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Will You Be Better Than Yesterday?

Will You Be Better Than Yesterday?

Published: April 24, 2018

In March, the library debuted its Better Than Yesterday Challenge, which invited groups, teams, and individuals to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables in an effort to achieve better health.

We had a great response to that challenge, so come May, we’re embarking on round two of the same challenge, but we’re targeting individuals this time. Registration continues through April, and the competition begins May 1.

The goal, as before, is to eat more intentionally and to add more plants to your diet. We’re not interested in the recommended daily allowance; instead, we’re striving to make incremental improvements. So, if you typically eat no vegetables, we’re encouraging you to move to one serving per day. If you’ve historically eaten a serving per day, we’re inviting you to shift to two servings. The idea is not to achieve perfection but to simply eat ‘better than yesterday.’

If you’re up for the challenge, just register with one of the seven library branches and either pick up a log to track your servings, or use our online forms. Document the number of servings of fruits and vegetables you eat each day, and then submit your log weekly to be eligible for prizes and incentives!

Our hope for everyone who participates is to set up a pattern of better eating so that you can establish long-term, healthful habits and so that you can feel empowered by your ability to make changes in your life. The library is here to support you!

If you have questions, call 828.465.8664 for more details. Happy eating and good luck!