Catawba County Newspaper Obituaries 1993-2005
Aakesson, Birgit (choreographer) 3/28/01 HDR
Aaliyah (Page 3A) 8/27/01 HDR
Aalto, Elissa (architect) 4/13/94 HDR
Aaronson, Alan 2/8/95 HDR
Abascal, Ralph Santiago 3/20/97 HDR
Abbitt, Watkins M. Sr. 7/14/98 HDR
Abbott, Philip 2/27/98 HDR
Abbott, R. Tucker Dr. (author) 11/12/95 HDR
Abbott, Sarah Frances Miller  1/1/02 HDR
Abdoh, Reza (theater director)  5/13/95 HDR
Abdulaziz, Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin 7/23/02 ONE
Abdulkarim, Mohamed Taki Pres. (Lomoros) 11/7/98 HDR
Abe, Kobo (Japanese novelist) 1/22/93 HDR
Abedi, Agha Hasan  8/6/95 HDR
Abee, Ada  1/10/93 HDR
Abee, Annie Stamey Buff 2/7/01 HDR
Abee, Buford Lynn 5/4/94 HDR
Abee, Carl Thomas  8/10/96 HDR
Abee, Clarence E.  9/6/95 HDR
Abee, Clarence E.  9/7/95 HDR
Abee, Dallas Carroll Sr.  12/28/03 HDR
Abee, David Ronald  12/22/05 HDR
Abee, Edith Mozelle "Mutt" Clarke 4/20/01 HDR
Abee, Eleanor Eckard  12/11/02 HDR
Abee, Eleanor Eckard  12/12/02 HDR
Abee, Eula Mae Brittain 4/14/05 HDR
Abee, Evelyn Golightly 2/18/99 HDR
Abee, Flossie Poteat  9/1/93 HDR
Abee, Frank Foy 11/28/01 HDR
Abee, George  Forest  11/11/97 HDR
Abee, George Forest  11/10/97 HDR
Abee, George Ray 3/8/93 HDR
Abee, Harold Eugene 3/25/98 HDR
Abee, Harold Wesley  12/15/96 HDR
Abee, Horace  6/4/05 HDR
Abee, J. Earl  6/8/01 HDR
Abee, James Pinkney  2/28/03 HDR
Abee, James Pinkney  2/28/03 ONE
Abee, James Theadore  7/28/94 HDR
Abee, Jeffery Allen  12/22/03 HDR
Abee, Jeffrey Allen  12/22/03 ONE
Abee, Laura Elizabeth Mundy 3/20/98 HDR
Abee, Lois Holbrook  1/1/04 ONE
Abee, Louise Keever 12/21/97 HDR
Abee, Malcolm "Jack"  5/25/96 HDR
Abee, Margie Elizabeth Berry 1/12/97 HDR
Abee, Marshall Gilbert 1/18/05 HDR
Abee, Minnie Martin 9/25/99 HDR
Abee, Murdis Cook 7/29/01 HDR
Abee, Nora Lee 5/11/99 HDR
Abee, Pauline Franklin 11/29/03 HDR
Abee, Peggy Lois Holbrook 1/2/04 ONE
Abee, R. C. Terl  9/6/95 HDR
Abee, Ralph G. Sr. Rev. 6/30/94 HDR
Abee, Ralph Gleanis Sr. Rev. 7/1/94 HDR
Abee, Roy P.  8/21/05 HDR
Abee, Roy Paschal 8/22/05 HDR
Abee, Ruby Settlemyre 5/1/05 HDR
Abee, Russell Blair Sr. 12/15/03 HDR
Abee, Ruth 12/27/94 HDR
Abee, Ruth Bostain 7/6/98 ONE
Abee, Ruth Bostain 7/5/98 HDR
Abee, Ruth Young 12/28/94 HDR
Abee, Sarah Benfield  8/8/05 HDR
Abee, Sarah Benfield  8/8/05 ONE
Abee, Thelma McKinney 6/4/98 HDR
Abee, Virginia Dare Wyant  10/7/96 HDR
Abee, W. Maynard 8/23/02 ONE
Abee, W. Maynard  8/24/02 HDR
Abee, Wade Pinkney 1/29/01 ONE
Abee, Wade Pinkney  1/28/01 HDR
Abee, William Cecil Sr. 10/9/99 HDR
Abee, William Merton  1/30/97 HDR
Abee, William Robert "Robby"  9/18/05 HDR
Abel, Emma Saylor 12/2/05 HDR
Abel, Emma Saylor 12/10/05 HDR
Abel, Eunice Clarke  4/18/00 HDR
Abel, Houston 3/6/98 HDR
Abel, James Charles 4/19/99 HDR
Abel, Norman Vance  4/9/97 HDR
Abeles, Peter Emil Herbert 6/30/99 HDR
Aberconway, Lord (shipbuilding magnate)    2/10/03 HDR
Abernathy, Alaina Nicole 9/8/96 HDR
Abernathy, Alaina Nicole  9/24/96 HDR
Abernathy, Anna Juanita Bolick 5/7/98 ONE
Abernathy, Anna Juanita Bolick 5/7/98 HDR
Abernathy, Anna Lunetta 2/6/05 HDR
Abernathy, Anna Lunetta 2/7/05 ONE
Abernathy, Annie Curtis 8/9/00 HDR
Abernathy, Annie Mae Hollar 4/20/00 HDR
Abernathy, Annie Mae Hollar 4/20/00 ONE
Abernathy, Annie Mae Hollar 4/19/00 ONE
Abernathy, Arthur Jay 4/23/97 HDR
Abernathy, Arthur Jay 4/22/97 HDR
Abernathy, Arthur Jay 4/23/97 ONE
Abernathy, Arthur Jay  4/24/97 HDR
Abernathy, Benjamin E.  9/2/94 HDR
Abernathy, Bernice Ruth 9/9/96 HDR
Abernathy, Bernice Ruth  9/10/96 HDR
Abernathy, Bessie Lee  9/6/00 HDR
Abernathy, Betty Jo Loftin 11/26/99 ONE
Abernathy, Betty Jo Loftin 11/26/99 HDR
Abernathy, Betty Loftin 11/25/99 ONE
Abernathy, Bobby Grey 9/22/01 HDR
Abernathy, Carroll Coleman  1/28/96 HDR
Abernathy, Catherine Ball  3/22/03 HDR
Abernathy, Catherine Ball  3/24/03 ONE
Abernathy, Celine "Sally" 8/3/05 HDR
Abernathy, Charles D. 4/30/98 HDR
Abernathy, Charles Grady Sr. 10/28/98 HDR
Abernathy, Charles Mason 2/29/96 HDR
Abernathy, Charlotte Ruth Lytle 3/30/00 HDR
Abernathy, Clara Lee Smith Mrs. 1/20/05 HDR
Abernathy, Cleo Hewitt 8/30/99 ONE
Abernathy, Cleo Hewitt  8/30/99 HDR
Abernathy, Clorine "Polly" Childers  7/11/93 HDR
Abernathy, DeLacy Phifer 9/11/97 ONE
Abernathy, DeLacy Phifer  9/11/97 HDR
Abernathy, Edward Guy 12/13/93 HDR
Abernathy, Eleanor Jean Cloninger 4/7/95 HDR
Abernathy, Ella Ree Hunsucker 5/3/00 HDR
Abernathy, Ella Ree Hunsucker 5/3/00 ONE
Abernathy, Ernest L. Dr. 5/21/97 HDR
Abernathy, Foy "Red" C. 11/15/00 ONE
Abernathy, Foy “Red” C.  11/15/00 HDR
Abernathy, Frances Darby  6/8/02 HDR
Abernathy, Fred Calvin 1/19/01 HDR
Abernathy, Fred Calvin  1/19/01 HDR
Abernathy, Glenn Ronald  1/23/02 HDR
Abernathy, Grady  10/28/98 ONE
Abernathy, Harold Foster 8/1/99 HDR
Abernathy, James David 5/30/96 HDR
Abernathy, James David 5/29/96 ONE
Abernathy, James Floyd 4/21/94 HDR
Abernathy, James Floyd  4/22/94 ONE
Abernathy, James Floyd (veteran) 4/22/94 HDR
Abernathy, James Franklin 11/18/97 HDR
Abernathy, James Franklin 11/17/97 ONE
Abernathy, Jane G.  7/7/93 HDR
Abernathy, Jerry Dean 12/1/99 HDR
Abernathy, Jerry Wayne 5/16/05 HDR
Abernathy, Jerry Wayne 5/16/05 ONE
Abernathy, Jimmy Yates  11/10/99 HDR
Abernathy, Joe David 7/28/04 ONE
Abernathy, John L.  9/23/95 HDR
Abernathy, John Logan  3/8/97 HDR
Abernathy, Kate Burke 2/24/00 ONE
Abernathy, Kate Burke  2/25/00 HDR
Abernathy, Kenneth Faye "Fudge" 7/5/97 HDR
Abernathy, Kenneth Faye "Fudge" 7/4/97 ONE
Abernathy, Kenneth Leroy 11/4/93 HDR
Abernathy, Larry Joe 6/10/05 HDR
Abernathy, Lee Roy (gospel musician) 5/28/93 HDR
Abernathy, Lewis C.  12/4/02 ONE
Abernathy, Lewis Clifford 12/5/02 ONE
Abernathy, Lewis Clifford 12/6/02 ONE
Abernathy, Lewis Clifford  12/5/02 HDR
Abernathy, Lewis Clifford  12/6/02 HDR
Abernathy, Lillie Mae 10/14/96 ONE
Abernathy, Lillie Mae  10/13/96 HDR
Abernathy, Lillie Mae  10/12/96 HDR
Abernathy, Lloyd Simpson 4/24/98 HDR
Abernathy, Lloyd Smith  6/22/03 HDR
Abernathy, Loyd Eugene 6/28/96 ONE
Abernathy, Mabel A. (Page 7A) 7/3/94 HDR
Abernathy, Mabel Taylor 7/3/94 HDR
Abernathy, Margie Belle Lattimore Thompson 9/28/95 ONE
Abernathy, Margie Belle Lattimore Thompson 9/28/95 HDR
Abernathy, Margie L.  9/25/95 HDR
Abernathy, Marvin Prentis 3/22/94 HDR
Abernathy, Marvin Prentis 3/23/94 HDR
Abernathy, Mary Willie Lucus  7/14/95 HDR
Abernathy, Mildred Maggie Powell "Millie" 2/10/98 HDR
Abernathy, Oneita Kale  11/5/01 ONE
Abernathy, Patricia Smith  1/23/99 HDR
Abernathy, Ralph E. 8/5/01 HDR
Abernathy, Robert B. "Hawkeye" (Retired U.S. Air Force Col. ) 5/17/02 HDR
Abernathy, Robert Walter 11/1/96 ONE
Abernathy, Robert Walter  11/2/96 HDR
Abernathy, Rodrigues "Jeep Man" Germaine 9/30/02 ONE
Abernathy, Rodrigues "Jeep Man" Germaine 9/30/02 HDR
Abernathy, Rodrigues Jermaine 9/26/02 ONE
Abernathy, Rodriques Germaine  9/28/02 HDR
Abernathy, Roy Clyde  11/3/93 HDR
Abernathy, Sidney  2/24/95 HDR
Abernathy, Virgil 5/20/97 ONE
Abernathy, Virgil Marion 5/21/97 ONE
Abernathy, Virgil Marion  5/21/97 HDR
Abernathy, Walter Edward  5/17/01 HDR
Abernathy, Wilbur Lee  1/25/01 HDR
Abernathy, Willard Edwin  9/23/02 ONE
Abernathy, Willard Edwin  9/21/02 HDR
Abernathy, William Love 3/31/95 HDR
Abernathy, William Russell "Bill" 11/1/98 HDR
Abernathy,Benjamin E.  8/31/94 HDR
Abernethy, Andrew David Dr.  9/10/93 HDR
Abernethy, Andrew David Jr. Dr.  9/11/93 HDR
Abernethy, Augusta Abee  4/19/00 HDR
Abernethy, Bertha Mae Hefner 1/2/95 ONE
Abernethy, Bertha Mae Hefner 1/1/95 HDR
Abernethy, Blenda Lyerly Mrs. 7/13/05 HDR
Abernethy, Bobbie Ruth Arney 4/28/94 HDR
Abernethy, Bryant James "BJ" 7/21/98 HDR
Abernethy, Cecil Carrol 9/3/99 HDR
Abernethy, Charlsie Rae Ogle  7/16/93 HDR
Abernethy, Connie Hall  11/14/96 HDR
Abernethy, Daniel Richard "Rich"  2/23/94 HDR
Abernethy, David  2/11/03 HDR
Abernethy, David  2/12/03 ONE
Abernethy, David Larry Sr. 2/13/03 HDR
Abernethy, David Larry Sr. 2/14/03 HDR
Abernethy, David Larry Sr. 2/13/03 ONE
Abernethy, Doris Hudson 3/15/98 HDR
Abernethy, Dorothy M.  6/28/95 ONE
Abernethy, Dorothy M.  6/28/95 HDR
Abernethy, Dorothy Mae 6/29/95 ONE
Abernethy, Dorothy Mae 6/29/95 HDR
Abernethy, E. Hugh  6/6/02 HDR
Abernethy, Edna Guy  5/6/93 ONE
Abernethy, Eleanor Jean Cloninger  4/6/95 HDR
Abernethy, Ellen Louise  1/3/02 HDR
Abernethy, Ellie Powell 3/16/00 HDR
Abernethy, Elliott "Doc" Sr. 4/8/97 HDR
Abernethy, Elliott Lee "Doc" Sr. 4/7/97 ONE
Abernethy, Elliott Lee "Doc" Sr. 4/8/97 ONE
Abernethy, Eva Mae Punch 8/2/04 ONE
Abernethy, Everett Marcus  12/26/97 HDR
Abernethy, Everette C.  5/23/05 ONE
Abernethy, Everette Clifton 5/25/05 HDR
Abernethy, Everette Clifton 5/26/05 HDR
Abernethy, Everette Clifton  5/25/05 ONE
Abernethy, Flora Belle (Page 1) 4/28/00 ONE
Abernethy, Flora Belle (Page 1) 5/1/00 ONE
Abernethy, Flora Belle McMillan 4/30/00 HDR
Abernethy, Flora Belle McMillan 4/29/00 HDR
Abernethy, Fred Eugene  1/14/04 ONE
Abernethy, Fred Eugene  1/16/04 ONE
Abernethy, Frederick F. 4/10/96 HDR
Abernethy, Frederick F. 4/10/96 ONE
Abernethy, Garland  10/23/01 HDR
Abernethy, George Shuford 8/26/03 ONE
Abernethy, George Shuford  8/26/03 HDR
Abernethy, George Shuford Jr. Dr. 12/13/97 HDR
Abernethy, Grace Smith  9/15/02 HDR
Abernethy, Harold Click  2/25/02 HDR
Abernethy, Hattie MaRae Hiers 11/19/97 HDR
Abernethy, Hazel 5/16/96 HDR
Abernethy, Helen Arveta Herman 4/29/01 HDR
Abernethy, Helen Edwards 6/2/99 HDR
Abernethy, Helen Shuford 8/17/97 HDR
Abernethy, Howard 6/22/95 HDR
Abernethy, Howard B. 6/23/95 ONE
Abernethy, Howard B.  6/23/95 HDR
Abernethy, Ila Dellinger  5/26/01 HDR
Abernethy, Ina Fry 8/13/98 HDR
Abernethy, James Henry "Trump" 2/8/93 HDR
Abernethy, James Jackson 4/11/05 HDR
Abernethy, James Jackson 4/11/05 ONE
Abernethy, James Robert 12/1/03 ONE
Abernethy, James Robert  11/29/03 HDR
Abernethy, Jane Graham 7/8/93 HDR
Abernethy, Jane Graham 7/9/93 HDR
Abernethy, Jane Graham  7/8/93 ONE
Abernethy, Jerome Perry Sr. 8/1/02 ONE
Abernethy, Jerome Perry Sr. 8/1/02 HDR
Abernethy, Jessie Edwards White 4/16/96 HDR
Abernethy, Jessie White  4/17/96 HDR
Abernethy, Jewel Ann 9/25/97 ONE
Abernethy, Jewel Ann Duncan 9/30/97 HDR
Abernethy, John Ballew Sr.  10/13/93 HDR
Abernethy, John David 9/2/93 HDR
Abernethy, Joseph "Joe" 11/24/98 HDR
Abernethy, Joseph Whitener Dr. 4/20/99 HDR
Abernethy, Kate Pitman 8/17/05 HDR
Abernethy, Kate Pitman 8/16/05 ONE
Abernethy, Kate Pitman 8/17/05 ONE
Abernethy, Kathleen Isenhour 6/15/03 HDR
Abernethy, Kathleen Isenhour 6/16/03 ONE
Abernethy, Kenneth Leroy 11/4/93 ONE
Abernethy, L. Franklin "Hank" Jr. 2/21/02 HDR
Abernethy, L. Franklin (Hank) Jr. 2/21/02 ONE
Abernethy, Lester Gordon 9/7/99 ONE
Abernethy, Lester Gordon 9/7/99 HDR
Abernethy, Lester Gordon 9/8/99 HDR
Abernethy, Lottie Elizabeth Shaw 12/11/00 ONE
Abernethy, Lottie Elizabeth Shaw  12/11/00 HDR
Abernethy, Louise Elizabeth 2/26/99 HDR
Abernethy, Louise Whitener 3/10/99 HDR
Abernethy, Louise Whitener 3/9/99 HDR
Abernethy, Loyd Eugene  6/29/96 HDR
Abernethy, Lura Kiser  4/20/01 HDR
Abernethy, Lura Kizer  4/20/01 HDR
Abernethy, Mae Steele 7/2/01 ONE
Abernethy, Mae Steele  7/1/01 HDR
Abernethy, Margaret Huffstetler 10/28/97 ONE
Abernethy, Mary Hutto 3/29/05 HDR
Abernethy, Maudie Cook 1/5/95 HDR
Abernethy, Oneita Kale 11/4/01 HDR
Abernethy, Queenie Whirley 5/18/98 HDR
Abernethy, Raenelle Bolick 9/28/99 ONE
Abernethy, Raenelle Bolick 9/29/99 HDR
Abernethy, Ralph Franklin 7/20/99 HDR
Abernethy, Rix Setzer 1/18/93 HDR
Abernethy, Rix Setzer 1/19/93 HDR
Abernethy, Robert Willis 3/20/01 HDR
Abernethy, Roy Laban 5/19/93 HDR
Abernethy, Ruth Cutine Norris 12/6/99 ONE
Abernethy, Ruth Cutine Norris 12/5/99 HDR
Abernethy, Ruth Cutine Norris 12/7/99 HDR
Abernethy, Ruth Hilton 3/10/93 HDR
Abernethy, Ruth Kanipe 11/26/99 ONE
Abernethy, Ruth Kanipe 11/27/99 HDR
Abernethy, Ryan Meade  1/5/93 ONE
Abernethy, Ryan Meade  1/5/93 HDR
Abernethy, Sarah 2/11/94 HDR
Abernethy, Sarah Rogers 2/12/94 HDR
Abernethy, Sarah Whitener 5/28/97 HDR
Abernethy, Shirley Louise Bolick 9/16/97 ONE
Abernethy, Shirley Louise Bolick  9/16/97 HDR
Abernethy, Sidney  2/24/95 ONE
Abernethy, Sidney Durant 2/25/95 HDR
Abernethy, Sidney Durant  2/27/95 ONE
Abernethy, Thomas G. Sr. 6/15/98 HDR
Abernethy, Thomas Hilliard "Tom" 1/5/99 ONE
Abernethy, Thomas Kenneth "Ken"  8/3/95 HDR
Abernethy, Virginia Craft  11/7/02 HDR
Abernethy, Virginia Lucille Craft 11/15/02 HDR
Abernethy, Vivian McCaslin 2/29/00 HDR
Abernethy, William Clyde 8/10/93 HDR
Abernethy, William David  3/8/01 HDR
Abernethy, William L. 4/18/98 HDR
Abernethy, William Love  3/30/95 HDR
Abernethy, Wyate Marcus 11/26/03 ONE
Abernethy, Wyate Marcus  11/26/03 HDR
Abernethy, Yates F.  9/25/00 HDR
Abner, Anna M. Cooper 11/15/97 HDR
Abner, Ewart G. Jr. 1/8/98 HDR
Abner, Virgie Ann Powell 11/29/97 HDR
Abonza, Mario Esterilla 5/21/05 HDR
Abourezk, Charles "Chick" Jr.  7/11/95 HDR
Abraham, Cal Joseph  11/4/95 HDR
Abraham, George "Doc" (gardener and broadcaster) 1/31/05 HDR
Abraham, Jacob  10/25/02 ONE
Abraham, Jacob  10/22/02 HDR
Abraham, Jacob  10/25/02 HDR
Abraham, Rosa Lee 8/29/96 HDR
Abraham, Rosa Lee 8/29/96 ONE
Abraham, Sherman Lee 12/6/02 ONE
Abraham, Sherman Lee  12/5/02 HDR
Abraham, Sherman Lee  12/6/02 HDR
Abrahams, William 6/8/98 HDR
Abramowicz, Alfred L. Bishop 9/16/99 HDR
Abrams, Ben Ford (vaudevillian) 7/22/97 HDR
Abrams, Cal 2/28/97 HDR
Abrams, Ellen (reporter) 3/17/93 HDR
Abrams, Elva Mae Spake  6/16/01 HDR
Abrams, Herbert E. (painter of presidents) 9/1/03 HDR
Abrams, Richard ("Skunk Works") 8/15/94 HDR
Abrams, Robert  9/19/94 ONE
Abrams, Robert  9/18/94 HDR
Abravanel, Maurice (conductor) 9/24/93 HDR
Abs, Hermnn Josef (German banker) 2/7/94 HDR
Absher, Alvin Thomas (99 yoa) 10/13/94 HDR
Absher, Bertha Isado Handy 12/18/97 HDR
Absher, Dewey Pedroe 4/11/93 HDR
Absher, Dewey Virgil 5/18/96 HDR
Absher, Druie Wayne 12/7/03 HDR
Absher, James "Bunny"  3/3/03 HDR
Absher, James Cecil 12/3/98 HDR
Absher, James Cecil 12/6/98 HDR
Absher, Lydda Alonzo 11/16/01 HDR
Absher, Mary Cloer  6/16/94 HDR
Abshere, Alvin (99 yoa) 10/12/94 HDR
Abubakar, Mohamed 12/1/01 HDR
Accardi, Grace Butler 6/27/97 HDR
Acevedo, Patsy Colleen 6/2/99 HDR
Acevedo, Patsy Colleen  6/2/99 ONE
Acheson, Alice Stanley 1/22/96 ONE
Achor, Ronald James  2/28/02 HDR
Ackerman, Lauren V. (cancer pathologist/author) 8/1/93 HDR
Ackhavong, Daniel 2/21/98 HDR
Ackhavong, Daniel  2/20/98 ONE
Ackley, H. Gardner 2/22/98 HDR
Acree, Anna Marie Sonntag 7/23/96 HDR
Acree, Anna Marie Sonntag 7/22/96 ONE
Acree, Anna Marie Sonntag 7/23/96 ONE
Acton, Harold Sir (author) 2/28/94 HDR
Adair, Jessie Drum  4/4/95 ONE
Adair, Jessie Drum  4/4/95 HDR
Adair, Peter 7/3/96 HDR
Adair, Robin 1/29/99 HDR
Adair, Willie Margaret Hampton 10/23/96 HDR
Adam, Feroza (African National Congress) 8/10/94 HDR
Adam, Willard "Bill" Melvin 11/3/01 HDR
Adams, "Mable" Sparks 1/7/98 HDR
Adams, Alan  3/28/96 ONE
Adams, Alice 5/30/99 HDR
Adams, Allen Fitzgerald Jr. 5/21/02 HDR
Adams, Allen Lee 1/29/97 HDR
Adams, Alma "Skippy" Coleen  9/17/96 HDR
Adams, Alma Coleen "Skippy" 9/17/96 ONE
Adams, Alma Pennell 5/21/98 HDR
Adams, Alva Ora Wike  11/15/00 HDR
Adams, Amos McKinley (Page 1A) 12/28/01 HDR
Adams, Amos McKinnley 12/30/01 HDR
Adams, Andrew "Andy" Alvin 8/3/05 HDR
Adams, Andrew "Andy" Alvin  8/3/05 ONE
Adams, Ann Marshall 5/1/98 HDR
Adams, Beatrice Pitts 6/18/97 HDR
Adams, Beatrice Pitts 6/19/97 HDR
Adams, Ben J.  9/13/05 HDR
Adams, Brenda Kale 11/24/93 ONE
Adams, Carlene Beam 5/13/00 HDR
Adams, Carlene Beam 5/12/00 ONE
Adams, Charlene Beam 5/12/00 HDR
Adams, Cherica (Page 1A) 12/15/99 HDR
Adams, Cheryl Joan 10/4/01 HDR
Adams, Christopher R.  5/6/94 HDR
Adams, Christopher Reed 5/7/94 HDR
Adams, Christopher Reed  5/13/94 HDR
Adams, Crayton Henry Jr. 4/8/02 ONE
Adams, Crayton Henry Jr. 4/7/02 HDR
Adams, David 11/1/97 HDR
Adams, David Lynn 8/7/01 HDR
Adams, David S. 3/31/99 HDR
Adams, Don (actor/comedian--"Maxwell Smart") 9/27/05 HDR
Adams, Donald Edward  8/31/94 HDR
Adams, Donald Edward  8/31/94 HDR
Adams, Donald Edward  9/1/94 HDR
Adams, Dorothy "Dot" Davis  5/12/01 HDR
Adams, Earl R. (newspaperman) 9/23/93 HDR
Adams, Edith Pearl Johnson  11/29/93 HDR
Adams, Edrien  11/30/99 HDR
Adams, Elizabeth  2/23/03 HDR
Adams, Ella Honeycutt 7/16/99 ONE
Adams, Ella Honeycutt  7/16/99 HDR
Adams, Eloise White 10/17/98 HDR
Adams, Eudean Keever Lowe 10/16/97 HDR
Adams, Eudean Keever Lowe 10/13/97 HDR
Adams, Eulah Pearl  6/9/02 HDR
Adams, Faneuil Jr. 3/27/99 HDR
Adams, Fred Monroe  5/21/01 HDR
Adams, Frederick G. Dr. 2/28/96 ONE
Adams, Garnelle "Nell" Sigmon 12/7/94 HDR
Adams, Gil Edgar 1/19/95 ONE
Adams, Gil Edgar  1/19/95 HDR
Adams, Glenn Atwell 3/22/05 HDR
Adams, Glenn Ray 3/13/05 HDR
Adams, Hattie Mae Fox 10/19/05 HDR
Adams, Hazel Bowman  9/23/05 HDR
Adams, Helen (Cindy Idella) Johnson 6/13/94 ONE
Adams, Helen Cindy Idella Johnson 6/13/94 HDR
Adams, Helen Rimmer 4/5/97 HDR
Adams, Henryetta Smith 9/2/97 HDR
Adams, Irene Elizabeth Travis  12/14/94 ONE
Adams, Irene Elizabeth Travis  12/14/94 HDR
Adams, Irene Fairchild 4/14/05 HDR
Adams, Irene Fairchild 4/23/05 HDR
Adams, James Albert Sr. 3/23/97 HDR
Adams, James Monroe 2/23/00 HDR
Adams, James Stewart  2/4/02 HDR
Adams, Jeffery L. “Jeff”  10/24/02 HDR
Adams, Jesse Kenneth 6/11/98 HDR
Adams, Jo Ann 11/1/04 ONE
Adams, Joe Richard 11/30/05 HDR
Adams, Joe Richard 12/1/05 HDR
Adams, John Clarence “Big Daddy”  9/24/02 HDR
Adams, John E. (adoption agency director)   4/7/93 HDR
Adams, John G. (criticized Joseph McCarthy's campaign) 6/28/03 HDR
Adams, John Oliver Rev. 6/20/01 HDR
Adams, John Quincy (architect/conservationist/direct descendant) 5/26/03 HDR
Adams, John W.  10/8/94 HDR
Adams, John W.  10/10/94 HDR
Adams, Johnny (Horse Racing Hall of Famer)  8/21/95 HDR
Adams, Joseph Allen 7/3/05 HDR
Adams, Julia Davis (author) 2/1/93 HDR
Adams, Julia Smith 11/26/95 HDR
Adams, Larry  11/8/93 HDR
Adams, Larry Brent 2/22/96 HDR
Adams, Larry Brent (Page 3A) 2/22/96 HDR
Adams, Lee McGran 1/30/96 HDR
Adams, Lee McGran 1/30/96 ONE
Adams, Lester Hubert "Buck" Jr. 4/3/98 ONE
Adams, Lester Hubert Jr. "Buck" 4/3/98 HDR
Adams, Linda Adelaide 10/20/03 HDR
Adams, Lindsey Lee  9/29/93 HDR
Adams, Lindsey Lee  9/30/93 HDR
Adams, Lorene Etta Reinhardt 6/15/05 HDR
Adams, Lorene Etta Reinhardt 6/16/05 ONE
Adams, Louella  12/16/96 HDR
Adams, Loyd Daniel 11/26/95 HDR
Adams, Loyd Daniel 11/27/95 HDR
Adams, Lucille 3/13/99 HDR
Adams, Ludie Baird 5/9/97 HDR
Adams, Ludie Baird 5/7/97 HDR
Adams, Mae Beckham  (Page 3A) 2/27/99 HDR
Adams, Margaret Louella Hedrick 12/17/96 ONE
Adams, Margaret Louella Hedrick  12/17/96 HDR
Adams, Margaret Morefield 4/30/98 HDR
Adams, Mary Messick Mrs.   4/3/03 HDR
Adams, Mason (actor) 4/30/05 HDR
Adams, Maud Lillian Davis 12/19/98 HDR
Adams, Mavis Blankenship 2/18/97 HDR
Adams, Melvin  11/1/00 HDR
Adams, Neut Edward Jr. 11/5/98 HDR
Adams, Newt 11/4/98 HDR
Adams, Nina McCracken  3/4/03 HDR
Adams, Norvie Virginia Young 11/2/05 HDR
Adams, Oscar Jr. (Frmr. AL St. Supreme Court Justice) 2/18/97 HDR
Adams, Paul Linney  4/11/97 HDR
Adams, Philip "Bing" 6/13/00 HDR
Adams, Philip (Stu Wayne) 1/6/98 HDR
Adams, Philmore Ted 9/29/98 HDR
Adams, Placide (bassist)  4/3/03 HDR
Adams, Ralph Lewis  7/18/99 HDR
Adams, Robert Ford 12/4/98 ONE
Adams, Robert Ford 12/4/98 HDR
Adams, Robert M.  12/20/96 HDR
Adams, Robert Wayne  11/21/02 HDR
Adams, Ruby Jane 11/30/95 HDR
Adams, Sadie Kirby  12/28/93 HDR
Adams, Sarah Rebecca Odom 2/3/00 HDR
Adams, Sarah Rebecca Odom 2/2/00 ONE
Adams, Sharon 4/22/93 ONE
Adams, Sharon  4/22/93 HDR
Adams, Sterling Rogers  3/9/03 HDR
Adams, Sterling Rogers  3/7/03 ONE
Adams, Sterling Rogers  3/10/03 ONE
Adams, Thomas McLaurin  11/6/95 ONE
Adams, Thomas Ransom 6/10/97 HDR
Adams, Thurman Rogers  7/30/01 ONE
Adams, Thurman Rogers  7/29/01 HDR
Adams, Tony  10/28/05 HDR
Adams, Tyler Lyndon (infant) 7/25/02 HDR
Adams, Vesta Watts 12/7/93 HDR
Adams, Vesta Watts 12/8/93 HDR
Adams, Virginia "Ginger" Skinner  5/19/01 HDR
Adams, Virginia Best 2/6/00 HDR
Adams, Virginia Sharpe  4/19/96 HDR
Adams, Virginia Sharpe  4/18/96 HDR
Adams, Willard Norman 10/11/96 HDR
Adams, William "Will" Donald 8/3/05 HDR
Adams, William "Will" Donald 8/3/05 ONE
Adams, William Howard Sr. 3/28/98 HDR
Adams, William Jullian 8/19/97 HDR
Adams, William Lindsay "Lin" 11/20/95 ONE
Adams, William Lindsay "Lin" 11/19/95 HDR
Adams, William S.D. 3/13/97 HDR
Adams, Willis Lee "Bill" 5/15/03 HDR
Adamskie, Michael C.  11/27/05 HDR
Adamson, Harriet Scruggs Ballentine 11/14/99 HDR
Adcock, Charles Bradsher  4/18/94 ONE
Adcock, Charles Bradsher (veteran) 4/18/94 HDR
Adcox, James Ervin 2/25/97 HDR
Adcox, James Ervin 2/24/97 ONE
Adcox, James Ervin  (Page 3A) 2/24/97 HDR
Adcox, Nelwyn Mary McTaggart 1/31/97 HDR
Addair, Carla Smith (Page 5A) 1/27/99 HDR
Addair, Carla Smith Mays 1/27/99 ONE
Addair, Carla Smith Mays 1/27/99 HDR
Addair, Eric Howard 7/24/97 HDR
Addair, Eric Howard 7/24/97 ONE
Addems, Walter (aviation pioneer) 12/4/97 HDR
Adderholdt, David Monroe 7/17/99 HDR
Adderholdt, George Glenn 10/19/05 HDR
Adderholdt, Lester D.  10/31/96 HDR
Adderholdt, Mattie Christine "Teen" 1/2/96 HDR
Adderholdt, William Fred  2/20/95 HDR
Adderholdt, William McCoy  10/13/94 HDR
Addison, John 12/14/98 HDR
Addison, Lillie Louise 4/5/95 ONE
Addison, Lillie Louise  4/5/95 HDR
Addy, Lois Crouch Matheny 12/6/01 HDR
Adel, Arthur Dr. (professor emeritus of science-astronomy--infared spectroscopy)) 9/16/94 HDR
Aderholdt, Carrie Bernice Newton 11/10/01 HDR
Aderholdt, Marie Katheryn Rudisill 12/3/99 HDR
Aderholdt, Mary Minor Maclin  12/10/03 HDR
Aderholdt, Norman Mauney 7/11/03 HDR
Aderholdt, Norman Mauney  7/10/03 ONE
Aderholdt, Sarah Ruth 12/17/98 ONE
Aderholdt, Sarah Ruth 12/17/98 HDR
Adham, Adel 2/9/96 ONE
Adiseshiah, Malcolm (former UNESCO administrator) 11/22/94 HDR
Adkins, Alan Edwin 11/21/95 HDR
Adkins, Angell Oliver 8/9/03 HDR
Adkins, Anna  1/12/04 ONE
Adkins, Betty Rae Winkler 10/14/93 HDR
Adkins, Edith D.  12/10/94 HDR
Adkins, Gene Edward 12/31/97 HDR
Adkins, Gerald "Jerry" 6/4/96 HDR
Adkins, Gerald "Jerry" Lynn 6/5/96 HDR
Adkins, Grace Hoyle  4/5/93 HDR
Adkins, Katherine Sain  1/31/02 HDR
Adkins, Lex Clifton Sr.  2/22/93 HDR
Adkins, Lillie  6/14/93 HDR
Adkins, Lillie Jane Mikeal  6/15/93 HDR
Adkins, Martha Shrader 1/8/94 HDR
Adkins, Paris Clarence 12/27/93 HDR
Adkins, Polly Viola Wilson 12/24/98 HDR
Adkins, Roxie 12/31/93 HDR
Adkins, Roxie Anderson 1/1/94 HDR
Adkins, Ruby  3/19/02 HDR
Adkins, Ruby Louise Greer  3/20/02 HDR
Adkins, Theodore R.  9/29/00 HDR
Adkisson, Kerry (wrestler) 2/19/93 HDR
Adler, Alexandra Dr.  1/15/01 HDR
Adler, Julius Ochs (businessman--NY) 8/21/03 HDR
Adler, Ruth  8/6/97 HDR
Adler, Ruth Robinson  5/31/93 HDR
Adley, Ronald  5/5/95 HDR
Adrien, Antoine (Catholic pastor) 5/15/03 HDR
Agel, Norman V. 4/8/97 HDR
Agger, Carolyn Eugenia  11/14/96 HDR
Agner, Roy Augusta Jr. Dr. 4/20/99 HDR
Agness, Jack (sports writer-golf) 11/14/94 HDR
Agnew, Spiro T. 9/21/96 HDR
Agnew, Spiro T.  9/18/96 ONE
Agnew, Spiro T. (Page 1A) 9/19/96 HDR
Agosti, Orlando  10/15/97 HDR
Agostini, Max-painter 1/18/97 HDR
Agrawal, Anjana (Page 5D) 2/18/96 HDR
Agronsky, Martin 7/29/99 HDR
Aguas, Jose 12/11/00 HDR
Aguilar, Thomas J. 5/10/93 HDR
Aguilar, Thomas J. 5/11/93 HDR
Agurrie, Lance Tristen  8/16/02 ONE
Agurrie, Lance Tristen (infant) 8/16/02 HDR
Ahern, Kathy (golfer) 7/10/96 HDR
Ahern, Michael Allen 5/1/96 ONE
Ahmad, Eqbal 5/16/99 HDR
Ahmad, Hadhrat Mirza Tahir (Muslim spiritual leader) 5/8/03 HDR
Aiello, Salvatore (artistic director) 10/17/95 HDR
Aigner, Etienne 11/12/00 HDR
Aiken, Avery M. Jr.  12/13/93 HDR
Aiken, Billy Leon 12/15/03 ONE
Aiken, Billy Leon  12/14/03 HDR
Aiken, James "Nick" 2/7/94 HDR
Aiken, James Nicholas "Nick" (veteran) 2/8/94 HDR
Aiken, Kathy  3/18/03 ONE
Aiken, Kathy M. 3/19/03 ONE
Aiken, Kathy M.  3/19/03 HDR
Aiken, Lacy Hall Jr. 7/5/94 HDR
Aiken, Margie DeBruhl 5/16/03 ONE
Aiken, Margie DeBruhl  5/16/03 HDR
Aiken, Margie DeBruhl  5/17/03 HDR
Aiken, Marion Espey  3/30/95 HDR
Aiken, Paul  6/27/95 ONE
Aiken, Paul  6/27/95 HDR
Aiken, Paul Eugene "Doughboy"  6/28/95 ONE
Aiken, Paul Eugene "Doughboy"  6/28/95 HDR
Aiken, Robert Howard 8/13/96 ONE
Aiken, Robert Howard  8/13/96 HDR
Aiken, Ruth Elizabeth Lingerfelt 9/12/97 ONE
Aiken, Ruth Lingerfelt 9/12/97 HDR
Aiken, Sara Hester 4/7/05 HDR
Aiken, Sara Hester 4/8/05 HDR
Aiken, Sara Hester 4/8/05 ONE
Aikens, Jim Renolda  2/23/94 HDR
Aitcheson, Margaret Ann  10/17/01 HDR
Aitken, Beverly Reverend Mother 5/25/00 HDR
Aitken, Harry Judson Jr. 10/5/01 ONE
Aitken, Harry Judson Jr. 10/8/01 ONE
Aitken, Harry Judson Jr. 10/6/01 HDR
Aitken, Harry Judson Jr. 10/11/01 HDR
Aitken, Hugh G.J. (author/economics historian) 4/16/94 HDR
Aitken, Mary Halstead  4/5/93 ONE
Aitken, Mary Halstead  3/25/93 HDR
Aitken, Mary Halstead  3/30/93 HDR
Aitken, Mary Halstead  4/3/93 HDR
Aitken, Mary Halstead Mrs.  3/25/93 ONE
Aitken, Mary Halstead Mrs.  3/30/93 ONE
Aitken, Summer Rose  12/12/03 HDR
Akers, Carole G.  2/18/05 HDR
Akers, Ralph Stewart "Stew" Jr. 4/18/00 HDR
Akers, Rex Stanley  11/23/93 ONE
Akers, Rex Stanley  11/23/93 HDR
Akhalwaya, Ameen 2/4/98 HDR
Akii-Bua, John (Uganda Gold medal winner) 6/27/97 HDR
Akins, Claude (actor) 1/28/94 HDR
Akins, Claude (actor--Sheriff Lobo) 1/28/94 ONE
Akkad, Moustapha (film producer) 11/14/05 HDR
Al Kidwah, Inam Abdel Raouf Arafat 12/14/99 HDR
Alagic, Mehmed Gen. (Bosnian Muslim commander) 3/10/03 HDR
Al-Allaf, Muwaffaq 7/7/96 HDR
Al-Baradouni, Abdullah 9/6/99 HDR
Al-Bayati, Abdel Wahab 8/6/99 HDR
Albea, Lillian Fincannon 6/20/01 HDR
Alberian, Edwin Haig 4/9/97 HDR
Albers, Reba Amanda Pope 8/23/05 ONE
Albers, Reba Amanda Pope Mrs. 8/23/05 HDR
Albers, Virginia Mae 12/19/99 HDR
Albert, Carl 2/8/00 HDR
Albert, Eddie (actor--Green Acres) 5/28/05 HDR
Albertson, Flavi (Page 3A) 12/1/97 HDR
Albin, Andy (actor) 1/1/95 HDR
Alboreto, Michele (race driver)(Page 7B) 4/26/01 HDR
Albrecht, Alice Marie Wike 10/25/98 HDR
Albrecht, Alice Marie Wike  10/26/98 ONE
Albrecht, Angele 8/10/00 HDR
Albright, Archie E. (banker) 7/24/97 HDR
Albright, Benjamin Phillips Jr. Dr. 7/27/99 ONE
Albright, Betty Andrews  5/1/96 HDR
Albright, Jimmie 1/15/98 HDR
Albright, Joseph Robert 6/13/00 HDR
Albright, Josephine Patterson  1/20/96 HDR
Albright, William George  7/10/94 HDR
Alcorn, Rowena Lung  5/12/96 HDR
Alderman, Jeffrey D. 11/17/99 HDR
Aldrich, Rachel 9/6/99 HDR
Aldridge, Bill Edward  10/17/00 HDR
Aldridge, Edna Elsie Johnson 11/28/00 HDR
Aldridge, Edna Elsie Johnson 11/30/00 HDR
Aldridge, Gerald Guy 6/9/05 HDR
Aldridge, Howard Glenn 6/8/95 ONE
Aldridge, Howard Glenn 6/8/95 HDR
Aldridge, Hubert Wiley Sr.  2/8/05 HDR
Aldridge, Janet Duncan 1/8/98 HDR
Aldridge, Jessie Lee 8/13/00 HDR
Aldridge, Jessie Lee 8/14/00 ONE
Aldridge, Joyce Lorrianne Thompson 6/29/96 HDR
Aldridge, Lewis Davidson 11/12/99 HDR
Aldridge, Lonel Davidson "Lone"  10/15/99 HDR
Aldridge, Mary Vernell Biles  8/29/02 HDR
Aldridge, Michael (actor) 1/17/94 HDR
Aldridge, Murphy Lail 1/25/97 HDR
Aldridge, Reid Rufus Jr.  11/24/95 HDR
Aldridge, Sylvia Reid 5/23/05 HDR
Aldridge, Virginia  10/6/94 ONE
Aldridge, Virginia  10/6/94 HDR
Aldridge, Virginia Lorene Bridges 10/7/94 ONE
Aldridge, Virginia Lorene Bridges 10/7/94 HDR
Alejandro, John Richard  8/25/04 ONE
Alessandrini, Ollie Mae Perry 5/8/00 HDR
Alessi, Antonino "Tony" Sr. 7/6/99 HDR
Alexander, Amos Ervin  5/2/96 HDR
Alexander, Angela Marie Watson "Angie" 6/25/97 HDR
Alexander, Annie Robertson 10/29/95 HDR
Alexander, Arthur B. Jr. (singer/songwriter) 6/10/93 HDR
Alexander, Barbara 1/17/97 HDR
Alexander, Barbara 1/18/97 HDR
Alexander, Blaise (Page 6) 10/5/01 ONE
Alexander, Clyde Floyd 10/25/05 HDR
Alexander, Constance  2/10/98 HDR
Alexander, Constance Peacock 2/11/98 HDR
Alexander, Ella Bea  7/10/02 ONE
Alexander, Ella Bea  7/11/02 ONE
Alexander, Ella Bea  7/11/02 HDR
Alexander, Ernestine Sims 4/4/97 HDR
Alexander, Fay 10/3/00 HDR
Alexander, George Arthur  8/18/94 HDR
Alexander, Glenna May  9/10/02 HDR
Alexander, Hattie Estes  3/27/99 HDR
Alexander, Hazel Abee 4/14/00 HDR
Alexander, Helen Bryant  2/6/96 HDR
Alexander, Ida M. Carr 8/3/05 HDR
Alexander, Idell Shook 2/6/01 HDR
Alexander, Idell Shook  2/5/01 HDR
Alexander, J. C.  3/21/95 HDR
Alexander, James Z. The Rev.  10/24/93 HDR
Alexander, John Finley 8/4/97 HDR
Alexander, John Henry 6/25/99 ONE
Alexander, John Henry 6/26/99 HDR
Alexander, Johnnie Calvin Copeland 1/3/97 HDR
Alexander, Joseph Guy 8/31/95 ONE
Alexander, Joseph Guy 8/31/95 HDR
Alexander, Joseph Warren Jr. 5/10/94 HDR
Alexander, K. C.  3/22/95 HDR
Alexander, Larry Steven  10/10/02 HDR
Alexander, Lee 12/27/96 HDR
Alexander, Lelia Whisenant  5/20/95 HDR
Alexander, Leroy  1/3/02 HDR
Alexander, Lillie Ray "Mother" 2/10/95 HDR
Alexander, Lorene Howard 8/11/99 HDR
Alexander, Luna  7/12/95 HDR
Alexander, Luna Allen  7/13/95 HDR
Alexander, Margaret Faye White  11/11/02 HDR
Alexander, Margaret Frances McRee 5/24/93 ONE
Alexander, Margaret Frances McRee 5/28/93 ONE
Alexander, Margaret Frances McRee 5/24/93 HDR
Alexander, Margaret Walker 12/2/98 HDR
Alexander, Marguerite Pollard 6/21/96 HDR
Alexander, Marie "Kate" Heavner 12/23/01 HDR
Alexander, Marie Hodge 11/4/02 ONE
Alexander, Marie Hodge  11/3/02 HDR
Alexander, Marie Hodge  11/4/02 HDR
Alexander, Marvin Sloan 10/1/01 ONE
Alexander, Marvin Sloan  10/1/01 HDR
Alexander, Mary Lela  1/12/97 HDR
Alexander, Mary Lela Sherrill 1/13/97 HDR
Alexander, Mary Lela Sherrill 1/13/97 ONE
Alexander, Mary Lynn Adams 9/25/97 HDR
Alexander, Melvin "Skipp" Ray Sr.  10/3/03 HDR
Alexander, Nellie Shell  5/26/01 HDR
Alexander, Nolan Gwaltney  6/22/02 HDR
Alexander, Ora Mae  11/30/94 HDR
Alexander, Ora Mae  12/1/94 HDR
Alexander, Ora Mae  12/2/94 HDR
Alexander, Patsy Benfield 4/11/05 HDR
Alexander, Rachel Emma 2/18/94 HDR
Alexander, Ray Charles  3/18/04 ONE
Alexander, Ray S. Dr. 2/13/02 HDR
Alexander, Richard Allen  8/21/03 HDR
Alexander, Richard B.  4/4/03 HDR
Alexander, Richard Eugene  9/17/01 ONE
Alexander, Richard Eugene  9/15/01 HDR
Alexander, Richard Leon 9/28/94 ONE
Alexander, Richard Leon  9/28/94 HDR
Alexander, Robert Loftin 7/20/99 ONE
Alexander, Robert Loftin 7/21/99 HDR
Alexander, Ruth Ball 7/13/99 HDR
Alexander, Ruth Conley  1/13/96 HDR
Alexander, Sarah Joyce Martin 9/24/05 HDR
Alexander, Shana (journalist) 6/25/05 HDR
Alexander, Talmage B.  9/9/05 HDR
Alexander, Theodore M. 11/6/01 HDR
Alexander, Viona Moore  12/15/00 HDR
Alexander, William A. "Bill" 11/26/95 HDR
Alexander, Willis Jackson 6/7/93 HDR
Alexander, Willis Jackson 6/8/93 HDR
Alexander, Wilma Viola Brown "Pill"  10/9/04 ONE
Alexander-Ralston, Elreta 3/18/98 HDR
Alexandra, Queen (Yugoslavia) 2/1/93 HDR
Alexandrov, Anatoly (Soviet--developed nuclear reactors) 2/4/94 HDR
Alexopoulous, Crystal Dawn Taylor (Page 6A) 3/29/01 HDR
Alf, Raymond 10/5/99 HDR
Alfaro, Alva Eugene 1/27/94 HDR
Alfaro, Rafael A. "Coqui" 8/3/99 HDR
Alferez, Enrique 9/15/99 HDR
Alford, Lionel 10/27/00 HDR
Alford, Michael 1/27/00 HDR
Alfred, William 5/22/99 HDR
Alger, David  9/26/01 HDR
Algor, Marshall M. 5/22/96 HDR
Algor, Marshall M. 5/20/96 ONE
Algor, Marshall Merritt 5/22/96 ONE
Alhadeff, Morris "Morrie" (Longacres Race Course) 11/10/94 HDR
Al-Haidari, Buland 8/10/96 HDR
Alioto, Joseph L. (Former SF Mayor) 2/2/98 HDR
Al-Jazy, Mashour Haditha 11/7/01 HDR
Al-Jundi, Akil (Herbert Scott Dean) 8/21/97 HDR
Al-Kidwah, Yousra Abdel Raouf (sister of Yasser Arafat) 8/14/03 HDR
Alklen, Martha Williams 6/18/01 HDR
Allan, Richard G. 3/22/98 HDR
Allan, Ted (author) 6/30/95 HDR
Alleger, Rhonda Spoone Tharp 3/5/98 HDR
Alleman, Colleen Marie  10/4/03 HDR
Alleman, Roy  1/7/00 HDR
Allen, Ada McRackan 7/19/96 HDR
Allen, Albert 8/26/99 HDR
Allen, Ashley Jordan (Page 3A)  12/31/02 HDR
Allen, Atwell Theodore  5/3/03 HDR
Allen, Betty L. 1/25/01 HDR
Allen, Betty L.  1/25/01 ONE
Allen, Bob 4/8/03 HDR
Allen, Bobby "Bob" Bernard 8/5/96 HDR
Allen, Bobby Keith  6/29/95 HDR
Allen, Bobby Keith  6/30/95 HDR
Allen, Bonnie Inez Smith 4/21/94 HDR
Allen, Carl A.  6/18/01 HDR
Allen, Carl E.  2/23/93 HDR
Allen, Charles  5/19/93 HDR
Allen, Charles Jr. (Allen Family Foods) 1/11/03 HDR
Allen, Charles M. 1/7/00 HDR
Allen, Daniel Ray 5/17/99 HDR
Allen, Dante Lashane  1/5/04 ONE
Allen, Darwin Lynn 9/3/96 ONE
Allen, Dave (Irish comedian) 3/14/05 HDR
Allen, David Jonathan 11/11/05 HDR
Allen, Dennis (comedian) 12/5/95 HDR
Allen, Dianne L. 10/23/97 HDR
Allen, Donna 7/27/99 HDR
Allen, Doris  9/24/99 HDR
Allen, Earl Jay “Racer”  9/20/02 HDR
Allen, Edith Barus 2/13/98 HDR
Allen, Edith Beavers  5/6/02 HDR
Allen, Emma Lee Lackey 11/21/00 HDR
Allen, Ennis Dell Pierce  1/12/01 HDR
Allen, Ernest Sterling  3/4/05 HDR
Allen, Fannie E. 1/7/99 HDR
Allen, Fannie Edith Mae Teague 1/9/99 HDR
Allen, Flossie Williams  1/17/97 HDR
Allen, Forrest Franklin Jr. 9/6/99 HDR
Allen, Frances 10/31/99 HDR
Allen, Frances  11/2/99 HDR
Allen, Frances (CT Sup. Court Judge) 6/22/00 HDR
Allen, Gary Erwin "Birch" 7/20/96 HDR
Allen, Gladys Mae Laws 10/21/96 HDR
Allen, Gladys Mae Laws 10/21/96 ONE
Allen, Gladys Mae Laws  10/20/96 HDR
Allen, Glen 1/9/95 HDR
Allen, Haywood  2/13/05 HDR
Allen, Hazel Hollifield  11/27/96 HDR
Allen, Hilda Victoria  2/15/01 HDR
Allen, Hovis 1/26/95 HDR
Allen, Hovis B.  1/27/95 HDR
Allen, Ivan Jr. (former mayor of Atlanta, GA) 7/3/03 HDR
Allen, J. W.  9/19/94 ONE
Allen, J. W.  9/19/94 HDR
Allen, J. Y  1/24/95 HDR
Allen, J. Y. 1/25/95 HDR
Allen, J.Y. 1/25/95 ONE
Allen, J.Y.  1/24/95 ONE
Allen, James “Jim” Boyce Sr. 2/10/03 HDR
Allen, James LeRoy "Jimmie" 11/1/93 HDR
Allen, James LeRoy "Jimmie" 11/10/93 HDR
Allen, James Mancus  5/30/93 HDR
Allen, James Marcus  5/31/93 HDR
Allen, Jane Marley  5/15/96 HDR
Allen, Jason Warren  (Page 5A) 10/27/98 HDR
Allen, Jay  5/29/96 HDR
Allen, Jay  10/17/95 HDR
Allen, Jeremiah Nobles 7/5/93 HDR
Allen, Jeremiah Nobles  7/5/93 ONE
Allen, Jeremiah Nobles  7/6/93 ONE
Allen, John Henry Sr. 7/11/03 HDR
Allen, John Leslie 1/25/96 HDR
Allen, Johnsie Elizabeth  4/29/03 ONE
Allen, Joy Vanhorn 4/24/98 ONE
Allen, Joy Vanhorn 4/24/98 HDR
Allen, Joyce Diane Church 7/4/00 HDR
Allen, Kate Emma Hendren 8/24/98 HDR
Allen, Kathleen Wheeler 6/12/01 HDR
Allen, Kathleen Wheeler  6/12/01 ONE
Allen, Larry Stephen 10/29/05 HDR
Allen, Laurie Nell Cay  1/20/04 ONE
Allen, Letha Suddreth  10/18/94 HDR
Allen, Letha Suddreth  10/19/94 HDR
Allen, Lewis 5/16/00 HDR
Allen, Linda Suttle  3/22/02 HDR
Allen, Marcus E. 11/23/03 HDR
Allen, Marjorie F. 8/3/05 ONE
Allen, Marjorie F. Mrs. 8/23/05 HDR
Allen, Marjorie Fitch 8/3/05 HDR
Allen, Marjorie Fitch 8/23/05 ONE
Allen, Marjorie Fitch Mrs. 8/25/05 HDR
Allen, Mark Andrew Sr. 2/9/97 HDR
Allen, Mark Andrew Sr. 2/10/97 ONE
Allen, Martha Ford 7/22/00 HDR
Allen, Martha Thomas Smith  1/3/02 HDR
Allen, Mary Ethel Hamby  10/18/93 HDR
Allen, Mary Ethel Hanby  10/17/93 HDR
Allen, Paul Stephus 1/27/00 HDR
Allen, Paul Stephus 2/11/00 HDR
Allen, Pauline P. 7/13/01 HDR
Allen, Pauline Raye  2/28/97 HDR
Allen, Peggy Tucker 10/4/96 ONE
Allen, Peggy Tucker  10/5/96 HDR
Allen, Ralph Thad 11/27/93 HDR
Allen, Raymond (opera director/performer) 2/3/94 HDR
Allen, Robert 10/6/00 HDR
Allen, Robert "Bob" James 5/13/03 HDR
Allen, Robert "Bob" James  5/13/03 ONE
Allen, Robert "Tex" 10/14/98 HDR
Allen, Robert James  5/12/03 ONE
Allen, Robin Little  11/13/03 HDR
Allen, Rosalie (singer/broadcaster) 10/20/03 HDR
Allen, Ruby Gertrude Gryder 5/5/98 HDR
Allen, Sara Carpenter  4/16/03 HDR
Allen, Steve 11/1/00 HDR
Allen, Thurman John  4/17/95 HDR
Allen, Ui Su "Debbie" 3/8/01 HDR
Allen, Ui Su "Debbie" 3/9/01 HDR
Allen, Virginia Caldwell  4/27/02 HDR
Allen, Wayne Edison 9/20/99 HDR
Allen, Willard Lee 6/12/00 HDR
Allen, William "Water Head" (died 07-04-79) 7/4/99 HDR
Allen, William Sheridan “Bill”  10/9/02 HDR
Allen, Willie Lewis  5/6/01 HDR
Allen, Winifred "Frieda" Smawley  3/31/02 HDR
Allen, Zelma Laws Branch  1/2/03 HDR
Alley, Charles David 5/2/94 HDR
Alley, Clem M. 8/7/01 HDR
Alley, Evelyn Frye "Granny" 2/6/96 HDR
Alley, Grover Cleveland Jr. 4/14/96 HDR
Alley, Grover Cleveland Jr. 4/15/96 ONE
Alley, Lem Johnson  4/10/95 HDR
Alley, Lena Abernathy 1/30/00 HDR
Alley, Murel Blake 2/17/96 HDR
Alley, Murel Blake 2/16/96 ONE
Allgeyer, Glenn O.  7/21/97 HDR
Allin, Lyndon "Mort" 3/4/00 HDR
Allio, Rene (filmmaker) 3/28/95 HDR
Allison, Annie Rebecca Marr 9/27/99 ONE
Allison, Annie Rebecca Marr 9/25/99 HDR
Allison, Charles Rodney Sr.  9/15/95 HDR
Allison, Charles Rodney, Sr. 9/13/95 HDR
Allison, Clara Kate Eller 9/30/00 HDR
Allison, Claude Benjamin  8/16/96 HDR
Allison, Davey (stock car driver)  7/13/93 ONE
Allison, Eva Jane Ward  7/4/94 HDR
Allison, Eva Jane Ward  7/5/94 HDR
Allison, Frank  2/14/95 HDR
Allison, Genella Barton  12/14/93 HDR
Allison, George Lee Jr.  10/1/03 HDR
Allison, Grace Johnson 1/5/00 HDR
Allison, Harold D. 8/13/00 HDR
Allison, Jerry Gene (National Guard) 4/17/94 HDR
Allison, John 8/2/95 HDR
Allison, John B. 8/3/95 HDR
Allison, John B.  8/4/95 HDR
Allison, Kathy Darlene Casteel 4/17/99 HDR
Allison, LeRoy 1/27/05 HDR
Allison, Lottie Melvin Towe  6/25/01 HDR
Allison, Lucy M. 5/31/93 HDR
Allison, Mary Lee  1/11/01 HDR
Allison, Nannie D. Maddox  5/24/95 HDR
Allison, Pearlie Mae Davis  6/12/95 HDR
Allison, Richard Eugene "Gene" Sr. 9/24/97 HDR
Allison, Shirley Webb 4/19/03 HDR
Allison, Terry Lee  7/8/02 HDR
Allison, Zonia Daves  3/25/95 HDR
Allman, Earl Alexander 1/20/98 HDR
Allman, Earlene Metcalf 1/18/97 HDR
Allman, Edna Dry 3/3/03 ONE
Allman, Edna Dry 3/4/03 ONE
Allman, Edna Dry 3/5/03 ONE
Allman, Edna Dry  3/4/03 HDR
Allman, Ernest Lee  2/10/05 HDR
Allman, Fannie Ann  12/20/96 HDR
Allman, Janie  4/11/95 HDR
Allman, Janie Harrison 4/12/95 HDR
Allman, Joe Billy  12/16/03 HDR
Allman, Joe Billy  12/18/03 HDR
Allman, Malcolm Burley  4/4/01 HDR
Allman, Rachel Lingafelt  10/30/02 HDR
Allman, Ray Brisco 12/10/99 HDR
Allman, Rellie White (101 yoa) 6/26/94 HDR
Allman, Ruby Clontz 5/3/94 HDR
Allman, RubyClontz 5/2/94 HDR
Allman, William Fred 2/15/99 HDR
Allmon, Arzona Bell Morrow (103 yoa)  2/1/02 HDR
Allran, Everette H. 4/11/96 HDR
Allran, Letha Reynolds  9/30/02 HDR
Allred, Cara Cockman 6/17/97 HDR
Allred, Gary Thomas 9/7/04 ONE
Allred, George Haywood  6/18/93 HDR
Allred, George Haywood  6/19/93 HDR
Allred, Grady Thomas  9/29/01 HDR
Allred, Marie Wacaster  3/21/94 HDR
Allred, Marjorie Greer 6/6/94 HDR
Allred, Mary "Jean" 12/19/99 HDR
Allred, Nell Frances 1/7/05 HDR
Allred, Nell Frances 1/6/05 ONE
Allred, Nell Frances Waters 1/8/05 HDR
Allred, Nell Frances Waters 1/7/05 ONE
Allred, Rushie Lay  9/16/05 HDR
Allred-Williams, Mary Ann Phillips  9/24/01 HDR
Allured, Jonathan Brewster (veteran) 2/10/94 HDR
Alma, Linda 8/10/99 HDR
Almanza, Manuel Rangel (Page 3A) 12/15/97 HDR
Almanza, Mauricio Guevara 12/15/97 HDR
Almanza, Octavio (Page 3A) 12/15/97 HDR
Almarguer, Juan  8/6/02 ONE
Almeyda, Clodomiro  8/27/97 HDR
Almon, Belle Wilson  12/13/02 HDR
Almon, Harold Brown 4/15/00 HDR
Almon, Robert Longmire 2/26/97 HDR
Almon, Ruth "Nell" 8/20/03 HDR
Almond, Nancy Stanford 2/27/00 HDR
Almond, Robbie McClamrock  7/20/94 HDR
Alms, Paul Edward 4/20/04 ONE
Alphonso, Rolando 12/8/98 HDR
Al-Sabah, Sheik Ali Sabah al-Salem 4/14/97 HDR
al-Sharaf, Queen Zein  (mother of King Hussein) 4/28/94 HDR
Alspaugh, Eva Estelle Auton Mrs. 1/6/05 HDR
Alston, Leaner McPhaul Pastor 12/7/03 HDR
Alston, Reece (died 1997) (Page 5A) 2/14/99 HDR
Althoff, Adolf  10/17/98 HDR
Altimari, Frank Xavier 7/23/98 HDR
Altman, B. William 4/17/01 ONE
Altman, B. William  4/17/01 HDR
Altman, Coleman P. 8/3/01 HDR
Altman, David R. 9/9/00 HDR
Altman, Emily Beth (Page 3A) 6/23/94 HDR
Altman, Florence Skelly 5/2/98 HDR
Altmann, Guy M. "Matt" 8/1/98 HDR
Alton, Gwendolyn Snyder 8/14/99 HDR
Alton, John  6/11/96 HDR
Aluli, Irmgard Farden  10/8/01 HDR
Aluotto, Edward Michael  11/13/03 HDR
Aluotto, Edward Michael  11/20/03 HDR
Aluotto, Edward Michael  11/13/03 ONE
Aluotto, Edward Michael  11/20/03 ONE
Alvarez, Eric 4/28/97 ONE
Alvarez, Jesus 4/4/02 HDR
Alvarez, Jesus  4/4/02 ONE
Alvis, Don Coy 5/13/94 HDR
Alwran, John Ivey 1/17/01 HDR
Alwran, William "Bill"  4/11/94 ONE
Alwran, William "Bill" (veteran) 4/10/94 HDR
Aly, Kamal Hassan Gen. (Egypt) 3/28/93 HDR
Alyn, Kirk 3/16/99 HDR
Aman, Currie S. Hawley 8/6/01 HDR
Amaro, Rolim Adolf (aviator) 7/14/01 HDR
Amateau, Rod (television director) 7/3/03 HDR
Amaya, Naohiro (vice trade minister-Japan) 8/31/94 HDR
Amber, Sidney (109 yoa)  11/20/95 HDR
Ambers, Ruby Gertrude Rice 6/1/96 HDR
Ambers, Ruby Gertrude Rice 5/31/96 ONE
Ambler, Eric 10/25/98 HDR
Ambler, Lynne Yglesias  2/27/03 HDR
Ambler, Lynne Yglesias  2/26/03 ONE
Ambler, Lynne Yglesias Lineberger 2/28/03 ONE
Ambler, Lynne Yglesias Lineberger   2/28/03 HDR
Ambrosy, Dorothy E.  11/4/05 ONE
Ambrosy, Dorothy Eleanor Blackburn 11/11/05 HDR
Amdursky, Benny (singer) 1/24/94 HDR
Ameche, Don (actor)  12/7/93 HDR
Amendola, Robert F.P. 1/8/96 ONE
Amerine, Maynard Dr.  3/14/98 HDR
Amerson, Wilbert Demetrius 4/28/97 ONE
Ames, Amyas 1/28/00 HDR
Ames, Ruby Hughey Sherrill 9/16/03 HDR
Ames, Ruby Hughey Sherrill 9/15/03 ONE
Ames, Ruby Hughey Sherrill 9/16/03 ONE
Ametistov, Ernest  9/9/98 HDR
Amichai, Yehuda 9/24/00 HDR
Amick, Robert L.  2/3/05 HDR
Amick, Robert Lester 2/4/05 HDR
Amick, Ruth Greene  4/4/03 HDR
Amin, Idi (former president of Uganda) 8/17/03 HDR
Amin, Mustafa 4/14/97 HDR
Amirault, Violet  9/14/97 HDR
Ammerman, Alfred Ellsworth "Slim" 12/6/03 HDR
Ammons, A. R. (poet) 2/28/01 HDR
Ammons, David Othneil Lt. 6/28/96 HDR
Ammons, Mable Whisnant 12/25/98 HDR
Ammons, Madolyn Louise 1/13/99 HDR
Ammons, Ruth Richards  1/20/01 HDR
Amon, Albert John Jr. 6/20/03 HDR
Amon, Albert John Jr.  6/20/03 ONE
Amory, Cleveland 10/17/98 HDR
Amos, Beth  2/6/96 HDR
Amos, Clessie Viola 7/15/98 HDR
Amos, Cyril F. "Cy" Sr.  5/28/93 ONE
Amos, Mary Etta  8/10/95 HDR
Amos, Robert Edwin 7/7/03 ONE
Amos, Robert Edwin  7/7/03 HDR
Amos, Robert Edwin  7/8/03 HDR
Amsterdam, Morey (comic actor) 10/29/96 HDR
Ance, Louis  12/26/96 HDR
Ance, Louis  12/26/96 ONE
Ance, Shirley 10/4/96 ONE
Ance, Shirley Howard 10/5/96 HDR
Ance, Shirley Howard 10/7/96 ONE
Ancell, Nathan S. 6/7/99 HDR
Anchia, Edwin 7/1/96 ONE
Anchia, Edwin  7/2/96 HDR
Anchia, Edwin  7/2/96 ONE
Anders, Arthur F. (Panay Incident) 9/8/00 HDR
Anders, Bessie Mae  5/21/96 HDR
Anders, Roy Edward 1/23/98 HDR
Anders, Roy Edward Sr. 1/24/98 HDR
Andersen, Donald Irving 10/26/97 HDR
Andersen, Hansine Eriksen 3/3/94 HDR
Anderson, Albert "Slim" Dean 5/26/96 HDR
Anderson, Albert "Slim" Dean 5/25/96 HDR
Anderson, Albert D.  4/13/96 HDR
Anderson, Alfred (last surviving soldier to have heard the guns fall silent) 11/23/05 HDR
Anderson, Altha Shoup  12/12/94 HDR
Anderson, Andrew Bryan Sr. 1/1/96 HDR
Anderson, Anna May Alter Evert 5/14/98 HDR
Anderson, Anna May Alter Evert 5/15/98 HDR
Anderson, Arreather Brevard 11/28/94 HDR
Anderson, Betty Kanupp Buff 8/19/99 ONE
Anderson, Betty Kanupp Buff 8/19/99 HDR
Anderson, Bill 1/11/98 HDR
Anderson, Blanche Elizabeth Teem 1/12/93 HDR
Anderson, C.L. Bishop 9/26/99 HDR
Anderson, C.L. Bishop 9/22/99 HDR
Anderson, Cal Rep. (WA)  8/6/95 HDR
Anderson, Carl Dewitt 1/23/96 HDR
Anderson, Carl Hubert  5/3/95 HDR
Anderson, Charles Alfred "Chief"  4/18/96 HDR
Anderson, Charles N.  8/22/94 HDR
Anderson, Clara Hartley Clarke 9/16/00 HDR
Anderson, Clydia Hawkins Bright Alverson 12/20/05 HDR
Anderson, Connie Ross Lloyd 4/12/00 HDR
Anderson, Connie Ross Lloyd 4/12/00 ONE
Anderson, Corey  (Page 2A) 3/1/99 HDR
Anderson, Daniel "Bud" 4/12/99 HDR
Anderson, Daniel Calvin Jr. 4/13/99 HDR
Anderson, Dora Duvall 2/4/94 HDR
Anderson, Dora Ratliff "Mom" 9/21/99 HDR
Anderson, Dorothy "Gail" 7/22/99 ONE
Anderson, Dorothy "Gail" 7/23/99 HDR
Anderson, Dorothy Jean 5/9/97 HDR
Anderson, Dorothy McCulloch  12/14/96 HDR
Anderson, Edgar “Eddie” Allen  10/27/00 HDR
Anderson, Edward "Bill" 4/12/98 HDR
Anderson, Edward Ransom "Bill" 4/14/98 HDR
Anderson, Ernest Coleman  10/5/93 HDR
Anderson, Ethel Kirsten 9/1/98 HDR
Anderson, Ethel Olson  12/29/04 ONE
Anderson, Ethel Olson  12/30/04 ONE
Anderson, Ethel Olson  12/31/04 ONE
Anderson, Eugenie (first female ambassador) 4/3/97 HDR
Anderson, Fannie C.  5/12/02 HDR
Anderson, Faye Marie Miller 10/31/01 ONE
Anderson, Faye Marie Miller  10/31/01 HDR
Anderson, Forrest Jackson 10/14/00 HDR
Anderson, George Washington 8/20/97 HDR
Anderson, George Washington 8/18/97 HDR
Anderson, George Washington 8/19/97 ONE
Anderson, George Washington 8/18/97 ONE
Anderson, Glenn (former CA Rep.) 12/14/94 HDR
Anderson, Glenn Moulton 9/15/97 HDR
Anderson, Godfrey H.P. 4/23/99 ONE
Anderson, Godfrey H.P.  4/27/99 HDR
Anderson, Henry  (longest stay on death row) 4/24/94 HDR
Anderson, Henry Franklin 12/3/96 ONE
Anderson, Henry Hardy 7/5/98 HDR
Anderson, Herbert (actor) 6/13/94 ONE
Anderson, Herbert Richard 11/7/98 HDR
Anderson, Irene R. 12/13/94 HDR
Anderson, Jack (muckraking columnist--Pulitzer Prize) 12/18/05 HDR
Anderson, Jack C.  4/3/03 HDR
Anderson, Jack E. (newspaperman) 11/21/94 HDR
Anderson, Jack Walter 7/10/96 ONE
Anderson, Jack Walter  7/10/96 HDR
Anderson, James (Page 1A) 11/21/94 HDR
Anderson, James Scott 4/4/97 HDR
Anderson, Jervis 1/16/00 HDR
Anderson, Jessie Carlton 9/26/97 HDR
Anderson, Jimmy Edward  11/29/98 HDR
Anderson, John G. 3/10/03 ONE
Anderson, John Gary 3/5/03 ONE
Anderson, John Gary 3/6/03 ONE
Anderson, John Gary 3/7/03 ONE
Anderson, John Gary  3/7/03 HDR
Anderson, John Gary  3/11/03 HDR
Anderson, John William 7/4/99 HDR
Anderson, Johnsie Marie Howell 5/9/05 HDR
Anderson, Johnson III 10/24/98 HDR
Anderson, Juanita Hamby  1/20/02 HDR
Anderson, Judy Anne  12/30/05 HDR
Anderson, Justin R. "Andy"  11/9/94 HDR
Anderson, Leffie Thornburg 2/2/98 HDR
Anderson, Little Eddie Dean 2/10/93 HDR
Anderson, Lois Marie  9/7/05 HDR
Anderson, Lois Marie  9/8/05 HDR
Anderson, Lois Marie Teague 1/16/98 HDR
Anderson, Lola Mae  7/28/93 HDR
Anderson, Lola Mae Grindstaff 2/4/99 HDR
Anderson, Louise C.  7/16/00 HDR
Anderson, Louise Cook 3/16/93 HDR
Anderson, Louise Hollar 6/18/97 HDR
Anderson, Louise Hollar 6/17/97 ONE
Anderson, Lydia Louise McGalliard  11/19/00 HDR
Anderson, Magie Ruth Welborn 8/4/04 ONE
Anderson, Margie Arney 3/4/94 HDR
Anderson, Marie Bolick  2/16/05 HDR
Anderson, Martha Sain 7/27/97 HDR
Anderson, Mary Cook  1/28/93 HDR
Anderson, Mary Lucile Deal  12/17/00 HDR
Anderson, Mary Martha Queen 4/12/00 HDR
Anderson, Mavis  3/19/95 HDR
Anderson, Michael Dennis  7/4/97 HDR
Anderson, Mildred Helton 5/16/96 HDR
Anderson, Olivia Matthews  8/31/97 HDR
Anderson, Oree Graham  8/28/95 HDR
Anderson, Oree Graham  8/29/95 HDR
Anderson, Pathena "Pat" Beatrice 3/4/99 ONE
Anderson, Pathena Beatrice "Pat" 3/4/99 HDR
Anderson, Patricia Ann  7/13/99 HDR
Anderson, Pauline Bandy (Polly) 8/17/01 ONE
Anderson, Pauline Sherrill 6/15/98 HDR
Anderson, Rachel Etta  10/15/93 HDR
Anderson, Ralph 1/19/98 HDR
Anderson, Raye Causby  10/23/01 HDR
Anderson, Rayford Larry  5/18/96 HDR
Anderson, Raymond P. 3/4/94 HDR
Anderson, Raymond Pinkney "Little Smack" (veteran) 3/6/94 HDR
Anderson, Rebecca J. 8/17/01 HDR
Anderson, Ricky Lee 12/3/05 HDR
Anderson, Robert 12/16/96 HDR
Anderson, Robert  2/28/02 HDR
Anderson, Robert E. Sr. 3/26/99 ONE
Anderson, Robert Leon  3/1/02 HDR
Anderson, Robert Poe  2/17/02 HDR
Anderson, Ronald "Ronnie" 7/25/05 HDR
Anderson, Ronnie  7/24/05 HDR
Anderson, Roosevelt Junior 6/25/99 HDR
Anderson, Russell L. 4/3/98 HDR
Anderson, Ruth Idella Boxleitner 5/14/05 HDR
Anderson, Ruth Idella Boxleitner 5/16/05 HDR
Anderson, Ruth Poovey Mrs. 11/14/05 HDR
Anderson, Samantha Ryhlea 8/21/00 ONE
Anderson, Samantha Ryhlea  8/20/00 HDR
Anderson, Sharon Hicks 9/17/00 HDR
Anderson, Shirley  12/16/04 ONE
Anderson, Shirley Lingle 4/7/94 HDR
Anderson, Sierra Alyia 5/11/98 ONE
Anderson, Sierra Alyia 5/9/98 HDR
Anderson, Terecia Lynn 6/6/99 HDR
Anderson, Thomas Avery 4/27/97 HDR
Anderson, Thomas Carl "Tommie" Jr. 3/3/01 HDR
Anderson, Thomas Wilson 2/27/99 HDR
Anderson, Valeria Herman 6/1/96 HDR
Anderson, Wilhemina Rockett 4/2/01 HDR
Anderson, William "Bill" Nelson  1/10/95 HDR
Anderson, William Edward 7/29/93 HDR
Anderson, William Edward "Bill" 12/14/96 HDR
Andersson, Stig "Stikkan" 9/14/97 HDR
Andrade, Billie C.  6/9/03 HDR
Andrade, Billie C.  6/9/03 ONE
Andras, Fibia Ciontos 12/27/01 ONE
Andras, Fibia Ciontos 12/27/01 HDR
Andreoli, Peter 10/18/97 HDR
Andres, William 2/15/00 HDR
Andretti, Alvise 11/5/99 HDR
Andretti, Rina (mother of Mario Andretti) 12/31/03 HDR
Andrew, Elna Mary 12/2/98 HDR
Andrews, Alan Lane 11/30/98 ONE
Andrews, Alexander Boyd III 3/11/99 HDR
Andrews, Anne White Hornbuckle 6/7/93 HDR
Andrews, Anne White Hornbuckle  6/7/93 ONE
Andrews, Arlene  9/7/96 HDR
Andrews, Bobby Lee "Cotton"  7/12/03 HDR
Andrews, Bobby Ray  6/26/01 HDR
Andrews, Clifton Almond  7/15/96 HDR
Andrews, Curtis Clifton 11/1/03 HDR
Andrews, Dennis Howard  8/1/99 HDR
Andrews, Dover Delaware  4/7/05 HDR
Andrews, Exie   7/10/95 HDR
Andrews, Exie Ila McLean  7/11/95 HDR
Andrews, Faye Rigsbee  4/20/01 HDR
Andrews, Fletcher Lanier Rev. 5/4/97 HDR
Andrews, G. C. "Pete"  1/10/95 HDR
Andrews, Grover Cleveland  1/9/95 HDR
Andrews, Harry Clifton 5/5/94 HDR
Andrews, Henry  Louis 8/28/96 HDR
Andrews, Herman C. 11/23/95 HDR
Andrews, Howard William  4/4/01 HDR
Andrews, J. Arvel (veteran) 6/27/94 HDR
Andrews, James "Jim" Terrell Sr. 3/23/97 HDR
Andrews, James Franklin "Jim" 12/23/01 HDR
Andrews, James Victor 8/4/99 HDR
Andrews, Jeanette L. 4/14/94 HDR
Andrews, Jesse McDonald 7/26/98 HDR
Andrews, Joe  1/6/01 HDR
Andrews, Joe W.  9/9/01 HDR
Andrews, John Lewis 6/19/00 HDR
Andrews, M. Carl (editor) 6/11/94 HDR
Andrews, Mary  7/6/94 HDR
Andrews, Mary E.  7/7/94 HDR
Andrews, Mary Rose 5/9/99 HDR
Andrews, Maxene  10/23/95 ONE
Andrews, Mildred Beane  2/25/00 HDR
Andrews, Mildred Louise Beane 2/24/00 HDR
Andrews, Rebecca Leigh 3/3/95 ONE
Andrews, Rebecca Leigh 3/2/95 HDR
Andrews, Rebecca Leigh 3/3/95 HDR
Andrews, Rebecca Leigh  3/2/95 ONE
Andrews, Rebecca Leigh (Page 1) 3/2/95 ONE
Andrews, Rebecca Leigh (Page 6A)  3/2/95 HDR
Andrews, Richard John 12/16/98 HDR
Andrews, Ricky 11/8/95 HDR
Andrews, Ruth Boatwright  2/15/01 HDR
Andrews, Ruth Mae  4/13/96 HDR
Andrews, Vera 3/17/05 ONE
Andrews, Vera Maggie Williamson 3/18/05 HDR
Andrews, Vera Maggie Williamson 3/18/05 ONE
Andrews, Vertie Holyfield 6/7/00 HDR
Andrews, Viola "Nannie" McRary 2/11/05 HDR
Andrews, William Finley 2/22/00 HDR
Andrulonis, Paul A. "Tony" Dr. 10/3/99 HDR
Anfinsen, Christian Boehmer (Nobel Prize) 5/16/95 HDR
Angel, Daisy Barnett  7/21/97 HDR
Angel, Edgar 12/28/95 HDR
Angel, Florette (activist) 8/4/93 HDR
Angel, Frank Hubert  5/1/03 HDR
Angel, Frank Hubert  5/1/03 ONE
Angel, Hugh William 10/4/97 HDR
Angel, Joe S.  12/12/93 HDR
Angel, June Louise 4/13/97 HDR
Angel, June Louise 4/14/97 ONE
Angel, Martha 1/9/99 HDR
Angel, Martha Gail 1/11/99 ONE
Angel, Martha Gail 1/10/99 HDR
Angel, Mary Ann  12/15/04 ONE
Angel, Mary Ann  12/16/04 ONE
Angel, Velma Starr  6/5/03 HDR
Angel, Velma Starr  6/4/03 ONE
Angelakos, Diogenes  6/12/97 HDR
Angelides, John (radio news director) 11/12/02 HDR
Angleton, Doris (Page 5A) 12/26/01 HDR
Angleton, Roger (Page 5A) 12/26/01 HDR
Angley, Frances Mast 8/4/01 HDR
Angley, Fred 2/20/99 HDR
Angley, Mary Dorothea 7/16/00 HDR
Angley, Mary Elizabeth 3/7/98 HDR
Angley, Pearl Stacy  7/12/96 HDR
Angley, Teresa Ann  7/21/03 HDR
Angley, Teresa Ann  7/24/03 HDR
Angley, William Maynard "Bill" Jr. 3/25/97 HDR
Anglin, John Fields II 9/19/03 HDR
Angus, Robert L. (editor) 12/15/95 HDR
Anka, Andrew E. Sr. (father of singer Paul Anka) 4/7/93 HDR
Anker, Irving 6/16/00 HDR
Annas, Alice Pearl Woodie  1/23/95 HDR
Annas, Alice Virginia Pennel 11/10/97 HDR
Annas, Ancel Wilburn "Bill" 3/4/99 ONE
Annas, Ancel Wilburn "Bill" 3/4/99 HDR
Annas, Annie Stallings 9/22/98 HDR
Annas, Betty Jean Hudson 5/18/03 HDR
Annas, Betty Jean Hudson Mrs. 5/19/03 HDR
Annas, Brenda Joyce  11/12/96 HDR
Annas, Brenda Joyce Leighton  11/13/96 HDR
Annas, Carl Erwin 2/10/98 HDR
Annas, Clarence James  10/31/93 HDR
Annas, Coleen  7/11/03 HDR
Annas, David Pinkney  5/17/93 HDR
Annas, David Pinkney  5/18/93 HDR
Annas, Delia Hart 11/19/99 HDR
Annas, Dorothy Odessa Barlow 5/19/01 HDR
Annas, Esper 11/26/95 HDR
Annas, Esper 11/27/95 HDR
Annas, Ethel  9/7/93 HDR
Annas, Ethel Kirby  8/20/02 HDR
Annas, Ethel Reece  9/8/93 HDR
Annas, Ethel Triplett  4/18/96 HDR
Annas, Eugene Clinton "Gene" Sr. 10/23/01 HDR
Annas, Flora Benfield  5/22/02 ONE
Annas, Flora Benfield  5/22/02 HDR
Annas, Floyd Collin  6/21/02 HDR
Annas, Floyd Dale 8/19/95 HDR
Annas, Frances Barbara  11/7/94 HDR
Annas, G. Howard 12/2/05 HDR
Annas, Garcy Don "Jack"  12/14/94 HDR
Annas, Genelle Brown  4/22/96 HDR
Annas, Goldie Wanetta Henderson 6/14/96 HDR
Annas, Hester Hart 1/9/05 HDR
Annas, James Arthur  4/19/01 HDR
Annas, James Burl 3/14/96 HDR
Annas, Janice Louise  6/25/96 HDR
Annas, Jeanette Chester  7/19/02 HDR
Annas, John Wayne  8/18/04 ONE
Annas, Luenette Winecoff 4/26/97 HDR
Annas, Mabel M.  1/9/01 HDR
Annas, Mack Ford Rev. 4/22/00 HDR
Annas, Marie Money  10/22/01 HDR
Annas, Mary Lou Sullivan 7/11/96 HDR
Annas, Mettis T. 2/5/98 HDR
Annas, Minnie Belle Kirby  7/17/94 HDR
Annas, Nancy Frances  8/3/96 HDR
Annas, Nora Jane Benfield  11/2/02 HDR
Annas, Ollie Mae Rolen  9/17/93 HDR
Annas, Ollie Mae Rolen  9/18/93 HDR
Annas, Oneda Curtis  11/20/99 HDR
Annas, Oscar William Tater Jr. 11/7/94 HDR
Annas, Patricia "Pat" Ms. 9/27/03 HDR
Annas, Patricia "Pat" Ms.  9/26/03 HDR
Annas, Richard Allen 11/24/99 HDR
Annas, Robert E. Sr. 8/31/94 HDR
Annas, Robert E. Sr. 9/1/94 HDR
Annas, Robert E. Sr. 9/3/94 HDR
Annas, Robert Glenn 12/30/97 HDR
Annas, Robert Lee 7/20/00 HDR
Annas, Ruby Miller  6/14/02 HDR
Annas, Steven L.  3/15/95 HDR
Annas, Taft Theodore 12/29/99 HDR
Annas, Ted Valen  10/27/94 HDR
Annas, Ted Valen  10/29/94 HDR
Annas, Terry Eugene  6/4/02 HDR
Annas, Thad Nathaniel  10/10/02 HDR
Annas, Ty T.  10/24/00 HDR
Annas, Virgie Hazel  12/27/97 HDR
Annas, Virgie Nelson 10/18/96 HDR
Annas, Wilson Pinkney  11/16/02 HDR
Annas, Wilson Pinkney  11/17/02 HDR
Annas, Zelma Kirby Mrs. 4/7/05 HDR
Annis, Carson Boone  1/13/95 HDR
Annis, Cassie Baughn 3/13/95 HDR
Annis, Fred T. Jr.  1/11/93 HDR
Annis, Sara Fox  2/20/03 HDR
Annis, William H. 1/3/96 HDR
Annunzio, Frank (Fmr. IL Rep.) 4/9/01 HDR
Anonsen, Roy Edward 10/28/05 HDR
Anrig, Gregory R. (president of the Educational Testing Service) 11/16/93 HDR
Anscombe, Francis John  10/25/01 HDR
Anstine, Marie  10/25/95 HDR
Anstine, Marie Turner  10/26/95 HDR
Anthony, Addie Leon "Pie" 3/5/03 ONE
Anthony, Addie Leon (Pie)  3/7/03 HDR
Anthony, Boyce "Bosco" D. 12/1/95 HDR
Anthony, Boyce Dazel  12/2/95 HDR
Anthony, Brian Douglas (Page 3A) 10/12/98 HDR
Anthony, Carlo Swafford 8/19/95 HDR
Anthony, Carlos  8/18/95 HDR
Anthony, Charles Elbert 2/23/00 HDR
Anthony, Cline 8/9/97 HDR
Anthony, David M.  (Page 5A) 10/28/98 HDR
Anthony, Delbert Ray 5/7/99 HDR
Anthony, Earl  8/16/01 HDR
Anthony, Edward George "Stump" 8/16/99 ONE
Anthony, Edward George "Stump" 8/16/99 HDR
Anthony, Eva Sigmon Mrs. 7/20/05 HDR
Anthony, Florence Davis  10/8/95 HDR
Anthony, Frank D. 4/17/94 HDR
Anthony, Frank D. 4/18/94 HDR
Anthony, Frank D.  4/18/94 ONE
Anthony, Geneva R.  5/30/93 HDR
Anthony, Geneva Reinhardt 5/31/93 HDR
Anthony, Geneva Reinhardt Mrs.  5/31/93 ONE
Anthony, Georgia Diane  11/7/94 ONE
Anthony, Georgia Diane  11/7/94 HDR
Anthony, Henry  5/8/95 HDR
Anthony, Henry Clifton 5/9/95 ONE
Anthony, Henry Clifton  5/9/95 HDR
Anthony, Ila 4/28/99 HDR
Anthony, Ila Mae Hildebran 4/29/99 ONE
Anthony, Ila Mae Hildebran 4/29/99 HDR
Anthony, Mamie Bell 2/7/94 HDR
Anthony, Mamie Bell 2/8/94 HDR
Anthony, Mamie Bell  2/8/94 ONE
Anthony, Martha Johnson Mrs. 7/5/05 HDR
Anthony, Mary Lizzie Heavner 12/17/01 HDR
Anthony, Mary Ward 4/25/00 HDR
Anthony, Mildred S. 3/7/94 HDR
Anthony, Mildred Shull 3/8/94 HDR
Anthony, Ray Von 11/14/95 ONE
Anthony, Ray Von 11/15/95 HDR
Anthony, Robert “Bob” Norman  1/21/03 HDR
Anthony, Robert N.  1/19/03 HDR
Anthony, Robert Norman "Bob" 1/21/03 ONE
Anthony, Roy Franklin 4/11/97 HDR
Anthony, Roy Franklin  4/9/97 HDR
Anthony, Sharon Elaine Bumgarner 11/15/97 HDR
Anthony, Sharon Elaine Bumgarner  11/14/97 HDR
Anthony, Timothy Rainier "L.A."  2/23/93 HDR
Anthony, Virgie Maven Lail 2/25/98 HDR
Antley, Chris 12/4/00 HDR
Antone, James 6/14/98 HDR
Antoun, M. Lawreace Sister (former college president) 3/12/94 HDR
Aparo, James N. (illustrator) 7/21/05 HDR
Appleby, Robin (Page 3A) 12/2/96 HDR
Applegate, Rex Col. 7/21/98 HDR
Appleton, Martha O'Driscoll 11/7/98 HDR
Appley, Lawrence A. 4/10/97 HDR
Aquillon, Eduardo 4/28/97 ONE
Araki, Ali Grand Ayatollah (Shiite Muslim supreme leader) 11/30/94 HDR
Aranda, Benjamin III 1/31/98 HDR
Archambault, Evelyn Harris  2/12/01 HDR
Archambault, Odilon Roger (veteran) 6/22/94 HDR
Archer, Caitlyn Nicole "Cailey" 3/7/98 HDR
Archer, Connie Robinson  9/12/02 ONE
Archer, Connie Robinson  9/13/02 HDR
Archer, Frank Morton (Moxie Co.) 3/9/94 HDR
Archer, John 10/18/98 HDR
Archer, Kathryn H.  10/7/93 HDR
Archer, Krystal Gail  (Page 2A) 11/7/01 HDR
Archer, Mary Hall  2/16/96 HDR
Archie, Melvin William "Short Cut" 6/17/05 HDR
Arciniegas, German 12/2/99 HDR
Arcuri, Margaret Leona Smith 5/10/03 HDR
Ardoin, John (music critic) 3/21/01 HDR
Ardolino, Emile (director) 11/22/93 HDR
Ardrey, Donald Lewis 8/5/00 HDR
Areeda, Phillip (White House counsel) 12/28/95 HDR
Arefin, Tony 5/30/00 HDR
Arellano, Enrique 11/27/01 HDR
Arevalo, Noe Benigno 12/21/94 HDR
Argiris, Spiros (conductor) 5/21/96 HDR
Argov, Sasha  9/28/95 HDR
Argov, Shlomo (fmr. Israeli ambassador) 2/24/03 HDR
Argyll, Dutchess of  7/28/93 HDR
Arias, Regulo Pico 5/14/05 HDR
Arias, Regulo Pico 5/16/05 HDR
Arias, Regulo Pico 5/16/05 ONE
Ariel, Meir 7/20/99 HDR
Arizmendi, Modesto (artist) 5/9/94 HDR
Arkeen, Aaron West (songwriter) 6/6/97 HDR
Arkus-Duntov, Zora (father of the Corvette) 4/23/96 HDR
Armentrout, Lewis Franklin 2/27/96 HDR
Armistead, Pearl Miller 5/11/94 HDR
Armistead, Pearl Miller  5/11/94 ONE
Arms, Robert Ray  6/8/96 HDR
Arms, Robert Ray  6/9/96 HDR
Armstrong, Bob (musical arranger) 4/28/94 HDR
Armstrong, Cory Trevon  11/4/03 HDR
Armstrong, Ed Hugh 12/15/00 HDR
Armstrong, Ellis LeRoy 1/30/01 HDR
Armstrong, Ernest Joe 8/29/97 ONE
Armstrong, Ernest Joe  8/30/97 HDR
Armstrong, Ernest Joe  8/31/97 HDR
Armstrong, Frances Louise 9/23/03 ONE
Armstrong, Frances Louise  9/23/03 HDR
Armstrong, Francis 9/22/03 HDR
Armstrong, Garner Ted (evangelist) (TX) 9/17/03 HDR
Armstrong, George Edward 4/26/93 HDR
Armstrong, George Edward  4/26/93 ONE
Armstrong, George Siegfried  1/4/93 HDR
Armstrong, Grace Kelly  4/27/93 HDR
Armstrong, Howard "Louie Bluie" (string-band fiddler) 8/5/03 HDR
Armstrong, James Allen 7/29/98 HDR
Armstrong, James Allen  8/4/98 ONE
Armstrong, James Wilbur Sr. 5/29/97 HDR
Armstrong, James Wilbur Sr. 5/28/97 ONE
Armstrong, John Robert "Bob" 2/8/00 HDR
Armstrong, John Robert "Bob" 2/8/00 ONE
Armstrong, John Wesley  3/11/93 HDR
Armstrong, John Wesley  3/12/93 HDR
Armstrong, Lela Wooten 4/23/98 ONE
Armstrong, Lela Wooten 4/18/98 HDR
Armstrong, Lela Wooten 4/23/98 HDR
Armstrong, Lollie Helton  4/16/02 HDR
Armstrong, Marshall Maurice 11/21/97 HDR
Armstrong, Marshall Maurice  11/20/97 HDR
Armstrong, Marshall Maurice  11/19/97 HDR
Armstrong, Mildred Theoshee Dye 1/7/93 HDR
Armstrong, Nancy 11/26/99 ONE
Armstrong, Nancy Lee Sims 11/29/99 ONE
Armstrong, Nancy Lee Sims 11/27/99 HDR
Armstrong, Nell Brafford 12/1/01 HDR
Armstrong, Nicholas Andrew (infant) 6/9/94 ONE
Armstrong, Nicholas Andrew (infant) 6/9/94 HDR
Armstrong, Nicholas Andrew (infant) 6/10/94 HDR
Armstrong, Olga Marie Hunter 11/30/95 HDR
Armstrong, Robert “Jack” Jackson 8/9/00 HDR
Armstrong, Robert Jackson "Strong"  7/25/94 HDR
Armstrong, Rodney Anthony  8/8/95 HDR
Armstrong, Rodney Anthony  8/9/95 HDR
Armstrong, Tina P. (Page 3A) 9/21/98 HDR
Armstrong, William Harris (news anchor) 4/2/05 HDR
Armstrong, William S. 7/19/98 HDR
Arn, Edward F. 1/25/98 HDR
Arnau, Narcis Jubany  12/30/96 HDR
Arndt, Alice Virginia Plaster  7/20/95 HDR
Arndt, Alsie Archer Mrs.  11/5/03 HDR
Arndt, David Allen  2/21/95 ONE
Arndt, David Allen  2/21/95 HDR
Arndt, Elma Johnson 6/20/93 HDR
Arndt, Elma Johnson Mrs. 6/21/93 ONE
Arndt, F. E. "Gene"  4/8/02 ONE
Arndt, F.E. "Gene"  4/7/02 HDR
Arndt, Florence Propst 11/18/94 ONE
Arndt, Florence Propst  11/18/94 HDR
Arndt, Harry M. 4/15/97 HDR
Arndt, Harry McCullough 4/16/97 HDR
Arndt, Harry McCullough 4/16/97 ONE
Arndt, Hattie Mae Skeens  10/23/03 ONE
Arndt, Hattie Mae Skeens Mrs. 10/23/03 HDR
Arndt, Jeannette Morrow 1/6/03 ONE
Arndt, Jeannette Morrow  1/6/03 HDR
Arndt, Jurie Mull 2/21/93 HDR
Arndt, Jurie Mull  2/23/93 ONE
Arndt, Lila Ruth 4/6/96 HDR
Arndt, Lila Ruth 4/12/96 HDR
Arndt, Lila Ruth 4/5/96 ONE
Arndt, Lila Ruth 4/11/96 ONE
Arndt, Luther Allen 1/5/99 ONE
Arndt, Luther Allen 1/6/99 HDR
Arndt, Mary Tuttle  1/18/03 HDR
Arndt, William Lewis 12/19/97 ONE
Arndt, William Lewis 12/18/97 ONE
Arndt, William Lewis  12/19/97 HDR
Arndt, Willis Murray 12/30/00 HDR
Arndt, Winifred Sigmon 8/2/04 ONE
Arnett, Alice Victoria Carter 1/30/93 HDR
Arnett, Claude Erschel  2/23/01 HDR
Arnett, Cody Lee 4/23/96 HDR
Arnett, Douglas Ray 1/29/01 HDR
Arnett, Georgia Hopson  12/28/03 HDR
Arnett, Howard W. Sr.  9/2/03 HDR
Arnett, Michael Lynn 3/19/96 HDR
Arnette, Elsie Catherine Sutton 12/30/96 HDR
Arnette, Victoria Carter  1/29/93 HDR
Arney, Annie Lobelia Lowman 1/9/98 HDR
Arney, Annie Lowman 1/8/98 HDR
Arney, Bill J.  7/30/94 HDR
Arney, Brianna Nichole 1/27/97 HDR
Arney, Charles L. “Charlie”  Sr. 12/27/00 HDR
Arney, Clyde Scott  5/13/02 HDR
Arney, Cora Lee  10/7/96 HDR
Arney, Cora Lee  10/6/96 HDR
Arney, Dennis Randolph "Randy" 2/3/97 HDR
Arney, Dewey Franklin "D.F." Jr. 4/26/98 HDR
Arney, Dewey Franklin Jr. "D.F." 4/27/98 HDR
Arney, Earl Junior 5/18/93 HDR
Arney, Esey Mae Allen 2/4/00 HDR
Arney, Esey Mae Allen 2/3/00 ONE
Arney, Fred A.  2/1/05 HDR
Arney, Fred Lee 9/26/94 HDR
Arney, Fritz "Buck" Ellis Dad 8/27/03 HDR
Arney, George H. Jr. 1/23/00 HDR
Arney, Helen  12/26/97 HDR
Arney, Helen Kochman 12/27/97 HDR
Arney, Henry “Jack” Jr. 12/1/02 HDR
Arney, Irene Valarie "Bobbie" Reinhardt 6/26/95 HDR
Arney, Irene Valarie (Bobbie) Reinhardt 6/26/95 ONE
Arney, Jackson Cleveland Capt. 10/5/03 HDR
Arney, Jerry Dean  1/27/96 HDR
Arney, John Wilson (retired-Marines) 2/11/94 HDR
Arney, Katherine Shuford  8/21/03 HDR
Arney, Lola Mae Davis  10/10/02 HDR
Arney, Lucy Price  1/4/01 HDR
Arney, Mabel Elizabeth Bishop 12/10/03 HDR
Arney, Marshall Scott Jr. 10/30/94 HDR
Arney, Mary Etta Rector  5/18/95 HDR
Arney, Mary Etta Rector  5/19/95 HDR
Arney, Mildred Doris Wilson  10/7/93 HDR
Arney, Mildred Wilson  10/6/93 HDR
Arney, Ralph Elmer  7/21/05 HDR
Arney, Robert Edward  11/26/93 HDR
Arney, Roy Lee 10/24/98 HDR
Arney, Ruby Pryor 6/12/03 HDR
Arney, Sheila D.  8/25/02 HDR
Arney, Shelia Day  8/26/02 ONE
Arney, Shelia Day  8/26/02 HDR
Arney, William Earl 11/30/93 HDR
Arney, William Earl  12/1/93 HDR
Arnold, Buddy (jazz saxophonist and co-founder of MAP) 11/11/03 HDR
Arnold, Coy Lee 4/22/03 ONE
Arnold, Coy Lee  4/22/03 HDR
Arnold, Danny (Emmy-winning writer)  8/21/95 HDR
Arnold, Danny Eugene 5/22/00 HDR
Arnold, Eileen Marie Benedict  7/27/05 HDR
Arnold, Ethel Elizabeth  5/7/02 ONE
Arnold, Ethel Elizabeth  5/7/02 HDR
Arnold, Frederick Charles (Page 1) 8/3/01 ONE
Arnold, Frederick Charles (Page 4A) 8/4/01 HDR
Arnold, Linda Louise  6/17/00 HDR
Arnold, Margaret Allen  1/31/95 HDR
Arnold, Marion Dean Dr. "M.D."  5/7/95 HDR
Arnold, Norman (news photographer) 1/15/95 HDR
Arnold, Reginald Seymour 5/20/02 ONE
Arnold, Reginald Seymour  5/18/02 HDR
Arnold, Robert Lamar  3/2/03 HDR
Arnold, Ruth Virginia Bezada 3/22/94 HDR
Arnold, Ruth Virginia Bezada 3/23/94 HDR
Arnold, Ruth Virginia Bezada 3/24/94 HDR
Arnold, Ruth Virginia Bezada  3/22/94 ONE
Arnold, Ruth Virginia Bezada  3/23/94 ONE
Arnold, Simmons Franklin 6/13/94 HDR
Arnold, Simmons Franklin 6/15/94 HDR
Arnold, Simmons Franklin 6/16/94 HDR
Arnold, Virginia Ruth 11/10/93 HDR
Arnold, Virginia Ruth 11/11/93 HDR
Arnow, Winston E. (judge) 11/30/94 HDR
Aronoff, Murray 1/16/01 HDR
Arp, Lillian Hipp  11/10/93 HDR
Arp, Lillian Hipp Mrs. 11/10/93 ONE
Arpin, Bob Rev. (Roman Catholic priest)  5/25/95 HDR
Arquette, Lewis  2/14/01 HDR
Arrington, Dewey Palmer 9/4/99 HDR
Arrington, Dewey Palmer  9/6/99 ONE
Arrington, Eva Cochrane 1/17/94 ONE
Arrington, Lee Roy 4/12/99 HDR
Arrington, Lee Roy  4/13/99 ONE
Arrington, Woodrow Emerson 11/19/99 HDR
Arrowood, Ambrose Brlin "A.B." 9/12/03 HDR
Arrowood, Cora Lee  8/16/98 HDR
Arrowood, Ellis G. 4/28/97 HDR
Arrowood, Ernest Luther Jr. 6/11/98 HDR
Arrowood, Eunice McFall 1/2/00 HDR
Arrowood, Francis Gerald  10/25/95 HDR
Arrowood, Freida Clark  3/21/95 HDR
Arrowood, Frieda C.  3/22/95 HDR
Arrowood, James Junior "J.R." 5/30/05 HDR
Arrowood, James Junior (J.R.) 5/29/05 HDR
Arrowood, John Alfred  1/14/93 ONE
Arrowood, John Alfred  1/13/93 HDR
Arrowood, John Alfred  1/14/93 HDR
Arrowood, Katie Norville 2/4/97 HDR
Arrowood, Martha Ethel  6/9/94 HDR
Arrowood, Mildred Bowman  1/7/03 HDR
Arrowood, Nicholas Lynn 3/1/00 HDR
Arrowood, Otho Hartley  7/17/95 HDR
Arrowood, Roger Lee  7/20/93 HDR
Arrowood, Roy F.  8/4/00 HDR
Arrowood, Roy Fesperman 2/8/99 ONE
Arrowood, Roy Fesperman 2/6/99 HDR
Arrowood, Sarah Edith  1/18/95 HDR
Arrowood, Sarah Edith  1/19/95 HDR
Arrowood, Steven Lewis 7/6/98 ONE
Arrowood, Steven Lewis 7/4/98 HDR
Arrowood, William "Bill" Thomas  10/14/02 ONE
Arrowood, William “Bill” Thomas  10/14/02 HDR
Arroyo, Yolanda Chunal 2/19/98 ONE
Arroyo, Yolanda Chunal 2/19/98 HDR
Arroyo, Yolanda Norris 2/16/98 HDR
Arthur, Judy Parker 5/26/03 HDR
Arthur, Roger Dean  9/23/94 HDR
Arthur, Zinn (big band leader)  3/17/03 HDR
Artis, Martha O.  6/15/05 HDR
Artis, Martha O.  6/14/05 ONE
Artis, Martha O.  6/15/05 ONE
Artmann, H. C. 12/10/00 HDR
Arvidson, C. Rosalie 11/19/99 ONE
Arvidson, C. Rosalie 11/2/99 HDR
Arvidson, Cora Rosalie 11/2/99 ONE
Ary, Helen 10/10/93 HDR
Ary, Helen Doughty 10/12/93 HDR
Ary, Helen Doughty  10/12/93 ONE
Asbury, Carl Frank  10/15/97 HDR
Asbury, Mary Ann Yanesh 3/11/03 ONE
Asbury, Mary Ann Yanesh  3/11/03 HDR
Asbury, Nellie E. 5/11/98 ONE
Asbury, Nellie E. 5/12/98 HDR
Asbury, Nellie Evelyn 5/12/98 ONE
Asbury, Nellie Evelyn 5/13/98 HDR
Ascanio, Mildred "Millie"  10/27/96 HDR
Aserinsky, Eugene 8/9/98 HDR
Ash, Mary Kay (Page 2) 11/23/01 ONE
Ashby, Harold (jazz saxophonist) 6/18/03 HDR
Ashby, Louise Jane  6/27/96 HDR
Ashby, Marvin Daniel 2/27/00 HDR
Ashby, Patsy Garmon 8/3/98 HDR
Ashcraft, Nancy Jane Kennedy  5/19/01 HDR
Ashe, Arthur (tennis player) (Page 5B)  2/7/93 HDR
Ashe, James B. 3/9/00 HDR
Ashe, Lorraine Davis  9/11/00 HDR
Ashe, Roy Sylvester  12/7/02 HDR
Ashe, Roy Sylvester  12/8/02 HDR
Asher, Laura La Plante (silent film star) 10/16/96 HDR
Asherbraner, Annie Belle Farris 12/21/98 HDR
Asherbraner, Annie Belle Farris 12/22/98 HDR
Asherbraner, Garland Ray  10/20/00 HDR
Ashley, Clarence William 5/27/00 HDR
Ashley, Edward Marshall 4/15/02 ONE
Ashley, Edward Marshall  4/14/02 HDR
Ashley, Edward Marshall  4/15/02 HDR
Ashley, Jerome Stanley 2/24/03 HDR
Ashley, Junie Trivette  8/30/03 HDR
Ashley, Paul D.  7/9/93 HDR
Ashley, Pearl Harris  3/2/95 HDR
Ashley, Roy F.  12/22/05 HDR
Ashley, Sophia  11/3/95 HDR
Ashley, Tami Dawn  3/20/02 HDR
Ashmore, Harry S. 1/23/98 HDR
Ashton, Marvin J. (Mormon Church Apostle) 2/27/94 HDR
Ashton, Stewart Hyde 4/10/03 ONE
Ashton, Stewart Hyde  4/10/03 HDR
Ashton, Wendell J.  9/2/95 HDR
Ashworth, Frederick L. "Dick" (weaponeer--Nagasaki) 12/9/05 HDR
Askew, Bill 9/19/00 HDR
Askew, Charles M. 8/8/98 HDR
Askew, Lou Dyson  7/23/00 HDR
Askin, Leon (actor--"Hogan's Heroes") 6/4/05 HDR
Aslam, Sheraz  (Page 7A) 12/29/98 HDR
Asper, Israel (patriarch of CanWest Global Communications) 10/9/03 HDR
Aspin, Les (Former Defense Sec.) (Page 1) 5/22/95 HDR
Aspinall, John 7/1/00 HDR
Assad, Basil (presumed political heir - Syria) 1/22/94 HDR
Assion, Paul Metcalfe 9/23/94 HDR
Asti, Lidio "Guy" Joseph  10/7/03 HDR
Aston, James W.  10/3/95 HDR
Asturias, Arturo Herbruger 10/29/99 HDR
Atanasoff, John V. (developed 1st electronic computer) 6/24/95 HDR
Atcher, Robert O. (former city president--Schaumburg, IL) 11/1/93 HDR
Athanas, Anthony (founder of Anthony's Pier 4) 5/24/05 HDR
Athanson, George A. 1/12/00 HDR
Atherton, Alfred L. "Roy" Jr. (former ambassador) 11/1/02 HDR
Atherton, John W. 11/7/01 HDR
Atkins, Barry K. Retired Adm. 11/18/05 HDR
Atkins, C.D. 6/8/00 HDR
Atkins, Chet 7/3/01 ONE
Atkins, Chet 7/1/01 HDR
Atkins, Cholly (choreographer) 4/24/03 HDR
Atkins, James Ralph 7/27/99 HDR
Atkins, Lisa Michelle 12/1/00 HDR
Atkins, Lois Birdie Griffin 8/16/93 HDR
Atkins, Mary Ola Justice 5/7/00 HDR
Atkins, Robert C. Dr. (weight-loss guru) 4/18/03 HDR
Atkinson, Denis 11/12/01 HDR
Atkinson, Gonslee  3/12/95 HDR
Atkinson, Gonslee  3/13/95 HDR
Atkinson, William  8/26/03 ONE
Atkinson, William R. 8/27/03 HDR
Atkinson, William R.  8/27/03 ONE
Atsumi, Kiyoshi (actor) 8/10/96 HDR
Attasi, Rafiq 2/2/01 HDR
Atteberry, William D. 4/15/97 HDR
Atwater, Carolyn Eugenia  2/21/03 HDR
Atwell, Harold 5/12/03 ONE
Atwell, Mildred Black 1/18/97 HDR
Atwell, Mildred Black 1/17/97 ONE
Atwood, Donald J. (retired GM vice chairman) 4/26/94 HDR
Atwood, George Adrian 4/15/05 HDR
Atwood, J. Leland "Lee" 3/9/99 HDR
Atwood, Jesse Hamilton Jr. 4/14/94 HDR
Atwood, Jessie 4/13/94 HDR
Atwood, Marshall Fred "Buck" 6/23/05 HDR
Atwood, Opal "Faye"  12/5/05 HDR
Atwood, Ronnie Dean 8/15/97 HDR
Atwood, Ronnie Dean (Page 3A) 8/14/97 HDR
Atwood, Susie Stillwell  9/25/00 HDR
Atwood, Tom Steven 5/2/02 HDR
Atwood, William Patterson 2/23/01 HDR
Aubain, Leona 1/23/02 HDR
Aubain, Virga Leona "Tut"  1/24/02 HDR
Auberry, Fannie G. 12/15/01 HDR
Auberry, Fannie G.  12/17/01 ONE
Aubrey, James Thomas Jr. (CBS president) 9/11/94 HDR
Auchincloss, Hugh Dr. 11/2/98 HDR
Auchincloss, Kenneth (Newsweek editor)  3/6/03 HDR
Augustin, Mike (sportswriter) 12/22/97 HDR
Ault, Lee A. 4/12/96 HDR
Aultman, Eva "Beth" Elizabeth Bobbitt 4/9/01 HDR
Auriol, Jacqueline 2/15/00 HDR
Ausban, Leonard Park 4/30/97 ONE
Austin, Ada Munday 4/27/98 HDR
Austin, Ada Munday 4/28/98 HDR
Austin, Addie 1/11/99 HDR
Austin, Addie Lou Smith 1/13/99 HDR
Austin, Allen Randy  9/22/94 HDR
Austin, Atwell "Slim" Glenn  7/20/93 HDR
Austin, Atwell "Slim" Glenn  7/21/93 HDR
Austin, Bill Eugene 8/8/99 HDR
Austin, Bill Monroe "Bobo" 2/17/98 HDR
Austin, Billy J. 4/19/00 HDR
Austin, Billy M. 11/10/97 ONE
Austin, Billy Mac 11/11/97 ONE
Austin, Billy Mac  11/11/97 HDR
Austin, Bowman Gray 4/9/98 HDR
Austin, Brice Elmer  4/12/99 HDR
Austin, Brittany Nicole  9/12/02 HDR
Austin, Carl Clarence  1/21/96 HDR
Austin, Carl J. 7/27/05 ONE
Austin, Carl James 7/28/05 HDR
Austin, Carl James  7/28/05 ONE
Austin, Carolyn Elaine Morris 11/2/05 HDR
Austin, Carroll Dean 9/26/00 HDR
Austin, Carroll Wayne  6/5/02 HDR
Austin, Chalie C. 8/28/99 HDR
Austin, Charles Gary Sr.  10/13/03 HDR
Austin, Clarence Donald 11/21/99 HDR
Austin, Clifford  1/29/02 HDR
Austin, Clifford "Sleepy" Jay  2/1/02 HDR
Austin, Cloyd Gwyn 10/14/03 HDR
Austin, Cloyd P. 1/22/05 HDR
Austin, Cloyd P.  1/23/05 HDR
Austin, Clyde Rumlies 12/11/96 HDR
Austin, Clyde Rumlies  12/10/96 HDR
Austin, Collis Monroe Jr.  11/8/93 HDR
Austin, Coolidge Perry 2/8/93 HDR
Austin, Coolidge Perry 2/9/93 HDR
Austin, Cordell M.  10/10/00 HDR
Austin, Dennis Keith Sr. 4/15/96 HDR
Austin, Donna Brakefield  9/11/97 HDR
Austin, Doris Earney 11/19/01 HDR
Austin, Dorothy Benfield  9/14/93 HDR
Austin, Dorothy Benfield  9/15/93 HDR
Austin, Doyle Fredrick  3/8/03 HDR
Austin, Dude 7/17/98 HDR
Austin, Dustin Scott 4/15/01 HDR
Austin, Earl Jefferson Sr. 8/25/94 HDR
Austin, Earl Jefferson Sr. 8/26/94 HDR
Austin, Earl Thomas  8/5/01 HDR
Austin, Elijah Nathan 8/27/97 HDR
Austin, Elijah Nathan 8/26/97 HDR
Austin, Ellis G.  12/30/96 HDR
Austin, Emory “Rock” Augustus  6/28/02 HDR
Austin, Emory Augustus  6/27/02 HDR
Austin, Erroll Poovey  8/21/95 HDR
Austin, Erroll Poovey  8/22/95 HDR
Austin, Erroll Poovey Mrs. 8/22/95 ONE
Austin, Ervin Monroe  2/1/93 HDR
Austin, Essie Marie 10/31/94 HDR
Austin, Eunice Burcham 7/9/05 HDR
Austin, Eunice Burcham 7/8/05 ONE
Austin, Eunice Burcham 7/11/05 ONE
Austin, Everett C.  2/11/02 HDR
Austin, Fred  10/21/97 ONE
Austin, Fred Alexander 10/22/97 HDR
Austin, Fred Alexander 10/22/97 ONE
Austin, Fred Marcus  11/25/97 HDR
Austin, Garland Avery 10/3/94 HDR
Austin, Garland Avery  10/3/94 ONE
Austin, George Brooks 9/27/94 HDR
Austin, George Ellis Flowers 12/31/96 HDR
Austin, Herbert William 1/4/97 HDR
Austin, Iona Miller 6/16/00 HDR
Austin, Jackie Hildebran  2/25/02 ONE
Austin, Jackie Hildebran  2/23/02 HDR
Austin, Jackie Hildebran  2/23/02 HDR
Austin, James Arthur  1/21/01 HDR
Austin, James Everett "Jay" Jr. 9/21/98 HDR
Austin, James Everett Jr. "Jay" 9/20/98 HDR
Austin, Jason Samuel  3/3/93 HDR
Austin, Jeanie 4/25/00 HDR
Austin, John David 7/12/99 HDR
Austin, John Stan 2/27/99 HDR
Austin, Jonas McCoy 3/6/05 HDR
Austin, Josephine Hartley  10/16/94 HDR
Austin, Joyce Dople Bentley  10/17/00 HDR
Austin, Judith Cauble  9/1/01 HDR
Austin, Julia Lois Honeycutt 3/20/96 HDR
Austin, Julia Lois Honeycutt 3/19/96 ONE
Austin, Julia Lois Honneycutt 3/17/96 HDR
Austin, Laurence (silent film theater owner) 1/20/97 HDR
Austin, Leroy  10/7/93 HDR
Austin, Leroy  10/8/93 HDR
Austin, Lewis Monroe  6/20/93 HDR
Austin, Lewis Sterling 8/29/94 HDR
Austin, Lewis Sterling 8/30/94 HDR
Austin, Lillian Medlin 8/24/03 HDR
Austin, Lillian Medlin 8/25/03 ONE
Austin, Lorene Ritchie 9/16/97 ONE
Austin, Lorene Ritchie  9/16/97 HDR
Austin, Lyn 11/2/00 HDR
Austin, Mary "Ann" Sears Mrs. 8/5/05 HDR
Austin, Mary Swanson  11/20/05 HDR
Austin, Master Zackary Noah  3/27/02 HDR
Austin, Mattie Elizabeth Bean 11/6/97 HDR
Austin, Michael Allen 10/14/05 HDR
Austin, Myrtle Deal 5/29/95 ONE
Austin, Myrtle Deal 5/30/95 ONE
Austin, Myrtle Deal  5/30/95 HDR
Austin, Myrtle James (Page 5A) 7/20/94 HDR
Austin, Ned 8/28/02 HDR
Austin, Neta Mae Beal 5/31/99 ONE
Austin, Neta Mae Beal 5/29/99 HDR
Austin, Opal Irene Holden  10/30/01 HDR
Austin, Paul Junior 3/15/96 HDR
Austin, Paul O. Sr. 7/17/94 HDR
Austin, Paul O. Sr. 7/18/94 HDR
Austin, Pearl McCall  6/3/93 HDR
Austin, Rachel Amanda Johnson 10/14/01 HDR
Austin, Rachel Hayes  4/24/01 HDR
Austin, Ralph Kenneth 1/31/95 HDR
Austin, Ralph Kenneth "Ken" 2/1/95 HDR
Austin, Ray Harvey  2/18/93 ONE
Austin, Ray Harvey  2/18/93 HDR
Austin, Ray William  11/25/96 HDR
Austin, Reita Hampton  10/17/02 HDR
Austin, Roy Jackson 12/30/96 HDR
Austin, Ruth Ledford 1/26/99 ONE
Austin, Ruth Ledford 1/26/99 HDR
Austin, Shirley G.  5/8/02 HDR
Austin, Silas E. 11/15/98 HDR
Austin, Stan 2/27/99 HDR
Austin, Stella Asalee 11/30/93 HDR
Austin, Stella Asalee 12/1/93 HDR
Austin, Sue Kirby  5/6/97 HDR
Austin, Susie Winkler 7/18/00 HDR
Austin, Tammy Renea Greene 10/15/05 HDR
Austin, Thomas Edward Sr.  7/26/97 HDR
Austin, Thomas Lester 5/1/00 HDR
Austin, Tynie Margaret 9/24/05 HDR
Austin, Tynie Margaret  9/26/05 ONE
Austin, Vernie Moore  1/20/96 HDR
Austin, Viola Blanch  3/4/97 HDR
Austin, Viola Blanche Bentley 3/5/97 HDR
Austin, Wade Aaron 4/16/03 HDR
Austin, Waitzell Hedrick  1/12/02 HDR
Austin, Wanda Jane Boyles 10/3/99 HDR
Austin, Wesley Dane  5/3/93 HDR
Austin, Wesley Dane  5/4/93 HDR
Austin, Willard Perry 12/1/98 ONE
Austin, Willard Perry 12/1/98 HDR
Austin, William Jackson Jr.  1/11/93 HDR
Austin, William Perry 5/20/03 HDR
Austin, William Walter  12/4/97 HDR
Austin, Woodrow Wilson  8/29/95 ONE
Austin, Woodrow Wilson  8/29/95 HDR
Austin, Woodrow Wilson  8/30/95 HDR
Autant-Lara, Claude 2/8/00 HDR
Auten, Clarence Arnold 11/17/01 HDR
Auten, Pauline Deeter  4/24/01 HDR
Auton, Barbara Wright  11/17/94 HDR
Auton, Ben  7/2/97 HDR
Auton, Carl Baxter 1/28/97 HDR
Auton, Carl Baxter 1/28/97 ONE
Auton, Carolyn Holman 12/27/05 HDR
Auton, Charles Edgar  9/5/95 HDR
Auton, Charlie Belle Drum 2/28/01 HDR
Auton, Christine Johnson 4/3/00 HDR
Auton, Claudie Marie Blackwelder 6/12/99 HDR
Auton, Claudie Marie Blackwelder 6/11/99 HDR
Auton, Coy 10/24/03 ONE
Auton, Coy Ree 10/25/03 HDR
Auton, Coy Ree  10/27/03 ONE
Auton, Debra June  12/22/02 HDR
Auton, Dorothy Beal 7/15/02 ONE
Auton, Dorothy Beal  7/15/02 HDR
Auton, Esther Land  8/20/03 HDR
Auton, Ethel Lydia Chapman Fox 10/8/97 HDR
Auton, Faye Lackey 2/17/96 HDR
Auton, Foy Lander 2/16/98 ONE
Auton, Foy Lander 2/16/98 HDR
Auton, Grace Elizabeth Bradshaw  5/23/95 HDR
Auton, James Clyde 3/9/94 HDR
Auton, James Clyde 3/10/94 HDR
Auton, James Douglas 4/15/99 HDR
Auton, Jeremy Daniel 7/3/96 HDR
Auton, Jerry Glenn 11/20/97 HDR
Auton, Jerry Glenn  11/19/97 HDR
Auton, Lettie Edna  11/7/03 HDR
Auton, Lila 10/2/05 HDR
Auton, Mack 7/19/03 HDR
Auton, Mamie Elizabeth Parker 12/12/05 HDR
Auton, Mamie Elizabeth Parker 12/12/05 ONE
Auton, Mamie Hatton 10/19/99 HDR
Auton, Margie Pauline Barker 7/7/97 ONE
Auton, Margie Pauline Barker  7/6/97 HDR
Auton, Marjorie Belcher  1/22/01 HDR
Auton, Mary Eplee 9/5/03 HDR
Auton, Mary Eplee  9/5/03 ONE
Auton, Mary Lizzie 5/7/97 HDR
Auton, Mary Lizzie Johnson 5/6/97 HDR
Auton, Mary Lizzie Johnson 5/6/97 ONE
Auton, Mary Ruth K. 12/24/96 HDR
Auton, Mary Ruth K. 12/24/96 ONE
Auton, Minnie Lou Blalock 9/28/93 HDR
Auton, Pearl Reid 1/7/01 HDR
Auton, Peggy Miller 12/26/97 HDR
Auton, Ralph Pinkney 3/8/99 ONE
Auton, Ralph Pinkney 3/8/99 HDR
Auton, Ralph Pinkney 3/9/99 HDR
Auton, Robert "Glenn" Sr.  2/10/05 HDR
Auton, Robert "Glenn" Sr.  2/10/05 ONE
Auton, Robert Glenn Sr.  2/9/05 ONE
Auton, Thelma Kathleen  12/15/03 HDR
Auton, Thelma Lackey 5/26/05 ONE
Auton, Thelma Lackey  5/26/05 HDR
Auton, Troy Porter 5/30/05 HDR
Auton, William J. (Retired U.S. Navy Captain) 8/4/97 HDR
Auton, Wistson Vonteener 3/23/05 HDR
Autrey, Anna Elizabeth Carpenter 2/2/98 ONE
Autrey, Anna Elizabeth Carpenter 2/1/98 HDR
Autrey, Anna Elizabeth Carpenter 2/2/98 HDR
Autrey, Anna Elizabeth Carpenter 2/3/98 HDR
Autrey, Arthur 8/21/99 HDR
Autrey, Thomas Patrick Jr. 12/8/01 HDR
Autry, Gene (Page 1A) 10/3/98 HDR
Autry, George Bailey  4/29/99 HDR
Avara, Mary M. 8/11/00 HDR
Avdis, Leon 9/26/00 HDR
Avendano, Genesis Angelina  10/27/04 ONE
Avendano, Genesis Angelina  10/29/04 ONE
Avenoso, Karen 2/27/98 HDR
Averback, Hy 10/24/97 HDR
Averitt, Lauren  9/27/04 ONE
Averitt, Lauren  9/28/04 ONE
Avery, Annie Mae Kanipe 1/9/97 HDR
Avery, Ben  5/17/96 HDR
Avery, Betty Lou Wilson 9/22/05 HDR
Avery, Bobby Steel  9/13/03 HDR
Avery, Bobby Steel  9/12/03 ONE
Avery, Bobby Steel  9/15/03 ONE
Avery, Carrie "Bee" Pearson 12/20/97 HDR
Avery, Charlene Susan 11/21/98 HDR
Avery, Cleo Clark Forney  2/28/97 HDR
Avery, Clyde Junior Rev. 6/17/01 HDR
Avery, Daisy Carpenter 4/2/99 HDR
Avery, Donnie Ludella  8/3/01 HDR
Avery, Doris Ballard  12/9/05 HDR
Avery, Etta Lucinda “Moot” Clark  6/12/02 HDR
Avery, Eva M. Thomas  8/26/02 HDR
Avery, Grace Marlene Garrison 6/15/96 HDR
Avery, Helen Bennett 9/7/03 HDR
Avery, Issac Jr.  8/19/03 HDR
Avery, James "Jim" Phillip 11/4/93 HDR
Avery, James Maurice (Senior Airman E-4 Air Force) 3/1/94 HDR
Avery, Joseph Waightstill Sr.  5/2/05 HDR
Avery, Larry  7/7/05 HDR
Avery, Laura “Lollie” Cornelia  2/15/03 HDR
Avery, Lila Laverne  11/21/00 HDR
Avery, Louise Updyke  2/4/02 HDR
Avery, Lula Belle Brown Scott 9/14/99 HDR
Avery, Marjorie Causby  5/13/01 HDR
Avery, Napoleon Sr. 5/17/97 HDR
Avery, Napoleon Sr. 5/16/97 HDR
Avery, R. Stanton  12/15/97 HDR
Avery, R.F. Jim Jr. 9/18/00 HDR
Avery, Ray James 2/20/99 HDR
Avery, Robbie Rutherford  2/23/03 HDR
Avery, Ruth Whisenant  9/25/97 HDR
Avery, Sam David 5/17/99 HDR
Avery, Stella Mae Whisnant 9/15/96 HDR
Avery, Steve McKinley 9/23/96 ONE
Avery, Steve McKinley  9/24/96 HDR
Avery, Susie Davis  12/19/00 HDR
Avery, Thelma A.  11/8/94 HDR
Avery, Verna Wilson 12/14/01 ONE
Avery, Verna Wilson 12/15/01 HDR
Avery, Waghstill  10/10/94 HDR
Avery, Waightstill Harrison 10/11/94 HDR
Avery, William Alexander "Bill" 10/13/93 HDR
Avery, William M.  10/14/94 HDR
Avery, William McConnaughey 10/15/94 HDR
Avery, Winston Douglas "Buck" 6/5/99 HDR
Avidan, David (writer) 5/13/95 HDR
Avidom, Menachem (composer) 8/7/95 HDR
Aviles, Juan Jervacio 5/19/98 HDR
Axelrad, Gabriella (Page 5A) 7/26/99 HDR
Axelrod, David (NY health commisioner) 7/5/94 HDR
Axelrod, George (playwright) 6/22/03 HDR
Axgil, Eigil  9/28/95 HDR
Axmann, Artur  11/14/96 HDR
Axton, Hoyt (singer/songwriter) 10/27/99 ONE
Axton, Hoyt (songwriter) 10/27/99 HDR
Ayars, Ann 3/5/95 HDR
Aycoth, Gladys Black  12/30/02 ONE
Aycoth, Gladys Black  12/30/02 HDR
Aydelotte, William 1/23/96 ONE
Aydelotte, William  1/24/96 HDR
Ayer, Harold (actor)  3/12/03 HDR
Ayers, Clara Watson  6/18/02 HDR
Ayers, Hobart Jay 7/12/97 HDR
Ayers, John (football player)  10/3/95 HDR
Ayers, Marjorie Barlow  12/8/02 HDR
Ayers, Randy Paul 7/7/98 HDR
Ayers, Ruth Alexander 12/15/01 HDR
Ayers, Susan Sabrina Bolick 2/6/98 ONE
Ayers, Susan Sabrina Bolick 2/7/98 HDR
Aylestone, Lord (key figure in Labor govt) 5/2/94 HDR
Aylesworth, Art "Bluebird Man" 5/6/99 HDR
Ayotte, Penny Powell 3/11/99 HDR
Ayres, Elaine Marjorie (character actress) 5/13/03 HDR
Ayres, Horace "Sparky" 2/5/96 HDR
Ayres, Horace "Sparky" 2/5/96 ONE
Ayres, Horace "Sparky"  2/4/96 HDR
Ayres, Jose Marcio (zoologist)  3/12/03 HDR
Ayres, Lew 1/1/97 HDR
Ayres, Lew 12/31/96 ONE
Ayscue, Perry Lee 10/24/96 HDR
Ayyad, Shoukry 7/25/99 HDR
Azad, Abdus Samad (Bangladeshi independence hero) 4/30/05 HDR
Azarian, David (pianist and composer)  4/1/03 HDR
Azbell, Joe Allen (journalist) 10/2/95 HDR
Azotea, Heather Marie (infant) 11/30/94 HDR
Azotea, Heather Marie (infant) 12/1/94 HDR