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Introduction to Automate and Price It! Databases

Introduction to Automate and Price It! Databases

Published: April 03, 2018

The library offers a wealth of online resources for residents to access, and they’re all available for free usage with your library card. This month, we’ll be highlighting two at our seminar on Wednesday, April 11 at 5 pm at the Maiden Branch Library.

The first database, called AutoMate, offers authoritative, up-to-date repair and service information on more than 38,000 vehicles. All of the details come from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and include step-by-step guidance. If you’re used to searching online listings trying to pinpoint the details you need, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this targeted resource. You won’t have to dig through user forums or work your way around intrusive ads to get what you want. Instead, you can target exactly what you need and get definitive information to help you diagnose and repair your vehicle.

The content includes:

  • Service and repair procedures
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Technical service bulletins and recalls
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Specifications
  • Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Labor estimates
  • Parts pricing
  • Component locations

In addition, AutoMate is designed for touch-enabled devices like laptops and tablets, and its diagrams and images can be easily magnified and printed, so you can choose the format that works best for you. Give it a try!

The second database, called Price It!, is like having the experts from Antiques Road Show right at your fingertips! The tool is simple to use and is billed as the most comprehensive antique and collectible pricing tool in the world. It delivers 23 million realized prices on the types of items that nearly 30% of Americans collect, buy, and trade every day.

Other perks that make the resource convenient include a constantly updated and growing database, more than 10 million images to make identification easier, 125 searchable categories, and smart-search capabilities. Price It! was designed to accommodate the needs of collectors, dealers, appraisers, and anyone in between.

The tool makes it easy for users to quickly determine current market value, figure out maker or artist, and review recently sold items. Values are available for a variety of categories, including art, books, clocks, furniture, glass, jewelry, porcelain pottery, sports memorabilia, toys, watches, and much more.

Since Price It! gathers prices from multiple sources – online auctions (, eBay), online retailers (, TIAS), and 50 land-based auction houses – to determine market pricing, users are able to obtain realistic expected prices for their items.

To access either the AutoMate or PriceIt! tools, visit the Online 24/7 section of our website. If you need extra help, our staff are always available to assist!

Make sure, too, to explore the other online resources you’ll encounter. We’d love to hear what you like already or what else you’d like to see!