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4-H Sumo-Bot Tournament

4-H Sumo-Bot Tournament

Published: March 06, 2019

Take the concept of sumo wrestling, but exchange the wrestlers for specially designed robots. Next, bring in students (singly or in teams) to individually engineer the robots, and finally, pit the various robots against each other with the goal of forcing robot competitors out of a circular arena. This is a sumo-bot tournament.

The Catawba County 4-H Program (through the NC Cooperative Extension) is taking this concept to heart, recruiting students to put their brains together to determine how to create smart, powerful robots – or, rather...sumo-bots. The engineering task combines design, building, and programming skills, encouraging students to problem-solve in ways that professional engineers do.

Participants have already claimed the spaces to create their own sumo-bots, and at 9 am on Saturday, March 16 at the Main Library in Newton, the take-downs will begin! The public is welcome to come out and see the students’ ingenuity and hard work at play. Each team will position its sumobot against another team’s and fight for supremacy in individual battles.

In the end, the team that has created the strongest, most versatile, and most relentless machine will claim the prize over all the other competitors. Come see who emerges the sumo-bot victor!

For more details, email or call 828.465.8240.