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Celebrate Tom Hanks Day!

Celebrate Tom Hanks Day!

Published: July 03, 2018

Who doesn’t love America’s Dad? From his early work on the sit-com Bosom Buddies with Peter Scolari to his latest role in Sully, Hanks has proven not only his acting chops – as indicated by his host of awards – but has directed, produced, and written for a variety of popular films as well. He has been ranked as the third-highest all-time box office star in North America.

To observe his 62nd birthday on July 9, the Library is celebrating Hanks’ career and some of his best-known films. During a five-hour run at the Main Library in Newton on July 14 (noon-5pm), we’ll first watch Forrest Gump (PG-13) and then enjoy illustrating quotes from the movie with our version of calligraphy, scrollwork, and all kinds of interesting designs. Afterwards, we’ll watch Sully (PG-13) and make origami airplanes that highlight how engineering and aviation depend on specific forms to achieve flight.

In between the screenings, folks are welcome to browse our collection of DVDs to see what other Tom Hanks films they might want to take home. They can also explore our online resources and download additional titles for later viewing. If you’re not familiar with Overdrive, Hoopla, NC Live, and our other digital databases, make sure to ask a library staff member for information. They’re all free with your library card!

And of course, if you’re open to musing about Hanks’ career, life, family, future projects, etc., there will likely be other fans to get that ball rolling as well!