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Exploring Dreamland

Exploring Dreamland

Published: October 02, 2018

Catawba County carries the unfortunate distinction of having one of the nation’s highest opioid addiction rates. To put this epidemic in perspective and to learn more about its context, the Library is participating in Catawba Valley Community College’s showcase of its new community read, Dreamland, by journalist Sam Quinones.

The novel uses personal stories and expert interviews to dive deep into the devastating effect of prescription drugs on American communities. Quinones looks at both the introduction of OxyContin to the population and the rise of black tar heroin, demonstrating how the influx of these drugs came together so terribly to impact the country.

To illustrate the individual stories that humanize the opioid crisis, CVCC’s Play Production class will stage a performance reading at the Library. The reader’s theater-style presentation allows student actors to bring to life certain stories from Quinones’ book, offering oral interpretations of the written text. If you’ve read Dreamland already, you’ll undoubtedly recognize the poignant passages; if you haven’t, you’ll get a taste of the confusion and turmoil that addiction brings to the lives of those it touches.

To see the live theater presentation, join us at the Main Library in Newton on Friday, October 12 at 10 am.

And stay tuned for other Dreamland-related community programs dealing with opioid addiction:

  • Addiction and the Brain – a short film followed by a discussion about the brain’s response to substance use, with Josh Clay of The Cognitive ConnectionTuesday, October 16 at 10 am at the Newton Library
  • Fighting Recreational Opioid Use – a seminar by the Hunter Dalton #HD Life Foundation, which provides education and resources to prevent the use of potentially lethal recreational drugs – Wednesday, October 17 at noon in the East Wing Auditorium on CVCC’s campus