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Organizational Overview

Sylvia Fisher


Sylvia Fisher
EMS Manager
Phone: (828) 465-8234
Email Sylvia Fisher

Map of Bases

map 25 Government Drive
Newton, NC 28658

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

CCEMS is led by Sylvia Fisher, EMS Manager. Reporting directly to the EMS Manager are:

  • Andy Wright, Training Officer
  • Four(4) Shift Supervisors:
    • A shift:  Cary Shook
    • B shift:  Kevin Reese
    • C shift:   Chad Lackey
    • D shift:  Noel Kay
Reporting to the Training Officer, are:
                    --Melanie Sigmon, Quality Assurance Officer
                    --Hope Whitley, Logistics Technician
                    --Cassandra McQuade, Specialty Services Coordinator
                    --Tim Sigmon, Specialty Services Chief Trainer
                    --Scott Butts, Specialty Services Crew Cheif
                    --Troy Baumgarner, Crew Chief
Each Shift Supervisor has one (1) Chief Trainer and three (3) Crew Chiefs who report to him.   Each Crew Chief is responsible for 4-6 Full-time employees and numerous PT employees.  The crew chief handles employee scheduling, covering of open shifts due to illness, injury, or vacation, and other administrative duties.

Employees on shifts A-D work a straight days/straight nights schedule.  Employees work 12 hour shifts, and are assigned to either days OR nights, with no rotating schedule.  The schedule is based on a 3 on/2 off/2 on/3 off/2 on/2 off schedule, resulting in every other weekend off.

Employees are paid bi-weekly, having worked 48 hours in one week and 36 in the next.  This schedule results in 8 hours of paid overtime (at time and ½) from the 48 hour week, and payment for 40 hours from the 36 hour work week.