Eades,  Bobby Wayne  12/21/00 HDR
Eades, Albert L. 1/17/01 ONE
Eades, Albert L. 1/16/01 ONE
Eades, Albert L. 1/17/01 HDR
Eades, Ava Rowena  6/3/96 ONE
Eades, Beulah Hudson  9/3/03 HDR
Eades, Beulah Hudson  9/2/03 ONE
Eades, Beulah Hudson  9/3/03 ONE
Eades, Bobby Wayne 12/21/00 ONE
Eades, Coyte Wayne  8/26/99 ONE
Eades, Coyte Wayne "Monk" 8/27/99 ONE
Eades, Coyte Wayne "Monk" 8/27/99 HDR
Eades, Della Alice 9/11/96 HDR
Eades, Della Alice  9/10/96 ONE
Eades, Jo Ann Arndt 5/22/01 ONE
Eades, Jo Ann Arndt  5/21/01 ONE
Eades, Jo Ann Arndt  5/22/01 HDR
Eades, Joyce Helen Brewster 4/29/02 ONE
Eades, Joyce Helen Herron  4/30/02 ONE
Eades, Joyce Helen Herron  5/2/02 ONE
Eades, Joyce Helen Herron  4/30/02 HDR
Eades, Joyce Helen Herron  5/2/02 HDR
Eades, Neil Hoke  9/30/94 HDR
Eades, Newell 1/19/05 ONE
Eades, Newell  1/19/05 HDR
Eades, Randy F. 12/17/01 ONE
Eades, Randy F. 12/17/01 HDR
Eades, Randy Joel 5/21/01 ONE
Eades, Randy Joel  5/21/01 HDR
Eades, Virginia Kay  4/19/04 ONE
Eades, William 1/18/05 ONE
Eades, Willie Mae Huffman 8/12/05 HDR
Eads, Kenneth Jefferson 5/26/93 HDR
Eads, Mary Annie Vance 4/10/97 HDR
Eads, Mary Annie Vance 4/10/97 ONE
Eagle, Hugh Kalvin  12/10/96 HDR
Eagle, Inez Smith 8/28/99 HDR
Eagle, Margaret Price 6/18/04 ONE
Eagle, Stephanie Nicole 2/10/03 ONE
Eagle, Stephanie Nicole  2/8/03 HDR
Eagle, Stephanie Nicole  2/9/03 HDR
Eagle, Stephanie Nicole  2/7/03 ONE
Eagleson, David N. (Retired CA Supreme Court Justice) 5/27/03 HDR
Eaker, Barbara Elizabeth Pruitt 12/1/00 ONE
Eaker, Barbara Elizabeth Pruitt  12/2/00 HDR
Eaker, Bertie Lee Schronce  11/25/96 HDR
Eaker, Eugene Allen 7/15/05 ONE
Eaker, Eugene Allen  7/15/05 HDR
Eaker, Lenita Louise Ballard  5/9/01 HDR
Eaker, Loyd Carl  6/9/93 HDR
Eaker, Mary Ella Self 12/4/01 HDR
Eaker, Phillip A. Sr. 9/8/98 HDR
Eaker, Ralph Hugh  10/29/03 HDR
Eaker, Robert Ray 2/27/99 HDR
Eaker, Verna Turner 9/14/95 HDR
Eaker, Vernie Hoyle 6/13/98 HDR
Eakers, Wesley Evan  7/6/95 HDR
Eakins, Ruby Fox  12/23/96 HDR
Eanes, Hattie Brooks  2/19/02 HDR
Eanes, Jim "Smilin'"  11/23/95 HDR
Earl, Betty Ann Harris 4/19/01 ONE
Earl, Betty Ann Harris 4/19/01 HDR
Earl, David (editor) 10/4/94 HDR
Earl, Fred 12/10/95 HDR
Earl, Ross Taylor 5/16/01 ONE
Earl, Ross Taylor  5/16/01 HDR
Earl, Thelma Mae  8/5/93 HDR
Earle, Hettie Avis Johnson 10/13/94 HDR
Earley, Bob (president of the Port of Tacoma commission) 10/3/94 HDR
Earley, Edna Pearl Jaynes 7/17/00 HDR
Earley, Helen Louise Johnson 1/23/97 HDR
Earley, Joe Bill Sr. 2/23/97 HDR
Earley, Josh (firefighter)  3/7/02 ONE
Earley, Mable Knox  7/19/02 HDR
Earley, Norma Jean Queen  1/30/95 HDR
Earley, Paul Vernon 4/9/99 HDR
Earley, Virle Lane  4/14/03 HDR
Earls, Jennie  2/20/93 HDR
Earls, Jennie Mae Sisk 2/21/93 HDR
Earls, Jennie Mae Sisk  2/22/93 HDR
Earls, Paul 9/11/98 HDR
Early, James Garland The Rev. 12/31/05 HDR
Early, Jeanne Beam 8/20/96 ONE
Early, Michael P. (former legislator) 7/1/93 HDR
Early, Omarion  4/3/03 HDR
Early, Texie Webb Swink 9/25/96 HDR
Early, William Alfred Jr. 8/1/02 HDR
Earnest, Doris Stewart 11/8/96 HDR
Earnest, Thomas Robert  3/4/03 HDR
Earnhardt, Clifford Holland Sr.  9/8/94 HDR
Earnhardt, Dale (page 1A) 2/19/01 HDR
Earnhardt, Dale (Page 9A) (died 02-18-2001) 12/6/01 HDR
Earnhardt, James Daniel "J.D." 9/30/96 HDR
Earnhardt, Jimmie Wade  12/13/97 HDR
Earnhardt, Jimmie Wade  12/12/97 ONE
Earnhardt, Nora McLeod  7/28/95 HDR
Earnhardt, Wilbur G. (retired-Army) 1/17/94 HDR
Earp, Ada Munday (101 yoa) 5/6/02 HDR
Earp, Amie McClelland  3/22/95 HDR
Earp, Brenda Jean 1/17/01 HDR
Earp, Carl F. 3/6/94 HDR
Earp, Coy Wayne  8/28/95 HDR
Earp, Ethel Davis Baker  1/28/03 HDR
Earp, Floyd  9/26/00 HDR
Earp, Glenn 2/28/94 HDR
Earp, Harvey Jefferson 8/20/99 HDR
Earp, Helen Price 5/12/99 HDR
Earp, Irene Vivian Craven  1/17/03 HDR
Earp, Irene Vivian Craven  1/18/03 HDR
Earp, Jimmy Ray 7/12/98 HDR
Earp, Marie “Peanut” Chapman  1/10/03 HDR
Earp, Mary Tester 12/9/03 HDR
Earp, Nancy Josephine Lowe 11/10/05 HDR
Earp, Nelson Robert  10/26/00 HDR
Earp, Rosa Mae Pennell 5/22/96 HDR
Earp, Rosie J. Southers 10/19/94 HDR
Earp, Sid "Apple Jack"  3/1/01 HDR
Earp, Susan "Susie" Elizabeth Price  3/5/95 HDR
Earp, Susan Price  3/4/95 HDR
Earp, Tiffany Brooke  10/27/94 HDR
Earp, Virginia Dare Triplett 1/18/99 HDR
Earp, Winston Price "John" 6/15/00 HDR
Earwood, Donald James "Shorty" 7/14/05 HDR
Earwood, Marjorie Hill 2/21/99 HDR
East, Edith Elizabeth Morley 12/17/02 ONE
East, Edith Elizabeth Morley 12/18/02 ONE
East, Edith Elizabeth Morley  12/17/02 HDR
East, Edith Elizabeth Morley  12/18/02 HDR
East, Rose Marie Davis  1/9/95 HDR
Easter, Derrick Jerrod  2/1/03 HDR
Easter, Derrick Jerrod  2/2/03 HDR
Easter, Dianne Luckey  1/6/01 HDR
Easter, Eugene  7/8/94 HDR
Easter, Judy Darlene Herman 3/28/99 HDR
Easter, Oscar Lee The Rev. 11/24/93 HDR
Easter, Wilma Wise  1/15/96 HDR
Easterling, Joan 9/27/98 HDR
Eastman, Patsy Duffie  8/17/96 HDR
Eastman, Robert Worth 8/14/94 HDR
Easton, Jack (former OH lawmaker) 11/20/94 HDR
Eastridge, Gladys Teague 4/10/96 HDR
Eaton, Arthur "Bugs" "Ben" Jr. 5/23/99 HDR
Eaton, Arthur "Bugs" Jr. 5/24/99 ONE
Eaton, Brenda Spencer 4/30/02 ONE
Eaton, Brenda Spencer  4/29/02 HDR
Eaton, Brenda Spencer  4/30/02 HDR
Eaton, Bruce R.  4/13/03 HDR
Eaton, Jessica  1/2/01 ONE
Eaton, Jessica Christine 1/4/01 HDR
Eaton, Jessica Christine  1/3/01 ONE
Eaton, Marion Henry Jr. 2/24/02 HDR
Eaton, Maude Jolly  5/2/97 HDR
Eaton, Rupert Alvis 12/11/96 HDR
Eaton, Rupert Alvis  12/10/96 HDR
Eaton, Virginia  8/15/02 HDR
Eban, Abba (statesman) 11/18/02 HDR
Ebeling, Donald H.  6/30/01 HDR
Ebeling, Dora Lisette Herron  8/14/95 ONE
Ebeling, Dora Lisette Herron  8/12/95 HDR
Eberhardt, William Harold 1/4/96 HDR
Eberhart, Richard (Pulitzer Prize poet) 6/13/05 HDR
Eble, Susan R.  6/30/01 HDR
Ebsen, Buddy (actor) 7/8/03 HDR
Ebstein, Yehuda 1/8/00 HDR
Echerd, Allison Leigh 2/17/97 HDR
Echerd, Allison Leigh 2/15/97 HDR
Echerd, Beulah McHargue 4/8/98 HDR
Echerd, Earl Cicero 8/8/05 HDR
Echerd, James Keith Sr. (veteran) 4/10/94 HDR
Echerd, Jones Worth "Sarge" 10/28/97 HDR
Echerd, Jones Worth "Sarge"  10/24/97 HDR
Echerd, Karen Lynn 12/14/99 HDR
Echerd, L. C.  "Jake" 5/5/98 HDR
Echerd, Owen Neil  7/14/01 HDR
Echerd, Winnie Lee Huffman 1/8/02 HDR
Echerd, Winnie Lee Huffman Mrs. 1/8/02 ONE
Echeverria, Pete 7/8/00 HDR
Echols, Harrison (DNA researcher) 4/16/93 HDR
Echols, Paul C. (medieval music expert) 9/27/94 HDR
Eckard, Albert Daniel 3/18/97 HDR
Eckard, Albert Daniel 3/19/97 HDR
Eckard, Armetta Lail 8/15/97 HDR
Eckard, Armetta Lail 8/15/97 ONE
Eckard, Arthur Wayne  8/2/03 HDR
Eckard, Arthur Wayne  8/1/03 ONE
Eckard, Betty Lynn Frazier 5/31/97 HDR
Eckard, Betty Lynn Frazier 5/30/97 ONE
Eckard, Beulah Mae Townsend  11/18/02 HDR
Eckard, Carroll Wayne 12/2/98 HDR
Eckard, Clayton Eugene  10/25/01 HDR
Eckard, David W. 6/24/98 HDR
Eckard, David Wesley 6/24/98 ONE
Eckard, David Wesley 6/25/98 HDR
Eckard, Dennis Lynn 10/12/94 ONE
Eckard, Dennis Lynn 10/11/94 HDR
Eckard, Dennis Lynn 10/12/94 HDR
Eckard, Doris Wilcox 2/25/98 HDR
Eckard, Dorothy Dean  10/23/95 ONE
Eckard, Dorothy Dean  10/19/95 HDR
Eckard, Dorothy Dean  10/21/95 HDR
Eckard, Dorothy Jean 10/19/95 ONE
Eckard, Edna Fleming 9/22/05 HDR
Eckard, Edna Hedrick  12/30/94 ONE
Eckard, Edna Hedrick  12/30/94 HDR
Eckard, Ellis "Eli" Cloer 4/9/05 HDR
Eckard, Emmett Eudell 5/11/99 ONE
Eckard, Emmett Eudell 5/10/99 ONE
Eckard, Emmett Eudell 5/11/99 HDR
Eckard, Ernest Richard  12/12/95 HDR
Eckard, Estelle Hollar  8/28/95 ONE
Eckard, Estelle Hollar  8/25/95 HDR
Eckard, Estelle Hollar  8/26/95 HDR
Eckard, Ethel Mae  1/13/95 HDR
Eckard, Eugene 1/18/94 HDR
Eckard, Eugene Benjamin (veteran) 1/24/94 HDR
Eckard, Faye Geneva Yount 11/22/99 ONE
Eckard, Faye Geneva Yount 11/22/99 HDR
Eckard, Finley "Grant" 4/16/99 ONE
Eckard, Finley "Grant" 4/17/99 HDR
Eckard, Finley Grant 4/19/99 ONE
Eckard, Fostina  9/27/05 ONE
Eckard, Fostina E.  9/28/05 HDR
Eckard, Fostina E.  9/28/05 ONE
Eckard, Fred Elsie 11/12/99 ONE
Eckard, Fred Eslie 11/12/99 HDR
Eckard, Fred Eslie 11/13/99 HDR
Eckard, Glenn E. 2/13/01 ONE
Eckard, Glenn E. 2/13/01 HDR
Eckard, Harley Lafayette 1/12/96 HDR
Eckard, Harley LaFayette  1/13/96 HDR
Eckard, Harold Andrew 4/21/00 HDR
Eckard, Harold Andrew 4/20/00 HDR
Eckard, Harold Reid  6/12/03 HDR
Eckard, Hazel Hefner 1/9/00 HDR
Eckard, Hazel Hefner 1/10/00 ONE
Eckard, Hilda I.  1/31/05 HDR
Eckard, Homer Ray 5/29/96 HDR
Eckard, Hugh Ervin "Buster" 1/25/00 HDR
Eckard, Hugh Ervin "Buster" 1/24/00 ONE
Eckard, Hugh Ervin "Buster" 1/25/00 ONE
Eckard, Ivie Louella 1/7/00 HDR
Eckard, Ivie Louella 1/6/00 HDR
Eckard, Ivie Louella 1/5/00 ONE
Eckard, Ivie Louella 1/6/00 ONE
Eckard, Jesse Lee 8/20/99 ONE
Eckard, Jesse Lee 8/21/99 HDR
Eckard, Jesse Preston 7/4/00 HDR
Eckard, Jettie Aileen  7/19/04 ONE
Eckard, Joseph Daniel "Dean" 12/16/97 ONE
Eckard, Kate Sain 12/19/95 HDR
Eckard, Kate Sain 12/20/95 HDR
Eckard, Katie Lail 3/23/01 ONE
Eckard, Katie Lail  3/24/01 HDR
Eckard, Lawrence E. 1/7/98 HDR
Eckard, Leonard Ray 12/20/01 HDR
Eckard, Loretta Icenhour 10/15/01 ONE
Eckard, Loretta Icenhour 10/14/01 HDR
Eckard, Lucille H. 4/4/02 ONE
Eckard, Lucille H.  4/4/02 HDR
Eckard, Lucille Hollar  4/5/02 ONE
Eckard, Lucille Hollar  4/5/02 HDR
Eckard, Lura Bollinger 7/9/01 HDR
Eckard, Mable Irene 7/22/96 ONE
Eckard, Mable Irene  7/20/96 HDR
Eckard, Margaret Jeanette 12/10/97 HDR
Eckard, Margaret Jeanette 12/10/97 ONE
Eckard, Margaretta Baker 1/28/97 HDR
Eckard, Margaretta Baker 1/27/97 ONE
Eckard, Marvin Junious 10/2/00 HDR
Eckard, Marvin Junious 10/2/00 ONE
Eckard, Mary Alice 7/11/00 HDR
Eckard, Mary Viola Williams (100 yoa) 12/18/03 HDR
Eckard, Max Ervin 7/26/94 ONE
Eckard, Max Ervin  7/26/94 HDR
Eckard, Nancy Lee Flanagan 12/30/04 ONE
Eckard, Nellie C.  8/6/05 HDR
Eckard, Nellie C.  8/7/05 HDR
Eckard, Ollie Mae Shook 9/15/94 HDR
Eckard, Ollie Mae Shook  9/15/94 ONE
Eckard, Paul Cornelius  1/4/02 HDR
Eckard, Pauline Houston  10/12/00 HDR
Eckard, Ray Jefferson 10/3/03 HDR
Eckard, Rena Lillian Sigmon 6/30/93 ONE
Eckard, Rena Lillian Sigmon 6/30/93 HDR
Eckard, Robert Allen 2/25/02 ONE
Eckard, Robert Allen  2/23/02 HDR
Eckard, Rosella Margaret "Pat" Doran 10/9/05 HDR
Eckard, Royd Wesley  1/5/04 ONE
Eckard, Ruth Huffman 12/24/01 HDR
Eckard, Ruth Huffman  12/24/01 ONE
Eckard, Samuel Robert  8/7/01 HDR
Eckard, Sarah Pauline  7/22/02 ONE
Eckard, Sarah Pauline  7/21/02 HDR
Eckard, Sharon Lynn Elmore 8/19/98 HDR
Eckard, Shirley Fox  10/22/04 ONE
Eckard, Stella  10/23/97 ONE
Eckard, Stella Viola Keller 10/24/97 HDR
Eckard, Stella Viola Keller 10/24/97 ONE
Eckard, Steven Ellis  12/25/03 HDR
Eckard, Steven Vincent 8/15/98 HDR
Eckard, Thelma Goodman 9/13/05 HDR
Eckard, Thelma Goodman 9/13/05 ONE
Eckard, Thelma Margaret Goodman 9/12/05 ONE
Eckard, Timothy "Tim"  (Page 9E) (not obit.) 11/18/01 HDR
Eckard, Timothy Lawrence "Tim" 8/18/99 ONE
Eckard, Timothy Lawrence "Tim" 8/18/99 HDR
Eckard, Tracy Ann Skidmore 6/20/01 ONE
Eckard, Tracy Ann Skidmore 6/21/01 HDR
Eckard, Vance Edgar  2/18/93 ONE
Eckard, Vance Edgar  2/19/93 ONE
Eckard, Vance Edgar  2/18/93 HDR
Eckard, Vance Edgar  2/19/93 HDR
Eckard, Vertie Veronica Price 10/22/03 HDR
Eckard, Virginia Bumgarner 12/3/97 HDR
Eckard, Willard Ray 5/12/99 ONE
Eckard, Willard Ray 5/12/99 HDR
Eckard, William Franklin  6/18/01 ONE
Eckard, Winfred Wilburn  8/23/97 HDR
Eckart, Jean (set designer) 9/8/93 HDR
Eckbo, Garrett 6/21/00 HDR
Eckenrod, Silas Franklin 8/18/98 HDR
Eckenrode, James B. (chairman PA Harness Racing commission) 10/22/94 HDR
Ecker, Vera Mary 11/23/95 HDR
Eckerd, Winnie Lea Huffman  1/7/02 HDR
Eckert, Bonne Bell (chairwoman of Bonne Bell Cosmetics) 11/8/05 HDR
Eckert, J. Presper (inventor - early computer)  6/6/95 HDR
Eckhart, Elizabeth Johannah Kunz 9/14/01 HDR
Eckman, Charley (broadcaster) 7/4/95 HDR
Ecord, Beulah  2/4/05 HDR
Eddington, Paul (actor) 11/7/95 HDR
Eddins, Beatrice Sessoms  3/31/02 HDR
Eddins, Blanche Pugh 10/7/96 HDR
Eddins, Blanche Pugh 10/8/96 HDR
Eddins, Roy Lee 8/17/03 HDR
Eddy, Emmett "Sonny" Jr. "Rev. E. Slave" 2/2/05 HDR
Eddy, Hortense Mitchell  5/8/95 HDR
Eddy, Jason  (Page 10A) 11/7/98 HDR
Eddy, Jonathan (founder of the American Newspaper Guild) 6/4/93 HDR
Eddy, Norman Grey 8/30/02 ONE
Eddy, Norman Grey  8/30/02 HDR
Eddy, Norman Grey  8/31/02 HDR
Eddy, Norman Grey  9/1/02 HDR
Edelson, Doug 3/29/99 HDR
Edens, Mabel Cranford  11/6/96 HDR
Edgar, Reginald  4/12/01 HDR
Edgecombe, John F. Sr. (newspaper publisher) 9/25/95 HDR
Edgerton, Esther (Mrs. Harold) 3/13/02 HDR
Edgison, Charles Ray 4/3/99 HDR
Edgison, Christopher Ray  12/11/03 HDR
Edington, Martha Eleanor Slane 12/4/01 ONE
Edington, Martha Eleanor Slane 12/5/01 ONE
Edington, Martha Eleanor Slane 12/5/01 HDR
Edisen, Barbara Ann Schreier (philanthropist) 5/13/00 HDR
Edmark, Karl William Dr. (portable defibrillator inventor) 4/8/94 HDR
Edmisten, Burl Shuford 9/3/99 HDR
Edmisten, Dessa Mae Triplette  7/9/03 HDR
Edmisten, Hazel E. 1/13/94 HDR
Edmisten, Hazel Ernestine 1/14/94 HDR
Edmisten, Howard M. 5/15/98 HDR
Edmisten, James W. 12/19/01 HDR
Edmisten, Ruth Louise Dula  4/19/97 HDR
Edmisten, Sylvia Morgan 4/19/98 HDR
Edmiston, Essie Green 3/5/00 HDR
Edmiston, Joe Fritz  2/22/95 HDR
Edmonds, Ashley Michelle 4/19/00 HDR
Edmonds, Charles W 8/18/01 HDR
Edmonds, Charles Woodrow 8/17/01 ONE
Edmonds, George Heston  7/28/01 HDR
Edmonds, Geter Pritchard 9/19/94 ONE
Edmonds, Geter Pritchard  9/19/94 HDR
Edmonds, Lillie Price 8/14/00 ONE
Edmonds, Lillie Price  8/13/00 HDR
Edmonds, Rachel Ferguson 4/17/96 HDR
Edmondson, Danny Wayne 11/29/98 HDR
Edmondson, Danny Wayne  11/30/98 ONE
Edmonson, Dan "Chick Bear" 6/29/94 HDR
Edmonson, James Harrell  2/7/96 HDR
Edmonson, Lennie Jr. 10/30/01 HDR
Edmonson, Ruth Prescott  2/24/95 HDR
Edney, Brenda Jo Lowman  8/27/93 HDR
Edney, Brenda Lowman  8/29/93 HDR
Edney, Perdie Ann Smith  4/30/02 HDR
Edwards, Alexander E. Jr.  2/27/05 HDR
Edwards, Alma Ledford  4/16/01 ONE
Edwards, Alma Ledford  4/15/01 HDR
Edwards, Andrew Gilbert 6/27/99 HDR
Edwards, Annie Sigmon  7/22/02 ONE
Edwards, Annie Sigmon  7/22/02 HDR
Edwards, Ben S. 2/9/94 ONE
Edwards, Ben S. 2/6/94 HDR
Edwards, Ben S. (veteran) 2/9/94 HDR
Edwards, Bill 1/6/00 HDR
Edwards, Billy Joe  6/4/01 HDR
Edwards, Billy Joe  4/22/99 HDR
Edwards, Bobby Eugene  11/4/96 HDR
Edwards, Boyd 2/13/97 HDR
Edwards, Carli Fay (Page 10A) 12/21/98 HDR
Edwards, Chalmus M.  8/18/05 HDR
Edwards, Chalmus Milton 8/18/05 ONE
Edwards, Charles Clinton Jr. 10/13/98 HDR
Edwards, Charles Clinton Jr. "Charlie" 10/15/98 HDR
Edwards, Charles Franklin 6/10/00 HDR
Edwards, Charles Franklin 6/12/00 ONE
Edwards, Charles Henry "C.H." 4/5/05 HDR
Edwards, Charles Hugh 2/20/98 HDR
Edwards, Charles Nathan Jr.  9/29/93 HDR
Edwards, Charles Nathan Jr.  10/1/93 HDR
Edwards, Constance Bevlin 3/24/99 HDR
Edwards, Cornelius Hiawatha  5/15/02 HDR
Edwards, Cornelius Hiwatha  5/13/02 HDR
Edwards, Daniel Kramer 7/21/01 HDR
Edwards, David  6/17/01 HDR
Edwards, Derek Michael 5/23/00 HDR
Edwards, Dorothy Hursey  11/19/02 ONE
Edwards, Dorothy Hursey  11/20/02 ONE
Edwards, Dorothy Hursey  11/20/02 HDR
Edwards, Douglas (theater and special events administrator for AMPAS) 2/7/93 HDR
Edwards, Edwin Russell  11/6/05 HDR
Edwards, Emery Lee  4/10/99 HDR
Edwards, Fannie Naomi Sherrill 11/28/94 ONE
Edwards, Fannie Naomi Sherrill 11/28/94 HDR
Edwards, Floe Sherrill  3/15/93 ONE
Edwards, Floe Sherrill  3/16/93 ONE
Edwards, Floe Sherrill  3/16/93 HDR
Edwards, Garland Preston (Page 11A) 12/11/95 HDR
Edwards, George C. (Page 3A) 10/24/94 HDR
Edwards, George Christopher "Chris"  10/26/94 HDR
Edwards, George Peeler 5/4/94 HDR
Edwards, George Peeler 5/5/94 HDR
Edwards, George Peeler  5/5/94 ONE
Edwards, George Ray  7/28/93 HDR
Edwards, Herman C. 2/13/00 HDR
Edwards, Herman Eugene (Chief Petty Officer)  1/6/01 HDR
Edwards, Herman Eugene Edwards (Master Chief Officer) 1/10/01 HDR
Edwards, Howard 8/26/96 ONE
Edwards, Howard Brinkley 8/27/96 ONE
Edwards, Howard Brinkley  8/28/96 HDR
Edwards, Hugh Elmer  11/25/00 HDR
Edwards, Jacqueline Lemar "Jackie"  5/25/93 HDR
Edwards, James William 3/31/01 HDR
Edwards, John Harvey 7/24/03 HDR
Edwards, John Harvey  7/24/03 ONE
Edwards, Johnnie 1/12/03 HDR
Edwards, Johnnie  1/13/03 HDR
Edwards, Johnnie  1/13/03 ONE
Edwards, Josephine Trivette 11/6/96 HDR
Edwards, Lena Kate 1/30/94 HDR
Edwards, Leslie (dancer) 2/13/01 HDR
Edwards, Lillie Mae 10/6/03 HDR
Edwards, Linda Sue  (Page 6B) 2/24/96 HDR
Edwards, Lucille Setzer Alley 6/28/99 ONE
Edwards, Lucille Setzer Alley 6/27/99 HDR
Edwards, Maggie B. 9/5/05 HDR
Edwards, Maggie Bess 9/8/05 HDR
Edwards, Margaret Zimmerman 5/15/05 HDR
Edwards, Martha  2/27/95 ONE
Edwards, Martha  2/27/95 HDR
Edwards, Martha Little  2/28/95 HDR
Edwards, Martha Neil Little  2/28/95 ONE
Edwards, Martin Monroe  2/4/00 HDR
Edwards, Martin Monroe  2/4/00 ONE
Edwards, Marvin Snead Sr. 4/26/00 HDR
Edwards, Mary Elizabeth  11/4/02 HDR
Edwards, Mary Emma Pitts 4/22/05 HDR
Edwards, Mary Parker 9/2/04 ONE
Edwards, Melanie (Page 10A) 12/21/98 HDR
Edwards, Michael "Mike"  8/20/01 ONE
Edwards, Michael "Mike"  8/20/01 HDR
Edwards, Minnie Elizabeth Mitchell 3/13/01 ONE
Edwards, Minnie Elizabeth Mitchell 3/13/01 HDR
Edwards, Paul Monroe 8/27/97 ONE
Edwards, Paul Monroe  8/27/97 HDR
Edwards, Peggy Frances Owens 4/3/03 ONE
Edwards, Peggy Frances Owens  4/4/03 HDR
Edwards, Ralph 10/8/01 HDR
Edwards, Ralph (host of "This Is Your Life") 11/18/05 HDR
Edwards, Raymond Melvin  3/7/03 HDR
Edwards, Richard Donovan "Don" 5/22/00 HDR
Edwards, Ronald "Buster" (mastermind behind Britain's "The Great Train Robbery") 12/5/94 HDR
Edwards, Rosalie Bolick 6/17/96 HDR
Edwards, Ruby Brindle  8/16/93 HDR
Edwards, Rupert Gantt 7/3/00 ONE
Edwards, Rupert Gantt  7/4/00 HDR
Edwards, Ruth Nelson  6/19/95 HDR
Edwards, Ruth Nelson  6/20/95 HDR
Edwards, Sarah Gayle 4/23/97 HDR
Edwards, Tammy Ann Coffey 12/22/98 HDR
Edwards, Texie Hensley  3/17/95 HDR
Edwards, Theresa Rita  1/14/03 HDR
Edwards, Thomas Jr. 4/4/99 HDR
Edwards, Thomas Ranson Jr. 12/1/03 HDR
Edwards, Van Young 1/26/94 HDR
Edwards, Venus Marie (Page 3A) 12/1/97 HDR
Edwards, Vicki Sumner 10/4/98 HDR
Edwards, Vince 3/14/96 HDR
Edwards, Virginia "Ginger" Tucker 12/4/05 HDR
Edwards, Wade David 7/7/97 ONE
Edwards, Wade Davis 7/7/97 HDR
Edwards, Walter Eugene  4/4/02 HDR
Edwards, Walter W.  2/19/02 HDR
Edwards, Walter W.  2/20/02 HDR
Edwards, William Gaither 1/29/99 HDR
Edwards, William Gaither  1/30/99 HDR
Edwards, William James Jr. 4/29/97 HDR
Edwards, Woodrow Willie 7/22/96 ONE
Edwards, Woodrow Willie  7/21/96 HDR
Effler, David Daniel  3/14/02 HDR
Effler, David Daniel  3/15/02 HDR
Effler, Hester V.  8/25/96 HDR
Effler, Mae Reid  10/18/99 HDR
Effler, Stephen Joseph  12/9/97 HDR
Efird, Donald Eugene Sr. 1/11/95 ONE
Efird, Donald Eugene Sr. 1/12/95 ONE
Efird, Donald Eugene Sr.  1/11/95 HDR
Efird, Donald Eugene Sr.  1/12/95 HDR
Efird, John Emory "Jack" II 10/5/97 HDR
Efird, Mary Helen Roseman  12/15/96 HDR
Efird, Roberta Drum  2/6/95 HDR
Efland, Simpson "Sim"  7/11/01 HDR
Efner, Albert Monroe 2/3/98 HDR
Efrat, Yona (Israeli army general) 6/7/93 HDR
Egan, Jogues Sister 4/20/98 HDR
Egan, John J. Monsignor 5/27/01 HDR
Egbu, Ephraim (Page D1) 11/13/97 HDR
Egeberg, Roger O. Dr. 9/16/97 HDR
Egerton, John Sutherland 9/25/00 HDR
Eggers, Alma Moretz 1/14/94 HDR
Eggers, Alma Moretz 1/15/94 HDR
Eggers, Arlie Ray 10/26/96 HDR
Eggers, Aubrey Leonard  8/9/96 HDR
Eggers, Charles Clinton Jr.  5/24/05 HDR
Eggers, George Calvin  2/10/93 HDR
Eggers, George Calvin  2/11/93 HDR
Eggers, Hannah (infant) 9/3/93 HDR
Eggers, Joan Welch 6/15/00 HDR
Eggers, Joan Welch 6/14/00 HDR
Eggers, Josephine Newton 10/15/01 ONE
Eggers, Josephine Newton 10/16/01 ONE
Eggers, Josephine Newton 10/17/01 HDR
Eggers, Lonnie 3/4/93 HDR
Eggers, Loyd Robert  9/2/93 HDR
Eggers, Lucy Millsaps  11/23/98 HDR
Eggers, Mary Alice Flowers 5/17/93 HDR
Eggers, Mary Alice Flowers  5/17/93 ONE
Eggers, Melvin (former chancellor-Syracuse University) 11/21/94 HDR
Eggers, Michelle Lynn 4/22/05 HDR
Eggers, Montana (infant) 9/3/93 HDR
Eggers, Ruben Jr.  8/16/05 HDR
Eggers, Sadie Riola  12/11/03 HDR
Eggers, Thomas C. 4/19/00 HDR
Eggers, Walter W.  12/24/93 HDR
Eggers, Walter Whidener  12/23/93 HDR
Egrie, Amelia Catherine  2/25/95 HDR
Egrie, Amelia Catherine  2/26/95 HDR
Ehrensberger, Ray R. 2/19/97 HDR
Ehrlich, Frederick Tobias  9/15/00 HDR
Ehrlichman, John D.  (Page 1A) 2/16/99 HDR
Ehrsam, Alan Bruce 4/6/97 HDR
Eibling, Betty J.  7/20/05 HDR
Eichenlaub, Robert M. 6/18/97 HDR
Eicher, Helen M. 2/4/94 HDR
Eidson, Isaac Clarence  9/13/00 HDR
Eidson, Isaac Clarence  9/13/00 ONE
Eilenberg, Samuel  2/9/98 HDR
Einstein, Thomas Lyle Jr.  6/29/95 HDR
Eisenberg, Arlene (witer) 2/13/01 HDR
Eisenberg, Shaul (billionaire) 3/29/97 HDR
Eisenberg, Walter 9/14/98 HDR
Eisenfield, Matthew Mitchell  (Page 1A) 2/26/96 HDR
Eisenhour, Luda   1/6/95 HDR
Eisenhour, Luda Price 1/7/95 HDR
Eisenstaedt, Alfred (photographer) (Page 5) 8/24/95 ONE
Eisenstein, Lou 12/22/96 HDR
Eiskamp, Ehler Henry Dr. 1/2/00 HDR
Eisler, Georg 1/18/98 HDR
Eisner, Jack P. (Holocaust survivor/author/businessman) 9/1/03 HDR
Eisner, Will (artist) 1/5/05 HDR
Ekard, Loy Wesley Sr. 1/27/94 HDR
Ekard, William Franklin  6/17/01 HDR
Ekonomon, Charles 7/25/96 ONE
Ekonomon, Charles Theodore 7/26/96 ONE
Ekonomon, Charles Theodore  7/26/96 HDR
Elad, Avri (spy) 7/22/93 HDR
Elam, Herbert Watkins  10/30/96 HDR
Elam, Jack (character actor) 10/23/03 HDR
Elam, Jack (character actor) 10/22/03 ONE
Elbert, Samuel H. (authority on Pacific languages) 5/18/97 HDR
Elder, Billy E.  7/10/01 HDR
Elder, Buford Curtis 4/24/96 HDR
Elder, Chaunce W. 11/12/01 HDR
Elder, Christine Mecimore Payne  9/28/01 HDR
Elder, Connelly Mike 5/24/99 HDR
Elder, Daniel Neill 2/15/01 HDR
Elder, Dessie Phillips 7/29/94 HDR
Elder, Dorothy Moose 11/26/98 HDR
Elder, Elizabeth Shook  8/17/94 HDR
Elder, Fred Conrad  11/14/94 HDR
Elder, Fred Conrad  11/15/94 HDR
Elder, Gaynell Icenhour  4/24/96 HDR
Elder, Gaynell Icenhour  4/25/96 HDR
Elder, Gladys Jetton  6/16/01 HDR
Elder, Harold Lee 9/3/97 HDR
Elder, Herb Lee 4/16/96 HDR
Elder, Herman Clarence  6/11/02 HDR
Elder, Howard Fred 7/2/95 HDR
Elder, Howard Fred  7/3/95 ONE
Elder, Ira Walter 5/6/96 HDR
Elder, Jack Festus 8/11/97 HDR
Elder, Jamie Eugene (infant) 9/12/94 HDR
Elder, Lillian Barlow 12/21/93 HDR
Elder, Lillie Bowman 3/27/03 ONE
Elder, Lillie Bowman  3/27/03 HDR
Elder, Lucille Ellen Bentley 12/29/00 HDR
Elder, Mabel D. McLemore 1/2/96 HDR
Elder, Mattie Jane Burris Dillard 7/29/03 HDR
Elder, Maude Epley  7/20/05 HDR
Elder, Michael Joseph (infant) 11/11/96 HDR
Elder, Patty Bell  10/23/94 HDR
Elder, Paul Alan 3/28/93 HDR
Elder, Paul Edward 3/16/93 HDR
Elder, Robert Quincy  6/30/94 HDR
Elder, Ronnie Eugene 11/7/05 HDR
Elder, Roy Lee  7/20/96 HDR
Elder, Shirley Ann McAlpin 5/3/93 HDR
Elder, Shirley Ann McAlpin 5/4/93 HDR
Elder, Suma Ray Jolly 12/27/05 HDR
Elder, William Hugh 8/17/99 ONE
Elder, William Hugh 8/17/99 HDR
Elder, Wilma Norene  12/26/02 HDR
Elders, Elsie Minnie Earley  7/29/04 ONE
Eldreth, Herman L. 8/8/05 ONE
Eldreth, Herman L.  8/7/05 HDR
Eldreth, Loyd "Tob"  9/25/95 HDR
Eldridge, Tahnee Sue  6/4/99 HDR
Eleazer, Clara Prince 5/18/98 HDR
Elebash, Hunley (regional leader of the Episcopal church) 10/22/93 HDR
Elebash, Hunley (regional leader of the Episcopal church) 10/24/93 HDR
El-Ghazaly, Sheik Mohammed 3/12/96 HDR
Eli, Diane 6/10/05 ONE
Eli, Diane  6/10/05 HDR
Eli, Diane Marie  6/11/05 HDR
Elianoff, Luba 11/27/98 HDR
Elias, Fred Sr. (Big Boy restaurant chain co-owner) 6/21/93 HDR
Elias, Peter 12/20/01 HDR
Elie, Myrtle Elizabeth Holman  11/3/95 HDR
Elion, Gertrude Belle 2/25/99 HDR
Eliot, Dorothy Winder  3/10/05 HDR
Elkins, Alice Payne  2/23/03 HDR
Elkins, Gertrude Slattery  10/23/96 HDR
Elkins, Michael 3/13/01 HDR
Elkus, Gene 9/26/99 HDR
Elledge, G. Clay 4/19/03 HDR
Elledge, James Donald "Cotton" 6/14/00 HDR
Elledge, Ruth Watts  9/2/02 HDR
Ellenburg, Mildred Marie Cater 11/21/00 HDR
Ellenburg, Thomas L. "T.L." 2/19/05 HDR
Eller, Alice Louise  6/30/93 ONE
Eller, Alice Louise  6/30/93 HDR
Eller, Benjamin Franklin "Benny" 12/19/98 HDR
Eller, Bobby Stewart  12/4/97 HDR
Eller, Bobby Stewart  12/3/97 HDR
Eller, Carvel Cooke 1/29/97 HDR
Eller, Charles J. Jr.  8/30/02 ONE
Eller, Charles J. Jr.  9/2/02 ONE
Eller, Charles J. Jr.  8/31/02 HDR
Eller, Clifton Horton 9/24/98 HDR
Eller, Dayton J.  11/3/94 HDR
Eller, Eloise  10/27/94 HDR
Eller, Franklin Ross 5/2/96 ONE
Eller, Franklin Ross 5/3/96 ONE
Eller, Franklin Ross  5/4/96 HDR
Eller, Franklin Ross  5/3/96 HDR
Eller, Grace Stone 4/30/00 HDR
Eller, Harold Clinton Jr.  10/22/93 HDR
Eller, Henry  1/13/93 HDR
Eller, Henry Frinch  1/14/93 HDR
Eller, Herman    6/21/95 HDR
Eller, Herman Dwayne 2/11/98 HDR
Eller, Herman Leonard  6/22/95 HDR
Eller, Hollie V.  8/1/01 HDR
Eller, Irene  1/3/05 HDR
Eller, Irene Edith Brooks 1/4/05 HDR
Eller, Jack Dempsey 9/16/01 HDR
Eller, John Henry Sr. 5/27/99 HDR
Eller, John Ray 5/1/01 HDR
Eller, Jones Mack Sr. 11/4/01 HDR
Eller, Joseph Randolph 3/27/00 HDR
Eller, Joseph Randolph 3/29/00 HDR
Eller, Juanita 12/14/01 HDR
Eller, Kathryn C. 3/7/98 HDR
Eller, Kenneth Doyle  10/5/01 HDR
Eller, Kenneth R.  11/5/93 HDR
Eller, Kenneth R.  11/6/93 HDR
Eller, Kimberly 7/2/00 HDR
Eller, Lawrence Maynard 9/15/99 HDR
Eller, Lillie M.  12/31/00 HDR
Eller, Luke Branson Jr. 9/12/97 HDR
Eller, Madge Kirby  2/11/03 HDR
Eller, Madie Sechler 10/13/93 HDR
Eller, Madie Sechler 10/14/93 HDR
Eller, Madie Sechler Mrs. 10/13/93 ONE
Eller, Madie Sechler Mrs. 10/14/93 ONE
Eller, Maynard Lee  3/11/02 HDR
Eller, Maynard Lee Sr. 3/13/02 HDR
Eller, McCoy Clark "Mac" 12/27/93 HDR
Eller, Megan Grace 6/16/99 ONE
Eller, Megan Grace  6/16/99 HDR
Eller, Reba Deal 3/8/00 HDR
Eller, Rex Woodrow  12/7/96 HDR
Eller, Richard Arvil 11/14/01 HDR
Eller, Rosa Lea  9/6/05 HDR
Eller, Roy Lee 2/18/05 HDR
Eller, Ruben Edward "Bill" 1/21/00 HDR
Eller, Susanna Mathis 5/4/96 HDR
Eller, Ted Lee "Joe"  12/1/99 HDR
Eller, Thelma Alice Bumgarner 1/28/96 HDR
Eller, Thelma Rozona Hubbard 6/21/03 HDR
Eller, Theodore Roosevelt  5/24/96 HDR
Eller, Vernon Gilbert "Gib" Jr. 4/11/98 HDR
Eller, Walter Field Sr. 12/8/02 HDR
Eller, Willa Jean Riddle  9/14/98 HDR
Ellicott, Wesley Kingdom 9/20/98 HDR
Ellicott, Wesley Kingdon 9/21/98 ONE
Ellington, Billie F. Mrs.  12/22/03 HDR
Ellington, Charles Hendley 5/7/04 ONE
Ellington, Iris Schoolfield 8/7/01 HDR
Ellington, Iris Schoolfield  8/3/01 ONE
Ellington, Iris Schoolfield  8/4/01 HDR
Ellington, Iris Schoolfield  8/5/01 HDR
Ellington, Mercer  2/9/98 ONE
Elliot, Bob (news correspondent) 8/1/97 HDR
Elliot, Irwin "Win" 9/19/98 HDR
Elliott, Annie Jane  1/4/96 HDR
Elliott, Betty Yount 8/26/93 HDR
Elliott, C.P. 11/23/94 ONE
Elliott, C.P.  11/23/94 HDR
Elliott, C.P.  11/25/94 HDR
Elliott, Carl 1/12/99 HDR
Elliott, Charles L.  12/23/02 ONE
Elliott, Charles L.  12/22/02 HDR
Elliott, Charles Stacy "C.S."  4/30/02 HDR
Elliott, Clara Alexander  9/24/02 HDR
Elliott, Denise Cole  11/10/99 HDR
Elliott, Edd King Sr. 9/9/97 HDR
Elliott, Galen Rev. 8/3/99 HDR
Elliott, George E. Jr. (Pearl Harbor radar operator)   12/25/03 HDR
Elliott, Helen Kennedy 12/15/99 ONE
Elliott, Hugh Gunnar 1/6/03 ONE
Elliott, Hugh Gunnar  1/6/03 HDR
Elliott, Jack  8/20/01 HDR
Elliott, James "Jim" Henry  7/22/05 HDR
Elliott, James Ernest Sr.  10/24/93 HDR
Elliott, Jimmie  1/5/05 HDR
Elliott, John Howard 12/22/05 HDR
Elliott, John Thomas  5/25/98 ONE
Elliott, Johnny Richard 10/27/93 HDR
Elliott, Johnny Richard 10/28/93 HDR
Elliott, Larry Leroy 8/12/05 HDR
Elliott, Lawrence Elzie 11/13/94 HDR
Elliott, Lawrence Elzie 11/14/94 HDR
Elliott, Lawrence Elzie  11/14/94 ONE
Elliott, Lillie Coker 2/14/99 HDR
Elliott, Mary Elizabeth Johnson  1/26/02 HDR
Elliott, Mary Louise Price 11/2/02 HDR
Elliott, Mary Louise Price  11/4/02 ONE
Elliott, Melba Lorene Smith 1/5/93 HDR
Elliott, Melba Lorene Smith  1/5/93 ONE
Elliott, Nancy Joyce 3/22/98 HDR
Elliott, Nelda 3/24/00 HDR
Elliott, Nicholas (British intelligence agent) 4/15/94 HDR
Elliott, Norman Wales 3/6/98 HDR
Elliott, Norman Wales 3/7/98 HDR
Elliott, Odell Davis 1/13/98 HDR
Elliott, Patsy Grey  11/14/94 HDR
Elliott, Paul Robert 10/2/98 HDR
Elliott, Reba Blanton Whisnant  4/26/95 HDR
Elliott, Reba Blanton Whisnant  4/27/95 HDR
Elliott, Richard Allan 1/3/00 HDR
Elliott, Robert William 12/24/95 HDR
Elliott, Rose Alexander  10/17/94 ONE
Elliott, Rose Alexander  10/17/94 HDR
Elliott, Ross 8/19/99 HDR
Elliott, Samuel Hicks 2/13/01 ONE
Elliott, Samuel Hicks (infant) 2/14/01 HDR
Elliott, Stephen (character actor) (Elliott Pershing Stitzel) 5/27/05 HDR
Elliott, Steve Shaw 7/15/05 HDR
Elliott, Susan Priscilla 1/4/05 ONE
Elliott, Susan Priscilla Foster 1/5/05 HDR
Elliott, Susan Priscilla Foster 1/5/05 ONE
Elliott, Todd A.  4/5/04 ONE
Elliott, Todd Alden  4/6/04 ONE
Elliott, Wade Charles Sr.  4/14/93 HDR
Elliott, William Hal 8/2/04 ONE
Elliotte, George  5/12/94 ONE
Elliotte, George  5/13/94 ONE
Elliotte, George  (veteran) 5/12/94 HDR
Elliotte, George  (veteran) 5/13/94 HDR
Ellis, Ada Belle Sigmon 10/10/01 ONE
Ellis, Ada Belle Sigmon 10/11/01 HDR
Ellis, Alice Thomas (author) 3/11/05 HDR
Ellis, Bertha Pearl Keller 11/7/00 HDR
Ellis, Boyden Edward  9/3/96 HDR
Ellis, Brenda Dugger  10/9/03 HDR
Ellis, C.P. (former member of the Ku Klux Klan) 11/10/05 HDR
Ellis, Charles Dennis 11/21/96 ONE
Ellis, Charles Dennis 11/22/96 ONE
Ellis, Charles Dennis  11/22/96 HDR
Ellis, Charles Hoyt 10/15/95 HDR
Ellis, Charles Hoyt  10/16/95 ONE
Ellis, Charley Mae 5/3/05 HDR
Ellis, Crete Cooke  6/25/04 ONE
Ellis, David Lee 12/30/05 HDR
Ellis, Dorothy “Jennie” Williams  12/25/02 HDR
Ellis, Ethel Marie 11/13/05 HDR
Ellis, Frank S. Rev. 12/23/01 HDR
Ellis, Franklin Harold  6/16/99 HDR
Ellis, Fred Albert 8/1/00 HDR
Ellis, Fred Albert 8/1/00 ONE
Ellis, Fred Raymond  8/2/95 HDR
Ellis, Fred Raymond  8/3/95 HDR
Ellis, Freddie Ray  (Page 1) 1/13/99 ONE
Ellis, Freddie Ray "Ray-Ray" Jr. 1/15/99 ONE
Ellis, Freddie Ray "Ray-Ray" Jr. 1/16/99 HDR
Ellis, Geneva Jolly 2/12/99 HDR
Ellis, Goldie Ann Reinhardt 4/30/05 HDR
Ellis, Hollis (Buffalo Soldier) 9/11/94 HDR
Ellis, Irving "Irv" C. Sr. 6/13/01 HDR
Ellis, James Kirk 4/8/00 HDR
Ellis, James Kirk (Page 1) 4/7/00 ONE
Ellis, James Kirk (Page 1A) 4/7/00 HDR
Ellis, James Kirk (Page 1A)  (Died 4/5/00) 4/13/00 HDR
Ellis, James Kirk (Page 1A) (Died 04/05/00) 4/11/00 HDR
Ellis, James William 3/10/00 ONE
Ellis, James William  3/11/00 HDR
Ellis, Jason V. Sr.  10/23/93 HDR
Ellis, John B. "Bennie" 5/22/94 HDR
Ellis, John F. "Jack" 1/19/05 HDR
Ellis, Karen 7/30/02 HDR
Ellis, Kateri Concannon "Kay" 3/25/98 HDR
Ellis, Larry Steven 4/19/05 HDR
Ellis, Mary Sue 12/10/98 HDR
Ellis, Mary Sue  12/10/98 ONE
Ellis, Muriel Jane  10/30/02 HDR
Ellis, Patricia Ann Fox "Patsy" 1/20/99 HDR
Ellis, Pearl Hammer 3/1/95 HDR
Ellis, Pearl Hammer  2/28/95 HDR
Ellis, Pearleen Haas  7/10/93 HDR
Ellis, Pearleen Haas  7/11/93 HDR
Ellis, Pearleen Haas Mrs.  7/12/93 ONE
Ellis, Rogers Willis 10/16/98 HDR
Ellis, Sharon Denise 11/11/94 HDR
Ellis, Sharon Denise (Page 6A) 11/10/94 HDR
Ellis, Stephen Lynn "Sprig" 7/18/03 ONE
Ellis, Stephen Lynn (Sprig) 7/18/03 HDR
Ellis, Taylor (Page 7A) 4/8/00 HDR
Ellis, Victoria "Vickie"  4/16/02 HDR
Ellis, Willard Ray  5/31/02 HDR
Ellis, William Alexander "Snooky" 11/13/94 HDR
Ellis, William Alexander (Snooky) 11/14/94 ONE
Ellison, Alice Pardew 3/28/94 HDR
Ellison, Johnny Sr. 7/23/99 HDR
Ellison, Loretta Geneva "Jean" 5/1/05 HDR
Ellison, Martin Dale  9/11/96 HDR
Ellison, Ralph (author) 4/17/94 HDR
Ellison, Ruth Taylor 7/18/01 HDR
Ellison, Virgie Alice 2/29/96 HDR
Ellison, Virgie Alice 2/28/96 HDR
Ellul, Jacques (theologian) 5/21/94 HDR
Ellyson, Clarence Richard 5/27/96 HDR
Ellyson, Thelma Belle Graham 3/7/98 HDR
Elman, Philip 12/3/99 HDR
Elmer, Walter Sherman 1/13/97 HDR
Elmore, A. F.  6/20/03 HDR
Elmore, A.F.  6/20/03 ONE
Elmore, Alexander Christopher Reid 3/12/05 HDR
Elmore, Arthur C. “Art”  10/20/00 HDR
Elmore, Ben Matheson Sr. 1/13/98 ONE
Elmore, Ben Matheson Sr. 1/13/98 HDR
Elmore, Benton W.  1/18/95 HDR
Elmore, Bernola 10/12/98 ONE
Elmore, Bernola Sue Hinson 10/12/98 HDR
Elmore, Bessie Ruth Miller 6/3/00 HDR
Elmore, Bessie Ruth Miller 6/5/00 ONE
Elmore, Carmie Elam Sr.  10/6/93 HDR
Elmore, Catherine Inez Poovey 4/22/96 HDR
Elmore, Catherine Inez Poovey 4/22/96 ONE
Elmore, Darlene 7/7/98 ONE
Elmore, Delaune T.  2/6/96 HDR
Elmore, Delavne 2/5/96 HDR
Elmore, Dolly Maude Harless Mace  9/23/02 ONE
Elmore, Dolly Maude Harless Mace  9/22/02 HDR
Elmore, Edgar Lee 5/21/98 ONE
Elmore, Edgar Lee 5/20/98 ONE
Elmore, Edgar Lee 5/21/98 HDR
Elmore, Edgar Paul 12/30/97 HDR
Elmore, Edgar Paul 12/30/97 ONE
Elmore, Edgar Paul  12/27/97 HDR
Elmore, Emmit "Bud" Jr. 10/4/97 HDR
Elmore, Ethel Bryte  1/11/03 HDR
Elmore, Fitzhugh William "Crip"  4/8/95 HDR
Elmore, Flishes Lattimore 9/13/98 HDR
Elmore, Flishes Lattimore 9/15/98 HDR
Elmore, Forest Burton Jr. 9/4/05 HDR
Elmore, Fred Monroe 1/17/98 HDR
Elmore, Geneva Moselle 6/24/93 HDR
Elmore, Geneva Mozelle  6/24/93 ONE
Elmore, Geneva Mozelle Wall 6/25/93 ONE
Elmore, Geneva Mozelle Wall 6/28/93 ONE
Elmore, Geneva Mozelle Wall  6/25/93 HDR
Elmore, Geneva Mozelle Wall  6/26/93 HDR
Elmore, Goldie Lee Little 3/12/05 HDR
Elmore, Goldie Lee Little 3/11/05 ONE
Elmore, Goldie Lee Little 3/14/05 ONE
Elmore, Guy Nell  12/6/97 HDR
Elmore, Hazel Lunsford  5/16/02 HDR
Elmore, J. Henry  4/20/96 HDR
Elmore, Jackson Alexander (infant) 5/20/03 HDR
Elmore, James Riley 3/31/96 HDR
Elmore, James Riley 4/1/96 ONE
Elmore, Jerry Ray 3/14/03 HDR
Elmore, Jerry Ray  3/15/03 HDR
Elmore, Jerry Wayne  2/6/96 HDR
Elmore, John Henry Sr. 4/19/96 ONE
Elmore, Leonard Joe  9/13/00 HDR
Elmore, Lethia Hoffman 6/20/03 HDR
Elmore, Lorene Cornwell  12/19/94 HDR
Elmore, Marie Marshall  9/13/93 HDR
Elmore, Mary B.  11/13/96 HDR
Elmore, Mary Frances 12/19/00 HDR
Elmore, Melcolm Abdula 1/23/98 HDR
Elmore, Nell James 11/9/00 HDR
Elmore, Neva Stallings 2/24/98 HDR
Elmore, Pauline McKinnis 4/26/99 ONE
Elmore, Pauline McKinnis 4/27/99 ONE
Elmore, Pauline McKinnis 4/27/99 HDR
Elmore, Ralph D.  7/4/94 HDR
Elmore, Rebecca  2/28/95 HDR
Elmore, Robert Eugene 9/12/95 ONE
Elmore, Robert Eugene 9/12/95 HDR
Elmore, Robert Lee 11/17/98 HDR
Elmore, Ross Rudolph 7/19/00 HDR
Elmore, Roy Alvin 5/21/93 ONE
Elmore, Roy Alvin 5/24/93 ONE
Elmore, Roy Alvin 5/21/93 HDR
Elmore, Roy Alvin 5/23/93 HDR
Elmore, Ruth Keaton 10/28/03 HDR
Elmore, Sharon Lynn 2/20/02 ONE
Elmore, Sharon Lynn  2/20/02 HDR
Elmore, Teddy Harold  8/26/94 HDR
Elmore, Walter Terry  8/9/94 HDR
Elmore, Wilard Paul Jr. 2/14/97 ONE
Elmore, Willard Paul Jr. 2/14/97 HDR
Elmore, Willard Paul Jr. 2/13/97 ONE
El-Moslimany, Mohammad (engineer from Egypt--WA) 7/3/03 HDR
Elrod, Blanche McClure 4/1/03 ONE
Elrod, Blanche McClure  4/1/03 HDR
Elrod, Carl Franklin 7/31/94 HDR
Elrod, Charlotte  6/7/94 HDR
Elrod, Charlotte Philishia Cloer 6/8/94 HDR
Elrod, Edna Ruth Reid 3/28/98 HDR
Elrod, Frances Anne Stafford  9/6/03 HDR
Elrod, Frances S.  9/8/03 ONE
Elrod, Harold W.  4/4/95 HDR
Elrod, Henry Elwood  7/12/03 HDR
Elrod, Henry Elwood  7/15/03 HDR
Elrod, Modena Warren  7/19/94 HDR
Elrod, Modena Warren  7/20/94 HDR
Elrod, Thelma Lefevers 11/29/93 HDR
Elsen, Albert (professor) 2/5/95 HDR
Elsey, John Junior 11/6/01 HDR
Elston, Don (relief pitcher) 1/6/95 HDR
Elston, Terry (football) 8/27/95 HDR
El-Tayeb, Atef (film director) 6/25/95 HDR
Elting, Howard  8/10/01 HDR
Elwell, Margaret L. (biographer--Pulitzer Prize) 3/21/03 HDR
Elwell, Margaret L. (Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer) 3/24/03 HDR
Elytis, Odysseus  3/19/96 ONE
Elytis, Odysseus (Nobel Prize Poet) 3/20/96 HDR
El-Zayyat, Mohammed Hassan (Egyptian foreign minister) 2/27/93 HDR
Emanuel, Abraham Akiba (actor/artist) 4/5/93 HDR
Emanuel, Helen K. 10/14/97 HDR
Emanuel, Helen K.  10/13/97 HDR
Embler, Gary Wilson 9/24/05 HDR
Emerick, Ruth 9/8/02 HDR
Emerick, Ruth Ellen Fetherolf 9/9/02 ONE
Emerick, Ruth Ellen Fetherolf  9/9/02 HDR
Emerson, J. Martin "Marty" 12/30/97 HDR
Emerson, John (owned 15-acre tire dump) 2/25/94 HDR
Emerson, Roberta Shinn 5/26/98 HDR
Emerson, William Richard (WWII fighter pilot & historian) 6/16/97 HDR
Emerson, William Richard (WWII fighter pilot & military historian) 6/13/97 HDR
Emery, Katherine Jordan 9/12/01 HDR
Emery, Virgil Lee 7/21/03 HDR
Emhardt, Robert (actor) 1/3/95 HDR
Emmett, Forest Oakley  3/18/96 HDR
Emmett, Forest Oakley  3/18/96 ONE
Emory, Margie Inez "Aunt Margie" 10/8/03 HDR
Enamait, Helen Gontis  12/4/94 HDR
Enciso-Delossantos, Guadalupe (infant) 8/2/03 HDR
Enciso-Delossantos, Guadalupe (infant) 8/4/03 ONE
Enders, Thomas O. 3/18/96 ONE
Enders, Thomas O.  3/21/96 HDR
Endicott, Carmella Lynn "Boogie" 3/19/01 ONE
Endicott, Carmella Lynn "Boogie" 3/19/01 HDR
Endo, Shusaku 10/2/96 HDR
Engel, Frederick 12/9/01 HDR
Engel, Jules (animator) 9/16/03 HDR
Engen, Donald 7/19/99 HDR
Engen, Donald 7/15/99 HDR
England, Ada  9/7/98 ONE
England, Ada Ramseur  9/6/98 HDR
England, Audrey  10/24/03 ONE
England, Audrey Laverne  10/25/03 HDR
England, Audrey Laverne  10/27/03 HDR
England, Audrey Laverne  10/27/03 ONE
England, Charles Mason 1/27/99 ONE
England, Floyd 1/28/94 HDR
England, Floyd  1/28/94 ONE
England, Floyd  1/31/94 ONE
England, Floyd  1/31/94 HDR
England, Floyd (veteran) 1/29/94 HDR
England, Floyd (veteran) 1/30/94 HDR
England, Henrietta  1/27/93 HDR
England, Henrietta Rudicil  1/28/93 HDR
England, Homer Ray 12/28/98 HDR
England, Homer Ray 12/29/98 HDR
England, John  2/25/93 ONE
England, John    2/25/93 HDR
England, John Augusta Monroe 2/26/93 HDR
England, Louise Boyd 1/15/00 HDR
England, Louise Boyd 1/16/00 HDR
England, Ransom Lee 1/23/98 ONE
England, Ransom Lee 1/24/98 HDR
England, Vera Octavia  3/8/04 ONE
England, Vera Octavia  3/11/04 ONE
Engle, Beverly Alexander Jr.  8/16/03 HDR
Engle, Harold Lee  2/8/96 HDR
Engle, James Richard 7/4/97 HDR
Engle, James Stowe 2/22/93 HDR
Engle, Kathy Jean Deese  2/19/05 HDR
Engle, Linda Lee 1/6/00 HDR
Engle, Pearl Huffman "Sis" 3/9/97 HDR
Engle, Pearl Huffman "Sis" 3/10/97 ONE
Engle, Pearl Huffman "Sis"  3/8/97 HDR
Engle, Ray Garney  8/15/94 HDR
Englehart, Patrick T.  10/31/95 HDR
English, Bobby E. 11/10/05 ONE
English, Bobby E.  11/10/05 HDR
English, Bobby Edwin 11/9/05 ONE
English, Faye Buchanan 4/23/03 HDR
English, Herdie 10/6/93 HDR
English, O. Spurgeon (psychotherapist) 10/7/93 HDR
English, Pauline H. 1/4/02 HDR
English, Pauline H.  1/6/02 HDR
English, Ross Eugene 3/28/01 ONE
English, Ross Eugene  3/28/01 HDR
English, Steven Albert 3/21/00 HDR
English, Tina Rochelle Bumgarner Mrs.  8/17/03 HDR
Engman, Lewis A.  7/14/95 HDR
Enloe, Fred 5/13/93 HDR
Enloe, Hester Ruth Clippard 2/8/00 HDR
Enloe, Hilliard "Pop"  1/30/93 HDR
Enloe, Hilliard Maxel  1/29/93 HDR
Enloe, Lula Mae Evans 10/16/01 ONE
Enloe, Lula Mae Evans 10/17/01 ONE
Enloe, Lula Mae Evans 10/16/01 HDR
Enloe, Lula Mae Evans 10/17/01 HDR
Enloe, Roy Reeves  12/23/99 HDR
Enloe, Sadie Robinson 7/18/95 HDR
Enloe, Sadie Robinson 7/19/95 HDR
Enloe, Virginia Carol Livingston 12/28/99 HDR
Enlow, Joel (Page D1) 11/13/97 HDR
Ennals, David Hedley Lord (former Labor Cabinet minister) 6/18/95 HDR
Ennis, Richard "Richie" Lynn 8/27/04 ONE
Ennis, Robert Lee  5/23/94 HDR
Ennis, Troy Allen (Page 3A) 7/13/99 HDR
Ennis, Virginia Abernethy  2/27/03 HDR
Ennis, William Bill  8/19/96 HDR
Enniskillen, Lady (Nancy MacLennon) 3/23/98 HDR
Enright, Nick (playwright)  4/1/03 HDR
Enrile, Arturo 1/15/98 HDR
Ensley, Harold (television personality) 8/26/05 HDR
Eoll, Christopher Kenneth 5/23/99 HDR
Eperson, Willie Mae Craig 8/10/93 HDR
Ephlin, Donald 6/4/00 HDR
Eplee, Mary Henrietta  9/4/03 ONE
Epley, Albert Lee 9/3/01 HDR
Epley, Alton Leroy  7/10/95 HDR
Epley, Charles Curtis  2/17/95 HDR
Epley, Curley Rich  12/9/05 HDR
Epley, Diana Lail 9/8/00 ONE
Epley, Diana Lail  9/8/00 HDR
Epley, Elizabeth "Beth" Harrison 10/21/01 HDR
Epley, Etta Carswell 11/20/99 HDR
Epley, Franklin Lenoir "Frank" 6/17/98 HDR
Epley, Garmon Horace 11/27/95 HDR
Epley, Gladys Lucille Robinson 12/9/05 HDR
Epley, Helen Cornelia  3/1/02 HDR
Epley, Howard Calvin  8/3/00 HDR
Epley, Ida Moses  4/27/96 HDR
Epley, Isabelle "Kitty" 2/28/05 HDR
Epley, James Franklin "Bud" Sr.  10/30/02 HDR
Epley, Jay Allen 2/5/98 HDR
Epley, John Henry Sr., 3/27/03 HDR
Epley, John Sr. 3/27/03 ONE
Epley, John Thomas  9/18/05 HDR
Epley, Joseph Frank "Joe" 3/29/95 ONE
Epley, Joseph Frank "Joe" 3/28/95 HDR
Epley, Joseph Frank "Joe" 3/29/95 HDR
Epley, Joseph Frank (Joe)  3/28/95 ONE
Epley, Lillian M.  4/7/02 HDR
Epley, Mabel Duncan 10/10/96 HDR
Epley, Mary Ann 2/28/96 HDR
Epley, Mary E. 12/31/00 HDR
Epley, Mary Olen Cowan  10/26/96 HDR
Epley, Minnie Moses  2/6/95 HDR
Epley, Nelson "Donnie" Lee 4/25/03 HDR
Epley, Nora Lee 1/11/00 HDR
Epley, Regina Kay Atkins 11/4/01 HDR
Epley, T. I 12/22/97 HDR
Epley, T. I.  12/23/97 HDR
Epley, Toye Mae Harris 11/18/02 HDR
Epley, Vassie Buff  1/12/03 HDR
Epling, Jerry Lee 5/24/94 HDR
Epling, Jerry Lee  5/25/94 HDR
Epling, Jerry Lee (Page 6A) 5/25/94 HDR
Eppley, Alwin “Jack” John  1/15/03 HDR
Eppley, Charles Curtis  2/18/95 HDR
Epps, Archie C. III (administrator--Harvard University) 8/24/03 HDR
Epps, Eleanor Sigmon 12/3/00 HDR
Epps, Eleanor Sigmon 12/4/00 ONE
Epps, Glenn Eugene 1/28/98 ONE
Epps, Glenn Eugene 1/29/98 HDR
Epps, Horace (Ret. Rear Adm.) 4/25/95 HDR
Epps, James Edward Sr. 2/17/93 HDR
Epps, Ronald Lee 12/27/05 HDR
Epright, Nancy C.  1/28/05 HDR
Epstein, Joseph (philosophy professor) 5/25/93 HDR
Epstein, Julius J. (writer) 1/1/01 HDR
Epstein, Samuel (professor Emeritus of Geochemistry) 9/21/01 HDR
Epting, Susie Kieffer 1/27/01 HDR
Erazo-Anaya, Jenny (Page 1A) 4/19/00 HDR
Erby, Pinkie Lee McClain  6/7/95 HDR
Erby, Pinkie Lee McClain  6/8/95 HDR
Erdos, Paul (mathematician) 9/25/96 HDR
Eri, Vincent Serei Sir (former governor-general) 5/30/93 HDR
Erickson, Alberta "Bert" Huffman 6/19/95 ONE
Erickson, Alberta "Bert" Huffman  6/18/95 HDR
Erickson, Alberta "Bert" Huffman  6/19/95 HDR
Erickson, Alfred W.  8/26/97 HDR
Erickson, Kenneth R. 10/26/00 HDR
Erikson, Erik (Pulitzer Prize psychoanalyst--"identity crisis") 5/13/94 HDR
Erikson, Fred C.  1/22/02 HDR
Erikson, Janet N.  12/8/95 HDR
Ernest, Anna May  7/8/93 HDR
Ernest, Richard Donald 9/2/05 HDR
Ernst, Marie Clarke 10/23/99 HDR
Ertl, Hans 10/30/00 HDR
Erulkar, Solomon D.  1/28/95 HDR
Ervay, Jay Thomas 7/5/05 HDR
Ervay, Jay Thomas 7/6/05 HDR
Ervay, Jay Thomas  7/5/05 ONE
Ervay, Jay Thomas  7/6/05 ONE
Ervin, Addie  5/12/99 HDR
Ervin, Addie Mae Avery 5/13/99 HDR
Ervin, Alma Lucille Cuthbertson 2/25/96 HDR
Ervin, Ann  9/14/94 HDR
Ervin, Ann C.  9/14/94 ONE
Ervin, Ann C.  9/15/94 HDR
Ervin, Ann Carper  9/15/94 ONE
Ervin, Annie Leona  2/15/01 HDR
Ervin, Archie Thomas 12/16/98 HDR
Ervin, Bertie Mae  2/15/00 HDR
Ervin, Beulah Mae Bivens  1/29/03 HDR
Ervin, Cardell Moore 12/8/01 HDR
Ervin, Charles Edwin "Ted" 10/13/93 HDR
Ervin, Charles Phifer "Do Right" Sr. 8/27/98 HDR
Ervin, Cyril Ray 3/17/03 ONE
Ervin, Cyril Ray  3/16/03 HDR
Ervin, Dorothy L.  7/10/03 HDR
Ervin, Eddie Theodore 9/29/98 HDR
Ervin, Eddie Theodore  9/29/98 ONE
Ervin, Elizabeth Barringer 9/5/01 ONE
Ervin, Elizabeth Barringer 9/6/01 HDR
Ervin, Eugenia 9/20/95 HDR
Ervin, Eugenia  9/20/95 ONE
Ervin, Eugenia Adams 9/22/95 ONE
Ervin, Eugenia Adams 9/22/95 HDR
Ervin, Eula Mrs. 8/31/93 ONE
Ervin, Eula Whitesides 8/31/93 HDR
Ervin, Eunice Marie Cuthrbertson 11/26/01 HDR
Ervin, Eva Thornburg  8/31/97 HDR
Ervin, Garry Lynn 11/2/00 HDR
Ervin, Garry Lynn 11/2/00 ONE
Ervin, Hazel Mae Queen 1/15/00 HDR
Ervin, Hazel Mae Queen 1/14/00 ONE
Ervin, J. Dan  7/25/93 HDR
Ervin, Jean Meredith Nelson  12/23/02 HDR
Ervin, Jean Meredith Nelson  1/8/03 HDR
Ervin, Jerry Jr. 7/18/03 HDR
Ervin, Jerry Jr. 7/18/03 ONE
Ervin, Joseph Elmer  8/13/01 HDR
Ervin, Joseph Lewis "Joe"  7/3/95 HDR
Ervin, Joseph Shaun  11/5/05 HDR
Ervin, Judge Samuel James III (Page 5) 9/20/99 ONE
Ervin, Leola McDowell  5/16/03 HDR
Ervin, Lucille  9/26/98 HDR
Ervin, Mamie Elizabeth Fox 7/4/94 HDR
Ervin, Margaret R. Moore 1/4/95 HDR
Ervin, Mary Combs 8/5/97 HDR
Ervin, Norma Carlton  11/14/00 HDR
Ervin, Osea 4/26/05 HDR
Ervin, Osea Long 4/27/05 HDR
Ervin, Patricia Blanche "Pat"  2/20/01 HDR
Ervin, Pauline Johnson 8/24/03 HDR
Ervin, Pauline Johnson 8/25/03 HDR
Ervin, Preston Tremaine  3/1/94 HDR
Ervin, Raymond Franklin 10/13/00 HDR
Ervin, Raymond Franklin 10/12/00 ONE
Ervin, Robert "Bob" Edison Sr. 4/20/97 HDR
Ervin, Robert Edison Jr. 6/17/98 HDR
Ervin, Ruth Otelia  1/6/03 HDR
Ervin, Samuel James III Federal Judge (Page 1A) 9/19/99 HDR
Ervin, Samuel James III Hon. Judge 9/20/99 HDR
Ervin, Thelma Ann 7/7/98 HDR
Ervin, Vickie Sue Carpenter 4/6/03 HDR
Ervin, Vickie Sue Carpenter 4/7/03 ONE
Ervin, William Jr. "Bub" 2/24/98 HDR
Ervin, Willie Belle Shuffler  7/10/93 HDR
Erwin, Claude "Jim" Faucette Jr. 12/5/01 HDR
Erwin, Claude Faucette Sr. 5/26/93 HDR
Erwin, Earlene Clark  6/2/94 HDR
Erwin, Earlene Clark  6/3/94 HDR
Erwin, Frances Louise Jamison  2/17/02 HDR
Erwin, John Brown 11/25/97 ONE
Erwin, John Brown  11/27/01 HDR
Erwin, Lawrence Edward Jr. 5/18/00 HDR
Erwin, Pauline M.  1/20/94 HDR
Erwin, Pauline M. Campbell 1/18/94 HDR
Erwin, Robert Clifton Sr.  10/20/94 HDR
Erwin, Ruby Forney 3/1/94 HDR
Erwin, Walter C.  4/7/93 HDR
Erwin, William T. Jr.  10/20/95 HDR
Erwood, Edith M. Spann  3/8/02 HDR
Erwood, Joseph Livingston 2/3/99 HDR
Esar, Evan  1/7/96 HDR
Esau, Katherine (botanist) 7/12/97 HDR
Escalona, Arnaldo E. (human rights activist) 6/18/93 HDR
Escott, Josephine Newby 8/20/01 ONE
Escott, Josephine Newby 8/19/01 HDR
Esders, Wilhelm G. "Bill" (Midway pilot) 11/3/94 HDR
Esherick, Joseph 12/25/98 HDR
Eshleman, John M. "Jack" 11/15/99 HDR
Eskridge, Clayton Jr. 9/13/93 HDR
Eskridge, Clayton Jr. 9/15/93 HDR
Eskridge, Larry Joe William 8/11/05 HDR
Eskridge, Singlee A.   3/14/03 HDR
Esposito, John A.  9/10/97 HDR
Esposito, Meade (Democratic leader) 9/5/93 HDR
Essary, William Donald  1/31/95 ONE
Essary, William Donald  2/1/95 HDR
Estep, Bobbie Neil Wilkinson 8/3/00 ONE
Estep, Bobbie Neil Wilkinson  8/3/00 HDR
Estep, Della Christine Sprouse  3/12/02 HDR
Estepp, Jerry Wayne  2/2/93 ONE
Estes, Allen Rufus  3/29/96 HDR
Estes, Annie Rader  7/6/02 HDR
Estes, Benjamin Samuel "Ben" 12/26/93 HDR
Estes, Benjamin Samuel "Ben"  12/27/93 ONE
Estes, Carolyn Rose Williamson 11/9/01 HDR
Estes, Clarence Allen  11/16/05 HDR
Estes, Clyde R.  3/18/96 HDR
Estes, Dewey Lee 2/11/98 HDR
Estes, Donnie Matthews 4/25/94 HDR
Estes, Eva Rader 9/3/99 HDR
Estes, Frances D. 11/9/01 HDR
Estes, Glenna Mae Yount 11/24/04 ONE
Estes, Glenna Y. 11/23/04 ONE
Estes, Grace "Aunt Grace" Woods 6/1/01 HDR
Estes, Hattie Whisnant  3/4/01 HDR
Estes, Irene "Carol" Cook  10/8/99 HDR
Estes, James Douglas  8/2/94 HDR
Estes, James Douglas  8/3/94 HDR
Estes, James K. "Nick"  8/15/97 HDR
Estes, James Steward "Bonnie" Sr. 8/13/01 HDR
Estes, James Steward "Bonnie" Sr. 8/15/01 HDR
Estes, Julia Bethea Wilson 6/15/96 HDR
Estes, Lottie Messick 4/28/96 HDR
Estes, Madison Coyte  3/11/02 HDR
Estes, Mary Rosedna  4/23/02 HDR
Estes, Melvin Bryant Sr. 12/30/02 HDR
Estes, Mozella Triplett  12/18/03 HDR
Estes, Robert Lankston "Lank" 10/20/99 HDR
Estes, Rufus A.  5/13/96 HDR
Estes, Samuel Dewitt  9/20/94 HDR
Estes, Sherry Denise 3/13/98 HDR
Estes, Stephen Collis Sr. 11/21/03 HDR
Estes, Stephen Collis Sr. 11/22/03 HDR
Estes, Steven  12/12/01 ONE
Estes, Steven David 12/13/01 ONE
Estes, Steven David 12/13/01 HDR
Estes, Wayne H.  5/4/94 HDR
Etchells, E. W. "Skip" 12/29/98 HDR
Eten, Russell William 9/9/94 HDR
Ethell, Jeffrey (pilot/author) 6/8/97 HDR
Etheridge, Beatrice Coats (mother of Bob Etheridge) 4/3/05 HDR
Etheridge, Bessie Dell Lewis  6/30/93 HDR
Etheridge, Debbie Keller 1/29/98 ONE
Etheridge, Debbie Keller 1/29/98 HDR
Etheridge, Fannie Mae Lail  11/19/02 ONE
Ethridge, Eva Mae Lowman 8/6/05 HDR
Ethridge, Fannie  11/18/02 HDR
Ethridge, Fannie Mae Lail 11/19/02 HDR
Ethridge, John Samuel  7/18/96 HDR
Etpison, Ngiratkel (third elected president of Palau) 8/7/97 HDR
Ettl, Katherine Rhymes Speed (sculptor) 1/12/93 HDR
Ettlinger, Louis F. 9/13/05 HDR
Eubank, Joseph Stewart  2/8/95 HDR
Eubanks, Luther  1/22/96 ONE
Eubanks, Pearl Lattimore  5/13/02 HDR
Eubanks, Sally Gordon  1/10/02 HDR
Eubanks, Wynona Taylor   3/8/04 ONE
Eure, Minta Banks (widow of former NC Sec. Of State Thad Eure) 2/7/94 HDR
Eure, Thad (longtime NC Secretary of State)  7/22/93 ONE
Eurey, Robert Carl 9/30/98 HDR
Eury, Lydia Henkel 9/15/03 ONE
Eury, Lydia Henkel  9/14/03 HDR
Evans, Amelia Flack 5/31/93 HDR
Evans, Annie Bell Thompson 7/25/96 HDR
Evans, Annie Peterson  2/19/01 HDR
Evans, Ben B. 3/13/01 ONE
Evans, Ben B.  3/13/01 HDR
Evans, Billy James 10/10/98 HDR
Evans, Charlie 8/9/97 HDR
Evans, Clyde  9/14/00 HDR
Evans, Dale 2/8/01 ONE
Evans, Dale (Page 6A) ( Smith, Frances Octavia Fox) 2/8/01 HDR
Evans, Dallas Lee 3/29/01 ONE
Evans, Dallas Lee  3/29/01 HDR
Evans, Edward Leeo  10/4/05 HDR
Evans, Edward Leeo  10/5/05 HDR
Evans, Ellis Donald  10/1/93 ONE
Evans, Ellis Donald  9/30/93 HDR
Evans, Ellis Donald  10/1/93 HDR
Evans, Ethel Houck  12/11/95 HDR
Evans, Fanny 12/27/05 ONE
Evans, Fern Ramey  4/26/95 HDR
Evans, Floyd Melvin 6/27/00 ONE
Evans, Floyd Melvin  6/28/00 HDR
Evans, Fred Anders  12/9/94 HDR
Evans, Fred Anders  12/10/94 HDR
Evans, Fred Anders  12/11/94 HDR
Evans, Garland Wilton  9/26/94 HDR
Evans, George  10/25/94 HDR
Evans, Grover Jr. 2/7/02 HDR
Evans, Harvey Samuel "Jewbaby" 12/5/99 HDR
Evans, Helen 10/7/99 HDR
Evans, Herbert J. 1/22/02 ONE
Evans, Herbert Jackson  1/22/02 HDR
Evans, Homer Bane 4/28/00 HDR
Evans, Homer Bane 4/27/00 ONE
Evans, James Robert Sr. 2/26/93 HDR
Evans, James Robert Sr. 3/1/93 HDR
Evans, James S. 5/23/98 HDR
Evans, John Woodrow 2/22/96 HDR
Evans, Joseph Howard 4/17/01 HDR
Evans, Kathleen Johnson 7/30/96 HDR
Evans, Kenneth James 9/14/99 HDR
Evans, Keron Houston  12/10/05 HDR
Evans, Lura Gertrude 7/6/03 HDR
Evans, Marjorie Rudisill 1/20/99 ONE
Evans, Marjorie Rudisill 1/21/99 HDR
Evans, Marjorie Viola Rudisill "Marj" 1/21/99 ONE
Evans, Marjorie Viola Rudisill "Marj" 1/22/99 HDR
Evans, Mattie Alice  12/20/94 HDR
Evans, Mattie Ellis  12/21/94 HDR
Evans, Mattie Joanne Lattimore  9/10/02 HDR
Evans, Mattie Joanne Lattimore  9/11/02 HDR
Evans, Mattie Joanne Lattimore  9/12/02 HDR
Evans, Muriel 11/1/00 HDR
Evans, Norman J.  5/6/03 HDR
Evans, Oakley S.  3/22/95 HDR
Evans, Robert Hugh Jr. 5/23/00 HDR
Evans, Roy  2/24/05 ONE
Evans, Roy  5/29/98 HDR
Evans, Roy Claymen 2/25/05 HDR
Evans, Roy Claymen 2/25/05 ONE
Evans, Sarah Bell Griggs 11/22/99 HDR
Evans, Sheila Ann Haynes  7/21/01 HDR
Evans, Shelby L. 9/1/00 HDR
Evans, Shelby L.  9/2/00 HDR
Evans, Sidney Avery 3/1/01 HDR
Evans, Sidney Avery  3/1/01 ONE
Evans, Sterling C. (101 yoa)  7/10/01 HDR
Evans, Terry Dean 9/6/93 HDR
Evans, Thelma Clontz 5/11/98 ONE
Evans, Thelma Clontz 5/8/98 ONE
Evans, Thelma Clontz 5/10/98 HDR
Evans, Walter Worrell 5/7/00 HDR
Evans, Walter Worrell (Page 5A) 5/9/00 HDR
Evans, Wanda Ann McCurray 2/24/97 HDR
Evans, Wanda Ann McCurry 2/27/97 ONE
Evans, Wanda Ann McCurry 2/24/97 ONE
Evans, Wayne Palmer 8/5/93 ONE
Evans, Wayne Palmer  8/5/93 HDR
Evans, William David  4/8/02 HDR
Evans, William David  4/10/02 HDR
Evans, William Rupert Jr. 8/19/04 ONE
Everett, Arthur (writer-reporter) 11/3/94 HDR
Everett, Irene Mae Golden 8/24/98 ONE
Everett, Irene Mae Golden 8/22/98 HDR
Everett, Irene Mae Golden 8/23/98 HDR
Everette, Douglas Ray "Red" 2/24/96 HDR
Everette, John Arthur I 6/7/02 ONE
Everette, John Arthur II 6/8/02 HDR
Everette, Mattie Lee Hunter 8/25/96 HDR
Everhardt, Harless "Polly"  5/30/95 HDR
Everhardt, Joe Steele 10/25/03 HDR
Everhardt, Lillian Steele 8/17/98 HDR
Everhardt, Ruby Powell 4/26/94 HDR
Everhart, Donald Vann "Bud" Sr.  7/7/03 HDR
Everhart, Flossie Towery  3/14/05 HDR
Everhart, Laura Lucille  1/12/96 HDR
Everhart, Robert Ray Sr. 2/7/99 HDR
Everhart, William Henry 9/21/05 HDR
Everitt, Margaret Decker (102 yoa) 12/7/99 HDR
Evers, Medgar (7A) 1/23/01 HDR
Everson, Rick 9/3/99 HDR
Everson, William (poet--Beat generation) 6/5/94 HDR
Everson, William K. 4/16/96 HDR
Every, Mary 8/23/00 HDR
Eves, Willie P. 7/15/94 HDR
Evitt, Donald T. (Sgt 1st Class) 1/4/99 ONE
Evitt, Donald T. Sgt. 1st Class 1/3/99 HDR
Evitt, Donald T. Sgt. 1st Class 1/2/99 HDR
Evitt, Gerald Wayne "Peanut" 5/9/00 HDR
Evitt, Gerald Wayne "Peanut" 5/9/00 ONE
Evoy, John J. Rev. 8/10/01 HDR
Ewald, Henry T. "Ted" 9/26/96 HDR
Ewart, Clinton Lee "Verlin" 1/30/99 HDR
Ewbank, Weeb 11/19/98 HDR
Ewell, Tom (actor) 9/14/94 HDR
Ewell, Tom (actor-comedy) 9/13/94 ONE
Ewing, James Blair  12/14/96 HDR
Ewing, William H. (AP press writer) 7/4/97 HDR
Ewing, William Hickman 7/29/96 HDR
Exner, Judith Campbell 10/5/99 HDR
Exum, Sally Odum 11/18/96 HDR
Exum, Sally Odum 11/18/96 ONE
Eye, Frances J. "Johnnie"  6/6/95 HDR
Eyler, Larry (convicted murderer) 3/8/94 HDR
Eyssell, Gustav 2/8/98 HDR
Eytan, Walter 5/27/01 HDR
Ezell, Alma Scoggin 2/24/94 HDR
Ezell, Harold W. 8/31/98 HDR
Ezell, Mary Bass (Page 4) 5/3/99 ONE
Ezell, Mary Edna Bass 5/2/99 HDR
Ezell, Mary Edna Bass  5/1/99 HDR
Ezzell, Oscar L.  6/30/05 HDR
Ezzell, Oscar L.  6/27/05 ONE