Oakes, Arlie Beatrice 04-19-1998 HDR
Oakes, Bobby Gene Sr.  04-09-1995 HDR
Oakes, Jessie Hartley  03-03-1993 HDR
Oakes, Pearl Smith  08-31-2002 HDR
Oakes, Ralph William  03-21-1995 HDR
Oakley, Florence Moore  04-27-1996 HDR
Oakley, Mary Pauline McGee  03-06-2003 HDR
Oakley, Rufus P. "Dick"  07-30-1993 HDR
Oakley, Rufus P. "Dick"  07-31-1993 HDR
Oaks, Faye Presnell 03-30-1996 HDR
Oaks, Hazel Thompson 03-21-2000 HDR
Oaks, Ralph Walter  10-04-1998 HDR
Oat, Donald L. 03-26-1997 HDR
Oates, Bessie Lee Caldwell 04-17-1998 HDR
Oates, Catherine Mitchell 08-23-1996 HDR
Oates, Catherine Mitchell  08-22-1996 HDR
Oates, Helen Mae Lindsay 05-16-2000 HDR
Oates, Ralph 11-10-1998 HDR
Obanhein, William J. (former police chief "Alice's Restaurant") 09-13-1994 HDR
O'Banner, Jennifer Dennise Bristol 03-19-1998 HDR
O'Bannon, Frank (governor--IN) 09-14-2003 HDR
Obenschain, Maxie Lee Riley 12-22-1997 HDR
Obenschain, Maxie Lee Riley 12-22-1997 ONE
Obenshain, Samuel S. 07-29-2000 HDR
Oberholtzer, Kenneth E. (educator) 12-26-1993 HDR
Obersovszky, Gyula (poet) 03-16-2001 HDR
Obote, Milton (Uganda's first prime minister) 10/12/2005 HDR
O'Brien, Bruce Weaver 01-30-1996 HDR
O'Brien, Bruce Weaver 01-28-1996 HDR
O'Brien, Bruce Weaver 01-30-1996 ONE
O'Brien, Francis M. (antique book dealer) 05-28-1994 HDR
O'Brien, Liam 03-26-1996 ONE
O'Brien, Mark 07-08-1999 HDR
O'Brien, Michael 06-20-1997 HDR
O'Brien, Robert Edward Sr. 03-03-1996 HDR
O'Brien, Robert H.  10-13-1997 HDR
O'Brient, Jacquelyn “Jackie”  12-03-2002 HDR
O'Brient, Jacquelyn “Jackie”  12-05-2002 HDR
Obuchi, Keizo (Former Japanese Prime Minister) 05-15-2000 HDR
Ocasek, Oliver 06-27-1999 HDR
Ocharan, Leticia (artist) 10-26-1997 HDR
Ochoa, Digna (Page 3A) 10-21-2001 HDR
Ochoa, Rigoberto Yepez 3/5/2005 HDR
Ochoa, Rigoberto Yepez 3/6/2005 HDR
Ochoa, Rigoberto Yepez 3/4/2005 ONE
Ochoa, Rigoberto Yepez 3/7/2005 ONE
Ochoa, Severo (biochemist) 11-03-1993 HDR
O'Connell, Helen (big band singer) 09-10-1993 HDR
O'Conner, Carolyn Elizabeth 11-21-2001 HDR
O'Conner, Emily Nichole  04-20-2001 HDR
O'Connor, Cardinal John 05-09-2000 ONE
O'Connor, Carroll 06-22-2001 ONE
O'Connor, Carroll (Page 11A) 06-22-2001 HDR
O'Connor, Elise (mother of actor Carroll O'Connor) 01-03-1994 HDR
O'Connor, James L.  07-16-1996 HDR
O'Connor, Thomas Patton 02-04-1998 HDR
O'Connor, Thomas Patton 02-04-1998 ONE
Oda, Mikio 12-05-1998 HDR
O'Daniel, James Sydney Sr. 02-15-1998 HDR
O'Daniel, Joyce Pearl  07-23-1996 HDR
O'Daniel, Paul Willard  07-03-1995 HDR
Ode, Robert (Iran hostage) 09-11-1995 HDR
Odell, Allen G. (Burma Shave rhymes developer) 01-21-1994 HDR
Odell, Bright Driggers  02-28-1993 HDR
O'Dell, Dora 10/7/2005 HDR
O'Dell, Dora 10/8/2005 HDR
O'Dell, Dora  10/11/2005 ONE
Odell, Elise Steel 12-01-1993 HDR
O'Dell, Kevin Blaine 04-25-2000 HDR
Odell, Ronnie Allen  01-09-2003 HDR
Odell, Ronnie Allen  01-10-2003 HDR
Odell, Ronny "Poppy" 10-20-2003 HDR
Odem, Frank 09-11-1995 HDR
Odem, Jack Maryland  01-27-2000 HDR
Oder, Margot Reinhold  01-24-2003 HDR
Oder, Margot Reinhold  01-24-2003 ONE
Oder, Robert Bailey 05-07-1996 HDR
Oder, Robert Bailey 05-07-1996 ONE
Odinga, Jaramogi Oginga (Kenyan vice president) 01-23-1994 HDR
Odom, Alma Kay Creasman 06-09-1998 HDR
Odom, Alma Kay Creasman 06-09-1998 ONE
Odom, Betty Jean Day 11-16-2002 HDR
Odom, Betty Jean Day 11-18-2002 ONE
Odom, Carrie 08-29-1997 HDR
Odom, Carrie Lucille "Honey" 08-30-1997 HDR
Odom, Carroll  "Pete"  04-13-1996 HDR
Odom, Carroll Franklin 02-06-1997 HDR
Odom, Charles Hilton Sr. 06-02-2001 HDR
Odom, Charles Hilton Sr. 06-04-2001 ONE
Odom, Charles Randy 09-07-1998 HDR
Odom, Cleva Mae Moore  08-21-1997 HDR
Odom, Floyd  11-25-1996 HDR
Odom, Frank 09-12-1995 HDR
Odom, Goldie Mae Carpenter 12-22-2003 HDR
Odom, Goldie Mae Carpenter 12-22-2003 ONE
Odom, Harlan Andrew 09-08-1999 HDR
Odom, Harlan Andrew 09-04-1999 HDR
Odom, Harlan Andrew 09-06-1999 ONE
Odom, Malvin Eugene 05-26-1997 HDR
Odom, Malvin Eugene 05-26-1997 ONE
Odom, Marvin "Mr. Nasty" 02-23-1993 HDR
Odom, Marvin "Mr. Nasty" 02-25-1993 HDR
Odom, Mary Mae Woodward 11-16-2001 HDR
Odom, Mary Mae Woodward  11-16-2001 ONE
Odom, Maude Whitehead 9/16/2005 HDR
Odom, Mrs. Willie Louise Farley 05-07-1998 ONE
Odom, Noel Kenneth 02-03-1999 HDR
Odom, Patricia Diane Gilliam 05-01-1994 HDR
Odom, Patricia Diane Gilliam 05-03-1994 HDR
Odom, Ruby Bumgarner "Maw Ruby" Mrs. 8/26/2005 HDR
Odom, Willie Louise Farley 05-07-1998 HDR
Odom, Willie Louise Farley 05-08-1998 HDR
Odoms, Plass Sr.  04-11-2003 HDR
Odoms, Plass Sr.  04-11-2003 ONE
Odone, Michaela 06-12-2000 HDR
O'Donnell, Andrew Albert (Page 3A) 04-28-1997 HDR
O'Donnell, James F.  08-18-1997 HDR
O'Donnell, Lynn 04-22-1996 HDR
O'Donnell, William W. 05-06-2003 HDR
O'Donoghue, Michael (writer--"Saturday Night Live" fame) 11-10-1994 HDR
Odum, Gladys Elizabeth Bryant 04-02-1996 HDR
O'Dwyer, Paul 06-25-1998 HDR
Oehlbeck, Luther William "Bill" III 07-30-1993 HDR
Oehling, Hazel Younce 03-18-2002 ONE
Oehling, Hazel Younce  03-16-2002 HDR
Oelke, Kimbel E.  08-06-1998 HDR
Oelkers, Jane Rose 07-02-2003 HDR
Oelkers, Jane Rose 07-02-2003 ONE
Oeschger, Hans 12-30-1998 HDR
O'Farrill, Chico  06-30-2001 HDR
Offill,  Lawrence Gray Sr. 02-16-2003 HDR
Offill, Lawrence Gray Sr. 02-22-2003 HDR
Offill, Maxine Bledsoe 12-26-1998 HDR
Offill, Maxine Bledsoe 01-05-1999 HDR
Ogborn, Billy  09-22-1994 HDR
Ogborn, Billy Jr. 09-23-1994 HDR
Ogburn, Emily C.  12-31-2002 HDR
Ogburn, Emily C.  01-01-2003 HDR
Ogburn, Henly Moir "Oggie" Jr. 09-19-1996 HDR
Ogburn, Lorraine McKinney  1/13/2005 HDR
Ogburn, Maurice DeLong  03-07-1996 HDR
Ogilvy, David 07-22-1999 HDR
Ogle, Belvin "Son" Jr.  1/22/2005 HDR
Ogle, Faye Young  06-25-2003 HDR
Ogle, Hazeline Peacock  06-09-1993 HDR
Ogle, Hazeline Peacock  06-10-1993 HDR
Ogle, Hazeline Peacock  06-09-1993 ONE
Ogle, Hazeline Peacock  06-10-1993 ONE
Ogle, James Richard  06-07-1994 HDR
Ogle, James Richard (veteran) 06-06-1994 HDR
Ogle, Leona Louise Arrowood  08-07-1995 HDR
Ogle, Robert  11/1/2004 ONE
Ogle, Ruby Deal 02-09-1993 HDR
Ogle, Ruby Deal  02-10-1993 HDR
Ogles, Ralph Thomas  01-19-1995 HDR
Oglesby, Donald Pearl  12-21-2000 HDR
Oglesby, Irene Dean  10-19-1994 HDR
Oglesby, Irene Dean  10-20-1994 HDR
Oglesby, Lewis Cllyde  02-22-2001 HDR
Oglesby, Lewis Clyde  02-23-2001 HDR
O'Grady, John Thomas  12-18-1993 HDR
O'Grady, John Thomas  12-19-1993 HDR
O'Hair, Muriel S.  06-25-2003 HDR
O'Hara, Brian 07-02-1999 HDR
Ohashi, Kimi 08-04-1999 HDR
Ohlin, Goeran 07-07-1996 HDR
Ohman, Carmela “Dawn” Bowman  01-30-2003 HDR
Ohman, Carmela Bowman  01-28-2003 HDR
Ohman, Carmela Dawn Bowman 01-29-2003 ONE
Ohman, Carmela Dawn Bowman  01-29-2003 HDR
Ohmer, Dennis Charles  10-02-2003 HDR
Okada, Eiji (actor) 10-07-1995 HDR
O'Kane, Richard Retired Rear Adm. (Medal of Honor) 02-22-1994 HDR
O'Keef, Herbert E. 12-04-2000 HDR
O'Keefe, Ann May Horvath 10-18-2000 HDR
O'Keefe, Ann May Horvath 10-17-2000 ONE
O'Keefe, Carol Ann (infant)  02-18-2002 HDR
O'Keefe, Craig Richard 12-03-2000 HDR
O'Keefe, Craig Richard 12-04-2000 ONE
O'Kelley, Frank Patrick 05-05-2001 HDR
O'Kelley, Frank Patrick  05-07-2001 ONE
Okoro, Anthony (Page 7A) 12-29-2001 HDR
Oku, Mumeo (women's rights activist) (101 yoa) 07-09-1997 HDR
Olah, Kathleen 02-26-1998 HDR
Olah, Kathleen Salter 02-27-1998 HDR
Olah, Kathleen Salter 02-26-1998 ONE
Oldfield, Barney (aide to Gen. Eisenhower and publicist) 04-27-2003 HDR
Oldham, Kenneth (United Rubber Workers union leader) 05-08-1993 HDR
Oldham, Lois Hazellean Smith 09-28-1998 HDR
Olding, Dorothy (literary agent for J.D. Salinger) 05-23-1997 HDR
O'Leard, Howard 12-19-1995 HDR
O'Leary, Howard Francis 12-20-1995 ONE
O'Leary, Howard Francis (veteran) 12-20-1995 HDR
O'Leary, John (lawyer--ME) 4/4/2005 HDR
O'Leary, Paul M. 01-14-1998 HDR
O'Leary, Sandra B.  08-13-1999 HDR
O'Leary, Walter D.  11-18-1998 HDR
Olin, Nilo A.  08-01-1999 HDR
Olis, Ruby H.  12/8/2004 ONE
Oliver, Alfred Arthur  II 05-11-2000 HDR
Oliver, Alfred Arthur II 05-11-2000 ONE
Oliver, Anne J. 08-29-1996 ONE
Oliver, Anne Jane 09-02-1996 ONE
Oliver, Anne Jane  08-31-1996 HDR
Oliver, Barbara Olivia  09-19-2003 HDR
Oliver, Della F.  10-17-1995 HDR
Oliver, Gena Rader  02-26-2003 HDR
Oliver, Harmon Elbert 11-27-1995 HDR
Oliver, Harmon Elbert 11-27-1995 ONE
Oliver, Haywood  02-26-2001 ONE
Oliver, Jimmie Lou 05-10-1999 HDR
Oliver, Larry Norris  10-26-2001 HDR
Oliver, Letha Mae  07-26-2003 HDR
Oliver, Mary Sue  03-02-2001 HDR
Oliver, Nathaniel Curtis 05-24-1999 ONE
Oliver, Nathaniel Curtis  05-22-1999 HDR
Oliver, Ruth Florene Deal 05-02-2001 HDR
Oliver, Ruth Florene Deal  04-30-2001 ONE
Oliver, Ruth Hartley  01-26-2001 HDR
Oliver, Theldra Hayworth  06-17-1995 HDR
Oliver, William Glen 6/2/2005 HDR
Oliver, William Glenn 5/30/2005 HDR
Oliver, William M. "Bill"  03-20-1996 HDR
Ollis, Ailene Fowler 03-07-1998 HDR
Ollis, Arnold Bailey Jr. 12-02-2000 HDR
Ollis, Clarence Glenn  01-31-1993 HDR
Ollis, Collen 08-22-1998 HDR
Ollis, Elaine Brittain 03-24-2000 HDR
Ollis, Ellen Louise Saulman 12-09-1996 ONE
Ollis, Ellen Louise Saulman  12-09-1996 HDR
Ollis, Emma Lois Cornette  02-20-1995 HDR
Ollis, Emma Lois Cornette  02-21-1995 HDR
Ollis, Ethel Anna Belle 07-07-1993 HDR
Ollis, Eula F. Barrier  11-30-2000 HDR
Ollis, Gary Lee Sr. 06-09-2000 HDR
Ollis, James Bernard  08-24-2000 HDR
Ollis, James Wesley Jr. 02-22-2002 HDR
Ollis, James Wesley Jr. 02-22-2002 ONE
Ollis, Lee Blaine 09-29-1999 ONE
Ollis, Lee Blaine  09-30-1999 HDR
Ollis, Lena 08-12-2002 HDR
Ollis, Lois Elizabeth Clontz 10-04-1999 HDR
Ollis, Martha Janie Johnson  02-28-2003 HDR
Ollis, Rebecca Kay 07-21-1996 HDR
Ollis, Ruby H.  12/9/2004 ONE
Ollis, Ruth Belle Buchanan 07-26-2001 HDR
Olney, Hazel Umtuch (Yakama Indian Nation councilwoman) 09-18-1994 HDR
Olney, Richard 08-07-1999 HDR
O'Loughlin, Lan 04-29-2003 HDR
Olsen, Margaret Hardman 01-23-2001 ONE
Olsen, Norma  03-02-1996 HDR
Olson, Edith Davis 07-17-1998 HDR
Olson, Edwin Earl 12-17-2001 HDR
Olson, Mancur 02-26-1998 HDR
Olson, Paul W. "Ole" 01-07-2000 HDR
Olson, Robert Lewis 04-06-1997 HDR
Olszewski, Harry 05-01-1998 HDR
Olszewski, Johnny  12-13-1996 HDR
Olszyk, Arthur L.  12-02-1996 HDR
O'Malley, Robert Joseph Sr.  03-28-1995 HDR
O'Malley, Robert Sr.  03-27-1995 HDR
Omarr, Sydney (astrologer)  01-04-2003 HDR
O'Meara, Edward F. 10-03-1998 HDR
Omer, Osman Syed  05-11-1994 HDR
Omwake, Stanley 08-15-1999 HDR
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy 05-20-1994 HDR
Onderdonk, Virginia (dean of Wellesley College) 08-04-1994 HDR
O'Neal, Earl (Rep. GA) 06-21-2000 HDR
O'Neal, Harold Smith  05-16-2003 HDR
O'Neal, James B.  04-26-2002 HDR
O'Neal, James Burnswell 12-08-2001 HDR
O'Neal, Violet Jennette  02-07-1996 HDR
O'Neil, Annie E. March 01-13-2000 HDR
O'Neil, Annie Elizabeth Williams 08-12-1999 HDR
O'Neil, Annie Tate (107 yoa) 03-26-1993 HDR
O'Neil, Cordie Elizabeth Thomas 01-17-2000 HDR
O'Neil, Hattie Conley 11-14-1999 HDR
O'Neil, James William "Bill" 03-19-1999 HDR
O'Neil, Laura Fullwood 10-17-1998 HDR
O'Neil, Lewis Davis Jr.  05-15-2003 HDR
O'Neil, Tossey Jack  09-05-2003 HDR
O'Neill, "Tip" Thomas P.  01-06-1994 ONE
O'Neill, Celestine "Sally" Dorothy Gelis  12-23-1999 HDR
O'Neill, Jack R. 08-31-1996 HDR
Ongania, Juan Carlos Gen. (former Argentinian president)  06-10-1995 HDR
O'Niel, Edna Eris 10-08-1998 HDR
Onwurah, Mary Jeanette Lankford 02-27-1999 HDR
Onwurah, Mary Jeanette Lankford 02-26-1999 HDR
Opauski, Ruth Chester 06-28-1999 HDR
Opdyke, Irene Gut (Holocaust heroine) 05-21-2003 HDR
Opotowsky, Stanford L. 10-03-1997 HDR
Oppenheimer, Evelyn 09-06-1998 HDR
Oppenheimer, Harry 08-21-2000 HDR
Oppenheimer, Sir Philip  10-20-1995 HDR
Oppenheimer, Sir Philip  10-22-1995 HDR
O'quin, Harlon "Okie" Vandy  02-26-1999 HDR
O'Quin, Myrlie Halford   07-09-1996 HDR
O'Quinn, Edward Paul 04-21-1998 HDR
O'Quinn, George Washington 03-13-1997 HDR
Oram, Nora Lee Hardin 10-30-1997 HDR
Orchard, Peter (money printer) 01-29-1993 HDR
Orders, Blondell Stephens Jackson 06-10-1996 HDR
Orders, Charles Luther 04-10-1996 HDR
Orders, Effie Elizabeth  09-23-1994 HDR
Orders, Ethel Moses  01-24-1996 HDR
Orders, Francis Alexander 10-06-1997 HDR
Orders, Harry 05-31-1999 HDR
Orders, Honor Estelle  05-21-1996 HDR
Orders, Jack Edward 05-31-1999 HDR
Orders, Joseph Herman  06-10-1996 HDR
Orders, Larry Kevin 04-12-1998 HDR
Orders, Lee T. 09-30-1999 HDR
Orders, Marqueen Duckworth "Sis" 02-19-1998 HDR
Orders, Ollie Stroupe 09-14-1997 HDR
Orders, Rose Jaynes 02-25-1996 HDR
Orders, Roy Lawrence  07-06-1995 HDR
Orders, William Dean 07-08-2001 HDR
Orders, William Harrison  11-16-2003 HDR
O'Reilly, Charles (O'Reilly Auto Parts) 4/25/2005 HDR
O'Reilly, John Peter  06-20-1993 HDR
Orifici, Joseph Carl  10-26-1993 HDR
Orifici, Joseph Carl  10-27-1993 HDR
Orinick, Shirley B.  2/18/2005 HDR
Orinson, Edward Howard Rev. 04-20-2002 HDR
Orlando, Ruggero (Italian TV correspondent) 04-19-1994 HDR
O'Rourke, Edward W. Bishop 10-02-1999 HDR
Orr, Bobby County Sheriff (Transylvania County) 3/1/2005 HDR
Orr, Bruce Wayne  08-12-1996 HDR
Orr, James H. (founder - The Colonial Group) 05-26-1993 HDR
Orr, John T. 03-17-1997 ONE
Orr, Myrtle Frances Beard 6/28/2005 HDR
Orrell, Charles Ednar  12/31/2005 HDR
Orren, Billy 09-23-2000 HDR
Orren, Howard Cedric  10-15-2002 HDR
Orren, Pauline Brown  02-23-2003 HDR
Orrick, William (retired federal judge--CA) 08-19-2003 HDR
Orr-McDonald, Kathleen (reporter) 07-22-1997 HDR
Orso, Paul Bishop 10-27-2003 HDR
Ortega, Chyanne Noel 05-22-1998 HDR
Ortega, Chyanne Noel 05-22-1998 ONE
Ortega, Emilia Cruz 08-21-2000 HDR
Ortega, Emilia Cruz 08-21-2000 ONE
Ortega, Emilia Cruz  08-19-2000 HDR
Ortiz, Carlos Ivan  Denicia (Page 3D) 12-26-1998 HDR
Ortiz, Jeremy Christian Denicia (Page 3D) 12-26-1998 HDR
Ortiz, Jorge Albert 8/24/2005 HDR
Ortiz, Manuel F. 05-23-1999 HDR
Ortiz, Maria Janeth Perez 2/22/2005 HDR
Ortiz, Ruben Denicia (Page 3D) 12-26-1998 HDR
Ortiz, Rubin 07-14-1999 HDR
Osborn, Burton Leroy 05-21-1999 HDR
Osborn, David (U.S. ambassador to Burma) 09-22-1994 HDR
Osborn, Robert (caricaturist/cartoonist) 12-23-1994 HDR
Osborne, Adam (computer manufacturer) 03-26-2003 HDR
Osborne, Charlie Lee  11-19-2003 HDR
Osborne, Clara Mae  06-04-1993 HDR
Osborne, Clyde (journalist) 2/9/2005 HDR
Osborne, Clyde E. 07-05-1993 HDR
Osborne, Clyde E. 07-06-1993 HDR
Osborne, Douglas Lee 11-03-2001 HDR
Osborne, Estel Valentine  Sr. 09-19-2000 HDR
Osborne, Eula May McLean 01-24-1994 HDR
Osborne, Florine DeShields 05-15-1999 HDR
Osborne, Harley James Robert 12-23-2000 HDR
Osborne, J. Scott (retired pres. First National/Wachovia Bank) 01-03-1994 HDR
Osborne, J. Scott Sr. 01-04-1994 HDR
Osborne, John (playwright) 12-27-1994 HDR
Osborne, Marie Yvonne Campbell 7/6/2005 HDR
Osborne, Marie Yvonne Campbell 7/6/2005 ONE
Osborne, Paul Goodman 01-07-2000 HDR
Osborne, Raymond Bruce 04-23-2000 HDR
Osborne, Ruby Pearl Graybeal 04-20-1999 HDR
Osborne, Warren G. "Bud" 1/11/2005 HDR
Osborne, William "Bill" Vaughan 04-24-1998 ONE
Osborne, William "Bill" Vaughan 04-27-1998 ONE
Osborne, William Vaughn "Bill" 04-25-1998 HDR
Osbourne, Clara 06-03-1993 HDR
Osgood, Virginia Dare Buchanan  01-01-2003 HDR
O'Shea, Tessie (actress) 04-23-1995 HDR
O'Shields, James Reginald  11-20-2002 HDR
O'Shields, James Reginald  11-20-2002 ONE
Oski, Frank Aram Dr. 12-08-1996 HDR
Osman, Violet  10/25/2004 ONE
Osmer, Morna Muriel Elliot  12-14-1999 HDR
Ososkie, Kevin Joseph 01-18-1994 HDR
Osterman, Rosalie Domkus  08-11-1997 HDR
Ostroff, Eugene 09-05-1999 HDR
Ostwalt, George "Sam" 9/9/2004 ONE
O'Sullivan, Maureen 06-24-1998 ONE
Oswald, Greg (Page 3A) 12-10-2001 HDR
Oswalt, Ethel King 05-31-1996 HDR
O'Toole, Gary James 05-19-2000 HDR
O'Toole, Gary James 05-19-2000 ONE
O'Toole, Joseph 04-13-1997 HDR
Ott, Dennis C. (actor) 11-05-1994 HDR
Ottenstein, Thomas R. 08-07-2000 HDR
Ottinger, Richard Estes  12-03-1997 HDR
Ottomanelli, Onofrio 12-21-2000 HDR
Otwell, Ruby 01-12-1999 HDR
Ouellet, Ida DiMartino 03-08-1996 ONE
Ouellet, Ida DiMartino 03-11-1996 ONE
Ouellett, Ida DiMartino 03-09-1996 HDR
Ouellette, A. Paul 10/26/2005 HDR
Outen, Clyde 07-11-2003 HDR
Outen, Clyde Sr. 07-09-2003 HDR
Outen, Clyde Sr.  07-09-2003 ONE
Outen, Clyde Sr.  07-11-2003 ONE
Outen, Jake Walter Retired Lt. Col. 12-26-1994 HDR
Outen, Lubertha Taylor 03-31-1998 HDR
Outen, Lubertha Taylor 03-31-1998 ONE
Outen, Samuel Langford 03-07-1997 HDR
Overbey, Krissheyonia Da-Shaye Marie 08-22-1999 HDR
Overby, Robert C. 11-26-2001 HDR
Overby, Robert Cecil  09-21-2001 HDR
Overby, Robert Curtis 11-27-2001 HDR
Overcash, Alice Herman 12-07-1998 HDR
Overcash, Bobby James  01-17-2003 HDR
Overcash, Charles Stuart  04-28-1997 HDR
Overcash, Charlotte Phillips  10-19-1994 HDR
Overcash, Constance Ball  1/12/2005 HDR
Overcash, Donald A.  12-11-2003 HDR
Overcash, Evie Jane Russell 04-16-1998 HDR
Overcash, Frank Richard  05-08-2002 HDR
Overcash, Jerry Macon  02-07-2002 ONE
Overcash, Lucille Reid 03-02-1995 HDR
Overcash, Oliver L. 06-05-2002 ONE
Overcash, Oliver L.  06-06-2002 HDR
Overcash, Reuben Miller 06-05-2003 ONE
Overcash, Reuben Miller 06-06-2003 ONE
Overcash, Reuben Miller  06-06-2003 HDR
Overcash, Ricky Lee (Page 3A) 09-21-1998 HDR
Overcash, Willard Howard "Bill" 09-08-1994 HDR
Overcash, Willard Howard "Bill"  (former Brookford mayor) 09-09-1994 HDR
Overmyer, Grace Moshier  12-31-1997 HDR
Overmyer, Robert Col. 03-25-1996 ONE
Overweg, Iris Ann Kanupp  11-15-2000 HDR
Owen, Annie Anderson 8/24/2005 HDR
Owen, Blanch B. 03-17-1994 HDR
Owen, Gladys C.  12-09-1997 HDR
Owen, Kelvin Newton 06-22-1998 HDR
Owen, Mickey (baseball player) 7/16/2005 HDR
Owen, Phyllis Smith 9/10/2005 HDR
Owenby, J. L. "Jim" 02-22-1993 HDR
Owenby, Lou Ann Lynn  09-05-2002 HDR
Owenby, Mary Alice 01-18-2000 HDR
Owenby, Truman Alexander 05-04-1994 HDR
Owenby, Wanda Ann 02-07-1999 HDR
Owenby, Wanda Ann 02-08-1999 ONE
Owens, A. L. "Doodle" 10-08-1999 HDR
Owens, Anna Belle Pope  06-14-2002 HDR
Owens, Barbara Jean Elkins  07-22-2003 HDR
Owens, Blanche  05-21-1996 HDR
Owens, Calvin Coolidge 09-25-1996 HDR
Owens, Claude  09-01-1994 HDR
Owens, Claude Clayton 09-02-1994 HDR
Owens, Delores Loretta 07-16-2001 ONE
Owens, Delores Loretta  07-16-2001 HDR
Owens, Doris Haskins  2/16/2005 HDR
Owens, Dorothy Cuthbertson Code 12-11-1999 HDR
Owens, Edwina Umstead  11/16/2004 ONE
Owens, Elijah Clyde 03-24-1998 HDR
Owens, Ellen Adams 10-06-2001 HDR
Owens, Emit  01-21-2000 HDR
Owens, Fannie Campbell 08-28-2000 ONE
Owens, Fannie Campbell  08-27-2000 HDR
Owens, Fannie Campbell  08-26-2000 HDR
Owens, Flora Belle 3/15/2005 HDR
Owens, Florence Parton 05-18-1998 HDR
Owens, Garlan 02-07-1997 HDR
Owens, Garlan  02-06-1997 ONE
Owens, George 3/4/2004 ONE
Owens, George  3/3/2004 ONE
Owens, Hal C.  05-18-1993 HDR
Owens, Hal Cromwell 05-19-1993 HDR
Owens, Infant 05-28-1993 HDR
Owens, Jack Gordon 02-14-1997 HDR
Owens, John Fred 01-14-1994 HDR
Owens, John Fred 01-17-1994 HDR
Owens, Judy Gail Adams 07-17-2003 HDR
Owens, Judy Gail Adams 07-17-2003 ONE
Owens, Lemuel Caston  03-29-1995 HDR
Owens, Lemuel Caston  03-28-1995 ONE
Owens, Lewis Mills 01-28-1997 HDR
Owens, Lillie T. 06-10-1994 HDR
Owens, Lillie T. 06-11-1994 HDR
Owens, Mace "Bill" 12/3/2005 HDR
Owens, Margaret M.  11-02-2003 HDR
Owens, Margaret Moody  11-03-2003 ONE
Owens, Mary C. Black  07-09-1995 HDR
Owens, Mary Edith Clay 09-01-1995 HDR
Owens, Mary Edith Clay  08-31-1995 HDR
Owens, Mary Ellen  02-24-1999 HDR
Owens, Melvin Lee "M.L." (potter)  04-09-2003 HDR
Owens, Reda Church 6/28/2005 HDR
Owens, Robert Preston  08-26-1996 HDR
Owens, Sandra Kaye "Sandy" Walters  08-17-1997 HDR
Owens, Sandra Kaye Walters "Sandy" 08-18-1997 ONE
Owens, Selma Grace  09-28-1994 HDR
Owens, Thelma O. 02-10-1998 HDR
Owens, Thomas Wight Sr. (104 yoa) 08-07-2003 HDR
Owens, Viola Elizabeth Meade 09-25-2003 HDR
Owens, Warren Ray 10-31-1998 HDR
Owens, William 05-09-1999 HDR
Owens, William "Will" 02-06-1998 HDR
Owens, William Landis 08-13-1998 HDR
Owens, William Landis 08-14-1998 HDR
Owens, Willie Hill  12-08-2000 HDR
Owensby, Bob Michael Sr. 03-14-1999 HDR
Owensby, Bob Michael Sr. 03-15-1999 ONE
Owensby, Bob Michael Sr. 03-12-1999 ONE
Owensby, Carl Lee 10-27-1998 HDR
Owensby, John Carroll 10-21-2002 ONE
Owensby, John Carroll  10-19-2002 HDR
Owensby, Kelsey Ambreanna  03-28-1997 HDR
Owensby, Kristin N. (Page 1A) 08-02-2001 HDR
Owensby, Kristin Nicole 08-02-2001 ONE
Owensby, Kristin Nicole  08-03-2001 HDR
Owensby, Kristin Nicole  08-07-2001 HDR
Owensby, Kristin Nicole (Page 1) 08-01-2001 ONE
Owensby, Robert Lee  11-27-1996 HDR
Owensby, Truman Alexander 05-03-1994 HDR
Owings, Margaret 01-24-1999 HDR
Owles, James W. (early gay-rights activist) 08-09-1993 HDR
Owsley, James Harold "Hal" Dr.  4/18/2005 HDR
Owsley, Jean A.  11-21-2002 HDR
Owsley, Jean A.  11-21-2002 ONE
Oxentine, Chelcie N. Sr. 01-22-2003 HDR
Oxentine, Gladys  02-28-2001 HDR
Oxentine, James Lee Sr. 03-17-2001 HDR
Oxentine, James Lee Sr. 03-16-2001 ONE
Oxentine, Mildred King  09-15-2002 HDR
Oxentine, Richard 12-27-2001 HDR
Oxentine, Richard (Page 1A) 12-29-2001 HDR
Oxentine, Richard (Page 9A) 12-29-2001 HDR
Oxentine, Ruth Craig 07-03-1998 HDR
Oxentine, Steven  10-21-1993 HDR
Oxentine, Steven Brent 10-22-1993 HDR
Oxentine, Wilton  12-24-2003 HDR
Oxford, Claude Anders Sr.  10-25-1995 HDR
Oxford, Dennis Allen  11-16-1996 HDR
Oxford, Fannie Bell Sherrill 12-17-1993 HDR
Oxford, Flora Mae  10-26-2002 HDR
Oxford, Gary Cecil  4/4/2005 HDR
Oxford, Ila Mae Kirby 01-31-1994 HDR
Oxford, James Samuel  04-08-2003 HDR
Oxford, James Samuel "Sam" Jr. 03-30-1994 HDR
Oxford, John D.  03-12-1993 HDR
Oxford, John Tipton Jr. 01-13-2001 HDR
Oxford, Lela Martin  11-26-1993 HDR
Oxford, Lela Martin  11-27-1993 HDR
Oxford, Lela Martin  11-29-1993 HDR
Oxford, Lucille Benfield 07-24-1999 HDR
Oxford, Lucille Presto 02-12-1998 HDR
Oxford, Myrtle  11-10-1993 HDR
Oxford, Myrtle Coffey  11-11-1993 HDR
Oxford, Opal Ray 04-10-1998 HDR
Oxford, Ozelle Williams 10-31-1998 HDR
Oxford, Ruby Lee Watson 01-09-2001 HDR
Oxford, Russell Woodrow 08-02-1993 HDR
Oyama, Vance 08-10-1998 HDR
Ozmint, Hoyt  04-27-1999 HDR