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Catawba County Landfill
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It is our goal at Catawba County Landfill to provide our customers with excellent customer service. If you have any complaints or concerns about our Landfill or would like to address an employee’s excellent customer service skills please complete the following survey. We appreciate your interest in how our Landfill and our employees are accommodating your needs and for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.
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(It is not required, but if you choose to provide us with contact information it will allow is to follow up with you about your concern.
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By submitting this form electronically it is transmitted to the Utilities and Engineering Department in a confidential manner. You may choose to print, fill out and mail to:

Rodney Hamby, Landill Superintendent
Catawba County Landfill
P.O. Box 389
Newton, NC 28658-0389

Questions? Contact US at (828)465-8261 or (704) 462-1348