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Revaluation Notices to be Mailed in Early December

Revaluation Notices to be Mailed in Early December

Published: November 27, 2018

The Catawba County Tax Office will mail property owners new valuation notices in early December. These notices inform property owners of the assessed value of their property effective January 1, 2019, as determined by an analysis of real estate market transactions in the county.

Revaluation is a comprehensive, data-driven process of updating the value of all real property within the county. The purpose of revaluation is to help ensure real estate assessments reflect current market value and that taxation is fair and equitable for county citizens.

Per state statute, North Carolina counties must revalue real property at least once every 8 years. Catawba County conducts a revaluation process every four years, with the most recent revaluation effective January 1, 2015.

“Because property values may increase or decrease at different rates within the county, conducting a revaluation every four years helps avoid large fluctuations in value between assessments,” said Catawba County Tax Administrator Brad Fowler. “This can help ensure property values more consistently align with an equitable distribution of taxes countywide.”

The valuation notices are not tax bills. Changes in property tax depend on how much a property’s value has changed and any changes to the property tax rate, which is set by the Board of Commissioners each June. Tax bills are normally mailed in July or early August.

Informal appeals will be held for property owners who question the new assessment. Instructions to file an appeal are included on the valuation notices mailed to property owners. Appeals not resolved informally may be appealed to the local Board of Equalization and Review, then to the North Carolina Property Tax Commission, and finally to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

For additional questions or clarification on any aspect of the revaluation process, property owners may call the Catawba County Revaluation Office at (828) 465-8436 or visit