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An Introduction to Organic Gardening

An Introduction to Organic Gardening

Published: April 09, 2019

Organic gardening always sounds like an ideal choice for raising produce since it opts for natural alternatives over synthetic chemical additives. It does require a change of mindset, though, since organic methods and resources may not be so readily available and may take time to implement.

However, adherents will tell you that gardening the way it was done for generations before modern farming techniques appeared is more environmentally healthy and sustainable. And upgrading your soil quality through compost, microbes, and a good balance of worms and insects is a safe, satisfying endeavor. It also provides a sense of personal accomplishment and active participation in the natural world.

At this month’s Advanced Gardener workshops, Dr. George Place, director of the Cooperative Extension, will demystify the organic aspects of home gardening. He’ll talk about the various ways to manage pests, kill weeds, prevent diseases, and deliver needed plant nutrition to your garden through organic means.

Bring your questions and concerns, and bring a notebook to keep track of Dr. Place’s recommendations for products and techniques. You’ll find lots of ideas to incorporate into your own home garden and landscape, whether you choose to go completely organic or add useful elements to your current practices.

April’s first session takes place at 6 pm on Tuesday, April 16 at the Main Library in Newton. The second session takes place at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, April 23 at the Maiden Branch Library.