Haas, Annabelle Setzer  5/9/93 HDR
Haas, Bernice Lula Andrews 5/30/98 HDR
Haas, Boyd Beckley  8/23/96 HDR
Haas, Carl Andrew  9/2/01 HDR
Haas, Cecil Roosevelt  5/3/99 ONE
Haas, Christl (Austrian skier) 7/11/01 HDR
Haas, Christl (skier) 7/14/01 HDR
Haas, Clyde Pinkney Jr. Rev. 10/13/98 ONE
Haas, Clyde Pinkney Jr. Rev. 10/14/98 HDR
Haas, Earl Asbury  6/15/96 HDR
Haas, F. Otto (Rohm and Haas Co.) 1/4/94 HDR
Haas, Fred Andrew  12/22/96 HDR
Haas, Frieda Jubb 9/20/99 ONE
Haas, Frieda Jubb 9/20/99 HDR
Haas, Ira William  6/9/93 HDR
Haas, James "Bruce"  9/22/01 HDR
Haas, James "Bruce"  9/23/01 HDR
Haas, James Lingle 5/31/00 HDR
Haas, Janice Marie  4/14/97 HDR
Haas, Jay Edgar  10/11/01 HDR
Haas, Joseph F. 10/6/00 HDR
Haas, Lucille Angley 1/10/00 HDR
Haas, Marshall 8/11/97 HDR
Haas, Marshall Lee 8/12/97 HDR
Haas, Martha Marie Clark 5/3/05 HDR
Haas, Mary “Mazel” Lingle  3/9/03 HDR
Haas, Morris Jilson  5/1/01 HDR
Haas, Murl J. 2/2/01 HDR
Haas, Nancy Alma  1/22/01 HDR
Haas, Pansy Tolbert  5/29/96 HDR
Haas, Paul Edgar 4/4/96 HDR
Haas, Rushia Alice  2/25/05 HDR
Haas, Viola Ardella Miller 1/11/93 HDR
Haas, Virginia Ilene Hefner  4/3/03 HDR
Haase, Roland Ernst Rev. 12/6/94 ONE
Habben, Carol 1/14/97 HDR
Haberkern, Margarette Carpenter 5/30/95 ONE
Habibi, Emile  5/3/96 HDR
Hackett, Albert (actor/screenwriter) 3/19/95 HDR
Hackett, Albert (actor/screenwriter) 3/20/95 HDR
Hackett, Ann Carolyn 11/21/01 HDR
Hackett, Dorothy Ann Hendrix  7/27/96 HDR
Hackler, Grethel 7/2/95 HDR
Hackler, Ruby Winkler  10/4/98 HDR
Hackney, Gerald George 11/29/02 HDR
Hackney, Gerald George Herman  11/29/02 ONE
Hackney, Gerald George Herman  11/28/02 HDR
Hackney, Ronald Brent  12/17/05 HDR
Hackworth, David Retired Army Col. 5/6/05 HDR
Hackworth, Eloise A. Punch 10/5/04 ONE
Hackworth, Eloise Alfredda Punch 10/4/04 ONE
Haddad, John G. Jr. Dr. 5/30/97 HDR
Haddaway, George Edward 9/28/98 HDR
Hadid, Mohammed 8/10/99 HDR
Hadnott, Webster G. "Buzz" Jr. 2/7/97 HDR
Hadnott, Webster Guy "Buzz" Jr. 2/8/97 HDR
Hadnott, Webster Guy "Buzz" Jr. 2/10/97 ONE
Hadsall, Peggy Jane Adams  6/14/93 HDR
Hadsall, Richard L.  11/23/02 HDR
Hadzimuratovic, Irma ("Operation Irma" ) 4/2/95 HDR
Haessig, Alfred  11/18/99 HDR
Hafer, Carrie Edna  11/14/00 ONE
Hafer, Carrie Edna Stafford 11/15/00 ONE
Hafer, Carrie Edna Stafford  11/15/00 HDR
Hafstad, Randolph (physicist) 10/22/93 HDR
Hafstad, Randolph (physicist) 10/24/93 HDR
Haftmann, Werner 7/31/99 HDR
Haga, John Alexander  Jr. 3/7/98 HDR
Haga, Mabel Lee 5/21/00 HDR
Hagaman, David "Cline" Jr. 4/24/02 HDR
Hagaman, Jacob George 4/9/98 HDR
Hagaman, John Glenn  7/18/94 HDR
Hagaman, Nellie Frye  8/12/97 HDR
Hagan, Betty Louise 12/10/05 HDR
Hagan, Robert E.  1/20/99 HDR
Hagedoorn, Georgette (musical comedy stalwart) 8/27/95 HDR
Hagedorn, Eugene Francis  4/3/03 HDR
Hagedorn, Helen M. 6/6/94 HDR
Hagee, Donald Gene  8/16/01 HDR
Hagee, Margaret Imogene Umberger 11/8/03 HDR
Hagee, Margaret Imogene Umberger  11/10/03 ONE
Hagen, Kevin (character actor) 7/13/05 HDR
Hager, Annie 7/18/97 ONE
Hager, Annie Elliott 7/21/97 ONE
Hager, Annie Ellliott  7/19/97 HDR
Hager, Earlie C. Jr.  8/3/03 HDR
Hager, Faye Marlowe  3/12/00 HDR
Hager, Iris Neal Sigmon 9/23/02 ONE
Hager, Michael Eric  6/28/95 HDR
Hager, Ravon Joseph  3/20/95 ONE
Hager, Ravon Joseph  3/20/95 HDR
Hager, Shelley Elizabeth Hubbard 5/26/05 HDR
Hager, Viola Hurley 7/26/01 ONE
Hager, Viola Hurley  7/26/01 HDR
Hagerman, Clara  8/23/05 HDR
Hagerty, Jack 6/15/97 HDR
Haggard, Edith 11/29/95 HDR
Hagin, Kenneth E. The Rev. (OK) 9/23/03 HDR
Hague, Michael Clifton Sr. 6/23/97 ONE
Hagwood, Mary Louise Avery 6/16/98 HDR
Hagy, Lawrence R. (independent oil & gas operator) 8/30/93 HDR
Hagy, Richard Lee 3/12/01 HDR
Hahn, Claudia Burns 10/25/99 ONE
Hahn, Claudia Burns 10/24/99 HDR
Hahn, Dwight Tolbert 2/28/96 HDR
Hahn, Elizabeth  3/4/02 HDR
Hahn, Elizabeth   3/4/02 ONE
Hahn, Elizabeth "Libby" Jenkins 3/5/02 ONE
Hahn, Elizabeth "Libby" Jenkins  3/5/02 HDR
Hahn, Elizabeth Gantt 4/14/98 ONE
Hahn, Elizabeth Gantt 4/14/98 HDR
Hahn, Exie Benfield 12/28/01 HDR
Hahn, Fred Whitener  12/19/94 ONE
Hahn, Fred Whitener  12/18/94 HDR
Hahn, Irene Deal  1/29/99 HDR
Hahn, James "Jim" Russell  10/23/03 HDR
Hahn, James "Jim" Russell  10/23/03 ONE
Hahn, James R.  10/22/03 ONE
Hahn, L. Baxter Sr.  12/9/95 HDR
Hahn, L. Clement Rev. Sr. 4/10/98 HDR
Hahn, L. Clement Sr. Rev. 4/10/98 ONE
Hahn, Rosa Sigmon 6/14/01 HDR
Hahn, Rosa Sigmon  6/13/01 ONE
Haidari, Azizullah 11/21/01 HDR
Haight, Fulton "Bill" (lawyer & legal scholar) 7/29/97 HDR
Haight, James Robert Scott 7/8/96 ONE
Haigler, Bessie Ellen Sherill 1/10/95 HDR
Haigler, Bessie Ellen Sherrill 1/11/95 HDR
Haigler, Dennis Carroll 12/15/93 HDR
Haigler, Doug 2/18/98 HDR
Haigler, Michael Sherrill 5/11/05 HDR
Haigler, Nellie Allen  1/8/95 HDR
Haigler, William Ward 4/20/95 HDR
Hailey, Eva Mildred 4/1/99 HDR
Hailey, Oliver (playwright & scriptwriter) 1/26/93 HDR
Hailey, Phillip Jr.  (Page 2D) 2/18/99 HDR
Hailsham, Lord  10/16/01 HDR
Hainer, Cathy 12/18/99 HDR
Hainer, Cathy (USA Today Reporter) (Page3) 12/16/99 ONE
Haines, Aubrey 9/19/00 HDR
Haines, Nancy Shuford  5/22/93 HDR
Hains, Peter C. III 7/11/98 HDR
Haire, Bill (fashion designer) 5/2/95 HDR
Haire, Robert Garland 11/1/97 HDR
Haire, Robert Garland 11/2/97 HDR
Haire, Robin Edmisten  7/22/97 HDR
Haire, Wanda DuBois  8/1/02 ONE
Haire, Wanda DuBois  8/1/02 HDR
Hairfield, Beverly D. "Bev" 12/2/99 HDR
Hairfield, Beverly Dew Dr.   7/10/95 HDR
Hairfield, Catherine Scott 1/4/96 HDR
Hairfield, Edward Matthew Jr. 2/6/02 HDR
Hairfield, Lena Ellen Fox 6/5/02 HDR
Hairston, Harold "Happy" (Page 6B) (former basketball player) 5/2/01 HDR
Hairston, Jester-(television personality) 1/21/00 ONE
Hairston, Lottie Mae Hall 11/29/93 HDR
Hairston, Sam 11/6/97 HDR
Haisman, Edith--oldest Titanic survivor 1/22/97 HDR
Haithcock, Betty Fulcher  5/20/93 HDR
Haivala, Nancy Sigmon 12/28/01 ONE
Haivala, Nancy Sigmon 12/29/01 HDR
Haje, Helen 1/16/98 HDR
Haje, Helen 1/18/98 HDR
Hajek, Jiri (foreign minister) 10/25/93 HDR
Hake, Louise S. 12/8/00 HDR
Hakola, John W.  5/2/95 HDR
Halaby, Najeeb (former chief executive of Pan American World Airways) 7/4/03 HDR
Haldane, Brodrick 2/6/96 ONE
Haldeman, H.R. "Bob" (Pres. Nixon's chief of staff) (Page 1A)  11/13/93 HDR
Halder, Walter (Canadian Olympic gold medalist) 10/30/94 HDR
Hale, Betty Hudson  11/15/02 HDR
Hale, Bobby Ray Sr. 4/27/05 HDR
Hale, Carrie Sue 3/10/96 HDR
Hale, Carrie Sue 3/11/96 HDR
Hale, Grat Nubern  12/3/02 HDR
Hale, Herman Darrell "Joe" 11/24/99 HDR
Hale, J.W. 8/26/98 HDR
Hale, James H. (newspaper executive--Kansas City Star)  1/13/03 HDR
Hale, Leonard Cecil 3/23/98 ONE
Hale, Leonard Cecil 3/21/98 HDR
Hale, Mona Fleshman  3/5/05 HDR
Hale, Shelton Lee 5/30/03 HDR
Hale, Sir John 8/15/99 HDR
Hale, William Roland  2/20/04 ONE
Halepeska, Timothy Lee  6/6/93 HDR
Haley, Bernard (editor) 6/9/93 HDR
Haliburton, Nancy Thompson Mrs. 11/13/03 HDR
Halik, Tony 5/27/98 HDR
Hall, A. Donald  2/26/04 ONE
Hall, A. Donald  2/27/04 ONE
Hall, Addie Mae (Sonja) Starnes  5/25/05 HDR
Hall, Addie Mae (Sonja) Starnes  5/26/05 HDR
Hall, Adrianna Bailey  5/25/01 HDR
Hall, Alexander "Booster" 4/29/98 HDR
Hall, Alfred C. 6/9/96 HDR
Hall, Alvie Onan 1/6/99 ONE
Hall, Alvie Onan 1/7/99 HDR
Hall, Alvin Donald  2/25/04 ONE
Hall, Anne Kyle  10/3/05 HDR
Hall, Anne Kyle  10/3/05 ONE
Hall, Antoine Jeris "Stump" 3/10/00 HDR
Hall, Bantee L. II Naval Reserve Lt. (Page 4A) 6/12/01 HDR
Hall, Betty Ann 8/28/05 HDR
Hall, Betty Jean Sigmon 3/15/97 HDR
Hall, Betty Jean Sigmon 3/14/97 ONE
Hall, Beulah Marie Kemp 4/26/95 HDR
Hall, C.J. "Cub" 1/24/99 HDR
Hall, Calvin A. 6/22/98 ONE
Hall, Calvin A. 6/22/98 HDR
Hall, Calvin Odell 5/7/00 HDR
Hall, Cecil 11/4/93 HDR
Hall, Cecil David  11/5/93 HDR
Hall, Charles F. 8/31/99 HDR
Hall, Charlie Clifton  4/14/93 HDR
Hall, Charlie Clifton  4/16/93 HDR
Hall, Clara Elizabeth Starnes 3/29/99 HDR
Hall, Clinton Neal (Page 5A) 5/14/01 HDR
Hall, Clyde Earl  11/1/02 HDR
Hall, Cody 3/25/99 HDR
Hall, Daisy Beatrice Peavy  2/13/02 HDR
Hall, Daisy Fulbright  5/14/96 HDR
Hall, Daisy Lee 9/27/95 HDR
Hall, Daisy Lee Spencer 9/28/95 HDR
Hall, Damon W. 5/24/99 HDR
Hall, Danny Lee  7/29/05 HDR
Hall, Della Watson  2/5/95 HDR
Hall, Dennis Kent 3/26/96 HDR
Hall, Dona Rosetta Garnes 3/28/96 HDR
Hall, Earl Grady  1/27/02 HDR
Hall, Ed Elbert 12/23/97 ONE
Hall, Ed Elbert  12/24/97 HDR
Hall, Edith Marie Barton 9/8/96 HDR
Hall, Edith Marie Barton 9/9/96 ONE
Hall, Edith Marie Barton  9/9/96 HDR
Hall, Edna M. 7/5/98 HDR
Hall, Edward A.  4/11/95 HDR
Hall, Elbert Willard  9/10/03 HDR
Hall, Eleanor Lilley  8/14/03 HDR
Hall, Elizabeth Matthew  4/14/05 HDR
Hall, Ella Smith 2/2/95 ONE
Hall, Ella Smith 1/31/95 HDR
Hall, Ella Smith 2/2/95 HDR
Hall, Ellis Junior  12/8/94 HDR
Hall, Elmo Gaither  1/7/99 HDR
Hall, Eugene  2/17/93 HDR
Hall, Evelyn DeWese  7/20/96 HDR
Hall, Evelyn Maness 8/3/97 HDR
Hall, Forest Gamewell 7/18/03 HDR
Hall, Frances Coffey  12/14/94 HDR
Hall, Frank  9/21/95 HDR
Hall, Fred Haymond 5/15/95 HDR
Hall, Fred L.  6/20/95 HDR
Hall, Fred Raymond  5/16/95 HDR
Hall, Fred V.  12/10/97 HDR
Hall, Gaither Charles  1/29/03 HDR
Hall, Garmon 8/5/99 HDR
Hall, Grace E. 3/31/97 HDR
Hall, Grace E. 4/1/97 HDR
Hall, Grace L. 4/25/94 HDR
Hall, Grace L. 4/26/94 HDR
Hall, Grover William 6/1/98 HDR
Hall, Grover William 6/2/98 HDR
Hall, Gus 10/17/00 HDR
Hall, Harmon Albert 7/22/01 HDR
Hall, Hazel Cline 4/19/99 HDR
Hall, Henry Patterson  5/5/96 HDR
Hall, Irvin Edwin  6/6/02 HDR
Hall, Ivaree Burns  8/17/94 HDR
Hall, Ivaree Burns  8/18/94 HDR
Hall, Jack 3/4/02 HDR
Hall, Jack Dolliver  3/5/02 HDR
Hall, Jacob 3/28/02 ONE
Hall, James 10/15/98 HDR
Hall, James Allen 11/13/00 HDR
Hall, James Allen 11/13/00 ONE
Hall, James B. Sr.  8/29/02 HDR
Hall, James C. 1/4/98 HDR
Hall, James David "J.D." 1/22/99 HDR
Hall, James Morgan  6/7/96 HDR
Hall, James William  8/31/02 HDR
Hall, Jason Samuel 4/18/99 HDR
Hall, Jessie "Penny"  10/4/01 HDR
Hall, Jessie Ray  2/10/03 HDR
Hall, Jessie Ray  2/10/03 ONE
Hall, Joe 12/26/94 HDR
Hall, John D. State Rep. 3/19/05 HDR
Hall, John David  8/23/93 HDR
Hall, John McKinley  Sr. 10/24/02 HDR
Hall, John McKinley Sr. 10/25/02 HDR
Hall, John McKinley Sr.  10/25/02 ONE
Hall, Jonathan 3/28/02 ONE
Hall, Jones Willie 11/30/93 HDR
Hall, Joshua Mr. 12/22/97 HDR
Hall, Junior  12/7/94 HDR
Hall, K. K.  7/10/99 HDR
Hall, Katie M. Hollar  2/9/94 HDR
Hall, Katie Moretz Hollar 2/8/94 HDR
Hall, Kenneth M. 2/17/05 HDR
Hall, Kenneth M. 2/17/05 ONE
Hall, King Junior Sr. 10/5/99 HDR
Hall, Letha E.  8/5/01 HDR
Hall, Linzie Dolphus 4/6/98 ONE
Hall, Linzie Dolphus  4/5/98 HDR
Hall, Livingston 11/22/95 HDR
Hall, Lockie Violet 9/26/93 HDR
Hall, Lois Jean Hyler  6/30/02 HDR
Hall, Lonnie W.  3/10/01 HDR
Hall, Mabel Virginia Johnson 6/1/97 HDR
Hall, Mabel Virginia Johnson 6/2/97 ONE
Hall, Mabelle (106 yoa) 10/30/95 ONE
Hall, Maggie B. 8/23/00 HDR
Hall, Maggie Rutherford 1/30/96 HDR
Hall, Maggie Rutherford  1/29/96 HDR
Hall, Mark Anthony 12/25/99 HDR
Hall, Martha Bothwell (Mrs. Thomas H. Hall Jr.) 4/25/05 HDR
Hall, Michelle (page 2) 7/4/95 ONE
Hall, Mildred Irene Teague 10/8/98 ONE
Hall, Mildred Irene Teague 10/15/98 ONE
Hall, Mildred Irene Teague 10/8/98 HDR
Hall, Mildred Irene Teague 10/16/98 HDR
Hall, Mildred Wike 7/29/97 HDR
Hall, Mildred Wike 7/30/97 HDR
Hall, Milton 2/5/98 HDR
Hall, Nellie Grindstaff  1/19/93 ONE
Hall, Nellie Grindstaff  1/18/93 HDR
Hall, Nellie Grindstaff  1/19/93 HDR
Hall, Nellie M.  10/8/05 HDR
Hall, Opal  3/11/02 ONE
Hall, Opal  3/11/02 HDR
Hall, Opal Marshall 3/12/02 ONE
Hall, Opal Marshall  3/12/02 HDR
Hall, Paul "Gary" 9/18/99 HDR
Hall, Paul (Gary) 9/17/99 ONE
Hall, Paul Cecratus 10/11/05 HDR
Hall, R.B.  4/20/05 HDR
Hall, Randy 11/24/01 HDR
Hall, Randy Allen 5/2/94 HDR
Hall, Rebecca M. 3/8/94 HDR
Hall, Richard  12/26/02 ONE
Hall, Richard Dexter 12/27/02 ONE
Hall, Richard Dexter  12/27/02 HDR
Hall, Robert Kenneth 2/25/97 HDR
Hall, Robert Kenneth "Ken" 2/26/97 HDR
Hall, Robert Kenneth "Ken" 2/26/97 ONE
Hall, Ruth Stephens 6/11/98 HDR
Hall, Shea Elizabeth 9/9/99 HDR
Hall, Ted Everett  7/10/96 HDR
Hall, Thelma Howell 10/17/94 HDR
Hall, Theresa Drum 10/21/97 HDR
Hall, Theresa Drum  10/20/97 HDR
Hall, Thomas Allen 2/24/00 HDR
Hall, Tilford 7/9/01 ONE
Hall, Tilford O. 7/10/01 ONE
Hall, Tilford O. 7/10/01 HDR
Hall, Tom 4/18/97 HDR
Hall, Tonia Renae  2/9/95 HDR
Hall, Tonia Renae  2/10/95 HDR
Hall, Vernon Leeroy 1/23/96 HDR
Hall, Vernon Leeroy  1/22/96 HDR
Hall, Victor Edward 2/24/97 HDR
Hall, Virgie Ellen Shelton 9/10/94 HDR
Hall, Vurlas Dyson  6/18/02 HDR
Hall, William Edward Rev. 8/31/93 HDR
Hall, William Joseph 3/29/99 HDR
Hall, William Vance  10/13/01 HDR
Hall, Willie Bowers  2/17/93 HDR
Hall, Willie D.  2/15/93 HDR
Hall, Wilson 3/19/98 HDR
Hall, Woodrow Wilson 7/22/94 HDR
Hall, Woodrow Wilson 7/23/94 HDR
Hallahan, Charles (actor) 12/6/97 HDR
Hallam, Mary Jane 9/28/98 HDR
Hallam, Mary Jane 10/22/98 HDR
Hallier, Jean-Edern 1/13/97 HDR
Hallman, Arie Monroe 6/26/96 ONE
Hallman, Arie Monroe  6/27/96 HDR
Hallman, David Lionel 9/2/94 ONE
Hallman, Derrick Ryan  12/22/03 HDR
Hallman, Derrick Ryan  12/22/03 ONE
Hallman, Donnie Mace 2/14/98 HDR
Hallman, Edward McArthur  8/31/97 HDR
Hallman, Elva Annie Laurel 3/12/02 ONE
Hallman, Elva Annie Laurel  3/12/02 HDR
Hallman, Grace Patricia Shepherd  5/17/98 HDR
Hallman, Harry Howard  1/16/95 HDR
Hallman, Harry Howard  1/16/95 HDR
Hallman, Hazel LaFone 7/20/93 HDR
Hallman, Louise 4/11/97 HDR
Hallman, Louise 4/11/97 ONE
Hallman, Margaret McAlister  3/25/93 HDR
Hallman, Mattie Isabella Creggar 8/11/99 HDR
Hallman, Mattie Stamey 4/11/96 HDR
Hallman, Phillip Eugene “Pete”  12/4/02 HDR
Hallman, Ralph Dwight 10/16/98 HDR
Hallman, Robert Lee 4/7/03 ONE
Hallman, Robert Lee  4/6/03 HDR
Hallman, Roy Benjamin  1/22/95 HDR
Hallman, Ruby  8/11/95 HDR
Hallman, Ruby Pope Miller 8/11/95 ONE
Hallman, Thomas Gilbert 12/11/98 HDR
Hallman, Tom Dan  11/27/05 HDR
Hallman, Virgil Gilbert Sr.  3/5/93 HDR
Hallowes, Odette (1st woman awarded the George Cross) 3/19/95 HDR
Hallum, Clifton E. (Page 1A) 6/26/97 HDR
Hallum, Clifton Edward 6/26/97 ONE
Hallyburton, Bertha G. 10/18/99 HDR
Hallyburton, Bobby Joe 11/11/02 HDR
Hallyburton, Brian Scott  8/2/02 HDR
Hallyburton, Carroll Reese Sr. 4/10/98 HDR
Hallyburton, Constance Hall 8/13/93 HDR
Hallyburton, Donald Herman  5/15/02 HDR
Hallyburton, Ervin Odell 4/5/05 HDR
Hallyburton, Eula Lambert  4/11/02 HDR
Hallyburton, Harry Lee 11/27/94 HDR
Hallyburton, James McKinley 11/20/97 HDR
Hallyburton, James Robert 1/4/97 HDR
Hallyburton, John David 4/29/98 HDR
Hallyburton, Lou Piercy 1/19/97 HDR
Hallyburton, Pearl V. Hall  6/20/00 HDR
Hallyburton, Ray Camp 11/20/97 HDR
Hallyburton, Robert Julius "R.J."  10/23/03 HDR
Hallyburton, Sheila Ann  7/28/03 HDR
Hallyburton, William F. 11/19/01 HDR
Hallyburton, William S. II 5/8/95 HDR
Hallyburton, Willie Ramsey  5/17/95 HDR
Hallyburton, Willie Ramsey  5/18/95 HDR
Halsey, Betty Biggerstaff  2/13/02 HDR
Halstead, Donna Ann  7/21/01 HDR
Halstead, Van Vandall Jr. 1/15/98 HDR
Ham, Christa Martha 1/27/05 HDR
Ham, Jill Maureen Stahl 12/31/97 ONE
Ham, Jill Maureen Stahl  12/31/97 HDR
Ham, Robert Junior 5/20/05 HDR
Ham, William Linzey Sr. 7/29/95 HDR
Hamacher, Donald L.  10/31/00 HDR
Hamalainen, Mary Florence Davis  8/23/02 HDR
Hamamura, Hideo (marathon runner) 5/11/00 HDR
Hambacher, Emma Zeim 3/5/98 ONE
Hambacher, Emma Zeim 3/9/98 ONE
Hambacher, Emma Zeim 3/5/98 HDR
Hambacher, Emma Zeim 3/7/98 HDR
Hambey, Gurney W.  10/26/96 HDR
Hambleton, T. Edward (Phoenix Theater founder) 12/20/05 HDR
Hamblin, Dora Jane (correspondent for Life magazine) 8/21/93 HDR
Hambrick, Josephine Lyerly  2/28/03 HDR
Hambright, Floyd C. "Tom" 9/24/98 HDR
Hambright, James T. "Cutbuddy" 4/22/02 ONE
Hambright, James T. "Cutbuddy"  4/22/02 HDR
Hambright, Susie A. Isenhower  5/27/02 ONE
Hambright, Susie A. Isenhower  5/26/02 HDR
Hamburg, Alice Sachs 11/18/01 HDR
Hamburger, Viktor (100 yoa) (embryologist) 6/16/01 HDR
Hamburgh, Paul D.  9/22/01 HDR
Hamburgh, Paul D.  9/25/01 HDR
Hamby, Albert W. 2/18/96 HDR
Hamby, Albert W. 2/17/96 HDR
Hamby, Albert W. 2/19/96 ONE
Hamby, Allen Garfield "Buddy" 3/9/01 HDR
Hamby, Alma Crane 8/7/00 HDR
Hamby, Arthur Lawrence Sr. 8/31/98 HDR
Hamby, Barney C. 3/3/98 HDR
Hamby, Belva Elaine Bentley 4/5/99 HDR
Hamby, Belvia  4/4/99 HDR
Hamby, Benjamin S. 10/27/99 HDR
Hamby, Betty Ruth Coffey 4/2/05 HDR
Hamby, Billy Junior  9/28/93 HDR
Hamby, Billy Junior  9/29/93 HDR
Hamby, Blaine James 11/10/97 HDR
Hamby, Blaine James  11/9/97 HDR
Hamby, Charles Alden (veteran) 4/22/94 HDR
Hamby, Chelcie McClay  1/28/96 HDR
Hamby, Claude Ray 1/5/95 ONE
Hamby, Claude Ray  1/5/95 HDR
Hamby, Clayton Lee  9/25/02 HDR
Hamby, Clyde James 10/15/99 HDR
Hamby, Cynthia Denise  8/22/03 ONE
Hamby, Cynthia Denise Miss  8/22/03 HDR
Hamby, Edna Isaac  6/30/94 ONE
Hamby, Edna Isaac  6/30/94 HDR
Hamby, Ernest William  7/17/05 HDR
Hamby, Ernest William  7/18/05 ONE
Hamby, Ethel Hilton 6/30/99 HDR
Hamby, Ethel Lou  8/29/94 HDR
Hamby, Eugene Randall 12/16/97 HDR
Hamby, Eva Elizabeth 5/28/98 HDR
Hamby, G. Hanford Dr.  3/8/02 HDR
Hamby, Harold "Pete" C.  7/22/05 HDR
Hamby, Hattie  2/4/96 HDR
Hamby, Hattie Etta Holder 2/5/96 HDR
Hamby, Helen Boyd  5/7/95 HDR
Hamby, Helen Boyd  5/8/95 HDR
Hamby, James Albert 10/23/05 HDR
Hamby, James Benjamin 7/13/94 HDR
Hamby, James Frank  7/21/99 HDR
Hamby, James Lloyd Sr. 11/1/00 HDR
Hamby, Janella Clevenger 2/14/98 HDR
Hamby, Jimmy Wayne  5/20/93 HDR
Hamby, John William  7/8/02 HDR
Hamby, Johnny Oscar  5/22/97 HDR
Hamby, Joseph Wayne  7/29/94 HDR
Hamby, Leslie Danielle 8/7/99 HDR
Hamby, Leslie Danielle (Page 1A) 8/5/99 HDR
Hamby, Lucy Pearl Fortenberry 11/29/98 HDR
Hamby, Mabel Lula Norris  11/27/00 HDR
Hamby, Mack Rexford  6/11/02 HDR
Hamby, Mae Bean 12/5/94 HDR
Hamby, Malcolm Hugh "Mac"  7/5/03 HDR
Hamby, Margaret Regina Ryan  1/15/02 HDR
Hamby, Marilyn Sue  12/22/93 HDR
Hamby, Marry Ellen "Susie" Raby 6/1/98 HDR
Hamby, Martha Cleo White 1/24/93 HDR
Hamby, Mary Hart  7/26/01 HDR
Hamby, Meredita Greene 9/12/93 HDR
Hamby, Meredith Greene 9/13/93 HDR
Hamby, Michael Benjamin  6/13/94 HDR
Hamby, Morris  8/16/95 HDR
Hamby, Morris D.  8/17/95 HDR
Hamby, Nell Douglas 11/18/01 HDR
Hamby, Nellie Ester Church  7/19/01 HDR
Hamby, Noah "Allen"  7/28/01 HDR
Hamby, Reba Ferguson 1/4/97 HDR
Hamby, Redity Faye  11/15/02 HDR
Hamby, Robert Howard 4/5/96 HDR
Hamby, Rosa Lee Harris 4/22/00 HDR
Hamby, Rosa Lowman 5/15/97 HDR
Hamby, Roxie  12/2/93 HDR
Hamby, Roxie  12/3/93 HDR
Hamby, Ruby Faye Younce 3/1/94 HDR
Hamby, Scottie Sue  11/5/03 HDR
Hamby, Tarence Walter T.W. "Cool" 3/12/01 HDR
Hamby, Theodore "Bud" 3/24/99 HDR
Hamby, Thomas H.  3/10/02 HDR
Hamby, Tim R.  3/18/01 HDR
Hamby, Vergie Smith Simpson 10/11/94 HDR
Hamby, Violet Loretta  11/5/05 HDR
Hamby, Vivian A. Cox 11/23/03 HDR
Hamby, W.P. "Bud" 5/21/98 HDR
Hamby, Wade S.  10/16/96 HDR
Hamby, Wade Wilson 7/29/02 ONE
Hamby, Wade Wilson  7/27/02 HDR
Hamby, Wayne  7/27/94 HDR
Hamby, Wayne Dewese 8/16/99 HDR
Hamby, William Lex  7/13/96 HDR
Hamby, Woodrow Wilson 2/18/05 HDR
Hamdoun, Nizar (ambassador) 7/7/03 HDR
Hames, Jeremy Scott 12/31/01 ONE
Hames, Jeremy Scott 12/29/01 HDR
Hames, Jeremy Scott 12/30/01 HDR
Hames, Robert Allen 5/3/99 HDR
Hamilton, Bill Lloyd  8/13/99 HDR
Hamilton, Burley 3/15/02 HDR
Hamilton, Burley  3/14/02 ONE
Hamilton, Carrie 1/21/02 ONE
Hamilton, Charlene Sandifer 3/16/00 HDR
Hamilton, Charles Jr. 12/14/96 HDR
Hamilton, Dewey  8/17/93 HDR
Hamilton, Druey Rabb 8/18/93 HDR
Hamilton, Druey Rabb  8/18/93 ONE
Hamilton, Eugenie "Jean"  10/30/97 HDR
Hamilton, Floyd Brooks 3/2/99 HDR
Hamilton, Harley Judson Sr. 10/29/01 ONE
Hamilton, Harley Judson Sr. 10/27/01 HDR
Hamilton, Herschell Dr.  12/29/03 ONE
Hamilton, Ian (poet) 12/30/01 HDR
Hamilton, Jeffrey S.  7/27/05 HDR
Hamilton, Jeffrey S.  7/28/05 HDR
Hamilton, John (journalist) 6/22/94 HDR
Hamilton, Marie 3/15/01 ONE
Hamilton, Marie Hamilton 3/16/01 HDR
Hamilton, Merle  9/26/02 HDR
Hamilton, Merle Jones  9/26/02 ONE
Hamilton, Merle Jones  9/27/02 HDR
Hamilton, Minnie Rader  12/18/02 HDR
Hamilton, Nellie 5/7/97 ONE
Hamilton, Nellie Kanipe 5/8/97 HDR
Hamilton, Nellie Mae Kanipe 5/8/97 ONE
Hamilton, Pearl 1/23/97 HDR
Hamilton, Pearl Powell 1/24/97 HDR
Hamilton, Phil 12/16/96 HDR
Hamilton, Teresa  5/14/94 HDR
Hamilton, Thomas “T.C.”  2/1/03 HDR
Hamilton, Thomas “T.C.”  2/2/03 HDR
Hamilton, Wesley Brig. Gen. (nation's oldest general)  6/11/95 HDR
Hamilton, William Bracye  1/21/96 HDR
Hamilton, William Jr. 6/28/96 HDR
Hamilton, Willie 1/28/00 HDR
Hamilton, Willie Lee 10/3/95 HDR
Hamlet, Edna Aline 5/23/00 HDR
Hamlet, Loren Eugene 12/20/99 ONE
Hamlet, Loren Eugene 12/19/99 HDR
Hamlett, John E. Rev.  4/11/95 HDR
Hamlett, Louis T.  8/19/96 HDR
Hamlett, Norma Jane Dalton  2/10/04 ONE
Hamlin, Jimmy Louis 6/17/05 HDR
Hamlin, Truxton Davis "Pat" 9/26/01 ONE
Hamlin, Truxton Davis "Pat"  9/26/01 HDR
Hamm, Charlie Garmond 12/21/99 HDR
Hamm, Rome Lee 2/10/97 HDR
Hamm, Thomas S.  4/23/97 HDR
Hamm, Thomas S.  9/24/01 HDR
Hamm, Victoria Ann (infant) 11/11/96 HDR
Hamm, William Eugene 11/23/00 HDR
Hammer, Alexander R. 8/21/96 HDR
Hammer, Clayton Thomas 5/17/00 HDR
Hammer, Clayton Thomas 5/18/00 HDR
Hammer, Cyril Lee Sr. 1/2/97 HDR
Hammer, Ethel Evans 8/4/99 HDR
Hammer, Harold Leach 3/3/05 HDR
Hammer, Henry (oldest practicing attorney in SC) 8/8/05 HDR
Hammer, Jerry Grover 9/3/99 HDR
Hammer, Lucille Head  2/19/02 HDR
Hammer, Robert H. 1/19/05 ONE
Hammer, Robert Henry Sr.  1/18/05 HDR
Hammer, Robert Henry Sr.  1/19/05 HDR
Hammer, Sarah Vickes  9/24/95 HDR
Hammergren, Dorothy Elizabeth Brewer 9/9/95 HDR
Hammerstein, James  1/10/99 HDR
Hammerstein, Willliam 3/13/01 HDR
Hamming, Richard Wesley 1/10/98 HDR
Hammond, Dame Joan  11/29/96 HDR
Hammond, Frank 11/29/95 HDR
Hammond, James  9/12/02 HDR
Hammond, Janie Maretta Horton  7/12/01 HDR
Hammond, Jay (former Alaskan governor) 8/4/05 HDR
Hammond, Jessie B. Hartso 9/7/99 HDR
Hammond, Louise Vallaton 9/14/98 HDR
Hammond, Marion Margaret 1/16/00 HDR
Hammond, Martin Edward  11/26/00 HDR
Hammond, Oscar Rev. 7/7/96 HDR
Hammonds, David L.  3/8/04 ONE
Hammonds, David Leonard  3/9/04 ONE
Hammonds, Grady G. 6/9/95 ONE
Hammonds, Grady G.  6/9/95 HDR
Hammonds, Grady G.  6/10/95 HDR
Hammonds, James  9/13/02 HDR
Hammonds, Mabel Bass 4/11/05 HDR
Hammonds, Mabel Bass  4/11/05 ONE
Hammonds, Mabel Bass  4/12/05 ONE
Hammonds, Mabel Bass Mrs. 4/12/05 HDR
Hammonds, Thomas Lee 6/17/94 HDR
Hammons, Julius Lester Sr. 1/28/96 HDR
Hammons, Thomas Lee  6/18/94 HDR
Hampton, Betty Jean Fox  5/14/02 HDR
Hampton, David (impostor--inspired the play "Six Degrees of Separation") 7/20/03 HDR
Hampton, Donnie  2/1/95 HDR
Hampton, Dorothy Ethelda Thompson 12/14/05 HDR
Hampton, Etta Woodring 6/16/98 HDR
Hampton, Glenna Faye Thompson  12/19/03 HDR
Hampton, Howard Lee 12/6/97 HDR
Hampton, Howard Lee 12/7/97 HDR
Hampton, Howard Lee 12/8/97 ONE
Hampton, Ira Stanley  3/16/02 HDR
Hampton, James Edgar "Buck" Sr. 8/27/94 HDR
Hampton, Joyce Combs 9/17/01 ONE
Hampton, Joyce Combs  9/17/01 HDR
Hampton, Louis J. Dr. (anesthesiology department founder--Ylae University) 10/29/94 HDR
Hampton, Mark Iredell Jr. 8/9/98 HDR
Hampton, Mary Ellen 9/14/99 HDR
Hampton, Myrtle Lee Franklin 11/16/94 HDR
Hampton, Nora (reporter) 11/29/94 HDR
Hampton, O.G. “Shorty”  11/11/00 HDR
Hampton, Sally Arndt  6/3/93 ONE
Hampton, Sally Arndt  6/3/93 HDR
Hampton, Shirley Goodman 8/13/96 HDR
Hampton, Tois Miller  6/28/03 HDR
Hampton, Wayne Ferninand 8/5/00 HDR
Hampton, Wayne Ferninand 8/6/00 HDR
Hampton, Wayne Ferninand 8/4/00 ONE
Hamrick, Alma Osteen Wall 10/12/00 HDR
Hamrick, Alma Osteen Wall 10/12/00 ONE
Hamrick, Billy Daniel 10/11/93 HDR
Hamrick, Charles Newton 11/21/00 HDR
Hamrick, Crystal Ann 2/9/98 ONE
Hamrick, Crystal Ann 2/8/98 HDR
Hamrick, Dorothy Ann Carr 8/22/96 ONE
Hamrick, Howard Edd 3/8/01 ONE
Hamrick, Howard Edd 3/8/01 HDR
Hamrick, Irene Ellen  2/16/95 HDR
Hamrick, Marguerite Newton  5/18/93 HDR
Hamrick, Mary Ferrell  1/14/97 HDR
Hamrick, Nona Baker  8/28/97 HDR
Hamrick, Norma  2/20/95 HDR
Hamrick, Norma Jean Webb 2/21/95 HDR
Hamrick, Pauline “Polly” Willard 12/19/00 HDR
Hamrick, Theresa Garland  7/23/02 HDR
Hamright, James T. "Cutbuddy" 4/24/02 ONE
Hamright, James T. "Cutbuddy"  4/24/02 HDR
Hamright, Roberta T. "Miss Bert" 4/26/05 HDR
Hamright, Ruth "Mama Ruth" Tuccoae Clark 2/28/05 HDR
Hanada, Mitsuru (Prince of Sumo) (ozeki/stablemaster Futagoyama) 5/31/05 HDR
Hance, George Lonzo 2/28/94 ONE
Hance, George Lonzo 2/28/94 HDR
Hancock, Bea Laws 5/19/97 ONE
Hancock, Catherine Virginia Wike 4/9/01 ONE
Hancock, Catherine Virginia Wike 4/8/01 HDR
Hancock, F.W. "Bill" 3/30/01 ONE
Hancock, George Marvin Dr.  12/28/00 HDR
Hancock, Jean Lydia Baeschlin 8/6/98 ONE
Hancock, Jeane Lydia Baeschlin 8/7/98 ONE
Hancock, Jeane Lydia Baeschlin 8/7/98 HDR
Hancock, Malcolm "Mal" (cartoonist) 2/18/93 HDR
Hancock, Milton August "Red" 3/2/97 HDR
Hancock, Milton August "Red" 3/3/97 ONE
Hancock, Nita Mosteller 11/27/95 HDR
Hancock, Nita Mosteller 11/30/95 HDR
Hancock, Nita Mosteller 12/1/95 HDR
Hancock, Nita Mosteller  11/27/95 ONE
Hancock, Russell Allen 7/7/05 HDR
Hancock, Thomas "Tom" Sr.  4/3/95 HDR
Hancock, Verlie "Toots" Aileen  3/21/02 HDR
Hancock, Verlie (Toots) Aileen 3/21/02 ONE
Hancock, Verlie Aileen "Toots"  3/20/02 HDR
Hand, Arthur Glenn  9/4/97 HDR
Hand, Barbara "Jean" Buckner 4/29/99 HDR
Hand, Barbara Jean Buckner 4/30/99 HDR
Hand, Barbara Jean Buckner 5/1/99 HDR
Hand, Blonnie Cline 12/12/95 HDR
Hand, Blonnie Cline 12/13/95 HDR
Hand, Brace Albert 2/24/00 HDR
Hand, Cloyd R.  2/11/02 HDR
Hand, Cloyd Rayford  2/12/02 HDR
Hand, Jason Nelson 3/10/98 HDR
Hand, Kathleen Marshall 4/19/04 ONE
Hand, Lena Hefner 8/16/97 HDR
Hand, Paul Junior  2/8/00 HDR
Hand, Robert Lee  8/18/05 HDR
Hand, Roscoe Junior 6/8/00 HDR
Hand, Thurman Dillard 12/10/99 ONE
Hand, Thurman Dillard 12/10/99 HDR
Handford, Dorothy (Minnesota Public Radio member)  4/2/95 HDR
Handford, Dorothy (Minnesota Public Radio member)  4/3/95 HDR
Handler, Milton 11/13/98 HDR
Handlin, Robert C. 8/12/99 HDR
Handlin, Robert C.  8/12/99 ONE
Hands, Jessie 4/2/94 HDR
Handy, Garland Raymond Rev. 10/11/95 HDR
Handy, Guy O.  10/10/00 HDR
Handy, Hortense "Hoyt" Roney 5/18/94 HDR
Handy, Jasper Easter 7/15/99 HDR
Handy, Mary Grace Cheek 7/29/99 HDR
Handy, Tyler Scott  4/11/05 HDR
Handy, Tyler Scott  4/12/05 HDR
Hanes, Amanda Arlene “Mandy”  10/7/00 HDR
Hanes, Art Sr. (Former Burmingham, AL Mayor) 5/11/97 HDR
Hanes, Grace Lee Carter 7/21/96 HDR
Hanes, Grace Lee Carter 7/22/96 ONE
Hanes, J. Gordon Jr.  9/1/95 HDR
Hanes, Jeremy (Page 1A) 12/29/01 HDR
Haney, Arthur "Red" 1/31/93 HDR
Haney, Elzie Alvin 9/11/98 HDR
Haney, Inez Ollis 3/9/96 HDR
Haney, John Thomas Jr. 2/27/99 HDR
Haney, Louise Marlowe 6/23/05 HDR
Haney, Paul  8/20/00 HDR
Haney, Ruby Nell McGarr  4/3/02 HDR
Hanff, Helene (author) 4/11/97 HDR
Hanford, Mary (Elizabeth Dole's mother) 1/16/04 ONE
Hang, Mee Yang  8/4/94 HDR
Hang, Toua 8/15/02 HDR
Hang, Yang Zou 12/21/00 HDR
Hankins, Stephen Carl  5/6/03 HDR
Hankins, Teddy  7/26/95 HDR
Hankins, Teddy G. Jr.  (Page 5A) 7/27/95 HDR
Hankins, Teddy Gene Jr.  7/27/95 HDR
Hanks, Adele Marie Klinger 9/27/03 HDR
Hanks, Arvil McArthur Sr. 5/5/97 HDR
Hanks, Eugene Kendall Jr. 7/3/98 HDR
Hanks, Nancy Geraldine Sparks  1/4/95 HDR
Hanks, Philip Sydney 5/11/99 ONE
Hanks, Philip Sydney 5/11/99 HDR
Hanks, Steven Winslow  10/3/02 ONE
Hanks, Steven Winslow  9/26/02 HDR
Hanks, Steven Winslow  10/4/02 HDR
Hanks, Sydney Alger  10/11/95 HDR
Hanks, Sydney Alger  10/12/95 HDR
Hanley, Edward T.  1/10/00 HDR
Hanley, John 7/16/95 HDR
Hanley, John Christopher (Smart Start Director) 7/17/95 HDR
Hanlon, Josephine Pelz  6/13/02 HDR
Hanna, Bloice "Bill" Wilford 9/3/97 HDR
Hanna, Bloice W. "Bill" Jr. 9/4/97 HDR
Hanna, Bloice W. Jr. "Bill" 9/4/97 ONE
Hanna, L. Scott 5/5/01 HDR
Hanna, Margaret Ann Queen  3/23/99 HDR
Hanna, Sidney Lester  12/8/96 HDR
Hanna, Thomas Paul Sr. (veteran) 12/23/95 HDR
Hanna, William (Hanna & Barbera) 3/24/01 HDR
Hannah, Clarice Turner "Big Ma Ma" 12/5/98 HDR
Hannah, Emma "Granny" Shelton  7/14/04 ONE
Hannah, George Ray 11/9/98 ONE
Hannah, George Ray 11/9/98 HDR
Hannah, Jack (animator/storyteller) 6/16/94 HDR
Hannah, Ruby Goley 12/10/99 HDR
Hannah, Trevonia "Tre" Daveki Marie  8/18/03 HDR
Hannah, William Andrew 4/15/99 ONE
Hannah, William Andrew  (Page 1) 4/15/99 ONE
Hannah, William Andrew "Bill" 4/16/99 ONE
Hannah, William Andrew "Bill" 4/16/99 HDR
Hannon, Otis Delmar 7/29/97 HDR
Hannon, Otis Delmar 7/28/97 ONE
Hannula, Don 7/9/99 HDR
Hansell, William (nation's largest hog farmer) 7/25/97 HDR
Hansen, Austin (photographer) 1/26/96 HDR
Hansen, Ellen 4/19/99 HDR
Hansen, Johnnie Lois 9/19/05 HDR
Hansen, Walfred J. Sr. "Wally" 11/23/98 HDR
Hansmann, Raymond Henry Jr. Capt. (Ret.)  7/11/03 HDR
Hanson, Arthur (101 yoa) (nation's oldest former Marine) 7/29/93 HDR
Hanson, Duane (sculptor) 1/10/96 HDR
Hanson, Fritz 2/24/96 HDR
Hanson, John K. 6/29/96 HDR
Hanson, Rose Mae  6/20/97 HDR
Hanson, Shirley Goodman 8/12/96 HDR
Hanuman, Guru 5/27/99 HDR
Hao, Thich Thien 7/23/97 HDR
Happel, Ethel Jane Hoffman 1/20/95 HDR
Happel, Ethel Jane Hoffman Mrs. 1/20/95 ONE
Happoldt, Ethel Belle Suddreth  12/13/96 HDR
Happoldt, Forney Benedict Sr. 6/11/02 HDR
Happoldt, Samuel J. Rev. Sr. 5/4/99 HDR
Happoldt, Wilson Rhudell  1/5/01 HDR
Haqqi, Badei 1/26/00 HDR
Harada, Tomin 6/28/99 HDR
Haraka, Rose Bumgarner Sigmon 7/16/99 ONE
Haraszty, Eszter (designer) 12/1/94 HDR
Harbaugh, Emma Alice Wertz 5/13/98 HDR
Harbin, Robert H. (veteran)  11/26/95 HDR
Harbinson, Calandra Linae 11/16/96 HDR
Harbinson, Calandra Linae  11/17/96 HDR
Harbinson, Edgar Lee "Ed" 2/5/01 ONE
Harbinson, Edgar Lee "ED" 2/4/01 HDR
Harbinson, Harry Lee  9/5/02 ONE
Harbinson, Harry Lee Sr. 9/6/02 HDR
Harbinson, Harry Lee Sr.  9/6/02 ONE
Harbinson, Helen Lorene Mullinax  1/20/01 HDR
Harbinson, Henry Fred Sr. 9/7/95 ONE
Harbinson, Henry Fred Sr.  9/7/95 HDR
Harbinson, Jill M.  8/9/05 HDR
Harbinson, Keith Ronald 12/27/99 ONE
Harbinson, Keith Ronald 12/26/99 HDR
Harbinson, Lester Patterson 6/15/99 ONE
Harbinson, Lester Patterson 6/16/99 HDR
Harbinson, Lillian Grace Taylor 2/23/98 ONE
Harbinson, Lillian Grace Taylor 2/24/98 HDR
Harbinson, Madeline Campbell 4/29/05 HDR
Harbinson, Martha Sue Martin 8/9/04 ONE
Harbinson, Mary Catherine Barringer 5/23/01 ONE
Harbinson, Mary Catherine Barringer 5/24/01 ONE
Harbinson, Mary Catherine Barringer 5/25/01 HDR
Harbinson, Ralph J.  1/17/95 HDR
Harbinson, Ramona Sue  6/11/03 HDR
Harbinson, Ramona Sue  6/11/03 ONE
Harbinson, Yates Mullen Sr. 2/10/05 HDR
Harbinson, Yates Mullen Sr. 2/9/05 ONE
Harbison, Charles "Bo" Edward III 4/27/93 HDR
Harbison, Charles Robert "Bob" Sr. 3/16/94 HDR
Harbison, Charles Robert "Bob" Sr. (veteran) 3/17/94 HDR
Harbison, David Morris  12/13/95 HDR
Harbison, Effie Mae Ervin 5/27/05 HDR
Harbison, Fred Elbert 12/11/98 HDR
Harbison, Joe Daniel  3/1/03 HDR
Harbison, Johnny DeVincent  8/19/95 HDR
Harbison, Laighton  2/21/95 HDR
Harbison, Leighton Walker 2/22/95 HDR
Harbison, Mattie Lorraine 1/25/94 HDR
Harbison, Odelia 4/12/94 HDR
Harbison, Odelia Bryson 4/13/94 HDR
Harbison, Racquel Nicole 10/24/00 HDR
Harbison, Ralph J.  1/18/95 HDR
Harbison, Ray 7/30/98 HDR
Harbison, Shelia Renee 2/10/98 HDR
Hardacre, Margaret Brown Smith Mrs. 6/14/03 HDR
Hardaway, Elizabeth Ann Clinard 7/7/99 HDR
Hardee, Caleb Matthew  2/6/03 HDR
Hardee, Donald  Jr. 9/12/02 HDR
Hardee, Donald Jr.  8/14/02 HDR
Hardee, Edison B. 12/22/01 HDR
Harden, Chella Laney  6/1/97 HDR
Hardesty, Luther Bridges "Bill" 1/15/00 HDR
Hardesty, Luther Bridges "Bill" 1/16/00 HDR
Hardesty, Richard L.  5/25/95 HDR
Hardin, A.J. "Rabbit" 6/28/99 HDR
Hardin, Artrena Dobbins 5/4/97 HDR
Hardin, Bobby Lawrence  11/23/03 HDR
Hardin, Boyce W.  12/2/03 HDR
Hardin, Dennis Lawrence  6/26/93 HDR
Hardin, Fred Warren  4/21/02 HDR
Hardin, Howard J. “Red” 12/24/00 HDR
Hardin, Jacob Lee 1/5/00 HDR
Hardin, Joe Duncan  11/19/96 HDR
Hardin, Joseph Orlando Jr.  6/19/95 HDR
Hardin, Joseph Orlando Jr.  6/20/95 HDR
Hardin, Lela V. 1/3/97 HDR
Hardin, Lela V. 1/2/97 HDR
Hardin, Mabel Wyatt  2/12/03 HDR
Hardin, Mabel Wyatt  2/12/03 ONE
Hardin, Margie Marie Tyson 12/6/01 ONE
Hardin, Margie Marie Tyson 12/6/01 HDR
Hardin, Mark Anthony Gene 6/15/94 ONE
Hardin, Mark Anthony Gene (National Guard) 6/15/94 HDR
Hardin, Polly Martin  1/17/01 HDR
Hardin, Terry 9/22/97 ONE
Hardin, Terry  9/23/97 HDR
Hardin, Terry Wayne 9/24/97 ONE
Hardin, Terry Wayne  9/24/97 HDR
Hardin, Terry Wayne  9/23/97 ONE
Hardin, William Vance 10/26/99 ONE
Hardin, William Vance Pastor 10/26/99 HDR
Hardin, Willie Click  12/1/93 HDR
Harding, Dennis Ray Sr. 2/19/96 HDR
Harding, Dennis Ray Sr. 2/19/96 ONE
Harding, James Franklin 1/3/97 HDR
Harding, Sheila Lowe 9/9/05 HDR
Harding, Walter R. 4/14/96 HDR
Hardison, Thomas Bell 1/8/00 HDR
Hardman, Stanley Joseph (Hardman Air Specialties Inc.) 6/18/93 HDR
Hardoin, Antoine (peacekeeper)  4/16/95 HDR
Hardrick, James (Page 2A) 8/25/99 HDR
Hardy, Bert (photographer) 7/6/95 HDR
Hardy, Bessie Viola Moore 1/9/96 HDR
Hardy, Bob (radio broadcaster) 4/19/93 HDR
Hardy, Corinne Stoner 1/2/98 HDR
Hardy, Daniel Jr. (Page 3A) 8/30/99 HDR
Hardy, Ethel (Page 3A) 8/30/99 HDR
Hardy, Harriet Louise Dr. (pioneer in the field of occupational medicine) 10/14/93 HDR
Hardy, James D. Dr. (organ transplant pioneer)  2/21/03 HDR
Hardy, Kenneth Albert 9/17/01 HDR
Hardy, Lewis  9/13/94 HDR
Hardy, Lewis A.  9/14/94 HDR
Hardy, Martha Nell 10/19/05 HDR
Hardy, Myra M.  2/23/02 HDR
Hardy, Myra Morrison  2/28/02 HDR
Hardy, Nellie Waverline Staley 4/17/03 HDR
Hardy, Porter Jr.   4/21/95 HDR
Hardy, Samuel "Sim"  2/28/01 HDR
Hardy, Sue Betty Eckard 7/4/96 HDR
Hardy, Sue Betty Eckard  7/3/96 ONE
Hare, Curtis Baxter  6/3/99 HDR
Hare, Will 9/17/97 HDR
Haren, Christian 3/7/96 ONE
Haren, Christian (Marlboro Man) 3/8/96 HDR
Hargens, Charles W. Jr. (artist) (103 yoa) 2/17/97 HDR
Hargrove, Marion (writer) 8/30/03 HDR
Hargus, Lonia McGarr  9/26/94 HDR
Harich, Wolfgang (philosopher) 3/17/95 HDR
Harkabi, Yehoshofat (former Israeli army intelligence chief) 8/28/94 HDR
Harkelrode, Jack Donald 5/16/96 HDR
Harkeroad, Michael (Page 5A) 9/4/96 HDR
Harkey,  William Joel 2/20/02 ONE
Harkey, Betty Katherine  7/25/01 HDR
Harkey, Henry Hall  12/13/97 HDR
Harkey, Walter Lee "Buddy" 11/3/01 HDR
Harkey, William Joel 2/19/02 ONE
Harkey, William Joel  2/20/02 HDR
Harkey, William Joel  2/21/02 HDR
Harkins, Elsie Moose 11/3/00 HDR
Harkins, Elsie Moose 11/1/00 ONE
Harkins, Elsie Moose  11/2/00 ONE
Harless, Charles Franklin  7/28/94 HDR
Harless, Dorothy Wray  3/17/96 HDR
Harless, Hazel Maria Fulbright 3/1/98 HDR
Harless, James Conrad 2/21/96 HDR
Harless, Meredith Howard  6/23/96 HDR
Harless, Orville Franklin 3/5/96 HDR
Harless, Orville Franklin 3/4/96 ONE
Harlfinger, Fritz Retired Rear Adm. 12/30/93 HDR
Harlon, Ricky Nelson Sr. 2/18/01 HDR
Harlow, James G. Jr. 6/3/96 HDR
Harman, Eugene 4/23/02 HDR
Harman, Eugene  4/23/02 ONE
Harman, Eugene Kent  4/24/02 HDR
Harmon,  Wanda Catherine Bradford 2/12/97 HDR
Harmon, A. G. 11/27/01 HDR
Harmon, Alberdine Luella Smith 12/1/94 HDR
Harmon, Albert O.  8/4/00 HDR
Harmon, Alma Earline Mullinax 3/31/98 HDR
Harmon, Bertha Mae Morrison 9/15/94 HDR
Harmon, Betty Joyce 3/8/94 HDR
Harmon, Betty Joyce 3/9/94 HDR
Harmon, Charles "Slim" Rev. 6/26/97 HDR
Harmon, Clyde 9/11/98 HDR
Harmon, Elbert Lee 3/3/00 HDR
Harmon, Elva Childres  8/2/93 HDR
Harmon, Faye Gibson  6/4/02 HDR
Harmon, Faye Marie Gibson  6/5/02 HDR
Harmon, Floyd R. 7/2/97 HDR
Harmon, Floyd R. 6/30/97 HDR
Harmon, Fred  10/16/95 HDR
Harmon, George Calvin 2/1/97 HDR
Harmon, Gladys C.  8/19/01 HDR
Harmon, Grady W. 2/9/02 HDR
Harmon, Helga E. 9/26/99 HDR
Harmon, Iva Hazel Holden 1/6/93 HDR
Harmon, Iva Hazel Holden 1/7/93 HDR
Harmon, Iva Hazel Holden 1/8/93 HDR
Harmon, J. Ransom 6/15/96 HDR
Harmon, Jessie Mae 5/25/97 HDR
Harmon, Jessie Mae  5/24/97 HDR
Harmon, John Henry  10/24/02 HDR
Harmon, Johnie Wade 11/15/93 HDR
Harmon, Johnie Wade 11/16/93 HDR
Harmon, Lena Mae 5/10/03 HDR
Harmon, Lena Pearl 10/8/98 HDR
Harmon, Leona Dollars 1/19/95 HDR
Harmon, Lily 2/16/98 HDR
Harmon, Marcus Bernard  8/11/94 HDR
Harmon, Marcus Bernard  8/12/94 HDR
Harmon, Marisa Shimpock  5/7/01 HDR
Harmon, Marshall 1/2/03 HDR
Harmon, Marshall 1/4/03 HDR
Harmon, Marshall  1/3/03 HDR
Harmon, Marshall  1/1/03 ONE
Harmon, Marshall  1/2/03 ONE
Harmon, Martha Iris 3/5/97 HDR
Harmon, Martha Iris  3/6/97 HDR
Harmon, Owen Gray "Bill" 11/22/95 HDR
Harmon, Pearl Hicks 10/9/98 HDR
Harmon, Pearl Hicks  10/9/98 ONE
Harmon, Sophie Eggers  4/19/05 HDR
Harmon, Venice Bernice  10/26/97 HDR
Harmon, William Dean "Bill" 4/5/05 HDR
Harmon, William E.  7/19/02 HDR
Harmsworth, Vere Harold Esmond (Lord Rothermere) 9/3/98 HDR
Harney, Irene Lee "Kaye" 1/1/99 HDR
Harney, Richard Evans  11/21/99 HDR
Harold, Frances 3/27/97 HDR
Harold, Roby Eugene 8/29/97 HDR
Harold, Sarah Frances 3/28/97 HDR
Harold, Sarah Frances 3/28/97 ONE
Haroun, Chehata  3/20/01 HDR
Harp, Bill (set director) 3/24/94 HDR
Harp, Jennie 12/15/98 HDR
Harp, L.Z. "Doodle" 6/19/95 HDR
Harp, Reese Kenneth 12/20/99 ONE
Harp, Reese Kenneth 12/19/99 HDR
Harper, Alger 8/15/98 HDR
Harper, Anna McCune 6/18/99 HDR
Harper, Anthony Joseph 5/29/99 HDR
Harper, Calvin Pope 2/11/96 HDR
Harper, Carl Stevens  2/25/02 ONE
Harper, Carl Stevens  2/25/02 HDR
Harper, Carl Stevens  2/26/02 HDR
Harper, Charles Reed Sr. 10/27/96 HDR
Harper, Donald  10/12/97 HDR
Harper, Donald Pinkney  10/13/97 HDR
Harper, Edith Gaylord  1/30/01 HDR
Harper, Edwin Finley (veteran)  11/28/95 HDR
Harper, Finley Gwyn Jr. 12/4/94 HDR
Harper, George Finley 8/24/93 HDR
Harper, Harris Easly 2/7/96 HDR
Harper, James Alexander "Sandy" 8/2/93 ONE
Harper, James Alexander "Sandy" 8/1/93 HDR
Harper, Jerrie Kay Hunley 5/8/97 HDR
Harper, Jerrie Kay Hunley 5/8/97 ONE
Harper, Kathy (NTN co-founder) 3/21/03 HDR
Harper, Mary "Lizz" Tucker  12/18/01 ONE
Harper, Mary Banks McPherson  (Page 7A) 3/22/99 HDR
Harper, Mary Newton "Pat" 1/23/97 HDR
Harper, Mary Tucker 12/17/01 HDR
Harper, Mary Tucker "Lizz" 12/18/01 HDR
Harper, Maryetta Bailey "Mary" 2/29/00 HDR
Harper, Pat (journalist and anchorwoman) 4/4/94 HDR
Harper, Phillip Inas  1/14/93 HDR
Harper, Phillip Inas Sr. 1/16/93 HDR
Harper, Rexford Keith 5/18/00 HDR
Harper, Rexford Keith 5/17/00 ONE
Harper, Robert Newton "Bob" 6/12/01 HDR
Harper, Ruth  9/27/96 HDR
Harper, Ruth  9/25/96 HDR
Harper, Samuel Mack  10/29/94 HDR
Harper, Samuel Mark  10/28/94 HDR
Harper, Samuel Peter "Pete" 12/14/94 HDR
Harper, Samuel Peter "Pete" 12/16/94 HDR
Harper, Samuel Peter (Pete)  12/16/94 ONE
Harper, Stella H.  9/4/94 HDR
Harper, Wilbert Ervin Sr. 4/21/01 HDR
Harper, Willow Isabell 5/5/98 HDR
Harraka, Rose 7/15/99 ONE
Harraka, Rose Bumgarner Sigmon 7/16/99 HDR
Harrell, Beverly (brothel owner) 9/6/95 HDR
Harrell, Charles T.  2/22/03 HDR
Harrell, Daniel (Danny) Lee  10/27/05 HDR
Harrell, Flossie Watson 7/24/94 HDR
Harrell, Katharine Eley 9/12/99 HDR
Harrell, Pauline Sitton 4/3/01 HDR
Harrell, Stuart  6/22/94 HDR
Harrell, William Ellis  12/13/93 HDR
Harrelson, Arnim  "Pete" (veteran) 1/24/94 HDR
Harrelson, Arnim "Pete" 1/23/94 HDR
Harrelson, Dena 4/2/00 HDR
Harrelson, Dena  4/3/00 HDR
Harrelson, Dena  4/3/00 ONE
Harrelson, Ruth 11/4/93 HDR
Harrelson, Ruth Reta Ingle 4/20/98 ONE
Harrelson, Ruth Reta Ingle 4/18/98 HDR
Harrelson, William Lawson 3/17/00 HDR
Harrill, Butell Gamble 8/14/97 HDR
Harrill, Donald R.  7/1/03 HDR
Harrill, Dwight  12/23/99 HDR
Harrill, Fred E. "Bud" 5/11/98 HDR
Harrill, James  7/2/96 HDR
Harrington,  Beulah Queen Harrington 8/30/00 HDR
Harrington, A. Harold 5/22/01 HDR
Harrington, Ada Tedder  7/23/93 HDR
Harrington, Ada Tedder Mrs. 7/23/93 ONE
Harrington, Alan (humorist) 5/30/97 HDR
Harrington, Allen Lee 9/27/96 HDR
Harrington, Barbara Ann 9/13/97 HDR
Harrington, Ben Davis (veterinarian) 12/6/97 HDR
Harrington, Brenda Gail  6/8/96 HDR
Harrington, Brenda Gail Daniels 6/10/96 ONE
Harrington, Charlie Chapman 4/25/01 HDR
Harrington, Claude Walter 8/20/96 HDR
Harrington, Claude Walter 8/20/96 ONE
Harrington, Curtis Edgar  10/15/02 HDR
Harrington, Donald Parks  3/14/98 HDR
Harrington, Harry 3/30/99 HDR
Harrington, Harry Gilbert Sr. 3/31/99 HDR
Harrington, Jenna Oriel Russell 8/23/01 HDR
Harrington, Jerry Edison 9/25/99 HDR
Harrington, Joseph Bard "J.B."  12/31/93 HDR
Harrington, Joseph Bard "J.B." (veteran) 1/1/94 HDR
Harrington, LaMar (art museum curator) 3/28/05 HDR
Harrington, Lee 3/27/98 HDR
Harrington, Lundie S.  6/23/95 HDR
Harrington, Lundie Steele  6/25/95 HDR
Harrington, Mark 6/27/98 HDR
Harrington, Martha Ann Abee 1/6/99 HDR
Harrington, Mary Burke 11/9/05 HDR
Harrington, Mary Jane Barnette 10/5/01 HDR
Harrington, Mary Louise Deal 11/7/97 HDR
Harrington, Max Jarvis 7/13/99 HDR
Harrington, Max Jarvis 7/12/99 HDR
Harrington, Omie Marie Deal  10/2/03 HDR
Harrington, Ora Lee Walker 11/7/05 HDR
Harrington, Pauline  4/10/05 HDR
Harrington, Robert A. (physicist) 1/9/95 HDR
Harrington, Sandra Fay 9/20/00 HDR
Harrington, Sue Childers 1/11/96 HDR
Harrington, Timothy J. Bishop 3/25/97 HDR
Harrington, William (3A) 7/7/97 HDR
Harrington, William Clayton 7/10/97 HDR
Harrington, William Clayton  7/8/97 HDR
Harrington, Yvonne Fleming  8/14/02 HDR
Harris, Albert 3/3/96 HDR
Harris, Alfred “Ernie” Ernest  12/5/02 HDR
Harris, Amy Nell Belisie 4/9/01 HDR
Harris, Arlie Hobson 9/13/93 HDR
Harris, Austin Lee 4/15/93 HDR
Harris, Austin Lee 4/16/93 HDR
Harris, Austin Lee (infant) 4/16/93 ONE
Harris, Baby Boy (infant) 12/14/96 HDR
Harris, Berl J. The Rev.  9/21/03 HDR
Harris, Bertha Killian 4/8/97 HDR
Harris, Bertha Killian 4/7/97 ONE
Harris, Bertie Minton 1/25/93 HDR
Harris, Betty Lou Mack 10/30/01 ONE
Harris, Betty Lou Mack  10/30/01 HDR
Harris, Bobby Eugene 12/16/03 ONE
Harris, Bobby Eugene  12/16/03 HDR
Harris, Brejae Danesha (Page 5A) 12/22/01 HDR
Harris, Carol Edwards  7/26/04 ONE
Harris, Charles "Teenie" 6/15/98 HDR
Harris, Charles Herman  2/17/02 HDR
Harris, Charles R. (tennis player) 9/12/93 HDR
Harris, Charles Toby Sr. 12/22/97 HDR
Harris, Charles William 7/20/00 HDR
Harris, Charles William  7/18/00 HDR
Harris, Charlie Lee 3/9/99 HDR
Harris, Charlotte Ann  9/19/01 ONE
Harris, Charlotte Ann  9/19/01 HDR
Harris, Chris (TV reporter) 1/1/95 HDR
Harris, Clarence L. "Curly" 7/15/99 HDR
Harris, Clyde B. Sr. 4/30/97 ONE
Harris, Clyde Bernard Sr. 5/1/97 HDR
Harris, Clyde Bernard Sr. 5/1/97 ONE
Harris, Coline Melvina Poovey 6/23/98 HDR
Harris, Colleen Elizabeth Whitener 2/24/94 ONE
Harris, Colleen Elizabeth Whitener 2/24/94 HDR
Harris, Daniel B. "Tac" 1/5/00 HDR
Harris, Della Mae  10/22/99 HDR
Harris, Della Singleton 11/28/93 HDR
Harris, Dewey A.  10/2/02 HDR
Harris, Dewey Alfred “D.A.”  10/3/02 HDR
Harris, Dixie S. 8/1/01 HDR
Harris, Donnie Jane Powell 7/11/05 HDR
Harris, Donnie Sherline "Shirley" 3/7/00 HDR
Harris, Doris  3/26/02 ONE
Harris, Doris M. 3/27/02 ONE
Harris, Doris Matthews  3/27/02 HDR
Harris, Dorothy  (Page 6A) 11/8/01 HDR
Harris, Dorothy Mae Weston Mrs.  2/1/05 HDR
Harris, Eddo 4/9/98 HDR
Harris, Eddo Lucy Barringer 4/10/98 HDR
Harris, Edgar David "Ed" 7/5/96 HDR
Harris, Edgar David "Ed" 7/5/96 ONE
Harris, Edgar Lee Sr.  3/24/95 HDR
Harris, Edgar Lee Sr.  3/25/95 HDR
Harris, Edna Souther 12/11/00 HDR
Harris, Elizabeth A.  8/2/02 HDR
Harris, Elizabeth Barber  2/5/93 HDR
Harris, Ellen Carswell Mrs.  10/27/03 HDR
Harris, Ernest "Sheik" Boyd 6/28/01 ONE
Harris, Ernest "Sheik" Boyd 6/29/01 HDR
Harris, Ernest Perry 6/6/05 HDR
Harris, Esther  3/22/93 HDR
Harris, Esther Lee Myrick 3/23/93 HDR
Harris, Esther Lee Myrick  3/22/93 ONE
Harris, Esther Lee Myrick  3/23/93 ONE
Harris, Eugene S.  10/11/97 HDR
Harris, Everett A. 11/6/01 HDR
Harris, Frances 9/8/98 HDR
Harris, Frances Pope 9/9/98 HDR
Harris, Fred Augustus 8/3/96 HDR
Harris, George 8/22/97 HDR
Harris, George Temple "Ted" Jr. 3/3/96 HDR
Harris, George Washington  8/15/01 HDR
Harris, Gertie  10/20/94 HDR
Harris, Gertie May  10/21/94 HDR
Harris, Grace White 9/18/00 HDR
Harris, Greta Lyerly 5/11/98 ONE
Harris, Greta Lyerly 5/9/98 HDR
Harris, Guy T. 1/21/93 HDR
Harris, Guy T. Sr. 1/22/93 HDR
Harris, Hazel Elizabeth Penley Riddle  7/25/02 HDR
Harris, Hazel Elizabeth Penley Riddle  7/26/02 HDR
Harris, Helen Anderson  12/18/96 HDR
Harris, Henry H. "Sonnie" Jr.  5/16/03 HDR
Harris, Hilary Tjader 11/5/99 HDR
Harris, Howard Ervin 12/16/95 HDR
Harris, Howard Ervin 12/19/95 HDR
Harris, Isaih Thomas  12/1/00 HDR
Harris, J. Ned  7/25/94 HDR
Harris, J. Ned  7/26/94 HDR
Harris, J.C.  8/26/98 HDR
Harris, Jack Jennings  12/23/94 HDR
Harris, James 4/25/98 HDR
Harris, James 4/27/98 HDR
Harris, James  12/27/03 HDR
Harris, James Camara  8/22/97 HDR
Harris, James Nicholas 1/2/99 HDR
Harris, James William "Bill"  10/12/01 HDR
Harris, Jane Marie Jackson 2/15/97 HDR
Harris, Jane Marie Jackson 2/17/97 ONE
Harris, Jeffrey D. Dr.  2/19/93 HDR
Harris, Jeffrey D. Dr.  2/20/93 HDR
Harris, Jennings "Eugene" 1/2/99 HDR
Harris, Jessie Cockrell 6/11/93 HDR
Harris, John B. 11/25/01 HDR
Harris, John Floyd 8/5/97 HDR
Harris, John Floyd 8/4/97 ONE
Harris, John Leonard 5/14/97 HDR
Harris, John Waighstill  9/18/00 HDR
Harris, Joyce Greene  4/22/03 HDR
Harris, Joyce Rudisill  12/15/97 HDR
Harris, Juanita Lucille 5/28/98 ONE
Harris, Juanita Lucille 5/29/98 HDR
Harris, Julius “Slim” Lee  2/18/03 HDR
Harris, Keith 4/1/02 HDR
Harris, Kelly Lee 8/14/95 ONE
Harris, Kelly Lee 8/15/95 ONE
Harris, Kelly Lee 8/14/95 HDR
Harris, Kelly Lee  8/15/95 HDR
Harris, Kenneth Keith  4/3/02 HDR
Harris, Lance Michael  9/11/00 HDR
Harris, Larry Ray  4/12/01 ONE
Harris, Larry Ray  4/12/01 HDR
Harris, Leon Berton  12/2/00 HDR
Harris, Leslie Ann Sipe  10/24/94 ONE
Harris, Leslie Ann Sipe  10/24/94 HDR
Harris, Lillian Lenora  10/21/05 HDR
Harris, Lillian Renegar 12/4/00 ONE
Harris, Lillian Renegar  12/2/00 HDR
Harris, Lillian Renegar  12/3/00 HDR
Harris, Lucille Johnson 2/1/99 HDR
Harris, Lula Branch  11/5/95 HDR
Harris, Manuel Lee  6/1/02 HDR
Harris, Margaret Rosezarian  3/23/00 HDR
Harris, Marvin M. 11/25/05 HDR
Harris, Mary Ivey Seagle 12/28/01 HDR
Harris, Mary Jane 3/10/96 HDR
Harris, Mary M. Miss  3/31/03 HDR
Harris, Mary Spainhour  8/23/97 HDR
Harris, Mary Washburn  6/25/98 HDR
Harris, Mattie Harrison 2/4/94 HDR
Harris, Melvina Coleen 6/21/98 HDR
Harris, Menard 9/25/96 HDR
Harris, Menard Melro "Jim" 9/27/96 HDR
Harris, Merle Honeycutt 12/18/96 HDR
Harris, Merle Honeycutt  12/20/96 HDR
Harris, Merle Honeycutt  12/19/96 HDR
Harris, Mildred Joyce Dimsdale 11/7/94 HDR
Harris, Mildred Joyce Dimsdale  11/7/94 ONE
Harris, Milton Eugene "Gene" 5/16/98 HDR
Harris, Miriam Hope 7/9/98 HDR
Harris, Myra Brakefield 3/2/94 HDR
Harris, Myra Mae 3/1/94 HDR
Harris, Naomi Ledbetter  8/21/00 HDR
Harris, Nell Knight 12/24/99 HDR
Harris, Ollie Jones  12/10/94 HDR
Harris, Ometta Lipe  10/20/02 HDR
Harris, Ora Bell Bratton 6/8/94 HDR
Harris, Pamela Nichelle  7/26/94 HDR
Harris, Pamela Nichelle  7/27/94 HDR
Harris, Parks C. Rev. 8/1/98 HDR
Harris, Paul Allen 4/24/97 HDR
Harris, Paul Henry 3/2/93 HDR
Harris, Phil (Baloo's voice in Disney's Jungle Book) 8/13/95 HDR
Harris, Phyllis Louise Edwards 7/1/94 ONE
Harris, Phyllis Louise Edwards 6/30/94 HDR
Harris, Phyllis Louise Edwards 7/1/94 HDR
Harris, Ralph K. Rev. 11/2/04 ONE
Harris, Ralph O. 6/4/93 HDR
Harris, Ralph O. 6/5/93 HDR
Harris, Ralph W. (sportswriter) 4/24/94 HDR
Harris, Raymond Lloyd  7/9/93 HDR
Harris, Rebecca Ann  10/7/05 HDR
Harris, Rev. Parks C. 7/31/98 ONE
Harris, Rickey Eugene  3/1/95 HDR
Harris, Ricky Dean  7/31/95 HDR
Harris, Ricky Eugene  2/28/95 HDR
Harris, Robert 1/4/99 HDR
Harris, Robert (actor) 5/20/95 HDR
Harris, Robert Edward 1/5/99 HDR
Harris, Robert Lee Rev.  6/30/96 HDR
Harris, Rondie Ann 5/15/96 ONE
Harris, Ronnie  9/25/95 HDR
Harris, Ruby Deaton  6/15/01 HDR
Harris, Sammie Bettis  2/15/05 HDR
Harris, Samuel Zebedee Sr. (Rev.) 3/16/96 HDR
Harris, Sandra Jean Smith 5/9/05 ONE
Harris, Sandra Jean Smith Mrs. 5/7/05 HDR
Harris, Sarah Louise 11/16/01 HDR
Harris, Scott "Bully" Morgan 6/12/05 HDR
Harris, Scott "Bully" Morgan 6/13/05 ONE
Harris, Shelva Jean  4/11/95 HDR
Harris, Shirley Jean 1/21/00 HDR
Harris, Shirley Jean 1/20/00 ONE
Harris, Spurgeon Alburn  8/19/97 HDR
Harris, Stuart Henry 1/9/98 HDR
Harris, Sudie Hurt 3/15/94 HDR
Harris, Sudie Hurt 3/16/94 HDR
Harris, Terah Ennis 1/31/97 HDR
Harris, Terah Ennis 2/1/97 HDR
Harris, Tilden Filmore "John" 11/13/01 HDR
Harris, Tony The Rev. 8/8/03 HDR
Harris, Troy Whitfield Sr. 7/16/05 HDR
Harris, Troy Whitfield Sr. 7/17/05 HDR
Harris, Van Donne 3/17/98 ONE
Harris, Van Donne 3/18/98 ONE
Harris, Van Donne 3/18/98 HDR
Harris, Vernie Huss 1/31/00 HDR
Harris, W. C.  3/9/94 ONE
Harris, W. Reid Jr. 3/2/00 HDR
Harris, W.C. (veteran) 3/9/94 HDR
Harris, Walter Max  3/21/95 HDR
Harris, Wecie Geneva Duckworth  10/29/01 HDR
Harris, Wilbur Leroy 1/29/05 HDR
Harris, Wilbur Leroy 1/31/05 HDR
Harris, Willard J. 9/19/00 HDR
Harris, Willard J. 9/19/00 ONE
Harris, William Arthur  1/16/99 HDR
Harris, William O. 6/10/94 HDR
Harris, William Oris "Son" (veteran) 6/11/94 HDR
Harris, Wilma J. Richardson 6/7/05 HDR
Harris, Wilson Thompson "Butch" III 1/23/94 HDR
Harrison, Alice G.  10/28/96 HDR
Harrison, Annie Mae Queen 1/15/00 HDR
Harrison, Bascom James  5/14/97 HDR
Harrison, Bascom James  5/12/97 HDR
Harrison, Benjamin (stockbroker)  11/9/93 HDR
Harrison, Bennett  1/22/99 HDR
Harrison, Billy Ray "Bill" 11/19/05 HDR
Harrison, Charles G. Jr.  10/3/95 HDR
Harrison, Charlie (Pontiac, MI mayor)  8/4/95 HDR
Harrison, Clarence Taylor 1/28/99 HDR
Harrison, Daisy  7/5/95 HDR
Harrison, Daisy McGee  7/6/95 HDR
Harrison, Dennis Scott 8/7/99 HDR
Harrison, Dorothy Sherrill  4/5/03 HDR
Harrison, Edith Viola Townsend 10/25/98 HDR
Harrison, Elizabeth Cavanna (writer) 8/20/01 HDR
Harrison, Elizabeth Pons  4/8/01 HDR
Harrison, Ellison  9/11/02 HDR
Harrison, Ellison Jr.  9/14/02 HDR
Harrison, Fannie Bradshaw 3/29/93 HDR
Harrison, Fannie Bradshaw 3/30/93 HDR
Harrison, George (Page 2) 11/29/01 ONE
Harrison, George (Page 2A) 12/1/01 HDR
Harrison, George L.  5/10/93 HDR
Harrison, Glenn A.  10/29/05 HDR
Harrison, Hill Thomas 3/25/99 HDR
Harrison, Ila Louise "Ollie"  4/27/05 HDR
Harrison, John (BBC correspondent) 3/12/94 HDR
Harrison, John M. 2/18/99 HDR
Harrison, Johnny Calvin  4/23/93 HDR
Harrison, Kathleen Miller  8/24/94 HDR
Harrison, Landon Thomas  7/10/99 HDR
Harrison, Lena Hagaman 3/8/99 HDR
Harrison, Lonnie Curtis 7/23/05 HDR
Harrison, Lonnie Victor 5/8/00 HDR
Harrison, Lonnie Victor 5/8/00 ONE
Harrison, Lucille Perry 3/1/00 HDR
Harrison, Mabell Grant  9/23/01 HDR
Harrison, Marc 9/27/98 HDR
Harrison, Margaret  6/17/94 HDR
Harrison, Margaret Louise Wood 6/18/94 HDR
Harrison, Marvin Randolph  1/18/02 ONE
Harrison, Marvin Randolph  1/19/02 HDR
Harrison, Mary Dula 1/11/94 HDR
Harrison, Mary Elizabeth Dula 1/12/94 HDR
Harrison, Mary Helen Duckett  9/6/02 HDR
Harrison, Mary Louise 3/7/94 HDR
Harrison, Mary Roberts 3/7/94 HDR
Harrison, Mary Roberts 3/8/94 HDR
Harrison, Mary Roberts  3/7/94 ONE
Harrison, Mary Roberts  3/8/94 ONE
Harrison, Mattie Era Lingerfelt 4/1/96 HDR
Harrison, Mildred Northington 1/6/98 HDR
Harrison, Nathan L. 10/21/94 HDR
Harrison, Nathan Lafayette  10/22/94 HDR
Harrison, Patricia Gail 2/15/94 HDR
Harrison, Phillip Lee 8/2/00 HDR
Harrison, Phillip Lee 8/2/00 ONE
Harrison, Ralph Durant 4/24/99 HDR
Harrison, Reba  6/9/94 HDR
Harrison, Reba Jackson 6/10/94 HDR
Harrison, Rebecca "Becky" Moore  9/8/01 HDR
Harrison, Robert Edward 10/27/98 HDR
Harrison, Ruby Holland 4/19/00 HDR
Harrison, Samuel Lee 2/25/00 HDR
Harrison, Samuel Todd   6/17/94 HDR
Harrison, Samuel Todd (Page 3A) 6/16/94 HDR
Harrison, Sarah Johnson 4/12/97 HDR
Harrison, Thomas Lee 5/2/97 HDR
Harrison, Virginia Dare 10/28/05 HDR
Harrison, Wayles R. Jr.  6/1/95 HDR
Harrison, Wayles Randolph Jr.  5/30/95 HDR
Harrison, Wayles Randolph Jr.  5/31/95 HDR
Harrison, Wilbert (songwriter) 10/28/94 HDR
Harrison, Wilbert (songwriter) 10/29/94 HDR
Harrison, William Nelvin 11/5/96 HDR
Harrison, William Winslow 9/2/95 HDR
Harrison, Willie Oliver  6/20/01 HDR
Harrison, Willie Oliver  6/21/01 HDR
Harrold, Elizabeth Ann Ellis 7/12/99 ONE
Harrold, Elizabeth Ann Ellis  7/12/99 HDR
Harrold, Inez 12/21/01 HDR
Harrold, Inez Wood 12/22/01 HDR
Harrold, J.R. 4/13/99 HDR
Harrold, L. G.   9/15/01 HDR
Harrold, Linda Sue  11/17/05 HDR
Harrold, Roby Eugene "Gene" 8/30/97 HDR
Harsanyi, John C. 8/13/00 HDR
Harsch, Joseph 6/7/98 HDR
Harshaw, Bobby Lee  4/6/00 HDR
Harshaw, Callie Pearl Burgess  8/7/94 HDR
Harshaw, Cynthia Norwood 2/27/00 HDR
Harshaw, David Michael 4/12/94 HDR
Harshaw, David Michael 4/13/94 HDR
Harshaw, Deconna Ronelle (Page 8A) 12/14/01 HDR
Harshaw, DeConna Ronnelle 12/15/01 HDR
Harshaw, Donna Christine Kemp Corley 11/9/01 HDR
Harshaw, Dora Whittington 1/30/02 ONE
Harshaw, Dora Whittington  1/29/02 HDR
Harshaw, Dora Whittington  1/30/02 HDR
Harshaw, Grady James  2/10/93 HDR
Harshaw, James S.  8/31/93 HDR
Harshaw, James Sylvester "Koot" 9/2/93 HDR
Harshaw, Martha Jane 12/17/03 HDR
Harshaw, Martha Jane 12/18/03 ONE
Harshaw, Richard William Alexander 6/9/00 HDR
Harshaw, Robert Theodore (veteran) 2/7/94 HDR
Harshaw, Ruby 1/10/97 HDR
Harshaw, Ruby  6/20/96 HDR
Harshaw, Ruby Collins 1/12/97 HDR
Harshaw, Ruby Ross 6/21/96 HDR
Harshaw, Ruby Ross 6/20/96 ONE
Harshaw, Ruby Ross 6/21/96 ONE
Harshaw, Sadie Mayola Corpening  6/20/93 HDR
Harshaw, Spencer 10/12/97 HDR
Harshaw, Spencer 10/10/97 HDR
Hart,  Ernest  6/16/00 HDR
Hart,  J. Lloyd 5/6/01 HDR
Hart, Alma Lee Benfield 10/22/98 HDR
Hart, Alverta Esther Church Mrs.  6/15/03 HDR
Hart, Boyce  7/14/96 HDR
Hart, Boyce  7/12/96 HDR
Hart, Boyce Jones  9/10/03 HDR
Hart, Charles Edward "Charlie" 6/7/99 HDR
Hart, Charles Edwin 9/9/99 HDR
Hart, Charlsie Todd  5/18/93 HDR
Hart, Doris Keever Justice 6/15/94 ONE
Hart, Doris Keever Justice  6/15/94 HDR
Hart, Earl E. 9/24/97 HDR
Hart, Earl E. 9/23/97 HDR
Hart, Ed Sidney 12/12/01 HDR
Hart, Estelle Emma 6/11/98 HDR
Hart, Estelle Emma  6/11/98 ONE
Hart, Eva 2/15/96 ONE
Hart, Franklin "Dewey" 10/22/05 HDR
Hart, Frederick (Sculptor) 8/17/99 HDR
Hart, Hassell S.  5/13/05 HDR
Hart, Hassell S.  5/14/05 HDR
Hart, Hassell S.  5/15/05 HDR
Hart, Hassell S.  5/16/05 HDR
Hart, Jacqueline "Jackie" McLain 2/8/05 HDR
Hart, James W. 10/19/05 HDR
Hart, James Wilson Jr.  10/20/05 HDR
Hart, Leslie T. (journalist) 6/24/95 HDR
Hart, Lois Neil 2/4/97 HDR
Hart, Lois Neil  2/4/97 ONE
Hart, Loyd William  6/26/95 ONE
Hart, Loyd William  6/26/95 HDR
Hart, Mabel Thompson 11/8/02 HDR
Hart, Mabel Thompson  11/7/02 HDR
Hart, Melvin Sion 3/21/01 HDR
Hart, Owen (Blue Blazer)  (Page 2A) 6/1/99 HDR
Hart, Phyllis "Maxine" B. 4/16/01 HDR
Hart, Rachel Ann 11/8/01 HDR
Hart, Ralph Lee Sr. 11/18/00 HDR
Hart, Reese 4/20/00 HDR
Hart, Robert Paul 11/2/98 ONE
Hart, Robert Paul 11/3/98 ONE
Hart, Robert Paul 11/2/98 HDR
Hart, Robert Paul 11/3/98 HDR
Hart, Ruby Mae 3/22/94 HDR
Hart, Shelton Perry 3/19/00 HDR
Hart, Silas Edgar Sr. 4/9/98 ONE
Hart, Silas Edgar Sr. 4/9/98 HDR
Hart, Walter Avery  6/14/95 HDR
Hart, Wayne Rev.  1/10/03 HDR
Hart, Wiley James "Jimmie" 4/27/98 HDR
Hart, William (Detroit's first black police chief) 11/26/03 HDR
Harte, Maureen Annette Gawne 2/17/96 HDR
Harte, Maureen Annette Gawne 2/19/96 ONE
Hartfelder, Helen Marjorie 12/3/00 HDR
Hartfelder, Helen Marjorie 12/4/00 ONE
Hartgrove, Gilbert “Gil” Cecil  Jr. 9/15/00 HDR
Hartgrove, Gilbert Cecil "Gil" Jr. 9/15/00 ONE
Hartley, Alvin Herman 12/25/00 HDR
Hartley, Anthony  8/13/02 HDR
Hartley, Anthony Lynn  8/14/02 HDR
Hartley, Ben M.  8/3/95 HDR
Hartley, Betty Louise Church 3/14/94 HDR
Hartley, Betty Louise Church 3/15/94 HDR
Hartley, Blaine Arthur 3/4/93 HDR
Hartley, Blaine Arthur 3/5/93 HDR
Hartley, Carl Rhymer 2/23/97 HDR
Hartley, Carlton Louie 3/28/00 HDR
Hartley, Charlie M.  12/19/94 HDR
Hartley, Dennis Edward  12/23/02 HDR
Hartley, Doise Carlton 11/15/01 HDR
Hartley, Dorcus Helton  5/10/94 HDR
Hartley, Earlene Regenia Pendergrast  11/21/03 HDR
Hartley, Edgar 4/24/03 HDR
Hartley, Edith Crump 6/12/99 HDR
Hartley, Edith Piercy  8/5/03 HDR
Hartley, Edith T. 3/10/94 HDR
Hartley, Elizabeth Beach Hamby 1/2/96 HDR
Hartley, Emma Mae Bolick 5/21/05 HDR
Hartley, Eva 1/29/96 HDR
Hartley, Eva  1/28/96 HDR
Hartley, Frances Wheeler  2/7/02 HDR
Hartley, Gladys Gatewood  12/27/05 HDR
Hartley, Gwyn Junior  12/24/00 HDR
Hartley, Harold William  7/23/95 HDR
Hartley, J. Harrison "Jack" 2/7/98 HDR
Hartley, J.C.  5/4/02 HDR
Hartley, Joseph Arnold  8/6/03 HDR
Hartley, Joseph Willard  12/9/02 HDR
Hartley, Larry Aaron  12/20/05 HDR
Hartley, Larry Michael 4/9/96 HDR
Hartley, Lee Roy  10/10/94 HDR
Hartley, Leroy  10/11/94 HDR
Hartley, Lucy Coffey 9/26/98 HDR
Hartley, Lula P.  3/16/93 HDR
Hartley, Mamie Lucille  8/11/94 HDR
Hartley, Mamie Lucille  8/12/94 HDR
Hartley, Marshall 6/19/93 HDR
Hartley, Marshall  6/20/93 HDR
Hartley, Mary Jane 8/24/01 HDR
Hartley, Mary Lou Price  12/28/97 HDR
Hartley, Myrtle Garnes  5/31/93 HDR
Hartley, Myrtle Mae Austin  5/21/02 HDR
Hartley, Ned Powell  12/18/96 HDR
Hartley, Paul 3/9/96 HDR
Hartley, Pearl King 8/23/96 HDR
Hartley, Phillip Carl 12/16/98 HDR
Hartley, Phyllis Icard 10/29/93 HDR
Hartley, Phyllis Icard Mrs. 10/30/93 HDR
Hartley, Ralph Henry Sr.  8/22/03 HDR
Hartley, Ralph Henry Sr.  8/23/03 HDR
Hartley, Ralph R.  5/31/93 HDR
Hartley, Ruth Elizabeth "Beth" 3/12/05 HDR
Hartley, Ruth Elizabeth "Beth" 3/13/05 HDR
Hartley, Ruth Elizabeth Cooke 3/1/94 HDR
Hartley, Ruth Virginia 3/28/99 HDR
Hartley, Sam Newton 2/6/94 HDR
Hartley, Tom W.  5/21/96 HDR
Hartley, Toye Verlon 6/19/99 HDR
Hartley, Troy Jr. 9/10/97 HDR
Hartley, Wade Cloyd Jr. 2/25/97 HDR
Hartley, William "Bill"  7/15/94 HDR
Hartley, William Larry  3/13/03 HDR
Hartley, William Samuel "Bill"  7/16/94 HDR
Hartman, Conley Amzi 7/1/99 HDR
Hartman, Essie Davis  11/15/96 HDR
Hartman, Fred Pressley 1/21/94 ONE
Hartman, Fred Pressley (veteran) 1/21/94 HDR
Hartman, Georgia  9/27/05 HDR
Hartman, Harvey John 3/19/05 HDR
Hartman, Herman L. "Rocky" 1/23/00 HDR
Hartman, Jack 11/8/98 HDR
Hartman, James Roger  4/7/01 HDR
Hartman, Jasper Swain Jr. 9/4/05 HDR
Hartman, Mabel Rabon 4/22/00 HDR
Hartman, Maynard J.  5/28/03 HDR
Hartman, Pauline Hull 6/3/03 HDR
Hartman, Russell H. 10/20/01 HDR
Hartman, Swain Sr. 7/3/97 HDR
Hartman, Theodore Franklin 6/17/05 HDR
Hartman, William 10/3/97 HDR
Hartman, Willie Mae Leonhardt 12/30/03 HDR
Hartmann, Edmund L. (screenwriter) 12/1/03 HDR
Hartness, Albert Ray Dr.  10/18/93 ONE
Hartness, Albert Ray Dr.  10/17/93 HDR
Hartness, Albert Ray Dr.  10/18/93 HDR
Hartness, Blanton Alvin 10/17/95 HDR
Hartsell, Eric Carl 12/17/05 HDR
Hartsell, Frances McNeil 12/5/01 HDR
Hartsfield, Polly 1/1/97 HDR
Hartso, Marvin Daniel Sr. Rev. 8/23/99 HDR
Hartsoe, Alvin Sylvester 4/10/98 ONE
Hartsoe, Alvin Sylvester 4/11/98 HDR
Hartsoe, Bebie Ann Martin 3/29/05 HDR
Hartsoe, Bebie Ann Martin 3/28/05 ONE
Hartsoe, Bebie Ann Martin 3/29/05 ONE
Hartsoe, Clara E.  9/9/04 ONE
Hartsoe, Clara Morrow 9/10/04 ONE
Hartsoe, Elmary Sherrill 6/21/03 HDR
Hartsoe, Elmary Sherrill  6/20/03 ONE
Hartsoe, Elvera Setzer 8/30/04 ONE
Hartsoe, Hubert Lee Colonel 12/31/00 HDR
Hartsoe, Jeffrey Mark  8/7/94 HDR
Hartsoe, Judy Gail  2/2/04 ONE
Hartsoe, Moena Gilland  7/20/02 HDR
Hartsoe, Oscar Wayne (Page 8A) 10/5/98 HDR
Hartsoe, R. Mildred 12/30/01 HDR
Hartsoe, Rosie Etta Huffman 5/16/93 HDR
Hartsoe, Rosie Etta Huffman Mrs. 5/17/93 ONE
Hartsoe, Tereather Gibbs 8/30/00 HDR
Hartsoe, Tereather Gibbs 8/29/00 ONE
Hartsoe, Thomas William  9/13/02 HDR
Hartsoe, Walter R. 2/18/99 ONE
Hartsoe, Walter R. 2/19/99 HDR
Hartsoe, Walter R. 2/18/99 HDR
Hartuch, Mireille (Mireille) (French singer) 12/31/96 HDR
Hartung, Max L. Sr. 11/18/00 HDR
Hartung, Max L. Sr. 11/19/00 HDR
Hartwell, Patricia Lochridge 1/2/99 HDR
Hartzog, Jack Lanier  1/9/95 ONE
Hartzog, Jack Lanier  1/9/95 HDR
Hartzog, Judy Clement 10/11/98 HDR
Hartzog, Linda Diane  8/17/01 HDR
Hartzog, Loretta M.  12/12/00 HDR
Hartzog, Thomas Jerry Sr. 9/8/05 HDR
Hartzoge, Charles David  4/19/02 HDR
Hartzoge, Clyde Andrew 9/28/02 HDR
Hartzoge, Esther Bridges  1/8/05 HDR
Hartzoge, Glenn Russell Sr.  2/14/98 HDR
Hartzoge, John "Wade" 9/26/05 ONE
Hartzoge, John "Wade"  9/26/05 HDR
Hartzoge, Martha Helms 3/6/00 ONE
Hartzoge, Martha Helms  3/6/00 HDR
Hartzoge, Mary Helen  10/18/99 ONE
Hartzoge, Mary Helen Carpenter 10/18/99 HDR
Hartzoge, Mary Louise 11/28/01 ONE
Hartzoge, Mary Louise 11/29/01 HDR
Harun, Mustapha 1/3/95 HDR
Harvell, Grace Shelton  2/6/04 ONE
Harvell, Irene P.  9/21/03 HDR
Harvell, Larry Wayne  7/25/03 HDR
Harvell, Mary Alice Parker 12/27/99 ONE
Harvell, Mary Alice Parker 12/27/99 HDR
Harvell, Thurmond Alonzo "Nink" Sr. 8/2/95 HDR
Harvell, Thurmond Alonzo "Nink" Sr.  8/2/95 ONE
Harvelle, Larry Wayne  7/24/03 ONE
Harvey, Annie Louise 1/12/97 HDR
Harvey, Annie Louise 1/13/97 ONE
Harvey, Domino (bounty hunter) 7/1/05 HDR
Harvey, Earl Delbert  7/16/00 HDR
Harvey, Jack Gale  10/18/02 HDR
Harvey, Joseph Jerome 11/23/00 ONE
Harvey, Joseph Jerome 11/27/00 ONE
Harvey, Joseph Jerome  11/27/00 HDR
Harvey, Paul W. Jr. 7/15/98 HDR
Harvey, Rick (guitarist) 4/7/93 HDR
Harvey, Rita Morley 6/30/97 HDR
Harvey, Rita Morley (actress) 7/3/97 HDR
Harville, Charlie (broadcaster)  3/4/02 ONE
Harville, Daisy Barlow  4/11/93 HDR
Harville, Debbie Ann Morgan 3/14/02 ONE
Harville, Debbie Ann Morgan  3/15/02 HDR
Harville, Debra 3/12/02 HDR
Harville, Debra  3/11/02 ONE
Harville, Grover  5/31/93 ONE
Harville, Grover  5/30/93 HDR
Harville, Grover  5/31/93 HDR
Harwell, Bernice Hildebran  6/13/94 HDR
Harwell, Edna Phillips  1/10/96 HDR
Harwell, Flossie Cooke 5/8/00 HDR
Harwell, Flossie Cooke 5/8/00 ONE
Harwell, Gaither D. 4/13/00 HDR
Harwell, Gaither D. 4/13/00 ONE
Harwell, Jessie E. Jr. 1/26/97 HDR
Harwell, Joseph W. 8/3/02 HDR
Harwell, Joseph W.  6/26/02 HDR
Harwell, Kenneth Clay 5/5/96 HDR
Harwell, Kenneth Clay 5/6/96 ONE
Harwell, Mamie C. 1/13/00 ONE
Harwell, Mamie Cresimore 1/14/00 ONE
Harwell, Mamie Cresimore  1/14/00 HDR
Harwell, Margie McKenzie Mrs. 2/28/05 HDR
Harwell, Mark A. 12/10/98 HDR
Harwell, Mildred Wright  7/13/00 ONE
Harwell, Wilma Collins  6/11/96 HDR
Harwood, Bertie Haney  5/4/93 HDR
Harwood, Bonnie Sue  8/16/02 HDR
Harwood, Donald Wade 2/3/96 HDR
Harwood, Marshall Eugene  4/21/93 HDR
Harwood, Marshall Eugene  4/22/93 HDR
Harwood, Nellie Faye Gurley 8/4/96 HDR
Harwood, Sherman Junior 6/1/00 HDR
Harwood, William "Bill" Dwight 5/13/03 HDR
Haskell, Charles T. 9/3/98 HDR
Haskell, David M. 9/11/00 HDR
Haskell, Dorothy Manners  8/31/98 HDR
Haskin, Bobby Andrew 7/20/98 HDR
Haskins, Caryl P. 10/19/01 HDR
Haskins, Terry 10/25/00 HDR
Hasque, Oscar M.  6/26/95 HDR
Hass, Cecil Roosevelt  5/3/99 HDR
Hass, Harold James  4/22/95 HDR
Hass, Hazel Bernice Roberts 10/14/97 HDR
Hass, Hubert Rowe  3/29/04 ONE
Hass, Ivey Lee 1/4/99 ONE
Hass, Ivey Lee 1/4/99 HDR
Hass, Johnny Macon 8/4/98 ONE
Hass, Johnny Macon 8/5/98 ONE
Hass, Johnny Macon 8/5/98 HDR
Hass, Johnny Macon 8/6/98 HDR
Hass, Marshall N. 7/20/00 ONE
Hass, Marshall Neil 7/21/00 ONE
Hass, Marshall Neil  7/21/00 HDR
Hass, Mary Catherine Shook 11/20/03 HDR
Hass, Mary Catherine Shook 11/19/03 ONE
Hass, Nancy  9/27/05 ONE
Hass, Nancy Carol Welke 9/28/05 HDR
Hass, Nancy Carol Welke 9/28/05 ONE
Hass, Paul Lawrence  7/25/03 ONE
Hass, Regina A.  6/23/02 HDR
Hass, Regina Abernethy 6/24/02 ONE
Hass, Regina Abernethy  6/24/02 HDR
Hass, Wilson Edgar  7/25/94 HDR
Hass, Wilson Edgar Jr. 7/26/94 HDR
Hassell, Mary L.  6/5/02 HDR
Hassler, Mary Evelyn McRee 11/22/04 ONE
Hastings, Aaron  2/6/00 HDR
Hastings, Andrew Joe 2/1/96 HDR
Hastings, Bertie Upton Mrs. 12/21/05 HDR
Hastings, Bruen P. Rev. 8/23/01 HDR
Hastings, Cleo Mull 11/13/02 HDR
Hastings, Corbett "Pid"  4/15/95 HDR
Hastings, Dock O.  6/13/93 HDR
Hastings, Edith McNeilly 12/14/01 HDR
Hastings, Fred William 7/5/95 ONE
Hastings, Fred William  7/5/95 HDR
Hastings, Fred William  7/6/95 HDR
Hastings, Gladys Morrow  1/10/94 ONE
Hastings, Harriet Bleynat  3/10/03 HDR
Hastings, Horace Lee  8/10/95 HDR
Hastings, Lois Davis  9/1/01 HDR
Hastings, Miller Robert 10/29/99 HDR
Hastings, Paul Andrew 3/15/00 HDR
Hastings, Perlie Leon  4/17/03 HDR
Hastings, Richard "Ricky"  6/5/96 HDR
Hastings, Ruth L.  9/6/93 HDR
Hastings, Ruth L.  9/7/93 HDR
Hastings, Theodore B. 11/13/03 HDR
Hastings, Virgie Richardson 11/12/97 HDR
Hasty, James B. Jr.  5/13/02 HDR
Hasty, James Bonner "Bonner" Sr. 5/14/02 HDR
Hasty, Rebecca Blair  1/29/95 HDR
Hasty, Rebecca Blair  1/30/95 HDR
Hatcher, Fredrick Moody Floyd ("Pappy") 11/29/03 HDR
Hatcher, Pauline 12/9/01 HDR
Hatchett, James Peter "Jim" Jr. 12/20/93 ONE
Hatchett, James Peter "Jim" Jr.  12/20/93 HDR
Hately, Dominique (Page 5A) 11/7/94 HDR
Hatfield, Bobby (Righteous Brothers member) 11/7/03 HDR
Hatfield, Earle R. 10/12/99 HDR
Hatfield, James Edward Jr. 8/10/96 HDR
Hatfield, Paul G. 7/5/00 HDR
Hatfield, Ronald C. Jr. 12/26/94 HDR
Hatfield, Ronald Claude "Ronnie" Jr. 12/27/94 HDR
Hatfield, William Timothy  3/26/01 HDR
Hathaway, Stan (Former Gov.--WY) 10/10/05 HDR
Hathcock, David Sheriff's Deputy (Page 1A) 9/24/97 HDR
Hathcock, David Walter Sheriff's Cpl. (Page 4D) 9/27/97 HDR
Hathcock, David Walter Sheriff's Cpl. (Page 5D) 9/25/97 HDR
Hatley, Ben Alonzo  11/22/03 HDR
Hatley, Billy Darrell  4/17/02 HDR
Hatley, Cletus Palmer 6/3/97 HDR
Hatley, Dallas Harold  7/23/02 HDR
Hatley, Dallas Harold  7/25/02 HDR
Hatley, Dominique Andre' 11/7/94 HDR
Hatley, Fannie Odell Puckett  11/11/99 HDR
Hatley, Faye Herman  1/28/03 HDR
Hatley, Faye Herman  1/29/03 HDR
Hatley, Joseph D. 2/8/99 ONE
Hatley, Joseph Dale 2/6/99 HDR
Hatley, Lester Thomas 9/26/98 HDR
Hatley, Lillian Ruth Payne  10/12/95 HDR
Hatley, Lora V. Linker 9/12/96 HDR
Hatley, Melvin Wayne 3/8/93 HDR
Hatley, Michael Wayne  07-2001-2001 HDR
Hatley, Missouri Ann  8/6/03 HDR
Hatley, Paul Eugene  9/12/93 HDR
Hatley, Raymond Manley 6/15/98 ONE
Hatley, Raymond Manley 6/14/98 HDR
Hatley, Sidney  10/25/02 HDR
Hatley, Troy James Sr. 9/11/97 HDR
Hatley, William Gene 8/6/00 HDR
Hatley, Worley Fate 3/8/99 ONE
Hatley, Worley Fate 3/6/99 HDR
Hatley, Worley Fate 3/7/99 HDR
Hatten, Charles Milton 10/1/95 HDR
Hatten, Ellen Greene 7/16/03 HDR
Hatton, Connie Lee  3/10/95 HDR
Hatton, Connielee Auton  3/11/95 HDR
Hatton, Constance Katherine Smith  11/13/02 HDR
Hatton, Ethel Mae 5/12/00 HDR
Hatton, George Henry 1/31/00 HDR
Hatton, James “Pete”  2/19/03 HDR
Hatton, Jenniev 3/18/05 HDR
Hatton, John Darius 2/13/05 HDR
Hatton, John Henry 11/15/93 HDR
Hatton, Larry  10/1/05 HDR
Hatton, Mary Elizabeth 2/21/97 HDR
Hatton, Occie Beatrice Pipes  7/5/94 HDR
Hatton, Occie Beatrice Pipes  7/6/94 HDR
Hatton, Richard "Rick" Kevin  8/26/03 HDR
Hatton, Samuel A.Y.  10/17/94 HDR
Hatton, William C.  1/28/95 HDR
Hauck, Linda Johnson 1/27/95 HDR
Hauck, Linda Joy Johnston  1/27/95 ONE
Hauck, Richard George "Dick" 5/16/02 ONE
Hauck, Richard George "Dick"  5/16/02 HDR
Hauck, Richard George "Dick"  5/21/02 HDR
Haueter, Lawrence Lee 6/12/95 HDR
Haueter, Lawrence Lee  5/18/95 HDR
Haugh, Wanda Sue Settle  10/23/96 HDR
Hauide, Zong Bishop 7/2/97 HDR
Hauk, Betty Starnes  4/4/93 HDR
Hauk, Betty Starnes Mrs. 4/5/93 ONE
Hauk, Robert Jethro 6/18/02 ONE
Hauk, Robert Jethro 6/19/02 ONE
Hauk, Robert Jethro  6/19/02 HDR
Haukelid, Knut Anders (war hero) 3/11/94 HDR
Haun, Mary Grace 12/19/95 HDR
Haun, Robert E. Sr.  11/12/03 HDR
Haupt, Viola  1/29/93 ONE
Haupt, Viola Yount 1/28/93 HDR
Haupt, Viola Yount 1/29/93 HDR
Haupt, Viola Yount  1/28/93 ONE
Hauptmann, Anna  10/18/94 HDR
Hauptmann, Anna  10/19/94 HDR
Hauser, Charles "Chuck" (journalist/Pulitzer Prize) 4/20/05 ONE
Hauser, Charles McCorkle 4/23/05 HDR
Hauss, Mary Jane Bollinger 12/30/99 ONE
Hauss, Mary Jane Bollinger 12/30/99 HDR
Hauss, Mary Jane Bollinger 12/31/99 HDR
Hauss, Poley L.  4/17/95 HDR
Hauss, William C. 1/19/98 ONE
Hauss, William Cecil 1/20/98 ONE
Hauss, William Cecil  1/20/98 HDR
Haver, June (actress) 7/9/05 HDR
Havlova, Olga 1/29/96 ONE
Havnaer, Kathryn W. 10/16/98 HDR
Havnaer, Kathryn Whitener 10/19/98 ONE
Havnaer, Kathryn Whitener 10/17/98 HDR
Havnaer, Lacey Merlin 2/22/00 HDR
Havnaer, Lacey Merlin 2/22/00 ONE
Havnaer, Lester Evan Sr. 5/17/94 HDR
Havnaer, Lester Evan Sr. 5/18/94 HDR
Havnaer, Yates Warlick 7/23/01 ONE
Havnaer, Yates Warlick 7/26/01 HDR
Havnaer, Yates Warlick  7/24/01 HDR
Havner, James Dwight  1/7/02 ONE
Havner, James Dwight  1/7/02 HDR
Havner, Loretta Crump  10/27/00 HDR
Hawes, Leona Strong  4/15/01 HDR
Hawkes, John 5/20/98 HDR
Hawkesworth, John (television producer) 10/19/03 HDR
Hawkins, Barbara Alice Mashburn 1/13/97 HDR
Hawkins, Bertha Spencer  4/23/01 HDR
Hawkins, Betty Jean Whaley  11/13/00 HDR
Hawkins, Billy Van 11/26/99 HDR
Hawkins, Bradley Benson 7/25/94 HDR
Hawkins, Carolyn Hise  1/19/02 HDR
Hawkins, Cathrine "Cat" Whisnant 5/26/97 HDR
Hawkins, Christine Buff 6/13/93 HDR
Hawkins, Clarence Adair  6/8/01 HDR
Hawkins, Clarence Daniel 7/28/03 ONE
Hawkins, Clarence Daniel 7/29/03 ONE
Hawkins, Clarence Daniel  7/29/03 HDR
Hawkins, Clyde Ray Rev. 5/15/02 HDR
Hawkins, Debra D.  11/15/02 HDR
Hawkins, Debra D.  11/16/02 HDR
Hawkins, Dollie A.  6/14/95 HDR
Hawkins, Dollie Alberta  6/15/95 HDR
Hawkins, Doris Hunt 2/11/98 HDR
Hawkins, Ernest Eugene 8/17/03 HDR
Hawkins, Ernestine Rutherford "Tine" 2/3/99 HDR
Hawkins, Erskine R. (bandleader) 11/13/93 HDR
Hawkins, Estelle Mull  9/29/93 HDR
Hawkins, Everette Ben  9/26/94 HDR
Hawkins, Everette Ben  9/27/94 HDR
Hawkins, Falcon (federal judge) 7/24/05 HDR
Hawkins, Florence Page 6/28/99 HDR
Hawkins, Fred Lawrence  6/26/01 HDR
Hawkins, Fred Walter  6/4/02 HDR
Hawkins, Hattie Hall 5/22/97 HDR
Hawkins, Helen Louise Moffitt 11/1/05 HDR
Hawkins, James Cecil 7/13/98 HDR
Hawkins, John Herbert "Hub"  5/24/93 HDR
Hawkins, John Patrick 6/16/00 HDR
Hawkins, Johnny Ervin  1/6/96 HDR
Hawkins, Laben Richard  3/15/01 HDR
Hawkins, Lawrence R. Sr. 1/24/96 HDR
Hawkins, Lila Greene 5/22/97 HDR
Hawkins, Lola Netta Bolick  6/13/02 HDR
Hawkins, Mabel Frances 12/28/01 HDR
Hawkins, Marie Hattie McClure 11/11/98 ONE
Hawkins, Marie Hattie McClure 11/12/98 HDR
Hawkins, Mary Verona  6/18/93 HDR
Hawkins, Matt Vigil 10/18/94 HDR
Hawkins, Ralph Sloan 9/29/97 HDR
Hawkins, Rosa Lee  4/4/99 HDR
Hawkins, Rosa Lee Houk 4/6/99 HDR
Hawkins, Ted (bluesman) 1/4/95 HDR
Hawkins, Ted Ross 10/21/05 HDR
Hawkins, Violet Miller 6/18/03 HDR
Hawkins, Wanda Christine Gray 3/2/97 HDR
Hawkins, William "Ott" 10/3/99 HDR
Hawley, James R. "Jimmy" 12/27/99 ONE
Hawley, James R. "Jimmy" 12/27/99 HDR
Hawley, John T. "Jack" 12/23/99 HDR
Hawley, Melda Biddix  12/5/03 HDR
Hawley, Melda Biddix  12/8/03 HDR
Hawley, Wayne  12/16/05 HDR
Hawn, Ashley Kay 11/14/94 ONE
Hawn, Ashley Kay  11/12/94 HDR
Hawn, Ashley Kay  11/13/94 HDR
Hawn, Ashley Kay  11/14/94 HDR
Hawn, Betty Jeanne Brittain 10/1/97 HDR
Hawn, Betty Jeanne Brittain 10/1/97 ONE
Hawn, Betty Jeanne Brittain 9/27/97 ONE
Hawn, Carl Fredrick 10/1/02 ONE
Hawn, Carl Fredrick  10/1/02 HDR
Hawn, Carrie Barger  1/17/03 HDR
Hawn, Carrie Barger  1/17/03 ONE
Hawn, Carroll Lee Jr. 10/18/01 ONE
Hawn, Carroll Lee Jr. 10/18/01 HDR
Hawn, Cleo Mildred Huffman 1/15/99 ONE
Hawn, Cleo Mildred Huffman 1/15/99 HDR
Hawn, Dorothy "Dot" Annas  4/1/05 HDR
Hawn, Harvey O. 1/28/02 ONE
Hawn, Harvey O.  1/27/02 HDR
Hawn, Harvey O. (former mayor of Conover) (Page 1) 1/28/02 ONE
Hawn, Harvey Oscar 1/25/02 ONE
Hawn, Harvey Oscar  1/26/02 HDR
Hawn, Ida Frances Reinhardt 9/10/01 ONE
Hawn, Ida Frances Reinhardt 9/10/01 HDR
Hawn, Kenneth Ray "Ken" Sr. 4/12/97 HDR
Hawn, Kenneth Ray "Ken" Sr. 4/10/97 ONE
Hawn, Kenneth Ray Sr. 4/10/97 HDR
Hawn, Martha Johns Holland 2/6/03 HDR
Hawn, Martha Johns Holland  2/5/03 ONE
Hawn, Martha Johns Holland  2/6/03 ONE
Hawn, Opal Louise Young 6/26/00 ONE
Hawn, Opal Louise Young  6/26/00 HDR
Hawn, Patricia Plemmons  2/20/03 HDR
Hawn, Patti Plemmons Brown  2/21/03 HDR
Hawn, Phillip Neal Sr. 10/19/94 HDR
Hawn, Phillip Wayne 2/25/00 ONE
Hawn, Phillip Wayne "Wayne"  2/25/00 HDR
Hawn, Richard Carl 11/26/05 HDR
Hawn, Ruth Grindstaff 8/5/02 ONE
Hawn, Ruth Grindstaff  8/6/02 HDR
Hawn, Vesta Cline 2/24/99 ONE
Hawn, Vesta Cline 2/25/99 HDR
Hawn, Vesta Cline 2/24/99 HDR
Hawn, Virginia Shuford 4/6/96 HDR
Hawn, Virginia Shuford 4/8/96 ONE
Hawn, Wayne 2/24/00 ONE
Hawn, Willard Keith  4/12/01 HDR
Hawthorne, Harry D. Dr. Rev. 5/24/01 HDR
Hawthorne, Harry D. Rev. Dr. 5/22/01 ONE
Hawthorne, Harry D. Rev. Dr. 5/23/01 ONE
Hawthorne, Marie  1/22/97 HDR
Hawthorne, Sir Nigel 12/27/01 HDR
Hay, John Morgan Jr. 3/13/01 ONE
Hay, John Morgan Jr. 3/12/01 HDR
Hay, Marion Charlotte Summers 3/17/94 HDR
Hayden, Alice Hazel (researcher-Down syndrome) 3/14/94 HDR
Hayden, John Lee Sr. 11/28/98 HDR
Hayden, Lovie Ann 10/12/01 HDR
Hayden, Mamie Elizabeth Fullwood  3/18/03 HDR
Hayden, Walter "Mack"  10/6/94 HDR
Hayden, Zakary Tyler  12/11/05 HDR
Haydon, Julie (Broadway actress) 12/30/94 HDR
Hayer, Nelle J.  9/13/02 HDR
Hayes, Ada Transou  1/23/93 HDR
Hayes, Albert Richard 7/23/98 HDR
Hayes, Alice Huffman  10/24/03 HDR
Hayes, Anna Colvard 3/13/98 HDR
Hayes, Anne Gross 1/13/98 HDR
Hayes, Arthur L. "Slim" 12/27/01 HDR
Hayes, Bertha Blanche Adams 8/1/02 HDR
Hayes, Betty Joe "Jodie" Sexton 8/3/03 HDR
Hayes, Billie Joyce 1/5/97 HDR
Hayes, Bonnie Mae Newell 9/28/93 HDR
Hayes, Bonnie Mae Newell  9/28/93 ONE
Hayes, Cameron "Cam" Harrison 5/6/03 HDR
Hayes, Candy Marie Jones 4/12/97 HDR
Hayes, Candy Marie Jones 4/14/97 HDR
Hayes, Carrie Butler  6/7/02 HDR
Hayes, Charles Edmond "Edd" 9/28/93 HDR
Hayes, Chin Ok  4/3/95 HDR
Hayes, Chin Ok  4/7/95 HDR
Hayes, Clifton  10/24/99 HDR
Hayes, Cordelia Cogdell 9/24/98 HDR
Hayes, Cynthia Kincaid  9/10/95 HDR
Hayes, Cynthia Kincaid  9/11/95 HDR
Hayes, Donald 12/5/94 HDR
Hayes, Donald "Don" Burriss 12/6/94 HDR
Hayes, Donnie Hudson 6/13/00 HDR
Hayes, Donnie Hudson 6/13/00 ONE
Hayes, Dorothy Ruth  6/28/95 HDR
Hayes, Dorothy Ruth  6/29/95 HDR
Hayes, Edward F. 3/23/98 HDR
Hayes, Elizabeth Parker  12/13/03 HDR
Hayes, Emma Hamrick  10/26/93 HDR
Hayes, Estoy Bragg 11/18/00 HDR
Hayes, Frances 1/18/03 HDR
Hayes, Frank William 3/6/00 HDR
Hayes, Fred Detchied  7/13/02 HDR
Hayes, Georgia Loftis  2/19/93 HDR
Hayes, Georgia Miller 6/6/94 HDR
Hayes, Georgia Miller 6/7/94 HDR
Hayes, Grace Virginia Stephens  8/22/03 HDR
Hayes, Hayden B. 5/19/01 HDR
Hayes, Howard Vance 3/29/99 ONE
Hayes, Howard Vance 3/29/99 HDR
Hayes, Howard Vance 3/28/99 HDR
Hayes, Irvin  11/24/02 HDR
Hayes, Jack Herman 6/1/00 HDR
Hayes, James Elliot Rev. 1/9/00 HDR
Hayes, James Elliot Rev. 1/10/00 ONE
Hayes, James Larry  4/14/93 HDR
Hayes, James Larry  4/15/93 HDR
Hayes, James Williams 1/1/98 HDR
Hayes, Jerry Eugene 8/1/99 HDR
Hayes, Jerry J.  7/3/96 HDR
Hayes, Jimmie MacArthur  12/20/05 HDR
Hayes, Joe Gaither 3/28/94 HDR
Hayes, Joe Gaither (veteran) 3/29/94 HDR
Hayes, John Paul  6/10/95 HDR
Hayes, Johnny Floyd 8/23/05 HDR
Hayes, Joseph Grant (infant) 12/24/95 HDR
Hayes, Juanita Jeanette Barrier 5/8/03 HDR
Hayes, Judy Dianne  11/25/02 HDR
Hayes, Lawrence  5/15/05 HDR
Hayes, Lawrence Warren 5/17/05 HDR
Hayes, Lewis Raymond  7/28/95 HDR
Hayes, Lewis Raymond  7/29/95 HDR
Hayes, Lucy Elizabeth Allen 2/14/93 HDR
Hayes, Lucy Teague 10/29/99 HDR
Hayes, Martin Frederick Jr. 12/23/02 HDR
Hayes, Mary Elizabeth Greene 4/7/93 HDR
Hayes, Mary Frances  1/19/03 HDR
Hayes, Mattie Ruth 1/24/00 HDR
Hayes, Mattie Ruth 1/23/00 HDR
Hayes, Mattie Ruth 1/24/00 ONE
Hayes, Max Harold 9/26/03 HDR
Hayes, Ora L. Mackey Laney 3/11/01 HDR
Hayes, Paul (country music performer) 11/1/97 HDR
Hayes, Phylis "Gail" Suddereth  5/26/01 HDR
Hayes, Richard Barton  3/25/01 HDR
Hayes, Robert Doughton 11/3/97 HDR
Hayes, Roy Lee  7/26/93 HDR
Hayes, Sadie Mclendon 6/6/98 HDR
Hayes, Verdie Mae  2/15/02 ONE
Hayes, Verdie Mae  2/15/02 HDR
Hayes, Verna Lois White 5/9/97 HDR
Hayes, Virginia Draughn 11/22/95 HDR
Haymaker, Anne Oleata May 4/29/01 HDR
Haynam, Daisy Mae Laney  8/9/02 HDR
Haynes, Alex 9/2/99 HDR
Haynes, Alma Burnette  2/9/02 HDR
Haynes, Alma Lee 6/24/00 HDR
Haynes, Alma Lee 6/26/00 ONE
Haynes, Arthur Guy 4/5/97 HDR
Haynes, B.E. 9/10/01 HDR
Haynes, Beatrice (Beatty) Geter 4/9/05 HDR
Haynes, Billy Allen 8/31/98 ONE
Haynes, Billy Allen 9/1/98 HDR
Haynes, Brenda Mae  10/28/02 ONE
Haynes, Brenda Mae  10/27/02 HDR
Haynes, Clayton Douglas Darrell 9/19/05 ONE
Haynes, Clayton Douglas Darrell  9/19/05 HDR
Haynes, Curtis Chestely 3/29/93 HDR
Haynes, David M.  10/25/02 HDR
Haynes, Dewey William Sr. 1/3/99 HDR
Haynes, Effie Rathburn  12/11/03 HDR
Haynes, Ella Ree “Granny” Mahala  8/11/02 HDR
Haynes, Ellis Carlyle 1/3/98 HDR
Haynes, Helen Pritchard 3/29/97 HDR
Haynes, Jacob Michael 3/15/00 HDR
Haynes, James E.  12/26/03 HDR
Haynes, Jason Christopher (Page 5A) 7/4/94 HDR
Haynes, Landon Conrad Jr. 8/9/99 HDR
Haynes, Leslie Mae Lockman  12/12/94 HDR
Haynes, Margaret Lucille Wiles 11/6/99 HDR
Haynes, Mary Payne  10/6/96 HDR
Haynes, Mattileen L.  12/20/00 HDR
Haynes, Minnie Bell Whaley 3/6/01 HDR
Haynes, Nannie  8/19/97 HDR
Haynes, Nannie  8/20/97 HDR
Haynes, Nellie Smyre 3/28/94 ONE
Haynes, Nellie Smyre 3/26/94 HDR
Haynes, Raymond Oscar 3/6/95 HDR
Haynes, Ron C. 5/30/98 HDR
Haynes, Thelma Griffith  10/17/95 HDR
Haynes, Tiger (actor/musician) 2/16/94 HDR
Haynes, Vidas Rathwell 8/22/94 ONE
Haynes, Vidas Rathwell 8/23/94 ONE
Haynes, Vidas Rathwell  8/22/94 HDR
Haynes, Vidas Rathwell  8/23/94 HDR
Haynes, Walter Henry "Shine" 2/19/98 ONE
Haynes, Walter Henry "Shine" 2/19/98 HDR
Haynie, Hugh 11/28/99 HDR
Haynie, Lillie Mae  9/30/94 HDR
Haynie, Virginia Lee Whitener 5/26/00 HDR
Haynie, Virginia Lee Whitener 5/26/00 ONE
Haynie, Virginia Lee Whitener 5/25/00 ONE
Hayre, Ruth Wright 2/3/98 HDR
Hays, Jack D. H. (fmr. AZ Supreme Court Chief Justice)  6/22/95 HDR
Hayward, John T. "Chick" (Ret. Vice Adm.) 5/27/99 HDR
Haywood, Annie Parsons  3/7/05 HDR
Hayworth, Carl E.   11/22/04 ONE
Hayworth, Carl E.   11/23/04 ONE
Hayworth, Cary Clay 11/26/05 HDR
Hayworth, Eva Leona Bolick 9/19/99 HDR
Hayworth, Hattie Bowman 9/5/01 ONE
Hayworth, Hattie Bowman  9/5/01 HDR
Hayworth, Jimmy Leroy  3/11/93 HDR
Hayworth, Jimmy Leroy  3/12/93 HDR
Hazel, Florence G. 10/3/98 HDR
Hazel, Shelley Carmele McNeill 2/21/99 HDR
Hazel, Shelley Carmele McNeill 2/22/99 HDR
Hazelwood, Margaret Wagner 9/2/99 HDR
Hazelwood, Paul Junior 2/16/98 ONE
Hazelwood, Paul Junior 2/13/98 ONE
Hazen, Cylinda Raye Shull 8/17/99 ONE
Hazen, Cylinda Raye Shull 8/18/99 HDR
Head, Alta Mae Davis 1/9/98 HDR
Head, Arnell Warren Walker 1/17/05 HDR
Head, Coty Ryan (infant) 4/25/94 HDR
Head, Edith Morrow Brown 11/29/94 HDR
Head, Glady Clifton 2/24/01 HDR
Head, Martha Sue Hicks  5/21/05 HDR
Head, Marvin Clyde  1/28/93 ONE
Head, Marvin Clyde  1/29/93 ONE
Head, Marvin Clyde  1/29/93 HDR
Head, Thomas William  8/30/95 HDR
Head, Waldon Edgar 2/16/95 HDR
Head, William Floyd  8/26/02 HDR
Headen, Ricky Jerome (Page 6A) 11/29/98 HDR
Headley, Ruby A. 4/7/03 ONE
Headley, Ruby A. Mrs. 4/7/03 HDR
Headrick, Ethel Farmer 3/16/98 ONE
Headrick, Ethel Farmer 3/14/98 HDR
Heafner, Alvin R. 3/17/97 HDR
Heafner, Bob R. 11/18/98 HDR
Heafner, Bobby "Bob" R. 11/19/98 HDR
Heafner, Douglas Ross 4/12/99 ONE
Heafner, Douglas Ross 4/13/99 HDR
Heafner, Evangeline Houser 7/4/01 ONE
Heafner, Evangeline Houser  7/4/01 HDR
Heafner, Frank Donald "Whitey" 11/2/05 HDR
Heafner, Kenneth "Ken" Allen 2/18/93 HDR
Heald, Jean Brown 2/27/99 HDR
Healey, Ella Mae 4/5/98 HDR
Healy, David  10/28/95 HDR
Healy, Jim (sports show host) 7/24/94 HDR
Healy, Walter 7/11/96 HDR
Heard, Edward  6/29/03 HDR
Heard, Edward  8/22/03 HDR
Heard, Ollie  12/29/02 HDR
Heard, Ollie W.  1/3/03 HDR
Heard, Richard Martin "Dick" 9/11/98 HDR
Heard, William Henry  1/7/93 HDR
Heard, William Henry  1/8/93 HDR
Heare, Sudie Mae Brittain 1/21/99 HDR
Hearn, Melvin A.  8/8/95 HDR
Hearne, Paul G. 5/12/98 HDR
Hearne, Paul G. 5/15/98 HDR
Hearon, Patrick Michael 11/20/00 ONE
Hearon, Patrick Michael  11/20/00 HDR
Hearst, Randolph Apperson 12/19/00 HDR
Hearst, William Randolph Jr. (editor) 5/16/93 HDR
Heartsman, Johnny 1/3/97 HDR
Heasty, Alfred R. Sr. Dr.  8/4/95 HDR
Heath, Hattie  6/11/93 HDR
Heath, William W. (authority on Romantic poetry) 11/24/93 HDR
Heatherton, Ray  (big band singer) 8/18/97 HDR
Heavener, Iva  5/15/02 ONE
Heavener, Iva Youker  5/15/02 HDR
Heavener, Lewis Albert  6/18/97 HDR
Heavener, Pauline 2/25/98 HDR
Heavener, Pauline Benfield 2/26/98 ONE
Heavener, Pauline Benfield 2/26/98 HDR
Heavner, Agnes Eloise Ledford 5/4/98 ONE
Heavner, Agnes Eloise Ledford 5/3/98 HDR
Heavner, Agnes Ledford 5/2/98 HDR
Heavner, Alice Russell 9/18/98 HDR
Heavner, Barbara Patterson 6/25/03 HDR
Heavner, Bonnie Reep 10/19/98 HDR
Heavner, Carroll Elbert 5/31/99 ONE
Heavner, Carroll Elbert  5/31/99 HDR
Heavner, Cecil Manley "Sock"  11/25/94 HDR
Heavner, Cora Bell Lail  3/21/99 HDR
Heavner, Daisy Jenkins 5/13/99 HDR
Heavner, Dollie Essie Gantt  1/11/05 HDR
Heavner, Ernest Sidney  12/27/93 ONE
Heavner, Essie L.  9/28/01 HDR
Heavner, Eva Jaye White 6/15/01 ONE
Heavner, Eva Jaye White  6/15/01 HDR
Heavner, Floyd Lee Sr.  10/14/03 HDR
Heavner, Floyd Lee Sr.  10/14/03 ONE
Heavner, Floyd Sr.  10/13/03 ONE
Heavner, Frieda 1/20/99 ONE
Heavner, Frieda Katherine Boggs 1/21/99 ONE
Heavner, Frieda Katherine Boggs 1/21/99 HDR
Heavner, George Washington 6/17/98 HDR
Heavner, George Washington 6/18/98 HDR
Heavner, Grace Elmore 6/20/95 ONE
Heavner, Grace Elmore  6/19/95 ONE
Heavner, Grace Elmore  6/19/95 ONE
Heavner, Grace Elmore  6/19/95 HDR
Heavner, Grace Elmore  6/20/95 HDR
Heavner, Hilda Ruth 11/20/96 ONE
Heavner, Hilda Ruth  11/21/96 HDR
Heavner, James Adolphus "Jr" Jr. 5/8/03 HDR
Heavner, Jeffrey Allen  11/14/02 ONE
Heavner, Jeffrey Allen  11/15/02 HDR
Heavner, Jeffrey Allen    11/14/02 HDR
Heavner, Jeffrey Allen (Page 1) 11/13/02 ONE
Heavner, Jeffrey Allen (Page 3A)  11/14/02 HDR
Heavner, Jerry Dean 3/17/99 ONE
Heavner, Jerry Dean  3/19/99 HDR
Heavner, John Grady Jr. 7/15/97 HDR
Heavner, John Grady Jr. 7/14/97 ONE
Heavner, Joseph 12/15/98 ONE
Heavner, Joseph 12/15/98 HDR
Heavner, Larry Marshall 1/17/96 ONE
Heavner, Larry Marshall  1/18/96 HDR
Heavner, Larry Marshall  1/17/96 HDR
Heavner, Lona N. 10/5/00 ONE
Heavner, Lona N.  10/6/00 HDR
Heavner, Loy Robert 9/15/03 HDR
Heavner, Loy Robert  9/15/03 ONE
Heavner, Luther M. 11/27/95 ONE
Heavner, Luther M. 11/27/95 HDR
Heavner, Luther Martin 7/24/97 HDR
Heavner, Luther Martin 7/26/97 HDR
Heavner, Luther Martin 7/25/97 HDR
Heavner, Luther Martin 7/25/97 ONE
Heavner, Mae Belle  8/18/93 ONE
Heavner, Mae Belle  8/18/93 HDR
Heavner, Marie Edney 1/5/99 HDR
Heavner, Martha Lee Lutz 1/12/04 ONE
Heavner, Mary Frances Dellinger 5/19/97 HDR
Heavner, Mary Helen Poovey 4/16/93 HDR
Heavner, Mary Helen Poovey 4/17/93 HDR
Heavner, Mary Helen Poovey Mrs. 4/19/93 ONE
Heavner, Milton Alvin "Shorty" 6/2/05 ONE
Heavner, Milton Alvin "Shorty" 6/3/05 ONE
Heavner, Ned Allen 7/20/98 ONE
Heavner, Ned Allen 7/19/98 HDR
Heavner, Nell Beam  12/15/03 ONE
Heavner, Nell Beam Mrs. 12/15/03 HDR
Heavner, Rebecca  5/25/94 ONE
Heavner, Rebecca  5/25/94 HDR
Heavner, Rebecca "Betty" Simmons 5/26/94 ONE
Heavner, Rebecca "Betty" Simmons 5/26/94 HDR
Heavner, Richard Shane 4/10/95 ONE
Heavner, Richard Shane 4/9/95 HDR
Heavner, Richard Shane (Page 1) 4/10/95 ONE
Heavner, Richard Shane (Page 5A) 4/9/95 HDR
Heavner, Ronnie Lee 11/28/94 ONE
Heavner, Ronnie Lee 11/28/94 HDR
Heavner, Roy Lee 10/4/93 ONE
Heavner, Roy Lee 10/3/93 HDR
Heavner, Rufus A. 8/11/97 HDR
Heavner, Rufus A. 8/13/97 HDR
Heavner, Rufus A.  8/11/97 ONE
Heavner, Russell Earnest 4/10/98 ONE
Heavner, Russell Earnest 4/10/98 HDR
Heavner, Vernon Roosevelt  2/13/04 ONE
Heavner, William Howard Sr. 12/15/93 ONE
Heavner, William Howard Sr.  12/15/93 HDR
Hechler, Ira J. 4/13/99 HDR
Hecht, Gladys H. 5/10/05 HDR
Heck, A.C.  5/19/94 ONE
Heck, A.C.  5/19/94 HDR
Heck, Albert Charles "A.C." 5/20/94 ONE
Heck, Albert Charles "A.C." 5/20/94 HDR
Heck, Alfons (Hitler Youth member) 4/18/05 HDR
Heckart, Eileen 1/2/02 ONE
Hecker, J. Gordon  12/2/96 HDR
Heckmair, Anderl (German mountain guide) 2/8/05 HDR
Hector, Inez 7/13/98 HDR
Hector, Inez  7/13/98 ONE
Hector, Inze 7/11/98 HDR
Hector, Tim (newspaper editor) 11/14/02 HDR
Hedberg, Mitch (comedian) 4/2/05 HDR
Hederman, Robert M. Jr.  12/19/96 HDR
Hedgepath, Clinton Hughes 2/1/96 HDR
Hedgepath, Clinton Hughes 1/31/96 ONE
Hedgepeth, Hazel Topping  6/30/01 HDR
Hedges, Georganne Combs 12/28/98 HDR
Hedrick, Aileen Icenhour 4/8/00 HDR
Hedrick, Aileen Icenhour 4/10/00 ONE
Hedrick, Anna Lee LaFone 12/20/94 HDR
Hedrick, Anna Lee Lafone 12/21/94 HDR
Hedrick, Anna Lee Lafone  12/21/94 ONE
Hedrick, Annie Maybel Kanipe 10/10/99 HDR
Hedrick, Annie Maybell Kanipe 10/11/99 ONE
Hedrick, Berdie S. Dellinger 9/1/97 HDR
Hedrick, Bertha Belle Campbell 10/28/98 HDR
Hedrick, Billy Claude 4/13/98 ONE
Hedrick, Billy Claude 4/12/98 HDR
Hedrick, Billy Claude 4/14/98 HDR
Hedrick, Bobby Dwight 8/1/02 ONE
Hedrick, Bobby Dwight 8/1/02 HDR
Hedrick, Brenda Carolyn Sims 4/3/00 ONE
Hedrick, Brenda Carolyn Sims 3/31/00 ONE
Hedrick, Brenda Carolyn Sims  4/1/00 HDR
Hedrick, Brenda Craig 12/8/98 ONE
Hedrick, Brenda Craig 12/8/98 HDR
Hedrick, Brenda LaFaye Craig 11/16/98 ONE
Hedrick, Brenda LaFaye Craig 11/14/98 HDR
Hedrick, Carl David  11/24/03 HDR
Hedrick, Carl Fredrick 4/29/96 ONE
Hedrick, Carl Fredrick  4/28/96 HDR
Hedrick, Catherine Hoke 11/13/00 ONE
Hedrick, Catherine Hoke  11/13/00 HDR
Hedrick, Clyde Bernard 1/17/97 HDR
Hedrick, Clyde Bernard 1/17/97 ONE
Hedrick, Coleman Brent 8/24/03 HDR
Hedrick, Coleman Brent  8/25/03 ONE
Hedrick, Cora  10/10/02 ONE
Hedrick, Cora Shook  10/11/02 HDR
Hedrick, Cynthia Settlemyre 9/5/95 HDR
Hedrick, Dale L. Sr.  2/5/04 ONE
Hedrick, Della Maude Gilbert 12/21/99 ONE
Hedrick, Della Maude Gilbert 12/22/99 HDR
Hedrick, Eddie Wayne 10/5/94 ONE
Hedrick, Eddie Wayne  10/4/94 HDR
Hedrick, Eddie Wayne  10/5/94 HDR
Hedrick, Edith Adcock 6/10/00 HDR
Hedrick, Edith Adcock 6/12/00 ONE
Hedrick, Edward "Eddie" Baxter 11/22/02 ONE
Hedrick, Edward "Eddie" Baxter  11/23/02 HDR
Hedrick, Edward Baxter 11/22/02 HDR
Hedrick, Elizabeth Martin 1/29/96 ONE
Hedrick, Elizabeth Martin  1/28/96 HDR
Hedrick, Emmett Randall 11/7/01 ONE
Hedrick, Emmett Randall 11/7/01 HDR
Hedrick, Ervin "Mackie" 10/26/00 ONE
Hedrick, Ervin “Mackie”  10/26/00 HDR
Hedrick, Esley  10/7/04 ONE
Hedrick, Esley Garline Sr.  10/8/04 ONE
Hedrick, Eula Martin  11/4/93 ONE
Hedrick, Eula Martin  11/5/93 ONE
Hedrick, Eula Martin  11/4/93 HDR
Hedrick, Eula Martin  11/5/93 HDR
Hedrick, Eva Miller  11/22/04 ONE
Hedrick, Everett Long 10/30/95 ONE
Hedrick, Everett Long 10/30/95 HDR
Hedrick, Everette R.  10/10/96 HDR
Hedrick, Florence Rebecca Stallings 1/13/95 ONE
Hedrick, Florence Rebecca Stallings 1/13/95 HDR
Hedrick, Franklin L.  4/6/03 HDR
Hedrick, Garold Edgar 1/1/98 HDR
Hedrick, Glen Marcus 12/7/03 HDR
Hedrick, Hansen David 11/8/95 ONE
Hedrick, Hansen David 11/9/95 HDR
Hedrick, Hansen David 11/10/95 HDR
Hedrick, Hansen David 11/11/95 HDR
Hedrick, Harland Elmore  10/19/93 HDR
Hedrick, Harland Elmore Sr. 10/20/93 HDR
Hedrick, Harland Elmore Sr.  10/20/93 ONE
Hedrick, Harold Dean 8/20/96 ONE
Hedrick, Harold Dean  8/21/96 HDR
Hedrick, James Festus Jr. 8/18/98 ONE
Hedrick, James Festus Jr. 8/18/98 HDR
Hedrick, James Festus Jr. 8/19/98 HDR
Hedrick, Jerry Lee 4/13/98 ONE
Hedrick, Jerry Lee 4/12/98 HDR
Hedrick, John Theodore 12/30/96 ONE
Hedrick, John Theodore  12/28/96 HDR
Hedrick, Karl Holmes Sr. 5/30/97 HDR
Hedrick, Kenneth Ray  10/6/05 HDR
Hedrick, Lawrence Pinkney 9/24/97 ONE
Hedrick, Lawrence Pinkney  9/25/97 HDR
Hedrick, Leonard  3/24/95 ONE
Hedrick, Leonard  3/24/95 HDR
Hedrick, Leonard Calvin 3/27/95 ONE
Hedrick, Leonard Calvin 3/25/95 HDR
Hedrick, Lois Irene  12/1/04 ONE
Hedrick, Lois Irene  12/2/04 ONE
Hedrick, Lovella Richard  8/5/02 ONE
Hedrick, Lovella Richard  8/4/02 HDR
Hedrick, Lovella Richard  8/5/02 HDR
Hedrick, Marcus Burette 2/20/96 HDR
Hedrick, Marcus Burette 2/22/96 HDR
Hedrick, Marcus Burette 2/21/96 HDR
Hedrick, Marcus Burette 2/20/96 ONE
Hedrick, Marcus Burette 2/21/96 ONE
Hedrick, Margie Ann Sigmon 10/4/04 ONE
Hedrick, Marguerite Russell 9/15/93 HDR
Hedrick, Margurite  9/14/93 HDR
Hedrick, Maudie Bostian Mrs. 3/13/05 HDR
Hedrick, May Belle Killian 1/21/96 HDR
Hedrick, May Belle Killian 1/22/96 ONE
Hedrick, Merrill  6/6/96 HDR
Hedrick, Nicole "Niki" Rebecca 12/31/05 HDR
Hedrick, Patricia E. Smith 8/6/99 ONE
Hedrick, Patricia E. Smith 8/7/99 HDR
Hedrick, Paul Alexander 2/25/94 ONE
Hedrick, Paul Alexander      2/26/94 HDR
Hedrick, Paul Alexander (Coast Guard) 2/25/94 HDR
Hedrick, Paul Kenneth "Bossman" 7/17/00 ONE
Hedrick, Paul Kenneth "Bossman" 7/14/00 ONE
Hedrick, Paul Kenneth “Bossman”  7/16/00 HDR
Hedrick, Pauline Byrd  7/31/96 HDR
Hedrick, Pearle E. 6/17/98 HDR
Hedrick, Preston 7/27/05 ONE
Hedrick, Ralph Eugene  3/1/02 HDR
Hedrick, Randall Dale  6/19/99 HDR
Hedrick, Retta Sipe  8/2/96 HDR
Hedrick, Retta Sipe  8/1/96 ONE
Hedrick, Robert Preston Sr. 7/28/05 ONE
Hedrick, Robert Preston Sr.  7/28/05 HDR
Hedrick, Roswell Herman 7/1/98 ONE
Hedrick, Roswell Herman 7/1/98 HDR
Hedrick, Ruby Killian  9/2/02 ONE
Hedrick, Ruby Killian  9/1/02 HDR
Hedrick, Ruby Killian  9/2/02 HDR
Hedrick, Ruby Miller 8/4/00 ONE
Hedrick, Ruby Miller  8/5/00 HDR
Hedrick, Sonjia Jones 11/5/03 ONE
Hedrick, Sonjia Jones 11/6/03 ONE
Hedrick, Sonjia Jones 11/7/03 ONE
Hedrick, Sonjia Jones  11/6/03 HDR
Hedrick, Stella Lamkin 1/14/94 HDR
Hedrick, Sybil Roberts  11/7/05 ONE
Hedrick, Sybil Roberts Mrs.  11/7/05 HDR
Hedrick, Tami Diane  12/8/02 HDR
Hedrick, Velma  2/19/02 ONE
Hedrick, Velma McCombs  2/20/02 ONE
Hedrick, Velma McCombs  2/20/02 HDR
Hedrick, Vernon Eugene 9/21/98 ONE
Hedrick, Vernon Eugene 9/22/98 HDR
Hedrick, Vertie Townsend 5/7/96 HDR
Hedrick, Vertie Townsend 5/7/96 ONE
Hedrick, Wade Harvey  10/29/93 HDR
Hedrick, Wayne Tilford 1/15/00 HDR
Heekin, Betty Cooke  11/1/05 HDR
Heekin, Betty Cooke  11/1/05 ONE
Heerma, Enneus 3/4/99 HDR
Heesch, Pauline Susan 4/8/95 HDR
Heesch, Raymond Frederick  3/7/02 HDR
Heffernan, Naomi Wise  12/17/96 HDR
Heffinger, Luther Kenneth Sr. 9/30/98 HDR
Heffner, Bess Elizabeth Lewis  8/12/94 HDR
Heffner, Bess Elizabeth Lewis  8/13/94 HDR
Heffner, Bessie McNeilly  12/13/04 ONE
Heffner, Clifford L. "Dock" 12/15/96 HDR
Heffner, Edna Mae Rose 11/10/99 ONE
Heffner, Edna Mae Rose 11/11/99 HDR
Heffner, Frank Henry 6/2/05 HDR
Heffner, Hattie Lindsay  6/5/02 HDR
Heffner, Hubert Ray "Mutt" 3/7/99 HDR
Heffner, John Winfield III 2/13/95 ONE
Heffner, John Winfield III 2/14/95 ONE
Heffner, John Winfield III 2/13/95 HDR
Heffner, John Winfield III 2/14/95 HDR
Heffner, Leonard T. 10/30/96 ONE
Heffner, Leonard T.  10/31/96 HDR
Heffner, Leonard T.  10/30/96 HDR
Heffner, Leonard Thompson 10/31/96 ONE
Heffner, Melvin D.  5/25/96 HDR
Heffner, Robert "Handle" Elmore 11/19/02 HDR
Heffner, Ruby Virginia Hartley  4/23/02 HDR
Heffner, Violet Hice  4/10/00 HDR
Heffron, Randall George Dr. 8/1/94 ONE
Heffron, Randall George Dr. 7/31/94 HDR
Heffron, Robert C. Jr. 1/24/94 ONE
Heffron, Robert C. Jr. 1/24/94 HDR
Heflin, Howell Former U.S. Sen. (Ala.) 3/30/05 HDR
Heflin, Randolph Rutherford 8/19/99 HDR
Hefner, Albert Lester 7/30/97 HDR
Hefner, Albert Lester 7/29/97 HDR
Hefner, Allen G. 6/5/00 HDR
Hefner, Allen G. 6/5/00 ONE
Hefner, Allen Lee 10/20/05 HDR
Hefner, Allen Lee 10/19/05 ONE
Hefner, Allen Lee  10/20/05 ONE
Hefner, Alma Jo 4/12/00 HDR
Hefner, Alma Jo  4/11/00 ONE
Hefner, Alvin "Al" Ray  3/18/97 HDR
Hefner, Alvin Ray "Al" 3/18/97 ONE
Hefner, Ara Bolick  01-2001-2001 HDR
Hefner, Arthur Belton "Ott"  12/19/03 HDR
Hefner, Barbara Jean Deaton 12/12/00 HDR
Hefner, Barbara Jean Deaton 12/12/00 ONE
Hefner, Bertha Anna  9/10/02 HDR
Hefner, Bertha Anna Reitzel  9/11/02 HDR
Hefner, Bessie Bowman 7/23/95 HDR
Hefner, Bessie Catherine 3/16/00 HDR
Hefner, Betty Sue  3/18/03 ONE
Hefner, Betty Sue Trimm  3/19/03 HDR
Hefner, Betty Sue Trimm  3/20/03 HDR
Hefner, Beulah Mae Dagenhart 8/16/99 HDR
Hefner, Bobby E. 3/28/00 HDR
Hefner, Brittany (Page 1)  9/23/02 ONE
Hefner, Brittany (Page 1)  9/24/02 ONE
Hefner, Brittany Danielle  9/24/02 ONE
Hefner, Brittany Danielle  9/25/02 ONE
Hefner, Brittany Danielle  9/24/02 HDR
Hefner, Brittany Danielle  9/25/02 HDR
Hefner, Brittany Danielle  9/26/02 HDR
Hefner, Carl Edward  9/23/00 HDR
Hefner, Carl Ervin 10/18/05 ONE
Hefner, Carl Ervin "C.E." Jr. 10/19/05 HDR
Hefner, Carl Ervin "C.E." Jr.  10/19/05 ONE
Hefner, Carl Walter 1/3/02 ONE
Hefner, Carl Walter  1/3/02 HDR
Hefner, Carvin Franklin Sr. 8/15/01 ONE
Hefner, Carvin Franklin Sr. 8/15/01 HDR
Hefner, Cecil G. Sr. Rev. 8/1/93 HDR
Hefner, Charlie E. "Joe" 11/19/97 HDR
Hefner, Clara Hollar Newton 12/4/00 ONE
Hefner, Clara Hollar Newton  12/4/00 HDR
Hefner, Clarence Kelly 4/26/93 HDR
Hefner, Claude Richard 6/3/98 HDR
Hefner, Clyde Iris 7/19/99 HDR
Hefner, Clyde Junior 2/9/98 ONE
Hefner, Clyde Junior 2/7/98 HDR
Hefner, Clyde Leonard 1/10/95 ONE
Hefner, Clyde Leonard  1/10/95 HDR
Hefner, Connie Wicklin  6/16/05 HDR
Hefner, Connie Wicklin  6/17/05 HDR
Hefner, Cora Lou Jolly 5/20/01 HDR
Hefner, Coy Triplett  4/25/02 HDR
Hefner, Coy Triplett  4/26/02 HDR
Hefner, Daldee William "D.W." Jr.  9/13/02 ONE
Hefner, Daldee William “D.W.” Jr. 9/13/02 HDR
Hefner, Daldee William “D.W.” Jr. 9/14/02 HDR
Hefner, Daldee William Sr. 6/11/01 ONE
Hefner, Daldee William Sr. 6/10/01 HDR
Hefner, Damer Biggerstaff  3/15/95 HDR
Hefner, Damer Biggerstaff Mrs.  3/15/95 ONE
Hefner, Darrell  12/16/03 ONE
Hefner, Darrell Lee 12/17/03 HDR
Hefner, Darrell Lee 12/18/03 HDR
Hefner, Darrell Lee  12/18/03 ONE
Hefner, David "Pete" 12/15/99 HDR
Hefner, Dessie Mae Auton 5/2/94 HDR
Hefner, Dessie Mae Auton  5/2/94 ONE
Hefner, Dewey Edwin 2/23/97 HDR
Hefner, Dewey Edwin 2/24/97 ONE
Hefner, Dewey James 8/30/99 ONE
Hefner, Dewey James 8/30/99 HDR
Hefner, Dorothy Martin  10/7/94 HDR
Hefner, Dorothy Signora Martin  10/8/94 HDR
Hefner, Dorothy Signora Martin  10/9/94 HDR
Hefner, Dorothy Smith 5/24/99 ONE
Hefner, Dorothy Smith 5/24/99 HDR
Hefner, Doyle E. 3/16/99 ONE
Hefner, Doyle E. 3/16/99 HDR
Hefner, Edna Louise Smith 7/1/02 HDR
Hefner, Edna Louise Smith  7/1/02 ONE
Hefner, Edna Louise Smith  7/2/02 HDR
Hefner, Edward Dean 7/23/98 HDR
Hefner, Edward Galen "Skin" 5/24/93 HDR
Hefner, Edward Galen "Skin" 5/26/93 HDR
Hefner, Edward O. 6/15/99 ONE
Hefner, Edward O. 6/15/99 HDR
Hefner, Elizabeth Brunson 2/3/97 HDR
Hefner, Elizabeth Brunson 2/3/97 ONE
Hefner, Ernest Kenneth "Skip" Jr.  11/24/02 HDR
Hefner, Ernest Kenneth Sr. 9/17/01 ONE
Hefner, Ernest Kenneth Sr. 9/16/01 HDR
Hefner, Essie Milam  6/28/01 ONE
Hefner, Essie Milam  6/28/01 HDR
Hefner, Everette Murphy 9/16/05 HDR
Hefner, Everette Murphy 9/17/05 HDR
Hefner, Everette Murphy 9/16/05 ONE
Hefner, Everette Murphy 9/19/05 ONE
Hefner, Evie Miller  3/3/03 HDR
Hefner, Floyd McRee 9/2/01 HDR
Hefner, Foy Calvin Sr.  2/17/05 HDR
Hefner, Fred   3/17/04 ONE
Hefner, Fred L. 7/21/94 ONE
Hefner, Fred L.  7/21/94 HDR
Hefner, Fred L.  3/18/04 ONE
Hefner, Fred Lewis  7/22/94 ONE
Hefner, Fred Lewis  7/22/94 HDR
Hefner, Gaither Charles  9/23/02 ONE
Hefner, Gaither Charles  9/21/02 HDR
Hefner, Garland David 6/24/99 HDR
Hefner, Garland David 6/23/99 HDR
Hefner, George Eugene "Gene" Sr. 6/18/01 ONE
Hefner, George Eugene "Gene" Sr. 6/18/01 HDR
Hefner, George Eugene "Gene" Sr. 6/20/01 HDR
Hefner, George Everette 2/4/00 HDR
Hefner, George Everette 2/4/00 ONE
Hefner, George Harold 2/5/99 ONE
Hefner, George Harold 2/5/99 HDR
Hefner, George Harold  2/6/99 HDR
Hefner, Gladys  4/21/93 HDR
Hefner, Gladys Vivian 4/22/93 HDR
Hefner, Gwyn Midas 11/23/95 HDR
Hefner, Harold McRee "Smokey" 1/3/94 HDR
Hefner, Harold McRee "Smokey" (veteran) 1/4/94 HDR
Hefner, Harold McRee (Smokey) 1/4/94 ONE
Hefner, Harry Otto 6/24/98 ONE
Hefner, Harry Otto 6/23/98 HDR
Hefner, Harry Otto 6/25/98 HDR
Hefner, Harry Otto  6/24/98 HDR
Hefner, Hazel Lee  1/21/01 HDR
Hefner, Helen Motley  7/22/00 HDR
Hefner, Helen Motley  7/23/00 HDR
Hefner, Helen Winstead 12/17/03 ONE
Hefner, Helen Winstead  12/17/03 HDR
Hefner, Howard "Gene" 5/1/93 HDR
Hefner, Howard M.  1/4/93 HDR
Hefner, Howard McRee 1/5/93 ONE
Hefner, Howard McRee 1/6/93 HDR
Hefner, Howard Willard 1/24/97 HDR
Hefner, Howard Willard 1/23/97 ONE
Hefner, Hubert McCoy 11/30/94 ONE
Hefner, Hubert McCoy  11/30/94 HDR
Hefner, Ida Elizabeth Sain  2/18/02 HDR
Hefner, Ila Lail 2/12/98 ONE
Hefner, Ila Lail 2/13/98 HDR
Hefner, Ina Bowman 1/3/01 ONE
Hefner, Ina Bowman 1/3/01 HDR
Hefner, Ira Eugene 5/16/99 HDR
Hefner, Jackie  10/8/04 ONE
Hefner, Jackie "Jack" M.  10/9/04 ONE
Hefner, James Allen  5/19/93 HDR
Hefner, James Harvey Jr. 5/15/95 ONE
Hefner, James Harvey Jr.  5/15/95 HDR
Hefner, James Howard Jr. 4/19/99 ONE
Hefner, James Howard Jr. 4/19/99 HDR
Hefner, James Howard Jr. 4/18/99 HDR
Hefner, James Lee 1/15/96 ONE
Hefner, James Lee  1/14/96 HDR
Hefner, Jerry Clyde 4/30/93 ONE
Hefner, Jerry Clyde 4/30/93 HDR
Hefner, John Franklin 1/16/95 ONE
Hefner, John Franklin  1/16/95 HDR
Hefner, John Henry  1/7/98 HDR
Hefner, Kathleen Lowman Mrs.  4/20/03 HDR
Hefner, Kayla Anne (infant) 2/11/95 HDR
Hefner, Kenneth Harry  9/21/05 HDR
Hefner, Kenneth Michael 7/16/00 HDR
Hefner, Laura Belle Brown 10/25/94 ONE
Hefner, Laura Belle Brown  10/25/94 HDR
Hefner, Lawrence Theodore 12/27/99 ONE
Hefner, Lawrence Theodore 12/26/99 HDR
Hefner, Lena B.  7/27/94 HDR
Hefner, Lena Donkel 7/31/94 HDR
Hefner, Lena Donkel 8/1/94 HDR
Hefner, Lena Donkel 8/2/94 HDR
Hefner, Leona Barnette  10/15/00 HDR
Hefner, Leona Barnette  10/16/00 HDR
Hefner, Lester Franklin 9/6/00 HDR
Hefner, Lexie Dowell  8/23/02 ONE
Hefner, Lexie Dowell  8/23/02 HDR
Hefner, Lillian Mae Stroud 5/28/00 HDR
Hefner, Lillian Mae Stroud 5/29/00 HDR
Hefner, Lillian Mae Stroud  5/29/00 ONE
Hefner, Lillie May Roseman 4/23/01 ONE
Hefner, Lillie May Roseman  4/20/01 HDR
Hefner, Lillie R. 4/20/01 ONE
Hefner, Linda Mae Robinson 10/7/96 HDR
Hefner, Linda Mae Robinson 10/7/96 ONE
Hefner, Linnie Catherine Poovey 1/29/97 HDR
Hefner, Linnie Catherine Poovey 1/28/97 HDR
Hefner, Linnie Catherine Poovey 1/27/97 HDR
Hefner, Linnie Catherine Poovey 1/27/97 ONE
Hefner, Logan Thomas 12/15/98 HDR
Hefner, Lois Miller  9/19/02 HDR
Hefner, Lona Etta 5/24/98 HDR
Hefner, Lowell Glenn  10/4/00 HDR
Hefner, Loyd Roscoe 3/13/97 HDR
Hefner, Loyd Roscoe 3/13/97 ONE
Hefner, Lucille 7/8/02 ONE
Hefner, Lucille 7/8/02 HDR
Hefner, Marcus  10-2001-2001 HDR
Hefner, Margaret Cordell 12/18/03 ONE
Hefner, Margaret Cordell  12/18/03 HDR
Hefner, Margaret Faye 5/16/99 HDR
Hefner, Margaret Keller 4/18/97 HDR
Hefner, Margaret Keller 4/17/97 HDR
Hefner, Margaret Kuhn  3/9/93 HDR
Hefner, Margaret Kuhn  3/10/93 HDR
Hefner, Margie Bolick  1/1/93 HDR
Hefner, Margie Pearline Bolick 1/1/93 ONE
Hefner, Marshall Junior  6/24/01 HDR
Hefner, Martha Burch 7/17/98 HDR
Hefner, Martha Burch "Mott" 6/22/98 HDR
Hefner, Martha Coxwell  1/19/03 HDR
Hefner, Martha Coxwell  1/20/03 HDR
Hefner, Mary E. 3/14/02 ONE
Hefner, Mary E.  3/14/02 HDR
Hefner, Maude Simpson 10/7/97 HDR
Hefner, Maudina Sigmon 10/31/94 ONE
Hefner, Maudina Sigmon 10/30/94 HDR
Hefner, Maynard Leroy  4/18/97 HDR
Hefner, Mernie Eugene 10/24/93 HDR
Hefner, Mernie Eugene  10/25/93 ONE
Hefner, Mildred “Mickie” Johnson  2/13/03 HDR
Hefner, Murphy Roscoe 7/7/95 ONE
Hefner, Murphy Roscoe 7/7/95 HDR
Hefner, Murphy Roscoe 7/8/95 HDR
Hefner, Nelda  Smith "Bet" 2/8/99 HDR
Hefner, Nellie Reep 6/30/98 ONE
Hefner, Nellie Reep 6/30/98 HDR
Hefner, Nettie Franklin  7/19/96 HDR
Hefner, Nettie Franklin  7/18/96 ONE
Hefner, Ona Christine Pope  5/22/02 HDR
Hefner, Ona Lee 7/9/93 HDR
Hefner, Ona Pope 5/21/02 ONE
Hefner, Ora Mae Childers  8/12/93 HDR
Hefner, Ora Mae Childers  8/13/93 HDR
Hefner, Ora Mae Childers Mrs. 8/13/93 ONE
Hefner, Oscar “Bud” Alexander 7/23/00 HDR
Hefner, Oscar Alexander  7/24/00 ONE
Hefner, Paul Ernest  4/13/96 HDR
Hefner, Paul Henry 8/20/97 HDR
Hefner, Paul Henry 8/20/97 ONE
Hefner, Phyllis Berry Mrs.   2/7/05 HDR
Hefner, Poley Dwight  7/4/01 HDR
Hefner, R. A.  8/12/02 ONE
Hefner, R.A.  8/13/02 HDR
Hefner, Rachel Eckerd  12/22/02 HDR
Hefner, Ralph Russell Sr. 12/14/94 ONE
Hefner, Ralph Russell Sr. 12/14/94 HDR
Hefner, Ralph Vaden 6/8/94 ONE
Hefner, Ralph Vaden  6/8/94 HDR
Hefner, Ramona Irene Lybrand 3/31/03 ONE
Hefner, Ramona Irene Lybrand  4/1/03 HDR
Hefner, Randy Eugene 10/1/01 ONE
Hefner, Randy Eugene  10/1/01 HDR
Hefner, Ray Franklin  9/18/02 HDR
Hefner, Reginald Mayo  5/30/03 HDR
Hefner, Richard Carroll 12/18/94 HDR
Hefner, Richard Carroll 12/19/94 HDR
Hefner, Robert Allan 6/24/03 HDR
Hefner, Robert Edgar 6/29/94 ONE
Hefner, Robert Edgar 6/30/94 ONE
Hefner, Robert Edgar (veteran) 6/29/94 HDR
Hefner, Robert Edgar (veteran) 6/30/94 HDR
Hefner, Rosie  9/18/05 HDR
Hefner, Rosie S.  9/19/05 HDR
Hefner, Rosie S.  9/19/05 ONE
Hefner, Ruby A. 10/31/05 HDR
Hefner, Ruby A. 10/31/05 ONE
Hefner, Ruby Guthrie 12/9/01 HDR
Hefner, Ruby Guthrie  12/10/01 ONE
Hefner, Ruth Spann 10/31/99 HDR
Hefner, Ruth Spann  11/1/99 ONE
Hefner, Sherry Hall 6/10/03 HDR
Hefner, Sherry Hall 6/10/03 ONE
Hefner, Stephen William 5/28/00 HDR
Hefner, Stephen William 5/29/00 ONE
Hefner, Sylvia Lippard 7/12/99 HDR
Hefner, Ted McRee 7/30/05 HDR
Hefner, Ted McRee 7/31/05 HDR
Hefner, Terreisa Rowe Gadget 3/11/98 HDR
Hefner, Therman Allen 4/17/95 ONE
Hefner, Therman Allen  4/16/95 HDR
Hefner, Tommy Esley 8/8/98 HDR
Hefner, Tressie Sigmon 4/12/00 HDR
Hefner, Tressie Sigmon 4/11/00 ONE
Hefner, Vance Hillary 12/28/98 HDR
Hefner, Virgie Mae 9/3/98 HDR
Hefner, Vondon R. 3/1/94 HDR
Hefner, Vondon R. 3/2/94 HDR
Hefner, Walter Sr. 10/21/98 HDR
Hefner, Zelda Arkansas Lafone 3/10/93 ONE
Hefner, Zelda Arkansas Lafone 3/10/93 HDR
Hegarty, Corinna Morgan Garrison  3/13/03 HDR
Heiden, Walter G.E. 10/20/98 HDR
Heien, Ronald D. Sgt. (Air Force)  11/18/95 HDR
Heien, Ronald Dean Staff Sgt. (Air Force)  11/21/95 HDR
Heil, Vernon "Buddy" Sr.  12/28/03 HDR
Heilman, Herbert W. (Moose International) 8/1/94 HDR
Heilman, Margaret Marie "Rie"  4/2/03 HDR
Heimbold, Joseph Sr. 12/23/96 HDR
Heinemann, George A. 9/2/96 HDR
Heinke, Edwin C.  10/15/96 HDR
Heintz, Jack 12/1/96 HDR
Heiser, Joseph M. Jr. (Ret. Army Lt. Gen.) 4/12/94 HDR
Heiskell, Andrew (former chairman of Time Inc.) 7/8/03 HDR
Heissenbuettel, Helmut (novelist-poet) 9/22/96 HDR
Heitman, Betty (Republican partyactivist) 2/3/94 HDR
Helberg, Claus (Norwegian Resistance) 3/14/03 HDR
Held, Al (American abstract painter) 7/28/05 HDR
Helderman, Annie Mae 12/26/96 HDR
Helderman, Clarence Rufus  7/23/00 HDR
Helderman, Eugene W.  2/23/05 HDR
Helderman, Nora Lee Craig  4/19/02 HDR
Helderman, Raymond S.  10/20/95 HDR
Helderman, Rosedna Laxton 11/1/99 HDR
Hellard, John William "Chub" 11/4/99 HDR
Heller, Joseph 12/14/99 ONE
Heller, Joseph (author of Catch 22) 12/14/99 HDR
Hellmann, Frances Pepper  9/12/02 ONE
Hellmann, Frances Pepper  9/13/02 HDR
Helmer, William Ronald  2/16/00 HDR
Helms, Alda Hovis 8/6/01 ONE
Helms, Alda Hovis 8/5/01 HDR
Helms, Alfred Lee 1/13/96 HDR
Helms, Annie Lee Miller 12/4/00 ONE
Helms, Annie Lee Miller  12/4/00 HDR
Helms, Betty Faye 2/21/00 HDR
Helms, Betty Faye 2/21/00 ONE
Helms, Blair Jonas 9/1/00 ONE
Helms, Blair Jonas  8/30/00 HDR
Helms, Blair Jonas  8/30/00 ONE
Helms, Bobby 6/20/97 ONE
Helms, Carl Arthur Sr.  5/21/95 HDR
Helms, Carl P.  Sr. 10/13/00 HDR
Helms, Carl P.  Sr. 10/14/00 HDR
Helms, Carrie Lee Shook 12/15/01 HDR
Helms, Carrie Lee Shook  12/17/01 ONE
Helms, Charles Huggins Sr. 9/22/94 HDR
Helms, Charles Junior Jr.  6/21/03 HDR
Helms, Charles Junior Jr.  6/23/03 ONE
Helms, Craig Alan 12/13/05 HDR
Helms, Donald Alan Jr. 6/28/99 ONE
Helms, Donald Alan Jr. 6/27/99 HDR
Helms, Dorothy Thomas 8/22/99 HDR
Helms, Edward Lee 3/10/99 HDR
Helms, Eli David  11/6/97 HDR
Helms, Ethel  1/13/05 ONE
Helms, Ethel  1/14/05 ONE
Helms, Ethel Leullea Schronce  1/14/05 HDR
Helms, Eugene Milton  3/12/02 HDR
Helms, Faye Helton Bumgarner 11/25/99 HDR
Helms, Flossie Lee 6/4/96 HDR
Helms, Fred Austin Sr. 5/22/02 HDR
Helms, Fred Austin Sr. Mr. 5/22/02 ONE
Helms, George Monroe 4/12/98 HDR
Helms, Gertrude Sherrill  3/23/95 HDR
Helms, Gordon Reece  5/3/05 HDR
Helms, Guy Bearlin  8/17/96 HDR
Helms, Guy Bearlin  8/19/96 ONE
Helms, Hansel Lee Sr.  1/1/93 HDR
Helms, Harold Lee Rev. 5/26/98 HDR
Helms, Helen Beal Rudisill 6/20/03 ONE
Helms, Helen Beal Rudisill  6/21/03 HDR
Helms, Howard Lee Sr.  10/14/03 ONE
Helms, Howard Lee Sr. The Rev. 10/14/03 HDR
Helms, James 1/6/98 ONE
Helms, James Austin  1/7/98 ONE
Helms, James Auston  1/7/98 HDR
Helms, James Clyde "Gravy" 2/22/00 HDR
Helms, James Edward 8/21/95 ONE
Helms, James Edward  8/20/95 HDR
Helms, James Thomas  9/30/02 HDR
Helms, Jesse Wayne 3/28/93 HDR
Helms, Jesse Wayne 3/29/93 HDR
Helms, Jesse Wayne  3/29/93 ONE
Helms, Joda Lynn Propst 1/9/99 HDR
Helms, Joda Lynn Propst  1/8/99 ONE
Helms, Joshua Thomas  11/27/03 HDR
Helms, Joshua Thomas  11/28/03 ONE
Helms, Judith Burnett 1/14/01 HDR
Helms, Kelly  12/1/93 HDR
Helms, Kelly Thomas 12/2/93 HDR
Helms, Loretta Benton  8/3/00 HDR
Helms, Mamie Watts 5/27/98 ONE
Helms, Mamie Watts 5/27/98 HDR
Helms, Margie Williams  3/29/93 HDR
Helms, Mary Ethel Stone  2/13/02 HDR
Helms, Mary Evelyn  6/7/97 HDR
Helms, Mary Sue Jennings 5/29/05 HDR
Helms, Raymond Clarence  8/12/94 HDR
Helms, Robert Lee 10/24/03 HDR
Helms, Robert Lee 10/25/03 HDR
Helms, Robert Lee 10/23/03 ONE
Helms, Robert Lee 10/24/03 ONE
Helms, Robert Lee 10/27/03 ONE
Helms, Ronnie Lawrence  11/10/02 HDR
Helms, Rose F.  3/14/01 HDR
Helms, Ruby Swink 1/14/97 HDR
Helms, Ruby Swink 1/13/97 ONE
Helms, Ruby Swink 1/14/97 ONE
Helms, Russell Lee 2/5/03 ONE
Helms, Russell Lee  2/5/03 HDR
Helms, Tony Lee  11/15/93 HDR
Helms, Tony Lee  11/16/93 HDR
Helms, Viola Price  9/23/03 HDR
Helms, Wade Allen  6/26/94 HDR
Helms, William "Jeff"  3/30/01 HDR
Helms, William Hubert 9/26/01 HDR
Helms, William Vance Sr. 10/6/00 HDR
Helms, William Vance Sr. 10/4/00 HDR
Helms, William Vance Sr. 10/3/00 ONE
Helmsing, Charles H. The Rev. (MO) 12/21/93 HDR
Helmsley, Harry 1/6/97 HDR
Helmsley, Harry  1/6/97 ONE
Helou, Charles 1/8/01 HDR
Helton, Arlus Roy 12/6/97 HDR
Helton, Arthur 8/22/03 HDR
Helton, Beatrice Volenia Jones  12/13/03 HDR
Helton, Bennie E.  3/9/02 HDR
Helton, Bertha L. Danner  12/30/95 HDR
Helton, Bertha P.  1/14/93 HDR
Helton, Bertha Pope  1/15/93 HDR
Helton, Blanche S.  8/17/96 HDR
Helton, Bobby Thomas 3/13/05 HDR
Helton, Cathleen Whisnant 2/26/00 HDR
Helton, Charles Franklin  10/7/03 HDR
Helton, Clarence Ernest 1/23/05 HDR
Helton, Clifford Troy 5/23/94 ONE
Helton, Clifford Troy (veteran) 5/23/94 HDR
Helton, Clyde Franklin 9/4/94 HDR
Helton, Clyde Franklin  9/5/94 ONE
Helton, Clyde Obern 2/4/96 HDR
Helton, Clyde Obern  2/3/96 HDR
Helton, Clyde Obern  2/5/96 HDR
Helton, Clyde V.  9/20/96 HDR
Helton, Dillie Smith  12/15/03 HDR
Helton, Doris  12/10/03 HDR
Helton, Ellen Aileen 4/1/98 HDR
Helton, Esther Eva Bolick 3/13/98 HDR
Helton, Eva  11/3/93 HDR
Helton, Eva Whittington 11/4/93 HDR
Helton, Fannie Mae Prestwood 12/13/05 HDR
Helton, Frank Augusta  7/30/01 HDR
Helton, Fred T. 3/18/97 HDR
Helton, Fred William 7/8/00 HDR
Helton, George Armon 10/28/97 ONE
Helton, George Armon  10/28/97 HDR
Helton, Georgia "Faye"  11/11/95 HDR
Helton, Grace Inez Bumgarner 3/14/01 HDR
Helton, Horace 3/18/98 HDR
Helton, James Calvin  9/22/05 HDR
Helton, James Howard Jr. 10/4/00 HDR
Helton, James Howard Jr. 10/4/00 ONE
Helton, Jeremy Lee  8/29/96 HDR
Helton, Jerry Fred 2/7/96 HDR
Helton, Johnny Ray Sr. 7/15/05 HDR
Helton, Juanita Joyce  3/15/01 HDR
Helton, Lenora Harper 10/9/00 HDR
Helton, Lenora Harper  10/9/00 ONE
Helton, Leona Bumgarner 5/19/03 HDR
Helton, Leona Bumgarner 5/19/03 ONE
Helton, Lois   3/10/93 HDR
Helton, Lois Frye 1/4/96 HDR
Helton, Lois Woodward  3/11/93 HDR
Helton, Mary Elizabeth Summers 8/29/97 HDR
Helton, Mary Elizabeth Summers 8/29/97 ONE
Helton, Maynard C.  (veteran) 5/9/94 HDR
Helton, N. Sue Franklin  9/15/01 HDR
Helton, Naomi Ford Bean 12/18/97 HDR
Helton, Nellie Mae Burgess 6/11/03 HDR
Helton, Nellie Mae Burgess 6/11/03 ONE
Helton, Paul Andrew 3/31/94 HDR
Helton, Paul Andrew 4/1/94 HDR
Helton, Paul Richard 8/30/96 ONE
Helton, Paul Richard  8/30/96 HDR
Helton, Preston Huit 1/12/00 HDR
Helton, Ralph Andrew  4/20/93 HDR
Helton, Richard Eugene "Dickie" 9/10/93 HDR
Helton, Rosa Lee Sigmon 11/24/02 HDR
Helton, Ruby Cline 11/21/98 HDR
Helton, Ruby Cline  11/20/98 ONE
Helton, Ruth S.  1/24/05 HDR
Helton, Ruth Smith 1/26/05 HDR
Helton, Sallie Holder  3/30/93 HDR
Helton, Teresa Beatty  10/10/03 HDR
Helton, Teresa Johnson  3/31/95 HDR
Helton, Toye Keller 11/10/94 HDR
Helton, Vada Walker 3/26/99 HDR
Helton, Walter J.  2/22/05 HDR
Helton, William Douglas 12/11/99 HDR
Heltzer, Harry  9/23/05 HDR
Hem, John David (chemist) 1/1/95 HDR
Hembree, Walter James 11/9/03 HDR
Hemby, Junious C. 1/17/98 HDR
Hemby, Mary Eva Erwin  1/14/05 HDR
Hemingway, Gregory 10/5/01 HDR
Hemmeter, Chris (developer) 11/30/03 HDR
Hemmings, Annice Marshall “Ann” 8/25/00 HDR
Hemmings, Lewis J. "Pop" 4/6/94 HDR
Hemmings, Vannie K. Short 4/2/98 HDR
Hempelmann, Louis H. (radiation biology authority) 7/1/93 HDR
Hemphill, Anne Pauline “Polly” Honeycutt  8/30/02 HDR
Hemphill, Betty Williams 12/11/97 HDR
Hemphill, George Franklin 5/21/05 HDR
Hemphill, George Franklin 5/23/05 ONE
Hemphill, Gertie Louise (singer) 12/28/99 HDR
Hemphill, Hazel Williams  7/24/03 HDR
Hemphill, Helen Bell 1/21/99 HDR
Hemphill, Helen Bell 1/20/99 HDR
Hemphill, James B. Jr. 3/18/99 HDR
Hemphill, Kathleen Dantzler 10/3/94 HDR
Hemphill, Ruth Wylie  6/29/93 HDR
Hemphill, Ruth Wylie  6/30/93 HDR
Hemphill, Samuel Mills 5/31/01 HDR
Hemphill, Shirley (actress) 12/20/99 HDR
Hemphill, William Hennessee "Bill" (Deputy Sheriff ) 4/21/02 HDR
Henchey, Susan "Janie" McKenzie  12/7/05 HDR
Henchey, Susan "Janie" McKenzie  12/6/05 ONE
Henchey, Susan "Janie" McKenzie  12/7/05 ONE
Hencken, Thalassa Cruso 7/5/97 HDR
Henderson, Aldis C. Jr. 2/18/99 HDR
Henderson, Carol Jean "Penny" Emery 11/21/97 HDR
Henderson, Carol Jean "Penny" Emery 11/21/97 ONE
Henderson, Charles  8/6/01 HDR
Henderson, Diane  8/7/97 HDR
Henderson, Eva Coffey 6/10/02 ONE
Henderson, Eva Coffey  6/9/02 HDR
Henderson, Eva Coffey  6/10/02 HDR
Henderson, Gertrude Cogdill 11/13/05 HDR
Henderson, Jack 6/26/00 ONE
Henderson, Jack  6/25/00 HDR
Henderson, James Daniel 9/14/97 HDR
Henderson, James E.  2/10/93 HDR
Henderson, James Earl 2/11/93 HDR
Henderson, James Preston 5/13/98 HDR
Henderson, James Preston "J.P." 5/14/98 HDR
Henderson, Joe (jazz musician) 7/5/01 HDR
Henderson, John (judge & Congressman) 12/7/94 ONE
Henderson, John (judge) 12/6/94 HDR
Henderson, John Frank  7/30/97 HDR
Henderson, Junie Newton Hudson  11/28/96 HDR
Henderson, Kenneth Wayne 12/6/05 HDR
Henderson, Lillian Ford 4/3/00 ONE
Henderson, Lillian Ford  4/1/00 HDR
Henderson, Marc Allen 9/24/98 HDR
Henderson, Mary White Moore 1/29/95 HDR
Henderson, Neca Withers 1/24/94 HDR
Henderson, Ora Simpson 6/30/96 HDR
Henderson, Ora Simpson Hollar 7/1/96 HDR
Henderson, P.P. 3/4/94 HDR
Henderson, Patsy Mullen 3/18/94 HDR
Henderson, Patsy Mullen 3/19/94 HDR
Henderson, Pearson P. 3/3/94 HDR
Henderson, R. J.  10/28/96 HDR
Henderson, Robert E. Sr. 5/25/01 HDR
Henderson, Robert E. Sr. 5/26/01 HDR
Henderson, Ronda M. 9/21/99 HDR
Henderson, Skitch (conductor) 11/3/05 HDR
Henderson, Valentine Hartwell 4/9/01 ONE
Henderson, Valentine Hartwell  4/9/01 HDR
Henderson, Van 9/30/98 HDR
Henderson, William Thomas Jr.  10/8/05 HDR
Henderson, William Thomas Jr.  10/10/05 HDR
Hendley, Robert M. "Hi-John" Sr.  11/3/93 HDR
Hendley, Robert M. "Hi-John" Sr.  11/4/93 HDR
Hendren, Arcola Louise Wilson 12/2/97 ONE
Hendren, Arcola Louise Wilson Mrs. 12/1/97 HDR
Hendren, Cleo Meadows 3/12/98 HDR
Hendren, Edgar Vane  5/26/96 HDR
Hendren, Edward Jack 8/18/96 HDR
Hendren, Genoa Keever  10/26/97 HDR
Hendren, Glenn Josiah  12/10/96 HDR
Hendren, Grayden E.  11/30/03 HDR
Hendren, Harold Ralph 10/27/00 HDR
Hendren, Josiah Glenn 12/11/96 HDR
Hendren, Linda Sue 9/17/98 HDR
Hendren, Linda Sue  9/16/98 ONE
Hendren, Willie Johnson 3/17/01 HDR
Hendrick, C. S. 3/21/01 HDR
Hendrick, Clyde 5/14/99 ONE
Hendrick, Clyde 5/15/99 HDR
Hendrick, Dale  2/4/04 ONE
Hendrick, Frank Gamble 10/4/95 ONE
Hendrick, Frank Gamble  10/4/95 HDR
Hendrick, Fred  1/22/99 HDR
Hendrick, Jake  8/29/95 ONE
Hendrick, Jake  8/29/95 HDR
Hendrick, John Hendry 4/28/05 HDR
Hendrick, Maggie Iris Rhoney  9/8/96 HDR
Hendrick, Mattie Elizabeth 4/20/97 HDR
Hendrick, Mattie Elizabeth 4/21/97 ONE
Hendrick, Nannie Catherine Campbell 11/22/04 ONE
Hendrick, Percy Lee  2/4/03 HDR
Hendrick, Percy Lee  2/3/03 ONE
Hendricks, Andrew Caleb (infant) 12/8/02 HDR
Hendricks, C. T. 9/24/97 HDR
Hendricks, C.T. 9/23/97 ONE
Hendricks, Carl Thomas "C.T." 9/25/97 HDR
Hendricks, Carl Thomas "C.T." Jr. 9/24/97 HDR
Hendricks, Carl Thomas "C.T." Jr. 9/24/97 ONE
Hendricks, Elizabeth Ann 11/17/03 ONE
Hendricks, Elizabeth Ann (infant) 11/14/03 HDR
Hendricks, Mary Catherine  5/29/99 HDR
Hendricks, Mary Ruth Williams 12/14/95 ONE
Hendricks, Mary Ruth Williams  12/14/95 HDR
Hendricks, Mary Ruth Williams  12/15/95 HDR
Hendricks, Robert Alvin  12/25/00 HDR
Hendricks, Shirley Ann Alcorn 8/5/05 HDR
Hendricks, Shirley Ann Alcorn 8/5/05 ONE
Hendrickson, Betty Alice Waltz 7/6/05 HDR
Hendrickson, Maedean Effler  3/13/03 HDR
Hendrix, Alma Eller 4/7/00 HDR
Hendrix, Alma Eller 4/7/00 ONE
Hendrix, Arvin Wayne  4/19/02 HDR
Hendrix, Bernard M. 4/19/00 HDR
Hendrix, Bernard M. 4/19/00 ONE
Hendrix, Bertha Correll 4/1/97 HDR
Hendrix, Blaine Haldane "Chuck" 3/16/05 HDR
Hendrix, Charles Cowles 4/11/97 HDR
Hendrix, Clyde Eugene 7/8/96 ONE
Hendrix, Clyde Eugene  7/8/96 HDR
Hendrix, Dorothy Evelyn 10/11/03 HDR
Hendrix, Dorothy Evelyn 10/13/03 ONE
Hendrix, Eddie Joe "Chuck" 1/31/01 HDR
Hendrix, Everette Wilson 1/30/97 HDR
Hendrix, Frankie Frye 3/25/05 HDR
Hendrix, Gail Holloman 9/14/05 HDR
Hendrix, Gaither Glen Sr. 2/22/03 HDR
Hendrix, Gaither Quinton  6/28/02 HDR
Hendrix, George Grady 5/17/98 HDR
Hendrix, George Winfred  2/11/95 HDR
Hendrix, Gina Maria  8/7/94 HDR
Hendrix, Helen Darlene  8/3/03 HDR
Hendrix, Howard Hastings 4/4/98 HDR
Hendrix, Hugh  7/16/02 HDR
Hendrix, Ina Minton  9/18/96 HDR
Hendrix, J. Turner 8/27/99 HDR
Hendrix, Jack Edward Sr. 12/25/98 HDR
Hendrix, Jack Edward Sr. 12/27/98 HDR
Hendrix, James A.  3/2/96 HDR
Hendrix, Jimmy Lee 5/19/99 HDR
Hendrix, Joe Hardin 7/2/99 HDR
Hendrix, Joe W.  5/26/94 ONE
Hendrix, Joe W. (veteran) 5/26/94 HDR
Hendrix, John Gordon 4/11/94 HDR
Hendrix, Joshua Michael  1/3/95 HDR
Hendrix, Joyce Wilson 8/21/03 HDR
Hendrix, Katherine  8/10/01 ONE
Hendrix, Katherine Louise Trim 8/11/01 HDR
Hendrix, Kevin Shaun  11/12/94 HDR
Hendrix, Leon  8/10/95 HDR
Hendrix, Leona Hull LaFond  11/8/95 ONE
Hendrix, Leona Hull LaFond  11/10/95 HDR
Hendrix, Lola Hoke  5/9/94 ONE
Hendrix, Lola Hoke  5/8/94 HDR
Hendrix, M. Lynn 7/10/97 HDR
Hendrix, M. Lynn 7/9/97 ONE
Hendrix, Margaret Sarah Bradley  2/16/02 HDR
Hendrix, Marilyn Craig  3/27/95 ONE
Hendrix, Marilyn Craig  3/25/95 HDR
Hendrix, Ned 5/9/97 HDR
Hendrix, Pauline A. 10/5/05 ONE
Hendrix, Pauline A. 10/6/05 ONE
Hendrix, Pauline A.  10/6/05 HDR
Hendrix, Pearl 7/31/99 HDR
Hendrix, Raymond Alonda 7/20/98 ONE
Hendrix, Raymond Alonda 7/20/98 HDR
Hendrix, Richard "Dick" Crisp 4/25/96 HDR
Hendrix, Spencer Isaac  4/10/05 HDR
Hendrix, Versie Hamby Mrs. 11/27/05 HDR
Hendrix, Wayne Morris 9/26/98 HDR
Hendrix, Wayne Morris  9/24/98 HDR
Hendrix, William Austin 11/1/98 HDR
Hendrix, William Austin "Bill" 11/2/98 ONE
Hendrix, William Austin "Bill" 11/2/98 HDR
Hendrix, William Mack "Bill" 7/7/99 ONE
Hendrix, William Mack "Bill" 7/7/99 HDR
Hengen, Bill (editor) 11/25/03 HDR
Henkel, Charles Levelle  2/20/95 HDR
Henkel, Gladys Mae 3/3/98 HDR
Henkel, Margaret Moore 8/31/98 HDR
Henley, Boyce Irving 6/13/00 HDR
Henley, Boyce Irving 6/12/00 ONE
Henley, Charles Gibbs Sr. 8/17/01 HDR
Henley, Charles Gibbs Sr.  8/11/01 HDR
Henley, Donald Wesley 7/25/98 HDR
Henley, Franklin Jr.  3/6/03 HDR
Henley, George Stewart 8/26/02 ONE
Henley, George Stewart  8/25/02 HDR
Henley, George Stewart  8/26/02 HDR
Henley, Larry Eugene 6/24/02 ONE
Henley, Marie Whisnant 7/23/98 HDR
Henley, Rebecca Patterson 12/30/99 HDR
Henley, Rhyne Baxter 3/1/96 HDR
Henley, Rose Barringer 10/5/01 ONE
Henley, Rose Barringer 10/5/01 HDR
Henley, S. Aleen 8/10/03 HDR
Henley, S. Aleen 8/12/03 ONE
Henley, Velma Sigmon 5/3/95 HDR
Henley, Velma Sloan  5/2/95 HDR
Henley, William "Bill" Taft 6/24/02 ONE
Henley, William "Bill" Taft 6/25/02 ONE
Henley, William “Bill” Taft  6/25/02 HDR
Henline, Gertrude Forga  3/31/97 HDR
Henline, Michael E. "Mike"  11/7/95 HDR
Henline, Michael Eugene 11/6/95 HDR
Henline, Velma Sue Wilkerson 1/14/94 ONE
Henline, Velma Sue Wilkerson 1/14/94 HDR
Henline, Velma Sue Wilkerson 1/15/94 HDR
Henneberger, Kay Dalton 4/8/00 HDR
Henneforth, Barbara Jensen 6/22/04 ONE
Hennessee, Albert Deal  6/17/94 HDR
Hennessee, Dewey Wakefield 6/5/98 HDR
Hennessee, Estelle  12/5/94 HDR
Hennessee, Estelle Sarah Smith 12/6/94 HDR
Hennessee, Fred Lee 3/29/97 HDR
Hennessee, James Patrick Jr. (veteran) 5/27/94 HDR
Hennessee, Mary Louise Rose 2/19/00 HDR
Hennessee, Michael Robert 11/1/99 HDR
Hennessee, Nell Augusta  10/8/93 HDR
Hennessee, Ovia Roberts 2/1/00 HDR
Hennessee, Paul Edward 1/17/97 HDR
Hennessee, Roger Lee (veteran) 2/10/94 HDR
Hennessee, Ruth 7/12/93 HDR
Hennessee, Ruth Cook 7/15/93 HDR
Hennessee, Walter Thomas "Walt" (veteran) 5/22/94 HDR
Henning, Edward Burk 4/20/93 HDR
Henning, Phyllis Gertrude (co-owner of Alaska magazine)  7/5/95 HDR
Henriquez, Raul Silva Cardinal 4/12/99 HDR
Henrix, Betty Jo Yoder  2/20/01 HDR
Henroit, Nicole (pianist) 2/6/01 HDR
Henry, Aaron E. 5/21/97 HDR
Henry, Aaron E. 5/22/97 HDR
Henry, Atlanta  12/15/94 HDR
Henry, Atlanta Lawing 12/16/94 ONE
Henry, Atlanta Lawing  12/16/94 HDR
Henry, Billy Ray Jr. 11/4/98 HDR
Henry, Bruce Eugene  2/3/04 ONE
Henry, Camille (hockey player) 9/14/97 HDR
Henry, Claudette 5/5/99 HDR
Henry, Deondre  12/9/00 HDR
Henry, Deondre  12/7/00 ONE
Henry, Deondre  12/8/00 ONE
Henry, Emmet J.  10/16/03 ONE
Henry, Emmet J. The Rev. 10/16/03 HDR
Henry, Etta Jane 10/28/94 HDR
Henry, Etta Jane  10/28/94 ONE
Henry, Francis Melbourne  10/9/02 ONE
Henry, Francis Melbourne  10/10/02 HDR
Henry, Fred  8/15/96 HDR
Henry, Gerrit (poet/art critic) 5/13/03 HDR
Henry, Jessie Lynch 8/13/93 HDR
Henry, Jessie Lynch Mrs.  8/13/93 ONE
Henry, Johnsie Minerva Yount 1/16/00 HDR
Henry, Johnsie Yount 1/14/00 ONE
Henry, Kathleen Cornwell 3/4/05 HDR
Henry, Kathleen Cornwell 3/4/05 ONE
Henry, Lois Nance 5/19/03 ONE
Henry, Lois Nance  5/18/03 HDR
Henry, Margaret Ballew "Margie" 8/29/98 HDR
Henry, Margaret Gibbs Whitener 2/26/93 HDR
Henry, Margaret Gibbs Whitener 2/28/93 HDR
Henry, Molley Jolley 5/18/00 HDR
Henry, Nina G.  7/24/03 HDR
Henry, Nina G.  7/22/03 ONE
Henry, Nina G.  7/23/03 ONE
Henry, Paul E. 12/28/98 ONE
Henry, Paul E. 12/29/98 HDR
Henry, Paul E. 12/30/98 HDR
Henry, Phillip Carl 3/27/02 ONE
Henry, Phillip Carl  3/26/02 ONE
Henry, Phillip Carl  3/27/02 HDR
Henry, Raymond C. 4/4/96 HDR
Henry, Vickie Melissa "Sissy" 5/19/99 ONE
Henry, Vickie Melissa "Sissy" 5/17/99 ONE
Henry, Vickie Melissa "Sissy" 5/19/99 HDR
Henry, Virginia "Red" Walker  4/28/95 HDR
Henry, Walter "Ken"  10/18/94 HDR
Henry, Walter "Wally" David Sr. 5/3/04 ONE
Henry, Walter K. "Ken"  10/17/94 HDR
Henry, Walter K. (Ken) 10/17/94 ONE
Henry, Walter Kenneth (Ken) 10/18/94 ONE
Henry, William A. III (drama critic) 6/29/94 HDR
Henry, Willie "Weasel" Junior  1/21/93 HDR
Henry, Willie Jr. 1/20/93 ONE
Henry, Willie Jr. 1/20/93 HDR
Henschel, Milton (Jehovah's Witnesses) 3/31/03 HDR
Hensley, Charles A.  4/27/93 HDR
Hensley, Charles A.  4/29/93 HDR
Hensley, Edith Evelyn Peek  8/20/01 HDR
Hensley, Eric  3/12/05 HDR
Hensley, Frank 4/22/94 HDR
Hensley, Frank Kenneth  (retired Air Force) 4/23/94 HDR
Hensley, Hilda 12/13/98 HDR
Hensley, Hilda Marie 12/22/05 HDR
Hensley, James Albert "Ab"  2/21/93 HDR
Hensley, James William 3/9/05 HDR
Hensley, Kathryn Dodd 5/23/99 HDR
Hensley, Lucille McMahan  2/11/96 HDR
Hensley, Mae  7/6/95 HDR
Hensley, Nellie B. 4/12/99 HDR
Hensley, Rita Faye  6/18/04 ONE
Hensley, Roe William  3/2/01 HDR
Hensley, Ronald Eugene 6/26/96 HDR
Hensley, Traci Mise 10/5/01 ONE
Hensley, Traci Mise  10/6/01 HDR
Henson, Alice Owenby 12/22/99 HDR
Henson, Charles Thomas 9/25/95 ONE
Henson, Charles Thomas 9/24/95 HDR
Henson, Clyde  10/27/94 HDR
Henson, Clyde Calvin  10/28/94 HDR
Henson, Eva Weatherman 2/15/95 HDR
Henson, Jimmy Franklin  3/5/03 HDR
Henson, Joe Allen  11/11/97 HDR
Henson, Larry "Pete"  4/13/01 HDR
Henson, Larry Eugene 6/24/02 ONE
Henson, Larry Eugene 6/25/02 ONE
Henson, Larry Eugene  6/25/02 HDR
Henson, Lucille Sherrill 10/3/03 HDR
Henson, Lucille Sherrill 10/3/03 ONE
Henson, Lunette Clanton 6/8/95 HDR
Henson, Mac Alan 12/3/98 HDR
Henson, Mamie Odessia Sanders  4/16/02 HDR
Henson, Maria Rosa  8/21/97 HDR
Henson, Morris Lee "Bud" 1/14/01 HDR
Henson, Pauline Rebecca  1/16/02 ONE
Henson, Pauline Rebecca  1/16/02 HDR
Henson, Polly Elizabeth 1/9/98 HDR
Henson, Ronald M. Jr. The Rev. 7/23/03 HDR
Henson, Thomas Lawson 2/12/00 HDR
Henson, Thomas Lawson 2/14/00 ONE
Henson, Walter Lee 11/19/93 HDR
Henson, Wilbur Lee 1/6/05 HDR
Hentscher, Robert C.  3/15/03 HDR
Hentscher, Robert C.  3/16/03 HDR
Hentscher, Robert C.  3/17/03 ONE
Hentzen, Bob 3/20/00 HDR
Hepburn, Audrey (Page 9D)  1/21/93 HDR
Hepburn, Mary J. 12/29/96 HDR
Hepburn, Mary J.  12/30/96 HDR
Hepburn, Richard H. 10/22/00 HDR
Hepler, Charles D. (publisher) 5/25/93 HDR
Hepler, Gertie Lenora Wooten  4/16/97 HDR
Hepler, Maude Wilma Crisp Sigmon 10/28/98 HDR
Hepler, Roy Tate  10/16/00 HDR
Her, Chong  9/29/02 HDR
Her, Kha 5/21/98 ONE
Her, Kha 5/21/98 HDR
Her, Khong  5/18/94 HDR
Her, Mai  8/22/02 ONE
Her, Mai  8/22/02 HDR
Herald, Brudie Callie 7/1/97 HDR
Herald, Hettie Cloe Killian  7/28/00 HDR
Herald, Mary Alice Causby  3/12/03 HDR
Herald, Mary Lucille 11/27/01 HDR
Herald, Stuart Ellis 6/23/94 HDR
Herald, Teresa Marie Frady  1/24/02 ONE
Herald, Teresa Marie Frady  1/24/02 HDR
Herbat, Ray 2/9/98 HDR
Herbaugh, Sharon (AP correspondent)  4/17/93 HDR
Herbert, Bob 8/13/99 HDR
Herbert, Dick 3/12/96 ONE
Herbert, Jimmy (track star) 10/27/97 HDR
Herbert, Sharon L. 3/31/04 ONE
Herchenroeder, John (newspaperman) 10/11/94 HDR
Herig, Charles John 4/11/96 HDR
Herion, John D. (Page 6A) 9/26/94 HDR
Herkimer, Dorothy Brown (a founder of National Cheerleaders Association) 1/8/93 HDR
Herlihy, James Leo (author) 10/22/93 HDR
Herlihy, James Leo (author) 10/24/93 HDR
Herman, Ada Lou Pennell 2/21/99 HDR
Herman, Ada Lou Pennell 2/22/99 HDR
Herman, Albert Junior “Buster”  10/23/00 HDR
Herman, Alma T. 6/30/98 HDR
Herman, Amy Baldwin (Page 1) 3/16/95 ONE
Herman, Amy Beth Baldwin  3/16/95 ONE
Herman, Amy Beth Baldwin  3/16/95 HDR
Herman, Amy Shook  1/21/02 HDR
Herman, Anne Alice 5/18/00 HDR
Herman, Annie Catherine Lutz 7/30/94 HDR
Herman, Annie Katherin Lutz 8/1/94 ONE
Herman, Avis Arabelle  8/10/04 ONE
Herman, Avis Arabelle  8/12/04 ONE
Herman, Beatrice Long 4/15/97 HDR
Herman, Beatrice Long 4/15/97 ONE
Herman, Bertha Johnson 1/9/97 HDR
Herman, Bessie Laura Huffman 5/18/98 ONE
Herman, Bessie Laura Huffman 5/16/98 HDR
Herman, Betty Freeman 7/7/01 HDR
Herman, Betty J. 3/23/00 HDR
Herman, Betty Jean 11/7/00 HDR
Herman, Betty Jean 11/7/00 ONE
Herman, Billy Eugene 11/20/95 HDR
Herman, Brenda Lee 11/11/05 ONE
Herman, Brenda Lee  11/12/05 HDR
Herman, Carl 3/8/93 HDR
Herman, Carl Lee "Toon" 3/9/93 HDR
Herman, Cecil O. "Pinch" 2/13/05 HDR
Herman, Charles Keith 12/22/93 HDR
Herman, Charles W.  6/26/96 HDR
Herman, Charlotte McFaye "Mackie" Huffman 11/18/98 ONE
Herman, Charlotte McFaye Huffman "Mackie" 11/18/98 HDR
Herman, Clara Marie Lail 4/3/01 HDR
Herman, Clyde 3/3/02 HDR
Herman, Clyde Lee  3/4/02 ONE
Herman, Clyde Lee  3/4/02 HDR
Herman, Cora Hollar  12/27/96 HDR
Herman, Cullen Lemarr  6/9/97 HDR
Herman, Daisy Loftin 1/7/94 HDR
Herman, Daisy Margaret Speagle 10/7/05 HDR
Herman, Dale Edward 9/19/96 ONE
Herman, Dale Edward  9/19/96 HDR
Herman, Darvin Julius "Babe"  (veteran) 5/12/94 HDR
Herman, Donald Ray 9/29/02 HDR
Herman, Donald Ray  9/30/02 HDR
Herman, Donald Wayne 2/19/05 HDR
Herman, Donnie Lee 9/25/01 HDR
Herman, Dorothy 1/8/02 ONE
Herman, Dorothy  1/9/02 HDR
Herman, Dorothy B. 1/9/02 ONE
Herman, Dorothy B.  1/10/02 HDR
Herman, Edith Louise  10/15/96 ONE
Herman, Edith Louise Huffman 10/16/96 HDR
Herman, Edith Louise Huffman 10/16/96 ONE
Herman, Edna Mae 1/24/98 HDR
Herman, Elsie Griffin 9/26/94 HDR
Herman, Elsie Griffin 9/27/94 HDR
Herman, Elsie Mary  2/7/01 HDR
Herman, Emma Gilbert 8/22/03 ONE
Herman, Emma Gilbert  8/22/03 HDR
Herman, Emmett Osville 3/7/94 ONE
Herman, Emmett Osville (veteran) 3/7/94 HDR
Herman, Eula Mae Walker  3/15/02 HDR
Herman, Eula Mae Walker  3/16/02 HDR
Herman, Eula Mae Walker  3/17/02 HDR
Herman, Everette Eugene 10/31/94 ONE
Herman, Everette Eugene 10/30/94 HDR
Herman, Everette Eugene 10/31/94 HDR
Herman, Everette Eugene 11/1/94 HDR
Herman, Floyd L. Sr.  2/19/95 HDR
Herman, Floyd Ladell Jr. 8/23/01 ONE
Herman, Floyd Ladell Jr. 8/23/01 HDR
Herman, Floyd Ladell Sr. 2/20/95 ONE
Herman, Franklin D. "Sonny" 12/12/97 HDR
Herman, Franklin D. "Sonny" (Page 1) 12/12/97 ONE
Herman, Gary (producer/director) 3/17/01 HDR
Herman, George (reporter) 2/14/05 HDR
Herman, Geraldine Daniels 2/22/05 HDR
Herman, Grover Roscoe 6/16/99 ONE
Herman, Grover Roscoe 6/15/99 ONE
Herman, Grover Roscoe 6/16/99 HDR
Herman, Guiula Verie "Sis"  7/31/95 HDR
Herman, Guiula Verie "Sis"  8/1/95 HDR
Herman, Guy E. Sr.  3/6/03 HDR
Herman, Harold Dixon 4/2/97 ONE
Herman, Harold Dixon  4/2/97 HDR
Herman, Harold Eugene 5/24/05 HDR
Herman, Hazel Elizabeth  7/23/94 HDR
Herman, Hazel Elizabeth  7/24/94 HDR
Herman, Hettie Frances Parker 3/29/00 HDR
Herman, Hettie Frances Parker 3/28/00 HDR
Herman, Howard Columbus 12/31/93 HDR
Herman, Ila Benfield  6/27/94 HDR
Herman, James Lamond  3/13/03 HDR
Herman, John Clifford 5/29/99 HDR
Herman, John Emery  5/8/93 HDR
Herman, Johnson Oliver  8/15/94 HDR
Herman, Johnson Oliver  8/16/94 HDR
Herman, Katie E. 1/30/97 HDR
Herman, Laura Curtis 12/3/03 HDR
Herman, Laura Curtis  12/2/03 ONE
Herman, Laura Lula Lail 2/22/94 HDR
Herman, Lawrence Alvin "Larry" Jr. 6/12/00 HDR
Herman, Lester Albert 3/21/95 HDR
Herman, Lewis Edgar Sr. 9/12/02 HDR
Herman, Lillie Benfield  5/10/97 HDR
Herman, Lois Townsend 1/14/05 HDR
Herman, Lois Townsend 8/19/99 HDR
Herman, Lonnie Winfred 6/2/99 HDR
Herman, Loretta Jane  9/25/05 HDR
Herman, Loretta June  9/26/05 HDR
Herman, Louise Hawkins  9/23/96 HDR
Herman, Luella Fox 6/16/05 HDR
Herman, Maggie C.  12/11/95 HDR
Herman, Martha Elizabeth  7/21/97 HDR
Herman, Mary Alice Leonhardt  10/7/01 HDR
Herman, Mary Jo Sayles 4/11/99 HDR
Herman, Mary Lee Huffman 2/3/00 HDR
Herman, Mary Lee Huffman 2/2/00 HDR
Herman, Mary Lou "Snookie" Sherrill 8/11/04 ONE
Herman, Mary Sue Daniels 7/31/03 HDR
Herman, Mary Sue Marlow  5/27/04 ONE
Herman, Mildred Hefner 5/10/93 HDR
Herman, Mildred Hefner Mrs.  5/10/93 ONE
Herman, Murney Eugene  5/5/03 HDR
Herman, Myrtle Lea Spencer  3/26/02 ONE
Herman, Myrtle Lea Spencer  3/26/02 HDR
Herman, Myrtle Lea Spencer  3/27/02 HDR
Herman, Nanon Beatty 12/1/97 ONE
Herman, Nanon Beatty  11/30/97 HDR
Herman, Nanon Beatty  12/1/97 HDR
Herman, Nina Mae Kaylor 4/14/96 HDR
Herman, Noah  1/24/95 HDR
Herman, Noah Adam  9/16/03 HDR
Herman, Noah McCoy  1/25/95 HDR
Herman, Norma Gabriel 6/19/99 HDR
Herman, Norma Gabriel  6/18/99 ONE
Herman, Norris Wayne 3/27/98 HDR
Herman, Novella Watson 7/2/03 HDR
Herman, Otis Lee 4/25/97 HDR
Herman, Pauline H.  12/23/03 HDR
Herman, Rachel Louise Shoun 11/12/97 HDR
Herman, Rachel Louise Shoun  11/11/97 HDR
Herman, Rachel Virginia Davis 9/16/05 HDR
Herman, Ralph Eugene  2/20/05 HDR
Herman, Ralph Junior  3/30/97 HDR
Herman, Ray Carrol 2/7/99 HDR
Herman, Ray Carroll 2/8/99 ONE
Herman, Ray Lefate 10/5/05 HDR
Herman, Ray Wilson 12/10/97 HDR
Herman, Richard  2/28/97 HDR
Herman, Richard Michael "Mike"  6/13/95 HDR
Herman, Robert 2/24/97 HDR
Herman, Robert 1/19/04 ONE
Herman, Robert Edward "Rob" Jr. 4/26/93 ONE
Herman, Robert Edward "Rob" Jr.  4/25/93 HDR
Herman, Robert G.  1/20/96 HDR
Herman, Robert Lee  1/21/04 ONE
Herman, Robert Lester  2/27/03 HDR
Herman, Robert Louis 8/4/98 HDR
Herman, Robert Louis 8/5/98 HDR
Herman, Robert Louis  8/4/98 ONE
Herman, Ruby Kelley 10/26/94 HDR
Herman, Ruby Kelley 10/27/94 HDR
Herman, Ruth G. Klaver 5/19/03 HDR
Herman, Ruth Jemina Reese 9/29/98 HDR
Herman, Sam Blackburn 10/10/01 HDR
Herman, Sam Blackburn  10/9/01 HDR
Herman, Sam Jones 4/29/00 HDR
Herman, Sam L. 2/24/96 HDR
Herman, Samuel Herbert "Sammy" (xylophone player) 4/25/95 HDR
Herman, Sarah Curlee  4/4/95 HDR
Herman, Sarah Curlee  4/6/95 HDR
Herman, Sarah Inez Arney 7/22/97 HDR
Herman, Shannon "Sha Sha" Michelle  2/25/04 ONE
Herman, Shannon "Sha Sha" Michelle  2/26/04 ONE
Herman, Shannon "Sha Sha" Michelle  2/27/04 ONE
Herman, Sharon Lynn Stephens 7/16/96 ONE
Herman, Sharon Lynn Stephens  7/16/96 HDR
Herman, Summer Lee 8/24/97 HDR
Herman, Tony Howard 5/23/00 ONE
Herman, Tony Howard 5/22/00 ONE
Herman, Tony Howard  5/23/00 HDR
Herman, Travis Wilson "Cowboy"  8/18/93 HDR
Herman, Troy Ransom 12/14/01 HDR
Herman, Vallie Irene Killian 2/15/94 HDR
Herman, Vallie Irene Killian 2/16/94 HDR
Herman, Vallie Irene Killian  2/16/94 ONE
Herman, Veda White 10/13/04 ONE
Herman, Veda White 10/14/04 ONE
Herman, Vernon E.  1/27/95 HDR
Herman, Viola Costner 9/18/96 HDR
Herman, Virginia "Jenny" Craig 4/6/00 HDR
Herman, Wanda Mae Bolick 1/7/05 HDR
Herman, Wayne Allen  1/25/02 HDR
Herman, Wilburn 2/27/97 HDR
Herman, Wilburn 2/27/97 ONE
Herman, William McKinley Jr. 1/12/96 HDR
Herman, Willie L. "Billie" Mrs.  12/3/03 HDR
Herman, Willie Lou Goodnight 11/21/00 HDR
Herman, Willie Lou Goodnight Mrs. 11/20/00 ONE
Herman, Wilma Christine 8/11/97 HDR
Herman, Winters J. "Jen" Sr. 1/8/97 HDR
Herman, Winters Jennings 1/7/97 HDR
Herman, Wortha M. 1/20/98 HDR
Herman, Zelda Sue  7/21/05 HDR
Herman, Zetta Geneva 8/9/96 HDR
Herman, Zetta Geneva  8/10/96 HDR
Hermann, Cleve 1/3/99 HDR
Hermier, Guy 8/1/01 HDR
Hern, Ann Long Mrs.  12/5/03 HDR
Hern, Jean 12/17/02 HDR
Hernady, Martin Rev. 1/26/00 HDR
Hernandez, Angie Perez 10/19/03 HDR
Hernandez, Erasmo G. 2/24/96 HDR
Hernandez, Erasmo Grimaldo 2/25/96 HDR
Hernandez, Erasmo Grimaldo  2/26/96 ONE
Hernandez, Ferd (boxer) 7/21/96 HDR
Hernandez, Junior 2/6/98 HDR
Hernandez, Leonardo (Page 6A) 11/29/98 HDR
Hernandez, Leonila Yanez (Page 7A) 7/1/94 HDR
Hernandez, Maria Antonia Serrano (Page 3D) 12/26/98 HDR
Hernandez, Pedro 5/20/96 ONE
Hernandez, Pedro Lopez 5/21/96 ONE
Hernandez, Pedro Lopez 5/22/96 ONE
Hernandez, Pedro Lopez  5/22/96 HDR
Hernandez, Roberto Castro 6/24/99 HDR
Hernandez, Sotera Villeda 12/15/00 HDR
Hernandez, Sotera Villeda 12/14/00 ONE
Hernandez, Sotera Villeda (Page 1) 12/13/00 ONE
Hernandez-Cisneros, Jesus  9/20/02 ONE
Hernandez-Cisneros, Jesus  (infant) 9/20/02 HDR
Herndon, Elizabeth Webber 11/20/03 HDR
Herndon, F. Elizabeth Mrs. 8/31/93 ONE
Herndon, Fannie Elizabeth "Babe" 8/30/93 HDR
Herndon, Fred Augusta  4/28/05 HDR
Herndon, Jo Anne Williams  4/29/04 ONE
Herndon, Patricia "Patti" Marie  11/29/05 ONE
Herndon, Patricia (Patti) Marie  11/30/05 HDR
Herndon, Ruby 10/4/94 HDR
Herold, Martha Reynolds Ford  5/11/02 HDR
Herold, Norman Christian Duane 11/4/98 HDR
Heron, Pauline Fern Reams 12/5/01 ONE
Heron, Pauline Fern Reams 12/5/01 HDR
Herrera, Hernan (Page 3A) 1/19/99 HDR
Herrera, Joe Hilario 9/29/01 HDR
Herrera, Rafael (editor-Listin Diario) 11/27/94 HDR
Herrick, Everette Ransom 11/28/98 HDR
Herrick, Gerald D. 12/16/97 HDR
Herrin, Ron 5/14/97 HDR
Herring, Bruce Michael  9/10/03 HDR
Herring, John Mose Sr. 7/21/00 HDR
Herring, Margaret Boland  2/23/93 HDR
Herring, Margaret Elizabeth Boland  2/22/93 HDR
Herring, Pinkey  6/28/02 HDR
Herring, R. Geddie 2/1/96 ONE
Herring, R. Geddie  2/2/96 HDR
Herring, Sara Delphia Williams  5/11/02 HDR
Herrington, Alice (Friends of Animals founder, former president) 4/29/94 HDR
Herriot, James (Author--All Creatures…) 2/24/95 HDR
Herrmann, Harry Thomas  7/2/02 HDR
Herrmann, Karl 3/19/97 HDR
Herrmann, Lucille E. 10/9/99 HDR
Herron, Clay P.  10/1/02 HDR
Herron, Maybelle Nations  2/11/01 HDR
Herron, Patsy Estes 4/8/05 HDR
Herron, Patsy Estes 4/9/05 HDR
Herron, Patsy Estes  4/8/05 ONE
Herry, Nellie  6/26/02 HDR
Hersant, Robert  4/23/96 HDR
Hersant, Robert  4/23/96 HDR
Hershey, J. Dennis 11/25/03 HDR
Hershey, Lenore 3/4/97 HDR
Hertz, Elizabeth Remsing  4/11/95 HDR
Hertz, Roy Dr.  11/1/02 HDR
Hertz, Zofia (co-founder of the Kultura literary magazine) (Poland) 6/23/03 HDR
Hervey, Fred 9/9/99 HDR
Herzog, Chaim (Former Israeli President) 4/18/97 HDR
Herzog, Frederick (professor) 10/10/95 HDR
Hess, Leon 5/9/99 HDR
Hess, Paul Lawrence  7/26/03 HDR
Hesselbart, Delette Woodring 1/26/94 HDR
Hesselbart, Delette Woodring  1/26/94 ONE
Hesselbart, Robert C. 5/8/96 ONE
Hesselbart, Robert C.  5/9/96 HDR
Hesser, Joseph Warner Jr.  4/3/01 HDR
Hesson, Gurley L. 1/25/00 HDR
Hester, Anita Lee Clanton 10/29/03 ONE
Hester, Annie Lee Clanton  10/29/03 HDR
Hester, Bertha L.  12/22/96 HDR
Hester, Cora E.  (Page 2A) 9/6/97 HDR
Hester, Cora E. "Libby" 9/6/97 HDR
Hester, Cora Elizabeth “Sissy”  8/15/02 HDR
Hester, Cora McIver "Libby" 9/7/97 HDR
Hester, Cora McIver "Libby" 9/8/97 ONE
Hester, Daisy Eva Bost 6/9/99 HDR
Hester, Edith 2/9/96 ONE
Hester, Edith R. 2/12/96 ONE
Hester, Edith R.  2/10/96 HDR
Hester, Georgia Ann  12/30/00 HDR
Hester, Glenn R.  2/21/99 HDR
Hester, Glenn R.  (Page 5A) 2/22/99 HDR
Hester, Helen Evie Gillelan 9/19/02 ONE
Hester, Helen Evie Gillelan  9/19/02 HDR
Hester, James David Sr. 9/16/00 HDR
Hester, James David Sr. 9/15/00 ONE
Hester, James David Sr. 9/18/00 ONE
Hester, Joe Deal 5/16/98 HDR
Hester, Katherine Aileen  9/5/02 HDR
Hester, Kathryn Ann 12/9/93 HDR
Hester, Louise Hendrix 12/20/99 ONE
Hester, Louise Hendrix 12/19/99 HDR
Hester, Mamie Bradshaw  11/19/97 HDR
Hester, Mattie Hill  9/18/95 HDR
Hester, Paul (drummer--Crowded House) 3/29/05 HDR
Hester, Richard Neal 3/30/98 HDR
Hester, Robert L.  2/26/03 HDR
Hester, Shannon Elaine 6/19/00 HDR
Hester, Shannon Elaine  6/19/00 ONE
Hester, Thelma Fostina Robinson 7/30/01 ONE
Hester, Thelma Fostina Robinson 7/28/01 HDR
Hester, Thelma Fostina Robinson 7/29/01 HDR
Hester, Thelma R. 7/27/01 ONE
Hester, Thomas Joshua  10/28/93 HDR
Hester, Thomas Vaughn 6/27/98 HDR
Hester, Ward Jones 1/17/97 HDR
Hester, Willis Cephus  4/19/93 HDR
Hester, Zola Romines 1/6/01 HDR
Hetherington, Alastair 10/4/99 HDR
Hettenschuller, Donald Eugene 4/29/00 HDR
Hettinger, Edward Bishop 12/31/96 HDR
Hettinger, Karl (police officer of "Onion Field" ordeal) 5/9/94 HDR
Heumann, Scott (Houston Grand Opera administrator) 5/15/93 HDR
Hewins, Roma Max 8/9/05 HDR
Hewins, Roma Max 8/8/05 ONE
Hewins, Roma Max 8/9/05 ONE
Hewins, Vada Edwards 3/29/96 HDR
Hewins, Vada Mae Setzer Edwards 3/30/96 HDR
Hewins, Vada Mae Setzer Edwards 3/29/96 ONE
Hewitt, Alma Lucille Miss 10/12/97 HDR
Hewitt, Ben Gentry Jr. 6/25/05 HDR
Hewitt, Ben Gentry Jr. 6/26/05 HDR
Hewitt, Ben Gentry Jr. 6/27/05 ONE
Hewitt, Bill (broadcaster) 12/29/96 HDR
Hewitt, Blanche Jarrett 12/22/95 ONE
Hewitt, Blanche Jarrett 12/23/95 HDR
Hewitt, Calvin Austin 11/11/02 ONE
Hewitt, Calvin Austin  11/9/02 HDR
Hewitt, Carl Simpson  12/21/98 ONE
Hewitt, Claudia Ellen  9/11/02 ONE
Hewitt, Claudia Ellen  9/10/02 HDR
Hewitt, Claudia Ellen  9/11/02 HDR
Hewitt, Colleen Tuttle 6/4/97 ONE
Hewitt, Coyet 8/7/99 HDR
Hewitt, Coyet (Page 3) 8/9/99 ONE
Hewitt, Delora Mildred Drum 2/2/00 HDR
Hewitt, Delora Mildred Drum 2/1/00 ONE
Hewitt, Denanna  3/19/97 HDR
Hewitt, Denenna Elaine 3/21/97 HDR
Hewitt, Denenna Elaine 3/20/97 ONE
Hewitt, Elena Shannon 11/1/93 HDR
Hewitt, Ella Colene Tuttle 6/6/97 HDR
Hewitt, Ella Colene Tuttle 6/6/97 ONE
Hewitt, Emmett "Clyde" Jr. 9/6/99 ONE
Hewitt, Emmett "Clyde" Jr. 9/5/99 HDR
Hewitt, Flossie S.  9/26/05 HDR
Hewitt, Flossie S.  9/26/05 ONE
Hewitt, Fred Lee Jr. 8/28/02 ONE
Hewitt, Fred Lee Jr. 8/28/02 HDR
Hewitt, Harold  7/23/02 ONE
Hewitt, Harold E. 7/24/02 ONE
Hewitt, Harold E.  7/23/02 HDR
Hewitt, Harold E.  7/24/02 HDR
Hewitt, Helen  2/1/03 HDR
Hewitt, Helen LaRose Tyson 2/3/03 ONE
Hewitt, Helen LaRose Tyson 2/4/03 ONE
Hewitt, Helen LaRose Tyson  2/2/03 HDR
Hewitt, Hubert Henry Sr. 5/12/94 HDR
Hewitt, Hubert Henry Sr.  5/12/94 ONE
Hewitt, Jasper Lee 11/2/94 HDR
Hewitt, Jasper Lee  11/2/94 ONE
Hewitt, Jean D. 2/15/97 HDR
Hewitt, Jerry Rogis  8/2/94 ONE
Hewitt, Jerry Rogis  8/3/94 ONE
Hewitt, Jerry Rogis  8/2/94 HDR
Hewitt, Jerry Rogis  8/3/94 HDR
Hewitt, Johnny Robert  1/25/01 HDR
Hewitt, Josephine Murray 10/4/98 HDR
Hewitt, Josephine Murray  10/5/98 ONE
Hewitt, Kenneth Reep  10/30/02 ONE
Hewitt, Kenneth Reep  10/30/02 HDR
Hewitt, Macie Drum 2/1/96 HDR
Hewitt, Macie Drum 1/31/96 ONE
Hewitt, Macie Drum 2/1/96 ONE
Hewitt, Margaret "Lucille" Lafevers 3/7/00 HDR
Hewitt, Margaret "Lucille" Lefevers 3/7/00 ONE
Hewitt, Murlee Ballard 3/10/03 ONE
Hewitt, Murlee Ballard  3/10/03 HDR
Hewitt, Nathaniel Thomas C1C 6/26/02 HDR
Hewitt, Pauline Kanipe 12/25/01 HDR
Hewitt, Philip Andrew 3/2/05 HDR
Hewitt, Philip Andrew 3/2/05 ONE
Hewitt, Robert "David" 8/9/04 ONE
Hewitt, Robert Augustus 8/29/01 ONE
Hewitt, Robert Augustus 8/28/01 ONE
Hewitt, Robert Augustus 8/29/01 HDR
Hewitt, Ronald  9/4/02 ONE
Hewitt, Ronald Miles 9/5/02 ONE
Hewitt, Ronald Miles  9/5/02 HDR
Hewitt, Rossie L. 12/22/97 HDR
Hewitt, Rossie Lee 12/26/97 HDR
Hewitt, Rossie Lee  12/26/97 ONE
Hewitt, Russell Jr. 11/12/05 HDR
Hewitt, Ruth Yount 9/21/05 ONE
Hewitt, Sean 4/28/97 ONE
Hewitt, Sue Yount 2/20/00 HDR
Hewitt, Sue Yount 2/21/00 ONE
Hewitt, Ula Dade Aldridge 5/27/97 HDR
Hewitt, Ula Dade Aldridge  5/27/97 ONE
Hewitt, William 1/11/95 HDR
Hewitt, William  1/11/95 ONE
Hewitt, William "Bill"  1/12/95 HDR
Hewitt, William A. 5/20/98 HDR
Hewitt, William Bennett "Bill" 1/12/95 ONE
Hewitt, William Cartie 10/26/99 ONE
Hewitt, William Cartie 10/27/99 ONE
Hewitt, William Cartie 10/27/99 HDR
Hewlett, William  1/13/01 HDR
Heyer, Paul Otto 3/5/97 HDR
Heyman, Barton (actor) 5/23/96 HDR
Heyman, Richard A.  (former Key West Mayor) 9/18/94 HDR
Heymans, Max (couturier) 9/23/97 HDR
Hiatt, Othel Beck 3/27/97 HDR
Hibbard, Monroe "Chuck" C. 2/1/98 HDR
Hibbitts, Edward Harold Sr. 1/15/00 HDR
Hibbitts, Edward Harold Sr. 1/14/00 ONE
Hibbs, Charles George 9/13/97 HDR
Hibbs, Hazel Shehan  7/10/02 HDR
Hibbs, Hazel Shehan  7/11/02 HDR
Hice, Carroll Kenneth "Son"  10/25/96 HDR
Hice, Claude William 4/26/97 HDR
Hice, Edward Lee 11/18/00 HDR
Hice, Faye Pope  8/2/93 HDR
Hice, Faye Pope  8/3/93 HDR
Hice, Howard C. Sr. 6/7/93 HDR
Hice, Howard C. Sr.   6/6/93 HDR
Hice, James "Pete"  12/16/94 HDR
Hice, James "Pete"  12/17/94 HDR
Hice, James Perry  4/15/03 HDR
Hice, Oglethorpe Marvin "O.M." 2/3/02 HDR
Hice, Oglethorpe Marvin "O.M."  2/2/02 HDR
Hice, Pansy Cook  6/19/95 HDR
Hice, Peggy Capps 8/23/97 HDR
Hice, Phillip Anthony 4/1/97 HDR
Hice, Ray V. 8/29/97 HDR
Hice, Ray V. 8/28/97 HDR
Hice, Steve E.  1/7/02 HDR
Hice, Steve Ernest  1/7/02 ONE
Hice, Steve Ernest  1/8/02 HDR
Hice, Vista Barnes 2/1/05 ONE
Hice, Vista Barnes 2/3/05 ONE
Hice, Vista Barnes  2/2/05 HDR
Hice, Vista Barnes  2/3/05 HDR
Hice, Willie Coleman  10/4/96 HDR
Hice, Winnie Story 1/23/97 HDR
Hickam, Fred Quentin 2/21/00 HDR
Hickerson, Clara Juanita Marshall 6/19/00 HDR
Hickerson, Faye Martin  7/20/96 HDR
Hickerson, Joseph Milton 8/9/01 HDR
Hickerson, Mary Hoffman 9/30/95 HDR
Hickey, Bertha L. 12/6/01 HDR
Hickey, C. Edward "Ed" 1/13/03 ONE
Hickey, C. Edward “Ed”  1/12/03 HDR
Hickey, William (acting teacher & actor) 7/6/97 HDR
Hickman, Clara Maude Watts 12/23/93 HDR
Hickman, Denny Ray 6/11/99 HDR
Hickman, Eleanor Marie  4/4/97 HDR
Hickman, Elinor Ann Price 7/13/98 HDR
Hickman, Emily Renee 10/31/97 ONE
Hickman, George Calvin 4/14/94 HDR
Hickman, George Calvin (veteran) 4/16/94 HDR
Hickman, Harry Dr. 2/4/05 HDR
Hickman, Harry Dr. 2/5/05 HDR
Hickman, Hazel C. 1/4/94 HDR
Hickman, Hazel Clark 1/5/94 HDR
Hickman, John William "Bill" 4/3/99 HDR
Hickman, Julian Alexander (infant) 12/9/93 HDR
Hickman, Lucille Query  6/25/95 HDR
Hickman, Malcolm Vance 3/30/97 HDR
Hickman, Morris Ben 10/12/05 HDR
Hickman, Morris Ben  10/10/05 ONE
Hickman, Rebecca Helen Binkley 9/25/95 ONE
Hickman, Rebecca Helen Binkley 9/26/95 ONE
Hickman, Rebecca Helen Binkley 9/26/95 HDR
Hickman, Rebecca Helen Binley  9/25/95 HDR
Hicks,  Russell "Second Officer"  (Page 2A) 2/18/00 HDR
Hicks, Albert Cletus Sr. 8/9/97 HDR
Hicks, Albert Creighton Jr. 3/19/97 HDR
Hicks, Anna Lee  12/12/95 ONE
Hicks, Anna Lee Helton 12/13/95 HDR
Hicks, Arlie Darrell (Page 5A) 2/13/99 HDR
Hicks, Ben  8/9/93 HDR
Hicks, Ben  8/10/93 HDR
Hicks, Bert Avery  4/14/03 HDR
Hicks, Betty Jean Shook  9/4/02 ONE
Hicks, Betty Jean Shook  9/5/02 ONE
Hicks, Betty Jean Shook  9/5/02 HDR
Hicks, Bonnie Dotson  7/27/95 HDR
Hicks, Brenda K.  11/4/05 ONE
Hicks, Brenda Kay Ledford 11/4/05 HDR
Hicks, Bryce Everette  5/10/95 HDR
Hicks, Celia Wright  9/9/99 HDR
Hicks, Charles Derek 7/8/96 ONE
Hicks, Charles Edward  12/27/02 ONE
Hicks, Charles Edward  12/30/02 ONE
Hicks, Charles Edward  12/27/02 HDR
Hicks, Charles Edward  12/28/02 HDR
Hicks, Charles W.  10/6/97 HDR
Hicks, Charles William 10/7/97 HDR
Hicks, Charles William  9/18/05 HDR
Hicks, Clara Mae Wyatt 5/7/00 HDR
Hicks, Clara Mae Wyatt 5/8/00 ONE
Hicks, Clarence Robert 10/2/97 HDR
Hicks, Cordell "Jack"  11/29/00 ONE
Hicks, Cordell “Jack”  11/30/00 HDR
Hicks, Cordia Overcash 8/19/93 HDR
Hicks, David Wayne  10/15/00 HDR
Hicks, Don Carlton 8/18/98 HDR
Hicks, Eileen Virginia Mitchell  12/30/03 HDR
Hicks, Ellis Wesley "Jip" 4/13/94 HDR
Hicks, Flaudia May 5/29/96 HDR
Hicks, Florence Hall  6/18/93 HDR
Hicks, George Franklin 8/13/96 ONE
Hicks, George Franklin 8/23/96 ONE
Hicks, George Franklin  8/13/96 HDR
Hicks, George Franklin  8/23/96 HDR
Hicks, George Lewis  2/8/00 HDR
Hicks, Gladys Annalee Hatley  12/17/05 HDR
Hicks, Gladys Inez 11/7/05 HDR
Hicks, Glenn Grover 3/8/00 HDR
Hicks, Harold Leland 6/21/03 HDR
Hicks, Harold Steven 7/23/99 ONE
Hicks, Harold Steven 7/23/99 HDR
Hicks, Hazel Church 5/25/98 ONE
Hicks, Hazel Church 5/25/98 HDR
Hicks, Hazel Oakes  1/30/95 HDR
Hicks, Helen  2/14/05 HDR
Hicks, Helen Wilcox 2/15/05 HDR
Hicks, Herman Lee "Punk"  11/24/04 ONE
Hicks, Howell Mason 9/4/94 HDR
Hicks, James Kenneth "Kenny" 4/21/99 ONE
Hicks, James Kenneth "Kenny" 4/22/99 HDR
Hicks, Jesse L. 3/15/97 HDR
Hicks, John 1/23/01 ONE
Hicks, John Blake 10/31/95 ONE
Hicks, John Blake 10/31/95 HDR
Hicks, John Blake  2/17/93 HDR
Hicks, John Blake Jr. 11/1/95 ONE
Hicks, John Blake Jr.   11/1/95 HDR
Hicks, John Blake Sr. 2/18/93 HDR
Hicks, John Blake Sr.  2/18/93 ONE
Hicks, John Emory 1/24/01 ONE
Hicks, John Emory  1/24/01 HDR
Hicks, John Joseph Sr. 1/19/01 HDR
Hicks, John Patrick "Pat" 9/28/96 HDR
Hicks, Johnnie Edward "Eddie" III 2/15/97 HDR
Hicks, Johnnie Edward "Eddie" III 2/14/97 HDR
Hicks, Johnnie Edward III 2/17/97 ONE
Hicks, Kathryn  7/28/96 HDR
Hicks, Kathryn Davis  6/21/01 HDR
Hicks, Kathryn Tennell 7/29/96 HDR
Hicks, Linda Sue Cornelius 3/26/00 HDR
Hicks, Lorette “Billie” Bowman  1/10/03 HDR
Hicks, Louise Day (former congresswoman) 10/26/03 HDR
Hicks, Lucy Carswell 12/30/05 HDR
Hicks, Margaret Cowan  9/18/95 HDR
Hicks, Marshall Leon (Page 3A) 10/12/98 HDR
Hicks, Mary Charles McFee  9/21/00 HDR
Hicks, Mary Ellen 9/9/05 HDR
Hicks, Mary Emma Smith 7/22/04 ONE
Hicks, Maudie Nancy Jane Swink 5/27/05 HDR
Hicks, Mayme  9/1/93 HDR
Hicks, Mayme Ibester 9/2/93 HDR
Hicks, Maynard 8/27/99 HDR
Hicks, Maynard  8/26/99 ONE
Hicks, Nina 12/2/00 HDR
Hicks, Norma Sue Foster  8/23/02 HDR
Hicks, Ollie Spencer 7/19/03 HDR
Hicks, Ollie Spencer  7/21/03 ONE
Hicks, Opal Mae Coody 7/2/01 ONE
Hicks, Opal Mae Coody 7/1/01 HDR
Hicks, Orene Drum 2/12/00 HDR
Hicks, Orene Drum  2/11/00 ONE
Hicks, Phil Eugene "T.J." 4/1/00 HDR
Hicks, Raymond Francis 3/10/98 ONE
Hicks, Raymond Francis 3/10/98 HDR
Hicks, Samuel W.  5/11/95 HDR
Hicks, Samuel W.  5/12/95 HDR
Hicks, Sanford McNell 10/27/00 HDR
Hicks, Sonia Hedrick 3/7/00 HDR
Hicks, Sonia Hedrick 3/7/00 ONE
Hicks, Sonia Hedrick 3/6/00 ONE
Hicks, Ted M.  1/21/95 HDR
Hicks, Vernon Ray  11/8/97 HDR
Hicks, Viola Stine 3/29/05 HDR
Hicks, Viola Stine 3/28/05 ONE
Hicks, Viola Stine 3/29/05 ONE
Hicks, Virgil Kermit 6/7/94 ONE
Hicks, Virgil Kermit 6/8/94 ONE
Hicks, Virgil Kermit 6/7/94 HDR
Hicks, Virgil Kermit 6/8/94 HDR
Hicks, William Thomas Sr. 11/1/97 HDR
Hickson, Aubigene Gergen 3/23/97 HDR
Hickson, Joan 10/19/98 ONE
Hickson, Joan 10/19/98 HDR
Higginbotham, S. Page 10/30/95 HDR
Higginbotham, S. Page  11/6/95 HDR
Higgins, Garland  5/30/95 HDR
Higgins, Garland Dee Rev.  5/31/95 HDR
Higgins, Herman  9/20/02 HDR
Higgins, Mary Woodring 10/11/01 ONE
Higgins, Mary Woodring 10/10/01 ONE
Higgins, Mary Woodring 10/12/01 HDR
Higgins, Milton Leland 10/10/01 ONE
Higgins, Milton Leland 10/11/01 ONE
Higgins, Milton Leland  10/12/01 HDR
Higgins, Nannie Atheline Plemmons 2/8/97 HDR
Higgins, Rebecca Reese  4/21/02 HDR
Higgins, Rebecca Reese  4/22/02 HDR
Higgins, Shirley Dean 10/16/97 HDR
Higgins, Shirley Dean 10/16/97 ONE
Higgins, Willie Williams 7/20/01 HDR
Higgins, Winnifred Wallace 6/21/99 ONE
Higgins, Winnifred Wallace 6/19/99 HDR
High, Annie Rebecca Mackie  7/24/00 HDR
High, Beverly Sue Tracey  8/10/93 HDR
High, Beverly Tracey  8/9/93 HDR
High, Edith White Phifer 6/13/95 ONE
High, Edith White Phifer  6/13/95 HDR
High, James Lee Sr.  9/10/95 HDR
High, Katie Bailey 7/13/97 HDR
High, Kirby Lee 9/11/95 ONE
High, Kirby Lee 9/11/95 HDR
High, Lucille Walker  3/6/99 HDR
High, Ralph Alexander (Page 3A)  11/6/95 HDR
High, Ralph Alexander Jr.  11/4/95 HDR
Highet, Keith 7/16/00 HDR
Highsmith, Burley Alphonso  10/23/96 HDR
Highsmith, Edna Ruth  2/19/02 HDR
Highsmith, Ernest Lee  5/14/02 ONE
Highsmith, Ernest Lee  5/12/02 HDR
Hight, Ellen "Irene" Owens  2/8/01 HDR
Hight, Margaret Blackley  3/17/05 HDR
Hight, William Leonard  5/26/02 HDR
Hightower, Hugh Vernon  4/8/97 HDR
Hightower, Lela Brown 2/20/94 HDR
Hightower, Robert William 7/6/00 HDR
Hightower, William D.  10/12/93 HDR
Higinbotham, William A. (physicist) 11/16/94 HDR
Higley, Morris (publisher)  7/1/95 HDR
Hildebran, Aaron Lonnie Sr.  8/5/03 HDR
Hildebran, Agnes Julia Hallman 12/29/01 HDR
Hildebran, Alvin Theodore 9/13/95 HDR
Hildebran, Arsie Ellis 1/3/96 HDR
Hildebran, Bertha Icard 7/21/97 HDR
Hildebran, Bessie Mae Shuford Mrs. 5/31/03 HDR
Hildebran, Betty Lou Burleson 4/15/01 HDR
Hildebran, Bobby Carol 9/10/99 HDR
Hildebran, Bonnie Lucille Keller 12/12/93 HDR
Hildebran, Bonnie Lucille Keller 12/14/93 HDR
Hildebran, Clarence Avery  4/20/03 HDR
Hildebran, Connelly James 11/25/98 HDR
Hildebran, Daniel Ray 10/5/99 HDR
Hildebran, Dicie  1/21/05 HDR
Hildebran, Dixie Young 7/11/99 HDR
Hildebran, Donald Ray  11/16/05 HDR
Hildebran, Donald Ray  11/16/05 ONE
Hildebran, Edward 12/31/01 HDR
Hildebran, Elsie Victoria 6/16/03 ONE
Hildebran, Elsie Victoria 6/17/03 ONE
Hildebran, Elsie Victoria  6/17/03 HDR
Hildebran, Essie Cook 2/11/97 ONE
Hildebran, Essie Cook  2/11/97 HDR
Hildebran, Estelle Teague 2/3/94 HDR
Hildebran, Estelle Teague 2/4/94 HDR
Hildebran, Ethell D.  3/7/95 HDR
Hildebran, Everett Ray  9/12/05 HDR
Hildebran, Everette Carol  9/7/96 HDR
Hildebran, Flavia Brazetta 1/23/94 HDR
Hildebran, Florence Lail 4/7/98 HDR
Hildebran, Horace Lee 10/8/94 HDR
Hildebran, Ivey Allen "Dick" 1/3/94 HDR
Hildebran, J. C. 4/8/96 ONE
Hildebran, J.C. 4/8/96 HDR
Hildebran, J.C. 4/7/96 HDR
Hildebran, James Harvel  1/14/05 HDR
Hildebran, Jeffrey Dale  4/23/02 HDR
Hildebran, Jeffrey Dale  4/24/02 HDR
Hildebran, Jeter Coolige 7/25/97 HDR
Hildebran, Johnny Edison 2/3/94 HDR
Hildebran, Johnny Lee Sr.  12/14/04 ONE
Hildebran, Julius Alexander Rev. 2/7/97 HDR
Hildebran, Lena Lowman 9/25/95 HDR
Hildebran, Lena Lowman 9/26/95 HDR
Hildebran, Leonard 4/3/98 HDR
Hildebran, Leonard "Cooney" 4/4/98 HDR
Hildebran, Lester Virgil  11/30/03 HDR
Hildebran, Lewis "Tunce" Sr. 2/20/99 HDR
Hildebran, Linda Raye Leonhardt  2/1/03 HDR
Hildebran, Loretta Ann 9/29/95 HDR
Hildebran, Louetta  1/23/95 ONE
Hildebran, Louetta  1/23/95 HDR
Hildebran, Louetta Buff 1/24/95 ONE
Hildebran, Louetta Buff  1/24/95 HDR
Hildebran, Martha Ann 1/24/97 HDR
Hildebran, Mary (Page 3A) 2/2/96 HDR
Hildebran, Mary Duval 2/3/96 HDR
Hildebran, Mary Duval  2/4/96 HDR
Hildebran, Minnie Lillian  11/21/94 HDR
Hildebran, Robert  7/28/03 ONE
Hildebran, Sue Smith 8/6/05 HDR
Hildebran, Velvia Lowman 11/27/98 HDR
Hildebran, Velvia Lowman 11/28/98 HDR
Hildebran, William McCoy 8/30/95 HDR
Hildebrand, Abbie Seals  10/17/97 HDR
Hildebrand, Ben K.  9/5/00 HDR
Hildebrand, Billy Edward  2/1/02 HDR
Hildebrand, Bruce Andrew Sr. 1/28/01 HDR
Hildebrand, Cleta Berry  10/30/95 HDR
Hildebrand, Earl  8/7/01 HDR
Hildebrand, Ethel Decker 3/8/95 HDR
Hildebrand, Frank B. 1/24/02 ONE
Hildebrand, Frank B.  1/25/02 HDR
Hildebrand, Frank B.  1/26/02 HDR
Hildebrand, Garland Weightsel  5/17/96 HDR
Hildebrand, Geneva  7/19/01 HDR
Hildebrand, Hazel Stroupe 6/5/01 HDR
Hildebrand, Jack David 3/17/97 HDR
Hildebrand, James Overland (veteran) 3/14/94 HDR
Hildebrand, John Edison (veteran) 2/4/94 HDR
Hildebrand, John Kermit 5/8/98 HDR
Hildebrand, Kenneth Dale 8/24/05 HDR
Hildebrand, Larry Eugene 6/20/94 ONE
Hildebrand, Larry Eugene 6/21/94 ONE
Hildebrand, Larry Eugene  6/20/94 HDR
Hildebrand, Larry Eugene  6/21/94 HDR
Hildebrand, Lee A.  3/13/05 HDR
Hildebrand, Leroy J. "Lee" 2/12/99 HDR
Hildebrand, Lester Virgil  12/1/03 HDR
Hildebrand, Lewis D. 5/21/93 HDR
Hildebrand, Lewis D. 5/23/93 HDR
Hildebrand, Margaret Edna 4/13/99 ONE
Hildebrand, Mazie Swindell 9/26/97 HDR
Hildebrand, Nina Davis  8/24/03 HDR
Hildebrand, Ophelia Berry (100 yoa) 2/14/01 HDR
Hildebrand, Patricia Love  3/1/02 HDR
Hildebrand, Sadie B. 5/6/98 ONE
Hildebrand, Sadie B. 5/6/98 HDR
Hildebrand, Troy William  10/18/93 ONE
Hildebrand, Troy William  10/17/93 HDR
Hildebrand, Troy William  10/18/93 HDR
Hildebrand, Velma Drum  10/29/01 ONE
Hildebrand, William Howard  11/28/94 HDR
Hildebrand, William Howard  11/29/94 HDR
Hilderbran, Aileen  3/1/04 ONE
Hilderbran, Bessie Aileen  3/2/04 ONE
Hilderbran, Clara Nevada Sigmon 6/25/01 ONE
Hilderbran, Clara Nevada Sigmon 6/25/01 HDR
Hilderbran, Fannie Raye Abernathy 4/30/98 ONE
Hilderbran, Fannie Raye Abernathy 4/29/98 ONE
Hilderbran, Fannie Raye Abernathy 4/30/98 HDR
Hilderbran, Helen Jo Ann Hardin 7/25/01 ONE
Hilderbran, Helen Jo Ann Hardin 7/25/01 HDR
Hilderbran, Helen Jo Anne Hardin 7/24/01 ONE
Hilderbran, J. Odell 3/13/03 ONE
Hilderbran, James Odell 3/14/03 ONE
Hilderbran, James Odell  3/14/03 HDR
Hilderbran, Mary  8/28/95 HDR
Hilderbran, Mary Blankenship 8/29/95 ONE
Hilderbran, Mary Blankenship  8/29/95 HDR
Hilderbran, Mary Lorene 2/4/00 HDR
Hilderbran, Mary Lorene 2/4/00 ONE
Hilderbran, Robert M. "Robbie" 7/29/03 HDR
Hilderbran, Robert M. "Robbie" 7/29/03 ONE
Hilderbran, Russell 1/16/97 HDR
Hilderbran, Russell  1/15/97 ONE
Hilderbran, Virgie Mae 9/27/04 ONE
Hilderbran, Virgie Mae 9/28/04 ONE
Hilderbran, Willie Ray 6/11/98 HDR
Hilderbran, Willie Ray (Monk) 6/11/98 ONE
Hildt, Michael 12/26/01 HDR
Hileman, Billy L. 7/19/99 ONE
Hileman, Billy L. 7/20/99 HDR
Hileman, Billy L. 7/19/99 HDR
Hilfiger, Billy (musician) 9/19/01 HDR
Hill, Allen  10/4/94 HDR
Hill, Allen Baxter  10/5/94 HDR
Hill, Annie Bly 5/26/99 HDR
Hill, Annie Lee 3/1/96 HDR
Hill, Annie Lee 3/1/96 ONE
Hill, Arthur J. (banker) 5/12/95 HDR
Hill, Calvin Lafayette Sr.  11/23/04 ONE
Hill, Christin Diane  12/27/93 HDR
Hill, Dave Jr.  4/18/95 HDR
Hill, Debra (writer/producer) 3/8/05 HDR
Hill, Don Calvin 9/18/95 HDR
Hill, Don Calvin 9/20/95 HDR
Hill, Don Calvin  9/20/95 ONE
Hill, Dudley (guitarist) 1/21/05 HDR
Hill, Eli Hue Jr.  1/10/95 HDR
Hill, Eli Hue Sr.  5/11/03 HDR
Hill, Eli Jr.  1/9/95 HDR
Hill, Ethel Sherrill 6/30/05 HDR
Hill, Eugene (Genie Bug) DeForest 6/21/95 ONE
Hill, Eugene D.  6/19/95 ONE
Hill, Eugene D.  6/19/95 HDR
Hill, Eugene DeForest "Genie Bug"  6/21/95 HDR
Hill, Everette Ruthan  1/31/01 HDR
Hill, George Everett "Ed" (assistant VP-Ottaway Newspapers) 8/17/94 HDR
Hill, George Henry Jr. 1/12/98 HDR
Hill, Georgia Lee Flowers 12/9/03 HDR
Hill, Georgia Mae 10/20/00 HDR
Hill, Georgia Mae  10/21/00 HDR
Hill, H. Thomas 5/23/96 ONE
Hill, H. Thomas  5/23/96 HDR
Hill, Helen 9/30/93 ONE
Hill, Helen  9/30/93 HDR
Hill, Helen  10/2/93 HDR
Hill, Helen Lineberger 2/4/98 HDR
Hill, Howard Edward 12/11/01 HDR
Hill, Howard Edward  12/11/01 ONE
Hill, Irene Peterson  7/8/02 ONE
Hill, Irene Peterson  7/6/02 HDR
Hill, Irene Peterson  7/7/02 HDR
Hill, James E. Jr. Ret. Gen.  5/24/99 HDR
Hill, James Estel 10/6/05 HDR
Hill, James Henry Jr. 6/12/99 HDR
Hill, Jasper James 7/22/96 ONE
Hill, Jennifer Ann  9/19/02 HDR
Hill, John A. (former pres.--Aetna) 4/14/94 HDR
Hill, John Edgar 7/7/00 HDR
Hill, Julian Werner 2/2/96 HDR
Hill, Julian Werner 2/1/96 ONE
Hill, Lynn Malcolm  6/2/94 HDR
Hill, Macie Gaines 2/5/97 HDR
Hill, Marcus Edward Jr. 7/13/94 HDR
Hill, Marcus Jr.  7/11/94 HDR
Hill, Margaret Heafner 8/15/94 HDR
Hill, Mary Bell Elizabeth  5/17/95 HDR
Hill, Mary James  5/15/95 HDR
Hill, Matthew Lee "Matt" 10/23/93 HDR
Hill, Mavis Peace 5/27/98 HDR
Hill, Mavis Peace  5/27/98 ONE
Hill, Maynard Patrick  9/8/93 HDR
Hill, Meriam Davis  12/23/02 HDR
Hill, Michael Angelo (Page 3A) 3/11/01 HDR
Hill, Minnie D.  7/30/94 HDR
Hill, Nancy Lail  3/10/01 HDR
Hill, Naomi E.  11/19/02 HDR
Hill, Naomi Emma 11/20/02 HDR
Hill, Opal Jane “Granny” Venable 8/4/00 HDR
Hill, Pauline Wilson 11/18/99 HDR
Hill, Polly Jane  12/24/03 HDR
Hill, R. Willard (veteran) 6/16/94 HDR
Hill, Randall Clay 1/12/01 HDR
Hill, Robert Lee 10/4/96 ONE
Hill, Robert Lee  10/4/96 HDR
Hill, Robert Stevenson  9/13/96 HDR
Hill, Roby Paul  8/23/03 HDR
Hill, Roscoe Jr. 2/26/97 HDR
Hill, Roscoe Jr. 3/1/97 HDR
Hill, Ruby Jones  2/8/95 HDR
Hill, Ruby Lee Jones  2/17/95 HDR
Hill, Ruby Mae Hawkins  5/6/02 HDR
Hill, Thelma White  1/24/05 HDR
Hill, Vernon Leslie 9/15/99 HDR
Hill, William (environmentalist) 2/2/94 HDR
Hill, William Ray 2/23/00 HDR
Hill, Winnie Simpson 4/29/97 HDR
Hill, Winnie Simpson 4/29/97 HDR
Hillaby, John  10/22/96 HDR
Hillard, Bobby Howard Rev. 9/1/97 HDR
Hilleman, Maurice (pioneer in vaccine research) 4/12/05 HDR
Hiller, Dame Wendy (actress) 5/18/03 HDR
Hilliard, Herbert William 3/18/99 HDR
Hilliard, Ruby Wilson 1/26/94 HDR
Hilliard, Rubye Wilson 1/27/94 HDR
Hillman, Bill 8/8/99 HDR
Hillman, Samuel "J.C."  1/11/01 HDR
Hills, Christopher Jr.(microbiologist) 2/11/97 HDR
Hills, Lee 2/5/00 HDR
Hilton, Alma  8/29/03 ONE
Hilton, Alma Marz  8/30/03 HDR
Hilton, Amos D. 8/11/99 HDR
Hilton, Carroll Joe 1/22/99 HDR
Hilton, Charlie Ray  2/11/99 HDR
Hilton, Clyde Evans  2/11/02 ONE
Hilton, Clyde Evans  2/11/02 HDR
Hilton, Glenn C. Jr. 8/19/96 ONE
Hilton, Glenn C. Jr. (Page 1A) 8/17/96 HDR
Hilton, Hannie Belle 7/30/98 ONE
Hilton, Hazel  9/25/01 ONE
Hilton, Hazel Abernethy  5/17/96 HDR
Hilton, Hazel Fisher 9/26/01 ONE
Hilton, Hazel Fisher  9/26/01 HDR
Hilton, Hunter R. 10/29/96 ONE
Hilton, Hunter R.  11/1/96 HDR
Hilton, James Milburn  2/10/96 HDR
Hilton, Joseph Richard 1/7/05 HDR
Hilton, Joseph Richard 1/8/05 HDR
Hilton, Joseph Richard 1/7/05 ONE
Hilton, Junior McDonald  2/22/05 HDR
Hilton, Junior McDonald  2/23/05 HDR
Hilton, Leroy C.  2/3/95 ONE
Hilton, Leroy C.  2/3/95 HDR
Hilton, Luther  "June" 5/8/98 HDR
Hilton, Lynn 7/26/05 HDR
Hilton, Lynn Ramsey Mrs. 7/27/05 HDR
Hilton, Margie Bumgarner 2/3/93 ONE
Hilton, Margie Bumgarner 2/3/93 HDR
Hilton, Michael Ray 9/18/97 HDR
Hilton, Michael Ray 9/6/97 HDR
Hilton, Michael Ray  9/8/97 HDR
Hilton, Nora Settlemyre Baker 12/18/97 HDR
Hilton, Norman Quinn 2/2/00 HDR
Hilton, Norman Quinn 2/2/00 ONE
Hilton, Ocie Conley  12/27/96 HDR
Hilton, Paul Wesley 3/25/99 ONE
Hilton, Paul Wesley 3/25/99 HDR
Hilton, Pearl L. 5/28/97 HDR
Hilton, Plez Walter Lee 11/30/00 ONE
Hilton, Plez Walter Lee  11/30/00 HDR
Hilton, Ray 4/24/05 HDR
Hilton, Ray J.  4/25/05 HDR
Hilton, Ray J.  4/26/05 HDR
Hilton, Rhoda M. McElyea  12/6/97 HDR
Hilton, Rozelle Starr 10/16/95 ONE
Hilton, Rozelle Starr  10/16/95 HDR
Hilton, Teresa  3/30/95 HDR
Hilton, Thelma Catherine Miss  10/27/05 HDR
Hilton, Vera Bollinger Pitts 10/5/04 ONE
Hilton, Willous Marshall "Bill" 9/29/93 HDR
Hilton-van Ee, Corinna (Liberian activist) 7/23/03 HDR
Hinderman, Karl (pioneer in skiing) 10/13/93 HDR
Hindman, Earl (actor) 12/30/03 ONE
Hindman, Hugh (athletics director) 10/14/94 HDR
Hinds, Pauline Mullinix  12/22/00 HDR
Hinds, Roger D. Jr. 7/9/98 HDR
Hinegardner, Debra Lee Lowman  10/20/96 HDR
Hines, Alva Crin "A.C." 10/17/94 ONE
Hines, Alva Crin "A.C." 10/15/94 HDR
Hines, Amelia Marcella 10/22/99 HDR
Hines, Betty Ann Carswell  4/1/98 HDR
Hines, Bobby 2/17/96 HDR
Hines, Bobby 2/18/96 HDR
Hines, Claudia Lambert Ervin 1/12/01 HDR
Hines, Elbert  4/9/95 HDR
Hines, Grace White 1/4/98 HDR
Hines, Gregory (greatest tap dancer of his generation) 8/11/03 HDR
Hines, Gwen Hope  8/28/95 HDR
Hines, Gwen Hope Kerley  8/29/95 HDR
Hines, Harold 4/9/98 HDR
Hines, Hattie Kanipe 4/6/95 ONE
Hines, Hattie Kanipe 4/6/95 HDR
Hines, Hettie Lola Kanipe 4/7/95 ONE
Hines, Hettie Lola Kanipe 4/7/95 HDR
Hines, Joe Ronda 5/3/02 ONE
Hines, Joe Ronda  5/3/02 HDR
Hines, John Perishing 7/16/05 HDR
Hines, Kathy Creola  8/12/02 ONE
Hines, Kathy Creola  8/10/02 HDR
Hines, Katy Geneva McCrary 3/31/99 HDR
Hines, Lois  4/15/03 HDR
Hines, Lucille 4/24/95 HDR
Hines, Lucille  4/25/95 HDR
Hines, Mabel Grace McCurdy 2/1/94 HDR
Hines, Marjorie May 9/12/97 ONE
Hines, Marjorie May  9/13/97 HDR
Hines, Mary Margaret  7/11/03 HDR
Hines, Michael Theodore  7/3/02 HDR
Hines, Roger D. Jr. 7/8/98 ONE
Hines, Roger D. Jr. 7/8/98 HDR
Hines, Roy Daniel  6/16/94 HDR
Hines, Roy Daniel  6/17/94 HDR
Hingson, McKenzie Lynne 5/18/05 HDR
Hingson, Robert Andrew Dr.  10/13/96 HDR
Hinkle, Willie Norman 4/1/97 HDR
Hinojosa, Renato Rivera  2/12/02 HDR
Hinson, Alexander P.  1/7/03 HDR
Hinson, Allen Lee 9/30/04 ONE
Hinson, Allen Lee "Cotton" 10/1/04 ONE
Hinson, Dennis LaDale 4/24/99 HDR
Hinson, Dennis LaDale  4/23/99 ONE
Hinson, Dolly Beer  9/23/02 HDR
Hinson, Dora Outlaw 5/25/99 HDR
Hinson, Edna Elizabeth "Edie" 6/5/96 HDR
Hinson, Edna Elizabeth "Edie" 6/4/96 HDR
Hinson, Fred 9/11/98 HDR
Hinson, Gracie Pearl Campbell 12/14/98 ONE
Hinson, Gracie Pearl Campbell 12/13/98 HDR
Hinson, Jerrell Venus  6/23/95 HDR
Hinson, Joseph Marion 5/3/03 HDR
Hinson, Joseph Marion  5/5/03 ONE
Hinson, Melvin McAuthor "Mack" or "Doc" 3/14/01 ONE
Hinson, Phyllis Lackey 2/24/99 HDR
Hinson, Ray Von 6/29/94 ONE
Hinson, Ray Von  6/28/94 HDR
Hinson, Ray Von  6/29/94 HDR
Hinson, Robert    7/16/03 ONE
Hinson, Robert Allen  7/17/03 HDR
Hinson, Robert Allen  7/17/03 ONE
Hinson, Robert Edward 9/11/98 ONE
Hinson, Robert Edward 9/11/98 HDR
Hinson, Rufus 7/5/05 ONE
Hinson, Rufus Junior 7/7/05 HDR
Hinson, Rufus Junior 7/7/05 ONE
Hinson, Ruth Lancaster  5/19/94 HDR
Hinson, Theodore 6/16/98 HDR
Hinson, Theodore Edward 6/16/98 ONE
Hinson, Theodore Edward 6/17/98 HDR
Hinson, Viola  4/4/95 HDR
Hinson, Viola Coble 4/5/95 HDR
Hinson, W.A. "Bill" 8/28/05 HDR
Hinson, W.A. "Bill" 8/29/05 HDR
Hinson, W.A. "Bill" 8/29/05 ONE
Hinton, Edna Mae 2/24/99 HDR
Hinton, Elizabeth Bain 9/1/05 HDR
Hinton, Milt 12/21/00 HDR
Hinton, Otis Leroy Jr. 11/8/02 HDR
Hinton, Raronzee Jermaine (Page 3A) 6/7/99 HDR
Hipp, Alma Shell 3/7/97 HDR
Hipp, Donald Shell 8/26/98 ONE
Hipp, Donald Shell 8/26/98 HDR
Hipp, Francis Moffett (chairman of Liberty Corp.) 7/25/95 HDR
Hipp, Sarah Lucille 2/21/97 ONE
Hipp, Sarah Lucille  2/22/97 HDR
Hipps, Dewey M. 1/9/99 HDR
Hipps, Donald Richard 9/6/93 HDR
Hipps, Donald Richard 9/9/93 HDR
Hipps, Donald Richard  9/7/93 ONE
Hipps, Donald Richard  9/9/93 ONE
Hipps, Harry Lesley 10/8/01 ONE
Hipps, Harry Lesley 10/8/01 HDR
Hipps, Lawrence "Larry" Edward 4/16/00 HDR
Hipps, Lawrence Edward "Larry" 4/17/00 ONE
Hipps, Lydia Elvena Hoyle 11/27/93 HDR
Hipps, Margaret Brown  9/7/97 HDR
Hipps, Mary Cannon 11/14/98 HDR
Hipps, Mary Cannon 11/15/98 HDR
Hipps, Mildred Lakie Lawson 12/24/97 HDR
Hipps, Mildred Lakie Lawson 12/24/97 ONE
Hipps, Ola P. 3/8/00 HDR
Hipps, Rose  11/15/93 HDR
Hipps, Rose  11/16/93 HDR
Hird, Thora (actress)  3/16/03 HDR
Hirsch, Bernard Benedict  1/8/00 HDR
Hirsch, Julian (electrical engineer) 12/4/03 HDR
Hirsch, Rebekah Lowe 9/28/03 HDR
Hirschfeld, Abe (eccentric multimillionaire) 8/11/05 HDR
Hirschfeld, Al (caricaturist)  1/21/03 HDR
Hirschfeld, Richard (colorful confidant of Ali) 1/12/05 HDR
Hirschler, Otto  2/8/01 HDR
Hirsh, Mary S.  3/24/95 HDR
Hirsh, Norman B. 6/30/99 HDR
Hirshon, Dorothy Hart 2/2/98 HDR
Hirst, Ivan  3/23/00 HDR
Hirt, Al 4/28/99 HDR
Hise, James Clyde  10/12/01 HDR
Hise, Laura Jane  5/25/94 HDR
Hise, Rual R.  11/20/93 HDR
Hitchcock, Eric Walter (infant) 7/23/93 HDR
Hitchcock, Eric Walter (infant) 7/25/93 HDR
Hitchner, Edith Setzer 2/15/93 ONE
Hitchner, Edith Setzer  2/12/93 HDR
Hitchner, Edith Setzer  2/13/93 HDR
Hitchner, Tracy Davis 5/23/99 HDR
Hitner, Mary Stuart Ivey  12/9/97 HDR
Hitomi, Tomoki 10/9/99 HDR
Hitt, Wayne Wade 1/18/00 HDR
Hittle, Leroy (retired Associated Press correspondent) 11/13/93 HDR
Hlas, Viola Hollar Spencer 9/17/97 HDR
Hlas, Viola Hollar Spencer 9/16/97 HDR
Hlas, Viola Hollar Spencer 9/16/97 ONE
Hobbs, Albert "Al" Monson Jr. 1/29/05 HDR
Hobbs, Albert "Al" Monson Jr. 1/28/05 ONE
Hobbs, Betty Pearl Smart 6/15/03 HDR
Hobbs, Edgar L. 3/2/96 HDR
Hobbs, Elsbeary  6/11/96 HDR
Hobbs, Franklin 10/21/95 HDR
Hobbs, Franklin 10/22/95 HDR
Hobbs, Ira Ila Talbert 10/12/05 ONE
Hobbs, Lula Ola Watts 9/17/04 ONE
Hobbs, Sadie Williams 4/10/95 HDR
Hobby, Juanita Gantt 1/9/05 HDR
Hobby, Louise 2/21/97 HDR
Hoberecht, Earnest  9/25/99 HDR
Hobgood, Gwen Keyes  8/25/94 HDR
Hobgood, Lewis G. Jr. 3/16/98 ONE
Hochhalter, Carla June (Page 7A) 10/23/99 HDR
Hockett, Ralph Nelson Jr. 5/31/97 HDR
Hockett, Ralph Nelson Jr. 6/2/97 ONE
Hockett, William Dennis 2/12/96 HDR
Hockett, William Dennis 2/12/96 ONE
Hockridge, D.W.  10/1/97 HDR
Hodakov, Chaim Mordechai Aizik Rabbi 4/26/93 HDR
Hodder, Patty Ann 8/19/98 HDR
Hodge, Albert Austin 10/30/00 HDR
Hodge, Albert Austin 10/30/00 ONE
Hodge, Catherine  10/21/00 HDR
Hodge, Eda Winford Starnes  12/5/03 HDR
Hodge, Fred Lee 12/3/93 HDR
Hodge, Helen Elizabeth Robinson 11/28/01 HDR
Hodge, Henry  1/12/95 ONE
Hodge, Henry  1/12/95 HDR
Hodge, Jeanette Land 7/17/00 HDR
Hodge, Kathy Eades  8/12/96 HDR
Hodge, Kathy Eades  8/15/96 HDR
Hodge, Kathy Eades  8/12/96 ONE
Hodge, Kathy Eades  8/14/96 ONE
Hodge, Larry  7/7/01 HDR
Hodge, Lillie Mae 3/15/99 HDR
Hodge, Lucille Mabery 5/12/03 ONE
Hodge, Lucille Mayberry  5/14/03 ONE
Hodge, Lucille Maybery 5/14/03 HDR
Hodge, Maldy "Teeny" Leona Mann Mrs. 12/25/05 HDR
Hodge, Maynard J. 10/12/01 HDR
Hodge, Myrtle Summerlin  6/7/03 HDR
Hodge, Paul Junior 4/8/93 HDR
Hodge, Paul Junior 4/9/93 HDR
Hodge, Robert "Bob" Kenneth 2/6/95 HDR
Hodge, Robert "Bob" Kenneth  2/6/95 ONE
Hodge, Robert K. Sr.  2/5/95 HDR
Hodge, Robert Kenneth "Bob"  2/7/95 HDR
Hodge, Ruth Whitener 4/13/96 HDR
Hodge, Thomas Henry 1/11/95 ONE
Hodge, Thomas Henry  1/11/95 HDR
Hodge, Willie Mae  11/6/96 HDR
Hodges, Albert Fredrick 1/12/98 HDR
Hodges, Albert Fredrick 1/16/98 HDR
Hodges, Audrey Moore  12/30/96 HDR
Hodges, Bill (newspaper editor)  1/23/03 HDR
Hodges, Bina Brown  2/2/93 HDR
Hodges, Bina Brown  2/3/93 HDR
Hodges, Bobby Ray  1/27/01 HDR
Hodges, Drue Bain  11/2/93 HDR
Hodges, Dwight (veteran) 5/23/94 HDR
Hodges, Dwight Eldon (veteran) 5/24/94 HDR
Hodges, Edd Stanford  9/21/96 HDR
Hodges, Fannie Mundy 11/13/03 ONE
Hodges, Fannie Mundy  11/14/03 HDR
Hodges, Fred Carson 5/8/00 HDR
Hodges, George R.  7/28/95 HDR
Hodges, George Ralph  7/29/95 HDR
Hodges, Gladys Lego  10/17/93 HDR
Hodges, Grady Marion 5/16/93 HDR
Hodges, Jacob Luke 11/27/02 HDR
Hodges, John Stafford Jr. 1/7/05 HDR
Hodges, Loye Hicks Mrs. 10/26/05 HDR
Hodges, Martha Modell Brittain  12/31/96 HDR
Hodges, Mary Lowrance 6/12/96 HDR
Hodges, Olen G. 2/28/00 HDR
Hodges, Roy C. "R.C." 3/8/01 HDR
Hodges, Ruby (editor) 2/24/93 HDR
Hodges, Ruby H.  7/3/96 HDR
Hodges, Ruby Watson 2/5/99 HDR
Hodges, Wallace Robinson 12/23/93 HDR
Hodges, Willie A. "Billie"  3/25/01 HDR
Hodgkin, Dorothy (Chemist--Nobel Prize) 7/31/94 HDR
Hodgkin, Dorothy (Chemist--Nobel Prize) 8/1/94 HDR
Hodgson, Michael David 1/16/03 HDR
Hodo, Irene Lorebelle 11/15/99 ONE
Hodo, Irene Lorebelle  11/15/99 HDR
Hodsden, Barbara Frances Maddox  1/21/03 HDR
Hoecker, Raymond W. (UPC code inventor) 11/2/95 HDR
Hoekenga, Earl 7/4/97 HDR
Hoey, Leroy J. "Roy" 8/24/03 HDR
Hoey, Leroy J. "Roy" 8/25/03 HDR
Hoey, Leroy J. "Roy"  8/25/03 ONE
Hoff, Nicholas Tate  12/16/02 ONE
Hoff, Nicholas Tate (infant)  12/15/02 HDR
Hoffman, Beatrice Hudspeth  2/1/95 HDR
Hoffman, Bernice Dagenhart 2/13/01 HDR
Hoffman, Brady Jonas  Jr. 5/29/02 HDR
Hoffman, Brady Jonas Jr. 5/28/02 HDR
Hoffman, Carrie Mae  12/21/94 HDR
Hoffman, Carrie Mae  12/22/94 HDR
Hoffman, Charles 8/6/00 HDR
Hoffman, Doris E.  12/3/94 HDR
Hoffman, Georgia  (throughbred breeder) 11/20/99 HDR
Hoffman, Gregg (film producer) 12/9/05 HDR
Hoffman, Hollis Basil “Buddy”  10/12/00 HDR
Hoffman, James B.  12/20/96 HDR
Hoffman, James Bishop (Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo head) 2/10/03 HDR
Hoffman, Lucille Margaret Lowman 1/10/99 HDR
Hoffman, Lucille Margaret Lowman 1/12/99 HDR
Hoffman, Marjorie Abernathy 11/14/05 HDR
Hoffman, Marjorie Abernathy 11/14/05 ONE
Hoffman, Paul 11/15/98 HDR
Hoffman, Philip E. (American Jewish Committee president)  6/7/93 HDR
Hoffman, Preston Jones 2/23/94 HDR
Hoffman, Preston Jones (retired Air Force Reserves) 2/24/94 HDR
Hoffman, Ray Herman 9/13/03 HDR
Hoffman, Robert W.  5/27/05 ONE
Hoffman, Robert W. Rev. 5/30/05 ONE
Hoffman, Robert W. The Rev. 5/28/05 HDR
Hoffman, Roy Donald Sr.  1/4/05 HDR
Hoffman, Sharon W.  9/28/01 ONE
Hoffman, Sharon W.  9/28/01 HDR
Hoffman, Thelma Roberta Mosteller 12/15/03 ONE
Hoffman, Thelma Roberta Mosteller Mrs. 12/14/03 HDR
Hoffmeyer, Ben 10/5/95 HDR
Hoffmeyer, Ben E.  10/6/95 HDR
Hoffner, Bill R. Rev. 9/29/95 HDR
Hofmann, Linda M. 3/26/00 HDR
Hogan, Annie  8/4/03 ONE
Hogan, Annie Ruth Biggs 8/5/03 HDR
Hogan, Annie Ruth Biggs 8/5/03 ONE
Hogan, Bobbie Kibler Sr. 7/3/02 HDR
Hogan, Gregory Joseph 10/31/01 HDR
Hogan, Joseph Rittenhouse  5/12/02 HDR
Hogan, Joseph Rittenhouse "Joe"  5/13/02 HDR
Hogan, Kent Wood 12/15/99 HDR
Hogan, Nellie "Nell" Mae Singleton  10/4/96 HDR
Hogben, Norman 6/25/05 HDR
Hoggatt, Terry 6/26/97 HDR
Hoglen, Bernice Polk  1/18/01 HDR
Hoglen, Coyd William  4/9/05 HDR
Hoglen, Coyd William  4/11/05 ONE
Hogsed, Robert Julius 2/4/00 HDR
Hogshead, Ralph Jr. Dr. 10/10/00 HDR
Hogue, Alexandre (painter) 7/26/94 HDR
Hogue, Robert Lee  8/20/96 HDR
Hogue, Robert Lee  8/21/96 HDR
Hogue, Savannah Susan  12/17/05 HDR
Hohenemser, Kurt  4/23/01 HDR
Hohnbaum, Dolores Herbert 7/13/96 HDR
Hoilman, Bud 8/10/96 HDR
Hoilman, Howard Lee 12/22/93 HDR
Hoilman, Milton  11/7/93 HDR
Hoke, Albert Hugh 3/18/97 HDR
Hoke, Albert Hugh 3/18/97 ONE
Hoke, Boyd M. 6/1/97 HDR
Hoke, Boyd M. 6/2/97 ONE
Hoke, Charles Keith 10/12/01 ONE
Hoke, Charles Keith 10/12/01 HDR
Hoke, Clara Mae Cochrane  5/23/01 ONE
Hoke, Clara Mae Cochrane  5/23/01 HDR
Hoke, Clarence Craig 5/14/01 ONE
Hoke, Clarence Craig 5/14/01 HDR
Hoke, Clyde E.  3/4/05 ONE
Hoke, Clyde E. "Ebb" 3/5/05 HDR
Hoke, Clyde E. "Ebb" 3/7/05 ONE
Hoke, Colene Boston 7/20/01 HDR
Hoke, Dale Clark 3/31/03 ONE
Hoke, Dale Clark  3/30/03 HDR
Hoke, Dewey Randolph 4/17/95 HDR
Hoke, Dewey Randolph  4/17/95 ONE
Hoke, Ernie Lee 6/9/03 HDR
Hoke, Eula Alma  3/11/93 ONE
Hoke, Eula Alma  3/11/93 HDR
Hoke, Everette Eugene 3/14/99 HDR
Hoke, Fleeta Louise (food editor)  4/16/95 HDR
Hoke, Floy Pauline Herman 12/12/94 ONE
Hoke, Fred Junior  6/28/95 HDR
Hoke, George C.  3/15/02 HDR
Hoke, George Clayton 1/18/05 HDR
Hoke, Grace W. 6/20/00 HDR
Hoke, Guy Rowe 6/7/04 ONE
Hoke, Harold R. 9/29/01 HDR
Hoke, Harold Richard 9/28/01 ONE
Hoke, James "Shay" Quinton 8/15/00 HDR
Hoke, John Carpenter 1/15/99 ONE
Hoke, John Carpenter 1/16/99 HDR
Hoke, Kathryn Elizabeth Howard  4/30/95 HDR
Hoke, Kenneth Ray "Bill" 6/19/02 ONE
Hoke, Kenneth Ray “Bill”  6/19/02 HDR
Hoke, Lester Allen  8/6/02 ONE
Hoke, Lester Allen  8/6/02 HDR
Hoke, Linwood Jr. 3/8/00 HDR
Hoke, Linwood Jr. 3/4/00 HDR
Hoke, Martha Lou Walker 2/20/96 HDR
Hoke, Martha Lou Walker 2/20/96 ONE
Hoke, Maude Elizabeth 7/2/01 ONE
Hoke, Maude Elizabeth  7/2/01 HDR
Hoke, Nina "Lucile"  7/9/05 HDR
Hoke, Nina Lucile 7/11/05 ONE
Hoke, Nina Lucille 7/8/05 ONE
Hoke, Paul H. 4/2/99 HDR
Hoke, Pauline Herman  12/11/94 HDR
Hoke, Phil Ray "Old Folks" Sr. 10/17/98 HDR
Hoke, Phil Ray Sr. "Old Folks" 10/15/98 ONE
Hoke, Phil Ray Sr. "Old Folks" 10/16/98 ONE
Hoke, Rachel Baldwin 4/9/01 ONE
Hoke, Rachel Baldwin 4/9/01 HDR
Hoke, Rachel Hanna Stowe 8/19/04 ONE
Hoke, Rachel Stowe 8/18/04 ONE
Hoke, Rheba Stikeleather  1/8/01 HDR
Hoke, Robert Lee  7/8/93 HDR
Hoke, Robert Lee  7/9/93 HDR
Hoke, Robert Sly Jr. 3/13/98 ONE
Hoke, Robert Sly Jr. 3/13/98 HDR
Hoke, Ruby Nichols Hartwell 2/17/03 ONE
Hoke, Ruby Nichols Harwell  2/17/03 HDR
Hoke, Ruth Annie Stoner  7/7/96 HDR
Hoke, Ruth Pennell 1/14/96 HDR
Hoke, Thelma Irene Bost 2/6/98 HDR
Hoke, Thelma Irene Bost 2/7/98 HDR
Hoke, Thelma Irene Bost  2/6/98 ONE
Hoke, Toby Dalton (infant) 4/29/03 HDR
Hoke, Toby Dalton (infant) 4/28/03 ONE
Hoke, Toby Dalton (infant) 4/29/03 ONE
Hoke, Troy William 11/21/99 HDR
Hoke, Woodrow Finley "Peanut" 12/1/99 ONE
Hoke, Woodrow Finley "Peanut" 12/2/99 HDR
Holbrook, B.R. Rev. 3/29/02 HDR
Holbrook, Freddie Thomas Sr. 3/11/97 HDR
Holbrook, Freddie Thomas Sr. 3/11/97 ONE
Holbrook, James Roby Jr. 10/20/94 ONE
Holbrook, James Roby Jr. 10/20/94 HDR
Holbrook, Johnny Dale 3/25/93 HDR
Holbrook, Johnny Dale  3/25/93 ONE
Holbrook, Joshua 1/16/05 HDR
Holbrook, Joshua Ryan  1/17/05 HDR
Holbrook, William  11/14/01 ONE
Holbrook, William David 3/6/99 HDR
Holbrook, William Loyd 11/15/01 HDR
Holbrook, William Loyd  11/15/01 ONE
Holbrooks, Roger Dale 9/23/98 HDR
Holbrooks, Vertie Mae Woodard 9/21/00 HDR
Holbrooks, Vertie Mae Woodard 9/21/00 ONE
Holbrooks, Viola 11/29/02 ONE
Holbrooks, Viola  11/29/02 HDR
Holbrooks, W. L. "Bill" 4/13/93 HDR
Holbrooks, William Clyde  6/11/01 ONE
Holbrooks, William Clyde  6/10/01 HDR
Holburn, Delores Catherine Masche  9/28/01 HDR
Holcomb, Georgia Ruth 3/26/01 ONE
Holcomb, Georgia Ruth  3/27/01 HDR
Holcomb, Marvin A. 6/22/99 HDR
Holcomb, Norman D. Sr. 1/27/93 ONE
Holcomb, Norman D. Sr.  1/27/93 HDR
Holcomb, Spencer Wellington 3/5/98 HDR
Holcomb, Vernon Van Hoy 3/16/99 HDR
Holcombe, Chloe Blankenship 1/13/96 HDR
Holcombe, George Thomas  4/16/05 HDR
Holcombe, James Dean (infant) 12/20/02 HDR
Holden, Albert White  11/6/96 HDR
Holden, Aline Carter  9/20/94 HDR
Holden, Ashley Sr. (journalist) 1/18/94 HDR
Holden, Beatrice Rader 9/6/05 HDR
Holden, Blanche Elizabeth  1/6/01 HDR
Holden, Cecil Raymond 2/8/94 HDR
Holden, Cecil Raymond "Curley"  (veteran) 2/9/94 HDR
Holden, Charlice G.  3/30/04 ONE
Holden, Clarence A. 1/4/01 HDR
Holden, Council Albert 12/13/93 HDR
Holden, Debs Edward 4/15/96 ONE
Holden, Debs Edward  4/14/96 HDR
Holden, Dollie Gertrude 2/12/99 HDR
Holden, Edd Frank  10/23/02 HDR
Holden, Ervin J.  3/29/05 HDR
Holden, Hal Reitzel  9/24/95 HDR
Holden, Hale Richard 10/11/01 ONE
Holden, Hale Richard 10/12/01 HDR
Holden, Hale Richard  10/12/01 ONE
Holden, Hazel Sweeney  5/3/02 HDR
Holden, John Allen 3/8/99 ONE
Holden, John Allen  3/6/99 HDR
Holden, Mary Arminta Pipes  10/22/03 HDR
Holden, Paul Allen 3/18/05 HDR
Holden, Retha Rhodes Mrs.  2/20/05 HDR
Holden, Roy E. "Red" 1/24/97 HDR
Holden, Ruby  4/3/95 HDR
Holden, Ruby Johnston  4/4/95 HDR
Holden, Sheila Ann Lockwood 11/25/03 HDR
Holden, Spencer Arnold 12/15/98 HDR
Holden, Texie Beatrice "Beatie" 2/26/95 HDR
Holden, Texie Beatrice "Beatie" 2/27/95 HDR
Holden, Wesley W.  6/5/01 HDR
Holder, Alta Sharpe  3/23/02 HDR
Holder, Barry Lewis 4/23/05 HDR
Holder, Betty Jean Cook 4/25/94 HDR
Holder, Bonnie Benson 1/23/01 ONE
Holder, Bonnie Benson 1/23/01 HDR
Holder, Callie Puckett 11/27/95 HDR
Holder, Champ Early  7/16/03 HDR
Holder, Edward Wilson 10/22/00 HDR
Holder, Gertie Miller 5/8/97 HDR
Holder, James Earl Sr. 6/14/97 HDR
Holder, Jean Estelle Blair 4/29/00 HDR
Holder, Joyce W. 12/28/01 HDR
Holder, Lela "Margie" Allen 9/27/93 ONE
Holder, Lela Allen "Margie" 9/26/93 HDR
Holder, Lina Knight  8/17/03 HDR
Holder, Lydia Clara Treadway Smith Ellis 10/23/03 HDR
Holder, Minnie R. Gragg  8/13/00 HDR
Holder, Neil Herman 2/21/97 HDR
Holder, Richard Hill 5/23/98 HDR
Holder, Ruth Sanders  9/30/96 HDR
Holder, Ruth Sanders  10/1/96 HDR
Holder, Vonnie Sanders 7/10/00 HDR
Holder, Vonnie Sanders  7/9/00 HDR
Holder, Warren Harding 4/21/97 HDR
Holder, William McKinley 6/27/97 HDR
Holdsclaw, Arthur Dewey 7/19/94 HDR
Holdsclaw, Arthur Dewey  7/19/94 ONE
Holdsclaw, Clinton  3/9/95 ONE
Holeman, Blannie Berry 2/25/00 ONE
Holeman, Blannie Berry  2/26/00 HDR
Holiday, James Otis Martin Jr. 3/30/99 HDR
Holifield, Chet (Fmr. U.S. Rep.)  2/8/95 HDR
Holka, Bryan 8/10/98 HDR
Holland, Alamanda Greene 6/11/03 HDR
Holland, Allison Marie  10/10/95 ONE
Holland, Allison Marie  10/11/95 ONE
Holland, Allison Marie  10/10/95 HDR
Holland, Allison Marie  10/11/95 HDR
Holland, Ann Houser 10/16/95 ONE
Holland, Ann Houser  10/15/95 HDR
Holland, Delores Norris 2/20/96 HDR
Holland, Don Sen. (SC) 10/6/03 HDR
Holland, Donald Hugh 6/21/01 ONE
Holland, Donald Hugh 6/21/01 HDR
Holland, Dorothy Lewallen 9/23/96 ONE
Holland, Dorothy Lewallen  9/22/96 HDR
Holland, Dorsey Hugh 3/11/99 ONE
Holland, Dorsey Hugh 3/12/99 ONE
Holland, Dorsey Hugh 3/12/99 HDR
Holland, Edna Geneva Sprouse 6/8/00 HDR
Holland, Flossie Mae Hedrick Sigmon 4/27/94 ONE
Holland, Flossie Mae Hedrick Sigmon 4/28/94 ONE
Holland, Flossie Mae Hedrick Sigmon 4/27/94 HDR
Holland, Flossie Mae Hedrick Sigmon 4/28/94 HDR
Holland, George “Bud”  6/8/02 HDR
Holland, Glenn  12/28/02 HDR
Holland, Hank Edwards  12/22/03 HDR
Holland, Horace 3/8/93 HDR
Holland, Joe Ralph 10/24/99 HDR
Holland, John (Duke LifeFlight helicopter pilot) 10/17/00 ONE
Holland, Luther Edward "Tiny" 2/8/93 ONE
Holland, Luther Edward "Tiny" 2/9/93 ONE
Holland, Luther Edward "Tiny" 2/8/93 HDR
Holland, Luther Edward "Tiny" 2/9/93 HDR
Holland, Mamie Vivian Newton 8/5/96 ONE
Holland, Mamie Vivian Newton  8/5/96 HDR
Holland, Nora Hefner 11/24/04 ONE
Holland, Nora Lail  11/5/02 ONE
Holland, Nora Lail  11/6/02 ONE
Holland, Nora Lail  11/7/02 ONE
Holland, Nora Lail  11/6/02 HDR
Holland, Nora Lail  11/7/02 HDR
Holland, Peggy Lail  4/10/03 HDR
Holland, Raymond Elliott  8/16/01 HDR
Holland, Raymond Troy  9/28/93 HDR
Holland, Roy Johnson 9/4/05 HDR
Holland, Sherrill Reid Jr. 1/17/94 ONE
Holland, Sherrill Reid, Jr. (veteran) 1/16/94 HDR
Holland, Victoria Lynn Davis  1/18/01 HDR
Holland, William Augustus  12/15/96 HDR
Holland, William Franklin 2/1/98 HDR
Hollander, Lewis 1/26/95 HDR
Hollander, Lewis Claude Dean  1/27/95 HDR
Hollander, Oliver Bishop 4/22/99 HDR
Holland-Moritz, Herwart  8/3/01 HDR
Hollar,  Evelyn Louise 6/18/00 HDR
Hollar,  Floyd Washington Jr. 10/22/00 HDR
Hollar, Alex William  12/29/00 HDR
Hollar, Alfred H. 7/18/01 HDR
Hollar, Arron L.  12/2/00 HDR
Hollar, Betty Lee  2/23/03 HDR
Hollar, Betty Smith 2/11/98 HDR
Hollar, Billy Eugene  9/5/01 HDR
Hollar, Bobby Lee 11/9/99 HDR
Hollar, Brady  10/26/93 HDR
Hollar, Brady Peter  10/27/93 HDR
Hollar, Brenda Little 5/23/05 ONE
Hollar, Brenda Little Mrs. 5/22/05 HDR
Hollar, Catherine Harmon 12/27/00 HDR
Hollar, Cecil A. 1/3/97 HDR
Hollar, Celia Rosemary Hoke 3/4/03 ONE
Hollar, Celia Rosemary Hoke  3/4/03 HDR
Hollar, Charles E.  11/17/99 HDR
Hollar, Christine Greene 12/13/05 HDR
Hollar, Christine Johnson 10/21/05 HDR
Hollar, Claude Jefferson 10/8/99 ONE
Hollar, Claude Jefferson 10/9/99 HDR
Hollar, Clyde Elmore Sr. 7/12/93 ONE
Hollar, Clyde Elmore Sr.  7/11/93 HDR
Hollar, Clyde Eugene Jr. 10/2/99 HDR
Hollar, Clyde Sharpe  12/25/03 HDR
Hollar, Connie Williams 7/17/97 HDR
Hollar, Cordie Harris 8/1/98 HDR
Hollar, Curley  1/29/93 HDR
Hollar, Curley  1/31/93 HDR
Hollar, Daisy Fox  8/25/95 HDR
Hollar, Dale Calvin  9/10/02 HDR
Hollar, David Henry  5/28/95 HDR
Hollar, David Henry  5/29/95 HDR
Hollar, Dean 1/26/93 HDR
Hollar, Dean  1/26/93 ONE
Hollar, Dean Richard 8/11/03 HDR
Hollar, Della Mae Crisp 11/21/96 HDR
Hollar, Dewey Olin 11/3/01 HDR
Hollar, Earlene Hefner 5/17/01 HDR
Hollar, Earlene Hefner  5/16/01 ONE
Hollar, Edfin “Ed” Haywood  12/18/02 HDR
Hollar, Eleanor Roseman  2/4/03 HDR
Hollar, Ellen White  9/11/98 HDR
Hollar, Elsie Etta 11/7/96 ONE
Hollar, Elsie Etta  11/8/96 HDR
Hollar, Emery Robert  11/27/94 HDR
Hollar, Emery Robert  11/28/94 HDR
Hollar, Estelle Drum 10/25/93 HDR
Hollar, Estelle Drum 10/26/93 HDR
Hollar, Estelle Drum  10/25/93 ONE
Hollar, Estelle Drum  10/26/93 ONE
Hollar, Ethel Mae Goble 12/6/01 HDR
Hollar, Eula  1/7/98 ONE
Hollar, Eula Belle Little 1/8/98 ONE
Hollar, Eula Belle Little 1/8/98 HDR
Hollar, Eunice Mae Bumgarner 12/9/97 HDR
Hollar, Eunice Mae Bumgarner 12/9/97 ONE
Hollar, Falah Townsend Mrs. 2/2/05 HDR
Hollar, Flay Baxter  1/28/93 HDR
Hollar, Floyd C. 11/27/01 HDR
Hollar, Floyd C. 11/28/01 HDR
Hollar, Floyd C.  11/26/01 ONE
Hollar, Floyd C.  11/27/01 ONE
Hollar, Floyd Marcellus  5/1/95 HDR
Hollar, Fred Donald 6/28/99 ONE
Hollar, Fred Donald 6/29/99 HDR
Hollar, Gary Frederick 2/9/98 ONE
Hollar, Gary Frederick 2/10/98 HDR
Hollar, Gary Keith 10/11/94 HDR
Hollar, Gary Wayne  2/13/03 HDR
Hollar, George Louis 9/22/05 ONE
Hollar, George Louis 9/23/05 ONE
Hollar, George Louis  9/23/05 HDR
Hollar, Gether Jane 5/17/00 HDR
Hollar, Gether Jane 5/16/00 HDR
Hollar, Gether Jane (100 yoa) 5/16/00 ONE
Hollar, Gladys Moser 12/29/04 ONE
Hollar, Gladys Summerlin  12/9/97 HDR
Hollar, Hal C.  7/14/04 ONE
Hollar, Harley Dilworth  4/11/02 ONE
Hollar, Harley Dilworth  4/11/02 HDR
Hollar, Harold Henry 12/17/97 HDR
Hollar, Harold Henry 12/17/97 ONE
Hollar, Harvey 10/26/98 HDR
Hollar, Harvey  10/26/98 ONE
Hollar, Henrietta  4/26/00 ONE
Hollar, Henrietta Lovana Poovey 4/27/00 HDR
Hollar, Henrietta Lovana Poovey 4/27/00 ONE
Hollar, Henry Levi Jr. 1/10/01 HDR
Hollar, Henry Levi Sr. 7/26/03 HDR
Hollar, Howard "Hop" 4/22/96 ONE
Hollar, Howard "Hop"  4/22/96 HDR
Hollar, Hugh Emory  5/19/93 ONE
Hollar, Hugh Emory  5/19/93 HDR
Hollar, Ilease Hubbard 1/21/00 HDR
Hollar, Ilease Hubbard 1/21/00 ONE
Hollar, Ileen Setzer 11/16/05 HDR
Hollar, Ileen Setzer 11/16/05 ONE
Hollar, Ilene  11/15/05 ONE
Hollar, Irma Cline 10/15/03 ONE
Hollar, Irma Cline  10/15/03 HDR
Hollar, James  7/29/99 ONE
Hollar, James C. Dr. 7/29/99 HDR
Hollar, James Wyatt (infant) 8/28/01 HDR
Hollar, Jerry William  1/15/02 HDR
Hollar, Jewell Cikanek  5/10/95 HDR
Hollar, Jewell Cikanek  5/12/95 HDR
Hollar, John "Bud" Loyd 5/6/05 HDR
Hollar, John Alvin 10/23/99 HDR
Hollar, John Russell  10/19/00 HDR
Hollar, Joshua Paul  2/4/03 HDR
Hollar, Joshua Paul  2/4/03 ONE
Hollar, Katelyn Ann  12/6/00 HDR
Hollar, Kathleen Miller  8/20/96 HDR
Hollar, Katie Duncan 7/31/01 ONE
Hollar, Katie Duncan  7/31/01 HDR
Hollar, Kenneth Olen 2/13/99 HDR
Hollar, Kirksey Edward 10/18/98 HDR
Hollar, Lacy Harris  9/23/02 ONE
Hollar, Lacy Harris  9/21/02 HDR
Hollar, Laura Kathleen Miller  8/17/96 HDR
Hollar, Laura Miller  8/18/96 HDR
Hollar, Leslie H. 4/9/99 HDR
Hollar, Lige C.  8/31/02 HDR
Hollar, Linda  7/30/93 HDR
Hollar, Linda Sue  7/31/93 HDR
Hollar, Lois W. 8/14/98 ONE
Hollar, Lois W. 8/10/98 HDR
Hollar, Lois W. 8/14/98 HDR
Hollar, Lois W.  8/10/98 ONE
Hollar, Lorene Edith Sweet 12/4/00 ONE
Hollar, Lorene Edith Sweet  12/3/00 HDR
Hollar, Loyd "Babe"  2/13/01 HDR
Hollar, Lula Kaylor 12/11/98 HDR
Hollar, Mamie Taylor 12/10/99 HDR
Hollar, Marian Fay Revels  6/14/98 HDR
Hollar, Marshall Clifton 11/19/95 HDR
Hollar, Mary Elizabeth  4/8/97 HDR
Hollar, Mary Ellen Pope 2/20/98 HDR
Hollar, Mary Marie Bowman 5/11/00 HDR
Hollar, Mary Marie Bowman 5/11/00 ONE
Hollar, Mildred Sprouse  6/18/96 HDR
Hollar, Mildred Sprouse  6/18/96 ONE
Hollar, Nancy Louise 12/7/05 HDR
Hollar, Navada  12/31/93 HDR
Hollar, Nellie M. 6/20/02 ONE
Hollar, Nellie Marie Little 6/21/02 ONE
Hollar, Nellie Marie Little  6/21/02 HDR
Hollar, Nevada 1/1/94 HDR
Hollar, Nina Campbell 12/13/05 HDR
Hollar, Nina Campbell  12/13/05 ONE
Hollar, Patsy Setzer 5/30/02 ONE
Hollar, Patsy Setzer  5/29/02 ONE
Hollar, Patsy Setzer  5/30/02 HDR
Hollar, Paula Setzer 1/7/99 ONE
Hollar, Paula Setzer 1/7/99 HDR
Hollar, Pauline Swain 4/21/97 ONE
Hollar, Pauline Swain  4/19/97 HDR
Hollar, Pauline Swain  4/18/97 ONE
Hollar, Pearl Margaret  8/31/96 HDR
Hollar, Pearl Price 4/9/94 HDR
Hollar, Pearl Price 4/14/94 HDR
Hollar, Pearl Wakefield 1/28/97 HDR
Hollar, Pearl Wakefield 1/30/97 HDR
Hollar, Pearl Wakefield  1/29/97 HDR
Hollar, Peggy Jean Gallimore 3/4/05 HDR
Hollar, Ralph "Pete" Hickman 5/25/97 HDR
Hollar, Ralph Franklin  12/14/94 HDR
Hollar, Ralph Franklin  12/15/94 HDR
Hollar, Ransom Ray 9/28/98 ONE
Hollar, Ransom Ray 9/29/98 HDR
Hollar, Ray Franklin 5/2/00 HDR
Hollar, Ray Franklin 5/1/00 ONE
Hollar, Ray Franklin 5/2/00 ONE
Hollar, Richard Craig  2/26/02 HDR
Hollar, Richard Jonas 10/22/99 ONE
Hollar, Robert  8/30/95 HDR
Hollar, Robert Ewin  8/30/95 ONE
Hollar, Roy C. 5/8/98 HDR
Hollar, Roy Everette 4/12/99 ONE
Hollar, Roy Everette 4/13/99 HDR
Hollar, Ruby Clay  4/11/03 HDR
Hollar, Ruth Frances Bartlett 6/28/99 HDR
Hollar, Ruth Louetta Frye  3/28/93 HDR
Hollar, Sarah Arlene Reinhardt 2/9/94 HDR
Hollar, Sarah Arlene Reinhardt 2/10/94 HDR
Hollar, Sarah Arlene Reinhardt  2/10/94 ONE
Hollar, Susan (105 yoa) 5/7/01 ONE
Hollar, Susan Sigmon (105 yoa) 5/8/01 ONE
Hollar, Susan Sigmon (105 yoa) 5/8/01 HDR
Hollar, Susan Sigmon (105 yoa) 5/9/01 HDR
Hollar, Thomas Miles "Tom" 6/29/97 HDR
Hollar, Toy Esper  12/7/93 HDR
Hollar, Turlie Abernathy  12/15/04 ONE
Hollar, Turlie Abernathy Shook 12/16/04 ONE
Hollar, Vergie Levan 5/13/00 HDR
Hollar, Verna Deal 6/1/00 HDR
Hollar, Verna Deal  6/1/00 ONE
Hollar, Virginia Reinhardt 2/21/97 HDR
Hollar, Virginia Reinhardt 2/21/97 ONE
Hollar, Wade Alfred  10/28/05 HDR
Hollar, Wayne D. 11/5/98 HDR
Hollar, Webster Norman 8/2/01 HDR
Hollar, William "Bill" Kenneth 9/4/03 ONE
Hollar, William "Bill" Kenneth  9/4/03 HDR
Hollar, William Frank 3/24/93 HDR
Hollar, William Frank 3/25/93 HDR
Hollar, William Israel "Bill" 7/18/99 HDR
Hollar, Willis Harmon  5/22/01 HDR
Hollar, Winnie Raby 5/26/97 ONE
Hollar, Winnie Raby  5/25/97 HDR
Hollar, Zella Woodruff  7/19/96 HDR
Hollar, Zulene Holiman 12/8/94 HDR
Hollar, Zulene Holiman 12/9/94 HDR
Hollars, Bertha Trivett  2/18/02 HDR
Hollars, Carrie Jane Bentley 1/9/01 HDR
Hollars, David Warren Sr.  5/8/95 HDR
Hollars, Dora Mae Greene  6/26/01 HDR
Hollars, Shelby Jean  6/9/02 HDR
Hollars, Shelby Jean  6/10/02 HDR
Holleman, Alpha Newton  7/18/03 HDR
Holleman, Dorcas Benfield  7/24/93 HDR
Holleman, Etta Wyatt  12/12/97 HDR
Holleman, Gladys M.  5/2/02 HDR
Holleman, James Grover 6/1/96 HDR
Holleman, James Grover 6/3/96 ONE
Holleman, Lonnie Benjamin Jr. 3/21/00 HDR
Holleman, Lonnie Benjamin Sr. 1/24/02 HDR
Holler, John Franklin 12/2/99 HDR
Holler, Larry Trent  9/12/01 HDR
Holler, William "Bill" Lee  10/20/01 HDR
Holler, Zelda "Rae" Stephens 10/11/03 HDR
Holley, Jacquelen (Page 2A) 12/28/01 HDR
Holley, Mary Katherine Miller 2/24/96 HDR
Holley, R. Eugene 7/21/00 HDR
Holley, Robert William (Nobel Prize - RNA researcher)  2/15/93 HDR
Holliday, Barry Randolph 8/26/97 HDR
Holliday, Barry Randolph 8/26/97 ONE
Holliday, Barry Randolph  8/27/97 HDR
Holliday, Edith Banning  6/3/99 HDR
Holliday, Haywood Ward 12/20/97 HDR
Hollifield, Dennis 5/12/98 ONE
Hollifield, Dennis Wilburn 5/13/98 ONE
Hollifield, Dennis Wilburn 5/13/98 HDR
Hollifield, Dock Everett 3/1/99 ONE
Hollifield, Dock Everett 3/1/99 HDR
Hollifield, Floyd 7/22/96 ONE
Hollifield, Floyd (Page 3A) 7/23/96 HDR
Hollifield, Gerald Barnett 10/16/00 HDR
Hollifield, Ginnie Lynn 8/10/97 HDR
Hollifield, June Hattie  10/17/03 HDR
Hollifield, June Hattie  10/17/03 ONE
Hollifield, Kenneth Ray  8/4/03 HDR
Hollifield, Lawrence Edward 8/6/97 HDR
Hollifield, Marion "Joe" 8/15/98 HDR
Hollifield, Marion Joseph III 12/9/03 HDR
Hollifield, Marion Joseph III 12/9/03 ONE
Hollifield, Marshall L.  3/2/05 HDR
Hollifield, Ruby Estelle Jonas 1/7/94 HDR
Hollifield, Thelma Duffey 1/8/98 HDR
Hollifield, Wade Harlan 11/21/05 ONE
Hollifield, Wade Harlan "Johnny" 11/21/05 HDR
Hollifield, William Mason 10/4/93 HDR
Hollifield, William Mason Sr.  10/5/93 HDR
Holliman, John 9/14/98 ONE
Holliman, Mary Lee Null 1/6/99 ONE
Hollinger, Vera Kincaid 9/16/93 HDR
Hollings, Robert Meyer 11/9/99 HDR
Hollingsworth, Faye Dula  8/7/03 HDR
Hollingsworth, Harold H. 2/13/05 HDR
Hollingsworth, Harry 9/15/01 HDR
Hollingsworth, John D. Jr. 1/2/01 HDR
Hollis, Effie Mae McCulloum  6/28/93 HDR
Hollis, Mark Dexter Dr.  3/7/98 HDR
Hollis, Samuel Isaac 12/27/02 ONE
Hollis, Samuel Isaac  12/27/02 HDR
Holloman, John Woodrow 1/11/99 HDR
Holloman, John Woodrow "J.W." 1/12/99 HDR
Holloman, Teresa S.  5/10/03 HDR
Hollow, Norman Harry  9/3/96 HDR
Holloway, Bem Kayin (Page 10A) 6/29/99 HDR
Holloway, Flossie Geneva Wagoner 10/6/00 HDR
Holloway, Henry Morgan  12/16/03 HDR
Holloway, Ida Mae 2/6/96 ONE
Holloway, Ida Mae Palmore 2/9/96 HDR
Holloway, Ida Mae Palmore 2/8/96 ONE
Holloway, James N.  Rev. 2/20/02 HDR
Holloway, James N. Rev. 2/20/02 ONE
Holloway, James Napoleon 2/15/02 ONE
Holloway, Justin Alexander 7/6/98 ONE
Holloway, Justin Alexander 7/2/98 ONE
Holloway, Justin Alexander 7/3/98 ONE
Holloway, Justin Alexander 7/3/98 HDR
Holloway, Justin Alexander 7/4/98 HDR
Holloway, Mary Ashley 12/16/99 HDR