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Adult STEAM: Acid Dyes

Adult STEAM: Acid Dyes

Published: January 09, 2019

Do you love to craft but are eager to find ways to cut the cost of supplies? Our Adult STEAM program this month is all about a convenient hack to customize plain wool yarn by turning it into a literal rainbow of colors!

The secret ingredient is...wait for it...brightly colored Kool-Aid. That’s right, it’s not just for kids’ drinks or teenagers’ hair!

The drink mix works as an acid dye on wool yarn (no synthetic fibers, unfortunately), so join us to discover how to use the inexpensive product to produce beautiful tints for your own crafting work.

Participants will also get an informative seminar on the chemical process that occurs with acid dyes, not only to provide an understanding of what’s happening but also to help troubleshoot unexpected results or to tweak the colors or dyeing method.

Yarn will be provided, but space is limited to 10. (You’re also welcome to bring your own yarn, if you’d like.) Please call 828.465.8665 to register.

The acid dyeing workshop takes place at 5:30 pm on Thursday, January 17 at the Main Library in Newton.