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Use the Library From Your Sofa

Use the Library From Your Sofa

Published: June 05, 2018

Did you know that you can download a book while lying in bed? Find new music while biding time in the waiting room? Build your career or earn work certifications while lounging on your sofa? You can!

If you haven’t seen how the library is transforming access to materials and making learning an anytime-anywhere prospect, you should take time to visit a branch and discover all that your library card offers.

In June, we’re demonstrating three tools that will help you gain more flexibility and freedom in how you enjoy yourself, improve yourself, and make use of the library.

On Wednesday, June 13 at 11am at the Main Library in Newton, we’ll introduce GCF Learnfree, an online tool that lets you learn a host of valuable skills on your own timeframe. The topics include tutorials on using Windows or Mac operating systems, navigating various social media platforms, and discovering how the cloud works.

If you’re hoping to boost your career skills, you can get tips on how to use a computer, create a spreadsheet, or write a resumé. You can also learn languages, explore digital photography and graphic design, and be better informed about the differences among Web browsers.

In addition, GCF Learnfree has a helpful array of life skills tutorials, including money basics, food and cooking, GED preparation, grammar tips, and health and safety concerns. There’s even a technology buying guide, which offers useful information to guide you when you’re in the market for a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device.

Best of all, the courses are free with your library membership, and we can help you get set up quickly.

On Thursday, June 14 at 11am at the Main Library in Newton, we’ll teach you to use Hoopla. This free app allows you to download music, ebooks, audiobooks, comics, TV shows, and movies at your leisure. That means you can browse the variety of titles when you have a free moment and then access them to watch or listen to when you’re ready.

These titles are all available through your desktop machine or via mobile app and can be downloaded when you have a connection and then watched when you’re not online anymore. Plus, the borrowing interval is addressed automatically. When the lending time is up, the book or movie will be removed from your device. You don’t have to remember to do anything!

On Saturday, June 16 at 1pm at the Main Library in Newton, we’ll be talking about the wide selection of free electronic resources that patrons have as members of the library. This seminar will be presented in Spanish and is intended to help folks understand what they have at their fingertips. Attendees of this class are encouraged to bring their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to see how to gain access to the digital files, but participants are also welcome to use one of the library’s computers to learn on as well.

While these classes are chock full of information, they’re only an introduction to what the library offers, and you don’t need a class to take advantage of them. Feel free to ask a library staff member about your needs, and it’s likely that we can help you out with a tool, a resource, or a hint about how to achieve what you’re hoping to do. We welcome questions and are incredibly eager to connect people with the items that make their lives easier or more information-rich.