Da Costa, Alfredo Nobre (Prime Minister of Portugal) 5/4/96 HDR
Dabbs, Olan T.  7/10/97 HDR
Dack, Simon  Dr. (founded The Journal of American Cardiology) 2/8/94 HDR
Dade, George C. 5/30/98 HDR
Dadey, Kevin 5/25/98 ONE
Dadey, Pamela 5/25/98 ONE
Daen, Lindsay (artist) 5/3/01 HDR
Daffan, Ted (singer) 10/9/96 HDR
Dagenhart, Alma Broughton 11/16/95 HDR
Dagenhart, Delia Alma Bowman  3/1/03 HDR
Dagenhart, Edna Mae Warren  3/29/97 HDR
Dagenhart, Evelyn Elder 1/3/97 HDR
Dagenhart, Evelyn Elder 1/4/97 HDR
Dagenhart, Ewell Martin 12/22/99 HDR
Dagenhart, Hazel Viola Bowman 3/2/98 HDR
Dagenhart, Homer S.  3/13/93 HDR
Dagenhart, Homer S.  3/16/93 HDR
Dagenhart, James David 3/30/97 HDR
Dagenhart, James David 3/31/97 ONE
Dagenhart, Linda Ferguson  3/24/95 HDR
Dagenhart, Lucilla Charles 6/9/00 HDR
Dagenhart, Maggie Lorene Moss 1/2/00 HDR
Dagenhart, Mary Lou 5/17/05 HDR
Dagenhart, Purnell Roy 3/22/94 HDR
Dagenhart, Purnell Roy 3/23/94 HDR
Dagenhart, Ray H. 6/2/94 HDR
Dagenhart, Ray H. (veteran) 6/3/94 HDR
Dagerhardt, Ralph Willie 1/15/98 HDR
D'Agostino, Nicholas  6/27/96 HDR
Dahanayake, Wijayananda (Sri Lankan prime minister) 5/8/97 HDR
Dahle, Donald Elliott  1/30/96 HDR
Dahle, Helen Barta 3/14/01 HDR
Dahlstrom, Jerry Patrick 12/26/00 HDR
Dahlstrom, Karen Patricia  12/26/00 HDR
Dahlstrom, Richard Blaine "Swede" 1/20/98 HDR
Dailey, J. Roberts (former Ind. Speaker of the House) 8/16/05 HDR
Dailey, James Darrell 9/3/03 HDR
Daily, Bill Martin  8/13/96 HDR
Daily, Bill Martin  8/13/96 ONE
Dake, Arthur(chess expert) 5/5/00 HDR
Dale, Bessie Denton 7/5/95 HDR
Dale, Bessie Denton 7/6/95 HDR
Dale, Billy Wayne 5/22/98 ONE
Dale, Billy Wayne 5/21/98 HDR
Dale, Billy Wayne 5/22/98 HDR
Dale, Bonnie Davis 9/18/97 ONE
Dale, Bonnie Davis  9/18/97 HDR
Dale, Catherine Elizabeth Epley 2/8/93 HDR
Dale, Charles Marion  3/12/00 HDR
Dale, Christopher Dean  2/5/03 HDR
Dale, Clarence Devone 2/20/99 HDR
Dale, Conley 10/25/98 HDR
Dale, Donald Ray 9/20/05 HDR
Dale, Edith Baker  3/6/05 HDR
Dale, Elbert Hayes  4/2/97 HDR
Dale, Elgiva Shull 10/5/05 HDR
Dale, Elizabeth Pons  3/8/03 HDR
Dale, Ella Louise Williams 5/3/96 HDR
Dale, Ellen Elizabeth Carswell (106 yoa) 7/5/03 HDR
Dale, Evon L.  12/31/03 HDR
Dale, Fern 2/12/96 ONE
Dale, Fred 12/19/03 HDR
Dale, Genell Hudson  7/4/95 HDR
Dale, Gernell Hudson 7/5/95 HDR
Dale, Gertrude Belle Poteat 10/28/96 HDR
Dale, Grover Cleveland  1/7/99 HDR
Dale, Hattie Elizabeth Franklin 6/17/99 HDR
Dale, Ira Marie  5/16/94 HDR
Dale, Ira Marie Poteat 5/17/94 HDR
Dale, Jack Alex  11/30/93 HDR
Dale, Jackson Reid Sr. (veteran) 4/14/94 HDR
Dale, James Arthur Sr.  10/8/94 HDR
Dale, James Woodrow  2/6/99 HDR
Dale, Jay Truett 9/16/03 ONE
Dale, Jay Truett 9/17/03 ONE
Dale, Jay Truett  9/17/03 HDR
Dale, John Henry III 11/5/94 HDR
Dale, Johnnie A. 6/14/00 HDR
Dale, Joseph Francis  8/31/94 HDR
Dale, Joseph Francis Sr. 9/1/94 HDR
Dale, Joseph Wilson 7/12/97 HDR
Dale, Kate Ball 7/17/96 HDR
Dale, Katherine Carswell  3/6/03 HDR
Dale, Lethia Brittain 2/24/00 HDR
Dale, Lorraine "Lo" Grayson  2/15/02 HDR
Dale, Louise Whisenant 11/30/05 HDR
Dale, Lucy Myrleen  5/4/95 HDR
Dale, Lucy Myrleen Chapman 5/5/95 HDR
Dale, Mabel Virginia Houch 2/3/00 HDR
Dale, Mae Belle 6/20/00 HDR
Dale, Martha Keller 5/15/00 HDR
Dale, Mary Ella Tate 8/31/93 ONE
Dale, Mary Ella Tate 9/1/93 ONE
Dale, Mary Ella Tate  8/31/93 HDR
Dale, Mary Ella Tate  9/1/93 HDR
Dale, Mary Lee Frances Hollar  8/17/99 HDR
Dale, Michael H. 11/13/97 HDR
Dale, Minnie Estelle Crawley 4/26/97 HDR
Dale, Onie Lee Keever  1/2/02 HDR
Dale, Paul Edward "Eddie" 11/16/05 HDR
Dale, Paul Ross “Cotton”  2/8/03 HDR
Dale, Pauline Baker  10/11/02 HDR
Dale, Peggy Huffman  12/12/94 HDR
Dale, Phillip Allen Perkins  8/3/03 HDR
Dale, Robert S. 3/1/97 HDR
Dale, Ruby L.  1/22/01 HDR
Dale, Ruth Costner 7/19/01 HDR
Dale, Sandra Elizabeth Goins  1/21/96 HDR
Dale, Terry Jay "T.J." 5/9/00 HDR
Dale, Terry Martin 2/25/00 HDR
Dale, Thomas Neil 7/29/97 HDR
Dale, Viola Elizabeth 11/5/98 HDR
Dale, Wayne  11/18/00 HDR
Dale, Wheeler  7/3/01 HDR
Dale, William "Punk" 11/22/95 HDR
Dale, William "Willie" Wesley 1/30/94 HDR
Dale, William "Wormy" 3/7/99 HDR
Dale, William Ernest "Punk" (died 1995) 11/15/01 HDR
Dale, William Roy 1/22/05 HDR
Dale, Willie Edward  6/30/94 HDR
Dalen, Merle L. (photographer) 6/3/93 HDR
Daley, Eleanor "Sis" (Daley political clan matriarch) 2/18/03 HDR
Dalgleish, Miles Andrew "Drew"  9/10/03 HDR
Dalle, Francois (chief executive of L'Oreal) 8/23/05 HDR
Dalmas, Daniel William 10/15/97 HDR
Dalmas, Isabel Miss 6/30/05 HDR
Dalmas, Jean Pierre "Pai"  1/17/02 HDR
Dalmas, Virginia Auton  5/11/95 HDR
Dalrymple, Bobby T. Jr. 1/29/03 HDR
Dalrymple, Bobby Tyre Jr. 1/22/03 HDR
Dalrymple, Bobby Tyre Sr. 7/10/01 ONE
Dalrymple, Bobby Tyre Sr. 7/9/01 ONE
Dalrymple, Bobby Tyre Sr. 7/10/01 HDR
Dalrymple, Frances Gulledge 7/1/94 HDR
Dalrymple, Willie Mae Bass 8/17/96 HDR
Dalrymple, Willie Mae Bass 8/16/96 ONE
Dalton, Damon Charles 7/20/94 HDR
Dalton, Detroy B.  5/12/03 ONE
Dalton, Detroy Briscoe 5/11/03 HDR
Dalton, Frances A.  9/29/95 HDR
Dalton, George Michael 11/16/99 ONE
Dalton, George Michael 11/17/99 HDR
Dalton, Karen (singer) 3/24/93 HDR
Dalton, Mary 3/11/99 HDR
Dalton, Mary Elizabeth Shrum 1/29/98 HDR
Dalton, Minnie Hill 12/21/93 HDR
Dalton, Mollie Grace (98 yoa) 9/19/94 HDR
Dalton, Rebecca Kathleen Guffey 10/22/00 HDR
Dalton-Crawford, Doris Payne 9/18/03 HDR
Daly, Gloria Somborn 12/22/00 HDR
Daly, T. F. Gilroy 7/13/96 HDR
Damas, Arturo Rivera Roman Catholic Archbishop (El Salvador) 11/28/94 HDR
Dameron, Doran Evan  8/7/00 HDR
D'Amico, John (Hockey Hall of Fame linesman) 5/31/05 HDR
Dammones, James Ervin 8/23/01 HDR
Dammones, James Ervin  8/23/01 ONE
Dammones, Lillie Mae Wilson 9/26/03 HDR
Damron, Elizabeth “Beth” 11/29/00 HDR
Damron, Elizabeth “Beth”  11/30/00 HDR
Dana, Mary Fran 6/11/03 HDR
Dana, Thomas W. Jr. 6/7/99 HDR
Danaceau, Hugh (broadcaster) 10/28/03 HDR
Danback, Fred (environmental activist)  3/13/03 HDR
Dancer, Stanley (harness driver)(NJ) 9/10/05 HDR
Dancy, Geneva Ashley  5/1/96 HDR
Dancy, Jerry Van  11/23/98 HDR
Dancy, Nelda Claudette Lackey 1/29/01 HDR
Dancy, Stella Smith  6/12/95 HDR
Dando, Jill  (Page 5A) 4/27/99 HDR
Danell, Dennis 3/3/00 HDR
Danforth, Donald Jr. 3/31/01 HDR
Dangerfield, Rodney (comic) 10/6/04 ONE
Daniel, Betty 12/20/01 HDR
Daniel, Betty Pharr 12/21/01 HDR
Daniel, Betty Pharr  12/20/01 ONE
Daniel, Clifton 2/22/00 HDR
Daniel, Clifton  2/22/00 ONE
Daniel, Eliot  12/10/97 HDR
Daniel, Eugene Lewis Jr. Rev.  4/26/95 HDR
Daniel, Lameecha "Laura" McCullough  12/3/02 ONE
Daniel, Lameecha “Laura” McCullough  12/3/02 HDR
Daniel, O. Ray "Shorty" 1/24/05 HDR
Daniel, Orval Ray "Shorty" 1/23/05 HDR
Daniel, Orval Ray "Shorty" 1/24/05 ONE
Daniel, Peggy Jo Duncan 10/17/03 HDR
Daniel, Robert Leroy  2/14/03 HDR
Daniel, Robert Leroy  2/14/03 ONE
Danieli, Cecilia 6/23/99 HDR
Danielian, Leon 3/14/97 HDR
Daniels, Ann E. 4/4/98 HDR
Daniels, Avis Marie Mrs. 2/3/05 HDR
Daniels, Bill 3/11/00 HDR
Daniels, Bobby Albert 12/12/98 HDR
Daniels, Charles Garfield 2/7/95 HDR
Daniels, Charlie Albert  1/18/99 HDR
Daniels, Chris (Page 3C) 2/9/96 HDR
Daniels, Derick (newspaper editor) 2/14/05 HDR
Daniels, Elva Roberta 8/26/97 HDR
Daniels, Elva Roberta 8/26/97 ONE
Daniels, Elva Roberta 8/27/97 ONE
Daniels, Elva Roberta  8/27/97 HDR
Daniels, Emma  12/2/95 HDR
Daniels, Everette Patrick 10/4/00 HDR
Daniels, George B.  11/13/02 HDR
Daniels, Hessie Mae 11/14/96 HDR
Daniels, Hessie Mae 11/13/96 HDR
Daniels, Hunter (Died 11/06/99) 5/3/00 HDR
Daniels, Ida E. 1/16/98 HDR
Daniels, Ida Eblina  1/17/98 HDR
Daniels, James Lee  4/30/02 HDR
Daniels, Jeffie Eli Rev. 1/18/98 HDR
Daniels, Jeffie Rev. 1/17/98 HDR
Daniels, Lary Finley 10/20/93 HDR
Daniels, Lillian Kerley 1/1/94 HDR
Daniels, Lillian Kerley  12/31/93 HDR
Daniels, Lola Bell Kerley 3/28/97 HDR
Daniels, Lola F.  11/28/94 HDR
Daniels, Lola Faye  11/28/94 HDR
Daniels, Margaret Sims  8/25/96 HDR
Daniels, Marie 1/31/94 HDR
Daniels, Marie  1/31/94 ONE
Daniels, Marie Holmes 2/2/94 ONE
Daniels, Marie Holmes 2/2/94 HDR
Daniels, Mary Jo Campbell 11/18/01 HDR
Daniels, Mazell Daniels  9/30/02 HDR
Daniels, Movell (Page 1A) 10/21/97 HDR
Daniels, Otis Sherrill 6/4/99 ONE
Daniels, Otis Sherrill 6/4/99 HDR
Daniels, Paul Edward 5/7/96 ONE
Daniels, Paul Edward  5/7/96 HDR
Daniels, Peggy Ann  12/5/97 HDR
Daniels, Rufus Sr. 4/12/00 HDR
Daniels, Sherman Marcus "Pee Wee" Jr. 4/28/00 HDR
Daniels, Silas Lex  10/14/96 HDR
Daniels, Willie Frank  11/9/96 HDR
Daniels, Willie Frank  11/10/96 HDR
Daniels-Clark, Carolyn Piercy 10/5/97 HDR
Danielski, Frederick (spied for the Allies - WWII) 1/9/93 HDR
Danielson, Evelyn Sneed  1/12/93 HDR
Danielson, Evelyn Sneed  1/13/93 HDR
Danielson, Evelyn Sneed  1/15/93 HDR
Danielson, George 9/19/98 HDR
Danielson, John Evan 11/17/95 HDR
Danilova, Alexandra (ballet star) 7/17/97 HDR
Danmyer, Henry A. 1/30/93 HDR
Danmyer, Henry A.  2/1/93 ONE
Dann, George C. 3/28/95 HDR
Dann, George Charles  3/29/95 HDR
Danner, Berthalina Corry  2/11/02 ONE
Danner, Berthalina Corry  2/10/02 HDR
Danner, Berthalina Corry  2/11/02 HDR
Danner, Bessie Euliss  7/14/96 HDR
Danner, Carrie Eckard  5/28/02 ONE
Danner, Carrie Eckard  5/28/02 HDR
Danner, Cora Jones 10/19/03 HDR
Danner, Cora Jones  10/20/03 ONE
Danner, Dan D. 4/12/95 HDR
Danner, Daniel David 4/11/95 HDR
Danner, David Jefferson 9/29/96 HDR
Danner, David Jefferson 9/30/96 ONE
Danner, Donald 7/9/02 ONE
Danner, Donald 7/10/02 ONE
Danner, Donald  7/10/02 HDR
Danner, Flora Lee 4/30/00 HDR
Danner, Flora Lee 5/1/00 ONE
Danner, Flora Lee 4/28/00 ONE
Danner, George Claude Jr.  9/1/03 HDR
Danner, George Claude Jr.  9/3/03 HDR
Danner, Gertrude Linebarger 1/4/95 ONE
Danner, Gertrude Linebarger 1/5/95 ONE
Danner, Gertrude Linebarger  1/4/95 HDR
Danner, Gertrude Winebarger  1/3/95 HDR
Danner, Harold Freeman 5/30/96 HDR
Danner, Harold Freeman 5/30/96 ONE
Danner, Harvey Lee  2/24/05 ONE
Danner, Harvey Lee Benjamin Costello 2/25/05 HDR
Danner, Harvey Lee Benjamin Costello 2/25/05 ONE
Danner, Hazel Childers 8/17/96 HDR
Danner, Hazel Childers 8/19/96 ONE
Danner, Hazel Childers  8/18/96 HDR
Danner, Janie Janelle  9/28/93 HDR
Danner, Johnny Lee 12/29/05 HDR
Danner, Johnny Lee 12/30/05 HDR
Danner, Johnny Lee 12/29/05 ONE
Danner, Johnny Lee 12/30/05 ONE
Danner, Kelley Denise 8/18/99 HDR
Danner, Lakisha Wynette 2/18/96 HDR
Danner, Lela Mae Henry 3/8/02 ONE
Danner, Lela Mae Henry  3/8/02 HDR
Danner, Maggie Speagle Mrs. 12/2/05 HDR
Danner, Mary Frances 9/2/00 HDR
Danner, Naomi L.  1/8/04 ONE
Danner, Naomi L.  1/9/04 ONE
Danner, Nora Beatrice Stallings 9/6/99 ONE
Danner, Nora Beatrice Stallings 9/4/99 HDR
Danner, Norman L. 10/9/94 HDR
Danner, Susie A.  5/25/05 HDR
Danner, Susie A.  5/24/05 ONE
Danner, Susie Alice 5/26/05 HDR
Danner, Susie Alice 5/26/05 ONE
Danner, Thomas Watson Sr. 7/10/97 HDR
Danner, Thomas Watson Sr. 7/10/97 ONE
Danner, Wilburn "Bill" Wilson 1/8/01 HDR
Dansky, Lavonne Clifton (Page 3A) 11/25/97 HDR
Dansky, Lavonne Rae Clifton  11/28/97 HDR
Danz, Tamara  7/26/96 HDR
Danzig, Sarah Palfrey 2/28/96 ONE
Dar, Dina Dalya 11/30/95 HDR
Darby, Darlene Mack Mrs. 10/13/05 HDR
Darby, Ed (editor) 8/13/03 HDR
Darby, Iona Russ  9/19/93 HDR
Darby, Richard  4/28/01 HDR
D'Arco, John Sr. (Chicago alderman) 11/1/94 HDR
Darden, L. Cecil Jr. 1/27/04 ONE
Darden, Lafayette  1/26/04 ONE
Darden, Nellie Lois Tyndall 4/11/01 HDR
Darden, Nellie Lois Tyndall  4/11/01 ONE
Darden, Nellie Lois Tyndall  4/10/01 ONE
Darden, Ronald Adolf (Page 7A) 12/29/98 HDR
Dare, Geraldine  12/21/04 ONE
Dare, Michael Lt. Gen.  5/28/96 HDR
Darion, Joe (lyricist) 6/20/01 HDR
Darke, Robert Stevens 9/8/00 HDR
Darling, Devaughn (FL St. Linebacker) 2/27/01 HDR
Darling, Devaughn (Page 8B) 4/18/01 HDR
Darling, Frank (Page D1) (died 1993) 11/13/97 HDR
Darling, Karlene Oris Whitcher 1/28/98 HDR
Darnell, Felix Edwin 5/1/05 HDR
Darr, Dorcas Adina Goodman 11/12/95 HDR
Darrach, Henry Bradford Jr. 12/3/97 HDR
Darrah, Mollie Semile  5/30/02 HDR
Darrah, Mollie Semile  5/31/02 HDR
Darre, Jeanne-Marie 2/3/99 HDR
Darsie, Margaret Washington  5/24/01 HDR
Darty, Larry Eugene 4/17/97 HDR
Darty, Larry Eugene 4/17/97 ONE
Darty, Weston Taylor 7/21/98 HDR
Darwin, Molly McGinnis 4/12/94 HDR
Dascalescu, Constantin (Romania's last communist prime minister) 5/18/03 HDR
Daschle, Sebastian "Dash" 6/17/97 HDR
Datnoff, Philip (veteran) 2/18/94 HDR
Daughaday, Robert William 1/3/05 HDR
Daughdrill, Georgia Edge Williams 2/14/99 HDR
Daugherty, Beulah Murphy 9/5/98 HDR
Daugherty, Darrell Bernard 9/18/98 ONE
Daugherty, Darrell Bernard 9/18/98 HDR
Daugherty, Frances Orene Aiken  1/12/05 HDR
Daugherty, Kathlene C.  8/7/02 HDR
Daugherty, Wavie Magdalene 4/4/93 HDR
Daughtery, Eugene "Bird" (lead singer-Intruders) 12/31/94 HDR
Daughtery, Eugene "Bird" (singer) 1/1/95 HDR
Daughtry, Linda Ellis 12/1/99 ONE
Daughtry, Linda Ellis 12/1/99 HDR
D'Avella, Ben J. (radio producer) 5/26/94 HDR
Davenport, Ethel Barnette 10/2/03 HDR
Davenport, Ethel Lillian Barnett 10/1/03 HDR
Davenport, Gordon L. 2/15/98 HDR
Davenport, Haywood Voltz Dr.  11/19/94 HDR
Davenport, Haywood Voltz Dr.  11/20/94 HDR
Davenport, Helen G. 4/4/94 HDR
Davenport, Helen G. 4/5/94 HDR
Davenport, Irene Burrus Harrington 7/10/03 HDR
Davenport, Isaiah Oscar  2/17/03 HDR
Davenport, Janice Gertrude 1/17/00 HDR
Davenport, John 8/27/98 HDR
Davenport, Lillian Lucille Lackey  6/8/02 HDR
Davenport, Marcia 1/22/96 ONE
Davenport, Ronnie Ray    10/14/95 HDR
Davenport, Ronnie Ray (Page 5A) 10/13/95 HDR
Davenport, Ward Powell  11/11/93 HDR
Daves, Bryon Gold  11/11/96 HDR
Daves, Lou Ellen Proctor Mrs. 6/9/05 HDR
Daves, Maude Morrison 7/31/96 HDR
Daves, Paul Johnson 4/26/01 HDR
Daves, Thomas Earl (economist) 10/5/95 HDR
Davey, James H. 9/19/98 HDR
David, Gerald Alvin "Jerry" 12/17/01 HDR
David, Gerald Alvin "Jerry"  12/17/01 ONE
David, Paul L. (founder of Camelot Music) 11/9/02 HDR
Davidoff, Zino ("King of the Cigars") 1/17/94 HDR
Davidow, Michael 9/10/96 HDR
Davidow, Ruth 7/18/99 HDR
Davidson,  Edith Annalou Bentley  12/12/00 HDR
Davidson, Bessie Reena  1/16/97 HDR
Davidson, Blake Edward  1/16/00 HDR
Davidson, Bob  9/29/96 HDR
Davidson, C. Girard "Jebby"  9/23/96 HDR
Davidson, Callie Jane  6/2/95 HDR
Davidson, Callie Jane  6/3/95 HDR
Davidson, Darlene Ramseur 2/8/94 HDR
Davidson, Darlene Ramseur 2/11/94 HDR
Davidson, Darlene Ramseur  2/11/94 ONE
Davidson, Dora Daniels  3/17/01 HDR
Davidson, Earl Leondis  2/16/01 HDR
Davidson, Edward Norman 6/27/96 ONE
Davidson, Edward Norman  6/28/96 HDR
Davidson, Frank 12/16/05 HDR
Davidson, Frank 12/18/05 HDR
Davidson, Frank 12/15/05 ONE
Davidson, Frank 12/19/05 ONE
Davidson, Helen Elizabeth Abee 2/17/96 HDR
Davidson, Helen Elizabeth Abee 2/16/96 ONE
Davidson, Howard  11/15/01 ONE
Davidson, Howard Edward Sr. 11/16/01 ONE
Davidson, Howard Edward Sr. 11/16/01 HDR
Davidson, John Andrew  2/27/95 HDR
Davidson, Johnny Winfield Sr.  3/16/95 HDR
Davidson, Joseph Harvey  4/12/02 HDR
Davidson, Joseph Harvey  4/13/02 HDR
Davidson, Kelly 8/5/00 HDR
Davidson, Lindsay Cicero  3/28/03 HDR
Davidson, Lindsay Cicero  3/27/03 ONE
Davidson, Mary Julia Frazier 7/1/96 ONE
Davidson, Mary Julia Frazier  6/30/96 HDR
Davidson, Paul Arthur 1/30/00 HDR
Davidson, Philip Grant Jr. 10/15/00 HDR
Davidson, Rayford Lee  7/31/93 HDR
Davidson, Stella  1/9/05 HDR
Davidson, Stella Wike 1/10/05 HDR
Davidson, Virginia Winn 11/11/02 HDR
Davidson, Virginia Winn  11/11/02 ONE
Davidson, Walter William McKinley  3/4/97 HDR
Davie, Donald (poet) 9/23/95 HDR
Davies, Howard E. "Hud" 6/12/98 HDR
Davies, Jack 3/15/98 HDR
Davies, Laura (seven-organ transplant recipient) 11/14/93 HDR
Davies, Marie Davis Adams  8/30/01 HDR
Davies, Robertson William (author) 12/4/95 HDR
Davila-Rodriguez, Jesus "Rod"  2/4/93 HDR
Davis,  William Benton 10/25/98 HDR
Davis, A. Darius (Winn-Dixie founder) (page 5) 6/14/95 ONE
Davis, A. Darius (Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. founder) 6/13/95 HDR
Davis, Ada "Cookie" Bolick 2/10/05 HDR
Davis, Addie  10/7/93 HDR
Davis, Addie Louise Benfield 10/8/93 HDR
Davis, Alan Rev. 9/22/99 HDR
Davis, Alice Faye Benfield 11/18/01 HDR
Davis, Alice Faye Benfield 11/19/01 HDR
Davis, Alice Virginia Abernethy 12/1/00 HDR
Davis, Allen Lee 7/9/99 HDR
Davis, Allen Scott  6/26/95 ONE
Davis, Allen Scott  6/25/95 HDR
Davis, Allen Scott  6/26/95 HDR
Davis, Andrew J. Jr. 2/18/99 ONE
Davis, Andrew J. Jr. 2/18/99 HDR
Davis, Andy (earth-covered home builder creator)  8/11/95 HDR
Davis, Ann 1/23/95 HDR
Davis, Ann Howell  1/24/95 HDR
Davis, Anna Lee Church 11/30/93 HDR
Davis, Archie Monroe Sr.  9/8/01 HDR
Davis, Arlene Hansen 4/19/97 HDR
Davis, Artie May  11/30/93 HDR
Davis, Audra Rena  5/25/01 HDR
Davis, Audra Renee (Page 1A) 5/23/01 HDR
Davis, Azalee Franklin  12/14/97 HDR
Davis, B. Leon Bishop 10/5/00 ONE
Davis, Ben T. Rev. 3/28/94 HDR
Davis, Benny Lee  10/2/02 ONE
Davis, Benny Lee  10/2/02 HDR
Davis, Bertha Jarvis 2/28/94 ONE
Davis, Bertha Jarvis 2/28/94 HDR
Davis, Bertha Mae Jarvis 3/1/94 ONE
Davis, Bertha Mae Jarvis 3/1/94 HDR
Davis, Bessie Sain (100 yoa) 10/21/96 HDR
Davis, Betty (tap dancing champion) 2/7/95 HDR
Davis, Betty Jean 6/26/94 HDR
Davis, Betty Raye 2/2/97 HDR
Davis, Betty Saulman  6/27/94 HDR
Davis, Beulah M.  7/8/01 HDR
Davis, Billy Dean  11/10/02 HDR
Davis, Billy Dean  11/12/02 HDR
Davis, Billy Hoover 3/31/00 HDR
Davis, Billy Hoover 3/31/00 ONE
Davis, Billy Jr. (photographer) 12/11/99 HDR
Davis, Billy Vaughn 1/1/01 HDR
Davis, Blake McCree  4/28/05 HDR
Davis, Blanch Elizabeth 7/25/94 HDR
Davis, Bobby Stephen 12/9/95 HDR
Davis, Bobby Stephen  12/11/95 ONE
Davis, Bonnie Thomas  6/6/02 HDR
Davis, Carl Henry Rev.  8/25/95 HDR
Davis, Carl Wade 6/1/98 ONE
Davis, Carl Wade 5/30/98 HDR
Davis, Carl Wade  5/31/98 HDR
Davis, Carol Lincey "Tedlow" 4/14/98 HDR
Davis, Carrie Louise Jarrett 7/1/05 HDR
Davis, Carrie Louise Jarrett 7/2/05 HDR
Davis, Carrie Louise Jarrett 7/1/05 ONE
Davis, Charles A. 4/11/94 ONE
Davis, Charles A. (veteran) 4/10/94 HDR
Davis, Charles E. Jr. 4/19/05 HDR
Davis, Charles Henry  5/3/93 HDR
Davis, Charles Henry  5/4/93 HDR
Davis, Charlie Moore  8/28/95 ONE
Davis, Chester 12/24/01 HDR
Davis, Cheyann Nicole (infant) 11/24/04 ONE
Davis, Christina Claire Griffith 7/10/97 HDR
Davis, Christina Claire Griffith 7/10/97 ONE
Davis, Christina Griffith 7/11/97 HDR
Davis, Christine  8/10/99 HDR
Davis, Clara Lail 11/5/99 HDR
Davis, Clara Odemns 12/18/98 HDR
Davis, Clarence  6/19/05 HDR
Davis, Clarence  8/26/98 HDR
Davis, Clarence Roy 1/10/01 ONE
Davis, Clarence Roy 1/10/01 HDR
Davis, Clariece Hickman 6/26/00 HDR
Davis, Colon Eugene 10/16/05 HDR
Davis, Cora Belle  2/10/93 HDR
Davis, Della Mae Hardy 3/22/00 HDR
Davis, Dennis Ray  6/27/03 HDR
Davis, Donell  6/4/01 HDR
Davis, Doris E. 8/6/01 ONE
Davis, Doris E.  8/5/01 HDR
Davis, Dorothy H. "Dottie" ( WWII WASP pilot) 5/27/94 HDR
Davis, Dorothy Roberts  11/26/03 HDR
Davis, Douglas 10/29/98 HDR
Davis, Dwight M.   9/30/96 ONE
Davis, Dwight M. Sr. 10/1/96 HDR
Davis, E. Byron  4/7/93 HDR
Davis, Edgar Hardin  Jr. 12/2/00 HDR
Davis, Edward  5/6/99 HDR
Davis, Edwin Lee   10/28/03 HDR
Davis, Effie Bumgarner 1/29/99 HDR
Davis, Elbert Woodrow 9/1/98 HDR
Davis, Eleanor Heffner 10/22/02 HDR
Davis, Elizabeth Jane 7/14/93 HDR
Davis, Elizabeth Jane Riggs 7/15/93 HDR
Davis, Elsie Jones "Mama" 2/25/00 HDR
Davis, Elsie Jones "Mama" 2/25/00 ONE
Davis, Elvera Sanchez 9/10/00 HDR
Davis, Emily Russell  11/21/02 HDR
Davis, Emma  4/13/95 HDR
Davis, Emma Curtis  4/14/95 HDR
Davis, Emma Curtis  4/15/95 HDR
Davis, Emma Curtis  4/19/95 HDR
Davis, Emmanuel Phillip  1/8/03 HDR
Davis, Eula Sanders 1/1/97 HDR
Davis, Eula Sanders  12/30/96 HDR
Davis, Eula Sanders  12/30/96 ONE
Davis, Eunice Barker 1/19/98 ONE
Davis, Eunice Barker 1/17/98 HDR
Davis, Eunice Sanders  12/26/93 HDR
Davis, Eva Clyda Houser  10/8/01 HDR
Davis, Eva Isenhour 6/13/98 HDR
Davis, Eva Maria 10/7/95 HDR
Davis, Evelyn Bean 8/9/00 HDR
Davis, Evelyn Bean 8/9/00 ONE
Davis, Evelyn P. 1/15/97 HDR
Davis, Evelyn Wilson 4/8/94 HDR
Davis, Fannie D. 1/6/00 HDR
Davis, Faye Violet Mingus 7/20/98 ONE
Davis, Faye Violet Mingus 7/18/98 HDR
Davis, Felicia  (Page 7A) 7/31/97 HDR
Davis, Finley Webb Mr. 12/22/97 HDR
Davis, Flossie Mae Carrigan 11/12/97 HDR
Davis, Floyd Robert Jr. 3/18/97 HDR
Davis, Floyd Robert Jr. 3/18/97 ONE
Davis, Floyd Robert Sr. 7/19/99 ONE
Davis, Floyd Robert Sr. 7/20/99 HDR
Davis, Floyd Robert Sr. 7/19/99 HDR
Davis, Frances Bristol  9/15/98 HDR
Davis, Frances E.  1/15/99 HDR
Davis, Frances Nowlin 1/15/97 HDR
Davis, Fred 4/27/98 HDR
Davis, Garfield  8/3/03 HDR
Davis, Garfield  8/4/03 ONE
Davis, George Ervin 2/5/96 ONE
Davis, George Ervin  2/5/96 HDR
Davis, George Frances Sr. 2/24/97 HDR
Davis, George Marshall 11/22/95 HDR
Davis, George Michael  2/9/98 HDR
Davis, George R.  7/15/93 HDR
Davis, George W. 11/7/99 HDR
Davis, Gladys Elvie Brittain Mrs.  2/13/05 HDR
Davis, Hampton Ed Sr.  7/28/93 HDR
Davis, Hardin E.  10/29/01 HDR
Davis, Harold E. 6/25/97 HDR
Davis, Harry Lee Sr.  6/2/95 HDR
Davis, Hattie Ellen Fredell  1/28/93 HDR
Davis, Hattie Ellen Fredell  1/29/93 HDR
Davis, Hattie Masagee  11/7/95 HDR
Davis, Hazel Emma Weaver 8/3/98 ONE
Davis, Hazel Emma Weaver 8/2/98 HDR
Davis, Helen Player  4/22/93 HDR
Davis, Howard Everette  6/25/02 HDR
Davis, Howard Morris 10/18/93 HDR
Davis, Hugh 11/12/97 HDR
Davis, Hugh 8/14/98 HDR
Davis, Inez Alderson Crump 6/13/00 HDR
Davis, Inez Alderson Crump 6/12/00 ONE
Davis, Irene Bowman  3/30/03 HDR
Davis, Irene Bowman  3/31/03 ONE
Davis, Irene Childers  1/22/00 HDR
Davis, J. C. 8/11/01 HDR
Davis, J. Fred 2/1/93 HDR
Davis, J. William (NCAA)  5/23/95 HDR
Davis, J.C. 8/13/01 ONE
Davis, J.C. 8/10/01 ONE
Davis, Jack Marion  2/15/01 HDR
Davis, Jack Martin 2/15/01 HDR
Davis, Jackson Daniel "Danny" 10/31/96 HDR
Davis, James Atwell "Jim" 12/27/03 HDR
Davis, James Atwell "Jim" 12/26/03 ONE
Davis, James Atwell "Jim"  12/28/03 HDR
Davis, James E. (Winn-Dixie co-founder) 3/20/93 HDR
Davis, James Marion  6/23/94 HDR
Davis, James Robert "Bosie"  12/4/94 HDR
Davis, Janet Shytle 9/21/98 HDR
Davis, Janice Hayes 12/14/01 HDR
Davis, Janie Allen 1/31/97 HDR
Davis, Jeff (Page 3A) 2/15/01 HDR
Davis, Jennie Vee 11/25/95 HDR
Davis, Jerry K.  9/26/94 HDR
Davis, Jimmie 11/6/00 HDR
Davis, Jimmy C.  4/12/93 ONE
Davis, Jimmy Leon 10/18/04 ONE
Davis, Joe C. Rev.  3/31/03 HDR
Davis, Joseph Donald "Don" Sr. 12/20/01 HDR
Davis, Joseph Donald "Skippy" Jr. 5/4/95 HDR
Davis, Joseph Donald Sr. 12/21/01 HDR
Davis, Joseph Jr.  5/3/95 HDR
Davis, Judy  2/2/01 HDR
Davis, Junius  11/13/94 HDR
Davis, Juston  12/8/98 HDR
Davis, Juston Jermaine 7/22/96 ONE
Davis, Juston O. 12/9/98 ONE
Davis, Kathleen Fox  9/13/00 HDR
Davis, Kathy Lynn Ms. 11/15/05 HDR
Davis, Kenneth Austin  2/2/03 HDR
Davis, Kenneth Lee  2/18/05 HDR
Davis, Kenneth S. 6/13/99 HDR
Davis, Kevin Franklin Jr. 12/7/99 HDR
Davis, Kevin Franklin Sr.  10/31/95 HDR
Davis, Kevin Franklin Sr.  11/1/95 HDR
Davis, Kevin K.  6/24/97 HDR
Davis, Kingsley 3/7/97 HDR
Davis, Lambert (director of the University of NC Press) 11/15/93 HDR
Davis, Larry Joe “Joey” 7/22/00 HDR
Davis, Leona M. Sipe 3/7/99 HDR
Davis, Les (cattleman) 5/15/01 HDR
Davis, Lester Ray Rev. 12/4/97 HDR
Davis, Linda Carol  6/16/01 HDR
Davis, Lloyd (LA Superior Court Judge) 12/31/01 HDR
Davis, Lola McFalls  2/26/02 HDR
Davis, Lonzo Willis  6/1/93 HDR
Davis, Lonzo Willis  6/2/93 HDR
Davis, Lorenzo "Piper" (Negro League baseball player) 5/24/97 HDR
Davis, Louise Beard 5/17/03 HDR
Davis, Louise Beard 5/16/03 ONE
Davis, Lowry Alfred  4/27/96 HDR
Davis, Lucille Martin  9/5/00 HDR
Davis, Lucille Putman 3/18/05 HDR
Davis, Luke Lester "Whitey"  11/5/02 HDR
Davis, Mabel Nell Greer  3/25/03 HDR
Davis, Mae Phillips  1/12/96 HDR
Davis, Margaret Wagoner  9/3/01 HDR
Davis, Margie Ethel Brittain  9/5/05 HDR
Davis, Marie  1/23/95 HDR
Davis, Marie Ballard  8/16/95 HDR
Davis, Marie Ballard  8/17/95 HDR
Davis, Marie Cleo  1/24/95 HDR
Davis, Marie McKnight 8/23/94 ONE
Davis, Marie McKnight 8/25/94 ONE
Davis, Marie McKnight 8/23/94 HDR
Davis, Marie McKnight  8/25/94 HDR
Davis, Marion 7/30/98 HDR
Davis, Mark 5/11/94 HDR
Davis, Martha   11/8/04 ONE
Davis, Martha Hodge 11/8/04 ONE
Davis, Mary Alice Glover 9/17/03 HDR
Davis, Mary Katherine Powell  7/4/99 HDR
Davis, Mary Lee 8/24/01 ONE
Davis, Mary Lee 8/24/01 HDR
Davis, Mary Winters  4/22/94 ONE
Davis, Maude Elizabeth Allen  3/25/03 HDR
Davis, Max McCree 9/23/03 ONE
Davis, Max McCree  9/23/03 HDR
Davis, May Fannie 7/2/98 HDR
Davis, Michael Dennis  8/21/02 HDR
Davis, Michael Forest 8/21/95 HDR
Davis, Milford Morgan 3/14/96 HDR
Davis, Milford Morgan 3/13/96 HDR
Davis, Miriam Solomon 3/3/05 ONE
Davis, Mozelle Blake Littlejohn  6/28/02 ONE
Davis, Mozelle Blake Littlejohn  6/28/02 HDR
Davis, Nettie Roberts 6/28/99 HDR
Davis, Nettie Roberts 6/27/99 HDR
Davis, Nettie Roberts  6/28/99 ONE
Davis, Norma Gettys 11/17/98 HDR
Davis, Ola Bradshaw Reese 2/20/98 HDR
Davis, Ola Mae King  9/15/03 HDR
Davis, Ossie (actor) 2/5/05 HDR
Davis, Panzy Lillion Bryant 5/3/97 HDR
Davis, Pauline Ellison  10/15/02 HDR
Davis, Pearl Burgess 3/10/00 HDR
Davis, Pearl Burgess 3/10/00 ONE
Davis, Phyllis Elaine  8/3/94 HDR
Davis, R. Allen  12/12/97 HDR
Davis, Rachel Turner  2/5/01 ONE
Davis, Rae Smith 5/1/95 HDR
Davis, Ralph F. 1/9/00 HDR
Davis, Ralph F. 1/8/00 HDR
Davis, Ralph F. 1/10/00 ONE
Davis, Ray 2/20/96 ONE
Davis, Ray (Page 1A) 2/20/96 HDR
Davis, Ray (Parliament-Funkadelic founding member) 7/11/05 HDR
Davis, Raymond Joe 11/6/98 HDR
Davis, Raymond Joe 11/7/98 HDR
Davis, Raymond Joe  11/6/98 ONE
Davis, Reginald "Red" Nelson 3/18/01 HDR
Davis, Rex  5/18/02 HDR
Davis, Richard "Allen" 1/8/04 ONE
Davis, Richard Earl 9/18/98 ONE
Davis, Richard Earl 9/18/98 HDR
Davis, Richard Earl 9/19/98 HDR
Davis, Robert (journalist) 8/9/03 HDR
Davis, Robert Glenn 9/8/96 HDR
Davis, Robert Glenn 9/10/96 ONE
Davis, Robert Gorham 7/19/98 HDR
Davis, Robert Griffin 2/14/95 HDR
Davis, Robert Hugh  2/13/02 HDR
Davis, Robert Junior 11/28/00 HDR
Davis, Robert Lee Sr. 1/11/05 HDR
Davis, Robert Lee Sr. 1/10/05 ONE
Davis, Robert Lee Sr. 1/11/05 ONE
Davis, Roberta Graham  11/27/03 HDR
Davis, Roberta Graham  11/28/03 ONE
Davis, Roland Douglas Jr. 10/30/98 HDR
Davis, Ronald Ernest 4/8/00 HDR
Davis, Ruby  9/22/95 HDR
Davis, Ruby K. 9/21/95 HDR
Davis, Ruby K.  9/21/95 ONE
Davis, Ruby K.  9/22/95 ONE
Davis, Russell C. Former Mayor (MS) 10/19/93 HDR
Davis, Russell Gerard (former U.S. diplomat) 5/4/93 HDR
Davis, Russell Houston 3/4/93 HDR
Davis, Ruth Boyd 1/1/99 HDR
Davis, Ruth Lane  5/12/94 HDR
Davis, Ruth Martin  7/15/03 HDR
Davis, S. Osteen  10/24/01 ONE
Davis, S. Osteen  10/25/01 HDR
Davis, Sadie B.  6/22/97 HDR
Davis, Sadie Helton  10/14/02 ONE
Davis, Sadie Helton  10/13/02 HDR
Davis, Sadie Lee Boulware  12/6/03 HDR
Davis, Sally Hall  9/11/94 HDR
Davis, Sally Marie Hall 9/12/94 HDR
Davis, Samuel "Jap" William Sr. 11/25/05 HDR
Davis, Samuel "Sam" Hamilton 12/4/01 HDR
Davis, Samuel Garfield Sr. 5/29/97 HDR
Davis, Sara Holdsclaw 4/1/96 HDR
Davis, Sara Holdsclaw  4/1/96 ONE
Davis, Sarian Wright  3/26/02 HDR
Davis, Scott Allen (Page 1) 6/26/95 ONE
Davis, Selma Short Hastings  10/9/95 HDR
Davis, Sherman 4/6/98 HDR
Davis, Sherman 4/6/98 HDR
Davis, Sherman Edward Sr. 4/7/98 HDR
Davis, Shirley Austin  12/3/96 HDR
Davis, Shirley Kathleen Waldroup  3/24/01 HDR
Davis, Shirley Taylor  8/22/95 HDR
Davis, Stanley Carlow  4/5/01 HDR
Davis, Susan Sisk 8/16/93 HDR
Davis, Tautis Dixon (101 yoa) 12/11/00 HDR
Davis, Tautis Dixon (101 yoa) 12/11/00 ONE
Davis, Ted Eugene 10/7/01 HDR
Davis, Thomas R.  11/21/05 HDR
Davis, Tiffany Dawn 1/22/97 HDR
Davis, Tom 4/27/99 HDR
Davis, Tom Ivey Sr. 12/2/97 HDR
Davis, Tom Ivey Sr.  12/1/97 HDR
Davis, Virgie Harrison  2/19/01 HDR
Davis, W. C. "Bill" (former TX Court of Criminal Appeals Judge) 4/6/93 HDR
Davis, Wallace Andrew Dr. 6/14/02 HDR
Davis, Wallace Jayhugh  10/7/03 HDR
Davis, Walter Issac 7/26/01 ONE
Davis, Walter Issac  7/26/01 HDR
Davis, Wanda Ferne 11/6/98 HDR
Davis, Wanda Ferne  11/6/98 ONE
Davis, Warren G. 7/28/98 HDR
Davis, Wayne M.  10/25/00 HDR
Davis, Wheeler Grant  1/6/94 ONE
Davis, Wheeler Grant (veteran) 1/6/94 HDR
Davis, Wilder Wood  12/26/93 HDR
Davis, Wilder Wood Mrs. 12/27/93 ONE
Davis, William Benton 10/24/98 HDR
Davis, William Charles Jr. 3/18/01 HDR
Davis, William Earl Sr. 4/22/99 HDR
Davis, William Luther 12/1/97 ONE
Davis, William Luther  11/29/97 HDR
Davis, William Reed  1/26/93 ONE
Davis, William Reed  1/26/93 HDR
Davis, William Strethen "Wild Bill" (jazz organist & arranger)  8/22/95 HDR
Davis, Willis Carl  3/8/04 ONE
Davis, Wilmer J. "Dave" 2/20/01 ONE
Davis, Wilmer J. "Dave" 2/19/01 ONE
Davis, Woodard  4/22/93 HDR
Davis, Worth Fulton 11/25/01 HDR
Davis, Wyant Lee 4/7/99 HDR
Davis, Zachary (Page 1) 8/12/02 ONE
Davis, Zachary Kyle  8/12/02 ONE
Davis, Zachary Kyle  8/14/02 ONE
Davis, Zachary Kyle  8/13/02 HDR
Davis, Zachary Kyle  8/14/02 HDR
Davis, Zada L. Ruppert 2/10/05 HDR
Davoren, John F. X.  8/28/97 HDR
Dawkins, Dysart "Bud" Marshall  10/2/96 HDR
Dawkins, Jewel Pauline Prince 7/12/99 ONE
Dawkins, Jewel Pauline Prince 7/11/99 HDR
Dawkins, Joyce M.  3/29/02 HDR
Dawson, Dewitt  9/11/97 HDR
Dawson, Ethel Deblois 10/6/03 ONE
Dawson, Ethel Deblois  10/6/03 HDR
Dawson, George (103 yoa)  7/8/01 HDR
Dawson, Glen Boyd  11/6/02 ONE
Dawson, Glen Boyd  11/6/02 HDR
Dawson, Luan Phi 1/1/99 HDR
Dawson, Thelma Laura Jarrell 2/19/98 ONE
Dawson, Willie "Bill" 5/20/98 HDR
Day, Alice Rose Dellinger 12/24/98 ONE
Day, Alice Rose Dellinger 12/24/98 HDR
Day, Annie Julia Ollis  3/2/03 HDR
Day, Bill 7/28/99 HDR
Day, Claude William "Shorty"  12/5/97 HDR
Day, Clyde Columbus  3/8/98 HDR
Day, Clyde James 1/12/97 HDR
Day, David  1/7/05 HDR
Day, David Allen 1/8/05 HDR
Day, Dennie Lewis Sgt First Class (Page 2) 1/12/95 ONE
Day, Dennie Lewis Sgt. 1st Class 1/10/95 HDR
Day, Dennie Lewis Sgt. First Class 1/10/95 ONE
Day, Dennis  1/9/95 HDR
Day, Dennis Eugene  6/7/93 HDR
Day, Dennis Eugene  6/8/93 HDR
Day, Dennis L. 1/9/95 ONE
Day, Edward Charles 10/22/99 HDR
Day, Frances Elizabeth  3/3/02 HDR
Day, Frank 12/9/99 HDR
Day, Fred Lynwood  11/13/94 HDR
Day, G. Tommy 5/21/00 HDR
Day, G. Tommy 5/12/00 HDR
Day, G. Tommy 5/11/00 ONE
Day, Garva Thomas 6/26/05 HDR
Day, George "Tommy" 5/10/00 ONE
Day, Geraldine Elizabeth 1/11/97 HDR
Day, Harold Douglas  Sr. 9/19/00 HDR
Day, Harold Douglas Sr. 9/18/00 ONE
Day, Harvey Junior 3/28/99 HDR
Day, Hubert L. Sr.  7/2/05 HDR
Day, Hubert Lee Sr. 7/3/05 HDR
Day, James Thomas 6/6/00 HDR
Day, Joe Wilson 11/23/95 HDR
Day, John Jr.  3/11/93 HDR
Day, Johnsie Mae 2/18/97 HDR
Day, Leon (baseball pitcher) 3/14/95 HDR
Day, Lois Ellison 12/26/05 HDR
Day, Lula Laws  2/15/95 HDR
Day, Lynda Tyler 9/9/02 ONE
Day, Lynda Tyler  9/10/02 ONE
Day, Lynda Tyler  9/10/02 HDR
Day, Marie King 4/20/00 HDR
Day, Mary Magdaline Lefevers  1/25/05 HDR
Day, Mildred Irene 6/6/99 HDR
Day, Oscar Deo  5/20/95 HDR
Day, Ralen L. Rev. 8/14/99 HDR
Day, Rosa Lee 9/13/94 HDR
Day, Rosa Lee  9/13/94 ONE
Day, Rosantha Little 5/12/98 ONE
Day, Rosantha Little 5/11/98 HDR
Day, Rosantha Little 5/12/98 HDR
Day, Susie  10/22/93 HDR
Day, Susie Campbell "Omie" 10/23/93 HDR
Day, Sylvia Bolick 12/21/01 HDR
Day, Velma Greene 1/10/00 HDR
Day, Walter Glenn 4/26/96 HDR
Dayberry, Claude A.  11/3/94 HDR
Dayberry, Sam 4/24/97 HDR
Daye, Bonnie Lee Kirby 2/2/97 HDR
Daye, James Greer  9/22/99 HDR
Daye, Lonnie Darnell 7/29/94 ONE
Daye, Sylvia Roca  6/20/02 HDR
Daye, Thelma Lutrick 1/9/99 HDR
Daye, Vester G. 6/8/97 HDR
Daye, Vester G. 6/9/97 HDR
Dayton, Betty Hoad  10/23/02 HDR
Dayton, George Charles 8/22/97 HDR
De Areilza, Jose Maria 2/26/98 HDR
De Borbon y Battemberg, Princess Maria Cristina (Spain) 12/26/96 HDR
De Borbon, Juan (pretender to the Spanish throne) 4/2/93 HDR
De Braganea, Miguel 2/23/96 ONE
De Cordova, Fred (producer) 9/19/01 HDR
De Grazia, Sebastian  1/6/01 HDR
De Klerk, Marike 12/9/01 HDR
De Kooning, Willem (painter) 3/23/97 HDR
de la Garza, Hortensia I.  10/30/93 HDR
De la Ree, Gerry (sports editor) 1/4/93 HDR
De Lanux, Elizabeth Eyre (102 yoa) (artist) 9/13/96 HDR
De Lima, Sigrid 10/3/99 HDR
De Luce, Daniel (WW II correspondent)  1/30/02 ONE
de Mello, Sergio Vieira (envoy to Iraq) 8/25/03 HDR
De Menil, Dominique 1/2/98 HDR
De Mercado, Maria Magdalena 2/14/94 HDR
de Mille, Agnes (dancer/choreographer) 10/8/93 HDR
De Moura, Venancio 3/11/99 HDR
De Niro, Robert (painter, father of actor) 5/7/93 HDR
De Perczel, Leslie 11/30/00 HDR
De Rothschild, Marie-Helene Baroness 3/9/96 HDR
De Rothschild, Marie-Helene Baroness 3/8/96 ONE
De Souza, Herbert (nominated for a Nobel Prize) 8/12/97 HDR
de Valliere, J. Lindsay (ret. dir. - New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute) 9/27/93 HDR
De Vries, Peter (writer) 9/29/93 HDR
Deal, Albert Loretz Jr. 6/27/94 HDR
Deal, Alice Laws 3/9/95 ONE
Deal, Alice Laws  3/9/95 HDR
Deal, Allen Wayne 3/9/05 HDR
Deal, Alvin Dale 2/21/05 HDR
Deal, Alyeen Corpening 4/25/01 ONE
Deal, Alyeen Corpening  4/26/01 ONE
Deal, Alyeen Corpening  4/26/01 HDR
Deal, Andrew "Andy" Jackson Sr. 7/12/96 HDR
Deal, Andrew Jackson Sr. 7/11/96 ONE
Deal, Annie Lane 1/4/98 HDR
Deal, Annie Wanda 3/20/99 HDR
Deal, Arthur "Art" Augustus  8/24/01 HDR
Deal, Arthur "Art" Augustus  8/25/01 HDR
Deal, Arthur (Art) Augustus 8/24/01 ONE
Deal, Arthur Earl 1/6/99 HDR
Deal, Arthur Earl 1/7/99 HDR
Deal, Barbara J.  3/3/02 HDR
Deal, Barbara Setzer 8/9/93 HDR
Deal, Bernice Robinette 5/15/99 HDR
Deal, Bertie Evangeline Howard 2/15/05 HDR
Deal, Bertie Evangeline Howard  2/15/05 ONE
Deal, Bertie Howard 2/14/05 HDR
Deal, Bertie Howard  2/14/05 ONE
Deal, Beulah Lane 12/15/95 HDR
Deal, Beulah Lane  12/14/95 ONE
Deal, Bobby Larry "Tinker"  11/28/05 HDR
Deal, Bradford A. 7/11/99 HDR
Deal, C. Levi 3/3/94 HDR
Deal, C. Levi  3/3/94 ONE
Deal, Cecil Milton  11/7/00 HDR
Deal, Cecil Milton  11/7/00 ONE
Deal, Charles Herbert  11/5/94 HDR
Deal, Charles Herbert Jr. 11/4/94 ONE
Deal, Charles Herbert Jr.  11/4/94 HDR
Deal, Charles Lee 2/16/05 HDR
Deal, Charles Lee 2/14/05 ONE
Deal, Charles Lee 2/16/05 ONE
Deal, Charles Leonard 9/25/03 HDR
Deal, Charles Montie 2/20/05 HDR
Deal, Charles Montie 2/21/05 ONE
Deal, Charlie Robert 11/16/97 HDR
Deal, Charlotte Hefner 2/18/94 HDR
Deal, Clara S. 1/14/02 ONE
Deal, Clara Sain 1/15/02 ONE
Deal, Clara Sain  1/15/02 HDR
Deal, Claradell Crouch 3/25/94 HDR
Deal, Claradell Crouch 3/26/94 HDR
Deal, Clarence Edwin Sr. 12/3/93 ONE
Deal, Clarence Edwin Sr. 12/3/93 HDR
Deal, Clarence Z. Dr. 6/4/03 HDR
Deal, Claudia Setzer  10/20/97 HDR
Deal, Claudia Setzer  10/20/97 ONE
Deal, Clyde A. 11/6/01 HDR
Deal, Clyde E.  11/13/03 ONE
Deal, Clyde E. "Son" 11/14/03 HDR
Deal, Clyde E. "Son" 11/14/03 ONE
Deal, Clyde Melvin  7/8/02 ONE
Deal, Clyde Melvin  7/8/02 HDR
Deal, Connie Mack 12/11/96 HDR
Deal, Cora Lee Holland 4/17/01 HDR
Deal, Cordie Lee 9/22/05 HDR
Deal, Cordie Lee 9/22/05 ONE
Deal, Cordie U.  9/21/05 HDR
Deal, Cordie U.  9/21/05 ONE
Deal, Darius Ray  12/6/04 ONE
Deal, David Clayton 1/17/01 HDR
Deal, David Pinkney 9/30/96 ONE
Deal, David Pinkney  9/30/96 HDR
Deal, Delphia B. 2/12/01 ONE
Deal, Delphia B.  2/11/01 HDR
Deal, Dorothy 10/3/05 HDR
Deal, Dorothy "Dot" Drum 5/27/02 ONE
Deal, Dorothy "Dot" Drum  5/27/02 HDR
Deal, Dorothy "Dot" Drum  5/28/02 HDR
Deal, Dorothy Lowrance  10/3/05 ONE
Deal, Dorothy Lowrance Mrs. 10/4/05 HDR
Deal, Edna Mae Smith 5/10/97 HDR
Deal, Edna Mae Smith 5/12/97 ONE
Deal, Edna Teague 12/1/00 HDR
Deal, Edward Cletus 7/17/93 HDR
Deal, Edward Cletus  7/19/93 ONE
Deal, Edward Lee Sr. 1/3/96 HDR
Deal, Edward Lee Sr. 1/2/96 HDR
Deal, Esmer Hudson 8/21/00 ONE
Deal, Esmer Hudson  8/19/00 HDR
Deal, Estelle  8/11/96 HDR
Deal, Esther Childers 3/23/94 HDR
Deal, Esther Margaret 3/25/94 HDR
Deal, Eunice Mozell Deal 2/27/00 HDR
Deal, Eunice Mozell Deal 2/28/00 ONE
Deal, Eva Spears  2/22/05 HDR
Deal, Evelyn Eckard 12/31/95 HDR
Deal, Fannie Adams Fox 6/25/98 HDR
Deal, Forest Kenneth 2/13/96 HDR
Deal, Forest Kenneth Lee 2/15/96 HDR
Deal, Frances Deal 1/19/03 HDR
Deal, Frances Deal  1/20/03 HDR
Deal, Franklin C. 6/7/05 HDR
Deal, Franklin C. 6/8/05 HDR
Deal, Franklin C. 6/6/05 ONE
Deal, Franklin C. 6/8/05 ONE
Deal, Fred Alexander 7/18/05 ONE
Deal, Fred Alexander 7/19/05 ONE
Deal, Fred Alexander  7/19/05 HDR
Deal, Fred Eugene 7/16/98 ONE
Deal, Fred Eugene 7/15/98 ONE
Deal, Fred Eugene 7/16/98 HDR
Deal, G. Andrew 5/26/03 ONE
Deal, Garnett Howard 12/24/97 HDR
Deal, Garnett Howard 12/23/97 ONE
Deal, Garnett Howard (Page 1) 12/24/97 ONE
Deal, George Augustus  8/30/95 HDR
Deal, George Edward Sr. 1/17/93 HDR
Deal, George Edward Sr.  1/18/93 ONE
Deal, George Junior "Billy"  9/19/95 HDR
Deal, Gilbert Jacob 1/3/98 HDR
Deal, Gladys Stilwell 7/13/03 HDR
Deal, Glenn Andrew "Andy" 5/30/03 HDR
Deal, Glenn Andrew "Andy" 5/30/03 ONE
Deal, Glenn E.  3/15/04 ONE
Deal, Glennie Harris 6/5/99 HDR
Deal, Grady Ervin 10/21/05 HDR
Deal, Graydon  5/30/94 HDR
Deal, Graydon Arvel  10/11/00 HDR
Deal, Graydon E. 5/31/94 HDR
Deal, Gula Malinda Townsend 10/4/00 HDR
Deal, Gwendolyn Marie  3/16/94 HDR
Deal, Harold E. 4/27/97 HDR
Deal, Harvey James 4/29/94 HDR
Deal, Harvey James 4/30/94 HDR
Deal, Hattie Bowman 3/7/96 HDR
Deal, Hattie Ina McCraw 5/29/96 ONE
Deal, Hattie McCraw  5/30/96 HDR
Deal, Hattie McGraw  5/29/96 HDR
Deal, Hazel  3/25/02 HDR
Deal, Hilda Nola 5/3/99 HDR
Deal, Howard Smith 6/9/99 HDR
Deal, Howard Smith 6/10/99 HDR
Deal, Ida Baldwin 5/1/00 HDR
Deal, Ida Mae Frye  10/5/00 HDR
Deal, Jacob Calvin  4/20/02 HDR
Deal, Jacob Calvin "Jake"  4/21/02 HDR
Deal, James Carroll 8/10/03 HDR
Deal, James Carroll 8/11/03 ONE
Deal, James Ervin  2/21/00 HDR
Deal, James F. 8/9/05 ONE
Deal, James Franklin 8/10/05 HDR
Deal, James Franklin  8/10/05 ONE
Deal, James Howard "Dave" 6/9/97 HDR
Deal, James Quincy  1/16/97 HDR
Deal, James Willard 11/19/97 ONE
Deal, James Willard  11/19/97 HDR
Deal, Jane D. 4/8/98 HDR
Deal, Janice Lawing 7/12/01 ONE
Deal, Janice Lawing  7/12/01 HDR
Deal, Jean B.  5/25/05 ONE
Deal, Jean Bolick 5/26/05 HDR
Deal, Jean Bolick 5/26/05 ONE
Deal, Jerry Melvin 5/15/99 HDR
Deal, Jerry Nelson  10/27/02 HDR
Deal, Jessica Rena 2/18/99 HDR
Deal, Jessica Rena  2/18/99 ONE
Deal, John E. "Buck" 5/23/00 HDR
Deal, John Hall 2/16/96 HDR
Deal, John Wayne 4/16/99 ONE
Deal, John Wayne 4/16/99 HDR
Deal, John Wayne  4/15/99 ONE
Deal, Jonathan Bradley (infant) 10/12/94 HDR
Deal, Joyce E. Sigmon  3/5/04 ONE
Deal, Joyce Evelyn Sigmon 3/8/04 ONE
Deal, Julia Dabney 2/20/97 HDR
Deal, Julie Shidal 3/3/00 HDR
Deal, Junius "J.R."  12/31/05 HDR
Deal, Junius Robert 12/30/05 ONE
Deal, Lamar L. 2/27/02 ONE
Deal, Lamar L.  2/27/02 HDR
Deal, Landon Chad (infant) 8/21/01 ONE
Deal, Landon Chad (infant) 8/21/01 HDR
Deal, Larry Eugene 10/20/00 HDR
Deal, Larry Eugene 10/20/00 ONE
Deal, Leon Wade 11/26/01 HDR
Deal, Libby Jean Lail 4/11/99 HDR
Deal, Lila Faye Sawyer 12/6/99 HDR
Deal, Lillian Moses 12/27/93 HDR
Deal, Lillian V. Warren  10/5/94 HDR
Deal, Lillie Mae Teague  7/11/02 HDR
Deal, Lonnie “Wade”  8/6/02 HDR
Deal, Lucy Hedrick 8/22/94 ONE
Deal, Lucy Hedrick  8/21/94 HDR
Deal, Lucy Holbrook 10/11/01 HDR
Deal, Luther Ronnie 10/10/97 HDR
Deal, Mack Marcus  12/26/97 HDR
Deal, Macon J. 1/10/96 ONE
Deal, Macon J.  1/10/96 HDR
Deal, Maggie Hyatt  9/6/05 HDR
Deal, Malcolm Gwyn 4/6/98 ONE
Deal, Malcolm Gwyn 4/5/98 HDR
Deal, Margaret Abee 2/13/00 HDR
Deal, Margaret Cloer  8/27/97 HDR
Deal, Margaret Suggs 12/24/03 HDR
Deal, Marshall Stephen "Steve" 8/22/01 HDR
Deal, Marvin Edward 10/5/93 ONE
Deal, Marvin Edward  10/5/93 HDR
Deal, Marvin Edward  10/6/93 HDR
Deal, Mattie Lowe 4/5/96 HDR
Deal, Max Sinclair  11/24/97 HDR
Deal, Michael Foy 6/9/99 HDR
Deal, Michael Foy 6/8/99 HDR
Deal, Michael Foy (Page 3A) 6/7/99 HDR
Deal, Michael Keith  2/18/95 HDR
Deal, Michael Lynn 8/12/02 ONE
Deal, Michael Lynn  8/11/02 HDR
Deal, Michael Lynn  8/12/02 HDR
Deal, Michael Lynn  8/13/02 HDR
Deal, Mildred Frances Ridgon 10/6/01 HDR
Deal, Myra Edna Mull 1/9/97 HDR
Deal, Nancy Kathleen Deal 5/23/00 HDR
Deal, Neoma Lafaye "Faye" Killian 8/1/05 ONE
Deal, Neoma Lafaye "Faye" Killian  7/31/05 HDR
Deal, Nona Mae Little 9/3/03 HDR
Deal, Nona Mae Little 9/2/03 ONE
Deal, Norman Lester Sr. 7/12/96 HDR
Deal, Norman Lester Sr. 7/12/96 ONE
Deal, Nova Mae Powell  4/12/93 HDR
Deal, Ora Mae Munday 5/24/00 HDR
Deal, Ora Mae Munday 5/25/00 HDR
Deal, Ora Mae Munday 5/24/00 ONE
Deal, Patricia "Pat" Ackley 10/17/95 HDR
Deal, Patricia Aileen 12/4/01 HDR
Deal, Patricia Aileen 12/5/01 HDR
Deal, Patsy Moser 11/30/98 ONE
Deal, Patsy Moser 11/29/98 HDR
Deal, Paul J.  10/6/03 HDR
Deal, Paul J.  10/6/03 ONE
Deal, Pauline Mull  6/19/94 HDR
Deal, Pearlie Estelle  8/10/96 HDR
Deal, Phyllis Sigmon 3/28/01 ONE
Deal, Phyllis Sigmon  3/29/01 HDR
Deal, Raeford Carpenter Dr. 7/12/94 ONE
Deal, Raeford Carpenter Dr. 7/13/94 ONE
Deal, Raeford Carpenter Dr. 7/12/94 HDR
Deal, Raeford Carpenter Dr. 7/13/94 HDR
Deal, Ralph Lester 4/13/99 ONE
Deal, Ralph Lester 4/13/99 HDR
Deal, Randall  6/16/05 ONE
Deal, Randy  6/17/05 HDR
Deal, Randy Lee 5/16/00 HDR
Deal, Randy Lee  5/15/00 ONE
Deal, Ray Junior 7/30/00 HDR
Deal, Richard Blair 2/16/96 HDR
Deal, Richard Blair 2/16/96 ONE
Deal, Richard Cooper 1/5/01 HDR
Deal, Robert Franklin Sr. 3/27/96 HDR
Deal, Robert Franklin Sr. 3/27/96 ONE
Deal, Robert Leroy  5/6/02 ONE
Deal, Robert Leroy  5/7/02 ONE
Deal, Robert Leroy  5/7/02 HDR
Deal, Roger "7-Up" Allen 10/10/01 HDR
Deal, Rosemary Hull 12/10/98 HDR
Deal, Roy Jones Sr. 10/7/05 HDR
Deal, Ruby Beatrice Benton 4/13/97 HDR
Deal, Ruby Bumgarner 10/29/05 HDR
Deal, Ruby Church  4/13/01 HDR
Deal, Ruth Campbell 12/6/01 HDR
Deal, Ruth Ella 5/29/98 ONE
Deal, Ruth Ella 5/30/98 HDR
Deal, Ruth Mrs.  6/7/93 ONE
Deal, Ruth Rowe 6/6/93 HDR
Deal, Solon Edward (99 yoa) 8/27/94 HDR
Deal, Solon Edward (99 yoa) 8/28/94 HDR
Deal, Sondra Boone  2/27/95 HDR
Deal, Sudie 5/27/00 HDR
Deal, Tempie Mae Shuping 5/2/94 HDR
Deal, Thelma Coffey  5/28/95 HDR
Deal, Thelma Coffey  5/31/95 HDR
Deal, Thomas 5/1/95 HDR
Deal, Thomas Claude Dr. 11/13/98 HDR
Deal, Thomas Loyd  5/2/95 HDR
Deal, Vivian Grant 10/2/03 HDR
Deal, Vivian Grant  10/2/03 ONE
Deal, Walter Harold  6/14/02 ONE
Deal, Walter Harold  6/14/02 HDR
Deal, William Davis 9/6/99 ONE
Deal, William Davis 9/7/99 HDR
Deal, William E.  9/5/93 HDR
Deal, William P.  6/15/94 HDR
Deal, William P. "Willie" 6/16/94 HDR
Deal, William Roy 12/28/98 ONE
Deal, William Roy 12/28/98 HDR
Deal, Wilson Alonzo  2/5/93 HDR
Deal, Winifred Ogle "Winkie" 4/29/98 HDR
Dean, Beannie Esther  2/21/01 HDR
Dean, Bob (photographer) 10/15/04 ONE
Dean, Brian Kevin Jr.  9/4/02 HDR
Dean, Brian Kevin Jr.  9/5/02 HDR
Dean, Cyrus L.  7/4/94 HDR
Dean, Doris Shirlene 1/13/00 HDR
Dean, Eddie 3/6/99 HDR
Dean, Eddie Francis Jr. "Red" 3/18/00 HDR
Dean, Gladys Collins 12/9/01 HDR
Dean, Jack Allen Sr. 4/30/96 HDR
Dean, Jacob S. "Jake"  8/5/95 HDR
Dean, James H. "Jimmie" (wheat promoter) 10/7/94 HDR
Dean, Jo An Wright 4/28/99 ONE
Dean, Jo An Wright 4/28/99 HDR
Dean, Major James "Jim" 1/10/98 HDR
Dean, Robert Edmond "Bob" 1/10/01 ONE
Dean, Robert Edmond "Bob" 1/11/01 HDR
Dean, Wilma Powell  3/10/01 HDR
Deane, Winston J. "Buddy" (radio pioneer) 8/12/03 HDR
Dearmer, Geoffrey (103 yoa) 9/30/96 HDR
Deason, Fleta Lucille 2/3/99 HDR
Deason, Freta L. 2/1/99 HDR
Deason, Mary Johnson 11/5/93 HDR
Deaton, Annie Byrd 2/26/96 HDR
Deaton, Charles Utter 12/24/96 HDR
Deaton, Chessie Mae 6/26/99 HDR
Deaton, Clyde Sr. 3/25/97 HDR
Deaton, Clyde Sr. 3/24/97 ONE
Deaton, Edith Louise Rose 5/25/96 HDR
Deaton, Edith Louise Rose 5/27/96 ONE
Deaton, Edith Teague Riley  2/22/03 HDR
Deaton, Edith Teague Riley  2/24/03 ONE
Deaton, Elsie Black  2/20/95 HDR
Deaton, Ethel Bryant 9/24/00 HDR
Deaton, Frank McDowell 1/18/00 HDR
Deaton, Frank McDowell 1/18/00 ONE
Deaton, Fred White "June" 4/27/02 HDR
Deaton, Geneva Irene 9/4/00 HDR
Deaton, George Larkin 9/5/00 ONE
Deaton, George Larkin  9/5/00 HDR
Deaton, Hubert Samuel  10/31/96 HDR
Deaton, Jewel Florence Futch 12/19/98 HDR
Deaton, Jewel Florence Futch 12/20/98 HDR
Deaton, Julia May Worley Roberson 7/4/01 HDR
Deaton, Kathleen 10/22/02 HDR
Deaton, LaVerne Chapman 3/30/97 HDR
Deaton, Lillie Page  10/31/94 HDR
Deaton, Margie Hall  6/23/95 HDR
Deaton, Margie Hall  6/24/95 HDR
Deaton, Marvin David 2/8/97 HDR
Deaton, Maynard  5/22/01 HDR
Deaton, Robert Lee 2/6/95 ONE
Deaton, Robert Lee 2/3/95 HDR
Deaton, Robert Lee 2/4/95 HDR
DeBacke, Carrie Selena Wilson 6/26/93 HDR
DeBardeleben, Arthur (president of Univ. of WI Board of Regents) 4/28/93 HDR
DeBeary, Herbert (councilman) 12/16/93 HDR
Deberard, Beverly Burford  9/28/94 HDR
Debnam, Ritch 1/29/00 HDR
Debo, Vernon 7/10/00 HDR
DeBorbon, Maria de las Mercedes 1/3/00 HDR
DeBorde, Lydia Johnson 2/9/93 HDR
Debre, Olivier 6/8/99 HDR
deBrunhoff, Cecile (inspiration for "Babar") 4/9/03 HDR
DeButts, Mary Custis Lee (granddaughter of Gen. Robert E. Lee)  1/1/95 HDR
Decavalcante, Simone "Sam the Plumber" 2/10/97 HDR
deChorques, Amelia C.  9/6/93 HDR
Deck, Betty Margaret  8/13/98 HDR
Deck, Bill Baber Sr. 3/10/96 HDR
Deck, Lorena Kirksey  1/3/02 HDR
Deck, Nicole 8/1/00 HDR
Deckard, James 3/12/96 HDR
Decker, Benny Lore 11/18/03 HDR
Decker, Bernard M. U.S. District Judge  11/9/93 HDR
Decker, Bernard M. U.S. District Judge (Chicago, IL) 11/6/93 HDR
Decker, Clement Abraham 11/24/00 HDR
Decker, Clifford Earl Sr. 3/23/00 HDR
Decker, Ernest Richard 9/22/98 HDR
Decker, Faye Clark 7/1/97 HDR
Decker, Faye Clark 7/1/97 ONE
Decker, Florella Burgett Blevins  10/13/00 HDR
Decker, Gaynell Wallace 11/16/95 ONE
Decker, Gaynell Wallace 11/16/95 HDR
Decker, Gaynell Wallace  11/15/95 ONE
Decker, Geneva Craig 2/1/97 HDR
Decker, Hillard Newton  6/22/02 HDR
Decker, James Eric "J.D." Sr. 6/30/01 HDR
Decker, John 4/24/97 HDR
Decker, John 4/23/97 HDR
Decker, Kay Edge  11/8/05 HDR
Decker, Maybelle Wooten 2/21/93 HDR
Decker, Polly Ann Price  2/15/02 HDR
Decker, Ray Floyd  12/21/96 HDR
Decker, Uda Phillips  11/5/05 HDR
Decolosio, Diana Laura Riojas 11/22/94 HDR
Decourtray, Albert Cardinal 9/17/94 HDR
Dederich, Charles 3/6/97 HDR
Dedmon, Donald N. 9/18/98 HDR
Dedmon, Jason Michael  6/23/02 HDR
Dedmon, Sarah Lou Martin  12/18/93 HDR
Dee, Odessa M. 9/29/94 HDR
Dee, Sandra (teen idol) 2/21/05 HDR
Dee, Sandra (teen idol) 2/21/05 ONE
Deems, Barrett 9/17/98 HDR
Deer, Otis Marion  11/15/94 HDR
Deer, Otis Marion  11/16/94 HDR
Deese, John Calvin  7/5/93 ONE
Deese, John Calvin  7/4/93 HDR
Deese, Lucy Bly Jones 11/22/93 HDR
Deese, Lucy Bly Jones Mrs. 11/22/93 ONE
Deese, Nancy Lynn 9/6/99 HDR
Deese, Nellie Burdette 2/1/98 HDR
Deese, Paul David  Sr. 3/30/97 HDR
Deese, Paul David Sr. 3/31/97 ONE
Deese, Rachel White  11/13/98 ONE
Deese, Rachel White  11/13/98 HDR
Deese, Virginia Taylor 9/25/95 HDR
Deffenbaugh, Edna Warren 4/25/96 ONE
Deffenbaugh, Edna Warren  4/25/96 HDR
DeFore, Don (actor--"Hazel") 12/24/93 ONE
DeFrank, Alma Killian  10/16/93 HDR
DeFrank, Alma Louise  10/15/93 HDR
DeFrank, Daniel Ray 9/25/01 ONE
DeFrank, Daniel Ray 9/25/01 HDR
DeGautier, Felisa Rincon (San Juan's only woman mayor) 9/19/94 HDR
Degree, Roscoe "Bill" 4/12/99 HDR
DeHart, Edna Nolen Huddleston 1/14/05 HDR
DeHart, Edna Nolen Huddleston 1/14/05 ONE
DeHart, Harman Jerome "Jay" Jr. 3/23/97 HDR
DeHart, Herman Jerome "Jay" Jr. 3/24/97 ONE
DeHart, Lexie McMahan 7/12/01 HDR
DeHaven, Larry 12/13/03 HDR
Dehner, Dorothy (sculptor) 9/24/94 HDR
Dehnert, Rolf  5/6/01 HDR
DeHuff, Nicole (actress) 3/13/05 HDR
Deitz, Barney Jerome  1/5/00 HDR
Deitz, Clarice  6/15/93 ONE
Deitz, Clarice Crapps  6/15/93 HDR
Deitz, Clarice Crapps  6/16/93 HDR
Deitz, Doris Kathleen 11/18/99 ONE
Deitz, Doris Kathleen 11/18/99 HDR
Deitz, Durene Robbins  12/30/05 HDR
Deitz, Edith Eveline 10/12/99 HDR
Deitz, Edith Eveline  10/12/99 ONE
Deitz, Edward  3/7/03 HDR
Deitz, Mabel Starr  2/4/95 HDR
Deitz, Margaret Brown 4/13/94 HDR
Deitz, Mary Louise 7/6/00 HDR
Deitz, Mary Louise  7/6/00 ONE
Deitz, Olender K. "O.K." Jr. 6/17/04 ONE
Deitz, Vernon Carl 5/9/95 HDR
Deitz, Vernon Carl 5/10/95 HDR
DeJarnette, Benjamin Edward 12/29/01 HDR
DeJarnette, Sudye Ferrell  6/16/01 HDR
Dejoie, C.C. Jr. (LA publisher) 8/22/93 HDR
DeJong, Harriet Solyst 12/3/98 HDR
DeJong, Stacey Lynn (Page 3A) 12/1/97 HDR
DeKoster, Lucas  2/27/00 HDR
Del Corso, Sylvester T.  5/15/98 HDR
Del Giudice, Frank J. (industrial designer) 10/25/93 HDR
Del Rubio, Eadie  12/20/96 HDR
DeLacy, Clarence Beck Jr. 10/23/96 HDR
DeLacy, Clarence Beck Jr. 10/22/96 ONE
Delamar, Norma Lee Harrington 1/23/98 ONE
Delamar, Norma Lee Harrington 1/22/98 HDR
Delamar, Norma Lee Harrington 1/23/98 HDR
DeLancy, Clarence Beck Jr. 10/20/96 HDR
DeLancy, Clarence Beck Jr. 10/21/96 ONE
DeLaney, John Rodman 3/3/98 HDR
Delany, Sarah "Sadie" 1/27/99 HDR
Delany, Sarah "Sadie"  (Page 5) 1/26/99 ONE
De'Lardi, Alfred A. (newspaper photographer) 7/14/93 HDR
DeLazaro, S. Walter "Buddy" 9/29/99 HDR
Delfont, Lord (Broadway producer) 7/29/94 HDR
Delgado, Jose Carlos 7/27/98 ONE
Delgado, Jose Carlos 7/26/98 HDR
Delinger, Jeffrey Doyle 4/28/97 ONE
Dellinger, Addie Ramsey  2/19/95 HDR
Dellinger, Allie McGalliard  8/1/02 HDR
Dellinger, Ann Mauney 8/10/98 HDR
Dellinger, Annie Lee Hendren  12/22/02 HDR
Dellinger, Annie Mae Fortenberry 5/22/96 ONE
Dellinger, Annie Mae Herman 8/27/02 ONE
Dellinger, Annie Mae Herman  8/27/02 HDR
Dellinger, Arthur Henry 9/12/95 HDR
Dellinger, Arthur Henry Capt. 9/12/95 ONE
Dellinger, Bernice Jean "B.J." 3/22/05 HDR
Dellinger, Bernice Jean "B.J." 3/23/05 HDR
Dellinger, Bernice Jean "B.J." 3/24/05 HDR
Dellinger, Bessie Inez Reep 4/24/97 HDR
Dellinger, Billy Joe  10/26/98 HDR
Dellinger, Bobby Gene Sr. 6/19/95 ONE
Dellinger, Bobby Gene Sr.  6/19/95 HDR
Dellinger, Boyd Coleman 2/10/05 HDR
Dellinger, Boyd Coleman 2/10/05 ONE
Dellinger, Brandy Angel  3/13/05 HDR
Dellinger, Carlene Reems  8/17/95 HDR
Dellinger, Carrie Blanche Hoover  2/27/95 ONE
Dellinger, Cecil Ray 12/21/98 ONE
Dellinger, Cecil Ray 12/19/98 HDR
Dellinger, Clyde Monroe  8/13/94 HDR
Dellinger, Clyde William 2/10/94 HDR
Dellinger, Clyde William  2/10/94 ONE
Dellinger, Clyde William  2/11/94 ONE
Dellinger, Clyde William (veteran) 2/11/94 HDR
Dellinger, Edith Lee Whitener 2/6/93 HDR
Dellinger, Edith Lee Whitener  2/8/93 ONE
Dellinger, Edith Magdalene 11/6/00 ONE
Dellinger, Edith Whitener  2/5/93 HDR
Dellinger, Elsie Mae Sigmon 11/28/95 ONE
Dellinger, Elsie Mae Sigmon 11/29/95 HDR
Dellinger, Ercel Gaither 10/1/98 HDR
Dellinger, Ervin Floyd 12/12/05 HDR
Dellinger, Ervin Floyd 12/12/05 ONE
Dellinger, Eula Woody  4/12/99 HDR
Dellinger, Evelyn  12/19/03 HDR
Dellinger, Fay Fry 7/19/05 HDR
Dellinger, Fay Fry  7/18/05 ONE
Dellinger, Fay Fry  7/19/05 ONE
Dellinger, Floymae Caldwell  7/20/04 ONE
Dellinger, Garland Milton "Bud"  9/1/01 HDR
Dellinger, George Bennett 3/23/03 HDR
Dellinger, Geraldine Brooks  9/4/00 HDR
Dellinger, Gertrude Crowder  8/23/96 HDR
Dellinger, Gladys Young London 11/2/03 HDR
Dellinger, Grace Barnes  2/5/93 HDR
Dellinger, Harry A. 1/22/93 HDR
Dellinger, Harry Hampton  7/31/97 HDR
Dellinger, Hazel Auton 8/11/00 HDR
Dellinger, Helen Dietz  7/9/97 HDR
Dellinger, Heman Ercel "Doc"  10/31/05 HDR
Dellinger, Henry Preston 9/24/95 HDR
Dellinger, Henry Preston 9/25/95 HDR
Dellinger, Henry Preston  9/25/95 ONE
Dellinger, Herman Ercel 10/30/05 HDR
Dellinger, Hewitt  7/21/04 ONE
Dellinger, Hewitt Thomas 7/22/04 ONE
Dellinger, Holland Daniel 10/4/97 HDR
Dellinger, Horace Charles  8/27/93 HDR
Dellinger, Hugh 7/13/95 HDR
Dellinger, Hugh 7/14/95 HDR
Dellinger, Hugh M. 2/15/01 ONE
Dellinger, Hugh Melvin 2/16/01 ONE
Dellinger, Hugh Melvin  2/16/01 HDR
Dellinger, J. C. 12/4/98 HDR
Dellinger, J.C. 12/4/98 ONE
Dellinger, Jacob Calvin  5/9/94 HDR
Dellinger, Jeffrey Lynn 7/29/05 ONE
Dellinger, Jeffrey Lynn "Jeff" 7/30/05 HDR
Dellinger, John 9/30/99 ONE
Dellinger, John B. Jr. (veteran) 3/8/94 HDR
Dellinger, John Willys  7/22/02 HDR
Dellinger, Johnnie Max 10/2/99 HDR
Dellinger, Johnny Max  10/1/99 ONE
Dellinger, Johnny Max  10/4/99 ONE
Dellinger, Karen Jones 6/15/99 ONE
Dellinger, Karen Jones 6/16/99 HDR
Dellinger, Katie Lee 4/4/98 HDR
Dellinger, Katie Lee 4/5/98 HDR
Dellinger, Kemp Johnson 12/21/05 HDR
Dellinger, Kemp Johnson 12/21/05 ONE
Dellinger, Kenneth Ray  4/7/95 HDR
Dellinger, Lois Bush  1/26/96 HDR
Dellinger, Lois Wright Michaels Chatman 4/18/99 HDR
Dellinger, Lorena 12/23/02 ONE
Dellinger, Lorena  12/22/02 HDR
Dellinger, Lorena Estelle  12/27/02 ONE
Dellinger, Lorena Estelle  12/27/02 HDR
Dellinger, Louise Deal  10/17/01 HDR
Dellinger, Louise Deal  10/18/01 HDR
Dellinger, Lucy C.  6/26/02 HDR
Dellinger, Madeline Crowder 6/13/00 HDR
Dellinger, Maggie Frances Carver 12/10/96 HDR
Dellinger, Maggie Frances Carver 12/9/96 ONE
Dellinger, Margaret Haynes 10/29/98 HDR
Dellinger, Marshall Junior "M.J." 4/22/99 ONE
Dellinger, Marshall Junior "M.J." 4/22/99 HDR
Dellinger, Mary Abernethy 1/30/99 HDR
Dellinger, Mattie Jane Wood 6/20/94 ONE
Dellinger, Mattie Jane Wood  6/19/94 HDR
Dellinger, Nancy Mae Schronce 5/6/03 ONE
Dellinger, Nancy Mae Schronce  5/6/03 HDR
Dellinger, Nell McGimsey 11/28/03 HDR
Dellinger, Noah Emanuel Sr. 11/3/03 ONE
Dellinger, Noah Emanuel Sr.  11/3/03 HDR
Dellinger, Paul Frederick 2/12/98 ONE
Dellinger, Paul Ray 4/22/94 HDR
Dellinger, Paul Ray  4/22/94 ONE
Dellinger, Pauline McMurry 6/23/99 ONE
Dellinger, Pauline McMurry 6/23/99 HDR
Dellinger, Phillip Qwynn "Pete" 1/26/96 HDR
Dellinger, Phillip Qwynn "Pete" 1/26/96 ONE
Dellinger, Ralph Troutman  8/13/95 HDR
Dellinger, Robert James  12/9/05 HDR
Dellinger, Rosita Brittain  4/23/05 HDR
Dellinger, Sam Thomas 1/3/94 HDR
Dellinger, Sharon "Sherry" Martin 8/3/00 ONE
Dellinger, Sharon “Sherry” Martin 8/3/00 HDR
Dellinger, Sue Ellen Deese 3/19/01 ONE
Dellinger, Sue Ellen Deese  3/19/01 HDR
Dellinger, Tom  7/12/93 HDR
Dellinger, Vera June 5/15/99 HDR
Dellinger, Verdie "Memmie" Green (101 yoa) 7/13/04 ONE
Dellinger, Virginia White 11/28/96 ONE
Dellinger, Virginia White  11/28/96 HDR
Dellinger, W. Blair 8/17/04 ONE
Dellinger, Walter "Blair" 8/18/04 ONE
Dellinger, William Lee 3/24/98 HDR
Dellinger, Zettie Kathleen Lail 11/24/99 ONE
Dellinger, Zettie Kathleen Lail 11/25/99 HDR
Deloach, "Colonel" William Meinert (retired-Army) 1/23/94 HDR
Delon, Bryce 1/30/96 ONE
Delon, Bryce Colby (Page 1A) 2/26/96 HDR
Delon, Bryce Colby (Page 1A) 2/21/96 HDR
DeLong, Patricia  9/7/94 ONE
DeLong, Patricia  9/7/94 HDR
DeLong, Patricia "Pat" Moore  9/8/94 ONE
DeLong, Patricia Moore "Pat"  9/8/94 HDR
DeLong, Peter Jay (Pete) 4/12/95 ONE
Delp, Cecil James  10/7/01 HDR
DeLucca, Francis J.  3/18/05 HDR
DeMarco, Eleanor Lucille  7/20/96 HDR
DeMary, Lucy 3/14/97 ONE
Demas, William 12/1/98 HDR
Demattia, Vera Catherine 9/30/93 HDR
Demay, Mark 4/28/95 HDR
DeMent, John Lester 3/9/96 HDR
DeMercado, Maria Magdalena  2/14/94 ONE
DeMerode, Alexandre (Prince) 11/21/02 HDR
Demetriou, Kyriacos 5/20/99 HDR
Demikhov, Vladimir 11/26/98 HDR
Deming, W. Edwards (quality control pioneer) (Page 11A)  12/21/93 HDR
Demirkent, Nezih  2/13/01 HDR
Demiter, George Steven "Jack" 3/5/00 HDR
Demoro, Harre W.  3/22/93 HDR
Dempsey, Mary Frances  12/22/03 HDR
Demske, James Rev. 6/18/94 HDR
DeMun, Earl Edward 4/6/96 HDR
DeMun, Earl Edward 4/5/96 ONE
Denattia, Vera Catherine  9/30/93 ONE
Denes, Magda 1/2/97 HDR
Denevi, Marco 12/15/98 HDR
Denicia, Carlos Vera (Page 3D) 12/26/98 HDR
DeNicola, Natalina P. (actress) 4/23/94 HDR
Denig, Robert S.  5/22/95 HDR
Denis, Paul  3/31/97 HDR
Denisov, Edison 11/27/96 HDR
Denman, John 11/9/01 HDR
Denman, M. Delores Justice 1/23/00 HDR
Dennie, David Lee 1/21/99 HDR
Dennie, David Lee  1/22/99 HDR
Dennie, Lula S. "Nonnie" 11/16/95 HDR
Dennie, Renia Franklin  2/28/93 HDR
Denning, Lord 3/8/99 HDR
Dennis, Betty King 1/6/01 HDR
Dennis, Clarence Dr. (performed first open heart surgery which used heart-lung machine) 7/19/05 HDR
Dennis, Delmar 6/5/96 HDR
Dennis, Faye Johnson  11/23/97 HDR
Dennis, Jody Lee 2/13/99 HDR
Dennis, Ola Linney 1/31/97 HDR
Dennison, Myrtle Victoria Jones 10/10/94 ONE
Dennison, Myrtle Victoria Jones  10/10/94 HDR
Denniston, Asel S.  8/16/93 HDR
Denniston, Asel S.  8/18/93 HDR
Denniston, Winifred Irene Gardner "Wini" 9/21/99 ONE
Denniston, Winifred Irene Gardner "Wini" 9/21/99 HDR
Denny, Charles Edward  10/23/94 HDR
Denny, Destiny La-Shay 9/13/95 HDR
Densen-Gerber, Judianne Dr. (founder of Odyssey House) 5/15/03 HDR
Dent, Tom 6/9/98 HDR
Dentale, Emily Parise  11/30/94 HDR
Dentino, Ruby Arlene Franks  3/25/03 HDR
Dentino, Ruby Arlene Franks  3/26/03 HDR
Dentino, Ruby Franks  3/25/03 ONE
Denton, Annie  9/5/94 HDR
Denton, Annie Lee  4/18/95 HDR
Denton, Annie Mae Mooney  3/12/03 HDR
Denton, Annie May Packer 9/6/94 HDR
Denton, Barbara "Bobbie" Stamey  5/11/02 HDR
Denton, Carl 3/15/99 HDR
Denton, Charles Herbert "Hub" 11/9/97 HDR
Denton, Clyde Alexander  8/17/00 HDR
Denton, Cynthia "Sue" Cannon 1/4/00 HDR
Denton, Elizabeth Bessie Anderson 4/15/94 HDR
Denton, Forest "Jay" Jr. 10/27/97 HDR
Denton, Frank McCoy "Coy" 11/17/01 HDR
Denton, Inez Martin 9/18/98 HDR
Denton, John Wayne  4/19/95 HDR
Denton, Julius Franklin "Frank"  5/8/95 HDR
Denton, Lillie Maloney 2/1/93 HDR
Denton, Martha Lowman 12/23/95 HDR
Denton, Ralph B. Sr. 5/3/99 ONE
Denton, Rosa Lee 6/12/94 HDR
Denton, Tildon Frank  3/30/03 HDR
Denton, Velsie Brittain  9/4/01 HDR
Denton, William "Bill" 12/8/05 HDR
Denver, Bob ("Gilligan's Island" & "Dobie Gillis") 9/7/05 HDR
Denver, John (Page 1A & 9A) 10/14/97 HDR
Denzer, Eduardo "Poppy" 4/16/99 ONE
Denzer, Eduardo "Poppy" 4/16/99 HDR
DeOrsey, Germaine Gagnon 10/14/93 HDR
DeOrsey, Ronald Frances  1/29/03 HDR
DePeterse, Denelta "Nell" Simmons 6/2/04 ONE
Depew, Eddie 5/2/99 HDR
DePew, Samuel S. 11/4/99 HDR
Deray, Jacques (director) 8/11/03 HDR
Derbeck, Jeanne E. (writer) 12/14/94 HDR
Derbes, Michael James 3/1/00 HDR
Derby, Bennett Dr. 8/19/98 HDR
Derby, Fred  5/22/01 HDR
Derby, Gary Leighton 9/4/96 HDR
DeRhodes, Doris  1/10/02 HDR
DeRhodes, Doris Propst  1/11/02 ONE
DeRhodes, Doris Propst  1/11/02 HDR
DeRhodes, Martha Icard (100 yoa) 7/22/02 HDR
Dermott, Albert Edward 2/23/99 ONE
Dermott, Albert Edward 2/22/99 ONE
Dermott, Albert Edward 2/23/99 HDR
Dermott, Albert Edward  2/24/99 HDR
DeRogatis, Al (football player & sportscaster)  12/28/95 HDR
Derogy, Jacques (journalist) 11/2/97 HDR
Derr, Alda  6/25/03 HDR
Derr, Alda M. 6/25/03 ONE
Derr, Barbara 2/5/98 HDR
Derr, Barbara Jean 2/7/98 HDR
Derr, Brenda LaJoyce  4/26/01 HDR
Derr, Brenda Lajoyce  4/27/01 HDR
Derr, Crosby Sr.  9/22/93 HDR
Derr, Ella Mae Clemons 10/18/99 HDR
Derr, Hugh  4/25/95 HDR
Derr, James Alfred 6/3/97 HDR
Derr, James Alfred  6/4/97 ONE
Derr, Leander  3/3/05 HDR
Derr, Mary Edith  9/21/01 HDR
Derr, Richard Levon  9/11/03 HDR
Derr, Robert Lee "Bud"  3/17/00 HDR
Derr, Rossalee  11/4/94 HDR
Derr, Roy McKinley (100 yoa) 6/1/96 HDR
Derr, Solomon Albertie  10/20/94 HDR
Derr, Vandelia Morrison  3/16/03 HDR
Derreberry, Ruth Buchanan  9/19/00 HDR
Dertliev, Peter 11/8/00 HDR
deSaint-Hippolyte, Alexandre Brun 3/17/05 HDR
Desousa, Alfredo (Portuguese economist) 11/6/94 HDR
DeSouza, Ernest 3/7/00 HDR
DeSouza, Isidore  3/19/99 HDR
Dessauer, Gerhard 2/18/96 HDR
Dessauer, John H. (chemical engineer) 8/13/93 HDR
Dessauer, Phil Sr. (editor) 12/14/97 HDR
Destino, Rose M.  4/24/05 HDR
Deter, John C. "Jack" Sr. 5/20/97 HDR
Deter, Ruth Annalee Williamson 11/7/96 ONE
Dethier, Vincent (biologist/author) 9/10/93 HDR
DeTomaso, Alejandro (sports car manufacturer) 5/26/03 HDR
Detter, Alean Barringer 12/5/05 ONE
Detter, Alean Barringer  12/5/05 HDR
Detter, Bobby Dean 2/1/05 HDR
Detter, Bobby Dean 2/2/05 HDR
Detter, Bobby Dean  2/2/05 ONE
Detter, Charles 7/21/05 HDR
Detter, Charles 7/23/05 HDR
Detter, Charles  7/22/05 HDR
Detter, Charles  7/21/05 ONE
Detter, Charles  7/22/05 ONE
Detter, Dan C. 8/18/05 HDR
Detter, Dan C. 8/19/05 HDR
Detter, Fairl "Fuzz" Alvin  11/18/02 ONE
Detter, Fairl Alvin "Fuzz"  11/18/02 HDR
Detter, Gaither B. Jr. 7/9/97 HDR
Detter, Gaither B. Jr. 7/7/97 HDR
Detter, Gaither Bandy  10/24/94 HDR
Detter, Grady James 12/16/99 HDR
Detter, J. D.  12/23/98 HDR
Detter, Lester Pinkney 8/25/95 ONE
Detter, Lester Pinkney  8/25/95 HDR
Detter, Lester Pinkney  8/26/95 HDR
Detter, Luke  11/4/03 HDR
Detter, Luke Edward  11/5/03 HDR
Detter, Luke Edward  11/5/03 ONE
Detter, Margaret E.  10/25/04 ONE
Detter, Margaret E.  10/26/04 ONE
Detter, Margaret E.  10/27/04 ONE
Detter, Mildred Ella Newton Mrs. 6/18/05 HDR
Detter, Pearlie Hubert  12/16/02 HDR
Detter, Ruth Annalee Williamson  11/8/96 HDR
Detter, Ruth Williamson 11/7/96 HDR
Detter, William P. "Bill" 5/9/97 HDR
Deutch, Michael J. 2/24/96 HDR
Deutschle, Thomas (reporter) 11/21/02 HDR
DeVane, Montrose L. Sr. 3/27/02 HDR
DeVane, Verna Sue Cabaniss 3/11/98 HDR
Devaney, Bob 5/11/97 HDR
DeVaucouleurs, Gerard (astronomer) 10/11/95 HDR
Devault, Emery Gene 2/7/03 HDR
Devault, Emery Gene  2/8/03 HDR
Devault, Emery Gene  2/7/03 ONE
Deveney, Martha 1/24/02 ONE
Deveney, Martha  1/25/02 HDR
Deveney, Martha Drum 1/25/02 ONE
Deveney, Martha Drum  1/26/02 HDR
Deveney, Paul Shannon 10/7/99 ONE
Deveney, Paul Shannon 10/8/99 ONE
Deveney, Paul Shannon 10/9/99 HDR
Deveney, Ruth Miller 2/18/93 ONE
Deveney, Ruth Miller  2/18/93 HDR
Devens, Charles (baseball player) 8/18/03 HDR
Deverick, Percy F. 1/4/98 HDR
Devier, Janie Sue Hargett  10/29/00 HDR
DeVier, Paul Arthur  7/4/00 HDR
Devine, Dan (Notre Dame coach) (Page 6)  5/10/02 ONE
Devine, Essie Powell  5/21/97 HDR
Devine, Jack R. 3/13/01 HDR
Devine, Lewis Reid 7/11/05 ONE
Devine, Lewis Reid  7/11/05 HDR
Devine, William "Bill" Max 8/12/05 HDR
Devine, William "Bill" Max 8/13/05 HDR
Devine, William "Bill" Max 8/11/05 ONE
Deviney, Dora Louella Josey 5/1/96 HDR
Deviney, Dora Louella Josey 4/30/96 ONE
Deviney, Junie Belle Angle (102 yoa) 8/12/93 HDR
Deviney, Margaret Sue Wease  8/5/93 HDR
Deviney, Ruth Evelyn Boggs  3/10/03 HDR
Deviney, Virginia Faw 2/4/97 HDR
Devinney, Beulah Williams 3/7/94 HDR
DeVinney, Carl David "Bud" 4/10/98 HDR
DeVinney, Robert Lee* 6/10/99 HDR
DeVinney, Ruby Lane 3/11/98 HDR
Devito, Suzan  8/15/05 HDR
Devlin, Paddy  8/17/99 HDR
DeVoll, Ray (tenor) 8/28/93 HDR
Devore, David Richard  11/14/95 HDR
DeVore, Iva Lee Hicks 9/8/05 HDR
Devos, Renee Berte Clipit 12/25/01 HDR
Devos, Renee C.  12/24/01 ONE
DeVries, Corinne Williams  2/26/02 HDR
Dew, Cynthia Fox  8/13/04 ONE
Dew, James Bryan  1/9/05 HDR
Dew, Louis Howard 5/5/00 HDR
Dew, Louis Howard  5/4/00 ONE
Dew, Rex Livingston 2/24/93 ONE
Dew, Rex Livingston  2/24/93 HDR
DeWalden, Erina (masseuse) 10/19/95 HDR
DeWalt, Joseph Dr. 9/10/94 HDR
Dewavrin, Andre 12/25/98 HDR
Dewey, Lester Milton  12/29/00 HDR
Dewey, Robert Yates  11/29/05 HDR
Dewitt, Evelyn Bynum "Lena" 12/8/93 HDR
DeWitt, Max Eugene 7/22/00 HDR
Dexter, Justin (Page 2A) 7/27/97 HDR
Deyo, Elizabeth Whitman 3/18/97 HDR
Deyo, Elizabeth Whitman 3/18/97 ONE
Deyton, Clifford  1/30/99 HDR
Deyton, Dale Edward  9/1/03 HDR
Deyton, Edgel  2/3/02 HDR
Deyton, J.W. 11/4/99 HDR
Deyton, Micheal Grady  6/9/95 ONE
Deyton, Mike Grady 6/8/95 ONE
Deyton, Mike Grady  6/8/95 HDR
Deyton, Mike Grady  6/9/95 HDR
Dezhi, Yang Gen. (Chinese Communist Party leader) 10/27/94 HDR
di Gesu, Antony (photographer) 2/16/93 HDR
Di Raimondo, Nicholas 7/1/99 HDR
Diallo, Amadou  (Page 2A) 2/18/99 HDR
Diamond, David (composer) 6/20/05 HDR
Diamond, Louis K. Dr. 6/27/99 HDR
Diamond, Malia Catherine Ferell 12/31/01 ONE
Diamond, Malia Catherine Ferell 12/30/01 HDR
Diamond, Rosa Lee  7/1/05 HDR
Dias, Carlos Vieira (Portuguese musician) 8/21/94 HDR
Diaz, Jorge Luis Cordova (Puerto Rico's Congessional rep) 9/21/94 HDR
Dibble, Walt (radio journalist) 7/24/97 HDR
DiBiase, Michael John 12/6/94 HDR
Dick, R. Wayne  5/15/02 HDR
Dick, R. Wayne  5/16/02 HDR
Dicke, Robert 3/17/97 HDR
Dickens, A.G.   8/4/01 HDR
Dickenson, Fairleigh S. Jr. (NJ State Senator) 10/16/96 HDR
Dickerson, Harry Jackson  8/30/02 HDR
Dickerson, Jeffery Dean 6/13/05 HDR
Dickerson, Savannah Marie  12/8/05 HDR
Dickerson, Savannah Marie  12/7/05 ONE
Dickey, James-poet/author 1/22/97 HDR
Dickey, Lynn 5/24/00 HDR
Dickinson, Mae Susie Cook  8/27/95 HDR
Dickinson, Mary A. 3/17/94 HDR
Dickinson, Mary Anna (veteran) 3/18/94 HDR
Dickinson, Nonnie F. Jr. 3/2/99 HDR
Dickinson, Nonnie Francis Jr. 3/3/99 HDR
Dickinson, Peter (created Megabucks slot machine) 6/6/94 HDR
Dicks, Adelaide Lamberth  3/11/02 ONE
Dicks, Adelaide Lamberth  3/11/02 HDR
Dicks, Delphia Leola Holcombe 1/7/00 HDR
Dicks, Delphia Leola Holcombe 1/7/00 ONE
Dickson,  C. Lyon Jr. 3/26/03 HDR
Dickson, Anna Lee 12/29/04 ONE
Dickson, Carrie Cook 2/10/97 HDR
Dickson, Corbin Elijah Booker (infant) 5/24/94 HDR
Dickson, Dorothy (102 yoa) (theater star) 9/30/95 HDR
Dickson, Dwight Daniel 6/9/99 ONE
Dickson, Dwight Daniel 6/9/99 HDR
Dickson, Grace Price  9/27/93 HDR
Dickson, James "Ernest" 6/21/99 HDR
Dickson, Madge  6/23/03 HDR
Dickson, Madge Elizabeth Thomas 6/24/03 HDR
Dickson, Mae Johnson 2/23/01 ONE
Dickson, Mae Johnson 2/23/01 HDR
Dickson, Mary (Page 7A) 7/5/01 HDR
Dickson, Mary Jean Duke 7/21/96 HDR
Dickson, Robert David 11/6/97 HDR
Dickson, Vivian Odessa Smith 11/9/93 HDR
Dickson, Willard Foster 9/15/98 ONE
Dickson, Willard Foster 9/16/98 HDR
Dickson, William "Bill" Mack Sr. 7/17/05 HDR
Dickson, William J. 1/3/93 HDR
Diebolt, Mike (baseball player) 9/9/97 HDR
Diehl, Chandler (retired AP foreign correspondent) 10/6/94 HDR
Diemer, Walter E.  1/11/98 HDR
Dienert, Alfred (marketed Billy Graham) 5/2/93 HDR
Diercks, Clinton C. Dr.  11/22/02 HDR
Diercks, Phoebe Duckworth  5/15/01 HDR
Dieter, James "Jim"  9/24/01 ONE
Dieter, James A. 9/25/01 ONE
Dieter, Jim A.  9/25/01 HDR
Dieter, Tim  3/29/04 ONE
Dieter, Timothy "Tim" Charles  3/30/04 ONE
Dietz, Dick (baseball player) 7/1/05 HDR
Dietz, Lew 4/30/97 HDR
Dietz, Mildred Frye  10/8/02 HDR
Dietz, Ralph James 2/14/99 HDR
Dietz, Robert Lewis 2/13/97 HDR
Dietz, Robert S. (geologist)  5/23/95 HDR
Digges, Anthony (Page 2A) 12/28/01 HDR
Digges, Brannon (Page 2A) 12/28/01 HDR
Digges, Colton (Page 2A) 12/28/01 HDR
Digges, Matiss (Page 2A) 12/28/01 HDR
Diggs, Charles Jr. Rep. 8/27/98 HDR
Digh, Lillian Warlick  10/26/93 HDR
Digh, Ralph Fonzo  1/5/96 HDR
Digh, Ruth Harris 9/6/97 HDR
Digh, Ruth Harris  9/7/97 HDR
Digh, T.F.  11/29/93 HDR
Dilks, Calvin "Pop" 5/21/01 ONE
Dilks, Charles Calvin "Pop" 5/23/01 ONE
Dilks, Charles Calvin "Pop" 5/22/01 ONE
Dilks, Charles Calvin "Pop" 5/21/01 HDR
Dill, Frances Shirlene 12/10/00 HDR
Dill, Olive L. 1/26/94 HDR
Dill, Olive Loftin 1/27/94 HDR
Dill, Stephanie  2/23/03 HDR
Dill, Stephanie  2/24/03 HDR
Dill, Stephanie  2/24/03 ONE
Dillahunty, W.H. "Sonny" Judge (Little Rock, Ark.) 8/4/03 HDR
Dillard, Charles Randall  5/20/93 HDR
Dillard, Charles Randall  5/21/93 HDR
Dillard, Charlie Thomas  4/3/02 HDR
Dillard, Clarence F.  11/11/97 HDR
Dillard, Clyde J.  4/13/95 HDR
Dillard, Clyde J.  4/14/95 HDR
Dillard, Edna Marie Higgins 4/14/97 HDR
Dillard, Georgia Augustine Hollar 1/13/98 HDR
Dillard, Gladys (Page 3A) 11/3/94 HDR
Dillard, Gladys Adkins 11/3/94 HDR
Dillard, Gladys Adkins  11/4/94 HDR
Dillard, Jeffery A. 7/28/05 HDR
Dillard, Jeffrey Gorden  3/12/01 HDR
Dillard, Jeffrey Gorden  3/12/01 HDR
Dillard, Kayla Marie (infant) 11/20/95 HDR
Dillard, Larry M.  3/26/02 HDR
Dillard, Lester Marshall 2/28/97 HDR
Dillard, Margie Holder 12/11/99 HDR
Dillard, Maudie Francis 12/21/95 HDR
Dillard, Moses (gospel music producer) 7/15/93 HDR
Dillard, Norma Jean  3/14/02 HDR
Dillard, Ollie Tempe Booth 11/10/98 ONE
Dillard, Ollie Tempe Booth 11/10/98 HDR
Dillard, Reba Wilena 2/19/05 HDR
Dillard, Robert James “Robbie”  11/28/00 HDR
Dillard, Robert James “Robbie”  11/29/00 HDR
Dillard, Ruth Louise Woodruff  10/7/00 HDR
Dillard, Vilas Eugene 2/13/99 HDR
Dillard, Willard  1/17/95 HDR
Dillard, William Ithel  1/19/95 HDR
Dillinger, William H. 3/14/01 ONE
Dillinger, William H.  3/14/01 HDR
Dillingham, James Edward  7/27/96 HDR
Dillingham, Juanita Louise Maddox 2/19/05 HDR
Dillingham, Ossie Harvey  9/27/95 HDR
Dillman, Brenda  9/29/03 ONE
Dillman, Brenda A. 9/30/03 ONE
Dillman, Brenda A.  9/30/03 HDR
Dillon, C. Douglas (fmr. US Treasury Secy.)  1/12/03 HDR
Dillon, Eddie Mae Smith 3/21/05 HDR
Dillon, Eddie Mae Smith 3/22/05 HDR
Dillon, James Clyde (former WV state senator) 4/13/93 HDR
Dillon, Julia Christian  2/26/93 HDR
Dillon, Nancy Killon 12/24/05 HDR
Dillow, Harold R.  7/20/96 HDR
Dills, Betty Lou Leatherman 12/30/99 ONE
Dills, Betty Lou Leatherman 12/31/99 HDR
Dills, Bradly Shawn 9/10/02 ONE
Dills, Bradly Shawn  9/10/02 HDR
Dills, Danny Clain 5/16/01 ONE
Dills, Danny Clain  5/17/01 HDR
Dills, Doyle D.  7/27/93 HDR
Dills, Harvey Berlin Sr. 5/28/98 ONE
Dills, Harvey Berlin Sr. 5/28/98 HDR
Dills, Robert Eugene 6/25/00 HDR
Dills, Robert Eugene 6/26/00 ONE
DiMaggio, Joe  (Page 1B) 3/9/99 HDR
DiMaggio, Joe  (Page 9) 3/8/99 ONE
DiMaggio, Joe Jr. (Page 8C) 8/8/99 HDR
DiMona, Joseph J. 11/13/99 HDR
Dimsdale, Henry Colon  2/1/93 ONE
Dimsdale, Henry Colon  1/30/93 HDR
Dimsdale, Henry Colon  2/1/93 HDR
Dingess, Harold Madison 10/27/01 HDR
Dingess, Smith 5/18/97 HDR
Dingler, Betty Jean Felts  5/31/01 HDR
Dingler, Duard Orville "Shorty" 6/23/93 HDR
Dingler, Thelma 2/22/97 HDR
Dingman, James E. (American Telephone and Telegraph Co. executive) 8/11/93 HDR
Dingwall, Ewen "Ding"  10/29/96 HDR
Dinh, Anh 4/20/05 HDR
Dinh, Anh 4/20/05 ONE
Dinh, Nhan Van  9/16/94 HDR
DiPortanova, Baron Enrico  3/3/00 HDR
Dippmann, Jeanette Johanne  6/21/02 HDR
Dirkers, Michael J. (U.S. Navy-rate-petty officer second class) 1/6/94 HDR
Dirks, Daniel R. "Danny" 3/27/99 HDR
Dirks, Kenneth Wayne 6/3/99 HDR
Disantis, Anthony J. 2/12/96 HDR
DiSanto, Grace Demarco  6/4/93 HDR
DiSanto, Grace Johanne  6/5/93 HDR
Dischner, Lewis M. "Lew" (Alaska's first state commissioner of labor) 9/4/03 HDR
Disher, John Stephen 4/12/98 HDR
Dishman, James Ray "Bo" 8/31/98 ONE
Dishman, James Ray "Bo" 8/29/98 HDR
Dishman, Joe Donald 7/3/95 HDR
Dishman, Joe Donald 7/4/95 HDR
Dishman, Junior G. "Spud"  8/18/03 HDR
Dishman, Michelle Darlene Winkler 10/4/97 HDR
Dishman, Michelle Darlene Winkler 10/5/97 HDR
Dishman, Virginia Burrows 9/20/93 HDR
Dishman, Virginia Burrows  9/20/93 ONE
Dishmon, Chris Edward  5/21/02 HDR
Dishmond, Ruby York 1/27/03 ONE
Dishmond, Ruby York  1/27/03 HDR
Disney, Lillian  12/18/97 HDR
Distin, Vivian Liberto (first wife of Johnny Cash) 5/29/05 HDR
Ditka, Michael 11/17/98 HDR
Diver, William Stowell 9/13/01 ONE
Diver, William Stowell 9/21/01 ONE
Diver, William Stowell  9/14/01 HDR
Diver, William Stowell  9/21/01 HDR
Dix, Frances Saunders 11/25/99 HDR
Dix, Robert Clinton  6/24/96 HDR
Dixon, Annie Louise  4/20/04 ONE
Dixon, Arthur Jessie Sr. 5/4/96 HDR
Dixon, Calvin Wayne The Rev. 3/1/05 HDR
Dixon, Charles "Charlie" P. 2/19/97 HDR
Dixon, Charles W.  6/29/93 HDR
Dixon, Charles Walter "Walt" 6/30/93 HDR
Dixon, Dorothy Wright 8/19/94 HDR
Dixon, Edna Faye (Page 3A) 12/1/97 HDR
Dixon, Henry Mott 11/1/98 HDR
Dixon, Herman Lee "Sunny" Rev.  11/18/95 HDR
Dixon, Herman Lee Sr.  2/2/95 HDR
Dixon, Irene Phyllis Dula  8/20/93 HDR
Dixon, Irene Silver 10/30/00 ONE
Dixon, Irene Silver  10/30/00 HDR
Dixon, J.B.  12/19/94 HDR
Dixon, James Jr. (Page 2A) 1/16/95 HDR
Dixon, James Theodore Sr.  4/27/96 HDR
Dixon, Jean Pierce 12/22/05 HDR
Dixon, Jeane L.(astrologer) (Page 10A) 1/27/97 HDR
Dixon, Jeffrey Bernard 4/23/93 HDR
Dixon, Joe 6/18/98 HDR
Dixon, Joseph Earl  11/8/03 HDR
Dixon, Joseph Moore 9/12/95 ONE
Dixon, Joseph Moore 9/12/95 HDR
Dixon, Larry Edward 6/12/99 HDR
Dixon, Lemuel Lloyd  8/24/03 HDR
Dixon, Lessie Phillips Abernathy  3/21/95 HDR
Dixon, Lillie B. 2/3/98 ONE
Dixon, Lorene Devenny 3/21/05 ONE
Dixon, Mamie Smith 2/26/94 HDR
Dixon, Mary Alma Abernathy 4/19/98 HDR
Dixon, Mead (former chairman of Harrah's Casino Hotels) 1/13/93 HDR
Dixon, Myrtle  3/19/96 HDR
Dixon, Napoleon 11/27/96 HDR
Dixon, Napoleon  11/26/96 HDR
Dixon, Pearl Moore  8/5/01 HDR
Dixon, Phoenix "Bot"  9/5/05 HDR
Dixon, Sandra Lorena Walton 5/5/94 HDR
Dixon, Sara Frances  5/16/94 HDR
Dixon, Sharon Delisa  2/25/93 HDR
Dixon, Tammy Renay Stroud 5/6/00 HDR
Dixon, Tommie  10/11/02 HDR
Dixon, Tommie Decader  10/14/02 ONE
Dixon, Tommie Decader  10/13/02 HDR
Dixon, Willie E. Jr. Ret. Maj. Gen.  6/1/94 HDR
Dixon, Yetta Neal 7/9/97 HDR
Dixon, Zilla Scott 11/9/97 HDR
Dmytryk, Edward 7/3/99 HDR
Dobbins, Betty Mrs. 5/31/05 HDR
Dobbins, Boyce Bostic  7/16/05 HDR
Dobbins, Boyce Bostic  7/18/05 ONE
Dobbins, George William  7/16/01 HDR
Dobbins, Grace Carlton 1/11/96 HDR
Dobbins, James J. (editorial cartoonist) 5/7/94 HDR
Dobbins, Joe Jones 10/2/99 HDR
Dobbins, Michael  12/14/04 ONE
Dobbins, Stephen Glenn Sr. The Rev. 12/29/93 HDR
Dobbins, Stephen Glenn Sr. The Rev.  12/29/93 ONE
Dobbins, Walter Harold 5/15/03 HDR
Dobbins, Walter Harold  5/14/03 ONE
Dobbins, Walter Leon  3/24/02 HDR
Dobbins, Walter Leon (see also Page 1A) 3/25/02 ONE
Dobbs, Aubrey Lee 3/5/97 HDR
Dobbs, Aubrey Lee 3/4/97 HDR
Dobbs, Aubrey Lee 3/3/97 HDR
Dobbs, Aubrey Lee 3/3/97 ONE
Dobkin, Larry (character actor) 11/4/02 HDR
Dobroszycki, Lucjan (Holocaust survivor)  10/26/95 HDR
Dobson, Annie Mae Robinson  4/26/01 HDR
Dobson, Joseph (baseball player) 6/25/94 HDR
Dobson, Ronnie Lawrence  4/6/02 HDR
Dockery, A.V. 5/28/03 ONE
Dockery, A.V. 5/29/03 ONE
Dockery, A.V.  5/29/03 HDR
Dockery, Dolly Farr 1/21/00 HDR
Dockery, James Junior 8/4/98 HDR
Dockery, James Junior 8/5/98 HDR
Dockery, Janey Louise 8/24/00 HDR
Dockery, Jerry Marshall 1/23/95 HDR
Dockery, Kendol Lee 11/29/98 HDR
Dockery, Margaret Price 12/5/00 HDR
Dockery, Margaret Price 12/5/00 ONE
Dockery, Mel 8/10/02 HDR
Dockery, Roger K. 4/24/00 HDR
Dockery, Roger K. 4/24/00 ONE
Dockery, Ruth Davis 4/7/03 ONE
Dockery, Ruth Davis  4/6/03 HDR
Dockery, Thelma Elizabeth  6/13/94 HDR
Dockery, Willie 6/19/97 HDR
Dockery, Willie 6/21/97 HDR
Dodd, Lamar (artist) 9/24/96 HDR
Dodd, Vernon C. 2/3/98 HDR
Dodson, Andrew 8/26/93 HDR
Dodson, Arnold R. 2/7/99 HDR
Dodson, Barbara Jean  4/8/95 HDR
Dodson, Bessie Canady Baxley  5/16/95 HDR
Dodson, Jack (actor) 9/20/94 HDR
Dodson, Kenneth 6/2/99 HDR
Dodson, Ruby Taylor 10/9/98 HDR
Dodson, William Russell 1/30/95 HDR
Dodwell, Eleanor  7/22/00 HDR
Doe, Clemmie Lee Haliburton Flood Nelson 10/12/96 HDR
Doench, Doug 11/23/99 HDR
Doggett, Bill (musician) 11/22/96 HDR
Doherty, Ed 1/5/00 HDR
Doherty, John (researcher) 11/4/95 HDR
Doherty, Joseph L. 4/30/96 HDR
Doherty, Shirley Lail 6/28/98 HDR
Dolabella, Carlos Eduardo (Brazilian actor) 5/28/03 HDR
Dolan, Brian Thomas  9/3/02 HDR
Dolan, Brian Thomas  9/4/02 HDR
Dolan, John Robert 10/14/01 HDR
Dolen, Bea  7/13/96 HDR
Dolhanowsky, Elizabeth Cook  12/8/96 HDR
Doll, Beverly Ann Kafka 12/14/95 HDR
Doll, Brendan Leo Jr. 1/30/99 HDR
Doll, Felicite Mueller 5/17/99 HDR
Doll, Gregory William 1/25/93 HDR
Doll, Richard Sir (scientist-epidemiologist) 7/25/05 HDR
Doll, Stephen William 1/4/96 HDR
Dollar, David 3/15/02 ONE
Dollar, Joseph Howard 10/20/03 HDR
Dollar, Silas Daniel  2/2/03 HDR
Dollarhide, Annie Mae Saulman 11/20/96 ONE
Dollarhyde, Annie Mae Saulman 11/20/96 HDR
Dollarhyde, Christina Valadez 1/1/04 ONE
Dollinger, Betty Sue Killian 12/22/98 ONE
Dollinger, Charles Ahern 1/30/97 ONE
Dolweck, Francis Xavier 8/20/03 HDR
Dombrowski, Daniel (Died 11/06/99) 5/3/00 HDR
Dombrowski, Michael 5/3/00 HDR
Domengeaux, James M. "Jimmy" 1/28/99 HDR
Dominguez, Joe--author 1/23/97 HDR
Dominguin (Spanish bullfighter)(Lucas, Luis Miguel Gonzalez) 5/9/96 HDR
Dominice, Michael Frances 12/5/00 HDR
Domit, Moussa Majed (past director--NC Museum of Art) 6/30/05 HDR
Domres, Tom 11/13/99 HDR
Donahue, Clarence Eugene  7/18/97 HDR
Donahue, Jacqueline "Jackie"  3/25/05 HDR
Donahue, Maugene "Gene" Hughes (big band singer)  4/3/93 HDR
Donahue, Troy  9/3/01 HDR
Donahue, Wilma Thompson (psychologist & authority on aging)  8/19/93 HDR
Donald, Edna Basten  8/26/94 HDR
Donald, Jim (quadriplegic attorney) 3/11/03 HDR
Donald, Norma Jean Harper 11/9/96 HDR
Donaroma, Paul Anthony  2/16/03 HDR
Donatelli, Frank Joseph Jr. 6/22/01 ONE
Donatelli, Frank Joseph Jr. 6/22/01 HDR
Donatelli, Frank Joseph Sr. 12/2/94 ONE
Donatelli, Frank Joseph Sr. 12/5/94 ONE
Donatelli, Frank Joseph Sr. 12/2/94 HDR
Donatelli, Frank Joseph Sr. 12/4/94 HDR
Dondero, John P. Brother 6/21/94 HDR
Donegan, Lonnie (musician-"skiffle" sound) 11/5/02 HDR
Dong, Pham Van (Vietnam's prime minister) 5/2/00 HDR
Donike, Manfred (sports anti-doping expert) 8/22/95 HDR
Donisthorpe, Randy (Page 6C) 3/21/96 HDR
Donkel, Joe (veteran) 6/11/94 HDR
Donkel, Martha Teague  3/23/01 HDR
Donkle, Dorothy Helen Propst 9/6/93 HDR
Donkle, Dorothy Helen Propst  9/6/93 ONE
Donkle, Era Ervin  5/29/01 HDR
Donkle, Evelyn Osborne  3/5/01 HDR
Donkle, Joe (veteran) 6/10/94 HDR
Donkle, Sarah Frances 5/21/96 ONE
Donkle, Sarah Frances  5/22/96 HDR
Donley, Red 2/7/98 HDR
Donnahoe, Alan S. 10/13/98 HDR
Donnahue, Faye Cline 4/5/98 HDR
Donnelly, Frances Coulter  10/5/98 HDR
Donnelly, Kenneth Robert 5/2/96 HDR
Donnelly, Kenneth Robert 5/3/96 HDR
Donnelly, Kenneth Robert  5/4/96 HDR
Donnelly, Lucille Ollis 2/12/96 ONE
Donnelly, Lucille Ollis  2/12/96 HDR
Donnelly, Lucille Ollis  2/11/96 HDR
Donnelly, Rose Avery 12/20/00 HDR
Donner, Frank J. (civil liberties lawyer) 6/11/93 HDR
Donohoe, Charles Joseph Sr. 6/7/00 HDR
Donoso, Jose 12/8/96 HDR
Donovan, Arthur R. 3/11/00 HDR
Donovan, Brandee Ann (infant) 1/22/94 HDR
Donovan, Brittany Ann (infant) 1/23/94 HDR
Donovan, Carrie (fashion editor) 11/14/01 HDR
Donovan, Egbert H.  9/21/98 HDR
Donovan, Jim (talk show host) 11/18/94 HDR
Donovan, John Patrick "Jack" Jr. 8/25/05 HDR
Donovan, Robert J. (author) 8/10/03 HDR
Doody, Jeffery Allen  3/6/03 HDR
Doody, Jeffery Allen  3/6/03 ONE
Dooley, Carra Edna 1/31/00 HDR
Dooley, Carra Edna 1/29/00 HDR
Dooley, Edwin B.  11/17/98 HDR
Dooley, James "Jim" Beverly, Sr. 3/29/94 HDR
Dooley, Margaret Lillian Hoke 1/14/99 ONE
Dooley, Margaret Lillian Hoke  1/15/99 HDR
Doolittle, James Arnold 2/4/97 HDR
Doolittle, Rhett Melvin 1/10/05 HDR
Doonan, James M. Dr.  2/20/95 HDR
Doores, Judy E.  12/1/03 HDR
Doran, David Scott 1/20/01 HDR
D'Orleans, Henri 6/21/99 HDR
Dorn, Edward (poet) (Page 7A) 12/14/99 HDR
Dorn, Mattie H.  4/13/93 HDR
Dorn, Mattie Henderson 4/15/93 HDR
Dorris, Joseph W. 12/2/99 HDR
Dorris, Julia  9/28/95 HDR
Dorris, Michael 4/16/97 HDR
Dorsett, Robert Everette Jr. (Page 10)  6/4/02 ONE
Dorsey, Hunter (Page 2A) 12/11/01 HDR
Dorsey, Patricia Reep 11/7/98 HDR
Dorsey, Patricia Reep  11/9/98 ONE
Dorsey, Robert "Bob"  4/5/95 HDR
Dorste, Marguerite Ganser 8/7/96 HDR
Dorste, Marguerite Ganser 8/5/96 ONE
Dortch, Frank James 8/9/99 HDR
Dorton, James Richard Jr.  1/18/95 HDR
Doss, Jeremiah William 12/12/97 ONE
Doss, Jeremiah William 12/15/97 ONE
Doss, Jermiah William (infant) 12/13/97 HDR
Dossetti, Giuseppe  12/17/96 HDR
Dostal, Joan Frances (kidnap victim) (Page 2A)  7/4/93 HDR
Dotson, David Edward Sr. 10/5/99 HDR
Dotson, Dorothy Peeler 12/2/05 HDR
Dotson, Dorothy Peeler 12/2/05 ONE
Dotson, Essie Lee Gregory 4/26/98 HDR
Dotson, Hal (veteran) 12/28/95 HDR
Dotson, James Finley  9/28/00 HDR
Dotson, James Franklin 6/9/00 HDR
Dotson, James Franklin 5/24/00 HDR
Dotson, Oma Stiles  10/7/03 HDR
Dotson, Roy Leslie  3/17/05 HDR
Dotson, Verna Fries  7/30/99 HDR
Doty, Mattie Marie 4/19/95 ONE
Doty, Richard Paul  3/2/02 HDR
Doucet, Joseph "Joe" 6/23/05 HDR
Doucet, Joseph "Joe" 6/23/05 ONE
Doucette, John (actor) 8/19/94 HDR
Dougher, John Joseph Jr. 8/10/05 HDR
Dougherty, Edward 12/14/01 HDR
Dougherty, Hugh Hyde 1/31/00 ONE
Dougherty, Hugh Hyde  1/30/00 HDR
Dougherty, James (Marilyn Monroe's first husband) 8/23/05 HDR
Dougherty, Jimmy Ray 11/8/00 ONE
Dougherty, Jimmy Ray  11/8/00 HDR
Dougherty, Ted (engineer)  5/19/93 HDR
Dougherty, Wavie Magdalene  4/2/93 HDR
Doughty, Evelyn Thorington 5/29/05 HDR
Douglas, Anne Scripps (heiress) 1/7/94 HDR
Douglas, Arthur Augustus "Gus" Jr. 7/12/93 HDR
Douglas, Carolyn A. Smith 11/30/93 HDR
Douglas, Carolyn A. Smith  11/30/93 ONE
Douglas, Carolyn Smith 12/2/93 HDR
Douglas, Carolyn Smith  12/2/93 ONE
Douglas, Cornelia Bass Hartsell 3/3/01 HDR
Douglas, Emily Taft (IL Congresswoman) 2/1/94 HDR
Douglas, Emma K. "Tina"  11/8/95 HDR
Douglas, Gordina Asra  4/23/01 ONE
Douglas, Gordina Asra  4/21/01 HDR
Douglas, James Bacon Jr.  4/10/95 HDR
Douglas, Jason Stephen 10/2/95 HDR
Douglas, Lloyd Edward 1/28/96 HDR
Douglas, Lucille Hilton  12/27/03 HDR
Douglas, Rachel Watts 12/10/00 HDR
Douglas, Scott 3/27/96 ONE
Douglas, Sharman 2/8/96 ONE
Douglas, Steve (saxophonist) 4/22/93 HDR
Douglas, Timothy "Tim" Sr. 8/16/04 ONE
Douglas, Timothy Sr. 8/13/04 ONE
Douglas, Warren (actor) 12/6/97 HDR
Douglass, Hazeline Lackey 7/24/95 ONE
Douglass, Hazeline Lackey  7/24/95 HDR
Dov Padwa, Henoch Rabbi 8/19/00 HDR
Dove, Billie 1/4/98 HDR
Dove, Mary O. 12/30/99 HDR
Dove, Thomas 10/16/95 HDR
Dove, Thomas R. "Tony"  10/17/95 HDR
Dove, Ulysses  6/13/96 HDR
Dover, Lillie Mae Golden  2/12/93 HDR
Dover, Margaret Young 1/17/00 HDR
Dow, Helena Mroczkowska 4/27/98 HDR
Dow, William Gould (104 yoa) 10/22/99 HDR
Dowd, James E. 5/28/99 HDR
Dowd, Tom (music producer) 10/29/02 HDR
Dowdy, Lewis 12/22/00 HDR
Dowdy, Lewis 12/21/00 HDR
Dowe, Willie A. Jr. (Page 3A) 10/12/98 HDR
Dowell, Clay 12/29/99 ONE
Dowell, Clay 12/29/99 HDR
Dowell, Collie Mae Childress 6/14/99 ONE
Dowell, Collie Mae Childress 6/14/99 HDR
Dowell, Myrtle Lynn 4/28/98 HDR
Dowland, Robert E. 11/13/97 HDR
Downey, Hugh Sherwood 11/18/96 HDR
Downey, Morton Jr. 3/14/01 HDR
Downey, William Rev. (chaplain) 9/22/94 HDR
Downing, "Big" Al (singer-songwriter) 7/11/05 HDR
Downing, Eleanor R. 7/10/97 HDR
Downing, Erica  (Page 7A) 7/31/97 HDR
Downs, Anne Ledford 1/29/02 ONE
Downs, Anne Ledford  1/29/02 HDR
Downs, Billy (photographer) 8/24/97 HDR
Downs, Carroll Maynard  4/24/95 HDR
Downs, Charles  11/10/97 HDR
Downs, Christa Shae (infant) 10/10/93 HDR
Downs, Clyde Ashley 1/27/96 HDR
Downs, David Michael  9/20/97 HDR
Downs, E.H. 1/28/94 HDR
Downs, Edward H. "Ted"  8/26/02 ONE
Downs, Edward H. “Ted”  8/25/02 HDR
Downs, Georgia Ivalee  2/4/02 HDR
Downs, James Edward Rev. 1/19/01 HDR
Downs, Nan Lingle  11/11/03 HDR
Downs, Sarah Beach 7/23/05 HDR
Downs, Sarah Ellen Hudson 5/25/98 HDR
Downs, Scott Michael 5/13/99 HDR
Downs, Virginia Elizabeth  8/22/01 HDR
Downs, William Spurgeon 11/23/95 HDR
Doyle, Cecile Bridge 8/23/05 HDR
Doyle, David (actor--Bosley of Charlie's Angels) 3/3/97 HDR
Doyle, Frank 4/7/96 HDR
Doyle, William (businessman) 10/19/93 HDR
Dozier, Renita Williams (Page 10) 10/16/02 ONE
Drabik, Alex (WWII hero) 10/1/93 HDR
Drake, Dorcas ("Mother Christmas") 9/28/93 HDR
Drake, Doris Jordan  9/14/93 HDR
Drake, Doris Jordan  9/16/93 HDR
Drake, Jim  9/12/01 HDR
Drake, Kristen "Kristy" Marie Robertson 10/5/05 HDR
Drake, Kristen "Kristy" Marie Robertson 10/6/05 HDR
Drake, Ormond Dr. 6/7/96 HDR
Drake, Rachel Huitt  11/2/95 ONE
Drake, Rachel Huitt  11/2/95 HDR
Drake, Rachel May Ella Huitt 11/3/95 ONE
Drake, Rachel May Ella Huitt  11/3/95 HDR
Drake, Stan 3/11/97 ONE
Drakeford, Ruby Lee Markham (NC's oldest resident) 1/1/05 HDR
Draper, Earle S. (100 yoa) (FHA,  TVA) 7/2/94 HDR
Draper, Elisabeth (interior designer) 7/8/93 HDR
Draper, Farrell H. "Rusty" (singer)  4/2/03 HDR
Draper, Gerald James "Jerry"  4/30/03 HDR
Draper, Paul 9/23/96 HDR
Draper, William F. ("Dean of American portraiture") 11/2/03 HDR
Draughn, Archie Lee 11/15/95 HDR
Draughn, Jimmy (Former Mayor of Valdese)  (Page 1A) 6/1/99 HDR
Draughn, Jimmy C. 6/2/99 HDR
Drayton, Henry Jette 2/26/00 HDR
Drayton, Leroy Joseph "Ricky" (Page 5A) 11/13/99 HDR
Dreeden, Delores Corpening 9/16/94 HDR
Dreier, Alex 3/15/00 HDR
Dreier, John Caspar (diplomat/author) 3/13/94 HDR
Drennan, Frank Cleveland 11/14/01 HDR
Drescher, Henry Theodore  12/29/93 ONE
Drescher, Henry Theodore  12/29/93 HDR
Drew, Cynthia Ann (Evangelist) 2/14/05 HDR
Drew, Ellen (actress) 12/8/03 HDR
Drew, Melinda Elaine 5/21/00 HDR
Drewery, Leroy 4/19/99 HDR
Drewery, Mary Ruth Sweezy  10/25/93 HDR
Drewery, Wesley "Wes" Dale 4/1/00 HDR
Drexler, Caroline Welch  3/12/95 HDR
Drexler, Caroline Welch  3/14/95 HDR
Dreyfus, Pierre Renault president-"Mr. Renault" 12/27/94 HDR
Driscoll, Paul J. Ret. CT Superior Ct. Judge 8/27/99 HDR
Driscoll, Philip J.  7/14/93 HDR
Driskell, Marvin Dean 4/30/03 ONE
Driskell, Marvin Dean  4/30/03 HDR
Dritz, Stanley L. 10/22/99 HDR
Drogoul, Christopher 10/24/99 HDR
Drozdetsky, Nikolai 11/28/95 HDR
Dru, Joanne (actress) 9/12/96 HDR
Drucker, Peter F. (father of modern management) 11/14/05 HDR
Drum, Ada Lee  1/5/98 ONE
Drum, Ada Lillian Lee 1/6/98 ONE
Drum, Ada Lillian Lee 1/6/98 HDR
Drum, Allan Vance 4/23/01 ONE
Drum, Allan Vance  4/24/01 HDR
Drum, Alma  5/15/95 ONE
Drum, Alma  5/15/95 HDR
Drum, Alma Sigmon 5/16/95 ONE
Drum, Alma Sigmon  5/16/95 HDR
Drum, Alta Davis  3/31/93 HDR
Drum, Alvin Wayne  1/5/04 ONE
Drum, Annie Lee Hawn 9/9/93 HDR
Drum, Annie Lee Hawn  9/9/93 ONE
Drum, Beatrice Killian 11/11/97 HDR
Drum, Beatrice Killian  11/11/97 ONE
Drum, Bertha Roberts Hoyle  9/25/94 HDR
Drum, Betty S. 8/14/96 ONE
Drum, Betty Settlemyre  8/15/96 HDR
Drum, Billy C.  8/2/02 ONE
Drum, Billy Conard  8/3/02 HDR
Drum, Billy Conrad  8/5/02 ONE
Drum, Bob (Golf writer) 5/15/96 HDR
Drum, Bobby L. 6/15/05 ONE
Drum, Bobby Lee 6/16/05 HDR
Drum, Bobby Lee 6/16/05 ONE
Drum, Callie Florence F.  4/25/03 HDR
Drum, Casey Wayne (infant) 2/21/94 HDR
Drum, Cecil A. 6/21/00 ONE
Drum, Cecil A.  6/21/00 HDR
Drum, Cecil A.  6/20/00 ONE
Drum, Charles M.  Sr. 7/1/98 HDR
Drum, Charles Marion Sr. 7/1/98 ONE
Drum, Charles Marion Sr. 7/2/98 HDR
Drum, Charlie Odus 4/22/00 HDR
Drum, Charlie Odus 4/24/00 ONE
Drum, Clara Aquilla Smyre 11/6/00 ONE
Drum, Clara Aquilla Smyre  11/5/00 HDR
Drum, Colleen  11/19/04 ONE
Drum, Colleen  11/22/04 ONE
Drum, Darlene Hardin 7/2/03 HDR
Drum, Darlene Hardin 7/2/03 ONE
Drum, Delbert L. 1/21/94 HDR
Drum, Delbert L.  1/21/94 ONE
Drum, Dora Louella 6/30/95 HDR
Drum, Dora Louella (Lou) 6/30/95 ONE
Drum, Dwight Lee 4/4/96 HDR
Drum, Edwina Mae  11/22/04 ONE
Drum, Elizabeth Ann Little 9/23/94 HDR
Drum, Elizabeth Ann Little  9/23/94 ONE
Drum, Elsie Jones 6/16/05 HDR
Drum, Elsie Jones 6/16/05 ONE
Drum, Elsie Radar Mrs. 6/13/97 ONE
Drum, Elsie Rader 6/14/97 HDR
Drum, Elva Martin 1/29/97 ONE
Drum, Elva Martin  1/30/97 HDR
Drum, Era Mae Jones 7/24/03 HDR
Drum, Era Mae Jones  7/23/03 ONE
Drum, Era Sigmon 11/22/99 ONE
Drum, Era Sigmon 11/21/99 HDR
Drum, Ethel Lois  2/6/03 HDR
Drum, Ethel Lois  2/6/03 ONE
Drum, Eunice Page  6/13/02 ONE
Drum, Eva Lucille Underwood 1/4/99 ONE
Drum, Eva Lucille Underwood 1/5/99 HDR
Drum, Fannie Eller 6/9/00 HDR
Drum, Floyd Baxter 1/23/00 HDR
Drum, Floyd Baxter 1/24/00 ONE
Drum, Floyd Cline 1/28/05 HDR
Drum, Floyd Cline 1/27/05 ONE
Drum, Floyd Cline 1/28/05 ONE
Drum, Floye James 8/4/98 ONE
Drum, Floye James 8/3/98 ONE
Drum, Floye James 8/4/98 HDR
Drum, Floye Setzer 10/5/00 HDR
Drum, Floye Setzer 10/4/00 ONE
Drum, Floye Setzer 10/5/00 ONE
Drum, Ford 2/26/98 ONE
Drum, Frances Scott Troutman 9/20/96 HDR
Drum, Frances Scott Troutman 9/19/96 ONE
Drum, Francis Troutman  9/19/96 HDR
Drum, Fred Walter 5/2/94 ONE
Drum, Fred Walter 5/1/94 HDR
Drum, Gaynell  12/10/04 ONE
Drum, George "Buck" Sidney  9/23/02 ONE
Drum, George "Buck" Sidney  9/24/02 ONE
Drum, George “Buck” Sidney  9/24/02 HDR
Drum, Giles Godfrey  12/6/04 ONE
Drum, Giles Godfrey  12/7/04 ONE
Drum, Glenda Ruth  9/24/05 HDR
Drum, Glenda Ruth  9/26/05 ONE
Drum, Glenn Eugene 1/21/94 HDR
Drum, Glenn Eugene  1/21/94 ONE
Drum, Gordon Alexander 1/24/95 ONE
Drum, Gordon Alexander 1/25/95 ONE
Drum, Gordon Alexander 1/25/95 HDR
Drum, Gordon Alexander  1/24/95 HDR
Drum, Harley Lee 5/13/94 ONE
Drum, Harley Lee 5/16/94 ONE
Drum, Harley Lee  5/13/94 HDR
Drum, Harley Lee  (veteran) 5/14/94 HDR
Drum, Hazel Barbour 2/7/00 HDR
Drum, Helen Callaway 4/28/00 HDR
Drum, Helen Callaway 4/27/00 ONE
Drum, Henry Ford 2/27/98 ONE
Drum, Henry Ford 2/27/98 HDR
Drum, Howard "Jake" Johnson 7/7/96 HDR
Drum, Howard Daniel  7/12/03 HDR
Drum, Howard Johnson "Jake" 7/8/96 ONE
Drum, Howard Kary 1/7/01 HDR
Drum, Howard Kary  1/8/01 ONE
Drum, Howard Richard 9/28/98 ONE
Drum, Howard Richard 9/27/98 HDR
Drum, Inez Miller 10/28/93 HDR
Drum, Irene 4/14/04 ONE
Drum, Irene Little  4/15/04 ONE
Drum, J. P.  8/18/03 HDR
Drum, J.D. 4/27/05 HDR
Drum, Jacob C.  2/24/93 ONE
Drum, Jacob C.  2/25/93 ONE
Drum, Jacob C.  2/24/93 HDR
Drum, James Boyd  10/25/95 HDR
Drum, James Carie 1/29/98 HDR
Drum, James Franklin 7/19/03 HDR
Drum, James Franklin 7/20/03 HDR
Drum, James Franklin  7/21/03 ONE
Drum, James Ray 10/30/00 ONE
Drum, James Ray  10/29/00 HDR
Drum, Jerry Lee 9/24/96 HDR
Drum, Jessie Reid Shelton 10/20/99 ONE
Drum, Jessie Reid Shelton* 10/20/99 HDR
Drum, Jessie S. 10/19/99 ONE
Drum, Jim Floyd 4/28/93 HDR
Drum, Jimmy Ray 6/22/01 ONE
Drum, Jimmy Ray 6/21/01 ONE
Drum, Jimmy Ray  6/22/01 HDR
Drum, Johnny Carroll 12/21/00 ONE
Drum, Johnny Carroll  12/22/00 HDR
Drum, Johnny Carroll  12/23/00 HDR
Drum, Jonathan "Mitchell"  10/18/94 HDR
Drum, June Hollar 7/26/03 HDR
Drum, June Hollar 7/28/03 ONE
Drum, Laura Elizabeth White 9/21/99 ONE
Drum, Laura Elizabeth White 9/21/99 HDR
Drum, Laura Frances Propst  5/14/02 ONE
Drum, Laura Frances Propst  5/14/02 HDR
Drum, Lettie Bell 3/31/97 HDR
Drum, Lillie Mae Fox  11/25/94 HDR
Drum, Lillie Mae Fox  11/26/94 HDR
Drum, Linda Lou Probasco  5/29/02 ONE
Drum, Linda Lou Probasco  5/30/02 HDR
Drum, Lloyd Herbert 6/10/98 ONE
Drum, Lloyd Herbert 6/10/98 HDR
Drum, Louise Edwards 11/14/97 ONE
Drum, Lowell Henry  7/1/93 ONE
Drum, Lowell Henry  7/1/93 HDR
Drum, Loye Steven "Steve"  4/19/02 HDR
Drum, Lucille Underwood 1/5/99 ONE
Drum, Lula Belle Garnes 5/31/98 HDR
Drum, Mack Ransom 1/24/00 HDR
Drum, Mack Ransom 1/23/00 HDR
Drum, Mack Ransom 1/24/00 ONE
Drum, Mamie White  6/25/02 ONE
Drum, Mamie White  6/28/02 ONE
Drum, Margaretta Marie Campbell 9/20/04 ONE
Drum, Margie Warren 1/3/96 HDR
Drum, Marie Campbell  9/21/04 ONE
Drum, Marjorie Elizabeth Abernathy 12/4/98 ONE
Drum, Marjorie Elizabeth Abernathy  12/4/98 HDR
Drum, Marshall Alexander 10/16/00 ONE
Drum, Marshall Alexander  10/16/00 HDR
Drum, Martha McCrary "Maggie" 8/13/99 ONE
Drum, Martha McCrary "Maggie" 8/14/99 HDR
Drum, Martha McCrary "Maggie" 8/13/99 HDR
Drum, Martha Virginia  4/8/03 HDR
Drum, Mary Elise Jones 6/15/05 HDR
Drum, Mary Elise Jones 6/15/05 ONE
Drum, Mary Lucille 3/20/98 HDR
Drum, Mary Lucille Allen 3/23/98 ONE
Drum, Mary Lucille Allen 3/21/98 HDR
Drum, McCoy C. 1/9/95 ONE
Drum, McCoy C.  1/9/95 HDR
Drum, McCoy Cleo 1/10/95 ONE
Drum, McCoy Cleo  1/10/95 HDR
Drum, Mildred Elizabeth 6/26/01 ONE
Drum, Mildred Elizabeth 6/27/01 ONE
Drum, Mildred Elizabeth 6/28/01 HDR
Drum, Millicent Icenhour 2/24/96 HDR
Drum, Minnie Frye  9/7/00 HDR
Drum, Moody Briscoe  12/7/02 HDR
Drum, Nellie Gertrude  7/19/02 ONE
Drum, Nellie Gertrude  7/22/02 ONE
Drum, Nellie Gertrude  7/20/02 HDR
Drum, Nellie Gertrude  7/21/02 HDR
Drum, Paul L.  2/1/05 ONE
Drum, Paul L.  2/2/05 ONE
Drum, Paul Lee 2/2/05 HDR
Drum, Pearl K.  9/26/96 HDR
Drum, Perry C. 6/22/99 HDR
Drum, Reid Davis 12/1/05 HDR
Drum, Reston Lee 8/13/96 HDR
Drum, Reston Lee 8/13/96 ONE
Drum, Rona Gale  1/9/95 ONE
Drum, Rona Gale  1/9/95 HDR
Drum, Rona R. 1/10/95 ONE
Drum, Rona R.  1/10/95 HDR
Drum, Rose E. 3/19/97 ONE
Drum, Rose Eulaliah Bush 3/20/97 HDR
Drum, Rose Eulaliah Bush 3/21/97 HDR
Drum, Roy Lee 8/30/98 HDR
Drum, Russell  5/20/04 ONE
Drum, Starling O.  12/26/96 HDR
Drum, Steven "Steve" Hoyle  8/25/00 ONE
Drum, Steven Hoyle “Steve”  8/26/00 HDR
Drum, Sylvia Sue Sherrill 11/10/02 HDR
Drum, Thaddeaus Dail 9/19/05 ONE
Drum, Thaddeaus Dail 9/20/05 ONE
Drum, Thaddeaus Dail  9/20/05 HDR
Drum, Thaddeaus Dail  9/21/05 HDR
Drum, Thomas Alvie  11/1/03 HDR
Drum, Thomas Alvie  10/31/03 ONE
Drum, Thomas Alvie  11/3/03 ONE
Drum, Verna June  7/25/03 ONE
Drum, Virgie Lanier  8/16/94 HDR
Drum, Virgie Lanier  8/17/94 HDR
Drum, Walter D. Jr. 4/3/01 HDR
Drum, Wesley Ralph Sr. 3/31/01 HDR
Drum, Woodard G. 11/15/01 ONE
Drum, Woodard G. 11/15/01 HDR
Drum,Wesley Ralph 4/2/01 ONE
Drum., Rose Eulaliah Bush 3/20/97 ONE
Drum-Media, Mamie White  6/28/02 HDR
Drummond, Patsy Leona Franklin 9/28/94 HDR
Drury, Isaac Theodore  5/20/94 HDR
Drury, Lillian Whitley 1/16/94 HDR
Dry, Timothy Lee (Page 5A) 11/24/01 HDR
Drye, Ann (Page 7A) 6/16/99 HDR
Drye, David (Page 7A) 6/16/99 HDR
Drysdale, Don (baseball pitcher - Hall of Fame)  7/4/93 HDR
Duane, Thomas David (ophthalmology authority) 6/26/93 HDR
Dubel, Bette Kennedy  12/9/93 HDR
DuBoyd, Vera Tate  5/30/95 HDR
Dubroff, Jessica 4/12/96 ONE
Dubroff, Jessica (Page 1A) 4/12/96 HDR
Dubroff, Lloyd  (Page 1A) 4/12/96 HDR
Duby, Georges (medieval scholar) 12/7/96 HDR
Duck, Kenneth  11/28/05 HDR
Duckett, Charles Thomas  8/4/94 HDR
Duckett, Ethel Propst  5/21/93 HDR
Duckett, Ethel Propst Mrs.   5/23/93 HDR
Duckett, Frances Burgin  2/6/02 HDR
Duckett, James Henry 3/29/93 HDR
Duckett, Jean W.  7/4/02 HDR
Duckett, Joseph 3/21/94 HDR
Duckett, Leroy 3/22/94 HDR
Duckworth, Alan 3/12/00 HDR
Duckworth, Barbara Webb 11/1/96 HDR
Duckworth, Bessie Mae Webb 7/3/00 HDR
Duckworth, Betty Shull 2/12/96 HDR
Duckworth, Betty Shull 2/11/96 HDR
Duckworth, Betty Shull  02-12-92 ONE
Duckworth, Carrie Brittain  4/21/01 HDR
Duckworth, Charles Jesse 11/17/99 HDR
Duckworth, Charles Luther  8/3/02 HDR
Duckworth, Charlie Pinkney 11/24/96 HDR
Duckworth, Dessie Crotts Canipe  6/18/02 HDR
Duckworth, Donna Mae Snow 3/13/97 HDR
Duckworth, E. Curtis 12/24/98 HDR
Duckworth, Edith Estelle Mull  1/16/01 HDR
Duckworth, Elizabeth Parks 3/28/93 HDR
Duckworth, Ernest "Copper" 11/1/98 HDR
Duckworth, Evie LeFevers 7/23/98 HDR
Duckworth, Fred “Dokus”  11/19/00 HDR
Duckworth, Hilda Irene 7/25/93 HDR
Duckworth, James “Bud”  2/17/03 HDR
Duckworth, James E. 5/23/03 HDR
Duckworth, James Max  8/1/93 HDR
Duckworth, Jerry Richard 8/15/98 HDR
Duckworth, Jesse Emmett 12/8/98 HDR
Duckworth, Jo Ann 4/28/94 HDR
Duckworth, JoAnn 4/27/94 HDR
Duckworth, Laura Faye Houck  8/28/96 HDR
Duckworth, Lucius Frank 5/17/96 HDR
Duckworth, Lucy Small  10/10/94 HDR
Duckworth, Mabel Oxford 2/24/01 HDR
Duckworth, Marjorie Shuffler 8/21/99 HDR
Duckworth, Marvin “M.T.” Jr. 11/24/00 HDR
Duckworth, Mary Elizabeth Stroup 8/23/94 HDR
Duckworth, Mary Elizabeth Stroup 8/24/94 HDR
Duckworth, Minnie Victoria 12/9/95 HDR
Duckworth, Myrtle Brittain "Maw Duck" 11/26/02 HDR
Duckworth, Myrtle Shell 6/21/05 HDR
Duckworth, Orville "Juber" 2/4/00 HDR
Duckworth, Paul Ervin 10/27/98 HDR
Duckworth, Pauline Lafevers  7/30/03 HDR
Duckworth, Richard W.  12/28/02 HDR
Duckworth, Robbie Beatrice 3/21/93 HDR
Duckworth, Ruth Alice Clark 12/1/98 HDR
Duckworth, Sam 12/22/97 HDR
Duckworth, Stanley M. 1/29/00 HDR
Duckworth, Thelma Estelle Lefevers 12/16/00 HDR
Duckworth, Tony Conway Jr. (infant) 5/24/95 HDR
Duckworth, Virginia R.  10/2/95 HDR
Duckworth, Walter Arthur 3/25/98 HDR
Duckworth, Walter Thomas 2/21/98 HDR
Duckworth, Willard Kermit 11/14/98 HDR
Duckworth, William Luther  12/16/96 HDR
Duckworth, Wilma Elizabeth Tallent  9/8/95 HDR
Duclos, Helen Comeau 9/6/02 ONE
Duclos, Helen Comeau  9/6/02 HDR
Duclos, Helen Comeau  9/7/02 HDR
Dudley, Dave (songwriter)  12/24/03 HDR
Dudley, Dorothy Pearson 1/3/95 HDR
Dudley, Dorothy Pearson 1/4/95 HDR
Dudley, Jane  9/23/01 HDR
Duehring, Cindy  7/24/99 HDR
Duerr, Douglas Kevin  10/23/01 HDR
Duff, Katharyn (reporter) 7/16/95 HDR
Duffey, Chester 2/22/05 HDR
Duffey, Emma Zora Ritchey 4/24/95 HDR
Duffey, Fannie Newcomb 7/9/99 HDR
Duffey, Harvey S. Sr.  5/4/03 HDR
Duffey, Lana Y.  6/29/05 HDR
Duffey, Lana Yoder Mrs. 6/30/05 HDR
Duffey, Lawrence Carl  12/1/03 HDR
Duffey, Mary Katherine  9/15/93 HDR
Duffey, Mary Katherine Blackwelder 9/16/93 HDR
Duffey, Parlee Keller  8/5/93 HDR
Duffey, Parlee Keller  8/6/93 HDR
Duffey, Virginia Ann B. 2/22/93 HDR
Duffey, Virginia Ann B.  2/22/93 ONE
Duffey, Virginia Ann B.  2/21/93 HDR
Duffey, Virginia Ann Bowman 2/20/93 HDR
Duff-Griffin, William (actor) 11/22/94 HDR
Duffie, Mary Lahey "Betty" 1/15/00 HDR
Duffner, Christopher M. (Page 1A) 7/20/97 HDR
Duffy, John (CA sheriff) 3/22/93 HDR
Duffy, John W. 3/14/96 ONE
Duffy, Martha  6/18/97 HDR
Duffy, Yvonne 1/8/00 HDR
Dufresne, Armand A. Jr. (ME Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice) 4/23/94 HDR
Dugan, Donald A. (Sgt. 1st Class)  (Page 1A) 2/18/96 HDR
Dugan, Eileen  11/11/96 HDR
Dugan, John (editor) 7/27/94 HDR
Dugan, Michael 12/19/99 HDR
Dugger, Alice Irene 1/14/00 HDR
Dugger, Blanche 9/9/04 ONE
Dugger, Blanche "Bill" Hedrick 9/10/04 ONE
Dugger, Edward 4/7/03 HDR
Dugger, Edward 4/7/03 ONE
Dugger, James Cecil Rev. 10/6/99 HDR
Dugger, Lee Roy 1/23/99 HDR
Dugger, Lon Dee Sr. 4/14/97 HDR
Dugger, Lon Dee Sr. 4/14/97 ONE
Dugger, Myrtle Belle Lambert 4/6/00 HDR
Dugger, Ruth Laws  7/18/94 ONE
Dugger, Ruth Laws  7/16/94 HDR
Dugger, Ruth Laws  7/17/94 HDR
Dugger, Sandra Kay  9/6/96 HDR
Dugger, Steve Nelson 9/1/93 HDR
Duggins, Alton F. 1/12/94 HDR
Duggins, Alton, F. 1/11/94 HDR
Duggins, Terry Lee 6/14/03 HDR
Dughi, Donn (photographer) 4/8/05 HDR
Dugovich, William (public relations consultant) 12/28/94 HDR
Duhlstine, G.E. "Skip"  4/12/02 HDR
Duis, Herbert J. Sen. (NB) 2/10/93 HDR
Duisenberg, Wim (European Central Bank chief) 8/2/05 HDR
Dukakis, Alexandra (mother of Olympia Dukakis) 7/12/94 HDR
Duke, Angier Biddle (chief of protocol) 5/1/95 HDR
Duke, Archie Stuart  1/7/93 HDR
Duke, Billy Ray Sr. 9/12/02 HDR
Duke, Carlyn Byrd  9/15/94 HDR
Duke, Doris ("richest girl in the world") 10/31/93 HDR
Duke, Lawrence "Dan" Sr. 3/29/99 HDR
Duke, Margaret Curry 1/31/97 HDR
Duke, Paul ("Washington Week in Review") 7/21/05 HDR
Duke, Stuart  1/8/93 HDR
Duker, Sara  (Page 1A) 2/26/96 HDR
Dukes, David 10/11/00 HDR
Dukes, Mattie Walker 7/19/05 HDR
Dukes, Mattie Walker 7/19/05 ONE
Dukes, Perry Wesley Jr. 5/17/94 ONE
Dula, Alexis Smith  6/3/01 HDR
Dula, Alger Ray  3/15/97 HDR
Dula, Alice Johnsie Harshaw 4/3/98 HDR
Dula, Anthony Eugene  7/20/97 HDR
Dula, Anthony Wesley "Tony" 9/15/95 HDR
Dula, Arbadella Ferguson 2/1/93 HDR
Dula, Barbara Ann Austin 10/16/05 HDR
Dula, Baxter Jr.  11/9/02 HDR
Dula, Benjamin Frank  3/3/93 HDR
Dula, Bert Junior "B.J." "Murphy" 1/31/95 HDR
Dula, Betty Boyd 10/1/98 HDR
Dula, Blanche Flythe  1/16/97 HDR
Dula, Bryant Ransom 12/4/95 HDR
Dula, Catherine Hood  5/11/93 HDR
Dula, Charles Leroy "Butch" 9/26/94 HDR
Dula, Charles Leroy "Butch" 9/29/94 HDR
Dula, Charles Leroy (Butch) 9/29/94 ONE
Dula, Charlie W.  11/12/00 HDR
Dula, Christine Beulah 1/24/99 HDR
Dula, Christine Beulah 1/23/99 HDR
Dula, Clyde Hardin  8/23/93 HDR
Dula, Deborah Susan Benson 3/15/01 ONE
Dula, Deborah Susan Benson  3/15/01 HDR
Dula, Debra Marlene 7/27/00 HDR
Dula, Donnie Lee Terry  12/11/94 HDR
Dula, Earl Harper  1/9/96 HDR
Dula, Floyd Albert "Mouse"  11/14/97 HDR
Dula, Floyd William  1/21/03 HDR
Dula, Frank Alvin 6/24/00 HDR
Dula, Frank Rand Sr. 2/26/98 HDR
Dula, Gary Ray "Tylor Nelson" 9/13/97 HDR
Dula, Geraldine Simmons 2/14/98 HDR
Dula, Gertrude Brinkley 11/11/99 HDR
Dula, Harry Martin Jr.  5/11/03 HDR
Dula, Heather  3/21/03 ONE
Dula, Heather Deanna  3/22/03 HDR
Dula, Heather Deanna  3/24/03 ONE
Dula, Helen Harper  3/7/95 HDR
Dula, Helen K. 3/3/97 HDR
Dula, Helen Karen 3/4/97 HDR
Dula, Herman Leon  3/26/95 HDR
Dula, Hilda Marie March 6/27/01 HDR
Dula, Howard Franklin 2/28/99 HDR
Dula, J. Kenneth  9/19/96 HDR
Dula, James 7/4/00 HDR
Dula, James A.  4/5/93 HDR
Dula, James Albert 4/6/93 HDR
Dula, James Allen "Bo" Sr. 9/11/01 HDR
Dula, James Calvin "Jimmy" Sr. 11/13/01 HDR
Dula, James Horton  1/15/96 HDR
Dula, James M. (Jim) 5/16/05 ONE
Dula, James M. (Jim)  5/15/05 HDR
Dula, Janie Lee 11/5/97 HDR
Dula, Janie Lee 11/7/97 HDR
Dula, Janie Lee  11/7/97 ONE
Dula, Jeffrey Tyrone  1/29/97 HDR
Dula, Jerry  4/18/96 HDR
Dula, Jerry Nelson  4/19/96 HDR
Dula, Joe Jr. 2/4/99 ONE
Dula, Joe Jr. 2/4/99 HDR
Dula, John Christian  6/24/96 HDR
Dula, John Thomas Jr.  5/17/95 HDR
Dula, John Thomas Jr.  5/18/95 HDR
Dula, John Wesley “Huck” Jr. 8/17/00 HDR
Dula, John Wilbur Sr. 11/16/00 HDR
Dula, Joseph Jr. 2/2/99 HDR
Dula, Kate Hartley 7/24/00 HDR
Dula, Kathryn Adell  9/5/03 HDR
Dula, Lee Bernard  3/11/99 HDR
Dula, Lee Roy  6/29/95 HDR
Dula, Louise  12/5/97 HDR
Dula, Louise B.  12/2/97 HDR
Dula, Lucille Horton 6/13/01 HDR
Dula, Lula Belle  7/15/99 HDR
Dula, Marcella Paulette  6/6/94 HDR
Dula, Marlies C. Haller 10/10/97 HDR
Dula, Marvin R.  5/18/94 HDR
Dula, Mary Bailey 2/24/93 HDR
Dula, Mary Bailey 2/25/93 HDR
Dula, Mary Janie Crews  5/18/94 HDR
Dula, Mary Magalene Baker 6/1/01 HDR
Dula, Mary Ruth Lipford 8/28/97 HDR
Dula, Matthew Napolean  8/9/97 HDR
Dula, Megan Samone  11/30/96 HDR
Dula, Melba Jenkins  7/18/95 HDR
Dula, Melba Marie Jenkins  7/19/95 HDR
Dula, Melvin Henry  1/21/97 HDR
Dula, Melvin Lee  8/29/97 HDR
Dula, Minnie Gilbert  12/13/05 HDR
Dula, Odis Junior 4/9/00 HDR
Dula, Olene Macie Sloan 5/10/01 HDR
Dula, Paul Jones  3/24/93 HDR
Dula, Paul Jones "Bud" 3/25/93 HDR
Dula, Ralph  6/14/96 HDR
Dula, Ralph Henry Jr. 3/12/97 HDR
Dula, Ralph N. "Bill" 6/15/96 HDR
Dula, Ransom Harden  9/12/97 HDR
Dula, Ransom Ray "Runt" 7/9/97 HDR
Dula, Roger Dale  11/12/00 HDR
Dula, Roger James "Nig" 12/10/97 HDR
Dula, Rosetta T.  6/25/93 HDR
Dula, Rosetta Taylor 6/26/93 HDR
Dula, Roy "Powerhouse" Jr. 2/15/01 HDR
Dula, Rufus "Hal" 6/17/98 HDR
Dula, Russell Lee “Rusty”  7/24/02 HDR
Dula, Russell Lee “Rusty”  7/25/02 HDR
Dula, Ruth Smith  5/1/02 HDR
Dula, Samuel Cornelius Sr. Rev. 4/25/98 HDR
Dula, Sarah Elizabeth Largent  10/22/99 HDR
Dula, Susan "Tiny" Carol Dixon 7/27/03 HDR
Dula, Theresa Victoria Powell  12/15/95 HDR
Dula, Therling McLaine 2/24/98 HDR
Dula, Thomas Collis Sr. 4/16/98 HDR
Dula, Thomas Collis Sr. 4/17/98 HDR
Dula, Thomas Hill Sr. 9/16/94 HDR
Dula, Thomas Hill Sr. 9/17/94 HDR
Dula, Timothy "Jig" Blake  6/19/97 HDR
Dula, Travis T. 2/13/98 HDR
Dula, Ulysses Jr. 5/15/98 HDR
Dula, Vanda Virginia Hicks 7/31/96 HDR
Dula, Virgie Elizabeth Roland  7/22/93 HDR
Dula, Virginia Triplett 10/13/01 HDR
Dula, Walter Douglas Sr. 6/8/00 HDR
Dula, William Clinard  10/25/95 HDR
Dula, William McKinley "Bill" 3/20/96 HDR
Dula, William Odis "Will" Jr. 2/21/99 HDR
Dula, William S. “Ruffy”  9/5/00 HDR
Dula, Winfred Lee  9/2/01 HDR
Dulin, Hattie Estelle Bivins Whitener 3/27/94 HDR
Dulles, Eleanor Lansing (101 yoa) 11/4/96 HDR
Dumford, Phyllis Searcy 4/11/96 HDR
Dunaway, Kenneth Everett 3/16/00 HDR
Dunaway, Leroy  5/10/94 HDR
Dunbar, George Curtis  12/10/96 HDR
Dunbar, George Curtis  12/11/96 HDR
Dunbar, George Curtis  12/12/96 HDR
Dunbar, Louise Alice Field  6/27/02 HDR
Dunbar, Louise Alice Field  6/28/02 HDR
Duncam, Bobby-wrestler 1/27/00 HDR
Duncan, Alpha Willis Rev. 12/17/00 HDR
Duncan, Alpha Willis Rev. 12/18/00 ONE
Duncan, Anthony "Tony" (page 1A) 1/16/01 HDR
Duncan, Anthony Reid  1/16/01 HDR
Duncan, Arnold Albert 2/7/95 HDR
Duncan, Avery G. 1/12/94 HDR
Duncan, Avery George 1/13/94 HDR
Duncan, Barbara Doyle (art historian)  4/5/03 HDR
Duncan, Beulah Harris 3/25/01 HDR
Duncan, Beulah Harris 3/27/01 HDR
Duncan, Bobby Gene  10/22/00 HDR
Duncan, Calvin A. Jr. 8/20/01 ONE
Duncan, Calvin A. Jr. 8/19/01 HDR
Duncan, Carolyn Blevins 6/21/93 HDR
Duncan, Cecil Charles  2/12/97 HDR
Duncan, Christian Michael 3/6/03 ONE
Duncan, Christian Michael 3/7/03 ONE
Duncan, Christian Michael  3/7/03 HDR
Duncan, Clarence Dale  1/26/01 HDR
Duncan, Clyde 3/3/95 HDR
Duncan, Clyde 3/4/95 HDR
Duncan, Colleen  10/29/94 HDR
Duncan, Colleen Reinhardt 10/31/94 ONE
Duncan, Colleen Reinhardt  10/30/94 HDR
Duncan, Daisy Page  6/3/94 HDR
Duncan, David Mark 12/27/99 ONE
Duncan, David Mark 12/26/99 HDR
Duncan, Defoy "Buck" 3/16/98 ONE
Duncan, Defoy "Buck" 3/15/98 HDR
Duncan, Dora Lorine 1/29/00 HDR
Duncan, Dorothy Calvin  9/22/05 HDR
Duncan, Eula Price 1/13/94 HDR
Duncan, Gaither Lester Rev. 5/23/96 HDR
Duncan, Gaither Lester Rev. 5/22/96 HDR
Duncan, Gaither Lester Rev. 5/24/96 HDR
Duncan, Gaither Lester Rev. 5/23/96 ONE
Duncan, Grace Ardalia  1/22/94 HDR
Duncan, Harold Edgar 6/1/03 HDR
Duncan, Hazel Icard 2/8/00 HDR
Duncan, Helen Daisy 1/9/00 HDR
Duncan, Henry Hoover 9/17/98 ONE
Duncan, Henry Hoover 9/19/98 HDR
Duncan, Holly Miller 7/12/00 ONE
Duncan, Holly Miller  7/12/00 HDR
Duncan, Izetta Lindsay  12/31/96 HDR
Duncan, James Daniel Jr.  1/14/95 HDR
Duncan, Jaunita Murphy  11/29/03 HDR
Duncan, Jeffrey William 12/15/97 ONE
Duncan, Jeffrey William  12/15/97 HDR
Duncan, Jeffrey William (Page 3A) 12/15/97 HDR
Duncan, Jimmie Rogers 5/3/00 HDR
Duncan, John Walton Sr. 4/10/03 HDR
Duncan, Joyce Ann 11/17/97 ONE
Duncan, Joyce Ann  11/16/97 HDR
Duncan, Joyce Danielson  2/8/03 HDR
Duncan, Juanita Cloer 4/4/95 ONE
Duncan, Juanita Cloer 4/4/95 HDR
Duncan, Juanita Cloure   4/3/95 HDR
Duncan, Katie Pressley  12/21/94 HDR
Duncan, Linda Lowery 6/28/00 HDR
Duncan, Lloyd William Sr. 10/25/05 HDR
Duncan, Lloyd William Sr. 10/25/05 ONE
Duncan, Lorene S.  8/31/04 ONE
Duncan, Lorene Star 9/2/04 ONE
Duncan, Lorene Starr 9/1/04 ONE
Duncan, Madison Gail 4/5/99 ONE
Duncan, Madison Gail 4/4/99 HDR
Duncan, Marie Iola 4/5/99 ONE
Duncan, Marie Iola 4/4/99 HDR
Duncan, Marion Susan "Mamie" Cannon 11/3/01 HDR
Duncan, Marion Susan Cannon 11/2/01 HDR
Duncan, Martha Ola May 1/18/01 HDR
Duncan, Mary Jewell 8/8/01 HDR
Duncan, Mary Mitchell 12/15/03 ONE
Duncan, Mary Mitchell  12/13/03 HDR
Duncan, Mildred Holder 1/30/96 HDR
Duncan, Nettie H. 9/3/97 HDR
Duncan, O. Allen 12/5/05 HDR
Duncan, Oma Marie  11/12/03 HDR
Duncan, Oma Marie  11/13/03 HDR
Duncan, Pamela (actress) 11/21/05 HDR
Duncan, Paul Ernest 6/14/00 HDR
Duncan, Paul Ernest 6/14/00 ONE
Duncan, Pearl Freeman 11/16/96 HDR
Duncan, Pope A. (university president) 12/21/03 HDR
Duncan, Richard Thomas  8/31/95 HDR
Duncan, Robert L. 1/31/99 HDR
Duncan, Roscoe F. 7/14/97 HDR
Duncan, Roscoe F.  7/15/97 HDR
Duncan, Roy Samuel  6/21/95 HDR
Duncan, Ruby Elise 3/14/97 HDR
Duncan, Ruby Setzer 10/30/98 ONE
Duncan, Ruby Setzer 10/30/98 HDR
Duncan, Shirley Ann Lutz 10/17/01 ONE
Duncan, Shirley Ann Lutz  10/18/01 HDR
Duncan, Sue Emma  4/2/01 ONE
Duncan, Sue Emma  4/2/01 HDR
Duncan, Viola Yoder 7/18/97 HDR
Duncan, Viola Yoder 7/17/97 ONE
Duncan, Virginia Woodie 11/28/01 HDR
Duncan, Wade Lee 11/27/02 HDR
Duncan, Walter  2/16/95 HDR
Duncan, Walter B.   2/17/95 HDR
Duncan, Walter Lee 1/12/96 HDR
Duncan, Willard James 1/24/99 HDR
Duncan, Willard Lorance 10/11/94 HDR
Duncan, Willard Loranze 10/13/94 ONE
Duncan, Willard Loranze  10/12/94 HDR
Duncan, William P. "Bill" 12/4/96 HDR
Duncan, William P. "Bill" 12/3/96 ONE
Duncan, Wilma Beatrice Woodward Pipes  10/14/03 HDR
Dundee, Chris 11/19/98 HDR
Dunham, Frances Whitener 12/10/99 HDR
Dunkel, John 4/4/01 HDR
Dunlap, Alberta Spade  9/20/03 HDR
Dunlap, Alberta Spade  9/22/03 ONE
Dunlap, Alberta Spade  9/24/03 ONE
Dunlap, Berry Spade  2/21/02 HDR
Dunlap, John Henry 5/26/99 HDR
Dunlavey, Dean (attorney) (CA) 7/5/03 HDR
Dunlop, Edward "Weary" Sir  7/2/93 HDR
Dunlop, Edward "Weary" Sir  7/4/93 HDR
Dunlop, John (economist) 10/4/03 HDR
Dunn, Belynda A.  3/23/02 HDR
Dunn, Charlie (custom boot maker) 9/26/93 HDR
Dunn, Edith Williams 6/8/99 HDR
Dunn, Emily  3/29/98 HDR
Dunn, Emily Sigman 3/30/98 HDR
Dunn, Emily Sigman 3/31/98 HDR
Dunn, Harvey Lee 8/14/01 HDR
Dunn, J.C. 5/17/05 HDR
Dunn, Karl U. The Rev. 5/27/05 HDR
Dunn, Langdon Barmore  12/14/95 HDR
Dunn, Louise Sherrill 2/9/98 ONE
Dunn, Louise Sherrill 2/7/98 HDR
Dunn, Louise Sherrill 2/9/98 HDR
Dunn, Margaret Mary Coyne (writer) 9/8/93 HDR
Dunn, Paul H. 1/11/98 HDR
Dunn, Roy C.  7/12/93 ONE
Dunn, Roy C.  7/12/93 HDR
Dunn, Ruby Hipps Walker 11/12/98 HDR
Dunn, Thomas G. 2/13/98 HDR
Dunn, William Harrison Jr.  7/31/03 HDR
Dunne, Claire M. 3/1/98 HDR
Dunne, Francis Martin "Frank" 5/29/98 HDR
Dunning, Al (sports editor) 9/5/95 HDR
Dunphy, Hubert Edward 7/19/94 HDR
Dunphy, Hubert Edward 7/20/94 HDR
Dunton, Everett Archer 9/14/00 ONE
Dunton, Everett Archer  9/15/00 HDR
Dupille, Florence Davis 2/4/00 HDR
Duplinsky, Joseph F. 3/26/98 HDR
Dupree, Franklin  (U.S. District Court Judge) 12/19/95 ONE
Dupuis, Aldie G. 6/26/96 HDR
Dupuy, Trevor N. Ret. Army Col. (author)  6/11/95 HDR
Duquette, Tony  9/12/99 HDR
Duran, Estelle Blair Reid 9/8/01 HDR
Duran, Estelle Blair Reid  9/7/01 HDR
Durand, David 7/30/98 HDR
Durand, Rene A.  6/29/02 HDR
Durant, Thomas Dr. 11/5/01 HDR
Duras, Marguerite 3/4/96 ONE
Durbridge, Francis 4/16/98 HDR
Durbrow, Elbridge (career diplomat) 5/25/97 HDR
Durden, Thomas (songwriter) 10/22/99 HDR
Durdin, Tillman 7/11/98 HDR
Durein, Theodore Louis "Ted" (editor) 12/8/95 HDR
Durgin, Francis Timothy (actor--Calhoun, Rory) 4/29/99 ONE
Durham,  Robert F. "Bob" 10/17/95 ONE
Durham,  Robert F. "Bob" 10/18/95 ONE
Durham, Barbara (fmr. Chief Justice--WA Supreme Court)  1/1/03 HDR
Durham, Deborah (Page 12A) 1/17/97 HDR
Durham, Mary Elizabeth Caldwell 1/14/05 HDR
Durham, Robert F. "Bob" 10/17/95 HDR
Durham, Robert F. "Bob" 10/18/95 HDR
Durham, Ruby Philyaw Coffey 9/27/99 HDR
Durham, Virginia "Jenny" Bryan  12/13/05 HDR
Durick, Joseph Aloysius (retired Roman Catholic bishop) 6/27/94 HDR
Duricka, John A. (photographer) 9/25/96 HDR
Durmire, Della Josephine 10/29/98 HDR
Durmire, Dorothy Mae 6/6/95 HDR
Durmire, Edward Ashley (veteran) 1/23/94 HDR
Durmire, Emma Lea Sharpe 7/16/01 HDR
Durmire, Lola Faye Smith 9/17/98 HDR
Durmire, William Warner  1/31/99 HDR
Durniak, John (picture editor) 11/5/97 HDR
Durosier, Guy 8/26/99 HDR
Durrance, Bridgett Michelle  11/30/03 HDR
Durst, Seymour B. (real estate developer)  5/22/95 HDR
Durwood, Stan 7/17/99 HDR
Dussen, Neil Vander  6/22/01 HDR
Dustan, Scott (Page 7B) 7/29/97 HDR
Dusty, Slim (Australian country music singer) 9/20/03 HDR
Dutcher, Harry Edward 2/15/00 HDR
Dutcher, Harry Edward 2/15/00 ONE
Dutko, Dan 7/29/99 HDR
Dutton, Amy (Page 2A) 10/26/01 HDR
Dutton, Mary Ann Yendrich 3/17/01 HDR
Dutton, Raymond Parris  4/16/93 ONE
Dutton, Raymond Parris  4/16/93 HDR
Dutton, Robert Parris "Bob" 4/12/98 HDR
Dutton, Robert Parris (Bob) 4/13/98 ONE
Duval, Grace 6/11/97 HDR
Duval, John Hubert  12/23/94 HDR
Duval, Leon-Etienne (Cardinal) 6/1/96 HDR
Duval, Ruby Mace 5/13/97 HDR
Duvall, Don H.  12/22/94 HDR
Duvall, Dover Judson  11/17/94 HDR
Duvall, Dover Judson  11/18/94 HDR
Duvall, Edna Cannon 9/13/93 HDR
Duvall, Kelly Bennett 4/15/99 HDR
Duvall, Pansy H. 7/25/98 HDR
Duvall, William "Bill"  5/13/01 HDR
Duvalt, Troy 11/1/01 HDR
Duvalt, Troy  11/1/01 ONE
Dworkin, Andrea (feminist) 4/12/05 HDR
Dworkin, Andrea (feminist) 4/17/05 HDR
Dwyer, William L. (U.S. District Judge) 2/13/02 ONE
Dye, Eula Stewart 10/5/03 HDR
Dye, Henry Frank Jr. 8/11/01 HDR
Dye, Jack M. 6/19/99 HDR
Dye, Jack Roger 4/21/99 HDR
Dye, Laquinnis Shawn  5/9/02 HDR
Dye, Nellie Mae Dial 6/12/94 HDR
Dye, Paul G. (built Northwest Wildlife Farm--wild bird sanctuary) 4/11/05 HDR
Dyer, Braven "Bud" Jr. 8/24/97 HDR
Dyer, Helen Harrison Ball  7/1/01 HDR
Dyer, Reba Jean Noah 6/28/97 HDR
Dyer, Reba Jean Noah 6/27/97 ONE
Dyer, Ruby Elizabeth Black 10/24/98 HDR
Dyer, Shelby 4/4/05 HDR
Dyer, Shelby 4/4/05 ONE
Dyer, William A. Jr. (newspaperman) 3/23/93 HDR
Dyer, William Fuson  3/25/03 HDR
Dykes, Esther Pope Whitaker 1/19/94 HDR
Dymora, Edward John 12/28/99 HDR
Dysart, Carl Eugene  11/14/02 HDR
Dyson, Anne E. Dr. 9/25/00 HDR
Dyson, Benny Carroll 11/22/00 HDR
Dyson, Buford R. 11/16/98 HDR
Dyson, Clifford Junior 9/8/99 HDR
Dyson, Conley 5/18/97 HDR
Dyson, Cranford 7/28/99 HDR
Dyson, David Eugene Sr. 10/28/98 HDR
Dyson, Devon Walter Rev. 3/11/98 ONE
Dyson, Devon Walter Rev. 3/11/98 HDR
Dyson, Dewey H. 8/12/98 HDR
Dyson, Flake Samuel 3/17/05 HDR
Dyson, Fred William 5/8/96 HDR
Dyson, Fred William 5/7/96 HDR
Dyson, Helen Keever 9/23/97 HDR
Dyson, Jerry Leonard  12/13/03 HDR
Dyson, John R. 12/23/98 HDR
Dyson, Louis Gene  1/23/95 HDR
Dyson, Luther Dennis  7/11/95 HDR
Dyson, Luther Dennis  7/12/95 HDR
Dyson, Mary Ruth Brookshire 11/20/98 HDR
Dyson, Mary Welborn  1/1/02 HDR
Dyson, Michael "Mickey" Maynard 12/24/05 HDR
Dyson, Peggy Mabrey  10/24/93 HDR
Dyson, Richard Eugene "Gene" 3/12/97 HDR
Dyson, Ruby Jane Grant  2/13/01 HDR