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Library Movie: Smallfoot

Library Movie: Smallfoot

Published: January 17, 2019

Taking a unique approach to our fascination with Bigfoot, the Warner Animation Group puts an entertaining twist on the legend, making for a fun family movie. Their story, Smallfoot, opens in an isolated village of Yetis who wonder if tales of a mysterious, unseen population of creatures with small feet are actually true.

One of the young Yetis, Migo, comes across an airplane crash in the Himalayas and wants to prove to his village that humans, as these small-footed beings are called, really do exist. In a chance encounter, Migo meets Percy, a filmmaker who is just as eager to get footage proving that Yetis are real. As the film unfolds, the two of them experience each other’s culture and world – sometimes in pleasant circumstances, sometimes more aggressively. Ultimately, both Migo and Percy have their lives saved by the group they once viewed with uncertainty, and the Yetis and the humans discover that it’s to their benefit to welcome and accept each other.

The popular 2018 film features a variety of engaging songs to enhance the story, and attentive viewers will identify the voices of Channing Tatum, Zendaya, Danny DeVito, James Corden, and Gina Rodriguez giving life to the onscreen characters.

Smallfoot will be shown three times at Catawba County libraries in January, so it’s perfect for repeat visits!

  • Wednesday, January 23 at 2 pm at the Main Library in Newton
  • Friday, January 25 at 4 pm at the St. Stephens Branch Library
  • Saturday, January 26 at 11 am at the Southwest Branch Library in Mountain View

Refreshments will be available for viewers. The movie is rated PG.