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STEAM: Hummingbirds & Bats

STEAM: Hummingbirds & Bats

Published: September 25, 2018

STEAM programs take a multidisciplinary approach to learning, adding in a good dose of exploration, curiosity, and hands-on discovery. For our upcoming sessions, we won’t have the benefits of actual birds and bats, but we will take an active role in determining what is interesting and special about them.

These two STEAM classes coincide naturally with a change in season, as hummingbirds begin to migrate to warmer climates, some heading to Mexico and Central America, while bats take the limelight in their role as ambassadors of Halloween.

As we look at bats, we’ll consider the difference between what they really do and what folklore may tell us. We’ll work to separate the facts from the fiction, and we’ll learn interesting tidbits about these flying mammals so that we can share them with friends and neighbors. Once we feel comfortable with our newfound education, we’ll create some batty crafts and have fun with our hands-on activities. This session takes place Tuesday, October 2 at 4 pm at the Main Library in Newton.

As we bid a seasonal farewell to hummingbirds, we’ll explore what life is like for these energetic animals. We’ll talk about different varieties of hummingbirds, discover that they’re essentially solitary creatures, and learn about how they find sources of nectar for food. In the process, we’ll make a flying hummingbird craft, mix up a recipe for hummingbird water, and try our hand at drawing a hummingbird. These activities take place Tuesday, October 2 at 5:30 pm at the Southwest Branch Library.

Anyone is welcome to attend either or both of these information-packed classes. The hope is that kids will take these techniques of STEAM learning and apply them to other topics they’re interested in, building a foundation for self-discovery and a love of lifelong learning!