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Have you been in a situation where you were traveling, using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, and you needed information about a Catawba County resource like an historic site, school, library, or emergency services location?

Catawba County has an app for that.

iCatco, a new service for users of mobile devices, was recently launched. It may be accessed at The app is a redesigned version of the County’s first mobile app launched in 2011 using current technologies.

“Catawba County is constantly looking for new ways to interact with and get information to its residents,” said Rick Pilato, Catawba County’s Chief Information Officer. “With Smartphone and tablet technology and location based services, iCatco users may find information in real time based on their location. The information is scalable to any device, and it’s free of charge - there’s no need to get it from any app store. iCatco puts useful information at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.”

Users who first access iCatco will see a series of rotating photos of County employees above nine colorful buttons. Those buttons lead to the County information that’s most frequently accessed by users of computers and mobile devices.

The “What’s Near Me” button leads to a map of Catawba County which can display schools, parks, churches, cemeteries, fire departments and rescue squads, libraries, historic sites and daycares as selected by the user. It can also provide directions to the location with the simple push of the “locate me” button. A Restaurant Grade button takes users to the web page where they can get the latest inspection grade for a restaurant if they enter the name of the restaurant into a search box. A “Your 24/7 Library” button accesses several mobile sites available through the County Library.

A “Job Openings” button leads to a page which lists Catawba County job openings. A “Pay Your Tax Bill” button takes users to the portal to pay taxes online, should the user choose to do so. The “Real Estate Maps” button leads to the County’s Geographic Information System while the “NCDOT Alerts” button accesses real-time traffic and accident information. Finally, the “Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates” button accesses a page where the user may apply for, pay for, and then receive by mail any of those certificates. Lastly, a “Volunteer/Intern” button offers a list of ways citizens may volunteer to provide certain County services.

“We hope iCatco enables citizens to more easily find information they need no matter where they are or what mobile device they may be using,” Pilato said. “Whether it’s finding a park in their area for children to enjoy, making sure there are no problems or delays on a road trip, or getting information from the County Library collections or about real estate, iCatco is online waiting to help.” Translate: