Information for Candidates and Committees

Candidate Campaign Committee Information

If you are interested in running for office, please read through the following.

Anyone wishing to run for an office must submit paperwork to open a Campaign Committee within 10 days of the following:

  1. you spend or receive money in support of your candidacy, or
  2. you file for office (during the candidate filing period)

The following information may be helpful in starting a campaign committee:

  • Qualifications for Office (PDF) - For more information on becoming a candidate, campaign finance, and committees: visit the State Board of Elections
  • Filing for Office - Information on organizing a Campaign Committee
  • Campaign Finance Reporting - Information and basic rules on Campaign Finance reporting, reporting calendar, search reports filed with Catawba County
  • Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) - Frequently asked questions about campaign committees
  • Electioneering and Signs - Information on electioneering and use of political signs
    • Campaign signs in right-of-way are allowed beginning 30 days before start of One-Stop. NCGS § 136-32(b)
    • Signs must be removed from right-of-way by the 10th day after the primary or election day
  • (New Guide - coming soon) A Candidate's Guide to Elections in North Carolina (PDF) - a State Board of Elections publication
  • (To Be Determined - coming soon) State Board Treasurer Training Information - List of trainings in Raleigh and instructions to view online training

Running for office...

1. Create Campaign Committee

What is this? Every candidate must create a Campaign Committee that tracks the flow of money.
When: Must organize a committee within 10 days of receiving or spending money for the campaign.
Fee: None

What must be done: File the committee paperwork with the Board of Elections

  • Statement of Organization - CRO 2100-A
  • Certification of Financial Account Information - CRO 3500
  • If staying under the $1,000 threshold - CRO 3600
  • Candidate Designation of Committee Funds - CRO 3900

If the office being sought extends into multiple counties, you must organize with the State Board of Elections.
Other forms may be required for State and Federal offices.

Things to consider:

  1. What's my Committee name? (ex. "The committee to elect John Doe" or "Jane Doe for Mayor")
  2. Will I accept contributions from others or will I use only my own money? A separate checking account
    will be needed if you plan to accept contributions from anyone--the bank account information is needed.
  3. Will I spend or receive more than $1,000? (if over this threshold, detailed reports will be needed)
  4. Will I be my own treasurer or will I appoint someone (cannot be a spouse)?
  5. If contributions or expenses exceed $10,000, the State Board requires the use of their free software.
  6. If I have contributions to my campaign and something happens to me, where should the money go?
    (it may be contributed to another campaign, donated to a non-profit organization, etc.)

2. File for Office

What is this? The official act of becoming a candidate and getting your name on the ballot.
When: Only during the posted filing period.
Fee: The posted filing fee (if over $50, it cannot be cash. Check only. Cards not accepted.)
What must be done: Apply in person or submit a notarized Notice of Candidacy to the appropriate BOE office.
If the office being sought extends into multiple counties, you must file with the State Board of Elections.

Things to consider:

  1. How do I want my name to appear on the ballot?
  2. What contact information will I use for public information? (phone number, email, etc.)

Withdrawal of Notice of Candidacy

Any person who has filed notice of candidacy for an office shall have the right to withdraw it at any time prior to
the close of business on the third business day prior to the date on which the right to file for that office expires.

Withdrawal Notice

Note: This form only takes your name off the ballot. It does not close your campaign committee.

The Board of Elections staff will assist you in explaining each step of the process, if needed.