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When you should call for assistance:
  1. When you smell natural gas
  2. You see a trash can or dumpster on fire
  3. You see a house on fire
  4. There is a person trapped in an elevator
  5. You see grass or woods on fire
  6. You see a vehicle accident
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Telecommunicator may ask theses questions when you call:
  1. Where is the fire?
  2. What is on fire?
  3. Is there anyone trapped or injured?
  4. How close is the fire to another building or structure?
  5. How fast is the fire burning?
  6. What size is the fire?
  7. Did you see anyone start the fire on purpose?
  8. what did they look like?
  9. Are they still there?
  10. Which direction did they leave?

FireSome fire departments also respond to calls with EMS. An example of this would be someone having a heart attack. Those fire departments that are dispatched to medical calls have specific training and equipment to help citizens in an emergency medical situation. Sometimes the fire department response time may be several minutes faster than the EMS because they are usually closer. This can make a difference in life or death!

Please remember to listen for the Telecommunicator's questions and answer them as accurately as possible. Also, remember to listen for and act on any instructions the Telecommunicators may give you, such as "Evacuate the building!"