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Sign Up for Local Weather Warnings

Sign Up for Local Weather Warnings

Published: September 18, 2018

The impact of Hurricane Florence throughout North and South Carolina is a sobering reminder of how serious weather events can be. Catawba County Emergency Management encourages residents to enroll in Weather Warnings, a new feature of the Community Alert System that provides residents and businesses with automated severe weather alerts. This opt-in service will automatically notify those registered of tornado, flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings just moments after an alert is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS).

“The Weather Warnings system’s advanced technology is designed to quickly notify residents in the direct path of projected weather,” said Karyn Yaussy, Emergency Management Coordinator. “Warnings track with alerts issued by the National Weather Service to help eliminate false alarms. Receiving Weather Warnings improves the ability of an individual, family or business to receive accurate and official information and respond accordingly.”

To receive Weather Warnings, residents and businesses must first visit Catawba County’s Community Alert Systemenrollmentpage at Individuals are encouraged to select the types of Weather Warnings they wish to receive and enter home and cell phone numbers. People who are already registered for Community Alert System messages may use the same link to enroll in Weather Warnings and confirm their registration and contact information. There is no cost or time limit to enroll.

Yaussy encourages all Catawba County residents and businesses to enroll in the Weather Warnings service. “We have been using CodeRED for a number of years to keep our community informed with urgent and emergency-related messages. Weather Warnings is a new feature in CodeRED, and it is another great tool to help keep our residents safe,” Yaussysaid.

Emergency Management began promoting Weather Warnings in early September as part of their National Preparedness Month campaign to promote community readiness for emergencies. “Know what disasters and hazards could affect your area, how to get emergency alerts and official information, and where you would go if you, your family or your employees need to evacuate,” Yaussy said. “Being informed is one of the three recommended steps for emergency preparedness, along with making an emergency plan and building an emergency kit.”

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