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  • 12 members, 2 appointed by Board of Commisioners
  • Term: 3-year term
  • Number appointed by Board of Commissioners: 2
  • To operate one or more programs whereby people violating the criminal laws may be assisted in restituting the victims of their crimes, or may be assigned to work without pay for charitable or governmental agencies; to provide an alternative to incarceration for offenders which benefits victims of crimes and the community; to allow the people of the community to become involved in the corrections system through service as volunteers to the coporation; to attempt to reduce recidivism of offenders; to reduce the per capita costs of care and supervision as compared to the costs of commitment; to make donations for the public welfare or for religious, charitable, scientific or educational purposes; and in time of war to make donations in aid to war activities; to assist in expediting the judicial system; in the area of domestic dysfunction; and reduce pretrail incarceration and recidivism.
  • Special Requirements: By contract #12-89-616 between Catawba County and REPAY, Inc., "when there are vacancies on the REPAY Board of Directors, the County will be notifed of same and given the oppotunity to suggest persons for consideration. As soon as sufficient vacancies are available, at least one-eighth of the Board of Directors shall be chosen from among persons nominated by the County." THIS EQUATES TO TWO POSITIONS ON THE BOARD BEING HELD BY PERSONS NOMINATED BY THE COUNTY, ALL DIRECTORS WHOSE TERMS HAVE EXPIRED SHALL BE ELIGIBLE FOR RE-ELECTION, EXCEPT TERMS SHALL NOT EXCEED A TOTAL OF SIX(6) YEARS.