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Upload a Photo
to the Catawba County Site

Ramping it up on snow day!

How does it work?

  1. Take a photo with a camera, phone, or mobile device. 
  2. From a computer, phone, or mobile device, attach your photo to an email addressed to:
  3. The subject line of the email will become the “TITLE” of the photo.
  4. Anything written in the body of the email will become the “DESCRIPTION” of the photo.
  5. Send the Email! (*5MB max attachment size)
  6. The photo is then sent to the County’s Flickr account for approval. 
  7. Once your photo is approved, it will appear in the photostream on the
    Catawba County Flickr site.


Photos will be tagged with specific words to help citizens / visitors / flickr users find photos more easily. 
There are a couple of different ways the citizen / visitor can add their own tags:
  1. In the Subject Line:  tags: cute "black cat"
  2. In the Body*:  tags: cute "black cat"

(*If the citizen / visitor include tags in the email body, they must be at the beginning of a new line.)

Geotagging a photo:

If you wish to have your photo appear on the Flickr map on the Catawba County Flickr site, include latitude / longitude information in the EXIF data of your photo.  This can be done a variety of different ways including a setting on some cameras / devices, software on a computer, etc..  If you do not know if the latitude / longitude is included in the EXIF data of your photo and you would still like for your photo to appear on the map, simply include a specific address in the description (body of the email) of the email and we will place it on the map for you.

What is Flickr?

Flickr is an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community platform. [Click Here for more information]

*disclainer: By uploading a photo(s) to our Flickr account, you are giving Catawba County Government the right to show and use your photo. If you have uploaded a photo and do not wish for us to use your photo any longer, please contact our Public Information Officer at (828) 465-8464.