County Seal


I (we) hereby submit a bid and offer to purchase certain real property owned by the County of

The property is identified in the tax office as:

PARCEL ID#: ____________________________________________
STREET ADDRESS: ____________________________________________

My (our) bid for the property is $_____________ and attached hereto is a check or cash in the

amount of $________________as a deposit of not less than 5% of my bid.

If this offer is accepted by the County of Catawba and the bid is not upset after advertisement as
by law required I (we) request the County of Catawba prepare a quitclaim deed in the following
name(s) as Grantee(s):


Upon notification that my offer is accepted and there have been no upset
bids, I(we) will pay the balance of the purchase price in full by cash or certified check. I(we)
understand that I (we) will be responsible for all expenses involved in recording the deed.

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________
TELEPHONE: ________________________________________________________________________

Print this page, fill it out and return it, along with a deposit of 5% of your bid, to:

County Manager's Office
Catawba County Government,
PO Box 389

Newton, NC 28658