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Catawba County RSS Feeds

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What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a method that you can use to be alerted when content that interests (news, job openings) you appears on your favorite websites. Instead of having to go to the web page, RSS can automatically tell you when something new is posted online.

There are several ways of getting RSS feeds: using a News Reader, having it delivered to your email, or just viewing it in your browser when you are on our site.

On websites, you will often see an orange symbol, RSS Symbol to let you know that a feed is available. Clicking on the symbol may display funny looking code or it may display information in a readable manner.

Q - How do I access the RSS information? It looks like programming code when I click the RSS Link or RSS symbol!

A - Actually, it is programming code. RSS is a form of XML. The raw RSS file is not meant to be read directly. Instead, a specialized program is used to read the file. Newer versions of browsers (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3) can read and properly display an RSS file without the need for any additional software. But if your browser does not read it, and instead shows you confusing code, then you will need an RSS Reader to view this file.

By searching on the Internet, you can find lots of RSS Readers, many of which are free. We recommend that you use Great News to view our RSS file. You can use Great News to view any RSS files from any other web sites as well. After installing Great News, copy the URL for our RSS feed, open Great News and choose Feed, Add Feed. Then whenever you open Great News, you will see any new feeds we have issued, without having to go to our website. Sometimes this is called "subscribing" to the feed; but don't worry, there is no money involved!

It may be possible for you to add our RSS feed to your email if it supports RSS (Outlook 2007 does). In this case, our news feeds would show up directly in your email without you having to visit our website or any additional program.

Q - What are the RSS addresses for your RSS feeds?

A - The URL for our General News RSS file is, Enter this address into your News Reader to view this RSS feed.

The URL for our Jobs Openings RSS file it is Enter this address into your News Reader to view this RSS feed.

The URL for our Adoptable Animals RSS file it is Enter this address into your News Reader to view this RSS feed.