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Example of a Good Description:
White male, late 20's, six foot, 180 pounds, black hair, dark blue coat, light blue tie, and dark blue pants.
describing a personTelecommunicators will ask many questions, but some of the most important relate to descriptions. We can't see or hear what you, the caller, can. We need you to paint a picture with words; a picture that we can relay to the public safety personnel.

When describing a person, always remember to start with race, sex and approximate age of the person. For example, "White Male, about 30". Then describe the person's height and weight. For example, "Approximately six foot, 200 pounds". Then describe the person's clothing from the head and go to the feet. This is sometimes referred to as the "Head-to-Toe" survey. Start with the hair color, or if the person is wearing a hat describe the hat. Next describe the person's eye color. Then describe the person's complexion. For example, "Fair" or "Dark" etc. Then lastly, describe the person's distinguishing marks, such as scars, marks or tattoos.

The picture on the left will assist you in describing a person and the manner in which the Telecommunicator will ask you to describe the person.