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Farming Energy Crops

Seasonal crops are planted in the buffer areas of the EcoComplex. The crops provide beneficial use of the land and create outlets for other industries and processes to take place in the near future. The Crop Processing Facility on site receives, cleans, dries, stores and crushes the harvested crops.

Harvested crops are processed into two products (oil and seed meal) that have a higher value than the seed alone. The oil is cleaned and stored for future processing into biodiesel fuel. The seed meal has many potential uses such as a livestock feed additive, anaerobic digester feedstock and greenhouse soil amendment.

The Crop Processing Facility is a 4-ton-per-day mechanical crush plant housing the F3 (Field to Fryer to Fuel) pilot project that creates a new model for local biodiesel production that integrates food grade oil into the supply chain. The main goal of the project is to develop a business model whereby food grade oil is leased to restaurants and rendered for use as a biodiesel feedstock.


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