Maag, Peter (conductor) 04-20-2001 HDR
Maas, Peter (author) (page 2) 08-24-2001 ONE
Mabe,  Ted William Sr. 02-23-2003 HDR
Mabe, Bertha Margaret 12-15-1999 HDR
Mabe, Carl L.  10-04-1996 HDR
Mabe, Effie Williams  07-16-1993 HDR
Mabe, Effie Williams  07-17-1993 HDR
Mabe, Eva S.  08-02-1994 HDR
Mabe, Eva Seagle 08-03-1994 HDR
Mabe, Garlin "G.W."  01-12-2001 HDR
Mabe, Pearl Ross 12-03-2003 HDR
Mabe, Ted William Jr. 03-05-2003 HDR
Mabe, Vergil Edward  11-23-2003 HDR
Mabrey, Brian Lee  07-10-2002 HDR
Mabrey, Brian Lee  07-11-2002 HDR
Mabrey, Gary Lee "Pete" 08-28-2003 HDR
Mabrey, Glen Raeford (Page 3A) 11-03-1997 HDR
Mabrey, James H. 04-16-1999 HDR
Mabrey, Nellie Ree Hamrick 12-13-1995 HDR
Macapagal, Diosdado P. (Philippines President) 04-25-1997 HDR
Macaulay, Charles 08-19-1999 HDR
Macbean, Mildred K. 06-16-1998 HDR
MacBean, Roy H.  11-01-1993 HDR
MacBean, Roy Hamilton 11-03-1993 HDR
MacBride, Roger Lea (author) 03-07-1995 HDR
MacCaig, Norman  01-26-1996 ONE
Macchia, Benjamin Mark 06-18-1996 HDR
Macchia, Helen Starr 12-28-2000 HDR
Macchia, Helen Starr  12-27-2000 HDR
MacColl, George  02-20-2003 HDR
MacColl, George German  02-21-2003 HDR
MacCracken, Calvin Dodd 12-08-1999 HDR
MacDermot, Niall 02-28-1996 HDR
MacDermot, Niall 02-27-1996 ONE
MacDonald, Frank (Australia's oldest WWI veteran) (107 yoa) 09-01-2003 HDR
MacDonald, Margaret "Bobo" (servant of Queen Elizabeth II) 09-25-1993 HDR
MacDonald, Nancy (anarchist) 12-21-1996 HDR
Macdonald, Phyllis Brooks (actress) 08-04-1995 HDR
MacDougall, Roger (screenwriter) 06-01-1993 HDR
Mace, Anna Lena Ollis  10-30-2002 HDR
Mace, Arlene Belle Carswell 12-29-1999 HDR
Mace, Arthur Willard 08-31-1999 HDR
Mace, Arthur Willard (Page 5) 08-30-1999 ONE
Mace, Bedie Lail  11-19-1994 HDR
Mace, Betty Lail 10-15-1998 HDR
Mace, Charles Fred 07-17-1994 HDR
Mace, Donald Ray II 1/27/2005 HDR
Mace, Dorothy Ruth Martin 08-14-2003 ONE
Mace, Dorothy Ruth Martin  08-14-2003 HDR
Mace, Emmie Lou 08-30-1993 HDR
Mace, Gatha W.  06-11-1999 HDR
Mace, Javan  06-09-2001 HDR
Mace, Jean  08-31-2000 HDR
Mace, Lester W. 06-09-2000 HDR
Mace, Rachel Inez Withers 04-10-1998 HDR
Mace, Rachel Inez Withers 04-10-1998 ONE
Mace, Sanford Dean 12-27-1993 HDR
Mace, Sula Campbell  12/27/2004 ONE
Mace, Ted Lenoir 10-06-1998 HDR
Mace, Timothy B.  08-27-1993 HDR
Mace, Timothy B.  08-28-1993 HDR
Mace, Timothy B.  08-27-1993 ONE
Mace, Walter Nelson 02-07-1994 HDR
Macedo, Augusto--Lisbon's oldest taxi driver 01-20-1997 HDR
MacElhone, Duncan 03-30-1998 HDR
Macemore, William Clarence  01-04-1997 HDR
Macfarlan, Walker Joynes (AP reporter) 01-15-1993 HDR
MacGregor, Byron (journalist) 01-04-1995 HDR
MacGregor, Clark (CREEP chairman) 02-17-2003 HDR
MacGregor, Gary  04-23-1995 HDR
Machado, Maria Clara 05-05-2001 HDR
Macias, Anna Fatima  03-09-2003 HDR
Maciejewski, Jeanette Antoinette 06-18-1999 HDR
Macijewski, Alton Adart  3/5/2004 ONE
MacIntyre, A. Everette  06-14-1997 HDR
Mack, Alicia Diane  7/13/2005 HDR
Mack, Anita Helen Crawford  06-28-2000 HDR
Mack, Edna Earl King 07-04-1997 HDR
Mack, James Robert 09-21-1996 HDR
Mack, John E. Dr. (Nobel Prize winner) 9/29/2004 ONE
Mack, Jules A. 01-11-1995 ONE
Mack, Jules A.  01-11-1995 HDR
Mack, Jules Armand  01-13-1995 HDR
Mack, Jules Armand  01-13-1995 ONE
Mack, Odis Ira 09-20-1997 HDR
Mack, Purvis Terell (Page 3A) 07-13-1999 HDR
Mackay, Betty Wiggins  12-09-2003 HDR
MacKenzie Edward Pridgeon Sr. 06-15-1999 HDR
MacKenzie, Edward Pridgeon Sr. 06-15-1999 ONE
MacKenzie, Shirley 09-21-1999 ONE
MacKenzie, Shirley Johnson 09-22-1999 HDR
MacKenzie, Shirley Johnson 09-22-1999 ONE
Mackey, Charles (Mookie) Edward Sr. 07-26-1995 ONE
Mackey, Charles (Mookie) Edward Sr. 07-27-1995 ONE
Mackey, Charles Edward "Mookie" Sr.  07-26-1995 HDR
Mackey, Charles Edward "Mookie" Sr.  07-27-1995 HDR
Mackey, Gary Tyrell (Big Monk) 4/7/2005 HDR
Mackey, Gary Tyrell (Big Mook) 4/8/2005 HDR
Mackey, Gary Tyrell (Big Mook) 4/7/2005 ONE
Mackey, Keith (tenor) 09-21-1997 HDR
Mackey, Louise Gibson 01-01-1995 HDR
Mackey, Mary Belle Mayhew  06-22-1993 HDR
Mackey, Robert Rev.  09-07-1995 HDR
Mackey, Samuel Franklin 07-02-2001 ONE
Mackey, Samuel Franklin  07-01-2001 HDR
Mackey, Walter "Tang" 10-23-2003 HDR
Mackey, Walter J. (OH attorney) 12-20-1993 HDR
Mackie, Aileen 5/31/2005 ONE
Mackie, Aileen Cline 6/1/2005 ONE
Mackie, Aileen Cline  6/1/2005 HDR
Mackie, Alden "Al" Wesley  12-07-1997 HDR
Mackie, Alden Wesley  12-06-1997 HDR
Mackie, Alden Wesley "Al" 12-08-1997 ONE
Mackie, C. Glenn 06-24-2000 HDR
Mackie, C. Glenn 06-23-2000 HDR
Mackie, Elaine  02-16-1995 HDR
Mackie, Elizabeth Bowman  09-21-2002 HDR
Mackie, Era Vae Hendrix 12-27-1998 HDR
Mackie, James Bland "Blind-Boy" 11-26-1999 HDR
Mackie, Mary Frances Greene 07-12-1996 HDR
Mackie, Ruby S.  12-23-2003 HDR
Mackie, Ruby Sigmon 12-22-2003 HDR
Mackie, Ruby Sigmon 12-22-2003 ONE
Mackie, Ruby Sigmon 12-23-2003 ONE
Mackie, William Marshall 07-17-1996 HDR
MacKinnon, Cyrus L. 02-12-1996 ONE
MacKinnon, Edward Nathan 10-24-1999 HDR
MacKinnon, Robert Cleveland 07-17-1997 HDR
Mackinnon, Robert Cleveland 07-16-1997 HDR
Macklin, Bill 06-13-1999 HDR
Macklin, Jeffery A.  4/13/2005 HDR
Macklin, Jeffrey A.  4/14/2005 HDR
Macklin, Nada Dillard 10-19-2001 HDR
Mackorell, John 01-29-1993 HDR
Mackorell, John Campbell Jr. 01-30-1993 HDR
Mackson, Willie Jay 01-06-1999 HDR
Mackson, Willie Jay 01-09-1999 HDR
MacLauchlin, Anna Margaret 07-05-2000 HDR
MacLauchlin, Anna Margaret  07-05-2000 ONE
MacLauchlin, Mary Patton 1/10/2005 ONE
MacLauchlin, Mary Patton Mrs. 1/9/2005 HDR
MacLeech, Bert 09-08-1999 HDR
MacLeod, Isaac Crawford (infant) 03-03-1995 HDR
MacLeod, Murdo Alex Rev. (Scotland) 10-17-1995 HDR
MacLeod, Oswald L.  01-31-2002 HDR
Macmillan, Norma (Casper's voice) 03-23-2001 HDR
MacNeil, Grace McKittrick 07-15-2000 HDR
MacNelly, Jeff (cartoonist) 06-09-2000 HDR
MacNelly, Jeffrey "Jake"  10-16-1996 HDR
MacPhail, Bill  09-06-1996 HDR
Macpherson, Fiona 11-29-2000 HDR
MaDan, Dorothy Merritt 5/5/2005 HDR
Madaris, Jewit Ray 10-25-1999 HDR
Madaris, Jewit Ray 10-25-1999 ONE
Madaris, Margaret Bolick 09-13-1999 HDR
Madaris, Margaret Bolick  09-13-1999 ONE
Madden, Mark Edward 12-19-1996 HDR
Madden, Mark Edward 12-18-1996 ONE
Maddox, Anthony "Tony" Kevin  09-18-1996 HDR
Maddox, Eliger "Big Boy" 11-17-1999 HDR
Maddox, Eva Beatrice Farley  08-11-2001 HDR
Maddox, Lester (segregationist governor--GA) 06-26-2003 HDR
Maddox, Mary Hall 3/18/2005 HDR
Maddox, Mrs. Eva Beatrice Farley 08-13-2001 ONE
Maddox, Nickey Mardean 06-28-1996 HDR
Maddox, Nickey Mardean  06-29-1996 HDR
Maddox, Paula Myers 01-28-1994 HDR
Maddox, Teresa Mayfield 03-13-2001 HDR
Maddox, Teresa Mayfield  03-12-2001 HDR
Maddox, Vera Lee 09-14-1993 HDR
Maddox, Vera Lee Waller 09-16-1993 HDR
Maddox, Willie Carl 06-18-1999 HDR
Maddy, Dennis Edgar  04-06-1999 HDR
Maddy, Donna Kay 6/20/2005 HDR
Maddy, Horace O. 08-10-1996 HDR
Maddy, James Douglas  06-22-2003 HDR
Madercic, Ruby Duncan 01-13-1995 HDR
Madercic, Ruby Duncan 01-14-1995 HDR
Madigan, Edward (former agriculture secretary) (Page 9D) 12-08-1994 HDR
Madigan, John T. "Jack" 08-20-1996 HDR
Madison, Guy 02-08-1996 HDR
Madison, R. B.  05-08-1995 HDR
Madison, Wilma Dean 05-31-1998 HDR
Madison, Wilma Sharpe Dean 06-03-1998 HDR
Madron, Macie  07-14-1995 HDR
Madron, Macie  07-14-1995 ONE
Madron, Macie  07-17-1995 ONE
Madron, Macie Houston 07-15-1995 HDR
Madron, Tipton Augustus 03-22-1993 HDR
Madron, Tipton Augustus  03-22-1993 ONE
Maffeo, Ramona Ahl 06-02-1993 HDR
Magana, Delia 04-01-1996 ONE
Magdovitz, Ben 12-20-1998 HDR
Magill, Arthur Francis  08-08-1995 HDR
Magness, Bob 11-26-1996 HDR
Magnum, Jo Anne Moore 04-28-2003 ONE
Mahaffey, David Franklin Sr. 12-31-2000 HDR
Mahaffey, James Edison Sr. 12-30-1998 HDR
Mahaffey, Lola Crouch 02-25-1998 HDR
Mahaffey, Lola Crouch 02-26-1998 HDR
Mahaffey, Vernon Talmadge Sr. 04-27-1996 HDR
Mahala, Vane Odell  01-21-2002 HDR
Mahan, Edith Bryant 05-02-2000 HDR
Mahan, Woodrow Wilson 11-20-2003 HDR
Maher, Charles A.  12-14-1993 HDR
Maher, Helene Cofrancesco  12-28-1994 HDR
Maher, Jack (Down Beat publisher) 02-17-2003 HDR
Mahidol, Princess Sangwal (Thailand)  07-21-1995 HDR
Mahle, Louis W. (Chiclets inventor) 02-23-1998 HDR
Mahoney, Daniel J. Jr. 01-07-1997 HDR
Mahoney, Raymond Richard Jr. 05-12-1998 HDR
Mahoney, Raymond Richard Jr. 05-13-1998 HDR
Mahran, Mamdouh (Egyptian newspaper editor) 07-14-2003 HDR
Maier, Henry (former Milwaukee Mayor) 07-18-1994 HDR
Maier, Irwin (chairman of the board The Journal Co.) 08-30-1994 HDR
Main, Effie Roark  06-25-1993 HDR
Main, Herbert Hoover 06-01-2003 HDR
Main, Ira Hamilton Jr. 08-25-1993 HDR
Main, Lee Roy 2/13/2005 HDR
Maine, Donna Kay 07-07-1998 HDR
Maine, Donna Kay 07-07-1998 ONE
Maine, Lee Allen 06-06-1996 HDR
Mains, Clarence Eddie  10/26/2005 HDR
Maiorino, Joseph Michael "Little Cheif with a Big Heart" 01-31-1996 ONE
Maiorino, Joseph Michael "Little Chief with a Big Heart" 02-02-1996 HDR
Maiorino, Joseph Michael "Little Chief with a Big Heart" 02-11-1996 HDR
Maiorino, Joseph Michael "Little Chief with a Big Heart" 02-01-1996 HDR
Maiorino, Joseph Michael "Little Chief with a Big Heart" 02-01-1996 ONE
Maiorino, Joseph Michael "Little Chief with a Big Heart" 02-09-1996 ONE
Majano, Deborah Christine  04-27-2002 HDR
Majmundar, Dinesh Ratanial "Dennis" 01-10-1994 ONE
Makarova, Tamara-Russian actress 01-20-1997 HDR
Makela, Mike 03-28-1996 ONE
Makela, Paul Scott 05-18-1999 HDR
Makkawi, Abdel-Qawi 08-15-1998 HDR
Malachi, Willie  (Page 2D) 02-18-1999 HDR
Malamud, Allan  09-20-1996 HDR
Malary, Guy Justice Minister 10-16-1993 HDR
Malcolm, Peggy Luzine Mitchell Parker 12-16-2001 HDR
Malcolm, Zeb B. 11-04-2001 HDR
Maldovan, Angel M. (Page 3A) 12-01-1997 HDR
Maleska, Eugene T. (crossword puzzle editor--NY Times) 08-04-1993 HDR
Malette, Dorothy Jackson  04-10-2002 HDR
Malik, Rashad  (Page 7A) 07-31-1997 HDR
Malla, Abdul-Amir (Iraqi writer) 10-31-1997 HDR
Mallan, Helen Hyder  09-08-1994 HDR
Mallard,  Alfredo  07-06-2000 HDR
Mallette, Beulah Mae Mosley  04-23-2002 HDR
Mallonee, Dixie Henson Long  07-31-1993 HDR
Mallonee, Elbert "Ed"  09-11-1995 HDR
Mallonee, Elbert "Ed"  09-13-1995 HDR
Mallory, Marie Scott 12-18-1993 HDR
Malloy, Les 03-22-1996 ONE
Malloy, Les  03-23-1996 HDR
Malmuth, Bruce (actor/director/writer) 7/9/2005 HDR
Malone, James Kelly (Page 8A) 10-05-1998 HDR
Malone, Mike 12-25-1999 HDR
Malone-Mayes, Vivienne (1st black professor at Baylor Univ.) 06-11-1995 HDR
Maloney, Rajah Brinice "Poo Pie" 08-31-1996 HDR
Maloney, Valerie Laura Borynski 04-24-1995 HDR
Maloney, Velma Orders 03-09-1997 HDR
Maltba, Annie Belle  08-06-1995 HDR
Maltba, Edward Walter 12-30-2000 HDR
Maltba, Grady Lee "Tig" 01-06-2000 HDR
Maltba, Hade W. 02-13-1994 HDR
Maltba, Hade W. 02-14-1994 HDR
Maltba, Issac Hill  06-06-2002 HDR
Maltba, Joan Elaine Miller 01-17-1997 HDR
Maltba, Ophelia  08-11-1993 ONE
Maltba, Ophelia Harris  08-11-1993 HDR
Malvern, Paul (film producer) 06-03-1993 HDR
Mamaloni, Solomon 01-13-2000 HDR
Manasco, Patricia "Patty" 01-03-2003 ONE
Manasco, Patricia “Patty”  01-04-2003 HDR
Mance, Maude 09-25-1995 HDR
Manchester, Edwin Miles  05-11-1993 HDR
Manchester, Edwin Miles  05-12-1993 HDR
Manchester, P.W. 05-27-1998 HDR
Manchikes, Pete (radio host) 01-28-1993 HDR
Mandel, Ernest (revolutionary) 07-22-1995 HDR
Mandelman, Beatrice "Bea" 07-03-1998 HDR
Mandeville, May Helen  07-02-2002 HDR
Maness, Blanche Jones 09-03-1993 HDR
Maness, K. Garrett  02-25-1993 HDR
Maness, Lois 03-07-1995 HDR
Maness, Lois Floyd  03-08-1995 HDR
Maness, William Carl Jr. 10-31-2001 HDR
Manfred, Frederick (author) 09-10-1994 HDR
Manglapus, Raul 07-28-1999 HDR
Mangum, Edward R. Jr. 11-22-1998 HDR
Mangum, Fannie C.  04-27-2002 HDR
Mangum, Jo Anne Moore 04-28-2003 HDR
Mangum, Margaret Jean  11-03-1996 HDR
Mangum, Maynard Henry Rev. 12-13-2001 HDR
Mangum, Winifred Amos 1/16/2005 HDR
Manis, Kenneth Wade Jr, 06-18-2002 HDR
Manis, Lucille Ford Dameron 05-21-1995 HDR
Manischewitz, Bernard (kosher foods company owner) 09-23-2003 HDR
Mankiewicz, Joseph L. (writer/director) 02-06-1993 HDR
Mankowitz, Wolf 06-01-1998 HDR
Manley, Albert E. 04-02-1997 HDR
Manley, Mary Patrice Sister (Holy Angels founder)  02-16-2003 HDR
Mann, Charles 07-28-1998 HDR
Mann, Golo (historian) 04-09-1994 HDR
Mann, Herman Bruce 11-09-1993 HDR
Mann, Jonathan Dr. 09-05-1998 HDR
Mann, Pansy Mae Price  05-17-2002 HDR
Mann, Pansy Mae Price  05-18-2002 HDR
Mann, Paul Garrison "Cotton" Jr. 08-19-2001 HDR
Mann, Thomas Howard  11-14-1998 HDR
Mann, Vera Drum 07-17-2001 HDR
Mann, Vera Drum 07-16-2001 ONE
Mann, Vera Drum 07-17-2001 ONE
Mann, Wilbur Earl Jr. 1/11/2005 HDR
Manners, David 01-04-1999 HDR
Manning, Charlie "Pop Charlie" 03-08-2001 HDR
Manning, George "Mutt" 12-08-1999 HDR
Manning, Howard Sr.  11-26-2002 HDR
Manning, Margaret Sims 10-02-1996 HDR
Mannix, Daniel Pratt--(Children's author of Fox and the Hound, Disney) 02-05-1997 HDR
Mannix, Sherry Stetson 01-05-1995 HDR
Mannoni, Maud 03-19-1998 HDR
Manoliv, Lia 01-12-1998 HDR
Mansberger, Dorothy Ann Barlow  02-15-2001 HDR
Mansfield, Bill 01-28-2000 HDR
Mansfield, James Ray  11-09-1996 HDR
Mansfield, Mary Hunter 04-22-1997 HDR
Mansfield, Mike  10-08-2001 HDR
Mansfield, Toots 12-20-1998 HDR
Manship, Charles Phelps Jr. (newspaperman) 09-16-1994 HDR
Manson, Ann  1/4/2005 HDR
Manson, Eddy Lawrence 07-19-1996 HDR
Mansur, Lawrence Cutler (physicist) 02-02-1994 HDR
Mantak, Lucille Keating 05-24-2000 HDR
Mantak, Lucille Keating 05-24-2000 ONE
Mantak, Lucille Keating  05-23-2000 ONE
Manuel, Frank Eugene  04-25-1994 ONE
Manuel, Frank Eugene (veteran) 04-25-1994 HDR
Manuel, Marguerite Virginia Hewitt 07-07-2001 HDR
Manuel, Marguerite Virginia Hewitt 07-06-2001 ONE
Manuel, Marguerite Virginia Hewitt  07-06-2001 HDR
Manuel, Sadie Wilcox 6/15/2005 HDR
Manuel, William Harvey 08-23-1999 HDR
Manulis, Lynn (retailer) 10/14/2004 ONE
Manus, Max  09-22-1996 HDR
Manus, Wanda Rosalee 08-06-1999 HDR
Mapes, Charles W. Jr. 05-19-1999 HDR
Mapes, Phyllis Loraine Thoms 03-05-1998 HDR
Mapes, Phyllis Loraine Thoms 03-04-1998 ONE
Maple, John "Jack"  08-10-2001 HDR
Maple, Thomas Delbert 06-02-1995 HDR
Maples, Arthur Daniel "Dan" Jr. 02-15-1994 HDR
Maples, Arthur Daniel "Danny" Jr. 02-14-1994 HDR
Maples, Walker Cecil Jr.  10/8/2004 ONE
Marais, Jean 11-12-1998 HDR
Marble, Doris Havens (organist & pianist) 04-13-1995 HDR
Marcellino, Fred (illustrator) 07-17-2001 HDR
Marcello, Carlos (godfather New Orleans Mafia) 03-03-1993 HDR
Marchand, Nancy 06-20-2000 HDR
Marchand, Nancy (actress) 06-20-2000 ONE
Marchisio-McCabe, Rosina 07-07-1997 ONE
Marchowsky, Marie 03-20-1997 HDR
Marcoux, Helen 12-05-2001 HDR
Marcoux, Helen Maxine 12-06-2001 HDR
Marcoux, Helen Maxine  12-05-2001 ONE
Marcum, Junior  02-12-1998 ONE
Marcus, Frank (playwright) 08-08-1996 HDR
Marcus, Robert 10-11-2000 HDR
Marcus, Roy Lee 3/4/2005 HDR
Marcus, Steve (jazz saxophonist) 9/30/2005 HDR
Maren, Thomas H. Dr. 08-18-1999 HDR
Mareno, Carole Abernathy 07-09-2002 ONE
Mareno, Carole Jean Abernathy  07-09-2002 HDR
Marey, Segundo  08-14-2001 HDR
Margolies, Daniel  11-21-1999 HDR
Margulies, Stan (producer) 03-02-2001 HDR
Marian, George  05-27-2001 HDR
Marin, Jean (journalist) 06-04-1995 HDR
Marin, Jolene Marie 02-16-2000 ONE
Marin, Jolene Marie 02-17-2000 ONE
Marin, Jolene Marie  02-17-2000 HDR
Marinero, Maria 03-07-2000 HDR
Marinero, Maria 03-07-2000 ONE
Marinero, Maria  03-08-2000 ONE
Marino, Alma I. 03-29-1999 HDR
Marino, Eugene A. Rev. 11-16-2000 HDR
Marinsky, Jacob Akiba  9/10/2005 HDR
Marius, Richard 11-08-1999 HDR
Mark, David Everett (former U.S. ambassador to Burundi) 9/23/2005 HDR
Mark, S. Carl 07-08-2000 HDR
Markham, Larry 04-01-1998 HDR
Markham, Larry  04-02-1998 HDR
Markham, Larry  04-01-1998 ONE
Markov, Vic 12-17-1998 HDR
Marks, Gerald 01-30-1997 HDR
Markson, Harry 11-14-1998 HDR
Markwood, Virginia Courtney 07-14-1997 HDR
Marler, Grace Cresson 03-29-1997 HDR
Marler, Maggie Marie  06-26-1996 HDR
Marlette, Marjorie 11-10-1999 HDR
Marley, Cora E.  3/31/2005 HDR
Marley, George William "Bill" 05-02-1994 HDR
Marley, George William "Bill" 05-03-1994 HDR
Marley, Helen Irene Ramseur  02-21-2003 HDR
Marley, Helen Irene Ramseur  02-21-2003 ONE
Marley, Jason Ray Jr. 06-17-2000 HDR
Marley, John Dennis  02-09-2002 HDR
Marley, John Dennis  02-10-2002 HDR
Marley, John H. 12-02-2001 HDR
Marley, Junior Hugh 01-29-1996 HDR
Marley, Junior Hugh  01-27-1996 HDR
Marley, Martha Ruth  11-24-2002 HDR
Marley, Minnie Florence 02-16-1999 HDR
Marley, Thomas Marshel  11-22-1994 HDR
Marley, Thomas Marshel  11-23-1994 HDR
Marlow, Blanche Massagee 06-01-1993 HDR
Marlow, Blanche Massagee 06-02-1993 HDR
Marlow, Blanche Massagee 06-01-1993 ONE
Marlow, Blanche Massagee 06-02-1993 ONE
Marlow, Clarence Tillman 08-07-1995 ONE
Marlow, Clarence Tillman  08-06-1995 HDR
Marlow, Deborah Jean Bottomley  05-16-2002 HDR
Marlow, Elsie Bolick  1/28/2004 ONE
Marlow, Elsie Bolick  1/29/2004 ONE
Marlow, Estelle Amanda Link 07-04-1999 HDR
Marlow, Estelle Amanda Link 07-03-1999 HDR
Marlow, Frank Donald  12-04-2000 ONE
Marlow, Icie Baity 03-11-1996 HDR
Marlow, Jeffie David  09-07-2001 HDR
Marlow, Justin Lee (Page 5A) 11-01-1999 HDR
Marlow, Mary Lillian Poovey 03-17-1999 HDR
Marlow, Mary Lillian Poovey 03-17-1999 ONE
Marlow, Mildred Elizabeth Huggins 01-31-1999 HDR
Marlow, Mildred Elizabeth Huggins 01-30-1999 HDR
Marlow, Rebecca Cody 11-25-2000 HDR
Marlow, Roby Lee 04-01-1995 HDR
Marlowe, Carl E. "Doc" Sr. 11-01-1994 HDR
Marlowe, Carl E. "Doc" Sr. 11-01-1994 ONE
Marlowe, Clara Keller 11-27-2000 ONE
Marlowe, Clara Keller 11-23-2000 ONE
Marlowe, Clara Keller  11-26-2000 HDR
Marlowe, Ennice Prevette 11-17-1995 HDR
Marlowe, F. Hoover Rev. 02-25-2002 HDR
Marlowe, Hugh Vaughan Sr.  10-04-1996 HDR
Marlowe, Jamie Ray 06-21-1999 HDR
Marlowe, L.J. "Red"  2/9/2004 ONE
Marlowe, Lawrence  01-29-1999 HDR
Marlowe, Mary Jo  12-16-2003 HDR
Marlowe, Peggy Walls 12/28/2004 ONE
Marlowe, Robert James  08-10-1996 HDR
Marlowe, Robert James  08-11-1996 HDR
Marlowe, Robert James  08-12-1996 ONE
Marlowe, Rose Elizabeth Campbell 12-20-1998 HDR
Marlowe, Rose Elizabeth Campbell 12-21-1998 ONE
Marlowe, Ward Howard  12-13-2003 HDR
Marlowe, Ward Howard  12-15-2003 ONE
Marmaduke, Sam H. (businessman) 09-08-1993 HDR
Maronie, Clara Ervin Berry  07-16-1993 HDR
Marovitz, Abraham Lincoln (U.S. District Judge) 03-18-2001 HDR
Marple, Elliot 12-20-2001 HDR
Marquand, Christian 12-03-2000 HDR
Marquardt, Frederic S. "Fritz" (editor) 04-17-1994 HDR
Marquardt, Theodore (oldest active Boy Scout) 03-19-1994 HDR
Marquardt, Theodore (oldest active Scout) 03-18-1994 ONE
Marr, Margie Hallman  04-01-2003 HDR
Marr, Sally  12-26-1997 HDR
Marr, Virginia C.  10-15-2001 HDR
Marr, Virginia Greer 07-26-1993 HDR
Marranzino, Pasquale "Pocky" 05-08-1998 HDR
Marron, Janice Ann Ruffner 07-15-2001 HDR
Marron, Janice Ann Ruffner 07-16-2001 ONE
Marron, Janice Ann Ruffner  07-16-2001 HDR
Marrs, Katherine Bailey  11-10-2002 HDR
Marrs, William Jackson 10-18-1995 HDR
Marrs, William Jackson 10-18-1995 ONE
Mars, Forrest Sr.  07-04-1999 HDR
Marsack, Christine Dee Elder 11/15/2005 HDR
Marseglia, George 01-16-1998 HDR
Marseglia, George 01-20-1998 HDR
Marseglia, George  01-15-1998 ONE
Marsh, Chessie Lyall  12-02-1993 HDR
Marsh, Don 11-29-1999 HDR
Marsh, Don (editor) 12-01-1999 HDR
Marsh, Elizabeth Kanipe Gregg 03-28-1993 HDR
Marsh, Ethan Michael 12-28-2000 HDR
Marsh, Heath Bascom 06-16-1993 HDR
Marsh, Marian McManus 11-27-2001 HDR
Marsh, Marie Wilson 04-30-2001 HDR
Marsh, Pansy Kilby  07-31-2002 HDR
Marshall, Allen J. 10-25-1999 HDR
Marshall, Amanda Wallace Wilburn 04-19-1994 HDR
Marshall, Amanda Wallace Wilburn 04-20-1994 HDR
Marshall, April Marie 03-24-1997 ONE
Marshall, Arthur K. 11-26-1999 HDR
Marshall, Berline Douglas  02-23-2003 HDR
Marshall, Bertha (Titanic survivor)  03-10-1993 HDR
Marshall, Betty Brown (newspaper publisher) 06-27-1993 HDR
Marshall, Clarence McKinley 08-14-1998 HDR
Marshall, Doris Louise 01-19-2001 HDR
Marshall, Doris Louise  01-20-2001 HDR
Marshall, E.G. (Character Actor) 08-26-1998 ONE
Marshall, Ellis Benton  11-03-1993 HDR
Marshall, Elma Marion Clanton  07-09-1995 HDR
Marshall, Everette Eugene "Gene"  11-14-2003 HDR
Marshall, Hal 04-13-1996 HDR
Marshall, Harry Jennings 09-06-1995 ONE
Marshall, Harry Jennings  09-06-1995 HDR
Marshall, J. Howard II 08-07-1995 ONE
Marshall, James T. 01-13-1995 HDR
Marshall, James Talmadge 01-14-1995 HDR
Marshall, James Talmadge  01-16-1995 ONE
Marshall, John Thurmond 04-13-1996 HDR
Marshall, Joseph "Lee"  01-19-2002 HDR
Marshall, Lois 02-02-1994 HDR
Marshall, Lois Marjorie 02-08-1994 HDR
Marshall, Lynwood Page 03-12-1997 HDR
Marshall, Malcolm 11-08-1999 HDR
Marshall, Marienne Bensing  12-18-2003 HDR
Marshall, Mary Orilla Turnmyre  06-21-1996 HDR
Marshall, Miller 06-29-2000 HDR
Marshall, Miller  06-29-2000 ONE
Marshall, Nan Susan Stephens  02-08-2003 HDR
Marshall, Nan Susan Stephens  02-09-2003 HDR
Marshall, Nan Susan Stephens  02-10-2003 ONE
Marshall, Patricia L. Andrews  1/29/2005 HDR
Marshall, Percy Conway Lawrence Mrs. 04-27-2003 HDR
Marshall, Plum Roy "Pee Wee" 2/1/2005 HDR
Marshall, Randy Harold 10-08-2000 HDR
Marshall, Rex Adolphus  12-03-1998 HDR
Marshall, Ronald Reams 02-18-1998 HDR
Marshall, Ronald Reams 02-18-1998 ONE
Marshall, Solomon W. "Sol" 11-04-1999 ONE
Marshall, Thurgood 01-25-1993 ONE
Marshall, Tracey Dean 07-18-1994 HDR
Marshall, Tracey Dean 07-19-1994 HDR
Marshall, Violet Keller 11-30-2001 HDR
Marshall, Walter E.  01-11-1993 HDR
Marshall, William (actor) 06-17-2003 HDR
Marshall, William C. 08-27-2000 HDR
Marshburn, Sharon Jones  03-17-2002 HDR
Martin, Ada  12/10/2005 HDR
Martin, Alice Poarch  (Page 5A) 05-11-1999 HDR
Martin, Allie Mae Laney 04-27-2001 ONE
Martin, Allie Mae Laney  04-27-2001 HDR
Martin, Ann Ewing 07-10-2003 HDR
Martin, Anna Catherine Miller 2/5/2005 HDR
Martin, Annie Lee  09-21-2003 HDR
Martin, Arlo G. 8/24/2005 ONE
Martin, Arlo G.  8/25/2005 HDR
Martin, Arlo G.  8/25/2005 ONE
Martin, Arthur Pershing  05-11-2002 HDR
Martin, Barney (policeman turned actor) 3/25/2005 HDR
Martin, Bertie Huffman  09-23-1996 HDR
Martin, Bessie Hensley 01-23-1996 HDR
Martin, Bessie Hensley  01-24-1996 HDR
Martin, Bill 02-24-1994 HDR
Martin, Bill 02-24-1994 ONE
Martin, Bob (former NC State Senator) 05-23-2003 HDR
Martin, Bobby Lee  01-04-1994 ONE
Martin, Bobby Lee Sr. 01-05-1994 ONE
Martin, Bobby Lee Sr. (veteran) 01-04-1994 HDR
Martin, Bobby Lee Sr. (veteran) 01-05-1994 HDR
Martin, Bobby Leon "Duke"  07-27-1993 HDR
Martin, Boyd (professor) 01-13-1998 HDR
Martin, Brenda Chapman Martin 03-04-2002 ONE
Martin, Bruce Junior  12-18-2003 HDR
Martin, Buddy Michael  07-04-2003 HDR
Martin, Buddy Michael  07-04-2003 ONE
Martin, Carl Edward 11-04-2001 HDR
Martin, Carrie Sanders Setser (105 yoa) 10-14-2003 HDR
Martin, Cathy Murphy Abernethy  11-24-2003 HDR
Martin, Cecil Ogburn  05-30-2003 HDR
Martin, Charles Bennett Sr.  05-15-1995 HDR
Martin, Charles Edward 04-01-2001 HDR
Martin, Charles Howard  03-06-1995 HDR
Martin, Charles Howard  03-06-1995 HDR
Martin, Christine Campbell  01-30-2002 HDR
Martin, Cinda Ballew  2/11/2004 ONE
Martin, Clara Myrle Morton 09-02-2001 HDR
Martin, Cora Inez 11/23/2005 HDR
Martin, Coyte Roby "Father" 12-26-1994 HDR
Martin, Dallas Marie  02-20-1997 HDR
Martin, Daniel Carl  06-15-1996 HDR
Martin, David R. 08-29-1996 HDR
Martin, David Reid  08-30-1996 HDR
Martin, David T.  06-02-1997 HDR
Martin, Dayshon Tykil (infant) 05-20-1997 HDR
Martin, Della V.  06-23-1993 HDR
Martin, Della VanDyke 06-24-1993 HDR
Martin, Dorothy Jean Strange  09-22-1997 HDR
Martin, Dorothy Jean Strange  09-22-1997 ONE
Martin, Ed 11-15-1999 HDR
Martin, Ed  07-17-2000 HDR
Martin, Edmonds "Eddie" Bishop 8/7/2005 HDR
Martin, Edmund F. (former president - Bethlehem Steel Corp.) 01-12-1993 HDR
Martin, Edward Chester "Mun"  12-27-1995 HDR
Martin, Edward Eugene 11-28-1998 HDR
Martin, Edward Eugene "Gene" 11-29-1998 HDR
Martin, Edward Eugene "Gene" 11-30-1998 ONE
Martin, Edward Michael Sr. 03-01-1996 HDR
Martin, Edward Michael Sr. 03-02-1996 HDR
Martin, Edward Michael Sr. 02-29-1996 ONE
Martin, Edward Michael Sr. 03-01-1996 ONE
Martin, Elizabeth Adele Martell  09-18-1995 HDR
Martin, Ella Mae Clark  08-30-1995 HDR
Martin, Ella Mae Clark  08-31-1995 HDR
Martin, Ellie Lee Wentz 04-11-1994 HDR
Martin, Ellie Lee Wentz  04-11-1994 ONE
Martin, Elmarinda "Elmar" Hildebran 05-29-1994 HDR
Martin, Elmarinda "Elmar" Hildebran 05-30-1994 ONE
Martin, Eric Dean 08-11-1998 HDR
Martin, Eric Dean 08-10-1998 ONE
Martin, Ethel Inez 09-12-2001 HDR
Martin, Eugene (chairman-WI Investment Board) 12-29-1994 HDR
Martin, Eugene W.  04-13-1996 HDR
Martin, Eula Barrett 6/15/2004 ONE
Martin, Evaleen McCloud  09-25-1995 HDR
Martin, Evaleen McCloud  09-25-1995 ONE
Martin, Evelyn Hazel Honeycutt 12-03-1993 HDR
Martin, Evelyn Honeycutt 12-04-1993 HDR
Martin, Everette Raymond Sr. 06-09-1998 HDR
Martin, Farris Evans 10-24-1997 HDR
Martin, Farris Pinkney 01-22-2000 HDR
Martin, Farris Pinkney 01-24-2000 ONE
Martin, Florence Fender  01-05-2001 HDR
Martin, Foster Glenn Master Sgt. 07-21-1999 HDR
Martin, Fran 03-29-1994 HDR
Martin, Fran West 03-30-1994 HDR
Martin, Fran West  03-30-1994 ONE
Martin, Frances June Moose  02-14-2000 HDR
Martin, Frances Lavina Benfield 04-30-1993 HDR
Martin, Frances Lavina Benfield 05-04-1993 HDR
Martin, Frances Stillwell  09-01-2002 HDR
Martin, Frances Stillwell  09-05-2002 HDR
Martin, Frank L. Jr. (war correspondent) 01-26-1995 HDR
Martin, Frankie White 07-01-1999 HDR
Martin, Gary Dean 03-16-1999 HDR
Martin, George Allison (Ret. Lenoir Police Chief)  02-25-1993 HDR
Martin, Georgia Craig 06-01-1994 HDR
Martin, Gladys  11-29-1993 HDR
Martin, Gladys Loftin 12-01-1993 HDR
Martin, Gladys Loftin  11-29-1993 ONE
Martin, Gladys Loftin  12-01-1993 ONE
Martin, Goal M. 06-14-2000 HDR
Martin, Goal M. 06-13-2000 ONE
Martin, Goal M. 06-14-2000 ONE
Martin, Harlon Quentin "Preacher" 05-06-1997 HDR
Martin, Harold (writer-columnist) 07-11-1994 HDR
Martin, Hattie H.  06-11-1996 HDR
Martin, Hattie Lackey  08-01-1994 HDR
Martin, Haywood 05-02-1998 HDR
Martin, Haywood Cortelyou 05-03-1998 HDR
Martin, Haywood Cortelyou 05-04-1998 ONE
Martin, Henry Gilbert 10-15-2001 HDR
Martin, Herbert "Tom" Thomas 01-21-2003 ONE
Martin, Herbert “Tom” Thomas Sr. 01-22-2003 HDR
Martin, Herbert Thurman 11/23/2005 HDR
Martin, Herbert Thurman 11/23/2005 ONE
Martin, Holly 5/13/2005 ONE
Martin, Holly A. 5/16/2005 ONE
Martin, Holly A.  5/14/2005 HDR
Martin, Homer Glenn 02-05-1993 HDR
Martin, Homer Glenn 02-05-1993 ONE
Martin, Hope F. 07-03-1999 HDR
Martin, Howard Franklin 07-16-2001 ONE
Martin, Howard Franklin  07-14-2001 HDR
Martin, Howard Franklin  07-13-2001 ONE
Martin, Hubert Floyd Jr. 06-11-1996 HDR
Martin, Hubert Floyd Jr. 06-09-1996 HDR
Martin, Hubert Floyd Jr. 06-10-1996 ONE
Martin, Hugh Herbert  12-26-1994 HDR
Martin, Irene Cunningham  06-11-1993 HDR
Martin, J. Spencer 08-31-1993 HDR
Martin, Jack  08-29-2001 HDR
Martin, James Charlie Jr. 12-29-1999 HDR
Martin, James Charlie Jr. 12-29-1999 ONE
Martin, James Clarence  08-05-1994 HDR
Martin, James Clarence  08-06-1994 HDR
Martin, James E. 10-02-2000 ONE
Martin, James E.  10-03-2000 HDR
Martin, James Zeno  05-26-2001 HDR
Martin, Jane Whitener 01-01-1996 HDR
Martin, Janice Carrie Lyda 09-23-1998 HDR
Martin, Janie Lizabeth  04-21-2002 HDR
Martin, Janie Lizabeth  04-22-2002 HDR
Martin, Janie Lizabeth  04-22-2002 ONE
Martin, Jerry Wayne Dr.  7/21/2005 HDR
Martin, Jesse Lee 10-30-1995 HDR
Martin, Jimmy (bluegrass singer) 5/15/2005 HDR
Martin, Jimmy Floyd 01-01-2000 HDR
Martin, Jo Anne Hall 04-10-2003 HDR
Martin, Jo Anne Hall  04-10-2003 ONE
Martin, Joann Newton  02-13-2002 HDR
Martin, John E.  03-26-2001 HDR
Martin, John Flint 04-12-2000 HDR
Martin, John Flint 04-07-2000 HDR
Martin, John Flint 04-06-2000 ONE
Martin, John Hardy 03-24-1998 HDR
Martin, John Hardy 03-24-1998 ONE
Martin, John Ralph 1/30/2005 HDR
Martin, John Ralph 1/31/2005 HDR
Martin, John Ralph 1/31/2005 ONE
Martin, Johnny Avery 07-08-1998 ONE
Martin, Johnny Avery  07-08-1998 HDR
Martin, Johnny Eugene  01-14-1993 HDR
Martin, Johnny Eugene Sr. 01-15-1993 HDR
Martin, Jones Russell  02-06-2002 HDR
Martin, Joseph "Joe" Howard 06-30-1993 HDR
Martin, Joseph Howard 07-01-1993 HDR
Martin, Josephine Jones Mrs. 6/22/2005 HDR
Martin, Juanita Simmons 12-15-2001 HDR
Martin, Juanita Simmons 12-16-2001 HDR
Martin, Juanita Simmons  12-17-2001 ONE
Martin, Judy Kerley  07-19-2002 HDR
Martin, Judy Kerley  07-19-2002 ONE
Martin, Junior Burgin 10-04-2001 HDR
Martin, Junior Burgin 10-05-2001 HDR
Martin, Justus C. Jr. (chairman - Robinson-Humphrey Co.) 03-27-1993 HDR
Martin, Katie  11-09-1996 HDR
Martin, Lannie Dean 02-26-1997 HDR
Martin, Lannie Dean 02-26-1997 ONE
Martin, Lecil (Box Car Willie) 04-13-1999 ONE
Martin, Lillie Bryant  12-09-2000 HDR
Martin, Lloyd Wilson 12/13/2005 HDR
Martin, Lois Viola  04-27-1994 HDR
Martin, Lois Viola  04-27-1994 ONE
Martin, Lonnie  07-24-1999 HDR
Martin, Lottie Benfield  12-28-2003 HDR
Martin, Louella Barber Mrs. 10/6/2005 HDR
Martin, Louis Emanuel 01-31-1997 HDR
Martin, Louise Peebles 02-26-2000 HDR
Martin, Loyd Christy 2/6/2005 HDR
Martin, Lucille Catherine Rudisill 06-02-1994 HDR
Martin, Lucille Catherine Rudisill  06-02-1994 ONE
Martin, Lucille Hildebran 04-09-1996 HDR
Martin, Lydia Patricia "Emmie" Lorean Gray 10/24/2005 HDR
Martin, Mae Teeter  11-09-1997 HDR
Martin, MaKinleigh Rae 02-21-2002 ONE
Martin, MaKinleigh Rae (infant) 02-22-2002 HDR
Martin, Manuel 10-15-2000 HDR
Martin, Manuel 12-19-1995 HDR
Martin, Manuel 12-24-1995 HDR
Martin, Margaret Elizabeth "Liz" Scott 10-13-1995 HDR
Martin, Margaret Irene Propst  03-02-1993 HDR
Martin, Margie Clontz 03-09-2000 HDR
Martin, Marie Cody  02-16-1993 HDR
Martin, Marie Cody  02-17-1993 HDR
Martin, Marjorie Nelson 05-14-2000 HDR
Martin, Marlene Blalock 4/3/2005 HDR
Martin, Marlene Blalock  4/4/2005 ONE
Martin, Marshall Leon 01-20-1997 HDR
Martin, Mary 08-06-1997 ONE
Martin, Mary Lee Staley  06-28-1996 HDR
Martin, Mary Lou Herman 03-02-1996 HDR
Martin, Mary Lou Huffines 11-19-1998 HDR
Martin, Mary Lou Huffines 11-19-1998 ONE
Martin, Mary Norris 08-23-1999 HDR
Martin, Mary Sigmon 07-26-1998 HDR
Martin, Mildred Jones 08-24-2001 HDR
Martin, Mildred Jones  08-23-2001 ONE
Martin, Mildred Virginia Smith 05-27-1996 HDR
Martin, Millie Alice Watson 12-09-1995 HDR
Martin, Mina Jeanette 01-06-1994 HDR
Martin, Mina Jeanette 01-06-1994 ONE
Martin, Minnie Pope 01-12-1997 HDR
Martin, Murphy Marion 10-06-1999 HDR
Martin, Myrtle Lea Duncan 08-17-1997 HDR
Martin, Nellie Hanes 11-21-1999 HDR
Martin, Nellie Hanes 11-22-1999 ONE
Martin, Nelson Logan 02-24-1993 HDR
Martin, Nina Ann  04-11-2003 HDR
Martin, Nina Ann  04-12-2003 HDR
Martin, Nina Ann  04-11-2003 ONE
Martin, Nixon Wilson 12-17-2003 HDR
Martin, Ola Mae Bumgarner 05-03-1993 HDR
Martin, Oscar Woodrow 04-22-1999 HDR
Martin, Paul Vandyke  02-19-2002 HDR
Martin, Pauline Wike 12-23-1995 HDR
Martin, Phillip Wayne Rev. 03-28-2002 HDR
Martin, Phyllis Payne  03-31-2003 HDR
Martin, Quince Leon “Tiny”  12-27-2002 HDR
Martin, R.A.  08-04-2003 HDR
Martin, R.A.  08-05-2003 ONE
Martin, Ralph Junior 02-17-1994 HDR
Martin, Ralph Junior 02-18-1994 HDR
Martin, Ralph Junior 02-18-1994 ONE
Martin, Ralph W. 01-09-1997 HDR
Martin, Ray 06-16-1996 HDR
Martin, Ray 06-17-1996 HDR
Martin, Ray  06-17-1996 ONE
Martin, Ray Pink 08-13-1999 HDR
Martin, Ray Pink 08-13-1999 ONE
Martin, Ray William 03-23-1995 HDR
Martin, Ray William  03-23-1995 ONE
Martin, Retha L.  07-27-1996 HDR
Martin, Reuben Guy  05-01-2002 HDR
Martin, Richard  11-11-1999 HDR
Martin, Richard  11-16-1993 HDR
Martin, Richard  11-17-1993 HDR
Martin, Richard  11-16-1993 ONE
Martin, Richard  11-17-1993 ONE
Martin, Richard (actor) 09-07-1994 HDR
Martin, Richard D. 09-19-1996 HDR
Martin, Robert "Bob" Lee (veteran) 01-19-1994 HDR
Martin, Robert "Sam" Erwin 04-04-1997 HDR
Martin, Robert Erwin "Sam" 04-04-1997 ONE
Martin, Robert Glynn  04-10-2003 HDR
Martin, Robert Jouett IV 11-29-2000 ONE
Martin, Robert Jouette IV 11-30-2000 HDR
Martin, Robert Lee 01-18-1994 HDR
Martin, Roby Frank 10/14/2005 HDR
Martin, Roger 03-02-1994 HDR
Martin, Roger 03-03-1994 HDR
Martin, Rose D.  6/29/2005 HDR
Martin, Rose D.  6/28/2005 ONE
Martin, Rose D.  6/29/2005 ONE
Martin, Roy Lee 01-08-2000 HDR
Martin, Ruby Leona Jones Mrs. 1/8/2005 HDR
Martin, Ruby Young 04-29-1997 HDR
Martin, Ruth 12-17-2000 HDR
Martin, Ruth Gossler 07-06-1998 HDR
Martin, Sallie Mae Cansler 11/17/2005 HDR
Martin, Sallie Mae Cansler 11/16/2005 ONE
Martin, Sallie Mae Cansler 11/17/2005 ONE
Martin, Sallie St. Louis Morgan 01-13-1999 ONE
Martin, Sallie St. Louis Morgan  01-13-1999 HDR
Martin, Samuel Wilson 07-12-1998 HDR
Martin, Schular H. 09-03-1997 HDR
Martin, Scottie Clark 11-21-1997 ONE
Martin, Scottie Clark  11-21-1997 HDR
Martin, Shirley Icard  10-13-2002 HDR
Martin, Stuart McGuire Jr. 12-03-2002 HDR
Martin, Stuart McGuire Jr. 12-03-2002 ONE
Martin, Texie Geneva Lindsay 05-25-2001 HDR
Martin, Texie Geneva Lindsay  05-26-2001 HDR
Martin, Thelma 11-17-1999 HDR
Martin, Trent (Page 8B) 09-06-1994 HDR
Martin, Trilba Elizabeth Young Mrs. 2/4/2005 HDR
Martin, Trilba Elizabeth Young Mrs. 2/5/2005 HDR
Martin, Tyshay Danyell (infant) 05-20-1997 HDR
Martin, Vallie Jaynes  04-23-2002 HDR
Martin, Velvia Denton  04-23-1996 HDR
Martin, Virgil Ellis  10-15-2002 HDR
Martin, Virginia "Maggie" Pearson  06-13-1993 HDR
Martin, Vivian Jerusha Deal  02-16-2002 HDR
Martin, Vivian Ogle 07-02-1998 ONE
Martin, Vivian Ogle  07-03-1998 HDR
Martin, Warren G. 08-18-1998 HDR
Martin, Wellington "Wink" 01-15-1996 ONE
Martin, Wellington "Wink"  01-13-1996 HDR
Martin, Willard Lee "Bill" 07-18-1999 HDR
Martin, Willard Lee "Bill" 07-19-1999 ONE
Martin, William "Bill" Niles  10-24-1996 HDR
Martin, William A. "Bill" 03-05-2000 HDR
Martin, William Dwight Rev. (Chaplain) 01-06-1994 HDR
Martin, William Ira Sr. 03-06-1999 HDR
Martin, William Joe 12-13-1998 HDR
Martin, William Niles "Bill" 10-24-1996 ONE
Martinat, Alessandra 04-10-1999 HDR
Martinat, Brittany Rose 06-15-2003 HDR
Martinat, Edith Mae Mrs.  06-20-2003 HDR
Martinat, Henry Ray Sr. 03-04-1999 HDR
Martinat, Mary Rostan  05-06-2002 HDR
Martinat, Valdo Stephen  06-15-1993 HDR
Martineau, Edward Francis 02-28-1996 HDR
Martinez, Anthony Michael (Page 3A) 04-21-1997 HDR
Martinez, Armando 1/22/2004 ONE
Martinez, Christopher (died 1998) 02-27-1999 HDR
Martinez, Donna Lee Whaley 12-27-2001 HDR
Martinez, Donna Lee Whaley 12-27-2001 ONE
Martinez, Fransisco Javier Lopez (Page 7A) 07-01-1994 HDR
Martinez, Gervacio Salinas  02-05-2003 HDR
Martinez, Jerome Alan Sr.  10-01-1995 HDR
Martinez, Joe 01-27-1998 HDR
Martinez, Jose Rene Ruiz (actor/dancer) 10-19-1993 HDR
Martinez, Joseph E.  06-04-1993 HDR
Martinez, Joseph Edward 06-05-1993 HDR
Martinez, Julio 10-31-1999 HDR
Martinez, Manuel Garcia  04-19-2002 HDR
Martinez, Manuel Garcia  04-22-2002 ONE
Martini, Louis Peter  09-23-1998 HDR
Martini, Mia (Italian singer) 05-15-1995 HDR
Martini, Virginia Cherrill 11-19-1996 HDR
Martinson, Gladys I. 11-22-1999 HDR
Martinson, Gladys I. 11-22-1999 ONE
Martz, Delos Coleman 04-29-2002 ONE
Martz, Delos Coleman  04-28-2002 HDR
Maruki, Iri (painter) 10-20-1995 HDR
Marum, Harald 04-19-2003 HDR
Marum, Harald 04-08-2003 ONE
Marum, Harald 04-18-2003 ONE
Marvy, William (barber pole designer) 03-27-1993 HDR
Marx, Robert Burle (Brazilian landscape architect) 06-05-1994 HDR
Masagee, Carson Albert 08-31-1997 HDR
Masarykova, Herberta  10-03-1996 HDR
Masferre, Eduardo (photographer) 07-05-1995 HDR
Mash, Herbert Madison 05-31-1998 HDR
Mash, James Clark 01-13-1998 HDR
Mash, Peggy May Moretz 06-26-2003 HDR
Mash, Peggy Moretz 06-26-2003 ONE
Mashburn, Jay W.  06-30-1996 HDR
Mask, Brooks William  07-10-2001 HDR
Mask, Emma Page 12-26-1993 HDR
Mask, Emma Page  12-24-1993 HDR
Mask, Forrest "Frosty" Henry Sr. 05-19-2001 HDR
Mask, Forrest Henry "Frosty" Sr. 05-18-2001 ONE
Mask, George Ronald 09-25-2000 ONE
Mask, George Ronald  09-24-2000 HDR
Mask, Ira C. "Phillip" Jr.  11-01-1993 HDR
Mask, Joe Bain 07-23-2001 HDR
Mask, John Henry Sr. 01-31-1998 HDR
Mask, John Robert 04-30-1995 HDR
Mask, John Robert  05-01-1995 HDR
Mask, Katie Lou Annas  06-09-1993 HDR
Mask, Ola  11-17-1993 HDR
Mask, Sandra Bentley  01-04-2003 HDR
Maske, Jane "Lib" Elizabeth  01-13-1995 HDR
Mason, Birny J. Jr. 01-10-1997 HDR
Mason, Brenda 11/17/2005 ONE
Mason, Brenda Sweet 11/18/2005 HDR
Mason, Brenda Sweet 11/18/2005 ONE
Mason, Claudia Santorum 9/4/2005 HDR
Mason, Cordie Sigmon 12-12-1993 HDR
Mason, Danny Kevin  01-10-2001 ONE
Mason, Ella Mae 02-26-1998 HDR
Mason, Ella Mae 02-27-1998 HDR
Mason, Ella Mae 02-27-1998 ONE
Mason, Gloria E.  04-28-2003 ONE
Mason, Gloria E. Mrs.  04-27-2003 HDR
Mason, Jacob Bill "Billy" Jr. 06-27-1999 HDR
Mason, Jacob Bill "Billy" Jr. 06-28-1999 ONE
Mason, James Calvin 05-18-1998 HDR
Mason, James Lanny  07-12-1994 HDR
Mason, Jettie Irene Rowe  09-27-2003 HDR
Mason, Jo Nell April Hall  5/6/2005 HDR
Mason, John Lee 09-16-2003 ONE
Mason, John Lee  09-17-2003 HDR
Mason, Joyce Ann 12-02-2003 HDR
Mason, Lois Bollinger 09-19-1999 HDR
Mason, Lois Bollinger  09-20-1999 ONE
Mason, Margie  11-17-1993 HDR
Mason, Marjorie Parson  11-19-1993 HDR
Mason, Marjorie Parsons  11-19-1993 ONE
Mason, Mary Irene 03-13-1993 HDR
Mason, Mary Janet 10/15/2005 HDR
Mason, Mollie N.  07-29-2002 HDR
Mason, Mollie N.  07-29-2002 ONE
Mason, Mollie Newsome  07-30-2002 HDR
Mason, Mose Lee 05-14-2002 ONE
Mason, Mose Lee  05-12-2002 HDR
Mason, Philip  01-31-1999 HDR
Mason, Prue Ona  01-15-1995 HDR
Mason, Ralph Henry 04-23-1997 HDR
Mason, Reba Bonds 12-29-2001 HDR
Mason, Reba Bonds  12-28-2001 ONE
Mason, Rebecca Ann 08-21-1996 ONE
Mason, Rebecca Ann  08-21-1996 HDR
Mason, Rebecca Ann  08-22-1996 HDR
Mason, Richard (novelist) 10-17-1997 HDR
Mason, Roger Leonard Sr. 07-20-1999 HDR
Mason, Shirley Jean High 10-09-1996 ONE
Mason, Steve (soldier & poet--unofficial bard of the Vietnam War) 5/31/2005 HDR
Masry, Edward L. (lawyer) 12/7/2005 HDR
Mass, Grace R.  04-06-2003 HDR
Massagee, Ervin John  06-30-2002 HDR
Massagee, Ervin John  07-01-2002 ONE
Massagee, Irene Lucy 06-20-1998 HDR
Massagee, Kenneth Wayne  09-14-1993 HDR
Massagee, Kenneth Wayne  09-15-1993 HDR
Massagee, Lottie P. 11-18-1995 HDR
Massagee, Maudie Berryhill 4/16/2005 HDR
Massagee, Mildred Ruth Hartzog 09-21-1999 HDR
Massamba, Armand Bernard (journalist) 09-22-1993 HDR
Massanet, Steven  01-17-1996 HDR
Massanet, Steven  01-17-1996 ONE
Masser, Arthur Ray  10-19-2002 HDR
Masserman, Jules Dr. (former chairman of American Psychiatric Assn.) 11-09-1994 HDR
Massey, Christine Rector  11-13-1995 HDR
Massey, Hazel Burton  08-11-2001 HDR
Massey, Jimmy F.  02-26-1993 HDR
Massey, Mary Chiccarelli 06-07-2001 HDR
Massey, Muriel V.  09-13-2001 HDR
Massey, Ralph William  08-17-2001 HDR
Massey, Roy Mason  10-13-2001 HDR
Massey, Ruth Parker 01-18-2001 HDR
Massi, Frank  08-09-1995 HDR
Massi, Sonya Brady 07-18-2001 ONE
Massi, Sonya Brady  07-19-2001 HDR
Massie, Alice Whitener 06-06-2003 HDR
Massieu, Mario Ruiz 09-19-1999 HDR
Massoglia, Martin F.  02-04-2001 HDR
Massu, Jacques 10-28-2002 HDR
Mast, Andy P. III 06-12-1996 HDR
Mast, Andy Patterson Jr. 06-09-1997 HDR
Mast, James Wiley  09-08-1996 HDR
Mast, Lily Josephine 11-15-2000 HDR
Mast, Mattie Ola  11-18-1993 HDR
Mast, Ralph Grey  05-23-1996 HDR
Mast, Vivian Pauline Thorneburg  06-25-2000 HDR
Masten, Edith Roberts 07-10-1996 HDR
Masten, Richard H. Sr. 06-26-1998 HDR
Masterman, John 05-17-1999 HDR
Masters, Jeanette "Jean" 7/14/2005 HDR
Masters, Jeanette "Jean"  7/14/2005 ONE
Masters, Jeanette James 7/13/2005 ONE
Masto, Stephen Joseph (Page 2A) 08-30-1999 HDR
Mastricolo, Carlo--AP photo editor 02-01-1997 HDR
Mastroianni, Marcello 12-19-1996 ONE
Mastroianni, Ruggero  09-11-1996 HDR
Mastruzzo, Joseph Sr.  09-21-1995 HDR
Mata, Eduardo (musical director) 01-05-1995 HDR
Matamoros, Jewell Leanna 01-29-1999 HDR
Matamoros, Jewell Leanna  (died 1-26-99) (Page 1A) 02-05-1999 HDR
Matamoros, Jewell Leanna  (died 1-26-99) (Page 4A editorial) 02-05-1999 HDR
Matamoros, Jewell Leanna  (Page 5A) 01-29-1999 HDR
Matamoros, Jewell Leanna (died 1-26-99) (Page 1A) 02-03-1999 HDR
Matera, Barbara 09-20-2001 HDR
Mateski, Gabrielle Ann 08-15-1997 HDR
Mateski, Gabrielle Ann 08-16-1997 HDR
Matey, Laura Fowler 04-17-2000 ONE
Matey, Laura Fowler  04-18-2000 HDR
Matheny, Lula McCurry  11-10-2002 HDR
Matheny, Lula McCurry  11-11-2002 ONE
Mather, Eugene 01-03-2000 HDR
Mathes, Howard Clifton  02-07-2001 HDR
Mathes, Hubert Russell 03-04-1998 HDR
Mathes, Paul Sherman 10-21-2003 HDR
Mathes, Pauline Hartley 08-09-2003 HDR
Matheson, Allen Mack  12-13-2003 HDR
Matheson, Alma Little  06-21-1997 HDR
Matheson, Beatrice Coleman 12-29-2000 HDR
Matheson, Bob (football player) 09-08-1994 HDR
Matheson, Charles Ray 06-14-2002 ONE
Matheson, Charles Ray 06-17-2002 ONE
Matheson, Charles Ray  06-15-2002 HDR
Matheson, Clara  12-11-2001 ONE
Matheson, Clara L. 12-12-2001 HDR
Matheson, Clara L.  12-12-2001 ONE
Matheson, Clyde Ray  10-04-2002 HDR
Matheson, Clyde Ray  10-03-2002 ONE
Matheson, Clyde Ray  10-04-2002 ONE
Matheson, Faye Adams  04-28-2002 HDR
Matheson, Frank Mitchell 02-20-1996 HDR
Matheson, Georgie Vernon Laws 12-08-2001 HDR
Matheson, Grady Lee Rev. 04-04-1998 HDR
Matheson, Heather Nicole 11-06-2002 HDR
Matheson, John Ray Sr. 10-11-2002 HDR
Matheson, Kathleen 12-19-2003 ONE
Matheson, Lee  01-09-2000 HDR
Matheson, Leona Giles 06-22-1999 HDR
Matheson, Leona Giles 06-21-1999 ONE
Matheson, Marion  12/15/2004 ONE
Matheson, Marion Jean Drum 12/16/2004 ONE
Matheson, Mary Fincannon  03-30-2003 HDR
Matheson, Philys Rogers  04-11-2001 HDR
Matheson, R. Z.  06-02-2001 HDR
Matheson, Richard Lee 06-30-1994 ONE
Matheson, Richard Lee (veteran) 06-30-1994 HDR
Matheson, Robert Hardy (conservationist) 06-05-1993 HDR
Matheson, Robert Lee 06-13-2001 HDR
Matheson, Sarah Margaret 03-17-1994 HDR
Matheson, Sarah Margaret Sharpe 03-18-1994 HDR
Matheson, Thomas Burl Jr. 08-05-1999 HDR
Matheson, Winfred "Fred" Dee 6/4/2005 HDR
Mathews, Barbara "Bobbie" Barnes  04-08-2002 HDR
Mathews, Carmen Sylva (actress) 09-03-1995 HDR
Mathews, David Dewey 01-08-1997 HDR
Mathews, Glennie Mitchell 06-17-1997 HDR
Mathews, Helen Head 08-10-1993 HDR
Mathews, Helen Head 08-10-1993 ONE
Mathews, Joseph Howard 08-04-2000 HDR
Mathews, Kate Helen Head 08-09-1993 ONE
Mathews, Kate Helen Head  08-09-1993 HDR
Mathews, Silas Mackenzie  02-10-1999 HDR
Mathews, William Alexander Sr. 04-21-1999 HDR
Mathewson, Alfred R.  01-06-1999 HDR
Mathewson, LaDonna Jean Johnston 01-17-1999 HDR
Mathewson, Verna Shell 05-28-1996 HDR
Mathias, Mildred (botanist) 02-20-1995 HDR
Mathiot, Elizabeth Moen  03-29-1993 HDR
Mathis, Brenda Jo Vance 01-27-1997 HDR
Mathis, Claude T. 04-21-1999 HDR
Mathis, Claude T. 04-21-1999 ONE
Mathis, Dolly Kirksey 03-26-2001 ONE
Mathis, Dolly Kirksey  03-26-2001 HDR
Mathis, Eddie Franklin Jr. 10-05-1995 ONE
Mathis, Eddie Franklin Jr.  10-05-1995 HDR
Mathis, Fred Bishop 11-09-1999 HDR
Mathis, Janet  3/9/2004 ONE
Mathis, Jerry C. Sr. 12-05-1999 HDR
Mathis, Lola Hollifield  07-25-1996 HDR
Mathis, Mabel Peffer "Granny Girl" 03-11-1995 HDR
Mathis, Mary Ingle 12-12-1993 HDR
Mathis, Virgil Roscoe "Bud" 11-06-1993 HDR
Mathis, William Monroe "Red" 03-22-2001 HDR
Mathis, William Monroe "Red" 03-22-2001 ONE
Mathisen, Florence E. 07-30-2002 ONE
Mathisen, Florence E.  07-30-2002 HDR
Matkins, Lois Evelyn Huffman 12-27-1997 HDR
Matkins, Virginia Hammond  05-31-2001 HDR
Matlock, Abigayle Shea  (infant) 02-11-2002 HDR
Matlock, Abigayle Shea (infant) 02-11-2002 ONE
Matlock, Albert Crowson Sr. 12/25/2005 HDR
Matlock, Alma Fox 10-06-1997 HDR
Matlock, Alma Fox  10-07-1997 HDR
Matlock, Anna Gaye  01-17-1997 HDR
Matlock, Bera Keever  07-01-2002 HDR
Matlock, Betty Sue Price 10-17-1994 HDR
Matlock, Conley Otis Sr. 11-05-1993 HDR
Matlock, James Arthell "Buck" 02-19-1997 HDR
Matlock, Larry Dean 02-23-1996 HDR
Matlock, Mamie Gooden 02-24-1997 HDR
Matlock, Steve Ralph 12-20-1999 HDR
Matlock, Vance Amos (veteran) 06-01-1994 HDR
Matlock, Willie Mae Sharpe 11-28-1995 HDR
Matlock, Willie Mae Sharpe 11-29-1995 HDR
Matlock, Zeb Vance Milstead 01-17-1999 HDR
Matney, Curtis  12-25-2003 HDR
Matney, Curtis Clifford 12-26-2003 HDR
Matney, Curtis Clifford  12-26-2003 ONE
Matney, Edgar  Cleveland 01-01-1994 HDR
Matney, Ethan Jeremy 5/11/2005 HDR
Matney, Ethan Jeremy  5/10/2005 ONE
Matney, Hallie Marie (infant) 05-23-2002 HDR
Matney, Penny Hunnicut 05-01-1997 HDR
Matson, James Adam Sr. 07-15-1998 HDR
Matson, James Adam Sr. 07-15-1998 ONE
Matson, James Adam Sr. 07-14-1998 ONE
Matsui, Robert T. (Democratic Rep.) 1/3/2005 HDR
Matta, Roberto Echaurren (Chilean artist) 11-25-2002 HDR
Mattea, Ruth (Kathy Mattea's mother) 8/13/2005 HDR
Mattern, Evelyn Sister 12-04-2003 HDR
Mattes, Merrill J. (scholar) 05-09-1996 HDR
Matthau, Walter 07-02-2000 HDR
Matthews, Albert  04-14-2002 HDR
Matthews, Albert Roosevelt  04-15-2002 HDR
Matthews, Audrey Elizabeth Triplett 4/21/2004 ONE
Matthews, Betty Louise Cook 01-29-2000 HDR
Matthews, Betty Louise Cook 01-30-2000 HDR
Matthews, Betty Louise Cook 01-31-2000 HDR
Matthews, Carl Carmy 06-19-1998 HDR
Matthews, Carl Carmy 06-18-1998 ONE
Matthews, Corey Jermon (Page 4A) 12-16-2001 HDR
Matthews, Eddie (Hall of Famer) 02-19-2001 HDR
Matthews, Ethel Mull  09-12-1993 HDR
Matthews, Frank Laffette 06-27-1999 HDR
Matthews, Frank Laffette 06-28-1999 ONE
Matthews, Fred E.  09-15-2002 HDR
Matthews, Harry "The Kid" (boxer)  03-13-2003 HDR
Matthews, Hazel Craig  02-03-1996 HDR
Matthews, Helen Sigmon 02-22-1996 HDR
Matthews, Helen Sigmon 02-23-1996 HDR
Matthews, Helen Sigmon 02-21-1996 ONE
Matthews, Helen Sigmon 02-22-1996 ONE
Matthews, Henry S.  05-22-1997 HDR
Matthews, Herbert V. "Hub" 03-29-1994 HDR
Matthews, Herbert V. "Hub" 03-29-1994 ONE
Matthews, James Alston  02-03-2001 HDR
Matthews, Jewell Elrod 10-11-1998 HDR
Matthews, Joe Thomas 01-12-1998 HDR
Matthews, Joe Thomas 01-12-1998 ONE
Matthews, John Leonard Jr. 09-22-1993 ONE
Matthews, John Leonard Jr.  09-22-1993 HDR
Matthews, Judy Merle Lowman 03-22-1994 HDR
Matthews, Judy Merle Lowman 03-23-1994 HDR
Matthews, Judy Merle Lowman 03-22-1994 ONE
Matthews, Judy Merle Lowman 03-23-1994 ONE
Matthews, Larry Russell 10-01-1996 HDR
Matthews, Larry Russell 10-01-1996 ONE
Matthews, Mabel Estelle Hedrick 03-12-1999 HDR
Matthews, Mabel Estelle Hedrick 03-11-1999 HDR
Matthews, Mabel Estelle Hedrick 03-12-1999 ONE
Matthews, Margaret Mauldin  12-13-1997 HDR
Matthews, Marion H. Jr. 04-30-2001 HDR
Matthews, Mary Ellen Anthony 10-24-1994 HDR
Matthews, Metta Elsie Hefner 08-12-1996 HDR
Matthews, Metta Elsie Hefner 08-12-1996 ONE
Matthews, Phillip Ray 03-15-1995 HDR
Matthews, Phillip Ray 03-16-1995 HDR
Matthews, Phillip Ray  03-16-1995 ONE
Matthews, Ricky 03-08-2001 HDR
Matthews, Sedulia Brooks (100 yoa)  02-10-2003 HDR
Matthews, Sudulia Brooks (100 yoa)  02-09-2003 HDR
Matthews, Sue Keller 04-30-2003 HDR
Matthews, Sue Keller 04-29-2003 ONE
Matthews, Sue Keller 04-30-2003 ONE
Matthews, Terry Wayne 07-12-1999 ONE
Matthews, Virginia Dare Edwards 05-27-1999 HDR
Matthews, Wilma Jean 10/27/2005 HDR
Matthews, Wilma Jean 10/27/2005 ONE
Matthey, Jeannette (foreign correspondent) 10-07-1993 HDR
Mattson, Fred H. (researcher) 06-04-1997 HDR
Mattus, Reuben (Haagen-Dazs ice cream) 01-31-1994 HDR
Matz, Jenese Holloway  10-03-1997 HDR
Maul, George Henry III 11-05-2003 HDR
Mauldin, Bill (cartoonist) 01-23-2003 HDR
Mauldin, Dora Clontz  06-28-1995 HDR
Mauldin, Dora Clontz  06-29-1995 HDR
Mauldin, Margaret Dietz 07-26-2001 HDR
Mauldin, Ralph Cullen 06-13-1997 HDR
Mauldin, Ralph Cullen  06-13-1997 ONE
Mauney, Blanche Leona  08-20-2001 HDR
Mauney, D. R. Jr. 04-12-2001 HDR
Mauney, Donald "Don" Ray 9/17/2004 ONE
Mauney, Edna Estelle 03-04-1993 HDR
Mauney, Edna Estelle  03-03-1993 ONE
Mauney, Edna Estelle Mrs. 03-04-1993 ONE
Mauney, Edna M.  03-03-1993 HDR
Mauney, Eloise Harbison 05-08-1998 HDR
Mauney, Eloise Harbison 05-11-1998 HDR
Mauney, Emaleen Morrison 04-15-2000 HDR
Mauney, Eunice Taylor  12-27-1994 HDR
Mauney, Eunice Taylor  12-27-1994 ONE
Mauney, Goldie P. 07-19-1994 ONE
Mauney, Goldie P. 07-20-1994 ONE
Mauney, Goldie P.  07-19-1994 HDR
Mauney, Goldie P.  07-20-1994 HDR
Mauney, Goldie P.  07-23-1994 HDR
Mauney, Guy A.  02-14-1994 ONE
Mauney, Guy Alton 02-14-1994 HDR
Mauney, Helen Ledwell  02-15-1996 HDR
Mauney, Helen Lepheme Wehunt 12-28-2000 HDR
Mauney, Hunter Ervin 07-18-2001 HDR
Mauney, Hunter Ervin 07-17-2001 ONE
Mauney, Hunter Ervin 07-18-2001 ONE
Mauney, James Walter 01-22-1998 HDR
Mauney, Jimmy Harlen 08-02-1999 HDR
Mauney, John David "Pig" 08-14-1998 HDR
Mauney, John Matthew "Pat" 03-21-1999 HDR
Mauney, Juanita Lowe  02-25-2003 HDR
Mauney, Lores A. "Lory" 11-11-1999 HDR
Mauney, Lores A. "Lory" 11-10-1999 ONE
Mauney, Lores A. "Lory" 11-11-1999 ONE
Mauney, Louise Heafner  12-17-1993 HDR
Mauney, Lucy Havner 11-16-1997 HDR
Mauney, Lucy Havner  11-15-1997 HDR
Mauney, Mary Emma Cobb 3/23/2004 ONE
Mauney, Mary Frances  10-13-2001 HDR
Mauney, Nolen Rudolph Sr. 06-03-1999 HDR
Mauney, Olin Andrew  10-27-1993 HDR
Mauney, Orline Bothwell 05-22-2003 HDR
Mauney, Porter Garland 02-09-1997 HDR
Mauney, Porter Garland 02-10-1997 ONE
Mauney, Rebekah 04-18-2002 HDR
Mauney, Sylvester "Ves" Jr. 06-28-1993 HDR
Mauney, Virginia Price  08-13-2002 HDR
Mauney, Walter C.  09-20-1993 HDR
Mauney, Walter C.  09-20-1993 ONE
Maupin, Gerald L. 05-24-2000 HDR
Maurer, Angelica Lynn  12/13/2004 ONE
Maurer, Don S.  10-24-2001 HDR
Maurer, Ely 07-03-1997 HDR
Maurice, J. D. "Jack" 12-25-1999 HDR
Mauritson, Janet E. 08-16-1999 HDR
Maus, Emily Anders Campbell  10-11-1995 HDR
Maus, Emily Louise Campbell Anders  10-12-1995 HDR
Mauser, Charlotte Elizabeth  4/30/2004 ONE
Mauser, Curtis Neal 01-30-1999 HDR
Mauser, Curtis Neal 01-28-1999 HDR
Mauser, Frances Veach 03-02-1997 HDR
Mauser, Frances Veach 03-03-1997 HDR
Mauser, John Cecil 01-30-2003 HDR
Mauser, John Cecil 01-29-2003 ONE
Mauser, John Cecil 01-30-2003 ONE
Mauser, Miriam Virginia 10-23-1998 HDR
Mauser, Miriam Virginia 10-26-1998 ONE
Mauser, Miriam Virginia  10-24-1998 HDR
Maust, Mary Bulla 2/18/2005 HDR
Mauzy, Oscar 10-13-2000 HDR
Mavroules, Nicholas (former Rep.--MA)  12-28-2003 HDR
Max, Clinton Alfred "Kenny" 03-15-1998 HDR
Max, Herbert J. 11-14-1999 HDR
Maxwell, Bessie White 4/21/2005 HDR
Maxwell, Eddy Lee  12-19-1997 HDR
Maxwell, Floris Orr 12-15-1994 HDR
Maxwell, Linda Pitts  10-20-2000 ONE
Maxwell, Nicole 05-27-1998 HDR
Maxwell, Rita Charlene 12/2/2005 HDR
Maxwell, Ruby Due Elizabeth Tilley 12-10-1995 HDR
Maxwell, Tom G. 03-27-1997 HDR
Maxwell, Tom G. Sr. 03-29-1997 HDR
Maxwell, Tom G. Sr. 03-28-1997 HDR
Maxwell, Vera (fashion designer) 01-21-1995 HDR
Maxwell, Vera (fashion designer) 01-22-1995 HDR
Maxwell, William Moss "Moss" 08-07-2003 HDR
Maxwell, William Moss "Moss" 08-06-2003 ONE
May, Brian (radio personality) 07-09-1995 HDR
May, Curtis  03-19-1995 HDR
May, Fred Augusta 10-02-1999 HDR
May, Hester Missouri Elrod 08-16-1999 HDR
May, James William  10-24-2003 HDR
May, Jerry 07-03-1996 HDR
May, Jerry 07-01-1996 ONE
May, Jerry Wayne Sr. 8/26/2005 HDR
May, Lawrence Wilber 12-07-1996 HDR
May, Lester Paul  02-15-2003 HDR
May, Lois Teague 11-14-1998 HDR
May, Mary M. (101 yoa) 04-10-2002 HDR
May, Orval Lester   10-26-1994 HDR
May, Sherman Ray  07-03-2003 HDR
May, Tommy  10-17-2002 HDR
May, Tommy Allen  01-29-2002 HDR
Mayberry, Beulah Thomas  11-09-2002 HDR
Mayberry, Didra (Page 1A) 06-07-2001 HDR
Mayberry, Didra Yulanda  06-09-2001 HDR
Mayberry, Edward L. 05-05-1997 HDR
Mayberry, Edward L. 05-05-1997 ONE
Mayberry, Frank 01-23-1998 HDR
Mayberry, Glenn 12-26-1997 HDR
Mayberry, Jimmy  03-01-1995 HDR
Mayberry, Jimmy Junior 03-02-1995 HDR
Mayberry, Johnsie Mae Kincaid  11-21-2003 HDR
Mayberry, Lester Howard  05-30-1993 HDR
Mayberry, Lester Howard  05-31-1993 HDR
Mayberry, Loda Sophia Blomeier 03-12-2001 HDR
Mayberry, Mary Isabell  04-12-2001 HDR
Mayberry, Mary Sue Clontz 10-16-2003 HDR
Mayberry, Mary Sue Clontz 10-16-2003 ONE
Mayberry, Vera 02-17-1994 HDR
Mayberry, Vera Sharpe 02-18-1994 HDR
Mayberry, Victor Lewis 2/10/2005 HDR
Maybin, Richard M. Sr. Dr. 03-19-1999 HDR
Maye, Imogene Ramsey 06-28-2003 HDR
Maye, Matthew Spencer 04-14-1998 HDR
Maye, Ruby Whisenant 9/9/2005 HDR
Maye, William Ernest 02-06-1999 HDR
Maye, William Ernest 02-05-1999 ONE
Maye, William Ernest  02-05-1999 HDR
Mayer, Florence Deal 12-30-1999 HDR
Mayer, Frederick Norman 03-25-1997 HDR
Mayer, Frederick Norman 03-23-1997 HDR
Mayer, Helen Aberson 04-13-1999 HDR
Mayer, Henry 07-31-2000 HDR
Mayer, Jean (Tufts University Chancellor) 01-03-1993 HDR
Mayes, Blanche Jones  11-01-2002 HDR
Mayes, Carolyn Flowers 05-29-2003 HDR
Mayes, Edward Franklin Sr. 07-01-1994 HDR
Mayes, Harvey Lee "Harve" Sr. 06-29-2001 HDR
Mayes, Hazel Parsons 10-28-1997 HDR
Mayes, Nellie Surratt  12-16-1994 HDR
Mayfield, Angie Stamey 10-16-2003 HDR
Mayfield, Annie Mae  08-18-1999 HDR
Mayfield, Annie Mae  08-18-1999 ONE
Mayfield, Benjamin "Ben"  04-21-2002 HDR
Mayfield, Bob 09-03-1996 ONE
Mayfield, Carrie Stamey  11-29-2003 HDR
Mayfield, Christopher Steven (infant) 04-14-1995 HDR
Mayfield, Curtis (composer) 12-27-1999 HDR
Mayfield, Frank Van  07-16-1996 HDR
Mayfield, Frankie Steven  08-10-1994 HDR
Mayfield, Frankie Steven  08-11-1994 HDR
Mayfield, H. David Dwane  09-01-1996 HDR
Mayfield, Jaquavious Shy-Heim (infant) 01-31-2001 HDR
Mayfield, Johnny R. Sr.  2/5/2005 HDR
Mayfield, Josie Lee White 12-30-2001 HDR
Mayfield, Karen M. Joyce  03-09-2003 HDR
Mayfield, Lola Mooney  11-29-1994 HDR
Mayfield, Mable Brown 06-17-1999 HDR
Mayfield, Mable Brown 06-16-1999 ONE
Mayfield, Mildred Dorothy 08-28-2000 HDR
Mayfield, Pauline 10-01-2002 ONE
Mayfield, Pauline  09-27-2002 HDR
Mayfield, Pauline  10-01-2002 HDR
Mayfield, Randy Brian 01-10-2000 HDR
Mayfield, Robert Icard  02-12-1995 HDR
Mayfield, Walter Eli 08-18-1995 HDR
Mayfield, Walter Eli 08-19-1995 HDR
Mayhew, Jessie Carlyle 02-22-2000 HDR
Mayhew, Jessie Carlyle  01-21-2000 HDR
Mayhue, Ida  02-19-2001 HDR
Maynard, Alfred McKinley 03-11-1996 HDR
Maynard, Aubre de Lambert Dr. 03-25-1999 HDR
Maynard, Brenda Farrer 11-24-1998 HDR
Maynard, Brenda Farrer 11-25-1998 HDR
Maynard, Brenda Farrer 11-26-1998 HDR
Maynard, Brenda Farrer 11-24-1998 ONE
Maynard, Daisy Stilwell 05-09-1997 HDR
Maynard, Patricia Tweed 05-21-1998 HDR
Maynard, Ronald Reno 09-24-1998 HDR
Maynard, Sidney Albert Jr. 02-24-2001 HDR
Maynard, Stella Izola 05-19-2003 ONE
Maynard, Stella Izola  05-19-2003 HDR
Maynard, Viola Locke 02-19-1996 HDR
Maynard, Viola Locke 02-19-1996 ONE
Maynor, Edward Dale “Butch”  12-20-2000 HDR
Maynor, Fred Douglas 12/3/2005 HDR
Maynor, James B. 07-05-1996 ONE
Maynor, James B. 07-08-1996 ONE
Maynor, William Hershell "Bud" 07-30-1997 HDR
Mayo, Irene Poole  09-27-1997 HDR
Mayo, Madolyn  01-15-1997 ONE
Mayo, Mary Ellen Bass 02-20-1995 HDR
Mayo, Mary Ellen Bass 02-22-1995 HDR
Mayo, Mary Ellen Bass 05-19-1995 HDR
Mayo, Richard W. 11-14-1996 HDR
Mayo, Virginia (actress) 1/22/2005 HDR
Mayorova, Yelena (actress) 08-26-1997 HDR
Mays, Alice "Jeanette" Lee  04-12-2001 HDR
Mays, Alicia Gray  01-24-2002 HDR
Mays, Alicia Gray  01-24-2002 ONE
Mays, Arthur J. (Chancey) Mrs.  01-23-1993 HDR
Mays, Brett Randall 08-22-2001 ONE
Mays, Brett Randall  08-23-2001 HDR
Mays, Carl Willard  03-03-1996 HDR
Mays, Chancy  01-21-1993 HDR
Mays, Corey Austin 02-17-1998 HDR
Mays, Corey Austin 02-18-1998 HDR
Mays, Corey Austin 02-18-1998 ONE
Mays, Frank Albert 07-23-2000 HDR
Mays, Garnette S. 08-30-1994 HDR
Mays, Garnette S. 08-31-1994 HDR
Mays, Gladys C. 02-25-1996 HDR
Mays, Gladys Colleen 02-26-1996 HDR
Mays, Gladys Colleen 02-26-1996 ONE
Mays, Harold L.  11-08-1996 HDR
Mays, Jim W.  3/1/2005 HDR
Mays, Jim W.  3/2/2005 HDR
Mays, Jim W.  2/28/2005 ONE
Mays, Jim W.  3/1/2005 ONE
Mays, Katie Ida  5/5/2005 HDR
Mays, Lillian Faye Bunton 03-03-2001 HDR
Mays, Lillian Faye Bunton 03-02-2001 ONE
Mays, Loyd Wayne  07-12-1994 HDR
Mays, Lucy Odell Jenkins 06-13-1998 HDR
Mays, Lucy Odell Jenkins 06-14-1998 HDR
Mays, Mable Barnes 03-02-1996 HDR
Mays, Mark E. (cancer patient--controversial treatment) 04-24-1994 HDR
Mays, Max Winfred 02-09-2000 HDR
Mays, Max Winfred 02-08-2000 ONE
Mays, Rachel Louise Huffman 04-16-1997 HDR
Mays, Scott Leslie 02-15-1997 HDR
Mays, Scott Leslie 02-14-1997 HDR
Mayse, Ernest Leroy  03-03-1993 HDR
Mayuzumi, Toshiro 04-11-1997 HDR
Mazar, Benjamin (archaeologist) 09-11-1995 HDR
Maze, James Paul 5/10/2005 HDR
Mazer, William 07-13-1998 HDR
Maziere, Francis (French explorer) 09-20-1994 HDR
Mazitis, Erika Kalnins 05-27-2003 HDR
Mazula, Peter  08-08-1994 HDR
Mazzone, A. David (federal judge MA) 10/27/2004 ONE
McAbee, Lucinda Sisk  10-11-2000 HDR
McAbee, Terrie W.  05-15-1995 HDR
McAbee, Terrie W.  05-15-1995 ONE
McAdams, Herbert Hall II 11-10-2001 HDR
McAdams, Isaiah Daniel  12-01-2000 HDR
McAdams, Isaiah Daniel  12-01-2000 ONE
McAdams, Myrtle Stine 08-31-2003 HDR
McAdams, Robert 02-25-1994 HDR
McAdams, Robert M. (veteran) 02-26-1994 HDR
McAlister, Annie Lee 07-14-1999 HDR
McAlister, Annie Lee 07-13-1999 ONE
McAlister, Archie Abernathy 04-13-1994 HDR
McAlister, Betty C. 04-09-2000 HDR
McAlister, Betty Mauney  03-17-2003 HDR
McAlister, Clarence Avery  3/5/2004 ONE
McAlister, Clarence Avery  3/8/2004 ONE
McAlister, D. Lucille Miss 12-31-2003 HDR
McAlister, Edna Kiser 02-13-1999 HDR
McAlister, Helen Campbell 04-29-1998 ONE
McAlister, Joe B. 04-20-2000 HDR
McAlister, John David 03-20-1999 HDR
McAlister, Lois "Jo" Campbell  3/13/2005 HDR
McAlister, Lois Campbell "Jo" 3/14/2005 ONE
McAlister, Lola Mae Drum  06-26-1994 HDR
McAlister, Lola Mae Drum  06-27-1994 ONE
McAlister, Margie Vashtie 05-29-1995 ONE
McAlister, Margie Vashtie McConnell 05-27-1995 HDR
McAlister, Mary Bell Tipton Jones 12-27-2001 HDR
McAlister, Mary Bell Tipton Jones 12-28-2001 HDR
McAlister, Mary Bell Tipton Jones 12-26-2001 ONE
McAlister, Mary Belle Jones 12-25-2001 HDR
McAlister, Mary Belle Jones  12-24-2001 ONE
McAlister, Palmer "Pat" 07-20-2003 HDR
McAlister, Ted Jefferson 06-17-1997 HDR
McAlister, Ted Jefferson 06-16-1997 ONE
McAllister, Annie Dover 08-08-2000 HDR
McAllister, Annie Dover  08-08-2000 ONE
McAllister, Bob 07-24-1998 HDR
McAllister, Calvin William  06-15-1995 HDR
McAllister, Helen Campbell 04-30-1998 HDR
McAllister, Horace S.  03-31-1995 HDR
McAllister, Marshall Walter  08-29-2002 HDR
McAllister, Marshall Walter  08-29-2002 ONE
McAllister, Rodney (Page 3A) 03-09-2001 HDR
McAllister, Roy Livingston 04-24-2002 ONE
McAllister, Roy Livingston  04-25-2002 HDR
McAlpin, Hessie Ruth Watts 02-19-1999 HDR
McAlpin, Hessie Ruth Watts 02-20-1999 HDR
McAlpin, Paul Ulysses Rev. 03-01-1993 HDR
McAlpin, Paul Ulysses Rev. 03-01-1993 ONE
McAlpine, James Coan Dr.  07-04-1998 HDR
McArthur, Paul Graham Lt. Col. 06-15-2001 HDR
McArver, Margaret Knox 06-04-1999 ONE
McArver, Margaret Knox  06-05-1999 HDR
McAulay, Louisa Coleman 01-31-1999 HDR
McAuliffe, Kevin 08-30-2000 HDR
McBath, Meagan  02-28-1993 HDR
McBath, William Lowery 06-02-1995 ONE
McBath, William Lowery  06-02-1995 HDR
McBath, William Lowry Rev. 06-05-1995 ONE
McBath, William Lowry Rev.  06-03-1995 HDR
McBath, William Lowry Rev.  06-04-1995 HDR
McBrayer, Bertrice Cooper 11-18-2001 HDR
McBrayer, Michael Charles  09-10-2001 HDR
McBrayer, William Paul  07-08-2000 HDR
McBride, Hazel Amy  05-04-2002 HDR
McBride, Irene Baker  02-22-1993 HDR
McBride, Irene Baker  02-23-1993 HDR
McBride, Kathleen Sue Johnson  01-19-2002 HDR
McBride, Katie  07-09-2003 ONE
McBride, Katie Bernice Price 07-09-2003 HDR
McBride, Malcolm C.  3/29/2005 HDR
McBride, Mathilda Mire  05-15-1995 ONE
McBride, Otis Hoyle  10-26-1993 HDR
McBride, Paul A. 09-11-1999 HDR
McBride, Paul A. 09-13-1999 ONE
McBride, Robert Martin 05-14-1996 ONE
McBride, Robert Martin  05-14-1996 HDR
McBride, Thomas F. (Watergate prosecutor) 11-05-2003 HDR
McBurney, Catherine Pelkey Garrity 08-10-1999 HDR
McCabe, Dale 07-02-1996 HDR
McCabe, Fred 09-21-1997 HDR
McCabe, Gibson 08-10-2000 HDR
McCabe, Rosina Marchisio 07-07-1997 ONE
McCain, Cora Lee  02-16-1995 HDR
McCain, Cora Lee  02-18-1995 HDR
McCain, Edward Jackson 08-06-1997 HDR
McCain, Edward Jackson 08-05-1997 ONE
McCain, Ila Sigmon 03-13-1995 ONE
McCain, Ila Sigmon  03-13-1995 HDR
McCain, James T. (civil rights activist) 06-07-2003 HDR
McCain, Larry Dean  08-21-1994 HDR
McCall, Alma Lee 10-25-1996 HDR
McCall, Ann Beal 01-10-2000 HDR
McCall, Beatrice S.  12-20-1993 HDR
McCall, Bernie Gilbert (veteran) 02-05-1994 HDR
McCall, Beverly Oree Anderson 09-23-1994 HDR
McCall, Charlie L. 10/4/2005 HDR
McCall, Clarence Lee 03-24-2001 HDR
McCall, Clifford James 04-11-1999 HDR
McCall, Clyde Osborne 06-22-1998 HDR
McCall, Clyde Robert  07-05-2002 HDR
McCall, Corabelle Eliza Houck 05-19-1998 HDR
McCall, Cornelia Alberta  06-22-1994 HDR
McCall, Cornelia Alberta Boyd 06-23-1994 HDR
McCall, Dennis Wayne  02-21-2003 HDR
McCall, Ervin Hoover 11-28-2001 HDR
McCall, Glenn M. 11-02-1996 HDR
McCall, Henry Clyde  04-10-1995 HDR
McCall, Huffman Michael 05-23-1993 HDR
McCall, James Avery Jr.  2/23/2005 HDR
McCall, James Horace 02-17-1998 HDR
McCall, James Horace 02-17-1998 ONE
McCall, James Horace Jr. 11-05-2001 HDR
McCall, Jane Street 12-30-1998 HDR
McCall, Jimmy L. 08-29-1997 HDR
McCall, Joan Driver 03-14-1998 HDR
McCall, JoAnn Garren 10-22-1999 HDR
McCall, John K. Jr. 11-22-2001 HDR
McCall, John Robert 12-17-1998 HDR
McCall, John Vermont  12-14-2002 HDR
McCall, John Willie 7/1/2005 HDR
McCall, Johnny Richelle (infant) 01-05-1993 HDR
McCall, Johnny Richelle (infant) 01-05-1993 ONE
McCall, Judy Gail  10/19/2005 HDR
McCall, Lettie Elizabeth Dennie  05-01-2001 HDR
McCall, Lillian Wilkerson 04-10-1996 HDR
McCall, Linda Kay Beam 08-08-2003 HDR
McCall, Lou Ervin Wilson (104 yoa)  05-08-1995 HDR
McCall, Louis Gibson 02-07-1997 HDR
McCall, Louis Gibson  02-08-1997 HDR
McCall, Louis Gibson  02-07-1997 ONE
McCall, Mamie M. 01-26-2003 HDR
McCall, Martha GoForth 12-16-1999 HDR
McCall, Mary Louise 05-18-2003 HDR
McCall, Merrell Sain Norris 10-29-2001 HDR
McCall, Michael Huffman 02-17-1998 HDR
McCall, Olin Leon 10-05-1998 HDR
McCall, Orpha Haas 10-09-1999 HDR
McCall, Patricia Downs  5/11/2005 HDR
McCall, Perry Wayne  09-30-1997 HDR
McCall, Ray 01-30-1999 HDR
McCall, Ray W. 01-31-1999 HDR
McCall, Roland Boyce  05-28-1996 HDR
McCall, Thomas J.  01-16-1995 HDR
McCall, Thomas Robert  10/14/2005 HDR
McCall, Wade  06-15-2003 HDR
McCall, Wanda Kidd  09-04-2003 HDR
McCall, William J. "Bill" Jr. 06-19-1998 HDR
McCall, William Jerry 03-10-2000 HDR
McCall, William Jerry  03-10-2000 ONE
McCallister, Ruby Spivey 11-07-2003 ONE
McCallister, Ruby Spivey  11-07-2003 HDR
McCallum, Alice Dorothy Asmussen 12-14-1996 HDR
McCalman, Macon "Sonny" (character actor) 12/12/2005 HDR
McCampbell, Maude House  10-02-1996 HDR
McCanless, Juanita Merritt  01-12-2001 HDR
McCann, Bernard Patrick 08-22-1998 HDR
McCann, Bernard Patrick 08-24-1998 ONE
McCann, Donal 07-20-1999 HDR
McCann, Makayla Deandrea  08-06-1999 HDR
McCann, Makayla Deandrea  08-06-1999 ONE
McCann, Makenzie Deanne 08-10-1999 HDR
McCann, Makenzie Deanne  (Page 5) 08-09-1999 ONE
McCarley, Lena Spencer 04-04-1993 HDR
McCarley, Lena Spencer 04-05-1993 HDR
McCarley, Thomas Lowery III 01-26-1993 HDR
McCarson, Annie Mae 04-28-1994 HDR
McCarson, Annie Mae Shook 04-29-1994 HDR
McCarson, Margie Zimmerman 11-13-1996 HDR
McCarter, Eula Mae Johnston 05-26-2000 HDR
McCarter, Helen Jean Kratz  07-20-1999 HDR
McCarter, Jeanette Mitchell 08-19-2003 HDR
McCarter, Pauline Hawn  02-17-1993 HDR
McCarter, Pauline Hawn  02-17-1993 ONE
McCarter, Susan E.  4/21/2005 HDR
McCarter, Wyvonia Belk  12-15-2000 HDR
McCarter, Wyvonia Belk  12-14-2000 ONE
McCartha, Winnie Williams 10-29-2002 ONE
McCartha, Winnie Williams Mrs. 10-30-2002 HDR
McCarther, Yvette (conjoined twin) 01-05-1993 HDR
McCarther, Yvonne (conjoined twin) 01-05-1993 HDR
McCarthy, Edward A. (retired Archbishop) 6/9/2005 HDR
McCarthy, Edward James (Rev.) 04-12-1996 HDR
McCarthy, Eugene J. (former Minnesota Sen.) 12/11/2005 HDR
McCarthy, Jack 05-28-1996 HDR
McCarthy, Joseph Jeremiah 06-19-1996 ONE
McCarthy, Joseph Jeremiah (WWII hero) 06-20-1996 HDR
McCarthy, Mary Frances  11-27-1996 HDR
McCarthy, Michael W. 04-07-1998 HDR
McCarthy, Miles D. (professor) 09-23-1995 HDR
McCartin, Thomas Ronald (publisher) 02-22-1994 HDR
McCartney, Herschel 01-26-1998 HDR
McCartney, Linda (Page 1A) 04-20-1998 HDR
McCarty, Delena A.  08-28-1997 HDR
McCarty, H. F. "Mac" Jr. 06-10-1998 HDR
McCarty, Jenny Taylor  05-26-2002 HDR
McCarver, Margaret Knox  06-04-1999 HDR
McCaskill, Annie Laura 11-18-1996 ONE
McCaskill, Annie Laura  11-18-1996 HDR
McCaskill, Daniel W. Rev. (retired pastor) 04-18-1994 HDR
McCaskill, Jesse Marvin Sr. 07-14-2002 HDR
McCaskill, Jesse Marvin Sr. 07-15-2002 ONE
McCaslin, Anna Nicole  09-07-2003 HDR
McCaslin, Anna Nicole  09-08-2003 ONE
McCaslin, Arthur Louis 09-19-2000 ONE
McCaslin, Arthur Louis  09-19-2000 HDR
McCaslin, Doris Finger 09-09-1995 HDR
McCaslin, Doris Finger 09-11-1995 ONE
McCaslin, Elona Cornett 9/16/2005 HDR
McCaslin, Elona Cornett  9/15/2005 ONE
McCaslin, Elona Cornett  9/16/2005 ONE
McCaslin, Emmett Taylor  10-18-1994 HDR
McCaslin, Emmett Taylor  10-18-1994 ONE
McCaslin, Ethel Wade  03-07-2001 HDR
McCaslin, Ethel Wade  03-07-2001 ONE
McCaslin, James "J.C." Carpenter 5/25/2005 HDR
McCaslin, James "J.C." Carpenter 5/26/2005 HDR
McCaslin, John Smith 06-27-2000 HDR
McCaslin, John Smith 06-25-2000 HDR
McCaslin, John Smith  06-26-2000 ONE
McCaslin, Larry Walter 06-28-1996 HDR
McCaslin, Lawry Walter 06-27-1996 HDR
McCaslin, Margaret Estelle Weaver 12-18-2003 ONE
McCaslin, Margaret Estelle Weaver  12-18-2003 HDR
McCaslin, Mary Starr  12-16-1993 HDR
McCaslin, Mary Starr Mrs.  12-16-1993 ONE
McCaslin, Maude Harmon 05-28-1996 HDR
McCaslin, Morgan Lee  07-03-1994 HDR
McCaslin, Noah Gene  08-14-1993 HDR
McCaslin, Parmer Lee  07-15-1994 HDR
McCaslin, Parmer Lee  07-15-1994 ONE
McCaslin, Patricia  12-30-2003 ONE
McCaslin, Patricia Marcelline Sigmon 12-31-2003 HDR
McCaslin, Patricia Marcelline Sigmon 12-31-2003 ONE
McCaslin, Peggy Louise Bolick 04-20-1994 HDR
McCaslin, Peggy Louise Bolick 04-20-1994 ONE
McCaslin, Richard Long 07-10-1994 HDR
McCaslin, Richard Long 07-11-1994 ONE
McCaslin, Richard Long  07-10-1994 HDR
McCaslin, William Dale  03-03-2003 HDR
McCaslin, William Dale  03-03-2003 ONE
McCathern, Betty Mae Finger 05-31-2000 HDR
McCathern, Betty Mae Finger  05-31-2000 ONE
McCaul, Marilyn Louise  02-09-2002 HDR
McCaul, Marilyn Louise  02-08-2002 ONE
McCauley, John Henry (Page 1) 07-08-2002 ONE
McCelland, Anderson  03-18-2001 HDR
McCelland, Anderson  03-19-2001 ONE
McCelland, Idella Stevenson 01-08-2000 HDR
McCelland, Idella Stevenson 01-07-2000 ONE
McClain, BethAnn (reporter) 03-10-1995 HDR
McClain, Betty Jean Sweezy 05-06-2001 HDR
McClain, Charlie Edward  01-17-2003 HDR
McClain, Ella  7/28/2004 ONE
McClain, Ella Kennedy  7/30/2004 ONE
McClain, James Ernest 12-26-1997 HDR
McClain, James Ernest  12-27-1997 HDR
McClain, Jeanette McCombs 08-09-1997 HDR
McClain, Jeanette McCombs 08-11-1997 ONE
McClain, John Thomas "Tommy" 07-18-1997 HDR
McClain, John Thomas "Tommy" 07-18-1997 ONE
McClain, Lewis Samuel 02-28-1999 HDR
McClain, Lofton Bay 09-28-1998 ONE
McClain, Mary Jessie  03-31-2000 HDR
McClain, Mary Jessie  03-31-2000 ONE
McClain, Mary P. 12-04-1999 HDR
McClain, Mary P. 12-05-1999 HDR
McClain, Ozelle Parker 03-05-1993 HDR
McClain, Sarah Moore  08-17-1996 HDR
McClain, Tonney Lee  01-01-1999 HDR
McClain, William Henry "Dub" 12-06-1997 HDR
McClamrock, William Kimbrough  12-23-1994 HDR
McClean, James Michael Jr. (Page 5A) 08-14-1995 HDR
McCleary, Elwood Rev. 10-21-1998 HDR
McCleave, Chester Arthur Rev. 01-10-1994 HDR
McCleave, Chester Arthur Rev. 01-11-1994 HDR
McCleave, Chester Arthur Rev. 01-12-1994 HDR
McCleave, Chester Arthur Rev. 01-10-1994 ONE
McCleave, Chester Arthur Rev. 01-11-1994 ONE
McCleave, Chester Arthur Rev. 01-12-1994 ONE
McCleave, Melvin T.  06-04-2001 HDR
McClellan, Dennis George  09-29-2003 HDR
McClellan, Dennis George "Battery Man" 09-29-2003 ONE
McClellan, Jesse James (child) 01-31-1994 HDR
McClellan, Paul William Jr. 12-31-2001 HDR
McClellan, Roy J.  04-03-2000 HDR
McClellan, Willa Mae Willis 06-09-2001 HDR
McClelland, Arthur Lee  10-25-1997 HDR
McClintock, Sarah Wall 11-29-1997 HDR
McClinton, Barry Maurice  (Page 6A) 11-15-1998 HDR
McCloskey, Frank (Former Rep.--IN) 11-04-2003 HDR
McCloskey, Robert (author and illustrator) 07-02-2003 HDR
McCloskey, Sheldon P. "Mac" Sr. 11-04-1996 HDR
McCloud, Clyde 01-21-1998 HDR
McCloud, David J. Lt. Gen. 07-29-1998 HDR
McCloud, Dicy Forrester 09-03-1997 HDR
McCloud, Edna Sue  03-15-2000 HDR
McCloud, Floyd Collins 02-18-1994 HDR
McCloud, Floyd Collins "Tinkey" Jr. 02-19-1994 HDR
McCloud, Nancy Lou  07-03-2002 HDR
McCloud, Robert Junior  04-12-2001 HDR
McCloud, Viola Mae Martin 9/25/2005 HDR
McClough, Patricia (Trish) Rousseau 12/28/2005 HDR
McClough, Rosie Belle Finger 03-30-1999 HDR
McClough, Rosie Belle Finger 03-30-1999 ONE
McCloy, Frances Ramelle Wolfe 05-03-1994 HDR
McCloy, Frances Ramelle Wolfe 05-04-1994 HDR
McCloy, Myra Waldron Mrs. 04-10-2003 HDR
McClung, A. J. (civil rights pioneer) 11-20-2002 HDR
McClurd, Clyde E.  01-16-2003 HDR
McClurd, Clyde E.  01-17-2003 HDR
McClure, Amy Buff 07-10-1999 HDR
McClure, Amy Buff 07-09-1999 HDR
McClure, Floyd Jr. 07-02-2001 ONE
McClure, Imogene Dothan King 03-04-2002 ONE
McClure, Imogene Dothan King  03-04-2002 HDR
McClure, Jackie  08-22-1998 HDR
McClure, Judy Ann Smith  12-21-2003 HDR
McClure, Raymond 04-13-1997 HDR
McClure, Sara "Peggy" Alexander 01-28-2003 ONE
McClure, Sara “Peggy” Alexander  01-28-2003 HDR
McClure, Sara “Peggy” Alexander  01-29-2003 HDR
McClure, Virginia  08-09-1993 HDR
McClure, Virginia Dare Berry 08-10-1993 HDR
McClurg, Alyssa Nichole 07-12-1999 HDR
McCollister, Tom 03-05-1999 HDR
McComb, Jonnie Stafford 04-18-1999 HDR
McCombs, Betty Love 01-02-1997 ONE
McCombs, Brenda  01-29-2002 HDR
McCombs, Brenda Kay  02-02-2002 HDR
McCombs, Clement Hill  04-29-2001 HDR
McCombs, Frank 04-06-1993 HDR
McCombs, Frank Daniel 04-11-1993 HDR
McCombs, Henry Lee 03-06-2003 ONE
McCombs, Henry Lee  03-06-2003 HDR
McCombs, James "J.H." Sr. 11-25-1994 HDR
McCombs, Jettie Lou Moses  12-26-1994 HDR
McCombs, John  11-01-1993 HDR
McCombs, John  11-01-1993 ONE
McCombs, John "Doc" Smith 05-23-1996 HDR
McCombs, John Edgar 11-03-1993 ONE
McCombs, John Edgar  11-03-1993 HDR
McCombs, John Smith "Doc" 05-22-1996 ONE
McCombs, Lee Ray  10-08-2001 HDR
McCombs, Lee Ray  10-08-2001 ONE
McCombs, Lee Ray  10-05-2001 ONE
McCombs, Loy Ray  2/10/2004 ONE
McCombs, Susie Belle Jones 04-12-1996 HDR
McCombs, William L. "Bill" 11-20-2001 HDR
McCombs, Wilson L. 09-22-2000 ONE
McCombs, Wilson L.  09-22-2000 HDR
McConneaughey, Berice Lipscomb  03-21-1995 HDR
McConnell, Edwin  09-04-1997 HDR
McConnell, Everett Beverly "Mack" 11-04-2001 HDR
McConnell, Everett Beverly "Mack" 11-05-2001 ONE
McConnell, Harold  11-16-1998 HDR
McConnell, Jessie Mae Pitt  03-28-2003 HDR
McConnell, Joel Willroe 11-27-1995 HDR
McConnell, Joel Willroe 11-27-1995 ONE
McConnell, Laura Elizabeth  08-20-1993 HDR
McConnell, Laura Elizabeth  08-20-1993 ONE
McConnell, Martin 05-13-2002 HDR
McConnell, Martin Mr.  05-14-2002 ONE
McConnell, Martin R. 11-06-2003 HDR
McConnell, Ollie Mae Wise  03-29-2003 HDR
McConnell, Ollie Mae Wise  03-28-2003 ONE
McConnell, Ralph Johnson 11-15-1998 HDR
McConnell, Ralph Johnson 11-16-1998 ONE
McConnell, Rick (Former Indiana State Rep.) 12-17-1997 HDR
McConnell, Rosa Jean 01-16-2001 ONE
McConnell, Rosa Jean  01-16-2001 HDR
McConnell, Tony Allen 05-06-1993 HDR
McConnell, Tony Allen 05-07-1993 HDR
McCord, David  04-17-1997 HDR
McCord, Robert “Bob” Clemmer  10-26-2002 HDR
McCorkle, Alice Gray Little 07-12-2000 HDR
McCorkle, Amanda Louise Reinhardt 05-30-1994 HDR
McCorkle, Amanda Louise Reinhardt 05-30-1994 ONE
McCorkle, Bessie Gaither 11-29-2003 HDR
McCorkle, Bessie Gaither 11-28-2003 ONE
McCorkle, Charlie Robert "Bob"  08-22-1997 HDR
McCorkle, Cora Coulter 05-13-1998 HDR
McCorkle, Cora Coulter 05-16-1998 HDR
McCorkle, Cora Coulter 05-13-1998 ONE
McCorkle, Cora Coulter 05-18-1998 ONE
McCorkle, Cora Lee 12-05-2003 ONE
McCorkle, Cora Lee  12-05-2003 HDR
McCorkle, Dennis Wayne  07-23-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Dennis Wayne  07-23-1993 ONE
McCorkle, Flora M.  01-24-2003 HDR
McCorkle, Flora Mary  01-25-2003 HDR
McCorkle, Franklin Delane 08-27-1996 ONE
McCorkle, Henry "Buck" 12-16-1996 ONE
McCorkle, Henry "Buck" 12-19-1996 ONE
McCorkle, Henry "Buck"  12-19-1996 HDR
McCorkle, Henry Adolphus Jr. 04-04-1994 HDR
McCorkle, Henry Adolphus Jr. 04-04-1994 ONE
McCorkle, Henry Isaac 04-06-1998 HDR
McCorkle, Henry Isaac 04-07-1998 HDR
McCorkle, Henry Isaac 04-07-1998 ONE
McCorkle, Henry Isaac 04-06-1998 ONE
McCorkle, Jimmy Lee  01-30-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Jimmy Lee  02-01-1993 HDR
McCorkle, John Wesley  10-17-1996 HDR
McCorkle, John Wesley  10-19-1996 HDR
McCorkle, Johnsie  10-08-1996 HDR
McCorkle, Johnsie Dunlap 11-17-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Johnsie Dunlap 11-18-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Johnsie Dunlap 11-18-1993 ONE
McCorkle, Johnsie Mae Elizabeth 10-08-1996 ONE
McCorkle, Johnsie Mae Elizabeth  10-09-1996 HDR
McCorkle, Nathan Wallace 05-21-1993 ONE
McCorkle, Nathan Wallace  05-21-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Pauline Ms.  7/30/2005 HDR
McCorkle, Renee Valente Brooks 10-24-1997 HDR
McCorkle, Renee Valente Brooks 10-24-1997 ONE
McCorkle, Robert  10-04-1995 HDR
McCorkle, Robert  10-05-1995 HDR
McCorkle, Thomas  07-12-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Thomas "June Pea" Eugene  07-14-1993 ONE
McCorkle, Thomas Eugene "June Pea" 07-14-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Vider Derr 10-14-1993 HDR
McCorkle, Vider Derr Mrs. 10-14-1993 ONE
McCormack, Mary  04-15-1995 HDR
McCormick, Esther Brown  (101 yoa) 04-27-1993 HDR
McCormick, Esther T. (101 yoa) 04-26-1993 HDR
McCormick, J. T. 11-08-1997 HDR
McCormick, Loretta Mallan  02-12-1995 HDR
McCormick, Pat (comedy writer) 8/4/2005 HDR
McCormick, William J. Capt. 07-20-2002 HDR
McCoy, Bill (State Sen. OR) 04-22-1996 HDR
McCoy, Danny B. 3/8/2005 ONE
McCoy, Danny B.  3/8/2005 HDR
McCoy, Edward Joseph Jr. 05-30-1994 HDR
McCoy, Edward Joseph Jr. 05-31-1994 HDR
McCoy, George Lee "Billy"  07-19-1995 HDR
McCoy, George M. 03-01-2001 HDR
McCoy, Helen Lowery 04-09-1994 HDR
McCoy, Mabel Menefee 09-11-1993 HDR
McCoy, Nelle Clarke 03-15-2000 HDR
McCracken, Etrulia Mills 08-10-1999 HDR
McCracken, Joe (veteran) 12-29-1995 HDR
McCracken, Minnie Pearl McDaniel 01-24-1999 HDR
McCracken, Patsy Joelene Gilbert 09-10-1999 HDR
McCracken, Walter Ferman 4/20/2005 HDR
McCrae, Rodney Alexander  10/22/2004 ONE
McCrain, Bobby Allen  05-13-2002 HDR
McCrain, James Arnold 05-10-2003 HDR
McCranie, Rozelle Seigler  05-12-1995 HDR
McCranie, Rozelle Seigler Mrs. 05-12-1995 ONE
McCrary, Benny Loyd  03-30-2001 HDR
McCrary, Bobby A.  01-28-1999 HDR
McCrary, Callie Susan Hoffman 06-05-1997 HDR
McCrary, Callie Susan Hoffman 06-04-1997 ONE
McCrary, Christine Hefner  07-04-2002 HDR
McCrary, Dennis Jarvis Sr. 10/22/2005 HDR
McCrary, Fredrick Thomas 7/8/2005 HDR
McCrary, Grace Irene 06-28-1998 HDR
McCrary, Janette Huffman 09-18-2002 ONE
McCrary, Janette Huffman  09-19-2002 HDR
McCrary, Johnny R. 03-30-1999 HDR
McCrary, Johnny Richard 03-31-1999 HDR
McCrary, Johnny Richard 03-29-1999 ONE
McCrary, Johnny Richard 03-30-1999 ONE
McCrary, Margaret Rose Kidd 09-05-2003 HDR
McCrary, Maude Etta Travis 05-19-1997 HDR
McCrary, Maude Etta Travis 05-19-1997 ONE
McCrary, Myrtle Ann Howery 03-18-1994 HDR
McCrary, Paralee Walsh 07-05-1997 HDR
McCrary, Paul U.  11-29-2002 HDR
McCrary, Shelby Ruth 07-12-1998 HDR
McCraw, Earl Dean 06-14-2000 HDR
McCray, Aletha Abernathy  02-26-2001 HDR
McCray, Edward Eugene  03-12-2003 HDR
McCray, Edward Eugene  03-13-2003 HDR
McCray, Grace Irene 06-29-1998 HDR
McCray, Grace Irene 06-29-1998 ONE
McCray, Kenneth Harold  04-06-1995 HDR
McCray, Kenneth Harold  04-07-1995 HDR
McCray, Kenneth Harold  04-07-1995 ONE
McCray, Lloyd R.  05-31-1994 HDR
McCray, Lloyd Ray Sr. 06-01-1994 ONE
McCray, Lloyd Ray Sr. (veteran) 06-01-1994 HDR
McCrea, William Sir 04-30-1999 HDR
McCready, Mary Winston 01-23-2000 HDR
McCreary, Bertie Moose 12/18/2005 HDR
McCreary, Bertie Moose  12/19/2005 ONE
McCreary, Hedrick "Mac" Delano  11-12-2003 HDR
McCreary, John Carroll 01-19-1998 HDR
McCreary, John Carroll 01-19-1998 ONE
McCreary, Roy Guy  12-04-1994 HDR
McCreary, Virgie Sims  09-29-2002 HDR
McCreight, Drusilla Hobbs  03-10-2002 HDR
McCreight, Drusilla Hobbs  03-11-2002 HDR
McCreight, Drusilla Hobbs  03-12-2002 HDR
McCreight, Drusilla Hobbs  03-13-2002 HDR
McCreight, Drusilla Hobbs  03-11-2002 ONE
McCreight, Robert Sullivan  04-26-2002 HDR
McCreight, Robert Sullivan  04-26-2002 ONE
McCrorie, Gerald Wesley "Gerry"  05-18-1995 HDR
McCrory, Vernon "Bodie" (newspaperman) 10-30-1993 HDR
McCroskey, Edward Dean 07-09-1998 HDR
McCrystal, James 02-04-1999 HDR
McCue, Lillian de la Torre Bueno (author) 09-20-1993 HDR
McCuen, Charles (news director & anchor) 07-28-1995 HDR
McCuistan, Lillie Autrey  01-18-1996 HDR
McCulley, Robert W. Sr. Rev. 06-16-2001 HDR
McCullough, April Nicole 11-26-1996 ONE
McCullough, April Nicole  11-26-1996 HDR
McCullough, Ernest 02-19-2001 HDR
McCullough, Ernest  02-19-2001 ONE
McCullough, Ernest  02-20-2001 ONE
McCullough, Lucius Calvin 05-12-1994 ONE
McCullough, Lucius Calvin 05-13-1994 ONE
McCullough, Lucius Calvin  (veteran) 05-12-1994 HDR
McCullough, Lucius Calvin  (veteran) 05-13-1994 HDR
McCullough, Mabel Nelms Thompson  08-03-1996 HDR
McCullough, Marvin E. (fmr. pres. of the North Texas Oil & Gas Assn.) 12-14-1993 HDR
McCullough, Mary Leola Hull 10-25-1993 HDR
McCune, Hugh J. 09-01-1996 HDR
McCune, Leslie Ferne 09-19-2000 HDR
McCune, Leslie Ferne 09-19-2000 ONE
McCurdy, Carolyn Frances  12-11-2003 HDR
McCurdy, Claude Mcklawson  05-18-2001 HDR
McCurdy, Dwight William 11-11-1998 HDR
McCurdy, Ed 04-06-2000 HDR
McCurdy, Floy Smith  12-12-1996 HDR
McCurdy, Hazel Miller 12-19-1998 HDR
McCurdy, Isaac C. (veteran) 03-29-1994 HDR
McCurdy, Leola Bobby Smith  10-22-2000 HDR
McCurdy, Luke  12-01-2000 HDR
McCurry, Ashley Iona 02-22-2000 HDR
McCurry, Edward Kelly  02-20-1993 HDR
McCurry, Emily  12-20-2003 HDR
McCurry, Erastus Glenn  08-27-1993 HDR
McCurry, Eric B.  8/4/2005 HDR
McCurry, Fred Madison 03-23-2000 HDR
McCurry, Garland Grady Rev. 09-09-1998 HDR
McCurry, George Sam  03-06-2001 HDR
McCurry, George Willie 3/29/2005 HDR
McCurry, Ida Jones  07-07-1994 HDR
McCurry, Ida Smith  06-13-2001 HDR
McCurry, James Gordon (fmr. pres. - Bituminous Coal Operators Assn.) 09-14-1993 HDR
McCurry, Junie Swink  11-28-2000 HDR
McCurry, Mary Jane Stallings  07-05-1997 HDR
McCurry, Mary Jane Stallings  07-08-1997 HDR
McCurry, Odell Virginia Mrs. 01-19-1999 ONE
McCurry, Samuel "Sam" Jr. 06-30-2000 ONE
McCurry, Samuel "Sam"Jr. 06-29-2000 ONE
McCurry, Samuel “Sam”  Jr. 06-29-2000 HDR
McCurry, Samuel Jr. 06-28-2000 ONE
McCurry, Summa Teague 5/10/2004 ONE
McCurry, Vertie Varner 12-29-2000 ONE
McCurry, Vertie Varner  12-29-2000 HDR
McCutchan, Arad (basketball coach) 06-17-1993 HDR
McCutcheon, Michael K.  10-06-1996 HDR
McDade, Charles Wesley  07-12-1996 HDR
McDade, Eugene Rivers "Skeet" 05-20-1996 HDR
McDade, Gail Coffey  03-27-2003 HDR
McDade, Imelda Brown  08-13-1997 HDR
McDade, Joseph Russell 12-31-1998 HDR
McDade, Louise German  12-04-1999 HDR
McDade, May Lou Whisnant 09-17-1996 HDR
McDade, Ray William  01-15-2003 HDR
McDaniel, Addie Mae 01-31-1999 HDR
McDaniel, Billy Shuping 01-14-1996 HDR
McDaniel, Christine E. 12-21-1998 HDR
McDaniel, Christine E. 12-22-1998 HDR
McDaniel, Christine E. 12-22-1998 ONE
McDaniel, Christine E. 12-21-1998 ONE
McDaniel, Cora Lee 05-27-1996 HDR
McDaniel, Cora Lee 05-28-1996 ONE
McDaniel, Cora Lee  05-28-1996 HDR
McDaniel, Doris Belle Jernigan 01-26-2000 HDR
McDaniel, Geneva Pearl Deal 02-12-1993 HDR
McDaniel, Gladys Sherrill 06-05-1999 HDR
McDaniel, Glenn Leroy 08-28-1998 HDR
McDaniel, Grace Louise Lane 11-22-1994 HDR
McDaniel, Grace Louise Lane 11-23-1994 HDR
McDaniel, Grace Louise Lane 11-22-1994 ONE
McDaniel, Grace Louise Lane 11-23-1994 ONE
McDaniel, Howard Lee 04-26-1999 HDR
McDaniel, Isaiah "Flunk" 12-20-2003 HDR
McDaniel, James Roland III 02-04-2001 HDR
McDaniel, James Roland III 02-05-2001 ONE
McDaniel, Jessie Catherine Flynn 03-03-1999 ONE
McDaniel, Junior Pinkney 1/12/2005 HDR
McDaniel, Junior Pinkney  1/12/2005 ONE
McDaniel, Kathy Wall  08-24-2002 HDR
McDaniel, Kathy Wall  08-26-2002 ONE
McDaniel, Louise Elizabeth 03-11-2000 HDR
McDaniel, Margaret Russell "Peggy" 06-09-2003 HDR
McDaniel, Mary Lou Burton 02-28-2003 ONE
McDaniel, Mary Lou Burton  02-28-2003 HDR
McDaniel, Michael C.D. Bishop 12-20-2003 HDR
McDaniel, Ned 01-04-1996 HDR
McDaniel, Ned 01-03-1996 HDR
McDaniel, Ned  01-03-1996 ONE
McDaniel, Noah "Poppy" Laston 06-13-2001 ONE
McDaniel, Noah "Poppy" Laston  06-14-2001 HDR
McDaniel, Onie M.  12-11-2003 HDR
McDaniel, Paul Edward 01-08-2001 HDR
McDaniel, Paul Edward 01-08-2001 ONE
McDaniel, Phyllis Smith 02-05-2000 HDR
McDaniel, Richard L.  02-28-1998 HDR
McDaniel, Rosanna Shores (102 yoa) 04-15-1993 HDR
McDaniel, Ruby Ollis  02-09-2002 HDR
McDaniel, Thomas B. "Tom" 03-07-2001 HDR
McDaniel, Willard L. 01-07-1994 HDR
McDaniel, Willard Lee 01-08-1994 HDR
McDaniels, Charles E. "Charlie" 06-07-2000 HDR
McDaniels, Mildred I. 02-16-2000 HDR
McDaniels, Mildred T. 02-16-2000 ONE
McDaniels, William “Billy” Dale  12-01-2002 HDR
McDaris, James Paul 09-20-1996 ONE
McDaris, James Paul  09-20-1996 HDR
McDaris, Mamie Ruth Conner  03-08-2002 HDR
McDaris, Nancy Riley  04-19-2001 HDR
McDavid, O. C. 03-15-1998 HDR
McDemmond, Gloria Conner 12-06-1993 HDR
McDemmond, Gloria Connor Mrs. 12-06-1993 ONE
McDermott, Patricia Marie Peterson Monteleone 10-25-2001 HDR
McDermott, Patricia Marie Peterson Monteleone 10-25-2001 ONE
McDermott, Paula Perkins 07-07-2000 HDR
McDermott, Paula Perkins 07-07-2000 ONE
McDevitt, Glenn Vincent "Papa Mac" 4/7/2005 HDR
McDonald, Alvin Blaine "Mac" 11-23-2002 HDR
McDonald, Bennie Junior Jr. 04-25-2003 HDR
McDonald, Brendan (president St. Cloud State Univ.) 08-16-1994 HDR
McDonald, Colbert Arthure "Buddy"  10-05-2001 HDR
McDonald, David L. Retired Adm. 12-20-1997 HDR
McDonald, Elizabeth William 08-20-1996 HDR
McDonald, Gladys Waugh 09-25-1995 HDR
McDonald, Glennie Cole  06-28-1999 HDR
McDonald, Hope Allison (infant) 12-14-1994 HDR
McDonald, Hope Allison (infant) 12-13-1994 ONE
McDonald, Howard "Bucky" 12-28-1999 HDR
McDonald, John D. 01-05-1999 HDR
McDonald, Kimberly Dawn 09-23-1998 HDR
McDonald, Kimberly Dawn 09-22-1998 ONE
McDonald, Kimberly Dawn (Page 5A) 09-22-1998 HDR
McDonald, Linda Ann Mayfield 10-22-2001 ONE
McDonald, Linda Ann Mayfield  10-22-2001 HDR
McDonald, Monty Margetts 03-08-1997 HDR
McDonald, Nick (the man who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald) 1/28/2005 ONE
McDonald, Ronnie B.  08-21-2003 ONE
McDonald, Ronnie Boyd 08-22-2003 HDR
McDonald, Ronnie Boyd 08-23-2003 HDR
McDonald, Ronnie Boyd 08-25-2003 ONE
McDonald, Russell (Nevada administrator/manager) 03-20-1994 HDR
McDonald, Thad L. Rev. 07-28-2001 HDR
McDonald, Thomas Jordan 06-08-1993 HDR
McDonell, Charles "Max" Franklin  08-04-1994 HDR
McDonell, Vera Green 06-20-1998 HDR
McDonough, Pat 03-04-1996 ONE
McDonough, Pat  03-05-1996 HDR
McDougal, E. Parker (tenor saxophonist) 07-25-1994 HDR
McDougal, James 03-09-1998 ONE
McDougal, Leslie Ford  1/22/2005 HDR
McDougal, Ruby Corinne Ashworth 04-10-1997 HDR
McDowall, Roddy (Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude) (Page 8A) 10-04-1998 HDR
McDowell, Al (newscaster) 11-22-1994 HDR
McDowell, Dennis Bernard 07-02-1900 HDR
McDowell, Dylan (Page 2A) 12-11-2001 HDR
McDowell, Frank "Penny" 08-03-1995 HDR
McDowell, Frank "Penny"  08-04-1995 HDR
McDowell, Katherine Wall 08-13-1999 HDR
McDowell, Lawrence S. "Mac" 06-17-1998 HDR
McDowell, Linda Greer  09-10-1993 HDR
McDowell, Linda Greer  09-16-1993 HDR
McDowell, Nancy Liza Ikard 11-17-2001 HDR
McDowell, Nancy Liza Ikard  11-19-2001 ONE
McDowell, Sarah Grier  10-20-1997 HDR
McDowell, Sarah Lee Grier 10-23-1997 HDR
McDowell, Sarah Lee Grier 10-23-1997 ONE
McDowell, Willard 09-06-1993 HDR
McDowell, William "Bill"  05-28-1995 HDR
McDuffie, James Daniel "J.D."  06-11-2002 ONE
McDuffie, James Daniel “J.D.”  06-12-2002 HDR
McDuffie, James Pershing 08-02-1999 HDR
McDuffie, Joseph Daniel  10-24-2002 HDR
McEllen, Jacqueline Lloyd-Edwardes "Jackie" 02-06-1999 HDR
McElroy, LaDonna Nichole 07-30-2000 HDR
McElroy, LaDonna Nichole 07-31-2000 ONE
McElveen, Mary Toy Hildebrand 08-28-2001 HDR
McElveen, Mary Toy Hildebrand 08-29-2001 HDR
McElyea, Shirley King 01-07-2000 HDR
McEnroe, Robert E. 02-18-1998 HDR
McEntire, Glenn Albert 03-27-1995 HDR
McErlean, Charles F. Sr. 06-01-1999 HDR
McErlean, Charles F. Sr. 05-30-1999 HDR
McFadden, Bob 01-15-2000 HDR
McFadden, Bonnie Kate Peterson 07-26-1998 HDR
McFadden, David Darrah 04-12-2000 HDR
McFadden, Jack 06-19-1998 HDR
McFadyen, Henry C.  03-22-1993 HDR
McFadyen, Henry C.  03-23-1993 HDR
McFadyen, Ruby Sue 04-10-1994 HDR
McFadyen, Ruby Sue 04-11-1994 HDR
McFall, Jonathan R.  09-07-2003 HDR
McFall, Myra Evelyn 01-05-1997 HDR
McFalls, Coy 12-13-1993 HDR
McFalls, Coy Van 12-14-1993 HDR
McFalls, Juanita Elizabeth "Nita"  10-25-2001 HDR
McFalls, Lucille Curtis 06-13-1998 HDR
McFalls, Wanda Kaye Reece  2/27/2005 HDR
McFarland, Charles Patterson 11-17-2000 HDR
McFarland, David 09-07-1999 HDR
McFarland, David 09-13-1999 HDR
McFarland, George "Spanky" ("Little Rascals" fame) 07-01-1993 ONE
McFarland, Helen Dorothy  11/30/2005 HDR
McFarland, Jewel Evelyn Gabay  12/9/2005 HDR
McFarland, Lucille 03-14-2003 ONE
McFarland, William Plato  01-14-2003 HDR
McFarlin, Lucille Vesteen  03-16-2003 HDR
McFarlin, Lucille Vesteen  03-17-2003 ONE
McFarlin, Theodore "Big Mac"  10-28-2002 HDR
McFee, Blanch Buckner  06-26-1994 HDR
McFee, Bobby Grady  05-09-1993 HDR
McFee, Bobby Grady  05-10-1993 HDR
McFee, William "Bill" Eugene  01-31-2002 HDR
McFelea, Cecil Raymond Rev. 08-20-1998 HDR
McFerrin, Rachel Faye Lawson 07-28-2003 ONE
McFerrin, Rachel Faye Lawson 07-30-2003 ONE
McFerrin, Rachel Faye Lawson  07-27-2003 HDR
McGaha, Evelyn Sue  05-29-2003 HDR
McGaha, Ulies J. 03-16-2000 HDR
McGallaird, Lula Bell Grayson "Sis" 05-13-1999 HDR
McGalliard, Annie Harris  10-07-1995 HDR
McGalliard, Bessie Roper 10-29-1998 HDR
McGalliard, Charles Henry Sr. 11-09-2001 HDR
McGalliard, Ella Franklin  02-21-2003 HDR
McGalliard, Florence Powell 02-23-1995 HDR
McGalliard, Florence Powell  02-22-1995 HDR
McGalliard, Ivey Jones  07-26-1996 HDR
McGalliard, Ivey Jones  07-27-1996 HDR
McGalliard, Jake Garland "Monk" 09-19-1996 HDR
McGalliard, Jess Manuel  01-16-1996 HDR
McGalliard, Mollie Baker 02-24-2001 HDR
McGalliard, Owen  12-07-2003 HDR
McGalliard, Paul 05-04-1993 HDR
McGalliard, Paul Gaston 05-05-1993 HDR
McGalliard, Paul James  06-28-2002 HDR
McGalliard, Robert Pinkney 12-29-2001 HDR
McGalliard, Troy "Toby" Edward 02-17-2000 HDR
McGarey, Mary 05-29-1997 HDR
McGarey, Mary  05-27-1997 HDR
McGarity, Margaret Cameron 11-15-2001 HDR
McGarr, Katherine Lucille Perkins  09-10-2002 HDR
McGarr, Ray Lenwood  02-16-1996 HDR
McGaughey, Neil 09-25-1999 HDR
McGavern, Martha Ann Butler  11-28-2003 HDR
McGee, Albert  07-14-1995 HDR
McGee, Albert "Red" Finley  07-15-1995 HDR
McGee, Annie T.  01-29-2002 HDR
McGee, Annie Timiola Decker  01-30-2002 HDR
McGee, Arnold Lee Sr. 08-31-2000 HDR
McGee, Arthur Gwyn 11-11-1997 HDR
McGee, Arthur Gwyn 11-12-1997 HDR
McGee, Barry Joseph 04-17-1999 HDR
McGee, Beadie Minton 02-25-2000 HDR
McGee, Blan Thomas 03-15-1999 HDR
McGee, Blanche Coffey  10-31-2000 HDR
McGee, Blanche German  03-16-2003 HDR
McGee, Burlie Jean Bradford 5/11/2005 HDR
McGee, Carroll W.  05-16-1995 HDR
McGee, Carroll W.  05-17-1995 HDR
McGee, Charles Bud 12/23/2005 HDR
McGee, Charles Herman "C.H." 06-08-2003 HDR
McGee, Clara Campbell 12-11-1996 HDR
McGee, Clara Campbell 12-09-1996 ONE
McGee, Clara Campbell 12-10-1996 ONE
McGee, Clara Campbell  12-10-1996 HDR
McGee, Clarence  06-27-1993 HDR
McGee, Claude  09-26-1994 HDR
McGee, Clyde O. 11-01-2000 ONE
McGee, Clyde Oliver 11-02-2000 HDR
McGee, Clyde Oliver 11-02-2000 ONE
McGee, Cora Lee Hicks 03-10-2001 HDR
McGee, Corey 03-17-1999 HDR
McGee, Corey 03-16-1999 ONE
McGee, Daniel R. 07-15-2001 HDR
McGee, Della Burris 09-20-1999 HDR
McGee, Della Burris 09-20-1999 ONE
McGee, Delores Buchanan  05-05-2002 HDR
McGee, Delores Buchanan  05-06-2002 ONE
McGee, Edgar Eugene 11/29/2005 HDR
McGee, Edna Irene Robinson 6/9/2004 ONE
McGee, Edna Robinson 6/8/2004 ONE
McGee, Ethel Powell  08-29-2002 HDR
McGee, Harold Cline 10/25/2004 ONE
McGee, Hattie Jane Hager 07-13-1998 HDR
McGee, Hattie Jane Hager 07-13-1998 ONE
McGee, Hazel Stack Inman 3/19/2005 HDR
McGee, Hazel Stack Inman 3/18/2005 ONE
McGee, Howard Stephen 2/9/2005 HDR
McGee, James Warren 10-12-1999 HDR
McGee, Jason Kane 08-26-1998 HDR
McGee, Jason Kane 08-27-1998 HDR
McGee, Jason Kane 08-25-1998 ONE
McGee, Jason Kane 08-27-1998 ONE
McGee, Jerry Wayne 10-06-1998 HDR
McGee, Jo Neva Swanson 09-24-1997 HDR
McGee, Joe Coleman 04-11-1994 HDR
McGee, Joe Coleman (veteran) 04-12-1994 HDR
McGee, John Christopher  08-17-1995 ONE
McGee, John Franklin 08-23-2000 HDR
McGee, John Franklin 08-24-2000 HDR
McGee, John Franklin 08-22-2000 ONE
McGee, John Franklin 08-23-2000 ONE
McGee, John Oliver 9/19/2005 ONE
McGee, John Oliver 9/20/2005 ONE
McGee, John Oliver  9/20/2005 HDR
McGee, Joseph "Joe" Earl  11-23-1996 HDR
McGee, Joseph Baxter 12-30-1999 HDR
McGee, Joseph Baxter Jr. 12-29-1999 ONE
McGee, Joseph Earl "Joe" 11-25-1996 ONE
McGee, Joseph Earl "Joe" 11-26-1996 ONE
McGee, Joseph Earl "Joe"  11-24-1996 HDR
McGee, Katie C.  09-06-1995 HDR
McGee, Katie Carpenter  09-19-1995 HDR
McGee, Lee Mearl 02-17-1998 HDR
McGee, Lee Mearl 02-18-1998 HDR
McGee, Lee Mearl 02-17-1998 ONE
McGee, Lee Mearl  02-16-1998 ONE
McGee, Mable Greene  12-01-2002 HDR
McGee, Margaret Elizabeth Barnett 02-25-1998 HDR
McGee, Marshall Lee 10-05-1998 HDR
McGee, Max Albert  01-23-2001 HDR
McGee, Mervin Marion Sr. 12/30/2005 HDR
McGee, Mervin Marion Sr. 12/30/2005 ONE
McGee, Mervin Sr. 12/29/2005 ONE
McGee, Pauline Elizabeth Anderson 06-03-2001 HDR
McGee, Pauline Elizabeth Anderson 06-04-2001 ONE
McGee, Pearl Decker  03-13-1995 HDR
McGee, Phineas Glenn  12-11-1996 HDR
McGee, Raymond "Elmo" Sr. 3/11/2005 HDR
McGee, Raymond Woodrow  08-28-2002 HDR
McGee, Renneth Glenn 11-03-1998 HDR
McGee, Ruth Byrd  06-19-2001 HDR
McGee, Samuel Elmore  09-25-1994 HDR
McGee, Steve Allen "Goober" 05-24-1993 HDR
McGee, Steve Allen "Goober" 05-25-1993 HDR
McGee, Steve Allen "Goober" 05-24-1993 ONE
McGee, Steve Allen "Goober" 05-25-1993 ONE
McGee, Thelma Beach  01-08-1995 HDR
McGee, Vay "Nanny" Hendrix  06-26-2003 HDR
McGee, Vena "Susie" Tate 02-09-2000 HDR
McGee, Vena Tate "Susie" 02-08-2000 ONE
McGee, Wilbur Edison 3/19/2005 HDR
McGee, Wilbur Edison 3/18/2005 ONE
McGee, William  02-10-1993 HDR
McGeown, Pat  10-05-1996 HDR
McGhee, Judith  04-24-2001 ONE
McGhee, Roscoe Wiley 12-21-1998 HDR
McGhee, Susan Smith  06-13-2002 HDR
McGhinnis, Alberta Yelton  06-26-2002 HDR
McGhinnis, Hal Joseph 03-29-1999 HDR
McGhinnis, Lester Harrison  03-07-1996 HDR
McGhinnis, Robert Lee 10/2/2005 HDR
McGill, Aaron T. Powell 11-08-1998 HDR
McGill, Aaron T. Powell 11-09-1998 ONE
McGill, Anita Tuttle 12-02-1997 HDR
McGill, Cedric Duane  05-03-2002 HDR
McGill, Henry James 01-26-1998 HDR
McGill, Janice Carol Bryant Mrs.  12-03-2003 HDR
McGill, Judy Carolyn  08-10-1995 HDR
McGill, Ronnie Edwards 06-05-1994 HDR
McGill, William "Bill" 02-27-1996 ONE
McGill, William Corbett "Bill" 02-28-1996 HDR
McGill, William Corbett "Bill" 02-29-1996 HDR
McGill, William Corbett "Bill" 02-28-1996 ONE
McGill, William Corbett "Bill" 02-29-1996 ONE
McGill, William J. 10-23-1997 HDR
McGillen, Daisy Starnes Looper 02-10-1994 HDR
McGillen, Daisy Starnes Looper 02-11-1994 HDR
McGimpsey, Edward R. Sr.  12-17-1993 HDR
McGimpsey, Jeanette Lipscomb 03-07-1997 HDR
McGimpsey, Lucille 03-14-1994 HDR
McGimpsey, Lucille Hood 03-15-1994 HDR
McGimpsey, Raekwon A. 01-09-2000 HDR
McGimsey, Ann Mae  02-23-2001 HDR
McGimsey, Charles  01-06-1997 HDR
McGimsey, Charles Gamewell 01-07-1997 HDR
McGimsey, Charles Neal (veteran) 01-23-1994 HDR
McGimsey, Emily Jane Reid  08-11-2002 HDR
McGimsey, Fern Small "Mae" 10-01-1998 HDR
McGimsey, Margaret Pearl Webb Dula  04-09-1995 HDR
McGimsey, Margaret Rusmisell  01-03-1993 HDR
McGinnis, Alpha Smith Mrs. 12-15-1997 HDR
McGinnis, Annie Tutherow (104 yoa) 09-06-1994 HDR
McGinnis, Charles 05-29-1998 HDR
McGinnis, Charles 05-29-1998 ONE
McGinnis, Charles Norris 05-30-1998 HDR
McGinnis, Ethel 10-26-2001 ONE
McGinnis, Ethel Propst  10-27-2001 HDR
McGinnis, Ethel Propst  10-29-2001 ONE
McGinnis, Grace Clark 12-21-1995 HDR
McGinnis, Grace Clark  12-21-1995 ONE
McGinnis, James Dr.  08-20-2003 HDR
McGinnis, Jerry Donald 11-02-1994 ONE
McGinnis, Jerry Donald 11-03-1994 ONE
McGinnis, Jerry Donald  11-02-1994 HDR
McGinnis, Jerry Donald  11-03-1994 HDR
McGinnis, Ned Neil (veteran) 03-12-1994 HDR
McGinnis, Raymond L. 07-22-1995 HDR
McGinnis, Raymond Lavern 07-21-1995 ONE
McGinnis, Raymond Lavern  07-21-1995 HDR
McGinnis, Rickey Lee  01-05-1993 HDR
McGinnis, Sally Anne  10-26-2003 HDR
McGinnis, Vita Lorain Ervin 03-11-1998 ONE
McGinnis, Vita Loraine Ervin 03-10-1998 HDR
McGinnis, Vita Loraine Ervin 03-11-1998 HDR
McGinnis, Vita Loraine Ervin 03-10-1998 ONE
McGinnis, William Thomas "Bill" 02-09-1995 HDR
McGirt, Alton Edison 06-01-1996 HDR
McGirt, Alton Edison 05-30-1996 HDR
McGirt, Alton Edison 05-31-1996 HDR
McGirt, Alton Edison 05-30-1996 ONE
McGirt, Louise Broocks  05-04-1993 HDR
McGirt, Louise Broocks  05-05-1993 HDR
McGirt, Rachel  3/5/2005 HDR
McGirt, Rachel  3/7/2005 ONE
McGirt, Sallie Rachel Smith 3/4/2005 ONE
McGivern, Bill 06-22-1999 HDR
McGlamery, Ruth Green  06-05-2001 HDR
McGlamery, Ruth Green  06-04-2001 ONE
McGlinchey, Dommic "Mad Dog" (IRA member) 02-12-1994 HDR
McGlothlin, Billy Earl  11-05-1993 HDR
McGlothlin, Billy Earl  11-06-1993 HDR
McGoff, John P. 01-24-1998 HDR
McGough, Kent 10-04-1997 HDR
McGowan, Edward Lee “Mac”  09-23-2002 HDR
McGowan, Walter S. 10-23-1999 HDR
McGowan, William (fmr. president - NY Civil Service Employees Assn.) 08-31-1993 HDR
McGrady, Georgia Willis 08-06-2000 HDR
McGrath, Earl James (former commissioner of education) 02-05-1993 HDR
McGrath, Earl James (former commissioner of education) 02-07-1993 HDR
McGrath, Francis J. (city manager--Worcester, MA--34 years) 11-15-1993 HDR
McGrath, Thomas C. Jr. (NJ congressman) 01-21-1994 HDR
McGraw, Jimmy 05-12-1998 HDR
McGraw, Jimmy 05-12-1998 ONE
McGraw, Jimmy 05-11-1998 ONE
McGraw, Tug (zany relief pitcher) 1/6/2004 ONE
McGregor, John Williamson 10-07-1999 HDR
McGregor, John Williamson 10-08-1999 HDR
McGrew, R. Eileen  08-25-2001 HDR
McGriff, Heywood "Woody" (dancer) 05-10-1994 HDR
McGrory, Matthew (actor--7 foot plus tall) 8/11/2005 HDR
McGuinn, Nell Brown 6/18/2005 HDR
McGuinn, Nell Brown 6/20/2005 ONE
McGuinn, Nell Brown Mrs. 6/19/2005 HDR
McGuinn, Velda Anne Baker 3/28/2005 ONE
McGuinn, Velda Anne Baker  3/28/2005 HDR
McGuire, Al (page 8C) 01-27-2001 HDR
McGuire, Carolyn Smith  05-05-1993 HDR
McGuire, Carolyn Smith  05-06-1993 HDR
McGuire, Dorothy (actress) 09-15-2001 HDR
McGuire, Frank (basketball) (Page C1) 10-12-1994 HDR
McGuire, Joan Oliver 08-03-1997 HDR
McGuire, Joan Oliver  08-05-1997 HDR
McGuire, Joseph Spence  08-28-1994 HDR
McGuire, Joseph Spence  08-29-1994 HDR
McGuire, Josephine Lail 07-03-2003 HDR
McGuire, Josephine Lail 07-04-2003 HDR
McGuire, Josephine Lail 07-03-2003 ONE
McGuire, Josephine Lail 07-04-2003 ONE
McGuire, Leonard Andrew 11-26-1993 HDR
McGuire, Lonnie Ruffus 01-05-1993 HDR
McGuire, Lonnie Ruffus  01-05-1993 ONE
McGuire, Roger (co-founder Southern Living magazine) 11-22-1994 HDR
McGuire, Thomas Wayne 09-24-2003 HDR
McGuire, Warren "Kenny" Kent 8/2/2004 ONE
McGuirt, Hubert C. The Rev. 12-03-1993 HDR
McGwier, Lina Hendley Farr 07-07-2000 ONE
McGwier, Lina Hendley Farr  07-08-2000 HDR
McHale, Wetha Helen Sipe  12/16/2004 ONE
McHale, Wetha Sipe  12/15/2004 ONE
McHan, Lamar 11-28-1998 HDR
McHaney, Johnny "Shaw" William  02-13-2001 HDR
McHaney, Ray Thomas 06-27-1998 HDR
McHaney, Ray Thomas  06-26-1998 HDR
McHargue, J.M.  07-10-2002 HDR
McHargue, James Eugene "Rosy" 06-11-1999 HDR
McHargue, Katherine "Kate"  10-19-1995 HDR
McHargue, Katherine "Kate" Matlock 10-20-1995 HDR
McHenry, Dean E.  03-20-1998 HDR
McHugh, Dorothy (actress) 07-24-1995 ONE
McHugh, Edmond Paris "Bud" 01-15-1997 HDR
McHugh, Godfrey (retired brigadier general) 07-15-1997 HDR
McHugh, James Thomas Bishop 12-11-2000 HDR
McHugh, John W.  04-29-1995 HDR
McHugh, Robert 07-25-1998 HDR
McHugh, Ruth Hockenbury 08-20-1998 HDR
McIlroy, Mailand "Mac" 04-04-1998 HDR
McIlwain, John Thomas "Sonnie"  10-04-1994 HDR
McIlwain, John Thomas "Sonny"  10-03-1994 HDR
McIntosh, Edgar Williams 01-15-1993 HDR
McIntosh, Forrest  (Page 5B) (not obit.) 11-18-2001 HDR
McIntosh, Frances "Tiny" Duckworth 04-14-2003 HDR
McIntosh, Gordon Donald Everett George 04-09-1996 HDR
McIntosh, Gordon Donald Everette George 04-09-1996 ONE
McIntosh, Jeffrey (Page 4D) 03-23-1997 HDR
McIntosh, Joyce 04-12-1994 HDR
McIntosh, Kristoffer "Slim" Ryan 3/14/2005 HDR
McIntosh, Kristoffer "Slim" Ryan 3/14/2005 ONE
McIntosh, Kristoffer Ryan 3/13/2005 HDR
McIntosh, Lucille Armstrong  01-14-1996 HDR
McIntosh, Marcia  (Page 4D) 03-23-1997 HDR
McIntosh, Nathenal Adam 08-17-2001 ONE
McIntosh, Nathenal Adam (infant) 08-18-2001 HDR
McIntosh, Peggy Cox 4/10/2005 HDR
McIntosh, Peggy Cox 4/11/2005 HDR
McIntosh, Phillip 10-14-2000 HDR
McIntosh, Robert (Bob)  (Page 4D) 03-23-1997 HDR
McIntosh, Robert M. "Bob" 08-31-1997 HDR
McIntosh, Wayne  9/11/2005 HDR
McIntyre, June Renfroe 09-06-2000 HDR
McIntyre, Shakerra 11-26-2001 ONE
McIntyre, Shanna M. (Page 6A) 08-27-1999 HDR
McKaughn, Peggy Lou  11-19-1997 HDR
McKaughn, Ruby Funderburke  11-27-1993 HDR
McKay, A. R. "Pete" 4/5/2004 ONE
McKay, Bill 12-03-1996 HDR
McKay, J. Curtis 03-26-1998 HDR
McKay, John Moore 04-22-1999 HDR
McKay, John Moore 04-21-1999 ONE
McKay, Kathleen Tierney "Katie" (Boys Town nurse)  11-27-2003 HDR
McKay, Mildred Wilson  10-31-2001 HDR
McKay, Mildred Wilson  10-30-2001 ONE
McKay, Robert B. Col. 04-16-2000 HDR
McKean, Hugh Ferguson  05-09-1995 HDR
McKean, Katharine Winthrop 03-01-1997 HDR
McKee, Bobby Lewis  10-29-1996 HDR
McKee, Howard  10-07-2002 HDR
McKee, Howard  10-07-2002 ONE
McKee, John Harlton 11-24-1999 HDR
McKee, John William Sr. Dr. 04-03-1994 HDR
McKee, John William Sr. Dr. 04-04-1994 HDR
McKee, John William Sr. Dr.  04-04-1994 ONE
McKee, L. H. "Mac" 11-25-1996 HDR
McKee, L. H. "Mac" 11-24-1996 HDR
McKee, L.H. "Mac" 11-25-1996 ONE
McKee, Mary Thompson 03-19-2000 HDR
McKee, Mary Thompson 03-20-2000 ONE
McKeehan, Damian Christian (infant) 05-03-2003 HDR
McKeehan, Milton Timothy 06-18-1996 HDR
McKeehan, Milton Timothy "Tim" 06-19-1996 HDR
McKelvey, Velma Robinson 10-23-1996 HDR
McKendrick, Lorraine Frances Johnson 11/12/2004 ONE
McKenna, Joan Hanauer (reporter) 09-22-1997 HDR
McKenney, Martha  12-28-1999 HDR
McKenzie, Alfred 04-08-1998 HDR
McKenzie, Helen King 03-21-2001 HDR
McKenzie, Pruella Withers  03-15-1993 ONE
McKesson, Charles Harold Jr. 03-28-2002 HDR
McKesson, Frank Daniel 07-08-1999 HDR
McKesson, George Nelson Sr.  11-27-2003 HDR
McKesson, Georgia Alice Ramseur 04-10-2001 HDR
McKesson, Georgia Alice Ramseur 04-10-2001 ONE
McKimm, Robert B. Sr. 10-19-2002 HDR
McKimm, Robert B. Sr. USN Retired 10-21-2002 ONE
McKinney, Amy England 10/25/2005 HDR
McKinney, Arthur Darrell Sr. 12-04-1998 HDR
McKinney, Arthur Harold 05-16-1998 HDR
McKinney, Arville Joseph 03-25-1997 HDR
McKinney, Arville Joseph 03-24-1997 HDR
McKinney, Belinda Dianne "Ethel" Lowman 7/12/2005 HDR
McKinney, Belinda Dianne "Ethel" Lowman 7/11/2005 ONE
McKinney, Belinda Dianne "Ethel" Lowman 7/12/2005 ONE
McKinney, Betty Lue 09-26-1994 HDR
McKinney, Betty Lue 09-27-1994 HDR
McKinney, Betty Lue  09-27-1994 ONE
McKinney, Cecil Nesbitt "Nebby" 09-22-1996 HDR
McKinney, Clarence E.  02-17-1995 HDR
McKinney, Clarence Eugene 02-18-1995 HDR
McKinney, Cynthia Annette  5/25/2005 HDR
McKinney, Daisy Geouge  06-15-2002 HDR
McKinney, Dennis Odell 03-11-2002 ONE
McKinney, Dewey  01-09-2000 HDR
McKinney, Eva Jo  12/5/2005 HDR
McKinney, Evelyn Boone 11/23/2005 HDR
McKinney, Hattie Twiggs 02-09-1998 HDR
McKinney, Homer Felix  10-31-1996 HDR
McKinney, Howard James  02-08-2001 HDR
McKinney, Irving Enoch 1/25/2005 HDR
McKinney, Irving Enoch 1/25/2005 ONE
McKinney, Ivan L. 04-21-1998 HDR
McKinney, Jack Douglas 05-18-1996 HDR
McKinney, James Donald Sr. 03-19-2003 HDR
McKinney, John Henry "Poppa John" 03-14-2000 HDR
McKinney, John Wayne 3/20/2005 HDR
McKinney, Josephine H. 09-29-2000 HDR
McKinney, Julius Van Sr. 03-28-1998 HDR
McKinney, Larry Eugene 01-09-1998 ONE
McKinney, Lena Belle Silver 06-07-1993 HDR
McKinney, Lillie Whisnant 03-12-1999 HDR
McKinney, Maebell Clark  08-07-1994 HDR
McKinney, Margaret  05-15-2001 HDR
McKinney, Mary Jane Crouch  04-17-1995 HDR
McKinney, Mary Ruth Phillips 7/28/2005 HDR
McKinney, Maude B. 7/29/2005 HDR
McKinney, Mitchell M. 01-25-1994 HDR
McKinney, Myrtle Allman 01-24-1995 HDR
McKinney, Newland 02-17-1995 HDR
McKinney, Robert L. 02-27-1998 HDR
McKinney, Robert L. 02-28-1998 HDR
McKinney, Ruby Turner 10-05-2001 HDR
McKinney, Ruth Mathis  06-03-2003 HDR
McKinnie, Lisa  (Page 8A) 11-08-2001 HDR
McKinnis, Betty Reese  07-17-1996 HDR
McKinnis, Betty Yoder 11/15/2005 HDR
McKinnon, Johnny 12-03-1996 HDR
McKnight, James Thomas "Jimmy" 09-18-2003 HDR
McKnight, Linda Joyce 11-28-1995 HDR
McKnight, Linda Joyce  11-29-1995 ONE
McKnight, Mary Hall  11/9/2005 HDR
McKnight, Peyton (TX state legislator)  12-24-1995 HDR
McKnight, Robert B. Sr. (newspaperman) 06-29-1994 HDR
McKnight, Vera Elma Midkiff  12-28-1999 HDR
McKowen, Julie Sellers  04-05-2002 HDR
McKowen, Julie Sellers  04-06-2002 HDR
McKown, Daniel Reece "JuneBug" Jr. 05-07-1999 HDR
McKown, Reece A. 10-19-2000 ONE
McKown, Reece Allen 10-21-2000 HDR
McKown, Reece Allen 10-20-2000 ONE
McKoy, Mack 6/23/2005 HDR
McKoy, Milton Mack 6/24/2005 HDR
McKray, Jack Thomson 06-04-1998 HDR
McKray, Jack Thomson 06-05-1998 ONE
McKray, Jack Thomson  06-06-1998 HDR
McLain, Betty Ann Foster 11-23-2002 HDR
McLain, Carnell 09-13-1998 HDR
McLain, Clara Bess (99 yoa) 10-18-1994 HDR
McLain, Clara Bess (99 yoa) 10-20-1994 HDR
McLain, Elizabeth Morrison  12-28-2002 HDR
McLain, Essie Juanita Diamond  05-23-1996 HDR
McLain, Jack 09-29-1994 HDR
McLain, Jessie Mildred 08-25-1999 HDR
McLain, Jettie Blanche Sprinkle  08-09-1998 HDR
McLain, L. Elmo "Mo" 05-22-1998 HDR
McLain, Mandy Ellen 05-16-1998 HDR
McLain, Marvin Cecil 04-30-2000 HDR
McLain, Mary Cecil Warren 02-02-1999 HDR
McLain, Omo Lee  07-21-2002 HDR
McLain, Raeford Leeper Sr.  01-08-1995 HDR
McLain, Robert Paschal  06-13-1997 HDR
McLain, Tom "Ershall Ray"  08-04-2001 HDR
McLamb, William Allen (Page 5A) 12-20-1998 HDR
McLauchlin, Gail Deniece (Page 9A) 08-20-1999 HDR
McLaughlin, Bernice Brittain  10-14-1993 HDR
McLaughlin, Bernice Brittain  10-14-1993 ONE
McLaughlin, Dorothy Steele  10-16-1995 HDR
McLaughlin, Dorothy Steele  10-17-1995 HDR
McLaughlin, Edward F. Jr. Former MA Lt. Gov. 1/23/2005 HDR
McLaughlin, Fred W. "Bud"  06-03-2001 HDR
McLaughlin, Harold  12-13-1993 HDR
McLaughlin, Kenneth Zelotes 12-01-1995 HDR
McLaughlin, Kenneth Zelotes  12-01-1995 ONE
McLaughlin, Lewis Wilson "Mac" 04-17-2001 HDR
McLaughlin, Madeline (infant) 12-10-1997 HDR
McLaughlin, Madison (infant) 12-10-1997 HDR
McLaughlin, Nelson H.  09-24-2000 HDR
McLaughlin, Nelson H.  09-25-2000 HDR
McLaughlin, Nelson H.  09-25-2000 ONE
McLaughlin, Rhonda Hugo  11-28-1994 HDR
McLaughlin, Rhonda Hugo  11-29-1994 HDR
McLaughlin, Rhonda Hugo  11-28-1994 ONE
McLaughlin, Rhonda Hugo  11-29-1994 ONE
McLaughlin, William Francis (creator-plasma collecting device) 12-23-1994 HDR
McLean,  George Thomas William "Buster" 02-07-1994 HDR
McLean, Andrew Jackson Jr. 01-13-2002 HDR
McLean, Andrew Jackson Jr. 01-15-2002 HDR
McLean, Andrew Jackson Jr. 01-14-2002 ONE
McLean, Barbara Fisher 04-23-1998 HDR
McLean, Beadie Martin 01-15-2000 HDR
McLean, Brevard Junior Jr. 02-12-2001 HDR
McLean, Cal Elijah 2/15/2005 HDR
McLean, Cal Elijah 2/16/2005 HDR
McLean, Charles Fred 06-10-1999 HDR
McLean, Charles Fred 06-08-1999 HDR
McLean, Charles Joseph Sr. 04-08-1996 HDR
McLean, Charlie C. Sr. 08-18-1997 HDR
McLean, Daisy Baker  09-04-1995 HDR
McLean, Daisy Brooks Baker  09-05-1995 HDR
McLean, David (actor-Marlboro Man) 10-19-1995 HDR
McLean, Deatrice Goldie Storie  8/8/2005 HDR
McLean, Doris Elaine  09-07-2001 HDR
McLean, Doris Elaine  09-07-2001 ONE
McLean, Edmond Jackson 12-05-1994 HDR
McLean, Evelyn Johnson 04-24-1999 HDR
McLean, Fares M.  06-03-2003 HDR
McLean, Fonda Oleana Pyatte Mrs.  07-18-2003 HDR
McLean, Grace 12-19-2001 HDR
McLean, Grace (103 years of age) 12-18-2001 ONE
McLean, Grace (103 years of age) 12-19-2001 ONE
McLean, Grace Cloer 07-15-2000 HDR
McLean, Grace Stallings Day 12-20-2001 HDR
McLean, Hewie McDonald 09-27-1998 HDR
McLean, J. Wilson  01-24-2003 HDR
McLean, James Everette 06-22-1997 HDR
McLean, James Kenneth 02-21-1999 HDR
McLean, James Michael Jr.  08-15-1995 HDR
McLean, James William 4/7/2005 HDR
McLean, Janie Edith 09-17-1997 HDR
McLean, Julia Sigmon 04-30-1996 HDR
McLean, Junior "Jay" Ellis 11-21-1995 HDR
McLean, Keitha (editor of Flare magazine)  08-14-1995 HDR
McLean, Kimberly Hallyburton  09-02-2001 HDR
McLean, Lewis Samuel Sr. 03-01-1999 HDR
McLean, Lily Macie  04-13-1995 HDR
McLean, Lily Macie  04-14-1995 HDR
McLean, Lowman Tolsie "Topcat" Sr. 04-24-1999 HDR
McLean, Lula Belle Andrews 01-25-1993 HDR
McLean, Margaret Rood 03-02-2001 ONE
McLean, Maude Verlee 06-07-1996 HDR
McLean, Paul 2/28/2005 HDR
McLean, Paul Edward  10-12-2002 HDR
McLean, Reece E.  06-22-2003 HDR
McLean, Roy Elmer  02-18-2002 HDR
McLean, Ruby Eggers  02-21-1999 HDR
McLean, Samuel Fletcher 11-10-1998 HDR
McLean, Stanford Alexander 05-21-2000 HDR
McLean, Thomas Henry “Hen Tom” 10-22-2000 HDR
McLean, Troy Virgil Sr.  07-26-1995 HDR
McLean, Virginia Elkins 08-21-1998 HDR
McLean, William Thomas 10-02-1997 HDR
McLelland, James Edward  09-19-1998 HDR
McLelland, William Donald  12-23-2002 HDR
McLendon, Donald C. (freelance cameraman) 05-14-1994 HDR
McLendon, Eric Eugene  8/19/2005 HDR
McLendon, John 10-10-1999 HDR
McLendon, John 10-12-1999 HDR
McLennan, Peter (New York Times)  02-11-2003 HDR
McLeod, Betty Stevenson  12-07-1994 HDR
McLeod, Betty Stevenson  12-08-1994 HDR
McLeod, Frances Elizabeth Bolt  09-19-2001 HDR
McLeod, John Milton "Pop" 01-14-1997 HDR
McLeod, Lou Carroll 6/21/2005 HDR
McLeod, Sarah Matthews 05-20-1997 ONE
McLeod, Sarah Matthews 05-22-1997 ONE
McLeod, Sarah Matthews  05-23-1997 HDR
McLoud, Dicy Forrester 09-04-1997 HDR
McMahan, Alene Silvers 07-27-2001 ONE
McMahan, Alene Silvers  07-28-2001 HDR
McMahan, Bertha “Tuddy” Coffey  07-17-2002 HDR
McMahan, Carlonus 04-17-2000 HDR
McMahan, Charles  03-23-1993 HDR
McMahan, Charles  03-24-1993 HDR
McMahan, Charles  03-23-1993 ONE
McMahan, Charles  03-24-1993 ONE
McMahan, Crystal "Edna" Burnette 04-20-1997 HDR
McMahan, Crystal "Edna" Burnette 04-21-1997 ONE
McMahan, Edward J. Sr. 02-07-1999 HDR
McMahan, Ethel Emalee 07-08-1995 HDR
McMahan, Eula S.  3/15/2005 HDR
McMahan, Floyd Herman  09-06-1997 HDR
McMahan, Gerald Lewis (Page 8A) 10-05-1998 HDR
McMahan, Helen 12-10-1998 HDR
McMahan, James R.  05-12-1993 HDR
McMahan, Judy  12-10-1997 HDR
McMahan, Kevin DeWitt 10-07-2002 ONE
McMahan, Kevin DeWitt  10-06-2002 HDR
McMahan, Lila June Wilson 12-14-2000 HDR
McMahan, Melba Drum 10/22/2005 HDR
McMahan, Timothy (Page 1) 11-28-1997 ONE
McMahan, Victor H. Sr. 10-30-1995 ONE
McMahan, Victor H. Sr.  10-29-1995 HDR
McMahon, Ann Duncan 03-11-1994 HDR
McMahon, Ann Duncan 03-12-1994 HDR
McMahon, Eula  Beck  02-20-1995 HDR
McMahon, Eula (Page 6A) 02-19-1995 HDR
McMahon, Irene Kathryn  12-30-1993 HDR
McMahon, Irene Kathryn  12-31-1993 HDR
McMahon, JoAnn Lowery Mrs.  10-21-2003 HDR
McMahon, John Clyde “J.C.”  11-15-2000 HDR
McMahon, Linda Faye Truitt 05-24-1996 ONE
McMahon, Linda Faye Truitt  05-24-1996 HDR
McMahon, Thomas A. 02-20-1999 HDR
McMahon, William Robert Sr. 5/28/2005 HDR
McMahon, William Robert Sr. 5/27/2005 ONE
McManamy, Clarence W. 12-04-1999 HDR
McManus, Charles A. Jr.  11-10-1995 HDR
McManus, Hughey Hamilton  10-26-2001 HDR
McManus, Margaret Stroupe 07-05-1998 HDR
McMath, Sid (former Governor--AR) 10-09-2003 HDR
McMickle, Thomas E. "Red"  08-09-1994 HDR
McMickle, Thomas E. "Red"  08-09-1994 ONE
McMillan, Annie  08-02-1995 HDR
McMillan, Charles Joseph  05-30-2002 ONE
McMillan, Charles R. "Bill" 06-24-1993 HDR
McMillan, Charles R. "Bill" 06-25-1993 HDR
McMillan, Chasta 03-01-1998 HDR
McMillan, Chasta Cliftene 03-02-1998 HDR
McMillan, Chasta Cliftene 03-03-1998 HDR
McMillan, Jane Tate Mrs. 7/20/2005 HDR
McMillan, Marie Qullia Sebastian 09-07-1999 HDR
McMillan, Marie Qullia Sebastian 09-07-1999 ONE
McMillan, Marshall Paul  04-26-1993 HDR
McMillan, Marshall Paul  04-27-1993 HDR
McMillan, Mary "Annie" Bowman  08-03-1995 HDR
McMillan, Ola Caldwell 05-13-1997 HDR
McMillan, Roy (baseball player) 11-04-1997 HDR
McMillan, Ruth Johnson 02-10-1994 HDR
McMillan, Ruth Johnson 02-11-1994 HDR
McMillan, Ruth Riddle "Na Na" 08-01-1997 HDR
McMillan, Willie Sanders Jr. 07-25-1995 ONE
McMillan, Willie Sanders Jr. 07-26-1995 ONE
McMillan, Willie Sanders Jr.  07-25-1995 HDR
McMillan, Willie Sanders Jr.  07-26-1995 HDR
McMillen, Charles Joseph  05-30-2002 HDR
McMillian, Margie Walker 01-10-1999 HDR
McMillin, Ronald William “Bill”  08-25-2000 HDR
McMorran, John (113 yoa) (FL)  03-01-2003 HDR
McMullen, Floyd Allen Jr. 04-10-1999 HDR
McMullen, John J.  9/19/2005 HDR
McMullen, Pat 11-14-1999 HDR
McMurray, Fred Dillard Sr.  12-30-1995 HDR
McMurray, Nellie Scronce 07-05-1999 ONE
McMurrin, Sterling 04-08-1996 HDR
McMurry, Albert Jackson 04-25-1993 HDR
McMurry, Albert Jackson 04-26-1993 ONE
McMurry, Nellie Scronce  07-03-1999 HDR
McMurry, Robert Franklin 10-21-1998 HDR
McMurry, Robert Franklin 10-22-1998 HDR
McMurry, Sadie Goins  12-27-1994 ONE
McNair, John F. III (banker) 11/7/2005 HDR
McNally, Michael L.  8/30/2004 ONE
McNally, Vincent Anthony  12-08-1997 HDR
McNamara, Pat 11-27-2001 HDR
McNeal, Cora Cathryn 08-19-1999 HDR
McNeely, Ashley (infant) 05-27-1993 HDR
McNeely, Ashley N. (infant) 05-28-1993 HDR
McNeely, Beulah Gross Berry 01-18-1994 HDR
McNeely, Beulah Mae Gross Berry  01-18-1994 ONE
McNeely, Bobby Joe  04-28-1996 HDR
McNeely, Bobby Lee 10-06-2000 HDR
McNeely, Bobby Wayne 03-25-2000 HDR
McNeely, Carl Edison 07-25-1994 HDR
McNeely, Catherine 01-11-2002 HDR
McNeely, Catherine Carpenter 01-11-2002 ONE
McNeely, Catherine Carpenter 01-14-2002 ONE
McNeely, Catherine Carpenter  01-12-2002 HDR
McNeely, Catherine Carpenter  01-13-2002 HDR
McNeely, Charles Burgin  10-04-2002 HDR
McNeely, David Edward  01-02-2003 HDR
McNeely, Evelena Hastings 10-18-1994 HDR
McNeely, Forest E. "Mack" 05-19-1997 HDR
McNeely, Frank Harmon 07-02-2003 HDR
McNeely, Fred Lloyd “Bud”  03-28-2003 HDR
McNeely, Gladys  10-04-1993 HDR
McNeely, Gladys  10-05-1993 HDR
McNeely, Kate Moore  09-01-2000 HDR
McNeely, Kirby Joe  03-04-2002 HDR
McNeely, Lenoir Franklin "Curley" 03-08-1998 HDR
McNeely, Lillie Oxford  08-24-2001 HDR
McNeely, Lonnie Lane 10-29-1995 HDR
McNeely, Louise Anthony 02-18-1999 HDR
McNeely, Louise Anthony 02-17-1999 ONE
McNeely, Louise P. 08-04-1998 HDR
McNeely, Mae Justice 12-09-2001 HDR
McNeely, Margaret "Peggy" Patterson  02-24-2003 ONE
McNeely, Margaret “Peggy” Patterson  02-23-2003 HDR
McNeely, Margaret Coline Walsh 04-03-1996 HDR
McNeely, Mary Earl  06-24-1993 HDR
McNeely, Mary Helen 04-27-1993 HDR
McNeely, Merle Hull 12/21/2005 HDR
McNeely, Nell Riley 12-19-1995 HDR
McNeely, Nell Riley 12-26-1995 HDR
McNeely, Nell Riley 12-27-1995 HDR
McNeely, Nevert Bains  01-07-1993 HDR
McNeely, Nevret Bains  01-08-1993 HDR
McNeely, Pete  03-19-1999 HDR
McNeely, Ralph Ballew 10-05-1999 HDR
McNeely, Robert M. "Mack" 01-26-1994 ONE
McNeely, Robert M. "Mack" (veteran) 01-26-1994 HDR
McNeely, Ruth Rhodes  08-20-2002 HDR
McNeely, Vivian King 09-16-1999 HDR
McNeely, Wayne Douglas "Buster" 08-21-1996 HDR
McNeil, Bill "The Sign Painter"  1/12/2004 ONE
McNeil, Claude Everette  11-10-1993 HDR
McNeil, Claude Everette  11-11-1993 HDR
McNeil, Claudia (actress) 11-29-1993 HDR
McNeil, Dexter Matthew 01-01-1994 HDR
McNeil, Dexter Matthew 12-31-1993 HDR
McNeil, Elva West Lackey 02-17-1999 HDR
McNeil, H. Marvin 10-20-1998 HDR
McNeil, Harold Younger 12/9/2005 HDR
McNeil, Holden Jacob 09-16-2000 HDR
McNeil, Joe Mathis  01-17-2003 HDR
McNeil, John A. 9/28/2005 HDR
McNeil, Joseph Walter 01-14-2000 HDR
McNeil, Karen Brown  04-10-2001 HDR
McNeil, Kevin Cullen  01-07-2003 HDR
McNeil, Larence Edgar "Jiggs" 11-02-2002 HDR
McNeil, Louise Greer 11-01-1994 HDR
McNeil, Louise Greer  10-31-1994 HDR
McNeil, Lucy Elizabeth Cardwell 01-10-1996 HDR
McNeil, Mattie Sue Moses 02-15-1997 HDR
McNeil, Monies Johnson  08-17-2003 HDR
McNeil, Norma James 04-17-1999 HDR
McNeil, Ollie 06-02-1993 HDR
McNeil, Ollie Stallings  06-03-1993 HDR
McNeil, Peggy Kerney 12-01-1999 HDR
McNeil, Robert Glen Jr. 04-29-2000 HDR
McNeil, Rufus Hill Sr. 11-30-2001 HDR
McNeil, Thomas Ernest  2/1/2005 HDR
McNeil, William Lexie  04-13-1996 HDR
McNeill, Louise O'Tuel 04-03-1994 HDR
McNeill, Louise O'Tuel  04-04-1994 ONE
McNeill, Mary Alice Sides  9/27/2005 HDR
McNeill, Shirley (Page 7A) 04-12-2000 HDR
McNeilly, Blanche Edna Brittain  05-17-1995 HDR
McNeilly, Katie 01-23-1997 HDR
McNeilly, Katie Elizabeth 01-24-1997 HDR
McNeilly, Lottie White  02-24-1993 HDR
McNeilly, Ralph Andy 07-13-1999 HDR
McNeilly, Robert Falls 05-15-1995 HDR
McNeilly, Robert Falls 06-23-1995 HDR
McNeilly, Roscoe Adam  09-07-1993 HDR
McNeilly, Roy Philip 03-16-1993 HDR
McNiel, Maude Friesland 07-08-1999 HDR
McNiel, Maude Friesland  07-08-1999 ONE
McNiff, J. Kevin  11-15-1996 HDR
McPartland, Donna Marie  07-10-2003 HDR
McPartland, Donna Marie  07-10-2003 ONE
McPeters, Ina Mae Robinson 04-13-1993 HDR
McPeters, James Francis  05-09-2001 HDR
McPeters, Kaylee Marie (infant) 06-17-2003 HDR
McPhail, Addie (actress) 05-07-2003 HDR
McPhail, Tom  07-26-1999 HDR
McPhaul, Graham Currie Sr. 04-19-1998 HDR
McPherson, Aubrey Lee 10-05-1993 HDR
McPherson, Aubrey Lee  10-05-1993 ONE
McPherson, Harold Lawrence  11-29-1997 HDR
McPherson, L. V. "Frances"  05-26-1995 HDR
McPherson, Lacy Vance Rev. 04-11-1999 HDR
McPherson, Samuel Dace Dr. 09-25-1998 HDR
McPherson, Vida Lee Goodyear 05-12-2000 HDR
McPherson, Vida Lee Goodyear 05-12-2000 ONE
McPherson, Vida Lee Goodyear 05-11-2000 ONE
McQuade, Walter (architecture critic) 12-29-1994 HDR
McQuay, Robin Gayle 12-01-1995 HDR
McQueen, Butterfly (actress) 12-24-1995 HDR
McQueen, C. Edgel  09-15-2000 HDR
McQueen, Eunice (103 yoa) 07-06-1993 HDR
McQueen, Eunice Mae Edwards (103 yoa) 07-07-1993 HDR
McQueen, Terry Leslie 03-23-1998 HDR
McQueen, Virginia Adams  10-20-2001 HDR
McQuillen, Harry A. III  07-13-1997 HDR
McRae, Cameron Walter 4/18/2005 HDR
McRae, Carmen (scat artist-jazz singer) 11-12-1994 HDR
McRae, Percy (Page 3A) 12-01-1997 HDR
McRae, Terry Lee 01-20-1900 HDR
McRary, Addie McLean 02-26-1999 HDR
McRary, Annie Miller 01-31-1998 HDR
McRary, Charles Haywood 09-04-1999 HDR
McRary, Cheryl "Lynn"  04-09-2003 HDR
McRary, Clarence Barry 01-01-1995 HDR
McRary, Clarence Bell 02-23-2001 HDR
McRary, Claude Russell 11-02-1994 HDR
McRary, Clyde Victor 05-14-1998 HDR
McRary, H. Leo  09-17-1993 HDR
McRary, Harmon Leo  09-18-1993 HDR
McRary, James “Jim” Henry 10-05-2000 HDR
McRary, James Lester "Red" 11-10-1999 HDR
McRary, Joseph Green 08-19-1993 HDR
McRary, Karen Anne  05-13-1995 HDR
McRary, Lewis G. "Strawberry" 01-12-1993 HDR
McRary, Louise Marshall  11-27-2003 HDR
McRary, Louise Marshall  11-29-2003 HDR
McRary, Lucy Karen Harrison  07-26-2003 HDR
McRary, Margaret “Christine” Carter  10-23-2002 HDR
McRary, Margie Triplett 4/15/2005 HDR
McRary, Marvin Wilson 02-21-2003 HDR
McRary, Marvin Wilson  02-20-2003 ONE
McRary, Mildred Moretz 11/13/2005 HDR
McRary, Mildred Moretz 11/14/2005 ONE
McRary, Mindie  05-27-1996 HDR
McRary, Pearl Reid Mrs. 08-07-2003 HDR
McRary, Raben Lee  9/18/2005 HDR
McRary, Roy Lawson  09-10-1996 HDR
Mcrary, Steve Alden 9/24/2005 HDR
McRary, Tressie Fox Mrs.  04-27-2003 HDR
McRary, Wade Sherrill 02-21-1998 HDR
McRary, Wade Sherrill 02-22-1998 HDR
McRary,Lester  04-03-1997 HDR
McRavion, Christine Luvenia  09-11-2002 HDR
McRavion, Christine Luvenia  09-13-2002 HDR
McRee, Albert Frederick 07-12-1994 ONE
McRee, Albert Frederick 07-13-1994 ONE
McRee, Albert Frederick  07-12-1994 HDR
McRee, Albert Frederick  07-13-1994 HDR
McRee, Alice Melinda "Aunt Alice" 09-29-2003 HDR
McRee, Alice Melinda "Aunt Alice" 09-29-2003 ONE
McRee, Carolyn Deal 07-04-1999 HDR
McRee, Carolyn Deal 07-05-1999 ONE
McRee, David E. "Dave" 03-09-1996 HDR
McRee, David E. "Dave" 03-08-1996 ONE
McRee, Elizabeth  04-23-2001 ONE
McRee, Elizabeth Roberta Poovey 04-27-2001 HDR
McRee, Elizabeth Roberta Poovey 04-26-2001 ONE
McRee, Elizabeth Roberta Poovey 04-27-2001 ONE
McRee, Elmer  03-21-1996 HDR
McRee, Elvin "Hoke"  10-05-1994 HDR
McRee, Elvin "Hoke"  10-05-1994 ONE
McRee, Ethel Motz 11-13-2001 HDR
McRee, Ethel Motz  11-13-2001 ONE
McRee, Ethel Motz  11-12-2001 ONE
McRee, G. Clifford 05-29-2003 HDR
McRee, G. Clifford 05-28-2003 ONE
McRee, George Clifford 05-27-2003 ONE
McRee, George Clifford  05-28-2003 HDR
McRee, George V. 04-17-1995 ONE
McRee, George V.  04-17-1995 HDR
McRee, George Vernon Rev. 04-18-1995 HDR
McRee, George Vernon Rev. 04-18-1995 ONE
McRee, Hubert Leroy 12-13-1999 HDR
McRee, Hubert Leroy 12-13-1999 ONE
McRee, Iva  10-17-2001 ONE
McRee, Iva Ikerd 10-18-2001 ONE
McRee, Iva Ikerd  10-19-2001 HDR
McRee, Jefferson Woodrow 08-09-1999 HDR
McRee, Jonas Philips 10-16-1997 HDR
McRee, Jonas Philips 10-15-1997 HDR
McRee, Jonas Philips  10-14-1997 HDR
McRee, Lucy Campbell 04-10-1994 HDR
McRee, Lucy Campbell 04-11-1994 ONE
McRee, Madge Smith 08-19-1997 ONE
McRee, Madge Smith  08-20-1997 HDR
McRee, Marshleen Gregg Sigmon 11-06-2001 HDR
McRee, Marshleen Gregg Sigmon 11-05-2001 ONE
McRee, Martha Millicent 02-19-1998 HDR
McRee, Martha Millicent 02-18-1998 ONE
McRee, Martin Luther 02-06-2001 ONE
McRee, Martin Luther  02-06-2001 HDR
McRee, Paul J. 02-27-1994 HDR
McRee, Paul James 02-28-1994 HDR
McRee, Paul James 02-28-1994 ONE
McRee, Raydell Frye  6/4/2004 ONE
McRee, Robert Earl 06-11-2001 ONE
McRee, Robert Earl  06-12-2001 HDR
McRee, Robert Earl  06-13-2001 HDR
McRee, Robert Edward 06-06-2000 HDR
McRee, Robert Edward  06-05-2000 ONE
McRee, Robert Elmer 03-20-1996 ONE
McRee, Robert Elmer 03-21-1996 ONE
McRee, Roy Lee "Bud" 9/18/2005 HDR
McRee, Roy Lee "Bud" 9/19/2005 ONE
McRee, Sarah Deal 03-07-1994 HDR
McRee, Sarah Deal  03-07-1994 ONE
McRee, Sarah Ellen 3/26/2005 HDR
McRee, Sarah Ellen 3/25/2005 ONE
McRee, Sarah Ellen 3/28/2005 ONE
McRee, Sophie Coyneer  08-22-1994 ONE
McRee, Sophie Coyner  08-20-1994 HDR
McRee, Sophie Coyner  08-21-1994 HDR
McRee, Stephen "Steve" Dwight  12-16-2002 ONE
McRee, Stephen “Steve” Dwight  12-16-2002 HDR
McRee, Woodrow (Page 3) 08-09-1999 ONE
McRoberts, Vallie Smith 06-13-1996 HDR
McRorie, William Field  06-12-1993 HDR
McSherry, John (Page 1B) 04-02-1996 HDR
McSkimmis, William "Bill" 03-04-1999 HDR
McSorley, Richard J.  04-15-1996 HDR
McSwain, David Edward 05-23-1999 HDR
McSwain, Dennis "Dick" Blalock  12-27-2003 HDR
McSwain, Genelia Wright  02-18-2002 HDR
McSwain, Hazel Ann 02-29-1996 ONE
McSwain, Hazel Ann Lee 03-01-1996 HDR
McSwain, Hazel Ann Lee 03-01-1996 ONE
McSwain, Margaret Greene  11-28-1994 HDR
McSwain, Margaret Greene  11-29-1994 HDR
McSwain, Margaret Greene  11-28-1994 ONE
McSwain, Margaret Greene  11-29-1994 ONE
McSwain, Mary Louise Burris  12-12-1993 HDR
McSwain, Scheiman  10-12-1996 HDR
McTaggart, David 03-25-2001 HDR
McTheny, Lawrence E.  05-10-1996 HDR
McVey, Dorothy Smith 01-23-1998 HDR
McVey, George Lewis  02-18-2001 HDR
McVey, William Mozart (sculptor) 06-02-1995 HDR
McWhorter, Corrie Mae Anderson 11-06-2002 HDR
McWilliams, Charles A. 01-14-1997 HDR
McWilliams, James Louis Sr. 11-16-1994 HDR
McWilliams, James Louis Sr.  11-16-1994 ONE
McWilliams, William James 03-26-1998 HDR
McWilliams, William Kennon Jr. 07-21-1998 HDR
Meade, Buren Jimmy 12-31-2001 HDR
Meade, Iva Scism  10/26/2005 HDR
Meade, Monta Lou Richards 12-05-1995 HDR
Meade, Plato Verlin  12-13-1995 HDR
Meadlock, Horace William 08-25-1993 HDR
Meadlock, Horace William 08-26-1993 HDR
Meadlock, Lena Johnson  09-13-1998 HDR
Meadlock, Mamie Ingram (103 yoa) 07-19-1997 HDR
Meadlock, Ralph Willard 06-30-1997 HDR
Meadlock, Roland Roscoe 08-10-2000 HDR
Meadmore, Clement (sculptor-steel) 4/22/2005 HDR
Meadows, Audrey 02-05-1996 ONE
Meadows, Barbara Jean McRee 05-11-2003 HDR
Meadows, Barbara Jean McRee 05-13-2003 HDR
Meadows, Barbara Jean McRee 05-12-2003 ONE
Meadows, Charlie Garfield 05-03-1998 HDR
Meadows, Donella (author) 02-23-2001 HDR
Meadows, Ethel Cook  06-05-1994 HDR
Meadows, Fannie Mize 12-29-1999 HDR
Meadows, Fred Clark 02-10-1994 HDR
Meadows, Gladie W.  06-05-2003 HDR
Meadows, Hester Sherrill Beckham 5/30/2005 HDR
Meadows, James Harold  04-20-1996 HDR
Meadows, James Terrell 10/4/2005 HDR
Meadows, Madge Campbell Millsaps (101 yoa) 12-29-1999 HDR
Meadows, Mary Lizzie Childers  03-20-1998 HDR
Meadows, Pauline  01-30-2003 HDR
Meadows, Ralph Boyd 05-17-2000 HDR
Meadows, Robert Sanford  07-18-1995 HDR
Meadows, Robert Sanford  07-19-1995 HDR
Meadows, Ronnie Lee 12-18-1998 HDR
Meadows, Royd Franklin 04-18-2001 HDR
Meadows, Thomas  12-27-2002 ONE
Meadows, Thomas Lynn  12-28-2002 HDR
Meadows, Velma B.  2/6/2005 HDR
Meadows, Walter Parks 02-01-1996 HDR
Meadows, Walter Parks 02-02-1996 HDR
Meadows, Wayne Price 5/23/2005 HDR
Meadows, William Floyd  05-10-1993 HDR
Meads, Manson Dr.  07-10-2001 ONE
Mealey, R. William  12/21/2004 ONE
Mealey, R. William "Bill" 12/22/2004 ONE
Means, Larry Victor Sr 02-13-2002 HDR
Means, Mary Brumley 04-17-1996 ONE
Means, Mary Brumley 04-18-1996 ONE
Means, Mary Brumley  04-18-1996 HDR
Means, Miriam Bryant 5/23/2005 HDR
Mebane, Cyril Long 03-02-1998 ONE
Mebane, Cyril Long 03-03-1998 ONE
Mebane, Cyril Long "Shorty" 03-04-1998 HDR
Mebane, Cyril Long "Shorty" (ONE Publisher) 03-03-1998 HDR
Mebane, D. Philip 12/13/2004 ONE
Mebane, Harriet de Berneiere Elmore 12-23-1999 HDR
Mebane, Isabelle Knudsen 07-05-1995 ONE
Mebane, Isabelle Knudsen 07-06-1995 ONE
Mebane, Isabelle Knudsen  07-05-1995 HDR
Mebane, Isabelle Knudsen  07-06-1995 HDR
Mecimore, Dora Louis Cline  08-09-2001 HDR
Mecimore, Helen Louise Mrs. 1/11/2005 HDR
Mecimore, James Larry  08-19-1994 HDR
Mecimore, James Larry  08-21-1994 HDR
Mecimore, James Ray 03-20-1999 HDR
Mecimore, Jesse 9/1/2005 HDR
Mecimore, Jesse Robert 9/2/2005 HDR
Mecimore, Johnsie Pope Sumpter McCloud  09-22-1995 HDR
Mecimore, Lillian Sadie 12-20-1997 HDR
Mecimore, Lillian Sadie  12-21-1997 HDR
Mecimore, Mary Jane 11-22-1993 HDR
Mecimore, Mary Jane Cox Lail 11-23-1993 HDR
Mecimore, Rose Ellen Mays 02-13-1994 HDR
Mecimore, Sadie Bumgarner Hendren 08-17-1996 HDR
Mecimore, William G. "Bill" 02-21-1998 HDR
Mecimore, William Leonard 11/21/2005 HDR
Mecklenburg, Mary Ann Chastain 4/15/2005 HDR
Meddlin, James Harvey 01-23-2001 HDR
Medearis, Roger  07-10-2001 HDR
Medecin, Jacques 11-18-1998 HDR
Medeiros, Jesse Frank Jr.  10/11/2005 HDR
Medford, Jacob “Jake” Spencer  07-22-2002 HDR
Medford, Lee  07-31-1995 HDR
Medford, Virginia Faye Cardwell 07-20-1994 HDR
Medina, Camilo  11/3/2005 HDR
Medley, Mary Lee "Peggy"  12-02-1997 HDR
Medley, Robert Jule  03-29-1993 HDR
Medley, Wanda Eastridge  09-18-1995 HDR
Medlin, Bobby Grey  6/14/2004 ONE
Medlin, Bobby Grey  6/15/2004 ONE
Medlin, Delmar 06-19-1994 HDR
Medlin, Delmar  06-20-1994 ONE
Medlin, Jesse Garland 05-13-1999 HDR
Medlin, Jesse Garland 05-12-1999 ONE
Medlin, Joseph E. 08-09-1998 HDR
Medlin, Joseph Ernest 08-10-1998 HDR
Medlin, Joseph Ernest 08-10-1998 ONE
Medlin, Kim 12-19-2001 HDR
Medlin, Phyllis C.  04-25-1996 HDR
Medlin, Ruby Teague 11-21-1998 HDR
Medlin, Terry Lee  12-13-1994 HDR
Medlin, Terry Lee  12-13-1994 ONE
Medlock, Annie Pearl Laxton 01-02-1996 HDR
Meece, Grace M.  7/16/2005 HDR
Meech, Henry Edwin 01-22-1999 ONE
Meech, Henry Edwin  01-23-1999 HDR
Meehan, Mary V. Mohan 12-10-1999 HDR
Meek, Bill 06-01-1998 HDR
Meek, Raymond E. Dr. (eye surgeon) 12-27-1994 HDR
Meeker, David 05-14-1997 HDR
Meeks, Frances Novella 04-14-2001 HDR
Meeks, Kerdis Edgar Jr. 12-23-2000 HDR
Meeks, Linda Inscoe 08-19-1993 HDR
Megargee, Ann de LaLanne Countess (last direct descendant of King Louis IX0 03-19-1994 HDR
Meger, Alfred Frank 01-25-1995 HDR
Meger, Lois Mary  11-02-1995 HDR
Meggs, Brown 10-17-1997 HDR
Megna, John (actor) 09-07-1995 HDR
Mehaffey, Jack Edward  12-31-2000 HDR
Mehaffey, Marie English 11-12-2001 HDR
Mehaffey, Marie English  11-12-2001 ONE
Mehl, Albert Frederick  07-19-2003 HDR
Mehojah, William (Kaw Nation) 04-28-2000 HDR
Mehrtens, Warren 01-05-1998 HDR
Mei, Helen Lee (Hong Kong film star) 05-15-1994 HDR
Mei, Richard  01-25-2001 HDR
Meiborg, Mary Lou Dellinger  11-22-2000 HDR
Meier, Zola Bowen 02-14-1994 HDR
Meier, Zola Bowen  02-14-1994 ONE
Meinecke, Corky 03-21-1997 HDR
Meiser, Edith (actress) 09-27-1993 HDR
Meisner, Ann Conrad  08-05-1997 HDR
Meisner, Sanford 02-05-1997 HDR
Mejia, Linda Hall Davis 05-14-1993 HDR
Mejia, Linda Hall Davis 05-15-1993 HDR
Mejia, Linda Hall Davis 05-14-1993 ONE
Mejia, Linda Hall Davis 05-17-1993 ONE
Mekkawi, Sayed 04-22-1997 HDR
Melchor, Naomi S. 05-25-2000 HDR
Melchor, Naomi S. 05-25-2000 ONE
Melczer, William (professor) 04-14-1995 HDR
Melis, Jose (former "Tonight" show bandleader) 4/26/2005 HDR
Mellace, Robert Patrick (political editor) 9/8/2005 HDR
Melling, Harry 06-03-1999 HDR
Mellon, F. H.  08-18-2001 HDR
Mellon, Robert Wayne  10-07-2001 HDR
Melott, Steve Allen 08-14-1998 HDR
Melton, Anne Louise Gunter  5/22/2005 HDR
Melton, Beulah Preslar 02-25-1996 HDR
Melton, Bob Steele 07-15-2001 HDR
Melton, Bob Steele 07-16-2001 ONE
Melton, Carl 07-12-1993 HDR
Melton, Charles Edward  09-06-1996 HDR
Melton, Charles Edward  07-17-1995 HDR
Melton, Charles Edward  07-18-1995 HDR
Melton, Claude Martin Sr.  08-03-2003 HDR
Melton, Delores  06-06-1995 HDR
Melton, Deloris Hall  06-07-1995 HDR
Melton, Dora Gladys 07-25-1999 HDR
Melton, Dora Gladys  07-26-1999 HDR
Melton, Edith Hollar 12-23-2001 HDR
Melton, Ernie L. 05-21-2002 ONE
Melton, Ernie Lee  05-21-2002 HDR
Melton, Erpha Harwood 06-05-2003 HDR
Melton, Erpha Harwood 06-04-2003 ONE
Melton, Frances Elizabeth 03-13-1998 HDR
Melton, Frances Elizabeth 03-13-1998 ONE
Melton, Grady Lee 04-25-1998 HDR
Melton, Harold Eugene  07-23-2002 HDR
Melton, James Norman 01-26-2000 HDR
Melton, John Wesley 12-23-1998 HDR
Melton, Joyce Cleo Russell  02-11-2003 HDR
Melton, Lee Herbert 06-27-1993 HDR
Melton, Lemar Francis  02-28-1995 HDR
Melton, Letha Jewel Triplett  03-01-1999 HDR
Melton, Martha Estelle 04-02-1993 HDR
Melton, Martha Mae Clark 12-28-1999 HDR
Melton, Mary Alice Hampton  10-18-1994 HDR
Melton, Michael Eugene 05-09-1997 HDR
Melton, Raymond 10-24-1994 HDR
Melton, Robert Bruce 02-14-1998 HDR
Melton, Russell Samuel  08-14-2000 HDR
Melton, Ruth A.  10-12-1993 HDR
Melton, Ruth Camp 10-13-1993 HDR
Melton, Samuel Mendel (philanthropist) 07-03-1993 HDR
Melton, Thomas Finley  09-12-1994 HDR
Melton, Vivian Love  07-03-2002 HDR
Melton, Walter William  10-03-2002 HDR
Melton, William Hixon Jr. 07-17-2003 HDR
Melton, William Hixon Jr. 07-19-2003 HDR
Melton, Willis Lewis (retired Air Force) 03-19-1994 HDR
Meltzer, Lewis (screenwriter) 02-26-1995 HDR
Melvin, Louise Baird Burns 07-05-2001 HDR
Melvin, Sharon 06-10-1998 HDR
Menard, Pierre (violinist) 08-06-1994 HDR
Mendenhall, Samuel W. "Sam" Jr.  08-27-2003 HDR
Mendez, Cesar "Chico" Hernon Gonzalez 06-17-1994 HDR
Mendez, Miguel Angel Garcia 11-19-1998 HDR
Mendoza, Amalia 06-16-2001 HDR
Mendoza, Angela Ramirez 05-14-1999 HDR
Mendoza, Angela Ramirez 05-14-1999 ONE
Mendoza, Cesar Gen.  09-16-1996 HDR
Mendoza, Remigio Agustin  08-18-1996 HDR
Mendoza-Martinez, Jose Luis  12-08-1998 HDR
Menefee, Nell Katherine Winkler 07-27-1998 HDR
Menem, Carlos Jr.  03-18-1995 HDR
Menis, Edward A. "Edd" 10-22-2003 HDR
Menis, Juanita Stevenson "Babe" 08-14-1999 HDR
Mennen, Cora Esther 10-19-1993 HDR
Mennen, Cora Esther  10-19-1993 ONE
Mennen, George (Rev.) (Page 1A) 04-10-1996 HDR
Mennen, George E. (Rev.) 04-10-1996 HDR
Mennen, George E. (Rev.) 04-11-1996 HDR
Mennen, George E. Rev. 04-09-1996 ONE
Mennen, James Luther 03-19-1999 HDR
Mennen, James Luther 03-18-1999 ONE
Menninger, Edwin A. Sr. (editor) 02-21-1995 HDR
Menninger, Jeanetta Lyle (journalist) 12-09-1994 HDR
Menscer, Mattie Tucker 05-15-1995 ONE
Mentzer, Mike (bodybuilder) 06-15-2001 HDR
Menuhin, Yehudi  (Page 2A) 03-13-1999 HDR
Menzies, Donald Stuart Jr.  12-21-1993 HDR
Mercer, Edna Hilton 10-12-1994 HDR
Mercer, Edna Hilton 10-13-1994 HDR
Mercer, H.T. "Duke"  9/7/2005 HDR
Mercer, Homer Cecil 02-14-1996 HDR
Mercer, Irma Dell 09-05-1997 HDR
Mercer, Mary Bagwell 03-18-2001 HDR
Mercer, Mary Bagwell  03-17-2001 HDR
Merchant, Ismail (filmmaker) 5/26/2005 HDR
Mercouri, Melina (actress) 03-07-1994 HDR
Meredith, Bobby Glenn “Bob”  09-24-2002 HDR
Meredith, Burgess 09-11-1997 ONE
Meredith, Burgess (page 11B) 09-11-1997 HDR
Meredith, Donna Kay  01-17-2000 HDR
Meredith, Esther Sharpe  12-19-1997 HDR
Meredith, Eva Bunton 2/27/2005 HDR
Meredith, Morley 02-10-2000 HDR
Meredith, Ola Broyhill  12-26-1994 HDR
Meredith, Ronald E. (judge) 12-03-1994 HDR
Meredith, Roy Lee SFC 12-23-2003 HDR
Meredith, Sam Woodrow 05-29-1998 HDR
Merelli, Carol Ann (Page A3) 02-18-2003 HDR
Mergler, Dorothy Jean Teague Speagle 07-06-2003 HDR
Meridor, Yaakov (Jewish guerrilla commander)  07-01-1995 HDR
Merieux, Charles  01-27-2001 HDR
Merieux, Charles  01-28-2001 HDR
Merilla, Bertha Goforth 06-04-1998 HDR
Merique, Louis Justin 3/18/2005 HDR
Merlin, Amelie (Page 3A) 02-24-1997 HDR
Merlin, Peggy (Page 3A) 02-24-1997 HDR
Meroney, Miriam Alexander  10-15-2002 HDR
Meroney, Thomas Edward 01-12-1999 HDR
Merrick, David (Broadway producer) 04-27-2000 HDR
Merrill, Barbara H. 08-13-1998 HDR
Merrill, Eva Stilwell 05-26-1993 ONE
Merrill, Eve Stilwell  05-26-1993 HDR
Merrill, Irene Denton 02-27-1999 HDR
Merrill, Lewis Albert  01-03-2003 HDR
Merrill, Robert (opera baritone) 10/26/2004 ONE
Merrill, Sarah Dale 11-11-1998 HDR
Merrill, Scott (Broadway star) 07-23-2001 HDR
Merrill, Teresa Barnhill  12-21-2003 HDR
Merrill, Warren Ray Sr. 06-11-1999 HDR
Merriman, Richard Leon  (Page 5A) 10-21-1998 HDR
Merritt, Linda Francis 02-05-1997 HDR
Merritt, Virginia Byrd 03-18-1997 HDR
Merritt, Virginia Byrd 03-16-1997 HDR
Mervin, Eric Lee 04-19-1994 HDR
Mervin, Eric Lee (veteran) 04-20-1994 HDR
Meschan, Isadore Dr. (radiology professor and author) 06-02-2003 HDR
Meserand, Edythe (radio pioneer) 06-06-1997 HDR
Meserole, Francis Leo "Sam" 10/17/2005 HDR
Meserole, Francis Leo "Sam" 10/17/2005 ONE
Mesh, Laurence "Red" Sr. 07-25-1998 HDR
Mesimer, Gilbert (Page 7) 06-26-2002 ONE
Messer, Astor Robert 10-27-1999 HDR
Messer, Carl 04-30-1994 HDR
Messer, Delmore Larry 11-09-1993 HDR
Messer, Eddie Roger  12-28-2000 HDR
Messer, Fern Church  10-18-2002 HDR
Messer, Fern Church  10-19-2002 HDR
Messer, Fred Howell 09-11-1994 HDR
Messer, Gary Wade  11-18-1997 HDR
Messer, Katherine "Sis" 10-25-1998 HDR
Messer, Myrtle Sarah White 03-29-1998 HDR
Messer, Stephen Arnold 12-15-1998 HDR
Messer, Wayne 11-30-1993 HDR
Messer, Wayne Midford  12-01-1993 HDR
Messersmith, Merritt Eugene 11-14-1999 HDR
Messick, Betty Wheeler  09-04-1995 HDR
Messick, Dale (comic strip--"Brenda Starr, Reporter") 4/8/2005 HDR
Messick, Hank  11-10-1999 HDR
Messick, Laney Parilie Watson 08-06-1995 HDR
Messick, Roberta Belle 04-12-2000 HDR
Messick, Samuel J. 10-21-1998 HDR
Messick, Stanley Wilson "Jack"  03-24-2002 HDR
Messick, Stanley Wilson "Jack"  03-25-2002 ONE
Messina, Francesco  09-17-1995 HDR
Messmer, Bernard Carl 08-17-1997 HDR
Messmer, Bernard Carl 08-18-1997 ONE
Messmer, Jane W. 02-09-2000 ONE
Messmer, Jane Walker 02-10-2000 HDR
Messmer, Jane Walker 02-10-2000 ONE
Metcalf, Bruce C. 02-15-1998 HDR
Metcalf, Carrie Ellen Evans  08-28-1996 HDR
Metcalf, Charles Junior 07-01-2000 HDR
Metcalf, Clyde B. "Paw" 10-16-2001 HDR
Metcalf, Gary Wayne 05-01-2001 ONE
Metcalf, Gary Wayne  05-01-2001 HDR
Metcalf, Gary Wayne  05-02-2001 HDR
Metcalf, Hoy Clifton 09-25-1999 HDR
Metcalf, Irene Austin  9/18/2005 HDR
Metcalf, James Edward  07-21-1994 HDR
Metcalf, James Edward (Page 5A) 07-20-1994 HDR
Metcalf, James Edward Sr. 07-22-1994 HDR
Metcalf, James P. 4/3/2005 HDR
Metcalf, Lou Ellen Newton 08-28-1997 HDR
Metcalf, Lou Ellen Newton 08-28-1997 ONE
Metcalf, Mary Sue 04-24-1998 HDR
Metcalf, Ollie Farr 12-12-2000 HDR
Metcalf, Ricky Charles 12-20-1993 HDR
Metcalf, Ricky Charles 12-21-1993 HDR
Metsger, Irma Bray  08-10-2002 HDR
Metts, Geneva Shuford 11-18-1997 HDR
Metts, John Hicks Jr. 01-30-2000 HDR
Metz, Gay Lynn Kopp Acosta 11/16/2005 ONE
Metz, Gay Lynn Kopp Acosta  11/16/2005 HDR
Metzger, George Westerfield  01-05-2001 HDR
Metzger, Juan  09-11-1998 HDR
Metzger, Karl E.  07-13-1993 HDR
Meuser, Robert H. 06-18-1998 HDR
Meuser, Robert H. 06-19-1998 HDR
Meyer, Barbara Alison Crunden 08-13-1995 HDR
Meyer, Barbara Alison Crunden 08-14-1995 HDR
Meyer, Barbara Alison Crunden 08-14-1995 ONE
Meyer, Carol H. 12-05-1996 HDR
Meyer, Cord  03-15-2001 HDR
Meyer, Helen Honig (publisher) 04-29-2003 HDR
Meyer, Jean (actor and director)  01-14-2003 HDR
Meyer, Kirkman Finlay Starring (Page 5A)  08-10-1995 HDR
Meyer, Lillian Maria Dornfield  11/22/2004 ONE
Meyer, Marshall T. Rabbi (leading voice of Am. Jewish liberalism) 01-01-1994 HDR
Meyers, Ina 04-18-1997 HDR
Meyers, Margaret Glenn 10-02-1994 HDR
Meyers, Roberta Bruth Gilmore  11-18-2002 HDR
Meytre, Margaret Pascal 06-23-1996 HDR
Mezezers,  Erika Albin 02-09-1998 ONE
Mezezers, Erika Albin 02-07-1998 HDR
Michael, Annie Sue Jarrett  1/16/2005 HDR
Michael, Austin Shane 08-07-1999 HDR
Michael, Berlie Leonard 2/6/2005 HDR
Michael, Berlie Leonard 2/7/2005 ONE
Michael, Brenda Sue Ford  03-18-2003 HDR
Michael, Edna Mae Fox 05-23-2002 ONE
Michael, Edna Mae Fox  05-23-2002 HDR
Michael, Edna Mae Fox  05-24-2002 HDR
Michael, Eugene Francis  01-17-1995 HDR
Michael, Frankie C. 12/17/2005 HDR
Michael, Gene  01-16-1995 HDR
Michael, Hugh 01-19-1994 ONE
Michael, Hugh 01-20-1994 ONE
Michael, Hugh (veteran) 01-19-1994 HDR
Michael, Hugh (veteran) 01-20-1994 HDR
Michael, Jacob Dwight "Red" 03-27-1994 HDR
Michael, Jacob Dwight "Red" 03-28-1994 HDR
Michael, Jacob Dwight "Red" 03-28-1994 ONE
Michael, Jerry Keith  09-16-2000 HDR
Michael, Jerry Keith  09-19-2000 ONE
Michael, John Dwight  "J.D." (veteran) 03-14-1994 HDR
Michael, John Dwight "J.D." 03-14-1994 ONE
Michael, Kemp Baxter 01-29-2001 ONE
Michael, Kemp Baxter  01-27-2001 HDR
Michael, Linzy 12-02-1993 HDR
Michael, Linzy 12-03-1993 HDR
Michael, Mary  01-02-2002 HDR
Michael, Mary Frances  01-03-2002 HDR
Michael, Owa Evin  11-10-1993 HDR
Michael, Raymond Stewart Jr. 11-26-1997 HDR
Michael, Raymond Stewart Jr. 11-23-1997 HDR
Michael, Raymond Stewart Jr. 11-25-1997 ONE
Michael, Raymond Stewart Jr. 11-24-1997 ONE
Michael, Richard Lee II 12/4/2005 HDR
Michael, Ronald Dale  07-12-2003 HDR
Michael, Ruth Audrey Greene  12-30-1996 HDR
Michael, Ruth Faye  03-14-1997 HDR
Michael, Sidney "Pete" Lee 3/17/2005 HDR
Michael, Sidney "Pete" Lee 3/17/2005 ONE
Michael, Willard E.  09-28-2003 HDR
Michaels, Benjamin "Gene"  05-03-2002 HDR
Michaels, Billy Fulton  01-04-2003 HDR
Michaels, Billy Ray (veteran) 04-30-1994 HDR
Michaels, Dennis James  12-26-1997 HDR
Michaels, Doug 02-08-1999 HDR
Michaels, Erika 02-07-1998 HDR
Michaels, Ernest "Ernie" Francis  02-24-2003 ONE
Michaels, Ernest “Ernie” Francis  02-24-2003 HDR
Michaels, Eva Pearl  05-30-1995 HDR
Michaels, Eva Pearl Anderson 05-31-1995 HDR
Michaels, Glen Alexander 10-28-1993 HDR
Michaels, John "Dan"  05-10-2001 HDR
Michaels, Mabel White  01-06-2002 HDR
Michaels, Mabel White  01-07-2002 HDR
Michaels, Oscar Ray  06-03-1995 HDR
Michaels, Oscar Ray  06-04-1995 HDR
Michaels, Robert Frank 11-15-1998 HDR
Michaels, Samuel  07-25-1995 HDR
Michaels, Velva  11-27-2003 HDR
Michals, Nina Wilson  1/31/2005 HDR
Michals, Samuel Eugene  07-26-1995 HDR
Michaux, Bertha Mae Sloan 08-04-1999 HDR
Michaux, Bertis "Bert" Edward 04-10-1998 HDR
Michaux, Billy Lee 08-02-2001 HDR
Michaux, Eddie "Mama Tave" Octavia  11-07-2002 HDR
Michaux, Emma Frances  11-10-1999 HDR
Michaux, Frankie Lillian  05-20-2001 HDR
Michaux, Grace Elizabeth Kanipe 06-01-2003 HDR
Michaux, Lawrence "June", Jr. 01-27-1994 HDR
Michaux, Marian B.  12-16-1998 HDR
Michaux, Matilda Avery 04-18-1997 HDR
Michaux, Mattie Perkins 02-13-1999 HDR
Michaux, Patsy Harriette Williams 08-30-2000 HDR
Michaux, Paul McDonald  02-28-2001 HDR
Michaux, Ray 11-20-1998 HDR
Michaux, Robert Lee  (Page 5A) 02-16-2000 HDR
Michaux, Robert Lee Sr. 02-18-2000 HDR
Micheline, Jack 03-03-1998 HDR
Michelis, Francis 03-22-1994 HDR
Michelis, Frank 03-23-1994 HDR
Michelozzi, John 12-10-2003 ONE
Michelozzi, John Allen 12-11-2003 HDR
Michelozzi, John Allen 12-11-2003 ONE
Michener, James (writer) 10-17-1997 HDR
Michener, Mari Yoriko Sabusawa (author's wife) 09-26-1994 ONE
Mickel, Ophelia Montgomery  12-12-1993 HDR
Mickelson, Arnold R. 09-27-1998 HDR
Mickelson, Sig (1st president of CBS news) 03-27-2000 HDR
Mickey, Robert R. "Bob" 04-10-2003 HDR
Mickey, Robert Ray 04-09-2003 ONE
Mickey, Robert Ray "Bob" 04-10-2003 ONE
Micol, Frances Deal 11/2/2005 HDR
Micol, Frances Deal Mrs. 11/3/2005 HDR
Micol, Frances Ullman  07-08-1993 HDR
Micol, Robert E Lee  05-24-1998 HDR
Middlebrooks, Willie L. Jr. Rev. 06-08-1998 HDR
Middlebrooks, Willie L. Jr. Rev. 06-08-1998 ONE
Middleton, Cornelia White 02-12-2000 HDR
Middleton, Herbert H. 05-16-1998 HDR
Middleton, Marvin "Al" 08-12-1997 HDR
Middleton, Marvin "Al" 08-12-1997 ONE
Middleton, Pauline Travis  12-29-2000 HDR
Middleton, Rutledge C. 02-14-2000 HDR
Middleton, Sherry McGuinn (Page 5A) 11-24-2001 HDR
Midgett, Clarence McInnis  07-06-1993 HDR
Midgett, Clarence McInnis  07-06-1993 ONE
Migden, Chester "Chet" 05-26-1999 HDR
Mighels, Harry 08-22-1998 HDR
Miglin, Lee (page 9C) 05-08-1997 HDR
Miglio, Gianfranco 08-12-2001 HDR
Mihalevich, Andrew Vincent 07-31-1998 HDR
Mihalevich, Andrew Vincent 08-01-1998 HDR
Mihalik, Red 09-28-1996 HDR
Mikeal, Agnes Greene 03-04-1998 HDR
Mikeal, Cora Jeanette  09-16-2001 HDR
Mikeal, Dovie R. 07-17-1999 HDR
Mikeal, Gary Calvin 07-21-1994 HDR
Mikeal, Gary Calvin 07-22-1994 HDR
Mikeal, Gary Calvin 07-22-1994 ONE
Mikeal, Herby B. 04-08-1996 HDR
Mikeal, Lillie R. 05-02-2000 HDR
Mikeal, Mamie Lee  10-18-2001 HDR
Mikeal, Mitchell Morgan 10-24-2003 HDR
Mikeal, N. Spencer 03-17-1999 HDR
Mikeal, N. Spencer 03-18-1999 HDR
Mikeal, Otis McKinley  1/18/2005 HDR
Mikeal, Rickie O.  9/23/2005 HDR
Mikeal, Robert "Buck" L.  08-20-2003 HDR
Mikeal, Shirley Mae  12-23-2003 HDR
Mikeal, Virginia Estelle 04-25-2000 HDR
Mikels, Frances Marion Winkler 12-31-2001 ONE
Mikels, Francis Marion Winkler 12-29-2001 HDR
Mikels, Grace Kiser 05-07-2001 ONE
Mikels, Grace Kiser  05-05-2001 HDR
Mikhashoff, Yvar (pianist/composer) 10-13-1993 HDR
Miklowski, Ruby Angela Duckworth 6/29/2005 HDR
Mikulski, Christine Eleanor 04-01-1996 ONE
Milam, Charles Therman Sr.  12-05-1994 HDR
Milam, Douglas Grady Jr. 04-25-2003 HDR
Milam, Douglas Grady Jr. 04-26-2003 HDR
Milam, Joseph Bartow "Bart" 03-05-2000 HDR
Milam, Joseph Bartow "Bart" 03-06-2000 ONE
Milam, Robert "Bobby" Alan 06-02-2001 HDR
Milam, William Jonah  03-25-2003 HDR
Milbank, Rose Sheppard 03-01-1998 HDR
Milburn, Devereux Jr. 01-19-2000 HDR
Milcarek, Margaret Marie Kasper 07-02-1996 ONE
Milcarek, Margaret Marie Kasper  07-03-1996 HDR
Mildred the Bear (Grandfather Mt. Mascot) 01-02-1993 HDR
Miles, E. H. Rev. 10-18-1996 HDR
Miles, Gladis 05-11-2000 ONE
Miles, Gladys Sigman 05-13-2000 HDR
Miles, Gladys Sigman 05-12-2000 ONE
Miles, Jerry Lynn 09-20-1997 HDR
Miles, Leo (NFL supervisor - officials)  09-22-1995 HDR
Miles, Margaret  05-24-1997 HDR
Miles, Margaret Daniel  08-26-1993 HDR
Miles, Margaret Daniel  08-28-1993 HDR
Miles, Margaret Lucille 05-27-1997 HDR
Miles, Margaret Lucille 05-26-1997 ONE
Miles, Rufus E. Jr. 04-12-1996 HDR
Miles, Thelma Hayes 10-30-1996 ONE
Miles, Thelma Hayes  10-30-1996 HDR
Miles, Thomas Ward 04-15-1997 HDR
Milewski, Thomas 02-12-1999 HDR
Miley, William M. "Bud" Ret. Maj. Gen. 09-27-1997 HDR
Milholen, Edgar Rhoyd 10-28-1999 HDR
Milholen, Janice R.  10-28-2001 HDR
Milholen, Marvin Maxwell 07-28-1994 HDR
Milholen, Nancy Powell 03-11-1998 HDR
Milholen, Nathan Thomas "Tommy"  12-27-1995 HDR
Milholen, Ruby Prestwood 11-04-1997 HDR
Milholland, James Jr. 03-25-1998 HDR
Milholland, Mary Sigmon 1/16/2004 ONE
Milhorat, Ade Thomas Dr.  07-12-1997 HDR
Millar, Margaret (novelist-mystery) 03-29-1994 ONE
Miller,  Alvin Lindy 08-24-2000 HDR
Miller,  Margie Hicks Presnell 06-20-2000 HDR
Miller, Addie Bell Williams 04-12-1998 HDR
Miller, Addie Williams 04-11-1998 HDR
Miller, Alma Jean Friesland  08-11-2000 HDR
Miller, Alta Edith Gragg 01-20-1996 HDR
Miller, Alvin C.  04-30-1993 HDR
Miller, Alvin C.  05-01-1993 HDR
Miller, Alvin Leo "Shine" 11-12-1999 HDR
Miller, Alvin Leo "Shine" 11-11-1999 ONE
Miller, Alvin Leo "Shine" 11-12-1999 ONE
Miller, Amber Danielle (child) 03-10-1994 HDR
Miller, Ann M. 02-19-1996 HDR
Miller, Ann M. 02-19-1996 ONE
Miller, Anne Sheafe 06-11-1999 HDR
Miller, Annie Louise Fox 01-28-1999 HDR
Miller, Annie Mae Meadows 04-15-1993 HDR
Miller, Annie Mae Raby 01-18-1993 HDR
Miller, Annie Mae Raby 01-18-1993 ONE
Miller, Anthony "Tony" Tait 08-10-1998 ONE
Miller, Anthony Tait "Tony" 08-10-1998 HDR
Miller, Anthony Tait "Tony" 08-11-1998 HDR
Miller, Argel Mull 10-30-1998 HDR
Miller, Arthur (playwright) 2/12/2005 HDR
Miller, Arville  01-13-1998 HDR
Miller, Ashley Ann 12/6/2005 HDR
Miller, Avery Hamilton 01-13-1997 HDR
Miller, Avis Pitts  05-17-1997 HDR
Miller, Barbara Erin-Nicole "Erin" 09-25-1998 HDR
Miller, Beatrice Rhoney  09-02-1994 HDR
Miller, Beatrice Rhoney  09-05-1994 HDR
Miller, Ben Terry Sr. 08-13-1997 HDR
Miller, Ben Terry Sr. 08-12-1997 ONE
Miller, Ben Terry Sr. 08-13-1997 ONE
Miller, Bessie Lackey  10-06-2003 HDR
Miller, Bessie Spicer  05-01-1996 HDR
Miller, Bessie Virginia  06-29-1995 HDR
Miller, Betty Lou 01-23-1998 HDR
Miller, Betty Shuffler 5/9/2005 HDR
Miller, Beulah Shore  01-16-2002 HDR
Miller, Beverly 01-30-2003 ONE
Miller, Beverly Joan Smith  01-23-2003 HDR
Miller, Beverly Joan Smith  01-30-2003 HDR
Miller, Beverly Joan Smith  01-23-2003 ONE
Miller, Billy Vanness  09-27-2002 HDR
Miller, Blanche Frye 11/28/2005 HDR
Miller, Blanche Woodring  10-01-1993 HDR
Miller, Bob (former major league pitcher) 08-08-1993 HDR
Miller, Bonnie Joyce 02-06-1994 HDR
Miller, Bonnie Joyce 02-07-1994 ONE
Miller, Boyce William Sr. 08-11-1997 HDR
Miller, Brady Sue Earley 06-27-2000 HDR
Miller, Braxtion Eugene 02-05-2000 HDR
Miller, Brinite Catherine Yount  09-04-1995 ONE
Miller, Brintie  09-04-1995 HDR
Miller, Brintie Catherine Yount  09-05-1995 ONE
Miller, Brintie Yount  09-05-1995 HDR
Miller, Burgin Columbus Jr. 07-27-2002 HDR
Miller, Buster Glenn 06-17-1997 HDR
Miller, C. O. Jr. 11-12-2001 ONE
Miller, C.O. Jr. 11-10-2001 HDR
Miller, C.O. Jr.  (Page 1A) 11-09-2001 HDR
Miller, Cameron Andrew  12-01-1995 HDR
Miller, Carey Ellis  10-18-2000 HDR
Miller, Carl Victor  05-16-1994 HDR
Miller, Carl Williams 08-08-1999 HDR
Miller, Carl Williams 08-09-1999 HDR
Miller, Carl Williams (Page 3) 08-09-1999 ONE
Miller, Carrie Rebecca "Becky"  08-08-1995 HDR
Miller, Carrie Sigmon 05-30-2001 HDR
Miller, Carrie Sigmon 05-29-2001 ONE
Miller, Carroll Colin "Bob" 03-22-1994 HDR
Miller, Carroll Colin "Bob" 03-23-1994 HDR
Miller, Carroll William 08-08-2003 HDR
Miller, Charles "Charlie" Russell 10-18-2001 HDR
Miller, Charlie Columbus 03-21-1999 HDR
Miller, Christopher Alan (infant) 03-10-1994 HDR
Miller, Clara Edna Burns 01-27-1995 HDR
Miller, Clara Edna Burns  01-27-1995 ONE
Miller, Claricea Irene Jones  07-21-1995 HDR
Miller, Claud Thomas  06-03-1995 HDR
Miller, Claude Franklin 05-18-1997 HDR
Miller, Claude Franklin 05-17-1997 HDR
Miller, Collette Glenn  08-29-1996 HDR
Miller, Connie Estes  06-08-2003 HDR
Miller, Cullie Monroe 02-26-1996 HDR
Miller, Cullie Monroe 02-27-1996 HDR
Miller, Cullie Monroe 02-28-1996 HDR
Miller, Dale Eugene 05-29-1999 HDR
Miller, Dale M. 10-12-1997 HDR
Miller, David Dr. 03-30-1997 HDR
Miller, David H. 08-21-1998 HDR
Miller, David Joseph  10-13-1995 HDR
Miller, David Joseph  10-14-1995 HDR
Miller, David Joseph (Page 1) 10-11-1995 ONE
Miller, David Scott 09-15-1997 ONE
Miller, David Scott  09-14-1997 HDR
Miller, Della Hartness 03-29-1999 HDR
Miller, Dennis Elmore 8/22/2005 HDR
Miller, Dennis Grant 12-26-1998 HDR
Miller, Dennis Jerome 09-10-1999 HDR
Miller, Dennis Ray 05-27-1996 HDR
Miller, Dermott Eugene Sr. 03-21-1996 HDR
Miller, Dermott Eugene Sr. 03-21-1996 ONE
Miller, Don (Page 4A) 12-28-2001 HDR
Miller, Don (Page 6A) 12-26-2001 HDR
Miller, Donald Wesley  2/6/2004 ONE
Miller, Donna M.  04-23-2002 HDR
Miller, Dorothy Coleen Elmore 10-09-2001 HDR
Miller, Dorothy Coleen Elmore 10-13-2001 HDR
Miller, Dorothy Coleen Elmore 10-09-2001 ONE
Miller, Dorothy Coleen Elmore 10-15-2001 ONE
Miller, Dorothy Lee Rich 08-21-2000 HDR
Miller, Dorothy Mae Riddle 12-19-2000 HDR
Miller, Dortha Lilly 02-14-1998 HDR
Miller, Dwight Morrow 10-29-1998 HDR
Miller, Easter Hamby 11-12-1999 HDR
Miller, Edith "Ku" Cloninger 6/28/2005 HDR
Miller, Edith "Ku" Cloninger 6/28/2005 ONE
Miller, Edith Cloninger  6/27/2005 ONE
Miller, Edna Powell  05-25-2001 HDR
Miller, Edna Suddreth 01-14-1999 HDR
Miller, Elisa Ann Benge  11-10-1994 HDR
Miller, Elizabeth Freeman 05-24-2003 HDR
Miller, Elizabeth Freeman  05-25-2003 HDR
Miller, Elizabeth Sammons  01-06-2003 HDR
Miller, Elizabeth Simmons 01-06-2003 ONE
Miller, Ella R. (102 yoa) 04-24-2001 ONE
Miller, Ella Rose  04-25-2001 HDR
Miller, Ella Rose (102 yoa) 04-25-2001 ONE
Miller, Elsie Lee  02-20-1995 HDR
Miller, Eric 02-11-2001 HDR
Miller, Eric (Page 7A) 12-04-2001 HDR
Miller, Eric Lee 09-22-1998 HDR
Miller, Eric Lee 09-23-1998 HDR
Miller, Ernest G. 01-11-2002 HDR
Miller, Ester Gragg 06-19-1995 HDR
Miller, Ester Gragg 06-20-1995 HDR
Miller, Esther Jean 11-18-1996 ONE
Miller, Esther Jean  11-16-1996 HDR
Miller, Esther Jean  11-15-1996 HDR
Miller, Eugene David 03-31-1996 HDR
Miller, Eva C.  06-22-2000 HDR
Miller, Eva Mae Travis 03-14-2001 HDR
Miller, Eva Mae Travis 03-14-2001 ONE
Miller, Eva Mae Travis  03-13-2001 ONE
Miller, Eva Marie Moser 05-08-2002 ONE
Miller, Eva Marie Moser  05-07-2002 HDR
Miller, Eva Marie Moser  05-08-2002 HDR
Miller, Eva Marie Moser  05-07-2002 ONE
Miller, Evelina Davis  06-28-2003 HDR
Miller, Evelyn McCloud 02-04-1999 HDR
Miller, Everett Lee 09-09-2002 ONE
Miller, Everett Lee  09-08-2002 HDR
Miller, Fannie Brown 02-21-2001 ONE
Miller, Fannie Brown  02-22-2001 HDR
Miller, Fannie Brown  02-23-2001 HDR
Miller, Fannie L. 02-20-2001 ONE
Miller, Fannie Lucille "Lou" 05-27-1998 HDR
Miller, Fannie Lucille "Lou" 05-28-1998 HDR
Miller, Florence Bell Laws 09-18-1997 HDR
Miller, Floys Bostain  01-19-2002 HDR
Miller, Floys Bostain  01-20-2002 HDR
Miller, Forrest Eugene  11-21-1996 HDR
Miller, Fran Hubbard  06-20-2000 HDR
Miller, Frances Darlene Vancise 04-17-2001 HDR
Miller, Frances Dysart Mrs. 9/12/2005 HDR
Miller, Frank Julius  08-27-1995 HDR
Miller, Frank Julius  08-28-1995 HDR
Miller, Frankie Austin 06-28-1997 HDR
Miller, Frankie Hazeline Hefner  06-03-1997 HDR
Miller, Fred (Freddie) Douglas 03-08-2002 ONE
Miller, Fred Douglas "Freddie"  03-08-2002 HDR
Miller, Fredrick  07-24-1996 HDR
Miller, Gary Lee 10-12-1999 HDR
Miller, Gene 03-16-1997 HDR
Miller, Gene 03-17-1997 ONE
Miller, Gene  03-15-1997 HDR
Miller, Gene Kenneth 02-22-2000 HDR
Miller, Geneva Lela Cline 09-27-1999 HDR
Miller, George "Albert" 02-19-1996 HDR
Miller, George "Albert" 02-19-1996 ONE
Miller, George "Sam"  12-01-2000 ONE
Miller, George (comedian)  03-09-2003 HDR
Miller, George “Sam”  12-01-2000 HDR
Miller, George Albert 02-21-1996 HDR
Miller, George Albert 02-20-1996 HDR
Miller, George Garland 10-19-2000 ONE
Miller, George Garland 10-20-2000 ONE
Miller, George Garland  10-20-2000 HDR
Miller, George Gilbert 03-07-2003 ONE
Miller, George Gilbert  03-07-2003 HDR
Miller, George P.  10-20-2003 HDR
Miller, Georgie Bolick  10-29-1995 HDR
Miller, Georgie Bolick  10-30-1995 ONE
Miller, Gideon J. "G.J." Jr. 02-08-2001 HDR
Miller, Gladys Irene Shelton  04-07-1995 HDR
Miller, Gladys Watts 12-28-2003 HDR
Miller, Glenn  3/22/2004 ONE
Miller, Glennie St. Clair 09-07-1994 HDR
Miller, Glennie St. Clair 09-08-1994 HDR
Miller, Grant Roosevelt Jr. Rev. 04-11-2000 HDR
Miller, Greg Lee  02-24-2002 HDR
Miller, Gwyn 05-16-1998 HDR
Miller, Gwyn Allen 05-17-1998 HDR
Miller, Hal Everette 10-23-1999 HDR
Miller, Hannah Nicole (infant) 02-06-2002 HDR
Miller, Hannah Nicole (infant) 02-05-2002 ONE
Miller, Hannah Nicole (infant) 02-06-2002 ONE
Miller, Harold  01-19-1993 HDR
Miller, Harold C. 01-20-1993 HDR
Miller, Harriet Louise "Peg"  08-03-1993 HDR
Miller, Harry S.  12-14-1995 HDR
Miller, Harry Welker 02-27-1998 HDR
Miller, Harry Welker  02-27-1998 ONE
Miller, Harvey  01-20-1999 HDR
Miller, Hazel Fortner 6/10/2005 HDR
Miller, Hazel Rowe  05-31-1996 HDR
Miller, Helen  10-07-1996 HDR
Miller, Herman Stewart 07-28-1994 HDR
Miller, Herman Stewart 07-29-1994 HDR
Miller, Herman Stewart 07-28-1994 ONE
Miller, Hilda Clark 07-29-1999 HDR
Miller, Hollis A. Rev. 07-03-1996 HDR
Miller, Howard C. (Howard Miller Clock Co. founder) 09-22-1995 HDR
Miller, Howard H. 02-23-1997 HDR
Miller, Hoyle Cleveland 08-14-2000 HDR
Miller, I.E. 12-16-1997 HDR
Miller, Ira R. (Page 5A) 06-17-1994 HDR
Miller, Ira Raymond "Spud" 06-17-1994 HDR
Miller, Ira Raymond "Spud" 06-18-1994 HDR
Miller, Irene Spears  06-27-2002 HDR
Miller, Ivonette Wright  10-06-1995 HDR
Miller, Izchak (philosopher) 04-07-1994 HDR
Miller, J. D. 03-25-1996 ONE
Miller, J. Virgil 12-31-2001 HDR
Miller, J. Virgil  12-31-2001 ONE
Miller, Jack Wellington "Jake"  Sr.  08-31-1995 HDR
Miller, James Anthony  05-26-1994 HDR
Miller, James Anthony  05-27-1994 HDR
Miller, James Arthur  03-20-2002 HDR
Miller, James Arthur  03-20-2002 ONE
Miller, James Charlie  01-16-2003 HDR
Miller, James Floyd 01-26-2000 HDR
Miller, James Glendon 12-16-2000 HDR
Miller, James Grady  12-30-2000 HDR
Miller, James Ira "Trey" III 12-07-2001 HDR
Miller, James Ira "Trey" III 12-07-2001 ONE
Miller, James Ira "Trey" III (Page 1) 12-07-2001 ONE
Miller, James Ira "Trey" III (Page 1A) 12-07-2001 HDR
Miller, Jason (playwright) 05-15-2001 HDR
Miller, Jenny Lee "Pinkie" Wyant  03-01-2002 HDR
Miller, Jewel Clark  02-04-2003 HDR
Miller, Johannah Rafaele 03-11-2001 HDR
Miller, John “Johnny” Hurley  10-13-2000 HDR
Miller, John Conley  03-21-2003 HDR
Miller, John Conley  03-21-2003 ONE
Miller, John Curlee "Buster" 04-21-1994 HDR
Miller, John Curlee "Buster"  04-21-1994 ONE
Miller, John David  12-22-2002 HDR
Miller, John Henry 03-22-1996 ONE
Miller, John Henry  03-24-1996 HDR
Miller, John Jackson 03-24-1999 HDR
Miller, John S. 02-15-1996 HDR
Miller, John S. 02-14-1996 ONE
Miller, Johnny Junior 01-15-1999 HDR
Miller, Johnson Cleo  01-07-2002 HDR
Miller, Johnson Cleo  01-08-2002 HDR
Miller, Jones Walter Jr. 03-02-1997 HDR
Miller, Josie Proffitt  09-01-2000 HDR
Miller, Judson Buster  04-13-1995 HDR
Miller, Judy Darlene Rhyne  06-04-2002 HDR
Miller, Julie Loretta Gregg 12-16-2001 HDR
Miller, Kathrin Ramsey 08-26-1997 HDR
Miller, Kayla 6/10/2005 HDR
Miller, Kayla  6/11/2005 HDR
Miller, Kayla  6/10/2005 ONE
Miller, Kenneth David  12-02-2002 HDR
Miller, Kenneth David  12-02-2002 ONE
Miller, Kenneth Ray 08-02-1993 ONE
Miller, Kenneth Ray 08-03-1993 ONE
Miller, Kenneth Ray  08-02-1993 HDR
Miller, Kenneth Ray  08-03-1993 HDR
Miller, L. David Jr. Dr. Rev.  05-24-2003 HDR
Miller, Lanisha A. (Page 1A) 08-02-2001 HDR
Miller, Lanisha Anne 08-03-2001 HDR
Miller, Lanisha Anne 08-03-2001 ONE
Miller, Lanisha Anne (Page 1) 08-01-2001 ONE
Miller, Lawrence B. Larry 12-16-2001 HDR
Miller, Lawrence LaFayette 12-23-1997 HDR
Miller, Lawrence Morris "Cap" 02-15-2001 HDR
Miller, Lawrence Perkins "Perk" Jr. 08-30-1994 HDR
Miller, Lee 09-26-2000 HDR
Miller, Lee Douglas 08-30-1993 HDR
Miller, Lee Ernest  09-22-1993 HDR
Miller, Lee Ernest  09-23-1993 HDR
Miller, Leola Eggers 08-14-2000 HDR
Miller, Leonard  03-02-1997 HDR
Miller, Leonard Brice Rev. 03-03-1997 HDR
Miller, Leone Pitts  08-21-1997 HDR
Miller, Lessie Belle Linney 02-27-1999 HDR
Miller, Lewis 04-15-1998 HDR
Miller, Lewis Albert  02-22-2003 HDR
Miller, Lillian Mae  02-01-2001 HDR
Miller, Lionel Dexter  02-27-1995 HDR
Miller, Lois Bumgarner  2/10/2005 HDR
Miller, Lola Honeycutt 05-17-1993 HDR
Miller, Lola Honeycutt Mrs. 05-17-1993 ONE
Miller, Louis Earl 02-28-1997 ONE
Miller, Louis Earl  02-28-1997 HDR
Miller, Louise Mauney Mrs. 09-15-1993 ONE
Miller, Loy T. 01-08-1996 HDR
Miller, Loy T. 01-08-1996 ONE
Miller, Loy T.  01-09-1996 HDR
Miller, Lucile  01-02-2001 ONE
Miller, Lucile Meggs  01-05-2001 HDR
Miller, Lucile Meggs  01-05-2001 ONE
Miller, Lucille Smith  08-03-1997 HDR
Miller, Luna Beach 12-15-1995 HDR
Miller, Lynette Ledford 01-12-2000 HDR
Miller, Madelaine Hemingway Mainland "Sunny" 01-17-1995 HDR
Miller, Maggie Hamby 9/20/2005 HDR
Miller, Mamie Anna Young 12-18-2003 HDR
Miller, Margaret "Peggy" 12-08-1995 HDR
Miller, Margaret "Peggy" 12-08-1995 ONE
Miller, Margaret (Peggy) 12-04-1995 ONE
Miller, Margaret Peggy  12-05-1995 HDR
Miller, Margie 12-07-2000 HDR
Miller, Mark    12-24-1995 HDR
Miller, Mark Alfred (veteran) 12-26-1995 HDR
Miller, Martha Edwina Clontz 10/5/2005 HDR
Miller, Martha Louise Stroupe 12-25-1999 HDR
Miller, Martha Louise Stroupe 12-27-1999 ONE
Miller, Martha Propst 01-17-2000 HDR
Miller, Mary Alice Burns 09-19-1998 HDR
Miller, Mary Auville  10/25/2004 ONE
Miller, Mary Frances Falls  02-27-2002 HDR
Miller, Mary Lee Mingus 08-13-1999 HDR
Miller, Mary Lee Mingus 08-12-1999 ONE
Miller, Mary Nell Pearson 4/21/2005 HDR
Miller, Mary Nell Sigmon 03-27-1995 ONE
Miller, Mary Nell Sigmon  03-26-1995 HDR
Miller, Mattie Mask  09-11-2001 HDR
Miller, Mavis Loretta Yount 10-20-1998 HDR
Miller, Melford Lee Sr. 02-07-2002 HDR
Miller, Melford Lee Sr. 02-08-2002 HDR
Miller, Melford Lee Sr.  02-07-2002 ONE
Miller, Mildred "Mickey" Rae  07-08-2003 HDR
Miller, Mildred "Mickey" Rae  07-08-2003 ONE
Miller, Minnie Belle  04-05-2003 HDR
Miller, Minnie Belle  04-06-2003 HDR
Miller, Minnie Lou  03-13-2003 ONE
Miller, Minnie Lou Campbell 03-14-2003 ONE
Miller, Minnie Lou Campbell  03-14-2003 HDR
Miller, Monta Kirby 09-29-1999 HDR
Miller, Morris V. Jr.  12-09-1993 HDR
Miller, Morris Vernon Jr. 12-10-1993 ONE
Miller, Morris Vernon Jr.  12-10-1993 HDR
Miller, Muriel Littnan 04-24-1996 HDR
Miller, Muriel Littnan 04-24-1996 ONE
Miller, Nellie Eva Fulbright 05-28-1999 HDR
Miller, Nellie Eva Fulbright 05-27-1999 ONE
Miller, Nora Martin Bachboard 01-07-1999 ONE
Miller, Nora Martin Beachboard  01-07-1999 HDR
Miller, Numa Lippard 10-09-1996 ONE
Miller, Numa Lippard (106 yoa) 10-09-1996 HDR
Miller, Ola Mae  05-27-2003 HDR
Miller, Onis Warren 09-02-1999 HDR
Miller, Ora Lail 01-06-1994 HDR
Miller, Ora Mabel Lail 01-07-1994 HDR
Miller, Oscar James  09-30-1994 HDR
Miller, Patricia  10-18-2002 ONE
Miller, Patricia Ann Wilson  10-18-2002 HDR
Miller, Patsy Ruth (silent film actress) 07-19-1995 HDR
Miller, Paul Dean 06-14-2000 HDR
Miller, Paul Dean  08-13-2003 HDR
Miller, Pearl Dorothy Kanupp 01-27-2000 HDR
Miller, Pearl Dorothy Kanupp 01-25-2000 HDR
Miller, Pearl Dorothy Kanupp 01-25-2000 ONE
Miller, Pearl Price 04-10-1997 HDR
Miller, Pearl Price 04-09-1997 HDR
Miller, Pearl Price 04-10-1997 ONE
Miller, Pearl Ragan 8/28/2005 HDR
Miller, Pearl W.  12-12-2002 HDR
Miller, Peggy Rogers  11/16/2004 ONE
Miller, Peggy Walsh Mrs.  8/13/2005 HDR
Miller, Penny Lisa  05-24-1996 HDR
Miller, Pernie Payne  09-02-1995 HDR
Miller, Pernie Payne  09-03-1995 HDR
Miller, Phillip Jonas 11-20-2000 HDR
Miller, Phillip Jonas 11-20-2000 ONE
Miller, Polly Holloway 03-12-1996 HDR
Miller, Rachel Mitcham  2/4/2004 ONE
Miller, Ralph  01-18-1993 HDR
Miller, Ralph G. 01-19-1993 HDR
Miller, Randolph Sr. 09-27-2000 HDR
Miller, Ransom Richard  08-02-2000 HDR
Miller, Ray Allen 02-15-1999 HDR
Miller, Ray Allen 02-14-1999 HDR
Miller, Ray Allen 02-16-1999 ONE
Miller, Raymond Kent  11/15/2005 HDR
Miller, Redgie Dale 05-26-1997 ONE
Miller, Redgie Dale  05-27-1997 HDR
Miller, Rheba Marguerite Tillman  01-01-2003 HDR
Miller, Rhen Wilson 5/15/2005 HDR
Miller, Rhen Wilson 5/16/2005 HDR
Miller, Rhen Wilson 5/16/2005 ONE
Miller, Richard "Dicky" Lee  8/30/2005 HDR
Miller, Richard A. Maj. Gen. (ONG adjutant general, retired) 01-14-1994 HDR
Miller, Rita Jo Henderson 11-14-2002 HDR
Miller, Rita Jo Henderson  11-14-2002 ONE
Miller, Robert A.  12-08-1994 HDR
Miller, Robert B.  04-28-2002 HDR
Miller, Robert Bingham "Bob" III 09-18-2001 HDR
Miller, Robert Glenn  3/23/2004 ONE
Miller, Robert Louis 11-06-1994 HDR
Miller, Robert Louis 11-07-1994 HDR
Miller, Robert R. "Cotton" 10-18-1997 HDR
Miller, Robert Ronald "Roger" 1/15/2005 HDR
Miller, Robert Ronald "Roger" 1/16/2005 HDR
Miller, Roberta Barnes 08-30-1999 HDR
Miller, Robin Lee  04-09-2003 HDR
Miller, Roby "Earl"  04-05-2003 HDR
Miller, Rory Allen Lance Cpl.  03-28-2002 HDR
Miller, Rory Lance Cpl. 03-28-2002 ONE
Miller, Rose Stiles Boggs 05-24-1999 HDR
Miller, Rose Stiles Boggs 05-24-1999 ONE
Miller, Rosie Howell 08-18-1998 HDR
Miller, Rosie Howell 08-18-1998 ONE
Miller, Roy Atwell 02-01-1998 HDR
Miller, Roy Atwell 02-02-1998 HDR
Miller, Roy Atwell 02-02-1998 ONE
Miller, Roy B. 10-18-2003 HDR
Miller, Roy William 10-04-2000 HDR
Miller, Roy William  10-05-2000 HDR
Miller, Ruben L. 08-28-1996 HDR
Miller, Ruben Lavander Jr. 08-29-1996 ONE
Miller, Ruben Lavander Jr.  08-29-1996 HDR
Miller, Rufus Avery  03-09-2002 HDR
Miller, Russell Eugene  02-16-1995 HDR
Miller, Ruth Arbutus 03-21-1999 HDR
Miller, Ruth Greer 04-30-1996 ONE
Miller, Ruth Greer  04-30-1996 HDR
Miller, Ruth Phillips  03-02-2003 HDR
Miller, Sammy Lee  05-13-1994 HDR
Miller, Sheila B. 3/3/2004 ONE
Miller, Shelia B.  3/4/2004 ONE
Miller, Shirley F. 07-29-1996 ONE
Miller, Shirley Lou Andrews 01-27-1999 HDR
Miller, Shirley Mae Simpson 10-23-1995 ONE
Miller, Shirley Mae Simpson  10-23-1995 HDR
Miller, Solon Alwin 10-10-1998 HDR
Miller, Stephen Alexander  8/2/2004 ONE
Miller, Stephen Alexander  8/3/2004 ONE
Miller, Steve (AP bureau chief) 7/26/2005 HDR
Miller, Susan N.  04-03-2001 HDR
Miller, Suzanne "Sue" Leslie 09-11-2001 HDR
Miller, Teddy Carroll 09-19-1998 HDR
Miller, Thaddus Lafatte Sr. 01-26-1994 HDR
Miller, Thaddus Layfatte Sr. (veteran) 01-27-1994 HDR
Miller, Thelma Mae Rhinehardt  10-01-2002 HDR
Miller, Thelma Margaret Warlick 03-17-1998 HDR
Miller, Thelma Margaret Warlick 03-17-1998 ONE
Miller, Thelma Woodring  02-10-2002 HDR
Miller, Theta Dezotell 10-04-2000 HDR
Miller, Thomas Charles 11-01-1999 HDR
Miller, Thomas Charles  11-02-1999 HDR
Miller, Thomas Edgar 11-16-1995 HDR
Miller, Thomas Edward "Truckin' Tom" 03-19-1993 HDR
Miller, Thomas Glenn 7/28/2005 HDR
Miller, Thurman Jackson "Jack" 10-11-1993 HDR
Miller, Tiffany Gail 07-17-2000 ONE
Miller, Tiffany Gail  07-16-2000 HDR
Miller, Timothy "Scott" 01-22-1997 HDR
Miller, Tom 04-19-2003 HDR
Miller, Tory (Page 12) 05-28-2002 ONE
Miller, Toye Sullivan 08-26-1993 HDR
Miller, Toye Sullivan 08-27-1993 HDR
Miller, Tracy Turner  07-10-1999 HDR
Miller, Tyisha 05-07-1999 HDR
Miller, Valerie Messer  04-18-2002 HDR
Miller, Velva B. 04-26-1997 HDR
Miller, Vermon Talmadge Sr. 12-07-1996 HDR
Miller, Vernon Ray  2/14/2005 HDR
Miller, Virginia Mae 07-11-1998 HDR
Miller, Virginia Ruth 3/12/2005 HDR
Miller, Vivian Rebecca Newton  03-16-1993 ONE
Miller, Wade Violith 04-30-2003 HDR
Miller, Wade Walter  9/30/2005 HDR
Miller, Walfred R.  10-17-1996 HDR
Miller, Wallace Ormond "Wally"  10/19/2005 HDR
Miller, Warren E. 02-04-1999 HDR
Miller, Wendell L. 11-13-1999 HDR
Miller, William   01-12-1994 HDR
Miller, William "Jim" (blue grass fiddler) 01-13-1994 HDR
Miller, William Albert 01-16-2001 HDR
Miller, William Albert Sr. 01-16-2001 ONE
Miller, William E. "Bill" 09-19-2001 HDR
Miller, William E. "Mike" Sr. 03-16-2001 HDR
Miller, William Hicks Jr. 01-09-2003 HDR
Miller, William John "Yankee" Jr. 03-11-1998 ONE
Miller, William John "Yankee" Jr. 03-12-1998 ONE
Miller, William Pinkney  09-26-1995 HDR
Miller, William R. "Hot Rod" 05-19-1996 HDR
Miller, William R. "Hot Rod" 05-20-1996 ONE
Miller, William R. Jr (retired Navy) 01-14-1994 HDR
Miller, William R. Jr. 01-12-1994 HDR
Miller, William Ralph  07-05-1994 HDR
Miller, William Ralph  07-07-1994 HDR
Miller, William Starnes  01-06-2001 HDR
Miller, William Starnes  01-09-2001 HDR
Miller, Willie Paul 7/11/2005 ONE
Miller, Willie Paul  7/10/2005 HDR
Miller, Winnie Stone 05-21-2000 HDR
Miller, Winston (writer) 06-24-1994 HDR
Miller, Winston (writer) 06-25-1994 HDR
Miller, Yolanda Taylor 03-02-2000 HDR
Millers, Lucille Campbell  10-18-1995 HDR
Millers, Lucille Campbell  10-19-1995 HDR
Millett, John D. (former Miami University president) 11-16-1993 HDR
Millett, Ralph Linwood Jr. 12-11-2000 HDR
Millholen, Myrtle Ellis 12-22-1997 ONE
Millholen, Myrtle Ellis  12-21-1997 HDR
Millholland, Keona Clark 02-28-2001 ONE
Millholland, Keona Clark  02-28-2001 HDR
Millholland, Keona Clark (Page 1A) 02-27-2001 HDR
Milligan, Alma Ellen  5/6/2005 HDR
Milligan, Ernest Clemon  4/23/2005 HDR
Milligan, Mary Edith Denton 02-10-1997 HDR
Milligan, William H. “Harry”  12-30-2002 HDR
Milligan, William John Jr. 08-26-1999 HDR
Milliner, Lou 04-08-1999 HDR
Millis, Jessie James  12-09-1995 HDR
Millner, Anna Barnes  12/23/2005 HDR
Millon, Ivey T.C. 07-18-2000 HDR
Millowitsch, Willi 09-21-1999 HDR
Mills, Anna Parkins 5/2/2005 HDR
Mills, Benjamin "Bennie" Dale  04-12-2002 HDR
Mills, Bertha Jane Wright 12/23/2005 HDR
Mills, Bessie Lowdermilk 04-03-2001 HDR
Mills, Charles William 9/27/2005 HDR
Mills, Columbus "Lum" 04-21-1999 HDR
Mills, Curtis Glendon 1/7/2005 HDR
Mills, Curtis Glendon 1/6/2005 ONE
Mills, Curtis Glendon 1/7/2005 ONE
Mills, David Edward  08-05-2001 HDR
Mills, Donald 11-21-1999 HDR
Mills, Donald (Mills Brother) 11-17-1999 HDR
Mills, Florence Mount 09-21-2000 ONE
Mills, Florence Mount  09-21-2000 HDR
Mills, Frances Benton 12-18-1998 HDR
Mills, Frances Jones (Former St. Treasurer) 05-27-1996 HDR
Mills, Goldie Crisp  09-21-2002 HDR
Mills, Hazel King 11-18-2001 HDR
Mills, Ida Laverne Seward 01-04-1999 HDR
Mills, Ida Laverne Seward 01-02-1999 HDR
Mills, J. V.  4/1/2005 HDR
Mills, Jimmy 03-11-1998 HDR
Mills, John Sir (actor) 4/24/2005 HDR
Mills, Joseph Dexter 10-14-1999 HDR
Mills, Kevin 12-12-2000 HDR
Mills, Lester (inventor) 05-14-1993 HDR
Mills, Lillie Mae Patterson 05-06-1993 HDR
Mills, Lillie Mae Patterson 05-07-1993 HDR
Mills, Mayzell Littlejohn 11-23-1995 HDR
Mills, Norma Gaye Poovey 11-24-1999 HDR
Mills, Norma Gaye Poovey  11-24-1999 ONE
Mills, Phyllis Irene Stockton Mrs. 05-17-1993 ONE
Mills, Robert L. 10-31-1999 HDR
Mills, Rollan Lee Sr.  11-27-2003 HDR
Mills, Ruth Finger 03-17-2003 ONE
Mills, Ruth Finger Mrs.  03-17-2003 HDR
Mills, Spurgeon Monroe 06-03-1994 HDR
Mills, Spurgeon Monroe 06-04-1994 HDR
Mills, Victor (100 yoa) (Pampers creator) 11-07-1997 HDR
Millsaps, Ada Carson 03-03-1994 HDR
Millsaps, Ada Carson 03-04-1994 HDR
Millsaps, Amber Brooke  05-05-2002 HDR
Millsaps, China Lucille 10-26-1998 HDR
Millsaps, Clara Nell Campbell 10-25-1998 HDR
Millsaps, Danny Roland  05-17-1995 HDR
Millsaps, Dwane Robert "Popeye"  04-25-2002 HDR
Millsaps, Flora Lee Hendren  08-15-2002 HDR
Millsaps, Flora Lee Hendren  08-14-2002 ONE
Millsaps, Frankie Huitt  07-13-2002 HDR
Millsaps, Gladys Louola Bowles  12-20-1993 HDR
Millsaps, Gladys Louola Bowles  12-21-1993 HDR
Millsaps, Jeremiah 04-22-1994 HDR
Millsaps, Jeremiah 04-24-1994 HDR
Millsaps, Jessie Woodrow 5/19/2005 HDR
Millsaps, Joby 06-30-1999 HDR
Millsaps, Larry Ray  11-02-1994 HDR
Millsaps, Larry Ray  11-02-1994 HDR
Millsaps, Lucy Anna Cook  03-13-2002 HDR
Millsaps, Mae Elizabeth Munday 01-16-1997 HDR
Millsaps, Melissa Mae 05-02-1999 HDR
Millsaps, Nell Beckham  04-24-1995 HDR
Millsaps, Nellie Mae Beckham 04-25-1995 HDR
Millsaps, Pearlie Elizabeth Parker 04-14-1993 HDR
Millsaps, Rayford Clayton “Randy”  09-03-2002 HDR
Millsaps, Robert Hall Sr.  11-09-1993 HDR
Millsaps, Robert Hall Sr.  11-10-1993 HDR
Millsaps, Robert Hall Sr.  11-10-1993 ONE
Millsaps, Robert Ned  07-28-1999 HDR
Millsaps, Roy Ray  11-16-1994 HDR
Millsaps, Stephen Dale  09-10-2000 HDR
Millsaps, Thelma Lee 10-19-1997 HDR
Millsaps, William Beauford  02-13-2003 HDR
Millsaps, William Boyd 01-25-1993 HDR
Millwood Skylar Imagine  07-28-2001 HDR
Millwood, Edith "Polly"  08-19-2003 HDR
Millwood, Mary Sue "Granny" Green  10-13-2001 HDR
Millwood, Ruby Williams 07-28-2001 HDR
Millwood, Ruby Williams 07-27-2001 ONE
Milmo, Emilio Azcarraga  04-19-1997 HDR
Milner, Ryland 06-22-1999 HDR
Milosevich, Michael (bandleader) 07-31-1993 HDR
Milstead, Bonnie Stewart  09-08-1994 HDR
Milstead, Donnie Allen "Stroker" 08-13-1998 HDR
Milstead, Gary Lynn 02-03-2000 HDR
Milstead, Margaret Allen 07-17-1999 HDR
Milstead, Mary Walser  06-25-2001 HDR
Milstead, Roe  09-20-1993 HDR
Milstead, Roe  09-21-1993 HDR
Mims, Harold P. "Cooter" 12-08-1998 HDR
Mims, Helen Elizabeth McPherson 06-14-2000 HDR
Mims, Helen Elizabeth McPherson 06-13-2000 ONE
Mims, Louise 12-22-1993 HDR
Mims, William Kenneth "Ken"  05-10-2002 HDR
Minard, Ronald W. 05-29-2001 HDR
Mincey, Brenda Jeanette Tallent  03-26-2003 HDR
Mincey, Brenda Jeanette Tallent  03-26-2003 ONE
Minerbrook, Scott 08-21-1996 HDR
Minetti, Bernhard 10-14-1998 HDR
Mingcheng, Wang (involved in China's first known euthanasia case) 08-07-2003 HDR
Mingo, Luther 04-24-2001 HDR
Ming-Teh, Ho 02-05-1998 HDR
Mingus, Ashley (Page 1) 09-11-1995 ONE
Mingus, Ashley Dawn 09-11-1995 HDR
Mingus, Ashley Dawn 09-12-1995 HDR
Mingus, Ashley Dawn 09-11-1995 ONE
Mingus, Ashley Dawn  09-12-1995 ONE
Mingus, Bessie Warren  10-24-1997 HDR
Mingus, Bessie Warren  10-23-1997 HDR
Mingus, Billie Sims (Page 1) 09-11-1995 ONE
Mingus, Billie Sue Sims 09-11-1995 HDR
Mingus, Billie Sue Sims 09-12-1995 HDR
Mingus, Billie Sue Sims 09-11-1995 ONE
Mingus, Billie Sue Sims 09-12-1995 ONE
Mingus, Eric Sean  05-15-2001 HDR
Mingus, Eric Sean  05-15-2001 ONE
Mingus, Flora E. Price  09-15-1994 HDR
Mingus, Muriel Marie Cooper 02-05-2001 ONE
Mingus, Muriel Marie Cooper  02-04-2001 HDR
Minish, Carroll E.  7/15/2004 ONE
Minish, Carroll Edward 7/16/2004 ONE
Minish, Robert "Robbie" Franklin  08-03-2001 HDR
Minkwitz, Walter Robert  06-22-1995 HDR
Minnich, Zelphia J.  4/9/2005 HDR
Minnich, Zelphia J. Hughey Griggs 4/10/2005 HDR
Minnich, Zelphia J. Hughey Griggs 4/11/2005 ONE
Minnini, Benedetto (Page 2A) 08-29-1999 HDR
Minnis, Marion G.  03-06-2002 HDR
Minnis, Wayne Thomas 03-15-1997 HDR
Minor, Davage 03-20-1998 HDR
Minshall, Patty Winkler 02-16-2000 HDR
Minskoff, Myron 12-26-2000 HDR
Minter, William Roger  02-26-2000 HDR
Minton, Angela 03-13-1999 HDR
Minton, Angeline Katie 03-14-1999 HDR
Minton, Bessie Robbins 04-24-2000 HDR
Minton, Betty Heffner 09-02-1998 HDR
Minton, Betty Johnson Mrs.  06-16-2003 HDR
Minton, Brenda Kay 4/26/2005 HDR
Minton, Bridget Marie 12-12-2001 HDR
Minton, Colene Greene 3/21/2005 HDR
Minton, David Jack  1/12/2004 ONE
Minton, David Lee Sr. 02-12-2002 HDR
Minton, David Lee Sr. 02-13-2002 HDR
Minton, Dorothy 01-11-1994 HDR
Minton, Dorothy Marie Anderson 01-12-1994 HDR
Minton, Eldridge A. 05-22-2000 HDR
Minton, Ervin Cole  06-22-2001 HDR
Minton, Fannie Gilbert  01-08-2002 ONE
Minton, Faye Houck  06-14-1993 HDR
Minton, Fearl Triplett 9/8/2005 HDR
Minton, Garner Gardner 11-25-1999 HDR
Minton, Gladys Deal  03-07-1997 HDR
Minton, Hampton 12-30-1998 HDR
Minton, Harold Dean 02-26-1998 HDR
Minton, Hickman Shober 06-13-1994 HDR
Minton, Joseph Lee "Joe" 02-03-1999 HDR
Minton, Linda Faye Carver Mrs.  12-19-2003 HDR
Minton, Linda Kay  09-30-2001 HDR
Minton, Martha Church 01-30-2000 HDR
Minton, Mary Alice  06-17-1995 HDR
Minton, Norma Ruth 02-23-1996 HDR
Minton, Ofrenchia Marcelle Faucette 06-09-1997 HDR
Minton, Oliver Roosevelt Rev. 12-01-1998 HDR
Minton, Pearl Viola Webb  03-22-1993 HDR
Minton, Richard Ernest 11/5/2005 HDR
Minton, Richard Ernest 11/4/2005 ONE
Minton, Roby Lee 05-08-1997 HDR
Minton, Shelby Decker 3/22/2005 HDR
Minton, Stoney Russell  1/6/2005 HDR
Minton, Susan 6/7/2005 HDR
Minton, Tiffany Michelle  08-14-1997 HDR
Minton, Tony Bradfield 06-08-2000 HDR
Minton, Tony Steven 07-18-1997 HDR
Minton, Wade Lynley Sr. 06-20-1998 HDR
Minton, Willie "Bill"  01-19-1995 HDR
Mintz, Fred Dee Sr. 03-16-2001 HDR
Mintz, McArthur 1/19/2005 HDR
Mintz-Degdeh, Doris Jean  10-15-2003 HDR
Minyard, Dewey Lee 03-07-1994 HDR
Minyard, Dewey Lee  03-07-1994 ONE
Miranda, Justin 6/24/2005 HDR
Miranda-Anaya, Lois (Page 1A) 04-19-2000 HDR
Mirman, Milton Jack 09-04-1999 HDR
Mise, Alan 08-29-1997 ONE
Mise, Alan Clarence  08-30-1997 HDR
Mise, Irene Holman 04-23-2000 HDR
Mise, Irene Holman 04-22-2000 HDR
Mise, Olar "Junior" Marshall Jr. 07-16-2001 HDR
Mise, Olar (Junior) Marshall Jr. 07-16-2001 ONE
Mise, Olar Marshall  05-25-1994 HDR
Misenheimer, Ernest Luther III 01-14-1998 HDR
Misenheimer, Jacob Levi "J. Lee" Jr. 10-01-2002 ONE
Misenheimer, Jacob Levi “J. Lee”  Jr. 10-02-2002 HDR
Misenheimer, Jimmy Carrell Sr. 05-09-1999 HDR
Misenheimer, Jimmy Carroll Sr. 05-10-1999 HDR
Misenheimer, Jimmy Carroll Sr. 05-10-1999 ONE
Misenheimer, Ola Beard  11-14-2000 HDR
Misenheimer, Ola Beard  11-13-2000 ONE
Misenheimer, Ruth Virginia Padgett 01-22-1996 HDR
Misenheimer, Vicki Lail 07-18-2002 ONE
Misenheimer, Vicki Lail  07-18-2002 HDR
Misenheimer, Vicki Lail  07-19-2002 HDR
Mishkin, Phil (former FL State Rep.)  09-03-1995 HDR
Miska, Barbara A. “Sue”  06-22-2000 HDR
Mitcham, Claude E.  01-16-1995 HDR
Mitcham, Claude Elger 01-17-1995 HDR
Mitcham, Clois Galliher 03-24-1997 HDR
Mitcham, Edna L.  11-21-1993 HDR
Mitcham, Fred Irvin 08-22-1997 HDR
Mitcham, Ollievee Bolick  02-06-2001 HDR
Mitcham, Rosia Lee  02-05-1995 HDR
Mitcham, Rosia Lee  02-06-1995 HDR
Mitchel, Antonio Jose Alex (infant) 06-20-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Alice Jeanette Goins  02-26-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Alison Denise Lofland 08-25-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Ann Buford 08-01-1998 HDR
Mitchell, Annie Mae  01-02-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Annie Mae Coffey 01-04-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Annie Mae Coffey 01-04-1999 ONE
Mitchell, Barbara Ann Bumgarner Scott 12/4/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Blanche Lackey  06-17-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Blanche Lackey  06-18-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Bonnie Bernice Watson 12-07-1998 HDR
Mitchell, Bonnie Workman 8/19/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Brent Lee  03-14-2002 HDR
Mitchell, Brent Lee "Pete"  03-15-2002 HDR
Mitchell, Brent Lee (Pete) 03-15-2002 ONE
Mitchell, Cecil F. 08-20-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Cecil Fincannon Mrs. 08-21-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Charles Joseph Wade  8/13/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Charlie 10-16-2001 ONE
Mitchell, Charlie  10-17-2001 HDR
Mitchell, Charlie L.  03-31-1993 HDR
Mitchell, Claude A. "Mitch" 12-09-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Cresel  04-14-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Danny Wayne  12-15-2002 HDR
Mitchell, Darrell V.  12-16-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Dianne Deal  12-01-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Dianne Deal  12-01-2003 ONE
Mitchell, Dorothy 05-26-1993 HDR
Mitchell, Dorothy Bowman  05-27-1993 HDR
Mitchell, Dorothy Marie Little  08-09-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Dorothy Shuford 05-04-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Edd  01-27-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Edgar Paul 7/25/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Edgar Paul  7/25/2005 ONE
Mitchell, Edgar Paul  7/26/2005 ONE
Mitchell, Edith Maxine Arthur 07-03-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Edith W. 04-06-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Edna S.  04-12-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Effie L. 05-05-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Eli Murphy  07-28-2000 HDR
Mitchell, Eloise Mull 07-12-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Emily McNeil 08-30-2000 HDR
Mitchell, Emily McNeil 08-30-2000 ONE
Mitchell, Estelle Bowman 05-02-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Estelle Bowman  05-04-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Estelle Little 01-18-2000 HDR
Mitchell, Flossie Wike 01-20-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Flossie Wike 01-21-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Frances Poarch 05-08-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Frances Rachel  02-16-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Fred Burke 02-24-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Fred Burke 02-25-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Fred David 04-13-1998 HDR
Mitchell, Geneva Dare  08-29-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Geneva Dare Lawrence  08-30-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Glenn Ray 03-23-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Glenn Ray 03-25-1996 ONE
Mitchell, Gwynn William 11-16-1994 ONE
Mitchell, Gwynn William  11-16-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Hazel Bolick 07-27-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Hildegarde Wemmer 10/9/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Hildegarde Wemmer 10/11/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Howard Junior 05-10-2000 HDR
Mitchell, Hugh Burnton  06-15-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Ida White 12-16-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Irene Christine Bentley 7/18/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Jack Iverson 05-19-1998 HDR
Mitchell, Jackson William 03-22-1998 HDR
Mitchell, James Jeremiah 03-01-1996 HDR
Mitchell, James Michael  6/7/2005 HDR
Mitchell, James Ruffin "J.R." Sr. 07-05-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Jeanette Goins  02-26-2003 ONE
Mitchell, Jesse "Bill" William 01-27-2001 HDR
Mitchell, Jesse William 01-26-2001 ONE
Mitchell, Jesse William "Bill" 01-29-2001 ONE
Mitchell, Jessica Rae (infant) 06-20-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Jessie C. Sr. 04-06-2001 HDR
Mitchell, Jessie David 05-11-2000 HDR
Mitchell, Jo Ann Word  01-16-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Joanne Word  01-17-2003 HDR
Mitchell, John E. (newspaperman) 07-19-1993 HDR
Mitchell, Johnnie Rhyne  02-28-2002 HDR
Mitchell, Joseph 05-26-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Joseph James "Jimmy" Sr. 05-19-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Katherine McAlpin 07-12-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Katie Ramseur 11-23-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Katie Ramseur 11-22-1996 ONE
Mitchell, Katie Ramseur  11-22-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Lee 11-17-1999 ONE
Mitchell, Lee H. 11-17-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Leona Justine  7/17/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Lillian E. Harmon 05-18-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Louis Edward 11-04-1993 HDR
Mitchell, Mamie Lee Millsaps (First Woman Postmistress of Woodfin) 02-14-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Marshall 07-16-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Mary Louise Stewart  03-18-2002 HDR
Mitchell, Mary Sloope  02-12-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Melar Leatha Fox  04-25-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Melvin Eugene 02-14-1998 HDR
Mitchell, Melvin Eugene 02-15-1998 HDR
Mitchell, Mildred  02-17-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Mildred Thompson 01-16-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Otis E. Jr. 12-27-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Peetronya Harris 12-27-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Perry Sylvester 09-03-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Rachel Mae Carrigan 04-08-2000 HDR
Mitchell, Richard Peyton "Mitch" 09-01-1998 HDR
Mitchell, Robert Dixon 02-10-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Robert L. Jr. 06-18-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Roberta Overstreet 1/7/2004 ONE
Mitchell, Ronald B.  05-22-2002 HDR
Mitchell, Ronald Dean 02-06-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Ronie Johnson 05-18-1996 HDR
Mitchell, Rose Gaston 04-03-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Rose Gaston 04-02-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Rosie Lee Ervin 11/9/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Rowena Elizabeth 02-02-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Ruby Irene  09-16-2002 HDR
Mitchell, Ruth Geneva  2/7/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Sallie 09-26-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Sallie W. 09-27-1997 HDR
Mitchell, Shirley Delta Waycaster 12-25-2001 HDR
Mitchell, Stanley R.  11/12/2005 HDR
Mitchell, Terri Denise Tja-a-lien  06-22-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Texie Violet Combs 07-23-1993 HDR
Mitchell, Thelma Lee Craig  05-26-1994 HDR
Mitchell, Timothy Edward 06-29-1993 HDR
Mitchell, Timothy Edward  06-29-1993 ONE
Mitchell, Vester Bristo  12-31-2003 HDR
Mitchell, Virginia Scott 06-05-1995 HDR
Mitchell, Wade Eliugh 1/10/2005 HDR
Mitchell, William "Frank" 06-21-1997 HDR
Mitchell, William Hansel  09-20-1993 HDR
Mitchell, William Hansel  09-20-1993 ONE
Mitchell, William R. "Bob" 12-03-1999 HDR
Mitchell, Zettie Mae Joines  4/21/2005 HDR
Mitchem, Benny Wayne 7/15/2005 HDR
Mitchem, Brenda B. 04-04-2002 ONE
Mitchem, Brenda K. 04-05-2002 ONE
Mitchem, Brenda K.  04-05-2002 HDR
Mitchem, Howard Wood 12-16-1994 HDR
Mitchem, Howard Wood 12-17-1994 HDR
Mitchem, Howard Wood 12-16-1994 ONE
Mitchem, Howard Wood 12-19-1994 ONE
Mitchem, James E. "Jim" 09-26-1996 HDR
Mitchem, Nellie B.  10/27/2004 ONE
Mitchem, Nellie B.  10/28/2004 ONE
Mitchem, Peola Holland  08-25-1994 HDR
Mitchem, Richard Hal 06-10-2002 ONE
Mitchem, Richard Hal  06-11-2002 HDR
Mitchem, Richard Howell  06-10-2002 HDR
Mitchem, Sally Welch 12-04-1995 ONE
Mitchem, Sally Welch  12-04-1995 HDR
Mitchum, Robert (Page 9B) 07-02-1997 HDR
Mitchum, Vera Isaac 03-15-2000 HDR
Mithlo, Bill Watson (105 yoa) (Chiricahua Apache tribe member) 07-08-1993 HDR
Mitra, Ramon Former House Speaker (Phillipines) 03-21-2000 HDR
Mitterand, Francois (Page 14) 01-09-1996 HDR
Mitterrand, Francois 01-08-1996 ONE
Miyagawa, Kazuo 08-10-1999 HDR
Miyata, Wayne (surfer) 3/24/2005 HDR
Mize, Olice Flora  06-03-1996 HDR
Mize, Robert  07-01-1996 ONE
Mize, Robert Lee  07-02-1996 HDR
Mize, Robert Lee Sr. 07-02-1996 ONE
Mizell, Wilmer "Vinegar Bend"  02-23-1999 HDR
Mnton, Evine  09-07-2001 HDR
Mobley, Billy Thrower Dr. 01-19-2003 HDR
Mobley, Billy Thrower Rev. 01-20-2003 HDR
Mobley, Dexter B. (Page 1) 05-03-1999 ONE
Mobley, Mary Ellen  10-14-1999 HDR
Mobley, Thelma Irene Wyont  10-24-2002 HDR
Mobley, Theresa Parker 06-28-1993 HDR
Mobutu, Kongulu 09-26-1998 HDR
Mock, Lois Easter Covil  02-24-1995 HDR
Mock, Louise Easter Covil 02-25-1995 HDR
Mock, Mary Virginia Presnell 10-28-2003 HDR
Mode, Andrew 08-15-1995 HDR
Mode, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  08-16-1995 HDR
Mode, Betty Chapman 03-08-1996 HDR
Mode, Hezzy Stephen 01-05-1999 HDR
Mode, Mildred Beard 02-21-1994 ONE
Mode, Mildred Scronce Beard 02-20-1994 HDR
Mode, Ray 06-11-1998 HDR
Mode, Ruby Davis 12/20/2005 HDR
Mode, Tracey Bryan (infant) 07-28-1997 HDR
Modigliani, Franco (MIT professor/Nobel Prize winner) 09-27-2003 HDR
Modlin, A. Robert Jr. 02-15-1999 ONE
Modlin, William W. Jr. "Bill" 12-27-1998 HDR
Modlin, William Wilson "Bill" Sr. 01-21-2000 HDR
Moe, Ketil  11-14-1999 HDR
Moebius, Ashley Jay-Dawn (infant) 05-01-1994 HDR
Moehlmann, Dorothea Unger 04-20-1996 HDR
Moehlmann, Dorothea Unger 04-21-1996 HDR
Moehlmann, Dorothea Unger 04-19-1996 ONE
Moehlmann, Dorothea Unger  04-22-1996 ONE
Moehlmann, Gerhardt Carl "Jim" 06-02-1998 HDR
Moertel, Charles Dr. (cancer research) 06-29-1994 HDR
Moffat, Abbot Low 04-24-1996 HDR
Moffatt, E. Louise Gustafson  10-01-2001 HDR
Moffeo, Romona  06-01-1993 HDR
Moffett, Barbara W. (American Friends Service Committee director) 10-12-1994 HDR
Moffett, Marcie McLeod 05-19-1995 HDR
Moffitt, Edward  08-07-1995 HDR
Moffitt, Marcia McLeod 05-20-1995 HDR
Moffitt, Rhoda Prestwood  11-10-1995 HDR
Moffitt, Roy Bratton 11-10-1994 HDR
Mofford, Lena Burleson 06-19-1995 ONE
Mofford, Lena Burleson  06-19-1995 HDR
Mofford, Lena Burleson  06-20-1995 HDR
Mog, Edmund Gary  02-21-2002 HDR
Mogray, Bertha Virginia Cook 8/26/2005 HDR
Mogray, Bertha Virginia Cook 8/25/2005 ONE
Mogray, Bertha Virginia Cook 8/26/2005 ONE
Mohammed, Gul (world's shortest man) 10-06-1997 HDR
Moisescu, Sorin (Supreme Court President of Romania) 04-12-2000 HDR
Moisio, Richard G. 06-16-1997 HDR
Mokhehle, Ntsu, Prime Minister 01-11-1999 HDR
Molby, Anna Lou Knapp Mrs.  10-30-1993 HDR
Molchan, George (Oscar Mayer spokesman--"Little Oscar") 4/18/2005 HDR
Moldovan, Ellen Herman 5/4/2005 HDR
Moldovan, Ellen Herman 5/5/2005 HDR
Moldovan, Ellen Herman 5/4/2005 ONE
Moldovan, Ellen Herman 5/5/2005 ONE
Moles, Floyd Buchannan  07-27-1994 HDR
Moles, Floyd Buchannan  07-27-1994 ONE
Moles, Sallie Music 07-29-1996 ONE
Moles, Sallie Music  07-27-1996 HDR
Mollison, Richard Devol (Texasgulf, Inc.) 08-04-1994 HDR
Mollohan, Robert H. 08-05-1999 HDR
Monahan, Craig A. 11-25-1999 HDR
Monahan, Jay 01-26-1998 ONE
Monahan, Jeremiah Monsignor 10-30-1999 HDR
Moncho, Thomas Salvador 03-25-1998 HDR
Moncho, Thomas Salvador 03-28-1998 HDR
Moncion, Francisco (ballet dancer) 04-04-1995 HDR
Monday, Ralph  08-22-1997 ONE
Monday, Ralph E. 08-25-1997 ONE
Monday, Ralph E.  08-23-1997 HDR
Money, Marjorie Lee 03-29-1996 HDR
Money, Robert Clemer 05-03-1997 HDR
Mongan, Agnes  09-21-1996 HDR
Monico, James 10-04-1998 HDR
Monk, Lacel Lamont 09-03-1996 ONE
Monk, Raymond Edward  05-27-1993 HDR
Monn, Pansy Lucille 07-05-1993 HDR
Monn, Pansy Lucille 07-06-1993 HDR
Monn, Scotty Wayne  03-04-2001 HDR
Monroe, Bill 09-10-1996 ONE
Monroe, Bill (Father of Bluegrass) (page 8B) 09-10-1996 HDR
Monroe, Cameron Alexander Sr. 09-25-2001 HDR
Monroe, Eric Andrew  03-18-1993 HDR
Monroe, Mary  6/21/2005 ONE
Monroe, Mary F. 6/27/2005 ONE
Monroe, Mary F.  6/25/2005 HDR
Monroe, Nancy Campbell 11-21-1996 ONE
Monroe, Rose Will "Rosie the Riveter" 06-02-1997 ONE
Monroe, Rose Will ("Rosie the Riveter") (Page 5B) 06-02-1997 HDR
Monroe, Tamara J. Stultz 09-12-2001 ONE
Monroe, Tamara J. Stultz  09-12-2001 HDR
Monsenego, Yedidia (chief rabbi of Morocco) 08-12-1994 HDR
Monseur, Solomon Nicholas 11-11-1997 HDR
Montagne, Henry J. L.  11-23-2003 HDR
Montagu, Ashley (Anthropologist) 12-04-1999 HDR
Montague, Michael Jacob 11-08-1999 HDR
Montague, Robert W. Jr. 10-17-1996 ONE
Montague, Robert W. Jr.  10-18-1996 HDR
Montalban, Manuel V. (author--Spanish) 10-19-2003 HDR
Montalto, Lawrence "Larry" 4/19/2005 HDR
Montalvo, Jesus Cristobal 06-03-1998 HDR
Montalvo, Jesus Cristobal 06-04-1998 HDR
Montalvo, Jesus Cristobal 06-03-1998 ONE
Montalvo, Jose Luis (writer) 08-19-1994 HDR
Montana, Patsy (country music pioneer) 05-06-1996 HDR
Montane, Jesus 05-09-1999 HDR
Monteith, William Butler 11/22/2005 HDR
Montelongo, Luke 09-12-1998 HDR
Montelongo, Luke 09-14-1998 ONE
Montelongo, Luke  09-13-1998 HDR
Montenegro, Julio Cesar Mendez  05-02-1996 HDR
Montgomery, Allen  10-04-1997 HDR
Montgomery, Brenda Kay Smith  09-26-1995 HDR
Montgomery, Eddie R.  09-14-1999 HDR
Montgomery, Edna Bowman 08-17-1997 HDR
Montgomery, George 12-15-2000 HDR
Montgomery, Helen Carson 12-22-1999 HDR
Montgomery, J. B. (quarter horse trainer)  08-14-1995 HDR
Montgomery, Johnnie Lee 05-23-1998 HDR
Montgomery, Johnnie Lee 05-25-1998 ONE
Montgomery, Linda Cain  12/24/2005 HDR
Montgomery, Ned A. 10-08-1997 HDR
Montgomery, Nellie Moore  02-05-1997 HDR
Montgomery, Robert Jr. 09-06-2000 HDR
Montgomery, William Glenn 10-25-1999 HDR
Monti, Carlotta (actress) 12-12-1993 HDR
Montoya, Ruby York 03-13-2000 HDR
Montseny, Federica (Spain Gov. Minister) 01-18-1994 HDR
Moody, Austine Williams  11-01-2000 HDR
Moody, Beulah Hazel  05-24-1997 HDR
Moody, Bradley Keith  02-22-2000 HDR
Moody, Frances Johnson 06-21-2000 HDR
Moody, Frances Lamb 01-21-1997 HDR
Moody, Geraldine Cole  12-30-2000 HDR
Moody, Harriet Scroggs 12-18-1999 HDR
Moody, Helen Wills 01-03-1998 HDR
Moody, Hoyle Junior 08-17-1997 HDR
Moody, Ira Lee  5/13/2005 HDR
Moody, Jake O'Connor 2/1/2005 HDR
Moody, Katie Harris 03-16-1996 HDR
Moody, Nickodemus "Nick" 09-16-1994 HDR
Moody, Okie Virginia Watson 06-30-1999 HDR
Moody, Okie Virginia Watson 06-30-1999 ONE
Moody, Ruby Hagie  07-02-2001 HDR
Moody, Sam L.  8/24/2005 HDR
Moody, Tammy Darlene 09-02-1993 HDR
Moody, William S. Dr.  01-17-1996 HDR
Moon, Crystal Lynn (Page 6A) 11-29-1998 HDR
Moon, Sidney Howard   11-01-2002 HDR
Moon, Sidney Howard (Page 1) 11-01-2002 HDR
Moone, Hilda Long  09-30-1996 HDR
Mooney, Billie  9/3/2005 HDR
Mooney, Carl Glenn 11-25-1997 HDR
Mooney, Charles Clay 01-29-2000 HDR
Mooney, Clifton Jerome 02-22-1998 HDR
Mooney, Don Ward  03-08-2002 HDR
Mooney, Dorothy Mae Hunter  06-29-1999 HDR
Mooney, Jeanne P. 02-27-1996 HDR
Mooney, John 07-31-2000 HDR
Mooney, John (former president-Ontario Jockey Club) 12-06-1994 HDR
Mooney, John David Jr. 08-05-1998 HDR
Mooney, Lucille Gant  12-15-1994 HDR
Mooney, Marie Fleming 01-26-1997 HDR
Mooney, Pearl Townsend 07-12-1993 HDR
Mooney, Pearl Townsend  07-13-1993 HDR
Mooney, Susan Kartherine Queen  04-20-1997 HDR
Mooney, Tealer 01-16-1994 HDR
Mooneyham, Leonard Riley  06-12-2001 HDR
Mooneyham, Sadie Laxton  10/7/2005 HDR
Moore,  Andrew Franklin 12-11-1997 ONE
Moore, "Joe" Joel Reid 2/1/2005 HDR
Moore, Alice Lowe Joines 12-11-2001 HDR
Moore, Alta Sullivan 05-24-2001 HDR
Moore, Alvis Edward 05-14-1996 HDR
Moore, Alvis Edward  05-15-1996 HDR
Moore, Ambus  10-04-2001 HDR
Moore, Andrew Franklin  12-11-1997 HDR
Moore, Andrew Taylor  01-13-1995 HDR
Moore, Annie Dula "Lena" 07-30-1998 HDR
Moore, Antoinette Mingus 03-08-1995 HDR
Moore, Antoinette Mingus 03-09-1995 HDR
Moore, Antoino Delane "Tony" 07-17-1996 HDR
Moore, Arlin James 06-03-2000 HDR
Moore, Arlin James 06-01-2000 HDR
Moore, Arlin James  06-01-2000 ONE
Moore, Arthur J. 08-25-1996 HDR
Moore, Austin Keith (infant) 01-25-1996 HDR
Moore, Azalee Abee 7/17/2005 HDR
Moore, Azalee Abee  7/18/2005 ONE
Moore, Beatrice Walker 03-06-1993 HDR
Moore, Beatrice Walker 03-07-1993 HDR
Moore, Berdie Estelle Mull 12-23-1993 HDR
Moore, Betty Lou Campbell  1/16/2005 HDR
Moore, Betty Marie  7/22/2005 HDR
Moore, Beulah Roberts  09-07-1993 HDR
Moore, Bobby Alexander 11-12-1998 HDR
Moore, Bobby Alexander  11-12-1998 ONE
Moore, Bobby Jean Brewer  02-01-2003 HDR
Moore, Bobby Turner Sr. 07-23-1997 HDR
Moore, Bobby Turner Sr. 07-22-1997 ONE
Moore, Bonnie Schism 05-10-2001 HDR
Moore, Brenda C.  09-06-2002 HDR
Moore, Brenda C.  09-07-2002 HDR
Moore, Brenda C.  09-06-2002 ONE
Moore, Brenda Joyce  04-21-2001 HDR
Moore, Brian (soccer commentator) 09-10-2001 HDR
Moore, Calvin Coolidge Sr. 08-22-2003 ONE
Moore, Calvin Coolidge Sr.  08-22-2003 HDR
Moore, Calvin Jean  01-29-2002 HDR
Moore, Carl Calvin Jr. 01-11-1998 HDR
Moore, Carley Cornelius  07-23-1994 HDR
Moore, Caroline  05-01-1995 HDR
Moore, Caroline "Betty" Dula 03-30-1994 HDR
Moore, Caroline Dudley 05-02-1995 HDR
Moore, Carolyn Margaret Davenport  12-04-1998 HDR
Moore, Carolyn Spann Mrs.  08-01-2003 HDR
Moore, Carrie Irene  10-24-1993 HDR
Moore, Carson Melrose  06-13-1999 HDR
Moore, Cathleen Stiles 11-13-1995 ONE
Moore, Cathleen Stiles  11-11-1995 HDR
Moore, Charles  Rhyne 4/8/2005 HDR
Moore, Charles (leading figure in postmodern architecture) 12-17-1993 HDR
Moore, Charles Alexander  10-18-1994 HDR
Moore, Charles Alexander  10-18-1994 ONE
Moore, Charles Dwight 01-09-2002 HDR
Moore, Charles Edward "Charlie" Jr. 1/11/2005 HDR
Moore, Charles Graham 03-22-1998 HDR
Moore, Charles Graham 03-23-1998 ONE
Moore, Charlotte Lucille Huffman 2/8/2005 HDR
Moore, Charlotte Lucille Huffman 2/8/2005 ONE
Moore, Clarence Rayford 6/5/2005 HDR
Moore, Clayton ("The Lone Ranger") 12-30-1999 HDR
Moore, Clayton [The Lone Ranger (TV)] 12-29-1999 ONE
Moore, Clyde David 11-25-2003 HDR
Moore, Clyde Morris Jr.  12-04-1994 HDR
Moore, Coline Powell 09-12-1996 HDR
Moore, Comet Marie  07-18-2002 HDR
Moore, Connie E. Crump 06-21-1999 HDR
Moore, Danny Thomas 01-22-2000 HDR
Moore, David A. 12-02-2001 HDR
Moore, David Franklin 03-30-1998 HDR
Moore, David Jeffrey  05-15-2002 HDR
Moore, Dennis Gerald 5/3/2005 HDR
Moore, Dermont Richmond 06-05-2003 HDR
Moore, Donald Norman Rev.  03-22-2003 HDR
Moore, Doris Cora Elizabeth Locke 7/5/2004 ONE
Moore, Dorothy June Stroud 10-15-1998 HDR
Moore, Dorothy June Stroud 10-15-1998 ONE
Moore, Douglas Berry 08-02-1995 HDR
Moore, Douglas Berry 08-03-1995 HDR
Moore, Dovie Rhyder 06-26-2001 HDR
Moore, Dudley (Page 2)  03-28-2002 ONE
Moore, Earl Carson 02-01-2000 HDR
Moore, Edison Lyerly  05-18-2001 HDR
Moore, Edison Lyerly  05-18-2001 ONE
Moore, Edmund Thomas Jr. 03-15-1994 HDR
Moore, Edmund Thomas Jr. (veteran) 03-16-1994 HDR
Moore, Eleanor Morton  03-20-1996 HDR
Moore, Elizabeth Hair 12/9/2005 HDR
Moore, Ethel  07-09-1993 HDR
Moore, Ethel Adams  07-10-1993 HDR
Moore, Ethel Keener 05-30-1997 ONE
Moore, Ethel Keener  05-30-1997 HDR
Moore, Everett  12-08-2003 HDR
Moore, Everett "Bill"  11-01-2002 HDR
Moore, Faye Hatley  03-22-1999 HDR
Moore, Florence Price 8/27/2005 HDR
Moore, Florinda Benfield 12/24/2005 HDR
Moore, Floyd Lee  12-15-1998 HDR
Moore, Floyd Lee  12-15-1998 ONE
Moore, Frances Galloway 02-21-1994 HDR
Moore, Frank E.  10-09-1996 HDR
Moore, Franklin D. Sr. 11-06-2001 HDR
Moore, G. Truett Jr. 08-26-1994 HDR
Moore, Garry (early TV pioneer) 11-29-1993 ONE
Moore, Gary Vernon 04-11-1999 HDR
Moore, Geoffrey H. 03-16-2000 HDR
Moore, George Anthony 03-02-1997 HDR
Moore, George Charles  07-07-1994 HDR
Moore, George Nelson 07-08-2003 HDR
Moore, George William "Bill" Sr.  8/23/2004 ONE
Moore, Gilbert Page 11-13-2000 HDR
Moore, Gladys Cooksey 04-26-1994 HDR
Moore, Gladys Huffman 2/19/2005 HDR
Moore, Gladys Rebecca 01-29-1996 HDR
Moore, Gladys Rebecca  01-27-1996 HDR
Moore, Granville Smith  07-03-1996 HDR
Moore, Harrison 12-26-1998 HDR
Moore, Harrison Wilson 12-27-1998 HDR
Moore, Hattie 05-18-1995 HDR
Moore, Hattie Vestal Bradshaw  05-19-1995 HDR
Moore, Henry J.  09-25-1998 HDR
Moore, Hessie E.  01-31-1993 HDR
Moore, Howard 01-22-2003 HDR
Moore, Howard (104 yoa) (WW I conscientious objector) 06-09-1993 HDR
Moore, Ida Keller 11-22-1998 HDR
Moore, Ira Otis  11-06-2002 HDR
Moore, Isaac Morrison 06-26-1997 HDR
Moore, Isaac Morrison 06-26-1997 ONE
Moore, Jack Edwin  09-22-1996 HDR
Moore, Jack Edwin Sr. 09-23-1996 HDR
Moore, James "Jim"  12/22/2005 HDR
Moore, James "Jim"  12/27/2005 HDR
Moore, James (Biddy) Treadway 6/16/2005 HDR
Moore, James Dale 09-02-2003 HDR
Moore, James Dudley "J.D." 09-25-1999 HDR
Moore, James Eugene "Brother" 11-09-1995 HDR
Moore, James Gray  04-20-2002 HDR
Moore, James Gray Sr. 04-21-2002 HDR
Moore, James Lee 02-15-2000 HDR
Moore, James Lee  02-15-2000 ONE
Moore, James Trent  03-05-1995 HDR
Moore, James Trent  03-06-1995 ONE
Moore, Jane Christine 06-24-1997 HDR
Moore, Jay Lee 09-28-2002 HDR
Moore, Jeanelle C. 10-23-1999 HDR
Moore, Jessica Hoke 03-20-2000 HDR
Moore, Jessica Hoke  03-20-2000 ONE
Moore, Joel "Joe"  2/1/2005 ONE
Moore, John Alexander Jr. 05-22-1997 HDR
Moore, John James  04-24-1995 HDR
Moore, John Mack 01-16-1999 HDR
Moore, John Peter (close aide to Salvador Dali) 12/29/2005 HDR
Moore, Johnsie Ray Forte  03-30-2003 HDR
Moore, Joseph B. 03-14-1998 HDR
Moore, Joseph Henry 06-20-1999 HDR
Moore, Joseph Henry 06-19-1999 HDR
Moore, Josephine J.  09-30-1993 HDR
Moore, Josephine Julie 10-01-1993 HDR
Moore, Josephine Julie  10-01-1993 ONE
Moore, Josiah (Tohono O'odham Indian leader) 04-21-1993 HDR
Moore, Joyce Grace 12-29-1998 HDR
Moore, Joyce Grace  12-29-1998 ONE
Moore, Julia Mae Hope  11-24-1993 HDR
Moore, Kate 04-03-2002 HDR
Moore, Kathryn Smith  11-07-1994 HDR
Moore, Kathryn Smith  11-07-1994 ONE
Moore, Kelda Crisp 10-24-2000 ONE
Moore, Kelda Crisp  10-24-2000 HDR
Moore, Larson  12-01-2002 HDR
Moore, Larson Hughes  11-30-2002 HDR
Moore, Larson Hughes  12-02-2002 HDR
Moore, Larson Hughes  12-02-2002 ONE
Moore, Lee Franklin 07-13-2001 HDR
Moore, Lee Franklin 07-12-2001 ONE
Moore, Lee Franklin 07-13-2001 ONE
Moore, Lee Llewellyn Sir 05-08-2000 HDR
Moore, Lillian Lambeth 02-22-1993 HDR
Moore, Lillian Lambeth 02-23-1993 HDR
Moore, Lillian Lambeth  02-22-1993 ONE
Moore, Lillian Lambeth  02-23-1993 ONE
Moore, Lillian Martin  03-08-1996 HDR
Moore, Limon Alexander 11-01-1994 ONE
Moore, Limon Alexander 11-02-1994 ONE
Moore, Limon Alexander  11-01-1994 HDR
Moore, Lonnie A. Sr.  12-13-1995 HDR
Moore, Loyd Melvin  07-31-2000 HDR
Moore, Lucy Crutchfield 05-02-2003 HDR
Moore, Mabel Charlotte Thompson 02-10-1996 HDR
Moore, Mable Irene  07-03-1995 HDR
Moore, Mable Oates 10-16-1997 HDR
Moore, Mable Oates 10-15-1997 HDR
Moore, Margaret DeShazo 12-26-2002 ONE
Moore, Margaret DeShazo  12-25-2002 HDR
Moore, Margaret Horton  01-27-1993 HDR
Moore, Marjorie Elaine  05-03-1995 HDR
Moore, Marjorie Elaine  05-04-1995 HDR
Moore, Mary "Liz" 2/4/2005 HDR
Moore, Mary A. 01-20-1995 HDR
Moore, Mary A.  01-22-1995 HDR
Moore, Mary Alice Cansler 05-24-2001 HDR
Moore, Mary Alice Cansler 05-23-2001 ONE
Moore, Mary Alice Cansler  05-24-2001 ONE
Moore, Mary Edward Clement  07-01-1996 HDR
Moore, Mary Estes  10-21-1993 HDR
Moore, Melinda Shae 01-21-1997 HDR
Moore, Melita Garrison 01-28-1998 HDR
Moore, Melita Rose 01-21-1997 HDR
Moore, Mildred C. 08-19-1997 HDR
Moore, Nan Bebber  03-05-1996 HDR
Moore, Nonnie D. 07-03-1998 HDR
Moore, Odell Henry  07-02-1995 HDR
Moore, Olin Wayne  09-17-2002 HDR
Moore, Patricia Ann 11-04-1999 HDR
Moore, Paul  02-13-2001 HDR
Moore, Paul  02-13-2001 ONE
Moore, Paul Edward 03-16-1994 HDR
Moore, Paul Edward 03-17-1994 HDR
Moore, Paul Jr. Bishop (NY) 05-03-2003 HDR
Moore, Pauline  12-03-2002 HDR
Moore, Pearl Blackard  02-13-2001 HDR
Moore, Pleze Mack  07-23-1999 HDR
Moore, Rebecca 04-28-1997 ONE
Moore, Richard Lee 10-01-1996 HDR
Moore, Robert Bruce ("Toilet Paper Bomber")  12-16-1995 HDR
Moore, Robert Hunter ("Mr. Democrat in AL") 08-06-1994 HDR
Moore, Robert Leroy Jr. 07-08-1993 HDR
Moore, Robert Leroy Jr.  07-08-1993 ONE
Moore, Roberta Holsclaw  06-02-1994 HDR
Moore, Roland G.  1/25/2005 HDR
Moore, Ronald 04-19-2001 ONE
Moore, Ronald Lee Sr. 07-11-1994 ONE
Moore, Roy Hardy  08-14-2003 HDR
Moore, Roy Norman 7/17/2005 HDR
Moore, Rufus Hughes  04-15-2003 HDR
Moore, Ruth Estelle 04-15-1997 HDR
Moore, Samuel Homer  03-16-2001 HDR
Moore, Sara "Babe" Etta  2/26/2005 HDR
Moore, Sara "Babe" Etta  2/27/2005 HDR
Moore, Stanley Williams  12-10-1997 HDR
Moore, Steve M. 03-18-1998 HDR
Moore, Stewart Allen 01-29-1999 HDR
Moore, Tamela Crisp  06-13-2002 HDR
Moore, Thomas Delaine “Tom Tom” Jr. 06-18-2002 HDR
Moore, Thomas Douglas 4/9/2005 HDR
Moore, Thomas Russell Jr.  03-28-1993 HDR
Moore, Timothy Wayne  03-22-2001 HDR
Moore, Vanessa Louise (Page 3A) 12-01-1997 HDR
Moore, Verdie Mull  12-21-1993 HDR
Moore, Viola Louise  11-03-1995 HDR
Moore, Virginia Murphy 07-18-2000 HDR
Moore, Walter Alvin  10-07-2002 HDR
Moore, Walter Alvin  10-07-2002 ONE
Moore, Walter Hill  04-05-2003 HDR
Moore, Warner Franklin Jr. 11-02-1998 HDR
Moore, Wayne G. Rev. 10-26-1997 HDR
Moore, Wesley Lee  06-04-1993 ONE
Moore, Willard Stuart  05-13-1994 HDR
Moore, Willard Stuart  (veteran) 05-14-1994 HDR
Moore, William "Bill" Frank 11-18-2003 HDR
Moore, William Spencer  11-22-1993 HDR
Moore, William Thomas 02-28-1998 HDR
Moore, William Thomas 03-02-1998 ONE
Moore, Zenna DeBord  03-27-2002 HDR
Moore, Zula Smith 06-21-2000 HDR
Moorman, Marnel 10-16-1994 HDR
Moormann, Frances A.  05-17-1997 HDR
Moose Philip A. 12-25-2001 HDR
Moose, Albert P.  09-08-2002 HDR
Moose, Albert P.  09-09-2002 ONE
Moose, Albert P.  09-11-2002 ONE
Moose, Aubrey "Pete" 10-14-1998 HDR
Moose, Aubrey "Pete" 10-13-1998 ONE
Moose, Aubrey "Pete" 10-14-1998 ONE
Moose, Aura Lee Bowman  5/13/2004 ONE
Moose, Baxter E.  10-08-2001 ONE
Moose, Baxter Eugene  10-08-2001 HDR
Moose, Betty Huffman 3/3/2005 HDR
Moose, Betty Huffman 3/3/2005 ONE
Moose, Beveridge "Buddy" 06-28-1993 HDR
Moose, Billy "Bill" Thomas  09-11-2003 HDR
Moose, Billy "Bill" Thomas  09-11-2003 ONE
Moose, Billy Eugene 07-04-1998 HDR
Moose, Boyd Edward  06-17-1994 HDR
Moose, Brandon Keith  07-25-1997 ONE
Moose, Brandon Keith (infant) 07-25-1997 HDR
Moose, Carrie Teague 02-01-1999 HDR
Moose, Catherine Louise Jones 05-02-1994 HDR
Moose, Catherine Louise Jones 05-02-1994 ONE
Moose, Earl  03-24-2002 HDR
Moose, Earl Huitt 03-25-2002 ONE
Moose, Earl Huitt  03-25-2002 HDR
Moose, Earl Huitt  03-26-2002 HDR
Moose, Edna Price 07-08-1994 ONE
Moose, Edna Price  07-08-1994 HDR
Moose, Estelle Mauney  07-10-2002 HDR
Moose, Estelle Mauney  07-10-2002 ONE
Moose, Eugene "Gene" Kermit 12-15-2003 HDR
Moose, Eugene "Gene" Kermit 12-15-2003 ONE
Moose, Evelyn Inez  10-06-2002 HDR
Moose, Evelyn Inez  10-07-2002 ONE
Moose, Everett Dixon  09-21-1993 HDR
Moose, Everett Dixon  09-17-1993 ONE
Moose, Everett Dixon  09-21-1993 ONE
Moose, Frances Elizabeth Hall 10-29-2003 HDR
Moose, Frances Elizabeth Hall 10-29-2003 ONE
Moose, Frances H. 10-28-2003 HDR
Moose, Frances H.  10-28-2003 ONE
Moose, Frank E.  03-23-1996 HDR
Moose, George Mack  04-13-1993 HDR
Moose, Georgie Fox 03-28-2000 HDR
Moose, Hazel Martin  11-25-1994 HDR
Moose, Homard Carroll 12-20-2001 HDR
Moose, Homard Carroll  12-20-2001 ONE
Moose, Homard Carroll  12-19-2001 ONE
Moose, Jackson "Jack" Brady 6/12/2005 HDR
Moose, Jackson "Jack" Brady 6/13/2005 HDR
Moose, Jackson "Jack" Brady 6/13/2005 ONE
Moose, James Dewell  04-09-2003 HDR
Moose, James H.  01-29-1993 ONE
Moose, John R.  12-12-2003 HDR
Moose, Joseph "Chuck" 10-17-1997 ONE
Moose, Joseph F. (veteran) 01-11-1994 HDR
Moose, Josephine Sigmon  5/11/2004 ONE
Moose, Katelan Brook 12-17-1999 ONE
Moose, Katelan Brook (infant) 12-17-1999 HDR
Moose, Lloyd Ned 06-20-1995 HDR
Moose, Lona Mae "Toni" Lawing 11-28-2002 HDR
Moose, Lona Mae "Toni" Lawing 11-27-2002 ONE
Moose, Lonnie Thomas "Tom" 04-25-2001 HDR
Moose, Luther Conrad Rev. 03-10-2001 HDR
Moose, Mary Louise Isaac 03-28-1998 HDR
Moose, Mary Louise Isaac 03-27-1998 ONE
Moose, Maureen Hoke Mrs. 12/4/2005 HDR
Moose, Mildred Love 04-18-2001 ONE
Moose, Mildred Love 04-17-2001 ONE
Moose, Mildred Love  04-18-2001 HDR
Moose, Ned L.  06-19-1995 HDR
Moose, Nellie Pearson 09-26-2000 HDR
Moose, Nellie Pearson 09-26-2000 ONE
Moose, Odessa 04-09-1998 HDR
Moose, Paul Edward Rev. 08-08-1996 HDR
Moose, Pauline Page 09-29-2000 ONE
Moose, Philip 12-27-2001 HDR
Moose, Philip (Page 1A) 12-27-2001 HDR
Moose, Philip (Page 7A) 12-27-2001 HDR
Moose, Philip Anthony (Page 1) 12-26-2001 ONE
Moose, Reedy Jordan  06-17-2003 HDR
Moose, Reedy Jordan  06-19-2003 HDR
Moose, Robert E. "Pap" 01-07-2002 ONE
Moose, Robert E. "Pap"  01-06-2002 HDR
Moose, Robert E. "Pap"  01-07-2002 HDR
Moose, Robert Millard "Jack" 04-29-1997 HDR
Moose, Robert Millard "Jack" 04-28-1997 ONE
Moose, Robert Milton 04-11-2002 ONE
Moose, Robert Milton  04-10-2002 ONE
Moose, Roland Durwood Sr. 11-20-1999 HDR
Moose, Roland Durwood Sr. 11-19-1999 ONE
Moose, Sallie Hunsucker 12-08-1997 ONE
Moose, Sallie Hunsucker  12-09-1997 HDR
Moose, Solon  02-28-1993 HDR
Moose, Thomas Luther 03-04-1994 HDR
Moose, Todd D. (Page 1) 10-08-2002 ONE
Moose, Todd Dennis  10-09-2002 HDR
Moose, Todd Dennis  10-08-2002 ONE
Moose, Todd Dennis  10-09-2002 ONE
Moose, Tony Eugene 02-05-2000 HDR
Moose, Tony Eugene  02-04-2000 ONE
Moose, Tony Eugene  02-03-2000 ONE
Moose, Vera Stewart  10-27-1995 HDR
Moose, Virgie Smith 02-08-1998 HDR
Moose, Walter 04-20-1999 ONE
Moose, Watson Elijah 04-21-1999 ONE
Moose, Watson Elijah  04-21-1999 HDR
Moose, Waverly Monroe  11-25-2000 HDR
Morales, Antonio Vaga 04-28-1997 ONE
Morales, Benalde 07-16-1995 HDR
Morales, Benn Colon  07-17-1995 HDR
Morales, Edwin (Page 1) 07-17-1995 ONE
Morales, Mariana  (Page 1) 01-07-1999 ONE
Morales, Mariana Arreola 11-08-1998 HDR
Morales, Mariana Arreola 11-13-1998 HDR
Morales, Mariana Arreola 11-09-1998 ONE
Morales, Mariana Arreola 11-12-1998 ONE
Morales, Robert Devon 09-13-1999 HDR
Morales, Yesneia Rivera  10-04-2000 HDR
Moran, Jose Raul Alonso 07-24-1997 HDR
Moran, Jose Raul Alonso 07-23-1997 ONE
Moran, Jose Raul Alonso (page 3A) 07-21-1997 HDR
Moran, Robin Bolick 03-02-1993 HDR
Moran, Robin Renee Bolick 03-03-1993 HDR
Moran, Thomas J. (former IL chief justice) 09-17-1995 HDR
Morath, Walter (actor) 07-05-1995 HDR
Moree, Vonette Goodwin 05-26-1996 HDR
Morehead, Collin Jay  01-04-2003 HDR
Morehead, F. Curtis Rev. Jr. 01-03-2000 HDR
Morehead, Martha Hines 09-22-1999 HDR
Morehouse,  Joan Anita Medford 12-25-2000 HDR
Moreland, Mark Alan  12-27-2002 HDR
Moreland, Mary Haney 02-16-1994 HDR
Morelli, Frank (president of NY City's largest public employee union) 01-25-1994 HDR
Moreno, Arthur 01-05-1997 HDR
Moreno, Frank Arnold (Page 10A) 11-23-1998 HDR
Moretti, Anthony "Tony" 12-22-2000 ONE
Moretti, Anthony “Tony”  12-23-2000 HDR
Morettie, Linda Margaret Kopenski 6/3/2005 HDR
Moretz Mary Magdalene "Maggie" Simmons 08-12-2001 HDR
Moretz, Alfred 03-09-1996 HDR
Moretz, Alfred 03-08-1996 ONE
Moretz, Alonzo Taylor  10-19-2003 HDR
Moretz, Arlie E. Rev. 09-09-1997 HDR
Moretz, Bessie Bolick  02-23-1993 HDR
Moretz, Blanche  05-12-1997 ONE
Moretz, Blanche Eggers 05-13-1997 HDR
Moretz, Blanche Eggers 05-13-1997 ONE
Moretz, C. Hugh  02-13-2002 HDR
Moretz, C. Hugh (Page 1)  02-13-2002 ONE
Moretz, Charles Aubrey 05-15-2001 ONE
Moretz, Charles Aubrey  05-15-2001 HDR
Moretz, Charles Aubrey  05-16-2001 HDR
Moretz, Charles Hugh  02-12-2002 ONE
Moretz, Claud Melvin 04-12-1994 HDR
Moretz, Claude Melvin 04-11-1994 HDR
Moretz, Clayton Jeff 06-14-1998 HDR
Moretz, Colene Icenhour 10/8/2005 HDR
Moretz, Conrad Clingman 11-11-1994 HDR
Moretz, Daniel Joseph Ginn 11/19/2005 HDR
Moretz, Dorothy Eunice Greer  02-17-2001 HDR
Moretz, Edna Kathleen Sigmon 01-17-1997 HDR
Moretz, Edna Phillips  11-20-1996 HDR
Moretz, Eliza Wagner 04-01-1994 HDR
Moretz, Finley Joe  06-10-2001 HDR
Moretz, Frances Hill 07-07-1997 HDR
Moretz, Frances Hill 07-06-1997 HDR
Moretz, Fred Webster 09-01-1996 HDR
Moretz, Gerald W. Sr. 08-08-2002 HDR
Moretz, Herbert Eugene  2/4/2005 HDR
Moretz, Ila Rose Day 03-28-1998 HDR
Moretz, Jack B.  01-16-2003 HDR
Moretz, Jack B.  01-17-2003 HDR
Moretz, James Atley 06-04-1993 ONE
Moretz, James Atley  06-04-1993 HDR
Moretz, Jesse Millard 03-07-1995 HDR
Moretz, Jesse Millard 03-08-1995 HDR
Moretz, Jesse Millard 03-08-1995 HDR
Moretz, John Allen 01-02-1995 HDR
Moretz, Joshua Tyler  04