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Telecommunicators will ask many questions, but some of the most important relate to descriptions. We can't see or hear what you, the caller, can. We need you to paint a picture with words; a picture that we can relay to the public safety personnel.
There are certain questions that a Telecommunicator will ask regarding vehicle descriptions. These descriptions are then passed on to the public safety personnel so that they can identify the vehicle should it leave the scene of a crime.

We use the acronym CYMBOLS when describing a vehicle.

C - color (blue, or if two-tone, white top color over red the bottom color)
Y - year (1996)
M - make (Dodge)
B - body style (2 door, 4 door, pick up truck, extended cab)
O - other attributes (this would include damage or other marks that make the vehicle unique)
L - license plate (CCC-9111)
S - state (North Carolina)