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What is NC LIVE?

What is NC LIVE?

Published: August 15, 2018

Being a resident of North Carolina is rewarding in many ways, but one of the best perks is access to NC LIVE. This program was first created in 1998 through the collaborative efforts of NC colleges, community colleges, universities, and the state’s public library directors. The program’s mission – then as now – is to help libraries in their efforts to support education, enhance economic development, and improve quality of life. Currently, more than 200 member libraries serve their communities through NC LIVE.

What that means for Catawba County residents of all ages is that they have free electronic access to resources related to careers, business, investing, health, history, and genealogy (among others). Ebooks, audiobooks, videos, magazines, newspapers, journals, language-learning tools, and other online materials are available for use at home, and they’re available via an Internet connection through library websites.

To help folks understand how to tap into the incredible resources that NC LIVE offers, the Catawba County Library is hosting a workshop on Tuesday, August 21 at 11 am at the Southwest Branch Library. The goal is to translate NC LIVE’s offerings into practical, easy-to-use tools that people can utilize more intentionally and with more purpose. Although the concept itself sounds a little vague, once you discover how to take advantage of the resource, a wealth of educational and entertainment options are at your disposal!

If you’d like to learn more about what is available to you as a NC resident, free of charge with your library card, please plan to join us. You may register by calling 828.466.6818.