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Shape STEAM Skills at All Ages

Shape STEAM Skills at All Ages

Published: May 02, 2019

Classroom instruction is an incredible tool for sharing facts and background information, but for certain topics, first-hand involvement makes learning even more impactful. This is especially true of science, where experimentation shows that when certain conditions change, so do the results.

The Library offers a variety of hands-on activities for kids and teens to exercise their creativity and manipulate circumstances. In fun ways, they get to see how cause and effect are tied together, and they discover how their own participation can change the outcome of a project. The tasks give them a sense of how things interrelate on a small scale and a broader one.

For kids 3-6, our Pre-K STEAM sessions called Tinker Time offer guided play and learning in a construction zone environment. Little ones can show off their building skills, play pretend with construction toys, enhance fine motor skills, and learn to create things in cooperation with other boys and girls. The lessons are deliberate, but the approach is very open-ended.

The next session takes place at 4 pm on Monday, May 6 at the Sherrills Ford-Terrell Branch Library.

For kids and teens 7-16, the 4-H Bright Ideas Club begins with a similar idea but builds it out further. The Student STEAM workshops are designed for participants to explore the forces and concepts of science and engineering. During any given month, the focus may be on creating working circuits, solving Morse code messages, constructing catapults, and so on. At each meeting, students complete hands-on projects based on 4-H program guides. It’s science put into action with an added dose of teamwork and focused problem-solving.

The next club workshop takes place at 6 pm on Monday, May 13 at the Sherrills Ford-Terrell Branch Library.

For more details about STEAM programs for kids of all ages, please contact the library at 828.465.8665 or