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It's Time for a Star Party!

It's Time for a Star Party!

Published: April 04, 2019

North Carolina is throwing its 7th annual Star Party, and you’re invited to the Library’s celebration!

To honor the 50th anniversary of the first humans setting foot on the moon, the event will center around moon observations and will involve participants in hands-on activities. The 2019 theme is “The Moon and Beyond.”

At more than 50 sites throughout the state, astronomy clubs, state and local parks, universities, planetariums, science centers, nature centers, and libraries will host public skywatching sessions. About 5,000 visitors and 200 STEAM professionals and volunteers are expected to participate.

Catawba County’s only event takes place from 3-5 pm on Friday, April 12 at the Conover Branch Library. Attendees can discover the secrets of Earth’s satellite as we look through telescopes, play games, and enjoy stories related to the geology and mythology of the moon.

The Star Party is offered as part of the North Carolina Science Festival and is made possible through generous support from the North Carolina Space Grant.