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Storytelling Through Dance

Storytelling Through Dance

Published: September 25, 2018

Arts awareness and education are invaluable in showing young people how perspective affects our view of the world. Concepts of rhythm, color, repetition, and line introduce students to unity and beauty while demonstrating that a richness of expression underlies everything from math and science to motion and stasis. It’s a difference in perception that deserves to be cultivated.

To showcase the importance of the arts, the Library is welcoming Hickory Ballet & Performing Arts to display the physical rigor required of dance, as well as its totally distinct method of communicating a narrative. The overarching lesson is that people can tell a fascinating story without the benefits of words.

The dance troupe will share with the audience the engaging tale of a popular ballet, bringing its plot and characters to life with glances, gestures, expressions, and the captivating emotion of leaps, turns, and posture. After the dancers show off their practiced skills, they’ll teach participants some steps, offering them a taste of the discipline required to make the difficult look effortless.

For young people – male and female – interested in seeing what the real work of performance looks like, this workshop should be a terrific introduction to dance. And even if you don’t know the difference between a pas de bourrée and a pas de deux, you’ll be mesmerized by the training and the dedication brought to the stage by this talented group!

The session takes place Saturday, October 6 at 11 am at the Conover Branch Library.