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Are You Gallery-Ready?

Are You Gallery-Ready?

Published: July 31, 2018

With the advent of the Library’s Arts @ the Library initiative – not to mention the installation of our Art-o-Mat art-vending machine – our staff have fielded a variety of questions from local artists and hobbyists about how to get their works in front of museums, artists’ collaboratives, and galleries. Making connections in the industry and building your own aesthetic are significant aspects of arts promotions, but so are knowing how to present and package your works for ease of display and versatility within different environments.

To familiarize folks with standard guidelines and best practices, the Library is hosting a workshop for anyone who’s interested in becoming better versed in when and how to mat, frame, and hang art. The tips are especially relevant for people who specialize in works on paper or canvas, but we’ll also be sharing information about other formats and styles. Materials will be supplied for most types of art.

If you’re submitting your works for an exhibition, you’ll be expected to adhere to the organization’s individual requests. This workshop will help you understand aesthetic needs and functional demands – and how to achieve them. We’ll walk through a variety of scenarios and will also offer resources for the materials you’ll need to frame, hang, and mat to maximum advantage. Moreover, we’ll offer advice for doing the work affordably and well.

Helping lead the workshop will be local experts in the art field, so you can rest assured that you’re getting practical, real-life tips that will up your game and give you a better chance of being selected to exhibit. To reserve a space, call 828.465.8665. We’ll gather at the Main Library in Newton on Thursday, August 9 at 6 pm.