La Fontaine, Harry (Danish patriot) 04-29-1994 HDR
LaBaff, Gail Page  Akey 8/20/2004 ONE
Labaume, Irene V.  01-06-1993 HDR
Labaume, Irene V.  01-09-1993 HDR
Labo, Clifford Eugene  08-10-2002 HDR
Labo, Edward Lee  06-21-1999 HDR
LaBord, John Lee (Page 2A) 08-25-1999 HDR
Laborit, Henry (neurobiologist) 05-21-1995 HDR
LaBoy, Kimberly Hensley 04-22-2002 ONE
LaBoy, Kimberly Hensley  04-23-2002 HDR
LaBoy, Kimberly Hensley  04-24-2002 HDR
LaBrecque, Rebecca (pianist) 02-02-1996 HDR
Labrenz, Robert Edward  02-26-2002 HDR
LaBrose, Lilly Cook 5/27/2005 HDR
LaCarter, Sandra Dianne Harper 7/6/2005 HDR
Lacey, John (athlete rehabilitator) 10-10-2003 HDR
Lacey, Robert Herbert 09-03-2000 HDR
Lach, Donald F. 11-10-2000 HDR
Lachmon, Jagernath  10-20-2001 HDR
Lachot, Lula Chapman 11/6/2005 HDR
Lachs, Manfred Judge (longest-serving justice on the World Court) 01-15-1993 HDR
Lack, Ruth Vinn Hendler  11-26-1994 HDR
Lackey,  Harry Herne 06-15-2000 HDR
Lackey, Alyce Strople  03-12-1993 HDR
Lackey, Arthur Thomas 02-11-2001 HDR
Lackey, Arvil Robert 08-03-1996 HDR
Lackey, Atlea Shell 8/18/2004 ONE
Lackey, Atlea Shell 8/20/2004 ONE
Lackey, Avery Bryson II (infant) 04-26-2003 HDR
Lackey, Betty Decker  11-21-1997 HDR
Lackey, Betty White 04-24-2000 HDR
Lackey, Bobby Ray Sr.  11-14-2003 HDR
Lackey, Bobby Sr.  11-14-2003 ONE
Lackey, Clayton Price 01-03-1997 HDR
Lackey, Clayton Price 01-03-1997 ONE
Lackey, Corrie Estelle  10-19-1994 HDR
Lackey, Corrie Estelle Lackey 10-20-1994 HDR
Lackey, Coy Lee  06-25-2002 HDR
Lackey, Craig  05-19-2002 HDR
Lackey, Craig A.  05-20-2002 HDR
Lackey, Dee Mitchell 06-20-2000 HDR
Lackey, Deea Walser 03-30-2000 HDR
Lackey, Dolan Clyde  04-25-1993 HDR
Lackey, Donald Howard 08-18-1997 HDR
Lackey, Donald W. Jr. 11-05-2001 HDR
Lackey, Donald W. Jr. 11-06-2001 HDR
Lackey, Dorothy  01-15-2003 HDR
Lackey, Dorothy Elizabeth 04-14-1998 HDR
Lackey, Edward A. "Dugan"  09-27-2001 HDR
Lackey, Elnora "Malvina" 02-12-1997 HDR
Lackey, Elnora "Malvina" 02-11-1997 ONE
Lackey, Emma Lee Kerley 07-01-1998 HDR
Lackey, Eric George  08-08-2002 HDR
Lackey, Evelyn Melissa 09-20-1994 ONE
Lackey, Evelyn Melissa  09-20-1994 HDR
Lackey, Faye Belle Jolly 02-15-1993 HDR
Lackey, Flossie Stewart 03-10-2000 HDR
Lackey, Frances Darlene Andrew 05-04-1998 HDR
Lackey, Frankie McNeilly  11-10-1995 HDR
Lackey, Fred J. 05-21-2000 HDR
Lackey, Fred J. 05-19-2000 ONE
Lackey, French Conrad 11-15-1998 HDR
Lackey, Garland 08-15-2000 HDR
Lackey, George Oscar 07-12-1999 HDR
Lackey, George Oscar  07-12-1999 ONE
Lackey, Glenn Harold  12-14-1996 HDR
Lackey, Glenn William Sr.  01-10-1998 HDR
Lackey, Grover Junior "Bud"  09-20-1994 HDR
Lackey, Grover Junior "Bud"  09-21-1994 HDR
Lackey, Grover Junior (Bud) 09-20-1994 ONE
Lackey, Herman E. Sr.  12/3/2005 HDR
Lackey, Hill Carter  03-04-2001 HDR
Lackey, Hugh John 04-01-1997 HDR
Lackey, J.C. 04-18-1994 HDR
Lackey, Jack A. 05-29-1999 HDR
Lackey, James Albert "Jack" 11-25-1999 HDR
Lackey, Jane Scott 04-17-1993 HDR
Lackey, Janice Smith  04-13-1996 HDR
Lackey, Janice Smith  04-15-1996 HDR
Lackey, Jefferson "Jeff" Glady  04-01-1997 HDR
Lackey, Joe B. Jr. 4/28/2005 HDR
Lackey, Joe Calvin  03-18-2002 HDR
Lackey, Joe Wilford 05-08-2000 HDR
Lackey, Johana Ann Smith  07-10-2002 HDR
Lackey, Julia Jane 05-29-2003 HDR
Lackey, Kathleen Chester 09-09-2003 HDR
Lackey, Kathryn Payne 01-09-1996 HDR
Lackey, Kathryn Payne 01-10-1996 HDR
Lackey, Kenneth Delbert 10-27-1997 HDR
Lackey, Kenneth Delbert 10-28-1997 ONE
Lackey, Kenneth Delbert 10-27-1997 ONE
Lackey, Kenneth Delbert  10-28-1997 HDR
Lackey, Kenneth Harold 03-12-1999 HDR
Lackey, Larry Caldwell "Grady" 5/5/2005 HDR
Lackey, Lena Lambert  12-02-1995 HDR
Lackey, Linda Gail Hendren  06-16-2001 HDR
Lackey, Linda Jean  04-05-1993 HDR
Lackey, Louise Boyd 11-18-1998 HDR
Lackey, Louise Boyd  11-19-1998 HDR
Lackey, Lucille Crouch 06-21-2000 HDR
Lackey, Mabel Little  01-28-1996 HDR
Lackey, Mabel Little  01-29-1996 HDR
Lackey, Mary Bentley 01-30-1998 HDR
Lackey, Mary Miller  09-07-2002 HDR
Lackey, Mary Sue McAlpin Gant 11/5/2005 HDR
Lackey, Mattie Suddreth  10-26-2001 HDR
Lackey, Maude Pitts  03-03-2003 HDR
Lackey, Melvin "Papa Bear"  05-30-1994 HDR
Lackey, Nellie Melinda 12-23-1998 HDR
Lackey, Patricia Ann 05-02-1994 HDR
Lackey, Patricia Ann Livingston 05-03-1994 HDR
Lackey, Paul Edward 03-31-1999 ONE
Lackey, Paul Edward 04-01-1999 HDR
Lackey, Phil Smith 03-01-1999 HDR
Lackey, Pinckney Lewis 1/27/2005 HDR
Lackey, R. A. 03-13-2000 HDR
Lackey, Robert Cory 12/6/2005 HDR
Lackey, Shasta Virginia Arndt 06-21-1996 ONE
Lackey, Shasta Virginia Arndt  06-22-1996 HDR
Lackey, Shirley Jean Holbrook 09-06-1999 ONE
Lackey, Shirley Jean Holbrook 09-06-1999 HDR
Lackey, Sloan Erastus 11-10-1999 HDR
Lackey, Stella Warren  11-09-1993 HDR
Lackey, Thomas Harlee 05-24-1997 HDR
Lackey, Thomas Herman 06-28-2003 HDR
Lackey, Vivian Ellen Bumgarner 04-18-1998 HDR
Lackey, Vivian Guy "Bill"  02-15-1993 HDR
Lackey, Vivian Guy "Bill"  02-16-1993 HDR
Lackey, Wade W. 10-24-1998 HDR
Lackey, Wade Woodrow 10-25-1998 HDR
Lackey, Walter Alonzo  03-23-2002 HDR
Lackey, Wilhelmina Stacy 09-13-1995 HDR
Lackey, Willa Burrell 06-22-1996 HDR
Lackey, Willa Burrell 06-21-1996 HDR
Lackey, Willean Redmon  01-02-2002 HDR
Lackey, Willean Redmon  01-04-2002 HDR
Lackey, William "Twig" 09-23-1996 ONE
Lackey, William Eugene  02-12-2001 HDR
Lackey, William Glenn "Pinhead" 12-28-1995 HDR
Lackey, William Glenn "Pinhead" (veteran) 12-29-1995 HDR
Lackey, William Paul "Twig" 09-24-1996 HDR
Lackey, William Paul "Twig" 09-24-1996 ONE
Lackey, Zelma Robinette 03-17-1999 HDR
Lackey, Zelma Robinette 03-18-1999 HDR
Lackey, Zetta Elizabeth Clark 11-01-1996 HDR
LaCore, Kathleen Hickey  11-09-1994 HDR
Lacoste, Rene  10-15-1996 HDR
LaCount, Charles Thomas 12-20-1996 ONE
LaCount, Charles Thomas  12-20-1996 HDR
LaCount, Charles Thomas  12-21-1996 HDR
Lacy, Edward Ray  01-21-2001 HDR
Lacy, Sam (sports editor)  05-11-2003 HDR
Ladd, Claude Preston  02-03-1995 HDR
Ladd, David Lowell (Library of Congress) 10-18-1994 HDR
Ladd, Lillian Faye Fulbright 02-26-1999 HDR
Ladner, Ruby Juno King  02-19-2003 HDR
Ladner, Ruby Juno King  02-20-2003 HDR
Lael, Ernest O. 02-25-2002 ONE
Lael, Ernest O.  02-24-2002 HDR
Lael, Kemp Bowles 12-29-1997 ONE
Lael, Kemp Bowles  12-28-1997 HDR
Lael, Willie "Doll" Irene Eckard 07-03-2002 ONE
Lael, Willie "Doll" Irene Eckard 07-04-2002 ONE
Lael, Willie “Doll” Irene Eckard  07-04-2002 HDR
Lafevers, Evelyn Beach "Granny" 06-27-1999 HDR
LaFevers, Harold Alexander 04-01-1996 HDR
LaFevers, James Clifton 5/30/2005 HDR
LaFevers, Julia Powell 03-18-1998 HDR
LaFevers, Roger  06-14-1997 HDR
LaFevers, Ruth Cloaninger 02-17-1997 HDR
Lafferty, Bernard  11-06-1996 HDR
Lafferty, John William Dr.  11-10-2003 HDR
Laffon, Bonnie 02-19-2002 HDR
Laffon, Bonnie  02-18-2002 ONE
Laffon, Bonnie  02-19-2002 ONE
Laffon, Carl Odell 01-15-2000 HDR
Laffon, Carl Odell 01-14-2000 ONE
Laffon, Howard Lafayette Sr. 01-08-2001 ONE
Laffon, Howard Lafayette Sr. 01-06-2001 HDR
Laffon, Mariel Janice Bolin 11/23/2004 ONE
Laffon, Marshall M. "Red" 07-09-2001 ONE
Laffon, Marshall M. "Red" 07-08-2001 HDR
Laffon, Michael Reid Pastor 11/24/2005 HDR
Laffon, Michael Reid Pastor 11/25/2005 HDR
Laffoon, Ada Lindsey 02-15-1993 HDR
LaFon, Everett 06-04-1999 HDR
LaFon, James Rhett  08-25-1993 HDR
LaFon, Ruth Hudson  11-23-2000 HDR
Lafone, Betty Jean 07-23-1998 HDR
LaFone, Dowd McCoy 03-14-1995 ONE
LaFone, Dowd McCoy  03-13-1995 HDR
LaFone, Dowd McCoy  03-14-1995 HDR
Lafone, Edith "Granny"  09-02-2003 ONE
Lafone, Edith "Granny" Hall  09-02-2003 HDR
Lafone, Edith "Granny" Mrs. 09-03-2003 HDR
Lafone, Edna Garrison 02-12-2001 ONE
Lafone, Edna Garrison  02-11-2001 HDR
Lafone, Elsie  02-21-2003 HDR
LaFone, Elsie Punch Herman 02-24-2003 ONE
Lafone, Elsie Punch Herman  02-22-2003 HDR
Lafone, Elsie Punch Herman  02-23-2003 HDR
Lafone, Ernest Edward 11-05-1996 ONE
Lafone, Ernest Edward 11-06-1996 ONE
Lafone, Ernest Edward  11-06-1996 HDR
Lafone, Georgia Thornburg 11-16-1998 ONE
Lafone, Georgia Thornburg 11-14-1998 HDR
Lafone, Helen Geneva 09-06-2000 HDR
Lafone, Helen Geneva 09-06-2000 ONE
Lafone, Herbert Melvin "Hub"  02-22-1993 ONE
Lafone, Herbert Melvin "Hub"  02-21-1993 HDR
Lafone, Hubert C.  10-24-1995 ONE
Lafone, Hubert Carl 10-25-1995 ONE
Lafone, Hubert Carl  10-25-1995 ONE
Lafone, Hubert Carl  10-25-1995 HDR
Lafone, Iva Virginia Arney 02-04-2000 HDR
Lafone, Iva Virginia Arney 02-03-2000 ONE
Lafone, Iva Virginia Arney 02-04-2000 ONE
Lafone, Joe Robert Sr.  09-05-1996 HDR
Lafone, Paul Hugh 04-27-1998 ONE
Lafone, Paul Hugh 04-26-1998 HDR
Lafone, Roy Pinkney 03-18-2000 HDR
Lafone, Ruby Lee Sipe 03-01-1999 ONE
Lafone, Ruby Lee Sipe 02-27-1999 HDR
Lafone, Ruby Lee Sipe 02-28-1999 HDR
LaFone, Vinnie Walls  04-13-1995 HDR
LaFone, Viola Carnett  12-10-2003 HDR
Laforce, Robert B.  03-18-1998 HDR
Lagamba, Rachel Sylvia Landino  4/4/2005 HDR
Lagoya, Alexandre  08-27-1999 HDR
LaGuerre, Lula Erwin 05-22-1999 HDR
LaHaye, Peter 12-15-1999 HDR
Lail, Ada Hollar 01-15-1997 HDR
Lail, Alexander Alston 05-25-1999 HDR
Lail, Alma Inere Propst 12-24-1993 ONE
Lail, Alma Inere Propst  12-24-1993 HDR
Lail, Alvin "Gerald"  5/10/2004 ONE
Lail, Alvin "Gerald"  5/11/2004 ONE
Lail, Anna B.  12-31-2002 HDR
Lail, Annie 8/8/2005 HDR
Lail, Annie 8/8/2005 ONE
Lail, Annie Christine Eckard 05-08-2001 HDR
Lail, Annie Christine Eckard  05-07-2001 ONE
Lail, Annie Hefner 10-29-1996 ONE
Lail, Annie Hefner 10-30-1996 ONE
Lail, Annie Pearl Heffner  10-31-1996 HDR
Lail, Annie Pearl Hefner 10-31-1996 ONE
Lail, Annie Pearl Hefner Heffner 10-30-1996 HDR
Lail, Annie Spencer 07-01-2002 ONE
Lail, Annie Spencer  06-29-2002 HDR
Lail, Arthur Calvin "Shorty" 07-15-2002 ONE
Lail, Arthur Calvin "Shorty" 07-16-2002 ONE
Lail, Arthur Calvin “Shorty”  07-16-2002 HDR
Lail, Arthur McCree  11-21-2003 HDR
Lail, Arthur McCree  11-21-2003 ONE
Lail, Barbara Guiella 09-23-1996 ONE
Lail, Barbara Guiella  09-23-1996 HDR
Lail, Ben Wesley 01-13-1997 HDR
Lail, Ben Wesley 01-13-1997 ONE
Lail, Berlean Belle Cline  02-27-2001 HDR
Lail, Bertie Mae  01-03-2003 HDR
Lail, Bessie Ada  02-09-1996 HDR
Lail, Bette "Mom" 3/3/2004 ONE
Lail, Bette "Mom" 3/4/2004 ONE
Lail, Beulah Mae Miss 5/18/2005 HDR
Lail, Billy Joe  07-11-2003 HDR
Lail, Blake Eugene  08-19-2002 ONE
Lail, Blake Eugene  08-18-2002 HDR
Lail, Bob 12-03-1999 HDR
Lail, Boyd Kenneth Sr. 01-26-2000 HDR
Lail, Brady  03-01-1996 HDR
Lail, Brady Allen  03-02-1996 HDR
Lail, Carrie Belle "Granny" Hefner  02-10-1996 HDR
Lail, Carrie Belle Hefner "Granny" 02-12-1996 ONE
Lail, Carrie Hodge  03-13-2003 HDR
Lail, Carroll (C.W.) Willard  11/19/2005 HDR
Lail, Catherine Bryant  10-03-2002 HDR
Lail, Cecil Vance 01-09-2003 ONE
Lail, Cecil Vance 01-10-2003 ONE
Lail, Cecil Vance  01-10-2003 HDR
Lail, Chad Rance 7/29/2005 HDR
Lail, Charlene Amanda  12-31-1996 HDR
Lail, Charles Eugene 08-30-1996 ONE
Lail, Charles Eugene 09-02-1996 ONE
Lail, Charles Eugene  08-31-1996 HDR
Lail, Charles Eugene  09-01-1996 HDR
Lail, Charles M.  2/26/2005 HDR
Lail, Charles M. "Junior" 2/28/2005 HDR
Lail, Charles M. "Junior" 2/28/2005 ONE
Lail, Charlie 07-09-2000 HDR
Lail, Charlie 07-10-2000 HDR
Lail, Charlie A. 11-23-2001 HDR
Lail, Charlie Forrest 10/28/2005 HDR
Lail, Charlie Forrest  10/27/2005 ONE
Lail, Charlie Forrest  10/28/2005 ONE
Lail, Charlie Montana  10-29-1995 HDR
Lail, Cinderella "Cindy" 4/30/2005 HDR
Lail, Clara Janette "Nett" Lowman 07-04-1998 HDR
Lail, Clifford Eugene 10-14-2003 ONE
Lail, Clifford Eugene  10-14-2003 HDR
Lail, Clifford Ray 03-27-1999 HDR
Lail, Clyde Ray 07-02-1995 HDR
Lail, Clyde W.  02-07-1995 ONE
Lail, Clyde W.  02-07-1995 HDR
Lail, Clyde Wilford 02-08-1995 ONE
Lail, Clyde Wilford  02-08-1995 HDR
Lail, Cora Teague 12-21-1995 HDR
Lail, David Ray "Petie"  04-25-1996 HDR
Lail, Devin Rance 06-26-1997 HDR
Lail, Dewey  11-07-1995 HDR
Lail, Dewey Edward Sr. 11-07-1995 ONE
Lail, Dewey Edward Sr.  11-08-1995 HDR
Lail, Dexter David  07-19-2000 HDR
Lail, Dizie Vener Bradshaw 02-16-1996 HDR
Lail, Dock Henry 12-27-1997 HDR
Lail, Dock Henry 12-29-1997 ONE
Lail, Dock Henry  12-26-1997 HDR
Lail, Dollie Mae Smith 10-05-2003 HDR
Lail, Dollie Mae Smith  10-06-2003 ONE
Lail, Donald Lee 10-09-2001 ONE
Lail, Donald Lee 10-09-2001 HDR
Lail, Donald Lee 10-10-2001 HDR
Lail, Donna Jean Sides 01-23-1998 HDR
Lail, Doreen Matthews 05-20-1999 ONE
Lail, Doreen Matthews 05-20-1999 HDR
Lail, Dorothy  09-07-1993 HDR
Lail, Dorothy Dockery  09-09-1993 HDR
Lail, Dorothy Lowe 09-25-2000 HDR
Lail, Dorothy Lowe 09-26-2000 HDR
Lail, E. Pearl  04-01-2003 HDR
Lail, E. Pearl  04-01-2003 ONE
Lail, Ed Eslie 01-11-1999 ONE
Lail, Ed Eslie  01-09-1999 HDR
Lail, Edward L.C. "Wheat" 03-13-1997 HDR
Lail, Elma Childers  07-22-2001 HDR
Lail, Elsie Bolick  03-16-1993 HDR
Lail, Elsie Bolick  03-17-1993 HDR
Lail, Elsie Pearl 03-31-2003 ONE
Lail, Erma Deal 02-20-1997 HDR
Lail, Erma Deal 02-20-1997 ONE
Lail, Ernest Lloyd 03-20-1996 ONE
Lail, Ernest Lloyd  03-20-1996 HDR
Lail, Ethel Burrus 11-22-1996 ONE
Lail, Ethel Burrus  11-22-1996 HDR
Lail, Ethel Hall 01-05-2000 HDR
Lail, Ethel Hildebran 01-25-1997 HDR
Lail, Etta Louise Harrison 09-13-1999 HDR
Lail, Eva Fowler 3/4/2005 HDR
Lail, Eva Jeanetta Jones  01-04-2003 HDR
Lail, Evoy 03-31-1998 HDR
Lail, Fannie  11-08-1996 HDR
Lail, Fannie Elizabeth Huffman 11-11-1996 ONE
Lail, Fannie Elizabeth Huffman  11-09-1996 HDR
Lail, Floyd Edward  03-19-1993 HDR
Lail, Floyd Everette 03-06-2001 ONE
Lail, Floyd Everette 03-06-2001 HDR
Lail, Foy Roscoe 09-08-1998 HDR
Lail, Frank Ford 01-30-1995 HDR
Lail, Fred R. Sr. 04-05-1999 HDR
Lail, Gaither Lee 05-29-2001 ONE
Lail, Gaither Lee 05-29-2001 HDR
Lail, Gary Wayne 09-07-2001 HDR
Lail, Georgia Jeanette Lutz 07-20-1998 ONE
Lail, Georgia Jeanette Lutz 07-19-1998 HDR
Lail, Gertie Pruitt 06-04-2003 HDR
Lail, Glenda Charlene 09-13-1997 HDR
Lail, Glenda Charles 09-12-1997 HDR
Lail, Glenn Robert 10-25-1999 HDR
Lail, Grace Geraldine Deal 8/22/2005 HDR
Lail, Gracie Sipe  1/12/2004 ONE
Lail, Grady  09-01-1993 HDR
Lail, Grady "Big"  09-02-1993 HDR
Lail, Gwendolyn Novella Ollis 10-16-1996 HDR
Lail, Gwendolyn Novella Ollis 10-15-1996 ONE
Lail, Harley Hugh "Bud" 08-24-1997 HDR
Lail, Harley Hugh "Bud" 08-23-1997 HDR
Lail, Harley Ray  01-06-1993 ONE
Lail, Harley Ray  01-07-1993 ONE
Lail, Harley Ray  01-06-1993 HDR
Lail, Harley Ray  01-07-1993 HDR
Lail, Harold Dannie 10-25-1998 HDR
Lail, Harold Edward 2/18/2005 HDR
Lail, Harold Glenn 07-12-1994 ONE
Lail, Harold Glenn 07-13-1994 ONE
Lail, Harold Glenn  07-12-1994 HDR
Lail, Harold Glenn  07-13-1994 HDR
Lail, Helen S.  4/11/2005 HDR
Lail, Helen S.  4/12/2005 HDR
Lail, Helen S.  4/11/2005 ONE
Lail, Helen S.  4/12/2005 ONE
Lail, Henry Leon 10-30-1998 HDR
Lail, Herbert Hennessee "Hen"  04-17-1993 HDR
Lail, Herbert Lee 02-06-2000 HDR
Lail, Herbert Lee 02-07-2000 ONE
Lail, Horace A. 05-01-1999 HDR
Lail, Horace Ayefield  05-03-1999 ONE
Lail, Horace Ayefield  05-02-1999 HDR
Lail, Hubert Lee 10-27-2000 HDR
Lail, Hubert Lee 10-27-2000 ONE
Lail, Ida Belle 11-25-1994 HDR
Lail, Ira Lindburg 04-07-1998 HDR
Lail, Irene Queen  07-22-2002 HDR
Lail, Ivey  03-22-1993 ONE
Lail, Ivey  03-21-1993 HDR
Lail, Jack Roy 01-06-1999 HDR
Lail, Jacques  09-23-1993 HDR
Lail, Jacques Jack  09-24-1993 HDR
Lail, James Allen 03-07-1994 HDR
Lail, Jeanette Cook  10-01-1999 HDR
Lail, Jerry Eugene 01-11-1999 ONE
Lail, Jerry Eugene 01-11-1999 HDR
Lail, Jerry Lee 12/6/2005 HDR
Lail, Jerry Lee 12/7/2005 HDR
Lail, Jesse Wade 12-14-2001 HDR
Lail, Jimmy Lester 03-28-2000 HDR
Lail, Jimmy Wayne  09-10-2001 ONE
Lail, Jimmy Wayne  09-11-2001 ONE
Lail, Jimmy Wayne  09-11-2001 HDR
Lail, John Raymond 01-10-1996 ONE
Lail, John Raymond  01-09-1996 HDR
Lail, John Raymond  01-07-1996 HDR
Lail, John Thomas 03-29-1998 HDR
Lail, John Thomas 04-02-1998 HDR
Lail, John Thomas  03-31-1998 ONE
Lail, John Thomas  04-01-1998 HDR
Lail, John Willard 06-10-1998 HDR
Lail, Johnnie Henry (veteran) 05-27-1994 HDR
Lail, Joseph Vance Jr. 10-20-1998 HDR
Lail, Joyce Ann Williams Mrs. 2/5/2005 HDR
Lail, Juanita Wanaka Lail 03-17-1999 ONE
Lail, Juanita Wanaka Lail 03-17-1999 HDR
Lail, Julius McKinley 02-24-1997 HDR
Lail, Junie Alma Franklin  10-23-1999 HDR
Lail, Katherine Irene  02-13-1999 HDR
Lail, Katie Lou Winkler  11-20-2000 HDR
Lail, Kemp 12-26-1997 ONE
Lail, Kemp  12-26-1997 HDR
Lail, Kenneth Ray 11-10-2003 HDR
Lail, Kenneth Ray 11-10-2003 ONE
Lail, Leonard Dellano Roosevelt  02-16-1996 HDR
Lail, Lester Junior 11-29-1998 HDR
Lail, Lois Annie Starnes  10/6/2005 HDR
Lail, Lola Aileen Simmons 11-07-2002 HDR
Lail, Lola Wheeler  04-26-2002 ONE
Lail, Lola Wheeler  04-27-2002 HDR
Lail, Lona Watts Mrs. 2/18/2005 HDR
Lail, Lottie Viola Huffman 09-03-1998 ONE
Lail, Lottie Viola Huffman 09-03-1998 HDR
Lail, Louise Jane Lambert  04-19-1996 HDR
Lail, Loy E. Jr. 05-08-2002 ONE
Lail, Loy E. Jr. 05-08-2002 HDR
Lail, Luena Waldrop "Chic" 10/18/2004 ONE
Lail, Mabel Hubbard 11-10-1998 HDR
Lail, Mae Harwell 03-11-1998 HDR
Lail, Maggie Ida Bell Wilhelm  08-20-1993 HDR
Lail, Maggie Idabell Wilhelm  08-20-1993 ONE
Lail, Maggie Idabell Wilhelm  08-21-1993 HDR
Lail, Manley Rosevelt 01-21-1998 HDR
Lail, Martin "Marty" Luther 10-06-2003 ONE
Lail, Martin "Marty" Luther  10-06-2003 HDR
Lail, Mary Carswell 12-07-1996 HDR
Lail, Mary Elizabeth Huffman 9/11/2005 HDR
Lail, Mary Elizabeth Piercy  10-22-2001 HDR
Lail, Mary Florence Barger 05-09-1994 HDR
Lail, Mary Florence Barger 05-10-1994 HDR
Lail, Mary Lou  03-22-1993 HDR
Lail, Mary Lou Starnes 4/18/2005 HDR
Lail, Mattie Saulman Benfield 01-30-1994 HDR
Lail, Melvin Eugene  04-28-1996 HDR
Lail, Merlie Bowman 03-21-2000 HDR
Lail, Merlie Bowman 03-21-2000 ONE
Lail, Merton Dallas 03-20-1996 HDR
Lail, Merton Dallas 03-18-1996 HDR
Lail, Mettie Lee  10/28/2005 ONE
Lail, Mildred Isenhour  10-15-2002 ONE
Lail, Mildred Isenhour  10-15-2002 HDR
Lail, Minnie Estes Stamey 12-04-1998 HDR
Lail, Minnie Stewart 11-02-2001 HDR
Lail, Minnie Stewart  11-02-2001 ONE
Lail, Myrtle Grace Mrs. 11-18-1997 HDR
Lail, Myrtle Hand  08-22-2002 HDR
Lail, Myrtle Hudson  03-10-2002 HDR
Lail, Myrtle Hudson  03-11-2002 HDR
Lail, Nancy Matthews  5/17/2004 ONE
Lail, Ned H.  08-11-1994 HDR
Lail, Nell C.  09-14-1993 HDR
Lail, Nell C.  09-15-1993 HDR
Lail, Nell C. Mrs. 09-15-1993 ONE
Lail, Patricia Ann  08-17-1994 HDR
Lail, Patricia Anne  08-17-1994 ONE
Lail, Paul Adam 04-03-1997 HDR
Lail, Paul Jefferson  12-09-2000 HDR
Lail, Paul Lafayette  03-01-1994 ONE
Lail, Paul Lafayette (veteran) 03-01-1994 HDR
Lail, Pauline Berry  12-13-2003 HDR
Lail, Pearlee Bolick Teague 10-07-2000 HDR
Lail, Pearlee Bolick Teague 10-09-2000 ONE
Lail, Peggy Lavone  12-28-1994 HDR
Lail, Peggy Page 06-13-2000 HDR
Lail, Percy Owens  01-30-2000 HDR
Lail, Perry Frank 05-08-1998 HDR
Lail, Perry Ivo 05-08-1995 ONE
Lail, Perry Ivo  05-08-1995 HDR
Lail, R. K. 05-24-1996 HDR
Lail, Ralph Eston  08-06-2003 HDR
Lail, Ralph Eston  08-07-2003 HDR
Lail, Ralph Eston  08-04-2003 ONE
Lail, Ralph Eston  08-06-2003 ONE
Lail, Ralph Lenoir  07-31-1995 HDR
Lail, Randy Dean  12-06-2003 HDR
Lail, Ray 05-04-1997 HDR
Lail, Ray Finley 12/2/2005 HDR
Lail, Ray Junior 07-10-2002 ONE
Lail, Ray Junior  07-10-2002 HDR
Lail, Ray Lynn 03-12-1999 HDR
Lail, Ray Thurston  11-30-2002 HDR
Lail, Ray Thurston  12-01-2002 HDR
Lail, Rex Sherman  07-04-1996 HDR
Lail, Rex Sherman  07-02-1996 HDR
Lail, Roger Oliver 10-13-2003 HDR
Lail, Roger Oliver 10-13-2003 ONE
Lail, Roy Cleaburn  10-30-2002 HDR
Lail, Ruby Mae 02-09-2000 HDR
Lail, Ruby Mae  02-09-2000 ONE
Lail, Rupert Carroll Sr. 06-17-1996 HDR
Lail, Rupert Carroll Sr. 06-26-1996 HDR
Lail, Russell  02-15-1995 HDR
Lail, Ruth C. 05-11-1999 HDR
Lail, Ruth Ellen Davis 03-27-2001 ONE
Lail, Ruth Ellen Davis  03-27-2001 HDR
Lail, Ruth Jarrett 07-18-2001 ONE
Lail, Ruth Jarrett 07-19-2001 ONE
Lail, Ruth Jarrett  07-19-2001 HDR
Lail, Samuel Preston "Sam" 09-05-1999 HDR
Lail, Sandra Edith 4/5/2005 HDR
Lail, Sarah Faye Killian 02-03-1993 HDR
Lail, Sarah Faye Killian 02-04-1993 HDR
Lail, Sarah Faye Killian  02-04-1993 ONE
Lail, Sarah Sims  7/15/2005 HDR
Lail, Sarah Sims  7/15/2005 ONE
Lail, Shirley Bobbit 12-30-1998 ONE
Lail, Shirley Bobbit 12-30-1998 HDR
Lail, Steve 02-20-1998 ONE
Lail, Sude "Tine" Pope 09-09-2002 ONE
Lail, Sudie “Tine” Pope  09-09-2002 HDR
Lail, Ted Junior 07-11-1994 HDR
Lail, Ted Junior 07-12-1994 HDR
Lail, Terry Lee Jr.  01-20-1993 HDR
Lail, Terry Lee Jr.  01-21-1993 HDR
Lail, Thelma Lowman  07-08-2002 HDR
Lail, Thomas K.  10-27-1994 HDR
Lail, Thomas Klutz  10-27-1994 ONE
Lail, Tony Cleve  03-04-2002 HDR
Lail, Troy Henry  03-27-2002 ONE
Lail, Troy Henry  03-27-2002 HDR
Lail, Verna Lee 02-01-2001 HDR
Lail, Viola McGalliard 01-09-1997 HDR
Lail, Viola McGalliard 01-09-1997 ONE
Lail, Violet "Teep" 3/10/2005 HDR
Lail, Walter James 01-30-2000 HDR
Lail, Wanda K.  02-27-2002 HDR
Lail, Warren G.  01-09-2003 HDR
Lail, Warren G.  01-10-2003 HDR
Lail, Warren G.  01-09-2003 ONE
Lail, Willard L. 02-08-1999 ONE
Lail, Willard L. 02-07-1999 HDR
Lail, Willard Odell 06-19-2001 ONE
Lail, Willard Odell 06-19-2001 HDR
Lail, Willard Theodore 07-19-1999 ONE
Lail, Willard Theodore 07-17-1999 HDR
Lail, Willard Theodore 07-18-1999 HDR
Lail, William "Bill" 02-12-1998 HDR
Lail, William David 08-24-2001 ONE
Lail, William David 08-28-2001 HDR
Lail, William David  08-24-2001 HDR
Lail, William G. 8/15/2005 HDR
Lail, William Glenn 8/16/2005 HDR
Lail, William Steve 02-18-1998 ONE
Lail, William Steve 02-18-1998 HDR
Lail, William Steve 02-19-1998 HDR
Lail, Willie Albert "Wick" 09-19-1999 HDR
Lail, Winfred Ray 03-09-1998 ONE
Lail, Winfred Ray 03-07-1998 HDR
Lail, Zeb Perry  08-15-1996 HDR
Lail, Zelma Cline 10/7/2005 HDR
Lail, Zelma Cline 10/8/2005 HDR
Lail, Zinnie Eugene  01-20-1996 HDR
Lail, Zinnie Eugene "Gene" 01-21-1996 HDR
Lake, John B. "Jack" 01-19-2000 HDR
Lake, Patricia VanCleve 10-15-1993 HDR
Lake, Thomas H. 10-14-1999 HDR
Laker, Timothy (Page 1A) 06-07-2001 HDR
Lakey, Birdell Johnson 09-22-1999 ONE
Lakey, Birdell Johnson 09-23-1999 HDR
Lakey, Florence Elizabeth Chambers (103 yoa) 10-29-2003 HDR
Lakey, Florence Elizabeth Chambers (103 yoa) 10-30-2003 HDR
Lakey, Horace Clifford 03-09-1993 HDR
Lakey, Luther Mailon "Pine Bark" 05-31-1997 HDR
Lakey, William Marion  04-02-1995 HDR
Lakey, William Marion  04-04-1995 HDR
Lal, Devi 04-08-2001 HDR
Lalley, Phillip Anthony  05-09-2003 HDR
Lam, Thanh Phuoc 11-18-1998 HDR
Lamance, Irene J.  08-21-2002 ONE
LaMance, Irene J.  08-30-2002 ONE
Lamance, Irene J.  08-22-2002 HDR
LaMance, Irene J.  08-31-2002 HDR
Lamar, Tony Senior Airman (Page 2) 09-11-2001 ONE
Lamarr, Hedy 01-20-2000 HDR
Lamarr, Hedy 01-20-2000 ONE
Lamb, Casey Marie  03-18-2002 ONE
Lamb, Casey Marie  03-19-2002 ONE
Lamb, Casey Marie  03-19-2002 HDR
Lamb, George Charles Jr. 04-13-2001 HDR
Lamb, John Ivey  4/5/2004 ONE
Lamb, Joseph Edward "Joe" 11-20-1994 HDR
Lamb, Joseph Edward "Joe"  11-21-1994 ONE
Lamb, Marie Helms  01-30-1999 HDR
Lambert, Albert Lee 08-15-2003 HDR
Lambert, Alexander Cole (infant) 11-09-1995 HDR
Lambert, Allen 1/15/2005 HDR
Lambert, Atha Wakefield 5/18/2005 HDR
Lambert, Atha Wakefield Mrs. 5/19/2005 HDR
Lambert, Billie Lee 9/3/2004 ONE
Lambert, Bobby 01-08-2000 HDR
Lambert, Carrie Lee Grant 08-29-1996 ONE
Lambert, Carrie Lee Grant  08-30-1996 HDR
Lambert, Clyde O'Merle "Jack"  05-19-1995 HDR
Lambert, Cora Lucy Mikeal 12-27-1993 HDR
Lambert, David Edgar  06-12-1997 HDR
Lambert, Della Espie  12-23-1993 ONE
Lambert, Della Espie  12-23-1993 HDR
Lambert, Earl Abee  11-30-1994 HDR
Lambert, Edward C. 07-28-1999 HDR
Lambert, Eleanor (100 yoa) (publicist--NY) 10-08-2003 HDR
Lambert, Garland Carl Jr. 03-26-2003 HDR
Lambert, Gavin (writer-Hollywood historian) 7/22/2005 HDR
Lambert, Jimmie L. 02-22-2001 HDR
Lambert, John Frank (Bob) 02-12-1996 HDR
Lambert, John Thomas 03-01-2000 HDR
Lambert, Jordan Bennett 10-28-2002 HDR
Lambert, Jordan Bennett (farmer) 11-04-2002 HDR
Lambert, Kathleen Chenault  10-12-1996 HDR
Lambert, Katie  08-25-1993 HDR
Lambert, Katie C. 08-26-1993 HDR
Lambert, Malva Halata Triplette  01-05-2003 HDR
Lambert, Margaret C. Dellinger 08-08-1999 HDR
Lambert, Margaret C. Dellinger  (Page 3) 08-09-1999 ONE
Lambert, Mark Ellis  04-19-2002 HDR
Lambert, Michael Lynn  03-23-1995 HDR
Lambert, Milford  10-09-2000 HDR
Lambert, Millard 2/13/2005 HDR
Lambert, Molly Nichole (infant) 10-07-1997 HDR
Lambert, Paul (actor) 05-05-1997 HDR
Lambert, Paul (actor) 05-10-1997 HDR
Lambert, Paul Henry 02-07-1997 HDR
Lambert, Peggy Sue  02-22-2001 HDR
Lambert, Raymond 02-27-1997 HDR
Lambert, Ronda 03-24-2002 HDR
Lambert, Russell Thomas  10-29-1997 HDR
Lambert, Samuel Webster 06-04-1998 HDR
Lambert, Silas George "Bill" 12-13-1996 HDR
Lambert, Silas George "Bill" 12-13-1996 ONE
Lambert, Telitha Rebecca Sherrill 12-15-2003 ONE
Lambert, Telitha Rebecca Sherrill Mrs.  12-14-2003 HDR
Lambert, Tessie Geneva  05-29-1994 HDR
Lambert, Thomas Francis Jr. 01-04-2000 HDR
Lambert, William 02-10-1998 HDR
Lambert, William Lee 08-31-1998 HDR
Lamberth, Beulah Pansy Green 04-09-1999 HDR
Lamberth, Everette Carl 02-02-1999 ONE
Lamberth, Everette Carl 02-03-1999 ONE
Lamberth, Everette Carl 02-03-1999 HDR
Lamberth, Lillian Marie  9/18/2005 HDR
Lamberth, Robenia "Robin" Annas  12-10-1995 HDR
Lamberth, Sadie Leona  8/9/2005 HDR
Lamberth, Standford Lowell Jr. 09-17-2001 HDR
Lamberton, Sallie Holloway 01-25-1995 HDR
Lambeth, Carolyn Kibler  09-14-2002 HDR
Lambeth, Clarence Eugene (co-founder Carolina Springs) 04-20-1994 HDR
Lambeth, Donald Collins Jr.  09-17-1995 HDR
Lambeth, Larry Lynn 10/20/2005 HDR
Lambeth, Larry Lynn 10/20/2005 ONE
Lambirth, Henry Junior 10-19-2000 HDR
Lamkin, James Archie  05-26-1993 HDR
Lamkin, Ruby Kent 1/24/2005 HDR
Lamkin, Ruby Kent 1/25/2005 HDR
Lamm, Herta Schneider Mrs.  03-15-2003 HDR
Lammers, William Webster (professor) 10-15-1997 HDR
Lamonds, John Daniel Clayton  06-14-1995 HDR
Lamont, Charles (director) 09-13-1993 HDR
Lamoreaux, Marcus Franklin "Mark" Sr.  10-29-1994 HDR
LaMott, Nancy 12-17-1995 HDR
LaMotta, Vicki 2/3/2005 HDR
Lamotte, Audrey (Page 3A) 02-24-1997 HDR
Lamotte, Isabelle (Page 3A) 02-24-1997 HDR
Lampe, Joseph Willard  11-21-1994 HDR
Lampe, Joseph Williard  11-22-1994 ONE
Lampe, Millicent M. 01-12-1996 ONE
Lampe, Millicent M.  01-13-1996 HDR
Lampert, Darrell “Chief" B. 10-23-2000 HDR
Lamprecht, Edwin Brenton 08-04-1995 ONE
Lamprecht, Edwin Brenton 08-03-1995 HDR
Lamprecht, Edwin Brenton 08-04-1995 HDR
Lamprecht, Edwin Brenton  08-03-1995 ONE
Lampson, E.W. "Ab" 10-10-1997 HDR
Lampson, James Richard Sr.  06-26-2003 HDR
Lancaster, Burt  10-22-1994 HDR
Lancaster, Clyde 12-30-1993 ONE
Lancaster, Clyde Elsworth 01-22-1998 HDR
Lancaster, John Landrum  1/14/2004 ONE
Lancaster, John Wayne  06-04-2002 HDR
Lance, Terry Joe  04-01-1999 HDR
Land, Bernice Rector  09-03-2002 HDR
Land, David Albert 06-25-1997 HDR
Land, George "First Officer "  (Page 2A) 02-18-2000 HDR
Land, Harold Eugene Sr.  4/24/2005 HDR
Land, Katherine Louise  06-14-1999 HDR
Land, Malta Grace  09-25-1995 HDR
Land, Malta Grace  09-26-1995 HDR
Land, Myrick 03-30-1998 HDR
Land, Robert Lee  11-18-2000 HDR
Land, Shirley Ann Brown  09-10-1997 HDR
Land, Thelma Lefevers  02-09-2002 HDR
Land, Thomas G. Sr.  10-10-1995 HDR
Land, Thomas G. Sr.  10-11-1995 HDR
Land, Wanda Rachel Thompson 7/9/2005 HDR
Land, William A.  05-29-2002 HDR
Land, William Adam  10-04-1993 HDR
Landaas, LeRoy  01-10-2001 HDR
Landau, Abraham  01-15-2000 HDR
Landau, Ely A. (producer) 11-08-1993 HDR
Landauer, Rolf W. 05-04-1999 HDR
Landeck, Robert L. Rev. 08-02-1994 ONE
Landeck, Robert L. Rev. 08-02-1994 HDR
Lander, Judith D.  01-15-2003 HDR
Lander, Odessa Gibbs 02-20-1999 HDR
Lander, Tench Carson 09-27-1999 HDR
Landers, Vera  11-10-1997 HDR
Landers, Vera Catherine 11-11-1997 ONE
Landers, Vera Catherine  11-11-1997 HDR
Landis, Bobbie Crouch 07-29-1998 HDR
Landis, C. Eugene "Gene" Jr. 04-14-2000 HDR
Landis, C. Eugene Jr. "Gene" 04-14-2000 ONE
Landis, Carl Eugene Jr. "Gene" 04-13-2000 ONE
Landis, Ned Wilson Jr. 11-13-2002 HDR
Landis, Robert "Bob" Franklin 04-07-2003 ONE
Landis, Robert "Bob" Franklin  04-07-2003 HDR
Landis, Robert “Bob” Franklin  04-08-2003 HDR
Landis, Ruby Elizabeth Shaw 09-06-1993 HDR
Landis, Ruby Elizabeth Shaw  09-07-1993 ONE
Landis, Ruby Elizabeth Shaw  09-07-1993 HDR
Landis, Virginia "Jean" McConnell 07-20-2003 HDR
Landon, Margaret (author - "Anna and the King of Siam") 12-06-1993 HDR
Landris, Thomas  (Page 12A) 11-16-2001 HDR
Landry, Gordon A. 11-30-1997 HDR
Landry, Peggy A. (television network manager) 07-02-1993 HDR
Landsberg, Nate 11-27-2001 HDR
Lane Fred (Page 5A) 12-10-2001 HDR
Lane, Addie Christine 5/18/2005 HDR
Lane, Bass Loggins 05-16-2002 ONE
Lane, Bernard Bell 02-16-2001 HDR
Lane, Bess Loggins  05-17-2002 HDR
Lane, Bobbie Turner 07-31-2000 ONE
Lane, Carol Jack 04-03-2000 HDR
Lane, Charles  05-05-1995 HDR
Lane, Charles Neale  05-06-1995 HDR
Lane, Christopher Aaron 07-28-1999 HDR
Lane, Dale Anthony  09-07-1997 HDR
Lane, David Rocky  08-23-1995 HDR
Lane, Delilah Butler 05-04-2003 HDR
Lane, Dixie B.  03-13-2002 HDR
Lane, Earl Jr.  11-30-1993 HDR
Lane, Earl Thomas  11-13-2002 HDR
Lane, Edward A. (photographer--atomic bomb tests Bikini Atoll 1946) 1/26/2004 ONE
Lane, Edward Benson Sr.  01-17-2003 HDR
Lane, Erica Denise 5/1/2005 HDR
Lane, Erica Denise  5/2/2005 ONE
Lane, Flossie Millsap  09-28-1994 HDR
Lane, Flossie Millsap  09-29-1994 HDR
Lane, Frederick "Fred"  10-28-2002 HDR
Lane, Frederick "Fred" Gray 10-29-2002 HDR
Lane, Gene 04-06-1997 HDR
Lane, Gladys Garrison Mrs. 7/4/2005 HDR
Lane, Glenn  01-12-1999 HDR
Lane, Grover Lee 9/18/2005 HDR
Lane, Harley Jr.  5/10/2004 ONE
Lane, Helen Hogan 10-11-1993 HDR
Lane, Henrietta "Hank" 08-16-1997 HDR
Lane, Henrietta "Hank" Wolfschlag 08-17-1997 HDR
Lane, Hester Mae Bollinger 01-04-1996 HDR
Lane, Howard D. 04-14-1999 HDR
Lane, J. Randall Sr. 08-30-1993 HDR
Lane, James Edward 05-10-2001 ONE
Lane, James Edward  05-10-2001 HDR
Lane, James Paul 12-01-1999 ONE
Lane, James Paul 12-01-1999 HDR
Lane, James Raymond 07-05-1999 HDR
Lane, Jesse Daniel  06-08-1993 HDR
Lane, Jimmy Blake  11-11-1996 HDR
Lane, Lillie Branch  08-26-2002 ONE
Lane, Lillie Branch  08-25-2002 HDR
Lane, Louise Wyatt  04-25-2001 HDR
Lane, Lucy Smith 06-02-2000 HDR
Lane, Luke  08-13-2001 HDR
Lane, Margaret Evelyn  12-07-1996 HDR
Lane, Mark C. 08-06-1998 HDR
Lane, Mary Jo Roper 10-23-1997 HDR
Lane, Mary Wilson 06-03-1999 HDR
Lane, Newland (retired Navy) 05-04-1994 HDR
Lane, Paul Allen "Pete" 07-03-1998 HDR
Lane, Paul Allen (Pete) 07-03-1998 ONE
Lane, Pauline Hollar 01-06-2002 HDR
Lane, Pauline Hollar  01-07-2002 HDR
Lane, Ray Autry  08-09-2001 HDR
Lane, Richard Allen 01-04-1994 ONE
Lane, Richard Allen 01-04-1994 HDR
Lane, Richard Allen 01-05-1994 HDR
Lane, Robert W. 06-29-2000 HDR
Lane, Roy "Spurg"  09-30-2001 HDR
Lane, Ruth Elizabeth Fisher  07-30-2002 HDR
Lane, Silas Erskin  3/12/2005 HDR
Lane, Silas Erskin  3/13/2005 HDR
Lane, Silas Erskin  3/14/2005 ONE
Lane, Steve  01-03-2002 HDR
Lane, Thomas H. "Tommie" 08-26-2003 HDR
Lane, Virginia Cottrell 06-25-1999 HDR
Lane, Willard Arnold  12/15/2004 ONE
Lane, William H. Jr.  07-18-1995 HDR
Laney Ward  02-15-2001 HDR
Laney, Alice Faye Lunsford 02-12-2003 ONE
Laney, Alice Faye Lunsford  02-12-2003 HDR
Laney, Barton Blaine  10-27-1994 HDR
Laney, Calvin Theodore  11/22/2004 ONE
Laney, Carolyn Younce  10-24-1994 HDR
Laney, Clyde W.  7/20/2005 HDR
Laney, Clyde W.  7/21/2005 HDR
Laney, Eddie Lee 7/16/2005 HDR
Laney, Ethel Poovey 06-06-1994 ONE
Laney, Ethel Poovey  06-04-1994 HDR
Laney, Frank David 10-09-1996 ONE
Laney, Frank David 10-10-1996 ONE
Laney, Frank David  10-11-1996 HDR
Laney, Frank David  10-10-1996 HDR
Laney, George Washington  09-17-1997 HDR
Laney, Gladys Bentley 01-27-1997 HDR
Laney, Gladys Bentley 01-26-1997 HDR
Laney, Iris Mae Johnston 10-31-1998 HDR
Laney, James William "Bud" 11-09-1998 HDR
Laney, Janie Reid Lineberger 12/24/2005 HDR
Laney, Janie Reid Lineberger 12/27/2005 ONE
Laney, John Clifford 11-29-1995 HDR
Laney, John Clifford 11-30-1995 HDR
Laney, John Westley  09-06-1997 HDR
Laney, Laura Janet 04-27-1993 HDR
Laney, Laura Janet  04-27-1993 ONE
Laney, Lewis Paul 08-06-2001 ONE
Laney, Lewis Paul 08-06-2001 HDR
Laney, Lewis Paul  08-05-2001 HDR
Laney, Linda Oxford  05-06-1994 HDR
Laney, Lois Frye 01-03-2002 ONE
Laney, Lois Frye 01-03-2002 HDR
Laney, Lois Frye  01-02-2002 ONE
Laney, Margaret Herman  6/11/2004 ONE
Laney, Margaret Herman  6/14/2004 ONE
Laney, Mary Lou Moretz 03-28-1995 HDR
Laney, Mary Lou Moretz  03-29-1995 HDR
Laney, Mattie Lee Hovis 06-07-1999 ONE
Laney, Mattie Lee Hovis 06-07-1999 HDR
Laney, Minnie Sherrill 09-29-2001 HDR
Laney, Nellie Suevenna Schronce 01-03-2000 HDR
Laney, Patty  8/25/2004 ONE
Laney, Patty Daine  8/26/2004 ONE
Laney, Pearl Lackey 12-25-1998 HDR
Laney, Pritchard "Pete" 10-29-1997 HDR
Laney, Pritchard "Pete" 10-28-1997 ONE
Laney, Ralph Beach 10-11-2003 HDR
Laney, Rowe "Lamar" 11-12-2002 HDR
Laney, Rowe "Lamar"  11-12-2002 ONE
Laney, Rowe Lamar  11-11-2002 ONE
Laney, Sarah Elizabeth "Lib" Haas 05-17-2001 HDR
Laney, Ward 02-15-2001 ONE
Laney, Ward 02-14-2001 ONE
Laney, William H. "Bill" 06-20-1996 HDR
Laney, William Haston 2/28/2005 HDR
Laney, William Haston 2/28/2005 ONE
Laney, Wilma Beach  01-08-2000 HDR
Lanford, Leon Mason 05-28-1996 ONE
Lanford, Leon Mason  05-28-1996 HDR
Lang, Charles J. "Chick" Jr. (horse track manager) 10-15-1994 HDR
Lang, Flossye Adams 04-27-1995 HDR
Lang, Flossye Reynolds Adams 04-26-1995 HDR
Lang, Flossye Reynolds Adams  04-27-1995 ONE
Lang, Herman Emile 02-05-2000 HDR
Lang, Herman Emile 02-07-2000 ONE
Lang, Jennings (producer) 05-31-1996 HDR
Lang, Serge 11-24-1999 HDR
Langbein, Hermann (author & Holocaust survivor)  10-28-1995 HDR
Lange, David (former New Zealand prime minister) 8/15/2005 HDR
Lange, Ed (activist) 05-10-1995 HDR
Lange, Hope (actress) 12-22-2003 HDR
Langford, Frances (singer) 7/12/2005 HDR
Langley, Robert Matthew 06-29-1998 ONE
Langley, Robert Matthew 06-27-1998 HDR
Langley, Samatha Jo Freeman 10-29-1998 HDR
Langley, Shirley Beard 02-27-2001 ONE
Langley, Shirley Beard 02-28-2001 HDR
Langston, Dwight Alexander 10-12-1993 ONE
Langston, Dwight Alexander  10-12-1993 HDR
Langton, David (actor) 04-30-1994 HDR
Lanier, Benjamin "Benji" Ray 01-17-2002 ONE
Lanier, Benjamin "Benji" Ray  01-18-2002 HDR
Lanier, Benjamin "Benji" Ray (Page 1)  01-17-2002 HDR
Lanier, Benjamin Ray (page 1) 01-17-2002 ONE
Lanier, Elise Montgomery Crawford McGimsey  02-20-2003 HDR
Lanier, George Packard  07-08-1995 HDR
Lanier, Lettie Irene Denton 10-16-2002 ONE
Lanier, Lettie Irene Denton  10-17-2002 HDR
Lanier, Lois Addie Punch 01-05-2000 HDR
Lanier, Nora Gertrude 09-02-1999 HDR
Lanier, Randall Edwin  10-28-1993 HDR
Lanier, Ruth Pitts 04-09-1996 HDR
Lanier, Sarah Alice  11-29-2003 HDR
Lanis, Marian C.  03-08-1993 HDR
Lankard, Frederick W. III 06-16-1996 HDR
Lankford, Edna Shuford 12-05-2000 ONE
Lankford, Joanie Ruth  04-13-1997 HDR
Lankford, Linda Reep  12-23-1993 ONE
Lankford, Linda Reep  12-23-1993 HDR
Lankford, Sherley C. "Pop"  06-29-1993 HDR
Lankin, James Archie 05-25-1993 HDR
Lanning, Doris Hartley  01-14-2002 ONE
Lanning, Doris Hartley  01-13-2002 HDR
Lanning, Foye Folden 10/3/2005 HDR
Lanning, Grace  05-04-2000 HDR
Lanning, Robert Eugene 10-20-1998 ONE
Lanning, Robert Eugene 10-20-1998 HDR
Lanning, Robert Eugene 10-22-1998 HDR
Lansky, Thelma "Teddy" 05-23-1997 HDR
Lanteau, William (actor) 11-05-1993 HDR
Lantz, Elizabeth Stewart "Betty" 02-24-2000 HDR
Lantz, Walter (animator--Woody Woodpecker) 03-23-1994 ONE
Lantz, Walter (creator of Woody Woodpecker) 03-23-1994 HDR
Lanzorotto, Tressie Lee 11/21/2005 HDR
LaPage, David Gary Cook 05-03-1994 ONE
LaPage, David Gary Cook (veteran) 05-03-1994 HDR
Lapham, Robert J.  06-14-1999 HDR
Lapin, Aaron "Bunny" (Redi-whip) 07-18-1999 HDR
Lapin, Louise Gibbs  10/6/2005 HDR
LaPointe, Daryl  05-24-1999 HDR
Lapp, Beverly Joan Bockhop  07-31-2000 HDR
Lappin, Harold V. (editor) 10-27-1993 HDR
Lappin, Mildred P. “Midge”  09-27-2002 HDR
Lapping, Edward C. (editor) 09-19-1993 HDR
Larason, James R. 01-07-1997 HDR
Larason, James R.  12-29-1996 HDR
Larason, James R.  12-30-1996 HDR
Larew, Marion Dale Rev. 05-25-1993 HDR
Larew, Marion Dale Rev. 05-26-1993 HDR
Large, David W. 12-29-2000 HDR
Largent, Charles Nelson  06-09-2001 HDR
Largent, Cicely Darcel  03-26-2002 HDR
Largent, Dock Herman  05-17-2002 HDR
Largent, Inez 11-06-1998 HDR
Largent, Mildred Hattie Cleo O'Neil 02-17-1997 HDR
Largent, Ted "Teddy Boy" 07-16-1999 HDR
Largent, Vonetta E. Logan  02-04-1993 HDR
Largent, Willie  04-10-2001 HDR
Larkin, "Scatman John" 12-09-1999 HDR
Larkin, Anatoly (researcher) 8/14/2005 HDR
LaRocque, Francis B.  06-20-1993 HDR
Larson, Jonathan  01-26-1996 ONE
Larson, Marjorie Burns 3/10/2005 HDR
Larson, Marjorie Burns 3/11/2005 HDR
Larson, Marjorie Burns  3/11/2005 ONE
Larson, Wilma Katherine  08-29-2003 HDR
Larson, Wilma Katherine  08-29-2003 ONE
Larson, Wilma Katherine Herrmann 08-28-2003 HDR
Larson, Wilma Katherine Herrmann 08-28-2003 ONE
LaRue, Lash  05-30-1996 ONE
Larue, Tasha 08-09-1999 HDR
Lary, Rosa Bell 09-13-2003 HDR
Lash, Don (Olympic distance runner) 09-21-1994 HDR
Lasher, Terry Albert 03-15-1993 ONE
Lasher, Terry Albert 03-16-1993 ONE
Lasher, Terry Albert 03-13-1993 HDR
Lasher, Terry E.  03-12-1993 ONE
Lasher, Terry E.  03-12-1993 HDR
Lashmit, Virginia Moore 11-15-2001 HDR
Lasker, Mary Woodard (medical research promoter) 02-23-1994 HDR
Lasko, Peter (art administrator)  06-01-2003 HDR
Lasley, John Hodges  09-13-2002 HDR
Lasley, Ruby H.  03-04-2002 ONE
Lasley, Ruby Hodges  03-04-2002 HDR
Lassen, Clyde E. (Naval aviator--Medal of Honor) 04-06-1994 HDR
Lasser, David 05-08-1996 HDR
Lassiter, Grace Clark Mack  01-31-2002 HDR
Laster, Hazel Lucille McCarson 12-29-1999 HDR
Laster, Winfred 05-04-2000 HDR
Laswell, Butch  (Page 8A) 03-12-1996 HDR
Latford, Bob (NASCAR's unofficial historian) 07-24-2003 ONE
Lathan, William Henry (Bill) 12/2/2005 HDR
Lathrop, Karl F. 12-22-1998 ONE
Latimer, Henry (former judge--FL) 1/30/2005 HDR
Latta, Louise Beam DeLane 01-17-1997 HDR
Latta, Louise Beam DeLane 01-17-1997 ONE
Lattimore, Everett Willie Lee 08-06-2003 HDR
Lattimore, Grace Hood 08-31-1994 HDR
Lattimore, Grace Hood Mrs. 08-31-1994 ONE
Lattimore, J. L. "Bobby" 02-12-1999 ONE
Lattimore, J.L. "Bobby" 02-12-1999 HDR
Lattimore, Thomas 01-03-1996 HDR
Lattimore, Thomas Lee 01-05-1996 HDR
Lattimore, Thomas Lee 01-04-1996 ONE
Laube, Betty  6/2/2004 ONE
Laube, Betty McCollum 6/7/2004 ONE
Laube, Kenneth  12-17-1996 HDR
Lauderback, Lewis James Jr. 06-15-1994 ONE
Lauderback, Lewis James Jr. 06-15-1994 HDR
Laughlin, Dorothy Matthews 04-08-1999 ONE
Laughlin, Dorothy Matthews 04-08-1999 HDR
Laughlin, Leola Mickie 9/2/2005 ONE
Laughridge, Billy Joe 11-03-1997 HDR
Laughridge, Cecil Franklin  04-15-2001 HDR
Laughridge, Effie Lowman  12-24-2002 HDR
Laughridge, Ernestine "Tina" Medlin 07-22-1995 HDR
Laughter, Harvey Ray Rev. 08-15-1996 HDR
Laughter, Harvey Ray Rev. 08-16-1996 HDR
Laughter, Marie Ward  10-23-2001 HDR
Laughter, Roy Benjamin 11-24-1999 HDR
Laurenti, Luellen 06-23-2000 HDR
Laurin, Camille 03-13-1999 HDR
Lautzenheiser, Charles L. 02-09-1998 HDR
Lauver, Sharon Hanly  1/23/2004 ONE
Lauver, Sharon Hanly  1/26/2004 ONE
Laux, Eugene Edward  06-25-1999 HDR
LaVair, Annette Marie   10-27-1994 HDR
Lavair, Annette Marie (Page 3A) 10-26-1994 HDR
Lavander, Mabel Sigmon  10-18-1993 HDR
Lavander, William Dennis  II 02-09-2002 HDR
Lavander, William Dennis II 02-08-2002 ONE
Lavelle, Michael J. Rev.  03-27-1995 HDR
Lavender, David S. (author) 04-29-2003 HDR
Lavender, Scott Hunter 9/16/2005 ONE
Lavender, Scott Hunter  9/16/2005 HDR
Lavergne, Daly  10-21-1996 HDR
Lavezzo, Daniel Jr. 10-16-2000 HDR
Lavin, Mary 03-26-1996 ONE
Lavitt, Pauline Mrs. 8/18/2005 HDR
Law, Charles  09-29-2001 HDR
Law, James P. 11-17-2000 HDR
Law, Jim  03-16-1996 HDR
Law, Reginald Wayne  10-15-1993 HDR
Law, Sara  03-15-1995 HDR
Lawery, Doris Settlemeyer  01-16-1999 HDR
Lawhon, Debra Jo Clark   05-09-2000 HDR
Lawin, Tom (editor) 04-24-1994 HDR
Lawing,  Pauline Goodson 06-22-2000 HDR
Lawing, Alda Dellinger 07-07-1999 ONE
Lawing, Alda Dellinger 07-08-1999 ONE
Lawing, Alda Dellinger 07-08-1999 HDR
Lawing, Alvin Leonard Sr. 04-27-1995 ONE
Lawing, Alvin Leonard Sr.  04-27-1995 HDR
Lawing, Authur Ned 08-04-1999 HDR
Lawing, Brady Neal 08-05-1996 ONE
Lawing, Brady Neal  08-04-1996 HDR
Lawing, Burlie Odell Caldwell 11-09-2001 ONE
Lawing, Burlie Odell Caldwell 11-09-2001 HDR
Lawing, Dona Heffner 12-29-1999 ONE
Lawing, Dona Heffner 12-30-1999 HDR
Lawing, Douglas Lee  08-28-2000 HDR
Lawing, Earleen Knox  12-13-2002 HDR
Lawing, Elsie McCaslin 04-07-1995 ONE
Lawing, Elsie McCaslin 04-10-1995 ONE
Lawing, Elsie McCaslin 04-08-1995 HDR
Lawing, Eva Deaton 04-10-1996 ONE
Lawing, Fay Yount 12-07-1998 HDR
Lawing, Fay Yount  12-07-1998 ONE
Lawing, Geneva Porch 08-18-2000 HDR
Lawing, Geroline "Gerry" McRee 03-07-1995 HDR
Lawing, Geroline "Gerry" McRee  03-07-1995 ONE
Lawing, Houston A.  Mrs. (Willard Buchanan) 05-09-2000 ONE
Lawing, Jack Newell  02-22-1995 HDR
Lawing, Loyd Lee 06-11-1999 ONE
Lawing, Loyd Lee  06-12-1999 HDR
Lawing, Loyd Lee  06-11-1999 HDR
Lawing, Marie Kay 11-10-1998 HDR
Lawing, Mary Hicks 08-08-2000 HDR
Lawing, Mary Hicks 08-08-2000 ONE
Lawing, Maudie Caldwell 02-09-1995 HDR
Lawing, Maudie Caldwell 02-10-1995 HDR
Lawing, Maudie Caldwell  02-09-1995 ONE
Lawing, Opal Eunice  03-31-2000 HDR
Lawing, Osborne Kemit Sr. 12-21-1998 ONE
Lawing, Osborne Kemit Sr. 12-20-1998 HDR
Lawing, Paul Henderson 04-12-1995 HDR
Lawing, Pauline Goodson 06-21-2000 ONE
Lawing, Pauline Goodson 06-22-2000 ONE
Lawing, Ruth Schrum  01-21-1993 HDR
Lawing, Ruth Shrum 01-21-1993 ONE
Lawing, Ruth Shrum 01-22-1993 ONE
Lawing, Ruth Shrum  01-22-1993 HDR
Lawing, Tyson James 03-06-1997 HDR
Lawing, Tyson James 03-05-1997 ONE
Lawing, Vance Heavner 05-19-1993 HDR
Lawing, Vance Heavner  05-19-1993 ONE
Lawing, Viola Bula "Boots" 09-15-1993 HDR
Lawley, William R. Jr. Ret. Col.  06-03-1999 HDR
Lawrence, Arthur W. Jr. 08-28-2002 ONE
Lawrence, Arthur W. Jr. 08-28-2002 HDR
Lawrence, Cotie Sr.  10-09-1993 HDR
Lawrence, Edna Bertha "Granny" Anderson 09-28-2001 HDR
Lawrence, Eleanor (flutist) 02-13-2001 HDR
Lawrence, Emma Bell  07-20-1994 HDR
Lawrence, Forest "Dick" 05-31-1996 HDR
Lawrence, Forest "Dick"  06-01-1996 HDR
Lawrence, Forest "Dick"  06-04-1996 HDR
Lawrence, George Monroe Jr. 05-06-2003 HDR
Lawrence, Glenn Elbert 1/19/2005 HDR
Lawrence, Henry G. "Hank"  01-12-2001 HDR
Lawrence, Ida Elenora Sims 11-08-1997 HDR
Lawrence, Ida Elenora Sims  11-10-1997 HDR
Lawrence, Johnny Frank Sr. 08-07-1999 HDR
Lawrence, L.A. Sr.  07-05-1995 HDR
Lawrence, L.A. Sr.  07-06-1995 HDR
Lawrence, Lillian F. 11-06-1996 ONE
Lawrence, Lillian Faye 11-07-1996 ONE
Lawrence, Lillian Faye  11-07-1996 HDR
Lawrence, Lola Thompson 12-30-1999 HDR
Lawrence, Louise 02-10-2002 HDR
Lawrence, Mabel W.  05-29-2002 HDR
Lawrence, Mabel Williams  05-30-2002 HDR
Lawrence, Noah Preston "Sonny" 01-02-1996 HDR
Lawrence, Pearl Coates (101 yoa) 05-29-2002 HDR
Lawrence, Pearl Coates (101 yoa) 05-30-2002 HDR
Lawrence, Pelham (president - Perdue Farms, Inc.) 02-02-1993 HDR
Lawrence, Perdue W. Capt. (President's motorcade leader) 05-19-1994 ONE
Lawrence, Rosina 07-07-1997 ONE
Lawrence, Rosina (actress) 07-08-1997 HDR
Lawrence, Ruth 06-09-1999 HDR
Lawrence, Terry Ronald 05-05-1999 HDR
Lawrence, Vera Brodsky (pianist) 09-24-1996 HDR
Lawrence, Vera Etta Chandler 05-09-1994 ONE
Lawrence, Vera Etta Chandler 05-08-1994 HDR
Lawrence, Victoria Belle Wilson 10-05-1995 HDR
Laws, Bertha Ethel 02-27-1997 HDR
Laws, Bertie  08-31-1994 HDR
Laws, Bertie Gilbert 09-01-1994 HDR
Laws, Betty Lee Reid  10-17-1996 HDR
Laws, Blanche Benfield  05-23-1993 HDR
Laws, Blanche Benfield  05-24-1993 HDR
Laws, Catherine Haas 04-28-1997 HDR
Laws, Chuck Edward  2/15/2005 HDR
Laws, Clyde Emmett 01-14-2000 HDR
Laws, Darris "Pop" McDaniel 9/22/2005 HDR
Laws, Dell McNeil 09-08-2000 HDR
Laws, Doris Helms  03-29-2003 HDR
Laws, Doris Helms  03-28-2003 ONE
Laws, Dorothy "Lizzy" 05-16-1996 HDR
Laws, Earl William  09-16-2002 HDR
Laws, Florence Ayers 11-11-2002 HDR
Laws, Frank  7/22/2005 HDR
Laws, Hazel Louise Whitener  02-17-2003 HDR
Laws, Hazel Louise Whitener  02-18-2003 HDR
Laws, Hazel Louise Whitener  02-17-2003 ONE
Laws, Hazel Louise Whitener  02-18-2003 ONE
Laws, James Alvie  01-14-2001 HDR
Laws, James Coy 03-12-1996 HDR
Laws, James Keith  07-11-1995 HDR
Laws, Jess Willard 04-13-2003 HDR
Laws, Kenneth Martin  08-07-1994 HDR
Laws, Kenneth Martin  08-08-1994 HDR
Laws, Lawrence David  12-22-2003 HDR
Laws, Lester  06-17-1995 HDR
Laws, Lester  06-18-1995 HDR
Laws, Lisa Louise  07-13-1996 HDR
Laws, Mabel E.  03-12-2003 HDR
Laws, Manuel Herman Sr. 02-24-1993 HDR
Laws, Manuel Herman Sr. 02-25-1993 HDR
Laws, Mattie Virginia 01-30-1994 HDR
Laws, Millard  01-15-1999 HDR
Laws, Nathan J.D. 12-22-1999 HDR
Laws, Nellie B. 11/16/2005 HDR
Laws, Nellie B.  11/16/2005 ONE
Laws, Norman Alvin  12-05-2003 HDR
Laws, Pearlie Ada  08-12-1999 HDR
Laws, Plummie Greene  02-28-2001 HDR
Laws, Ray W.  03-08-2001 HDR
Laws, Robert "Bob" Lee Jr. 02-07-2001 HDR
Laws, Robin Randall 02-26-1998 HDR
Laws, Sally Elaine 04-20-2000 HDR
Laws, Sophia Katherine 06-12-1998 HDR
Laws, Sybil Winkler  08-04-1995 HDR
Laws, Sybil Winkler  08-05-1995 HDR
Laws, Tommy Wayne  06-23-1995 HDR
Laws, V. Lee 10-02-1999 HDR
Laws, Walter Lenny 02-26-1996 HDR
Laws, Willard G. 12-31-1998 HDR
Laws, William "Will" Thomas 4/3/2005 HDR
Laws, William Bradley 01-30-1999 HDR
Laws, William L. 4/2/2005 HDR
Laws, William L. 4/1/2005 ONE
Lawson, Archibald Samuel Jr. Dr. 07-23-1997 HDR
Lawson, Archibald Samuel Jr. Dr. 07-24-1997 HDR
Lawson, Archibald Samuel Jr. Dr. 07-23-1997 ONE
Lawson, Betty Ruth  Holt 10-24-2001 HDR
Lawson, Charles David Sr.  01-19-2002 HDR
Lawson, David (Page 1) 06-15-1994 HDR
Lawson, Geoff 06-27-1999 HDR
Lawson, Gota Wikstrom 08-31-1998 HDR
Lawson, Gota Wilkstrom 08-31-1998 ONE
Lawson, Harlis 7/30/2005 HDR
Lawson, Jacob "Jake" Melvin Jr. 06-01-2000 HDR
Lawson, James "Bill" Gilbert 8/11/2005 HDR
Lawson, James Homer 02-08-1997 HDR
Lawson, Robert Lee Jr. (Page 5A) 11-28-2001 HDR
Lawson, Vesta Killough  02-04-2003 HDR
Lawson, Violet Sherfield 4/1/2005 HDR
Lawson, Virginia Hanna 08-20-2003 HDR
Lawson, Yank (jazz trumpeter)  02-21-1995 HDR
Lawter, Audrey Setzer 02-18-1994 ONE
Lawter, Audrey Setzer 02-17-1994 HDR
Lawter, Audrey Setzer 02-18-1994 HDR
Lawter, Stella Little 02-27-2000 HDR
Lawter, Stella Little 02-28-2000 ONE
Lawyer, Charles Walter "Charlie" 09-19-1995 HDR
Lawyer, Ruth Greene  9/8/2005 HDR
Lax, Anneli Cahn  10-02-1999 HDR
Laxton, Bertha Lee Walsh 07-17-2000 HDR
Laxton, Cade Rector 06-22-2000 HDR
Laxton, Carroll  Malcolm 06-06-1998 HDR
Laxton, Conrad Herman  07-26-1993 HDR
Laxton, Dixie Kirby  08-24-2001 HDR
Laxton, Doris Earp  06-19-2002 HDR
Laxton, Ellene Smith 04-18-1998 HDR
Laxton, Evelyn Mae  09-30-2001 HDR
Laxton, Fannie Ola Pennell 07-08-1997 HDR
Laxton, Lillie Mae Hill 05-11-2001 HDR
Laxton, Marion Hartwell "Hod"  07-17-2003 HDR
Laxton, Mary Estes  04-06-2003 HDR
Laxton, Nora Lee 04-29-2000 HDR
Laxton, Ricky Lynn 01-14-2000 HDR
Laxton, Robert Dennis “Bobby” 11-07-2000 HDR
Laxton, Roy Nelson 12-13-1997 HDR
Laxton, Teresa Gail 10/18/2005 HDR
Laxton, Truan Blair  02-28-1999 HDR
Laxton, Victor Allen  08-30-1994 HDR
Laxton, Victor Allen  09-01-1994 HDR
Laxton, Willie Linville  07-24-2002 HDR
Lay, Annar Maybell Goodson 01-07-1999 ONE
Lay, Annar Maybell Goodson 01-07-1999 HDR
Lay, Bessie Hefner 11-18-1998 ONE
Lay, Bessie Hefner 11-19-1998 ONE
Lay, Bessie Hefner 11-19-1998 HDR
Lay, Junior 03-10-1998 ONE
Lay, Junior 03-11-1998 ONE
Lay, Junior 03-11-1998 HDR
Lay, Thomas Edward "Ed"  09-24-2001 HDR
Laycock, Eddie Elizabeth Payne Mrs. 4/20/2005 HDR
Layden, Glenn  10/10/2005 ONE
Layden, Glenn Pixley 10/12/2005 HDR
Layden, Glenn Pixley 10/12/2005 ONE
Layell, James Kelly  06-17-2002 HDR
Layell, Richard Kelly  12-12-1994 HDR
Layne, Louise Wyatt  04-25-2001 ONE
Layton, Frances  6/14/2004 ONE
Lazarus, Fred III 07-30-1996 HDR
Lazcano, Maria M. 09-17-1997 HDR
Lazcano, Maria M. 09-16-1997 HDR
Lazcano, Maria M. 09-16-1997 ONE
Lazenby, Dorothy Beard 11-03-2003 HDR
Lazenby, Dorothy Beard  11-03-2003 ONE
Lazenby, Thelma Eugenia  10-26-1998 HDR
Lazenby, Toots (Suda Mae)  11-23-2001 ONE
Le, Kha Thi  10-16-2002 HDR
Lea, George Norman III 09-03-2002 HDR
Lea, Gordon G. 08-22-1997 HDR
Leach, Benjamin Thomas (veteran) 06-07-1994 HDR
Leach, Charles H. 11-02-2000 HDR
Leach, Charles Henry 10-31-2000 HDR
Leach, Charles Henry 10-31-2000 ONE
Leach, Donald B.  07-03-1995 HDR
Leach, Gladys Hickman 10-11-1993 HDR
Leach, Janet Werner 10-06-1999 HDR
Leach, Jessie R. Pastor 12-01-1995 ONE
Leach, Martha Louise 05-25-2003 HDR
Leach, Roy "Tennie" Norman Jr. 01-02-1994 HDR
Leach, Roy Norman Sr.  08-09-1994 HDR
Leach, Sara Parlier  10-28-1999 HDR
Leaf, Robert Donald Sr. 10/7/2005 HDR
Leagon, Aileen Somers 04-23-1999 HDR
Leagon, Aileen Somers  04-22-1999 ONE
Leagon, Frank Miller 09-14-1998 ONE
Leagon, Frank Miller Jr. 09-14-1998 HDR
Leahy, Gene  01-23-2000 HDR
Leak, O. H. (1st black police officer in NC) 04-27-2001 HDR
Lear, Calvin (reporter) 11-27-2001 HDR
Lear, Frances  10-01-1996 ONE
Learmouth, William L.  11-08-2002 HDR
Learson, T. Vincent 11-12-1996 HDR
Leary, Edward A. 04-24-1997 HDR
Leary, Howard R. (former police commissioner) 02-01-1994 HDR
Leary, Timothy (D1) 06-01-1996 HDR
Leatherman, "Mom" Eula Proctor Rudisill  2/18/2004 ONE
Leatherman, Addie Hoover 06-13-1995 HDR
Leatherman, Albert Zack 01-26-1997 HDR
Leatherman, Albert Zack 01-27-1997 HDR
Leatherman, Arthur  Hugh 12-01-1998 HDR
Leatherman, Arthur Hugh 12-01-1998 ONE
Leatherman, Bennett  08-22-2002 ONE
Leatherman, Bennett  08-22-2002 HDR
Leatherman, Bennett Luther  08-23-2002 HDR
Leatherman, Bobby Joe 07-14-1998 ONE
Leatherman, Bobby Joe  07-15-1998 HDR
Leatherman, Bruce Warren 04-27-1993 HDR
Leatherman, C. Eddie 11-23-2001 HDR
Leatherman, C. Eddie  11-23-2001 ONE
Leatherman, Edith Propst Mrs. 4/13/2005 HDR
Leatherman, Ellen Huffman 05-12-2001 HDR
Leatherman, Eugene Franklin 03-02-1997 HDR
Leatherman, Eugene Franklin 03-03-1997 ONE
Leatherman, Eula Proctor Rudisill  2/17/2004 ONE
Leatherman, Fay Rhea Lattamore 01-17-1994 HDR
Leatherman, Fay Rhea Lattamore 01-18-1994 HDR
Leatherman, Faye Hilton 03-14-1996 HDR
Leatherman, Faye Hilton 03-14-1996 ONE
Leatherman, Forrest Edward 04-16-1993 HDR
Leatherman, Guy Steele  07-24-1995 ONE
Leatherman, Homer Lee 09-19-1998 HDR
Leatherman, J. Dale 07-06-2000 HDR
Leatherman, J. Dale  07-06-2000 ONE
Leatherman, J.T. "Tommie" Jr. 05-12-1999 HDR
Leatherman, Jack Johnny 09-13-1993 HDR
Leatherman, Jack Johnny  09-13-1993 ONE
Leatherman, Jack Lee 05-22-2001 HDR
Leatherman, James Edward  6/16/2005 HDR
Leatherman, Jessie  12-09-1999 ONE
Leatherman, Jessie Mae Setzer 12-10-1999 ONE
Leatherman, Jessie Mae Setzer 12-10-1999 HDR
Leatherman, Joel Lee 02-22-1994 HDR
Leatherman, John Belvy  10-22-1996 HDR
Leatherman, Josephine 03-09-1994 HDR
Leatherman, Josephine 03-10-1994 HDR
Leatherman, Josephine  03-10-1994 ONE
Leatherman, Judson 08-19-1999 HDR
Leatherman, Judson Jr. 09-14-1998 HDR
Leatherman, Marie Gilbert  01-20-2001 HDR
Leatherman, Oma Turner 04-09-1999 HDR
Leatherman, Oma Turner 04-08-1999 HDR
Leatherman, Patricia Ann Dennis  3/22/2004 ONE
Leatherman, Paul Leonard 11-18-1995 HDR
Leatherman, Paul Leonard  11-17-1995 ONE
Leatherman, Ruth Smith  06-18-2001 ONE
Leatherman, Ruth Smith  06-18-2001 HDR
Leatherman, Theadore Pressley  10-01-1996 HDR
Leatherman, Violet Pearson 11-16-1999 ONE
Leatherman, Violet Pearson 11-16-1999 HDR
Leatherman, Wallace James 04-14-1998 HDR
Leatherman, Wallace James 04-15-1998 HDR
Leatherman, Wallace James  04-14-1998 ONE
Leatherman, Wallace James  04-15-1998 ONE
Leatherman, William Austin 01-02-1995 ONE
Leatherman, William Austin  01-02-1995 HDR
Leatherman, William Stewart 05-09-1997 HDR
Leatherman, William Stewart 05-09-1997 ONE
Leatherman, William Stewart 05-08-1997 ONE
Leatherman, Wilma Lee Hull 01-30-1996 HDR
Leatherman, Wilma Lee Hull 01-30-1996 ONE
Leathers, Louise Thackston 5/6/2005 HDR
Leatherwood, Vendetta Gadd 05-10-1900 HDR
Leavitt, Ralph William "Bud" Jr. 12-22-1994 HDR
Leavy, Cedric  10-12-2001 HDR
Lecavalier, Rene 09-08-1999 HDR
Ledbetter, Calvin Coolidge  02-08-1993 ONE
Ledbetter, Calvin Coolidge  02-07-1993 HDR
Ledbetter, Deon D. (Page 3A) 09-21-1998 HDR
Ledbetter, Eugene Greenlee "Boots" 01-14-1997 HDR
Ledbetter, James T. "Jim" 01-07-2002 ONE
Ledbetter, James T. "Jim"  01-08-2002 HDR
Ledbetter, James T. "Jim" (Page 1) 01-08-2002 ONE
Ledbetter, Johnsie Abernathy 03-31-1997 HDR
Ledbetter, Johnsie Faye Abernathy 03-31-1997 ONE
Ledbetter, Mark Rucker 02-19-2003 ONE
Ledbetter, Mark Rucker  02-19-2003 HDR
Ledbetter, Mattie Lou "Pat"  06-19-1995 HDR
Ledbetter, Mattie Lou "Pat"  06-20-1995 HDR
Ledbetter, Melvin Douglas  1/12/2004 ONE
Ledbetter, Ruth Huffman 2/6/2005 HDR
Ledesma, Jose Cruz 04-28-1997 ONE
Ledford, Albert V.  (Page 5) 08-09-1999 ONE
Ledford, Albert V. Rev. 08-08-1999 HDR
Ledford, Albert Verlon 08-07-1999 HDR
Ledford, Ann Bowers 02-17-1996 HDR
Ledford, Annie Mae McNeely 3/21/2005 HDR
Ledford, Arlen 03-16-2000 HDR
Ledford, Betty Jones  01-12-1995 HDR
Ledford, Billy  04-18-1997 HDR
Ledford, Billy Brown  08-22-2001 HDR
Ledford, Bradley  11-02-1999 HDR
Ledford, Carl Hilton  1/15/2005 HDR
Ledford, Carmie LeBron Jr. 09-28-1999 HDR
Ledford, Caroleen Leard  09-18-2002 ONE
Ledford, Caroleen Leard  09-18-2002 HDR
Ledford, Cawood  09-06-2001 HDR
Ledford, Charlie Floyd 08-28-2000 HDR
Ledford, Claude  01-20-1995 HDR
Ledford, Claude Drayton  01-21-1995 HDR
Ledford, Daniel Forrest "Dan" 05-28-2001 ONE
Ledford, Daniel Forrest "Dan" 05-28-2001 HDR
Ledford, Daniel Shane (2A) (died 05-07-1997) 07-07-1997 HDR
Ledford, Debaroh K.  04-17-2002 ONE
Ledford, Debaroh K.  04-18-2002 HDR
Ledford, Debaroh K.  04-19-2002 HDR
Ledford, Delores G. "Duckie" 08-31-1998 ONE
Ledford, Delores G. "Duckie" 08-31-1998 HDR
Ledford, Deloris Ann 08-30-1998 HDR
Ledford, Dollie 11-06-1994 HDR
Ledford, Doris  08-15-2001 ONE
Ledford, Doris Wheat  08-16-2001 ONE
Ledford, Doris Wheat  08-16-2001 HDR
Ledford, Earl E.  08-26-1997 HDR
Ledford, Edith Inez  05-31-1995 HDR
Ledford, Edith Inez Benfield  06-01-1995 HDR
Ledford, Edward Max  01-18-2001 HDR
Ledford, Elsie Simms  02-23-2000 HDR
Ledford, Elzie  07-18-2000 HDR
Ledford, Ernest 04-04-1994 HDR
Ledford, Ernest Coleman 04-05-1994 HDR
Ledford, Ethel White  10-21-1993 HDR
Ledford, Ethel White  10-22-1993 HDR
Ledford, Eva James Grigg 4/25/2005 HDR
Ledford, Forrest O. 03-03-2001 HDR
Ledford, Harley Lee  02-02-2001 HDR
Ledford, Harold Edwin  11-25-1996 HDR
Ledford, Harvey C. Jr.  08-01-1994 HDR
Ledford, Homer L. 06-16-1995 ONE
Ledford, Homer L.  06-16-1995 HDR
Ledford, Ida Sue 03-05-2003 ONE
Ledford, Ida Sue Faulkner  03-05-2003 HDR
Ledford, James Lloyd  03-07-1994 HDR
Ledford, James Loyd 03-07-1994 ONE
Ledford, James P. "Bud" 07-21-1999 ONE
Ledford, James P. "Bud" 07-21-1999 HDR
Ledford, Janice Hoyle 06-17-2000 HDR
Ledford, Jim Jr. 09-22-1998 HDR
Ledford, Jimmy 03-28-1998 HDR
Ledford, Jon Erek Jr. 1/19/2005 HDR
Ledford, Jon Erek Jr. 1/19/2005 ONE
Ledford, Kim Renee Lowman  12-15-2002 HDR
Ledford, Lawrence Jr. 03-09-1993 HDR
Ledford, Lela Cook 11-06-1994 HDR
Ledford, Leonard "Buren" 11-27-1996 HDR
Ledford, Lesba Short  07-31-2002 HDR
Ledford, Lloyd Robert The Rev. 12-01-2003 ONE
Ledford, Lloyd Robert The Rev.  12-01-2003 HDR
Ledford, Lloyd Robert The Rev.  12-02-2003 HDR
Ledford, Lorraine Alice  11-12-1993 HDR
Ledford, Lorraine Alice  11-19-1993 HDR
Ledford, Mack Reece  12-04-2003 HDR
Ledford, Martha Jane Carpenter  07-20-2001 HDR
Ledford, Mary Hull  09-03-2002 ONE
Ledford, Mary Hull  09-03-2002 HDR
Ledford, Mary Hull  09-04-2002 HDR
Ledford, Mary Hull  09-05-2002 HDR
Ledford, Max Franklin  06-11-2002 HDR
Ledford, Max Franklin  06-12-2002 HDR
Ledford, Melba Patterson 07-11-2000 HDR
Ledford, Mellie Matilda  12-16-2002 HDR
Ledford, Norman Hugh  05-23-2001 HDR
Ledford, Olen Odus 09-08-1999 HDR
Ledford, Ollie Williams 07-07-1998 ONE
Ledford, Ollie Williams 07-07-1998 HDR
Ledford, Ora McNeil 04-27-1994 HDR
Ledford, Ora McNeil  04-27-1994 ONE
Ledford, Paul  11-24-1993 HDR
Ledford, Paul  11-26-1993 HDR
Ledford, Pauline Austin  03-13-1997 HDR
Ledford, Pauline Poole Mrs.  10-16-2003 HDR
Ledford, Peggy Robinson 01-30-2001 ONE
Ledford, Peggy Robinson 01-31-2001 ONE
Ledford, Peggy Robinson 01-31-2001 HDR
Ledford, Ralph Alvin “Pete”  09-05-2000 HDR
Ledford, Rebecca Luckadoo 02-15-1993 HDR
Ledford, Ronald Wayne “Ronnie”  03-28-2003 HDR
Ledford, Roy Augustus 05-24-2001 ONE
Ledford, Roy Augustus  05-24-2001 HDR
Ledford, Roy Lee 11-07-1998 HDR
Ledford, Roy Lee  11-11-1995 HDR
Ledford, Steven Glenn (infant) 11-06-1994 HDR
Ledford, Thelma Josephine 02-15-1993 HDR
Ledford, Viola Black 10-23-1997 HDR
Ledford, Willard Dewitt 07-14-1998 HDR
Ledford, William Neal  04-26-1993 HDR
Ledford, Willie Wade "Bill" 11-08-1998 HDR
Ledford, Willie Wade "Bill" 11-09-1998 HDR
Ledford, Wince Lee Rathburn Riddle 08-08-1996 HDR
LeDoux, Chris (champion bareback rider/songwriter) 3/10/2005 HDR
Ledoux, Fernand (actor) 09-22-1993 HDR
Lee, Alice Julian  09-02-1999 HDR
Lee, Alice Moretz 10-21-2002 ONE
Lee, Alice Moretz  10-19-2002 HDR
Lee, Alice Moretz  10-20-2002 HDR
Lee, Anna Ruth Mack 09-19-1996 ONE
Lee, Anna Ruth Mack  09-20-1996 HDR
Lee, Bill (Page D1) 07-11-1996 HDR
Lee, Billy Robert 05-11-2003 HDR
Lee, Billy Robert 05-12-2003 ONE
Lee, Carroll 1/26/2004 ONE
Lee, Carroll D.  1/27/2004 ONE
Lee, Clarissa Abernathy  03-24-1993 HDR
Lee, Curtis Edward  02-02-2001 HDR
Lee, Dan (animator-Pixar) 2/7/2005 HDR
Lee, Don 05-19-1998 ONE
Lee, Don 05-20-1998 HDR
Lee, Donnie V. Sr. 09-19-1997 HDR
Lee, Douglas Hill Sr. 01-22-2000 HDR
Lee, Edward June  01-27-1996 HDR
Lee, Edward June  01-31-1996 HDR
Lee, Gary Dean 10-11-1999 ONE
Lee, Gary Dean 10-12-1999 HDR
Lee, Gloria Diane 12-30-1999 HDR
Lee, Gordon (child actor--"Little Rascals") 10/23/2005 HDR
Lee, Helen Louise  09-17-1996 HDR
Lee, Helen Spencer  09-27-2001 HDR
Lee, Horace Randolph  09-25-1997 HDR
Lee, J. Bracken (Former UT Gov.)  10-26-1996 HDR
Lee, Jack Donald  04-17-1995 HDR
Lee, Jeffrey Dale Sr. 09-07-1999 ONE
Lee, John Walter  03-02-2003 HDR
Lee, Laurie (novelist & poet) 05-20-1997 HDR
Lee, Leonard Ray  03-02-1993 HDR
Lee, Lila  07-07-2003 ONE
Lee, Lila Aih  07-05-2003 HDR
Lee, Lou E. Barefoot  09-23-2000 HDR
Lee, Ma Vang 08-10-1997 HDR
Lee, Mary Katherine Clark  08-24-1995 ONE
Lee, Mary Katherine Clark  08-24-1995 HDR
Lee, Mary Louise Richards 09-28-1998 ONE
Lee, Mary Louise Richards 09-27-1998 HDR
Lee, Mary Louise Richards 09-29-1998 HDR
Lee, Michael Wayne 10-24-1996 ONE
Lee, Michael Wayne  (infant) 10-24-1996 HDR
Lee, Minnie McAbee  01-31-1994 HDR
Lee, Minnie Owens 05-10-1994 ONE
Lee, Minnie Owens  05-09-1994 HDR
Lee, Minnie Owens  05-10-1994 HDR
Lee, Neng 05-09-2002 HDR
Lee, Neng  05-09-2002 ONE
Lee, Ocie Scronce  01-07-2003 HDR
Lee, Peggy (Norma Egstrom) (Page 2)  01-22-2002 ONE
Lee, Pinky (Pincus Leff) (vaudevillian comic) 04-06-1993 HDR
Lee, Rachel Shuford 04-12-1994 HDR
Lee, Rastus  07-27-1996 HDR
Lee, Rex E. 05-09-1996 HDR
Lee, Robert "Bob" Withers Jr. 12-10-2001 HDR
Lee, Robert Eugene Lee Jr. 11-07-1996 HDR
Lee, Robert Linton 03-03-1993 ONE
Lee, Robert Linton  03-04-1993 HDR
Lee, Rodney Layne  11-21-1996 HDR
Lee, Roger R. "Bud" 07-22-1998 ONE
Lee, Sally Xiong 09-29-2003 HDR
Lee, Sally Xiong  09-29-2003 ONE
Lee, See 07-13-1998 HDR
Lee, Sparford "Bubba" Blalock 01-08-2001 ONE
Lee, Sparford "Bubba" Blalock  01-07-2001 HDR
Lee, Thomas Crawford 10-06-2003 ONE
Lee, Thomas Crawford  10-06-2003 HDR
Lee, Walton Hill  11-11-2003 HDR
Lee, Wilford "Fat" 03-08-1999 ONE
Lee, Willard "Fim" 4/25/2005 HDR
Lee, Willard "Fim" 4/25/2005 ONE
Lee, Willford "Fat" 03-08-1999 HDR
Lee, William "Bill" 08-31-2001 ONE
Lee, William "Bill"  08-31-2001 HDR
Lee, William A. 01-01-1999 HDR
Lee, William Carroll  8/20/2005 HDR
Lee, William Glenwood Jr. 03-13-1995 ONE
Lee, William Glenwood Jr. 03-12-1995 HDR
Lee, Yee Vue 03-07-1998 HDR
Lee, Zeb 08-03-1998 HDR
Leeds, Harold E.  11-12-2002 HDR
Leek, Robert James 01-09-1995 ONE
Leek, Robert James 01-10-1995 ONE
Leek, Robert James 01-09-1995 HDR
Leek, Robert James 01-10-1995 HDR
Lees-Milne, James 01-07-1998 HDR
Leet, Glen Frazier 04-13-1998 HDR
Lefeavers, Coy Edgar 08-24-1995 ONE
Lefeavers, Coy Edgar 08-25-1995 ONE
Lefeavers, Coy Edgar   08-24-1995 HDR
Lefeavers, Coy Edgar   08-25-1995 HDR
LeFever, Mary Justice  9/29/2005 HDR
Lefevers, Charles E. Sonny 05-18-1997 HDR
Lefevers, Eva Havnaer  10-04-1993 HDR
Lefevers, Eva Havnaer  10-05-1993 HDR
Lefevers, Eva Havnaer Mrs.  10-05-1993 ONE
LeFevers, Joanna Weaver  12-28-1993 HDR
Lefevers, John Marshall  04-10-1995 ONE
Lefevers, John Marshall  04-08-1995 HDR
Lefevers, John Marshall  04-09-1995 HDR
LeFevers, Lizzie Barrier 08-26-2001 HDR
LeFevers, Luther "Nub"   03-19-2003 ONE
LeFevers, Luther “Nub”  03-19-2003 HDR
LeFevers, Luther J.  03-18-2003 ONE
LeFevers, Mabel Coffey 04-06-1997 HDR
LeFevers, Mary Ellen McCall 2/13/2005 HDR
Lefevers, Paul Franklin  12-27-2003 HDR
Lefevers, Pauline Powell 05-02-1994 HDR
Lefevers, Robert Bascom "Bob" 12-09-1997 HDR
Lefevers, Robert Bascom (Bob) 12-09-1997 ONE
Lefevers, Roy Lee Sr.  04-29-1993 HDR
Lefevers, Sadie Anna Shook 05-19-2001 HDR
LeFevers, Troy William Jr.  10-18-1994 HDR
LeFevers, William Newland  01-04-2003 HDR
LeFevre, Katie Belma  11-01-2002 HDR
Lefevre, Zelma Campbell 02-17-2001 HDR
Leffler, Ed (music industry agent & manager) 10-18-1993 HDR
Lefkowitz, Louis J.  06-22-1996 HDR
Leflar, Robert A.  07-10-1997 HDR
Lefler, Laverne Chilcoat 09-26-1997 HDR
Lefler, LaVerne Chilcoat 09-26-1997 ONE
Lefler, LaVerne Chilcoat  09-27-1997 HDR
Lefley, Brian 10-31-1997 HDR
Leger, Bobby Brian 02-19-1999 ONE
Leger, Bobby Brian 02-19-1999 HDR
Leger, Bobby Brian 02-18-1999 HDR
Leger, Daniel Adolphus 09-25-2003 HDR
Leger, David Ray  07-12-1995 HDR
Leger, Emma Elizabeth Icard 11-12-1993 HDR
Leger, Ethel Powers  08-20-2000 HDR
Leger, Mae Williams  05-01-2002 HDR
Leger, Martha Robinson 01-15-1997 HDR
Legere, Clifford Jr. Spc. (Page 5A) 10-27-1997 HDR
Legg, Kristie Simmons  04-30-1995 HDR
Leggett, Glenn (author) 06-10-2003 HDR
Leggett, Grace Floyd  05-07-1996 HDR
Leggins, Ida Mae  03-17-1995 ONE
Leggins, Ida Mae  03-17-1995 HDR
LeGrand, Jack Allison 08-16-1999 ONE
LeGrand, Jack Allison 08-15-1999 HDR
Lehideux, Francois 06-29-1998 HDR
Lehman, Ernest (screenwriter) 7/11/2005 HDR
Lehman, Forrest Lamar Sr. 4/11/2005 HDR
Lehman, Hailea Sierra  03-25-2000 HDR
Lehman, Hailea Sierra  03-27-2000 ONE
Lehman, Robert Rabbi (NY) 07-01-2003 HDR
Lehman, William Clark Sr. 05-16-1996 HDR
Lehmann, Mayir (Page 3D) 10-28-1999 HDR
Lehmans, Connie Lawing  08-03-1994 ONE
Lehmans, Connie Lawing  08-03-1994 HDR
Lehmons, H. Blake 07-15-1994 ONE
Lehmons, H. Blake  07-15-1994 HDR
Lehmons, Kenneth 01-12-2000 ONE
Lehmons, Kenneth Blair  01-13-2000 HDR
Lehner, Eugene  09-20-1997 HDR
Lehner, Patricia Mullaney 05-07-1999 HDR
Lehr, Bernadette (copy editor) 01-03-1995 HDR
Leigh, Douglas 12-18-1999 HDR
Leinbach, Roy Ezra Jr. Rev. 05-09-1993 HDR
Leinbach, Roy Ezra Rev.  05-10-1993 ONE
Leinbach, Roy William "Bill"  09-21-1993 HDR
Leinsdorf, Erich (conductor) 09-13-1993 HDR
Leinweber, Mary Abernathy  12-07-1994 HDR
Leinweber, Mary Abernathy  12-08-1994 HDR
Leir, Henry J. 07-20-1998 HDR
Leiser, Erwin  08-28-1996 HDR
Leitch, Anna Mackey 02-22-1994 HDR
Leitch, William Wesley Sr.  12-03-1995 HDR
Leizear, Dave  03-26-2000 HDR
Lejan, Luis "Luisito"  07-23-2001 HDR
Leland, Jack (story teller) 12-22-1999 HDR
Leland, Jack (story teller) 12-25-1999 HDR
Lella, Nicholas A.  01-29-1999 HDR
Lelooska (master carver) 09-08-1996 HDR
Lemaire, Joseph C. 07-27-1998 ONE
Lemaire, Joseph C. 07-26-1998 HDR
Lemaire, Joseph C. 07-28-1998 HDR
Lemaire, Joseph C. 07-29-1998 HDR
Lemak, Mary 02-03-1998 ONE
Lemak, Mary 02-04-1998 HDR
Lemak, Mary  02-05-1998 ONE
Lemay, Frank (economist) 10-30-1993 HDR
LeMay, Harold Eugene 11-10-2000 HDR
Lembeck, Edward M. 10-13-1997 HDR
Lemelson, Jerome H.  10-04-1997 HDR
Lemke, May (foster mother of Leslie Lemke) 11-11-1993 HDR
Lemmon, Jack 06-28-2001 ONE
Lemmon, Jack (Page 1A & 5A) 06-29-2001 HDR
Lemmon, Pamela A. 05-04-2000 HDR
Lemmond, Avis Lee Rebecca Brotherton 04-12-1997 HDR
Lemmond, Avis Lee Rebecca Brotherton 04-11-1997 ONE
Lemmond, Gary Alexander 03-13-1998 ONE
Lemmond, Gary Alexander 03-13-1998 HDR
Lemmons, Howard Lee  01-25-2001 HDR
Lemon, Alice Moser 10-28-2003 HDR
Lemon, Alice Moser 10-27-2003 ONE
Lemon, Alice Moser 10-28-2003 ONE
Lemon, Bob 01-17-2000 HDR
Lemons, Addie Mae 09-19-1996 HDR
Lemons, Addie Mae 09-18-1996 ONE
LeMoyne, Irve 01-10-1997 HDR
Lemus, Hector 09-09-2002 ONE
Lemus, Hector 09-09-2002 HDR
Lenard, Mark (actor) 11-28-1996 HDR
Lennon, Ellery  12-03-1993 HDR
Lennon, Ellery Allen 12-04-1993 HDR
Lennon, Ted (uncle of the Lennon Sisters) 09-18-1994 HDR
Leno, Angelo J. (Jay Leno's father) 08-19-1994 HDR
Lenoir, Faunie Turnmire  10-19-2000 HDR
Lenoir, Virginia Brawley Mrs. 11-07-1997 HDR
Lentz, Blossom Bayless (103 yoa) 07-05-1993 ONE
Lentz, Blossom Bayless (103 yoa) (Page 1A) 07-03-1993 HDR
Lentz, Helen Beach  03-11-2001 HDR
Lentz, John Albert Jr.  5/6/2004 ONE
Lentz, John Albert Jr.  5/7/2004 ONE
Lentz, Margaret Berryhill 06-13-2003 HDR
Lentz, Robert L. Jr.  10-22-1995 HDR
Lentz, Walter Ray  02-20-2001 HDR
Leonard, Alice Frye Chapman 08-14-1998 HDR
Leonard, B. Leroy Sr.  11-26-1993 ONE
Leonard, B. Leroy Sr.  11-26-1993 HDR
Leonard, Bertha 04-10-1994 HDR
Leonard, Betty Mae Byers 10-11-1999 ONE
Leonard, Betty Mae Byers 10-12-1999 HDR
Leonard, Christopher Michael 10-14-1998 ONE
Leonard, Christopher Michael 10-14-1998 HDR
Leonard, Colvin Theodore Sr.  11-04-1995 HDR
Leonard, Colvin Theodore Sr.  11-06-1995 HDR
Leonard, Doris Crisp 01-28-1998 HDR
Leonard, Edward William 09-28-1996 HDR
Leonard, Edward William  09-27-1996 HDR
Leonard, Elizabeth Cain 03-20-1997 HDR
Leonard, Elizabeth Cain 03-21-1997 HDR
Leonard, Ethel Childers  08-10-1993 HDR
Leonard, Hazel Auton 1/10/2005 ONE
Leonard, Hazel Auton Mrs. 1/10/2005 HDR
Leonard, Hazel Auton Mrs. 1/11/2005 HDR
Leonard, Jack H.  01-01-2001 HDR
Leonard, Jack Hardin  12-09-1995 HDR
Leonard, Jeanne Benton Mrs. 10/28/2005 HDR
Leonard, John Homer Sr. 02-05-1998 ONE
Leonard, John Homer Sr. 02-05-1998 HDR
Leonard, June (WA State Rep.-Democrat) 04-24-1994 HDR
Leonard, Keron Frye 11-19-1998 HDR
Leonard, Keron Frye  11-19-1998 ONE
Leonard, Macie Newton  06-19-2001 HDR
Leonard, Mack Lawrence  03-30-2002 HDR
Leonard, Martha Jane Green 02-16-1999 ONE
Leonard, Martha Jane Green 02-16-1999 HDR
Leonard, Mary  10-05-1995 HDR
Leonard, Mary Elizabeth Wilson 10-06-1995 HDR
Leonard, Mazelle Kiser 01-17-2000 HDR
Leonard, Michael Charles 07-08-2000 HDR
Leonard, Nadine Auton  07-15-2001 HDR
Leonard, Olin Lawrence  06-16-1995 HDR
Leonard, Olin Lawrence  06-17-1995 HDR
Leonard, Richard Gheen 09-13-1998 HDR
Leonard, Sallie Ann  06-15-2003 HDR
Leonard, Sallie Ann  06-16-2003 ONE
Leonard, Sheldon 01-13-1997 ONE
Leonard, Vergie Louise 01-16-1998 ONE
Leonard, Vergie Louise 01-17-1998 HDR
Leonard, Viola Heavner  02-10-1993 HDR
Leonard, Walter Evan Dr. 05-17-1999 HDR
Leonard, Walter Fenner "Buck" (baseball player) 12-02-1997 HDR
Leonard, Winnie E. (103 yoa)  01-30-1995 HDR
Leonard, Winnie Essie (103 yoa) 01-31-1995 HDR
Leonard, Winnie Essie Miss (103 years of age) 01-31-1995 ONE
Leonardi, Elvira (Biki) 02-26-1999 HDR
Leonardo, Richard Joseph 10-16-1998 HDR
Leonhardt, Annie Blanche  08-20-1994 HDR
Leonhardt, Beeler Melvin 10-09-1997 HDR
Leonhardt, Blaine McKinley  12-18-2000 HDR
Leonhardt, Carl Henry Jr. 11-03-2001 HDR
Leonhardt, Cecil Blane  05-12-1993 HDR
Leonhardt, Elmer Louico 02-15-1998 HDR
Leonhardt, Eric William  12-16-1997 HDR
Leonhardt, Georganna Sain 01-28-1994 HDR
Leonhardt, James Harold  01-17-2003 HDR
Leonhardt, Jane Helton 02-05-1993 ONE
Leonhardt, Jane Helton  02-05-1993 HDR
Leonhardt, Jane Helton  02-05-1993 HDR
Leonhardt, Jettie Arcena Stilwell 11-25-1995 HDR
Leonhardt, Katie Richards 03-24-1996 HDR
Leonhardt, Mae Hinshaw 10-21-1994 HDR
Leonhardt, Oleta Marcelle Fisher 01-28-1993 HDR
Leonhardt, Pauline Martin 03-15-1996 HDR
Leonhardt, Pauline Martin 03-14-1996 HDR
Leonhardt, Pauline Martin 03-15-1996 ONE
Leonhardt, Pauline Martin  (Page 6B) 03-15-1996 HDR
Leonhardt, Peggy Ann Withers 12-23-1998 HDR
Leonhardt, Sylvanus "Van" 01-13-1994 HDR
Leonhardt, Sylvanus "Van"  01-14-1994 ONE
Leonhardt, William Elbert 04-29-1996 ONE
Leonhardt, William Elbert  04-27-1996 HDR
Leonhardt, William Wilford 11-25-2003 HDR
Leonhart, William (former U.S. ambassador) 07-05-1997 HDR
Leonov, Leonid M. (Russian writer) 08-08-1994 HDR
Leotard, Philippe (actor) 08-26-2001 HDR
Lepley, Margaret Mary Keating "Peggy" 03-29-1997 HDR
Leprince-Ringuet, Louis 12-26-2000 HDR
Lerner, Leon 11-25-1997 HDR
Lerner, Leon 11-25-1997 ONE
Lerner, Max  12-06-1993 HDR
Leroy, Serge (director) 05-29-1993 HDR
Leroy, Thomas Coy 11-05-2000 HDR
Lesberg, Jack (bassist) 10/10/2005 HDR
Leslie, Austin (chef--New Orleans, LA) 10/3/2005 HDR
Leslie, Bethel (actress) 12-01-1999 HDR
Leslie, C. Earl 05-15-1999 HDR
Leslie, Gloria Baker 05-06-2000 HDR
Leslie, Gloria Baker  05-05-2000 ONE
Leslie, Nan 08-05-2000 HDR
Lester, Allie 07-18-1998 HDR
Lester, Lilee Nicole (infant)  12-21-2002 HDR
Lester, Lyle Dale Sr. 4/20/2005 HDR
Lester, Lyle Dale Sr. 4/21/2005 HDR
Lester, Ruth  04-28-2003 ONE
Lester, Warren Alvin Jr.  7/26/2004 ONE
Lestor, Joan 03-31-1998 HDR
Lestrick, Harleigh F.  (Page 7A) 06-06-1999 HDR
Letendre, Louis Joseph  02-19-1995 HDR
Lethcoe, Paul C.  09-23-1996 HDR
Lethcoe, Paul Clendenon  09-24-1996 HDR
Lethcoe, Paul William "Todd"  06-05-1994 HDR
Leto, Giuseppe 07-09-1999 HDR
LeTourneau, Joseph William 04-05-1998 HDR
Letterman, Kathie Martin  07-15-1994 HDR
Letterman, Mabel Irene Young  08-16-2001 HDR
Leustig, Elisabeth (casting agent)  12-24-1995 HDR
Leuthard, Marjorie Moore 01-13-1998 ONE
Leuthard, Marjorie Moore 01-13-1998 HDR
Levan, Bobby James  6/25/2005 HDR
Levan, Robert Henry 06-28-2001 HDR
Levant, June Gilmartin  11-26-1996 HDR
Leventritt, Peter A. (bridge champion) 12-24-1997 HDR
Lever, Lord Harold (Baron) 08-07-1995 HDR
Leverich, Lyle 12-31-1999 HDR
Levesque, Gerard D. (veteran lawmaker-Quebec) 11-18-1993 HDR
Levi, Edward 03-09-2000 HDR
Levi, Julian Hirsch 10-21-1996 HDR
Levin, Dov (Former Israeli Supreme Court Judge) 06-29-2001 HDR
Levin, Hanoch 08-23-1999 HDR
Levin, Harry (Shakespearian scholar) 05-30-1994 HDR
Levinas, Emmanuel ("philosopher of four cultures") 12-30-1995 HDR
Levine, Lawrence (big band singer) 02-13-1994 HDR
Levine, Lesley Allyson Brown Ms. 10/18/2005 HDR
Leviner, William Porter  06-30-2001 HDR
Levins, Tamela Rose 02-18-1999 HDR
Levinsky, Walt (Clarinetist) 12-19-1999 HDR
Levitt, William J. (suburban development pioneer) 01-29-1994 HDR
Levy, David  02-02-2000 HDR
Levy, Leon (philanthropist)  04-19-2003 HDR
Levy, Lou (pianist) 02-02-2001 HDR
Lewek, James M. 04-07-1996 HDR
Lewellen, Sandra Ezze 3/8/2005 HDR
Lewengrub, Stuart  11-08-1995 HDR
Lewin, Edith 05-31-1999 HDR
Lewine, Robert F. (former president of NATAS) 12-15-1993 HDR
Lewis, Arnie Clifton 11-17-1997 HDR
Lewis, Benjamin Daughtridge (veteran) 05-30-1994 HDR
Lewis, Beverly  05-27-1999 HDR
Lewis, Blanche Luela Cline  05-17-2002 ONE
Lewis, Blanche Luela Cline  05-17-2002 HDR
Lewis, Brian Franklin (veteran) 03-10-1994 HDR
Lewis, Bruce  01-12-1995 HDR
Lewis, Buddy C. 08-04-2003 ONE
Lewis, Buddy Carroll HMC (USN, retired)  08-04-2003 HDR
Lewis, C. E. "Sonny" Jr. 05-15-2000 HDR
Lewis, Carol Ann  04-02-2000 HDR
Lewis, Charles "Scoop" (reporter) 12-19-1999 HDR
Lewis, Cleveland Wayne 02-14-1997 ONE
Lewis, Cleveland Wayne  02-13-1997 HDR
Lewis, Clyde H. 04-02-1996 HDR
Lewis, Daniel A. 04-28-1997 ONE
Lewis, Darrell Stephen 09-19-1996 ONE
Lewis, Darrell Stephen  09-19-1996 HDR
Lewis, David Anthony Sr. 10-02-1997 HDR
Lewis, Dean 12-18-2000 HDR
Lewis, Delia Flack  10-27-2003 HDR
Lewis, Edwin Stewart  08-26-1997 HDR
Lewis, Elvin Luther  1/26/2004 ONE
Lewis, Florence Gantt  11-25-2000 HDR
Lewis, Florence Hodges 06-18-1998 HDR
Lewis, Flossie Ida Rhodes  06-12-2001 HDR
Lewis, Frank 02-10-1994 HDR
Lewis, Frank 02-11-1994 HDR
Lewis, Grace McKinna 02-15-1999 ONE
Lewis, Grace McKinna 02-13-1999 HDR
Lewis, Harold (second dean of the Hunter College School of Social Work) 07-23-2003 HDR
Lewis, Henry 01-29-1996 ONE
Lewis, Henry (conductor) 01-30-1996 HDR
Lewis, J. Woodrow (Former SC Supreme Court Justice) 12-29-1999 HDR
Lewis, Jack Elmer 12/16/2005 HDR
Lewis, James Smith  07-23-2002 HDR
Lewis, James Timothy (page 2) 07-04-1995 ONE
Lewis, Jessica Renea  05-31-2002 HDR
Lewis, JoAnn Ikard 03-23-2000 HDR
Lewis, JoAnn Ikard 03-23-2000 ONE
Lewis, JoAnn Rector 8/19/2005 HDR
Lewis, Joseph Paul "Boots" 12-15-1999 HDR
Lewis, Kenneth Ray Sr. 03-29-2003 HDR
Lewis, Leah Marie (infant) 07-11-2003 HDR
Lewis, Lillian Brown 09-17-1998 ONE
Lewis, Lillian Brown 09-18-1998 HDR
Lewis, Linda Clemons 05-12-1998 HDR
Lewis, Linda Clemons 05-17-1998 HDR
Lewis, Lloyd Thomas 07-03-1996 HDR
Lewis, Lloyd Thomas  07-04-1996 HDR
Lewis, Lois  06-18-1993 ONE
Lewis, Lois  06-18-1993 HDR
Lewis, Lois  06-20-1993 HDR
Lewis, Mary Jane Croft 08-28-1999 HDR
Lewis, Mary McElrath  12-23-1996 HDR
Lewis, Maurice M. Jr. (reporter) 10-30-1993 HDR
Lewis, Michelle (Sister/Nun) (Page 11A) 03-27-2001 HDR
Lewis, Mozelle Julia Michaux 03-01-1997 HDR
Lewis, Myrtle Estelle Whitener 05-12-2000 HDR
Lewis, Myrtle Estelle Whitener 05-12-2000 ONE
Lewis, Myrtle Whitener 05-10-2000 ONE
Lewis, Nancy Caldwell 09-07-1993 HDR
Lewis, Olivia Arnell Squarles 10-13-2001 HDR
Lewis, Olivia Arnell Squarles  10-12-2001 ONE
Lewis, Patricia Ann  09-15-1994 HDR
Lewis, Patricia Ann  09-16-1994 HDR
Lewis, Patricia Ann (Page 3A) 09-16-1994 HDR
Lewis, Pauline Carver  04-10-2001 HDR
Lewis, Pearl Lela  05-04-1993 HDR
Lewis, Reginald (chairman of TLC Beatrice International Holdings) 01-20-1993 HDR
Lewis, Reid Hoyt 04-27-1998 ONE
Lewis, Reid Hoyt 04-27-1998 HDR
Lewis, Richard 03-14-1997 HDR
Lewis, Richard "Rick" (member of the Silhouettes) 4/27/2005 HDR
Lewis, Rose Ada Israel 07-18-1996 HDR
Lewis, Rosie Watson 02-10-1996 HDR
Lewis, Shari 08-04-1998 ONE
Lewis, Stella Mae Taylor  09-18-2001 HDR
Lewis, Stella Mae Taylor  09-19-2001 HDR
Lewis, Sydney 03-15-1999 HDR
Lewis, Texas Robert 11/30/2005 HDR
Lewis, Texas Robert  11/30/2005 ONE
Lewis, Wayne 02-12-1997 HDR
Lewis, Willard Fred  10-30-1994 HDR
Lewis, William Klutz 03-19-1999 ONE
Lewis, William Klutz 03-18-1999 ONE
Lewis, William Klutz 03-19-1999 HDR
Lewis, William Klutz 03-20-1999 HDR
Lewis, William Sebastian "Sabby" (pianist) 07-11-1994 HDR
Lewis, Willie Mode 09-07-1999 HDR
Lewis, Wilma Bertha Hurley 12-27-1997 HDR
Lewis, Wilma Hurley  12-26-1997 HDR
Liansong, Zeng 10-23-1999 HDR
Liberace, Dora  03-17-1996 HDR
Liberatore, Anthony D. Sr.  07-08-1998 HDR
Liberman, Viktor 07-21-1999 HDR
Liddell, George Turner 08-26-2003 HDR
Lieb, Stephen Stroud "Big Red" 02-12-1999 HDR
Lieb, Stephen Stroud "Big Red" 02-09-1999 HDR
Liebhart, Grace Folmar 04-09-1998 HDR
Lien, Dick (sports editor) 12-23-1994 HDR
Liepa, Alexander (editor) 03-02-1993 HDR
Lieurance, Maxwell T. 02-02-1996 ONE
Liggan, Mary Prillaman  07-11-2002 HDR
Liggio, Luciano (Mafia) 11-16-1993 HDR
Lillehei, C. Walton Dr. 07-09-1999 HDR
Lilley, Daniel Taylor (Former State Rep.) 06-14-1996 HDR
Lilly, Ashton Wilson 11-19-2000 HDR
Lilly, Bernice Pennington 02-04-2000 HDR
Lilly, Brent Ned 11-03-1999 HDR
Lilly, Bruce Alexander 10-23-1999 HDR
Lilly, Josiah K. III (philanthropist) 03-20-1995 HDR
Lilly, Robbie Joyce 12/13/2005 HDR
Limann, Hilla 01-27-1998 HDR
Limone, Andrew Paul II 08-25-1995 HDR
Lin, Nyan (Maj. Gen.) 03-28-1996 HDR
Lince, James Alan The Rev. Dr.  7/28/2005 HDR
Lincoln, Evelyn Norton (personal secretary to Pres. Kennedy) 05-12-1995 HDR
Lindau, Gertrud Wuerz 07-17-1998 HDR
Lindbergh, Anne (Mrs. Charles) 02-08-2001 ONE
Linden, Carl Walter 11-29-1995 HDR
Linder, Angela Carole Beaver 05-27-2000 HDR
Linder, Angela Carole Beaver 05-29-2000 ONE
Linder, Clifford Austin  02-25-2002 ONE
Linder, Clifford Austin  02-24-2002 HDR
Linder, Elton Lee  10-03-2000 HDR
Linder, Everett Wardlaw 12-30-1996 HDR
Linder, Garfield Gamewell  09-18-1993 HDR
Linder, George R. 01-06-1993 HDR
Linder, Jessie Lee 04-25-1997 HDR
Linder, Jessie Lee 04-26-1996 ONE
Linder, Jessie Mae 05-01-1996 HDR
Linder, Jessie Mae 05-09-1996 HDR
Linder, Jessie Mae  04-28-1996 HDR
Linder, Lionel (editor - Commercial Appeal - TN) 01-01-1993 HDR
Linder, Mark (Page 2) 08-20-2001 ONE
Lindfors, Viveca (actress) 10-28-1995 HDR
Lindh, Anna (Foreign Minister--Sweden) 09-12-2003 HDR
Lindle, Michael D.  12-27-2003 HDR
Lindler, James Henry "Jim" 12-09-2003 ONE
Lindler, James Henry "Jimmy"  12-10-2003 HDR
Lindler, James Henry "Jimmy"  12-10-2003 ONE
Lindley, Audra (actress) 10-20-1997 HDR
Lindley, Theodore Gladstone "Ted" 11-11-1998 HDR
Lindner, Kurt J.  01-05-1995 HDR
Lindon, Fannie Belle Ferguson  02-26-1993 HDR
Lindon, Henry Clay 11-05-1999 HDR
Lindroth, Lloyd (musician-harpist) 06-11-1994 HDR
Lindsay, Andrew Cecil Jr. 10-04-1999 HDR
Lindsay, Arnold Dale 10-18-1997 HDR
Lindsay, Arnold Dale  10-19-1997 HDR
Lindsay, Cecil  01-19-1996 HDR
Lindsay, Cecil  01-18-1996 HDR
Lindsay, Charles Reid Sr. 11-09-1999 ONE
Lindsay, Charles Reid Sr. 11-09-1999 HDR
Lindsay, Clyde Forrest  06-20-1997 HDR
Lindsay, Elizabeth Peden  01-08-2003 HDR
Lindsay, Elva Grisham  11/30/2005 HDR
Lindsay, Elva Grisham  12/1/2005 HDR
Lindsay, Georgie Huffman  05-08-1995 HDR
Lindsay, Harold J. 03-29-1999 HDR
Lindsay, Maggie Whisenant 07-13-1993 HDR
Lindsay, Mary Beard  02-01-1995 HDR
Lindsay, Mary Beard  02-02-1995 HDR
Lindsay, Minnie Smart 01-09-2000 HDR
Lindsay, Myrtle Louise  10-05-2001 HDR
Lindsay, Nellie Cornelia Miller 01-05-1998 HDR
Lindsay, Paula Solletto  11-09-1995 HDR
Lindsay, Paula Sollitto 11-10-1995 HDR
Lindsay, Robert (authority on global journalism) 09-28-1993 HDR
Lindsay, Robert Allison "Rob" 07-05-1998 HDR
Lindsay, Shirley Martin Mrs. 07-20-1998 HDR
Lindsay, Texie Evelyn Hoyle 11-11-1994 ONE
Lindsay, Texie Evelyn Hoyle  11-11-1994 HDR
Lindsay, Texie Evelyn Hoyle  11-12-1994 HDR
Lindsay, Virgie Jane Icard 07-06-2000 HDR
Lindsay, Virgie Jane Icard  07-04-2000 HDR
Lindsay, Walter Ernest  12-11-1997 HDR
Lindsay, William D. 05-07-1999 HDR
Lindsay, William Phifer  06-26-1995 HDR
Lindsay, Zulia Owens "Gene" 04-15-2000 HDR
Lindsey, Beulah Irene Bridges Mrs.  10-04-2003 HDR
Lindsey, Charles Wilson  12-11-2000 HDR
Lindsey, George Kenneth  10-31-1994 HDR
Lindsey, Hazel Edwards 10/13/2005 HDR
Lindsey, John Henry 09-09-1994 HDR
Lindsey, Lois Rowley  06-17-2001 HDR
Lindsey, Maggie Whisenant  07-12-1993 HDR
Lindsey, Mary Cline 2/14/2005 HDR
Lindsey, Mary Cline 2/14/2005 ONE
Lindsey, Mary Cline 2/16/2005 ONE
Lindsey, Mary Cline 2/17/2005 ONE
Lindsey, Mary Cline Mrs. 2/16/2005 HDR
Lindsey, Russell Dewey  02-27-2003 HDR
Lindsey, Russell Dewey  02-27-2003 ONE
Lindsey, Shannon Thomas 12-01-1999 HDR
Linebarger, Carl Christopher 06-04-1999 ONE
Linebarger, Cleatus Sr. 07-26-2001 ONE
Linebarger, Cleatus Sr. 07-26-2001 HDR
Linebarger, Clifford 11-04-1999 ONE
Linebarger, Clifford 11-02-1999 ONE
Linebarger, Clifford 11-05-1999 HDR
Linebarger, Dakeya Lafaye 12-04-2001 HDR
Linebarger, Dakeya Lafaye (infant) 12-04-2001 ONE
Linebarger, Emma  05-14-2002 ONE
Linebarger, Emma  05-15-2002 HDR
Linebarger, Emma C.  05-16-2002 ONE
Linebarger, Emma C.  05-17-2002 ONE
Linebarger, Emma C.  05-16-2002 HDR
Linebarger, Frankie Lorraine 07-20-1999 ONE
Linebarger, Frankie Lorraine  07-21-1999 HDR
Linebarger, Glenn Wilson 02-20-1995 ONE
Linebarger, Glenn Wilson 02-22-1995 ONE
Linebarger, Glenn Wilson 02-20-1995 HDR
Linebarger, Glenn Wilson 02-22-1995 HDR
Linebarger, Nellie  12-29-1993 ONE
Linebarger, Nellie  12-29-1993 HDR
Linebarger, O. Donald  02-25-2002 HDR
Linebarger, O'Donald "Dee" Winfield  02-27-2002 HDR
Linebarger, O'Donald (Dee) Winfield 02-27-2002 ONE
Linebarger, Robert L.  12-30-1993 HDR
Linebarger, Roderick Maurice 03-12-1997 HDR
Linebarger, Roderick Maurice 03-10-1997 HDR
Linebarger, Roderick Maurice 03-12-1997 ONE
Linebarger, Roderick Maurice 03-10-1997 ONE
Linebarger, Walter R. (Doc.) 12/30/2004 ONE
Linebarrier, Clara Jean Jones 3/9/2005 HDR
Lineberger, Adelia Yount 01-15-1996 ONE
Lineberger, Annie Anderson 01-31-1999 HDR
Lineberger, Annie Lee Little 03-26-2001 ONE
Lineberger, Annie Lee Little 03-26-2001 HDR
Lineberger, Azalea Nomia Drum 09-06-1993 HDR
Lineberger, Azalea Nomia Drum  09-06-1993 ONE
Lineberger, Bernard 03-17-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Bernard  03-17-2003 HDR
Lineberger, Carl Christopher 06-04-1999 HDR
Lineberger, Clara Hawn 06-21-1997 HDR
Lineberger, Clara Hawn  06-20-1997 HDR
Lineberger, Clyde Ervin  04-15-1996 HDR
Lineberger, Corley R. 01-28-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Corley R. 01-29-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Corley R. Rev.  01-29-2003 HDR
Lineberger, Doris Caldwell 6/2/2005 ONE
Lineberger, Doris Caldwell  6/3/2005 HDR
Lineberger, Dorothy "Dot" M. 11/17/2005 HDR
Lineberger, Edna Caldwell Beattie 12-19-1997 ONE
Lineberger, Edna Caldwell Beattie  12-20-1997 HDR
Lineberger, Emma Moss  04-26-1993 HDR
Lineberger, Emma Moss Mrs. 04-26-1993 ONE
Lineberger, Evelyn Bost 05-10-2000 HDR
Lineberger, Evelyn Bost 05-11-2000 HDR
Lineberger, Evelyn Bost 05-10-2000 ONE
Lineberger, Francis Linwood  12-03-1996 HDR
Lineberger, George Vance 06-08-1998 ONE
Lineberger, George Vance 06-05-1998 ONE
Lineberger, George Vance 06-06-1998 HDR
Lineberger, Georgia Icard 02-09-1996 ONE
Lineberger, Georgia Icard  02-10-1996 HDR
Lineberger, Grover Blair 03-03-1997 HDR
Lineberger, Grover Blair 03-03-1997 ONE
Lineberger, Jennie Yarbrough 08-31-2003 HDR
Lineberger, Johnny Lee 03-04-2002 ONE
Lineberger, Johnny Lee  03-02-2002 HDR
Lineberger, Josephine "Jo"  12-12-2003 HDR
Lineberger, Kathleen Sigmon 02-03-1997 HDR
Lineberger, Kathleen Sigmon 02-03-1997 ONE
Lineberger, Knoxie Schronce  09-12-2002 HDR
Lineberger, Martha Jean  03-28-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Martha Jean Robinson  03-29-2003 HDR
Lineberger, Martha Jean Robinson  04-01-2003 HDR
Lineberger, Martha Jean Robinson  03-31-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Martha Mosteller 02-06-2000 HDR
Lineberger, Marvin Benson  6/30/2004 ONE
Lineberger, Mary Medlin 09-05-1996 ONE
Lineberger, Mary Medlin  09-06-1996 HDR
Lineberger, Mary Roberta Reitzel 10-30-2000 ONE
Lineberger, Mary Roberta Reitzel  10-29-2000 HDR
Lineberger, Monroe A. 03-11-1996 ONE
Lineberger, Muriel Fulbright 10-11-1997 HDR
Lineberger, Nellie Rash 04-23-2000 HDR
Lineberger, Robert Lee 12-31-1993 ONE
Lineberger, Robert Lee Sr.  12-31-1993 HDR
Lineberger, Robert Max 02-12-1996 HDR
Lineberger, Ruth    01-01-1993 ONE
Lineberger, Ruth Augusta Moehlmann 01-04-1993 ONE
Lineberger, Ruth Augusta Moehlmann 01-02-1993 HDR
Lineberger, Ruth D. 02-23-1998 ONE
Lineberger, Ruth D. 02-22-1998 HDR
Lineberger, Sue Wilkinson 02-17-1997 HDR
Lineberger, Sue Wilkinson  02-17-1997 ONE
Lineberger, Thomas Alfred Sr.  06-29-2001 HDR
Lineberger, Thurman Barnard 03-19-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Thurman Barnard  03-18-2003 HDR
Lineberger, Thurman Barnard    03-18-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Thurman Bernard (Page 1) 03-17-2003 ONE
Lineberger, Vercie Lee Drum 05-29-1995 ONE
Lineberger, Vercie Lee Drum  05-27-1995 HDR
Lineberger, Vernon F. 2/5/2005 HDR
Lineberger, Vernon F. 2/7/2005 ONE
Lineberger, Vernon Franklin 2/4/2005 ONE
Lineberger, W.C. 03-20-1998 HDR
Lineberger, W.C.  03-20-1998 ONE
Lineberger, W.F. "Dub" 04-19-1997 HDR
Lineberger, W.F. "Dub" 04-20-1997 HDR
Lineberger, W.F. "Dub" 04-21-1997 ONE
Lineberger, Walter F. Jr. (banker) 07-01-1995 HDR
Lineberger, Wanda Eudy (Page 11) 09-23-2002 ONE
Lineberger, Wanda Eudy (Page 7)  09-16-2002 ONE
Lineberger, Worth Vitis  09-21-1993 HDR
Linenberger, Gustave A. (Manhattan Project scientist)  10-31-1995 HDR
Liner, Mikki Elizabeth 04-20-1998 ONE
Liner, Mikki Elizabeth 04-18-1998 HDR
Lingafeldt, Annie Self 05-22-2003 HDR
Lingafeldt, Doris Buckner 11-04-1997 HDR
Lingafeldt, John P. Sr. 07-08-1999 HDR
Lingafeldt, Nell Johnson 06-05-1999 HDR
Lingafeldt, Roscoe "Coley" 4/3/2005 HDR
Lingafelt, Charles Edwin  11-13-1998 HDR
Lingafelt, Eula Bell Smith  02-03-2001 HDR
Lingafelt, Eula Bell Smith  02-04-2001 HDR
Lingafelt, Zennie Theodore "Z.T."  01-20-2002 HDR
Lingerfelt, Alma Sue Roberts 05-04-2000 HDR
Lingerfelt, Alma Sue Roberts 05-05-2000 HDR
Lingerfelt, Alma Sue Roberts 05-04-2000 ONE
Lingerfelt, Billy A.  09-12-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, Billy A.  09-13-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, Billy A.  09-14-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, Billy Anderson 09-13-1994 ONE
Lingerfelt, Billy David  05-19-1995 HDR
Lingerfelt, Brenda Wilcox 11-11-2001 HDR
Lingerfelt, Cora Mae Stilwell  02-25-2002 HDR
Lingerfelt, Della Inez Turner 02-04-2003 ONE
Lingerfelt, Della Inez Turner 02-05-2003 ONE
Lingerfelt, Della Inez Turner  02-05-2003 HDR
Lingerfelt, Dorus William 02-15-1993 HDR
Lingerfelt, Dorus William  02-16-1993 HDR
Lingerfelt, Floyd W. 07-31-1997 HDR
Lingerfelt, Frances Jean Sigmon  01-29-2003 HDR
Lingerfelt, Gary Michael 02-17-2000 HDR
Lingerfelt, George Henry 04-06-1998 ONE
Lingerfelt, George Henry 04-06-1998 HDR
Lingerfelt, George Walter "Walt" 10-31-2000 ONE
Lingerfelt, George Walter “Walt”  10-31-2000 HDR
Lingerfelt, Howard Leon 4/3/2005 HDR
Lingerfelt, Jeanette Peeler  01-01-2003 HDR
Lingerfelt, Mary Grace Salvaggio 05-26-1993 HDR
Lingerfelt, Odya Gantt 02-11-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, Opaline Thornburg 06-05-2001 HDR
Lingerfelt, Robert Paul  09-11-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, Robert Paul  09-12-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, Ruby Crump  10-15-1993 ONE
Lingerfelt, Ruby Crump  10-15-1993 HDR
Lingerfelt, Ruby McMahan  07-02-1995 HDR
Lingerfelt, Russell "Russ" F.  10-09-2003 HDR
Lingerfelt, Russell "Russ" F.  10-09-2003 ONE
Lingerfelt, Wilburn Eddly "Bud" 01-31-2000 HDR
Lingerfelt, William Walter 10-24-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, William Walter 10-25-1994 HDR
Lingerfelt, Wray Crawley  04-26-2001 HDR
Lingle, Ann George  08-11-1998 HDR
Lingle, Annie Lucille Beach 02-21-1994 HDR
Lingle, Charles Gaither 01-26-1997 HDR
Lingle, David Thomas 01-06-1994 HDR
Lingle, Earl Junior 01-20-2000 HDR
Lingle, Edna Margaret Poovey 04-05-1993 ONE
Lingle, Edna Margaret Poovey 04-04-1993 HDR
Lingle, Esther Bowman 07-08-2003 HDR
Lingle, Lloyd David "Bill" 11-06-1999 HDR
Lingle, Lloyd David "Bill" 11-07-1999 HDR
Lingle, Lucille Ballew 07-22-1999 HDR
Lingle, Nita O.  02-24-1995 HDR
Lingle, Patricia Ann 10-15-2000 HDR
Lingle, Sheila Blevins "Nita" 12-18-1998 HDR
Lingle, Sheila Blevins "Nita" 12-19-1998 HDR
Lingle, Stuart H.  11-25-2000 HDR
Lingren, Herbert  11-16-1998 HDR
Linham, Larry Lewis  07-11-1996 HDR
Linham, Stanley V.  02-12-2002 ONE
Linham, Stanley V.  02-13-2002 HDR
Linhard, Robert E. 08-06-1996 ONE
Linial, David 06-21-1995 ONE
Linial, David  06-21-1995 HDR
Linial, Sadye Gross 03-23-1997 HDR
Linial, Sadye Gross 03-24-1997 ONE
Link, Adell Nancy 12-04-1999 HDR
Link, Arthur 03-31-1998 HDR
Link, Beauty Mae Farley  05-15-1996 HDR
Link, Beauty Mae Farley  05-17-1996 HDR
Link, Charles Vernon "Pat" 11-23-1998 ONE
Link, Charles Vernon "Pat" 11-22-1998 HDR
Link, Colie Mae Icard  07-16-1993 HDR
Link, Curlean McClain  06-22-1993 HDR
Link, Curlean McClain Mrs. 06-22-1993 ONE
Link, Curtis Sr. 04-27-2003 HDR
Link, Darlene Marie 5/4/2005 HDR
Link, Elmina Jarrett 10-26-2000 HDR
Link, Evelyn T.  02-24-2001 HDR
Link, Geneva A. Ransom 05-21-1999 HDR
Link, Gypsie Talbert 08-16-1996 HDR
Link, Helen Herman 06-10-1999 ONE
Link, Helen Herman 06-10-1999 HDR
Link, James Knolan 09-20-1998 HDR
Link, James Vernon 10-11-1997 HDR
Link, Lorene Elizabeth 05-26-1998 HDR
Link, Lorene Elizabeth 05-27-1998 HDR
Link, Lydia Helen 06-25-1996 HDR
Link, Marvin Prince Alexander 08-19-2003 HDR
Link, Mary Guthrie 01-01-1997 HDR
Link, Mary P. 06-14-2003 HDR
Link, Maude Reid 11-06-2000 ONE
Link, Maude Reid  11-06-2000 HDR
Link, O. Winston 02-04-2001 HDR
Link, Orein Sipe 01-22-2003 ONE
Link, Orein Sipe  01-22-2003 HDR
Link, Orein Sipe  01-23-2003 HDR
Link, Orein Sipe  01-24-2003 HDR
Link, Orianna Gabriel  03-17-2002 HDR
Link, Ron 06-10-1999 HDR
Link, Ruth Miller 05-01-2003 HDR
Link, Ruth Miller  04-30-2003 ONE
Link, Thomas Wesley Jr.  03-19-1998 HDR
Link, Thomas Wesley Jr.  03-20-1998 HDR
Link, Viola  03-01-2001 ONE
Link, Viola Marie Beard 03-02-2001 ONE
Link, VIola Marie Beard 03-02-2001 HDR
Link, William C. “Bill”  11-24-2000 HDR
Link, William H. The Rev.  07-09-2003 HDR
Linn, Mabel D. 12-08-1998 HDR
Linn, Mabel D. 12-23-1998 HDR
Linn, Robert (classical composer) 11-03-1999 HDR
Linney, Addie Thompson 12-24-1995 HDR
Linney, Addie Thompson 12-28-1995 HDR
Linney, Asia Dominique 11/25/2005 ONE
Linney, Asia Dominique  11/26/2005 HDR
Linney, Bernice Boston 11-23-1999 HDR
Linney, Chauncey A.  1/30/2005 HDR
Linney, Johnson Hayes (veteran) 05-01-1994 HDR
Linney, Juanita McLain  01-27-1996 HDR
Linney, Martha Evelyn 05-08-2000 HDR
Linney, Mittie Ena Hill  02-14-2003 HDR
Linney, Mittie Ena Hill  02-16-2003 HDR
Linney, Reuben Dewey  10-22-1993 HDR
Linney, Reuben Dewey  10-24-1993 HDR
Linney, Reuben Dewey  10-25-1993 HDR
Linney, Roger 08-25-1999 HDR
Linney, Troy Lee 03-02-1999 HDR
Linscott, Mary Sister 08-06-1999 HDR
Linsteadt, Pauline 04-09-1994 HDR
Lint, Russell Earl Jr. 10-08-2001 ONE
Lint, Russell Earl Jr. 10-07-2001 HDR
Linton, Craig 03-20-1997 HDR
Linton, Ulle Chichester  02-19-2003 HDR
Linton, Ulle Chichester  02-19-2003 ONE
Linville, Hettie Bell 09-26-2003 HDR
Linville, Larry ("Frank Burns" of  M*A*S*H) 04-12-2000 HDR
Linville, Larry (actor, "Frank Burns") 04-11-2000 ONE
Lionni, Leo  10-19-1999 HDR
Liotta, Louis (photographer "Mr. Post") 06-01-1997 HDR
Lip, Fred  11-13-1996 HDR
Lipe, Annie Marie Berry  08-25-1995 HDR
Lipe, Lillie Pearl Littlejohn (Johnnie) 10-09-2003 HDR
Lipe, Martin Pearl Jr. 05-22-1998 HDR
Lipes, Wheeler (Navy Commendation Medal) 4/24/2005 HDR
Lipfird, Luther William  05-24-1994 HDR
Lipfird, Luther William  05-25-1994 HDR
Lipford, Avanna "Avie Anna" Walton 05-20-1997 HDR
Lipford, Jacob David (infant) 5/7/2004 ONE
Lipinski, John Jr.  2/23/2004 ONE
Lipman-Wulf, Peter (sculptor) 09-30-1993 HDR
Lippard, Albert Henry  12-13-1995 HDR
Lippard, Bene Douglas "Doug"  03-04-1996 HDR
Lippard, Bonnie 03-08-1994 HDR
Lippard, Bonnie Morrow 03-09-1994 HDR
Lippard, Hazel C. 12-29-1995 HDR
Lippard, Lucy Johnson 05-28-1998 HDR
Lippard, Lucy Johnson 05-29-1998 HDR
Lippard, Rene Douglas  03-05-1996 HDR
Lippard, Roy “Jim” 07-20-2000 HDR
Lippard, Timothy Luther 12/13/2005 HDR
Lippert, Patrick (executive director of Rock the Vote) 07-15-1993 HDR
Lippincott, Gladys Viola Rooks 07-01-1997 HDR
Lipps, Ben Hayden  04-11-2003 HDR
Lipscomb, Eunice Martha  08-31-2001 HDR
Lipscomb, Preston T. 12-03-2001 HDR
Lipscomb, Preston T. "Red" 12-04-2001 HDR
Lipscomb, Preston T. "Red" 12-05-2001 HDR
Lipscomb, Preston T. "Red"  12-04-2001 ONE
Lipscomb, Sallie Lizzie Belle McKinney 02-01-1993 HDR
Lipsky, Eleazer (novelist/lawyer/Jewish leader)  02-15-1993 HDR
Liptak, Stephen Michael Jr. 10-28-2000 HDR
Lipton, C. Carwood 12-19-2001 HDR
Lira, Jesse (Page 3A) 08-30-1999 HDR
Lisk, Jack 12-20-1996 ONE
Lisk, Jack Hunter 12-23-1996 ONE
Lisk, Jack Hunter  12-21-1996 HDR
Lisk, William (page 5A) 06-13-1997 HDR
Lisk, William Craig 06-13-1997 HDR
Lisk, William Craig 06-13-1997 ONE
Lisk, William Craig 06-11-1997 ONE
Lisk, William Craig (Page 3A) 06-12-1997 HDR
Liska, Danny (adventurer) 05-11-1995 HDR
Lisowski, Reggie "The Crusher" (professional wrestler) 10/26/2005 HDR
List, Grace  02-25-2001 HDR
List, Hans (100 yoa) 09-12-1996 HDR
Lister, Hubert Clinton  03-08-2002 HDR
Lister, Keith F. 07-11-1999 HDR
Lisz, Gary  08-17-1998 HDR
Litaker, Lorine "Renie" Butler 10-29-2001 HDR
Litaker, William Mundy Sr. 07-30-2000 HDR
Litaker, William Mundy Sr. 07-31-2000 ONE
Litehiser, Joe Jean 03-31-2003 ONE
Litehiser, Joe Jean  03-28-2003 HDR
Litten, Mabel Edith Finger 04-17-1994 HDR
Litten, Mabel Edith Finger  04-18-1994 ONE
Little, Ada Erma Millsaps  09-28-1997 HDR
Little, Anita Hedrick 8/22/2005 ONE
Little, Anita Louise Hedrick 8/23/2005 HDR
Little, Anita Louise Hedrick 8/23/2005 ONE
Little, Annie Mae Bolick 04-02-2001 ONE
Little, Annie Mae Bolick 04-02-2001 HDR
Little, Arvel Alexander 12-30-1999 HDR
Little, Avery Roger  05-10-1995 HDR
Little, Barry Neal 11/14/2005 HDR
Little, Barry Neal 11/15/2005 HDR
Little, Barry Neal 11/14/2005 ONE
Little, Bessie Mae Stafford  11-24-1999 HDR
Little, Betty Clippard 02-24-1997 ONE
Little, Bill  10-20-1993 HDR
Little, Billy Lee Sr. 05-10-1999 ONE
Little, Billy Lee Sr. 05-09-1999 HDR
Little, Bobby Clifford  05-07-1995 HDR
Little, Brenda Smith  03-12-2002 HDR
Little, Carl Eulan 03-10-2003 ONE
Little, Carl Eulan  03-08-2003 HDR
Little, Carl Owen  07-28-2002 HDR
Little, Carlos Lamar 02-06-1995 ONE
Little, Carlos Lamar  02-04-1995 HDR
Little, Charles "Sonny" Bolin  04-13-2001 HDR
Little, Charles Franklin 5/25/2004 ONE
Little, Charles Lee 01-08-2000 HDR
Little, Charles Lee 01-10-2000 ONE
Little, Clarence Rhyne 04-13-1999 ONE
Little, Clarence Rhyne 04-14-1999 HDR
Little, Claude Eugene Jr. 07-29-1999 ONE
Little, Claude Eugene Jr. 07-29-1999 HDR
Little, Conley Keith  09-17-2001 HDR
Little, Conley McCree 08-11-1998 HDR
Little, Cynthia  04-11-2001 ONE
Little, Cynthia Snyder 04-12-2001 ONE
Little, Cynthia Snyder  04-12-2001 HDR
Little, David L. 11/27/2005 HDR
Little, David Lamar 11/28/2005 HDR
Little, David Lamar  11/28/2005 ONE
Little, Dewey E "Jook" 05-12-1997 ONE
Little, Dewey E. "Jook" 05-13-1997 HDR
Little, Dollie "Dinky" 06-30-2003 HDR
Little, Dollie "Dinky" 06-30-2003 ONE
Little, Donald Ray  05-23-2002 ONE
Little, Donald Ray  05-24-2002 ONE
Little, Donald Ray  05-24-2002 HDR
Little, Donald Ray  05-25-2002 HDR
Little, Donald Richard 06-12-2003 HDR
Little, Donald Richard  06-12-2003 ONE
Little, Dontae Morshae 04-27-1997 HDR
Little, Dontae Morshea 04-28-1997 ONE
Little, Doriethy  11-17-1997 HDR
Little, Doriethy "Dope" 11-18-1997 HDR
Little, Doriethy Dope 11-17-1997 ONE
Little, Dorothy 03-26-2003 ONE
Little, Dorothy Rose "Dot" Lutz 03-27-2003 ONE
Little, Dorothy Rose "Dot" Lutz 03-28-2003 ONE
Little, Dorothy Rose “Dot” Lutz  03-27-2003 HDR
Little, Edith 02-25-1994 HDR
Little, Edith Earwood "Mary" 05-14-2001 ONE
Little, Edith Earwood "Mary"  05-14-2001 HDR
Little, Edna Eckard 08-02-1995 HDR
Little, Edna Eckard  08-02-1995 ONE
Little, Edythe Catherine Cline 02-26-1994 HDR
Little, Elbert Roscoe 02-18-1994 HDR
Little, Ella Mae  07-15-1993 HDR
Little, Ella Mae  07-16-1993 HDR
Little, Ellen Maurine  12-27-2000 HDR
Little, Ernest James  11-15-1995 ONE
Little, Ernest James  11-15-1995 HDR
Little, Ernest Lee  12-09-2003 HDR
Little, Ersell Love  08-14-2001 HDR
Little, Essie Mae Starnes (100 yoa) 04-17-1994 HDR
Little, Ethel 09-29-1996 HDR
Little, Ethel Eugenia Mays 10-28-1999 HDR
Little, Ethel Toms  10-02-1996 HDR
Little, Everette R. 05-30-1997 HDR
Little, Florence Flowers 01-11-1997 HDR
Little, Florence Georgeanna Killian (102 yoa) 12/7/2004 ONE
Little, Forrest Alexander Sr. 12/30/2005 HDR
Little, Frank (Olympic trapshooter) 12-18-1993 HDR
Little, Frankie Elizabeth  04-23-1996 HDR
Little, Franklin H. 05-10-1996 ONE
Little, Franklin H.  05-10-1996 HDR
Little, Franklin H.  05-07-1996 HDR
Little, Franklin Luther 01-01-1997 HDR
Little, Fred W. 2/9/2005 HDR
Little, Fred W. 2/9/2005 ONE
Little, Fred Wilburn  2/8/2005 ONE
Little, Gary Wayne 06-18-1996 ONE
Little, Gaynell 08-25-1998 ONE
Little, Gaynell Sigmon 08-26-1998 ONE
Little, Gaynell Sigmon 08-26-1998 HDR
Little, Georgia Marie 11-18-1995 HDR
Little, Glenn Alfred 01-22-1997 HDR
Little, Glenn Alfred 01-22-1997 ONE
Little, Grace Louella Gantt 09-20-1993 ONE
Little, Grace Louella Gantt  09-19-1993 HDR
Little, Grace Louella Gantt  09-20-1993 HDR
Little, Grady Lloyd  07-27-1996 HDR
Little, Grady Lloyd  07-26-1996 ONE
Little, H. E. (Bessie) Mrs. (103 yoa)  12-01-1993 HDR
Little, Harold A.  03-23-1995 HDR
Little, Harold Alexander 03-24-1995 ONE
Little, Harold Alexander  03-24-1995 HDR
Little, Harold Eugene  09-27-1993 ONE
Little, Harold Eugene  09-27-1993 HDR
Little, Harry 10-31-1998 HDR
Little, Harry  11-01-1998 HDR
Little, Hattie Killian  04-01-2002 ONE
Little, Hattie Killian  03-31-2002 HDR
Little, Hazel Katherine Brooks  9/20/2004 ONE
Little, Hendil Monroe  08-28-2003 HDR
Little, Howard McRoy "Red" 01-29-2003 ONE
Little, Howard McRoy "Red" 01-30-2003 ONE
Little, Howard McRoy “Red”  01-30-2003 HDR
Little, Hubert Richard 09-25-1997 HDR
Little, Hubert Richard  09-25-1997 ONE
Little, James Ellis 04-19-1999 ONE
Little, James Ellis 04-18-1999 HDR
Little, Jane Page 05-28-1997 HDR
Little, Jane Page  05-28-1997 ONE
Little, Jeanne 12-24-2001 HDR
Little, Jerry E.  04-19-2002 HDR
Little, Jerry Earnest 05-01-2001 HDR
Little, Jim 03-28-2003 ONE
Little, Jim Green  03-29-2003 HDR
Little, Jim Green  03-31-2003 ONE
Little, Joe M.  11/8/2004 ONE
Little, Joe Matthews  11/9/2004 ONE
Little, John 07-31-1997 HDR
Little, John 07-30-1997 ONE
Little, John Clyde  10-19-1994 HDR
Little, John E. 04-28-1997 ONE
Little, John L.  09-15-1997 HDR
Little, John Lawrence 08-01-1997 HDR
Little, John Lawrence 07-31-1997 ONE
Little, John Y.  03-06-2003 ONE
Little, John Yount  03-12-2003 HDR
Little, John Yount  03-11-2003 ONE
Little, Johnny Ray  07-13-1999 HDR
Little, Josephine Harwell 3/17/2005 HDR
Little, Joshua Tyler 08-25-1993 HDR
Little, Joshua Tylor (infant) 08-25-1993 ONE
Little, Juanita Beaver  11-30-1993 ONE
Little, Juanita Beaver  11-30-1993 HDR
Little, Kathleen  11-03-1995 HDR
Little, Kathleen  11-05-1995 HDR
Little, Kathleen Kirkman  03-05-2002 HDR
Little, Kay Boone  12-03-1994 HDR
Little, Kenneth Ray "Butch" 09-10-1998 HDR
Little, Kermit Franklin 03-22-1997 HDR
Little, Kermit Harold 05-18-1998 ONE
Little, Kermit Harold 05-17-1998 HDR
Little, Kermit Harold 05-18-1998 HDR
Little, Laura Evelyn  08-24-1994 ONE
Little, Laura Evelyn  08-25-1994 ONE
Little, Laura Evelyn  08-24-1994 HDR
Little, Laura Evelyn  08-25-1994 HDR
Little, Lester Eugene Sr.  06-08-2003 HDR
Little, Lewis Ray 02-08-1996 HDR
Little, Lillian Augusta  11-24-1993 HDR
Little, Lloyd Ray  12-31-2003 HDR
Little, Louise Bivens 05-05-2000 HDR
Little, Louise Bivens 05-04-2000 ONE
Little, Louise C. 06-02-1999 ONE
Little, Louise Carpenter  04-25-2001 HDR
Little, Louise Corpening 06-04-1999 ONE
Little, Louise Corpening 06-03-1999 HDR
Little, Lucy Bolin 10-27-1994 ONE
Little, Lucy Bolin  10-27-1994 HDR
Little, Mabel B. (104 yos) 01-24-2001 HDR
Little, Mack Gray 2/12/2005 HDR
Little, Madge Sperling  11-19-1994 HDR
Little, Madgline C.  03-11-1997 HDR
Little, Madgline C.  03-11-1997 ONE
Little, Magnolia "Mama Shug" 10-24-2003 HDR
Little, Mamie Anna (107 yoa) 09-21-1993 HDR
Little, Marjorie G. 07-23-1998 ONE
Little, Marjorie Garvin 07-24-1998 ONE
Little, Marjorie Garvin  07-24-1998 HDR
Little, Marjorie Price 01-10-1994 HDR
Little, Marjorie Price 01-11-1994 HDR
Little, Marjorie Price  01-10-1994 ONE
Little, Marjorie Price  01-11-1994 ONE
Little, Mary Abilene Sherrill 02-07-2000 HDR
Little, Mary Abilene Sherrill 02-07-2000 ONE
Little, Mary Ellen 12-28-2001 ONE
Little, Mary Ellen 12-29-2001 HDR
Little, Mary Miles Summer  10-08-1997 HDR
Little, Mary Neile Burke  10-22-2001 ONE
Little, Mary Neile Burke  10-22-2001 HDR
Little, Melba Ruth 01-20-1998 HDR
Little, Melba Ruth 01-21-1998 HDR
Little, Melba Ruth  01-20-1998 ONE
Little, Michael Dale 11-04-2001 HDR
Little, Mildred Lee McCann 08-20-2000 HDR
Little, Mildred Lynch 03-30-1998 ONE
Little, Mildred Lynch 03-29-1998 HDR
Little, Miriam Carpenter 10-23-1999 HDR
Little, Miriam Carpenter  10-22-1999 ONE
Little, Morris "Coote"  04-27-2001 HDR
Little, Nancy Ruth Townsend  9/17/2005 HDR
Little, Naomi "Toni"  1/11/2005 HDR
Little, Nell Wilkinson 07-25-1994 HDR
Little, Nola Lee 03-07-1996 HDR
Little, Nola Lee 03-07-1996 ONE
Little, Nora Christina Day Thomas 05-09-2001 HDR
Little, Oma Madgline Caudill 03-10-1997 ONE
Little, Opal Williams  10-19-2001 HDR
Little, Patrick C. 08-11-1997 HDR
Little, Patrick Clarence 08-12-1997 ONE
Little, Patrick Clarence 08-11-1997 ONE
Little, Patrick Clarence "Pat" 08-13-1997 HDR
Little, Patrick Clarence "Pat" 08-12-1997 HDR
Little, Paul H. "Shug" 08-11-1994 HDR
Little, Paul H. "Shug"  08-11-1994 ONE
Little, Pearlie Mary Millsaps 10-27-1998 HDR
Little, Peggy Ann Schrum 12-03-1999 ONE
Little, Peggy Ann Schrum  12-04-1999 HDR
Little, Percy C. 03-14-1994 ONE
Little, Percy C. 03-12-1994 HDR
Little, Pernell Lee 05-16-2003 ONE
Little, Pernell Lee  05-17-2003 HDR
Little, Raymond Harold Jr.  09-28-2003 HDR
Little, Reades 05-03-2002 HDR
Little, Reades Russell  05-05-2002 HDR
Little, Reades Russell  05-06-2002 HDR
Little, Reba Lillian Bailey 04-26-2000 HDR
Little, Reedes Russell 05-06-2002 ONE
Little, Richard Allen 04-06-2000 HDR
Little, Richard Allen  04-05-2000 ONE
Little, Robert 12-08-1999 HDR
Little, Robert Paul 10-18-2002 ONE
Little, Robert Paul  10-17-2002 HDR
Little, Robert Paul  10-18-2002 HDR
Little, Roderick Antonio Jr.  1/13/2005 HDR
Little, Rosa Lee Ledford 04-21-2003 ONE
Little, Rosa Lee Ledford Mrs.  04-20-2003 HDR
Little, Ruby Crowe 04-23-1999 HDR
Little, Ruby Dare Wilson 11-15-1997 HDR
Little, Ruth B.  5/18/2004 ONE
Little, Ruth B.  5/19/2004 ONE
Little, Ruth Gabriel 04-03-1997 ONE
Little, Stella Sipe 01-10-2000 HDR
Little, Stella Sipe  01-09-2000 HDR
Little, Stella Sipe  01-10-2000 ONE
Little, Steve-boxer 02-02-2000 HDR
Little, Steven Howard  04-18-2001 ONE
Little, Steven Howard  04-18-2001 HDR
Little, Terry Dean 02-24-1997 ONE
Little, Terry Dean  02-22-1997 HDR
Little, Thomas Dillon 08-25-1993 HDR
Little, Thomas Dillon (infant) 08-25-1993 ONE
Little, Tommy Eugene 01-13-2003 ONE
Little, Tommy Eugene  01-12-2003 HDR
Little, Tressie Mae 07-17-1996 HDR
Little, Vardia Mae Turner 04-12-1996 HDR
Little, Vardia Mae Turner 04-11-1996 ONE
Little, Vella Mae  10-23-1995 HDR
Little, Viola Jolly  11-01-1996 HDR
Little, Viola Jolly  10-31-1996 ONE
Little, Viola Sells  01-29-2002 HDR
Little, Violet Mae "Lady Penny Pincher" Huffman 01-12-1994 HDR
Little, Virginia Rockett 04-05-1999 ONE
Little, Virginia Rockett 04-05-1999 HDR
Little, Virna Whisenhunt (102 yao) 04-11-1994 HDR
Little, Virna Whisenhunt (102 yao) 04-12-1994 HDR
Little, Virna Whisenhunt (102 yoa) 04-11-1994 ONE
Little, Virna Whisenhunt (102 yoa) 04-12-1994 ONE
Little, Vivian H. Johnson 07-20-2001 HDR
Little, Vivian H. Johnson 07-21-2001 HDR
Little, Vivian H. Johnson  07-20-2001 ONE
Little, W. H. "Bill" 08-11-1999 HDR
Little, Walter Earnie 02-13-1998 ONE
Little, Walter Earnie 02-14-1998 HDR
Little, Wilfred 05-21-1998 HDR
Little, William Brian 09-20-2000 HDR
Little, William Hartwell "Bill" 11-30-1999 ONE
Little, William Hartwell "Bill" 12-01-1999 HDR
Little, William Howard  10-11-1997 HDR
Little, Zeb Henry 11-30-1993 ONE
Little, Zeb Henry  11-30-1993 HDR
Little, Zelda  05-24-1996 HDR
Littlefield, Gary Lee 08-25-1994 HDR
Littlefield, Gary Lee 08-26-1994 HDR
Littlefield, Ida Mae David 11/2/2004 ONE
Littlejohn, Clarence Avery  03-02-2002 HDR
Littlejohn, Glennie  12-27-1997 HDR
Littlejohn, Jack 04-04-1997 HDR
Littlejohn, Lawrence Ivey  01-29-1995 HDR
Littlejohn, Letabeth Byrd (model) 05-29-1993 HDR
Littlejohn, Nalson Casey 02-12-2001 ONE
Littlejohn, Nelson Casey 02-15-2001 ONE
Littlejohn, Nelson Casey  02-15-2001 HDR
Littlejohn, Neva L.  12-13-1993 HDR
Littlejohn, Odell 12-18-1998 HDR
Littlejohn, Odell 12-19-1998 HDR
Littlejohn, Ona Lee Lambert  01-22-2000 HDR
Littlejohn, Raymond Boone 04-15-1994 HDR
Littlejohn, Roy Anderson 02-15-1995 HDR
Littlejohn, Virginia Story 05-27-1998 HDR
Littleton, Long  (Page 7A) 12-29-1998 HDR
Littnan, Charles C. (veteran) 03-22-1994 HDR
Litton, Pauline  11-15-2000 ONE
Litton, Pauline Dinsmore 11-16-2000 HDR
Litton, Pauline Dinsmore 11-16-2000 ONE
Litton, Virginia  06-13-1994 ONE
Litton, Virginia  06-11-1994 HDR
Litton, Wysor Jay 11-18-1998 ONE
Litton, Wysor Jay 11-19-1998 ONE
Litton, Wysor Jay 11-19-1998 HDR
Litton, Wysor Jay 11-20-1998 HDR
Littrel, Catherine Jennifer 04-07-1997 ONE
Livanos, George  06-08-1997 HDR
Livengood, Amelia C.  10-04-2003 HDR
Livengood, Harry Samuel  12-26-1997 HDR
Livengood, Lucile Beckerdite  01-26-2003 HDR
Livesay, James Ray 05-20-1995 HDR
Livingood, Jay-writer 01-24-1997 HDR
Livingston, Alma Kirby  10-21-2002 HDR
Livingston, Blaine Eugene 07-30-2000 HDR
Livingston, Blaine Eugene 07-31-2000 ONE
Livingston, David (labor leader) 03-20-1995 HDR
Livingston, Dora T. 03-16-1997 HDR
Livingston, James Doughton  02-15-2002 HDR
Livingston, Jenavee P.  06-02-1996 HDR
Livingston, John Finley Jr. 02-26-1997 HDR
Livingston, Kathryn Tolbert  04-09-2002 HDR
Livingston, Kenneth "Sonny" 01-23-1997 HDR
Livingston, Kenneth Dean 01-24-1997 HDR
Livingston, Mattie Mae  12-13-1997 HDR
Livingston, Ora Lea Phillips  05-28-1994 HDR
Livingston, Oralea Phillips  05-27-1994 HDR
Livingston, Robert "Bob" Blaine  03-18-1993 HDR
Livingston, Robert Blaine  03-17-1993 HDR
Livingston, Steven Curtis  06-12-2001 HDR
Livingston, Thomas Clifton  05-20-1995 HDR
Livingston, Wilma Wilson  08-18-1995 HDR
Livingstone, Ernest Tucker Dr. 09-20-2000 HDR
Livsey, Melia Daenae 12-26-1997 ONE
Livsey, Melia Daenae  12-26-1997 HDR
Lizza, Charles Edward (Page 10C) 10-09-1998 HDR
Llewelyn Desmond (James Bond's "Q") 12-21-1999 HDR
Lloyd, Charles (baseball player--"Power Hitter") 07-14-2003 HDR
Lloyd, Cody Lee  04-08-1995 HDR
Lloyd, Ervin "J.C." 12-24-1993 HDR
Lloyd, Eunice Stowe  10-04-2001 HDR
Lloyd, Frank 04-09-1998 HDR
Lloyd, George Raymond 01-15-2000 HDR
Lloyd, James L. "Jimmy"  05-22-2001 HDR
Lloyd, Joe Lamar 01-16-1997 HDR
Lloyd, Kathryn Darnell 03-06-1994 HDR
Lloyd, Pauline Church Mrs. 5/15/2005 HDR
Lloyd, Thomas "Tommy" Raymond  08-22-2002 ONE
Lloyd, Thomas “Tommy” Raymond  08-22-2002 HDR
Lloyd, Walter P. 4/18/2005 HDR
Lloyd, William Jeffrey “Jeff”  10-02-2002 HDR
Lloyd-Jones, Donald J. 12-09-1999 HDR
Lo, Joey Nouchi 01-18-2001 ONE
Lo, Joey Nouchi 01-19-2001 HDR
Lo, Joey Nouchi 01-20-2001 HDR
Lo, Kenneth (restaurateur) 08-13-1995 HDR
Lo, Shua P.  11-21-2003 HDR
Lobb, Eric (head of shoemaking company) 02-05-1993 HDR
Lobbia, J. A. 11-24-2001 HDR
Lochman, Walt 01-05-1998 HDR
Locke, Dudley B. Jr. 07-07-1998 HDR
Locke, Dudley Betz Jr. 07-06-1998 ONE
Locke, Fred Dodge Sr.  06-19-2003 HDR
Locke, Fred Dodge Sr.  06-19-2003 ONE
Locke, Nathan 07-15-1996 ONE
Locke, Nathan 07-16-1996 ONE
Locke, Nathan Keith  07-16-1996 HDR
Locke, Norman Ray 10-16-1998 HDR
Locke, Norman Ray 10-17-1998 HDR
Lockee, A. V. Rev. 03-06-1995 HDR
Lockee, A. V. Rev.  03-06-1995 ONE
Lockee, Coyte Jerome Sr. 04-15-2002 HDR
Lockee, Swoney Oxentine 3/9/2005 HDR
Lockee, Zula Zora Belle 03-22-1998 HDR
Lockett, Wardell "Dale" 07-11-1997 HDR
Lockhart, Betty Frye Beard 04-01-2002 ONE
Lockhart, Betty Frye Beard  03-31-2002 HDR
Lockhart, Michael David  05-13-2002 HDR
Lockhart, Michael David  05-14-2002 HDR
Lockhart, Thomas E.  12-03-1994 HDR
Lockhart, William Ray  06-13-1997 HDR
Locklear, Ethel Bernice Burgin 12/23/2005 HDR
Locklear, Gladys K. Mullin 06-24-2001 HDR
Locklear, Jeremiah Junior (Page 12B) 10-22-1996 HDR
Locklear, John Clayton (Page 6A) 11-29-1998 HDR
Locklear, Romie 01-27-2000 HDR
Locklear, Roy K. 04-07-1997 ONE
Locklear, Shelby Jean 09-03-1996 ONE
Locklear, Vernon "Chief" 5/25/2005 HDR
Lockley, Viola Oxentine 11-02-1998 HDR
Lockman, A. A. "Bub" 03-23-1995 HDR
Lockman, James Hoyt  10-09-1996 ONE
Lockman, Jewell Keener 02-24-1996 HDR
Lockman, Mack Blair 06-27-1997 HDR
Lockman, Steve Hamilton 04-21-1994 HDR
Lockridge, Broadus Paul Stanford  12-18-1995 ONE
Lockridge, Sudie Violet Lewis 11-04-1996 ONE
Lockwood, August G. "Gus" 08-19-1997 HDR
Lodge, Arthur (NBC news supervisor)  11-30-1993 HDR
Loeb, Nackey S. 01-10-2000 HDR
Loeb, Nackey S. 01-15-2000 HDR
Loehr, Margaret R.  05-28-1996 HDR
Loew, Arthur Jr. (comedian & writer)  11-12-1995 HDR
Lofland, Eva Mae Bondurant  12-19-1994 ONE
Lofland, Eva Mae Bondurant  12-18-1994 HDR
Lofland, Mary Josina J. 04-29-1997 ONE
Lofland, Mary Josina Johnson 04-30-1997 HDR
Loflin, Hope Brown Mrs. 4/20/2005 HDR
Loflin, Mamie Martin  10-01-2001 HDR
Loftin, Annie Ruth  08-28-1995 HDR
Loftin, Annie Ruth Travis 08-28-1995 ONE
Loftin, Arthur Fred 08-30-1999 ONE
Loftin, Arthur Fred 08-31-1999 HDR
Loftin, Authur Fred 08-30-1999 HDR
Loftin, Davis 5/1/2005 HDR
Loftin, Davis Theodore 5/2/2005 HDR
Loftin, Davis Theodore 5/2/2005 ONE
Loftin, Edna Irene 03-01-1998 HDR
Loftin, Edna Jones 11-20-2001 HDR
Loftin, Edna Jones  11-20-2001 ONE
Loftin, Elies Everhart 05-05-1994 HDR
Loftin, Elizabeth Beaman  03-12-1995 HDR
Loftin, Janice Hildebran 8/22/2005 ONE
Loftin, Janice Hildebran  8/22/2005 HDR
Loftin, Johnny Young 09-25-2001 ONE
Loftin, Johnny Young 09-25-2001 HDR
Loftin, Johnny Young  09-24-2001 ONE
Loftin, Larry Andrew "Drew" Jr. 04-26-1999 HDR
Loftin, Mildred Allen 06-08-1998 ONE
Loftin, Mildred Allen 06-07-1998 HDR
Loftin, Oda Bell Stewart 05-10-2000 HDR
Loftin, Oda Bell Stewart 05-09-2000 ONE
Loftin, Oda Bell Stewart 05-10-2000 ONE
Loftin, Pamela Smith 06-18-2001 ONE
Loftin, Pamela Smith 06-16-2001 HDR
Loftin, Pamela Smith  06-15-2001 ONE
Loftin, Robert Gene "Bob" 09-22-2000 HDR
Loftin, William "Bill" Ray Sr. 8/21/2005 HDR
Loftin, William "Bill" Ray Sr. 8/22/2005 ONE
Loftis, Jonathan Dale (page 1) 07-04-1995 ONE
Loftis, Pauline Hoover McMahan  02-19-2003 HDR
Loftis, Richard Albert 11-26-1993 HDR
Loftis, Todd S. (Page 10) 05-21-2002 ONE
Lofton, Peggy (Page 3A) 07-31-1999 HDR
Logan, Alice Margarie "Mose" Kincaid 12-21-2001 HDR
Logan, Bill (reporter) 10-25-1993 HDR
Logan, Essaline Coffey "Essie" 09-24-1998 HDR
Logan, Henry (Page 4A) 12-28-2001 HDR
Logan, Hillary (Page 4A) 12-28-2001 HDR
Logan, James 07-03-1997 HDR
Logan, Louise Sain Beam  08-08-2002 HDR
Logan, Mary Lee 07-23-2001 ONE
Logan, Mary Lee  07-23-2001 HDR
Logan, Nathaniel 06-26-2002 HDR
Logan, Nathaniel  06-27-2002 HDR
Logan, Paul Franklin 01-25-2000 HDR
Logan, Richard Lee 11/2/2005 HDR
Logan, Rosie Lee  12-08-2002 HDR
Logan, Sears 12-06-1996 ONE
Logan, Ward Eugene  05-19-2001 HDR
Loggains, Beulah T.  09-06-2000 HDR
Loggains, Beulah T.  09-03-2000 HDR
Loggins, George Lemuel 08-04-1993 HDR
Loggins, George Lemuel 08-05-1993 HDR
Loggins, George Lemuel  08-05-1993 ONE
Loggins, Nina Delaphine Harris 02-07-1995 HDR
Loggins, Zelus D. "Zeke" 06-05-1998 HDR
Logsdon, Toni C.  07-31-1996 HDR
Logue, Edward J. 01-30-2000 HDR
Lohan, Ann Van Manen 03-30-1997 HDR
Lohan, Ann Van Manen 03-29-1997 HDR
Lohr, Mildred Fuller  1/25/2005 HDR
Lomax, Fannie Marie 03-08-2001 HDR
Lomax, Marjorie Beach 06-08-2000 HDR
Lomax, Marjorie Beach 06-08-2000 ONE
Lombardi, Ralph  3/8/2004 ONE
Lombardi, Vic 12-08-1997 HDR
Lominac, Charles M. 09-22-2001 HDR
Lominac, William Edward 07-03-2001 ONE
Lominac, William Edward  07-02-2001 ONE
Lominac, William Edward  07-02-2001 HDR
London, Billy H. 03-19-2001 ONE
London, Billy H.  03-17-2001 HDR
London, Carroll Lewis  02-01-1997 HDR
London, Duain Austin 10-13-1999 HDR
London, Harold Dean 10-31-1994 ONE
London, Harold Dean 10-30-1994 HDR
London, Hazel Willis 09-09-1999 HDR
London, Herbert Eugene  12-01-1993 ONE
London, Herbert Eugene  12-01-1993 HDR
London, James Charles 04-07-2003 ONE
London, James Charles  04-05-2003 HDR
London, Lawrence Foushee (librarian)(blind) 3/9/2005 HDR
London, Mary Elizabeth Tyler  08-08-2002 HDR
London, Minnie Allison 09-17-1995 HDR
London, Ralph Ray  10-18-2000 HDR
London, Rebecca 10-25-1997 HDR
London, Tressie Mae Hefner 08-26-1995 HDR
London, Tressie Mae Hefner  08-25-1995 ONE
Long, Addie Mae  03-06-1995 ONE
Long, Addie Mae  03-04-1995 HDR
Long, Alma Ruby Starnes  11-11-1993 HDR
Long, Alma Ruby Starnes Mrs. 11-11-1993 ONE
Long, Ann Harriett Hodges 04-16-1996 HDR
Long, Beatrice B. 04-18-1999 HDR
Long, Bessie Earp  07-26-1993 HDR
Long, Carol  04-03-2003 HDR
Long, Charles Edward "Chuck" 11-28-1998 HDR
Long, Charles Paul  07-27-2003 HDR
Long, Clarence D. (Congressman-MD) 09-20-1994 HDR
Long, Clarence Edmond 03-31-2003 ONE
Long, Corinne  04-03-1995 ONE
Long, Corinne  04-02-1995 HDR
Long, Coy A. 07-10-1997 HDR
Long, Coy A. 07-10-1997 ONE
Long, Daisey Ervin 05-05-1998 HDR
Long, Dennis Carroll 04-08-1998 HDR
Long, Dorothy Crotts 12/19/2005 HDR
Long, Dorothy Crotts 12/20/2005 HDR
Long, Dwight Stanley  07-17-2001 HDR
Long, Ed 07-20-1999 HDR
Long, Elbert C.  07-05-1993 HDR
Long, Elbert C.  07-06-1993 HDR
Long, Eric Martin Nelson 01-28-1997 HDR
Long, Ernest Edward Rev. 05-31-2001 HDR
Long, Esther Zora Triplett 04-30-1997 HDR
Long, Esther Zora Triplett  04-30-1997 ONE
Long, Everett Coyner 05-24-2000 HDR
Long, Everett Coyner 05-24-2000 ONE
Long, Frank Belknap (author) 01-05-1994 HDR
Long, Franklin Donald  09-02-2001 HDR
Long, Fred Arthur  07-27-1997 HDR
Long, Gary "Shannon" 02-21-1995 HDR
Long, Gary Shannon 02-20-1995 ONE
Long, Gary Shannon 02-21-1995 ONE
Long, Gary Shannon  02-20-1995 HDR
Long, Genevive Dalton 02-23-2000 HDR
Long, Georgia Stella Hartley 11-05-1999 HDR
Long, Glen O.  09-17-1999 HDR
Long, Grover Cleveland 05-31-1997 HDR
Long, Grover Cleveland 06-02-1997 ONE
Long, Hattie Frances Farve  08-17-1995 HDR
Long, Hazel Lou Carter 03-05-1999 ONE
Long, Hazel Lou Carter 03-06-1999 HDR
Long, Henry Marshall  01-29-2003 ONE
Long, Henry Marshall  01-30-2003 ONE
Long, Ida Hedrick 08-12-1997 HDR
Long, Ida Hedrick 08-12-1997 ONE
Long, Ida Hedrick 08-11-1997 ONE
Long, Inez Caldwell  4/9/2004 ONE
Long, J. C. 10-15-1999 HDR
Long, J.M. "Bud" Jr. (former SC Senator) 04-29-2003 HDR
Long, Janelle Sigmon 10-14-1999 ONE
Long, Janelle Sigmon 10-15-1999 HDR
Long, Jeanette Catherine Wilson 08-28-2000 ONE
Long, Jeanette Catherine Wilson  08-27-2000 HDR
Long, Jeffery Scott  04-24-2001 ONE
Long, Jeffery Scott  04-24-2001 HDR
Long, Jesse R. 07-04-1998 HDR
Long, Jessie Abernathy  12-23-1996 HDR
Long, Joe Louis  7/16/2004 ONE
Long, John McClellan Jr. 11-09-1997 HDR
Long, Juanita B.  02-27-2003 HDR
Long, Juanita B.  02-26-2003 ONE
Long, Katherine  02-05-2003 HDR
Long, Katherine  02-05-2003 ONE
Long, Katherine Hewitt 02-06-2003 HDR
Long, Katherine Hewitt 02-06-2003 ONE
Long, Katherine Hewitt  02-07-2003 HDR
Long, Lester  12-14-1995 ONE
Long, Lester  12-14-1995 HDR
Long, Lois C.  10-13-1995 HDR
Long, Lois C.  10-14-1995 HDR
Long, Marvin  12-17-2002 ONE
Long, Marvin E.  12-18-2002 ONE
Long, Marvin E.  12-18-2002 HDR
Long, Nancy Chapman 10-03-1999 HDR
Long, Neil Davis 07-13-2000 HDR
Long, Neta Mae Starnes Sain  10-11-2002 HDR
Long, Neta Sain  10-11-2002 ONE
Long, Nettie Catherine 03-20-1994 HDR
Long, Oscar S. Rev. 03-28-1994 HDR
Long, Phyllis Bustle 05-24-1999 ONE
Long, Phyllis Bustle 05-23-1999 HDR
Long, Richard  07-19-1996 HDR
Long, Robert "Red" 12-24-1996 ONE
Long, Robert Carroll 09-07-1994 ONE
Long, Robert Carroll  09-07-1994 HDR
Long, Robert Everette "Red"  12-26-1996 HDR
Long, Robert J. 07-17-1997 ONE
Long, Roby Wilson 11-14-2000 ONE
Long, Roby Wilson  11-14-2000 HDR
Long, Ruby Virginia Elmore  07-20-1995 HDR
Long, Ruby Virginia Elmore  07-21-1995 HDR
Long, Russell B. (fmr. Senator--LA) 05-11-2003 HDR
Long, Russell B. (former Senator--LA) 05-12-2003 HDR
Long, Sam H. III 06-19-2000 HDR
Long, Sam H. III (Page 1) 06-19-2000 ONE
Long, Thomas J. (drug store chain founder) 04-28-1993 HDR
Long, Tiffany 12-19-2001 HDR
Long, Tiffany Nicole  (Page 5A) 10-21-1998 HDR
Long, Velma Whitener  03-14-2001 HDR
Long, Virginia Finger 04-20-1994 HDR
Long, Willard  12-29-1997 HDR
Long, William "Willie" 05-17-2003 HDR
Long, William Farrell Sr.  09-06-2003 HDR
Longcrier, Clinton "Bill" Wallace 09-20-1993 HDR
Longcrier, James C. The Rev. 06-30-2003 HDR
Longcrier, William Carlos 04-01-1997 HDR
Longcrier, William Carlos 04-04-1997 HDR
Longmire, Bernice Sybil Turner Wreyford  02-07-2002 ONE
Longmire, Bernice Sybil Turner Wreyford  02-08-2002 HDR
Longmire, Bernice W.  02-07-2002 HDR
Longo, Gerald  7/14/2005 HDR
Longo, Gerald  7/13/2005 ONE
Longshore, E. Guy Rev. 12-19-1998 HDR
Longstreet, Sarah (Page 4A) 04-14-2001 HDR
Lonon, Gordon L. "Stokey" 01-22-1997 HDR
Lonon, Rosemary 3/28/2005 HDR
Lonon, Susan Bean 04-14-2003 HDR
Lonsdale, Rupert 06-02-1999 HDR
Loo, June  Ming 07-26-1996 HDR
Lookadoo, Essie Clara 05-11-2000 HDR
Lookadoo, Essie Clara  05-11-2000 ONE
Lookadoo, Lonie Mae Lutz  08-06-1995 HDR
Lookadoo, Lonie Mae Lutz Mrs. 08-07-1995 ONE
Lookadoo, Wilbur Ray 08-02-2000 HDR
Looney, Fred 09-25-1998 HDR
Looney, Robert C. 05-12-1998 HDR
Looney, Robert C. 05-14-1998 HDR
Looney, Ronald Lee 07-13-1999 HDR
Looper, Clark Russell "Bob" 1/14/2005 HDR
Looper, Clark Russell "Bob" 1/15/2005 HDR
Looper, Coleen H. 01-17-1997 HDR
Looper, Coleen Saine 01-18-1997 HDR
Looper, Evelyn Steele 11-24-2001 HDR
Looper, Grace L. 04-05-1996 HDR
Looper, Grace L. 04-04-1996 HDR
Looper, Jones Edwin  08-18-2001 HDR
Looper, Lois Lowe 6/25/2005 HDR
Looper, William Hoyle 02-22-1999 HDR
Looper, Winona Belle Gwaltney 09-10-1998 HDR
Lopes, Lisa "Left Eye" (Page 2)  04-26-2002 ONE
Lopez, Feliciano Agustin  08-03-2002 HDR
Lopez, Jose M. (Medal of Honor) (oldest living Hispanic recipient of MOH) 5/17/2005 HDR
Lopez, Joseph Luis Jr. (writer-age 15) 05-04-1994 HDR
Lopez, Juan Frisco-Fierro (Page 3A) 06-07-1999 HDR
Lopez, Rafael A. 12-30-1999 HDR
Lopez-Aranguren, Jose Luis  04-19-1996 HDR
Lor, Ge  10-07-1994 HDR
Lor, Ka Ze  07-19-2002 ONE
Lor, Ka Ze  07-19-2002 HDR
Lor, Paha 01-09-1996 HDR
Lor, Paha  01-08-1996 HDR
Lor, Sao 12-19-2003 HDR
Lor, Ying 02-08-2001 HDR
Lor, Youa Lee 09-28-2001 ONE
Lor, Youa Lee 09-28-2001 HDR
Lorant, Stefan (journalist) 11-18-1997 HDR
Lord, Charles A. 10-03-1999 HDR
Lord, Jack 01-22-1998 ONE
Lord, John S.  6/28/2004 ONE
Lord, Marie (wife of Jack Lord-actor) 10/16/2005 HDR
Lord-Landon, Alice 07-16-2000 HDR
Lore, Helen 03-19-1998 HDR
Lorentz, Lore (cabaret star) 02-24-1994 HDR
Loriod, Jeane  08-21-2001 HDR
Loritts, Annie R. (103 yoa) 12-07-2003 HDR
Loritts, Brittany Nicole  7/16/2005 HDR
Loritts, Crawford Wheeler Sr. 07-07-1995 ONE
Loritts, Crawford Wheeler Sr.  07-07-1995 HDR
Loritts, Cuitene Powell 07-17-1995 ONE
Loritts, Cuitene Powell 07-17-1995 HDR
Loritts, Hazel Eugene  04-05-1999 HDR
Loritts, Hazel Eugene "Gene" 04-07-1999 ONE
Loritts, Hazel Eugene "Gene" 04-07-1999 HDR
Loritts, Owen Waddell "Bill" Jr. 01-08-2001 ONE
Loritts, Owen Waddell "Bill" Jr. 01-06-2001 HDR
Loritts, Vernon 11-29-1993 HDR
Lortel, Lucille 04-07-1999 HDR
Lortz, Donald Ray 11-06-2000 HDR
Lortz, Donald Ray 11-05-2000 HDR
Lortz, Donald Ray 11-06-2000 ONE
Losaw, Suella Coulter 03-27-1995 ONE
Losaw, Suella Coulter  03-27-1995 HDR
Lothridge, Billy 02-28-1996 HDR
Lothridge, Billy 02-27-1996 ONE
Lott, Mary Lou Robertson 03-01-2001 HDR
Lott, Mary Phoebe  02-10-1999 HDR
Lott, Mary Rhoebe 02-07-1999 HDR
Lott, William Hardy (lawyer) 08-02-1995 HDR
Lotz, Joan (Died 4/14/87) 04-20-2000 HDR
Lotz, Lt. James (Died 4/14/87) 04-20-2000 HDR
Louder, Jerry L.  8/1/2005 HDR
Louder, Jerry L.  8/1/2005 ONE
Louder, Jerry Leroy 8/2/2005 HDR
Louder, Jerry Leroy 8/3/2005 HDR
Louder, Jerry Leroy 8/2/2005 ONE
Loudermelk, Billy Irvin  03-03-2003 HDR
Loudermelk, Dalphine Carrigan  3/17/2005 HDR
Loudermelk, Millie Geraldine  08-19-2003 HDR
Loudermilt, Raymond Dempsey  03-19-1995 HDR
Lough, Ernest  02-27-2000 HDR
Louis, John J.  02-19-1995 HDR
Lounsbury, Floyd Glenn 05-21-1998 HDR
Lourie, Isadore (former SC state lawmaker) 04-26-2003 HDR
Lovat, Lord 03-17-1995 HDR
Love, Everette Earl  11-07-1995 HDR
Love, Frances Jeanette  03-21-1995 HDR
Love, Glenn Washington 01-10-2000 HDR
Love, Glenn Washington 01-10-2000 ONE
Love, Glennie Mae 12-04-1995 ONE
Love, Glennie Mae 12-05-1995 ONE
Love, Glennie Mae  12-04-1995 HDR
Love, Glennie Mae  12-05-1995 HDR
Love, John Bunyan  12-27-1993 ONE
Love, John Bunyan  12-28-1993 ONE
Love, John Bunyan  12-27-1993 HDR
Love, John Bunyan  12-28-1993 HDR
Love, Karen Esma  03-22-1993 ONE
Love, Karen Esma  03-22-1993 HDR
Love, Lucille  04-17-2003 ONE
Love, Nell Dellinger 07-19-2000 HDR
Love, Peerless Harlen 06-16-1998 ONE
Love, Peerless Harlen 06-17-1998 ONE
Love, Peerless Harlen 06-17-1998 HDR
Love, Peerless Harlen 06-18-1998 HDR
Love, Rachel Huffman  04-12-1994 ONE
Love, Rachel Pansy Huffman 04-12-1994 HDR
Love, Rachel Pansy Huffman 04-13-1994 HDR
Love, Sam O. (editor and publisher) 01-28-1995 HDR
Love, Shirley Ann Reid 12/13/2005 HDR
Love, W. Lucile 04-18-2003 HDR
Love, W. Lucille 04-18-2003 ONE
Lovejoy, Curtis Carson Sr.  05-07-1995 HDR
Lovejoy, Vergie Lois G.  02-23-2002 HDR
Lovelace, Abigail Anne  09-24-1997 HDR
Lovelace, Billy Ray 05-13-1998 ONE
Lovelace, Billy Ray 05-14-1998 HDR
Lovelace, Bly "Billy" Sr. 01-29-1993 HDR
Lovelace, Bly Manuel  01-28-1993 HDR
Lovelace, Edna Carpenter 10-31-1999 HDR
Lovelace, Linda Carswell 11-22-1996 HDR
Lovelace, Minnie Buff  02-24-2003 HDR
Lovelace, Myrtle Paulette 07-10-1994 HDR
Lovelace, Myrtle Paulette 07-11-1994 HDR
Lovelace, Naomi Ruth 1/5/2004 ONE
Lovelace, Rebecca Leilani Weeks 12-06-1997 HDR
Lovelace, Sarah White  06-25-2001 HDR
Lovelace, Virginia Darlene Gross 07-28-2003 HDR
Lovelace, Virginia Darlene Gross  07-28-2003 ONE
Lovelace, Walter W. 02-25-2000 HDR
Lovelace, Walter W. 02-25-2000 ONE
Lovelace, Willie Harold  06-14-2003 HDR
Loveland, Alonzo Adkins Jr.  06-26-1995 HDR
Loveland, Alonzo Adkins Jr.  06-27-1995 HDR
Loveland, Mabel Bolick 7/1/2004 ONE
Loveland, William Olen Sr. 09-22-1997 HDR
Loveland, William Olen Sr. 09-21-1997 HDR
Loveland, William Olen Sr. 09-22-1997 ONE
Lovell, Donald Lee  10-25-1994 HDR
Lovell, Greg Steven 09-16-1998 HDR
Lovell, Gregg Steven 09-18-1998 HDR
Lovell, Lawrence 11-12-1996 ONE
Lovell, Lawrence 11-13-1996 ONE
Lovell, Lawrence  11-13-1996 HDR
Lovell, Lawrence Lail 11-14-1996 HDR
Lovell, Posey McCary 07-18-1997 HDR
Lovett, Allie Pennell  07-17-2002 HDR
Lovett, Bobby Eugene Jr. 11-05-2002 HDR
Lovett, Bobby Eugene Sr. 06-15-1994 HDR
Lovett, Bobby Eugene Sr. (veteran) 06-16-1994 HDR
Lovett, Helen McCall  02-27-2002 HDR
Lovett, Tony 05-05-1994 HDR
Lovett, Tony Allen  05-06-1994 HDR
Lovette, Cora Ester Payne 10-04-1993 HDR
Lovette, Cora Payne 10-03-1993 HDR
Lovingood, Anne Evans 09-09-1999 HDR
Lovins, Edward Malichi 09-25-2003 HDR
Lovins, Frank Dallas 02-13-1995 HDR
Lovins, Julia Leota "Leetie" 06-28-2003 HDR
Lovins, Mary Elizabeth Winkler  02-08-1993 HDR
Lovins, Walter Inggo Sr. (veteran) 04-29-1994 HDR
Lovvorn, Virginia K. 12-08-1998 HDR
Lowder, Bertha Clyde Bunton 07-26-1995 HDR
Lowder, Goldie Little "Pat" 03-23-1999 HDR
Lowder, James Franklin  07-13-1993 HDR
Lowder, Mae Dowdle 12-03-1999 HDR
Lowder, Marvin Shankle Jr. 04-23-1996 HDR
Lowder, Victoria Harwood 11-17-1997 HDR
Lowder, Wilma Yates 12-19-2001 HDR
Lowdermilk, Charles Junior 01-06-1994 HDR
Lowdermilk, Claudia Elizabeth  11-19-1993 HDR
Lowdermilk, Claudia Setzer  11-20-1993 HDR
Lowdermilk, Dora Stines  07-24-2001 HDR
Lowdermilk, E. Lenoir 08-24-1998 ONE
Lowdermilk, E. Lenoir 08-22-1998 HDR
Lowdermilk, Jessie Thorneburg 12-01-1996 HDR
Lowdermilk, Manford 9/13/2005 HDR
Lowdermilk, Margaret Marlow  10-09-2001 HDR
Lowdermilk, Mary Alice Dale  08-15-2001 HDR
Lowdermilk, Myrtle 12-21-1995 HDR
Lowdermilk, Myrtle Henson 12-22-1995 HDR
Lowdermilk, Nelle L. 07-08-1998 ONE
Lowdermilk, Nelle L. 07-08-1998 HDR
Lowdermilk, Robert Junior 05-20-1999 HDR
Lowdermilk, Robert Lee "Rob" 03-23-2000 HDR
Lowdermilk, Velsie Cooper 08-25-1993 HDR
Lowe, Alex 10-10-1999 HDR
Lowe, Alvin Eugene  02-12-2001 HDR
Lowe, Benjamin Kenneth 02-13-1999 HDR
Lowe, Bonnie Ramsey 03-30-2001 ONE
Lowe, Bonnie Ramsey  03-30-2001 HDR
Lowe, Charles Duane  04-10-1999 HDR
Lowe, David Alexander 03-19-2001 ONE
Lowe, David Alexander  03-18-2001 HDR
Lowe, Dorothy Mae  09-09-2002 HDR
Lowe, Edward 10-06-1995 ONE
Lowe, Edward (invented Kitty Litter) 10-05-1995 HDR
Lowe, Emily Brown  07-05-2001 HDR
Lowe, Emo Bentley  05-17-1996 HDR
Lowe, Frances "Polly" Cummings 02-11-1994 HDR
Lowe, Frances "Polly" Cummings 02-12-1994 HDR
Lowe, Gladys Marie Gabehart 6/11/2005 HDR
Lowe, Jack 05-17-1999 HDR
Lowe, Jacques (photographer) 05-15-2001 HDR
Lowe, James David 12-16-2002 ONE
Lowe, James David  12-15-2002 HDR
Lowe, James Jackson 12-30-1996 HDR
Lowe, James Jackson 12-31-1996 HDR
Lowe, Janet Denise Schronce 05-04-2000 HDR
Lowe, Jim Jr. 06-01-2000 HDR
Lowe, John David “J.D.”  10-16-2000 HDR
Lowe, Juanita Faye “Darby”  10-20-2002 HDR
Lowe, Kelsie James 01-08-2001 ONE
Lowe, Kelsie James 01-06-2001 HDR
Lowe, Leonard Parks 07-09-2000 HDR
Lowe, Mabel Flowers 09-30-1998 HDR
Lowe, Mabel Flowers 10-01-1998 HDR
Lowe, Mabel Flowers  09-28-1998 HDR
Lowe, Mabel Mae Taylor 08-02-1997 HDR
Lowe, Mabel Mae Taylor 08-04-1997 HDR
Lowe, Mae Dagenhart Elder 10-18-1996 HDR
Lowe, Mamie Lois  04-14-1997 HDR
Lowe, Mamie Lois James  04-15-1997 HDR
Lowe, Mryna Toney  11-20-1997 HDR
Lowe, Myrna Toney 11-21-1997 HDR
Lowe, Myrna Toney 11-20-1997 ONE
Lowe, Myrna Toney 11-19-1997 ONE
Lowe, Nora Cooper  01-27-1993 HDR
Lowe, Richard Phillip "Phil" 11-06-1997 HDR
Lowe, Roxie Anner Taylor  07-12-2000 HDR
Lowe, Roxie Anner Taylor  07-12-2000 ONE
Lowe, Roy Robert 05-24-1993 ONE
Lowe, Roy Robert  05-23-1993 HDR
Lowe, Ruby Gerolyn Warren  04-13-1996 HDR
Lowe, Ruby M. 03-24-1998 HDR
Lowe, Ruby Mae Hall 03-25-1998 ONE
Lowe, Ruby Mae Hall 03-25-1998 HDR
Lowe, Ruth Whitesides  04-25-1997 HDR
Lowe, Thomas Earl  08-18-1995 ONE
Lowe, Thomas Earl  08-17-1995 HDR
Lowe, Wayne T.    4/19/2004 ONE
Lowenthal, Leo (social critic & philosopher) 01-25-1993 HDR
Lowery, Darion "Terrez" (Page 5) 11-26-2001 ONE
Lowery, Doris Inez Settlemyre 01-18-1999 ONE
Lowery, Doris Inez Settlemyre 01-17-1999 HDR
Lowery, Elizabeth Blanchard 01-23-2001 ONE
Lowery, Elizabeth Blanchard 01-24-2001 ONE
Lowery, Elizabeth Blanchard 01-24-2001 HDR
Lowery, Ernest G.  02-23-1999 HDR
Lowery, Franklin (veteran) 12-24-1995 HDR
Lowery, George N. 7/30/2004 ONE
Lowery, Jesse Clayton  05-07-2002 ONE
Lowery, Jesse Clayton  05-07-2002 HDR
Lowery, Jesse Clayton (Page 10) 05-06-2002 ONE
Lowery, Mary Elizabeth McDonald 05-20-1999 HDR
Lowery, Robert  Boysie  09-07-1996 HDR
Lowery, Shirley Ruth Mull 06-21-2000 HDR
Lowman, Agnes Houston 12-03-1999 HDR
Lowman, Agnes Reece 09-18-2000 HDR
Lowman, Alice Hyatt 09-28-1999 HDR
Lowman, Annette A.  08-08-2003 HDR
Lowman, Annie Laura "Betty" Pope 03-21-2000 HDR
Lowman, Annie Laura Pope "Betty" 03-21-2000 ONE
Lowman, Arnold Lee 11-25-2002 ONE
Lowman, Arnold Lee 11-23-2002 HDR
Lowman, Arnold Lee 11-24-2002 HDR
Lowman, Arthur "Ray"  3/25/2005 HDR
Lowman, Aslee Lowman 09-25-1999 HDR
Lowman, Baby Girl 09-19-1993 HDR
Lowman, Bertha Mae  06-03-2002 HDR
Lowman, Betty Jo  02-14-1995 HDR
Lowman, Betty Jo  02-15-1995 HDR
Lowman, Betty Jo Miss 02-16-1995 ONE
Lowman, Billie Eugene 09-24-2003 HDR
Lowman, Caldonia Smart  11-14-1996 HDR
Lowman, Carl Monroe 12-30-1995 HDR
Lowman, Carroll Lynn  02-07-1993 HDR
Lowman, Charles Robert 06-01-2001 HDR
Lowman, Clinton Odell 10-01-1999 ONE
Lowman, Clinton Odell 10-02-1999 HDR
Lowman, Cordie Oakes  12-12-1994 HDR
Lowman, Cordie Oakes Houston 12-13-1994 HDR
Lowman, Cornelius "Neal" Pinkney 11-26-1993 HDR
Lowman, D. Arthur 10-28-2001 HDR
Lowman, Daniel Fay  12-10-1994 HDR
Lowman, Danny Floyd  08-14-1999 HDR
Lowman, David Fay 12-09-1994 HDR
Lowman, Della Riddle  10-29-2003 HDR
Lowman, Dennis Allen  07-08-1999 HDR
Lowman, Dewitt McCellan 05-16-1996 HDR
Lowman, Dewitt McCellan 05-15-1996 HDR
Lowman, Dezzie Ellen Cook  01-28-2003 HDR
Lowman, Donnie Juan 05-06-1999 HDR
Lowman, Dora Stamey 11-05-1998 HDR
Lowman, Dorothy Marie "Dot" Allman 10/4/2005 HDR
Lowman, Ecie Hildebran  08-20-1994 HDR
Lowman, Edith Flo Aldridge  12-12-1995 ONE
Lowman, Edith Flo Aldridge  12-13-1995 HDR
Lowman, Elizabeth Berry  03-06-1996 HDR
Lowman, Eunice Drum  05-06-1993 HDR
Lowman, Evelyn Hoglen  12-10-2003 HDR
Lowman, Everett C. "Bud" 07-17-2001 HDR
Lowman, Everette C.  7/7/2005 HDR
Lowman, Faith Moriah 8/29/2005 HDR
Lowman, Faith Moriah 9/1/2005 HDR
Lowman, Gene Allen 07-15-1998 HDR
Lowman, Gilmer Howard  02-09-2001 HDR
Lowman, Gladys Powell  11-02-2003 HDR
Lowman, Gladys Randall Frady 5/3/2005 HDR
Lowman, Grace Keller  04-30-2003 HDR
Lowman, Grady Howard 03-30-1994 HDR
Lowman, Grady Howard 03-31-1994 HDR
Lowman, Guy Edward 08-31-1999 ONE
Lowman, Guy Edward 08-31-1999 HDR
Lowman, Harold Allen "Pinky" 10-25-1995 HDR
Lowman, Harold Dean 09-14-1998 ONE
Lowman, Harold Dean 09-15-1998 HDR
Lowman, Herbert Wayne  07-31-1994 HDR
Lowman, Hilma Herman  11/15/2005 HDR
Lowman, Homer Clayton 02-09-1996 HDR
Lowman, Ida Daniels 03-29-1999 HDR
Lowman, Inez Nellie 08-20-1998 HDR
Lowman, Inez S. Ledford 10-10-1997 HDR
Lowman, Inez S. Ledford 10-09-1997 HDR
Lowman, Irene Brittain Mrs. 12/17/2005 HDR
Lowman, Irene Franklin 07-29-1999 HDR
Lowman, James Cecil “J.C.”  06-20-2000 HDR
Lowman, James L.  10-12-1995 HDR
Lowman, James Leonard 04-03-2000 HDR
Lowman, James William Sr.  10-04-1994 HDR
Lowman, Jay Van  03-29-1996 HDR
Lowman, Jerry Dean 05-31-2001 HDR
Lowman, Jimmy R.  5/5/2005 ONE
Lowman, Jimmy Ray 5/6/2005 HDR
Lowman, Jimmy Ray 5/6/2005 ONE
Lowman, John Avery Jr. "Papa John" 6/8/2005 HDR
Lowman, Johnny Cecil  11-27-1994 HDR
Lowman, June Graham 04-05-1999 HDR
Lowman, Larry Keith 08-29-1998 HDR
Lowman, Laura Keller 11-23-1997 HDR
Lowman, Laura Keller 11-24-1997 ONE
Lowman, Leada Eaker Mrs. 6/30/2005 HDR
Lowman, Lillie Mabel  02-13-2003 HDR
Lowman, Lillie Mabel  02-13-2003 ONE
Lowman, Lillie Mae Lail 6/12/2005 HDR
Lowman, Lillie Mae Lail 6/13/2005 HDR
Lowman, Linda Nell 07-31-1996 HDR
Lowman, Lois Evelyn Lovings  03-08-2003 HDR
Lowman, Lois Lovings 03-07-2003 ONE
Lowman, Lorena Abee  04-29-2003 HDR
Lowman, Luther Orne  02-05-1995 HDR
Lowman, Margaret "Sue" Teague 12-14-1999 HDR
Lowman, Margaret Teague "Sue" 12-14-1999 ONE
Lowman, Marston L. 04-17-1998 HDR
Lowman, Mary Burns  10-28-1994 HDR
Lowman, Mary Elizabeth Killian 09-07-2000 ONE
Lowman, Mary Elizabeth Killian  09-08-2000 HDR
Lowman, Max D.  12-31-2002 HDR
Lowman, Melisha Ann Shoemaker 05-07-2001 ONE
Lowman, Melisha Ann Shoemaker  05-07-2001 HDR
Lowman, Melvin Leroy 05-30-1997 HDR
Lowman, Melvin Rowe 09-09-1997 HDR
Lowman, Melvin Rowe "Shot Gun" 09-09-1997 ONE
Lowman, Mildred Bumgarner 05-18-1993 HDR
Lowman, Mildred Bumgarner 05-19-1993 HDR
Lowman, Mildred Huffman 06-14-2000 HDR
Lowman, Mildred Zimmerman  12-30-1993 HDR
Lowman, Murray Ray "Bug"  01-02-2002 HDR
Lowman, Nancy Cook 10-07-2003 HDR
Lowman, Nelle Donnelly 07-31-2000 HDR
Lowman, Nelle Donnelly 07-31-2000 ONE
Lowman, Nellie F.  12-20-1994 ONE
Lowman, Nellie F.  12-21-1994 ONE
Lowman, Nellie Fox  12-21-1994 HDR
Lowman, Nellie S. 12-20-1994 HDR
Lowman, Nevada Alta 05-24-2000 HDR
Lowman, Norman Eugene  11-01-1996 HDR
Lowman, Olar 05-17-2000 HDR
Lowman, Oliver Edward 10-16-1998 ONE
Lowman, Oliver Edward 10-16-1998 HDR
Lowman, Pearilee Freeman 11-24-2001 HDR
Lowman, Pearl Louise Benfield  08-21-1997 HDR
Lowman, Robert Jr. 06-28-1997 HDR
Lowman, Robert Paul 07-16-2003 HDR
Lowman, Robert Paul 07-16-2003 ONE
Lowman, Rosie Huffman  04-25-2001 HDR
Lowman, Ruby Abee 04-18-2000 HDR
Lowman, Ruth Lail 02-22-1997 HDR
Lowman, Sylvia "Dib"  02-10-2001 HDR
Lowman, Tessie Mae 02-03-1996 HDR
Lowman, Thomas E. 07-27-1999 HDR
Lowman, Thurman Hasker 07-27-2003 HDR
Lowman, Tyler Cole 01-18-1994 ONE
Lowman, Tyler Cole (infant) 01-18-1994 HDR
Lowman, Ulen McDowell  10-04-2003 HDR
Lowman, Willard David Sr. Mr. 12-22-1997 HDR
Lowman, Willie Cletus "Bill"  06-11-1995 HDR
Lowman, Willie Cletus "Bill"  06-12-1995 HDR
Lowman, Willie Cletus (Bill) 06-12-1995 ONE
Lowman, Willie Herman  01-12-2002 HDR
Lowman, Willie Lafayette  07-30-2003 HDR
Lowman, Zena Bell Stamey 02-21-2000 HDR
Lowney, Shannon  (Page 5D) 02-18-1996 HDR
Lowrance, Carl Boyce 08-08-1999 HDR
Lowrance, Floyd Eugene  02-25-1995 HDR
Lowrance, Floyd Eugene "Ish"  02-26-1995 HDR
Lowrance, Frank Edward 10-16-1999 HDR
Lowrance, Grier Foster  04-25-2001 HDR
Lowrance, Helen Ruth  01-04-2002 ONE
Lowrance, Helen Ruth  01-04-2002 HDR
Lowrance, Ira (98 yoa) 12-19-1994 HDR
Lowrance, Ira Mrs.  12-19-1994 ONE
Lowrance, Ira Pearl Wilson (98 yoa) 12-20-1994 HDR
Lowrance, Ira Pearl Wilson Mrs.  12-20-1994 ONE
Lowrance, Ira Ray  03-29-2003 HDR
Lowrance, Ira Ray  03-28-2003 ONE
Lowrance, Joe W.  12-08-2003 ONE
Lowrance, Louise Morrison 07-01-1993 HDR
Lowrance, Robert Wayne 03-15-1996 HDR
Lowrance, Robert Wayne 03-14-1996 ONE
Lowrance, Robert Wayne 03-15-1996 ONE
Lowrance, Rose Estes Carlton 02-14-1994 HDR
Lowrance, Sallie Margie 03-24-1994 HDR
Lowrance, Sallie Margie  03-24-1994 ONE
Lowrey, Clyde 02-28-1999 HDR
Lowrimore, Lillie Hopkins  12-12-2002 HDR
Lowry, Ed Trooper (Page 1A) 09-24-1997 HDR
Lowry, Lloyd "Ed" Highway Patrol Trooper (Page 4D) 09-27-1997 HDR
Lowry, Lloyd "Ed" Highway Patrol Trooper (Page 5D) 09-25-1997 HDR
Lowry, Lloyd "Ed" Highway Patrol Trooper (Page 8B) 09-26-1997 HDR
Lowry, Lord 01-17-1999 HDR
Lowry, Oliver Howe  07-03-1996 HDR
Lowry, W. McNeil (former vice president of the Ford Foundation) 06-08-1993 HDR
Lowther, Dwight Rev. 08-23-1995 ONE
Lowther, Dwight Rev.  08-23-1995 HDR
Loy, Joel 10-15-1997 HDR
Loyd, John Willitt  06-08-1996 HDR
Loyd, Michael Ray 02-08-1997 HDR
Loynaz, Dulce Maria 05-04-1997 HDR
Loyola, Shirley Boam 08-29-1994 HDR
Loytty, Isabel Phyllis Young 10/5/2004 ONE
Loyzelle, William P. 01-25-1997 HDR
Lozier, Alfred Gordon 01-03-1999 HDR
Lozino-Lozinsky, Gleb 12-09-2001 HDR
Lu, Bo Hong 09-14-1995 HDR
Lu, Dung Nguyet 10-10-1997 HDR
Lubben, Joseph A. (The Dallas Morning News) 06-20-1994 HDR
Lubin, Arthur (director) 05-14-1995 HDR
Lubin, Joe (songwriter) 10-13-2001 HDR
Luby, Robert M. "Bob" 08-15-1998 HDR
Lucaciu, Danetta Madison Lucia  03-30-1995 HDR
Lucaciu, Danetta Madison Lucia  03-31-1995 HDR
Lucaciu, Victor E. 01-16-1998 HDR
Lucas, Bob 07-13-1999 HDR
Lucas, Chester L. “Chuck”  12-17-2002 HDR
Lucas, Havens Matthews  08-02-2002 HDR
Lucas, Henry Lee 03-14-2001 HDR
Lucas, John (writer) 10-30-2002 HDR
Lucas, Kenneth Morris  03-28-1996 HDR
Lucas, Marian Christine Mrs. 3/14/2005 HDR
Lucas, Mary Margaret  01-16-1995 ONE
Lucas, Mary Margaret  01-14-1995 HDR
Lucas, Mary Margaret  01-15-1995 HDR
Lucco, Joe 04-10-1998 HDR
Luce, Robert Richard "Bob" 07-12-1999 ONE
Luce, Robert Richard "Bob" 07-12-1999 HDR
Lucero, Uruguayan Diego (journalist) 06-06-1995 HDR
Luciana, James 6/17/2005 HDR
Luck, J. Vernon Dr. (pioneered reattachment of limbs) 02-18-1994 HDR
Luck, J. Vernon Dr. (pioneered reattachment of limbs) 02-19-1994 HDR
Luckadoo, Hilma Barrier 01-24-1994 HDR
Luckadoo, Hilma Barrier 01-25-1994 HDR
Luckadoo, Jesse M.  09-15-2001 HDR
Luckadoo, Lenora Evelyn 11-14-1998 HDR
Luckadoo, Mae Belle Powell  04-04-2002 HDR
Luckadoo, Michael Alan  07-01-2002 HDR
Lucy, Ronald John 01-25-2000 ONE
Lucy, Ronald John  01-26-2000 HDR
Lucy, Ronald John (Page 4A) 01-24-2000 HDR
Ludgin, Chester (baritone) 08-19-2003 HDR
Ludlum, Robert (author) 03-14-2001 HDR
Ludwig, Elizabeth Steele Copenhaver  03-17-2002 HDR
Ludwig, Peter (art collector) 07-24-1996 HDR
Luebke, John Fredrick 04-08-1997 HDR
Luening, Otto  09-06-1996 HDR
Luft, Sid (producer) 9/17/2005 HDR
Luhrssen, Emma Catherine 12-28-1998 HDR
Luhrssen, Emma Catherine  12-28-1998 ONE
Lukash, William Dr. 02-06-1998 HDR
Luke, Iva Marie Resol 07-31-2001 HDR
Luke, Iva Marie Resol 08-02-2001 HDR
Luke, Iva Marie Resol Mrs. 07-31-2001 ONE
Lumford, Emma Foster 08-10-1997 HDR
Lumpkin, Fran  08-12-1995 HDR
Lumpkin, Fran Chateau  08-14-1995 HDR
Lumsden, John Cooper 08-05-2001 HDR
Lunceford, Ruby C.  10/18/2004 ONE
Lunceford, Tillie Potter  03-17-1993 HDR
Lund, Howard (Page A3) 02-18-2003 HDR
Lund, Lynn Ann  11-12-2002 ONE
Lund, Lynn Ann McKinley  11-12-2002 HDR
Lund, Wayne 12-17-2002 HDR
Lundberg, Ferdinand (journalist) 03-03-1995 HDR
Lundberg, Ferdinand (journalist) 03-04-1995 HDR
Lundeen, Claudia Louise 08-26-1999 HDR
Lunden, Samuel E.  06-17-1995 HDR
Lundgren, Ottilie  (Page 6A) 11-22-2001 HDR
Lundy, John Thomas 08-14-1995 ONE
Lundy, John Thomas  08-13-1995 HDR
Lungren, John C. Dr. 03-01-2000 HDR
Lunow, Jane Marie  02-09-1996 HDR
Lunsford, Carl  05-15-1995 ONE
Lunsford, Carl  05-15-1995 HDR
Lunsford, Carl  05-16-1995 HDR
Lunsford, Coy  05-03-1993 HDR
Lunsford, Coy  05-04-1993 HDR
Lunsford, Eddie  11-19-1996 HDR
Lunsford, Esther Roberts 09-01-2000 HDR
Lunsford, Julia Mrs. 08-12-1997 ONE
Lunsford, Julia Sigmon 08-13-1997 HDR
Lunsford, Julia Sigmon 08-13-1997 ONE
Lunsford, Sally Anderson  05-11-1997 HDR
Lupino, Ida (actress & director)  08-06-1995 HDR
Lupton, Caroline Pipes  03-29-2001 HDR
Lupton, Floyd J. Jr. 5/14/2005 HDR
Lurie, Roxanne  12-10-2002 HDR
Lusk, Faye W. 2/24/2005 ONE
Lusk, Faye W.  2/24/2005 HDR
Lusk, Faye Watson 2/23/2005 ONE
Lusk, John 03-04-1999 HDR
Lusk, Larry Wayne  10/29/2004 ONE
Lusk, Larry Wayne  11/1/2004 ONE
Lusk, Robin Lee 07-09-2001 ONE
Lusk, Robin Lee 07-10-2001 ONE
Lusk, Robin Lee 07-10-2001 HDR
Lussu, Joyce Salvadori 11-09-1998 HDR
Lustbader, Monroe Jay (Assemblyman) 03-18-1996 HDR
Lustgarten, Marc 09-01-1999 HDR
Luther, Hazel Penniman (113 yoa)  02-02-2003 HDR
Lutton, James Wilson  01-19-2003 HDR
Lutton, Patricia Mitchell  12-10-2000 HDR
Lutz, Albert Wesley  09-12-2002 ONE
Lutz, Albert Wesley  09-13-2002 ONE
Lutz, Albert Wesley  09-13-2002 HDR
Lutz, Alta Celeste Greer  01-22-2003 HDR
Lutz, Andrew Thomas 12-27-2002 ONE
Lutz, Andrew Thomas  12-27-2002 HDR
Lutz, Anne Carter Felder 09-20-2000 HDR
Lutz, Arcola L.  3/5/2005 HDR
Lutz, Arcola L.  3/6/2005 HDR
Lutz, Arthur Fletcher 01-23-1997 HDR
Lutz, Arthur Fletcher 01-24-1997 HDR
Lutz, Arthur Fletcher 01-23-1997 ONE
Lutz, Ava Hefner 02-06-1997 HDR
Lutz, Ava Hefner 02-05-1997 ONE
Lutz, Ava Hefner  02-05-1997 HDR
Lutz, Bleaka Huffman 10-25-2000 HDR
Lutz, Bleaka Huffman  10-25-2000 ONE
Lutz, Carroll Ray 06-24-1996 ONE
Lutz, Carroll Ray  06-22-1996 HDR
Lutz, Charles Franklin 12-24-2000 HDR
Lutz, Charles Lewis 12-18-2000 ONE
Lutz, Charles Lewis  12-17-2000 HDR
Lutz, Charlie Bain 05-27-1998 ONE
Lutz, Charlie Bain 05-28-1998 HDR
Lutz, Clara Britt  09-14-2001 HDR
Lutz, Daisy Colleen Rudisill 08-30-1996 HDR
Lutz, Daisy Colleen Rudisill 08-27-1996 ONE
Lutz, Daisy Colleen Rudisill 08-28-1996 ONE
Lutz, Daisy Colleen Rudisill  08-28-1996 HDR
Lutz, David Monroe 02-19-1998 ONE
Lutz, David Monroe 02-20-1998 HDR
Lutz, Della Yancey Rector 01-11-1993 HDR
Lutz, Earl Hubert 02-21-1993 HDR
Lutz, Edgar  06-30-2001 HDR
Lutz, Edith 04-28-1998 HDR
Lutz, Elbert Earl  10-09-2003 HDR
Lutz, Elbert Earl  10-09-2003 ONE
Lutz, Elizabeth Warlick 06-30-1997 HDR
Lutz, Elizabeth Warlick 06-29-1997 HDR
Lutz, Ethel Compton 01-19-1998 ONE
Lutz, Ethel Compton 01-18-1998 HDR
Lutz, Ethel Mae Roberts 1/14/2005 HDR
Lutz, Floyd Eugene  09-07-1993 HDR
Lutz, Frank Junior 06-30-1998 ONE
Lutz, Frank Junior 06-30-1998 HDR
Lutz, George Henry Sr. 03-27-1998 ONE
Lutz, George Henry Sr. 03-28-1998 HDR
Lutz, Grace Starr  11-03-1993 HDR
Lutz, Hazel Dale Anthony 7/12/2004 ONE
Lutz, Hubert R. 05-22-1998 HDR
Lutz, J. E. (Pat) Mrs.  02-28-1993 HDR
Lutz, Jacob Woodrow  09-15-1994 ONE
Lutz, Jacob Woodrow  09-15-1994 HDR
Lutz, James David 03-17-1995 ONE
Lutz, James David  03-16-1995 HDR
Lutz, James David  03-17-1995 HDR
Lutz, James Lawrence  7/16/2004 ONE
Lutz, Jason Edward  03-19-2002 ONE
Lutz, Jason Edward  03-19-2002 HDR
Lutz, John Franklin Sr. 06-14-2003 HDR
Lutz, John Franklin Sr.  06-13-2003 ONE
Lutz, John Philip  02-06-1995 ONE
Lutz, John Philip  02-06-1995 HDR
Lutz, Margaret Lana Friday (101 yoa) 05-05-2003 HDR
Lutz, Margaret Lana Friday (101 yoa) 05-05-2003 ONE
Lutz, Margaret Shirley Bost 12-15-1999 ONE
Lutz, Margaret Shirley Bost 12-16-1999 HDR
Lutz, Margaret Shirley Bost 12-17-1999 HDR
Lutz, Margie Shoup  7/4/2005 HDR
Lutz, Margie Shoup  7/5/2005 HDR
Lutz, Marvin Odis  04-12-1993 ONE
Lutz, Marvin Odis  04-10-1993 HDR
Lutz, Mary  9/26/2005 ONE
Lutz, Mary Ellen  08-03-2001 HDR
Lutz, Mary Emma 9/27/2005 ONE
Lutz, Mary Emma  9/27/2005 HDR
Lutz, Mary Ruth Woodroof 07-04-1993 HDR
Lutz, Maxine Lockhart 03-25-1999 HDR
Lutz, Maxine Lockhart  03-24-1999 ONE
Lutz, McDuffie Smith  08-03-2000 HDR
Lutz, Melvin  09-27-2000 HDR
Lutz, Melvin R. Sr. 7/12/2005 HDR
Lutz, Mindora Leonard 06-27-2003 HDR
Lutz, Noah Samuel "Popa" 7/15/2004 ONE
Lutz, Ollie Pearl Laws 05-11-1998 ONE
Lutz, Ollie Pearl Laws 05-10-1998 HDR
Lutz, Pauline Baker Bolick  12-13-2002 HDR
Lutz, Ralph Eugene 11-09-2000 HDR
Lutz, Ralph Eugene 11-10-2000 HDR
Lutz, Ralph Eugene 11-09-2000 ONE
Lutz, Rebecca Setzer  12-02-2003 HDR
Lutz, Robert 09-30-2003 ONE
Lutz, Robert Eugene 10-01-2003 HDR
Lutz, Robert Eugene 10-01-2003 ONE
Lutz, Thad M. 04-03-1998 ONE
Lutz, Thad M. "T.M." 04-04-1998 HDR
Lutz, Virgil 05-03-2001 ONE
Lutz, Virgil Moore 05-04-2001 ONE
Lutz, Virgil Moore  05-04-2001 HDR
Lutz, William Earl 05-19-1999 ONE
Lutz, William Earl 05-19-1999 HDR
Lutz, William Mae “Billie”  12-06-2002 HDR
Lutz, Willie Mae "Billie" Brady  12-16-2002 ONE
Lutz, Willie Mae Brady  12-14-2002 HDR
Lutz, Zelda Cline 05-29-1998 ONE
Lutz, Zelda Cline 05-29-1998 HDR
Lutz, Zelda Irene 05-28-1998 HDR
Lutz, Zenie Ellen Asherbraner  10-06-1993 HDR
Lux, Josef 11-26-1999 HDR
Ly, Sao  05-06-1994 HDR
Ly, Sao Ying 05-08-1994 HDR
Lyall, Avery Carl  04-12-1993 HDR
Lyall, Avery Carl  04-13-1993 HDR
Lyall, Everette Herman Sr. 05-14-2002 HDR
Lyall, Hazel Burris  03-04-1993 HDR
Lyall, Hazel Burris Mrs. 03-04-1993 ONE
Lyall, Lindoff James 07-21-2001 HDR
Lyall, Lindoff James  07-20-2001 HDR
Lyda, Bettye Lytle 12-28-1999 HDR
Lyda, Donald S. 05-11-2000 ONE
Lyda, Donald Spurgeon 05-12-2000 HDR
Lyda, Donald Spurgeon 05-13-2000 HDR
Lyda, Donald Spurgeon 05-12-2000 ONE
Lyda, Myrtle Viola Coffey  03-15-2003 HDR
Lyday, John (Page D1) 12-23-1999 HDR
Lydens, Fay Abee  01-07-2003 HDR
Lydens, Richard E. "Dickie" 08-06-1999 HDR
Lydon, Susan Gordon (editor) 7/27/2005 HDR
Lyerly, George Lafayette Jr. 04-07-1998 HDR
Lyerly, James Albert 12-03-1999 HDR
Lyerly, James D. "J.D." 02-27-2001 HDR
Lyerly, James D. "Jay"  "J.D." 02-27-2001 ONE
Lyerly, John L. Jr. 10/6/2005 HDR
Lyerly, John Wilford Rev. Dr.  01-10-2003 HDR
Lyerly, Molene Coley 05-26-2000 HDR
Lyerly, Peggy Leonard 5/3/2005 HDR
Lyerly, Peggy Leonard  5/3/2005 ONE
Lyerly, Ralph Henry 12-13-1997 HDR
Lyerly, Walter Sr. 10-18-1997 HDR
Lyerly, Walter Sr. 10-17-1997 HDR
Lyerly, Walter Sr. 10-17-1997 ONE
Lyerly, William Voight  10-05-1997 HDR
Lyle, Lucille Mrs. 3/11/2005 HDR
Lyle, Willard Everett Jr. 01-20-2000 HDR
Ly-Lebreton, Denise (editor for Foreign Language Press)  05-30-1995 HDR
Lyles, Richard  02-12-2000 HDR
Lyman, Beatrice G. 03-10-2001 HDR
Lyman, Milford H. 12-12-2001 HDR
Lynch, Amos H. Jr. 05-02-1999 HDR
Lynch, Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Moore  07-18-1995 HDR
Lynch, Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Moore  07-19-1995 HDR
Lynch, Bertie Mae 06-03-1998 ONE
Lynch, Bertie Mae 06-03-1998 HDR
Lynch, Betty Jean Wishon 01-14-1997 HDR
Lynch, Betty Jean Wishon 01-14-1997 ONE
Lynch, Beulah Mary Jarrett 02-18-2000 ONE
Lynch, Beulah May Jarrett 02-19-2000 HDR
Lynch, Carlton Bryan “C.B.”  Jr. 07-24-2002 HDR
Lynch, Carlton Bryan “C.B.”  Jr. 07-25-2002 HDR
Lynch, Cecil Wayne  07-10-1994 HDR
Lynch, Cecil Wayne  07-11-1994 HDR
Lynch, David Lee 11-25-1995 HDR
Lynch, David Lee 11-26-1995 HDR
Lynch, Derrick Dequan 01-12-1998 ONE
Lynch, Derrick Dequan 01-12-1998 HDR
Lynch, Earl Marshall 7/16/2004 ONE
Lynch, Edward J. (civil rights lawyer) 09-24-1995 HDR
Lynch, Elsie Hardin 01-22-1999 HDR
Lynch, Ethel Pearl Triplette 02-22-1997 HDR
Lynch, Frank (PA State Sen.) 06-01-1993 HDR
Lynch, Hetty Mackey Tallant 11-26-1997 HDR
Lynch, Howard Rowe  02-22-1999 ONE
Lynch, Howard Rowe  02-22-1999 HDR
Lynch, Jack (former Irish Prime Minister) 10-22-1999 HDR
Lynch, James 04-16-1998 HDR
Lynch, Jerry Long 03-03-2003 ONE
Lynch, Jerry Long 03-04-2003 ONE
Lynch, Jerry Long  03-04-2003 HDR
Lynch, Jimmy Jackson 6/23/2005 HDR
Lynch, Joe Manning "Shank" 06-17-1993 ONE
Lynch, Joe Manning "Shank"  06-17-1993 HDR
Lynch, Joseph Gilbert 8/11/2005 HDR
Lynch, Josephine Metts  05-11-2002 HDR
Lynch, Kathryn Propst 03-25-2000 HDR
Lynch, Kathryn Propst 03-24-2000 ONE
Lynch, Mary Ferguson  07-28-1995 HDR
Lynch, Myrl Anna Lippard 04-04-2000 HDR
Lynch, Myrl Anna Lippard 04-03-2000 ONE
Lynch, Nettie C. 11-20-2003 ONE
Lynch, Nettie Cochrane  11-21-2003 HDR
Lynch, Nettie Cochrane Powers 11-21-2003 ONE
Lynch, Pearl T. 02-21-1997 HDR
Lynch, Rachel Cline  05-08-2003 HDR
Lynch, Rachel Cline  05-07-2003 ONE
Lynch, Robert Lee Jr. 04-22-1998 HDR
Lynch, Robert Ralph 12-21-1999 ONE
Lynch, Robert Ralph  12-21-1999 HDR
Lynch, Sandra Lee Whisenant 09-03-1996 HDR
Lynch, Sarah Steele (102 yrs old) 12-27-1995 HDR
Lynch, Shirley Marsh 2/4/2005 HDR
Lynch, Thomas Hamilton 5/12/2005 HDR
Lynch, Thomas Hamilton 5/11/2005 ONE
Lynch, Thomas Hamilton 5/12/2005 ONE
Lynker, John (broadcaster) 11-14-2002 HDR
Lynn, Brittney Rose  04-07-2003 HDR
Lynn, Cecil Eugene  08-30-2001 ONE
Lynn, Cecil Eugene  08-30-2001 HDR
Lynn, Chase Alexander 11-27-2001 HDR
Lynn, Donnie Mae Martin 12-08-1999 HDR
Lynn, Elvie Gross 10-15-1993 HDR
Lynn, Elvie Gross 10-16-1993 HDR
Lynn, Emma Mae Matthews 11-10-1999 HDR
Lynn, Eugene M. (philanthropist)  12-04-1999 HDR
Lynn, Garland  08-28-1994 HDR
Lynn, Garland  08-29-1994 HDR
Lynn, George Herman  10-12-1995 HDR
Lynn, Johnny Lawrence Sr. 12/10/2005 HDR
Lynn, Leland Augustus 03-30-2000 HDR
Lynn, Leland Augustus 03-30-2000 ONE
Lynn, Lemule Loy 06-02-2000 HDR
Lynn, Lemule Loy 06-02-2000 ONE
Lynn, Lewis Rodney 02-25-1997 HDR
Lynn, Lucille Burns 02-05-1996 ONE
Lynn, Lucille Burns  02-05-1996 HDR
Lynn, Macie B. Mrs. 3/11/2005 HDR
Lynn, Marlene B. 4/16/2005 HDR
Lynn, Martha "Helen" Marr  02-22-1995 HDR
Lynn, Martha "Helen" Marr  02-23-1995 HDR
Lynn, Martha "Mom" Kiser  10-22-1993 HDR
Lynn, Martha K. 10-21-1993 HDR
Lynn, Mary Alice Boyd  09-10-1995 HDR
Lynn, Mary Mable Campbell 3/8/2005 HDR
Lynn, Mary Mable Campbell 3/9/2005 HDR
Lynn, Michael Clifton  03-02-1993 HDR
Lynn, Michael Clifton "Joe Lynn"  03-01-1993 HDR
Lynn, O. V.  "Mooney" (Loretta Lynn's husband) 08-26-1996 HDR
Lynn, Ransom Cletus "R.C." 10-13-1998 HDR
Lynn, Rita 02-02-1996 ONE
Lynn, Robert Allen 08-29-2000 ONE
Lynn, Robert Allen  08-29-2000 HDR
Lynn, Ruth Setzer  09-01-1997 HDR
Lynn, Vickie Gail 10-28-2000 HDR
Lynn, Warren Edison "Hill" 12-31-1993 HDR
Lynne, Seymour H. Judge 09-14-2000 HDR
Lynton, Ernest A. 03-22-1998 HDR
Lyon, Florette Lewis  06-02-1993 HDR
Lyon, Lyndon Waldo 05-23-1999 HDR
Lyon, M. Randy 01-16-1998 ONE
Lyons, Catherine  02-12-1996 HDR
Lyons, Catherine Irene Whitener 02-13-1996 HDR
Lyons, David F. (publisher) 07-21-1993 HDR
Lyons, Florette Lewis Mrs. 06-03-1993 ONE
Lyons, Lawrence Daniel Jr.  07-01-2003 HDR
Lyons, Margaret Jean Pfingstag 07-21-2001 HDR
Lyons, Mildred Ann Weddington 09-28-1999 HDR
Lytle, Betty A. 05-09-2000 HDR
Lytle, Dorothy Elizabeth Williams  08-25-2001 HDR
Lytle, Earl N. 02-14-1998 HDR
Lytle, Ronald Anthony Sr. 08-08-1994 HDR
Lytle, Webster Howard  07-14-1999 HDR
Lytle, William "Bill"  12-01-1993 HDR
Lytle, Willie  01-11-1995 HDR
Lytle, Willie Hogan  01-12-1995 HDR
Lytton, Charles Tatum  05-23-2001 HDR
Lytton, Coit Barnwell  04-03-2001 HDR
Lytton, Margaret Wilson 3/16/2005 HDR
Lytton, Mary Magdalene "Sis"  06-04-2003 HDR
Lytton, Maude "Booie" Pope 05-20-2001 HDR
Lytton, Nancy Elizabeth Rogers  09-26-1994 ONE
Lytton, Nancy Elizabeth Rogers  09-25-1994 HDR
Lytton, Norman Willard Rev. 12-13-1994 ONE
Lytton, Norman Willard Rev. 12-13-1994 HDR
Lytton, Zula Olivia Christenbury 03-03-1998 ONE
Lytton, Zula Olivia Christenbury 03-04-1998 HDR
Lyubarsky, Kronid  05-28-1996 HDR