  05-18-2003 HDR
Poteat, Lester Vernon  03-01-2003 HDR
Poteat, Lillian Nelson Shidal 01-22-2000 HDR
Poteat, Mary Ward  02-24-1995 HDR
Poteat, Mary Ward  02-26-1995 HDR
Poteat, Minnie L. 02-22-1995 HDR
Poteat, Minnie Lovelace  02-23-1995 HDR
Poteat, Mozelle Cooper 01-24-1996 HDR
Poteat, Mozelle Cooper  01-25-1996 HDR
Poteat, Myrtle Yount 06-17-1998 HDR
Poteat, Nell Abernathy  12-03-1996 HDR
Poteat, Neta Whisenant  08-04-2002 HDR
Poteat, Nettie Yoder  04-30-2002 HDR
Poteat, Nettie Yoder  04-30-2002 ONE
Poteat, Nita Mae  07-25-2003 HDR
Poteat, Pauline W.  08-26-2001 HDR
Poteat, Randy L.  9/20/2004 ONE
Poteat, Ruby Grace 03-16-1999 HDR
Poteat, Weeta Lucretia Searcy Mrs.  08-11-2003 HDR
Poteet, Charles Henry 02-26-2002 ONE
Poteet, Charles Henry  02-27-2002 HDR
Poteet, Conley Rufus 05-21-1999 HDR
Poteet, David Alan 11-01-2001 HDR
Poteet, Donald James 11-30-1995 HDR
Poteet, Ellen Carswell  09-02-2002 HDR
Poteet, Emmitt Luther  02-11-1996 HDR
Poteet, Faye Bradshaw  02-04-2003 HDR
Poteet, Horace Irvin  11-05-1995 HDR
Poteet, Julia Mae  07-13-1995 HDR
Poteet, Louise H.  09-13-2001 HDR
Poteet, Melvin Lee  04-18-1995 HDR
Poteet, Melvin Lee  04-19-1995 HDR
Poteet, Norman R.  08-13-2003 HDR
Poteet, Willard E.  02-02-1995 HDR
Poteet, Willard Ervin  02-03-1995 HDR
Pothier, Dick (reporter) 04-12-1995 HDR
Potter, Alma  6/19/2005 HDR
Potter, Alma Wilson Mrs. 6/20/2005 HDR
Potter, Bob Raymond 06-08-1999 HDR
Potter, Bobby Ray  11-19-1994 HDR
Potter, Carolyn  4/3/2005 HDR
Potter, Carolyn  4/5/2005 ONE
Potter, Carolyn Frazier 4/6/2005 ONE
Potter, Carolyn Frazier  4/7/2005 HDR
Potter, Clare 01-13-1999 HDR
Potter, Cora Mae Doris McGinnis 10-05-2000 HDR
Potter, Cora Mae Doris McGinnis 10-05-2000 ONE
Potter, Emily Diana  07-23-1993 HDR
Potter, Emily Diana (infant) 07-23-1993 ONE
Potter, George M. 04-03-1994 HDR
Potter, Jewel "Judy" Lewis 07-12-1997 HDR
Potter, Jewel Lewis 07-11-1997 HDR
Potter, Marjorie J. (first woman president - ND Newspaper Association) 06-24-1993 HDR
Potter, Michael Allen 07-18-2000 HDR
Potter, Michael Allen 07-18-2000 ONE
Potter, Troy LeRoy 03-18-2002 ONE
Potter, Troy LeRoy  03-19-2002 HDR
Potter, Troy LeRoy  03-19-2002 ONE
Potter, William Hollister "Piggie" 01-14-1998 ONE
Potts, Anita Carter 04-11-1998 HDR
Potts, Anita Carter 04-12-1998 HDR
Potts, Bobbie Lee Torrence  12-23-1993 HDR
Potts, Charlie  10-01-2000 HDR
Potts, Clarence Louis "Ju Ju" 05-22-1997 HDR
Potts, Clarence Louis "Ju Ju" 05-21-1997 ONE
Potts, Georgia Lee Mullins 10-05-1997 HDR
Potts, Grady Dale Sr. 10-14-1998 HDR
Potts, Grady Dale Sr. 10-15-1998 HDR
Potts, James Andrew  08-08-1994 HDR
Potts, James Edward  10-28-2003 HDR
Potts, Karl O. Jr. 05-14-2001 HDR
Potts, Karl O. Jr. 05-14-2001 ONE
Potts, Miles Andrew 06-27-1998 HDR
Potts, Miles Andrew 06-26-1998 ONE
Potts, Wilson H.  07-05-2000 HDR
Pou, Charles 02-15-2001 HDR
Poulter, Ruben D. Sr. 08-09-1999 HDR
Pouncy, William Thomas  06-04-1996 HDR
Pounders, Barbara Jeanne  7/28/2005 HDR
Pounds, Corrine Hillman 10-14-1997 HDR
Pounds, Dwayne "Skook" Brennan  7/9/2005 HDR
Pounds, Lillian Thomas 06-25-2001 HDR
Pounds, Lillian Thomas  06-25-2001 ONE
Pounds, Plaster 06-02-1998 HDR
Pounds, Plaster 06-05-1998 HDR
Pounds, Shirley Lee Johnson 03-15-1997 HDR
Pounds, Shirley Lee Johnson 03-17-1997 HDR
Powell, Albert B.  05-15-1995 HDR
Powell, Alice W. 01-13-1994 HDR
Powell, Alice Whisnant 01-14-1994 HDR
Powell, Annie Margaret Turner 05-05-2000 HDR
Powell, Annie Ruth Shook  4/29/2004 ONE
Powell, Annie Shuffler  04-17-1997 HDR
Powell, Anthony (author) 03-30-2000 HDR
Powell, Avery Jr. 03-17-2003 HDR
Powell, Bennett Harlow 03-31-1994 HDR
Powell, Bennett Harlow (veteran) 04-01-1994 HDR
Powell, Bertha Smith 01-20-1999 HDR
Powell, Betty  04-11-1995 HDR
Powell, Betty Fay Hallyburton 04-14-1995 HDR
Powell, Betty Hull Allman 7/11/2005 HDR
Powell, Biber Jean 07-08-2001 HDR
Powell, Biber Jean  07-09-2001 ONE
Powell, Candace Rhea 10-22-1998 HDR
Powell, Charles Connelly 01-23-1998 HDR
Powell, Clarence Herbert 10-12-2003 HDR
Powell, Clayborne Philip  9/30/2004 ONE
Powell, Cordia Mae Daniels 03-02-1997 HDR
Powell, Dan Ray  02-10-1995 HDR
Powell, Dan Ray  02-11-1995 HDR
Powell, Dennis  3/16/2004 ONE
Powell, Dennis "D.P." Russell  1/16/2005 HDR
Powell, Dennis Kenneth 04-20-1997 HDR
Powell, Deward Winfred 03-06-1996 HDR
Powell, Donald G.  11/20/2005 HDR
Powell, Donnie (Page 1A) 08-17-1999 HDR
Powell, Donnie Otis  08-18-1999 HDR
Powell, Dorothy Louise Benfield  08-07-2002 HDR
Powell, Dorothy Scott 04-25-1994 HDR
Powell, Dover Preston Jr. 07-03-1998 HDR
Powell, Dover Preston Jr. 07-03-1998 ONE
Powell, E. Mae Hall 01-17-1994 HDR
Powell, Edison Lee 3/27/2005 HDR
Powell, Edward "Roy"  11-25-1994 HDR
Powell, Edward "Roy"  11-26-1994 HDR
Powell, Edward W.  11-04-1996 HDR
Powell, Ella Mae  11-22-1996 HDR
Powell, Elma Kate Thomas 07-30-2003 ONE
Powell, Emma Mae Huffman 06-23-1997 HDR
Powell, Erma Kate Thomas 07-30-2003 HDR
Powell, Ernest Junior 08-27-1997 HDR
Powell, Ernest Junior 08-28-1997 HDR
Powell, Ervin Edward  05-20-2002 HDR
Powell, Erwin Edward  05-20-2002 ONE
Powell, Ethel Dellinger  10-24-1994 HDR
Powell, Ethel Dellinger  10-24-1994 ONE
Powell, Ethel L. 05-18-1993 HDR
Powell, Eugene (veteran) 02-06-1994 HDR
Powell, Eva Jane 02-15-1993 HDR
Powell, Evelyn H. 06-17-1998 HDR
Powell, Flora Nixon "Suzi" 09-22-1994 HDR
Powell, Forrest Albert "Huck" Jr.  03-14-1995 HDR
Powell, Francis Carroll  12-20-1996 HDR
Powell, Fred Franklin  10-08-1997 HDR
Powell, Garmon Cline 12-24-1994 HDR
Powell, Garmon Cline  12-26-1994 HDR
Powell, Geneva Stevens  2/3/2005 HDR
Powell, Geneva Stevens  2/3/2005 ONE
Powell, George Washington Jr. 02-26-2000 HDR
Powell, Glenn Walter  10-07-2003 HDR
Powell, Glenn Walter  10-07-2003 ONE
Powell, Gwendolyn Day "Gwen" 07-09-1998 HDR
Powell, Hazel Laura Cuthbertson 09-28-1999 HDR
Powell, Helen Louise Gilbert 06-27-2001 HDR
Powell, Henry Houser  04-08-1993 HDR
Powell, Henry Houser  04-09-1993 HDR
Powell, Herbert Alexander 09-09-1999 HDR
Powell, Herbert Ray 06-30-1994 HDR
Powell, Herman Lewis  5/19/2004 ONE
Powell, Herman Tate  05-19-1995 HDR
Powell, Homer Lee 03-07-2001 HDR
Powell, Ira Eugene "Nook" 11-20-1998 HDR
Powell, Jackie Wayne  02-11-2002 HDR
Powell, James "Jimmy" C. 1/24/2005 HDR
Powell, James "Jimmy" C.  1/24/2005 ONE
Powell, James Albert 02-23-1996 HDR
Powell, James Dennis Sr.  3/18/2004 ONE
Powell, James Hillery 07-06-1999 HDR
Powell, James O. "Bud"  10-07-2001 HDR
Powell, James Sr. 11-30-2000 HDR
Powell, James Sr. 11-30-2000 ONE
Powell, Jessie Triplett  04-16-2002 HDR
Powell, Joel Delmar (J.D.) 8/5/2004 ONE
Powell, Joey  01-20-1996 HDR
Powell, John "J.R."  05-04-2003 HDR
Powell, John Kirk 08-24-1998 ONE
Powell, John Kirk Sr. 08-22-1998 HDR
Powell, Johnnie Nelson 12-31-2003 HDR
Powell, Julia  01-22-1993 HDR
Powell, Julia Mason 01-25-1993 HDR
Powell, Keegan Isaiah  09-26-1997 ONE
Powell, Keegan Isaiah (infant) 09-27-1997 HDR
Powell, Lahree Sue Gantt 11-02-1994 HDR
Powell, Larry Gordon Sr. 08-16-1999 HDR
Powell, Larry Gordon Sr. 08-16-1999 ONE
Powell, Larry Matthew  09-05-2001 HDR
Powell, Lee 04-22-1993 HDR
Powell, Lee Eligah 04-23-1993 HDR
Powell, Leonard David “Peck”  09-10-2002 HDR
Powell, Lewis Elmer  06-11-2002 HDR
Powell, Lewis F. (Ret. Supreme Ct. Justice) 08-26-1998 ONE
Powell, Lewis Henry 04-14-1994 HDR
Powell, Lewis Henry 04-15-1994 HDR
Powell, Lewis Henry 04-15-1994 ONE
Powell, Lewis Scott 01-02-1994 HDR
Powell, Lillie Marie Duckworth 04-22-1999 HDR
Powell, Lloyd Sr. 01-01-2000 HDR
Powell, Lucy C. 10-31-1997 HDR
Powell, Mabel Lee  12-30-2003 HDR
Powell, Mack George 10/9/2005 HDR
Powell, Madeline  10-30-1995 HDR
Powell, Madeline Phillips  10-31-1995 HDR
Powell, Mae C.  04-20-1995 HDR
Powell, Maealda Austin 05-30-2000 HDR
Powell, Margaret R. 10-27-1999 HDR
Powell, Marie Mash Hartzog 03-04-1999 HDR
Powell, Mario 03-27-1996 HDR
Powell, Mario Darrell 03-30-1996 HDR
Powell, Martha Farmer 10/3/2005 HDR
Powell, Martha Farmer 10/4/2005 HDR
Powell, Martha Farmer  10/3/2005 ONE
Powell, Marvin Lester  11-04-1993 HDR
Powell, Mary 10-28-2002 HDR
Powell, Mary Amy Baker  10-30-2002 HDR
Powell, Mary Ellen  10-18-1993 HDR
Powell, Mary Ellen Stuart 10-19-1993 HDR
Powell, Mary Frances  04-05-2003 HDR
Powell, Mary Frances  04-07-2003 ONE
Powell, Mary Mooney 01-14-1999 HDR
Powell, Mary Sue Gober 01-06-1998 HDR
Powell, Mary Sue Whisnant  07-04-2003 HDR
Powell, Mattie Lee 7/14/2005 HDR
Powell, Mattie Lee 7/15/2005 HDR
Powell, Mel 04-26-1998 HDR
Powell, Minnie L. 10/28/2004 ONE
Powell, Naomi Marie Ramsey 09-18-1997 ONE
Powell, Naomi Marie Ramsey  09-18-1997 HDR
Powell, Norman Edward  12-09-2003 HDR
Powell, Patricia "Pat" Poovey 12-20-1995 HDR
Powell, Patricia Ann  12-02-1995 HDR
Powell, Paul Gaither  04-12-2001 HDR
Powell, Pauline Wilfong  10-07-1995 HDR
Powell, Peggy Whitworth 01-15-1996 ONE
Powell, Peggy Whitworth  01-14-1996 HDR
Powell, Peggy Whitworth  01-15-1996 HDR
Powell, Perry "Junior"  10-09-1994 HDR
Powell, Philip  9/29/2004 ONE
Powell, R. Vance Sr. 04-28-1998 HDR
Powell, Ray 06-29-1994 HDR
Powell, Reba Diane 12-18-2000 HDR
Powell, Reba Diane 12-18-2000 ONE
Powell, Richard Thomas  08-26-1996 HDR
Powell, Robert "Junior" 01-07-2001 HDR
Powell, Robert (National Right to Life VP) 06-24-1995 HDR
Powell, Robert Coy 01-05-1999 HDR
Powell, Robert L. "Bob" 06-10-1999 HDR
Powell, Robie Lee  02-21-2003 HDR
Powell, Romona Denise  11-02-1995 HDR
Powell, Roy E. 04-24-1997 HDR
Powell, Roy E. 04-23-1997 HDR
Powell, Ruby Lee 03-22-1998 HDR
Powell, Ruth (one of CA's 1st female stunt pilots) 06-09-1993 HDR
Powell, Ruth Mills  08-18-2000 HDR
Powell, Samuel Wesley  09-05-2003 HDR
Powell, Sheila Paulette 06-26-1998 HDR
Powell, Shirley Ann Fox 05-02-1994 HDR
Powell, Sidney D. 01-06-2001 HDR
Powell, Susie Inez Helton 03-31-2000 HDR
Powell, Susie Inez Helton 03-30-2000 HDR
Powell, Suzan 04-11-1994 HDR
Powell, Suzanne Lynn 04-13-1994 HDR
Powell, Sydney Ellyn  4/25/2005 HDR
Powell, Vera Coffey 01-16-1994 HDR
Powell, Violet Shults 01-03-1994 HDR
Powell, Violet Shults 01-03-1994 ONE
Powell, Virtus Ashworth "Ash" 12/21/2005 HDR
Powell, Walter Kenneth 01-22-2001 ONE
Powell, Walter Kenneth  01-21-2001 HDR
Powell, Wesley 07-27-1999 HDR
Powell, Wesley Malik (Page 4A) (Died 1999) 04-15-1900 HDR
Powell, Willard "Pop" Odell 06-01-2003 HDR
Powell, William "Bill"  04-29-2002 HDR
Powell, William A. (Mid-America Dairymen)  07-12-1995 HDR
Powell, William Ervin  03-20-1993 HDR
Powell, William J. "Bill"  07-05-2001 HDR
Powell, William Marvin "Tip" 10-06-1998 HDR
Powell, William Thomas Jr. 05-31-2002 HDR
Powell, Wilson Charles "Hezzie" 09-15-1998 HDR
Powell, Zelda A.  6/7/2005 HDR
Power, John Owen III 03-25-1998 HDR
Power, John Owen III 03-25-1998 ONE
Power, Mittie Parks 06-09-1999 HDR
Power, Mittie Parks (100 yoa) 06-09-1999 ONE
Power, Mittie Parks (100 yoa) 06-08-1999 ONE
Power, Richard Charles 03-11-1996 ONE
Power, Richard Charles  03-09-1996 HDR
Powers, Ann Collins Bumgarner Martin  08-24-1994 HDR
Powers, Glenn W.  12-30-1997 HDR
Powers, J.F. 06-18-1999 HDR
Powers, J.F. (Page 7A) 06-17-1999 HDR
Powers, JoAnn Benfield  10-09-2001 HDR
Powers, Paul 08-12-1997 HDR
Powers, Richie 08-07-1998 HDR
Powers, Robert B. (publisher) 06-10-1994 HDR
Powers, Robert B. (publisher) 06-11-1994 HDR
Pozez, Shaol Lee 11-19-1999 HDR
Pradeep (Hindi poet) 12-15-1998 HDR
Prager, Karsten 03-27-1998 HDR
Pranke, Richard (FBI agent) 08-25-1994 HDR
Prasad, Meenaxi Heblikar  04-14-2002 HDR
Prater, Callen Jeffery  11-30-1999 HDR
Prater, Guy T. Col.  09-13-1994 HDR
Prather, Lib 02-11-1995 HDR
Pratt, Angie Campbell 11-12-2000 HDR
Pratt, Angie Campbell 11-13-2000 ONE
Pratt, Betty H.  09-15-2002 HDR
Pratt, Carolyn Gaynell Sigmon 04-25-1998 HDR
Pratt, John Helm  08-15-1995 HDR
Preacely, Reginald Jr. 09-16-1996 HDR
Prechter, Heinz (auto parts entrepreneur) 07-07-2001 HDR
Preece, Doris Juanita Halsey 02-21-1998 HDR
Preil, Gabriel (poet) 06-12-1993 HDR
Preiser, John "Ken" 12/21/2005 HDR
Prentice, Bob (baseball scout) 02-10-1995 HDR
Prentice, Robert Shaffer 2/22/2005 HDR
Prescott, John H. 07-07-1998 HDR
Prescott, Sarah Eva Smyre 03-13-1996 HDR
Prescott, Sarah Eva Smyre 03-14-1996 HDR
Prescott, Sarah Eva Smyre 03-13-1996 ONE
Preslar, Dorothy Harris  10-19-2000 HDR
Preslar, Fred Nance  12-03-1996 HDR
Preslar, Garland Chilton Rev. 01-10-1996 HDR
Preslar, Garland Chilton Rev. 01-11-1996 HDR
Preslar, Glenn L. 09-13-1994 HDR
Preslar, Glenn Little 09-14-1994 HDR
Preslar, Max Alonzo 02-06-2002 ONE
Preslar, Max Alonzo  02-06-2002 HDR
Preslar, Max Alonzo  02-07-2002 HDR
Preslar, Ossie Bowman (100 yoa) 06-12-2003 HDR
Preslar, Ossie Bowman (100 yoa) 06-11-2003 ONE
Preslar, Ossie Bowman (100 yoa) 06-12-2003 ONE
Preslar, Rom Alexander  09-12-2002 HDR
Preslar, Rom Alexander  09-13-2002 HDR
Presley, Susie Albright 10-26-2001 HDR
Presnell, Archie Frank  03-20-1996 HDR
Presnell, Bernice C.  9/9/2004 ONE
Presnell, Clara Teague 12-18-2000 HDR
Presnell, Clara Teague  12-18-2000 ONE
Presnell, David Calloway 12-11-1998 HDR
Presnell, David Manuel Buford  05-12-1995 HDR
Presnell, Edd G. 10-30-1999 HDR
Presnell, Emma Lou  02-04-2003 HDR
Presnell, Frank Ellis "Sam" 08-19-1999 HDR
Presnell, Geneva (Page 2A) 08-02-1997 HDR
Presnell, Gilbert Norman  11-26-1996 HDR
Presnell, James David 11-04-1997 HDR
Presnell, James David 11-03-1997 HDR
Presnell, James David  11-02-1997 HDR
Presnell, James Paul 03-05-1999 HDR
Presnell, Jerry  08-11-1996 HDR
Presnell, Kelly (veteran) 03-02-1994 HDR
Presnell, Lena Mae 06-12-1999 HDR
Presnell, Myrtle  11-12-1996 HDR
Presnell, O.J. "Junior" (Page 3A) 08-24-1999 HDR
Presnell, Oliver Jerome "Junior" 08-24-1999 HDR
Presnell, Ollie Lou 10/23/2005 HDR
Presnell, Pauline Bowman 08-04-1998 HDR
Presnell, Pearl Mae 01-14-1994 HDR
Presnell, Pearl Mae 01-15-1994 HDR
Presnell, Ralph Rev. 03-09-1999 HDR
Presnell, Reba Faye  04-11-2000 HDR
Presnell, Rosa Helen  03-29-1995 HDR
Presnell, Virginia 03-25-1994 HDR
Presnell, Virginia S. 03-26-1994 HDR
Presser, Stefan (civil rights activist) 10/11/2005 HDR
Pressley, April Nicole (infant) 08-23-1993 ONE
Pressley, April Nicole (newborn) 08-22-1993 HDR
Pressley, Bob  4/28/2004 ONE
Pressley, Eddie Dean 09-04-2001 ONE
Pressley, Eddie Dean  09-04-2001 HDR
Pressley, Edith 04-23-2002 HDR
Pressley, Edith  04-22-2002 ONE
Pressley, Edith Withers  04-24-2002 HDR
Pressley, Edith Withers  04-23-2002 ONE
Pressley, Enoch Edward 05-18-1996 HDR
Pressley, Gennie V. 05-25-2001 HDR
Pressley, James Wilbert 05-28-1999 HDR
Pressley, James Wilbert 05-27-1999 ONE
Pressley, Mary Johnson 12-01-2000 HDR
Pressley, Mary Johnson 11-30-2000 ONE
Pressley, Michael Dean  09-10-1995 HDR
Pressley, Rex Aaron 05-14-1999 HDR
Pressley, Robert L. 01-18-1996 HDR
Pressley, Robert Lee Sr. 01-19-1996 HDR
Pressley, Robert Lee Sr. 01-18-1996 ONE
Pressley, Robert William 10-18-1996 ONE
Pressley, Robert William  10-19-1996 HDR
Pressly, Barbara Jean Deal  01-05-2001 HDR
Presswood, Barbara Jane Cline 02-05-1994 HDR
Presswood, George "Shorty" Vance 10-16-2003 HDR
Preston, John (writer/editor) 04-29-1994 HDR
Preston, Lark Anthony 4/27/2005 HDR
Preston, Thelma Marie Alexander 02-25-2000 HDR
Preston, William Jasper Jr. 06-02-1998 HDR
Prestwood, Albert Lee 12-13-2001 HDR
Prestwood, Bessie S.  04-12-2002 HDR
Prestwood, Blossie Ann Minton 07-22-1999 HDR
Prestwood, Clarence William 06-10-2001 HDR
Prestwood, Clarence William 06-13-2001 HDR
Prestwood, Cleo VanHorn 09-21-1998 HDR
Prestwood, Cleo VanHorn 09-21-1998 ONE
Prestwood, Conrad  09-07-2002 HDR
Prestwood, Dewey 02-28-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Dewey Jerome (retired veteran-Marines) 03-01-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Donald Edwin "Eddie" 2/7/2005 ONE
Prestwood, Donald Edwin (Eddie) 2/6/2005 HDR
Prestwood, Dora Sylvia Maynard 08-06-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Edith Correll  01-13-1999 HDR
Prestwood, Edwin Franklin  05-15-1995 HDR
Prestwood, Edwin Franklin  05-16-1995 HDR
Prestwood, Fern Harris 10-08-2001 HDR
Prestwood, Francis Lee 04-19-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Francis Lee Rev. (veteran) 04-20-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Henry Edgar 03-18-1995 HDR
Prestwood, Jada Dair  08-19-2003 HDR
Prestwood, Jada Dair  08-19-2003 ONE
Prestwood, Jerome Wilson 11-21-1998 HDR
Prestwood, Joanna Hall 11-23-1996 HDR
Prestwood, Larry Bruce 11-08-2002 ONE
Prestwood, Larry Bruce  11-08-2002 HDR
Prestwood, Lawrence  01-06-1998 ONE
Prestwood, Lawrence Marshall 01-07-1998 HDR
Prestwood, Lawrence Marshall 01-07-1998 ONE
Prestwood, Leota Ratchford Sigmon 8/2/2004 ONE
Prestwood, Louie Avery  10-20-1996 HDR
Prestwood, Lucy Jane 01-20-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Luther Cade 08-10-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Margaret Slickpoo  06-30-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Millard Donald 05-08-1993 HDR
Prestwood, Millard Donald  05-07-1993 ONE
Prestwood, Nell Parsons 3/1/2005 HDR
Prestwood, Olene Barlow  11-25-2003 HDR
Prestwood, Pauline  11-20-2000 HDR
Prestwood, Pearl Clark  08-23-1993 HDR
Prestwood, Ralph Menzies "Red" 11-15-1996 HDR
Prestwood, Ralph Sidney Sr.  03-22-1993 HDR
Prestwood, Ray Edwin  02-26-2002 HDR
Prestwood, Ray McKinley (Dusty Leigh) 04-07-1997 HDR
Prestwood, Rita Kay Allison 9/3/2004 ONE
Prestwood, Walter Garland "Buck"  08-11-1994 HDR
Prestwood, Ward Gerdine Sr.  03-13-1995 HDR
Preswood, Dayton Hubert 08-17-1997 HDR
Preswood, Janice Kiziah 02-18-1998 HDR
Preswood, Joyce June Phillips 06-16-1995 ONE
Preswood, Joyce June Phillips  06-16-1995 HDR
Preswood, Nell 04-14-1999 HDR
Preswood, Retha Bartlett 01-12-1994 HDR
Prevatt, Florence Perry  06-15-2003 HDR
Prevatte, Horace Rodgers Sr. 11-07-2001 HDR
Prevatte, James Biggs 01-11-1998 HDR
Prevette, Frank Charles 05-29-1999 HDR
Prevette, Isaac Hoyle  01-23-1996 HDR
Prevette, Isaac Hoyle Dr. 01-24-1996 HDR
Prevette, Lenoir Justice Clark  9/6/2005 HDR
Prevette, Madge Elizabeth  12/11/2005 HDR
Prevette, Millard Houck Dr. 06-05-1998 HDR
Prevette, Millard Wrenn 08-29-2000 HDR
Prewit, James Oscar  07-09-1996 HDR
Prewitt, Arnold William  08-13-2003 HDR
Prewitt, Essie Smith 12-24-2000 HDR
Prewitt, Harley Lee Sr. 10-15-2002 HDR
Prewitt, Jerry Dean 09-18-2000 HDR
Prewitt, Ruth Elizabeth Queen 12-06-2001 HDR
Prewitt, Sherley Holland  1/14/2005 HDR
Preyer, L. Richardson (six-term Congressman) 04-05-2001 HDR
Price, Ada Ilese 08-28-1999 HDR
Price, Ada Ilese 08-27-1999 ONE
Price, Ada Illese 08-30-1999 ONE
Price, Ann Lucille Hagler 09-23-2000 HDR
Price, Anne Caesar Mrs. 2/3/2005 HDR
Price, Arthur Eugene "Gene"  05-13-1996 HDR
Price, Azzie Lee Haynes 03-23-1998 HDR
Price, Azzie Lee Haynes 03-23-1998 ONE
Price, Basil Fuller 04-05-1997 HDR
Price, Basil Lee Jr. 3/31/2005 HDR
Price, Basil Lee Jr. 3/31/2005 ONE
Price, Belle  06-10-1996 HDR
Price, Betty Crump 03-30-1995 HDR
Price, Betty Crump 03-31-1995 HDR
Price, Blanche Hart 09-06-1997 HDR
Price, Blanche L. Connelly  02-02-2003 HDR
Price, Brandon Keith 07-11-1999 HDR
Price, Broadus Edward  06-07-2003 HDR
Price, Bruce Carlton 01-09-1999 HDR
Price, Carl L.  04-07-2003 HDR
Price, Carol Zimmerman  8/2/2005 HDR
Price, Carroll Jonas 04-18-1998 HDR
Price, Carroll Jonas 04-20-1998 ONE
Price, Cary Edward  02-10-1995 HDR
Price, Charles Kent (infant) 10-17-1993 HDR
Price, Charles Kent (infant) 10-18-1993 HDR
Price, Charles Kent (infant) 10-18-1993 ONE
Price, Charles Thomas  06-27-1994 HDR
Price, Charlie Ray  04-19-1997 HDR
Price, Cleola "Cleo" Bentley  10-27-2001 HDR
Price, Clifford Earl 04-30-1998 HDR
Price, Clyde Alfonso 04-04-1994 ONE
Price, Clyde Alfonso  04-03-1994 HDR
Price, Clyde Alfonso  04-04-1994 HDR
Price, Colleen  03-26-1996 HDR
Price, Colleen Sherrill 03-27-1996 HDR
Price, Conard Lee (infant) 10-18-1993 HDR
Price, Conard Lee (infant) 10-18-1993 ONE
Price, Conrad Lee (infant) 10-17-1993 HDR
Price, Daniel Boone  04-20-2001 HDR
Price, David Gene Sr. 06-17-1996 HDR
Price, Della Lutz 12-31-1997 HDR
Price, Dellie Miller 11-06-2001 HDR
Price, Donald Wiley  04-27-2002 HDR
Price, Donald Wiley  04-29-2002 ONE
Price, Douglas Kelly  05-07-2003 HDR
Price, Earl Franklin Sr. 06-14-1997 HDR
Price, Earl R.  06-25-1994 HDR
Price, Edgar E.  07-12-2001 HDR
Price, Edwin (3A) 07-07-1997 HDR
Price, Edwin Duard Sr. Rev. 07-09-1997 HDR
Price, Emma Jane Jenkins 06-18-2001 ONE
Price, Emma Jane Jenkins  06-17-2001 HDR
Price, Ernest “Buck” Jr. 01-14-2003 HDR
Price, Ethel Auton  1/8/2005 HDR
Price, Eva D.  10-14-1993 HDR
Price, Eva O. 10-15-1993 HDR
Price, Fannie Irene Ramseur 03-11-2000 HDR
Price, Fannie Irene Ramseur 03-10-2000 ONE
Price, Fate Junior  02-25-2002 HDR
Price, Flake Cy 05-29-1998 HDR
Price, Floyd D. Sr. 07-23-1999 HDR
Price, Foy Gaston  01-13-1995 HDR
Price, Foye Lee 9/11/2004 ONE
Price, Frances Inez Hoyle 04-02-1997 HDR
Price, Frances Sherrill 05-18-2001 HDR
Price, Frances Sherrill  05-17-2001 HDR
Price, Francis  03-31-1997 HDR
Price, Fred "Junior" Council Jr. 12/9/2005 HDR
Price, Fred Council Sr.  04-26-1993 HDR
Price, Fred Jr. 12/7/2005 HDR
Price, Fronies Edward 9/15/2005 HDR
Price, G. P. Jr.  10-30-1995 HDR
Price, G. P. Jr.  10-31-1995 HDR
Price, Garvis G. 10-12-1997 HDR
Price, George Clayton  08-23-1996 HDR
Price, Geraldine Newton 06-02-1996 HDR
Price, Geter Thurman Sr. 01-04-1997 HDR
Price, Geter Thurman Sr. 01-03-1997 ONE
Price, Harley David 10-31-1993 HDR
Price, Harold Jr. 05-11-1996 HDR
Price, Harold Luther  01-02-1996 HDR
Price, Hayden Edward  07-06-2002 HDR
Price, Hayden Payne  10/29/2005 HDR
Price, Helen Irene  12-06-1994 HDR
Price, Helen Irene Cooke 12-07-1994 HDR
Price, Henry Lee 11-01-2001 HDR
Price, Henry Lee  07-04-2002 HDR
Price, Horace Lee 11-02-2000 HDR
Price, Howard  03-06-1993 HDR
Price, Howard C. 10-23-1998 HDR
Price, Howard C. 10-22-1998 ONE
Price, Howard Carston 10-24-1998 HDR
Price, Howard Carston 10-26-1998 ONE
Price, Howard Edgar 03-08-1993 HDR
Price, Hubert "Hugh" Gaston 8/6/2004 ONE
Price, Ila Mae Adams 09-17-2003 ONE
Price, Ila Mae Adams  09-17-2003 HDR
Price, Irene Poovey 06-08-2001 ONE
Price, Irene Poovey  06-08-2001 HDR
Price, Irene Poovey  06-09-2001 HDR
Price, Irma Hazel  09-14-2003 HDR
Price, Irma Hazel  09-15-2003 ONE
Price, Isador Mirana Walker (101 yoa) 12-27-2003 HDR
Price, Jackie Nadine Copas 11-08-1994 ONE
Price, Jackie Nadine Copas 11-09-1994 ONE
Price, Jackie Nadine Copas  11-08-1994 HDR
Price, James Franklin "Junior" Jr. 01-19-2001 HDR
Price, James Marion  10-17-1996 HDR
Price, James Marshall 01-20-2001 HDR
Price, James Robert Sr. 12-06-2002 HDR
Price, Janet Towery  03-26-1993 HDR
Price, Janet Towery  03-27-1993 HDR
Price, Janet Towery  03-29-1993 HDR
Price, Jazmine Dawn (infant) 03-03-2002 HDR
Price, Jess  06-12-1994 HDR
Price, Jessie Faye Greer 05-13-2000 HDR
Price, Jessie Lee Beard 11-17-2001 HDR
Price, Jessie Mae Forston  9/27/2004 ONE
Price, Jessie Mae Forston  9/29/2004 ONE
Price, Jessie McCroskey 08-01-1997 HDR
Price, Jo Ann Vivian Tedin 08-11-1993 HDR
Price, JoAnn Tedin  08-10-1993 ONE
Price, JoAnn Vivian Tedin 08-10-1993 HDR
Price, JoAnn Vivian Tedin  08-11-1993 ONE
Price, Joel 05-08-1999 HDR
Price, Joel Lee 04-09-1999 HDR
Price, John  (Page 2A) 11-09-2001 HDR
Price, John "David" Jr. 5/20/2005 HDR
Price, John E. Sr. 10-19-1998 HDR
Price, John E. Sr. 10-20-1998 HDR
Price, John Jackson  08-26-2002 HDR
Price, John Pinkney  07-04-1994 HDR
Price, John Pinkney  07-05-1994 HDR
Price, John Pinkney  07-06-1994 ONE
Price, John William  09-17-1993 HDR
Price, John William Sr. 09-18-1993 HDR
Price, John Wilson 04-16-1993 HDR
Price, Johnnie Alex  11-17-2003 HDR
Price, Johnnie Alex  11-17-2003 ONE
Price, Johnny Miles  03-05-1996 HDR
Price, Jones Lee Jr.  08-13-2002 HDR
Price, Joseph Aurther 03-11-1998 HDR
Price, Joseph Eli 11-09-2001 HDR
Price, Joyce Marie Throneburg 08-03-2001 HDR
Price, Juanita Houser  04-07-1995 HDR
Price, Julia P. 01-21-1998 HDR
Price, Julian 11-22-2001 HDR
Price, Julian (philanthropist) 11-22-2001 ONE
Price, June "Buster" 02-28-1993 HDR
Price, Kenneth Ray 10/18/2004 ONE
Price, Larry Andrew 04-18-2000 HDR
Price, Larry Andrew 04-18-2000 ONE
Price, Lawson 02-12-1997 HDR
Price, Lawson Harold 02-13-1997 HDR
Price, Lela Mae Randall 01-05-2000 HDR
Price, Lela Mae Randall 01-06-2000 HDR
Price, Leslie Reese  6/30/2005 HDR
Price, Lester S. 12-16-1998 HDR
Price, Lester S. 12-16-1998 ONE
Price, Lillie Belle Castle 10-31-1997 HDR
Price, Lillie Belle Castle (105 yoa) 11-01-1997 HDR
Price, Linda Diane  01-20-2003 HDR
Price, Lois Barlow  10-06-1994 HDR
Price, Lorin E.  01-14-1999 HDR
Price, Lucille Lockhart 11-12-1999 HDR
Price, Macie Amanda Fleming  12-14-1993 HDR
Price, Macie Fleming  12-13-1993 HDR
Price, Macy Laws  12-24-2002 HDR
Price, Maggie Cook 09-14-1996 HDR
Price, Mamie Marie Miller  09-22-2002 HDR
Price, Mary 5/8/2005 HDR
Price, Mary Bass 12-14-2000 HDR
Price, Mary Bass 12-13-2000 ONE
Price, Mary Catherine Sullivan  5/9/2005 HDR
Price, Mary Katherine  12-28-2003 HDR
Price, Mary Katherine  12-29-2003 HDR
Price, Mary Lula Barger 06-09-1996 HDR
Price, Mary Parlier  09-04-1995 HDR
Price, Mildred Wall 03-10-1998 HDR
Price, Mildred Wall 03-11-1998 HDR
Price, Nellie  07-11-1995 ONE
Price, Nellie Louise Propst 07-12-1995 ONE
Price, Nellie Louise Propst  07-11-1995 HDR
Price, Nellie Louise Propst  07-12-1995 HDR
Price, Norine Brown 04-07-1997 HDR
Price, Norris Nixon 06-05-2003 HDR
Price, Patricia 12-20-2001 HDR
Price, Patricia Ann Medlin 12-21-2001 HDR
Price, Patricia Ann Medlin  12-20-2001 ONE
Price, Patricia Gail Shoemaker  04-16-2002 HDR
Price, Paul J.  10-11-1995 HDR
Price, Paul J.  10-12-1995 HDR
Price, Pauline Mims  03-06-2001 HDR
Price, Pauline Mims  03-06-2001 ONE
Price, Peggy Ann Surratt 11-13-2003 HDR
Price, Ray Warren Sr. 11-14-2001 HDR
Price, Reba Christine Dyson  11-23-2003 HDR
Price, Richard 12-28-1995 HDR
Price, Richard Jefferson  09-04-2002 HDR
Price, Richard Jefferson  09-04-2002 ONE
Price, Ricky D.  06-01-2003 HDR
Price, Ricky Dean  06-02-2003 ONE
Price, Robert LeeRoy 09-13-2001 HDR
Price, Robert LeeRoy  09-12-2001 ONE
Price, Rod (guitarist--Foghat) 3/24/2005 ONE
Price, Roger Joe  08-02-2003 HDR
Price, Roger Lee  12-12-2003 HDR
Price, Roy H. 08-22-1999 HDR
Price, Roy H. 08-23-1999 ONE
Price, Roy L. 05-21-1997 HDR
Price, Roy Noah  08-04-2001 HDR
Price, Roy Sigmon 08-06-2000 HDR
Price, Roy Sigmon 08-07-2000 ONE
Price, Stanley Earl 09-06-2003 HDR
Price, Terri Lynne 07-06-2000 HDR
Price, Thomas Zeno 04-13-2000 HDR
Price, Tom 12-16-1998 HDR
Price, Tom 12-17-1998 HDR
Price, Vincent (actor) 10-26-1993 ONE
Price, Vincent (actor)  10-26-1993 HDR
Price, Violet Estelle Keller 12-28-1998 HDR
Price, Wade Rayford 05-20-1998 HDR
Price, Wade Rayford 05-20-1998 ONE
Price, Wayne Edward  05-25-2001 HDR
Price, Willard Floyd 11-24-1998 HDR
Price, Willard Floyd 11-25-1998 HDR
Price, William J. "Billy"  09-12-1993 HDR
Price, Willie Mae  09-26-2001 HDR
Price, Willie Vasco 06-21-1999 HDR
Prichard, Ethelyne Crouch 02-07-1997 HDR
Prichard, Lillian Reavis 09-24-2001 HDR
Prichard, Rowe Stamey 08-02-2001 HDR
Pridonoff, John A. (fmr. executive director of the End-of-Life Choices Society) 12-07-2003 HDR
Priest, Harvey Paul 11-15-1996 ONE
Prieste, Hal Haig  (104 yoa) (America's Oldest Olympian) 04-28-2001 HDR
Priester, Mary L.  01-12-2002 HDR
Prillaman, Mary Lou 05-03-1993 HDR
Priller, Thomas Edward Jr. 06-08-2001 HDR
Priller, Thomas Edward Jr. 06-09-2001 HDR
Priller, Thomas Edward Jr. 06-07-2001 ONE
Priller, Thomas Edward Jr. 06-08-2001 ONE
Primeau, Ronald Joseph Sr. 10-25-2000 HDR
Prince, Alvin Leighton 05-27-1999 HDR
Prince, Alvin Leighton 05-26-1999 ONE
Prince, Alvin Leighton 05-27-1999 ONE
Prince, Jacob Calvin (infant) 02-25-1993 HDR
Prince, Jacob Calvin (infant) 02-25-1993 ONE
Prince, Jerrie Diane 08-09-2003 HDR
Prince, Marie Elizabeth Helton  09-22-2002 HDR
Prince, Marie Elizabeth Helton  09-23-2002 ONE
Prince, Paul Alvin 02-17-1999 ONE
Prince, Paul Alvin "Bud" 02-18-1999 HDR
Prince, Paul Alvin "Bud" 02-18-1999 ONE
Prince, Robert "Bobby" Noel 07-29-2002 ONE
Prince, Ruth Coulter  07-05-2002 HDR
Prince, Ruth Coulter  07-05-2002 ONE
Prince, Sharon 06-06-2002 ONE
Prince, Sharon Fay Willis 06-07-2002 ONE
Prince, Sharon Fay Willis  06-07-2002 HDR
Prince, William Wood 02-09-1998 HDR
Prindle, Karl E. 10-19-1998 HDR
Prine, John Wesley Sr. 03-31-2001 HDR
Prinz, Martin 12-31-2000 HDR
Prinz, Martin 12-31-2000 HDR
Prinzi, Vic 01-19-1998 HDR
Pritchard, Alma Louise Bivins  06-26-2002 HDR
Pritchard, Amy Lynn  02-16-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Angela Etta McFalls 02-01-1997 HDR
Pritchard, Atlas Dave 01-11-1996 HDR
Pritchard, Benny Ike 05-28-1998 HDR
Pritchard, Bobby B. "Fireball"  02-12-2002 HDR
Pritchard, Bosh  11-09-1996 HDR
Pritchard, Bosh  11-08-1996 HDR
Pritchard, Bruce Howard "Zig Zag" 04-30-2003 HDR
Pritchard, Carole Annette “Sissy”  07-27-2000 HDR
Pritchard, Carolyn White  (Page 6A) 03-21-1999 HDR
Pritchard, Charles Albert 5/22/2005 HDR
Pritchard, Clara  07-25-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Clara Branch  07-26-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Clarance Tellis  10-25-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Dennis James  02-20-2003 HDR
Pritchard, Edgar Lee 10-20-2000 HDR
Pritchard, Esther Ethel  06-28-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Ethel Poarch  06-12-1994 HDR
Pritchard, Eugene  09-18-1994 HDR
Pritchard, Eugene  09-19-1994 HDR
Pritchard, Grace Powell  01-18-2001 HDR
Pritchard, Grace Riley 02-16-1994 HDR
Pritchard, Grace Riley 02-16-1994 ONE
Pritchard, Grace Riley 02-17-1994 ONE
Pritchard, Harrison Eldrich  08-27-1997 HDR
Pritchard, Hazard A. 11-17-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Hazel Banner  5/10/2005 HDR
Pritchard, Herman Ray  04-08-2002 HDR
Pritchard, Horace Newton 07-04-2001 HDR
Pritchard, Howard  03-20-2001 HDR
Pritchard, Howard Winslow  12-15-2002 HDR
Pritchard, Jack 8/19/2005 HDR
Pritchard, Jack M. 8/20/2005 HDR
Pritchard, James Bennett (archaeologist) 01-20-1997 HDR
Pritchard, James Preston  02-23-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Johnny Earl  06-10-2000 HDR
Pritchard, Kathleen Hartley 03-22-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Kathryn Harris (Mema)  03-07-2003 HDR
Pritchard, Kenneth Frank  10-17-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Mamie Sue  08-30-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Mamie Sue Williams 08-31-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Margaret Amy 08-22-1994 HDR
Pritchard, Margaret Amy Walker 08-23-1994 HDR
Pritchard, Mary Lucille  8/30/2004 ONE
Pritchard, Michael Lee 10-23-2001 HDR
Pritchard, Mildred Clark  07-24-2002 HDR
Pritchard, Mildred Clark  07-25-2002 HDR
Pritchard, Nadine Baker 08-18-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Nadine Baker 08-20-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Nancy June  05-03-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Neil Douglas  04-13-2002 HDR
Pritchard, Noel Thomas 02-21-2001 HDR
Pritchard, Ollie Matilda  04-12-2001 HDR
Pritchard, Paul Nelson 04-18-1993 HDR
Pritchard, Paul S.  03-13-1997 HDR
Pritchard, Ronald Melton  07-13-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Ronald Melton  07-14-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Royal Worth 01-14-1997 HDR
Pritchard, Ruby Clark 04-06-2000 HDR
Pritchard, Stanley Neff  08-06-1995 HDR
Pritchard, Steve Thomas  07-01-2001 HDR
Pritchard, Troy Alexander 01-18-2000 HDR
Pritchard, Vangie 10-05-2003 HDR
Pritchard, Virginia Walker  04-29-2001 HDR
Pritchard, W. Wayne 09-04-2000 HDR
Pritchard, Wilbur L. 03-22-1999 HDR
Pritchett, Albert W. "Ab" 08-04-1999 HDR
Pritchett, John Joseph 12-01-1997 ONE
Pritchett, John Joseph  12-02-1997 HDR
Pritchett, Laurie 11-15-2000 HDR
Pritchett, Marie Emogene Linney 05-31-1998 HDR
Privett, Pauline "Polly" Thompson 1/25/2005 HDR
Privette, Doris Weston 12-26-1996 HDR
Privette, Dwight Danner  08-01-2001 HDR
Privette, Dwight Danner  08-01-2001 ONE
Proch, David 10-23-1998 HDR
Procida, Betty Ellison  01-11-2000 HDR
Proctor, Anna Martin  08-24-1996 HDR
Proctor, Anna Mary  08-23-1996 HDR
Proctor, Bessie Virginia "Ginny" 09-09-2003 HDR
Proctor, Clyde Pinkney  02-11-1993 HDR
Proctor, Daisy Carswell 11-22-2002 HDR
Proctor, Dwight Julaine  05-29-2002 HDR
Proctor, Dwight Julaine  05-30-2002 HDR
Proctor, Dwight Julaine  05-30-2002 ONE
Proctor, Grace Hager 10-21-1996 ONE
Proctor, Grace Hager  10-22-1996 HDR
Proctor, Haydn (Former NJ state Supreme Court Justice) 10-09-1996 HDR
Proctor, Helen Whitaker 12-21-1999 HDR
Proctor, Jackie Hensley 5/20/2005 HDR
Proctor, James McCall 07-30-1999 HDR
Proctor, Martha Campbell 05-15-1999 HDR
Proctor, Marvin Stanley  03-22-2002 HDR
Proctor, Mary Florence White 06-09-1995 HDR
Proctor, Melba Hoyle  12-16-1994 HDR
Proctor, Samuel "Sam" Franklin  02-25-2002 HDR
Proctor, Sara Meadows 3/6/2005 HDR
Proffitt, Esther Warren  12-13-2002 HDR
Proffitt, Jo Evelyn 03-07-2000 HDR
Proffitt, Marvin Thomas  11-22-2003 HDR
Proffitt, Teresa Lynn  12-03-1995 HDR
Proffitt, Thomas E. V 07-24-1996 HDR
Proffitt, Thomas Edgar III 11/4/2005 HDR
Profitt, Burchell  11-26-1993 HDR
Profitt, Burchell  11-26-1993 ONE
Promyslov, Vladimir (mayor of Moscow - 23 years) 05-25-1993 HDR
Propes, Harold Clyde 02-26-1996 HDR
Propes, Harold Clyde 02-26-1996 ONE
Propes, Howard Fredrickson  12-26-1994 HDR
Propes, Rodney Addell  03-05-2003 HDR
Propes, Willie Mae "Bill" 05-02-2000 HDR
Propes, Willie Mae "Bill" 05-03-2000 HDR
Propes, Willie Mae "Bill" 05-04-2000 HDR
Propst, Albert Sylvester  8/25/2005 HDR
Propst, Alex Austin 04-25-2000 HDR
Propst, Alvin Yates 12-19-1997 HDR
Propst, Alvin Yates 12-18-1997 ONE
Propst, Annie Bowers  11-25-1998 HDR
Propst, Annie Dale 01-21-1998 HDR
Propst, Arnold Marvin 07-21-1998 HDR
Propst, Arnold Marvin 07-21-1998 ONE
Propst, Aubrey  10-27-1993 HDR
Propst, Aubrey  10-28-1993 HDR
Propst, Aubrey  10-27-1993 ONE
Propst, Aubrey  10-28-1993 ONE
Propst, Barbara Pitts 05-31-2000 HDR
Propst, Barbara Pitts 05-31-2000 ONE
Propst, Beanie Shade  09-13-1993 HDR
Propst, Beanie Shade  09-14-1993 HDR
Propst, Bertha Workman  05-27-1994 HDR
Propst, Bertha Workman  05-28-1994 HDR
Propst, Bertha Workman  05-29-1994 HDR
Propst, Bertie Shuler 08-02-1993 HDR
Propst, Bertie Shuler Mrs. 08-02-1993 ONE
Propst, Billy 10-10-1994 ONE
Propst, Billy  10-10-1994 HDR
Propst, Billy A. Sr. 10-11-1994 ONE
Propst, Billy A. Sr.  10-11-1994 HDR
Propst, Billy Clinton 05-12-2000 HDR
Propst, Bobbie Ellis 02-06-1996 HDR
Propst, Bobbie Ellis 02-05-1996 ONE
Propst, Bobbie Ellis 02-06-1996 ONE
Propst, Bobbie Ellis  02-07-1996 HDR
Propst, C. Hoke  01-28-2000 ONE
Propst, Calvin Yates "Chuck" 05-04-1993 HDR
Propst, Carrell  01-12-2001 HDR
Propst, Chanie Gertrude Ramseur  05-28-1995 HDR
Propst, Channie G.  05-26-1995 HDR
Propst, Charles Carrell 01-16-2003 ONE
Propst, Charles Carrell  01-16-2003 HDR
Propst, Charles E. "Dude" 02-02-1993 HDR
Propst, Charles E. "Dude"  02-02-1993 ONE
Propst, Charles Edgart 3/25/2005 HDR
Propst, Charles Hoke 01-28-2000 HDR
Propst, Charles Hoke 01-26-200 ONE
Propst, Charles Larry 5/25/2005 HDR
Propst, Cloyd Hugh 01-07-1993 HDR
Propst, Cloyd Hugh Sr. 01-08-1993 HDR
Propst, Cloyd Hugh Sr. 01-08-1993 ONE
Propst, Cora Bernice  3/29/2004 ONE
Propst, Cordie E.  12-11-9196 HDR
Propst, D. C. Washington 04-24-2000 ONE
Propst, D.C. Washington 04-22-2000 HDR
Propst, Delmar L.  10-04-1998 HDR
Propst, Donald Ray 10/8/2005 HDR
Propst, Dorothy Gardner 06-16-1996 HDR
Propst, Douglass Franklin "Doug" 6/29/2005 HDR
Propst, Douglass Franklin "Doug" 6/28/2005 ONE
Propst, Elida Watts 12-03-1999 HDR
Propst, Elida Watts 12-03-1999 ONE
Propst, Emo Hedrick  08-26-1994 HDR
Propst, Emo Hedrick  08-27-1994 HDR
Propst, Emo Pauline Hedrick  08-26-1994 ONE
Propst, Eugene Earl 10-08-1998 HDR
Propst, Eugene Lewis 11-17-1995 HDR
Propst, Eugene Lewis  11-17-1995 ONE
Propst, Eva Catherine Lail  06-20-1994 HDR
Propst, Evans Alfred 10-09-2000 ONE
Propst, Evans Alfred  10-07-2000 HDR
Propst, Evans Alfred  10-08-2000 HDR
Propst, Evans Alfred  10-06-2000 ONE
Propst, Eve Catherine Lail 06-20-1994 ONE
Propst, Fay Huffman  01-30-2001 HDR
Propst, Faye Ruth Rogers 10-08-1996 HDR
Propst, Faye Ruth Rogers 10-08-1996 ONE
Propst, Floyd Kirby  11-11-1998 HDR
Propst, Forrest P. 03-16-1998 HDR
Propst, Frances Natian 10-02-2000 ONE
Propst, Frances Nation 10-02-2000 HDR
Propst, Frank William 08-19-1999 HDR
Propst, Geneva Raper 05-30-2003 ONE
Propst, Geneva Raper 06-02-2003 ONE
Propst, Geneva Raper 06-03-2003 ONE
Propst, Geneva Raper  05-31-2003 HDR
Propst, H. Dixion 03-16-1995 HDR
Propst, Harold Dean (aka Larry Brittain) 05-19-2003 HDR
Propst, Harold Dean (aka Larry Brittain) 05-19-2003 ONE
Propst, Harold E.  12-26-2002 HDR
Propst, Harold E.  12-27-2002 HDR
Propst, Harold E.  12-28-2002 HDR
Propst, Herbert 11-27-1995 HDR
Propst, Herbert Daniel 11-27-1995 ONE
Propst, Herbert Daniel 11-28-1995 ONE
Propst, Herbert Daniel (veteran)  11-28-1995 HDR
Propst, Herman Gaither  9/23/2005 HDR
Propst, Houston Arlow  01-29-2003 HDR
Propst, Howard McDewey 04-14-2001 HDR
Propst, Howard McDewey  04-13-2001 HDR
Propst, Hugh "Jack" 01-07-1993 HDR
Propst, Ivey Geneva Ramseur 06-07-1999 HDR
Propst, James "Frank" 3/2/2005 ONE
Propst, James "Frank" 3/3/2005 ONE
Propst, James "Frank" Franklin 3/3/2005 HDR
Propst, James Adrain 05-22-1996 HDR
Propst, James Adrain 05-20-1996 ONE
Propst, James Adrain 05-21-1996 ONE
Propst, James Adrian  05-21-1996 HDR
Propst, James Arthur 07-01-1996 ONE
Propst, James Arthur 07-02-1996 ONE
Propst, James Arthur  07-03-1996 HDR
Propst, James Arthur  07-02-1996 HDR
Propst, James Arthur Jr. 04-12-2001 HDR
Propst, James Arthur Jr. 04-12-2001 ONE
Propst, James Arthur Jr. 04-11-2001 ONE
Propst, James Ruben  03-01-2001 HDR
Propst, Japtha Fred 12-05-2001 HDR
Propst, Japtha Fred 12-07-2001 HDR
Propst, Japtha Fred  12-05-2001 ONE
Propst, Jeffrey Leland  7/20/2004 ONE
Propst, Jeffrey Leland  7/21/2004 ONE
Propst, Jenny McKinnon 03-03-2003 ONE
Propst, Jenny McKinnon  03-03-2003 HDR
Propst, Jimmy Eugene  01-16-2001 HDR
Propst, Jimmy Eugene  01-16-2001 ONE
Propst, John Sidney 01-28-1994 HDR
Propst, Johnny Ray 04-24-1999 HDR
Propst, Johnny Ray 04-29-1999 ONE
Propst, Johnny Ray  04-29-1999 HDR
Propst, Kathleen Dellinger 03-18-1998 HDR
Propst, Kenneth 11-15-2001 HDR
Propst, Kenneth 11-14-2001 ONE
Propst, Kenneth L. 02-09-2000 HDR
Propst, Kurt McClure 04-01-1999 HDR
Propst, Leonard R. 10/2/2005 HDR
Propst, Lexie Leatherman 07-04-1998 HDR
Propst, Lexie Leatherman 07-03-1998 ONE
Propst, Lillie Blanche Raby (100 yoa) 10-06-1999 HDR
Propst, Lillie Mae Weir  04-11-2001 HDR
Propst, Lorene Goodson 05-20-1997 HDR
Propst, Lorene Goodson 05-19-1997 ONE
Propst, Louanna 12-22-1995 HDR
Propst, Loyd Victor 06-24-1997 HDR
Propst, Lucille Elizabeth Townsend 06-03-1997 HDR
Propst, Lucille Elizabeth Townsend 06-03-1997 ONE
Propst, Margaret 03-04-1993 HDR
Propst, Margaret  03-05-1993 ONE
Propst, Margaret Aileene Hoke 09-02-1993 HDR
Propst, Margaret Aileene Hoke  09-02-1993 ONE
Propst, Marvin William  12/28/2005 HDR
Propst, Mary Cosby 10-26-1995 ONE
Propst, Mary Cosby  10-26-1995 HDR
Propst, Mary Cosby Marlowe 10-27-1995 HDR
Propst, Mary Cosby Marlowe  10-27-1995 ONE
Propst, Mary Ellen Spencer 05-19-1999 HDR
Propst, Mary Good 07-30-2001 HDR
Propst, Mary Good  07-30-2001 ONE
Propst, Melvin Gaither 11-12-2002 HDR
Propst, Melvin Gaither  11-12-2002 ONE
Propst, Mildred Lorene 07-29-1998 HDR
Propst, Mildred Lorene 07-28-1998 ONE
Propst, Mildred Lorene 07-29-1998 ONE
Propst, Mrs. Ivey Geneva Ramseur 06-07-1999 ONE
Propst, Nelson Alexander 10-17-2000 HDR
Propst, Nelson Alexander  10-16-2000 ONE
Propst, Nicholas James (infant) 04-11-2003 ONE
Propst, Nicolas James  04-14-2003 HDR
Propst, Nicolas James (infant) 04-14-2003 ONE
Propst, Norman W. "N.W." 7/12/2005 HDR
Propst, Ona Inez  07-01-1994 HDR
Propst, Ona Inez  07-01-1994 ONE
Propst, Paul Odell 02-11-1999 HDR
Propst, Pauline F. 4/8/2005 HDR
Propst, Pearl Luella Poovey 09-17-2003 HDR
Propst, Pearl Miller  08-16-2001 HDR
Propst, Pearl P. 09-16-2003 ONE
Propst, Pearl P. 09-17-2003 ONE
Propst, Princillis Patterson 11-29-2002 HDR
Propst, Robert 05-26-1997 HDR
Propst, Robert  05-26-1997 ONE
Propst, Robert Curlee 05-30-1997 HDR
Propst, Robert Curlee 05-30-1997 ONE
Propst, Rosa Lee 06-16-2001 HDR
Propst, Rose Martha 10-29-1993 ONE
Propst, Rose Martha  10-29-1993 HDR
Propst, Roseanna Alexander 05-23-2001 HDR
Propst, Roseanna Alexander 05-23-2001 ONE
Propst, Ruby Frances Parker  05-15-2002 HDR
Propst, Ruby Frances Parker  05-16-2002 HDR
Propst, Russell 10-12-1998 HDR
Propst, Russell 10-14-1998 HDR
Propst, Ruth Bolick 11-06-2002 HDR
Propst, Ruth Bolick 11-06-2002 ONE
Propst, Ruth Mae Phillips 03-13-2002 ONE
Propst, Ruth Mae Phillips  03-13-2002 HDR
Propst, Ruth Rutledge 12-08-1999 HDR
Propst, Ruth Rutledge 12-07-1999 ONE
Propst, Ruth Rutledge 12-08-1999 ONE
Propst, Sarah Jane Ms.  06-16-2003 HDR
Propst, Sidney 08-30-2002 ONE
Propst, Sidney  08-24-2002 HDR
Propst, Sidney  08-30-2002 HDR
Propst, Steven Ray 01-28-1999 HDR
Propst, Steven Ray 01-26-1999 ONE
Propst, Steven Ray  01-27-1999 HDR
Propst, Ted L. 05-31-2000 HDR
Propst, Ted L. 05-30-2000 ONE
Propst, Thelma Detter 05-14-1995 HDR
Propst, Thelma Detter 05-15-1995 HDR
Propst, Thelma Detter  05-15-1995 ONE
Propst, Thomas Julius 02-07-1998 HDR
Propst, Thomas Julius 02-09-1998 ONE
Propst, Vanessa Mahala  11-29-1993 HDR
Propst, Velma Greene  02-19-2003 HDR
Propst, Vernie Devine  09-27-2003 HDR
Propst, Vernie Devine  09-28-2003 HDR
Propst, Vernie Devine  09-29-2003 ONE
Propst, Virginia 03-02-1995 ONE
Propst, Virginia B. 03-03-1995 HDR
Propst, Wayne Darole  05-08-1995 HDR
Propst, Wayne Darole  05-10-1995 HDR
Propst, Wayne Darole  05-10-1995 ONE
Propst, Wayne Franklin 10-08-2000 HDR
Propst, Wayne Franklin  10-09-2000 ONE
Propst, William "Bill" Blenton 10-25-1993 ONE
Propst, William Blenton "Bill" 10-24-1993 HDR
Propst, William Edison 02-08-2000 HDR
Propst, William Edison 02-08-2000 ONE
Propst, William Gherrett 03-29-1996 HDR
Propst, William Gherrett 03-29-1996 ONE
Propst, William J. The Rev.  05-01-2003 HDR
Propst, William Von 05-19-1996 HDR
Propst, William Von 05-20-1996 ONE
Provence, Harry Mayo (editor-in-chief) 08-04-1995 HDR
Provost, Daniel E. III  10-23-1997 HDR
Prowse, Juliet 09-16-1996 ONE
Proxmire, William (former Wisconsin Sen.) 12/16/2005 HDR
Prudhomme, K Hinrichs (wife of Chef Paul) 01-01-1993 HDR
Pruett, "Johnny" Johnson 03-23-1997 HDR
Pruett, Amos Earl 12-27-2001 HDR
Pruett, Annie Belle 03-15-1997 HDR
Pruett, Barbara Brindell 04-11-1995 HDR
Pruett, Bessie Jane Hoyle  12/25/2005 HDR
Pruett, Johnny Johnson 03-24-1997 ONE
Pruett, Ocie Lounett 11/26/2005 HDR
Pruett, Ophelia Baker 02-22-2000 HDR
Pruett, Richard "Mewill" Dean 07-31-1996 HDR
Pruett, Steve Kelly 6/1/2005 HDR
Pruette, Flavie Havner 09-11-1999 HDR
Pruette, Grady  09-23-2001 HDR
Pruette, Harace Jerome 12-12-1996 HDR
Pruette, Joyce Ann 8/6/2005 HDR
Pruette, Walter Carrol 01-05-1997 HDR
Pruitt, Bessie Mae Morgan 01-26-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Betty Weeks  03-04-1999 HDR
Pruitt, Beulah Auton 07-18-1999 HDR
Pruitt, Beulah Auton 07-19-1999 ONE
Pruitt, Billy 09-09-1998 ONE
Pruitt, Billy  09-09-1998 HDR
Pruitt, Clarence Everett 10-25-2001 ONE
Pruitt, Clarence Everett  10-25-2001 HDR
Pruitt, David Furman 01-22-1998 HDR
Pruitt, Ernest  11-08-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Eskridge "Eck"  02-20-2002 HDR
Pruitt, Eskridge "Eck"  02-20-2002 ONE
Pruitt, Evelyn Louise 08-03-1993 HDR
Pruitt, Evelyn Louise 08-05-1993 HDR
Pruitt, Evelyn Louise  08-03-1993 ONE
Pruitt, Evelyn Louise  08-05-1993 ONE
Pruitt, Everett Fuller 01-24-1993 HDR
Pruitt, Frankie Huffman 06-27-2002 ONE
Pruitt, Frankie Huffman  06-27-2002 HDR
Pruitt, Geneva Rhoney  05-16-1993 HDR
Pruitt, George Cliffton 11-02-2003 HDR
Pruitt, George Clifton  11-03-2003 ONE
Pruitt, James Cletus 06-08-1999 ONE
Pruitt, Javan  07-14-2001 HDR
Pruitt, Jeanette Edwards 02-11-1997 HDR
Pruitt, Jeanette Edwards 02-111997 ONE
Pruitt, Jessie Lee Watson  02-12-2003 HDR
Pruitt, John Franklin  08-29-2002 HDR
Pruitt, Judy Kay Pless 07-23-1998 HDR
Pruitt, Judy Kay Pless 07-24-1998 HDR
Pruitt, Lathern J. 07-07-1995 HDR
Pruitt, Leonard Alexander 01-30-1995 HDR
Pruitt, Lester Lee  5/26/2005 HDR
Pruitt, Lola Carter 01-19-1900 HDR
Pruitt, Mae Marie "Peggy York"  1/13/2005 HDR
Pruitt, Marcia Beaty  10/16/2005 HDR
Pruitt, Mary Laurens 05-13-2000 HDR
Pruitt, Minnie Blackwood  03-16-2002 HDR
Pruitt, Minnie Blackwood  03-18-2002 ONE
Pruitt, Naomi  05-25-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Naomi  05-25-1994 ONE
Pruitt, Naomi Ruth Shuford 05-26-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Naomi Ruth Shuford  05-26-1994 ONE
Pruitt, Paul Jackson (veteran) 02-08-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Pearl Bentley 10-28-1997 HDR
Pruitt, Pearl Bentley 10-29-1997 HDR
Pruitt, Richard Scott 8/12/2005 HDR
Pruitt, Rosann Jenkins 01-20-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Roseann 01-19-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Rufus Preston Sr. (veteran) 03-06-1994 HDR
Pruitt, Russell Lee 09-04-1996 HDR
Pruitt, Sallie Rose 01-26-2000 HDR
Pruitt, Thelma Price 03-26-1993 HDR
Pruitt, Tom Jr.  4/13/2004 ONE
Pruitt, William David "Bill" 02-09-1993 HDR
Pruitte, Inez Anthony 08-03-1996 HDR
Pryor, Elsie George 06-25-2001 ONE
Pryor, Elsie George  06-25-2001 HDR
Prysock, Arthur (musician) 06-26-1997 HDR
Prystowsky, Harry Dr. 05-26-1999 HDR
Psioda, Marjorie Yount 07-23-1997 HDR
Psioda, Marjorie Yount  07-22-1997 HDR
Ptacek, Rainer (musician) 11-15-1997 HDR
Puckett, Estelle Mull 11-25-1999 HDR
Puckett, Harvey 06-07-1999 HDR
Puckett, Julian Steve  10-12-1994 HDR
Puckett, Sue Harris  02-26-1993 HDR
Puckett, Susie Harris 02-25-1993 HDR
Puckett, Vivian Grace McKelvey 06-18-2003 HDR
Puckett, William J. "Bill" Rev. 10-06-1997 HDR
Puelicher, John A. "Jack" 11-03-1999 HDR
Puente, Tito (bandleader) 06-01-2000 ONE
Puett, Ann Starnes 05-21-2000 HDR
Puett, Anna Mae Campbell  03-09-1995 HDR
Puett, Avery Andrew  10-06-1995 HDR
Puett, Avery Andrew  10-07-1995 HDR
Puett, Charles Edward 02-24-1996 HDR
Puett, Clara Baird  08-10-1993 HDR
Puett, Collie Childers  10-02-1995 HDR
Puett, Edison L. 03-27-1994 HDR
Puett, Edwin Woodrow 11-08-1999 HDR
Puett, Ernest Elisha 06-18-1996 HDR
Puett, Ernest Elisha  06-17-1996 HDR
Puett, Jerry Wayne 07-06-1998 HDR
Puett, Jerry Wayne 07-06-1998 ONE
Puett, Juanita Clontz 03-28-1998 HDR
Puett, Larry Dean Sr. 11-24-1995 HDR
Puett, Lloyd Weeks Sr. 5/11/2005 HDR
Puett, Velma Curtis  03-24-2001 HDR
Puett, Violet Lucille Clark 08-02-1998 HDR
Puett, William A. 01-04-1997 HDR
Puett, William A.  12-14-1996 HDR
Puffenbarger, Charles W. "Puff" 07-02-1997 HDR
Pugh, Cathleen "Kat" Rector  04-09-2001 HDR
Pugh, Ellen Elizabeth Tryon  03-04-2000 HDR
Pugh, Ellen Elizabeth Tryon  03-03-2000 ONE
Pugh, James   11-23-2003 HDR
Pugh, James Elliott 11-24-2003 HDR
Pugh, James Sanford Jr. 3/1/2004 ONE
Pugh, Luke Jerry  08-14-1994 HDR
Pugh, Octa Stamey 08-07-2000 HDR
Pugh, Page 9/7/2005 HDR
Pugh, Page Thomas 9/7/2005 ONE
Pugh, Page Thomas  9/8/2005 HDR
Pugh, Patricia Cecelia McIntosh 6/1/2004 ONE
Pugh, Thad R. "Red"  05-06-1997 HDR
Pulliam, Nina Mason 03-28-1997 HDR
Pulliam, Ralph Stewart 01-06-1999 HDR
Pullin, Jesse  06-22-1995 HDR
Pullin, Jesse John  06-23-1995 HDR
Pullin, Jesse John  06-24-1995 HDR
Punch, Bernice Morrison 09-02-1999 HDR
Punch, Bernice Morrison 09-02-1999 ONE
Punch, Betty Jo Hunt 03-29-1998 HDR
Punch, Betty Jo Hunt 03-30-1998 ONE
Punch, Bonnie Jarrett  08-12-1993 HDR
Punch, Brenda Shumate Brittain 07-09-1999 HDR
Punch, Brenda Shumate Brittain 07-09-1999 ONE
Punch, Burgan Samuel 11-16-1997 HDR
Punch, Burgan Samuel 11-17-1997 ONE
Punch, Burgan Samuel  11-17-1997 HDR
Punch, Charles Everett 06-03-1998 ONE
Punch, Charles Everette 06-03-1998 HDR
Punch, Claude Alexander (Page 9) 6/28/2004 ONE
Punch, Essie Harris  02-15-2002 HDR
Punch, Essie Harris  02-14-2002 ONE
Punch, Ethel  12-15-1994 HDR
Punch, Ethel Smith 12-16-1994 HDR
Punch, Fannie Elizabeth  07-17-2003 ONE
Punch, Fannie Queen Bolick 07-18-2003 HDR
Punch, Fannie Queen Bolick  07-18-2003 ONE
Punch, Franklin LeRoy 04-14-1996 HDR
Punch, Franklin LeRoy 04-15-1996 ONE
Punch, Gaudie Pope 3/24/2004 ONE
Punch, Glenn "Bill" Willard 03-28-1994 ONE
Punch, Glenn "Bill" Willard  03-28-1994 HDR
Punch, Glenn Gaither 09-16-2002 ONE
Punch, Glenn Gaither  09-17-2002 HDR
Punch, Johnny Andrew Jr.  12/14/2005 HDR
Punch, Johnny Andrew Jr.  12/15/2005 HDR
Punch, Johnny Andrew Jr.  12/13/2005 ONE
Punch, Johnny Andrew Jr.  12/15/2005 ONE
Punch, Leonard Wilke Sr. 03-29-1995 ONE
Punch, Leonard Wilke Sr.  03-29-1995 HDR
Punch, Lucy “Peggy” Avery  09-15-2000 HDR
Punch, Roy Ernest  09-01-2001 HDR
Punch, Roy Ernest  09-02-2001 HDR
Punch, Roy Ernest  08-31-2001 ONE
Punch, Shirley Bowman  09-02-2001 HDR
Punch, Thelma G. Kiziah Mrs. 11/3/2005 HDR
Punch, Winfield E.  11-03-1995 ONE
Purcell, Edward Mills (Nobel Prize Winner) 03-10-1997 HDR
Purdie, Marcus 04-28-1997 ONE
Purdy, Michael G.  10-26-2000 HDR
Purgason, Hazel Roland  11-22-1994 HDR
Purkey, Ora Irene Pope 02-17-2003 ONE
Purkey, Ora Irene Pope  02-17-2003 HDR
Purkey, Thurrell M.  09-15-2001 HDR
Pursey, Polly S.  09-22-1993 HDR
Pursley, Don Milton 04-09-1996 HDR
Pursley, Don Milton 04-09-1996 ONE
Pusey, Lucy Ann Keena 12-11-2001 HDR
Pusey, Lucy Ann Keena  12-11-2001 ONE
Pushnik, Frieda 12-31-2000 HDR
Pushnik, Frieda 12-31-2000 HDR
Putman, Atha Lucille Cline 02-03-2000 HDR
Putman, Jule F. 01-18-1999 ONE
Putman, Nathaniel "Kirk"  12-03-1995 HDR
Putman, Thelma Sides 04-19-1994 HDR
Putman, Thomas Edgar  11-08-1995 HDR
Putman, Thomas Edgar  11-09-1995 HDR
Putnam, Ada Carolyn 05-13-2000 HDR
Putnam, Ada Carolyn 05-15-2000 ONE
Putnam, Allen James 06-18-1996 HDR
Putnam, Carleton 03-18-1998 HDR
Putnam, Clarence Lee 02-07-1998 HDR
Putnam, Clarence Lee 02-09-1998 ONE
Putnam, David Walter 06-21-1998 HDR
Putnam, David Walter 06-22-1998 HDR
Putnam, Hugh Weathers (veteran) 05-03-1994 HDR
Putnam, Iva Beatrice Spillman 11-11-2001 HDR
Putnam, Jule F.  01-19-1999 HDR
Putnam, Jule F.  01-19-1999 ONE
Putnam, Kathy  02-25-1998 HDR
Putnam, Linda Lee Conard  05-31-2002 ONE
Putnam, Linda Lee Conrad  06-01-2002 HDR
Putnam, Mary Elizabeth Leonard 10-17-1996 HDR
Putnam, Ola Hamrick Putman 02-07-2001 HDR
Putnam, Velma Ammons  01-13-2002 HDR
Putnam, Velma Ammons  01-14-2002 ONE
Putnam, Weyburn Teague Warlick 02-23-1997 HDR
Putnan, Thelma Maybell Sides 04-20-1994 HDR
Putney, William W. (veterinarian/author/war dog trainer)  03-25-2003 HDR
Puzo, Mario--author 07-04-1999 HDR
Pyatt, Barbara Jo Seagle  07-11-1995 HDR
Pyatt, C. Dwight Rev. 08-15-2001 ONE
Pyatt, Maude  03-12-2002 HDR
Pyatt, Maude  03-11-2002 ONE
Pyatt, Maude Nations  03-13-2002 HDR
Pyatt, Maude Nations  03-12-2002 ONE
Pyatte, Beuford Glenn 01-07-1997 HDR
Pyatte, Edna Burton Lane 02-07-1996 HDR
Pyatte, Loretta Campbell “Nana”  08-03-2000 HDR
Pyatte, Randy D.  (Page 1) 05-03-1999 ONE
Pyatte, Randy Dale 05-03-1999 HDR
Pyatte, Randy Dale 05-04-1999 HDR
Pyatte, Rodney Dale  05-16-2002 HDR
Pylant, Raymond Houston Jr. 12-11-1999 HDR
Pyle, Cheyenne 01-21-1997 ONE
Pyle, Denver (actor) 12-29-1997 HDR
Pyles, Shirley Ann Dula Mrs. 3/28/2005 HDR
Pyne, Robert Allen 03-31-1997 ONE
Pyne, Robert Allen  03-30-1997 HDR