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Catawba County Honors Employees with 25 or More Years of Service

Catawba County Honors Employees with 25 or More Years of Service

Published: May 07, 2018

Catawba County honored employees with 25 or more years of service at the annual Quarter Century Club lunch at Catawba Country Club May 4. The celebration, which included current employees and retirees, recognized five individuals who reached the 25-year service mark with Catawba County in the past year (pictured L-R): Mark S. Parker, Certified Landfill Operator Specialist, Utilities & Engineering; Cynthia S. Meadows, Business Manager I, Utilities & Engineering; and Rick A. Reed, retired EMT Paramedic, Emergency Services. Not pictured: Annette M. Queen, Child Support Agent, Social Services and D. Steve Row, EMT Paramedic, Emergency Services.

Members of 2017 Catawba County Quarter Century Club

Deborah S. Anderson, Finance
Ronald W. Baumgarner, Emergency Services
Terry L. Benfield, Emergency Services
Derrell E. Bentley, Utilities and Engineering
G. Ray Blackburn, Utilities and Engineering
Susan R. Branch, Sheriff’s Office
Renee K. Bridges, Social Services
Teresa C. Buff, Tax
Lynne P. Carpenter, Sheriff’s Office
Michael T. Carter, Emergency Services
Dannie P. Cline, II, Sheriff’s Office
Elizabeth L. Clore, Social Services
A. Trent Davis, Sheriff’s Office
Carlton K. Day, Jr., Sheriff’s Office
Michelle F. Deese, Technology
Laurie E. Dial, Emergency Services
Savannah H. Glass, Technology
Jeffrey D. Greene, Emergency Services
Renee D. Hart, Technology
Henry H. Helton, III, Emergency Services
Beverly W. Hester, Utilities and Engineering
T. Scott Hilton, Finance
Deborah A. Hosford, Library
Sarah E. Hunt, Human Resources
Marty C. Hurley, Emergency Services
Gregory S. Johnson, Emergency Services
Amanda B. Kain, Utilities and Engineering
Sarah R. Keeter, Public Health
Pamela H. Kidwell, Social Services
Chad E. Lackey, Emergency Services
Vivian C. Lee, Public Health
Kathy H. Odom, Social Services
Tracey D. Paul, Public Health
Kristina (Tina) K. Propst, Public Health
Patricia S. Queen, Utilities and Engineering
Julie H. Raper, Social Services
Kevin W. Reese, Emergency Services
J. Coy Reid, Sheriff
Gary F. Reitzel, Emergency Services
Tamara H. Saunders, Emergency Services
Rosemary Sermersheim, Public Health
Jan S. Shaffer, Social Services
Kendra T. Shaw, Public Health
Cary G. Shook, Emergency Services
Lisa E. Shuping, Social Services
Sindie H. Sigmon, Public Health
Phyllis R. Sipes, Register of Deeds
Freddy R. Smith, Emergency Services
Cindy L. Travis, Finance
Avajean M. WickesCounty Manager’s Office
Nancy A. WilliamsSocial Services
Debbra L. DeVusser, Social Services 





Joel D. Alexander, Tax
Frances Anthony, Social Services
Glenn Arizmendi, Social Services
Rebecca Arrowood, Social Services
B. Lynn Baker, Sheriff’s Office
Peggy A. Barger, Social Services
Rita S. Beaver, Register of Deeds
Andrea T. Benfield, Social Services
Teresa L. Birchfield, Social Services
Jerry W. Boggs, Technology
Gary R. Bolick, Emergency Services
Lloyd C. Bost, Jr., Social Services
Kay M. Bowman, Tax
Bobby K. Boyd, Social Services
Sue H. Brewer, Tax
Helen W. Brigham, Social Services
Dean H. Brooks, Finance
Pamela W. Brooks, Social Services
Andrea R. Bruns, Public Health
Lee Douglas Bumgarner, Technology
Phyllis G. Burns, Public Health
Teri A. Cain, Social Services
Jane T. Caldwell, Library
Nancy B. Calloway, Public Health
Elaine G. Church, Social Services
Joyce A. Clemons, Tax
Loree E. Clodfelter, Public Health
Rick L. Cook, Technology
Kenneth B. Crouse, Sheriff’s Office
Brenda S. Davis, Social Services
Tanya L. Daye, Emergency Services
Kathy T. Drum, Tax
Vinnie G. Duncan, Finance
Judy C. Foster, Library
Sheilia Fox, Social Services
Glenda Frye, Finance
Rodney C. Fulbright, Utilities and Engineering
Patricia H. Gabriel, Human Resources
Mary K. George, Planning & Development
Virginia S. (Jenny) Glass, Social Services
Janice M. Goodson, Tax
Frances Guernsey, Sheriff’s Office
Donna R. Hager, Social Services
Michael D. Hale, Sheriff’s Office
Sidney Halma, Historical Museum
Denise S. Harper, Public Health
Clyde W. Harris, Utilities and Engineering
C. Steve Hedrick, Sheriff’s Office
Karen M. Heffner, Social Services
Amy P. Herman, Social Services
Joel L. Herman, Utilities and Engineering
David A. Hewat, Emergency Services
Carol H. Hipps, Public Health
Melissa T. Holt, Sheriff’s Office
Debra N. Hovis, Library
Coleen J. Howery, Human Resources
Z. Ann Hoyle, Mental Health Services
W. Jim Hudson, Sheriff’s Office
Janith J. Huffman, Technology
L. David Huffman, Sheriff’s Office
Penelope S. Hunsucker, Public Health
Judy V. Ikerd, County Manager
Wilce A. Ikerd, Finance
Kelly C. Isenhour, Public Health
Joyce G. Jarrett, Tax
Anna Jenkins, Public Health
Donna Jones, Planning & Development
Richard W. Jones, Jr., Finance
Steve R. Jones, Public Health
Sarah S. Kaylor, Social Services
Connie P. Killian, Planning & Development
Sarah B. King, Public Health
Doris L. Kirby, Sheriff’s Office
Cheryl M. Kiser, Social Services
Karen S. Kustesky, Finance
Kathy R. Lail, Tax
Tom Lambert, Sheriff’s Office
Barbara A. Laney, Library
Alice H. Layne, Public Health
Ray H. Lemmond, Jr., Technology
Eleanor Liles, Social Services
Bill E. Little, Tax
Mark A. Logan, Tax
Tommy H. London, Utilities and Engineering
Kelle S. Love, Social Services
Tom Lundy, County Manager
Sharon L. Lynch, Finance/Technology
Revonda L. Maddox, Social Services
Carolyn L Mann, Social Services
Renae Martin, Register of Deeds
Jean J. Matthews, Public Health
Judy W. Medlin, Social Services
Bob R. Miller, Tax
Nancy H. Miller, Cooperative Extension
Dianne L. Moose, Sheriff’s Office
Randy W. Moose, Tax
Susan P. Moser, Public Health
Earlene J. Newton, Public Health
Vada E. Nixon, Public Health
Edwin F. Nolley, Cooperative Extension
Jessie M. Oglesby, Public Health
Alexander E. Opper, Mental Health
Mildred L. Owens, Social Services
Susan E. Parrish, Social Services
Patricia “Chris” Patton, Social Services
Polly R. Pearson, Social Services
Adrena Phillips, Public Health
Helen B. Pitts, Social Services
Lucille Pitts, Register of Deeds
Tommy F. Poovey, Emergency Services
Jean H. Pope, Social Services
Joyce Pope, Social Services
Miranda Pope, Cooperative Extension
Robert B. Pruette, Sheriff’s Office
J. David Pruitt, Emergency Services
Rebecca S. Ratchford, Social Services
Lynne B. Reed, Library
Theda Reinhardt, Social Services
Frank Roberts, Sheriff’s Office
David H. Robertson, Emergency Services
Linda E. Robinette, Social Services
Charlotte Rorie, Social Services
Rhonda S. Ross, Social Services
Wanda W. Rozzelle, Library
Joyce C. Rudisill, Board of Elections
Mona L. Schronce, Social Services
Ona G. Scruggs, Tax
Gladys C. Seitz, Social Services
David V. Sheets, Emergency Services
Geraldine Shuford, Social Services
Linda R. Shull, Library
Terry A. Shull, Sheriff’s Office
Lisa R. Sigmon, Tax
Mark T. Sigmon, Emergency Services
Gary W. Simmons, Public Health
Shirley D. Sipe, Library
S. Jo Sloan, Social Services
Nancy B. Smyre, Soil and Water Conserv.
Jackie A. Spencer, Tax
Thomas W. Spurling, Public Health
Donna H. Stikeleather, Technology
Betty Jean Stinson, Library
Jo Ann Taylor, Social Services
Brenda Teague, Mental Health
Nathan B. Turner, Emergency Services
Brenda Watson, Public Health
Phyllis B. Watson, Emergency Services
Cynthia G. Weaver, Public Health
John A. Whitener, Emergency Services
George L. Wilkinson, Social Services
Annie B. Williams, Social Services
David A. Yount, Emergency Services
Penny S. Zucco,Tax