Cabanillas, Hector 2/4/98 HDR
Cabaniss, Grady Eugene “Gene and Pops”  10/7/02 HDR
Cabaniss, Lawrence Edward 4/25/98 HDR
Cabe, Charlie M.  10/28/02 ONE
Cabe, Charlie Mack 10/29/02 ONE
Cabe, Charlie Mack 10/29/02 HDR
Cabeen, John Howard  (Page 1D) 6/6/99 HDR
Cabeen, John Howard (Page 3A) 6/7/99 HDR
Cabeen, Rachel Lynn  (Page 1D) 6/6/99 HDR
Cabeen, Rachel Lynn (Page 3A) 6/7/99 HDR
Cable, Angela Ree  3/17/00 HDR
Cable, Hal Smith 3/4/01 HDR
Cable, Hal Smith 3/6/01 HDR
Cable, Hazeleen Mitchem  10/28/03 HDR
Cable, Johnny 6/12/94 HDR
Cable, Ralph 4/1/97 HDR
Cable, Ralph 3/31/97 HDR
Cabot, Thomas Dudley (philanthropist) 6/11/95 HDR
Cabral, Reginald 1/6/97 HDR
Cabrales, Karron Sue Rabon 7/18/05 HDR
Cabrera, Hector (singer--Venezuela) 6/11/03 HDR
Cachaca, Carlos 8/18/99 HDR
Cadbury, Christopher (wildlife conservationist) 7/11/95 HDR
Cadicamo, Enrique (Tango composer) 12/5/99 HDR
Cadmus, Paul (artist) 12/18/99 HDR
Cadwallader, Gladys Lorine Fernell 11/26/97 ONE
Cadwallader, Gladys Lorine Fernell 11/25/97 ONE
Cadwallader, Gladys Lorine Fernell  11/26/97 HDR
Cadwallader, James Kenneth Sr. Rev. 3/22/97 HDR
Cady, John F.  6/27/96 HDR
Caesar, Jimmy (Tronolone, Caesar Pasquale) 10/7/98 HDR
Cafego, George "Bad News" 2/11/98 HDR
Cage, Charles "Chuck" 1/17/98 HDR
Cagle, Charles Robert "Bob"  10/3/02 ONE
Cagle, Charles Robert “Bob”  10/3/02 HDR
Cagle, Clorean Sneed Clipper 6/29/00 HDR
Cagle, Grace Kirkman  12/8/93 HDR
Cagle, Grace Kirkman  12/9/93 HDR
Cagle, Harold Lloyd Sr. (veteran) 6/12/94 HDR
Cagle, Katherine Everhardt 12/21/95 HDR
Cagle, Kenneth E.  9/15/94 HDR
Cagle, Kenneth Eugene 9/15/94 ONE
Cagle, Kenneth Eugene  9/14/94 HDR
Cagle, Leona Petty Pruitt  4/11/95 ONE
Cagle, Leona Petty Pruitt  4/11/95 HDR
Cagle, Lindsey Edwin 11/16/01 HDR
Cagle, Mary Kennington 7/12/99 ONE
Cagle, Mary Kennington  7/11/99 HDR
Cagle, Mickey Jay 7/8/98 ONE
Cagle, Mickey Jay 7/8/98 HDR
Cagle, Thomas Allen  9/22/93 HDR
Cahill, Elsie Myrtle Fisher 2/20/96 HDR
Cahill, Elsie Myrtle Fisher 2/20/96 ONE
Cahill, Margaret Gorman (1st Miss America) 10/4/95 ONE
Cahill, Richard Lawrence 1/9/96 HDR
Cahill, Richard Lawrence  1/9/96 ONE
Cahill, William T. (Former Gov. NJ) 7/5/96 HDR
Cahn, Sammy (lyricist) (Page 6B)  1/16/93 HDR
Caidin, Martin 3/27/97 HDR
Cain, Charlene Dill  7/12/05 HDR
Cain, Dovie Yelton  9/14/00 HDR
Cain, Harry Frazier 12/31/95 HDR
Cain, Ryan Martin 8/19/05 HDR
Cain, Ryan Martin 8/18/05 ONE
Cain, Stanley A.  4/3/95 HDR
Cain, Thetis Scott 7/12/05 HDR
Caine, Howard (actor) 12/30/93 HDR
Caine, Michael Sir 3/26/99 HDR
Calaway, William "Wild Bill" 12/28/97 HDR
Caldwell, Alfred Martin 12/30/97 ONE
Caldwell, Alfred Martin 1/1/98 HDR
Caldwell, Andrew Bernard 1/6/05 ONE
Caldwell, Andrew Bernard 1/7/05 ONE
Caldwell, Andrew Bernard  1/7/05 HDR
Caldwell, Arnold Winfred 8/20/93 HDR
Caldwell, Arnold Winfred 8/21/93 HDR
Caldwell, Arnold Winfred  8/20/93 ONE
Caldwell, Arnold Winfred  8/23/93 ONE
Caldwell, Barbara Hannah Banner 2/22/97 HDR
Caldwell, Benda Joyce Thomas 6/3/97 ONE
Caldwell, Bertie E.  10/26/01 HDR
Caldwell, Billie Jean  11/25/05 ONE
Caldwell, Billie Jean Smith 11/26/05 HDR
Caldwell, Billie Jean Smith 11/28/05 ONE
Caldwell, Brenda Joyce Thomas 6/4/97 HDR
Caldwell, Carolyn Sigmon  1/14/01 HDR
Caldwell, Carolyn Sigmon  1/15/01 HDR
Caldwell, Casey Nicole (infant) 3/16/94 HDR
Caldwell, Catherine Louise Sublett 11/25/01 HDR
Caldwell, Charles "Bud" Edward  4/11/97 HDR
Caldwell, Charles "Jerdon" 1/4/00 HDR
Caldwell, Christine Elizabeth Winecoff  7/15/01 HDR
Caldwell, Claude H.  5/30/95 HDR
Caldwell, Claude Herman  5/31/95 HDR
Caldwell, Daniel Webster  5/24/94 HDR
Caldwell, Daphne "Micki" Nash  5/9/95 ONE
Caldwell, Daphne "Micki" Nash  5/9/95 HDR
Caldwell, Daquan (Page 7) 7/1/02 ONE
Caldwell, Doris Bandy 5/9/00 ONE
Caldwell, Dorothy Lynch "Dot" 1/18/93 HDR
Caldwell, Edmond William 4/19/99 ONE
Caldwell, Edmond William Sr. 4/20/99 ONE
Caldwell, Edmond William Sr. 4/20/99 HDR
Caldwell, Edna Lucille Moore 12/25/03 HDR
Caldwell, Estelle Powell  5/27/93 HDR
Caldwell, Eugene "Gene" Neal 9/20/02 ONE
Caldwell, Eugene “Gene” Neal  9/20/02 HDR
Caldwell, Eugene Neal "Gene"  9/19/02 ONE
Caldwell, Eunice Duncan 7/10/96 ONE
Caldwell, Eunice Duncan  7/10/96 HDR
Caldwell, Evelyn Earlene "Peanut" 2/22/97 HDR
Caldwell, Everett  3/10/95 ONE
Caldwell, Everette Abel 3/10/01 HDR
Caldwell, Everette Marion  3/11/95 HDR
Caldwell, Flint Alvin 1/13/99 ONE
Caldwell, Flint Alvin 1/13/99 HDR
Caldwell, Frances  12/15/04 ONE
Caldwell, Frances Amelia Cornelius 12/16/04 ONE
Caldwell, Frank 1/5/05 ONE
Caldwell, Frank Harding 1/6/05 HDR
Caldwell, Frank Harding  1/6/05 ONE
Caldwell, Gene Artis  7/31/97 HDR
Caldwell, George C. 1/30/00 HDR
Caldwell, George C. 1/31/00 HDR
Caldwell, George O.  12/2/96 HDR
Caldwell, George Ransom 11/3/00 HDR
Caldwell, Gladys Settlemyre 11/5/00 HDR
Caldwell, Gladys Settlemyre  11/6/00 ONE
Caldwell, Glenn Lee Sr. 1/17/96 HDR
Caldwell, Gussie Hardy  2/13/03 HDR
Caldwell, Hal Murphy 5/4/93 HDR
Caldwell, Harold Blaine  7/31/99 HDR
Caldwell, Harold Wilson 3/6/00 HDR
Caldwell, Harold Wilson 3/6/00 ONE
Caldwell, Helen Carroll 12/4/05 HDR
Caldwell, Helen Carroll 12/5/05 HDR
Caldwell, Helen Carroll 12/5/05 ONE
Caldwell, Helen Pope 12/6/00 HDR
Caldwell, Helen Pope 12/5/00 ONE
Caldwell, Howard Randall "Randy"  12/21/93 HDR
Caldwell, Irene Withers 4/30/96 ONE
Caldwell, Irene Withers  5/1/96 HDR
Caldwell, J. D. 6/24/96 ONE
Caldwell, J. D.  6/24/96 HDR
Caldwell, J. D.  12/28/93 HDR
Caldwell, J.D. 12/28/93 ONE
Caldwell, Jack  2/14/02 ONE
Caldwell, Jack  2/14/02 HDR
Caldwell, James Ralph 7/27/98 ONE
Caldwell, James Ralph 7/24/98 ONE
Caldwell, James Ralph 7/25/98 HDR
Caldwell, Jessie Crouse 11/29/96 ONE
Caldwell, Jessie Crouse  11/30/96 HDR
Caldwell, John Floyd 3/20/98 ONE
Caldwell, John Floyd 3/21/98 HDR
Caldwell, John Phillip 3/22/99 ONE
Caldwell, John Phillip 3/23/99 HDR
Caldwell, John W. 3/28/00 HDR
Caldwell, John W. 3/28/00 ONE
Caldwell, Joseph Richard "Rich" 2/1/95 ONE
Caldwell, Joseph Richard "Rich" 2/1/95 HDR
Caldwell, Joy Maxine Davis 2/19/98 HDR
Caldwell, Katherine Herman 9/9/02 ONE
Caldwell, Katherine Herman  9/8/02 HDR
Caldwell, Lavonia Laney 10/12/00 ONE
Caldwell, Lavonia Laney  10/13/00 HDR
Caldwell, Lester Richard  6/19/95 HDR
Caldwell, Lester Richard  6/20/95 HDR
Caldwell, Lila Sain Goodman 11/1/00 HDR
Caldwell, Lila Sain Goodman 10/31/00 ONE
Caldwell, Lilliard Mae Hovis  3/8/04 ONE
Caldwell, Lillie Mull Drum 5/27/00 HDR
Caldwell, Lillie Mull Drum 5/26/00 ONE
Caldwell, Logan  12/13/96 HDR
Caldwell, Logan Patrick 12/13/96 ONE
Caldwell, Logan Patrick  12/14/96 HDR
Caldwell, Louise Shrum  10/19/01 HDR
Caldwell, Lowell L. 8/22/94 ONE
Caldwell, Maggie Lee Rutherford  9/6/95 HDR
Caldwell, Mamie Elizabeth 9/27/03 HDR
Caldwell, Mamie Elizabeth 9/26/03 ONE
Caldwell, Mamie Workman 11/25/96 HDR
Caldwell, Mamie Workman  11/25/96 ONE
Caldwell, Margaret Jeanette 12/3/97 ONE
Caldwell, Margaret Jeanette Hilderbrand 12/4/97 ONE
Caldwell, Margaret Jeanette Hilderbrand  12/4/97 HDR
Caldwell, Margaret Summers 5/14/96 HDR
Caldwell, Mary Adline C. 6/16/98 ONE
Caldwell, Mary Adline C. 6/16/98 HDR
Caldwell, Mary Edith Benfield 6/10/97 HDR
Caldwell, Mary Edith Benfield 6/10/97 ONE
Caldwell, Mary Lee Goodson 7/5/99 ONE
Caldwell, Mary Lee Goodson 7/4/99 HDR
Caldwell, Melvin  4/30/01 ONE
Caldwell, Melvin  4/28/01 HDR
Caldwell, Melvin  4/29/01 HDR
Caldwell, Mildred Estelle Smith 5/31/93 ONE
Caldwell, Mildred Estelle Smith  5/30/93 HDR
Caldwell, Minnie Jane 3/28/94 ONE
Caldwell, Minnie Jane 3/28/94 HDR
Caldwell, Minnie Kerr 11/19/01 ONE
Caldwell, Minnie Kerr 11/19/01 HDR
Caldwell, Newton Ernest 6/19/96 ONE
Caldwell, Newton Ernest  6/19/96 HDR
Caldwell, Norma A.  8/25/05 HDR
Caldwell, Norma Arlene Ervin 8/26/05 HDR
Caldwell, Paul Hayes 12/18/96 HDR
Caldwell, Paul Hayes 12/18/96 ONE
Caldwell, Pender Sion  2/26/03 HDR
Caldwell, Pickney Oscar 4/15/03 HDR
Caldwell, Pickney Oscar 4/15/03 ONE
Caldwell, Pinkney Oscar 4/21/03 ONE
Caldwell, Pinkney Oscar  4/20/03 HDR
Caldwell, Ralph Dean  12/13/94 HDR
Caldwell, Ralph Eugene 9/19/96 ONE
Caldwell, Ralph Eugene  9/20/96 HDR
Caldwell, Robert 10/28/99 HDR
Caldwell, Robert William 7/10/97 HDR
Caldwell, Robert William "Bill" 7/9/97 ONE
Caldwell, RoxAnne Wilson 9/25/95 ONE
Caldwell, Roxanne Wilson 9/25/95 HDR
Caldwell, Russell Marion 11/30/99 ONE
Caldwell, Russell Marion (102 yoa) 12/1/99 HDR
Caldwell, Samuel 6/2/97 ONE
Caldwell, Samuel Danny 6/3/97 HDR
Caldwell, Samuel Richard “Richie” Jr. 9/18/02 HDR
Caldwell, Samuel Richard Sr. Mr. 12/17/97 HDR
Caldwell, Sanford "Sam" Harper 9/22/96 HDR
Caldwell, Shirley Mae Eaves  7/8/03 ONE
Caldwell, Shirley May Eaves  7/8/03 HDR
Caldwell, Shonna LaTrice  7/13/94 HDR
Caldwell, Summer 1/26/00 ONE
Caldwell, Summer  1/27/00 HDR
Caldwell, Theodore R. Sr. 2/12/94 HDR
Caldwell, Theodore R. Sr. 2/13/94 HDR
Caldwell, Thomas Lee Sr. 4/15/99 ONE
Caldwell, Thomas Lee Sr. 4/16/99 HDR
Caldwell, Toy T. Jr. (former member of the Marshall Tucker Band) 2/26/93 HDR
Caldwell, Tracy Lynette  6/6/97 HDR
Caldwell, Troy Lester 4/24/98 ONE
Caldwell, Troy Lester 4/24/98 HDR
Caldwell, Uma Mae Lail 10/12/95 ONE
Caldwell, Uma Mae Lail 10/13/95 ONE
Caldwell, Uma Mae Lail  10/12/95 HDR
Caldwell, Verlie Mae Waters 1/6/05 HDR
Caldwell, Verlie Mae Waters  1/5/05 ONE
Caldwell, Verlie Mae Waters  1/6/05 ONE
Caldwell, Vernon Franklin 8/12/96 HDR
Caldwell, Vernon Lee 6/17/94 HDR
Caldwell, Vickie Mace 2/21/97 ONE
Caldwell, Vickie Mace  2/21/97 HDR
Caldwell, William Alexander 6/29/98 HDR
Caldwell, William Alexander (Willie) 6/29/98 ONE
Caldwell, William Bartley "Bart" 5/20/98 ONE
Caldwell, William Bartley "Bart" 5/21/98 HDR
Caldwell, Yma Lail  10/11/95 ONE
Caldwell, Yma Lail  10/11/95 HDR
Calendine, Walter Jesse 4/13/94 HDR
Calhoun, Earl Jr. 5/23/05 HDR
Calhoun, F. Phinizy Jr. Dr. (eye surgery pioneer)  6/22/95 HDR
Calhoun, Rory (actor--Durgin, Francis Timothy) 4/29/99 ONE
Calhoun, Virginia L. 3/5/98 ONE
Calhoun, Virginia L. 3/6/98 HDR
Calhoun, Wilma Wyatt 5/12/98 HDR
Calinescu, Paul 3/28/00 HDR
Call, H. Bruce 5/13/98 ONE
Call, H. Bruce 5/14/98 HDR
Call, Jay (Flying J Fuel Co.) 3/18/03 HDR
Call, Nellie 12/23/02 ONE
Call, Nellie 12/24/02 ONE
Call, Nellie H.  12/24/02 HDR
Callaghan, Jack (television newsman) 7/30/95 HDR
Callaghan, James Former British Prime Minister 3/27/05 HDR
Callahan, Betty Lou Rosenbaum  10/22/01 ONE
Callahan, Betty Lou Rosenbaum  10/20/01 HDR
Callahan, Della Wright 12/31/93 HDR
Callahan, Earl L.  10/4/04 ONE
Callahan, J. Brad  8/13/01 ONE
Callahan, J. Brad  8/14/01 HDR
Callahan, Jackie Glenn  8/4/95 HDR
Callahan, Jackie Glenn  8/9/95 HDR
Callahan, Jackson James 3/23/98 ONE
Callahan, Jackson James Sr. 3/22/98 HDR
Callahan, Pat Nester (veteran) 4/1/94 HDR
Callahan, Sharon Crotts 4/20/05 HDR
Callahan, Shirley Rebecca Abernethy 8/25/96 HDR
Callahan, Shirley Rebecca Abernethy 8/26/96 ONE
Callahan, William Howard  5/12/93 HDR
Callanan, Thomas Vincent  1/17/01 HDR
Callaway, Ely ("Big Bertha" creator) 7/6/01 HDR
Callaway, Frances Payne  2/6/01 HDR
Callender, Ella Mae Haire  10/3/02 ONE
Callender, Ella Mae Haire  10/4/02 ONE
Callender, Ella Mae Haire  10/4/02 HDR
Callender, Marie (frozen food namesake) 11/13/95 HDR
Callinan, Katherine  8/8/96 ONE
Callinan, Katherine Yount 8/9/96 HDR
Callinan, Katherine Yount Warren 8/9/96 ONE
Callison, Phillip Paul II Dr. 4/24/96 HDR
Calloway, Alice Faye 10/3/02 ONE
Calloway, Alice Faye  10/3/02 HDR
Calloway, Beatrice Annas 12/16/97 HDR
Calloway, Bennie Ray 5/27/96 HDR
Calloway, Cab (Page 5A) (entertainer) 11/20/94 HDR
Calloway, Carson Philmore 9/17/05 HDR
Calloway, Charles Lee 2/21/94 ONE
Calloway, Charles Lee 2/21/94 HDR
Calloway, Charles Oliver  3/28/00 HDR
Calloway, Clyde Dewey Sr. 8/13/98 HDR
Calloway, David 4/19/03 HDR
Calloway, David 4/18/03 ONE
Calloway, Doretha Davis 12/18/95 HDR
Calloway, Douglas Monroe  6/3/97 HDR
Calloway, Faye Smith  2/26/03 HDR
Calloway, Frances Price 11/17/99 HDR
Calloway, Frances Price 11/18/99 HDR
Calloway, Helen McClure  5/27/02 ONE
Calloway, Helen McClure  5/27/02 HDR
Calloway, Helen McClure  5/28/02 HDR
Calloway, Isaiah Kyle  3/12/05 HDR
Calloway, James "Leo" 3/12/93 HDR
Calloway, Johnsie Lail  10/2/02 HDR
Calloway, Keith Dwayne 6/16/95 ONE
Calloway, Keith Dwayne  6/16/95 HDR
Calloway, Louise  12/21/98 HDR
Calloway, Louise Velma Hall 12/22/98 HDR
Calloway, Major Bruce  3/26/03 HDR
Calloway, Max Herman  3/26/02 HDR
Calloway, Millie Etta Sumpter 9/23/03 HDR
Calloway, Myrtle Ellen Whisnant 4/13/98 ONE
Calloway, Myrtle Ellen Whisnant 4/13/98 HDR
Calloway, Myrtle Whisnant 4/12/98 HDR
Calloway, Rodney 9/7/95 ONE
Calloway, Rodney  9/8/95 ONE
Calloway, Rodney Dean  9/7/95 HDR
Calloway, Rodney Dean  9/8/95 HDR
Calloway, Rodney Dean (Page 5A) 9/7/95 HDR
Calloway, Thelma Arnette 12/18/95 HDR
Calloway, Vintie Ester  8/9/99 HDR
Calment, Jeanne (world's oldest person) (122 yoa) 8/5/97 HDR
Calton, Margarett Ann  3/30/02 HDR
Calvert, Mildred 4/29/05 HDR
Calvert, Tench  2/10/93 HDR
Camara, Dom Helder Archbishop (Brazil) 8/31/99 HDR
Cambre, Jack G.  3/6/01 HDR
Cambron, Jean Carol  10/12/96 HDR
Camby, Elizabeth Weeks  7/26/04 ONE
Camby, Elizabeth Weeks  7/27/04 ONE
Camby, Mary Jo "Penny" Herman 4/5/96 HDR
Cameron, Clyde Joe 3/27/05 HDR
Cameron, Clyde Joe 3/29/05 HDR
Cameron, Kenneth Neill (writer) 3/16/94 HDR
Cameron, Lonita Ann Moody  10/28/94 HDR
Cameron, Marian Inman  5/4/05 HDR
Cameron, Marian Inman Mrs. 5/6/05 HDR
Camhi, Morris 9/3/99 HDR
Cammisano, William D. (mob leader)  1/27/95 HDR
Camp, Brian Travis (Page 3A) 10/12/98 HDR
Camp, Carolyn Eloise "Shad" Steadman 1/5/05 HDR
Camp, Doris Maxine Murdock 2/7/96 HDR
Camp, Doris Maxine Murdock 2/6/96 ONE
Camp, Doris Murdock 2/1/96 HDR
Camp, Dorothy Bell Baxter 6/10/94 HDR
Camp, Henry  3/11/02 HDR
Camp, Herbert 7/29/00 HDR
Camp, James William  5/10/05 HDR
Camp, Jannie Elizabeth Patterson 8/30/01 HDR
Camp, Neta Lail 10/10/05 ONE
Camp, Neta Lail  10/10/05 HDR
Camp, Otis Martin 7/12/00 HDR
Camp, Patricia Burns 12/9/01 HDR
Camp, Robert "R.J." James Michael 4/7/05 HDR
Camp, Robert J. 8/22/99 HDR
Camp, Ruth E.  6/5/02 HDR
Camp, William David 8/18/99 HDR
Camp, William Frank  6/5/96 HDR
Camp, William Frank  6/4/96 HDR
Camp, William Gordon "Chip" 6/21/02 ONE
Camp, William Gordon “Chip” III 6/21/02 HDR
Camp, William Roy 9/17/94 HDR
Camp, William Royce  9/16/94 HDR
Camp, Woodfin (photo editor) 3/17/01 HDR
Campanis, Al 6/22/98 HDR
Campbell, Alice B. 2/23/94 HDR
Campbell, Alice Bradshaw 2/24/94 HDR
Campbell, Andrew “Andy”  12/17/00 HDR
Campbell, Annie Bell Harrington 12/9/03 HDR
Campbell, Arnold Max 1/11/99 ONE
Campbell, Arnold Max 1/11/99 HDR
Campbell, Aubrey Heller 5/8/95 ONE
Campbell, Aubrey Heller  5/9/95 HDR
Campbell, Aubrey Regina 3/31/96 HDR
Campbell, Beda Elizabeth 7/3/98 ONE
Campbell, Beda Elizabeth 7/4/98 HDR
Campbell, Bertha Warren  3/7/93 HDR
Campbell, Bertilla Katherine  9/30/02 HDR
Campbell, Billy Scott "Scotty" 10/30/03 HDR
Campbell, Blanche Matheson 9/21/01 HDR
Campbell, Bobby J. Jr.  1/4/95 HDR
Campbell, Bobby James Jr. (Page 1) 1/3/95 ONE
Campbell, Bobby James Jr. (Page 5A)  1/3/95 HDR
Campbell, Bonnie Price McCall  11/1/00 HDR
Campbell, Brian Newton 3/3/94 ONE
Campbell, Brian Newton 3/4/94 ONE
Campbell, Brian Newton 3/3/94 HDR
Campbell, Brian Newton 3/4/94 HDR
Campbell, Burnham O. (professor) 10/7/94 HDR
Campbell, Byron  9/12/98 HDR
Campbell, C.Z.  10/12/02 HDR
Campbell, Carolyn Sue Dietz 3/4/02 ONE
Campbell, Carolyn Sue Dietz  3/2/02 HDR
Campbell, Carrie Bell  2/9/02 HDR
Campbell, Carroll Jr. (Former SC Gov.) 12/8/05 HDR
Campbell, Charles L. 9/4/98 HDR
Campbell, Charles Wayne  6/22/93 HDR
Campbell, Charlie Eli 3/26/01 HDR
Campbell, Chester Junior 4/28/98 ONE
Campbell, Chester Junior 4/28/98 HDR
Campbell, Chester Junior 4/29/98 HDR
Campbell, Conrad Sylvester 7/16/98 ONE
Campbell, Conrad Sylvester 7/16/98 HDR
Campbell, Conrad Sylvester 7/17/98 HDR
Campbell, Dallas Albert  10/1/95 HDR
Campbell, Danielle  3/17/04 ONE
Campbell, Danielle  3/18/04 ONE
Campbell, David Carey "Dave" 1/16/97 HDR
Campbell, David Eli  6/11/02 HDR
Campbell, David Lee  4/15/02 HDR
Campbell, David Lee  4/16/02 HDR
Campbell, David Ray 4/15/05 ONE
Campbell, Dewey Nathan (Page 5A) 7/24/95 HDR
Campbell, Dollie Marie  10/22/96 HDR
Campbell, Donald 10/13/99 HDR
Campbell, Donald E. Dr.  5/17/01 HDR
Campbell, Donald Edward 11/25/95 HDR
Campbell, Donald Gregory  1/28/95 HDR
Campbell, Donald P. 12/10/98 HDR
Campbell, Dorothy Rose Robinson  12/16/96 HDR
Campbell, Edith  1/10/01 HDR
Campbell, Edith Smyre Sigmon 11/7/94 ONE
Campbell, Edith Smyre Sigmon 11/6/94 HDR
Campbell, Edna Martin 5/24/99 HDR
Campbell, Edna Martin  5/24/99 ONE
Campbell, Ednar B.  8/15/95 HDR
Campbell, Ednar B.  8/16/95 HDR
Campbell, Elizabeth  12/8/04 ONE
Campbell, Elizabeth Claudine Markham 12/7/04 ONE
Campbell, Ernest F.  11/4/93 HDR
Campbell, Ernest Franklin  11/5/93 HDR
Campbell, Estelena Story 2/12/94 HDR
Campbell, Esther Mae  6/20/94 HDR
Campbell, Ethel Louise Thompson 11/6/01 ONE
Campbell, Ethel Louise Thompson 11/6/01 HDR
Campbell, Eula Crisp 8/14/98 HDR
Campbell, Eva Maude Dellinger  2/26/01 HDR
Campbell, Evelyn 2/23/05 HDR
Campbell, Evelyn 2/25/05 HDR
Campbell, Everette  12/18/03 ONE
Campbell, Everette A. 12/19/03 ONE
Campbell, Everette A.  12/19/03 HDR
Campbell, Florence S. 9/3/94 HDR
Campbell, Florence Sophia K. Kruskowski 9/2/94 HDR
Campbell, Florine Stilwell 7/12/00 HDR
Campbell, Forrest  5/4/95 HDR
Campbell, Foster  5/5/95 HDR
Campbell, Frances Chambers 12/31/99 HDR
Campbell, George Andrew  3/4/03 HDR
Campbell, George Andrew  3/4/03 ONE
Campbell, George T. (publisher) 4/24/94 HDR
Campbell, George W. 2/1/96 HDR
Campbell, Geraldine Abernathy  7/27/03 HDR
Campbell, Gladys Mary Buff 10/25/96 ONE
Campbell, Gladys Mary Buff  10/26/96 HDR
Campbell, Glenn Needham 3/28/01 ONE
Campbell, Glenn Needham  3/29/01 HDR
Campbell, Grealon "Curley"  2/12/03 ONE
Campbell, Grealon "Curly"  2/13/03 ONE
Campbell, Grealon “Curley”  2/13/03 HDR
Campbell, Harold  6/8/94 ONE
Campbell, Harold  6/9/94 ONE
Campbell, Harold  6/8/94 HDR
Campbell, Harold (veteran) 6/9/94 HDR
Campbell, Harry F.  3/19/05 HDR
Campbell, Harry F.  3/21/05 ONE
Campbell, Helen Marlow  9/28/94 HDR
Campbell, Helen Marlow  9/29/94 HDR
Campbell, Hester Bivens 8/26/04 ONE
Campbell, Howard J.  10/28/02 ONE
Campbell, Howard Johnston  10/27/02 HDR
Campbell, Howard Thad Jr. 6/13/94 HDR
Campbell, Hugh Gene  6/3/97 HDR
Campbell, Ian  4/25/01 HDR
Campbell, Iva Mae Spooner 1/6/00 HDR
Campbell, J. Rex 1/12/98 HDR
Campbell, J. T. 2/28/00 HDR
Campbell, J. T. 2/28/00 ONE
Campbell, Jack Lee  2/9/03 HDR
Campbell, James Harold  7/16/95 HDR
Campbell, James Robert  12/7/97 HDR
Campbell, Jerry Austin II 10/10/96 HDR
Campbell, Jessie Stewart 12/20/00 HDR
Campbell, John A. 9/4/01 HDR
Campbell, John A.  9/4/01 ONE
Campbell, John Coert 7/24/00 HDR
Campbell, John Ransom 3/10/98 HDR
Campbell, John Ransom 3/11/98 HDR
Campbell, John Whitfield 12/11/94 HDR
Campbell, John William 5/2/02 ONE
Campbell, John William  5/2/02 HDR
Campbell, Joseph C. (Page 1A) 12/24/01 HDR
Campbell, Joseph Curtis 12/26/01 HDR
Campbell, Kimberly Renee 5/12/98 ONE
Campbell, Kimberly Renee 5/12/98 HDR
Campbell, L. Blaine 8/22/95 HDR
Campbell, L. Gary 12/13/05 HDR
Campbell, L. Gary  12/13/05 ONE
Campbell, Leckie Caldwell 4/26/95 ONE
Campbell, Leckie Caldwell 4/26/95 HDR
Campbell, Lena Evelyn 1/26/98 ONE
Campbell, Lena Evelyn 1/26/98 HDR
Campbell, Lena Frye  12/26/00 HDR
Campbell, Lester W. 11/27/99 HDR
Campbell, Lisa Cornwell 6/18/00 HDR
Campbell, Little Milton (blues singer) 8/6/05 HDR
Campbell, Lois A.  7/26/94 HDR
Campbell, Lois Alspaugh  7/27/94 HDR
Campbell, Lois Childers 7/11/97 HDR
Campbell, Lois Childers 7/10/97 HDR
Campbell, Lois Childers 7/10/97 ONE
Campbell, Lois Drum 1/27/99 ONE
Campbell, Lois Drum 1/27/99 HDR
Campbell, Lora Eliza Keener 1/29/05 HDR
Campbell, Lora Eliza Keener 1/28/05 ONE
Campbell, Louise  7/30/04 ONE
Campbell, Louise Cansler  8/2/04 ONE
Campbell, Louise Elaine Dunivent  2/20/00 HDR
Campbell, Luther Howard  7/19/01 HDR
Campbell, Mabel Gwaltney 2/13/00 HDR
Campbell, Marcine "Marcy" Prince 7/16/97 HDR
Campbell, Marcine Prince "Marcy" 7/17/97 ONE
Campbell, Marcine Prince "Marcy" 7/16/97 ONE
Campbell, Margie Lois Cline  7/24/02 HDR
Campbell, Martha Hollar 2/20/99 HDR
Campbell, Martha Yates 6/24/03 HDR
Campbell, Mary Elizabeth  3/30/02 HDR
Campbell, Mary Katherine 12/26/97 HDR
Campbell, Mary Katherine  12/26/97 ONE
Campbell, Mary Lee Waller  12/17/02 ONE
Campbell, Mary Lee Waller  12/18/02 HDR
Campbell, Mary Lou 3/2/01 HDR
Campbell, Mary Suma Shook 4/13/96 HDR
Campbell, Mary Suma Shook 4/12/96 ONE
Campbell, Matthew Alan 4/1/00 HDR
Campbell, Matthew Alan Master  3/31/00 ONE
Campbell, Maxine Brawley  1/13/93 ONE
Campbell, Maxine Brawley  1/13/93 HDR
Campbell, Mifflin James (Ink Spots member) 4/9/95 HDR
Campbell, Mildred Alice 11/26/93 HDR
Campbell, Mildred Alice  11/24/93 HDR
Campbell, Millette Denean Griggs  1/8/03 HDR
Campbell, Millette Griggs  1/6/03 HDR
Campbell, Nelda Elrod  1/26/03 HDR
Campbell, Nell Edith Austin 11/1/98 HDR
Campbell, Nellie Virginia Wright 9/9/02 ONE
Campbell, Nellie Virginia Wright  9/8/02 HDR
Campbell, Nellie Virginia Wright  9/9/02 HDR
Campbell, Paul  3/27/95 HDR
Campbell, Ralph Judson  7/19/03 HDR
Campbell, Rebecca 8/25/04 ONE
Campbell, Rebecca Prather 11/11/05 ONE
Campbell, Rebecca Prather  11/11/05 HDR
Campbell, Rebecca Smyre  8/26/04 ONE
Campbell, Rex D.  8/5/01 HDR
Campbell, Robert Darrell 11/20/96 HDR
Campbell, Rocky  7/24/95 HDR
Campbell, Rocky  7/25/95 HDR
Campbell, Roma O.  8/23/93 HDR
Campbell, Roma O.  8/24/93 HDR
Campbell, Rosa Lee 3/8/01 HDR
Campbell, Russell Elcaney 4/12/02 ONE
Campbell, Russell Elcaney  4/13/02 HDR
Campbell, Ruth  1/3/02 HDR
Campbell, Ruth Beam 4/12/01 HDR
Campbell, Ruth Helton 4/8/95 HDR
Campbell, Savannah Marie  4/27/02 HDR
Campbell, Sharon Kay Shew "Sherry" 8/17/99 HDR
Campbell, Shirley McGalliard 10/28/05 HDR
Campbell, Sidney Dale 10/16/99 HDR
Campbell, Theresa Robinson 10/10/98 HDR
Campbell, Thomas Joseph "Junior"  8/20/94 HDR
Campbell, Vera Newton 6/15/95 ONE
Campbell, Vera Newton  6/15/95 HDR
Campbell, Verna Mae Scalf Coker Carlton 1/17/94 HDR
Campbell, Vernice Tate 11/25/02 HDR
Campbell, Walter J.  1/17/95 HDR
Campbell, Walter Jerome  1/18/95 HDR
Campbell, Walter Vernon 11/17/94 ONE
Campbell, Walter Vernon 11/18/94 ONE
Campbell, Walter Vernon 11/17/94 HDR
Campbell, Walter Vernon 11/18/94 HDR
Campbell, Walter Vernon 11/19/94 HDR
Campbell, Willard 12/14/97 HDR
Campbell, Willard Dempsey 5/1/96 HDR
Campbell, William "Bill" Adolphus  1/5/93 HDR
Campbell, William Bruce 12/11/97 HDR
Campbell, William Bruce  12/10/97 HDR
Campbell, William Jerry 10/15/99 HDR
Campbell, William Robert "Bob" 11/7/95 ONE
Campbell, William Robert "Bob"  11/7/95 HDR
Campbell, William Tait Maj. Gen. 10/17/99 HDR
Campbell, Willie Marie Payne 8/20/96 ONE
Campbell, Zelma Coffey 8/8/93 HDR
Campo, Ellen Elmore  10/24/02 HDR
Camrose, Viscount 2/18/95 HDR
Canaday, Max Clinton 1/28/96 HDR
Canady, Billy Ray 9/11/99 HDR
Canady, Russell 1/4/01 HDR
Canday, Bill R.  9/10/99 ONE
Canday, Bill Ray 9/13/99 ONE
Candoli, Conte 12/17/01 HDR
Candy, John (actor) 3/5/94 HDR
Canel, Victor G.  5/2/96 HDR
Canetti, Elias (Nobel Prize) 8/18/94 HDR
Canetti, Elias (Nobel Prize) 8/20/94 HDR
Canham, Donald (University of MI) 5/5/05 HDR
Canipe, Ambrose F. "Al" 5/18/99 ONE
Canipe, Ambrose F. "Al" 5/18/99 HDR
Canipe, Annie Mabel Short  8/28/96 HDR
Canipe, Annie Mabel Short  8/29/96 HDR
Canipe, Annie Usher 11/29/94 ONE
Canipe, Annie Usher 11/29/94 HDR
Canipe, Annie Usher 11/30/94 HDR
Canipe, Annie Usher  11/30/94 ONE
Canipe, Arlee Wilson 3/11/96 HDR
Canipe, Arlee Wilson 3/11/96 ONE
Canipe, Bessie Berryhill  3/27/03 HDR
Canipe, Bessie Berryhill  3/27/03 ONE
Canipe, Bobby Junior 5/18/98 HDR
Canipe, Brady Lee  6/24/05 HDR
Canipe, Brady Lee  6/25/05 HDR
Canipe, C. Hughes 12/1/00 HDR
Canipe, Carroll Wingate 8/5/96 HDR
Canipe, Charles Warren 11/8/96 ONE
Canipe, Charles Warren  11/8/96 HDR
Canipe, Cindy McLean  (Page 1A) 1/30/00 HDR
Canipe, Cindy Michell McLean 1/31/00 HDR
Canipe, Cindy Michell McLean 1/31/00 ONE
Canipe, Claude Leonard 4/28/97 HDR
Canipe, Cordie Dell Clark 4/7/99 ONE
Canipe, Cordie Dell Clark 4/8/99 ONE
Canipe, Cordie Dell Clark 4/8/99 HDR
Canipe, Daisy S. 8/16/00 HDR
Canipe, Danny Franklin  12/30/95 HDR
Canipe, David Lee 7/6/93 HDR
Canipe, Dessie Johnson  9/5/98 HDR
Canipe, Doris Maye  2/11/93 HDR
Canipe, Edith Helen  7/27/95 HDR
Canipe, Edith Mae  9/26/02 ONE
Canipe, Edith Mae  9/27/02 HDR
Canipe, Edwin Hoyt "Bud" 2/10/99 HDR
Canipe, Elizabeth 12/26/03 ONE
Canipe, Elizabeth "Libby" White 12/27/03 HDR
Canipe, Elizabeth "Libby" White 12/29/03 ONE
Canipe, Ellen Elmore 6/20/94 ONE
Canipe, Ellen Elmore  6/20/94 HDR
Canipe, Enola R.  2/22/02 HDR
Canipe, Ernest 6/2/97 HDR
Canipe, Ernest  6/2/97 ONE
Canipe, Fred Colin 6/13/01 HDR
Canipe, Gail Queen  1/21/01 HDR
Canipe, Garland Roy 1/16/05 HDR
Canipe, Glenn Thomas 3/31/98 ONE
Canipe, Glenn Thomas 3/31/98 HDR
Canipe, Grady Lee Franklin 12/4/94 HDR
Canipe, Harold Coy 3/15/97 HDR
Canipe, Hazel Andrew  7/28/95 HDR
Canipe, Hazel Jenkins 5/1/03 HDR
Canipe, Helen Jeanettie Richard Brooks 12/29/01 HDR
Canipe, Helen Jeanettie Richards Brooks 12/28/01 ONE
Canipe, John Henry  2/19/03 HDR
Canipe, Joyce Ann  1/14/02 HDR
Canipe, Joyce Young 6/14/05 HDR
Canipe, Judy 6/7/94 ONE
Canipe, Judy  6/7/94 HDR
Canipe, Judy Hefner 6/8/94 HDR
Canipe, Judy Hefner  6/8/94 ONE
Canipe, Kathleen Alice Chaput 2/27/96 HDR
Canipe, Kathleen Alice Chaput 2/27/96 ONE
Canipe, Lucy Elizabeth Jordan  1/16/03 HDR
Canipe, Luther Harden 8/20/01 ONE
Canipe, Luther Harden  8/19/01 HDR
Canipe, Margaret Faith 12/17/99 ONE
Canipe, Margaret Faith (infant) 12/18/99 HDR
Canipe, Marie Ethel Thornburg 3/5/99 HDR
Canipe, Marie Thornburg 3/4/99 HDR
Canipe, Mary Lou Pruitt 5/6/97 HDR
Canipe, Mary Lou Pruitt 5/6/97 ONE
Canipe, Minnie Hoyle 7/10/98 HDR
Canipe, Nancy Elizabeth Smith 4/24/05 HDR
Canipe, Nancy Elizabeth Smith 4/25/05 ONE
Canipe, Odie Clement 2/16/98 HDR
Canipe, Paul Thompson Sr. 6/16/97 HDR
Canipe, Paul Thompson Sr. 6/15/97 HDR
Canipe, Paul Thompson Sr. 6/16/97 ONE
Canipe, R. C.  1/1/93 HDR
Canipe, Ray Clifford 10/24/94 ONE
Canipe, Ray Clifford  10/23/94 HDR
Canipe, Rayford  4/10/95 HDR
Canipe, Rayford Paul  4/11/95 HDR
Canipe, Rixie Mae 6/11/03 HDR
Canipe, Robert Hoyle Sr. 8/22/97 HDR
Canipe, Roger Glenn 2/6/05 HDR
Canipe, Ronald Eugene Sr.  1/14/05 HDR
Canipe, Ruby Smyre Lutz 6/19/01 ONE
Canipe, Ruby Smyre Lutz (100 yoa) 6/19/01 HDR
Canipe, Ruffen 10/4/00 HDR
Canipe, Ruth Knight 1/19/94 HDR
Canipe, Shuford LaMar  12/2/00 HDR
Canipe, Steve Allen (Page 1) 2/29/00 ONE
Canipe, Sue Karen Upchurch 9/7/05 HDR
Canipe, Thomas Orange  5/31/93 HDR
Canipe, Tweep "Aree" C.  5/15/02 HDR
Canipe, Tweep "Aree" C. Mrs. 5/15/02 ONE
Canipe, Tweep C.  5/14/02 ONE
Canipe, Vergie Mae 10/6/99 HDR
Canipe, Warren G. Jr. 5/7/01 ONE
Canipe, Warren G. Sr.   9/22/05 HDR
Canipe, Warren G.H. "Gee" Jr. 5/5/01 HDR
Canipe, Warren H. "Jack" 1/4/97 HDR
Canipe, Warren H. (Jack) 1/5/97 HDR
Canipe, Wilburn Cletus  9/2/93 HDR
Canipe, Willie Clement  6/21/95 HDR
Cann, Nixie Barkley 7/31/00 HDR
Cannatella, Ron 2/22/98 HDR
Cannon, Alma Mae McGee 10/12/93 HDR
Cannon, Alma Mae McGee 10/13/93 HDR
Cannon, Amiyah Nikera LaShea 7/16/03 HDR
Cannon, Anna Fox 7/12/93 HDR
Cannon, Anna Fox 7/13/93 HDR
Cannon, Beulah Steele  7/6/93 HDR
Cannon, Briscoe  3/25/93 HDR
Cannon, Briscoe  3/26/93 HDR
Cannon, Carl E. "Pete" Sr.  1/21/04 ONE
Cannon, Carl U. 2/16/99 HDR
Cannon, Carl U. 2/17/99 HDR
Cannon, Cecil David 6/6/97 HDR
Cannon, Cecil David  6/7/97 HDR
Cannon, Cecile Rhodes 3/16/00 HDR
Cannon, Clarence "Pete"  8/26/94 HDR
Cannon, Clarence "Pete"  8/27/94 HDR
Cannon, Daisy Isenhour  11/8/97 HDR
Cannon, David Kenneth  1/14/03 HDR
Cannon, David Kenneth  1/14/03 ONE
Cannon, Dennis Ray "Cannonball" 6/7/97 HDR
Cannon, Dorian Jordan  5/23/99 HDR
Cannon, Elizabeth Alene Barnwell 1/31/00 HDR
Cannon, Elma Barnhardt 12/26/03 HDR
Cannon, Frances  9/4/95 HDR
Cannon, Frances "Bunch" 9/5/95 HDR
Cannon, Frank  11/11/02 HDR
Cannon, Grace Price 1/7/97 HDR
Cannon, Harold Ransom  6/26/02 HDR
Cannon, Henry 11/9/97 HDR
Cannon, Hilda Poteat 1/20/05 HDR
Cannon, Irene A.  4/9/97 HDR
Cannon, Iris Jean Hefner 6/30/93 HDR
Cannon, Iris Jean Hefner Mrs. 6/30/93 ONE
Cannon, J. P.  8/1/94 HDR
Cannon, J.D. (actor) 6/5/05 HDR
Cannon, Jack 5/7/96 HDR
Cannon, James Able 7/19/03 HDR
Cannon, James Able 7/20/03 HDR
Cannon, James Jefferson  7/16/93 HDR
Cannon, James Jefferson  7/17/93 HDR
Cannon, James Wesley  2/25/98 HDR
Cannon, Jeffery Curtis 5/17/97 HDR
Cannon, John Kermit  1/23/95 HDR
Cannon, Jonathan Peter Northington 5/17/00 HDR
Cannon, Jonathan Peter Northington 5/16/00 HDR
Cannon, Larry Joe  3/22/02 HDR
Cannon, Lois 7/19/95 HDR
Cannon, Lois W.  7/20/95 HDR
Cannon, Loretta E. 8/12/98 HDR
Cannon, Mable Francis Chester 4/25/96 HDR
Cannon, Mary  9/22/95 HDR
Cannon, Mary “Betty”  2/10/03 HDR
Cannon, Mary Kirby  9/23/95 HDR
Cannon, Max Sterling 6/1/98 HDR
Cannon, Merriell M. 8/4/99 HDR
Cannon, Myrtle Walsh 10/30/99 HDR
Cannon, Nellie Leonhardt 1/9/99 HDR
Cannon, Nina Lee Yates 10/12/04 ONE
Cannon, Nina Lee Yates 10/14/04 ONE
Cannon, Paul A. 9/9/96 HDR
Cannon, Paul A. 9/10/96 HDR
Cannon, Paul A.  8/11/02 HDR
Cannon, Paul Glenn 12/20/98 HDR
Cannon, Paul Webb "Bob" 3/20/98 HDR
Cannon, Preston Rudolph "Doc"  12/3/05 HDR
Cannon, Ralph Edward 12/16/95 HDR
Cannon, Richard "Mo" Major 4/12/96 ONE
Cannon, Richard "Moe" Maj. (Page 3A) 4/13/96 HDR
Cannon, Richard Donald  11/3/02 HDR
Cannon, Richard Jarrett Maj. "Mo" 4/15/96 ONE
Cannon, Roby Lee Jr. 1/2/99 HDR
Cannon, Ruby Mae  2/1/05 HDR
Cannon, Ruth Marie Smith 7/14/93 HDR
Cannon, Sebren Hatley  9/4/97 HDR
Cannon, Shirley E.  10/28/03 HDR
Cannon, Shirley Grace Lowe 10/21/98 HDR
Cannon, Sterling 1/17/94 HDR
Cannon, Sterling 1/18/94 HDR
Cannon, Terrell Woodrow  11/15/93 HDR
Cannon, Thelma Gayle  1/8/04 ONE
Cannon, Thelma Gayle  1/9/04 ONE
Cannon, Thomas "Tom" N. Sr. 1/12/05 HDR
Cannon, William B. 11/14/97 HDR
Cannon, William Hill  10/30/01 HDR
Cannon, William R. Jr. 5/13/97 HDR
Canosa, Jorge Mas (Page 6B) (Cuban-Exile Leader) 11/24/97 HDR
Cansler, Charles Leonard Jr.  12/13/03 HDR
Cansler, Charles Leonard Jr.  12/12/03 ONE
Cansler, Charles Leonard Sr. 7/21/00 HDR
Cansler, Charles Leonard Sr. 7/21/00 ONE
Cansler, Charles Leonard Sr. 7/24/00 ONE
Cansler, Claude Francis 2/16/99 ONE
Cansler, Claude Francis 2/19/99 HDR
Cansler, Claude Francis 2/16/99 HDR
Cansler, Denna Ray 4/20/93 HDR
Cansler, Edith Estelle Powell 5/29/01 ONE
Cansler, Edith Estelle Powell  5/29/01 HDR
Cansler, Glynn Elizabeth Ramseur Rev. 10/26/00 HDR
Cansler, John Jacob 3/14/05 ONE
Cansler, John Jacob  3/13/05 HDR
Cansler, John Jacob  3/14/05 HDR
Cansler, Peggy JoAnn 4/26/93 HDR
Cansler, Peggy Joann Adkins 4/27/93 HDR
Cansler, Peggy JoAnn Adkins  4/27/93 ONE
Cansler, Rose Marie King 7/19/00 HDR
Cansler, Rose Marie King 7/18/00 ONE
Cansler, Sylvester Rev.  2/8/95 HDR
Cansler, Troy Preston Sr. 12/2/99 ONE
Cansler, Troy Preston Sr. 12/3/99 HDR
Canter, Homer Waitsel  5/17/01 HDR
Canter, Jimmy Lloyd  3/15/95 HDR
Canter, Johnny Atwell 1/24/93 HDR
Canter, Melinda Rose (Page 7A) 11/7/94 HDR
Canter, Nathaniel Scott "Scotty"  4/1/93 HDR
Canter, Odell Alonzo  12/24/05 HDR
Canter, Sidney Eugene Sr.  11/29/93 ONE
Canter, Sidney Eugene Sr.  11/28/93 HDR
Canterbury, Richard Howard  4/5/03 HDR
Canterbury, Richard Howard  4/6/03 HDR
Cantley, Aubrey Russell Sr.  3/27/95 HDR
Cantor, Alma McMillian 2/9/93 HDR
Cantor, Betty Walker 11/18/01 HDR
Cantor, Collette Palmer  1/5/01 HDR
Cantor, Estelle Faye Shell  9/23/02 HDR
Cantor, Marilyn Alley  6/26/02 ONE
Cantor, Marilyn Alley  6/27/02 ONE
Cantor, Marilyn Alley  6/27/02 HDR
Cantor, Vernon Cleo Sr. 6/20/94 HDR
Cantrell, Betty Cook 1/9/01 ONE
Cantrell, Betty Cook  1/9/01 HDR
Cantrell, Brian Keith  10/8/96 HDR
Cantrell, Flora Hardin 7/21/00 HDR
Cantrell, Grace Caudle 1/3/94 HDR
Cantrell, Grace Owens Wood 3/13/94 HDR
Cantrell, Mildred Carpenter 7/27/95 ONE
Cantrell, Mildred Carpenter 7/28/95 ONE
Cantrell, Mildred Carpenter  7/27/95 HDR
Cantrell, Mildred Carpenter  7/28/95 HDR
Cantrell, Ruth Becker 9/25/99 HDR
Cantu, Lisa (Page 7A) 7/5/01 HDR
Cantwell, Bert (Campbell) 7/18/96 HDR
Cantwell, Ruth Gillespie 10/17/99 HDR
Cantwell, Ruth Gillespie  10/18/99 HDR
Canupp, Retha Pierce  2/2/93 HDR
Cao, Nguyen Van (songwriter) 7/12/95 HDR
Capaldi, Jim (drummer--Traffic) 1/29/05 HDR
Caparaso, Andrew John "Andy"  1/7/01 HDR
Caparaso, Andrew John (page 4A) 1/6/01 HDR
Cape, Lois Jackson 2/23/98 HDR
Capecelatro, Ralph Ettore (politician) 8/5/94 HDR
Capecelatro, Ralph Ettore (politician) 8/6/94 HDR
Capehart, Jerry Neil 6/11/98 HDR
Capel, Roger Dale (page 4A) 1/6/01 HDR
Capillo, Joseph C. 8/2/98 HDR
Caplin, Eliot A. 2/29/00 HDR
Caporossi, A. V.  7/3/96 HDR
Cappel, Susan 5/23/00 HDR
Cappiello, James H.  1/25/03 HDR
Capps, Claudia Watson  8/13/03 HDR
Capps, Grace Lorena Deal 2/15/99 HDR
Carabella, Flora 4/22/99 HDR
Caraway, Lucy Irene Norman 2/20/98 HDR
Caraway, Ruthie Leila Denton Duckworth  1/13/96 HDR
Carballo, Marden Antonio  9/27/05 HDR
Carcani, Adil 10/16/97 HDR
Card, James 1/21/00 HDR
Carden, William Harley 2/8/00 HDR
Cardini, Rosa Maria (Caesar dressing) 9/16/03 HDR
Cardonnel, Nancy 3/3/03 ONE
Cardonnel, Nancy Jane McNulty  3/1/03 HDR
Cardoso, Edgar 7/8/00 HDR
Cardozo, Michael H. IV 10/24/96 HDR
Cardwell, Angel (Page 1A) 2/24/96 HDR
Cardwell, Angel Lynn 2/26/96 HDR
Cardwell, Bulah Church 3/11/94 HDR
Cardwell, Bulah Virginia Church 3/12/94 HDR
Cardwell, Caroline Lee 4/13/05 HDR
Cardwell, Claude Warren 3/30/96 HDR
Cardwell, Jack F.  7/7/99 HDR
Cardwell, Ransom McNairy  10/27/01 HDR
Cardwell, Steve Alan 10/24/99 HDR
Cardwell, Victor Smith  10/3/01 HDR
Carelock, Johnnie Ersell Smith  6/22/97 HDR
Carew, Michelle 4/18/96 ONE
Carey, Charles Bernard 7/23/99 HDR
Carey, Charles M.  11/27/00 HDR
Carey, Dan Sr. 12/11/01 ONE
Carey, Dan Sr. 12/11/01 HDR
Carey, Frank E. (writer) 11/9/99 HDR
Carey, Fred Carless  8/6/97 HDR
Carey, James McCoy Jr. 4/14/03 ONE
Carey, James McCoy Jr.  4/14/03 HDR
Carey, Kashaun Tremar 2/26/99 ONE
Carey, Kashaun Tremar 2/26/99 HDR
Carey, Macdonald (actor) 3/22/94 ONE
Carey, Macdonald (actor) 3/22/94 HDR
Carey, Paul Robert 6/16/01 HDR
Carey, Timothy (character actor) 5/16/94 HDR
Carico, Ramie Brewer 12/27/96 HDR
Carico, Ramie Brewer  12/26/96 HDR
Caridas, Teresa Carol  7/2/01 HDR
Carinci, Joanne Frances 9/14/98 ONE
Carinci, Joanne Frances 9/14/98 HDR
Carithers, Christine Lee 12/1/01 HDR
Carlay, Michael 3/28/00 HDR
Carle, Richard  2/24/05 ONE
Carlebach, Shlomo Rabbi (singing) 10/23/94 HDR
Carlile, Bradly (Page 6A) 11/29/98 HDR
Carlin, Daniel Adrian  9/11/01 HDR
Carlin, Leo 12/28/99 HDR
Carlin, Steve (TV game show producer)  3/3/03 HDR
Carlin, William Philip 11/29/02 ONE
Carlin, William Philip Carlin 11/29/02 HDR
Carlisle, Bill (Grand Ole Opry) 3/18/03 HDR
Carlisle, Harold I. (editorial cartoonist) 6/25/93 HDR
Carlisle, Mildred Fox 1/29/00 HDR
Carlisle, Robert "Bob" Monroe 8/10/94 ONE
Carlisle, Robert "Bob" Monroe 8/9/94 HDR
Carlisle, Robert "Bob" Monroe 8/10/94 HDR
Carlisle, Robert Lee Sr. 5/23/02 HDR
Carlisle, Ruth Stephens 4/22/05 HDR
Carlisle, Sharon Belinda Bentley 7/23/97 HDR
Carlisle, Sharon Bentley 7/20/97 HDR
Carlisle, Sharon Bentley (Page 12A) 7/20/97 HDR
Carlon, Fran (actress) 10/6/93 HDR
Carlson, Curtis 2/22/99 HDR
Carlson, Ivan Eugene 4/2/97 HDR
Carlson, Mark (Page 7A) 6/16/99 HDR
Carlson, Rosa Belle Reese 10/16/95 HDR
Carlson, Russell Bruce  12/31/00 HDR
Carlson, Russell Bruce  1/2/01 HDR
Carlson, William S. (university president) 5/10/94 HDR
Carlton, Adam Wayne (infant) 6/8/03 HDR
Carlton, Albert B. 6/21/97 HDR
Carlton, Alice Summerow 11/12/05 HDR
Carlton, Barbara Lynn 10/28/94 HDR
Carlton, Barbara Lynn 10/29/94 HDR
Carlton, Belle Taylor 12/8/98 HDR
Carlton, Blanche Berkley  1/8/05 HDR
Carlton, Bobbye Elaine Lackey Hartis  9/20/05 HDR
Carlton, Bryan Keith  5/28/02 HDR
Carlton, Bynum "Bine"  5/30/01 HDR
Carlton, Charles Edward 3/20/94 HDR
Carlton, Conley   8/18/95 HDR
Carlton, Conley Steele  8/19/95 HDR
Carlton, Dallas Dale 7/24/05 HDR
Carlton, Darrell P. 12/24/97 HDR
Carlton, Douglas Lee Jr. 8/13/99 HDR
Carlton, Douglas Lee Jr. (Page 1A) 8/12/99 HDR
Carlton, Everette L. “Shu”  12/5/02 HDR
Carlton, George Frank 7/13/96 HDR
Carlton, George Frank  7/12/96 HDR
Carlton, George Smith 5/27/96 HDR
Carlton, Guy Norman 11/5/01 HDR
Carlton, Hazel Horton Mrs.  11/29/05 HDR
Carlton, Henry Thomas  6/23/93 HDR
Carlton, Jessie Ruth 12/31/99 HDR
Carlton, John "Tex" (former Associated Press art director--SC) 8/30/03 HDR
Carlton, Joseph (Butch) Jr.  6/8/05 HDR
Carlton, Keith  5/29/02 HDR
Carlton, Lizzie Pansy  5/9/01 HDR
Carlton, Lola Bell Icenhour  6/13/94 HDR
Carlton, Luther  10/25/02 ONE
Carlton, Luther  10/25/02 HDR
Carlton, Mamie Ferguson  4/30/96 HDR
Carlton, Melinda Hedrick  7/3/02 HDR
Carlton, Michael "Mike" Austin  1/30/01 HDR
Carlton, Octavia Greene  12/7/02 HDR
Carlton, Penny Gaye 12/24/05 HDR
Carlton, Ruby Beach 3/27/97 HDR
Carlton, Ruby Ethel Hart 5/9/00 HDR
Carlton, Rudolph  8/17/01 HDR
Carlton, Ruth D. Matherly 3/14/96 HDR
Carlton, Sherman Colonel  2/15/95 HDR
Carlton, Sherman Colonel  2/16/95 HDR
Carlton, Terry Lee  9/6/94 HDR
Carlton, Terry Lee (Page 5A) 9/6/94 HDR
Carlton, Willard Herman 10/10/93 HDR
Carlton, Willard Herman 10/11/93 HDR
Carlton, William Dewey 10/24/96 HDR
Carlton, William Dewey 10/25/96 HDR
Carmack, George (newspaperman)  11/6/95 HDR
Carmean, Neil (broadcaster)  9/12/95 HDR
Carmet, Jean (actor) 4/23/94 HDR
Carnahan, Gov. Mel (Page 5) 10/17/00 ONE
Carnevale, Carolyn  4/9/03 ONE
Carnevale, Carolyn Anne Ryan  4/9/03 HDR
Carney, Art (actor--"The Honeymooners") 11/12/03 ONE
Carney, Art (actor--Ed Norton--"The Honeymooners") 11/12/03 HDR
Carney, Charlotte L. 3/29/97 HDR
Carney, Donna E.  10/24/99 HDR
Carney, Stephen L. 10/24/99 HDR
Carolus, Kenneth Earl Jr. 11/2/98 ONE
Carolus, Kenneth Earl Jr. 10/31/98 HDR
Caron, Bob (tail gunner on the Enola Gay)  6/7/95 HDR
Carosone, Renato  5/21/01 HDR
Carow, Calvin W. 8/4/99 HDR
Carow, Heiner 2/7/97 HDR
Caroway, Carrie Robinson 11/13/95 HDR
Carpenter, Agnes Reuwer 11/12/96 ONE
Carpenter, Alfred Paul 3/14/00 HDR
Carpenter, Alice Frye 8/25/99 HDR
Carpenter, Alma Mae Hoover 10/11/95 HDR
Carpenter, Alma Mae Hoover Mrs. 10/10/95 ONE
Carpenter, Alma Mae Hoover Mrs. 10/11/95 ONE
Carpenter, Annie Julia Martin  6/17/94 HDR
Carpenter, Auttie James  7/2/01 HDR
Carpenter, Barbara Lenelle Cowan  3/17/03 HDR
Carpenter, Bertha Irene Reep 4/12/94 HDR
Carpenter, Bertie Moser 6/7/93 HDR
Carpenter, Bertie Moser Mrs.  6/7/93 ONE
Carpenter, Betty Jean Hoard 1/6/93 HDR
Carpenter, Beulah  7/5/02 ONE
Carpenter, Beulah  7/6/02 HDR
Carpenter, Beulah Testerman 7/8/02 ONE
Carpenter, Beulah Testerman  7/7/02 HDR
Carpenter, Bobby Carroll  6/14/02 HDR
Carpenter, C. Harold Professor 6/6/03 ONE
Carpenter, Carolyn Crisp 1/19/98 HDR
Carpenter, Catherine Huffman 9/20/96 HDR
Carpenter, Catherine Huffman  9/19/96 ONE
Carpenter, Catherine Huffman  9/20/96 ONE
Carpenter, Charles F. "Ted" 10/13/97 HDR
Carpenter, Charles Harold  6/5/03 ONE
Carpenter, Charles Harold Professor 6/6/03 HDR
Carpenter, Charlie Dail  12/9/02 ONE
Carpenter, Charlie Dail  12/7/02 HDR
Carpenter, Columbus Jr.  5/11/03 HDR
Carpenter, Connie Velma 1/20/98 HDR
Carpenter, Cora 4/16/98 ONE
Carpenter, Cora Belle Arndt 4/17/98 ONE
Carpenter, Cora Belle Arndt 4/17/98 HDR
Carpenter, Corney Joe 9/22/00 ONE
Carpenter, Corney Joe  9/22/00 HDR
Carpenter, Coyte  10/22/94 HDR
Carpenter, Coyte Donald 10/21/94 ONE
Carpenter, Coyte Donald 10/24/94 ONE
Carpenter, Coyte Donald  10/21/94 HDR
Carpenter, Danny 1/26/97 HDR
Carpenter, Danny 1/24/97 HDR
Carpenter, Danny 11/27/99 HDR
Carpenter, David Jon 4/29/03 HDR
Carpenter, Deater Dallas  11/11/02 HDR
Carpenter, Dezzie N.  3/18/02 ONE
Carpenter, Dezzie N.  3/19/02 HDR
Carpenter, Dezzie Nell Sigmon 3/20/02 ONE
Carpenter, Dezzie Nell Sigmon  3/21/02 ONE
Carpenter, Dezzie Nell Sigmon  3/20/02 HDR
Carpenter, Diane Renee 1/26/05 HDR
Carpenter, Diane Renee 1/26/05 ONE
Carpenter, Donald William 5/31/98 HDR
Carpenter, Doris L.  6/14/05 HDR
Carpenter, Doris L.  6/13/05 ONE
Carpenter, Doris Lee Hager 6/15/05 HDR
Carpenter, Doris Lee Hager 6/15/05 ONE
Carpenter, Edith Black 6/29/99 HDR
Carpenter, Edward Hallman 7/4/97 HDR
Carpenter, Edward Hallman 7/4/97 ONE
Carpenter, Elizabeth "Libby" Hunsucker  9/2/02 ONE
Carpenter, Elizabeth “Libby” Hunsucker  9/2/02 HDR
Carpenter, Elizabeth Davis 10/17/98 HDR
Carpenter, Elizabeth H.  9/1/02 HDR
Carpenter, Elmer Charles 4/23/98 HDR
Carpenter, Emory Michael  1/21/03 HDR
Carpenter, Emory Michael  1/21/03 ONE
Carpenter, Estelle  4/18/05 ONE
Carpenter, Estelle Hefner 4/19/05 ONE
Carpenter, Estelle Hefner Mrs. 4/19/05 HDR
Carpenter, Eva S. 7/15/97 HDR
Carpenter, Eva S. 7/14/97 ONE
Carpenter, Evelyn Betty Strother 10/5/99 ONE
Carpenter, Evelyn Betty Strother  10/6/99 HDR
Carpenter, Evelyn Williams 6/25/96 HDR
Carpenter, Floyd B. "Shorty"  12/15/95 HDR
Carpenter, Floyd L. Sr.  11/21/94 HDR
Carpenter, Floyd L. Sr.  11/23/94 HDR
Carpenter, Fred Alexander 1/27/03 ONE
Carpenter, Fred Alexander  1/26/03 HDR
Carpenter, Fred M. 2/8/00 HDR
Carpenter, G. Mike 1/26/05 HDR
Carpenter, Gary Dwain  6/7/02 ONE
Carpenter, Gary Dwain  6/10/02 ONE
Carpenter, Gary Dwain  6/8/02 HDR
Carpenter, Gary Leon 12/30/94 ONE
Carpenter, Gary Leon  12/29/94 HDR
Carpenter, Gary Leon  12/30/94 HDR
Carpenter, Gervaise Owens Smith  11/1/93 HDR
Carpenter, Gilbert Frederick "Bert" (artist) 6/9/03 HDR
Carpenter, Glenn Mack 11/19/93 ONE
Carpenter, Glenn Mack 11/19/93 HDR
Carpenter, Glenn Mack 11/20/93 HDR
Carpenter, Glenn Michael 1/26/05 ONE
Carpenter, Haskell W. "Hack" 3/22/05 HDR
Carpenter, Hazel Rose Warren 12/17/03 ONE
Carpenter, Hazel Rose Warren  12/17/03 HDR
Carpenter, Henry C. 11/29/01 ONE
Carpenter, Henry Clay 12/1/01 HDR
Carpenter, Hester J. 1/3/97 HDR
Carpenter, Hester J. 1/3/97 ONE
Carpenter, Homer Landford  4/28/02 HDR
Carpenter, Howard Meek  8/29/95 HDR
Carpenter, Hubert Mosie 4/25/05 HDR
Carpenter, Jack Donald 10/14/00 HDR
Carpenter, James Beelar 11/17/98 HDR
Carpenter, James William "J.W." 9/18/93 HDR
Carpenter, Jesse Wilber 4/10/98 ONE
Carpenter, Jesse Wilbur  4/11/98 HDR
Carpenter, Joe  2/12/93 HDR
Carpenter, Joe "Tom" Thomas  11/8/02 ONE
Carpenter, Joe "Tom" Thomas  11/8/02 HDR
Carpenter, Joe Franklin  2/13/93 HDR
Carpenter, John Alton Sr. 3/6/02 HDR
Carpenter, John Edwin "Box Car" 2/27/04 ONE
Carpenter, John Henry 9/12/98 HDR
Carpenter, Johnsie Jones 12/17/97 HDR
Carpenter, Johnsie Jones  12/18/97 HDR
Carpenter, Johnsie Jones Mrs. 12/17/97 ONE
Carpenter, Johnsie Jones Mrs. 12/16/97 ONE
Carpenter, Johny (western film star)  3/7/03 HDR
Carpenter, Joyce Ann Ramsey 3/2/95 HDR
Carpenter, Joyce E.  1/1/03 HDR
Carpenter, Juanita Harrill 9/7/96 HDR
Carpenter, Julian A. (photographer) 1/9/95 HDR
Carpenter, Kathleen Link 11/2/94 HDR
Carpenter, Kenneth Ray 5/7/99 HDR
Carpenter, L. Herman "Coon" 5/29/03 ONE
Carpenter, L. Herman "Coon"  5/29/03 HDR
Carpenter, L. Herman "Coon"  5/30/03 HDR
Carpenter, Lambert W. 12/28/01 HDR
Carpenter, Leonard Hoke 1/2/01 ONE
Carpenter, Leonard Hoke  1/2/01 HDR
Carpenter, Lois Lenoir 6/18/05 HDR
Carpenter, Lora Benfield 11/30/93 HDR
Carpenter, Louise Killian 7/22/99 HDR
Carpenter, Lucille Ballard 1/6/98 HDR
Carpenter, M. Augusta "Gussie" 3/1/98 HDR
Carpenter, Mabel Townsend  5/2/01 HDR
Carpenter, Mack "Cotton" Dean 6/13/05 HDR
Carpenter, Margaret Ann Blalock 11/2/03 HDR
Carpenter, Margaret Ann Blalock 11/3/03 ONE
Carpenter, Margaret Plonk 3/17/00 ONE
Carpenter, Margaret Ruth Suttlemyer 10/16/95 HDR
Carpenter, Marion (photographer) 11/25/02 HDR
Carpenter, Mark Davis 11/22/00 HDR
Carpenter, Mary Estelle  11/16/96 HDR
Carpenter, Mary Estelle  11/15/96 ONE
Carpenter, Mary Sue Shrum 7/8/98 ONE
Carpenter, Mary Sue Shrum 7/8/98 HDR
Carpenter, Mary Sue Shrum 7/9/98 HDR
Carpenter, May Mundy Clifton 1/2/97 HDR
Carpenter, Minnie Bell "Sweet Mama"  9/7/01 HDR
Carpenter, Nancy Carolyn 5/8/97 HDR
Carpenter, Navey "Jack" Warlick 10/18/93 ONE
Carpenter, Navey "Jack" Warlick 10/17/93 HDR
Carpenter, Navey Warlick "Jack"  10/18/93 HDR
Carpenter, Odia Thomas  12/2/94 HDR
Carpenter, Ona Snow  12/28/04 ONE
Carpenter, Ralph 11/26/95 HDR
Carpenter, Ralph  1/27/01 HDR
Carpenter, Ralph Bennett The Rev.  2/17/05 HDR
Carpenter, Richard D. "Boe" 7/2/01 ONE
Carpenter, Richard D. "Boe"  7/3/01 HDR
Carpenter, Richard Everette Jr. 5/1/05 HDR
Carpenter, Robert Giles 6/30/96 HDR
Carpenter, Robert Giles 7/1/96 ONE
Carpenter, Robert Giles  7/1/96 HDR
Carpenter, Robert Lee 3/8/94 HDR
Carpenter, Robert Lee  "Bob" 3/10/94 HDR
Carpenter, Robert Lee "Bob" 3/9/94 ONE
Carpenter, Robert Lee "Bob" 3/10/94 ONE
Carpenter, Robert Lee "Bob" 3/9/94 HDR
Carpenter, Robert William 6/6/98 HDR
Carpenter, Roger Leon 6/27/99 HDR
Carpenter, Roger Leon 6/26/99 HDR
Carpenter, Roland Alexander Jr.  9/21/93 HDR
Carpenter, Roland Alexander Jr.  9/23/93 HDR
Carpenter, Roy Berman "Chuck" 7/12/94 ONE
Carpenter, Roy Berman "Chuck" 7/13/94 ONE
Carpenter, Roy Berman "Chuck" 7/12/94 HDR
Carpenter, Roy Berman "Chuck" 7/13/94 HDR
Carpenter, Ruby T. 4/27/98 ONE
Carpenter, Ruby T. 4/28/98 HDR
Carpenter, Ruth Herman 4/26/02 ONE
Carpenter, Ruth Herman  4/27/02 HDR
Carpenter, Ruth Herman  4/28/02 HDR
Carpenter, Ruth Rhodes 12/2/99 HDR
Carpenter, Scottie Elmer  12/28/96 HDR
Carpenter, Sharon Janet 4/16/01 HDR
Carpenter, Sharon Janet  4/17/01 HDR
Carpenter, Tami Lanaye 12/23/99 HDR
Carpenter, Thelma (singer) 5/18/97 HDR
Carpenter, Timothy Lee 10/1/95 HDR
Carpenter, Vergie Sumlin 3/2/98 HDR
Carpenter, Viola "Lovie" Herman 1/22/01 ONE
Carpenter, Viola "Lovie" Herman 1/21/01 HDR
Carpenter, Viola "Lovie" Herman 1/22/01 HDR
Carpenter, Virginia Stilwell 2/21/01 ONE
Carpenter, Virginia Stilwell 2/22/01 HDR
Carpenter, Virginia Stilwell  2/21/01 HDR
Carpenter, Wallace Eric  8/8/94 HDR
Carpenter, Wallace Eric (Page 3A) 8/9/94 HDR
Carpenter, Walter Tressel Jr. 12/5/00 HDR
Carpenter, Walter Tressel Jr. 12/4/00 HDR
Carpenter, Wayne Price 8/27/97 HDR
Carpenter, Wayne William 6/5/98 ONE
Carpenter, Wayne William 6/5/98 HDR
Carpenter, Winnie Hartsell 7/10/98 HDR
Carpeter, Louise Killian 7/22/99 ONE
Carpeter, Louise Killian 7/21/99 ONE
Carpy, Chuck 8/28/96 HDR
Carr, Allan 7/1/99 HDR
Carr, Billy Mack Rev. (died 01-20-1997)  (Page 5A) 1/28/99 HDR
Carr, Billy Matthew (died 01-20-1997)  (Page 5A) 1/28/99 HDR
Carr, Charlotte C. (died 01-20-1997)  (Page 5A) 1/28/99 HDR
Carr, Dorothy Horton 10/2/00 ONE
Carr, Dorothy Horton  10/3/00 HDR
Carr, Frederick W.  (WWII pilot & POW) 4/9/99 HDR
Carr, George Louis  12/7/05 HDR
Carr, George Louis  12/10/05 HDR
Carr, Harold 11/2/05 HDR
Carr, James Dickson (attorney) 1/7/94 HDR
Carr, Julie Faye Garrison  1/18/03 HDR
Carr, Lucien (journalist) 1/31/05 HDR
Carr, Marjorie Harris  10/12/97 HDR
Carr, Ronald L. Jr. (died 01-20-1997)  (Page 5A) 1/28/99 HDR
Carraway, Bob  (Page 1A) 5/5/99 HDR
Carraway, James Robert "Bob" 5/5/99 ONE
Carraway, James Robert "Bob" 5/6/99 HDR
Carraway, James Robert "Bob" 5/5/99 HDR
Carraway, Kenneth Walter 4/3/94 HDR
Carretta, Albert A.  12/6/96 HDR
Carrier, Bill J.  7/29/96 HDR
Carrier, Bill J.  7/28/96 HDR
Carrier, Garland "Cedric" Lendell 1/30/05 HDR
Carrier, Garland "Cedric" Lendell 1/31/05 ONE
Carrier, William S. Rev. 10/9/93 HDR
Carrigan, Asa O. 4/23/03 HDR
Carrigan, Benjamin Harris "Benny" 5/22/97 HDR
Carrigan, Betty Jane Rufty 1/6/97 HDR
Carrigan, Clyde Coolidge  10/26/01 HDR
Carrigan, David E. 1/26/97 HDR
Carrigan, Granville Smith 12/19/98 HDR
Carrigan, Jacqueline Saxon 4/8/97 HDR
Carrigan, Jacqueline Saxon 4/8/97 ONE
Carrigan, James Garfield "Ross" 6/28/99 HDR
Carrigan, Jimmy Edward  6/5/97 HDR
Carrigan, Larry L. 7/26/99 HDR
Carrigan, Mary Sue  11/21/96 HDR
Carrigan, Mary Sue McKinney 11/22/96 HDR
Carrigan, Richard Jessie  8/17/95 HDR
Carrigan, Richard Jessie  8/18/95 HDR
Carrigan, Ronald "Knox"  6/2/93 HDR
Carrigan, Sadie Little 9/2/03 HDR
Carrigan, Sam T.  11/11/03 HDR
Carrigan, Thelma Icenhour  9/8/95 HDR
Carrigan, Vergie Christine Warren  10/16/03 HDR
Carrigan, Vergie Christine Warren Mrs.  10/17/03 HDR
Carrigan, Wren 6/22/97 HDR
Carrillo, Isolina 2/23/96 HDR
Carringer, Arnold  5/14/94 HDR
Carringer, Arnold Lee "Smokey" 5/16/94 ONE
Carringer, Arnold Lee "Smokey" 5/15/94 HDR
Carringer, Julia Slaughter 12/13/93 HDR
Carringer, Julia Slaughter  12/13/93 ONE
Carrington, Alfred Randolph "Bud" 11/21/97 HDR
Carrington, Alfred Randolph "Bud" 11/21/97 ONE
Carrison, Nancy Claymore 9/4/03 HDR
Carrithers, James B. (AIDS activist) 2/19/93 HDR
Carroll, Ben H.  1/14/99 HDR
Carroll, Blanche Glazebrooks 2/18/97 HDR
Carroll, Blanche Glazebrooks 2/17/97 HDR
Carroll, Bobby  11/7/97 HDR
Carroll, Charles "Pat" 4/10/97 HDR
Carroll, Clint Jones  1/22/01 HDR
Carroll, Daniel Andrew 2/17/05 HDR
Carroll, David Noah  9/9/94 ONE
Carroll, David Noah  9/9/94 HDR
Carroll, David Noah  9/10/94 HDR
Carroll, Dorothy Ann  1/18/01 HDR
Carroll, Elcie  2/20/02 ONE
Carroll, Elcie Mae Whitlock 2/21/02 ONE
Carroll, Elcie Mae Whitlock  2/21/02 HDR
Carroll, Ethel Mae Hodges  1/28/00 HDR
Carroll, Gerald J. (naval pilot/author) 10/6/93 HDR
Carroll, Ginny  5/11/01 HDR
Carroll, Gladys Hasty  4/5/99 HDR
Carroll, Henry "Slim" O. 6/16/98 ONE
Carroll, Henry O. "Slim" 6/16/98 HDR
Carroll, Howard Dean 11/19/98 HDR
Carroll, Hugh John Sr. 10/15/00 HDR
Carroll, James Thomas "Jake"  5/27/02 ONE
Carroll, James Thomas "Jake"  5/27/02 HDR
Carroll, John Joseph  6/11/97 HDR
Carroll, Justin Colt (infant) 3/4/93 HDR
Carroll, Larry N.  3/1/05 ONE
Carroll, Larry Nelson 3/2/05 HDR
Carroll, Larry Nelson 3/2/05 ONE
Carroll, Lucille Bolick 8/26/01 HDR
Carroll, Marshall Lee 7/2/93 HDR
Carroll, Martha Russell 10/31/94 ONE
Carroll, Martha Russell  10/31/94 HDR
Carroll, Mary Ann Hefner 3/11/02 ONE
Carroll, Mary Ann Hefner  3/11/02 HDR
Carroll, Mary Columbia Smith 1/12/95 HDR
Carroll, Mary Jane Lay 11/2/99 ONE
Carroll, Mary Jane Lay 11/1/99 ONE
Carroll, Mary Jane Lay 11/2/99 HDR
Carroll, Mona Beth  6/28/97 HDR
Carroll, Noel 10/28/98 HDR
Carroll, Paul 4/17/97 HDR
Carroll, Paul  4/18/97 HDR
Carroll, Paul  4/17/97 ONE
Carroll, Pauline "Polly" Goodman Walther 6/11/05 HDR
Carroll, Roger Dale 9/17/02 ONE
Carroll, Roger Dale 9/18/02 ONE
Carroll, Roger Dale  9/18/02 HDR
Carroll, Rosetta Allen  1/9/00 HDR
Carroll, Shana Danielle 11/21/03 ONE
Carroll, Shana Danielle Miss 11/21/03 HDR
Carroll, Sharron Bishop  3/3/04 ONE
Carroll, Shirley Wilson 2/22/96 HDR
Carroll, Stella Sanford  9/22/96 HDR
Carroll, Stephen X. 12/17/01 HDR
Carroll, Thomas Edison 12/16/97 HDR
Carroll, William “Lee” 8/18/00 HDR
Carroll, William Donald Jr. 7/18/01 ONE
Carroll, William Donald Jr. 7/18/01 HDR
Carrowan, Ethel Midyette 3/9/00 ONE
Carrowan, Ethel Midyette  3/7/00 HDR
Carruthers, William  9/14/94 HDR
Carruthers, William Douglas 9/13/94 HDR
Carruthers, William Douglas  9/13/94 ONE
Carruthers, William Douglas  9/14/94 ONE
Carson, Alice  11/23/04 ONE
Carson, Annie Lucile  11/18/93 HDR
Carson, Audrey Sizemore 11/15/00 HDR
Carson, Burpee Frank 12/18/98 HDR
Carson, Charles "Kit" 7/21/95 HDR
Carson, Charles A.   7/19/95 HDR
Carson, Clemon Forsten  1/15/05 HDR
Carson, Donald Roy 5/21/98 HDR
Carson, Earl Gray 11/5/01 HDR
Carson, Gordon 10/15/96 HDR
Carson, Gordon 10/15/96 ONE
Carson, Gordon W.  10/14/96 HDR
Carson, Hester Tate 10/31/02 HDR
Carson, Howard W. (WV Senator) 8/10/94 HDR
Carson, James William "Bill" 9/7/01 ONE
Carson, James William "Bill"  9/7/01 HDR
Carson, Jirden John  6/1/95 HDR
Carson, Jirden John  6/2/95 HDR
Carson, Mae Etta Rutherford 6/9/00 HDR
Carson, Margaret "Buffy" 2/18/98 HDR
Carson, Mary  11/4/93 HDR
Carson, Mary Hazel Miller 1/26/95 HDR
Carson, Mary Hazel Miller 1/28/95 HDR
Carson, Matthew John Sr. 1/31/97 HDR
Carson, Matthew John Sr. 1/29/97 HDR
Carson, Mattie Hawkins  11/5/93 HDR
Carson, Minnie E. 7/5/01 ONE
Carson, Minnie E.  7/5/01 HDR
Carson, Nancy Sheldon 9/2/93 ONE
Carson, Nancy Sheldon 9/2/93 HDR
Carson, Sara Annette Tucker 9/20/94 HDR
Carson, Terry James 2/23/96 HDR
Carson, Victor L. Jr. Rev.  5/5/95 HDR
Carson, Victor L. Sr.  12/27/93 HDR
Carson, Victor Leroy Jr. Rev. 5/3/95 ONE
Carson, Victor Leroy Jr. Rev. 5/5/95 ONE
Carson, Victor Leroy Jr. Rev. 5/3/95 HDR
Carson, Violet Lee Haynes 12/5/93 HDR
Carson, Violet Lee Haynes  12/6/93 HDR
Carswell,  Nellie Mae Franklin 6/18/00 HDR
Carswell, Alma Louise "Sis" Hildebran  8/30/02 ONE
Carswell, Alma Louise “Sis”  8/29/02 HDR
Carswell, Alma Louise “Sis” Hildebran  8/30/02 HDR
Carswell, Alvin C. "Speedy"  5/22/02 HDR
Carswell, Andrew Parker  8/9/95 HDR
Carswell, Andrew Parker  8/10/95 HDR
Carswell, Angeline Hendrix 6/19/05 HDR
Carswell, Annie C. 2/14/97 HDR
Carswell, Annie Lou Orders 7/31/00 HDR
Carswell, Annie Sue Manning  8/22/96 HDR
Carswell, Arnold Lee 12/28/98 HDR
Carswell, Arthur 11/20/94 HDR
Carswell, Arthur  8/31/01 HDR
Carswell, Benny E.  9/1/95 HDR
Carswell, Bertha Elizabeth 1/8/99 HDR
Carswell, Blanche Clark  6/6/02 HDR
Carswell, Bonnie Lewis  10/12/95 HDR
Carswell, Bryte Wilson 1/11/98 HDR
Carswell, Charles  2/18/93 HDR
Carswell, Claudia Mae Crowley  12/27/03 HDR
Carswell, Corine Terry  1/22/03 HDR
Carswell, Daisy Elizabeth Starnes 6/3/96 HDR
Carswell, Darrell Charles  12/30/02 HDR
Carswell, Dewey W.  2/25/05 HDR
Carswell, Donald Reavis 12/27/05 HDR
Carswell, Donald Reavis 12/27/05 ONE
Carswell, Dorothy Mae 3/31/98 HDR
Carswell, Dorse 5/13/03 HDR
Carswell, Edgar  4/13/97 HDR
Carswell, Ellen 2/5/00 HDR
Carswell, Ellen 2/7/00 ONE
Carswell, Emma Lee Williams 5/27/00 HDR
Carswell, Ervin 2/7/97 HDR
Carswell, Ervin  8/11/99 HDR
Carswell, Eufola Brown  11/15/95 HDR
Carswell, Fannie "Granny" Leger  4/23/02 HDR
Carswell, Faye Bartlett  8/20/05 HDR
Carswell, Gilbert Ernest  12/31/03 HDR
Carswell, Grace Ellen 3/2/99 HDR
Carswell, Gracie Bell 3/7/98 HDR
Carswell, Guy  5/11/01 HDR
Carswell, Harold Calvin 3/22/94 HDR
Carswell, Harold Calvin 3/23/94 HDR
Carswell, Herman Ray 5/3/97 HDR
Carswell, Hester Poteet  5/10/96 HDR
Carswell, Ida Walker  10/2/95 HDR
Carswell, Isaac "Ike"  7/6/96 HDR
Carswell, J. B.  10/18/97 HDR
Carswell, Jack Elbert  6/24/94 HDR
Carswell, James Millard  5/22/94 HDR
Carswell, James Ray  12/6/05 HDR
Carswell, Johnny Orville  5/13/94 HDR
Carswell, Johnny Orville  (veteran) 5/14/94 HDR
Carswell, Joseph Daniel  2/2/02 HDR
Carswell, Joseph Daniel  2/4/02 HDR
Carswell, Judy 7/6/98 HDR
Carswell, Judy Ann Carter 7/7/98 ONE
Carswell, Judy Ann Carter 7/7/98 HDR
Carswell, Julia S. 10/14/97 HDR
Carswell, June Gwendola Icard 1/17/05 HDR
Carswell, Kathleen "Teen" 9/11/93 HDR
Carswell, Keith Douglas  6/22/93 HDR
Carswell, Keith Douglas  6/23/93 HDR
Carswell, Kenneth J. "Kenny" 1/30/05 HDR
Carswell, Lacie Young  8/22/02 HDR
Carswell, Lawrence 12/18/98 HDR
Carswell, Lawrence A.  1/23/95 HDR
Carswell, Lena Buff 8/4/97 HDR
Carswell, Leonard S.  5/18/02 HDR
Carswell, Leonard S. Sr. 5/19/02 HDR
Carswell, Lillian Hawkins 2/2/05 HDR
Carswell, Lola Watts Dale  12/27/93 HDR
Carswell, Lonnie James  7/3/01 HDR
Carswell, Mada Franklin  11/17/03 HDR
Carswell, Mae Hawkins 3/15/97 HDR
Carswell, Major 12/13/93 HDR
Carswell, Major  12/14/93 HDR
Carswell, Malcolm Taylor Jr.  11/24/03 HDR
Carswell, Mary Eloise Price Bryant 7/25/98 HDR
Carswell, Mary H. 9/9/99 HDR
Carswell, Mary Lee Goodson 7/3/99 HDR
Carswell, Matilda Moore (100 yoa) 12/21/97 HDR
Carswell, Matilda Moore (100 yoa) 12/22/97 ONE
Carswell, Melissa Jean 1/22/99 HDR
Carswell, Milburn Ray "Bud" 6/22/05 HDR
Carswell, Mildred Fox 2/19/98 HDR
Carswell, Mildred Mull  4/10/95 HDR
Carswell, Minnie Celia 2/1/98 HDR
Carswell, Minnie Naomi Coffey  5/31/93 HDR
Carswell, Myrle Evelyn McKinney 11/11/01 HDR
Carswell, Nancy Jane 1/16/94 HDR
Carswell, Oliver  2/14/02 HDR
Carswell, Ora Lee Duckworth 5/31/05 HDR
Carswell, Ottie Mae  5/15/94 HDR
Carswell, Pearl H.  8/28/02 HDR
Carswell, Peggy Davis 6/11/01 HDR
Carswell, Ramon Joseph 6/24/94 HDR
Carswell, Raymond P. "Ray" Jr. 4/23/05 HDR
Carswell, Raymond Preston Sr. 2/1/99 HDR
Carswell, Reginald Scott 3/20/98 HDR
Carswell, Rex Jerry 6/4/99 HDR
Carswell, Riley Dale 3/3/00 HDR
Carswell, Robert Dean 1/11/96 HDR
Carswell, Robert Lee Sr. 1/19/97 HDR
Carswell, Rosa Lee Brown Whisnant 1/25/96 HDR
Carswell, Ruby Eloise Taylor  6/2/93 HDR
Carswell, Ruby Keller 4/9/05 HDR
Carswell, Ruth Mattewson  4/20/02 HDR
Carswell, Sara Helen Holmes 6/10/05 HDR
Carswell, Tiffany Lynn 8/4/97 HDR
Carswell, Tiffany Lynn (Page 3A) 8/4/97 HDR
Carswell, Tony Jackson 11/28/95 HDR
Carswell, Wallace Robert 4/28/99 HDR
Carswell, Walter Warren  10/11/95 ONE
Carswell, Walter Warren  10/11/95 HDR
Carswell, Walter Warren  10/12/95 HDR
Carswell, Willard Franklin 11/16/01 HDR
Carswell, Willard Franklin  11/16/01 ONE
Carswell, William Boyd "Bill" 6/11/93 HDR
Carswell, William Edward 12/20/05 HDR
Carswell, William Reece 3/11/98 HDR
Carswell, Worth Leffman 11/8/96 HDR
Carswell, Zena Smith  6/4/94 HDR
Carter, Adrienne S. "Ady" 1/24/98 HDR
Carter, Adrienne Stanus 1/25/98 HDR
Carter, Amy Elizabeth 3/25/98 HDR
Carter, Anita 7/30/99 HDR
Carter, Ann Elizabeth "Betty" 4/19/05 HDR
Carter, Annie Lee Mundy Sigmon 9/5/93 HDR
Carter, Annie Lee Mundy Sigmon Mrs. 9/6/93 ONE
Carter, Augusta B. "Gus" 12/19/00 ONE
Carter, Augusta B. “Gus” 12/20/00 HDR
Carter, Austin Zane 3/10/99 HDR
Carter, Benny (jazz great) 7/15/03 HDR
Carter, Betty 9/28/98 ONE
Carter, Betty 9/29/98 HDR
Carter, Betty Collins 10/20/97 ONE
Carter, Betty Collins  10/19/97 HDR
Carter, Betty Werlein 3/4/00 HDR
Carter, Casey L. 8/22/05 HDR
Carter, Charlene Fields  6/19/01 HDR
Carter, Charles Robert 3/27/99 HDR
Carter, Donald "Spanky" 5/28/00 HDR
Carter, Donald Hayes  7/19/94 ONE
Carter, Donald Hayes  7/19/94 HDR
Carter, Donald Ray England Sr. 1/27/99 HDR
Carter, Dorothy Hilton 8/28/98 HDR
Carter, Edith Clark 1/22/00 HDR
Carter, Edna 12/24/95 HDR
Carter, Edna Church 12/26/95 HDR
Carter, Edna Sloan  3/30/02 HDR
Carter, Edna Sloan  3/31/02 HDR
Carter, Emma Virginia  6/20/02 HDR
Carter, Fannie Pearson 5/30/00 HDR
Carter, Flossie Bernice Campbell 4/5/02 ONE
Carter, Flossie Bernice Campbell  4/6/02 HDR
Carter, Gary Nelson (veteran) 12/19/95 HDR
Carter, Gary Nelson (veteran) 12/20/95 HDR
Carter, Gibsey Mitchell 8/25/97 HDR
Carter, Gladys Lowe  9/12/96 HDR
Carter, Guerry Garland  1/24/96 HDR
Carter, Harold Lee "Doc" 9/8/95 ONE
Carter, Harold Lee "Doc" 9/8/95 HDR
Carter, Harold Lee "Doc" 9/9/95 HDR
Carter, Helen 6/5/98 HDR
Carter, Helene B. 4/29/99 HDR
Carter, Henry Pressley Jr. 9/14/98 HDR
Carter, Herbert Lee 10/30/01 ONE
Carter, Herbert Lee  10/31/01 HDR
Carter, Herman Inell 9/23/98 HDR
Carter, Hugh Alton Sr. 6/30/99 HDR
Carter, Inez Williams 11/19/98 HDR
Carter, Isabelle Snipes 8/16/93 HDR
Carter, James “Jim”  3/2/03 HDR
Carter, Jamie Todd  12/4/95 ONE
Carter, Jamie Todd  12/3/95 HDR
Carter, Jamie Todd  12/4/95 HDR
Carter, Jimmy Dale 2/27/00 HDR
Carter, Jimmy Dale 2/28/00 ONE
Carter, Joe Dougherty (musician--The Carter Fold) 3/5/05 HDR
Carter, Katherine Blanche 2/18/98 HDR
Carter, Kevin (Photographer--Pulitzer Prize) 7/29/94 HDR
Carter, Khadijah 1/28/98 HDR
Carter, Lawrence Ray 9/11/96 HDR
Carter, Lawrence Ray 9/12/96 HDR
Carter, Lawrence Ray  9/10/96 ONE
Carter, Mae Mason  8/10/94 HDR
Carter, Mamie Louise Shields 8/18/05 ONE
Carter, Mamie Louise Shields  8/19/05 HDR
Carter, Margaret Ann  4/15/01 HDR
Carter, Margaret Hartley 5/27/97 HDR
Carter, Mary Juanita Haney 5/19/05 HDR
Carter, Morris Calvin 12/30/99 ONE
Carter, Morris Calvin 12/31/99 HDR
Carter, Nancy Fry  6/3/94 HDR
Carter, Naomi Annas 9/4/97 HDR
Carter, Nathan Andrew (infant) 1/25/02 HDR
Carter, Nell (actress)  1/24/03 HDR
Carter, Nora Marie 12/11/00 HDR
Carter, Nora Marie 12/11/00 ONE
Carter, Patricia M.  3/23/01 HDR
Carter, Peggy Marie Casto  1/5/04 ONE
Carter, Peggy Sue Wilhelm  12/17/93 HDR
Carter, Ralph William "Bill" Jr. 6/2/96 HDR
Carter, Robert Alexander Jr. 9/18/03 HDR
Carter, Robert Lee  5/7/93 ONE
Carter, Robert Lee Jr. 5/7/93 HDR
Carter, Roger Conant Jr. 9/15/00 HDR
Carter, Roy A. Sr.  6/29/03 HDR
Carter, Ruby Lynn Robinson 5/27/97 HDR
Carter, Ruby Lynn Robinson 5/25/97 HDR
Carter, Russell 2/16/99 HDR
Carter, Russell L. 8/18/96 HDR
Carter, Ruth Jones 10/29/03 HDR
Carter, Samuel T. 2/10/03 ONE
Carter, Samuel T.  2/8/03 HDR
Carter, Samuel T.  2/9/03 HDR
Carter, Samuel T.  2/10/03 HDR
Carter, Sarah Miller Smyre 7/11/94 ONE
Carter, Sarah Miller Smyre  7/11/94 HDR
Carter, Stan (AP reporter) 1/6/94 HDR
Carter, Stephanie Lynn (Page 2A) 12/16/01 HDR
Carter, Thad Moore 5/10/93 HDR
Carter, Thomas Eugene  9/19/02 HDR
Carter, Tinnie Campbell 11/6/05 HDR
Carter, Tinnie Campbell Mrs. 11/8/05 HDR
Carter, Verona Bell Turbyfill 9/27/00 HDR
Carter, Verona Bell Turbyfill 9/26/00 ONE
Carter, Willie Beulah Bennett 6/10/01 HDR
Carter, Woodsie H. 4/14/98 HDR
Carter-Ruck Peter (litigator) 12/25/03 HDR
Cartland, Barbara Dame 5/22/00 HDR
Cartledge, Ned  9/26/01 HDR
Cartner, Robert Eugene (Gene) 5/30/99 HDR
Cartrette, James Keith "Jim"  9/16/05 HDR
Cartwright, Charles V. Sr.  12/24/03 HDR
Cartwright, Maxine S.  5/24/03 HDR
Carufel, John Bradfield (opera singer) 7/23/03 HDR
Caruso, Anthony (western film star)  4/7/03 HDR
Carver Mozelle Brinkley  5/29/01 HDR
Carver, Anna H. 3/16/93 HDR
Carver, Anna Marie Lowman 1/27/94 HDR
Carver, Bertha Allia Senter 2/7/99 HDR
Carver, Bessie Benfield  12/26/03 HDR
Carver, Bessie Benfield  12/27/03 HDR
Carver, Beulah Naomi Yost 7/16/98 ONE
Carver, Beulah Naomi Yost 7/16/98 HDR
Carver, Billy West 3/24/03 ONE
Carver, Billy West  3/23/03 HDR
Carver, Charles Elmer 11/23/00 HDR
Carver, Claude Joseph 4/22/94 HDR
Carver, Claude Joseph 4/24/94 HDR
Carver, Clydie  7/9/93 HDR
Carver, Clydie Cora Cooke  7/10/93 HDR
Carver, Danny Ray 9/26/93 HDR
Carver, Danny Ray  9/27/93 ONE
Carver, Emily Grant 10/22/99 HDR
Carver, Franklin Rea 3/11/99 HDR
Carver, Franklin Rea 3/12/99 HDR
Carver, George Elmer 3/22/01 HDR
Carver, J.D.  7/2/03 HDR
Carver, J.D.  7/1/03 ONE
Carver, Jack Jay Caney 2/8/94 HDR
Carver, Jay C. 3/21/01 HDR
Carver, Julia A.  5/8/05 HDR
Carver, Lord 12/13/01 HDR
Carver, Nordean  7/17/05 HDR
Carver, Raymond Lewis 1/11/01 HDR
Carver, Rebecca Propst  1/23/04 ONE
Carver, Sandra Price  5/6/02 HDR
Carver, Sonora Webster (rider--inspired Disney movie)  9/25/03 HDR
Carver, Tina Elizabeth "Beth" Stafford 12/28/93 HDR
Carver, Tina Elizabeth Stafford "Beth" 12/29/93 HDR
Carver, Willis  10/9/03 HDR
Carwell, Kenneth James "Kenny" 1/28/05 HDR
Carzou, Jean 8/23/00 HDR
Casadesus, Gaby  11/24/99 HDR
Casali, John L. "Jack" 10/31/02 ONE
Casali, John L. "Jack" 11/1/02 HDR
Casanova, Mary Elizabeth Carson 3/5/94 HDR
Casaroli, Agostino Cardinal 6/13/98 HDR
Casas, Jose Trinidad Villa (last surviving son of "Pancho" Villa) 7/31/93 HDR
Case, David Wayne  2/16/96 HDR
Case, Dorothy Armstrong  3/7/03 HDR
Case, Elizabeth O'Connor  11/23/94 HDR
Case, Weldon W. 10/5/99 HDR
Casebolt, Barry 4/22/97 HDR
Caselotti, Adriana (Snow White's voice) 1/21/97 HDR
Casey, Claude 6/7/00 HDR
Casey, Claude  6/7/00 ONE
Casey, David Nathaniel 4/3/05 HDR
Casey, Jane Ann  2/27/03 HDR
Casey, Joseph 12/2/99 HDR
Casey, Joseph "Joe" (editor) 12/1/99 HDR
Casey, Nathaniel (Page 1D) 12/13/01 HDR
Casey, Richard John Jr. 4/14/00 HDR
Casey, Robert J. 12/28/00 HDR
Casey, Robert P. (Former PA Gov.) 6/2/00 HDR
Casey, Tom 5/22/97 HDR
Casey, Tom 5/21/97 HDR
Casey, Venora Allen 2/12/93 HDR
Casey, Verona Allen 2/11/93 HDR
Cash, Alvin 12/6/99 HDR
Cash, Betty Laura  5/21/01 HDR
Cash, Dorothy Martin Mrs. 8/29/03 HDR
Cash, Dylan Scott "Little Man" 9/22/93 HDR
Cash, Dylan Scott "Little Man" 9/23/93 HDR
Cash, Dylan Scott "Little Man" 9/24/93 HDR
Cash, Dylan Scott "Little Man" (infant) 9/23/93 ONE
Cash, Ella Blanche Smith  9/9/01 HDR
Cash, Erma Huffman  8/28/96 HDR
Cash, Francis Stegall 11/12/05 HDR
Cash, Harold Ralph  2/13/02 HDR
Cash, Jack Eugene 5/10/01 HDR
Cash, James McDaniel 2/2/99 HDR
Cash, Jim 3/28/00 HDR
Cash, June Carter (singer/songwriter/musician/actress/author) 5/18/03 HDR
Cash, L.C.  7/3/95 HDR
Cash, Marvin Ray 7/2/96 ONE
Cash, Marvin Ray  7/3/96 HDR
Cash, Matilda Jones 2/23/96 HDR
Cash, Rosalind (actress)  11/3/95 HDR
Cash, William Marvin 6/17/97 HDR
Cash, William Marvin 6/16/97 ONE
Cashen, Raymond  8/11/96 HDR
Cashion, Bertie Gantt  7/2/95 HDR
Cashion, Carolyn Allen 8/16/03 HDR
Cashion, Gary Ralph 9/19/03 ONE
Cashion, Gary Ralph  9/19/03 HDR
Cashion, Leonard L. 2/16/98 ONE
Cashion, Leonard L. 2/15/98 HDR
Cashion, Louise Reavis 12/27/95 HDR
Cashion, William “Barney” Forrest  7/6/02 HDR
Cashwell, Richard  7/2/93 ONE
Cashwell, Richard  7/2/93 HDR
Cashwell, Richard Moses 7/5/93 ONE
Cashwell, Richard Moses 7/3/93 HDR
Caskaddon, Donna Rose McReynolds  7/5/02 HDR
Caskaddon, John Henry 8/6/98 HDR
Caskey, Neal Hubbard Jr. 1/24/03 HDR
Caskey, Neal Hubbard Sr. 10/17/01 ONE
Caskey, Neal Hubbard Sr. 10/18/01 HDR
Caspar-Jordan, Claude (founder of the French Language Service for AP) 10/5/94 HDR
Casper, Aderon  6/6/94 HDR
Casper, Aderon Thomas  6/7/94 HDR
Casper, Doris Isabel Reynolds 12/3/01 ONE
Casper, Doris Isabel Reynolds 12/2/01 HDR
Cass, Glen 8/6/01 HDR
Cass, John Meredith 3/17/03 ONE
Cass, John Meredith  3/16/03 HDR
Cass, Ula Eller "Sis" 12/31/96 ONE
Cassada, Daphne Russell  12/12/03 HDR
Cassel, Robert Leon III (page 2A) 1/15/01 HDR
Cassell, Eliza Camden  7/23/93 HDR
Cassels, Minnie Belle  2/21/02 HDR
Cassels, Oscar Lee 11/24/98 HDR
Cassenti, Felix Charles 7/21/97 ONE
Cassenti, Felix Charles  7/19/97 HDR
Cassibry, Fred  7/9/96 HDR
Cassidy, Anna Wanamaker  2/22/02 HDR
Cassidy, Bobby Willard 8/23/00 HDR
Cassidy, Carol Marie  3/3/93 HDR
Cassidy, Carol Marie  3/4/93 HDR
Cassidy, Clark “Buck”  9/22/02 HDR
Cassidy, Claudia  7/23/96 HDR
Cassidy, Colene Clark 2/17/99 HDR
Cassidy, Edwin Michael  12/18/03 HDR
Cassidy, Henry Willard  1/24/02 HDR
Cassidy, Paul Gray  7/2/02 HDR
Cassilly, Richard 2/7/98 HDR
Cassini, Vivian L.  4/18/95 HDR
Cassini, Vivian Lorraine 4/19/95 HDR
Casson, Hugh Sir 8/18/99 HDR
Casstevens, Pauline Dula  4/24/95 HDR
Castagnole, Zachary 11/27/01 HDR
Castaneda, Jorge  12/13/97 HDR
Casteel, Majora May Kisling 3/30/05 HDR
Casteel, Margie Kay  4/10/05 HDR
Casteel, Martha Steffey 4/7/00 HDR
Casteel, Martha Steffey 4/7/00 ONE
Casteel, William 7/11/05 ONE
Casteel, William  7/9/05 HDR
Castellanos, Alejandro Vega 3/3/99 ONE
Castellanos, Alejandro Vega 3/3/99 HDR
Castelli, Leo 8/24/99 HDR
Castillo, Hernando Santos 4/23/99 HDR
Castle, Richard 9/3/96 ONE
Castner, Betty Mae Shook 9/11/96 HDR
Castro, Mathilda "Mady"  10/16/05 HDR
Catalinotto, Martha Whisenant  1/19/99 HDR
Catalinotto, Sal R.  12/1/03 HDR
Catchings, Annie Faye Sherrill 6/7/00 HDR
Catchings, Annie Faye Sherrill 6/6/00 ONE
Cate, Byron Lee Sr. 4/15/98 HDR
Cater, Barbara Ann Beatty  2/21/95 HDR
Cater, Kenneth E.  1/2/04 ONE
Cater, Kenneth E.  1/5/04 ONE
Cater, Robert Lee 2/12/99 HDR
Cates, Catherine Judd 2/3/97 HDR
Cates, Chandler James (infant) 4/1/97 HDR
Cates, Larry Warren 3/29/01 ONE
Cates, Larry Warren  3/29/01 HDR
Cates, Thomas Harding 4/5/01 HDR
Cathcart, Charles Richard "Dick" (trumpeter) 11/14/93 HDR
Catlin, Stanton L. 11/29/97 HDR
Cato, Bailey Noelle (Infant) 8/11/01 HDR
Cato, Louise 10/23/98 HDR
Cato, Louise 10/24/98 HDR
Catoe, Ray C. Sr. 3/9/02 HDR
Caton, Virginia Dare Bumgarner 1/7/99 HDR
Catona, Kayla Renee  10/1/98 HDR
Catron, George William  10/11/02 HDR
Catron, George William  10/12/02 HDR
Cauble, Frances Shuford 8/30/01 ONE
Cauble, Frances Shuford 8/27/01 ONE
Cauble, Frances Shuford  8/26/01 HDR
Cauble, Frances Shuford  8/30/01 HDR
Cauble, Marty Leon 12/24/97 HDR
Cauble, Nell Evangeline 7/18/98 HDR
Cauble, Phyllis Dupille 11/4/00 HDR
Cauble, Phyllis Dupille  11/6/00 ONE
Caudill, Cyril McDevit  3/13/02 HDR
Caudill, Gladys Lucille Vines 5/8/00 HDR
Caudill, Holly 8/30/99 HDR
Caudle, Betty Sue Oliver Cook 12/2/05 HDR
Caudle, Charles Louis (veteran) 4/25/94 HDR
Caudle, Donna Michelle Tallent 6/28/97 HDR
Caudle, Donna T.  (Page 1A) 6/26/97 HDR
Caudle, Donna Tallent 6/26/97 ONE
Caudle, Edith Blanche Mull 3/20/97 HDR
Caudle, Inez Hamby  7/4/95 HDR
Caudle, Jess Millard Jr. 4/26/97 HDR
Caudle, Jess Millard Jr. 4/25/97 ONE
Caudle, Lester Carl  Jr. 7/7/05 HDR
Caudle, Lola Fritz 5/22/99 HDR
Caudle, Mary Ann Miller 12/14/98 ONE
Caudle, Mary Ann Miller 12/13/98 HDR
Caudle, Mary Ann Miller 12/14/98 HDR
Caudle, Robert 5/8/97 HDR
Caudle, Robert Howard 5/9/97 HDR
Caudle, Robert Howard 5/8/97 ONE
Caudle, Thomas William 3/11/96 ONE
Caudle, Tyler 6/26/97 ONE
Caudle, Tyler  (Page 1A) 6/26/97 HDR
Caudle, William Anderson 4/3/01 HDR
Caugh, Evelyn S.  6/18/96 HDR
Caulder, Loria S. 9/12/01 ONE
Caulder, Loria S. 9/11/01 ONE
Caulder, Loria S. 9/13/01 HDR
Caulder, Loria S.  9/12/01 HDR
Caupp, Clemmie Fred 1/21/99 HDR
Causby, "Bud" Edward Eugene  12/1/93 HDR
Causby, Alan Ray 1/24/94 HDR
Causby, Alvin E.  12/28/02 HDR
Causby, Aray Ashford "Booge" 11/20/99 HDR
Causby, Bertha Hicks  10/26/01 HDR
Causby, Bessie Ray 9/30/01 HDR
Causby, Bryce Austin 5/26/05 HDR
Causby, Bryce Austin 5/27/05 HDR
Causby, Caleb Michael 8/4/99 ONE
Causby, Caleb Michael 8/4/99 HDR
Causby, Celia Emma Burns  12/29/02 HDR
Causby, David Thomas "Tom" 6/19/05 HDR
Causby, Dewey H. 12/4/98 HDR
Causby, Edward Eugene "Bud"  12/2/93 HDR
Causby, Elaine Costner 12/22/01 HDR
Causby, Frank 7/2/02 HDR
Causby, Frank J.  5/24/02 HDR
Causby, Gary William "Squeak"  8/25/05 HDR
Causby, Geneva  11/22/93 HDR
Causby, Geneva Bailey 11/23/93 HDR
Causby, Gladys Decker 3/13/00 HDR
Causby, Gladys Decker 3/12/00 HDR
Causby, Gracey Clontz  12/31/94 HDR
Causby, Jennifer Elaine  12/27/04 ONE
Causby, Jimmy  6/21/03 HDR
Causby, Jimmy Harrison 8/1/05 HDR
Causby, Joe Ben 7/20/99 HDR
Causby, Katelyn Michelle 3/10/97 HDR
Causby, Katelyn Michelle  3/9/97 HDR
Causby, Louise Pearson 5/1/97 HDR
Causby, Louise Pollard  7/8/99 HDR
Causby, Marilyn Wheeling  4/22/02 HDR
Causby, Mary Frances "Rudy" 12/30/01 HDR
Causby, Mattie Mae  9/22/02 HDR
Causby, Rachel Ross 4/20/94 HDR
Causby, Robert Mills 7/29/03 HDR
Causby, Viola Mae Chester 1/24/00 HDR
Causby, Walker L. "Bud" 2/4/00 HDR
Causby, Wayne Leon 11/19/97 HDR
Causby, Willie Octavia Queen (101 yoa) 4/23/01 HDR
Causby, Zula Gates  10/22/93 HDR
Causby, Zula Gates  10/23/93 HDR
Causey, Leavelle Rogers  1/3/03 HDR
Cauthen, Bertha Sipe 6/3/02 ONE
Cauthen, Bertha Sipe  6/2/02 HDR
Cauthen, Bobby Lester 6/29/98 ONE
Cauthen, Bobby Lester 6/28/98 HDR
Cauthen, Mary Evelyn Finger 11/10/97 ONE
Cauthen, Mel "Bud" 11/19/04 ONE
Cauthen, Mel "Butch" 11/18/04 ONE
Cauthen, Minas 10/14/97 HDR
Cauthen, Minas Sr. 10/15/97 HDR
Cauthen, Ruby Johnson 11/5/05 HDR
Cauthen, Ruby Johnson 11/7/05 ONE
Cauthen, Tee Willa 3/11/97 HDR
Cauthen, Tee Willa 3/12/97 ONE
Cauthen, Tee Willa (Page 4A) 3/12/97 HDR
Cavallaro, Laurie Jean 9/16/97 HDR
Cavanagh, Thomas J. Jr. 8/5/96 HDR
Cavataro, Nicholas T. (A.P. reporter) 5/7/94 HDR
Cavender, Edwin Everett 1/24/01 HDR
Cavender, Maggie 3/25/96 ONE
Caveny, Cecile Tucker 8/16/99 HDR
Caveny, Charles Ramseur 9/25/01 HDR
Cavin, Bonnie Robinette  10/21/02 HDR
Cavin, Doris Keever 2/6/01 HDR
Cavin, Doris Keever  2/6/01 ONE
Cavin, Edward Keith  2/12/93 HDR
Cavin, Frances Sherrill 3/1/96 HDR
Cavin, Hoyte E.  4/24/03 HDR
Caviness, Daisy Cooper 9/11/98 HDR
Caviness, Daisy Cooper  9/11/98 ONE
Caviness, John Delon 9/13/00 HDR
Caviness, John Delon 9/12/00 ONE
Caviness, John Delon  9/12/00 HDR
Caviniss, David B. (veteran)  11/30/95 HDR
Cawley, Edith Huntley 7/9/03 HDR
Cayne, Marcia Liebert  8/12/95 HDR
Cecchi, Matthew Louis  (Page 3A) 11/16/98 HDR
Cecil, Charles Mitchell 7/17/02 ONE
Cecil, Charles Mitchell  7/16/02 HDR
Cecil, Charles Mitchell  7/17/02 HDR
Cecil, Desola Weaver  10/9/05 HDR
Cecil, Linda Carole Spicer  10/3/03 HDR
Cecil, Margaret Arlene Martin 8/12/99 ONE
Cecil, Margaret Arlene Martin 8/12/99 HDR
Cecil, Margaret Martin 8/11/99 ONE
Celebrezze, Anthony J. 11/2/98 HDR
Celibidache, Sergiu (composer) 8/16/96 HDR
Cesar, Michael  2/2/95 HDR
Cha, Lo' Mee 5/19/03 HDR
Cha, Lo' Mee 5/19/03 ONE
Cha, Tia  6/14/01 HDR
Cha, Tia Mrs. 6/14/01 ONE
Chabola, Judy 5/15/99 HDR
Chabot, Lucy Mae 7/6/97 HDR
Chacel, Rosa (writer) 7/29/94 HDR
Chadwick, Florence (swimmer) 3/19/95 HDR
Chadwick, Gloria 8/1/95 HDR
Chafee, John 10/26/99 HDR
Chaffin, Beulah Landreau 9/23/96 HDR
Chaffin, Lavor K.  1/14/00 HDR
Chafin, Tina 6/9/01 HDR
Chagra, Elizabeth Nichols 9/14/97 HDR
Chaikowsky, Hedvik "Helen"  1/16/02 HDR
Chaikowsky, Hedvik "Helen"  1/17/02 HDR
Chaikowsky, Hedvik "Helen" Mrs. 1/16/02 ONE
Chalem, Alain (Page 3D) 10/28/99 HDR
Chall, Jeanne S.  12/3/99 HDR
Challender, Eva Bumgarner Lowman 11/23/95 HDR
Chalmers, Anne Lomax  7/9/93 HDR
Chalmers, Arvis  12/7/96 HDR
Chamberlain, Charles W. (AP newsman) 3/26/94 HDR
Chamberlain, John R.  4/11/95 HDR
Chamberlin, Bradley 8/27/99 HDR
Chamberlin, Harrie Rogers Dr. 9/4/98 HDR
Chambers, Billy Joe 10/25/99 HDR
Chambers, Clarence Edward “Bamp” 7/2/00 HDR
Chambers, Emma J. 3/4/99 HDR
Chambers, George 7/16/99 HDR
Chambers, Jay Paul 4/4/00 HDR
Chambers, John Henry Rev. 9/18/98 HDR
Chambers, John Jefferson 3/3/95 ONE
Chambers, John Jefferson 3/3/95 HDR
Chambers, Julia Mae 8/10/99 HDR
Chambers, Mamie Lee Avery 4/6/93 HDR
Chambers, Myrtle Friday 3/13/96 HDR
Chambers, Rebecca Jane  8/9/04 ONE
Chambers, Rebecca Jane  8/10/04 ONE
Chambers, Rebecca Jane  8/11/04 ONE
Chambers, Richard H. (judge) 10/24/94 HDR
Chambers, Robert G. 2/1/02 ONE
Chambers, Robert Gerald  2/1/02 HDR
Chambers, Stephen Todd  3/16/97 HDR
Chambers, Vera Miller 9/19/99 HDR
Chambers, Vera Miller 9/17/99 HDR
Chamblee, William Horace 9/15/97 HDR
Chamblee, William Horace  9/14/97 HDR
Champion, Ben "Doug"  9/3/01 HDR
Champion, Conrad Ezell 12/23/05 HDR
Champion, Edna M. 1/3/96 HDR
Champion, Edna M. 1/3/96 ONE
Champion, Edna Mae Gibbs 1/5/96 HDR
Champion, Edna Mae Gibbs 1/4/96 ONE
Champion, Eugenia "Jeanie"  4/6/00 HDR
Champion, Garland Russell "Champ"  1/16/01 HDR
Champion, Mike 3/16/01 ONE
Champion, Vivian Eaker 8/1/02 HDR
Chancellor, John   7/14/96 HDR
Chandler, Alvin  6/11/98 HDR
Chandler, Betty Jean 6/19/98 ONE
Chandler, Betty Jean 6/22/98 ONE
Chandler, Betty Jean 6/22/98 HDR
Chandler, Betty Jean Ballard 6/19/98 HDR
Chandler, Charles “Charlie” Edward  8/6/02 HDR
Chandler, Clarence "Shorty" 12/31/98 HDR
Chandler, Claude Thomsas  2/1/01 HDR
Chandler, David (reporter/author) 1/26/94 HDR
Chandler, Dorothy Buffum (philanthropist) 7/8/97 HDR
Chandler, Effie Belle Craig 6/5/99 HDR
Chandler, Erica Macy  6/9/01 HDR
Chandler, Ethel Berry  8/6/93 HDR
Chandler, Ethel Berry  8/7/93 HDR
Chandler, Helen Christine Walsh 12/16/05 HDR
Chandler, Iva Lee Revis Mrs. 10/12/97 HDR
Chandler, Jack Bernard The Rev. 3/20/05 HDR
Chandler, Jack Bernard The Rev.  3/21/05 ONE
Chandler, Joseph Lloyd "Joey" 7/13/99 HDR
Chandler, Lewis  1/21/95 HDR
Chandler, Mattie Estes  3/1/95 HDR
Chandler, Minnie Beatrice  8/9/02 HDR
Chandler, Muriel G.  4/26/02 HDR
Chandler, Muriel G.  4/27/02 HDR
Chandler, Pauline Story  12/7/97 HDR
Chandler, Thomas Lee "Tommy"  1/11/93 HDR
Chandler, Tony Allen 5/31/05 ONE
Chandler, Vidy Virginia 2/16/94 HDR
Chandler, Vidy Virginia Flemings 2/17/94 HDR
Chandler, Wade Sherman 4/8/01 HDR
Chandler, Wesley Clayman  8/22/95 HDR
Chaney, Charles  1/23/94 HDR
Chaney, Charles Luther 1/21/94 HDR
Chaney, Charles Luther 1/22/94 HDR
Chaney, Jimmy Ray  6/3/02 HDR
Chaney, John Clayton "J. C. "  9/6/02 ONE
Chaney, John Clayton (infant) (Page 1) 9/5/02 ONE
Chaney, John Clayton “J.C.”  9/6/02 HDR
Chaney, John Richard  1/10/03 HDR
Chaney, Mary Inez Parson 5/11/01 ONE
Chaney, Mary Inez Parsons 5/12/01 HDR
Chaney, Reba Brown  1/10/03 HDR
Chaney, Vivian Marie Spicer  6/3/02 HDR
Chang, Lor 1/12/01 ONE
Chang, Lor 1/12/01 HDR
Chanin, Marcy  3/14/97 HDR
Chanthasouxat, Souvith 8/6/98 ONE
Chanthasouxat, Souvith 8/6/98 HDR
Chaparro, Ramon  1/25/01 HDR
Chapin, Elizabeth Steinway (Steinway piano family) 6/18/93 HDR
Chapin, Thomas 2/17/98 HDR
Chaplin, Saul (songwriter) 11/20/97 HDR
Chaplin, Willie Jr. 4/23/97 HDR
Chapman, Anita Crews  7/18/03 HDR
Chapman, Beatrice Sparks 11/19/98 ONE
Chapman, Beatrice Sparks 11/20/98 HDR
Chapman, Beatrice Sparks  11/20/98 ONE
Chapman, Belzura  2/8/93 HDR
Chapman, Belzura  2/9/93 HDR
Chapman, Bertha Franklin  8/22/93 HDR
Chapman, Bertha Seagle  2/10/02 HDR
Chapman, Bessie Mae Goins 6/5/97 HDR
Chapman, Bessie Mae Goins  6/6/97 HDR
Chapman, Betty Martin 1/8/97 HDR
Chapman, Beulah Dyson  4/19/02 HDR
Chapman, Billy 8/3/95 HDR
Chapman, Billy 8/4/95 HDR
Chapman, Blanche Spencer 9/15/99 HDR
Chapman, Bliff William 6/13/01 HDR
Chapman, Boyd "Jack" Clayton 3/24/05 HDR
Chapman, Bruce Robert  10/31/02 HDR
Chapman, C.O.  1/11/93 HDR
Chapman, Clara Belle  8/7/95 HDR
Chapman, Clara Belle Mosley 8/7/95 ONE
Chapman, Clarence Alexander 2/17/95 HDR
Chapman, Clarence Everette 1/3/96 HDR
Chapman, Clarice F.  12/23/00 HDR
Chapman, Claude Junior  2/2/05 HDR
Chapman, Clyde E. 8/9/98 HDR
Chapman, Coleman C.  7/12/00 HDR
Chapman, Donald A.  9/4/02 HDR
Chapman, Donie Alice Wright 9/14/95 HDR
Chapman, Donie Alice Wright 9/15/95 HDR
Chapman, Earl A.  6/3/01 HDR
Chapman, Earsel Hughes 3/11/94 HDR
Chapman, Eddie  12/19/97 HDR
Chapman, Edna Palmer  1/18/01 HDR
Chapman, Edward Alan  10/30/03 HDR
Chapman, Edward Murphy  1/29/95 HDR
Chapman, Emma Dagenhart  3/16/01 HDR
Chapman, Ersel 3/10/94 HDR
Chapman, Estelle Pennell  1/30/02 ONE
Chapman, Estelle Pennell  1/30/02 HDR
Chapman, Ethel Davis  4/1/02 ONE
Chapman, Ethel Davis  4/2/02 HDR
Chapman, Etta Lee Reep  10/14/02 HDR
Chapman, Eula Christine Bowman 6/23/98 HDR
Chapman, Frances Feimster 2/16/98 HDR
Chapman, Fred Arthur Lee 11/17/95 HDR
Chapman, George D. 4/11/97 HDR
Chapman, Grace Fox 6/7/01 HDR
Chapman, Harold Glenn 12/27/96 HDR
Chapman, Hazel  3/28/01 HDR
Chapman, Helen M. Brown 7/31/05 HDR
Chapman, Henry James Rev.  9/12/96 HDR
Chapman, Hilda Rose Dyson 10/4/05 HDR
Chapman, Hubert Paul 2/22/99 ONE
Chapman, Hubert Paul 2/20/99 HDR
Chapman, Ila "Maw" 3/14/05 HDR
Chapman, J. Alan  9/7/94 ONE
Chapman, J. Alan  9/7/94 HDR
Chapman, James Lavaughn 1/16/99 HDR
Chapman, James P. 10/12/96 HDR
Chapman, Jessie Irene Cook 5/30/05 HDR
Chapman, Jessie Irene Cook 5/31/05 HDR
Chapman, Jessie Irene Cook 5/30/05 ONE
Chapman, Jessie Irene Cook 5/31/05 ONE
Chapman, Jimmie Charles 1/17/94 HDR
Chapman, Jimmie Charles 1/18/94 HDR
Chapman, Jimmy Wilson  12/25/02 HDR
Chapman, John Junior 12/4/05 HDR
Chapman, Joseph  9/1/96 HDR
Chapman, Julius  1/13/01 HDR
Chapman, Junior Ralph  1/7/02 ONE
Chapman, Junior Ralph  1/6/02 HDR
Chapman, Kathy Ritchie 3/22/05 HDR
Chapman, Katy "Granny"  12/28/97 HDR
Chapman, Kenneth Greer 11/9/93 HDR
Chapman, Kenneth Greer 11/10/93 HDR
Chapman, Lee J.  7/13/03 HDR
Chapman, Lena Hudson 9/16/05 HDR
Chapman, Leonard F. Jr. Gen. 1/17/00 HDR
Chapman, Lillie Mae Tallent 9/19/97 HDR
Chapman, Linda Kay Medlin 11/6/02 HDR
Chapman, Lois Townsend  5/1/95 HDR
Chapman, Lois Townsend  5/2/95 HDR
Chapman, Lola Bell 8/26/97 HDR
Chapman, Lola Bell Jolly 8/27/97 HDR
Chapman, Lola Mae  2/10/05 HDR
Chapman, Louise Weddle 9/15/02 HDR
Chapman, Lucille B. 10/30/99 HDR
Chapman, Lula Bell Warren 5/9/97 HDR
Chapman, Marguerite 9/11/99 HDR
Chapman, Marsha Jo Tucker  2/14/02 HDR
Chapman, Mary Ford 6/24/00 HDR
Chapman, Mary Frances 7/11/94 HDR
Chapman, Mary Frances 7/13/94 HDR
Chapman, Mary Ilene Griffin 2/9/97 HDR
Chapman, Mary Lou 1/26/05 HDR
Chapman, Mattie Goins  3/29/99 HDR
Chapman, Merlin Butler “M.B.”  6/15/00 HDR
Chapman, Michael Ray Sr.  5/15/03 HDR
Chapman, Mildred Hudson 12/5/97 HDR
Chapman, Millie Mae 8/19/97 HDR
Chapman, Minnie A. 1/31/98 HDR
Chapman, Ned Crowson  1/1/93 HDR
Chapman, Ola Mae Walker  8/10/97 HDR
Chapman, Ollie Cathleen 10/1/00 HDR
Chapman, Ollie Cathleen  10/2/00 ONE
Chapman, Ollis  11/20/03 HDR
Chapman, Paul Richard  12/9/94 ONE
Chapman, Paul Richard  12/12/94 ONE
Chapman, Paul Richard  12/9/94 HDR
Chapman, Paul Richard "Pete" 12/11/94 HDR
Chapman, Pauline Wilson 7/29/03 HDR
Chapman, Pearl Bivens 3/1/97 HDR
Chapman, Pearl Bivens 2/28/97 HDR
Chapman, Pearl Geneva Hull 12/21/00 HDR
Chapman, Phebe Hilderbran 7/12/96 HDR
Chapman, Philip Gainer  4/19/01 HDR
Chapman, Pinkney W.  8/29/95 HDR
Chapman, Pless "Buck" 5/15/05 HDR
Chapman, Rachel Bumgarner 6/2/98 HDR
Chapman, Raeford Eugene "Archie"  3/19/95 HDR
Chapman, Ray "Flap" Mayor 9/28/94 HDR
Chapman, Reba Mays 12/26/95 HDR
Chapman, Rebecca Crawley  3/23/02 HDR
Chapman, Rex David 12/1/99 HDR
Chapman, Rex David (Page 3A) 11/30/99 HDR
Chapman, Roland R.  12/17/05 HDR
Chapman, Rowe Harding 4/25/93 HDR
Chapman, Roy Swaber "Bud" 6/1/00 HDR
Chapman, Ruby Grace McNeely  7/28/01 HDR
Chapman, Ruth Scronce  5/15/02 HDR
Chapman, Shirley Hoke 2/20/97 HDR
Chapman, Shirley Hoke 2/20/97 ONE
Chapman, Solon Grady  11/30/93 HDR
Chapman, Solon Grady  12/1/93 HDR
Chapman, Stella Hammer 8/5/01 HDR
Chapman, Summey Clinton 12/13/95 ONE
Chapman, Summey Clinton  12/14/95 HDR
Chapman, Susie Freeborn 4/30/93 HDR
Chapman, Susie Freeborn 5/1/93 HDR
Chapman, Thomas Claude "Bun" 1/13/01 HDR
Chapman, Turner Hall  2/22/02 HDR
Chapman, Ulysses Grant  4/29/05 HDR
Chapman, Vanda Daye  11/1/95 HDR
Chapman, Vanda Daye  11/2/95 HDR
Chapman, Vera Belle Crowe 4/7/99 ONE
Chapman, Vera Belle Crowe 4/8/99 HDR
Chapman, William C.  7/23/02 HDR
Chapman, William D. "Speedy" 1/22/99 HDR
Chapman, William Grant "G.W." 1/18/96 HDR
Chapman, William McKinley 5/22/97 HDR
Chapman, Willie "Bill" Honeycutt  1/31/02 HDR
Chapman, Zillie Hudson 3/2/96 HDR
Chapparro, Ramon  1/25/01 ONE
Chappell, Gordon Lefory  1/26/03 HDR
Chappell, Ina Mae Bolick 3/12/98 HDR
Chappell, Lydia Anne Hatfield  7/11/01 HDR
Charity, Ruth Harvey  5/15/96 HDR
Charland, Claude (ambassador) 3/4/93 HDR
Charles, Elmer 1/15/98 HDR
Charles, Gussie Mae Johnson 1/26/98 HDR
Charles, Gussie Mae Johnson 1/30/98 HDR
Charles, Helen May 2/21/94 ONE
Charles, Helen May 2/20/94 HDR
Charles, James Rev. 2/6/95 HDR
Charles, James Rev. 2/8/95 HDR
Charles, Jimmy (Page 10A) 12/21/01 HDR
Charles, Margaret E.  8/5/05 ONE
Charles, Margaret Eleanor 8/8/05 ONE
Charles, Margaret Eleanor  8/6/05 HDR
Charles, Michael (basketball player) 9/28/97 HDR
Charlet, James E. 5/9/99 HDR
Charm, Robert 2/15/98 HDR
Charoensuk, Yuen 8/7/98 HDR
Charteris, Lord  12/26/99 HDR
Charuchas, Bill 11/1/01 HDR
Charuchas, Bill 11/5/01 HDR
Chase, Gary  (Page 12A) 11/16/01 HDR
Chase, Lillie Mae  9/20/95 HDR
Chasen, Maude 12/13/01 HDR
Chasis, Herbert Dr. 5/24/98 HDR
Chastain, Julian Charles Jr. 5/16/94 ONE
Chastain, Julian Charles Jr.  (veteran) 5/16/94 HDR
Chastain, Margaret Louise 11/6/01 HDR
Chastain, Pauline L.  10/12/02 HDR
Chastain, Thomas (writer-mystery) 9/2/94 HDR
Chastain, Thomas (writer-mystery) 9/3/94 HDR
Chastain, Wayne 6/12/99 HDR
Chatham, (Marie) Carrigan Mrs. Cecil  12/28/94 HDR
Chatham, Hugh Gordon "Chattie" 6/12/05 HDR
Chatham, Novella Icenhour 12/3/97 HDR
Chatman, Ed Buster (Page 3A) 7/13/99 HDR
Chatman, Franklin Russell  11/16/93 HDR
Chatman, Jerry M. Sr. 12/18/05 HDR
Chatman, Ruby LeElla  1/16/02 HDR
Chauncey, Tom  6/29/96 HDR
Chavernay, Colleen Linda  7/26/01 HDR
Chaves, Aureliano (civilian vice president--Brazil) 5/2/03 HDR
Chavez, Angel David  7/19/03 HDR
Chavez, Cesar (union leader) 4/24/93 HDR
Chavez, Fray Angelico 3/21/96 ONE
Chavis, Anthony Charles 12/29/01 HDR
Chavis, Asia Tenisha  9/3/96 ONE
Chavunduka, Mark (journalist) 11/14/02 HDR
Chaw, Van Iok Vong 8/17/95 HDR
Chaw, Van Iok Vong Mrs. 8/17/95 ONE
Chaw, Wai Sun  2/26/03 HDR
Chaw, Wai Sun  2/26/03 ONE
Chay, Ed  11/2/97 HDR
Cheadle, Vernon I.  7/25/95 HDR
Chebrikov, Viktor 7/5/99 HDR
Checchi, Robert J. (stage designer) 6/10/93 HDR
Cheek, Brenda Ward  11/3/95 HDR
Cheek, Dallas G. 4/11/97 HDR
Cheek, Doris Carter Bramlett 8/23/94 ONE
Cheek, Doris Carter Bramlett 8/22/94 HDR
Cheek, Doris Carter Bramlett 8/23/94 HDR
Cheek, Doris Carter Bramlett 8/24/94 HDR
Cheek, James Aubrey  9/28/03 HDR
Cheek, James Aubrey  9/30/03 HDR
Cheek, Jason Elliott  1/9/03 HDR
Cheek, Rachel Louise Greene 5/9/98 HDR
Cheek, Ruby Phillips Mrs.  8/4/03 HDR
Cheek, Talmadge Clingman "Sonny" Sr. 3/9/96 HDR
Chelimo, Richard 8/18/01 HDR
Chelsea, Edward F.  3/9/93 HDR
Chelsea, Edward F.  3/10/93 HDR
Chen, Chin Tu 11/22/96 HDR
Chen, Chin Tu 11/21/96 ONE
Chen, Chin Tu 11/22/96 ONE
Chen, Joyce (restauranteur) 8/25/94 HDR
Chen, Yu (Page 6A) 8/8/94 HDR
Chenault, Donald B.  9/20/00 HDR
Chenault, Eloise Pompey  11/1/02 HDR
Chenery, Estelle Winkler 3/14/98 HDR
Chenery, Hollis B. (economist) 9/6/94 HDR
Chenoweth, Noel Edwin  5/22/02 HDR
Cherico, Gene (jazz bassist) 8/17/94 HDR
Cherico, Gene (musician) 8/17/94 ONE
Cherkez, Fruzina Dubena  7/23/02 HDR
Cherkez, Fruzina Dubena  7/25/02 HDR
Chernoff, Howard  11/2/96 HDR
Chernyak, Yan (Soviet spy) 2/21/95 HDR
Cherry, Evelyn Hope Shurman 3/21/00 HDR
Cherry, Evelyn Hope Shurman 3/23/00 HDR
Cherry, Evelyn Hope Shurman 3/21/00 ONE
Cherry, Frank Lee 3/24/97 ONE
Cherry, Frank Lee  3/23/97 HDR
Cherry, James 12/29/01 HDR
Cherry, James  12/31/01 ONE
Cherry, Ruth Black 11/23/98 ONE
Cherry, Ruth Black 11/21/98 HDR
Cherry, Ted Leroy  4/19/97 HDR
Cheslock, Augusta Katz  11/25/97 HDR
Cheslock, Saul Richard  6/27/94 HDR
Chesnut, Cleo D.  6/9/05 HDR
Chesoni, Zaccheus 9/9/99 HDR
Chesson, Clayton  (Page 7A) 7/31/97 HDR
Chessor, Willie Mae Campbell 12/7/05 HDR
Chester, Allen Arvil "Gomer" 8/28/97 HDR
Chester, Arthur Lige  4/3/95 HDR
Chester, Beulah Naomi Pritchard  7/5/02 HDR
Chester, Billy Eugene 8/8/99 HDR
Chester, Billy Eugene 9/9/99 HDR
Chester, Billy Eugene 8/7/99 HDR
Chester, Billy Wayne 3/14/98 HDR
Chester, Bobbie Michelle 8/24/97 HDR
Chester, Bobbie Michelle  8/25/97 HDR
Chester, Boyce Pinkney "Bill" 7/22/05 HDR
Chester, Charlie Gaither 3/22/98 HDR
Chester, Elsie McGee 7/9/03 HDR
Chester, Ervin "John"  11/13/95 HDR
Chester, Estelle McGarr 8/28/03 HDR
Chester, Fannie Hollar  3/3/97 HDR
Chester, Florence Rebecca  8/11/01 HDR
Chester, Fred Carl  9/4/00 HDR
Chester, Fred Louis  2/17/02 HDR
Chester, Garfield Ed  10/28/94 HDR
Chester, George Robert "GR" 1/14/96 HDR
Chester, Georgia Smith  2/19/02 HDR
Chester, Harley Archie Jr. 12/27/99 HDR
Chester, Howard Walter 7/20/96 HDR
Chester, John Andrew  2/20/97 HDR
Chester, Johnny Douglas  7/6/94 HDR
Chester, Loraine LeFevers  6/22/93 HDR
Chester, Loraine LeFevers  6/23/93 HDR
Chester, Loretta Smith 7/29/97 HDR
Chester, Mamie Scott 10/3/94 HDR
Chester, Manuel Wilson 7/10/99 HDR
Chester, Margaret  5/25/94 HDR
Chester, Margaret Mae 5/26/94 HDR
Chester, Marie Melton 8/27/97 HDR
Chester, Mary Emma Whisnant 1/17/96 HDR
Chester, Mary Stuart Saunders  2/17/03 HDR
Chester, Mary Stuart Saunders  2/18/03 HDR
Chester, Mattie Ruth 2/23/98 HDR
Chester, Minnie Harris  8/13/96 HDR
Chester, Naomi Lee 2/20/05 HDR
Chester, Paul Franklin  12/7/96 HDR
Chester, Pearl Eckard  8/24/02 HDR
Chester, Pinkney David 8/30/96 HDR
Chester, Rickey Lee 1/28/00 HDR
Chester, Ruth Knox 1/7/97 HDR
Chester, Ruth Knox 1/25/97 HDR
Chester, Ruth Knox 1/7/97 ONE
Chester, Sandra Ann Patton 8/18/00 HDR
Chester, Virgil E.  2/22/01 HDR
Chester, Virginia "Vergie" 8/19/01 HDR
Chester, William Daniel "Buck"  1/25/01 HDR
Chester, Zeb Vance  5/25/02 HDR
Chestor, Paul  12/5/96 HDR
Cheung, Yiu On 2/19/98 HDR
Chhiri, Babu (Sherpa guide) 5/1/01 HDR
Chia-kan, Yen (President - Taiwan) 1/19/94 HDR
Chick, William L. Dr. 8/14/98 HDR
Chief, Leonard Mountain 4/1/99 HDR
Chikatilo, Andrei (murderer) 2/16/94 HDR
Chilcott, Edward Paul 2/17/96 HDR
Child, Paul (artist & poet) 5/16/94 HDR
Childers,  Lewis D. “Lu”  1/17/03 HDR
Childers, Aaron Grady 11/8/98 HDR
Childers, Ada Berry 12/17/94 HDR
Childers, Ada Berry 12/18/94 HDR
Childers, Addie Mae  1/11/96 HDR
Childers, Alice T.  1/6/93 HDR
Childers, Barbara D.  12/12/02 HDR
Childers, Barbara D.  12/14/02 HDR
Childers, Benny Milton  9/17/01 HDR
Childers, Berl Otis 9/27/99 HDR
Childers, Bonnie Mae Daniels 5/10/00 HDR
Childers, Casey Erin  1/2/03 HDR
Childers, Casey Erin  1/2/03 ONE
Childers, Christine Bentley 4/16/03 HDR
Childers, Cleo Bell Hammer 3/3/93 HDR
Childers, Clint Roy  9/5/03 HDR
Childers, Courtney Raye 1/2/03 ONE
Childers, Courtney Raye  1/2/03 HDR
Childers, Dante Dean 8/9/05 HDR
Childers, David Alexander 5/24/93 HDR
Childers, David Vance 11/7/02 HDR
Childers, Dorothy June Campbell 2/8/99 HDR
Childers, Dotsie Elizabeth Wike 11/1/00 HDR
Childers, Edith Whitener 2/21/96 HDR
Childers, Edith Whitener 2/19/96 ONE
Childers, Edith Whitener 2/20/96 ONE
Childers, Elizabeth Gwaltney 5/26/94 HDR
Childers, Emma Geneva Spake 10/11/96 HDR
Childers, Emma S. 10/10/96 ONE
Childers, Erskine  9/4/96 HDR
Childers, Eugene Alton "Gene"  9/8/94 HDR
Childers, Eva Lee White 5/24/00 HDR
Childers, Evelyn Wilson Powell  7/12/02 HDR
Childers, Fred 8/17/99 HDR
Childers, Fred Atwell  6/3/02 HDR
Childers, Fred Hamilton  9/28/93 HDR
Childers, Fredrick Robert 11/21/99 HDR
Childers, G. W.  6/14/96 HDR
Childers, Gaither Glenn 3/9/93 HDR
Childers, Gaither Glenn 3/10/93 HDR
Childers, Genevieve (Jan) G.  12/4/05 HDR
Childers, Gerald David 1/24/00 HDR
Childers, Gladys Wilson "Dolly" 4/27/98 HDR
Childers, Hilda Icard 2/15/94 HDR
Childers, Hilda Icard 2/16/94 HDR
Childers, Hub A. 12/28/01 HDR
Childers, James Blanco  9/23/02 HDR
Childers, James Franklin 4/12/96 HDR
Childers, Janice Elizabeth  10/13/94 HDR
Childers, Janie Austin  1/26/03 HDR
Childers, Janie Austin  1/28/03 HDR
Childers, Jesse Boyd 5/12/00 HDR
Childers, Jewel  5/10/93 HDR
Childers, Jewel Richards 5/11/93 HDR
Childers, Joe David 9/21/00 HDR
Childers, John "J.D." 8/17/97 HDR
Childers, Joyce Carol Lambert  2/4/03 HDR
Childers, Judy Faye Pennell Daniels  4/5/00 HDR
Childers, Kathryn Ruth Mitchell 7/22/03 HDR
Childers, Lawson Edward 6/29/93 HDR
Childers, Lee Roy Sr.  10/21/98 HDR
Childers, Lewis D.  1/16/03 HDR
Childers, Lewis D.  1/15/03 ONE
Childers, Lewis D. "Lu"  1/16/03 ONE
Childers, Lewis Lee 8/22/01 ONE
Childers, Lewis Lee 8/23/01 HDR
Childers, Lillian Seagle 5/27/02 HDR
Childers, Lindsay Edward  5/29/02 HDR
Childers, Lindsey Edward  5/28/02 HDR
Childers, Lois Warren 4/5/05 HDR
Childers, Lonnie  6/26/95 HDR
Childers, Lonnie E. “Gene”  7/6/02 HDR
Childers, Lou Eva Russell  1/12/02 HDR
Childers, Margaret Izetta  11/11/02 HDR
Childers, Martha Hendren  7/2/02 HDR
Childers, Marvin Boyd 10/6/96 HDR
Childers, Mary Moore 12/5/00 HDR
Childers, Mary Shuffler  6/28/03 HDR
Childers, Minnie Herman 10/8/00 HDR
Childers, Ola Pearl Hubbard  1/16/95 HDR
Childers, Owen Marshall Sr.  11/11/95 HDR
Childers, Pauline Goble 10/3/01 HDR
Childers, Pauline Martin 8/13/96 HDR
Childers, Peggy Cornelius 2/22/05 ONE
Childers, Peggy Cornelius Mrs.  2/22/05 HDR
Childers, Peggy E.  2/21/05 HDR
Childers, Quez Harlee 3/31/98 HDR
Childers, Ralph 4/12/97 HDR
Childers, Ralph  4/11/97 ONE
Childers, Ralph Thomas 11/22/93 HDR
Childers, Ray Junior  10/18/95 HDR
Childers, Robert "Herman" 5/4/01 ONE
Childers, Robert "Herman" 5/4/01 HDR
Childers, Rosa Matthews 3/22/99 ONE
Childers, Rosa Matthews 3/22/99 HDR
Childers, Ruth Henry 6/5/98 HDR
Childers, Sandy George 7/11/03 HDR
Childers, Spurgeon 7/14/00 HDR
Childers, Thomas G. "Tom" 10/6/01 HDR
Childers, Thurston Eli  1/23/02 HDR
Childers, Tom S. Sr. 10/27/00 HDR
Childers, Viola Hamby 1/14/99 HDR
Childers, Virgie Bryant 6/15/03 HDR
Childers, Virgil Upton  6/7/97 HDR
Childers, Vivian Eloise 2/16/00 HDR
Childers, Vivian Eloise 2/16/00 ONE
Childers, Waitsel Fred  8/26/01 HDR
Childers, Zelma Lee St. Claire 12/5/93 HDR
Childers, Zona Fulbright  1/26/02 HDR
Childres, Bela Eugene 3/10/99 HDR
Childres, Bela Eugene "Gene" 3/11/99 HDR
Childres, Minnie Elma Mull  1/31/02 HDR
Childress, Carlton Huie 10/15/98 HDR
Childress, Edward Gray "E.G." 6/10/03 HDR
Childress, Evelyn "Ann" Lowman 1/19/00 HDR
Childress, Floyd Thomas 4/24/01 ONE
Childress, Garvin Leroy  1/11/02 ONE
Childress, Garvin Leroy  1/11/02 HDR
Childress, Judith "Judy" Miller 3/25/02 ONE
Childress, Judith "Judy" Miller  3/24/02 HDR
Childress, Judy Miller  5/9/02 HDR
Childress, Nina Hicks Walker 9/30/03 HDR
Childress, Ralph Coburn 1/25/93 HDR
Childress, Richard "Allen" 11/18/01 HDR
Childress, Robert Franklin 3/26/98 HDR
Childress, Ruby Gibbs 1/6/97 HDR
Childress, Wade Turner Jr.  10/23/02 HDR
Childress, Wanda Kaye 4/19/94 HDR
Childs, Frank (broadcaster) 7/21/94 HDR
Childs, Liberty Washington 10/1/01 HDR
Chiles, Lawton Gov. 12/14/98 HDR
Chiles, Lawton Gov. "Walkn' Lawton" (Page 6A) 12/13/98 HDR
Chillingworth, Edwin "Sonny" (guitarist) 8/26/94 HDR
Chin, Wai Yak (sole survivor - Wah Mee massacre - 1983) 5/8/93 HDR
Ching, Charles Justice 12/3/00 HDR
Ching, Hung Wo 3/28/96 ONE
Chipenda, Daniel  3/1/96 HDR
Chipman, Roger DeWitt "Chip" 1/14/97 HDR
Chiriaeff, Ludmilla  9/26/96 HDR
Chirite, Gerald Lee 6/26/98 ONE
Chirite, Gerald Lee 6/27/98 HDR
Chisholm, Brenda  7/16/96 HDR
Chisholm, Gertrude Bertha  10/4/96 HDR
Chisholm, James "Bubba" IV 12/18/96 HDR
Chisholm, Shirley (first black woman in Congress)          80  1/4/05 ONE
Chislom, Lloyd Jerome 5/20/00 HDR
Chislom, Lloyd Jerome 5/19/00 ONE
Chisolm, Alice L.  12/9/03 HDR
Chisolm, Alice L.  12/9/03 ONE
Chisolm, Jerome 7/9/97 HDR
Chisolm, Jerome Antonio 7/16/97 HDR
Chisolm, Renda  7/19/96 HDR
Chitwood, Clare Piatt  5/21/02 HDR
Chitwood, Clare Piatt  5/22/02 HDR
Choe, Edward Kesoon (engineer and activist)  3/15/03 HDR
Cholakis, Con G.  12/4/96 HDR
Chosse, Mark (Page 6C) 12/5/98 HDR
Chrisco, Geraldine Rogers 5/30/00 HDR
Chrisco, Terry Dean 6/25/05 HDR
Christ, Pamela L.  7/24/03 HDR
Christenbury, Annie Frances Barnette 2/28/05 ONE
Christenbury, Annie Frances Barnette  2/27/05 HDR
Christenbury, Charles Owen  6/2/93 ONE
Christenbury, Charles Owen  6/2/93 HDR
Christenbury, Charles Ray 7/15/03 ONE
Christenbury, Charles Ray  7/15/03 HDR
Christenbury, Clarence "Arnold"  4/15/93 HDR
Christenbury, Effie Marie “Sherry”  1/28/03 HDR
Christenbury, Eleanor Mary Norris 10/8/96 ONE
Christenbury, Eleanor Mary Norris  10/9/96 HDR
Christenbury, Herman Thomason 2/18/98 ONE
Christenbury, Herman Thompson 2/18/98 HDR
Christenbury, Howard Richard "Dude" 4/30/99 HDR
Christenbury, James Paul 2/20/00 HDR
Christenbury, James Paul  2/21/00 ONE
Christenbury, Joe Zelia  8/12/05 HDR
Christenbury, Mattie Stone 3/1/94 HDR
Christenbury, Nora Lee Sipe 5/18/99 ONE
Christenbury, Nora Lee Sipe 5/19/99 HDR
Christenbury, Robert Day  11/16/96 HDR
Christenbury, Roberta Whitener 2/26/01 ONE
Christenbury, Roberta Whitener  2/25/01 HDR
Christenbury, Ronald Jerome "Snook" 1/25/94 HDR
Christenbury, Steve 5/4/99 HDR
Christenbury, Steven Howard 5/5/99 HDR
Christenbury, William Craven  12/21/94 ONE
Christenbury, William Craven  12/21/94 HDR
Christensen, Christian (Danish boxer) 2/1/05 HDR
Christensen, William Farr 10/16/01 HDR
Christesson, Virginia Cora Smith Mast 2/15/98 HDR
Christian, Almeric L. 9/5/99 HDR
Christian, Judy Ann Griffin 3/29/01 HDR
Christie, George 4/27/98 HDR
Christie, Helen Eshelman Mrs.  2/18/05 HDR
Christie, Johnathan Homer 7/12/98 HDR
Christie, Motetey Bryan 5/13/99 HDR
Christie, Wayne Day 11/11/99 HDR
Christie, Wayne Day 11/12/99 HDR
Christine, Virginia  7/26/96 HDR
Christine, Virginia ("Mrs. Olson") 7/25/96 ONE
Christmas, Marie Powell 6/5/99 HDR
Christopher, Bertha Mae Starnes 9/6/99 ONE
Christopher, Bertha Mae Starnes 9/4/99 HDR
Christopher, Calvin Alonzo 2/16/01 ONE
Christopher, Calvin Alonzo  2/17/01 HDR
Christopher, Clevie Lee  3/27/02 HDR
Christopher, Eva Chapman 12/7/97 HDR
Christopher, Eva Juanita Shuford 11/16/99 HDR
Christopher, George 9/19/00 HDR
Christopher, Irene Koecher 6/13/98 HDR
Christopher, James Daniel  12/17/03 HDR
Christopher, James Daniel  12/16/03 ONE
Christopher, Jamie Renee "Pumpkin" 12/15/96 HDR
Christopher, Kathleen Violet Walker 2/13/01 ONE
Christopher, Kathleen Violet Walker  2/13/01 HDR
Christopher, Lafayette Franklin "Tiny" 7/10/96 HDR
Christopher, Leonard William  4/21/93 HDR
Christopher, Lillie Viola Newton 6/15/99 ONE
Christopher, Lillie Viola Newton 6/16/99 ONE
Christopher, Lillie Viola Newton 6/16/99 HDR
Christopher, Loran Richard "Spank" Jr. 5/5/96 HDR
Christopher, Loran Richard Jr. "Spank" 5/6/96 ONE
Christopher, M. L.  11/5/96 HDR
Christopher, M.L. 11/5/96 ONE
Christopher, Margaret Ann Woodard 6/26/00 ONE
Christopher, Margaret Ann Woodard  6/25/00 HDR
Christopher, Paul Carlee  8/1/94 HDR
Christopher, Paul Carlee  8/2/94 HDR
Christopher, Stacy Bost  1/17/95 ONE
Christopher, Stacy Bost  1/17/95 HDR
Christopher, Timothy Steven  10/26/05 HDR
Christopher, Velma Hoyle Shuford 11/13/05 HDR
Christopher, Virginia  2/9/95 HDR
Christopher, Virginia Pauline  2/10/95 HDR
Christophersen, Thies 2/19/97 HDR
Christy, Brian David  11/23/03 HDR
Christy, Clara Broyhill Rhyne 9/11/97 HDR
Christy, John Holms Jr. The Rev. Dr.  1/15/05 HDR
Christy, Loma Brown 12/18/97 HDR
Christy, Marshall Kenneth Jr. 4/25/01 HDR
Christy, Millie Mae Compton 6/7/97 HDR
Chronister, Elizabeth Finger  2/13/03 HDR
Chronister, Lillie Mae Beny  9/3/00 HDR
Chudoff, Earl (congressman & judge) 5/18/93 HDR
Chuganji, Yukichi (114 yoa) (retired silkworm breeder) 9/30/03 HDR
Chukovskaya, Lydia 2/9/96 ONE
Chun, Ellery J. 6/8/00 HDR
Chung, Mok Wing  4/26/04 ONE
Church, Addie Locke 12/1/98 HDR
Church, Addie Locke  12/1/98 ONE
Church, Alma Pearl C.  9/10/95 HDR
Church, Angelia Gay Wilkinson 12/8/04 ONE
Church, Ann Lee Hamm 6/7/95 ONE
Church, Ann Lee Hamm  6/7/95 HDR
Church, Arley James (former mayor, town commissioner, police chief and a retired fire chief--Veteran) 2/27/94 HDR
Church, Arthur Briggs Jr. 10/14/98 ONE
Church, Arthur Briggs Jr. 10/15/98 ONE
Church, Arthur Briggs Jr. 10/15/98 HDR
Church, Ben J.  4/12/05 HDR
Church, Bessie Alice 2/22/98 HDR
Church, Billy Dean  12/16/02 ONE
Church, Billy Dean  12/14/02 HDR
Church, Buddy Harrison  8/27/95 HDR
Church, Carl Jackson  8/9/02 HDR
Church, Carrie Keller 8/3/99 HDR
Church, Charles Quentin  12/26/94 HDR
Church, Charlie McKinley 2/27/01 HDR
Church, Christopher Columbus  1/25/96 HDR
Church, Clarence Edward  11/14/95 HDR
Church, Clyde E.  12/9/96 HDR
Church, Clyde Sherman Sr. 12/22/05 HDR
Church, Curtis  7/15/94 HDR
Church, Curtis Everette 7/16/94 HDR
Church, Deloris Dyson 3/19/99 HDR
Church, Dillard  5/25/95 HDR
Church, Dillard Lee  5/26/95 HDR
Church, Edgar Allen  5/22/94 HDR
Church, Edna S.  8/11/96 HDR
Church, Ernest L. "Gooney"  12/23/05 HDR
Church, Ernest Millard 9/25/98 ONE
Church, Ernest Millard 9/25/98 HDR
Church, Eula Bumgarner  9/25/96 HDR
Church, Florence Kay  2/16/01 HDR
Church, Franklin 11/9/93 HDR
Church, Franklin Delano  11/10/93 HDR
Church, Fred Thompson  3/17/96 HDR
Church, Guylar Hart 8/2/00 HDR
Church, Hardis "James" Jr. 1/21/97 HDR
Church, Helen Juanita Stilwell 3/9/96 HDR
Church, Helen Louise Riley  8/23/01 ONE
Church, Helen Louise Riley  8/23/01 HDR
Church, Helen Louise Riley  8/24/01 HDR
Church, Helen Nichols (nutritionist) 11/14/97 HDR
Church, Horace Alonza Sr. 12/14/01 HDR
Church, Horace Alonzo Sr. 12/14/01 ONE
Church, Ira Clay  9/15/05 HDR
Church, Ira Clay  9/16/05 HDR
Church, Irene Kirby 10/1/95 HDR
Church, Jacob Aidan Matthew 6/8/00 HDR
Church, James 2/21/93 HDR
Church, James Marvin 4/17/95 HDR
Church, James Marvin 4/18/95 HDR
Church, James Wilford 1/29/05 HDR
Church, James Wilson  2/22/93 HDR
Church, Jane Elizabeth Stamey 2/18/97 HDR
Church, Joan Roberts Mrs.  7/20/05 HDR
Church, John W. Rev. 1/24/02 HDR
Church, Lawrence Coleman 2/24/05 ONE
Church, Lawrence Coleman 2/25/05 ONE
Church, Lawrence Coleman  2/25/05 HDR
Church, Lisa Renee  11/14/02 HDR
Church, Lois W.  9/18/01 HDR
Church, Louise Fox 8/9/99 HDR
Church, Margaret Dyer 6/2/97 HDR
Church, Margaret Louise Clark  5/20/03 HDR
Church, Mary A.  5/22/01 HDR
Church, Mary Anne  5/22/01 ONE
Church, Mary Belle Nichols  12/14/95 HDR
Church, Mellie Fay Goforth 2/1/00 ONE
Church, Nargie C.  6/3/03 HDR
Church, Nellie Faye Goforth 2/2/00 HDR
Church, Nevert L.  11/25/96 HDR
Church, Nevert Lutz 11/26/96 ONE
Church, Nevert Lutz  11/26/96 HDR
Church, Nora C.  1/16/02 ONE
Church, Nora C.  1/16/02 HDR
Church, Odell Wilson  12/28/93 HDR
Church, Pearl Loretta  8/7/96 HDR
Church, Perry Homer  10/25/93 HDR
Church, Phillip 9/11/95 HDR
Church, Robin Throneburg Mrs. 3/16/05 HDR
Church, Roger Michael  7/9/03 HDR
Church, Ronald Stewart 7/24/96 HDR
Church, Ronald Stewart (Page 3A) 7/23/96 HDR
Church, Ruth Gladys Pope  10/31/05 HDR
Church, Ruth P.  4/15/95 HDR
Church, Ruth P.  4/16/95 HDR
Church, Sarah Ann 9/27/96 ONE
Church, Sarah Ann  9/27/96 HDR
Church, Shirley Barnette 9/26/99 HDR
Church, Shirley L. 6/19/99 HDR
Church, Sylvia Farr 2/28/00 HDR
Church, Teresa Dianne Gragg 6/29/98 ONE
Church, Teresa Dianne Gragg 6/29/98 HDR
Church, Walter "Keith"  1/10/96 HDR
Church, Willard Finley  7/3/02 HDR
Church, Willard J. "Bill" 10/24/99 HDR
Church, William Verne Col. 11/5/96 HDR
Churchill, Marguerite  1/13/00 HDR
Churchwell, Eddie Ruth  8/8/96 HDR
Chwast, Ryan Karl  11/29/05 HDR
Ciano, Edda (Mussolini's daughter) 4/10/95 HDR
Cieply, Olga Panczyzyn  5/1/95 HDR
Cigna, Gina (101 yoa) (soprano) 7/1/01 HDR
Cilley, Donald Adolphus 12/17/99 ONE
Cilley, Donald Adolphus 12/17/99 HDR
Cilley, Donald Adolphus 12/18/99 HDR
Cilley, Mary 5/15/99 HDR
Cilley, Rebekah Warlick Rowe 10/31/05 HDR
Cilley, Rebekah Warlick Rowe 10/31/05 ONE
Cincotta, Carmine (producer) 8/28/93 HDR
Cioran, Emile M.  6/21/95 HDR
Cirella, Anthony John 8/28/99 HDR
Cirker, Hayward 3/12/00 HDR
Cisler, Walker L.  10/21/94 HDR
Citino, David (poet laureate at Ohio State University) 10/18/05 HDR
Clabby, William R. (journalist) 12/12/97 HDR
Clack, Vergie J. 7/10/97 HDR
Claffee, James Nichols 3/7/96 HDR
Claffey, James Joseph  11/7/00 HDR
Claffey, James Joseph  11/7/00 ONE
Claiborne, Louis F. 10/19/99 HDR
Clair, Ethlyne  3/1/96 HDR
Clampet, Ella Mae Roberts 1/17/01 HDR
Clampitt, Amy (poet) 9/12/94 HDR
Clancy, Evelyn Frances Twyman 5/26/03 ONE
Clancy, Evelyn Frances Twyman  5/26/03 HDR
Clanton, Avery Bartley 1/3/99 HDR
Clanton, B. Jae 4/5/98 HDR
Clanton, David Rockford Jr. 1/27/95 ONE
Clanton, David Rockford Jr.  1/27/95 HDR
Clanton, Hobert Bud  3/13/01 HDR
Clanton, Louise Lail 7/13/98 ONE
Clanton, Louise Lail 7/13/98 HDR
Clanton, Lula Diane Bentley 8/10/05 HDR
Clanton, Raymond Leroy  5/30/01 HDR
Clanton, Ruby Mae Bentley 12/29/98 HDR
Clanton, William David 11/22/97 HDR
Clanton, William David 11/24/97 ONE
Clanton, William Donley “Don”  12/5/00 HDR
Clapp, Ernest Bernard (former Newton mayor)  6/12/95 HDR
Clapp, Ernest Bernard (Page 1) 6/12/95 ONE
Clapp, Floy Sigmon 1/11/99 ONE
Clapp, Floy Sigmon 1/12/99 HDR
Clapp, Frank Lewis Sr. 5/16/94 ONE
Clapp, Frank Lewis Sr. (former Newton, NC Alderman)  (veteran) 5/15/94 HDR
Clapp, Lettie Perry  9/7/95 HDR
Clapp, Lettie Perry  9/9/95 HDR
Clapp, Lettie Perry Mrs. 9/7/95 ONE
Clapp, Lettie Perry Mrs. 9/8/95 ONE
Clapp, Lucille Love Boland Beckom 9/6/99 ONE
Clapp, Lucille Love Boland Beckom 9/6/99 HDR
Clapp, Lucille Love Boland Beckom 9/5/99 HDR
Clapper, Allen Bruce 8/26/96 ONE
Clarenbach, Kathryn (helped found NOW) 3/5/94 HDR
Clareson, Thomas (English professor) 7/8/93 HDR
Clarie, T. Emmet (former chief U.S. District Court judge) 9/27/97 HDR
Clarizio, Gloria  Marie 6/22/93 HDR
Clarizio, Gloria Marie Lenzi 6/23/93 HDR
Clark, "Tom" Reid A.  7/9/05 HDR
Clark, A.G. Jr.  3/4/05 HDR
Clark, Ade Julius 6/27/96 HDR
Clark, Adriana van der Pers  12/10/03 HDR
Clark, Agnes Gertrude Howard 7/14/03 ONE
Clark, Agnes Julia Poteet  6/16/95 HDR
Clark, Agnes McAllister 1/8/98 ONE
Clark, Agnes McAllister 1/8/98 HDR
Clark, Agnes Poteet  6/17/95 HDR
Clark, Alan 9/13/99 HDR
Clark, Alden D. 12/24/99 HDR
Clark, Allen 1/24/94 HDR
Clark, Allen 1/27/94 HDR
Clark, Allen L 8/16/96 ONE
Clark, Allen L.  8/16/96 HDR
Clark, Alma Jeanne  2/1/93 HDR
Clark, Alvin "Gene"  8/2/96 HDR
Clark, Alvin Davis  5/6/04 ONE
Clark, Alvin Davis  5/7/04 ONE
Clark, Alwyn  3/30/97 HDR
Clark, Ann Nolan (writer) 12/13/95 HDR
Clark, Annie Byrd 7/19/93 HDR
Clark, Annie Hill  3/22/93 HDR
Clark, Annie Suddreth 1/6/98 HDR
Clark, Anthony Allen  10/13/96 HDR
Clark, Audrey Evelyn Isaacs  9/18/95 HDR
Clark, Barbara Lee 8/7/05 HDR
Clark, Beatrice  10/26/95 HDR
Clark, Beatrice  8/1/03 HDR
Clark, Beatrice Smith 10/27/95 HDR
Clark, Bertha Hollander 2/21/97 HDR
Clark, Bertha Philyaw  9/13/93 HDR
Clark, Betty Neil McCreary 5/15/03 HDR
Clark, Betty Neil McCreary 5/14/03 ONE
Clark, Bill 6/12/94 HDR
Clark, Birdell J.  11/8/04 ONE
Clark, Birdell Jones 11/9/04 ONE
Clark, Birtha P.  9/12/93 HDR
Clark, Blanche Elizabeth Brooks 2/19/95 HDR
Clark, Bobbie Lee Mitchell 7/21/94 HDR
Clark, Bobby Wayne  2/20/02 HDR
Clark, Brandy Houk 10/7/00 HDR
Clark, Brandy Houk 10/8/00 HDR
Clark, Brenda 3/9/94 HDR
Clark, Brenda Brown 3/10/94 HDR
Clark, Brenda Marie  5/19/03 HDR
Clark, Brian  11/10/94 HDR
Clark, Budde 4/14/97 ONE
Clark, Buster Dane  8/14/03 HDR
Clark, C. Patterson Sr. 6/15/05 HDR
Clark, C. Patterson Sr. 6/15/05 ONE
Clark, C. Patterson Sr. 6/16/05 ONE
Clark, Carma Cotella Stallard 3/12/01 HDR
Clark, Carolyn Hentz  10/14/94 HDR
Clark, Carrie Henrietta Sigman 12/22/96 HDR
Clark, Carrie Henrietta Sigmon 12/23/96 ONE
Clark, Carson Woodrow 7/21/05 HDR
Clark, Charles Henry Sr. 12/31/99 HDR
Clark, Chloe Lila 9/23/98 HDR
Clark, Christopher Andre 1/14/00 HDR
Clark, Clarence David 1/21/94 HDR
Clark, Clarence David 1/22/94 HDR
Clark, Claude D. 11/17/99 HDR
Clark, Cleta "Jean" Whiteside 3/6/02 ONE
Clark, Cleta "Jean" Whiteside Carter  3/6/02 HDR
Clark, Coleman Haskell 3/4/01 HDR
Clark, Coleman Haskell 3/5/01 HDR
Clark, Collin Ray 3/27/99 HDR
Clark, Corbitt E. "Coot" 2/18/94 HDR
Clark, Corbitt Equilla "Coot" 2/17/94 HDR
Clark, Corene Hamrick Mrs. Rev. 6/7/03 HDR
Clark, Corene Hamrick The Rev. 6/9/03 ONE
Clark, Coye Ransom 7/19/00 HDR
Clark, Currie Patterson 6/14/05 ONE
Clark, David Charles 6/17/03 HDR
Clark, David Marshall 5/6/97 HDR
Clark, Doris Carter 6/18/99 ONE
Clark, Doris Carter 6/19/99 HDR
Clark, Dorothy Franklin  1/3/02 HDR
Clark, Douglas Talmadge 5/5/97 HDR
Clark, Doward W. 1/18/99 HDR
Clark, Duard Sr. 10/2/99 HDR
Clark, E. Fielding II Fmr. Superior Court Judge 6/17/02 ONE
Clark, Earnest "Earl" 1/4/93 HDR
Clark, Edward Adolphus  3/2/93 ONE
Clark, Edward Adolphus  3/3/93 ONE
Clark, Edward Adolphus  3/2/93 HDR
Clark, Edward Adolphus  3/3/93 HDR
Clark, Edward George 9/17/98 HDR
Clark, Edward Lee 7/23/95 HDR
Clark, Eleanor Drain  5/1/96 HDR
Clark, Eleanor Drain  5/2/96 HDR
Clark, Eliza Viola  12/29/94 HDR
Clark, Eliza Viola  12/30/94 HDR
Clark, Ellie Coffey 9/28/00 HDR
Clark, Emmitt Watmon 7/6/99 HDR
Clark, Emory Delion “Lon”  7/21/00 HDR
Clark, Ershler Puett 7/1/97 HDR
Clark, Ethel Stiefel  4/22/97 HDR
Clark, Eugene Fielding II (former Superior Court Judge)  6/18/02 HDR
Clark, Eugene Fielding II Fmr. Superior Court Judge 6/18/02 ONE
Clark, Eula Mae Griffey  12/26/94 HDR
Clark, Eula Mae Griffey  12/27/94 HDR
Clark, Fay Hart  2/27/02 HDR
Clark, Fay Hart  3/1/02 HDR
Clark, Faye Marie  2/15/94 HDR
Clark, Fern Rudicil  2/7/03 HDR
Clark, Fielding II Newton-Conover School Board Chairman (Page 1)  6/17/02 ONE
Clark, Forrest B. Sr. 11/4/02 HDR
Clark, Frances Wright Mathis 5/5/98 HDR
Clark, Frank Hasque 5/2/99 HDR
Clark, Fred (Page 5A) 9/30/98 HDR
Clark, Fred H. 10/22/01 ONE
Clark, Fred H.  10/23/01 HDR
Clark, G. Cecil 7/19/00 ONE
Clark, G. Cecil  7/19/00 HDR
Clark, Gary D. 8/17/00 HDR
Clark, Gene W. Jr. 9/7/02 HDR
Clark, George Pirie  9/24/01 ONE
Clark, George Pirie  9/22/01 HDR
Clark, Georgia Lee Rippy  8/29/95 HDR
Clark, Georgia Lee Rippy  8/30/95 HDR
Clark, Georgia Lee Rippy Mrs. 8/29/95 ONE
Clark, Georgia Lee Rippy Mrs. 8/30/95 ONE
Clark, Gladys W.  7/14/03 HDR
Clark, Harding Lihue Sr. 1/23/01 HDR
Clark, Harlan M.  12/19/97 HDR
Clark, Hazel G. 2/22/98 HDR
Clark, Hazel Haun 11/13/01 HDR
Clark, Hazel McDonald "Bud" 1/25/96 HDR
Clark, Homer Colfax  4/29/01 HDR
Clark, Horrell Fred "Tommy" 1/22/00 HDR
Clark, Horrell Fred "Tommy" 1/21/00 HDR
Clark, Inez Propst Morrison  5/30/02 HDR
Clark, Iva Mattie Browning 8/3/03 HDR
Clark, Jack D. 12/9/03 HDR
Clark, Jack R. 3/13/98 HDR
Clark, Jack R. "Big Jack" 3/14/98 HDR
Clark, Jacob Daniel (infant) 12/10/97 HDR
Clark, James Harold "Shag" 11/10/01 HDR
Clark, James Harold (Shag) 11/12/01 ONE
Clark, James Monroe Sr. 3/7/00 HDR
Clark, James Odell 9/5/94 HDR
Clark, James O'dell 9/6/94 HDR
Clark, James Phifer 1/22/00 HDR
Clark, James Wilford Jr. 9/24/01 ONE
Clark, James Wilford Jr. 9/24/01 HDR
Clark, Jeanette E.  3/21/02 HDR
Clark, Jeanette Elizabeth  3/22/02 HDR
Clark, Jenna Katlyn (infant) 4/5/93 HDR
Clark, Jennie Vannoy 2/12/99 ONE
Clark, Jennie Vannoy 2/12/99 HDR
Clark, Jerry D. 7/5/99 ONE
Clark, Jerry D. 7/3/99 HDR
Clark, Jerry Lin  1/24/05 HDR
Clark, John G. Dr. 10/20/99 HDR
Clark, John G. Jr. 5/5/05 HDR
Clark, John G. Jr.  5/5/05 ONE
Clark, John Gordon Jr. 5/6/05 HDR
Clark, John Gordon Jr. 5/6/05 ONE
Clark, Joseph David 1/12/00 HDR
Clark, Joseph Joe  9/30/05 HDR
Clark, Josephine Brown 2/14/01 ONE
Clark, Josephine Brown  2/15/01 HDR
Clark, Julia Mozelle 3/15/99 HDR
Clark, Kara Denver  2/26/93 HDR
Clark, Katherine Fowler  2/11/01 HDR
Clark, Katherine Hollander  1/29/93 HDR
Clark, Katherine Hollander  1/30/93 HDR
Clark, Kathleen Hines 3/26/93 HDR
Clark, Kenneth B. (educator and psychologist) 5/9/05 HDR
Clark, Kenneth D. Sr. 8/25/02 HDR
Clark, Kenneth David Jr.  5/10/05 HDR
Clark, Kenneth David Jr.  5/11/05 HDR
Clark, Kenneth M. 4/26/00 HDR
Clark, Kimberly Nicole  1/27/05 HDR
Clark, L. Jeter  6/11/01 HDR
Clark, Larry Van 12/11/05 HDR
Clark, Lattie Washington  3/1/97 HDR
Clark, Laura Virginia Stroupe  5/2/02 HDR
Clark, Lillian  8/26/96 HDR
Clark, Lillie Allman 1/16/99 HDR
Clark, Lisa Mae Herman 4/2/01 HDR
Clark, Lois Holder  12/14/03 HDR
Clark, Lonnie Ray 10/19/05 HDR
Clark, Lonnie Ray 10/19/05 ONE
Clark, Lucy Marley 9/27/98 HDR
Clark, Lula Edith Self 1/26/05 HDR
Clark, Lula Edith Self 1/26/05 ONE
Clark, Luther 2/19/98 HDR
Clark, Luther Johnnie 12/22/01 HDR
Clark, Luther Johnnie  12/24/01 ONE
Clark, Mallie McAllister  6/20/94 HDR
Clark, Manley Elmer Jr. 5/10/96 HDR
Clark, Margaret Bronson 6/24/96 HDR
Clark, Margaret Madison 3/1/01 HDR
Clark, Marie Shirleen 12/7/99 ONE
Clark, Marie Shirleen 12/8/99 HDR
Clark, Marion Clifford 8/23/02 ONE
Clark, Marion Clifford (100 yoa) 8/23/02 HDR
Clark, Mary Bollinger 3/26/94 HDR
Clark, Mary Fay  11/7/02 HDR
Clark, Mary Hatley  9/23/95 HDR
Clark, Mary Lee McGalliard 12/1/05 HDR
Clark, Matthew Ean 7/12/93 HDR
Clark, Mettie Edna Church 5/27/03 HDR
Clark, Mildred Hill 2/11/96 HDR
Clark, Mildred Martin 9/2/98 HDR
Clark, Minnie Lee Williams  12/28/97 HDR
Clark, Murial Yount 3/11/05 ONE
Clark, Muriel Yount 3/14/05 ONE
Clark, Muriel Yount  3/12/05 HDR
Clark, Naomi Smith 2/22/98 HDR
Clark, Neill Wilson Jr. 1/28/97 HDR
Clark, Neill Wilson Jr. 1/29/97 HDR
Clark, Nelle Henson 12/27/98 HDR
Clark, Nellie Fannin 1/30/94 HDR
Clark, Nellie Faye 1/17/94 HDR
Clark, Nola Marie Helms 2/24/94 HDR
Clark, Norman Eldinger  11/26/97 HDR
Clark, Olden Doil Sr. 6/18/96 HDR
Clark, Oliver L. "Red"  5/24/93 HDR
Clark, Pamela Diana James Fulbright 4/6/01 HDR
Clark, Pansy Marie Webb 6/13/05 HDR
Clark, Pattie Denise  2/5/03 HDR
Clark, Pauline Ellis  12/12/02 HDR
Clark, Pearl Ocie 6/7/96 ONE
Clark, Pearl Ocie  6/8/96 HDR
Clark, Peggy Ann 3/3/97 HDR
Clark, Pinkney Leroy  4/9/95 HDR
Clark, Ralph  6/29/99 HDR
Clark, Ray Stewart  12/15/96 HDR
Clark, Raymond L. 7/8/00 HDR
Clark, Richard Dwane 8/29/02 ONE
Clark, Richard Dwane  8/29/02 HDR
Clark, Richard S.  2/23/01 HDR
Clark, Ricky Bragg 3/13/93 HDR
Clark, Ricky Bragg  3/16/93 ONE
Clark, Robert 5/11/99 HDR
Clark, Robert Henry 10/22/99 HDR
Clark, Robert Lee 4/9/96 HDR
Clark, Robert Lee 4/8/96 ONE
Clark, Robert Lee 4/9/96 ONE
Clark, Robert Lee Sr. 9/1/98 HDR
Clark, Robert W.  3/10/95 HDR
Clark, Robin Weaver  8/8/95 ONE
Clark, Rodger Lee "Bear" 9/15/01 HDR
Clark, Ron (editor) 11/25/03 HDR
Clark, Ron (editor) 11/29/03 HDR
Clark, Rose Belle 3/15/05 HDR
Clark, Ruby Fern  3/29/05 HDR
Clark, Ruby M. Reese 12/18/05 HDR
Clark, Russell Inslee Jr. 8/6/99 HDR
Clark, Ruth Dover 4/13/03 HDR
Clark, Ruth Duncan Stancil 10/26/97 HDR
Clark, Ruth Illika Stamey  10/10/02 ONE
Clark, Ruth Illika Stamey  10/10/02 HDR
Clark, Ruth Lavada Williams 4/6/00 HDR
Clark, Ruth Riddle  5/26/99 HDR
Clark, Ruth Triplett  2/12/05 HDR
Clark, Samuel Jack  12/7/96 HDR
Clark, Sandra Lynn Triplett 6/30/05 HDR
Clark, Sarah Etta  2/27/97 HDR
Clark, Sarah Lee Beam 9/12/95 ONE
Clark, Sarah Lee Beam  9/10/95 HDR
Clark, Sarah Lee Beam  9/12/95 HDR
Clark, Shad M. (Page1) 11/12/97 ONE
Clark, Shad Morley 11/15/97 HDR
Clark, Shayne Renee 7/29/98 HDR
Clark, Shirley Dean 11/30/05 HDR
Clark, Stephen Andrew "Andy" 11/7/03 HDR
Clark, Stephen Andrew "Andy" 11/7/03 ONE
Clark, Stephen Lewis "Steve" 9/25/95 ONE
Clark, Stephen Lewis "Steve" 9/25/95 HDR
Clark, Steven Prescott 6/6/01 ONE
Clark, Steven Prescott 6/5/01 ONE
Clark, Steven Prescott 6/7/01 HDR
Clark, Steven Prescott  6/6/01 HDR
Clark, Steven Prescott  6/9/01 HDR
Clark, Suzanne Marie  5/3/05 HDR
Clark, Suzanne Marie  5/4/05 HDR
Clark, Sydnie Abernethy 6/8/99 ONE
Clark, Sydnie Abernethy 6/9/99 HDR
Clark, Teresa Annette  8/17/05 HDR
Clark, Teresa Annette  8/17/05 ONE
Clark, Terry 8/23/97 HDR
Clark, Terry  8/22/97 HDR
Clark, Thelma 4/5/99 HDR
Clark, Theodore "Ted" Emil  11/11/03 HDR
Clark, Theodore R. Jr. Rev. 6/10/03 HDR
Clark, Thomas Buford (veteran) 6/20/94 HDR
Clark, Thomas D. (KY historian laureate) 6/30/05 HDR
Clark, Thomas Everett 1/23/00 HDR
Clark, Thomas Everett 1/24/00 HDR
Clark, Thomas Russell "Buck" 6/15/93 HDR
Clark, Thomas Stanley "Snook" 12/29/05 HDR
Clark, Tillie Edith Abee 1/23/97 HDR
Clark, Tommy  5/20/95 HDR
Clark, Toye Mae  8/6/99 HDR
Clark, Veldia Estelena Heatherly Mrs. 1/19/98 ONE
Clark, Veldia Estelina Heatherly 1/19/98 HDR
Clark, Vera Evelyn  10/11/94 ONE
Clark, Vera Evelyn  10/11/94 HDR
Clark, Vernie Martin 5/8/97 HDR
Clark, Victoria Elizabeth (infant) 4/5/95 HDR
Clark, Virgil Lee 7/15/98 HDR
Clark, Virginia Adams  7/27/95 HDR
Clark, Wayne Parker  7/6/93 HDR
Clark, Wayne Parker  7/7/93 HDR
Clark, William "Harvey"  5/18/02 HDR
Clark, William Alexander Garcia (infant) 1/16/96 HDR
Clark, William Edward  1/22/01 HDR
Clark, William Eric "Eric" 7/23/05 HDR
Clark, William Henry 8/7/98 ONE
Clark, William Henry 8/7/98 HDR
Clark, William Henry 8/8/98 HDR
Clark, William Herbert 3/22/94 HDR
Clark, William Reed  7/10/95 HDR
Clark, Willie Kate  10/22/05 HDR
Clark, Willie Kate  10/23/05 HDR
Clark, Wilson C. 9/14/98 HDR
Clark, Winnifred Doten  10/13/94 HDR
Clarke, A. Bruce 12/9/99 HDR
Clarke, Alyce King 8/25/96 HDR
Clarke, Beverly Bryant 2/9/99 HDR
Clarke, Bonnie Shirley Barton 12/4/94 HDR
Clarke, Dan S.  11/26/97 HDR
Clarke, David 3/31/97 HDR
Clarke, David Setzer 8/17/98 ONE
Clarke, David Setzer 8/16/98 HDR
Clarke, Della Coffey  10/18/01 HDR
Clarke, Diamond Marvin  2/7/01 HDR
Clarke, Ernest Oliver  4/26/97 HDR
Clarke, Fred Donald (veteran) 2/28/94 HDR
Clarke, Harold McDonald  (veteran) 5/16/94 HDR
Clarke, Helen Bernice Griffin  8/28/05 HDR
Clarke, Henry (photographer-fashion) 5/7/96 HDR
Clarke, Hildred Powell 7/28/97 HDR
Clarke, Jack "Jackie" Harold 6/8/03 HDR
Clarke, Jack Benson  12/8/03 HDR
Clarke, James McClure Former US Rep 4/15/99 HDR
Clarke, Karen (Page 3A) 1/12/99 HDR
Clarke, Karen (Page 8A) 1/14/99 HDR
Clarke, Margaret Yoder 10/10/94 HDR
Clarke, Margaret Yoder  10/10/94 ONE
Clarke, Martha Louise Hoover 8/27/93 HDR
Clarke, Mary Pearl  8/5/03 HDR
Clarke, Mary Rice  5/7/01 HDR
Clarke, Melvin Carson 4/9/01 HDR
Clarke, Michael (original drummer for The Byrds) 12/20/93 HDR
Clarke, Myrtie Berry  9/9/03 HDR
Clarke, Nolan Wesley  7/23/94 HDR
Clarke, Nolan Wesley  7/24/94 HDR
Clarke, Richard Fox  6/23/93 ONE
Clarke, Rose H. 1/25/94 HDR
Clarke, Roy Roger  1/22/96 HDR
Clarke, Ruby Pauline  1/13/93 HDR
Clarke, Ruth Devola Hendrix  1/2/02 HDR
Clarke, Sally Haney  4/19/96 HDR
Clarke, Thomas "Tom" Jefferson 3/11/05 HDR
Clarke, Vernon K.  11/11/94 HDR
Clarke, Vernon K.  11/14/94 HDR
Clarke, William 11/9/96 HDR
Clarke, William Lowe Jr. Dr. (physician)  11/23/95 HDR
Clarkson, Harold Lloyd 12/15/98 ONE
Clarkson, Harold Lloyd  12/15/98 HDR
Clarkson, Marama Jane  7/8/02 ONE
Clarkson, Marama Jane  7/7/02 HDR
Clarkson, Marama Jane  7/8/02 HDR
Clarkson, Melanie  9/10/96 HDR
Clary, Phyllis Ester Smith  10/5/93 HDR
Clary, Thelma Lovelace 4/13/03 HDR
Clatterbuck, Charles 11/16/01 HDR
Clatterbuck, Charles Woodrow 11/18/01 HDR
Clatterbuck, Jeffrey Alan 2/24/96 HDR
Claussen, Hans Henry 2/4/98 HDR
Clavell, James (author) 9/10/94 HDR
Clawson, Harold 11/21/98 HDR
Clawson, Joseph Hamby 10/27/05 HDR
Clawson, Max R.  1/14/93 HDR
Clawson, Nancy Hamlet  9/22/05 HDR
Clawson, Nancy Hamlet  9/23/05 HDR
Clay, Beadie Stephens  2/18/99 HDR
Clay, Cecil Howard  11/8/97 HDR
Clay, Cecil Howard  11/10/97 ONE
Clay, Charles Wesley Rev. 2/1/98 HDR
Clay, Clarence Dennis  7/1/94 HDR
Clay, Dora Iantha Hawkins  2/28/93 HDR
Clay, Erwin Moran "Pat" Jr. 3/5/00 HDR
Clay, Eugene Henry 11/20/01 HDR
Clay, Eugene Henry  11/20/01 ONE
Clay, Gladys Bowman 11/24/99 HDR
Clay, Herbert Jackson "Jack"  3/16/01 HDR
Clay, Herbert Jackson (Page 1A) 3/15/01 HDR
Clay, J. Marvin 10/19/94 HDR
Clay, James Larry  9/3/05 HDR
Clay, James Larry  9/6/05 HDR
Clay, James Marvin  10/18/94 HDR
Clay, Jo Ann "Bobbie" W. 3/16/01 HDR
Clay, Joann "Bobbie" (Page 1A) 3/15/01 HDR
Clay, Juanita W.  6/5/98 HDR
Clay, Juanita Ward 6/6/98 HDR
Clay, Juanita Ward 6/7/98 HDR
Clay, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Davis  11/13/03 ONE
Clay, Mary Elizabeth Davis "Betty" 11/13/03 HDR
Clay, Mary Loven Arney 5/24/95 HDR
Clay, Nancy Jane 10/25/93 HDR
Clay, Nancy Lynn 7/30/05 HDR
Clay, Odessa Lee Grady (Ali's mother) 8/22/94 ONE
Clay, Odessa Lee Grady (Muhammad Ali's mother) 8/23/94 HDR
Clay, Ozzie (former football player) 3/11/05 HDR
Clay, Ozzie B.  3/9/05 HDR
Clay-Glover, Sonji (first wife of Muhammad Ali) 10/13/05 HDR
Clayton, Charles Lindsay  4/14/95 HDR
Clayton, Charles Lindsay  4/15/95 HDR
Clayton, Corwin Lamar 3/18/99 HDR
Clayton, Don 4/17/96 ONE
Clayton, Donald William Sr. 11/20/01 HDR
Clayton, Hague Vaughn 4/29/99 ONE
Clayton, Harold Lee 9/3/00 HDR
Clayton, Hugue Vaughn 4/29/99 HDR
Clayton, Laura Bland Dr. 6/9/98 ONE
Clayton, Laura Bland Dr. 6/5/98 HDR
Clayton, Laura Bland Dr. 6/9/98 HDR
Clayton, Linda Gilbert Brown 7/26/94 ONE
Clayton, Linda Gilbert Brown 7/26/94 HDR
Claytor, Andrew Gordon 9/2/98 HDR
Claytor, Robert Buckner (Norfolk Southern Corp. CEO) 4/10/93 HDR
Claywell, Robert B. "Bobby" Jr.  11/1/05 HDR
Clayworth, June (actress) 1/7/93 HDR
Cleator, William (acting mayor of San Diego) 2/11/93 HDR
Clegg, Billy Joe 5/5/97 HDR
Clegg, Billy Joe (minister) 5/9/97 HDR
Clem, Glen 10/31/96 HDR
Clement, Brenda Sue 7/27/05 HDR
Clement, Carl William  10/16/03 HDR
Clement, Carol Ann Touhy 12/23/05 HDR
Clement, Clarence Edward 11/7/95 ONE
Clement, Clarence Edward  11/7/95 HDR
Clement, Harry Louis  4/13/01 HDR
Clement, James (multi national corp. executive) 1/4/94 HDR
Clement, Lucille LaVerne  (wife of late TN gov.) 12/31/95 HDR
Clement, Rene 3/19/96 ONE
Clement, Rene  3/21/96 HDR
Clements, James Mason "Jimmy" 7/8/01 HDR
Clements, Janice Humphries 9/20/97 HDR
Clements, Janice Humphries 9/22/97 ONE
Clements, Vassar (fiddle virtuoso) 8/17/05 HDR
Clements, Zeno H. "Pete" 9/23/97 ONE
Clements, Zeno H. "Pete"  9/24/97 HDR
Clemmer, Faye Campbell 7/14/93 HDR
Clemmons, Beulah Mae Hunt 8/7/95 HDR
Clemmons, Christopher Jihade (infant) 4/3/02 HDR
Clemons, Bennie Milton Sr. 1/14/01 HDR
Clemons, Carl Joseph 5/22/05 HDR
Clemons, Carlee 4/11/05 HDR
Clemons, Carlee 4/13/05 HDR
Clemons, Charlie 3/20/97 HDR
Clemons, Charlie 3/19/97 HDR
Clemons, Charlie J.  10/2/02 HDR
Clemons, Chris McKinley 4/22/98 HDR
Clemons, George Kenneth 4/27/00 HDR
Clemons, Henry Cleveland 1/14/01 HDR
Clemons, Lisa Jane 12/3/99 ONE
Clemons, Lisa Jane 12/3/99 HDR
Clemons, Mattie Lou 1/21/95 HDR
Clemons, Michael Duane  10/17/95 HDR
Clemons, Michael Duane (Page 5A)  10/13/95 HDR
Clemons, Rosemary Williams  9/23/03 HDR
Clemons, Wilbert "Duke" Eugene 9/13/93 HDR
Clemons, Wilbert "Duke" Eugene 9/16/93 HDR
Clenseur, Milton Myers 6/21/93 HDR
Cleopa (Romanian monk) 12/7/98 HDR
Cleveland, Charles (reporter) 11/23/03 HDR
Cleveland, Mary Kathryn "Katie" Mercer 4/28/05 ONE
Cleveland, Mary Kathryn "Katie" Mrs. 4/28/05 HDR
Clevenger, Bryson Edward  7/17/94 HDR
Clevenger, Glenna Gaye 2/8/99 ONE
Clevenger, Glenna Gaye 2/8/99 HDR
Clevenger, Glenna Gaye 2/9/99 HDR
Clevenger, Luther Franklin 1/26/97 HDR
Clevenger, Mattie Huffman  11/28/02 HDR
Clevenger, Peggy Stokes 3/29/05 HDR
Clevenger, Theodore  4/23/95 HDR
Cliburn, Rildia Bee O'Bryan  8/4/94 HDR
Clifford, Alan Frank  12/4/95 ONE
Clifford, Alan Frank  12/2/95 HDR
Clifford, Alan Frank  12/7/95 HDR
Clifford, Clark M. 10/13/98 HDR
Clifford, Clark M. (Page 8B) 10/11/98 HDR
Clifford, Paul 5/12/03 ONE
Clifford, Paul Arthur 5/28/03 ONE
Clifford, Paul Arthur 5/30/03 ONE
Clifford, Paul Arthur  5/29/03 HDR
Clifford, Paul Arthur  5/30/03 HDR
Clifford, Shirley Mittleman 11/26/97 HDR
Clifford, Shirley Mittleman 11/26/97 ONE
Clifton, Fannie Elizabeth 3/15/98 HDR
Clifton, Maddie  (Page 6B) 11/11/98 HDR
Clifton, Richard Truman  9/12/02 HDR
Clifton, Richard Truman  9/13/02 HDR
Clifton, Ronald Burke  3/12/02 HDR
Clinard, Alpha Grey 1/26/04 ONE
Clinch, Harry A. Rev. (bishop) 3/11/03 HDR
Cline,  Constantina Boudouris  9/19/00 HDR
Cline,  Fred Barnett 7/27/99 HDR
Cline, A. Lynch 3/7/00 HDR
Cline, A. Lynch  3/7/00 ONE
Cline, Adele Mull 2/4/97 HDR
Cline, Adele Mull 2/6/97 HDR
Cline, Alan (Associated Press) 9/5/94 HDR
Cline, Alvin "Bill" Tate 7/6/96 HDR
Cline, Alvin Tate "Bill" 7/8/96 ONE
Cline, Ambrose Schenck Jr. 12/23/93 ONE
Cline, Annie Jean McGhinnis 9/9/01 HDR
Cline, Annie Roseman 9/10/96 ONE
Cline, Annie Roseman  9/11/96 HDR
Cline, Annie Roseman  9/10/96 HDR
Cline, Bandy Elmore Sr. 1/7/01 HDR
Cline, Bebe Ann 1/18/99 ONE
Cline, Bebe Ann 1/19/99 HDR
Cline, Bebe Ann 1/20/99 HDR
Cline, Bebe Ann  1/19/99 ONE
Cline, Bernice Phillips 5/18/98 ONE
Cline, Bernice Phillips 5/18/98 HDR
Cline, Bert C.  3/31/93 HDR
Cline, Bert Coleman 4/1/93 HDR
Cline, Bert Coleman 4/3/93 HDR
Cline, Bertha 6/21/96 ONE
Cline, Bertha Lackey 6/22/96 HDR
Cline, Bertha Lackey  6/21/96 HDR
Cline, Bertha Shook 3/30/94 HDR
Cline, Bertie Harbison Degree 1/25/94 HDR
Cline, Bertie Hilton 12/17/96 ONE
Cline, Bertie Hilton (101 yoa) 12/18/96 HDR
Cline, Bessie  12/10/93 ONE
Cline, Bessie  12/10/93 HDR
Cline, Bessie Lee Young 12/13/93 ONE
Cline, Bessie Lee Young 12/13/93 HDR
Cline, Betty Joan Bignon 1/12/05 ONE
Cline, Betty Joan Bignon 1/13/05 ONE
Cline, Betty Joan Bignon  1/13/05 HDR
Cline, Betty Rand  1/10/95 HDR
Cline, Billie Jean Smith 12/3/01 ONE
Cline, Billie Jean Smith 12/2/01 HDR
Cline, Billy Dean  2/3/03 HDR
Cline, Blanch W.  2/7/01 HDR
Cline, Bobby L. 5/14/99 ONE
Cline, Bobby L. 5/15/99 HDR
Cline, Bobby Lavance  (Page 1B) 5/14/99 HDR
Cline, Bonnie Setzer  1/25/93 ONE
Cline, Bonnie Setzer  1/25/93 HDR
Cline, Carl Jackson 6/20/00 HDR
Cline, Carl Jackson 6/20/00 ONE
Cline, Carolyn Holder 6/19/99 HDR
Cline, Cecil 1/6/94 HDR
Cline, Cecil Geronia 1/7/94 HDR
Cline, Charles Clyde 11/19/93 ONE
Cline, Charles Clyde  11/19/93 HDR
Cline, Charles Douglas 10/10/95 HDR
Cline, Charles Douglas "Doug" 10/12/95 HDR
Cline, Charles Douglas (football player) 10/16/95 HDR
Cline, Charles Douglas (football player) 10/17/95 HDR
Cline, Charles Lee  10/27/03 HDR
Cline, Charles V. 12/23/98 ONE
Cline, Charles V. 12/23/98 HDR
Cline, Chrystal Ann Shook 3/11/02 ONE
Cline, Chrystal Ann Shook  3/11/02 HDR
Cline, Clara Miller  3/8/96 HDR
Cline, Clarence Oran 1/11/01 ONE
Cline, Clarence Oran 1/11/01 HDR
Cline, Clayton P. 5/23/97 HDR
Cline, Clifton Donald  2/18/04 ONE
Cline, Clora Sipe 3/14/94 HDR
Cline, Clora Sipe 3/15/94 HDR
Cline, Coleman 5/10/99 HDR
Cline, Coleman 5/12/99 HDR
Cline, Connor Noah (infant) 4/6/03 HDR
Cline, Connor Noah (infant) 4/7/03 ONE
Cline, Crystal  3/10/02 HDR
Cline, Crystal Mae Lloyd 6/3/00 HDR
Cline, Crystal Mae Lloyd 6/2/00 HDR
Cline, Crystal Mae Lloyd 6/2/00 ONE
Cline, Curly Ray (the Old KY Fox Hunter) 8/25/97 HDR
Cline, Dalena Mae 6/2/00 HDR
Cline, Dalena Mae 6/2/00 ONE
Cline, David Lee Sr. 7/20/01 ONE
Cline, David Lee Sr. 7/20/01 HDR
Cline, Deaver 5/25/98 HDR
Cline, Deaver 5/27/98 HDR
Cline, Dick Moore Jr. 7/12/94 HDR
Cline, Dolly Ann 10/3/00 HDR
Cline, Dolly Ann 10/2/00 ONE
Cline, Donald  4/21/95 HDR
Cline, Donald Troy 4/22/95 HDR
Cline, Doris Helen Bowman 8/23/05 HDR
Cline, Dorothy Crouse  10/13/96 HDR
Cline, Douglas Edward 6/16/05 HDR
Cline, Edward L. Jr. "Shine" Lt. Col. 1/29/98 HDR
Cline, Edward Walter Jr. 12/20/94 HDR
Cline, Edward Walter Jr.  12/20/94 ONE
Cline, Edwin “Eddie”  8/29/00 HDR
Cline, Ellis Lawrence  5/4/01 HDR
Cline, Emmie Frances Hamilton 7/16/04 ONE
Cline, Ernest Clark Sr. 2/9/98 HDR
Cline, Ernest Franklin "Red" 6/8/96 HDR
Cline, Escar Lonnie 10/9/94 HDR
Cline, Esther Susan Small (103 yoa) 8/31/02 HDR
Cline, Eva Fox  2/3/03 HDR
Cline, Fannie  12/13/02 HDR
Cline, Fannie Cornelius Smith  12/14/02 HDR
Cline, Fannie Elizabeth Cline 6/26/00 HDR
Cline, Fern Catherine 3/19/96 HDR
Cline, Fern Catherine 3/19/96 ONE
Cline, Floyd William 1/27/94 ONE
Cline, Floyd William 1/27/94 HDR
Cline, Floyd William 1/28/94 HDR
Cline, Francis H. 10/20/99 HDR
Cline, Frank L. Jr. 1/10/96 HDR
Cline, Franklin "Frank" Bass 4/21/97 HDR
Cline, Franklin Bass  4/20/97 HDR
Cline, Franklin Bass "Frank" 4/21/97 ONE
Cline, Fred  3/24/05 HDR
Cline, Fred Augustus (veteran)  11/27/95 HDR
Cline, Fred Barnett 7/27/99 ONE
Cline, Fred Barnett 7/26/99 ONE
Cline, Fredrick Alonzo "Fred" 2/27/97 HDR
Cline, Freida Ellen Deal  12/22/05 HDR
Cline, Geneva Gray 11/17/99 HDR
Cline, George Franklin 5/7/97 HDR
Cline, George Franklin 5/8/97 HDR
Cline, George Franklin 5/8/97 ONE
Cline, George Garfield 2/15/99 ONE
Cline, George Garfield  2/14/99 HDR
Cline, George Garfield  2/13/99 HDR
Cline, George Garfield  (Page 1A) 2/17/99 HDR
Cline, George Willard Sr. (veteran) 1/27/94 HDR
Cline, Guy  2/5/96 HDR
Cline, Guy  2/6/96 HDR
Cline, H.S.  2/6/05 HDR
Cline, Harold 1/24/94 HDR
Cline, Harold Dixon 1/25/94 HDR
Cline, Heldreth Yoder  2/2/00 ONE
Cline, Herman Dermont 5/24/97 HDR
Cline, Herman Dermont 5/28/97 HDR
Cline, Herman Dermont 5/28/97 ONE
Cline, Hessie Icenhour  3/4/93 HDR
Cline, Hildreth Yoder 2/2/00 HDR
Cline, Ira Glenn  5/9/94 ONE
Cline, Ira Glenn  5/9/94 HDR
Cline, J.D. 5/6/99 ONE
Cline, J.D. 5/7/99 HDR
Cline, James  11/3/94 HDR
Cline, James Alexander  9/11/97 HDR
Cline, James Franklin 7/12/97 HDR
Cline, James L.  3/13/02 HDR
Cline, James Leroy 11/4/94 HDR
Cline, Janey C. 6/21/00 HDR
Cline, Janie Lee Dula  6/4/01 HDR
Cline, Jay Setzer 12/4/00 ONE
Cline, Jay Setzer  12/5/00 HDR
Cline, Jerry Vulin 1/29/98 HDR
Cline, Jerry Wilson  11/27/03 HDR
Cline, Jessie Lloyd Sr. 1/17/95 ONE
Cline, Jessie Lloyd Sr. 1/18/95 ONE
Cline, Jessie Lloyd Sr.  1/17/95 HDR
Cline, Jessie Lloyd Sr.  1/18/95 HDR
Cline, Jessie Smith  10/7/05 HDR
Cline, John Hayward  10/10/01 HDR
Cline, John Kelsie 3/25/95 HDR
Cline, John Kelso  3/24/95 HDR
Cline, John Macon 9/14/99 HDR
Cline, John Macon  9/13/99 ONE
Cline, John Macon Jr. 9/30/99 ONE
Cline, John Macon Jr. 10/1/99 HDR
Cline, John Michael  12/14/96 HDR
Cline, Juanita  12/10/93 HDR
Cline, Juanita Jane 12/11/93 HDR
Cline, Juanita Jane  12/30/93 HDR
Cline, June B.  4/27/96 HDR
Cline, June Battafarano 4/29/96 ONE
Cline, June Battafarano  4/28/96 HDR
Cline, June Battafarano  4/30/96 HDR
Cline, Katherine Deal 12/29/00 ONE
Cline, Katherine Deal  12/29/00 HDR
Cline, Keith Douglas "Bud" Rev. 3/27/94 HDR
Cline, Kelly Ray  6/9/00 HDR
Cline, Kenneth 7/23/96 ONE
Cline, Kenneth  7/23/96 HDR
Cline, Kermit "Casey" 1/24/98 HDR
Cline, Kim Stuan  1/11/03 HDR
Cline, Larry Eldon 11/16/99 ONE
Cline, Larry Eldon 11/16/99 HDR
Cline, Larry W.  7/13/03 HDR
Cline, Lee Worth 2/4/96 HDR
Cline, Lee Worth 2/5/96 ONE
Cline, Lee Worth  2/5/96 HDR
Cline, Lela Ingle  12/14/93 HDR
Cline, Lela Ingle Harris 12/15/93 HDR
Cline, Lena Yount  2/18/99 HDR
Cline, Lester Garland 1/1/94 HDR
Cline, Lillian  6/21/00 ONE
Cline, Lillian Rowe 6/22/00 HDR
Cline, Lillian Rowe 6/22/00 ONE
Cline, Lorene Dellinger  8/31/00 HDR
Cline, Louise H. 6/22/93 HDR
Cline, Louise H.  6/22/93 ONE
Cline, Louise Isabell Leonard  3/31/02 HDR
Cline, Louise Menzie Hewitt 6/23/93 HDR
Cline, Louise Menzie Hewitt  6/23/93 ONE
Cline, Louise Yancey 11/15/03 HDR
Cline, Louise Yancey  11/17/03 ONE
Cline, Mamie Burns 8/5/01 HDR
Cline, Margaret Wright  5/22/02 HDR
Cline, Margaret Wright  5/23/02 HDR
Cline, Margie Fincannon 8/25/05 HDR
Cline, Margie Fincannon 8/25/05 ONE
Cline, Marie Ada Benfield  2/5/01 HDR
Cline, Marshall Eugene Jr. 5/26/96 HDR
Cline, Martha Deal  12/10/02 HDR
Cline, Martha Sigmon 7/13/95 HDR
Cline, Mary Ann Knight 4/5/97 HDR
Cline, Mary Eva Bruner 2/3/00 HDR
Cline, Mary Eva Bruner 2/4/00 HDR
Cline, Mary Eva Bruner 2/2/00 ONE
Cline, Mary Lillie  9/4/95 HDR
Cline, Mary Lou 1/20/00 HDR
Cline, Max Clinton 4/18/97 HDR
Cline, Max Robert 6/7/00 HDR
Cline, Maxyne Thomas  8/31/03 HDR
Cline, McCoy Jackson "Jackie"  10/15/02 ONE
Cline, McCoy Jackson "Jackie"  10/16/02 ONE
Cline, McCoy Jackson “Jackie”  10/15/02 HDR
Cline, McCoy Jackson “Jackie”  10/16/02 HDR
Cline, Michael B. "Dut Dut" 8/17/03 HDR
Cline, Morris W.  8/4/04 ONE
Cline, Myrtis Stephens  5/18/96 HDR
Cline, Nancy Branch 6/22/98 HDR
Cline, Nell Marie  12/31/03 HDR
Cline, Nellie Carpenter 2/2/98 ONE
Cline, Nellie Carpenter 2/3/98 ONE
Cline, Nellie Carpenter 2/3/98 HDR
Cline, Nellie Carpenter 2/4/98 HDR
Cline, Nellie Hudson 4/26/94 ONE
Cline, Nellie Hudson 4/25/94 HDR
Cline, Nellie Hudson 4/26/94 HDR
Cline, Nora Barrett 1/19/99 ONE
Cline, Nora Barrett 1/20/99 ONE
Cline, Nora Barrett 1/20/99 HDR
Cline, Ossie Gettys  12/10/05 HDR
Cline, P. Rowe 12/9/01 HDR
Cline, P. Rowe  12/10/01 ONE
Cline, Pansy Taylor 4/5/05 HDR
Cline, Pansy Taylor 4/5/05 ONE
Cline, Paul Ellis 7/18/98 HDR
Cline, Paul Eugene 6/22/94 HDR
Cline, Paul Nathan "Sonny" 3/9/97 HDR
Cline, Paul R.  1/29/93 HDR
Cline, Paul Reece 6/22/94 HDR
Cline, Paul Reece 6/23/94 HDR
Cline, Pauline Lowder 4/9/00 HDR
Cline, Pauline Lowder 4/10/00 ONE
Cline, Pinkney Simon 3/10/94 HDR
Cline, Pinkney Simon (veteran) 3/11/94 HDR
Cline, Porter Franklin Sr. 2/25/97 HDR
Cline, Porter Franklin Sr. 2/25/97 ONE
Cline, Ralph Jessie 5/24/05 HDR
Cline, Ralph LaFayette  5/15/02 HDR
Cline, Ray S. 3/18/96 ONE
Cline, Richard Carpenter 8/9/93 HDR
Cline, Robert Joezell 3/30/94 ONE
Cline, Robert Joezell "Joe" 3/30/94 HDR
Cline, Ruby Eckard  4/11/02 ONE
Cline, Ruby Eckard  4/12/02 HDR
Cline, Ruby Eckard  4/13/02 HDR
Cline, Rubylee Sharpe  9/28/01 HDR
Cline, Ruth Kirby 9/20/93 HDR
Cline, Ruth Kirby 9/21/93 HDR
Cline, Sarah Lue Bost  9/4/96 HDR
Cline, Sarah Lue Bost  9/3/96 ONE
Cline, Shirley Mae Barlow  12/8/02 HDR
Cline, Sidney 7/19/93 HDR
Cline, Stella Davis  11/7/03 HDR
Cline, Sterling Lenoir Jr. 5/18/94 HDR
Cline, Sue Whisnant  10/29/96 HDR
Cline, Sylvia Elmore 3/3/97 HDR
Cline, Talmadge 11/12/96 ONE
Cline, Talmadge  11/12/96 HDR
Cline, Talmadge  11/11/96 HDR
Cline, Ted Herman Jr. 1/20/05 HDR
Cline, Tessie Dellinger 6/6/98 HDR
Cline, Thomas Cletus 6/13/97 HDR
Cline, Thomas Cletus 6/13/97 ONE
Cline, Thomas Leroy Sr. 3/31/03 HDR
Cline, Thomas Leroy Sr.  3/31/03 ONE
Cline, Thurman  7/30/02 HDR
Cline, Thurman Lee 8/1/02 HDR
Cline, Timothy 7/22/96 ONE
Cline, Versie Brittain  7/14/01 HDR
Cline, Vinnie 5/5/95 ONE
Cline, Vinnie 5/5/95 HDR
Cline, Vinnie Ellen 5/8/95 ONE
Cline, Vinnie Ellen  5/6/95 HDR
Cline, Walter  W. 3/29/95 ONE
Cline, Walter W.  3/30/95 HDR
Cline, William Dolphus 12/26/95 HDR
Clinton, Kenneth W. Sr. 4/7/97 HDR
Clinton, Ruby M. 6/12/02 ONE
Clinton, Ruby M. 6/13/02 ONE
Clinton, Ruby M. 6/14/02 ONE
Clinton, Ruby M.  6/12/02 HDR
Clinton, Ruby M.  6/13/02 HDR
Clinton, Ruby M.  6/14/02 HDR
Clinton, Tyrisha Danielle 2/12/05 HDR
Clippard, Calvin C. Sr. 4/6/96 HDR
Clippard, Calvin C. Sr. 4/5/96 ONE
Clippard, Gussie Crouch  10/16/02 HDR
Clippard, Hattie Emma 1/8/05 HDR
Clippard, K. B. Jr. 12/12/94 HDR
Clippard, K.B. Jr. 12/12/94 ONE
Clippard, Klutz B.  12/11/94 HDR
Clippard, Lonnie 12/7/03 HDR
Clippard, Lonnie 12/9/03 HDR
Clippard, Nancy Shell 3/31/95 ONE
Clippard, Nancy Shell  3/31/95 HDR
Clippard, Ralph Raymond 8/23/00 HDR
Clippard, Russell E. "Doc"  5/12/94 HDR
Clippard, Russell Eugene "Doc"  5/13/94 HDR
Clippard, Tarrance Pugh  8/5/97 HDR
Clodfelter, David L. 11/3/97 HDR
Clodfelter, David Lynn  11/4/97 HDR
Clodfelter, Keith Barron 3/28/94 HDR
Clodfelter, Nona Runnion 6/26/05 HDR
Clodfelter, Ruth Mays Mrs.  7/27/03 HDR
Clodfelter, Victor Lynn  1/25/02 HDR
Cloer, Alfred Winston "Buck" 4/10/01 HDR
Cloer, Brent Granvel  9/11/01 HDR
Cloer, Ella Mae Annas 7/13/99 HDR
Cloer, Florence Pennell 6/29/03 HDR
Cloer, Frances Lingle 9/20/03 HDR
Cloer, Frances Lingle 9/21/03 HDR
Cloer, Frances Lingle  9/22/03 ONE
Cloer, Helen Coyner 10/16/98 HDR
Cloer, Howard Elden  12/1/00 HDR
Cloer, Josephine M. 12/13/99 ONE
Cloer, Josephine M. 12/13/99 HDR
Cloer, Josephine M. 12/14/99 HDR
Cloer, Louis Bartley  4/3/03 HDR
Cloer, Mary Paulette  10/25/02 HDR
Cloer, Michael K. 12/14/99 HDR
Cloer, Minnie Powell  10/11/95 HDR
Cloer, Minnie Powell  10/12/95 HDR
Cloer, Nancy Lois  10/11/00 HDR
Cloer, Ola M. Bradshaw 3/5/98 HDR
Cloer, Pearl Beck  10/13/94 HDR
Cloer, Pearl Beck  10/14/94 HDR
Cloer, Ralph Wesley  7/16/05 HDR
Cloer, Robert Lee 11/25/98 HDR
Cloer, Ruth Burns 10/17/93 HDR
Cloer, Ruth Burns Mrs.  10/18/93 ONE
Cloer, Sandra Wike"Sandi" 1/24/97 HDR
Cloer, Walter McCanless 6/3/05 HDR
Clonch, Alonzo Woodrow  4/18/01 HDR
Clonch, Frances Elouise 7/28/93 HDR
Clonch, Tony Eugene  7/19/95 HDR
Clonch, Tony Eugene  7/20/95 HDR
Cloney, Sean 10/24/99 HDR
Cloniger, Lawson Link "L.L." 4/14/05 HDR
Cloninger, Agnes 4/7/97 HDR
Cloninger, Agnes  4/7/97 ONE
Cloninger, Alice Larkin  2/6/95 ONE
Cloninger, Alice Larkin  2/5/95 HDR
Cloninger, Arizona Jones 4/14/97 ONE
Cloninger, Arizona Jones  4/13/97 HDR
Cloninger, Bertha Finger 10/18/97 HDR
Cloninger, Bertha Finger 10/17/97 HDR
Cloninger, Bertha Finger  10/17/97 ONE
Cloninger, Cecil Kelly 11/27/01 HDR
Cloninger, Chad Steven  11/14/94 ONE
Cloninger, Chad Steven    11/14/94 HDR
Cloninger, Chad Steven (Page 3A) 11/14/94 HDR
Cloninger, Charles Lindburgh 7/28/01 HDR
Cloninger, Charles Lindburgh  7/30/01 ONE
Cloninger, Christine Mitcham  10/7/94 HDR
Cloninger, Clyde "Bill" Elbert 12/14/96 HDR
Cloninger, Clyde Elbert "Bill" 12/16/96 ONE
Cloninger, Clyde M. 12/3/99 ONE
Cloninger, Clyde Melvin "Bill" 12/6/99 ONE
Cloninger, Dr. Rowell C. 10/12/99 ONE
Cloninger, Frank 8/24/98 ONE
Cloninger, Frank  8/23/98 HDR
Cloninger, Garland Ray  2/20/01 HDR
Cloninger, George Woodrow Sr. 6/28/01 ONE
Cloninger, George Woodrow Sr. 6/28/01 HDR
Cloninger, Geraldine Larmon 4/19/96 HDR
Cloninger, Grady Lee 3/2/94 HDR
Cloninger, Grady Lee 3/3/94 HDR
Cloninger, Helena Deal 4/18/97 HDR
Cloninger, Helena Deal 4/17/97 ONE
Cloninger, John W. 1/21/97 HDR
Cloninger, Lucille Johnston 12/8/99 HDR
Cloninger, Mildred Christopher 8/30/04 ONE
Cloninger, Rachel Weaver 10/5/93 ONE
Cloninger, Rachel Weaver 10/5/93 HDR
Cloninger, Roger Dale  6/27/94 ONE
Cloninger, Roger Dale (veteran) 6/26/94 HDR
Cloninger, Rowell C. Dr. 10/13/99 HDR
Cloninger, Terry  12/11/03 HDR
Clonninger, Clyde Melvin "Bill" 12/4/99 HDR
Clontz, Annie 1/17/94 HDR
Clontz, Annie Ray  6/29/01 HDR
Clontz, Annie Yoder 1/18/94 HDR
Clontz, Annie Yoder  1/18/94 ONE
Clontz, Blanche Morrison  3/24/95 HDR
Clontz, Cecil William 11/28/01 HDR
Clontz, Cecil William  11/28/01 ONE
Clontz, Chloe Penley 4/3/99 HDR
Clontz, Christine Hefner 6/26/94 HDR
Clontz, Cloyd L.  10/7/94 HDR
Clontz, Cloyd Lester (101 yoa) 10/8/94 HDR
Clontz, Clyde W. 8/20/99 HDR
Clontz, Essie Mae Ogle 4/18/01 HDR
Clontz, Frances Benfield 6/13/03 HDR
Clontz, Fred Albert  11/9/95 HDR
Clontz, Fred Edward 12/27/97 HDR
Clontz, Frederick (Fred) Cecil 12/20/05 HDR
Clontz, George Edward 7/17/00 HDR
Clontz, Gerald Ray  1/12/04 ONE
Clontz, Glenn  10/29/93 HDR
Clontz, Harley Nester Sr. 3/27/99 HDR
Clontz, Henry Everette 9/29/97 HDR
Clontz, Henry Everette 9/28/97 HDR
Clontz, Henry Richard 1/2/95 ONE
Clontz, Henry Richard 1/2/95 HDR
Clontz, Ivey Vernon 3/21/98 HDR
Clontz, James Carl 1/18/94 HDR
Clontz, James Carl 1/19/94 HDR
Clontz, Jennifer Leigh 4/28/05 HDR
Clontz, Johnny Lewis  6/3/02 ONE
Clontz, Johnny Lewis  6/2/02 HDR
Clontz, Johnny Lewis  6/3/02 HDR
Clontz, Johnny Lewis  6/4/02 HDR
Clontz, Kenneth Wayne 7/24/00 HDR
Clontz, Leroy Herman 11/10/03 HDR
Clontz, Lillian Brown  3/6/03 HDR
Clontz, Linda Pritchard  3/18/02 HDR
Clontz, Lucy Mills  6/6/02 HDR
Clontz, Lula Wildy  2/5/02 HDR
Clontz, Lula Wildy  2/6/02 HDR
Clontz, Mallie L. Jr. 10/9/05 HDR
Clontz, Martha Elizabeth Helms 5/4/94 HDR
Clontz, Martha Elizabeth Helms 5/5/94 HDR
Clontz, Mavelean Marie McAllister 4/13/99 ONE
Clontz, Mavelean Marie McAllister 4/12/99 ONE
Clontz, Mavelean Marie McAllister 4/13/99 HDR
Clontz, Mavelean Marie McAllister 4/12/99 HDR
Clontz, Muriel Faye Gilbert 7/23/03 HDR
Clontz, Norvin E. 1/20/99 HDR
Clontz, Oscar C.  12/5/93 HDR
Clontz, Oscar C.  12/6/93 HDR
Clontz, Phyllis Kiziah 5/7/01 ONE
Clontz, Phyllis Kiziah  5/6/01 HDR
Clontz, Robert Eugene  3/30/02 HDR
Clontz, Robert Glen Sr.  10/30/93 HDR
Clontz, Victoria Elaine Fitzgerald 12/22/97 ONE
Clontz, Victoria Elaine Fitzgerald  12/21/97 HDR
Clontz, Wanda Starr  8/30/00 HDR
Clopton, Doris 2/22/94 HDR
Clopton, Doris  2/22/94 ONE
Clopton, Doris Jean Buff 2/23/94 ONE
Clopton, Doris Jean Buff 2/23/94 HDR
Closas, Alberto (actor-Spanish) 9/20/94 HDR
Close, Anita Clark 5/22/05 HDR
Close, Anita Clark 5/23/05 ONE
Close, Anita Clark 5/24/05 ONE
Close, Patricia Howard Moulton  7/10/93 HDR
Clothier, William J. 1/12/96 ONE
Cloud, Gladys Merrell 1/25/97 HDR
Cloud, Katherine Clarkson Urmston 10/21/05 HDR
Cloud, Norman Harrison Sr. 11/28/97 HDR
Cloud, Norman Harrison Sr. 11/28/97 ONE
Cloud, Red Thunder 1/16/96 HDR
Cloud, Red Thunder 1/15/96 ONE
Cloud, Vicie Mae Mull 11/26/96 HDR
Cloud, Wendell Oliver 3/19/96 HDR
Clough, Helen Moore  5/22/95 HDR
Clouse, Lawrence Franklin 9/6/93 HDR
Clower, Darthula Williamson 7/5/99 HDR
Clower, Darthula Williamson  7/4/99 HDR
Clower, Jerry  8/25/98 HDR
Clower, Jerry (Grand Ole Opry comedian) 8/25/98 ONE
Clowes, Allen Whitehill 11/5/00 HDR
Clowney, Burch Rudolph Sr.  9/26/93 HDR
Clutter, Ira (Page 2A) 12/27/01 HDR
Clymer, Constance Marie  7/8/03 HDR
Coachman, B. P. "Buddy" 1/23/00 HDR
Coad, Rosa A. Mills 9/26/05 HDR
Coad, Rosa A. Mills 9/26/05 ONE
Coakley, Patricia Sister 7/9/99 HDR
Coan, Elizabeth Woodruff 12/31/01 ONE
Coan, Elizabeth Woodruff 12/29/01 HDR
Coan, William Freethy "Bill" 11/6/98 ONE
Coan, William Freethy "Billy" 11/6/98 HDR
Coates, Leroy "Bully" 8/7/95 HDR
Coates, Roosevelt  9/15/99 HDR
Coates, Ruth Carolyn  2/21/95 ONE
Coates, Ruth Carolyn  2/21/95 HDR
Coats, Louis David "Bill" Sr. 1/30/94 HDR
Coats, Roosevelt  9/15/99 ONE
Coatsworth, Mildred R.  12/6/94 HDR
Coatsworth, Mildred R.  12/7/94 HDR
Coatta, John 12/28/00 HDR
Cobain, Kurt (musician) 4/9/94 HDR
Cobb, Alan (Page7A) 2/1/01 HDR
Cobb, Alfred (A.C.) Sr. 8/22/02 HDR
Cobb, Alfred (A.C.) Sr. 8/23/02 HDR
Cobb, Annie Hedrick 7/25/97 HDR
Cobb, Annie Hedrick 7/24/97 HDR
Cobb, Annie Hedrick 7/24/97 ONE
Cobb, Arnold Edward 9/5/97 HDR
Cobb, Arthur 2/6/96 ONE
Cobb, Artie Farley  5/8/95 HDR
Cobb, Benjamin Leroy "Bud"  2/4/02 HDR
Cobb, Betty Lou  10/24/02 HDR
Cobb, Bradford William  3/2/03 HDR
Cobb, Bradford William  3/3/03 HDR
Cobb, Charles E.  10/24/02 HDR
Cobb, Clarence Dale  4/15/95 HDR
Cobb, Emma Grace (infant) 8/19/03 HDR
Cobb, Emma Grace (infant) 8/19/03 ONE
Cobb, Frank  3/11/95 HDR
Cobb, Fredrick Gordon 7/25/93 HDR
Cobb, Harris Gilbert 7/4/97 HDR
Cobb, James Marcus  3/3/02 HDR
Cobb, Jerry Dean 8/26/98 ONE
Cobb, Jerry Dean 8/26/98 HDR
Cobb, Joseph Carroll 12/22/94 HDR
Cobb, Joseph Carroll 12/26/94 HDR
Cobb, Josephine Senter 8/13/01 HDR
Cobb, Obie Jackson 5/28/01 HDR
Cobb, Phillip D.  3/26/03 HDR
Cobb, Rachel Carolyn Moser  9/19/97 HDR
Cobb, Richard 1/23/96 ONE
Cobb, Richard (historian) 1/24/96 HDR
Cobb, Robert Bradford 9/24/99 HDR
Cobb, Rosa Lallage Cook 8/12/02 ONE
Cobb, Rosa Lallage Cook  8/11/02 HDR
Cobb, Thomas Walter 6/20/97 HDR
Cobb, Troy S.  4/5/95 HDR
Cobb, Virginia Seehorn 12/12/98 HDR
Coble, B. J. "Bill" 5/14/97 HDR
Coble, Carl Edward "Pete"  2/5/93 ONE
Coble, Corinne Eliza Sherrill 10/16/01 HDR
Coble, James Anthony "Tony" Jr. 9/27/01 HDR
Coble, James Walter "Red" 1/11/98 HDR
Coble, Joe 9/23/99 HDR
Coble, Johnnie Holt (mother of Howard Coble) 4/4/05 HDR
Coble, Marvin E. III (reporter) 1/10/95 HDR
Coble, Pauline "Polly" Williams  3/3/97 HDR
Coble, Pauline Williams "Polly" 3/3/97 ONE
Cochran, Arnold Oliver 1/24/01 HDR
Cochran, Bob 6/17/99 HDR
Cochran, Dillie Green  4/26/96 HDR
Cochran, Gordon S. "Mickey" 3/17/98 HDR
Cochran, James "Tom" 3/22/02 ONE
Cochran, James "Tom"  3/23/02 HDR
Cochran, James Daniel Jr. Dr.  11/19/01 ONE
Cochran, Jean Whitener 12/26/02 ONE
Cochran, Jean Whitener  12/26/02 HDR
Cochran, Johnnie L. Jr. (O.J. Simpson's attorney) 3/30/05 HDR
Cochran, Naomi Regina "Cuzzie"  5/12/95 HDR
Cochran, Robert Nathaniel 3/17/00 HDR
Cochran, Robert William  3/8/00 HDR
Cochran, Ron 9/8/97 HDR
Cochran, Sarah Rebecca Frady 4/7/98 HDR
Cochran, Steven "Steve" Wayne 7/14/05 HDR
Cochran, Steven "Steve" Wayne 7/13/05 ONE
Cochran, Wanda Elizabeth  9/20/93 HDR
Cochran, William Franklin “Frank”  2/14/03 HDR
Cochran, Winifred Waite  2/22/05 HDR
Cochrane, Catherine Mallory  2/13/95 HDR
Cochrane, Ethel Inez Gabriel  10/4/97 HDR
Cochrane, Kenneth "Red" 11/28/98 HDR
Cochrane, William McWhorter "Bill" 1/7/05 ONE
Cockcroft, Eva S. 4/11/99 HDR
Cocke, Lowery Langford 4/13/03 HDR
Cockerell, Christopher Sir 6/7/99 HDR
Cockerham, Benny "Gray" III Cpl. 10/29/05 HDR
Cockerham, Ned Landon "Bud" 4/13/99 HDR
Cockey, Mary Louise “Nanny” Houser Lowdermilk  1/18/03 HDR
Cockman, William Curtis Rev. 9/25/99 HDR
Cockram, Elizabeth Lura Broom  2/28/03 HDR
Cockram, Elizabeth Lura Broom  2/28/03 ONE
Cockrell, Bertha Mae  6/12/03 HDR
Cockrell, Bettie York  1/1/01 HDR
Cockrell, Everette R.  5/24/96 HDR
Code, Charles F. (physiologist) 12/13/97 HDR
Codington, John (NC Senator) 3/2/94 ONE
Cody, Alfred Paul 2/6/03 HDR
Cody, Betty Ray Sigmon 11/11/96 ONE
Cody, Betty Ray Sigmon  11/11/96 HDR
Cody, Bonnie "Bon" Pressley 12/28/94 HDR
Cody, Bonnie Pressley 12/28/94 ONE
Cody, Charlene Baxter 11/22/97 HDR
Cody, Elsie Ingle 11/4/96 ONE
Cody, Elsie Ingle  11/3/96 HDR
Cody, Elsie Ingle  11/4/96 HDR
Cody, Elsie Pearline Ingle 11/2/96 HDR
Cody, Iron Eyes   1/7/99 HDR
Cody, Jettie Sain  1/24/03 HDR
Cody, Mary Melinda  4/23/93 HDR
Cody, Mildred Christen 5/22/97 HDR
Coe, Alfred E. "Al" 7/20/96 HDR
Coe, Alfred E. "Al" 7/19/96 ONE
Coe, James W. 3/24/97 HDR
Coe, Ruth 3/26/96 ONE
Coeburn, Eva  5/22/96 HDR
Coeburn, Eva Mae Franklin Johnson 5/23/96 HDR
Coeburn, William Howard 3/5/99 HDR
Coeburn, Zada Pope Hedden 9/19/94 HDR
Coetzee, Kobie 7/31/00 HDR
Cofer, Charles 3/27/98 HDR
Coffee, Cynthia 10/27/99 ONE
Coffee, Cynthia (died 1998) 4/6/01 ONE
Coffee, Joseph Monroe 11/1/94 HDR
Coffey,  Debra June Killian  10/1/00 HDR
Coffey, Alice Pearson  4/30/93 HDR
Coffey, Allie May Philyaw 1/1/97 HDR
Coffey, Amber Nicole 2/7/98 HDR
Coffey, Amber Nicole  11/24/95 ONE
Coffey, Amber Nicole (child)  11/24/95 HDR
Coffey, Annie Lee 3/11/94 HDR
Coffey, Annie Lee Crump 3/12/94 HDR
Coffey, Archie  8/8/95 HDR
Coffey, Archie Ray  11/30/03 HDR
Coffey, Archie Rayvon  8/9/95 HDR
Coffey, Arvil  10/12/93 HDR
Coffey, Arville  10/11/93 HDR
Coffey, Barbara “Sally” Story  9/29/00 HDR
Coffey, Bealer Wayne 7/7/00 HDR
Coffey, Bealer Wayne  7/8/00 HDR
Coffey, Bessie Louella McGee 5/30/05 HDR
Coffey, Bessie Simmons 5/28/99 HDR
Coffey, Beulah C. 7/29/98 HDR
Coffey, Carl William  7/14/93 HDR
Coffey, Carson Reeves 8/8/99 HDR
Coffey, Cathy Bentley 8/15/99 HDR
Coffey, Cecile Wood 3/10/98 HDR
Coffey, Cenie 10/2/02 HDR
Coffey, Charles Author  2/12/03 HDR
Coffey, Charles Milton  3/6/05 HDR
Coffey, Charles W.  8/1/93 HDR
Coffey, Clarence Alexander 7/28/95 HDR
Coffey, Clarence Monroe 4/6/97 HDR
Coffey, Claude T.  5/9/93 HDR
Coffey, Clint Rev. 12/22/01 HDR
Coffey, Clyde Alexander  9/24/02 HDR
Coffey, Clyde Finley  12/5/02 HDR
Coffey, Clyde Hedrick  4/3/01 HDR
Coffey, Coline 12/31/01 HDR
Coffey, Corien Hatten  8/23/00 HDR
Coffey, Cornelius (Coffey School of Aeronautics) 3/5/94 HDR
Coffey, Cynthia Ann 2/22/97 HDR
Coffey, Cynthia Ann 2/20/97 HDR
Coffey, Cynthia Ann 2/24/97 ONE
Coffey, Cynthia Ann 2/20/97 ONE
Coffey, Cynthia Ann Marie 2/18/97 ONE
Coffey, Davis E.  3/9/01 HDR
Coffey, Dorothy Hall 12/8/98 HDR
Coffey, Dorothy Louise  7/19/98 HDR
Coffey, Dorothy Pauline  3/1/93 HDR
Coffey, Earnest Lamon  11/30/02 HDR
Coffey, Elizabeth McCall 8/3/01 HDR
Coffey, Elsie McCall  12/31/96 HDR
Coffey, Erica D. 9/5/00 HDR
Coffey, Erica Dx  9/3/00 HDR
Coffey, Ethel Mae  11/10/99 HDR
Coffey, Ethelene Woodie  6/20/02 HDR
Coffey, Florence Hartley 2/13/94 HDR
Coffey, Florence Hartley 2/14/94 HDR
Coffey, Floyd J.  1/3/02 HDR
Coffey, Frances Louise Greene 5/7/05 HDR
Coffey, Frances Triplett  3/1/01 HDR
Coffey, George Hubert  (veteran) 12/22/95 HDR
Coffey, Grace Bennett 2/24/05 HDR
Coffey, Grayling Todd 5/26/97 HDR
Coffey, Guy Edward  4/1/03 HDR
Coffey, Gwendolyn Dale 9/7/97 HDR
Coffey, Hardy Daniel 7/4/03 HDR
Coffey, Harlan Eugene Sr.  7/28/95 HDR
Coffey, Harold Thomas  3/25/01 HDR
Coffey, Henry Frank 7/15/03 HDR
Coffey, Henry Ray 4/10/98 HDR
Coffey, Herndon Frank  9/9/01 HDR
Coffey, Hettie Starnes 7/7/98 ONE
Coffey, Hettie Starnes 7/6/98 HDR
Coffey, Hettie Starnes 7/7/98 HDR
Coffey, Holly Diane 10/12/98 HDR
Coffey, Holly Diane [died 10/10/98 (Page 4A)] 1/13/99 HDR
Coffey, Hubert  9/8/97 HDR
Coffey, Hubert Conrad 9/9/97 HDR
Coffey, Hugh  6/26/05 HDR
Coffey, Ina Faye Bouldin 12/17/98 HDR
Coffey, Ira Edwin  6/14/93 HDR
Coffey, Ira Milton  1/28/01 HDR
Coffey, Irene Louise Story  3/11/02 ONE
Coffey, Irene Louise Story  3/11/02 HDR
Coffey, Jackie Carlis 8/1/97 HDR
Coffey, James 2/23/96 HDR
Coffey, James "Jim" C.  8/31/03 HDR
Coffey, James Russell "Pro" or "Bud" 12/14/99 HDR
Coffey, Jay Dee Rev. 4/24/95 HDR
Coffey, Jennifer Leigh Campbell  2/12/05 HDR
Coffey, Jennings Otis  8/9/01 HDR
Coffey, Jerry Guy 1/27/98 HDR
Coffey, Jesse Hal  8/2/05 HDR
Coffey, Jimmy Charles  2/11/01 HDR
Coffey, John Hamilton  4/7/93 HDR
Coffey, John Hamilton  4/8/93 HDR
Coffey, Joseph Monroe  11/2/94 HDR
Coffey, Juanita Cooke 11/29/01 HDR
Coffey, Kenneth W. 9/27/01 HDR
Coffey, Larry Clinton 8/22/01 HDR
Coffey, Lema Lou Greene 8/5/00 HDR
Coffey, Lenney James (Page 3A) 12/2/94 HDR
Coffey, Linney James  12/3/94 HDR
Coffey, Lloyd Maynard Sr. 9/7/98 HDR
Coffey, Lone Dallas  6/17/97 HDR
Coffey, Lynn Archie 12/22/98 ONE
Coffey, Lynn Archie 12/22/98 HDR
Coffey, Mabel Margaret 10/5/05 HDR
Coffey, Mamie Elizabeth Clay 12/22/05 HDR
Coffey, Mamie Rebecca Michaux  5/8/02 HDR
Coffey, Margaret Keller 6/10/96 HDR
Coffey, Margie Maxine  1/2/03 ONE
Coffey, Margie Maxine Retizel  1/2/03 HDR
Coffey, Marie Virginia 6/28/97 HDR
Coffey, Marie Virginia  6/27/97 HDR
Coffey, Marie Virginia  6/30/97 ONE
Coffey, Marty Dean 11/24/95 HDR
Coffey, Marty Dean 11/25/95 HDR
Coffey, Mary Bell 5/4/99 HDR
Coffey, Mary Ellen McLeod  4/1/03 HDR
Coffey, Mary Macon 3/16/99 HDR
Coffey, Mary Maxine Orders 8/10/95 HDR
Coffey, Matthew Mack 9/8/97 HDR
Coffey, Max 9/28/00 HDR
Coffey, Michael Roger 11/7/00 HDR
Coffey, Mildred Evon  7/22/03 HDR
Coffey, Minnie Jeanette  9/8/05 HDR
Coffey, Misty Dawn Church 1/2/05 HDR
Coffey, Mollie Lou 4/9/99 HDR
Coffey, Nancy Louise  1/31/03 HDR
Coffey, Naomi Ruth Flowers 8/3/97 HDR
Coffey, Nellie Catherine Campbell 2/13/97 HDR
Coffey, Nellie Catherine Campbell 2/13/97 ONE
Coffey, Nellie Sumpter  7/21/95 HDR
Coffey, Nellie Sumpter  7/22/95 HDR
Coffey, Neta Fields  3/12/97 HDR
Coffey, Omie W.  6/9/05 HDR
Coffey, Pauline  3/18/02 HDR
Coffey, Pauline T.  3/19/02 HDR
Coffey, R. Frank 10/3/99 HDR
Coffey, Rachel Dean  9/17/94 HDR
Coffey, Ralph Curlee  4/11/95 HDR
Coffey, Ralph Curlee  4/12/95 HDR
Coffey, Ralph Jerome  10/30/95 HDR
Coffey, Ralph Lanese 8/23/93 HDR
Coffey, Raymond Eugene 11/9/98 HDR
Coffey, Raymond Woodrow 3/26/99 HDR
Coffey, Roger Wiliam  4/17/01 HDR
Coffey, Ronald Glenn 5/26/00 ONE
Coffey, Ronald Glenn "Instant" 5/27/00 HDR
Coffey, Ronald Glenn "Instant" 5/28/00 HDR
Coffey, Ronald Glenn "Instant" 5/29/00 ONE
Coffey, Ronald H. 3/23/97 HDR
Coffey, Ronald H.  3/22/97 HDR
Coffey, Ronard Leroy 10/13/99 HDR
Coffey, Rosa Lee Parker "Granny" 4/2/99 HDR
Coffey, Rosa Lee Parker "Granny" 4/3/99 HDR
Coffey, Rose 9/13/95 HDR
Coffey, Rose Effie 1/23/00 HDR
Coffey, Rose Ella 9/14/95 HDR
Coffey, Roy Edward "Pete" 12/2/97 HDR
Coffey, Roy L.  10/17/02 HDR
Coffey, Ruby W.  4/30/93 HDR
Coffey, Ruth C.  1/30/03 HDR
Coffey, Ruth Carter  12/10/94 HDR
Coffey, Ruth Carter  12/12/94 HDR
Coffey, Samuel A.  1/5/04 ONE
Coffey, Samuel A.  1/8/04 ONE
Coffey, Sarah Cornelia Ingram “Bug”  3/4/03 HDR
Coffey, Sarah Margaret Green 5/17/00 HDR
Coffey, Sergius Henry 4/3/98 HDR
Coffey, Stanley Edward 7/18/00 HDR
Coffey, Stanley Edward  7/17/00 HDR
Coffey, Thelma Frazier 5/27/98 HDR
Coffey, Thelma R. 5/25/98 HDR
Coffey, Theodore "Ted" Kenneth 7/6/05 HDR
Coffey, Thomas Henry 8/30/99 HDR
Coffey, Timothy "Tim" Moser  11/18/03 HDR
Coffey, Tracey Jack  8/31/94 HDR
Coffey, Tracey Jack  9/1/94 HDR
Coffey, Trilby D. 4/16/01 HDR
Coffey, Troy William  2/17/95 HDR
Coffey, Vanda Fern Green 2/1/05 HDR
Coffey, Velma Mae  4/21/93 HDR
Coffey, Verley L. 6/21/02 HDR
Coffey, Vilas Lee  6/10/01 HDR
Coffey, Viola Bullins 1/31/00 HDR
Coffey, Virdia  1/17/03 HDR
Coffey, Virdia  1/16/03 ONE
Coffey, Virdia C.  1/20/03 HDR
Coffey, Virginia Pearl 10/3/94 HDR
Coffey, Virginia Pearl Keller 10/4/94 HDR
Coffey, Wheeler E.  9/19/03 HDR
Coffey, Willie Mae Fulbright  9/30/00 HDR
Coffin, Thomas E. 6/3/99 HDR
Coffing, Glenn Dale  11/18/96 HDR
Coffman, James Riley "J.R." Jr. 3/3/99 HDR
Coffman, Michael D. 7/31/97 ONE
Coffman, Michael David 8/2/97 HDR
Coffman, Michael David 8/1/97 ONE
Coffrin, Albert W. (U. S. Dist. Judge) 1/16/93 HDR
Cofield, John "Joe" Thomas 1/5/94 HDR
Cofield, John "Joe" Thomas 1/7/94 HDR
Cogdell, Lillie Jenkins 5/1/97 HDR
Cogdell, William R.  9/15/95 HDR
Cogdell, William Richard 9/16/95 HDR
Cogen, Charles 2/21/98 HDR
Coggan, Donald 5/20/00 HDR
Coggin, Thayer (NC furniture executive and innovator) 5/24/03 HDR
Cohen,  Debra Davis 11/5/00 HDR
Cohen, Alexander (Broadway producer) 4/23/00 HDR
Cohen, Amram (heart surgeon) 8/21/01 HDR
Cohen, Dorothy Surasky  6/22/00 HDR
Cohen, Estelle Hoffman 4/4/98 HDR
Cohen, Fran Bost  10/20/01 HDR
Cohen, Gussie Marcus 3/26/98 HDR
Cohen, Hersh George 8/13/99 HDR
Cohen, Jerry S.  1/2/96 HDR
Cohen, Joseph 2/15/98 HDR
Cohen, Matt 12/5/99 HDR
Cohen, Myron (concertmaster) 7/27/93 HDR
Cohen, Richard S. 4/15/98 HDR
Cohen, Ronald M. 4/26/98 HDR
Cohn, Lore  6/30/03 ONE
Cohn, Lore Fanny Meyer-Gideon 6/28/03 HDR
Cohn, Waldo E. 9/6/99 HDR
Coia, Arthur (Laborers' Union official)  3/10/93 HDR
Coigney, Virginia  12/22/97 HDR
Coil, Curtis E. Jr. 12/6/98 HDR
Coker, Edgar Denton  3/18/95 HDR
Coker, Ralph 3/3/94 HDR
Coker, Ralph William 3/4/94 HDR
Colbert, Claudette 7/31/96 ONE
Colbert, Claudette (Page 4D) 7/31/96 HDR
Colbert, Lois Johnson  12/6/96 HDR
Colbert, Madison Renea (infant)  11/16/02 HDR
Colborne, Richard Zechariah 12/17/01 HDR
Colburn, Annie R. 5/2/97 HDR
Colburn, Robert Franklin Rev. 4/16/93 HDR
Colby, William E. 5/6/96 ONE
Colchester, Nicholas 10/2/96 HDR
Coldiron, Wiley "Bruce" 10/24/03 HDR
Cole, Aldine Creasman 3/20/99 HDR
Cole, Annie Lee Rowe Allran 1/5/97 HDR
Cole, Arlee 4/8/00 HDR
Cole, Betty N.  6/6/97 ONE
Cole, Betty Nance 6/7/97 HDR
Cole, Betty Nance 6/9/97 ONE
Cole, Catherine Rivoire Mrs. 5/6/05 HDR
Cole, Chadwick Brittain "Chad" 8/12/97 HDR
Cole, Clara Lou Clippard  2/28/03 HDR
Cole, Clarence Talmage 10/1/00 HDR
Cole, Clarence Talmage 9/30/00 HDR
Cole, Clarence Talmage 10/2/00 ONE
Cole, Clarence Talmage 9/29/00 ONE
Cole, David (music producer) 1/26/95 HDR
Cole, Edna Key 1/30/01 ONE
Cole, Edna Key 1/30/01 HDR
Cole, Exie Louise Benfield 3/22/01 ONE
Cole, Exie Louise Benfield 3/23/01 HDR
Cole, Exie Louise Benfield  3/24/01 HDR
Cole, Frank "Ray" Sr. 10/10/99 HDR
Cole, Gaynelle 4/27/05 HDR
Cole, Gaynelle 4/28/05 HDR
Cole, George T. 7/30/96 HDR
Cole, George Talmage 7/29/96 ONE
Cole, Gerald Desmond Sr. 11/19/97 HDR
Cole, Homer 1/6/97 HDR
Cole, Irene Abernethy 10/10/03 HDR
Cole, Jack Sr. 4/12/00 HDR
Cole, James "Doyle" 1/8/96 HDR
Cole, James "Doyle"  1/9/96 HDR
Cole, James "Doyle"  1/9/96 ONE
Cole, James William 8/27/98 HDR
Cole, Janice Lin  9/2/02 HDR
Cole, Janis Lin  9/5/02 ONE
Cole, Janis Lin  9/5/02 HDR
Cole, Jerry Nevitte 9/27/99 ONE
Cole, Jerry Nevitte 9/27/99 HDR
Cole, John Anderson 12/15/00 HDR
Cole, John Anderson 12/15/00 ONE
Cole, Joshua Erick 11/24/99 HDR
Cole, Katherine Viola  3/14/03 HDR
Cole, Mabel Waycaster 9/12/97 HDR
Cole, Milton H. 11/24/97 HDR
Cole, Olin Clinton  8/23/02 HDR
Cole, Perry L. Sr.  1/1/01 HDR
Cole, Perry L. Sr.  1/2/01 HDR
Cole, Stephanie Rash  4/28/96 HDR
Cole, Thomas Edward III (infant) 1/17/94 ONE
Cole, Thomas Edward III (infant) 1/17/94 HDR
Cole, Verna Slack 1/3/05 HDR
Cole, Vestie Coble  8/7/95 HDR
Cole, Vila M. 11/4/03 HDR
Cole, Warren Harding 7/7/99 HDR
Colee, Laura Sue Ramsour  5/4/02 HDR
Coleman, Andy  9/9/95 HDR
Coleman, Bobby Lee 7/30/96 HDR
Coleman, Carl C. Jr. 10/15/96 HDR
Coleman, Carolyn Marie  5/28/01 ONE
Coleman, Carolyn Marie  5/26/01 HDR
Coleman, Doris Johnson  10/13/94 HDR
Coleman, Doris Myrtle Christian 2/12/00 HDR
Coleman, Ed Cobb 7/27/00 HDR
Coleman, Elizabeth Clark  2/23/93 HDR
Coleman, Ella Hendrix  10/24/96 HDR
Coleman, Garnet A. 3/20/97 HDR
Coleman, Garnet A. 3/18/97 HDR
Coleman, Garnet A. 3/17/97 ONE
Coleman, Garnet A.  3/16/97 HDR
Coleman, Gil  3/8/95 HDR
Coleman, Gordy  (baseball player/broadcaster) 3/13/94 HDR
Coleman, Helen Erwin  1/29/02 HDR
Coleman, James Edward Sr.  7/22/95 HDR
Coleman, Jarrod Lamar (Page 6A) 11/29/98 HDR
Coleman, Jim  1/16/01 HDR
Coleman, Joe E.  Sr. 7/23/00 HDR
Coleman, Ken (broadcaster) 8/23/03 HDR
Coleman, Lester 10/26/00 HDR
Coleman, Lester Ervin 10/31/05 HDR
Coleman, Nannie Huffman  5/14/02 HDR
Coleman, Pearlie Deel  7/1/03 HDR
Coleman, Peter Tali 5/1/97 HDR
Coleman, Ralph James  11/26/00 HDR
Coleman, Ray  9/29/96 HDR
Coleman, William Robert "Bill" Sr.  3/28/05 HDR
Coleridge, Hollis Hartley  4/27/95 ONE
Coleridge, Hollis Hartley  4/27/95 HDR
Coleridge, Olive Myers 2/1/01 ONE
Coleridge, Olive Myers  2/1/01 HDR
Coleridge, Olive Myers  2/3/01 HDR
Coles, Floyd Columbus "Sonny"  7/13/96 HDR
Coles, John Allen  5/16/01 HDR
Coles, John Henry "Pie" 12/14/97 HDR
Coles, Johnny  12/27/97 HDR
Coles, Nicolae 3/27/00 HDR
Coles, Nicolae  3/27/00 ONE
Coles, Samuel Edward  11/30/03 HDR
Coles, William Eugene "Bill" 7/6/93 HDR
Coley, Cleo    6/5/03 ONE
Coley, Cleo Curlee  6/6/03 HDR
Coley, Cleo Curlee  6/6/03 ONE
Coley, Elvena Mae Brown 4/13/00 HDR
Coley, George Sheely 11/3/03 ONE
Coley, George Sheely  11/3/03 HDR
Coley, Harrill C.  9/22/04 ONE
Coley, Harrill Curlee 9/23/04 ONE
Coley, James Thomas "Sarge" 9/17/98 HDR
Coley, Joseph Alonzo Jr. 9/15/03 ONE
Coley, Joseph Alonzo Jr.  9/14/03 HDR
Coley, Nancy Johnson 9/20/93 ONE
Coley, Nancy Johnson 9/20/93 HDR
Coley, Nancy Sue Johnson 9/21/93 ONE
Coley, Nancy Sue Johnson 9/22/93 ONE
Coley, Nancy Sue Johnson  9/21/93 HDR
Coley, Wilma Loretta Hewitt 11/6/05 HDR
Coley, Wilma Loretta Hewitt 11/7/05 ONE
Collazo, Oscar (Puerto Rican nationalist) 2/21/94 HDR
Collett, Margaret Carr  4/9/03 HDR
Colley, Mildred Martin  10/6/01 HDR
Colley, Robert Hayes 4/19/99 HDR
Colley, Russell S.  2/12/96 HDR
Collie, H.E. "Jim" 5/20/05 HDR
Collier, Marvin L. 6/28/97 HDR
Collings, Stephen R.  10/27/03 ONE
Collings, Stephen R. Dr.  10/26/03 HDR
Collins, Albert (blues great) 11/26/93 HDR
Collins, Alfred Harold  9/23/02 HDR
Collins, Annie Upton 4/24/97 HDR
Collins, Ara Cameron 9/14/99 HDR
Collins, Barbara Prestwood  4/16/96 HDR
Collins, Betty June Adams  10/11/01 HDR
Collins, Bobby Dean 12/25/98 HDR
Collins, Boyce Edward 9/25/03 HDR
Collins, Boyce Edward  9/25/03 ONE
Collins, Callie C. 12/13/01 HDR
Collins, Callie C. 12/23/01 HDR
Collins, Daisie Anna  12/18/05 HDR
Collins, Damien Bryant 4/18/00 HDR
Collins, Damien Bryant 4/17/00 ONE
Collins, David W. "Bill"  8/15/94 HDR
Collins, David W. "Bill"  8/16/94 HDR
Collins, Devin Ryan 3/27/95 ONE
Collins, Devin Ryan  3/25/95 HDR
Collins, Devon Ryan 3/23/95 ONE
Collins, Devon Ryan  3/23/95 HDR
Collins, Dolly Mae 11/16/97 HDR
Collins, Dolly Mae  11/18/97 HDR
Collins, Donald Ray  2/9/99 HDR
Collins, Dorman 6/26/02 HDR
Collins, Dorothy (singer) 7/23/94 HDR
Collins, Earl Ruben  1/19/02 HDR
Collins, Earl Ruben  1/20/02 HDR
Collins, Edith Lillian  12/25/03 HDR
Collins, Fannie Mae Temple 10/17/99 HDR
Collins, Frank Jr.  11/27/01 HDR
Collins, Franklin Lattimer  9/30/93 HDR
Collins, Gerald Homer Sr.  11/5/04 ONE
Collins, Gerald Homer Sr.  11/8/04 ONE
Collins, Gladys Edith Pritchard  7/13/94 HDR
Collins, Helen Juanita  3/24/03 HDR
Collins, Hilda Jean Rinehardt 9/23/00 HDR
Collins, Hilda Jean Rinehardt 9/22/00 ONE
Collins, Howard Kevin 8/18/99 HDR
Collins, Howard Kevin (Page 1A) 8/15/99 HDR
Collins, Ila Hood  7/23/00 HDR
Collins, Jack 11/2/94 ONE
Collins, Jack  2/23/98 ONE
Collins, Jack  11/2/94 HDR
Collins, Jack David 2/21/98 HDR
Collins, Jack Eugene 11/3/94 HDR
Collins, Jack Eugene  11/3/94 ONE
Collins, James Mitchell "Jamie"  7/3/94 HDR
Collins, James Wilburn 3/27/99 HDR
Collins, John (jazz guitarist) 10/16/01 HDR
Collins, John William 4/8/99 HDR
Collins, Joseph I. The Rev. (former Harvard University chaplain) 10/4/03 HDR
Collins, Leo A. III 1/22/00 HDR
Collins, Leo A. III 1/24/00 ONE
Collins, Leonard 11/9/93 HDR
Collins, Leonard Evans  11/10/93 HDR
Collins, Mattie E. 4/15/98 HDR
Collins, Mattie Ella Greene 4/16/98 HDR
Collins, Nella  S. Shoemaker 4/10/98 HDR
Collins, Oakley  10/31/94 HDR
Collins, Olivia "Letha" Carrigan 9/16/03 HDR
Collins, Olivia "Letha" Carrigan  9/16/03 ONE
Collins, Osie Jay Reid 1/15/04 ONE
Collins, Pearl T. Fox 7/17/94 HDR
Collins, Pearl T. Fox  7/18/94 ONE
Collins, Phyllis McRary  5/20/01 HDR
Collins, Ralph  11/2/93 HDR
Collins, Ralph  11/3/93 HDR
Collins, Ralph David 7/9/98 ONE
Collins, Ralph David 7/8/98 ONE
Collins, Ralph David 7/8/98 HDR
Collins, Ralph David 7/9/98 HDR
Collins, Roy Daniel 4/21/00 HDR
Collins, Roy Daniel 4/19/00 HDR
Collins, Roy Daniel 4/18/00 ONE
Collins, Rufus  1/1/02 HDR
Collins, Rufus "Bud"  1/2/02 HDR
Collins, Samuel Martin Sr.  9/30/03 HDR
Collins, Suzanne M. (died 1985)  11/27/01 HDR
Collins, Wiley Eugene 11/8/94 ONE
Collins, Wiley Eugene  11/8/94 HDR
Collins, William F.  3/27/96 HDR
Collins, William Henry Jr. 1/17/98 HDR
Collins, William Lee Sr.  11/4/02 ONE
Collins, William Lee Sr.  11/4/02 HDR
Collins, William Ray 9/20/93 HDR
Collins, Zeb Vance 5/25/99 ONE
Collins, Zeb Vance 5/25/99 HDR
Collinson, Elizabeth Stauffer "Betty" 10/23/99 HDR
Colmery, Barry (Page 10A) 9/28/98 HDR
Colmery, Julie Kettelson (Page 10A) 9/28/98 HDR
Coloma, Antonio Chorques 10/13/98 HDR
Coloma, Antonio Chorques 10/14/98 HDR
Colorado, Antonio (Puerto Rico politician) 2/17/94 HDR
Colson, Virginia Nell Carpenter 10/22/05 HDR
Colson, Virginia Nell Carpenter  10/21/05 ONE
Colston, Freeda Clark  7/3/02 HDR
Coltrara, Francis S.  12/16/03 HDR
Coltrara, Lillian Ferland 8/10/99 HDR
Colvard, Beulah M. 3/22/97 HDR
Colvard, Irene McCall  6/27/94 HDR
Colvard, Irene McCall  6/28/94 HDR
Colvard, Iva Lee  2/20/02 HDR
Colvard, Jack  4/24/01 HDR
Colvard, Lois Elizabeth Cline 1/1/99 HDR
Colvard, Ronnie Edwards II 8/31/96 HDR
Colvard, Ronnie Edwards II 8/30/96 HDR
Colvard, Ronnie Edwards II 8/29/96 ONE
Colvard, Ronnie Edwards II 8/30/96 ONE
Colvard, Virginia Dare Norris 1/21/00 HDR
Colvard, William Michael 2/4/98 HDR
Colville, Linda Parham 8/16/99 ONE
Colville, Linda Parham 8/16/99 HDR
Colvin, Jack (actor) 12/7/05 HDR
Colvin, Joe Keith 12/5/02 HDR
Colvin, Reed Junior 8/16/99 HDR
Combs, Albert 3/28/00 ONE
Combs, Anna Lou Soots 11/9/99 ONE
Combs, Anna Lou Soots 11/9/99 HDR
Combs, Bobby Lee 4/24/03 HDR
Combs, Bobby Lee 4/24/03 ONE
Combs, Cecil Grant 11/1/05 HDR
Combs, David L. 10/25/03 HDR
Combs, David Lynn 10/26/03 HDR
Combs, David Lynn  10/27/03 ONE
Combs, Elam Monroe  9/18/95 HDR
Combs, Eugene Yount 4/27/03 HDR
Combs, Golda Rhymer  7/15/03 HDR
Combs, Golda Rhymer  7/15/03 ONE
Combs, Irene 2/17/97 HDR
Combs, James Loftin 11/25/95 HDR
Combs, John B. (political columnist) 6/10/97 HDR
Combs, John B. (political columnist) 6/11/97 HDR
Combs, John Kilgo 8/5/98 HDR
Combs, Lucille Deal  8/11/02 HDR
Combs, Maude Johnson  8/31/96 HDR
Combs, Maude Mae  10/12/95 HDR
Combs, Pearl Elizabeth  1/10/93 HDR
Combs, Ray 6/3/96 ONE
Combs, Ruth Blackburn 11/24/05 HDR
Combs, Ruth Blackburn 11/23/05 ONE
Combs, Ruth Blackburn 11/25/05 ONE
Combs, Sally Josey 2/13/95 ONE
Combs, Sally Josey  2/10/95 ONE
Combs, Sally Josey  2/10/95 HDR
Combs, Sally Josey  2/11/95 HDR
Combs, Vivian McKoy Mrs.  9/8/03 HDR
Combs, Wayne Leon  5/29/01 HDR
Comby, Hazel Rowless  10/25/97 HDR
Comby, Hazel Rowlett 10/27/97 ONE
Comer, Cynthia 1/13/94 HDR
Comer, Cynthia Prater 1/14/94 HDR
Comer, John Manuel 7/16/01 HDR
Comer, Joseph Frederick Sr. 8/26/01 HDR
Comer, William Thomas Jr. 7/21/99 HDR
Comerford, Michael F. (editor) 11/24/03 HDR
Comett, Paul Hubert Evangelist 9/10/00 HDR
Comfort, Alex (British author) 3/29/00 HDR
Commager, Henry Steele 3/5/98 HDR
Como, Perry 5/14/01 HDR
Compton, Aliene Burchfield 10/14/99 ONE
Compton, Aliene Burchfield 10/14/99 HDR
Compton, Carroll Duvall  4/12/95 HDR
Compton, Carroll Duvall  4/13/95 HDR
Compton, James O'Dell 2/24/01 HDR
Compton, John David "J.D." 5/24/94 ONE
Compton, John David "J.D." (veteran) 5/23/94 HDR
Compton, John David "J.D." Rev. 5/24/94 HDR
Compton, John David (J.D.) 5/23/94 ONE
Compton, Joyce (actress) 10/18/97 HDR
Compton, Margie Ellen  10/20/95 ONE
Compton, Margie Ellen  10/20/95 HDR
Compton, Minnie Lee Wilcox Daye 4/4/94 HDR
Compton, Minnie Lee Wilcox Daye 4/5/94 HDR
Compton, Neil Dr. 2/15/99 HDR
Compton, Niles Edwin Sr. Rev. 10/24/02 HDR
Conable, Barber B. Jr. (congressman--NY)  12/2/03 HDR
Conaway, Carolyn Stella Potter 2/21/98 HDR
Conaway, George W. Sr. 5/17/96 HDR
Concannon, Betty Wing  9/21/95 HDR
Concannon, Joe 2/19/00 HDR
Condeelis, Betty Jean "B.J." Hill 3/19/01 HDR
Condon, Frederick (inspired Ralph Nader's crusade for safer cars) 7/14/05 HDR
Condon, Richard 4/11/96 HDR
Cone, Bonnie Ethel (UNCC educator)  3/11/03 HDR
Cone, Nellie "Nell" Flowers 3/7/05 ONE
Cone, Nellie "Nell" Flowers  3/7/05 HDR
Cone, William B. 12/22/95 HDR
Cone, William B. Jr. Rev.  12/23/95 HDR
Conein, Lucien E. 6/7/98 HDR
Congar, Yves Cardinal (reformist) 6/23/95 HDR
Congdon, William 4/18/98 HDR
Conger, Clara Estelle Austin 6/3/98 ONE
Conger, Clara Estelle Austin 6/3/98 HDR
Conklin, Nettie T.  1/8/95 HDR
Conklin, Paul S. (first official photographer of the Peace Corps) 9/23/03 HDR
Conklin, Peggy (actress)  3/26/03 HDR
Conley, Bernice Berry 11/3/98 HDR
Conley, Bessie 10/30/98 HDR
Conley, Bessie Gertrude  9/20/93 HDR
Conley, Bessie Mozell "Mamma Bessie" 10/31/98 HDR
Conley, Bradford 1/9/03 HDR
Conley, Charlotte Young Heilhecker 12/21/00 HDR
Conley, Clyde Franklin "Kingfish"  7/7/93 HDR
Conley, Danita Lynn 7/29/02 ONE
Conley, Danita Lynn  7/27/02 HDR
Conley, Dewey Lee 8/1/96 HDR
Conley, Douglas George 1/8/00 HDR
Conley, Esther Caldwell  6/19/94 HDR
Conley, Fannie Mae Stephens  4/30/93 HDR
Conley, Fred J.  7/17/95 HDR
Conley, George Leslie (veteran) 2/8/94 HDR
Conley, Gerron "Gee" Stephon  8/11/01 HDR
Conley, Gerron (Page 1A) 8/10/01 HDR
Conley, H. Hunt 5/20/03 HDR
Conley, Harold Gene  9/1/94 ONE
Conley, Harold Gene  9/1/94 HDR
Conley, Iney Irene Corpening 8/28/99 HDR
Conley, Jackson  5/12/02 HDR
Conley, James Stephen  3/17/93 HDR
Conley, James Stephen "Steve" 3/18/93 HDR
Conley, John Clarence 8/18/93 HDR
Conley, John J. Dr. 10/5/99 HDR
Conley, Linda "Lynn" Mary  5/8/03 HDR
Conley, Lizzie  5/28/95 HDR
Conley, Lizzie Heavner  5/29/95 HDR
Conley, Lloyd 1/25/94 HDR
Conley, Lloyd C.  1/26/94 HDR
Conley, Lou "Babe" Anna  2/28/01 HDR
Conley, Lucille Woody 8/12/98 HDR
Conley, Mable C.  8/20/95 HDR
Conley, Margaret Avery  2/5/96 HDR
Conley, Margaret Eggers 5/22/05 HDR
Conley, Myra Pacanin  12/23/02 HDR
Conley, Nettie Ophelia Branch 8/14/99 HDR
Conley, Rama Browning 3/9/02 HDR
Conley, Reatha Mae Johnson 3/30/05 HDR
Conley, Robert “Bob” Eldridge 12/2/00 HDR
Conley, Robert Lee 4/4/01 HDR
Conley, Ruth McGimsey  10/14/01 HDR
Conley, Samuel Leo The Rev. 3/3/05 HDR
Conley, Shulley  Louise Austin 3/2/94 HDR
Conley, Shulley Austin 3/1/94 HDR
Conley, Skakayla Shannel (infant) 3/2/93 HDR
Conley, Sterlin  10/4/95 HDR
Conley, Stirl Gordon  10/5/95 HDR
Conley, Verdie Covington  2/9/03 HDR
Conley, Vernon Davis 3/30/99 HDR
Conley, William E. "Bill" 8/5/05 HDR
Connell, Brenda W.  4/5/93 HDR
Connell, Eva Odessa Furr 6/28/96 HDR
Connell, Eva Odessa Furr 6/28/96 ONE
Connell, Lise 9/18/96 HDR
Connell, Patrick Dr. (physician) 12/15/97 HDR
Connell, Patrick Dr.(physician) 12/13/97 HDR
Connelly Joan Webb 1/31/98 HDR
Connelly, Alice Evonne Gantt 3/5/99 HDR
Connelly, Clyde Nelson  7/29/01 HDR
Connelly, Estelle Avery 6/23/05 HDR
Connelly, Ethel Abernathy "Abby" 1/1/99 HDR
Connelly, Gaither  6/27/94 HDR
Connelly, Issac James "Jim" 1/24/99 HDR
Connelly, James "Jimmy" Moulton  2/23/02 HDR
Connelly, Joe ("Leave It to Beaver" co-creator) 2/15/03 HDR
Connelly, Luther (Page 5A) 2/21/96 HDR
Connelly, Luther Isaac "Poochie" 2/16/96 HDR
Connelly, Luther Isaac Jr. 2/17/96 HDR
Connelly, Luther Issac Sr.  4/3/05 HDR
Connelly, Marie Janice  7/16/98 HDR
Connelly, Marvin Rev. Sr. 3/28/00 HDR
Connelly, Robert Leith Sr. 6/25/01 HDR
Conner, Arnold Bremon 2/3/99 HDR
Conner, Clyde Simptsen  11/20/97 HDR
Conner, Cordia Mae Beard 5/31/99 ONE
Conner, Cordia Mae Beard 5/31/99 HDR
Conner, Fannie Cook 1/3/94 ONE
Conner, Fannie Cook Parker 1/2/94 HDR
Conner, George Witt 1/6/93 HDR
Conner, Leroy Dalton 1/19/99 ONE
Conner, Leroy Dalton 1/19/99 HDR
Conner, Mary Ellen Allen 3/25/97 HDR
Conner, Nadine (soprano)  3/6/03 HDR
Conner, Willie David 12/7/98 HDR
Conners, Richard J.  6/27/95 HDR
Connery, Robert H. 7/16/98 HDR
Connolly, Catharine Cobb Davidson 5/6/01 HDR
Connolly, Catharine Cobb Davidson 5/7/01 HDR
Connolly, Catherine Cobb Davidson 5/7/01 ONE
Connolly, Charlie Durant  12/4/98 HDR
Connolly, Foda Hope 5/23/99 HDR
Connolly, George Harvey "Lee" Sr. 12/5/03 HDR
Connolly, George Harvey Jr. 3/7/00 HDR
Connolly, Howard Leslie  2/23/01 HDR
Connolly, James H.  7/16/93 HDR
Connolly, James H.  7/17/93 HDR
Connolly, Lewis Gilbert 7/24/05 HDR
Connolly, Thomas F. Vice Admiral 6/5/96 HDR
Connolly, Thomas F. Vice Admiral 6/4/96 ONE
Connor, Aldena Buchanan "Dena" 9/29/99 ONE
Connor, Aldena Buchanan "Dena" 9/29/99 HDR
Connor, Ann Hunt 1/16/03 ONE
Connor, Ann Hunt 1/17/03 ONE
Connor, Ann Hunt  1/17/03 HDR
Connor, Anna Sherrill 3/30/95 ONE
Connor, Anna Sherrill 3/29/95 HDR
Connor, Anna Sherrill 3/30/95 HDR
Connor, Annie Pearl  1/15/04 ONE
Connor, Annie Pearl  1/16/04 ONE
Connor, Bessie 10/19/93 ONE
Connor, Bessie  10/19/93 HDR
Connor, Carrie Margaret Shytle  1/16/96 HDR
Connor, Delbert Hoyle 6/8/98 ONE
Connor, Delbert Hoyle 6/7/98 HDR
Connor, Doris Henry 8/26/97 ONE
Connor, Doris Henry 8/25/97 ONE
Connor, Doris Henry  8/27/97 HDR
Connor, Early Willie Ray 3/23/00 HDR
Connor, Early Willie Ray 3/22/00 HDR
Connor, Early Willie Ray 3/20/00 ONE
Connor, Early Willy Ray 3/22/00 ONE
Connor, Estelle Genola Brown 6/14/00 HDR
Connor, Ethaline K. 1/27/97 HDR
Connor, Gussie 4/25/94 HDR
Connor, Gussie Shuford 4/29/94 HDR
Connor, Henry W.  10/23/95 ONE
Connor, John H. 6/17/99 HDR
Connor, Johnny Lee 8/16/97 HDR
Connor, Johnny Lee 8/15/97 ONE
Connor, Johnny Lee  8/15/97 HDR
Connor, Kathryn 4/29/97 ONE
Connor, Kathryn  4/30/97 HDR
Connor, Kathryn Jones 5/2/97 HDR
Connor, Kathryn Jones 5/1/97 ONE
Connor, Lois Cresimore 1/9/04 ONE
Connor, Margaret Veno  10/22/93 HDR
Connor, Marvin E.  2/27/04 ONE
Connor, Mary Inez Sigmon 3/30/98 ONE
Connor, Mary Inez Sigmon 3/29/98 HDR
Connor, Ola Mae Wingate 7/25/05 HDR
Connor, Ola Mae Wingate Ms. 7/26/05 HDR
Connor, Petrilla  9/30/02 HDR
Connor, Petrilla Casey  10/2/02 HDR
Connor, Robert Coyte  6/3/93 ONE
Connor, Robert Coyte  6/3/93 HDR
Connor, Russell R.  11/22/03 HDR
Connor, Stanford James 8/18/00 ONE
Connor, Stanford James  8/19/00 HDR
Connor, Stephen David Sr. 10/2/98 HDR
Connor, Steve Austin 8/26/94 HDR
Connor, Steve Austin 8/27/94 HDR
Connor, Walter "Babe" 1/6/99 HDR
Connor, Walter C. 1/4/99 ONE
Connor, Walter C.  1/4/99 HDR
Connor, William Lee Rev. (Pastor) 1/7/94 HDR
Connor, William Rev. 1/6/94 HDR
Connor, Willie Mae Gabriel  10/23/95 ONE
Connor, Willie Mae Gabriel  10/23/95 HDR
Connor, Willie Mae Gabriel Mrs.  10/24/95 ONE
Connor. Ethaline Kennedy 1/27/97 ONE
Connors, Bill 6/5/00 HDR
Connors, Catherine Lightbourne  12/23/98 HDR
Conover, Matthew Isaiah (infant) 5/19/96 HDR
Conover, Matthew Isaiah (infant) 5/20/96 HDR
Conrad, Charles P. "Pete" 7/9/99 ONE
Conrad, Robert Carroll Jr. 7/24/02 HDR
Conrad, Robert Carroll Jr. 7/25/02 HDR
Conrad, Robert Carroll Jr. 7/27/02 HDR
Conrad, Vivian Franklin 11/13/03 HDR
Conradt, Ervin "Butch" 11/9/01 HDR
Conroy, Frank (writer) 4/7/05 HDR
Conroy, Michael J. (judge) 11/15/95 HDR
Consley, Raymond John 2/9/99 HDR
Constance, William Fred  7/24/98 HDR
Constantin, Michel (French actor) 8/31/03 HDR
Constantine, Eddie (actor) 3/1/93 HDR
Conte, Frederick C. Jr. 12/1/97 HDR
Conte, Frederick C. Jr. 12/1/97 ONE
Conte, Kay Bumgarner 11/4/00 HDR
Conte, Kay Bumgarner 11/3/00 HDR
Conte, Kay Bumgarner 11/3/00 ONE
Conte, Kay Bumgarner 11/2/00 ONE
Conway, Edythe Fern Johnson  7/26/95 HDR
Conway, Edythe Fern Johnson  7/27/95 HDR
Conway, Elizabeth A.  7/25/96 HDR
Conway, Faye Jeanette Throneburg 3/24/99 HDR
Conway, Flossie Neat Setzer 10/26/96 HDR
Conway, Flossie Neat Setzer 10/27/96 HDR
Conway, Flossie Neat Setzer 10/26/96 ONE
Conway, John J. (professor and war hero) 7/14/95 HDR
Conway, John Spencer  8/20/01 HDR
Conway, Lawrence Wilson  9/14/93 HDR
Conway, Lawrence Wilson The Rev. 9/15/93 ONE
Conway, Lawrence Wilson The Rev.   9/15/93 HDR
Conway, Neat Setzer 10/25/96 ONE
Conway, Russ 11/18/00 HDR
Cony, Edward 1/18/00 HDR
Conzen, W. H.  12/27/97 HDR
Coogan, Sean 4/7/98 HDR
Coogler, John Leonard  4/3/97 HDR
Cook, Abygayle Elizabeth "Abby" 10/22/99 HDR
Cook, Albert 7/10/98 HDR
Cook, Alice Hanson 2/13/98 HDR
Cook, Allen Jackson 1/4/94 HDR
Cook, Allen Jackson 1/5/94 HDR
Cook, Alvin Jessie  8/1/03 HDR
Cook, Annabev Whitmire 1/9/94 HDR
Cook, Azra Dixon 7/11/97 HDR
Cook, Barbara  11/21/94 HDR
Cook, Beulah Lee Whisnant 8/9/03 HDR
Cook, Bobby Ray 6/27/95 ONE
Cook, Bobby Ray  6/27/95 HDR
Cook, Bobby Wilson  10/15/96 HDR
Cook, Buddy Edgar 6/22/98 HDR
Cook, Carl Edward 4/16/03 HDR
Cook, Carlton Hugh 12/28/95 HDR
Cook, Charles Brantley 11/17/96 HDR
Cook, Charles Franklin  2/13/02 HDR
Cook, Charley Newton (107 yoa) (WWI veteran) 12/22/03 HDR
Cook, Clara Paige  2/16/99 HDR
Cook, Clarence "Bug" 1/11/98 HDR
Cook, Colleen Anita Leonard  1/5/04 ONE
Cook, Danny Ray  1/9/05 HDR
Cook, David Lee 11/18/01 HDR
Cook, Don (author) 3/10/95 HDR
Cook, Donald L. Sr. 4/15/94 HDR
Cook, Dr. Dennis Shelton Sr. 3/12/96 HDR
Cook, E. Nelson 7/25/93 HDR
Cook, E. Nelson  7/26/93 ONE
Cook, Edd Thomas 3/21/97 HDR
Cook, Edney  7/14/95 HDR
Cook, Edward Edison  4/26/95 HDR
Cook, Elizabeth Coffey 10/6/98 HDR
Cook, Ella Mae  9/29/94 HDR
Cook, Ella Mae Arvey  1/2/02 HDR
Cook, Ethel “Bibi” Johnson 8/16/00 HDR
Cook, Ethel Mae  3/11/01 HDR
Cook, Fannie Huffman 6/16/05 HDR
Cook, Fannie Huffman 6/15/05 ONE
Cook, Fannie Huffman 6/16/05 ONE
Cook, Faye Marie Randall 9/3/00 HDR
Cook, Flay Larn 3/31/98 HDR
Cook, Floyd Richard “Babe”  3/21/03 HDR
Cook, Frank B. 1/27/93 HDR
Cook, Frank Benjamin  1/28/93 HDR
Cook, Garland Woodrow  4/16/02 HDR
Cook, Georgia Bradshaw  1/16/01 HDR
Cook, Gertrude Fox  5/15/94 HDR
Cook, Guynell White  8/18/01 HDR
Cook, Hallie Smith  2/18/02 ONE
Cook, Hallie Smith  2/18/02 HDR
Cook, Harvey Ray Jr.  11/20/03 HDR
Cook, Hattie Huffman 1/7/00 HDR
Cook, Henry Calvin “H.C.”  Sr. 11/29/00 HDR
Cook, Hettie Bright 12/4/97 HDR
Cook, Hettie Bright  12/3/97 HDR
Cook, Hilda Mae Quick 12/13/03 HDR
Cook, Homer Gene  7/24/03 HDR
Cook, Howard Nelson 2/27/99 HDR
Cook, Howard Nelson 2/28/99 HDR
Cook, Hugh Edison 9/6/95 ONE
Cook, Hugh Edison  9/4/95 HDR
Cook, Hugh Edison  9/5/95 HDR
Cook, Hugh Edison  9/6/95 HDR
Cook, J. D. 11/28/99 HDR
Cook, Jahaza 12/18/98 HDR
Cook, Jahaza Campbell 12/21/98 ONE
Cook, Jahaza Campbell 12/19/98 HDR
Cook, Jahaza Campbell 12/21/98 HDR
Cook, James "Jim"  9/26/01 HDR
Cook, James Andrew  12/12/96 HDR
Cook, James Andrew  12/10/96 HDR
Cook, James Hoover  8/18/96 HDR
Cook, James Lewis 2/9/94 ONE
Cook, James Lewis 2/9/94 HDR
Cook, James Randel "Jim" 4/9/99 HDR
Cook, James Wilbur  3/11/03 HDR
Cook, Jane Deese 2/12/00 HDR
Cook, Jane Deese 2/14/00 ONE
Cook, Jane Wall 2/3/97 HDR
Cook, Jane Wall 2/4/97 ONE
Cook, Jane Wall  2/4/97 HDR
Cook, Jean Harris 5/20/03 ONE
Cook, Jean Harris  5/21/03 HDR
Cook, Jeffrey Lee  3/31/00 HDR
Cook, Jerald  5/1/96 HDR
Cook, Jeremy Luther  6/28/02 HDR
Cook, Jerry Allen 2/2/05 HDR
Cook, Jerry Lewis 5/24/93 HDR
Cook, Jesse Arp 8/22/95 ONE
Cook, Jesse Arp  8/22/95 HDR
Cook, Jimie Lawrence 2/1/01 HDR
Cook, Jimmie Lawrence 2/1/01 ONE
Cook, Jimmie Lawrence  2/1/01 HDR
Cook, Jimmy Ray 6/2/99 HDR
Cook, John Charles 6/17/02 ONE
Cook, John Charles  6/16/02 HDR
Cook, John Henry "Olen" 7/17/98 HDR
Cook, John J. 10/24/98 HDR
Cook, Judy Gail Lowman 10/2/95 HDR
Cook, Justin 11/15/94 HDR
Cook, Justin Lee  11/16/94 HDR
Cook, Katherine Parker 12/11/98 ONE
Cook, Kathleen Greer 2/23/98 ONE
Cook, Kathleen Greer 2/22/98 HDR
Cook, Katie McMillan 5/28/97 HDR
Cook, L.C. "Buck"  11/6/95 HDR
Cook, Larry Joe 11/1/93 HDR
Cook, Lee Marvin 6/29/95 HDR
Cook, Lee Marvin  6/28/95 HDR
Cook, Lee Sidney Jr. 7/16/93 HDR
Cook, Lela Chapman 8/25/05 HDR
Cook, Lena Abernathy Childers 5/20/01 HDR
Cook, Lenard Houston 3/3/97 HDR
Cook, Leonard 12/13/99 ONE
Cook, LeRoy 11/14/00 HDR
Cook, Leroy 12/24/98 HDR
Cook, Lillian Creed 6/2/95 HDR
Cook, Linda Cullins  6/18/94 HDR
Cook, Lizzie McCurry Whetstine  11/6/02 HDR
Cook, Lona Letha Cline 11/5/98 HDR
Cook, Lora Marie 2/10/01 HDR
Cook, Lora Marie  2/12/01 ONE
Cook, Lora Marie  2/11/01 HDR
Cook, Loy Buren 9/14/98 HDR
Cook, Loyde Lee 6/29/03 HDR
Cook, Lucy Burns 1/26/05 HDR
Cook, Macie Shuping Long 9/29/01 HDR
Cook, Maggie Hildebran  9/24/02 HDR
Cook, Mamie Fortenberry  3/31/95 HDR
Cook, Mamie Towery 10/25/93 HDR
Cook, Margaret Elizabeth  9/23/02 ONE
Cook, Margaret Elizabeth  9/21/02 HDR
Cook, Margaret Fetner 6/8/03 HDR
Cook, Marie Rudisill 2/14/00 HDR
Cook, Marjorie Alice Middleton  4/28/99 HDR
Cook, Mark A. DeMay  4/29/95 HDR
Cook, Marshall Elias 5/25/00 ONE
Cook, Marshall Elias  5/25/00 HDR
Cook, Martha Laura Chambers 1/6/97 HDR
Cook, Martha Laura Chambers 1/6/97 ONE
Cook, Martha Wilma Bradshaw 10/12/97 HDR
Cook, Martha Wilma Wright 9/17/00 HDR
Cook, Martha Wilma Wright 9/18/00 HDR
Cook, Marvin Odell 9/22/93 ONE
Cook, Marvin Odell  9/22/93 HDR
Cook, Mary Ethel Moody 8/6/00 HDR
Cook, Mary Griffin  11/16/94 HDR
Cook, Mary Hughes  12/12/97 HDR
Cook, Mary Juanita Sigmon Baker 8/14/01 ONE
Cook, Mary Juanita Sigmon Baker 8/15/01 HDR
Cook, Mary Lea Poovey 1/19/98 ONE
Cook, Mary Lea Poovey 1/19/98 HDR
Cook, Maybell Carswell  7/10/01 HDR
Cook, Melmer Hoyle 7/31/96 HDR
Cook, Melmer Hoyle  7/30/96 HDR
Cook, Melvin A. 10/15/00 HDR
Cook, Mertie Adeline  2/15/96 HDR
Cook, Mertie Adeline  2/15/96 HDR
Cook, Miles Andrew  1/16/03 HDR
Cook, Milton Mitchell "Slick" 12/26/99 HDR
Cook, Minniefee Jerry 8/11/99 HDR
Cook, Myra Benfield  2/5/02 HDR
Cook, Myrtle Smith  7/24/02 HDR
Cook, Naomi "Blondie" Alexander  3/8/93 HDR
Cook, Naomi "Blondie" Alexander  3/9/93 HDR
Cook, Odell Ray "Goat" 3/15/98 HDR
Cook, Ola Souther  8/28/95 HDR
Cook, Paul Douglas 1/1/93 HDR
Cook, Paul Douglas 1/3/93 HDR
Cook, Pauline Armentrout  9/9/93 HDR
Cook, Peggy Pitts  10/1/02 HDR
Cook, Peter August  7/8/94 HDR
Cook, R. Harry  11/26/01 ONE
Cook, R. Harry Jr. 11/24/01 HDR
Cook, Ralph 4/7/98 HDR
Cook, Ralph Edgar  7/19/93 HDR
Cook, Randall Shane 8/9/03 HDR
Cook, Randy Lynn  11/8/02 HDR
Cook, Rebecca Lynn (infant)  9/23/03 HDR
Cook, Robert (Rob, Bobby) L.  5/26/05 HDR
Cook, Robert (Rob, Bobby) L.  5/26/05 ONE
Cook, Robert Lee (infant) 6/15/02 HDR
Cook, Robin (former British Foreign Secretary) 8/7/05 HDR
Cook, Robin (mystery writer) 8/3/94 HDR
Cook, Roy Alexander 12/10/01 HDR
Cook, Roy E. Jr. 12/21/97 HDR
Cook, Roy Earl 11/20/94 HDR
Cook, Roy Earl  11/18/94 ONE
Cook, Roy Earl Sr. 11/18/94 HDR
Cook, Roy Earl Sr. 11/19/94 HDR
Cook, Roy Franklin 2/2/99 HDR
Cook, Roy Willard 3/25/99 HDR
Cook, Ruby B.   9/20/04 ONE
Cook, Ruby Barker 9/21/04 ONE
Cook, Ruby Blackburn  6/11/97 HDR
Cook, Rudolph  11/23/01 ONE
Cook, Rusty Dallas 1/11/96 HDR
Cook, Rusty Dallas 1/12/96 HDR
Cook, Ruth "Crickett" Rhyne Mrs.  5/22/05 HDR
Cook, Ruth Louise  5/15/95 HDR
Cook, Ruth Louise Powell  5/16/95 HDR
Cook, Sarah Pruitt 1/11/96 HDR
Cook, Shirley Ray Willis 2/10/94 HDR
Cook, Summie Edgar  8/28/95 HDR
Cook, Sylvanus "Tucker" 1/6/97 HDR
Cook, Sylvester Lynn  (Page 8B) 5/12/99 HDR
Cook, Talitha King 3/6/97 HDR
Cook, Terry L.  9/2/03 HDR
Cook, Thelma Melton 11/3/03 HDR
Cook, Thomas Larry Sr. 7/12/99 ONE
Cook, Thomas Larry Sr.  7/12/99 HDR
Cook, Todd  (Page 1A) 1/29/00 HDR
Cook, Vangie Canipe 5/3/98 HDR
Cook, Vassie Dallas Hildebrand 5/13/99 HDR
Cook, Vassie Towery 1/13/93 HDR
Cook, Virgie Stroupe  10/26/93 HDR
Cook, Wayne Edward 12/25/98 HDR
Cook, Willie 10/22/00 HDR
Cook, Willie Pauline Bolick 3/25/97 HDR
Cook, Wilma Faye 11/28/99 HDR
Cook, Wilma Jessie Coffey 2/28/97 HDR
Cook, Zelda 4/5/99 HDR
Cook, Zelda Irene Marlowe 4/5/99 ONE
Cook, Zelda Irene Marlowe 4/6/99 HDR
Cook, Zero Jr. 1/19/96 HDR
Cooke, A.M. 4/27/98 ONE
Cooke, A.M. 4/25/98 HDR
Cooke, Anna Lee Trivette 1/13/96 HDR
Cooke, Arthur 3/31/05 HDR
Cooke, Aston Adam 11/16/01 HDR
Cooke, Benny Aaron  10/26/02 HDR
Cooke, Bessie Bennett 4/20/98 HDR
Cooke, David Paul  8/6/94 HDR
Cooke, Dora Ann 2/6/98 HDR
Cooke, Edwin Stone 12/2/98 HDR
Cooke, Elaine Mauney  11/1/03 HDR
Cooke, Elaine Mauney  10/31/03 ONE
Cooke, Eric Lionel 2/6/99 HDR
Cooke, Etta Juanita 10/16/98 ONE
Cooke, Etta Juanita 10/16/98 HDR
Cooke, Florence McDade 4/19/01 ONE
Cooke, Florence McDade  4/19/01 HDR
Cooke, Forrest Robert 9/11/95 HDR
Cooke, Frances Furr 8/18/94 HDR
Cooke, Frances Gertrude  Furr 8/19/94 HDR
Cooke, Freda Hoyle 1/12/98 HDR
Cooke, Freda Hoyle  1/12/98 ONE
Cooke, Gay Drum 8/8/96 HDR
Cooke, Gay Drum 8/7/96 ONE
Cooke, Grace Bowman  5/16/93 HDR
Cooke, Harley Carver "Butch" 10/8/93 HDR
Cooke, Harold B.  9/30/02 ONE
Cooke, Harold Burtless  9/30/02 HDR
Cooke, Harold Burtless  10/2/02 HDR
Cooke, Hazel Lorraine Frye  2/19/01 HDR
Cooke, Irene Summitt 9/2/99 ONE
Cooke, Irene Summitt 9/2/99 HDR
Cooke, Iris Canipe 6/29/96 HDR
Cooke, James Lewis  2/10/94 ONE
Cooke, James Lewis Sr. (retired-Navy) 2/10/94 HDR
Cooke, Jean Dotson Mrs.  10/22/95 HDR
Cooke, Lane Arthur Sr. 11/16/96 HDR
Cooke, Larry G.  12/11/96 HDR
Cooke, Lloyd Jasper 4/26/97 HDR
Cooke, Mamie Davis  1/11/96 HDR
Cooke, Marguerite Powell 5/11/00 HDR
Cooke, Marguerite Powell 5/12/00 HDR
Cooke, Marvel 12/5/00 HDR
Cooke, Marvin Odell 9/23/93 ONE
Cooke, Marvin Odell  9/23/93 HDR
Cooke, Mary Frances Melvin 2/20/00 HDR
Cooke, Mary Lail 12/6/98 HDR
Cooke, Mary Williams 10/5/98 ONE
Cooke, Mary Williams 10/6/98 HDR
Cooke, Michael Lee  12/11/02 HDR
Cooke, Nina White  9/3/00 HDR
Cooke, Ollie Mae Carswell 2/27/00 HDR
Cooke, Pauline McNeely  10/11/96 HDR
Cooke, Ralph Kent (horse trainer)  9/12/95 HDR
Cooke, Robert Howard  12/24/02 HDR
Cooke, Robert Lee 8/24/03 HDR
Cooke, Roy Willard 3/25/99 ONE
Cooke, Roy Willard 3/24/99 HDR
Cooke, Shelby Jean Crawford  10/27/96 HDR
Cooke, Sherri Hollifield  11/18/00 HDR
Cooke, Teresa Arlene  11/25/94 HDR
Cooke, Valca Mae 2/9/99 HDR
Cooke, Willard Paul "Will" 3/5/99 HDR
Cooke, William Wade "Bill" Jr.  12/7/95 HDR
Cooke, Willis Davis 1/11/99 HDR
Cooke, Willis Davis "Bill" 1/13/99 HDR
Cooke, Worth Alexander 5/11/93 HDR
Cooley, Billy G.  9/1/03 HDR
Cooley, Joseph 6/13/00 HDR
Cooley, Marion E. "Mickey"  Jr. 1/6/02 HDR
Cooley, Marion E. "Mickey" Jr. 1/7/02 ONE
Cooley, Marion Estes Rev. Sr. 4/26/96 HDR
Cooley, Marion Estes Sr. Rev. 4/25/96 ONE
Cooley, Marion Jr. 1/5/02 HDR
Cooley, Vina Drucilla Horton 6/22/03 HDR
Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson Jr. (Thomas Jefferson descendant)_ 1/10/05 HDR
Coon, Marcus Lafayette  5/8/93 HDR
Coon, Rowena Fellers  9/1/96 HDR
Coone, Jerry Ray  12/2/00 HDR
Cooney, C. E. "Pep" (television executive) 9/5/03 HDR
Cooney, James P. Sr. Dr. (radiologist)  7/9/93 HDR
Coonse, Charlie Lee 2/22/98 HDR
Coonse, Dawson Wesley Quinton 1/16/99 HDR
Coonse, Louise Strassner  9/18/05 HDR
Coonse, Mary Maxine Johnson 8/15/94 HDR
Coonse, Mary Maxine Johnson 8/16/94 HDR
Coonse, Partee Luther Sr.  10/4/93 HDR
Coonse, Ray Shaver 8/23/96 HDR
Coonse, Violet Louisa Hart  4/19/02 HDR
Cooper, Alan  7/6/95 ONE
Cooper, Alan  7/6/95 HDR
Cooper, Angelica Marie  3/3/96 HDR
Cooper, Anne Moebius 5/11/99 HDR
Cooper, Art (GQ editor) 6/10/03 HDR
Cooper, Arthur Lane Sr. 2/4/02 ONE
Cooper, Arthur Lane Sr. 2/3/02 HDR
Cooper, Baxter Heriot  1/2/04 ONE
Cooper, Baxter Heriot  II 5/14/02 HDR
Cooper, Baxter Heriot II 5/13/02 ONE
Cooper, Baxter Heriot II 5/14/02 ONE
Cooper, Cebert E.  5/3/04 ONE
Cooper, Chalmas Cicero 1/8/97 HDR
Cooper, Charles K. (newspaperman)  6/11/95 HDR
Cooper, Charlie Franklin 8/17/94 HDR
Cooper, Clayton C. Jr. 5/13/05 HDR
Cooper, Corene  12/21/93 HDR
Cooper, Curtis V. 1/8/00 HDR
Cooper, Edgar Mauney The Rev. Dr.  11/16/03 HDR
Cooper, Elizabeth 3/12/96 HDR
Cooper, Elizabeth "Libbie" Coulter 12/14/01 ONE
Cooper, Elizabeth "Libbie" Gilbert Coulter 12/14/01 HDR
Cooper, Frances Susan Miller  4/10/02 HDR
Cooper, Glenn  Charles 10/14/93 HDR
Cooper, Gordon (last astronaut to take flight during NASA's Mercury program) 10/5/04 ONE
Cooper, Hannie Neoma  10/7/02 HDR
Cooper, Howard Smith  5/25/95 HDR
Cooper, James  10/11/93 HDR
Cooper, James Albert Sr. 5/10/00 HDR
Cooper, James Calvin 10/12/93 HDR
Cooper, JD 4/10/02 ONE
Cooper, JD 4/11/02 ONE
Cooper, JD  4/11/02 HDR
Cooper, Jewell Mozley  7/28/94 HDR
Cooper, John Austin 7/8/02 ONE
Cooper, John Austin  7/6/02 HDR
Cooper, John Manuel  6/26/95 HDR
Cooper, John Manuel  6/27/95 HDR
Cooper, Johnny "Jackie"  8/9/93 ONE
Cooper, Johnny "Jackie"  8/10/93 HDR
Cooper, Johnny David "Coop" 5/14/01 HDR
Cooper, Johnny Jackie 8/9/93 HDR
Cooper, Jonathan Jarred Moyle 7/29/95 HDR
Cooper, Joyce Watts "Joy" 4/13/98 HDR
Cooper, Katy Hill  6/30/96 HDR
Cooper, Kenneth Darrell 2/22/00 HDR
Cooper, Kermit I.  2/12/93 HDR
Cooper, Leamon Jr. 9/23/03 ONE
Cooper, Lillian Nichols 12/24/03 HDR
Cooper, Lora Louise Combs 2/10/97 HDR
Cooper, Lora Louise Combs 2/10/97 ONE
Cooper, Louise Brown Mrs. 12/11/03 HDR
Cooper, Lula Mae Shytle  8/26/01 HDR
Cooper, Margaret Elise Poole 10/17/05 HDR
Cooper, Mary Bailey  2/6/02 HDR
Cooper, Mary Etta Carswell  12/19/95 HDR
Cooper, Minnie Belle Rector 9/6/05 HDR
Cooper, Minnie Lou Miller 5/17/99 HDR
Cooper, Nancy Bunton  7/24/94 HDR
Cooper, Noland Kay 11/29/96 HDR
Cooper, Noland Kay  11/30/96 HDR
Cooper, Pauline Odem  10/25/93 HDR
Cooper, Ricky Eldon (Page 12A) 1/10/96 HDR
Cooper, Theodore Dr. (executive - Upjohn Co.) 4/23/93 HDR
Cooper, Verda Brewer 5/10/95 ONE
Cooper, Verda Brewer  5/10/95 HDR
Cooper, Virginia B.  5/22/02 HDR
Cooper, Wanda  7/22/93 HDR
Cooper, Wanda Patton 7/23/93 HDR
Cooper, Wesley Arnold  11/4/95 HDR
Cooper, William Gary 7/24/05 HDR
Cooper, Willie Sue  8/23/94 HDR
Cooper, Zachariah William Edward Gene 3/3/96 HDR
Coors, Joseph  3/18/03 HDR
Coox, Alvin D. 11/27/99 HDR
Copas, Rosa Lee Spencer  7/31/95 ONE
Copas, Rosa Lee Spencer  7/31/95 HDR
Copas, Sue Beattie  8/15/02 HDR
Cope, Bob 8/6/97 HDR
Cope, Wilma Bradshaw 1/16/97 HDR
Copeland, Beulah Martin Mrs.  5/23/93 HDR
Copeland, Daniel Oscar "Danny" 12/13/99 ONE
Copeland, Daniel Oscar "Danny" 12/11/99 HDR
Copeland, Melissa Seitz  4/16/05 HDR
Copeland, O.B. (Southern Living's first editor) 12/23/05 HDR
Copeland, Opal Burks 4/21/95 ONE
Copeland, Opal Burks  4/21/95 HDR
Copeland, Ray (death row inmate) 10/21/93 HDR
Copeland, Vernie Moore  2/24/01 HDR
Copenhaver, H. Wayne  10/14/95 HDR
Coplans, John (artist) 8/23/03 HDR
Copley, William N.  5/10/96 HDR
Coppinger, Eugene Ray 7/5/03 HDR
Coppinger, Eugene Ray 7/6/03 HDR
Coppinger, June E. 2/10/94 HDR
Coppinger, June E.  2/10/94 ONE
Coppinger, June Helen Killian 2/21/94 HDR
Coppinger, June Helen Killin 2/23/94 HDR
Corb, Morty 1/17/96 ONE
Corbett, James A.  8/8/01 HDR
Corbett, M. Ethel Hillard 1/5/99 HDR
Corbett, Marion J. 5/13/97 HDR
Corbett, Marion Joseph 5/14/97 HDR
Corby, Ellen 4/19/99 HDR
Corcellet, Paul (gourmet grocer)  7/12/93 HDR
Corcoran, Brian 10/8/97 HDR
Corcoran, James (Page 3A) 7/29/97 HDR
Corcoran, Susan Hunter  8/28/97 HDR
Corddry, Charles W. 4/3/96 HDR
Corddry, Charles W. 4/1/96 ONE
Corddry, Charles W.  4/29/96 HDR
Cordell, (George Alexander Grabar) Alexander (author) 8/12/97 HDR
Cordell, Alvin Lee 4/20/01 HDR
Cordell, Evelyn Blanchard 8/8/05 HDR
Cordell, Evelyn Blanchard 8/8/05 ONE
Cordell, Everett Eugene 1/22/97 HDR
Cordell, Hurschell E. 10/12/95 ONE
Cordell, Hurschell E.  10/12/95 HDR
Cordell, Hurshell Edward  10/13/95 ONE
Cordell, Hurshell Edward  11/14/95 ONE
Cordell, Hurshell Edward  10/13/95 HDR
Cordell, Mary Katherine Southerland  7/24/03 HDR
Cordell, Nancy Carolyn Deal  9/12/05 HDR
Cordell, Samuel Lewis 8/25/97 HDR
Cordell, Samuel Lewis 8/25/97 ONE
Cordell, Sherman Earl  11/7/03 HDR
Cordell, Sherman Earl  11/7/03 ONE
Cordell, Tommy Grady 4/27/93 HDR
Corden, Henry (voice of Fred Flintstone) 5/21/05 HDR
Cordero, Jose Antonio (Page 3A) 10/6/97 HDR
Cordic, Rege 4/20/99 HDR
Cordon, John Shouse  1/29/03 HDR
Cordray, Mary Jane 4/23/05 HDR
Cordray, Mary Jane  4/25/05 ONE
Cordray, Richard Albert 11/1/99 HDR
Corea, Nicholas J. 1/27/99 HDR
Corelli, Franco (tenor--opera) 10/31/03 HDR
Corelli, Franco (tenor--opera) 11/2/03 HDR
Corey, Margaret Yount 2/28/01 ONE
Corey, Margaret Yount 2/28/01 HDR
Corey, Margaret Yount  3/1/01 HDR
Corey, W. Ormond 7/29/96 HDR
Corfee, Leonard H. "Lee"  6/3/01 HDR
Corlett, John (reporter) 12/1/99 HDR
Corley, Tessie Lillian Estep  6/22/01 HDR
Corley, William Angus (newsman) 10/5/93 HDR
Cormier, Felicie Young 4/18/98 HDR
Cormier, Frank (AP  correspondent) 2/10/94 HDR
Cormier, Lucia M. (FL state legislator) 1/28/93 HDR
Corn, Bobby D.  8/12/00 HDR
Corn, Deola E. 1/27/97 HDR
Corn, Frank Donald  2/14/02 HDR
Corn, Margaret Etta Hass 3/3/03 ONE
Corn, Margaret Etta Hass  3/3/03 HDR
Corn, Norma Tinsley  4/12/03 HDR
Corn, P.D. 9/11/98 ONE
Corn, P.D. 9/11/98 HDR
Corn, Sarah B. Leverette 12/12/97 ONE
Corne, John David 3/21/00 ONE
Corne, John David  3/22/00 HDR
Corne, Meryl Cline 5/24/01 HDR
Corne, Meryl Cline  5/25/01 HDR
Corne, Stanley James 11/4/03 HDR
Corne, Stanley James  11/4/03 ONE
Cornelius, Aaron Lee  6/3/94 ONE
Cornelius, Aaron Lee  6/3/94 HDR
Cornelius, Arron Lee  6/2/94 HDR