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Tuberculosis (TB) Program

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Tuberculosis (TB) Program

Tuberculosis (TB) is a communicable, potentially deadly disease that usually affects the lungs but can attack other parts of the body as well. It is spread when a person with an active case of TB breathes out the disease-causing bacteria, which are then inhaled by another person. TB is treatable and usually curable, although new drug-resistant strains are appearing that are very difficult to treat. It is vital that TB patients faithfully follow their treatment regimen and take all medications as directed, for as long as directed, or the disease can recur in a drug-resistant form.

Catawba County Public Health provides the following tuberculosis (TB) services:

To refer patients or obtain more information, please contact one of your local Communicable Disease/TB nurses.

  1. Call if you have any questions
  2. Place a TB skin test and read it 48-72 hours later. Only the induration (not redness) is to be measured using a mm ruler.
  3. If you interpret the results to be positive, refer to Catawba County Public Health

For more information, please visit:

→ Contact our communicable disease nurses.