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Get Answers About Dementia

Get Answers About Dementia

Published: September 04, 2018

As the prominence of dementia grows around the world – absent any meaningful breakthroughs in regard to cures or the slowing down of its progress – people are being compelled to figure out how to help their loved ones and how to provide self-care in the face of increasing challenges to family, work, and personal time. Coping can be incredibly stressful, but knowledge can help the cause.

To talk about what dementia does to a person and to advocate for the people dealing with the turmoil a diagnosis brings, the Library is welcoming Karen Phoenix, a family consultant for Project Care, a state-funded resource that provides support for caregivers of people with dementia. She’ll offer tips on how to recognize the signs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia so that they’re not such mysteries and don’t catch folks unawares. She’ll also share helpful information on how to navigate the options available to people when memory loss and physical changes begin to impact a family or household.

If you’d like to join us for this important and timely session, we’ll meet at 11 am on Wednesday, September 12 at the Conover Branch Library. If you’ve got questions about what dementia dictates, we’ll help put you in touch with groups and organizations that can bring some relief to your worries and uncertainties. You’re not going through this alone.