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May 2, 2013



Property owners can help insure accuracy of next revaluation by verifying data and supplying information.


The Catawba County Revaluation Office will soon be mailing data verification sheets to owners of residential dwellings as part of the process to revalue all property in Catawba County, as of January 1, 2015.

The data verification sheets, scheduled to be mailed to all property owners on May 17, 2013, will show basic information that the Catawba County Tax Office has on file for each given property. Owners are requested to verify the information found on the data verification sheet, provide pertinent additional information and make any necessary corrections, and return the form to the revaluation office.

In addition to information from residential property owners, the County is also requesting rental income and expense information from owners of business and commercial properties.

“There is a direct correlation between the rental income a property is able to produce and its market value”, Logan said, “so obtaining this information is important as we work toward an accurate revaluation.”

Four different forms are used, depending on the kind of property involved. One is for single family residential properties. Different forms will be mailed to owners of income-producing properties such as commercial and industrial buildings, apartment buildings and motels, to request rental income and expense information so a more accurate estimate of market value can be established for those properties.

Beginning in 1999, the Catawba County Board of Commissioners adopted a four-year revaluation cycle. More frequent revaluations allow a more equitable distribution of the tax burden and eliminate the loss of revenue from public utilities, which could receive a reduction on their assessments under the longer eight-year cycle. The last countywide revaluation in Catawba County became effective on January 1, 2011.

“This is one step we take to help insure we have the most accurate and up-to-date information for each property”, said Mark Logan, Catawba County Tax Administrator. “While we do physically look at every property during the revaluation process, we simply don’t have enough staff to re-measure and re-list every property improvement that takes place in the county. Asking our citizens to verify data regarding their own property has worked very well during past revaluations, and helps us to assess property more accurately and equitably”.

Property owners will be mailed notices of the new value of their property during the month of November 2014. Informal appeals of the values will begin the following month, and formal appeals to the Catawba County Board of Equalization and Review will be heard in the spring of 2015.

For more information regarding the revaluation process, you may see a Revaluation Q&A section of the Tax Department's web page at, or call the Catawba County Revaluation Office at 828-465-8436.