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Erosion and Sedimentation Control

What is the difference between stormwater and erosion control issues?

The Catawba County erosion control program deals only with erosion issues that arise during construction (when rain, wind or other activities case the unnatural erosion of soil). Once a construction site is stabilized and the erosion control permit has been finaled, the County’s involvement in the project is over.

Stormwater issues can occur before or after new construction and are not currently regulated by Catawba County. For more information on stormwater, please visit the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, at

What kind of fines will I have to pay if I have an erosion control violation?

The fine amount varies with severity, adherence to approved plan, prior record, whether the violation was committed willfully, amount of money save by noncompliance, cost of rectifying the damage, and staff investigative costs. The maximum penalty is $5,000 per day per violation. In addition, a $125 re-inspection fee will be charged by Catawba County, once the violation has been remedied. This information is included in the Erosion Control fee schedule.

Where does the money from fines go?

The money collected for fines is credited to the County school system. For detailed information refer to the Catawba County Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance, See Chapter 16, Section 19, (a), (8).

How do I speak to an erosion control official?

As your project is under way, you may have questions about issues pertaining to erosion control. Catawba County's Erosion and Sedimentation Control Division welcomes these questions.  To help you get an answer as quickly as possible, here is a list of helpful office and mobile phone numbers, and email addresses. This will help you in getting answers to your questions that could save you time and money.

How do I resolve a situation regarding an erosion control issue?

While your construction project is underway, there may be times when you have questions about items that have been noted during site inspections, or want more information.

The Erosion and Sedimentation Control Office welcomes your questions and recommends you ask questions if you don't understand something that pertains to your project.

If your questions concern an inspection:

  • Your best option is to call the site inspector that did the inspection, because he/she will know the most about your inspection since he/she actually did that work. Click here for a map of assigned service areas.
  • If the site inspector can't be reached, you may call Toni Norton, PE, program administrator at one of the phone numbers listed here.
  • If Toni cannot be reached, you may contact the Utilities and Engineering Office at 828-465-8261.

If your concern deals with plan review:
  • Call Toni Norton, PE at 828-465-8161.
If your concern deals with a permitting issue:
  • Call David Smith, the Permit Center Supervisor, at 828-466-5125.

How do I resolve a situation regarding erosion from a non-construction or unregulated land disturbing activity? ?

Pursuant to the Catawba County Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance, the County can only regulate specific types of land disturbing activities related to construction and improvements to land. If you are experiencing an erosion problem resulting from other sources such as non-construction or other unregulated activities, you may need to seek a civil remedy through the local court system.

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