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June 18, 2013

Many Catawba County residents will be able to recycle new items as a new Solid Waste Franchise agreement with Republic Services (formerly known as Garbage Disposal Service or GDS) goes into effect on July 1, 2013.

“We’re very pleased with the benefits our citizens will receive from the franchise, approved by the Board of Commissioners in February 2013,” said Barry Edwards, Catawba County Director of Utilities & Engineering. “The new franchise agreement will substantially increase the number of items collected for recycling across Catawba County, with further expansion of items collected as needed over time; begin “single stream” collection of recyclable commodities so recycled materials will no longer be required to be separated at curbside; enhance collection of yard waste; increase Republic Services’ investment in Catawba County by $13 million; and protect over 150 local jobs.”

New services and fees under the Franchise Agreement include:

Recycling Services:

• Republic Services will convert to a single stream recyclable collection for residences by January 1, 2014. Use of a single stream will mean citizens will no longer be expected to separate different kinds of recyclable materials. Every household customer will be provided, at no charge, a large roll-out cart for recyclables.

• Recyclable materials that will be accepted curbside, when the new single stream service begins, include:
Aluminum and steel cans, aluminum foil, newspapers with inserts, magazines, phone books, and paperback books, paper, mixed paper, computer paper, office ledger, copier paper, memos, envelopes (with or without windows), adding machine tape, colored paper, empty plastic bottles and containers (numbers 1-7), wide-mouth plastic containers, rigid plastics, milk and juice cartons and boxes, cereal boxes, pizza boxes and other food boxes that are free of food debris, cardboard, all types and colors of glass bottles and jars, empty aerosol cans, and other non-hazardous recyclable containers.

• Curbside recycling will continue as is until the new single stream service begins.

Waste Collection Services:

• Republic Services customers, who currently rent roll-out carts for waste and recycling collection, will see a $1 per month reduction in their bill. Customers, who do not currently rent any cart, will pay an additional $1.50 per month for the standard carts. The standard, 96 gallon, carts will become mandatory for both recycling and regular household waste because special trucks will be needed to provide automated single stream recyclables and waste collection.

• Republic will begin delivering roll-out carts for waste collection to residential customers after July 1 to begin the automated collection system by October 1, 2013.

Residential Curbside Waste Collection monthly fees:

Residential Recyclers  
Basic waste collection service fee  $14.13
Landfill fees $3.25
Roll-out cart (mandatory)  $1.50
Total     $18.88
Residential Non-Recyclers  
Basic waste collection service fee $15.73
Excessive waste disposal fee $5.35
Landfill fees $3.25
Roll-out cart (mandatory)   $1.50
Total  $24.33

Convenience Centers:

• Republic Services will provide operations and management of the County’s five convenience centers. Operating hours will remain unchanged. Recyclables will continue to be accepted at the Centers free of charge.

o Garbage will be accepted at a charge of $1.75 per 32-gallon bag.
o Small truck (6 foot bed or less) disposing of loose waste will be charged $17.50.
o Large truck (up to 8 foot bed) disposing of loose waste will be charged $26.25.
o Larger loads will be sent to the Blackburn Landfill.

Other Services:

• Beginning July 1, 2013, the County will expand the residential recycling program to include a permanent electronics and paint collection area at the Blackburn Landfill. This service will be available year round during regular Landfill operating hours.

• An annual one-day collection event to accept residential general household hazardous waste (HHW) will be held in November, with date and location to be determined.

• Republic Services will provide a yard waste collection service to include small woody waste (wood and other yard waste such as leaves, vines, etc,) on an on-call basis for a fee of $2 per 32-gallon bag collected. Bags must be biodegradable. A minimum of $20, or ten bags, would be required per service call.

• Republic will provide bulky waste, i.e. furniture, chairs, mattresses, and appliances, collection service on an on-call basis for a fee of $35 per pick up load.

• Twice a year, to coincide with Litter Sweep Weeks, Republic will provide appliance collection at no charge to Republic’s existing residential customers who request such collection during Litter Sweep Weeks.

• Christmas tree recycling service will continue to be provided for four weeks following December 25th.

The Catawba County Board of Commissioners established the County’s fees, and as part of the exclusive solid waste management franchise, rates for services provided by Republic Services are also established during the annual County budget process and approved by the Board of Commissioners.

These apply only in unincorporated areas of the county (outside cities and towns).

For more information on the new Solid Waste Franchise agreement or solid waste disposal in Catawba County, you may call Republic Services at 828-256-2158.